Why Are Sluts And Studs Different?

What is a slut, what is a stud—and why are they different? Why can’t a girl who is promiscuous be revered as an accomplished individual like a guy is? Women get angry at these “double standards.”

It’s a simple strategy when you start to think of the dynamics: women need a fallback to catch them once they have finished up their slutty, carousel-riding adventures during their 20s. As the end of their 20s approach, they’re running head-on into their 30s, as ugly and unwanted as they have ever been to that point in their life.

Here are four common points regarding why girls constantly argue that sluts and studs are equal, and what you must be aware of as a man.

The Skill Required

Desperate jealous man looking at flirting couple in discotheque.

I have a phrase I like to throw around: “A woman saying she can get sex is like me saying I can buy a girl dinner.”

While it’s an extreme example, it wouldn’t be difficult at all for me to buy a girl dinner every night of the week if I so wished. Likewise, a girl could easily go out to a bar every night of the week, and take someone home each night to have sex with her. Of course, no man wants to buy seven different girls dinner throughout the week, just as most girls would feel slutty or ashamed about having their own “perfect week.”

The reason for this is simply the levels of skill. It takes no skill or charm for a girl to get laid every night of the week. The level of thirst in today’s world is extreme, and makes it easy for them to get laid. On the other hand, for a man to have banged seven girls in seven days would take an enormous amount of skill, tolerance for rejection, and a bit of luck.

Because They Need A Fallback

Couple role playing with dog leash

A lot of women try to argue that the most attractive women in the world are the ones who are very sexually experienced. What they don’t realize is that trying to argue that women who have been the town cum dumpster are attractive is grasping at straws. Many times, they are just trying to rationalize their own sluttiness.

Make no mistake, girls are very aware of the reality, but they have to act naive and innocent in order to put up the illusion of being a good girl. And for the record, it doesn’t matter what her intentions are with you—even if she just wants to fuck you once and be done with you, most girls will still put up this facade. The number of girls in the world who will simply say, “Yeah, I’m a slut, I love sex, and I, as the girl, just want to fuck and chuck you,” is very low.

So why do they put up this illusion? It’s simple: women want the best man they can get across all spectrums; health, wealth, power, etc. Reverse situation: men want the hottest girl they can get, who is the least amount of a pain in the ass.

Even if a girl wants to have sex with you that night, they insist on putting on the good girl facade because you might become something more down the road. What if you are a secret millionaire? What if you are going to turn into a winner in a short few years? She needs to keep you as an option because women have an inherent need to upgrade to the best model that they can obtain.

Limiting Men’s Options

Women attempt to shame men who are skilled with women because they don’t men to sleep around and discover that there are some very high-quality girls out there who blow the majority out of the water. More often than not, it’s the women who are low quality that are doing the shaming.

Women do not want men to have the same instincts to trade up that they do. The funny thing is, once you’ve really seen the true nature of women, you start to come to the conclusion that a lot of women know how dark their souls can sometimes be.

From experience I can tell you that it terrifies them. At the same time, they can’t do anything about it. It’s a complete lack of control in their own brain, which is why women are so attracted to men who are dominant and take charge. Because it relieves them from the agony of dealing with their own torment.

Women feel a need to curb men’s desire for a diverse sexual appetite in order to prevent them from straying to other women.

The Reality Of Life

Most women are not aware of the realities of the modern dating world. They think that men have as many Tinder matches and dates as they do, or that men get hit on all the time, too. The reality of the situation is that a lot of women are under the assumption that dating for men is as easy as it is for them. They think that it just falls into our laps, and are completely naive of the hard work and dedication it takes to become an advanced player of the game.

Simply put: women think the way the sexual marketplace functions is just like a Disney movie, where everything falls into place and everybody is happy. They are not aware of the struggles and pains that your modern man goes through just to get the occasional bang. Therefore, it becomes their natural inclination to simply shame men for being players, while simultaneously defending women who are slutty.

Women will shamelessly defend their own promiscuity. I had a girl last year who I was banging brag about her own “perfect week”—she managed to bang seven dudes in seven days off of Tinder. I dropped her shortly after. They will tell us to “man up” and marry the girls who threw away their best years for a nice ride on the carousel, and then pin all the responsibility on us to save them. They say that this is just “how it is.”

They’ll tell men that their biology desires are bad. They’ll throw an overblown fear of STDs into the mix for good measure (condoms do work), and use any tactic in the book to make a man feel shameful for feeling natural, biological urges. They find it far easier to deny reality than it is to accept it.

The reality of the situation is that biology always wins. Sluts and studs are not the same thing. And as long as women keep preaching that, they’re simply making the bed they have to lay in.

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216 thoughts on “Why Are Sluts And Studs Different?”

  1. Very civil attempt at listing why a slut and stud are not on the same playing field. Thinking of it like cooking is so much simpler. A slut is chef who will grab every ingredient it fancies, even allowing other ingredients to fall into the pot, and completely ignore a good dish takes time and will stop cooking at what ever time pleases it, whether the dish is fully cooked or not. The stud is the chef who has studied the ingredients diligently, knows how much is a lot or too little, and never stops honing his craft and role in creating the perfect dish. Which has more value the master chef or the ingredient collector?

  2. Today’s modern woman is the most dysfunctional mess and train wreck I have ever come to witness in years. The idea that we have a generation of women that succumbs to the asinine theories and brainwashing propoganda that is rife and permeates throughout the world of the internet, simply displays the fact that the average woman is indeed, quite vacuous and shallow as an individual.
    The cultural decline we are witnessing over the last few years, has reached an all time low and when we have today’s women going around parading and flaunting with pride, the most reprehensible behavourial traits and characteristics with events such as “slut walks” and displaying unshaved armpits, then what we have is a society that has deteriorated to such a low standard, that what this equates to is the collapse of a civilization. You now even have women in professional careers, who resort towards berating and denigrating others by using the most absurd internet “lingos” and behaving in an unprofessional and petulant manner.
    As an individual who considers myself to be awake, I truly look at the world with disgust and shame. In a day with the most advanced technology at our fingertips, we have become a venomous society in which we spread the toxic cultural narrative which continues to contaminate any sense of worth and self respect, through the means of today’s available applications. You now have a generation of women, who engage in some of the most vile and repugant behaviour, that it makes you wonder where did we go wrong as a society? This ranges from the women choosing to keep hundreds of photos of different men on their social media accounts, while using applications on their smartphones to engage in infidelity and cheating behind their spouses. It has even reached a further level of degradation in which we now have a population of women around the world who seem to enjoy taking naked pictures of themselves and claiming that it helps to display “empowerment.” This is indeed laughable because what it only goes to show is the fact that women are willing to degrade themselves in order to embrace pseudo messages of false empowerment.
    This grotesque lifestyle which a lot of women love to indulge in, is now being slowly considered as the “norm” where we now have a society in which it is acceptable for women to initiate divorces (which has reached an all time high) while sleeping around with other men and taking their former spouses to the cleaners. Indeed, this dystopian world that we live in, continues to take turn for the worst. But all one can do is to simply to stand back from the idiocy that continues to spread, and take notes from observing the cultural decline of our civilization and do one’s best to ensure that you as a man, retain your self respect and morality, and to never lower your standards to what we are seeing in today’s so called “independent” and “empowered” woman.

    1. It’s men’s fault for allowing it to get this bad. I’ve recently seen some fat disgusting cows pull tinder dates from reasonably good looking guys. The thirst is real. I’m sick of seeing guys lose there shit every time they see a woman less than twice their BMI.

      1. Know one or two of them personally. One in particular seems to pull regularly. I dare any of her dates to decipher where her stomach ends and neck begins.

      2. I’ve seen several tall and handsome guys pulling sub average women….

      3. It was our fault when we let them vote. Women should never have been handed real political power they didn’t earn and aren’t suited to wield. The solution starts when men collectively decide ‘no ma’am you aren’t our equals and we aren’t going to follow your directives to run our civilization off a cliff, now go make me a sandwich!’

      4. This. Making a huge effort to look good only to be able to get fatties. Not worth it.

    1. Of course, we all know the biggest “slut shamers” will always be women. Spend some time alone with a gaggle of women, and it’s amazing how much women hate each other over something as trivial as boob size or style of shoes. I can give teen girls a pass on this one since they haven’t fully comprehended their folly, but adult women are worse in this regard since they should know better.

  3. Sluts hate Studs because they have long figured them out, and they expose their BS.

  4. White women have always been the most attractive beings in the planet physically, it’s a real shame that a lot of them are absolutely crazy and deliberately make themselves uglier.

    1. Those have been my thoughts, these last few years. They turn Nature’s masterpieces into artificial garbage… all done with constant dumb smiles, as if defying all good sense and all the things they will not win over: aging, death, loneliness, personal misery and in a way, “bad karma” are not “patriarchy”… but logical consequences of unreasonable behaviour.

    2. I used to think white women were the best until I discovered latinas, especially Colombianas. Hands down, the sexist women I have ever seen. Now, I look at white women with disdain.

      1. Latinas are a proof that multiculturalism does work if you let it be. In the case of Colombianas, it must be that genetic mishmash of Spanish, native, and African genetics, and the best of the best batches of DNA won out, and it gave us Sofia Vergara. Ditto Brazilian and Mexican women.

        1. “Latinas are a proof that multiculturalism does work if you let it be. In
          the case of Colombianas, it must be that genetic mishmash of Spanish,
          native, and African genetics, and the best of the best batches of DNA
          won out, and it gave us Sofia Vergara. Ditto Brazilian and Mexican
          I wouldn’t call the historical situation in those countries “mutliculturalism” as pushed in the NATO/EU countries. As far as the women, the example you mentioned, Sofia Vergara, looks like a pure blood Caucasian, in the pictures I pulled up, and not a product of miscegenation.
          Ethnicity: Colombian (Spanish, possibly other), small amount of Italian, 1/16th Venezuelan, likely distant Basque

        2. There might still be some native blood. Bear in mind that the Conquistadors didn’t bring women at the beginning so by necessity and by sheer horniness they ended up banging the local maidens. Hence the “possibly other”. Yet, as with my own family, where we are all Mexicans, yet fair skinned, green eyed prominent people are common in our bloodline, with Vergara’s family, there’s always the possibility of little mixing. Also, bear in mind with Mediterranean peoples, there has been quite a mixing of cultures for millennia. For all we know, in Vergara’s Spanish bloodline (as well as mine) there could be Visigoth, Celtic, Moor, or even Sephardic Jew blood mixed.

        3. “ear in mind that the Conquistadors didn’t bring women at the beginning so by necessity and by sheer horniness they ended up banging the local maidens. Hence the ‘possibly other’.”
          Yes, but that’s no different than what happened in the colonial and frontier period of the USA and other places. There is no “pure” race, so five generations removed (1/32) or more (1/64) is just another “white” person.
          “Also, bear in mind with Mediterranean peoples, there has been quite a mixing of cultures for millennia. For all we know, in Vergara’s Spanish bloodline (as well as mine) there could be Visigoth, Celtic, Moor, or even Sephardic Jew blood mixed.”
          Mediterranean people are all Caucasians, even the Moors/Arabs/Berbers. There are women like Vergara everywhere in Spain, because she’s just Spanish with a dash of Italian.

        4. No. Conquistador came to CONQUER. i.e. RAPE and pillage….and they did a lot of it.

        5. Yeah, those were ‘dominant European men paired with the most submissive local women they could find, all under the mandatory ideological framework brought in by the conquerors’… That is NOT what’s being pushed on western nations with multiculturalism.

      2. I agree with you in the latinas part. I live in Argentina, and here are some of the hottest women on earth.

      3. Yeah, maybe if you exposed me to day after day of thin, happy, energetic white woman I could attempt to compare them, but in my opinion no one holds a candle to Latinas, physically, personality or emotionally.

      4. Culombianas are the best, that’s right, that’s no spelling mistake there! You know what I am talking about. ¡Acojonante!

  5. Western women can’t make up their fucking minds. These same women who bitch about players are the ones most likely to go out and fuck them, so why would any man listen to what they have to say?
    The dissonance here is that for women, words speak louder than actions. These broads need to understand that men are only going to follow through with what women do.

  6. It’s pretty dismal out there…
    I have no idea how to date a woman seriously anymore, and I’ve been in some significant LTRs throughout my life.
    I just can’t get passed the fact that pretty much every chick I deal with is most likely a lying slut.
    It’s one thing to hook up, but to offer them my dedication and life’s work just seems ridiculous.
    So you’ve lied to and cheated on every suitor you’ve been with before me, you’ve had 20+ other dicks in you, you’re gaining weight and your party years are written all over your face, you have no concept of how anything in the world actually works, and I’m supposed to sign a contract with the government to take responsibility for you?
    I’m either fucked in the head or society has gone off the deep end.

    1. Funny coincidence, you’re doing EXACTLY the same point I saw yesterday in a youtube channel.
      (Minute 4:10)

    2. It’s absurd when you think about it. You are courting THEM, to convince THEM to take what you own. And you’re supposed to expect nothing in return. Men in other countries aren’t programmed like this.

      1. Women have no reason to settle in well off countries. This is men’s fault in general. We care more than women do.

        1. You nailed it. There’s a good amount of ‘sphere myths that say that women need us more than we need them. It’s folly. Women primarily use us for attention, validation, and entertainment, not resources and sex. We need women because we need to fuck them, women can go months or years without being intimate as long as they are receiving attention and resources.

      2. Beautifully put! In one short paragraph you have you have summed up what it is to be a man in today’s world. Something that has taken others like Esther Willar a whole book to do.

    3. You have clearly identified the problem…so what’s the conclusion to draw from this?
      Seriously, this is one of the most important questions that I (30) am asking myself at the moment when I am not at work…
      1. MGTOW? (do your own thing, let the thing that you love (passion, hobby) kill you, have fun with the girls you meet along your way but obviously never marry)
      2. Do lots of day-game approaches to meet lots of girls so that hopefully you’ll find a girl from whom you get a different vibe…and then be together with her for a least a year to see if she lives up to your expectations? Then when you are pretty sure that she might be different (it will just be an educated guess), start a family with her? I don’t want kids now, but I might want kids later in life.
      3. Enjoy short-term relationships with different girls as long as they last, knowing that the first weeks to months are the most exciting ones, the first time you kiss her, the first time you see her naked and the first time you have sex with her…..knowing that sooner or later (it depends from girl to girl), there will be less excitement to meet up with her, more boredom and more routine in your relationship…and it is time to move on to the next one…a never-ending cycle…

      1. It’s gonna depend on the individual.
        Depends on what your priority is in life.
        If it’s to be happy, then probably a mix of those 3 could work.
        Throw in travel and a few other things and you might be able to satiate yourself. Do whatever the fuck you want just avoid the bear-traps.
        If you want to develop more serious relationships then 2 might work, although it’s obviously tricky here in the West where women are tripping.
        If you want to build family and legacy, then I think the questions start to get more difficult…
        In this case I think travelling might be a good idea. All women are like that but some women are still better than others.

      2. I’d say if what the individual wants is more than a life of just basic nihilistic pleasure, go MGTOW. When you chase power, even rare women of quality will begin to chase you. The best part is when you’re ready to settle, [like most players eventually do], you’ll have a foundation to build your legacy upon.

      3. I’m the same age as you and in the same boat as you, wondering what my future will bring. I’m content to just live my life as-is and whatever happens happens. I also know the dangers of marriage in the modern world and have sworn it off, along with swearing off children. But a ton of my friends are engaged, married, or having kids now and lately there’s been this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I’m missing out on something or that I’m a loser if I don’t settle down.
        The problem is there are no decent women to settle down with. I’ve been single for about a year now with only one break where I dated a girl semi-regularly. I was considering the benefits of becoming official with her, but in hindsight I’m glad things didn’t work out. This girl was 30 as well but was still in prime partying mode. She barely had her life together and was unemployed, living at home, and still working towards an associates degree at a community college. She was also a party animal and I’m assuming she’s an alcoholic because she seemed to drink every night of the week and, I later found out, tended to black out/pass out in public places a lot. And I don’t even wanna begin to guess how many cocks she’s had inside her. But I was blinded by her looks and almost fell into that trap.
        And this is why I can only value women on their looks, because personality-wise they’re usually duds. I can’t remember the last time a woman legitimately made me laugh or could hold her own in a philosophical discussion. If they’re not talking about some trashy TV show then they’re gossiping about people they know. Great minds talk about ideas, small minds talking about people/places/things.

        1. It seems that we are indeed in the same boat. Most of my friends are also getting engaged, married or considering having a child…and there are always those family reunions (I have got a rather large family) where I get asked every time if I am going out with someone…seriously, I am keeping my calm and telling them, sorry, haven’t found the right one yet, but I feel like shouting: Stop, annoying me!!!
          You are right, the problem is that there are hardly any decent women to settle down with in the area I live in. I seem to get quite a bit of interest from single, female co-workers, sometimes even bluntly asking me to meet up for a drink, but I made it a rule not to date co-workers anymore, after an office relationship turned really sour in the past. (And I don’t consider dating a women over 29). I am not meeting many women outside of work, as I have got a demanding but well-paid job and I would like to reach some financial stability over the next few years (which will automatically make a few things easier if it works out)
          Yes, you should be glad that it is over. You’ve only got lots of drama with party girls, they can be fun at times, but in the long-run they suck your energy out of you (and not in a good way!) You can also never be sure, if they are cheating on you or how many bet orbiters they have got. While I was university student I enjoyed those girls, but now it is too much drama for me.
          I think it would be different if I lived in a country where women are still feminine and like to please their man. I am mostly surrounded by highly educated women, who are quite bossy and think that they are so intelligent, just because they got a good degree. They have got so high expectations of a a potential mate, that it is no wonder that many well-educated women in their early thirties won’t find a husband.
          I am living on my own and actually enjoy coming home from a long working day and just relax watching my favourite TV shows, reading a book or cooking myself dinner. I couldn’t deal with a partner, who brings drama into my life when I want to relax in the evenings.
          Yes, I don’t think I will ever marry, but the big question remains if I’ll have kids, at the moment the answer would be no. I have been single for quite a while as well (so you are not the only one), but it doesn’t bother me…I have had a good time at uni, so I am focusing on work at the moment, my hobbies (travelling, reading, improving my foreign languages) and acquiring financial stability.
          I think the best thing we can do is keep our eyes open, if a special girl should cross our ways we should act on it and be prepared to take a gamble if it turns out that she might be worth it, and if not focus on our career and self-development. One of the best things is that although it stresses me out at times, I chose a job that I really enjoy and if I had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t be able to work as hard as I do at the moment. It always makes me smile when I ask co-workers what they do on the weekend and they tell me that they have to watch this boring film with their girlfriend or that their wife wants to redecorate the house, so he has to help her…sometimes, schadenfreude is not so bad after all!

        2. Yeah, we’ve definitely got a lot in common. I’m at this crossroads where I’m torn between wanting to play the field and also take it easy. I’m able to bang better looking girls than ever before with greater ease, and because of this my bar is set higher than ever in the looks department. But good looking girls are becoming more stuck up and vapid than ever, so they wouldn’t make good long-term partners. But the decent girls tend to be on the fugly side (And lately I’ve noticed even fugly girls having terrible attitudes and thinking they’re 10s) so that turns me off.
          Long story short, all girls are 5s. If they look like a 10 then they’re probably shit personality-wise, yet if they’re ugly they probably have much better personalities. The girl I mentioned before was really good looking and also projected herself as having an amazing personality that mirrored a lot of what I was into, but I realize now it was all a ruse (Check out borderline personality disorder if you’re not familiar, I tend to attract them like white on rice).
          And like you I’m hesitant to date above 29/30. I know that all women want children and want to settle down, so they’re deluding themselves if they claim otherwise. Prime breeding age for a woman is 25, so this is why if she doesn’t have a kid by then she’ll usually get a cat or small dog, give it a human name, and treat it like a baby. If a girl is 30 and hasn’t been married yet or even proposed to I have to wonder several things: Does she not want to get married? Or is she a complete cunt that no man would ever want to spend the rest of their lives with? But as it stands I hardly know anyone under 30 who’s married. Meanwhile my parents, who were born in the 50’s, were married in their early 20s and that was par for the course.
          I also have to agree that not having obligations to a partner is great. My last relationship consisted of me and her seeing each other once a week, no more. I had been enmeshed with the girl before with the constant texting, calling, IMing, and then spending all of Friday-Sunday with her, and that got exhausting really quickly. But now I can do whatever I want whenever I want. So any time I think I’m missing out by being single I realize that once I’m attached to someone I’ll be missing this freedom I have to do anything I please on my own time. No more obligations to get dinner or visit her family or hang out with whatever couples she’s friends with.

        3. Re: Your second paragraph.
          Looks, personality, intelligence. Choose the two of three that you want in a woman.
          IOW here are the three permutations:
          Good looks, good personality … but dumb as a rock.
          Good looks, good brain … but bitchy as hell.
          Good brain, good personality … but ugly as a wart.
          Now choose.

    4. Go foreign my friend it is the only way either that or find a traditional woman with traditional values and while im not religious in any sense i respect the vaules religious women usually have. They are another safe bet.

      1. Unfortunately you can never bring them home since the environment here will corrupt them in no time.

        1. Exactly. Bring her here and in a few months she will start to emulate the slut next door. Maybe just prevent her form learning English and having any contact with local witches.

    5. Have you travelled abroad? It’s cliché, but you will never look at North America women the same after you’ve experienced how Latin American, Asian, and even African women [if that’s your thing] take care of themselves and their men.

      1. I’ve only been around Europe and N. America.
        Plans are in motion to move abroad but it’s taking time.
        From what I’ve seen all of the places you’ve mentioned have great women.
        Women from Africa are a whole different thing than Afro-American chicks.

        1. I have an African client of mine, great family man. One time his wife did something that displeased him and within my presence he shouted at her and commanded her not to do the thing. She willfully submitted.
          She was one of the sweetest, kindest woman I’ve been graced to have met..

        2. It seems that the problems with black women we so often hear about are mostly problems with black American women.

      2. I’ve always said this. Once you date a non-American woman, you’ll never ever want to go near an American woman anymore.
        For those looking for high quality women consider Polish women. They are not angels by any means but the little experience I’ve had with them have me convinced that those are the types of women that can be wives.

      3. However there are princesses everywhere. A particular foreign born
        woman I dated turned out to be one. Her father had some degree of wealth and she was his youngest. She was every bit the princess who expected to be catered to as american women.

      4. You can actually have intelligent conversations with them, reason, and come to informed, mutual agreements with them. The mean spirited, uncontrollable latinas you meet are North American bred.

    6. This.
      It’s the reason I’m done with women. I don’t want to be banging multiple chicks. I always wanted to have ONE that was happy with me. But the “sweetest” women have double digit cock experience. Fuck that.

  7. A lightbulb went on in my head when I read the last point.
    I have a number of female friends who are mystified as to why I don’t take a girl home every night. They don’t seem to realise how hard it is or how much skill it takes for a guy to take a hot girl home.
    Every now and then I explain to girls that guys who come across as creepy are just nervous about approaching them and I am met with blank stares and denials.
    It seems to be another blind spot girls have along with their refusal to believe that their dopey, nice male best friend has wanted to fuck them for years.

    1. they’re not dopey, they know damn well the guys they deem “creepy” are just shy, and according to nature its effeminate for a man to act cowardly and submissive.
      They also act oblivious to the fact that girls have it much easier finding a partner because they feel guilty admitting that they enjoy taking advantage of our modern matriarchal society.

    2. Sorry, but I want to let you know in the nicest way possible that the last sentence comes off as creepy, at least to me.

  8. Women DO NOT have agency. They are driven biologically to be people pleasers, and they please the most powerful person who can dominate and control them, for hormonal and developmental reasons. Even the biologically malfunctioning ones are acting this out – they are in a childlike state of permanent rebellion against their real desires.
    Little will come of any discussion about women’s agency. They will never change. They are incapable of changing. Like the canvas, they can only respond to the painter. The reason that the stud and the slut are not the same is that a woman’s canvas is marked in nearly permanent ink, but a man’s is marked on pencil.
    The only thing that can change is men. The only thing that has changed is men. The only thing that will fix this quagmire is a return to healthy masculinity. Fucking girls thoughtlessly, like a “stud” is not healthy masculinity. We are not caged bulls, like the modern narcissistic PUA, stuck in the prison of his own carnal desire.
    For change to come, men need to fix their subpar low testosterone Western diet, avoid environmental toxins (including plastic, electricitical pollution and wireless radiation when possible!) and reconnect with nature (e.g. Going on a camping or hunting trip fairly regularly, barefoot waking etc.) I have checked barefoot walking out – earthing has legit scientifically proven benefits! Men need to once again become connected with God. In my experience, restoring oneself to health automatically achieves this.
    Then, once we have regained our natural power, we need to fix women who live in the same toxic industrial soup that we are exposed to. Humans are biological, and behaviour is the result of biology. 100% of non-dyke feminists are the result of brainwashing not corrected by biologically weakened low testosterone males; or women who are themselves biologically malfunctioning and have become childlike rebellers.
    Fix this and feminism will end, atheism will end and we will enter the kind of techno-traditionalist nirvana no one currently thinks is possible. Technology can be harnessed for good ends – but it requires men strong enough to lead society into that place. Make no mistake, the current political leaders are too weak to do anything about it, and their weakness will cause then to purposely resist, for no other reason than self-interest, those who are strong. Only our generation of enlightened millennials can restore order and beauty to this chaotic and ugly planet.

    1. “enlightened millennials “… Yeah, right. Bernie’s minions could well live their whole lives in a pot daze, if you ask me. They are all a bunch of spoiled SJWs, with no hope of cure.
      And probably you are right about testosterone. I have been studying that for a while and it a well researched fact that western men have dwindling levels of testosterone (probably a mix between a wrong diet, too much exposure to technological artifacts and environmental toxins). But changing that would cost billions, and face it, none of our leaders would want it to be done.

      1. I know the cure is possible because 3 years ago I used to be the most
        left-wing, SJW-violence-loving, self-hating feminist atheist commy piece of shit
        around. If *I* could do a solid 180 and become the most religiously conservative guy I know, then anyone can.
        Lead from the front, like I try to. It is possible to change it for yourself, like I did. No one will listen to you if you can’t demonstrate what is right.
        The medium term answer is a combination of creating “safe” communities with like-minded men (and women) and once those are established, building up communal wealth and influence through political action. If every other group can do it, so can traditionalist Men of the majority in their culture.

        1. I don’t recall, have you ever written an article for ROK about your transition from insanity? If not, it might be instructive for others.

        2. I shall, one day. I hope it will help give people the information needed to cure their lovers and loved ones.

    2. Agreed with you right up to the millennials bit. While I know there are some exceptions to the rule, this generation elected (and continues to elect) the weak leaders you speak of, and it continues to go into debt for shitty lib arts degrees. Pretty much the opposite of enlightened.

      1. Much of the suffering I see from the men in my family of the older generations is directly due to their blue pill mindset and how this makes them relate to their women.
        They operate under the conditions of the “old playbook”. These are “good men” self sacrificing, stalwart, strong, silent, giving, churchgoing, civic minded etc. etc. …And their wives HATE them.
        Millenials may not be those things, yet. We are however operating under the correct playbook (or could be if enough woke up to the information that is now readily available).

  9. The only real shame for a woman is that of surrendering to a man who is not worthy of her.
    The only real shame for a man is that of loving a woman who is not faithful to him.
    If you didn’t do one of these then you have done nothing to be ashamed of.

    1. If you did and you’re a man, there’s always redemption. For women, not so much. A man can always get himself up, ask for help when truly needed, and move on with his life. With most women, it’s the opposite. Even the “independent, empowered” women tend to become submissive and dependent on others because, as it turns out, THEY’RE not considered worthy because they have pissed away their best years.

      1. Yeah, I think every guy I know has loved a girl who didn’t deserve his love. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We are the REAL emotional, empathetic sex. It’s the reason men have written all the great love stories, songs, poems, epics, plays, etc. and why we passed all the feminist laws in an attempt to make women feel better. The only time a man should feel shame is when he doesn’t LEARN his lesson the first time.

  10. Besides that, men use to value loyalty, while women use to value skills, that’s why men prefer loyal women while women feel attracted to more skilled men. No double standard, just different preferences.
    And there’s a PROOF that there’s no double standard: among gay people, promiscuous men are not highly valued, and even the opposite when it comes to serious relationships.
    Men value loyalty in a serious relationships, both heterosexual men do it with women, and gay men do it with other men. If you’re gonna look for a male partner for something more than sex, you´d better are no slut, no matter you’re a heterosexual woman or a gay man.

    1. Sorry for saying this, but what concrete evidence do you have for your claims?
      ” women use to value skills” – that’s odd, unless Stephen Hawking has a hidden harem or DaVinci was his days’ Casanova.
      “among gay people, promiscuous men are not highly valued” seems at least historically counter intuitive.

      1. >> ” women use to value skills” – that’s odd, unless Stephen Hawking has a hidden harem or DaVinci was his days’ Casanova.
        Well, Stephen Hawking is indeed a known womanizer. Not kidding, google about his infidelities which caused his divorce.
        And DaVinci was gay.

        1. It might be true, but you know you need a “not kidding”. Workaholics, geeks, IT squad, simple
          incorrigible bookworms are NEVER women’s first choice, even if they have other attributes.

        1. Well, you mentioned it. Gay men don’t value promiscuous men, just like straight men don’t value promiscuous women. I had that same observation a while back. If one thinks about it, you can’t argue with biology.

        2. Yeap, that was what I meant. Maybe my comment was not very clear about it, my fault, that case, but that was the idea.

        3. To give more insight, back in the day, I used to go down to Mexico to get haircuts. My barber looked like the stereotypical Mexican macho. Next thing you know, my brother takes his girl clubbing and runs into him with his boyfriend. My first reaction was “son of a bitch, who knew!” And I still kept going to him to get haircuts. Turns out, the manly gay men tend to be respectful of straight men if they know said men don’t swing that way. Effective gaydar if you will. Effeminate gay men don’t. They will hit on you relentlessly, just like little hoes.Funny how things work out.

        4. Wrong conclusion. Truth is all gays are promiscuous and they see no shame in promiscuous men. Gays have the hornyness of men, with the access to sex like a woman. The gay lifestyle is a nonstop, degenerate, std filled, fuckfest. If aids is cured this week, the bath houses will be open by the summer.

      1. U jokin? To me if you are on the receiving end of fucking you may be biologically male but you are not a Man. End of.

  11. The reality of dating in US and Europe are terrifying. In my adolescence I always dreamed with the western girls, I was even planning to move to Germany, but now every day I thank God for being born a brazilian. Ok, I’m robbed once every two months, I almost died many times being in the middle of a gunfire, and I have to pay high taxes to receive shit public services. But at least I always could date high quality girls and, most importantly, I will marry a virgin girl. I wonder how many western man can say this nowadays.

    1. My two best friends in grad school right now are a handsome well-off Chinese man and a fat Brazilian video game nerd who wears the same clothes every day.
      Guess which one of us has the hottest girlfriend.
      This Brazilian chick joined us all for dinner this one time and pushed everyone out of the way to wash the dishes. She’s been loyal to this dude for 5+ years, and he has no doubts in his head about her.
      Meanwhile in Toronto I can hardly justify buying a girl lunch.

      1. If you buy lunch for a woman don’t forget to take her to an expensive restaurant and wear a Tuxedo with a huge purple bow-tie.

        1. Chocolate and dry ice at the same time? Gurrrrrl might be triggered because of the gluten! I suggest you get a limo, a smoke machine and a little red carpet because , you know, when is she gonna get the attention of many people nowadays! She will be in the kitchen with a kid in 1 year while you enjoy your white male privilege!

    2. Unfortunately, third-wave feminism has already reached the coasts of Europe. Where I live girls are thin and trim, which is all fine and dandy, until you get to know them. You are damn lucky. I met a couple of Brazilian tourists the other day. They were extremely friendly and the girls were absolutely gorgeous. Methinks Brazilian girls are open-minded and easy to get along with. Am I right? Girls in my country are mostly conservative and hostile at first, hence approaching takes balls.

    3. Brazilian women are a treat. The only time a girl grabbed me and initiated the kiss was in Rio. They know what they like.

      1. Yeah, it’s hard to explain but latina women have a way of being far more sexual while being far less slutty.
        Patrice O’Neil did an awesome piece about how he has to get on a plane and risk his life and fly all the way to a third world country and sleep with Brazilian prostitutes just to experience what a real, sexy, feminine woman is like. This is one talk he did about it:

        1. Well said, “more sexual, less slutty”. It comes not from the physical behaviour itself, but more from attitude and expectations.
          White women are too much demanding. Latinas aren’t. They understand what is fair “trade” in a relationship, and that means a man can enjoy it with less worries (as usual in the good old days of our grandparents).

      2. Yes, pretty truth. But be aware, just like anywhere in the world there are many garbage girls in Brazil. Personally, I never liked the type of girl who takes that kind of initiative, they have fame of being sluts, and they aren’t rare on Brazil. But in general, if a brazilian girl wants something, they go there and grab it, but the good girls is the ones that are more reserved in their methods, in my experience.

      1. haha ask a brazilian that lives near of a favela to stay safe is very funny. Fortunately I already made preparations to move somewhere safer, of course I’m not going to live with my future family in this neighborhood that looks more like a war zone.

        1. Pretty much. Nowadays not so much, but about 6 or 7 years ago the Bope Police Force was really a killing machine. Leftists on Brazil has limited the power of action of the Elite Polices, arguing that killing the drug dealers will not solve the trafficking problem. They are not wrong, but they do nothing to solve the problem either.

    4. Marrying a virgin girl or a girl with a very low notch count sounds highly attractive!

    5. When has women been guaranteed to marry virgin men, ever? You’d all stop whining and seriously consider burning your bras if one day you woke up as women and still remember what it was like to be men. We women would be better off because we weren’t ever in your privileged place.

      1. Most women tend to belittle men who don’t have sexual experience.
        Think in a virgin man. You will compare him with a man sexually experienced, and come to the conclusion that the experienced man are better because he had the approval of several women. Women don’t judge a man for himself or what he can become, women will judge him from what society thinks of him and what he is at that moment.
        It’s not by chance that women is attracted more by men sexually and financially successful.
        In life, it is not the woman who has to prove to the man she is capable sexually and life experienced, is the man who needs to prove it.
        He needs to prove he is strong enough to protect her, he needs to prove he is capable enough to provide for her, and he needs to take all the responsibilities over his head to lead his house. That’s what a man’s love is.
        Women don’t need to prove any of this.
        What women needs to prove is that she deserves that man’s exclusivity and efforts. He can chose to stay his entire life with several woman in casual sex, why should he chose to stay with only you if you has nothing to give him?
        The best gift a woman can give to a man is her purity and submission, that’s why woman has to remain virgin. That’s what a woman’s love is. That’s why it’s most important to a woman to remain virgin than to a man, because a woman’s love is translated in her purity and submission. A man’s love is translated in his loyalty and commitment. Love is not a feeling, love is a choice, the choice to stay together through different functions.

  12. I always say it comes down to simple nature.
    if he so chose, one man could have twenty women pregnant at the same time. but even if she so chose, one woman could not be pregnant by twenty men at the same time.
    I always hold to the theory that feminism is nothing more than unchecked and encouraged penis envy.

  13. Solid article. Being born with a vagina is literally being born rich and powerful, lol. Most of us here will probably be successful anyway or are already, simply because of the way men are wired to overcome and to get shit done. But when I stop and think about all of the advantages that women have in this fucked up matriarchy, it makes me sort of angry.
    Which is why I don’t think about it much.

    1. They have a short window though. I mean, sure, the legal and social and governmental system will prioritize them until the day they die, and there will be special government services ONLY for retired women, ONLY for poor women, ONLY for widowed women, and the alimony laws will reward them even when they are doing the cheating, but other than about age 15 to 30, a woman has very little REAL power other than the power to entice us with what’s between their legs.
      Especially western women. A good traditional woman can love you, care for you, cook for you, keep your home, etc. But a modern American woman is just a fucktoy. Who will slowly stop fucking you after you wife her up. Men have to be insane to fall for this.

  14. Pretty similar to the same points I presented to my 19 year old recently when she brought up the ol’ ‘why are men who do that viewed differently’ argument’.
    Use biological reality & peel away the layers of accepted hypocrisy & feminist based delusion about gender equality & work from there.
    If she has some value, at the very least, she’l register some flicker of understanding & momentary clarity.

  15. Women are on the receiving end, they get invaded. By default this fact makes them the vulnerable sex, not just as to pregnancies and diseases, but most surely as to feelings, thoughts, conscience. Not just their bodies but their beings, their personalities get taken/involved during sex. She has two options to avoid this: not connect with the man during sex (we have seen this but this damages her receiving capacity for future), or have sex only with very few men, preferably only one during her life time. If however she does really receive all these men emotionally, mentally, physically, she gets completely messed up on the inside. That is why there is a double standard; a woman can not sleep around like a man and remain largely unscathed. She WILL be damaged.

  16. Women’s value is her sex. Man’s value is his accomplishments.
    So you’re taking the most valuable thing she has to offer. That’s why even sluts use plausible deniability to pretend they aren’t really choosing to be whores. They are trying to preserve their own value.

    1. His accomplishments, his wisdom, his strength, his attention. All things that do not dilute at all when you share them. A woman’s value is diluted every time she uses it. A woman becomes weaker every time she uses her power, and a man becomes stronger.

      1. “A woman becomes weaker every time she uses her power, and a man becomes stronger.”
        Not entirely true. Some women who exercise their sexual power judiciously do become stronger and better at understanding their power and at how easily men are swayed and controlled by a sexy, attractive woman who gives them any attention whatsoever.
        Like everything in life, the better you understanding something. including your own power. and become more experienced at using it, the stronger you become.
        And men are also not always stronger for squandering their power.. which is attention, resources and money, on duplicitous whores who know how to manipulate and extract resources from men.

    2. Actually, I have a grudging admiration for women who know their sex is their only source of value and take their job of pleasing men seriously. We call such women “prostitutes.”
      Most women hate prostitutes, because having an outside option makes men less likely to put up with shit from wives and girlfriends.

  17. The idea that a girl who sleeps with lots of people is low-value while a guy who is able to sleep around is not is such a simple, obvious fact that even dumb guys understand it intuitively. But even smart girls are unable or unwilling to understand it. Equality is a lie.

  18. Good.
    But I don’t know that the thirst will ever be curtailed to the point that things could change.
    Is this evolution? Is it an emptier existence than our ancestors to have these realizations and experiences? Lack of a family and offspring…
    Or is it all a blessing; the willing man is now free to pursue the buddha.
    Or it could be the elite master plan of population control.
    Or the elite could be controlled by an AI and we are in fact living in a simulation.
    It really is an interesting time to be alive. Look at how many of us that can see this facade for what it is.

    1. Or the willing man can pursue both Buddha and pussy 🙂 just go for Buddhist pussy and get both

  19. “While it’s an extreme example, it wouldn’t be difficult at all for me to buy a girl dinner every night of the week if I so wished.”
    It’s not extreme enough really. It would be even easier than that. A girl getting sex is about as easy as it would be for you to put some clothes on, go to the bar, and sit down.

  20. I think girls slut shame with much more venom then guys. Girls don’t actually care about being called sluts, they only care about how other girls perceive them. Women are very competitive, sluts lower the value of pussy significantly therefore other girls cant leverage their pussy as effectively. Most female ‘friendships’ are mercenary at best, when observed from afar it might seem like they’ll betray each other but trust me underneath the flattery is pathological envy, mistrust and dissimulation.
    The female as a collective will always look to make it harder for dudes to get laid as it increases the fragile sense of ‘pussy power’, that’s why the stud/slut archetypes are hated vehemently, they lower the value of pussy exponentially.
    If McDonalds charges $5 for their burgers and BurgerKing charges $1 for their burgers, wouldn’t you go to BurgerKing more often?
    Supply and Demand gentlemen

    1. Those are effectively alliances, not friendships, the equivalent of our relationship with the Soviets during and after WW2.

    2. I’ve always said that market forces are the most powerful when it comes to dating and intersexual relationships. This is abundantly clear when traveling.
      The amount of game you need in many parts of the US will get you model quality girls in other parts of the world. I know because I’ve experienced it.
      It’s also clear when you talk about your exploits to people back home. They either don’t believe you or they hate on the foreign women as being “easy” or “low value”. As if being born in the US gives you a golden vagina.

      1. “The amount of game you need in many parts of the US will get you model quality girls in other parts of the world. I know because I’ve experienced it.”
        Me too. I’ve run the cost-benefit analysis. Flying to a foreign country every three months (vis a vis using Tinder etc hoping to land a date with a hottie once a year here in the U.S.) will cost slightly more money, but reduces the stress and also guarantees a lay, or a mini-relationship, with a girl who’d otherwise be out of reach.
        It’s kind of like avoiding the lines at the toll road by going to the lane furthest to the right.

    3. Supply & Demand and Competition are some of the most useful terms you can apply to a situation to understand past,understand the present and predict future human behaviour and the way nature works as a whole.
      e.g no1: Russian women are naturally aggressive but the lack of men following WW2 turned them into little dolls. They’re getting back to old ways now that they have the US/EU option and Instagram to attention whore. S&D of men.
      e.g. no2: The dude that lifts, is more eager and has a decent wardrobe will get more pussy. He won the competition for female attention in the short run and is perceived by women as more competitive. Competition in practice.

    4. Agree 100% on supply and demand. Land whales on military bases get treated like 10’s and fat old creepy dudes receive royal treatment in SE Asia.
      Gender ratio is perhaps the most important factor [and the most overlooked] in SMV.

      1. Not just gender ratio. There are equal numbers of men and women in the younger age bracket in the Philippines, but the level of poverty is what makes the old white creepy western guy attractive. I’ve spent 3 months there, seen it in action,

        1. Poverty is definitely a factor. PI was amazing, but the desperation on both the creepy sex deprived beta tourists and the local girls selling themselves to get out of poverty were nauseating at times.

  21. You buttered your toast, so now you have to lay in it.
    A key that opens any lock is valuable, but a lock opened by any key is useless.

    1. You buttered your toast, so now you have to lay in it.
      Lulz, wut? Heh. They have to lay in buttered toast?

      1. The phrase comes from “The Puppet Masters”, the novel that inspired “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Quite a red pill book, really.

  22. A wise girl knows she is irrational and seeks a good man to be her mate and guardian, a stupid one doesn’t know…

  23. ”Women do not want men to have the same instincts to trade up that they do. The funny thing is, once you’ve really seen the true nature of women, you start to come to the conclusion that a lot of women know how dark their souls can sometimes be.
    From experience I can tell you that it terrifies them. At the same time, they can’t do anything about it. It’s a complete lack of control in their own brain, which is why women are so attracted to men who are dominant and take charge. Because it relieves them from the agony of dealing with their own torment.”
    That’s a refreshing reminder of the true nature of women. Good article Mr Trouble. It gets back to the red pill basics.

  24. “The reality of the situation is that a lot of women are under the assumption that dating for men is as easy as it is for them”
    Only when it’s convenient for them. Most of the time they know the ease they have over what men go through, and think that makes them celebrities. The realty is, men of all stripes are higher value than them.

  25. In Portugal, women are the ones who attack slutty women behavior and regarding studs, they pretend to dislike them but they all want the cock.
    I has to do with women nature, that makes them tremendously jealous/competitive of each other and its starts soon. Just the other day i went to my doctor and there was this cute young blond girl right next to me. In the meantime another young girl, brunette, arrived and the competition/jealousy was on. The brunette was looking at the blonde all the time with that body language of “like your style…you blond bitch”.
    Womens nature: find the best, most powerful men and fuck him and destroy any competition. In Anglo-saxonic nations, culture is sadly destroying this idea with the slut philosophy being encouraged with devastating results.

    1. You portray Portugal in a somehow sweet fashion… Either you live outside Lisbon or your luck is never ending, mate.
      I rest my bones in Lisbon almost all year round and things are better than metropolitan USA or northern/western Europe, but fastly deteriorating.

      1. I live in Porto brother and i have to be honest: i do not know the Lisbon scene that much. The North is more traditional than the south. More loyal to land, family, religion. Women here reflect that.

  26. It’s only this hard for men to bang because, thanks to females being allowed to participate in politics, it is illegal in most places to get banged professionally. Most women know their market value would fall to zero if
    1. prostitution were legal and tolerated
    2. Men were allowed to hire and fire without fear of anti-discrimination legislation.
    The number of women needed to do the job men truly cannot do—viz. please heterosexual men by emptying those men’s balls in the manner of the man’s choosing—cannot possibly exceed 0.1 percent of the current female population.

    1. Uh nope, and how do I know? Where I live prostitution is legal, and it changed nothing other than the hoes now stand in glass windows in underwear instead of walking the street…
      Edited to add that in the daily news magazine usually there are adverts for 35€ all in full service etc…

      1. Were I live its legal and its no pussy paradise of ignored women flirting with any or all guys to get attention or lowering their expectations. Its not like there are queues of men lining up outside brothels to wait their turn. Its not like the clubs/pubs & bars are no longer full of horny guys hoping to get lucky. Guys will still go out or logon to dating sites to try their luck and the brothel will be a fall back option for some but not likely an every week great alternative. With economic downturn the last few years I read that brothels are complaining about low revenue even.

    2. Precisely. That’s why “game” and “pua” originated in the U.S., where prostitution is illegal.

  27. And yet there are some commenters on David Garret Brown’s article “Soccer Star Gets 6 Years” who are arguing that a female teacher who “abuses” and “victimizes” a teenage boy should be treated the same as a male teacher who abuses and victimizes teenage girls.
    One guy even said to me that the female “abuser” deserves more time, because something about how boys mature slower than girls, and therefore a boy who fucks his hot slutty teacher is MORE affected and traumatized than a girl with a male teacher.
    Give me a break.

    1. Those are MRA or what I think of as reverse feminists…
      I’m not for “men’s rights” or some stupid shit like that, I’m for women in general worrying about what to make her husband for dinner and leave the big shit up to men like we used to have it, and some still do.

    2. Have you any idea how many times I fantasized doing my science teacher. She was only 22 and fresh out of college. She would have been a big catch from my point of view. I was way smarter than her anyway. My dominance would have trumped her age.

  28. Gandhi described it perfectly – “A key that opens many locks is of use to everyone, while a lock that is opened by many keys is of use to no one.”

  29. Confucius say key that opens many locks is a good key, but a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock.

  30. I’ve found that in recent times it’s men that want the commitment and the women that want to play the field. This is completely different than what we were always told. But social media and dating sites, plus male thirst, have made it so women can have unlimited access to men and that makes it hard for them to settle down.
    A major slut tell for me is when you’re making out with a girl or you’re with her post-coitus with her and she asks you if you’e going to disappear on her after/not call her since she’s not into hook-ups and wants something real. Every single time a girl has said this to me she’s ended up disappearing on me, their words just being projection for their own loose morals. Meanwhile, a decent girl who doesn’t want hook-ups will……Wait for it…..Just not hook up with random guys.

    1. “I’ve found that in recent times it’s men that want the commitment and the women that want to play the field.”
      This is very true… and should serve as a cautionary sign that all that we assume about male and female sexuality isn’t necessarily true.. i.e, that women really want monogamy and don’t want casual sex, or that men want casual sex with lots of women and no real intimacy or committment.
      It’s also because the current sexual market is so brutal for most men, and so heavily tilted in favour of women that even if you’re an average looking, slim, decent looking female, you have multiple thirsty men propositioning you.. many of whom are way above her attractiveness level. So in that kind of sexual market, it makes sense and is “rational” in the economic sense for a woman to want to get the maximum.. play the field. ride the cock carousel until she’s past 30.. and then wait for some undersexed, desperate beta chump with a good career to put a ring around it when he finally gets some attention and sex from a woman.
      For a man in this kind of sexual market, it makes sense to lock down a pussy and woman because it’s so fucking brutal and hard to find a decent, slim, relatively attractive female.. hence the pattern of men wanting commitment from women these days.

  31. A key that opens all locks is priceless, a lock that can be opened by any key is worthless.

  32. Pareto Rule In Biology:
    80% of the females will breed with the top 20% of desirable males
    The bottom 80% males will compete for the bottom 20% of females
    Most males will go extinct from the genetic pool
    The gender that expends more energy in raising offspring [females] must select the most desirable mate, as eggs gametes are limited; the gender that expends less energy in raising offspring [males] must mate with as many mates as possible to ensure his genetics do not go extinct
    Sexual Selection favors sexual dimorphism; the more masculine the male and the more feminine the female, the higher likelihood of reproductive success.

  33. The master key versus the crappy lock analogy is all over feminist blogs being rediculed as the ‘stupidest’ metaphor ever. Get a load of the horse shit analogy the feminists come up with to counter the lock/key argument. Here it is:
    ” (A pencil that gets sharpened too much is eventually reduced to nothing. A pencil sharpener can sharpen tons of pencils and be just fine.) It’s a pretty good way to point out (to sexists who need it pointed out) how this whole “it must be true for an inanimate object, so it must be true for genitals!” thing is INCREDIBLY foolish and makes 0 sense.”
    So the feminists think a woman’s purpose is to grind up and devour dicks?? Don’t they know they were put on this Earth to breed, tit feed and service their master? They sure do easily tend to forget their special purpose.
    Pencil sharpener! Sheesh.

    1. They are mad at the men who’ve defiled and pumped/dumped them. Our scriptures had it right all along.

  34. I can’t speak for Western Europe, but from what I’ve been told by men that have dated in those countries is that women are more accepting of who you are as a person than they are in the U.S. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about looks and status (they do!), but they

  35. Western European women can be bad, but I don’t get the impression that they are quite as bad as American or Australian women. Things are getting worse across the Western world though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t far too off from U.S women now.
    I only have experience with Southern European women, particularly Greek women, and they are a mixed bag. They can be more accepting of a man’s personality–they don’t expect you to be a drone like Anglo women do–and less picky about his looks perhaps–at least for a long term relationship–but they are demanding in other ways.
    The only thing stopping me from getting back with one of my ex’s from Greece is that I just know she has had plenty of cock over the last decade due to work which requires her to travel a lot and live out of a suitcase. She hasn’t had a stable boyfriend in years, and I just refuse to believe that she is going without sex. She is probably hooking up left and right.
    Like Kent, I have trouble connecting with women seriously nowadays. I just don’t know what their motives are, and since most of the women I meet are over 30 I’m also concerned about their past. I don’t want to be the sucker that picks up the tab after years of excessive spending and whoredom.

    1. These ‘you go gurl + yolo’ days, if a woman had been doing a lot of traveling and was single for that time, I’d wager she would have a big notch count, not that you would ever know unless one of her close friends spilled the beans. There are plenty of stories of women when O/S who feel better about letting their slut side off the leash while they are in a foreign land – no one to know, lonely, exotic men appeal, heightened sense of adventure and risk taking, etc. Its why air hostesses have a rep. Greek women tend not to slut it up and have a strong community spirit and reputation is important but if she is OS lots with no bf to be faithful to, then I’d say in this day& age there will be lots of randoms.
      I’ve known a number of Greek women, and I find them attractive in terms of their feminine looks and their less superficial, strong family values nature. They are less picky on looks but they tend to date within their culture so have less options, but can be more judgmental on things like job/$. They love their food & socializing and quite a few once they get married will pack on the weight but when they are young, southern euro women are very sexy

      1. Yeah, jobs are important to them, but not when you are young. The types of women I picked up in Greece wouldn’t give me the time of day here. They are definitely less picky about looks, especially if the guy is charismatic and interesting.
        The hottest woman I dated in Greece laughed at the fact that so many ordinary looking women here in Australia rejected me for my lack of height. She thought it was a big joke.

        1. Thats one thing I noticed about southern european women they don’t have the hangups about height. They very much date within their culture though, and their men are not especially tall, so they don’t equate it with success/manliness/hotness like your Anglocised women. When I went to EU with friends we stopped off in Greece. The Greek girls were sociable but really only if you knew someone who knew them,,got introduced. The hot ones seemed to have an air of ‘I’m hot and I know it’ dismissiveness. We only got lucky with tourists. I’d imagine with Greece in the shitter you could find a nice Greek girl to marry & bring back

        2. One thing about Southern European women, be sure to check the mother out before you think of anything serious… That’s what they look like post 30 or 35, they bulk up like its nobody’s business, in the office we had one who literally was wider than she was tall… Giant hooters but eh…
          Edited to add, one should check the parents of any girl prior to serious consideration…

        3. Absolutely. When I was in my teens I picked this up when I would see the Greek/Yugo/Turk/Lebo/Italian families out walking together, and I would lustily look at the teenage daughter (gorgeous) then I would look at the mom (frumpy/dumpy) and it was – wow!! Certainly not all are like that as I know a few who still keep in shape post baby but they match their mom. You would want to have been having sex from your teens with them, to enjoy as many of the sexy years as you could, but I guess you can say that for any nationality..

        4. Hehe yeah, their moms all looked like them at the same age more or less, so if you can live with the mom you can get hooked lol.
          Anyway you can always go for Asian if your boner swings that way and they look quite good much longer…

        5. Yeah they don’t seem as obsessed with height. They prefer a man to be tall, sure, but it’s not an exclusive preference. That’s the only explanation for why I dated so much when I lived there.
          I agree with your observations about Greek women regarding their sociability. The hottest women I attracted in Greece were ones I met through other people, including cousins of theirs. I guess that’s social proof for them. They want you to be co-signed by others. So if a really good looking woman sees you and thinks you are kind of average or ‘meh’, but somebody close to her tells her you are a great guy and worth giving a chance to, she may reconsider.
          My last girlfriend from there definitely had that ‘I’m hot and I know it’ arrogance about her, but once I got a foot in the door, so to speak, it was relatively easy to break that facade down.
          re: your suggestion. I’ve thought about it, but right now I have too many obligations that I can’t escape in Australia. I am back in contact with one of my ex’s on Facebook though, so we’ll see how that goes.

  36. The reason is much simple. Men banging arround at the end would like to settle when you discover “in essence all women are the same” meanwhile when a woman rides the cock carroussel starts a narcisistic sel steem never ending spiral and loses the ability to settle al experiment real love.

  37. Shorter version: A key that can open any lock is a master key. A lock that can be opened by any key is a worthless lock.

  38. Pretty sad that you think women hate players. Women LOVE players. That’s how come we get to BE players.

  39. Great article but what about the marriage double standard? Your wife has to have had three or hopefully less sexual partners or she’s a slut and emotionally unstable. What stops me or someone else from calling men like yourselves emotionally unstable? That’s the double standard I care about. I could careless if it takes more skill for a guy to get a girl. In my opinion all a girl has to do is flash a boob, wink and she’s banged. Girls assume a lot of guys that talk to them have a rapey persona about them.

    1. Reality should stop you from making incorrect statements.
      But as reality and facts are never an issue for females I’m guessing you will go ahead and call me emotionally unstable anyway, facts be damned.
      Biology is no fair, neither are facts, but disliking it will not change it.

      1. Apologies if you thought what I wrote constituted as a statement. I should have been more clear. I was basing the sexual partners thing on an article I read here, “6 Things To Look For In A Future Wife” or something like that, written by Roosh himself.
        And no, I wouldn’t call you emotionally unstable because I’m not low, believe it or not. Also, let me be clear, I wasn’t looking for facts when I wrote that comment; I was looking more for individual thoughts. And whilst I can roughly assume what you’ll all say, it would be a bit more refreshing to read your own opinion.
        And finally, I never said I disliked anything. Stop trying to antagonise me (because it seems to me that you’re doing it), and just either read my comment, scoff and scroll on, or you should maybe try giving me an answer to enlighten my mind.

        1. Ok, well I would say that anyone is free to demand whatever they wish from a potential partner, and stick to those demands completely. I think some guys attitude becomes quite dismissive over time if they only do pump and dump, and they might well have issues staying faithful in a LTR, however I suspect that most of those kinds of guys don’t care for LTR anymore anyway.
          I have seen guys do LTR and bang random chicks on the side repeatedly, so it is likely that patterns stick. They usually were the ones to dump the girl in the end too.

        2. True. Guys and girls who do, as you so amazingly put it, ‘pump and dump’ are less likely to be able to or willing to work through a LTR.
          And yeah, we’re all allowed to demand whatever when it comes to a relationship. Frankly I wouldn’t mind someone that let’s me win in FIFA games or 2K 16.

    2. Double standards only exist where there is equality. In the sexual marketplace there is no equality and the sooner you chicks get this into your pretty little heads the better off we all will be.

      1. I said that girls find it easier to get someone.
        Although, I was just asking about the marriage thing.

  40. Condoms might work, but how many sluts actually use the regularly? Not many. You can get a slut to “forget” about the condom in a moment, or just say no, and odds are you’ll be making a direct deposit. Don’t do it, of course, since your average slut is just shy of a Petri dish.

  41. This type of article is depressing and I must admit that my weaker thoughts surround it; I despise it, I loathe it with a burning passion… not because it is wrong but because I have seen it, I have lived it, I have suffered it my whole life.
    Recently I bedded a gorgeous young girl I’ve been seeing that seemed to be a ‘free spirit’ (Read: Hardcore slut) but she loved how I would respect her, treat her with love, care and affection. She loved how I had my own place, my own car and always treat her like a lady (Read: Open doors for her, protect her from awkward situations, defend her from her friends and family, etc.). All of these things made for fond memories, a fun little weekend and a great session of wild fucking. She saw me as a ‘good man’ that she didn’t deserve, that she was so glad to be with, a man that said and did all the right things.
    But every now and then she would slip in a comment to the extent of “I know you do this with a lot of other girls but I want you to know this is special to me, you are special to me”, it would tug on my heartstring but it would also trigger an alarm in my head… a certain part of me said; “This means that the behavior in men she describes is very common to her, this means that this has occurred many times and she’s been treated like a filthy whore, that is what is normal to her”. This is her game, this is her projection.
    And as the slight, off-hand comments piled up, I finally completely realized that in her mind. I was just a ‘stud’ that was very good at giving her a good railing and she was desperately trying to justify why she was there. Being that I am a very laid back guy with a strong blue pill background (Now fully red pill mind you) I continually informed her that I wasn’t slaying pussy left-and-right and that our time together meant a lot for me (She’s only here for a couple of weeks before going back to home very far away (Read: She’s not coming back)).
    In her mind; The degeneracy is core.
    In her mind; There is no other path.
    In her mind; She travels ass first.
    There was no lovely experience or fond memories between us, I was just another bump on the cock carousel. Not that I mind since I had no long term illusions…. but it is depressing to realize that all women think this way, the only thing that changes is how much of themselves they see in you. Reality never comes into play. For all their talk of love and emotions, it’s just lip service to their dash into the eventual wall when the party is over…. and I don’t mean this one experience I’ve had, this has been every single woman I have ever interacted with. There is no difference.
    In their mind, the concept of ‘Merit’ doesn’t exist, men can slay pussy easily …. just as easily as women can just spread their legs and problem solved. This is somewhat disconcerting but in the end, it is merely psychology to be exploited for our benefit.
    The author of the article is right.

    1. Don’t tell a girl who isn’t your wife or about to be that your not playing the field, it’s none of her business what you do and you lose points with sluts that way.
      Heck I think my wife assumes that I still hunt pussy occasionally, or that’s the impression I get based on some of her random remarks anyway.
      Keep em on their toes, keeps it interesting for them.

      1. Oh I know that much, I have very poor game but I know enough that I would never that to a woman that I was intended on keeping around more than a couple of weeks.
        You are right but it doesn’t really apply to this situate.

      2. That’s a good point.
        But as I said, this young girl is very temporary so I saw no harm in telling her I had nothing on the side…. you’re right though, that was a pretty stupid play on my part.

        1. I get that it’s a temporary thing but bad habits have a tendency to stick. I did some stupid ass beta shit in the past and have to focus to not do it again in a moment of weakness.
          But I have managed to keep frame up pretty well for a long time by now and I guarantee it pays off, if you don’t often girls over time stop putting out when you feel like it or worse yet never begin to submit to your dick properly.
          If you want to have ass on tap you have to keep frame rain or shine, that really is the ticket imo.

  42. Random thought, but lately I’ve been wishing society was like how it was back in the 1950s. These days, there’s so much pressure for women to act promiscuous, and men are largely to blame. Feminists likely fuel men with stupid ideas about what women want, but still, I’ve faced so much sexual pressure from men during my life, and it’s really hard to not succumb sometimes. I’d be happier and feel better about myself if I hadn’t been pressured into participating in hookup culture in college and law school. Yeah, yeah, the decision was ultimately mine, but think about it – how easy is it to avoid that culture at today’s universities?

  43. “I dropped her shortly after.”
    A true red pill man, Kyle. From my experience there is not difference between 3rd world prostitutes and American women.

  44. Don’t forget microchimerism. If a man wants a child that’s truly his, the mother can’t be a slut.
    Then there’s the emotional baggage. Sluts rarely take responsibility for themselves, leaving their emotions to be a complicated mess of unresolved responses to all of the men she’s slept with. If you fuck a slut, that’s stuff you have to deal with (because sex causes transference of it).

  45. The fundamental reason behind all of this is men’s evolved defence mechanism against female brood-parasitism. It’s always an option for women to get pregnant by a higher value man who they are able to attract for the purpose of sex, but not for a longer term commitment and then to pass the child off as being the offspring of whichever lower value man she snared for a pair-bond. This is a good reproductive strategy that gives the woman the best of both worlds in terms of good genes along with a committed provider. At the same time it imposes massive costs on the man in question, having the potential to eliminate him from the gene pool as surely as falling off a cliff or getting eaten by a predator. Some number of women will always attempt to pursue this strategy due to the high potential payoff if everything goes smoothly. As a result, men developed a strong instinctive aversion to pair bonding with promiscuous women. It’s a simple defence mechanism against the female strategy I just outlined.
    A lot of women just don’t understand that the male aversion to pair bonding with promiscuous women is of a similar order to our fear of lions or of standing on cliff edges, and for the same reason. Guys why ignored the sound of the twig snapping behind them followed by the growl are not here today. Guys who didn’t mind pair bonding with sluts were easy prey for predatory female reproductive strategies, and they are not here either.

  46. Move to South America, guys. Masculinity is celebrated there not stigmatised. Women cook, clean, respect you and put out occasionally. A handsome, well groomed, athletic, wealthy man is to be respected, not feared. They accept that you will get drunk and cheat on them occasionally, as long as you love them and no one else it’s cool.

    1. We aren’t handsome, well-groomed, athletic, and wealthy or we would be out smashing poon, not hanging out here.

      1. Maybe not Robert, but it’s all relative. I was never considered particularly wealthy or handsome in the US, in Venezuela i was taller, wealthier and better looking than most of the guys there. On my third night there I fucked a perfect 10 and I’d never managed that in DC or Miami

  47. Having said this, I dated two Jamaican women. The first was born in Jamaica but moved to NYC in her infancy. she was spoiled, Lazy, physically dirty, rude, physically and mentally abusive and didn’t put out. The second was born in Jamaica and moved to the US in her 20’s. She was friendly, respectful, showered twice day, cooked for me, had sex with me regularly and didn’t mind if I dated other women. Food for thought, guys

  48. Tbh I find the “it’s harder for men to get laid” reasoning pretty bizarre. If anything would that not just prove men need to elevate their standards rather than – as this author and others are implying – apparently go along with any girl who is horny, and not be a bit more picky as women tend to be?

  49. The whole premise of this horrendous excuse for an article is false. So-called “sluts” and “studs” are exactly the same. They are people who have had a supposedly large amount of sexual partners.
    You say that women can easily “get laid”, and that men can’t. If it is so “easy” for a woman to have sex, there has to be a man for her to have sex with. If a woman decides to have sex that easily, it will be just as easy for a man to be the one she engages in sexual activity with. The reason women supposedly find it “easy” to find male sexual partners is that many men are so eager to sleep around.
    If women are “sluts” for being promiscuous, then men are also “sluts”. If a man is a “stud” for sleeping around, then women are also “studs”.

    1. Stop upvoting your own comments! We can see who upvotes, you know. The answer to the situation you propose is that men are willing to have sex with a woman as much as 3 numbers down on the SMV scale but women are not. So women are having relationships with superior-to-what-they-can-get-for-a-committed-relationship men but men can’t do that. Only a small percentage of men are having sex with most of the women. Most guys aren’t getting any.

      1. @disqus_sBupdI2Fp4:disqus and @Robert_Brandywine:disqus – Personally, I think it does more harm than good to deny that women are biologically different from men. I commented a few below saying that I’ve had to deal with a LOT of sexual pressure in my life, both from men and from other women, which I believe is the result of men receiving mixed messages about what women want.
        Hookup culture sucks, and I think most women will admit that it’s very difficult for us to be doing sexual things with a guy who is not our boyfriend/husband. Most girls say they can’t be “hooking up” with a guy for more than a month or two at most. Men seem to be able to have casual sex much more easily than women can. Let’s just establish this and move on.
        The honest truth is that most girls who act promiscuous are doing it for totally unhealthy reasons (insecurity, daddy issues, the desire for male attention, love (which is not reciprocated by the man)). I don’t even think it is controversial to say that. Of course women enjoy sex, but we are much more selective about who we do it with. The promiscuous girls who don’t have psychological issues are more than likely succumbing to alcohol and/or social pressure. I really don’t think many girls actually want to be sexually promiscuous.
        Men’s mentality on sex is totally different, and I don’t need to get into that. But the point is that women would be happier if it was an acknowledged thing that we don’t desire casual sex. Hell, I even think men would be happier if they didn’t pursue casual sex.

  50. Theese green, blue and purple haired manhating feminazis claiming to be sluts don’t fool me. They call themselves sluts because they like to USE men for kicks and $$$ then only put out to keep it coming. Sex crazy women are called nyphomaniacs these women are just manhating emotional vampire prostitutes who give false hope to thirsty beta males and then enjoy to see them suffer. Atleast real prostitutes are honest with you.
    Stay away from these harpys, only misery awaits you on the other side!

  51. As a woman it’s quite clear too me why the views in this article would make it hard for a man to get women. Wise up and treat women like actual people and you might end up happier with better luck.

    1. No, it’s just so much easier to come to a site like this and be told the soothing lie that nothing is ever your fault if you’re a man, and that no matter what, it’s a woman’s fault (even if one is nowhere to be found near the problem he finds himself in).

      1. As a woman, you are also not welcome here. The men writing or posting on this
        site refuse to mince their words or to modify their views just to
        satisfy the Female Imperative. Your opinion therefore is irrelevant –
        even if it had something to do with the topic of the article, which in
        your case, it didn`t. Have a nice day!

    2. As a woman, you are not welcome here. The men writing or posting on this site refuse to mince their words or to modify their views just to satisfy the Female Imperative. Your opinion therefore is irrelevant – even if it had something to do with the topic of the article, which in your case, it didn`t. Have a nice day!

  52. Girls aren’t dumb. They know virgins are more valuable and will do whatever they can to appear as one. Look at something that exists completely for them: The hair weave industry. Hair that comes straight from the source, usually indian ladies, hasn’t been used before is referred to as “Virgin” and routinely sells for a higher price. Google “virgin hair weave” and do your own research about how valuable it is to women to get something virgin.

  53. A man to be a stud has to put in the work and obtain the skills required. Go to the gym regularly, to look good. Work hard, to make good money. Has to learn and use Game on women.
    Compared to that: all a woman has to do to be a slut, is to open her legs. Lots of skills needed to do that LOL

  54. Your logic is flawed in paragraph 6. Hope anyone noticed, but probably not. It was a hilarious read though.

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