How To Identify The 3 Types Of Teases

The epidemic of flaking has been discussed and explored before. In today’s modern feminist societies, it’s quite common for a man to meet a girl who sexually “instigates” him deliberately, yet:

  • She ejects from physical contact (directly or indirectly) or turns into an ice queen once he tries to escalate after revealing his interest
  • She doesn’t divulge her contact details while instead flirtatiously cajoles him into giving his first
  • She seems to have all the time in the world for others – except him, especially when he tries to close her
  • She keeps their interaction only to about herself and the amount of attention guys lavish onto her, after successfully gaining his interest
  • She clams up about her past and personal details once he tries to probe about it
  • She disappears without sex once he’s spent some resources or his time on her

Yes, those are some of the common and numerous indications that he – or even you –  could be dealing with a tease.

Cock-tease (noun, derisive sexual slang):

a woman who acts in a sexual manner to lead men to the mistaken belief that she is likely to have sexual intercourse with them,without actually fulfilling the sexual actions.

As mentioned earlier, it’s more advisable to walk away than to waste time on these women. But what must be understood is that there are different types of cock-teasers, and so are their levels of cock-teasing “game.”

Analyzing her psychology and behavior

The behavior of the cock-teaser can be efficiently interpreted as the practical demonstration of certain laws from Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power – depending on her type and level. Her cock-teasing is a part of her game to gain power over the minds of her orbiters. However, one law which basically defines the core psychology of every cock-teaser is:


If you allow people to feel they possess you to any degree, you lose all power over them. By not committing your affections, they will only try harder to win you over. Stay aloof and you gain the power that comes from their attention and frustrated desire. Play the Virgin Queen: Give them hope but never satisfaction. – Law 20

The cock-teaser gives hope, but never satisfaction or gratification—in return for the attention she craves, courts or receives—since that’s the nutrition for her self-esteem. In worst cases, she’ll cock-tease to pit men against each other, while enjoying the pleasure of the attention of her orbiters whom she’ll mercilessly play with or even exploit for her aims.

Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger; more colorful, more mysterious than the bland and timid masses. – Law 6


Furthermore, even if she is not a virgin’ or a queen, she often acts like one.


The way you carry yourself will often determine how you are treated: In the long run, appearing vulgar or common will make people disrespect you. For a king respects himself and inspires the same sentiment in others. By acting regally and confident of your powers, you make yourself seem destined to wear a crown. – Law 34

The cock-teaser actually manufactures or conjures up the fantasy of sex with her….


Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert: Everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses. – Law 32

through compelling, selective and “generous” acts of sexual flirting or display…

Striking imagery and grand symbolic gestures mate the aura of power-everyone responds to them. Stage spectacles for those around you, then, full of arresting visuals and radiant symbols that heighten your presence. Dazzled by appearances, no one will notice what you are really doing. – Law 37


or sometimes even kindness and  affection….

One sincere and honest move will cover over dozens of dishonest ones. Open-hearted gestures of honesty and generosity bring down the guard of even the most suspicious people. Once your selective honesty opens a hole in their armor, you can deceive and manipulate them at will. A timely gift-a Trojan horse will serve the same purpose.Law 12

…effectively baiting men into believing that she would reward them with sex…

When you force the other person to act, you are the one in control. It is always better to make your opponent come to you, abandoning his own plans in the process. Lure him with fabulous gains-then attack. You hold the cards. – Law 8

yet prolongs it (indefinitely) while enjoying male attention and other benefits from men.

The best deceptions are the ones that seem to give the other person a choice: Your victims feel they are in control, but are actually your puppets. Give people options that come out in your favor whichever one they choose.- Law 31

In certain cases, she acts as a confidante, deliberately pushing herself close to men…

Knowing about your rival is critical. Use spies to gather valuable information that will keep you a step ahead. Better still: Play the spy yourself In polite social encounters, learn to probe. Ask indirect questions to get people to reveal their weaknesses and intentions. There is no occasion that is not an opportunity for artful spying. – Law 14

in reality to discover men’s weaknesses…

Everyone has a weakness, a gap in the castle wall. That weakness is usually an insecurity, an uncontrollable emotion or need; it can also be a small secret pleasure. Either way, once found, it is a thumbscrew you can turn to your advantage. – Law 33

essentially trying to prey on men’s minds and hearts, to implant herself strongly there…

Coercion creates a reaction that will eventually work against you.You must seduce others into wanting to move in your direction. A person you have seduced becomes your loyal pawn. And the way to seduce others is to operate on their individual psychologies and weaknesses. Soften up the resistant by working on their emotions, playing on what they hold dear and what they feel: Ignore the hearts and mind of others and they will grow to hate you. – Law 41


…so as to create or feed a powerful illusion of the possibility of having sex (sometimes even love) with her in men’s minds, so as to keep them psychologically attracted, attached and dependent on her presence.

To maintain your independence you must always be needed and wanted. The more you are relied on, the more freedom you have. Make people depend on you for their happiness and prosperity and you have nothing to fear: Never teach them enough so that they can do without you. – Law 11

A man’s emotional attachment is the prize which women seek. While she may not actively seek a man’s commitment (physical attachment), the cock-teaser basically thrives on male attention (psychological attachment).

Suffocate her from male attention, and see how she would (often instantaneously) change her behavior around men. But since there are different types of such women, below are mentioned some common types (some of whose traits may overlap) that men usually encounter .

Types of cock-teasers

1. Dark triad


The most dangerous type of cock-teaser, for she makes cock-teasing as a wicked art form for personal leverage. Since her cock-teasing is essentially her ‘gaming’ you to get leverage with worse outcomes for you – it’s best to stay clear of her. There are two kinds of dark triad cock-teasers: the one who has a known notch count, and the one with the unknown notch count – but both are equally dangerous.

Categorize her as either a slut or whore depending on how she would provide sex, the dark triad cock-teaser with a known notch count is usually promiscuous – and yet men are irresistibly attracted to her allure. But the years on the cock carousel have psychologically and emotionally hardened her enough to separate sex from love and commitment, so she has perfected the art of running her sales pitch on men.

2. “Virginal”

One of the worst ways a virgin could cock-tease men is by making them believe that one of them could take away her precious virginity. Reading through history, one would’ve across quite a number of such accounts where men sacrificed even their lives fighting against each other for the sake of a maiden’s hand (for the hopeful deflowering of her precious hymen subsequently in a relationship).

One red pill truth is that : the Madonnas and the Whores are the same girls – for the whore was also a virgin at one point in her life. Water takes the shape of the container it’s put in, and so is the nature of women. The virgin might actually be or remain a virgin not more so out of personal choice, but out of fear, lack of options and societal constraints—especially if she comes from a society or community where virginity is prized.

I’ve wondered how some of these virgins used to embark on their own post-marriage cock carousel, cheating on their husbands with various men, once their virginity was deflowered legally in a marriage. Felt sorry for the husbands though, for these men (often ignorant of female nature), probably thought their virgin brides would still remain virtuous later on.

3. Conservative

The conservative cock-teaser is quite similar to the virginal one. The only difference is that she is not a virgin, having lost it “honorably” within a relationship. Nevertheless, her modus operandi remains similar to the virginal cock-teaser: apart from baiting prospective sex, while the virginal type promises the prize of her virginity, the conservative type instead promises the prize of her commitment and a rewarding companionship— and both promises are flakes.

4. Relationship whore or desperate for relationship

The relationship whore cock-teases her orbiters using her “easy” reputation—just like the dark triad type. Some relationship whores actually represent the transition phase between casual sluthood and dark triad, and sometimes the emotionally hardening years on the cock carousel sometimes replaces her immature mentality with a more cunning one later on.

Sometimes a relationship whore never psychologically hardens, for she might be actually flirting to really mean her willing sexual receptivity. But a beta usually blows it up with her by investing too fast and too much of himself into his interaction with her, that she then decides to withhold sex because he’s lowered his self value and she’s getting his attention what without dishing out sex in return.

In addition, there are certain factors which support a cock-teaser’s girl game.

The factors which favor her “game”

Cock-teasers usually take advantage of certain factors, which can be neutralized by men once men understand how they work. They are:

1. Male sexual thirst


While it can propel a man into actively seeking sex, sexual thirst can also screw up his judging skills, perception, and game—thus making him lower his standards and blind him to the type of women he might be dealing with. A woman who correctly deduces the intensity of sexual thirst of the man she’s dealing with can thus choose to cock-tease him at will.

One of the greatest tests for a man when it comes with dealing with women is to emotionally detach his sexual thirst from his perception and eventual judgement of them. Difficult as it may sound, but it is an important step towards self-mastery.  Most men don’t know how to regulate sexual thirst, let alone master it.

2. Lack of game among men

As some red pillers say, game is essentially trolling women—but a part of that trolling involves either telegraphing male sexual thirst in an effective way, or sometimes camouflaging male sexual thirst altogether. Even if a man doesn’t want to have sex with the woman he’s interacting with, game knowledge will help him to understand her better, and harness his own mind and sexuality better to his own advantage.

But the man with no game doesn’t know how to deal with his sexual thirst, nor does he understand female psychology. Usually he becomes a slave to his own thirst, and eventually to women.

3. Demographics


Women are the gatekeepers of sex. In societies where men exceed women in number, such sausage-fest situations usually end up covertly in favor of women when it comes to peddling sex (even though this may not apparent at first), in spite of men being socially stronger there. With women having more sexual options and greater sexual power as compared to men in these scenarios, men then have to deal with more instances of cock-teasing from women.

4.Societal indoctrination and culture


Female hypergamy unchained is an irrefutable truth in modern societies today. With women increasingly rewarding alphas with sex first in such gyro-centric societies where women call the shots, the situation of flaking and cock-teasing would worsen even more in such societies should men exceed women in number, which would further give women an entitlement complex simply because she was born with a vagina.

Secondly, women migrating to such societies then usually get brainwashed into adopting all the undesirable traits of sluthood, whoredom, misandry and cock-teasing – which all feminism usually leads to.

Birds of the same feather flock together, and women migrating to such societies usually end up as loyal members of the same feminist herd they would be indoctrinated to be a part of, upon arrival.

Whatever men set about to impress women with, counts for nothing in the world of women. Only another woman is of importance in her world. – Esther Vilar, The Manipulated Man


Depending on your expertise at game, it’s still possible to seduce a cock-teaser. However, most of the time they are not worth the effort and time. The good old adage says “it’s always better to choose your battles wisely,” and the same applies to choosing your seductions.

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  1. I suspect the USA has one of the worst gender imbalances thanks to legal and illegal immigration and other factors.

    1. UK has an official population of 64 million, the unofficial one based on agribusiness like Tesco’s is 86 million.
      What other country in the world has allowed literally an increase in 1/3 of its population from 1997 the blair era to 2014? This is genocide by proxy via mass immigration and is not due to madness. You don’t see south korea or japan with their declining birth rates suffering this. Every white country has mass immigration BECAUSE THE BANKERS AND THEIR SHILLS ARE MURDERERS

      1. The Brits have surrendered completely. There will never be a fight to preserve the culture or heritage. A more dominant culture will come along, impregnate all the women and England will eventually morph into an obscure, impoverished island off the coast of Europe.

        1. Given the fact that the British still have the GBP, I have to disagree with you a bit. Don’t underestimate the power of British imperial rule and political structures all across the world. The dominant business language of the world is English, and people use language to formulate thoughts. Control language, control the way people think.

        2. Good point, wrong argument. You’re also, forgetting Great Britain’s politically correct obsessed media and political leadership that’s squishy at best. Further, Great Britain has neglected their Military and created a giant entitlement class.
          Britain is the epitome of the frog in the pot of water on the burner, the only problem is that the frog was fully cooked twenty years ago. Theodore Roosevelt put it best:

          All the great masterful races have been fighting races, and the minute that a race loses the hard fighting virtues, then, no matter what else it may retain, no matter how skilled in commerce or finance, in science or art, it has lost its proud right to stand as the equal of the best.

        3. Of course a quote by Teddy would be on point. Good find. Thanks for sharing.
          I will offer a slight counterpoint to your argument: the nation being rich still affords the opportunity for men to wake up and regain control of their culture. If they were destitute, it would be much more difficult to lift themselves back to a position of dignity.

        4. I agree whole-heartedly. Except the male you describe, many of which frequent RoK, is a rarity.
          Your average Western male is a timid, nearsighted, coward, who would gladly renounce dignity for modern conveniences and gently used pussy.
          Not to mention, as our boys become indoctrinated (read: softer) at younger and younger ages, young boys in less fortunate countries, are developing their hand-to-hand combat skills:

        5. There is hope. As many men age, the red pill truths will present themselves over and over again until denying them will only be possible with a mental disorder.
          It is our job to find such men who struggle with the blue pill indoctrination that has been “attacked” by undeniable red pill truth and treat them as brothers in arms who need to be cautiously and compassionately shown the light of the difficult truths you and I have learned (or been gifted with reason) to accept.
          While you and I are gifted with red pill wisdom, there is a certain amount of blue pill thinking that is necessary for societal cohesion. This could be read as “every shepherd needs his sheep”. I’ve learned the key is to outwardly conceal as much red pill truth as possible. Making your red pill wisdom your “mysterious” quality will serve you better than openly stating what is actually on your mind except for in these forums where people know better. Do not, by any means, reveal your red pill wisdom around blue pillers thinking you are going to change people’s minds. You will actually change people’s minds, only about whether or not they like you, not in terms of their world view.

        6. Sorry dude there’s no hope for the Anglosphere. The decline begun decades ago and is just speeding up now. Nothing about this is unique however, its been happening all throughout history. All great empires follow the path the US and UK are on. Strong warriors and conservative team workers that build the empire, are slowly supplanted by liberal pleasure seekers and degenerate individualism. We are now in our bread and circus phase, with the barbarians already knocking at the gates.

        7. How about you try to do something about it rather than just acquiescing? I have a problem respecting you if you readily accept your own people’s demise (which includes your own).

        8. Honestly, I would just stack your chips and knock up a bunch of hot sluts before moving to a traditional country, without a Federal International Child Support Agreement with the UK/US/AUS and settle down with a traditional girl.

        9. I agree with your sentiment on some level; however, I do take issue with a large part of your attitude:
          I am an American. I have a lot of pride in the great achievements of our society and cannot see it in myself to just “abandon ship”. Is that how you deal with all your problems? Just extract as much as possible from your locally bountiful albeit hostile environment until you have the opportunity to “eject”, or do you seek to control and tame the hostility in your HOMELAND such that you have a place that you can hang your hat?
          I’m sorry, but your attitude is just as much a problem on some level as many of those on the left. You are like the conservative corporate banksters and CEOs that make over 1000X the salary of the average American worker and ship jobs overseas even at the meager low salaries that line workers make, betraying their brethren.
          The problem with this country is not one-sided, it is two-sided or even multi-faceted. On one side, you have effete liberalism on the left (which just results in the power aggregating into the hands of the few who already have a lot of power) and vulture capitalism on the right (which the effete liberalism empowers, as the effete liberalism cannot compete with the corporate masters directly, causing a social decay as the poor are helped at the expense of the middle class, since the middle class is the highest class entity the politicians have the power to extract more tax revenue from or force more labor onto).
          Where the hell are you going to run when a social disease infects the entire world, huh? I think the key is to think of oneself in an actual war, with the front not at some tangible battlefront but within yourself and the minds of those around you. Whether you and I like it or not, we are products of this society. Through immense concerted effort, I am trying to be a product of my self-interest and the values I know to be right and healthy. I would ask you to please, rather than blaming American society, see it as your confused and immature younger brother and/or sister that is relying on you to care for and guide them into becoming emotionally and practically stable men and women. True compassionate and merciful “conservatism”, I believe is the path forward. I use “conservatism” in quotes, because I do not believe the current Republican Party is the tool to effect this course correction, which is most often associated with “conservatism”.
          It can only change if those who know it needs to believe it can. Please believe it can.

        10. I admire your patriotism but I have no intentions on sacrificing my time, life or finances preserving a toxic culture that hates me. Sorry.
          You’re more than welcome to give it your best shot…or you can recognize that America passed the point of no return well over a decade ago (which is a conservative estimate) and come to terms with this information the best way you know how.
          You actually said it best, when you asked “Where the hell are you going to run when a social disease infects the entire world, huh?”
          The answer is nowhere. So what sane man wouldn’t want America to immolate itself? An anti-organic, transplanted civilization, lacking a sacral state tradition, lacking civilization and opposed to every basic law of nature. Yet, attempting nevertheless to impose its anti-ethnic, anti-traditionalist, “democratic” Babylonian model on other continents? That’s what you want us to preserve?
          America is the enemy, par excellence, of freedom and masculinity; Get yours and watch it burn from a safe distance. You owe it to your unborn son to at least buy a second citizenship.

        11. “Yet, attempting nevertheless to impose its anti-ethnic, anti-traditionalist, ‘democratic’ Babylonian model on other continents? That’s what you want us to preserve?”
          Obama singing “Bye, bye, Miss American pie” at his 1st inauguration:

          Mayday (used to signal a life-threatening emergency) Music. Yahweh (the God of Israel) Tunes:

          The American Pie album features a version of Psalm 137, entitled “Babylon” (want to guess who is spiritually Mystery Babylon during the End Times?):

          Well, I know that you’re in love with him
          ‘Cause I saw you dancin’ in the gym
          You both kicked off your shoes
          Man, I dig those rhythm and blues

          When the JESTER [aka Joker] sang for the king and queen

          In a coat he borrowed from James Dean [Rebel Without A Cause]

          And a voice that came from you and me [Yes we can, Yes we can]

          Oh and while the king was looking down
          The jester stole his THORNY crown

          The courtroom was adjourned
          No verdict was returned

          It will also be necessary to note as part of historical record from June 2003 to Feb. 2008, Congress made 8 attempts to remove from Article II Section I the “natural born Citizen” clause, both Republicans and Democrats. It is most obvious those in Congress know what the meaning of a natural born Citizen is otherwise they would not have made such efforts to remove this clause from our U.S. Constitution. These are the Bill numbers, dates and sponsors: HJR 59 June 11, 2003 Sponsor: Vic Snyder (D); HJR 67 Sept 2, 2003 Sponsor: John Conyers (D); SB 2128 Feb 25, 2004 Sponsor: Don Nichols (R); HJR 104 Sept 15, 2004 Sponsor: Dana Rohrabacher (R); HJR 42 Jan4, 2005 Sponsor: John Conyers (D); HJR 15 Feb 1, 2005 Sponsor: Dana Rohrabacher (R); HJR 42 April 14, 2005 Sponsor: Vic Snyder (D); SB 2678 Feb 28, 2008: Claire McCaskill (D) Co-Sponsors: Barack Obama(D) Hillary Clinton (D).

          But February made me shiver

          With every paper I’d deliver
          Bad news on the doorstep

          I couldn’t take one more step
          Helter skelter in a summer swelter
          The birds flew off with a fallout shelter
          Eight miles high and falling fast
          It landed foul on the grass
          The players tried for a forward pass

          With the Jester on the sidelines in a cast

          Now the halftime air was sweet perfume

          While the sergeants played a marching tune
          We all got up to dance

          Oh, but we [Christians] never got the chance

          ‘Cause the players tried to take the field
          The marching band refused to yield

          Do you recall what was revealed

          The day the music died?
          I met a girl who sang the blues
          And I asked her for some happy news
          But she just smiled and turned away
          I went down to the sacred store
          Where I’d heard the music years before
          But the man there said the music wouldn’t play
          And in the streets, the children screamed
          The lovers cried and the poets dreamed

          But not a word was spoken
          The church bells all were broken
          And the three men I admire most
          The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
          They caught the last train for the coast
          The day the music died

        12. A similar process can be seen in families. A man who makes it and becomes wealthy with his own blood, sweat, and tears passes it all on to his son, who also does well, but once he passes onto his son, it starts going down hill. Generally speaking. This development is not strictly limited to money, happens to dynasties. Genghis Khans dynasty, for example, dwindled after several generations due to the growing incompetence of his descendants (among other reasons).
          Civilization is the same. Each generation needs to be taught how to take care of it, break the chain as we have (and as others have done before us) and it will lead to disaster.

        13. Good refute. I cannot, however, believe that America is entirely what you say it is. Our revolution undoubtedly helped inspire others, and our involvement in WWII tipped the scales in defeating the axis, of special importance, the madness of Hitler.
          Out nation has not been all virtue, I will agree to that, but to say it is unnatural is not true. Everything that happens is a natural process playing itself out, even the actions that you or I take in the very moment I write this or you read this.
          Your unwillingness to sacrifice your time or life (I will give you a pass on not sacrificing your life) is a very submittal to the blue pill problem that exists. Furthermore, your talk of absconding to a traditional nation is an “unnatural” act in the very same vein as the “unnatural” foundation of the American Colonies by European settlers.
          Ultimately, I think a little social chaos is a good thing every once in a while. There is too much right now, however, in my opinion. Men and women in constant war with one another is a sign of social disease.

        14. “Our revolution undoubtedly helped inspire others, and our involvement in WWII tipped the scales in defeating the axis, of special importance, the madness of Hitler.”
          No THESE United States, then no THE United States (united by conquest in the Civil War], then no Woodrow Wilson (and Federal Reserve and Income Tax) and no victory for the Allies in WWI, no insane peace treatry, no Weimar Republic and no Great Depression and no Nazis and no World War II.
          In retrospect, maybe should’ve gone with monarchy, or kept the Articles of Confederation rather the Constitution.

        15. What is unique is that we now have the historical knowledge and means to communicate, allowing us to look from the outside in.

        16. I wouldn’t say degenerate ‘individualism’…I get the degenerate part and I agree but I don’t see the individualism. It’s all the collective energy that’s f’ing it all up in my opinion. Or that the gov’t is hammering real individuals with taxes.

        17. ‘Acquiescence’ and ‘not contributing’ are two different things. A guy going off to work and “Fuck Yeah-ing!” to Rush Limbaugh and then funding all the progressive b.s. through his taxes is contributing to the decline more than someone who simply opts out.

        18. “Choose your battles wisely”, my friend.
          That’s a battle that noone alone can win. Sorry to say the truth like this.

        19. “I have no intentions on sacrificing my time, life or finances preserving a toxic culture that hates me. Sorry.”
          Fucking nutshelled it. Do you mind if I carve that into the space over my door and slap it every morning on the way out?

        20. “True compassionate and merciful “conservatism”, I believe is the path forward.”
          Who doesn’t want that around here? But how can we vote our way towards true conservative gov’t when Greatest Gen. conservatives are dying off daily being replaced by leftist millenial twits and amnestied Mexicans? You’re obviously a good dude fighting the good fight but there are guys on here who are ten years ahead of you. Start situating yourself, as an individual. Start pursuing your own happiness. That’s all Americans are supposed to be doing anyway.

        21. I cannot, however, believe that America is entirely what you say it is. […] Your unwillingness to sacrifice your time or life (I will give you a pass on not sacrificing your life) is a very submittal to the blue pill problem that exists.

          America is that and so much more. As I said, if your solution is to man up™ and fight to preserve degeneracy, feminism and decadent servile mindlessness due to a misplaced sense of patriotism for a dying culture, then by all means. As you said, “Everything that happens is a natural process playing itself out.” Just understand that you’re on the losing side of an evolutionary struggle that has gone on for millennia.

        22. WWI and WWII. Bookends to a tragic tale of the end of western civilization and with it the white race. So wonderful that we allied ourselves with a dictator even worse then Hitler and brought down an Iron Curtain on half of a continent. Not to mention the two million or so women violently raped. A similar fate awaits the Anglosphere. Then and only then will the poisonous myths extolling the glories of the two world wars finally die. The truth is often a stranger that has to fight its way to be heard.

        23. You will get no argument from me about Stalin. Hitler would have killed more if he could have, though. Thanks for the response.

        24. It is normal and natural to have feelings of nostalgia for one’s “homeland”. It is a love of what is familiar, and a rose-tinted longing of the past. But one must stop and examine these claims of uniqueness and greatness with a critical eye.
          What is the pride in the great achievements of our society? Enumerate these achievements, and consider if they are really unique from other achievements in other cultures. This is something that must be done on an individual level, for each will perceive different achievements as good.
          Also, consider that if many of these achievements are several generations old, they are arguably more achievements of other nations (America is only 200 years old, and during its start was really an amalgamation of English, Germans, Scots, French, etc.)
          The American revolution was inspired by the French. Who were likely inspired by another example in history. While the US revolution may have inspired others, I don’t see any examples of societies throwing off an oppressive government, for a smaller, more free one, and one can look, for example, at the Kurdish rebellion, where they took the US at its word that their rebellion would be supported, when instead the US stood by and let them all get massacred and slaughtered by Saddam Hussein, who was the US ally, before they decided he was the US enemy. And anyway, the government the revolution created is no more free today than the typical first world nation, and is far worse than the government of King George that colonists were rebelling against.
          America joined WW2 after the German war was already decided. America did perhaps tip the scales in the Japanese war–honestly I’ve never seen much speculation on what would have happened in the Pacific without US intervention. But then again, the US directly caused Japanese attacks for a causus belli.
          Even then, granting the question’s premise, and assuming a Japanese victory, would life under slant eyed federal leaders be that much more oppressive than life under the wide white eyed oppressive leaders of today? Is Japanese society more or less like the ideal society you would wish for?
          These questions are not meant to cause arguments, or create emotions against one’s passion for “Murica” but to inspire thoughtfulness and reflection. The bottom line is, even in its heyday, when America was good and prosperous, it wasn’t all that unique. Yes, America left the British empire through war. But dozens of other nations left it without a war. And life for the typical Brit today is not much different than for the typical Yank. The point being that, while I appreciate the idea of a limited constitutional government, and the founding fathers had some good ideals, at the end of the day, just 200 years later, we are left with a society, that is no better than, and demonstrably worse than, dozens of others around the planet. It is futile to give one’s short time and life to try to change others. The best one can hope for, is to find a society that is more in line with one’s personal beliefs, and be happy there.

        25. There is nothing you can do about it. You can’t mold Nature into what suits you.
          Living in such a fruitful environment has it’s drawbacks. Masculine men are not made in prosperity. When life becomes too easy that vacuum will fill with a bang.

      2. Who is willing to fight to protect America? Incels cucking themselves with Black/Muslim Lives Matter signs? Stalwart betas who have been through the divorce rape grinder? Womyns Rights advocates? White pajamaboys who hate their gender almost as much as their race? The red piller who sees America as hypergamy-whore ground zero?
        If an army were so inclined, America is ripe for an invasion. I suppose our only saving grace is our ungodly military budget which can afford enough ammo and jets to fight back the barbarians at the gates, but as far as the will of the people and the spiritual and cultural health of our nation, we’re already conquered.
        Any white who is willing to fight for their race or culture in the U.S. is labeled “racist”. It’s over folks.

        1. If an army were so inclined, America is ripe for an invasion.

          You’re not kidding and these assholes are falling all over themselves to give back their right to bear arms. “What’s that? Gun ownership deterred an invasion during the deadliest conflict in human history? Who cares, take our guns.”
          No bullshit, if gun control were to ever take effect…I’m outta here.

        2. I’m black and I’m all for anyone-white males included-being proud of their own heritage and culture. I consider it to be self-esteem which is healthy to me. However, with all due respect-this whole, “fight for their race” thing (for both blacks and whites or whomever subscribes to it) is a bit short-sighted don’t you think? I mean to say that this is a trap for all who engage in it as there are banksters and the like who love to have us all quibbling in little cliques whether it be white vs black, old vs young, Republican vs Democrat, religion vs religion, etc, etc. While its important for anyone to be proud of who they are-these sidebar skirmishes serve as distractions to keep us all missing the forest for the trees just long enough for them to fuck us all over. Keep that in mind.

      3. immigration is not your problem your problem is that the white females that your sexualy atracted to are atracted to a non white male thats why your angry i see this beta male non sens all the time and laugh. all tho i will say that to much immigration tend to increase the crime rate

      4. And those banksters are jooos, intent on white genocide. Now if they can get rich in the process, what’s not to like?

    2. “I suspect the USA has one of the worst sexes imbalances thanks to legal and illegal immigration and other factors.”
      Fixed it.

  2. “Whatever men set about to impress women with, counts for nothing in the
    world of women. Only another woman is of importance in her world”. –
    Esther Vilar, The Manipulated Man
    Yes, later in the book she says that if women truly desired men, the advertising campaigns would print beautiful manly faces and bodies on their produtcs for women.
    But instead what do you see ? Pictures of happy women.
    Besides having things that make other women jealous, women only like themselves.
    She also mentions that during ancient orgies, most queens would prefere a threesome or fousomes with other women (here we can see a correlation between economic safety and female homosexuality).
    The more the society become confortable for them, the more the hard tough man become useless, and thus repellant.
    In a perfect feminist utopia, meaning a world with endless foods and products, machines to grow them, where the men that built them have disappeared, women will be perfectly ok fucking each other with strap-ons.
    You can observe that in the fact that men who attract them the most, independantly from any symbol of status and power, have feminine faces that would look equally attractive on a female body.
    Women like women :

    1. Its almost as though these men appeal to women’s drive to care for the young and innocent (i.e., children).
      All these pictures you posted are of young men.
      They still have their boyish features. There is the beginnings of masculinity in them but it remains cloaked in their harmless and helpless appearance.
      Older gents don’t have that luxury to appeal to a woman’s protective mothering instinct. Hence the need to acquire power and resources for barter.

      1. All the mating system is based on this :
        What’s cute makes you want to take care of it. It’s called the Kinderschema.
        Women are more prone to that instinct than men. In the adult world, a young woman is the next more baby-looking face after the baby itself, then comes the young man.
        The Strong alpha Man figure is only desirable because of circumstances : he is the intermediary that will create the conditions of safety and comfort, allowing her to give birth to the ultimate little cute thing : the baby.
        The more the woman is spoiled and protected by the system, the more the Strong Man will become useless, and the more she will go back to her narcissistic tendancies, which ones will first characterize themselves through a taste for feminine/ childish looking male faces, and then theoritecally end up in lesbianism.

        1. Yeah, but the strong man will still have a sexual power over a woman that a weak man does not. This is biologically hard-wired into our species. I’m not saying women are always going to want to sleep with Hercules, but they will always want a Don Draper type over pajama boy.

        2. What I’m saying is that the attraction for the Strong Man will reduce itself as it is already happening in western countries. But only if the material comfort keeps growing, though. And I would not bet on that one.

        3. The Ocidental society, as we know, is running to its end (as sir John Glubb wrote in his essay “The Fate of the Empires and the Search of Survival”). Once this happens, some kind of chaos and lack of resources will occur. And I can bet we’ll see women all around the world running back to their feminine ways and screaming at the men to “BE A MAN” and defend them.
          The survivors will see it.

        4. This is exactly what I believe. When women’s needs are catered for, all that remains are “wants”. If those childish wants are made acceptable, this results in ridiculous entitlement and women will turn into monsters.
          Intelligent men who are unhappy with how females are behaving should withdraw their contribution towards females and society to increase the needs over the wants.
          Comfort is a killer of decency and reason and men’s contribution is too cheap these days. We should revoke it and see how madly the world will suddenly love us again for our strength.

        5. “But only if the material comfort keeps growing”.
          Agree, however, I also believe this is perceived comfort as well as real. In uncertain economic or political times, the alpha will be the “rock”. Look at the popularity of Mad Men in recent years. Women have glommed onto his visage, too, whether they like to admit it or not.

        6. And men WILL be men and defend. That’s what we do.
          Only in this nightmare of a fucking time in history are men making a conscious effort to surpress natural instincts.

        7. Exactly subconsciously women see different men serveing different purposes to them, to it’s hardwired in their DNA. Yet Hollywood have created this myth of the ‘life partner’ romance which women buy into, combine that with a sick society that doesn’t put constraints on their behavier an we end up with the mess we have today.

        8. First point. When the males are 50% larger than the females, the males fight over sexual access to the females. Where the males are less than 50% larger, the females control access.
          This is a good thing. It is the path to civilisation.
          Second point. Women love a strong man. Fact of the matter is, she is rejecting those she sees as weak (mean around her own age) for those she sees as strong (older men). You can use this knowledge to your advantage.

        9. I think what will actually happen is that weak socialist and feminist nations will continue to attack and eliminate strong men. The attraction for them will not fade in this instance but increase as there will be fewer of them.

        10. The why to deal with “wants” is to satisfy some of them and deny the rest. Maintain the power in your relationship partly in this manner. Be the good and just King, but be the King.

      2. Your comments are some of the best on this site in my view. I agree with this comment it’s something I’ve noticed for a while. You can see it in mens fashion too with the metro an hipster type clothes that are in style at the moment for men.

    2. Good points on the marketing and advertising. I would disagree that these feminine type men are what women desire the most.
      I think it has more to do with fame and preselection. Arnold Schwarzenegger for example is anything but feminine, but has huge female following due to fame and preselection.

      1. As I said : “…independantly from their status and power”. Big muscles are still a sign of status and power.

    3. To some extent I agree with your theory, however a womans’ greatest threat is another woman.I can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard my sister say..”If I get to spend another second with those women i’m gonna go insane”.Yeah maybe being Handsome doesn’t hurt a Man’s chances at getting women, but Men are doers and problem solvers, if a Man is not handsome, then He works at other aspects of his life that he can change and make himself more desirable, Feminism has tried to make Men conscious of their looks because that is how Men desire women based on their beauty, It’s a basic Gender Role Flip feminists have done to get back at Men. Remember women are very selfish creatures, it’s all about “ME”, the girls will all get along until jealousy or selfishness disrupts the peace.

      1. “…womans’ greatest threat is another woman.”
        I agree.
        Ever notice the way women look at you when you’re out with a female and she is giving attention to you? I made this observation in college. You’re the same guy and if out at bar by yourself having a drink … they barely recognize you. But a girl is into you and then suddenly several other females in the place are giving you “the look.”

        1. Yep plenty of times I’ve had women reject me only to start showing interest I’m me when they notice I’m getting attention from another woman.

      2. “womans’ greatest threat is another woman”…
        “the girls will all get along until jealousy or selfishness disrupts the peace.”
        Exactly. As I said : “Besides having things that make other women jealous, women only like themselves.”

    4. Esther Vilar, The Manipulated Man
      Don’t believe what Esther says, literally, she is saying it from her point of view.
      While she maybe sincere, she is also egocentric and subjective.
      No, women would not fuck each other with straps on. They would turn frigid. They would kill each other, without a natural order(men) they would degenerate in chaos and would lose purpose.
      Women are greedy(men or benefits or status). and the concept of happiness is relative, so if they had abundance, if would be the same as having nothing.
      Also women depend on men beyond resources but also emotionally, psychologically, behavior. Even lesbians depend on men.

      1. “Also women depend on men beyond resources but also emotionally, psychologically, behavior. Even lesbians depend on men.”
        That’s why I said “In a perfect feminist Utopia”. Where women could wander around in a world with infinite ressources, and no men. Like a giant adult kindergarten.

        1. But it is a fallacy.
          I would require to change women’s nature, which is intrinsically linked to men. And the result would not be a woman anymore.
          You let their female emotions, no psychologically dependency on men and the result is chaos too. UNLESS you give them male dominance/emotions so they can form hierarchies, coalitions. Give them libido/motivation, etc. to form a working society.
          Look, women do all kind of stuff for men(mating), without it imagine them getting fat ,very fat, hairy everywhere, naked, violent, no need to look cute, manipulative with other women, no need to work, no goals, etc. Not a paradise but hell.

        2. “Look, women do all kind of stuff for men(mating), without it imagine
          them getting fat ,very fat, hairy everywhere, naked, violent, no need to
          look cute, manipulative with other women, no need to work, no goals,
          Just look at their shoes. Most men don’t give a damn about a woman’s shoes.
          They buy them to impress each other, not us.
          The same can be said for clothes.
          In a menless utopian world, in which they would be inseminated by machines, with safety, food and entertainment always availables, women would be perfectly happy, satisfying their needs with lesbianisms and even incest – the Strong Man figure being also associated with the Father figure, whose role was to forbid the incest between the mother and child.
          I never said this utopia would be something nice to see.
          They don’t need men if there is unlimited comfort, all they need is babies.
          The manly man is just a step before the baby.
          Remove the dangers in the environment, you remove the need from protection, hierarchy, order, etc…
          And the absence of need from protection makes the man obsolete.

        3. Cloth in women is designed with 2 interesting characteristics:
          – Infantilized (neoteny)
          – Sexualized (stimulation)
          It happens, that men have 2 interesting characteristics too:
          – A protective tendency that fits with women’s neoteny
          – Libido that fits with women’s sexualized cloth
          Coincidence ?
          And women also enjoy playing with her appearance (ego), cloth is lots of fun for them. They do it since infancy.
          The importance they give to other women is to compare/assess themselves, imitate, compete, and to feel themselves normal/accepted. Otherwise they hate each other.

        4. The protective tendancy regarding the Kinderschema is way superior in the female male than in the male one.
          Which kind of reinforce my theory that unlimited comfort would lead women to jump the step of the Man, leading them directly to lesbianism or incest, a female apperance being more close from the child looking things that women wants to protect.
          I will use as an example the correlation between economic perceived safety and female homosexuality.
          I’ve noticed the more women are in a priviledged field (college- art studies, for example) the more they’ll have homosexual behaviours.
          The perceived safety and absence of restrain lead them to “jump” over the “Manly Man” step and directly fornicate with a more child like appearance.
          “Otherwise they hate each other.”
          Surely that would not be the first time a woman wants to have sex with someone she ” hates.”

        5. You know, I think this point of view is valid. I too, believe they’d have to cease being female.
          A strong part of sexual attraction is femininity/masculinity. That’s why you’ll see pretty lesbians with ugly/fat butch dykes or men who are into transsexuals/feminine men but not masculine men.

        6. lesbianism is near the final act for most women, when they have had so much cock and become so hypergamous and/or indoctrinated, that they are no longer material for men any more. Even when they’re hot, it would either be a life with cats or sex with women. Of course, this just means that many carousel riders eventually become pet owners or lesbos, which does not do much for male productivity incentives. But the batches don’t care

      2. “Don’t believe what Esther says, literally, she is saying it from her point of view.
        While she maybe sincere, she is also egocentric and subjective.”
        In that case you should never believe anyone on any topic ever.
        I doubt you read her book if you are casting aspersions on her thoughts. Did you read it? You should if you didn’t. It’s pure gold.

        1. For example:
          “Whatever men set about to impress women with, counts for nothing in the world of women. Only another woman is of importance in her world”. – Esther Vilar, The Manipulated Man
          _ It counts for her ego, her situation, her fears, etc. She loves a man as long as he has something to offer(her ego is dependency too and see this site teaching “game” to impress/seduce/lure women).
          _She says that only other women are of importance because she is talking about herself too, projecting her thoughts to other women, conveniently, but also because women are constantly monitoring what other women do as they are wired to see each other as rivals competing for men’s attention, or assessing her own relative value, or simply envy. (ego)
          _ Without men, other women would not be of importance
          _ Phrases like this seek controversy(“attention for her book”)
          _ It is also a bit conceited because she says things to give women “importance” and to define men as somehow “inferior”(manipulated), as if women were using men with a special, secret, feminine collective intelligence._What see says has its portion of true and its portion of feminine bullshit.
          _ IF you want to read it literally, do so. I won’t.
          (I’ve read several parts, not the whole thing.)

        2. Do you realize that her whole book is a slam on women? She breaks down the shitty behavior of females, not her own wishes of how the world should be. I think your perspective is totally wrong.

        3. She is a woman, women say I love you, or I hate you.
          Not because a woman seems to be on your side, means that anything she says is correct.
          It is either you believe it emotionally or rationally.
          I’m NOT going to say that book is great, just because it describes women negatively.

        4. Go ahead and NOT say anything about the book then. You never read it. I think it’s a good idea for you to withhold your opinion. What a weird exchange.

        5. You mean you? You’re the one who’s hating on Esther Vilar without even reading her book.
          Your logic;
          “Her reasoning in her book is so flawed that I refuse to even read it.”
          You made your own little conundrum using your own logic. That’s the hallmark of a mediocre mind.

        6. you hurt my feelings…
          And, as I said, i’ve read parts of it, skipping. Enough to be interested and dissapointed.

        7. You’re either an extraordinarily talented troll or unusually stupid.
          I like how you assert that you’ve read part of it by ‘skipping’. Not exactly setting off the sensors at Mensa recruiting headquarters with comments like that.
          I still think you haven’t read enough to realize the huge difference between Vilar exposing women’s faulty thinking and Vilar revealing her own takes. You’re still confusing those two polar concepts and it’s causing your total misread of what she did. She expertly breaks down how women think and you’ve misread it for her just sharing her own viewpoints. Can you see the difference? My guess is that you cannot. Are you a millenial by any chance?

      1. Women will nearly always have attraction for strong alpha type men subconsciously but on a conscious level that isn’t what she wants. That’s why women an society tell men to be ‘a nice guy’ that always helps women coz it’s what women think they should have. But subconsciously the alpha badboy is what attracts her, hence being pumped an dumped by alphas then settling for a beta usually after having a kid.

    5. “Whatever men set about to impress women with, counts for nothing in the
      world of women. Only another woman is of importance in her world”. – Don’t buy the book.

        1. I have a baby face and couldn’t get sex from the chicks I wanted until I grew more facial hair (masculine trait). One of my sister’s friends had my nose wide open but I could tell she was “resistant.”
          I saw her after a few years and she greeted me excitedly while commenting on my facial hair. At the time I had no idea why she kept commenting on it and why she seemed so… horny over it.
          Women are drawn to masculinity but an attractive, “proportioned” face is also important. If you have both you’re in Brad Pitt territory (in his prime).

    6. True.
      The problem is, the rough and tumble bastard who can dominate both men in war, and women in the bedroom is their greatest foe.
      For not only does his existence deny them the throne, it also denies them access to vagina that does not look like Dworkin.
      That is their fate. It is inescapable.
      For the big, rough, manly looking thoroughbred who can win a fight, and fuck like a race horse will always best them. Despite their best attempt, the latest in feminism these last forty years; they have capitulated to rough men.
      They need us for wars. They need us for hard labor. They need us to design, and build crap. They also need us to be taxed so they can have welfare.
      They are their greatest enemy. For even a ragged, harpy feminist when seeing one of these men, can’t help but be drawn into his mystique.
      That is what many men here do not understand.
      Why was it that men with beards attracted women for so long? Have you seen the actor who plays Ragnar Loftbrook in the History channel’s “The Vikings”?
      Men could style their beards, and go to war. Strong women desire strong children. There is so much misconception in the idea and ideologies of sex today, I don’t have an idea where to begin.
      But I will say this, feminists are spent.
      There is no gay gene. And females do not have the personality that draws the overwhelming majority of women. The rough and tumble man does.
      They can’t resist it.
      Becauses despite their many cock teases, and trysts with the Orlando Blooms of the world, it is the warrior they crave.
      Why gangstas still breed a 72% illegitimacy rate with black women.
      Why women still pass their vagina around on base to fit, young warrior males.
      But the warrior male who possesses confidence, and a healthy disdain for women as anything but a fuck hole who does not desire him, and him alone, is the man they all dream about. Perhaps he is a sailor/marine. Perhaps he is a salesmen who wages war by making cash, or investments.
      Whatever his craft, he goes to war against something, and comes back victorious. He does not dress well because he cares to impress her. But because his style is a reflection of who he is.
      He is different. He charts his own course. He would rather die, then be conquered.
      Even if a woman cheats on a man like this, she knows that if she is discovered, even when he is old, she will be replaced. She may hate him for cheating, but she knows that he is her best shot at happiness when she is old.
      So it is not his sex, for she can always find a bigger dick to fill her. It is the “emotional” commitment of an alpha male, that praises her in the public square/gates of their time that she craves. For even if she finds the cheating whore, the cheating whore slept with “her man.”
      My own son has stated that his mother still dreams of me divorcing, and decrying my undying love to her. Women need a sponsor always. But there is only one man they will ever dream of.
      Be that warrior. But be your actual self. The opinion of others, or those unworthy be damned.

      1. This is astute.. I’m in my 50s and 19 year old girls flirt with me. Funny, I only discovered this site and the concept of “game” very recently. Seems it isn’t required, masculinity is, however

    7. The progression of human civilization has and will continue to be down by men that a FACT!!women need men like crack head needs crack either its for
      2.Financial support
      1.Pyschal support
      3.Emotional support
      women can’t survive with out men
      Men have built the greatest civilizations on the planet, only to raze them to the ground a hundred times over to have men as a enemy is dangerous

    1. Yes. And also she gets a feeling of validation from knowing she can make a guy like her.
      As for the male version, think of when a fat girl is flirting with you and you respond warmly. There is a slight validation in the fact that someone is attracted to you, but you’d never touch her w/ a 10 foot pole.

      1. I’ve flirted with old maids just to get a response because I thought it was amusing, but I wouldn’t practice it as part of running game.

      1. This piece is eye opening. When I was 21 I got it on one summer with a girl who was 37. In the back of my mind I felt she might be secretly trying to pull this. The experience was incredible so I continued.
        Yet the double standard in our society is utterly amazing. Not at 21 I would not say I was manipulated. What I’m talking about are the teachers with boys in their teens. The bulk of society looks at a man doing the same as “manipulating her” while they think a woman doing the same as awesome. Why with the knowledge they’re working to steal sperm do we not condemn older women manipulating little boys even more so?

      1. Must be amazing to be a woman now a days. You don’t have to register for the selective service — as men do — to receive student loans or vote. You’re the majority on college campuses yet still get full focus in funding and education.
        You fully get to choose on reproduction. Don’t want a kid, can abort it. Tax payers object to funding birth control, “America hates women and is denying them ‘choice.”
        Yet want to get pregnant but BF isn’t ready, manipulate the situation and the STATE will FORCE him to provide for 20 years.
        Guys are refusing to engage in relationships for their own protection because of this crap and it’s “MAN UP” already and be a “Real Man.”

    1. The lady who attempted this generally seems to regret what she did and wants to warn MEN of this tactic. The blonde reporter rising the question of “creating doubt in relationships.” How typical. The chick is alarming men on how women manipulate and she’s upset they may not just cater to her demands now.
      The brunette on right clearly gets it. A woman does hold a trump card and it’s to the point now young men are not sleeping with women no engaging in relationships for their own protection. Only natural.

  3. I don’t put up with cock-teases!First sign of teasing and I’m moving on to the next chick or ignore them, it’s not worth your time aaaaaaaaaand YOUR MONEY!

    1. Lesbians overall, (both bi and non-bi) are some of the worst hypocrites I’ve ever known; they claim they want to have nothing to do with a male’s organ, and yet in private, they admit to using cheap imitations of it.

      1. Her hip-yo-waist ratio is almost inexistent. Like all the fashion industry wants their women to be, what’s almost disgusting.

        1. Why is that?
          Why does the fashion industry refuse to understand that the presence of a hip-to-waist ratio increases a woman’s attractiveness?

        2. I have no idea, BUT if in the future I meet some higher-up from the fashion industry (almost impossible, but who knows) that’s the first thing I’ll ask him. :/

        3. The fashion industry is predominantly run by women an gay men so it represents what they find attractive more than what straight men find attractive. Yet straight men get the blame for pressuring women into having ‘unrealistic body image’ expectations when those images are from women an gay men.

        4. Pop a bay out of her, and watch the next guy get the more pleasurable hip ratio whilst smacking your bastards.

        5. They like stick figures with no hips, ass, or breast. It explains why sometimes, trannies make better runway models than women due to the way they are built. It isn’t too surprising to see trannies in the fashion industry because of this.

        6. When I was growing up I had massive breasts and was thin, and felt bad about it because of the fashion industry. Weird ass clothes that they are hawking look the best on women with no curves whatsoever. I was a regular reader of my dad’s issues of Playboy because the women in it looked more like me and it made me feel better about myself. I got a breast reduction when I was 19 because of back problems and look better in the fashion people’s clothes. But still, it’s women doing it to other women.

    1. Is this serious would have loved to have been in the bored room when these feminazi’s came up with this ad campaign. Did the one beta male in the room even protest?

    2. God, that’s fucked up. Who’s the imbecile who made this ad? You want to convince people to donate organs after death, and the best you can think of is to shit all over them? This world is fucked!

      1. My response to blue balls usually involves a red ass.
        Men do not ‘set themselves up for this shit’, they simply don’t understand when it’s time to put an end to it. Teasing is fun, but if a girl takes it too far, it’s time to make her cry.

  4. Wow I liked this one, at least the format.
    This is something I would have read in Graduate School.
    Good job, professor Oscar Zach, Ph.D. in Red Pilling.

  5. Here we see the the typical beta-male victim of one of these girls as he finishes his Valentine’s evening.
    This was his reward for buying her breakfast, taking her to a small town tourist trap for an exciting day of “antiquing”, buying her several overpriced faux antique trinkets, surf-n-turf at a reservation required restaurant, 6 drinks and a 16 mile one-way drive to her apartment.
    If you’re a man, and you recognize yourself in this description. You’re doing it effing wrong. You are every bit as disgusting at the image. Time to take stock of yourself, your situation, for a decision to stop making yourself and the rest of us look bad. If your Dad never told you this, take a bit of advice from your Dutch uncle Shep. Dump her and start acting like a winner.

  6. And for an occam’s razor moment…
    What if…
    1. She was intrested in you
    2. She got to know you
    3. She stopped being interested

  7. question: would you allow your girlfriend to go on an extended Valentine’s weekend retreat with her mostly single girlfriends??

  8. She is clearly a huge Buckcherry fan, Theres a reason half the seats at her wedding at empty

    1. Holy shit.
      Wow, the dad in blue shirt realizes this is unbelievably fucked.
      Not much shocks me anymore these days but this is hard to take. Next time someone spouts some BS about the sanctity of marriage, show them this.

  9. Ya know, if we just legalized prostitution already, we could all get our rocks off and be on our merry way… There are worlds to conquer gentlemen, important matters to address. While we’re worried about getting our dicks wet, the Jews have been working feverishly behind the scenes day and night to dominate your existence… Just my $.02.

  10. Insightful.
    Types, kinds have been discussed and debated to death. I think end goal for every man is self-actualization. Individual paths may differ. You can’t know others without knowing yourself and you certainly can’t help anyone if you can’t help your self. Know your own weaknesses, minimizing them, utilizing them and step above the fray.

  11. In all cases, you’re dealing with a woman who is completely dispassionate about the specifics of any male partner. The goal is to leverage, not to love, and if you’re the man on the ground in a wrestling arm bar, TAG you’re it. This is about as enjoyable for the man as pulling Somalian shrapnel out of your leg and results from any number of psychological problems. But what do we care? It’s not our problem nor our mess to clean up. It’s theirs to sort out with Daddy or Uncle Gary Glitter. At the first sign of push/pull, dump them like a used diaper, the metaphoric applicability here of which simply cannot be overstated. EVERY man, should start online dating convos with bitches from Miami and Vegas (i.e. the truly broken and malevolent which is why they moved there!) … where the stated inner goal from the outset is to never go near them. You’ll get a warp speed tutorial in how these archetypes operate and thereafter, spotting them and laughing becomes easier than putting on weight when eating McDonalds or scoring on backpage*com —

  12. Men are not single by choice
    women are single by choice
    When their is abundance of men that she can chose from she will always try to upgrade to get the next best thing that is female nature at its core
    This is why I can safely say women aren’t sluts but whores if women were sluts that implies that their a abundance of women for men to chose from in other words men would be drowning in pussy which is not the case in realty
    While men compete among them self for the attention from women, women compete among them self for little attention from men but more from other women they will go so far to change their appearance true cosmetics and plastic surgery to achieve this goal.conlsuion women don’t get dressed up for men they get dressed up for women she knows men will give her attention regardless if she dress up are not. You have simps to thank for this

  13. Why not just go on strike and work on getting prostitution legalized. If you can be bothered to stop projecting your stupid insecurities about being an embittered incel, loser, etc. to consider how bad the situation is and what a horribly failed culture we’ve inherited, you’d probably ask yourself if game is even worth the hassle. All you guys are doing is giving women what they want. And because you do, the nightmare grinds on and on and on. They win either way. What do you get out of all the effort? Sex? Who cares?
    Abolish marriage and child support, legalize prostitution and abandon women who aren’t prostitutes. Gender war ends, men win.

  14. I feel sorry for the bitter writer of this article. In saying that I understand his experiences with modern females may indeed justify his opinions as I’ve known all the types he lists (spotted them far away most of the time and sidestepped) I married a virgin at age 18 (was a high school playboy until I ran into her) She was a hot and innocent 17 year old. 38 years later we are stronger than ever and building our dream retreat home in the forest
    “Game” in the complicated examples depicted on this site aren’t needed for a true Alpha male, and you’ll never find happiness on the circus twat ride. There’s good reason why traditional marriage worked for thousands of years. Bring back patriarchy and sanity will return! Be strong, pussy isn’t everything!

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