The Great Tom Brady Nearly Never Happened

In the pantheon of great sporting stars, Tom Brady is placed amongst the elite of the elite. Whilst many will doubt whether he is the greatest NFL player ever, he is undoubtedly the biggest achiever relative to his draft pick order. His fourth Super Bowl early in February (and third Super Bowl MVP award) only further exposes the lunacy that he was not recognized as a future NFL god when a rookie.

Or was it really lunacy? Maybe Brady’s greatness lies not in what he showed in his early days, but rather in what he developed into after that time. Instead of a meteoric trajectory, the story of Brady closely resembles an evolution. And for almost all men, evolution, not being something from the start, is the only answer to life and obtaining success.

Few casual observers of football (and even many aficionados) realize that Brady was the 199th draft pick in 2000. An athlete good enough to make the draft in the first place, the time it took for him to be picked was nonetheless hardly stellar. Top draft picks may regularly sputter, yet few would have predicted that the 199th pick of a draft was to become the defining player of his generation. The Patriots, in fact, only chose Brady as that particular pick at the last minute.

Who would have guessed that this guy would “get” four Super Bowls and three Super Bowl MVP’s?

Going back further, Brady was not even close to a star in his first half of college at the University of Michigan. His playing time and psychological woes were so bad that he resorted to a sports psychologist. The mental anguish of the struggle was so consuming at the time that he seriously weighed the idea of returning to his home California.

Even in the far more prosperous second half of his college career, Brady was often neck-and-neck with Drew Henson for playing time, despite always being a starter. His UM junior and senior year record-setting and an Orange Bowl win aside, he had a mixed college experience at best.

Relative Deprivation

Malcolm Gladwell, in his excellent book David and Goliath, explores the concept of “relative deprivation,” where people judge themselves and their own value according to their immediate peers. A play on the “big fish in a small pond” theory, it is as much a part of academia as professional or college sports.

At an elite university, for example, students who otherwise scored very high to enter college regularly perceive themselves as average or even dumb. What matters (to most) is the context, not where you stand across the board. And this, Gladwell explains, is why Ivy League STEM majors drop out at the same rate as students from mediocre or “terrible” universities.

In Brady’s case, playing football at a competitive university was an achievement in and of itself. But when he was making the transition from college football, it would have been hard not to compare himself unfavorably with other elite college players, many of whom had received plaudits much greater and more effusive than Brady. He was good, but not that good. And when you’re only good in a field of elite performers, you feel about as accomplished (and feel like you’re being rewarded as much) as the shelf-stacker at Walmart.

Forget yards and guiding touchdowns, Brady’s greatest asset has been his early-days self-belief.

Athletes, like human beings, tend to take on the labels that society or their peers give them. Being picked 199th in an NFL draft would mean to almost everyone that you’re good enough to be on a roster but not good enough to be a football great.

In that sense, your worth and potential are seen as predetermined, something the individual will usually, and tragically, start to believe themselves. At best, under this belief, you’ll achieve moderately more than what people anticipated. For Brady to have become not only the best player of that 2000 draft cohort but of the last two decades is nothing short of brilliance. It demonstrates both hard work and an extraordinary self-belief to work hard without reference to any label thrown at you.

Longevity (Usually) Kills Success

Brady’s age (now 37) is another factor underscoring his greatness. Exposure to injury over so many years depletes both a player’s physical capabilities and, most importantly, his mental and emotional drive. Intense pressure, which only increases with public recognition and attention, can easily sap the confidence of even the greatest player.

Tiger Woods, unlike Brady, has been a shadow of his former self for some years. Since his return to golf after a series of sex scandals, Tiger’s seen less Majors or other success than a 100-year-old man sees sex. The pitfalls are always there and Brady, to his great credit, has almost universally avoided them.

Overall, Tom Brady has weathered the storms of high-profile life consistently, even after he joined the non-football celebrity world. A rather turbulent relationship with Bridget Moynahan, his first taste of fatherhood and the scrutiny of the paparazzi over his personal life, not usually as common with NFL players as other celebrities, did nothing to dim his overall career ascendancy. Neither has his subsequent marriage to the world’s most well-known supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, and two more children by her.

Pressured by the rise of flashier, younger stars with much, much more to prove, Brady continues to reach for and seize success. In this sense, the mental battles Brady had in his less lauded days of college and draft picks have taken a new form.

Fighting complacency and resisting resting on your laurels isn’t as “sexy” a battle as doubting yourself in your early days, or being looked over at the start of your career, but it is just as compelling and arguably more important. If anything, Brady works harder now, with a couple hundred million under his belt and a supermodel wife, than he did when he had nothing special to his name.

Mental game counts more towards Brady’s success than the physical variety.

Am I asserting that Tom Brady has always delivered? No, of course not. Like all of us, his career is littered with mistakes, albeit mistakes on a much more watched and scrutinized public stage. Brady certainly has innumerable haters, detractors, and just plain character-bashers. He is routinely underestimated and vilified. Results, however, of which Brady has seven from the Super Bowl alone, speak for themselves.

Resist the labels, implied and otherwise. When you act and go after goals, be like Tom Brady. You never know how high it may take you.

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173 thoughts on “The Great Tom Brady Nearly Never Happened”

    1. Watching sports is blue-pill. Actually playing them is red pill as it gets as it is competition and struggle with other men is what separates boys from men. That goes well beyond sports as well.

      1. I don’t think watching sports is so much blue pill as being a ridiculous hardcore fan of a particular team or player is. It’s fine to watch some of the greatest athletes of our time compete and be entertained by it, but for instance the guy in seattle who painted his house the seahawks colors is a total blue pill toolbag.

        1. You well and truly cross the line when you wear a shirt with another living man’s name on the back.
          I explained this to my friend years ago who was a devoted Steelers fan and wore a Troy Ponamalu jersey every Sunday. I basically said to him “what would you do if you met him while you were wearing his jersey? Do you think he’d be out of his mind to expect a blow job or to fuck you in the ass?” He stopped wearing the jersey.
          The interest should be passing and confined to the few hours that you watch the game unless you have a close friend or relative on a team. Otherwise your interest eclipses entertainment and is a psychological substitute for something (important) missing in your own life and your time is better spent working on that issue. Probably the most unintentionally beta thing on earth is an unathleltic, usually overweight never-played-anything-competitively asswipe intensely criticizing the men on the field for perceived shortcomings in performance.
          Over time I’ve really come to appreciate the great minds of sport – the schemers, system developers, game-planners, field generals, etc. – those who can overcome the performance of superior pure athletes with planning, preparation and execution. Belichick and Brady are prime examples.

    2. bluepill is not a universal insult for everything you dislike.
      it would be bluepill if i stopped watching sports because certain people in the manosphere think it’s lame. a lemming is a lemming regardless of who it blindly follows.

    3. I still like watching football, and sometimes hockey. It’s a form of entertainment, like anything else. The guys I feel sorry for are the guys who are anesthetizing themselves on sports and beer, etc., to make up for their shitty lives with their landwhale wives and mediocre kids.

  1. The outcome of the last two superbowls should really put the Manning vs Brady comparison to rest, but I know it won’t. Manning was the poster boy that everyone loved but couldn’t deliver… They still love him. Brady on the other hand is the true, yet despised champion.

    1. Brady and Manning’s stories are opposite parallels of how adversity early in life can become a fountain of strength one can draw from later in life.
      Manning’s pedigree gave him the best start in life; his fathers football genes, early celebrity he derived in part from his dad’s celebrity. Everyone knew who Manning was before his first NFL snap, just like Tiger who who made his debut on TV as a three year old on a talk show driving in putts.
      The problem with legacy and the early success that comes with those advantages is the intense pressure to maintain your position at the top because you never started at the bottom like Brady. When people like Manning or Tiger hit that bottom it affects them more than it would a Brady.

      1. What non-sense. Tiger is old. Old age makes you perform worse, he has had several surgeries for all of his injuries in his legs andbacks and shoulders. Tiger has overcome alot of adversity, and the fact he was able to make it despite his early exposure requires more strength of character. The hardest part of success, is to keep being successful. Its far easier to fail and then come back and succeed. It is hardest to stay on top consistenly

        1. The problem with Tiger is not his age. In fact, the average age on the PGA tour is 35. Among his many problems is his unnecessary desire for a perfect swing, but his age doesn’t play into it.

    2. As a patriots and brady fan, I have to chime in to disagree. Manning (as steve sailer has pointed out) was playing out of his head for the first few games of the playoffs, so the law of averages said he would come crashing back to earth in the Superbowl. Football championships are not like basketball championships; one player usually doesn’t spell victory or defeat.

    3. I don’t understand why it is that Brady’s success must come at Manning’s expense unless they are playing head-to-head and even then I don’t understand it. My guess is that they’re competitive but have tremendous respect for one another. Few would argue that Peyton is not the better quarterback of the two NFL Manning brothers, but Eli has twice the Superbowl rings that Peyton has. Football is very dependent upon three phases of play for which very few players overlap (offense, defense, special teams). It’s fair to say that Peyton has never played on teams that have had the caliber of defenses that Brady and Eli have had. Peyton (Brady too) is in a rarefied class of field generals who can outscheme and outplay the aimless athletes on the other side of the ball. They should both be celebrated.

  2. Tom Brady is a great player but Russel Wilson definitely made a costly error, he needed only to hand the ball to Lynch at the goal line and chose to pass the ball. Could have gone back to back. Maybe its the Giants fan in me!

    1. Similar situation with the 49ers choosing to pass to Crabtree instead of hand it off to Gore in their SB against the Ravens.

        1. I ain’t the one causing all the rape, murder, and violence in society. That’s black people like Trayvon and Michael Brown, who attacked innocent people like ZImmerman and Darren Wilson.
          Blacks truly are a cancer on humanity.

        2. I’ve never understood the absolute solidarity between the black underclass and the blacks who are able to be reasonably successful in American society. They’re carrying the weight of people who are at best ambivalent if not downright deleterious to their advancement (not to mention that of their children) for no good purpose. Any group will have its failures; lashing the success of the entire group to the least of its members is a plan for perennial failure. Caribbean and African blacks say as much without regret.

        3. Blacks are innately hostile to being civilized and would like nothing more to burn civilization down. So upper class blacks solidarity is not based on any logic, but instinctual hatred.
          Blacks have three problems: 1) low IQ; 2) savagery; 3) innate hatred of being civilized.
          The first 2 are fixable if the group contains a desire to become civilized, which all non-black humans have. After 4-5 generations of intermarriage and civilized selection, a non-civilized group can become fully civilized and integrated, and often do. Some groups take longer than others , but the desire for higher civilization selects.
          Except blacks have the third problem: innate hatred of civilization. So even higher IQ blacks hate civilization and want to burn it down, thinking they will survive it all magically by their black brothers. Except, of course, those same black brothers rape babies to get rid of AIDS and can be convinced that someone has the magic to shrink their penis.
          Their hatred of of the civilized explains their failure as people. This is also why upper class blacks cannot be counted on to fix their communities, since they innately love savagery (rape, child rape, torture) and hate the sacrifice for success. People will return to their base desires when given half a chance.
          I see this when upper class black families have a bunch of thug kids. They are just savages in polo shirt.s

        4. 1) High IQ can only be truly judged with the low ends and the higher ends and that is only relation to the speed at which a job , task, skill, or performance can be learned and improved on in the shortest amount of time. When you aren’t being tested to improve you won’t. Or do you think you would have been at the same proficiency if you hadn’t had equally smart white, asian, hispanic, or black associates going through school with you?
          2) What you called savagery I call base living. If you can’t improve your life and experience high quality living base line existence will be what you settle for. That never had a skin color as far I knew. In fact, here in some instances it is considered blue pill thinking.
          3) Innate hatred of civilization is per the course. DO you honestly believe Spanish, Indian, Asian, Jewish, wouldn’t opt for control given half the chance over white civilization? It is because they are culturally linked with their own groups that some aspects of this country will always elude them. Black people in America just have a stronger reason to hate civilization as civilization expresses hatred towards black people. Like attracts like. You must remove one to remove the feedback loop. The logical place to start is to increase the schooling standards so every child learns the same thing at the same level. By thinking there is a lack, the lack will continue.

        5. Just ignore him, he’s a race baiting troll lol.
          Also The Seahawks shouldn’t have even been in the position to score if it wasn’t for that dumb luck catch by kearse so I’m thinking it was probably Karma that they lose the way they did.

        6. It is not by choice but by the viewing of black as homogenous. As long as black is considered unilateral in America this banding will continue.

        7. Considering what you black-apologists have tried to do to the innocent Zimmerman and Wilson, you love Lynch mobs as well.

    2. Lots of ifs. If the receiver on the line gets deeper like he was supposed to and doesn’t let the DB jam him too much, he’s more in the way and the DB can’t get there.
      If the receiver the ball is thrown to runs a little faster, he beats the DB to the spot. Or if he catches the ball by snatching out of the air Fitzgerald style, instead of cradling it, maybe he takes it away from the DB.
      If Marshawn doesn’t get in, or fumbles, then it’s a bad call because New England was expecting it all the way and people would be able to understand Carroll’s explanation.
      Play works, great call because they were expecting Marshawn. Play doesn’t, worst call in history(which it wasn’t)
      Like the narrow difference between Brady having just two Super Bowl victories and what he has now.
      What I give most props to Brady is not in the super bowls, because there’s so much more than him in that. In college the coach decided to start another guy. But Brady eventually became the starter because he showed the ability to bring the team back when he was put in the game. And with the insecurities that started creeping in on draft day,(really good interview on that) he went up to the owner during training camp and introduced himself and told him he’d be the best draft decision he ever made.
      Now compare that to the sports writers who are putting a good amount of effort into trying to convince people that Russell Wilson isn’t that good. They’re doing it by comparing Brady’s 12+ year career to Russell’s 3 year career.

      1. Belichick was expecting a pass play, based on personnel. That’s why he didn’t call time out to preserve time for a drive if the Seahawks scored, and give them a chance to change their minds.
        Butler, incidentally, knew that play was coming, based on their formation, and b/c Wilson tipped his hand by looking at him before the play. The receiver didn’t get to set a pick on him b/c Browner jammed the hell out of him at the line, letting Butler move freely to the ball.
        Butler may be the Pats’ 5th CB, but he also watched a ton of film and was coached-up well by BB and his staff, and he made the play.

        1. Goal line package was in. Seattle not calling timeout or audible may have clued him to a pass play. But Db recognize rout once receiver made the out & in cut. The difference in the play not working is really inches.

        2. Yep. What BB has said is he saw a 3-receiver set against his goal line defense, so he “knew” they weren’t going to run the ball (SEA only had one tight end in the game, so they weren’t running a “heavy” package). The Pats substituted into their “3-Corners” set (exit Ayers, the LB, and enter Butler as the 3rd CB) to match SEA’s receivers, and, well, Butler just plain beat Lockette to the ball.
          BB basically took away the run and pretty much said, “Beat us with the pass”. If Seattle scores, BB gets dissected for not using his timeout, everyone talk about how Brady is old, etc.
          So I don’t think Carroll was stupid for calling that inside slant….but I’m glad he did. *EFG*

        3. I’m convinced Wilson was ordered to lose that game.He throws two wild passes the last two plays and dude makes an amazing catch that he wasn’t supposed to catch,The fix was in.

        4. Oh come on. The NFL doesn’t care who wins, as long as the game is exciting and gets good ratings and story lines. It is just like repub and democ at the elections. They don’t care who wins ’cause they own them both. Keep it competitive though and coming back to the poles/T.V.

    3. No, it’s just your hatred of white people and your blaming of all black problems upon them and your defense of savagery.

      1. lol I don’t hate white people, but keep putting words in my mouth like you put imaginary thoughts in your head lol.
        By the way my favorite Quarterback is Peyton Manning…but I am always a Giants Fan! I see we beat your Patriots the last two times they met in the Superbowl. Congrats your team managed to get away with one this year lol

        1. Yes, you do hate white people. You cheer and defend every time a black thug attacks whitey and you demand that no justice be served on blacks. And if anyone points out black problems, you blame whitey. Note: no matter how much you lie, Trayvon and Michael Brown were evil,savage thugs who got what they deserved.

        2. LOL oh boy lets see your debate tactics first I address a theme like Inequality in the Justice System Historically and currently in terms of Class and Race. I also state next that a certain dynamic like White on Black Crime has a unique historical dynamic…then I state that I don’t agree with true criminals no matter if they’re black white or purple with green polka dots..I also list certain Police abuses which also includes whites with no economic power. I then list historical and current trends that can’t be refuted. Then you counter by stating what you THINK I stand for and believe, which betrays your idiotic flawed thinking and your failure at projection…then you make an idiotic sweeping commentary painting everything in a false sweeping generalization while at the same time excusing every legitimate issue I bring up and blaming me incorrectly (and hypocritically on your part) for the very generalizations that you do yourself.
          To be honest its disappointing to know that people such as yourself are anywhere near the American Justice System…but you are obviously part of the continuing problem I talk about. I think an average attorney with basic brain cells would defeat you handily. Idiot. lol

        3. *Yawn*
          I am curious, since I don’t get the rage outside of having a target to blame, what would removing all blacks absolve for you? Would you gain any more rights thanks to feminism? Would you have a better quality of life? Would affirmative action be destroyed and you not be pushed out for the ever growing Spanish population? A scapegoat by any other name is still a scapegoat.

        4. Can you believe that moron is a lawyer?! No wonder the Justice System still continues to be screwed up!

        5. Honestly I can. After hanging with a bunch of lawyers in training for the better part of a year, eagerly determined for me to hang with them, I am of the mindset that there are some sad sweeping generalities that can be made of some lawyers. They get off just as easily from mental debates as they do from sex. Maybe more so. That in itself isn’t bad. However, they also have the coveting gene. This is also a blue pill thought process so they will wife up sluts, dumpster dive on whores, be proud of closing cases yet never effectively create laws that the whole of society can profit from, and when off the records can be just as easily led by their feelings. Fall back statements include, it’s complicated and in truth.
          Self preservation makes sense. I wonder if by now, he can feel his potential ulcers forming every time a black male walks from a criminal charge. The law will never be impartial. It is designed to protect those who can swing their argument best so justice is really a game of luck.
          It is actually sort of a good thing he is a lawyer. Maybe that hate filled fervor can be put to use and he alone can’t swing any form of justice for good or ill. Could you imagine him as a police officer? That would be where the real harm begins!

        6. Removing blacks would remove 60% of all crime in this country, and most of the violent crime at that. The country would also be freed from parasitic savages who are bleeding our nation dry.
          They are, quite simply, unfit for human society.

        7. The reason why there has always been “inequality” is because blacks are way more criminal and violent than non-blacks. Blacks simply cannot act civilized. See: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, OJ Simpson.

        8. That is a really good observation! Yes I agree it would be worse if he was a Police Officer but he can also do slower long term harm as a Lawyer…I think in his idiotic mind even when he is losing and knows he is losing he still has to spin things a certain way and put words into someone else’s mouth so he thinks he is making a “point”…but you know it is part of his job to do so. He turns things into generalities while accusing other of doing exactly what he’s doing. I think a decent lawyer would kick this moron’s ass up and down the courtroom everyday of the week.

        9. I don’t deny who are the criminals. Unlike you, I am not of the mindset that color dictates criminal behavior. The links between poverty, welfare, social stigmas, and generation inceptions have been discussed ad nauseam so I will avoid them here.
          In truth, what you figure is the savagery removed from society is honestly base level behavior. What is the true level of savagery, in my eyes, is the long term plans often crafted by white hands. Genocide would be a good example. Genetic control would be another. Serial killers would be another. Social indoctrination of criminal identities. Heck, by being a lawyer you are forced to be a supportive engine with whatever law comes in the future despite whatever personal feelings you may have. Not sure what legal practice you may have but let’s hope it isn’t something you are morally opposed to. Yes means Yes comes to mind.
          I would like to hope, as a lawyer, you may be able to follow the logic I have if only for a moment. Let’s look at Brooklyn. All up until 15 or so years ago, it was mainly inhabited by blacks, Jews, Immigrants, with pockets of those with affluence sprinkled in. Brownstones come to mind. As of 9/11, gentrification took place and blacks were systematically weeded out by increasing rent prices, rewriting lease contracts, changing terms and placing some buildings on the condemned list. White people move in and suddenly more spotlights appear. Safety passageways placed in the middle of the streets. No longer were people people killed by crossing the street. Most drugs dealers were moved out but no longer were they fighting amongst themselves. Coincidentally while gentrification happened rapes were on the rise. Also a serial killer appeared and black girls were being murdered systematically for months.
          So a little extra commerce and suddenly streets are safe enough to cross. The draw backs are rapes and murders rose. And now Brooklyn has the highest cost of living prices in America. All while the culture is being robbed as many mom and pop business are closing to be replaced by pharmacies and Starbucks.
          In my eyes I see the tactics as underhanded. Only a true savage would cut off someone’s livelihood for the status marker of saying they live in a location. A location which offers nothing but a name, and faux status symbol. All while increasing cost of living and increasing sadistic criminal behavior.
          We can compare notes but while black crimes are more frequent and nature based, rape, robbery, murder, white crime is long term based, dumbing down of education provided, genetic destruction of a people, sexual enslavement, political control tactics. Just saying, if you remove the black race scapegoat from the American crime circle, simply because of how white people control their destructive impulses, I think the mental slavery that is the norm now is only the beginning of the woes.

        10. Poor whites profit much more from welfare, along with black women, than do black men. That’s is half the race removed from your argument. So are black women that much of a cause of strife? Or is there something I’m missing and affirmative action helps black men get jobs they are qualified for?
          In regards to crime, there are systems in place to ensure that 13% of the population commits a large proportion of the crime and is both praised and admonished for this behavior.

        11. Yawn. Attempts to blame black criminality/behavior on non-black/external causes is a typical SJW-cop out.
          The social experiment has gone on for decades, and the results are in: even adjusting for poverty/income levels, black criminality far outpaces non-black. The “stigma” of blacks is their own doing: no one wants to live near blacks because blacks are violent criminals who can’t behave in normal social situations. In every nation blacks immigrate to, they are the most criminal.
          In other words, blacks aren’t violent because they are poor; they are violent savages, who end up poor due to their own bad choices. They aren’t “oppressed”; they are punished for choosing to live in a civilized society and act uncivilized.
          The base level behavior of blacks is uncivilized and cruel. Non-blacks can be cruel while being civilized, but black uncivilized behavior leads to random violence in addition to targeted cruelty. One only has to look at ANY black-run area to see that; South Africa and Rhodesia’s s fall from first-world status to third-world hell holes has only one variable: the change from non-black to black rule.

        12. Blacks are the race with the highest percentage of social welfare use: welfare, affirmative action, government jobs, etc.They far outpace all other groups in government welfare that’s my argument back.And where is your proof that poor whites (or non-blacks) are some bigger percentage drain per their race?
          “there are systems in place to ensure that 13% of the population commits a
          large proportion of the crime and is both praised and admonished for
          this behavior.”
          —a flat out lie, and now I know you’re just a troll.
          The only system keeping blacks in crime is blacks refusal to behave in a civilized manner.
          You are so sad: defending savagery over civilization. I’ll bet you think Trayvon and Michael Brown were “innocents” gunned down by evil Zimmerman and Wilson. Here’s hoping you meet with a whole gang of trayvons and Michael Browns one day.

        13. Here is one site with stats on welfare recipients.

          Here’s another on food stamps.

          Maybe it was food stamps that you were thinking of. This is proof of both. MInd you, this is after you made sweeping generalizations without proof so of course, this is a test to prove what you say as well. The welfare argument was disproved back in the ’90s. It makes sense more white would be on welfare since at one point they held the largest percentage of people in America. Only wealthy blacks get put on television for teenage pregnancy. For whites this happens just as often in poorer areas. Education and savagery levels are intrinsically linked.
          On your wish of violence, I have no fear of violence from any man, woman, infant, or savage. It does show your hand as a full on coward that hopes the law protects you. Listen, I wouldn’t be surprised if your IQ wasn’t at least the 120 needed to handle so much information regurgitation. All I’m saying is amongst your fear, as a purported red pillar, you should be less focused on displaying your fears and more action oriented on solutions. Wishing all the darkies would go away, blaming them for the countries woes, or even extending a hand to welcome them as brothers isn’t what I think you should gun for. As someone who wishes to protect the law you could stand to learn more about the people you protect. Right now you are stuck in the anger phase. Good luck with finding whatever answer you need to get out.

        14. I will ask then what is the cruelty you have seen from blacks that you are talking about?
          What you label, damn darkies, would be called a regime change where systems weren’t in place to keep the engine going. Same happened to Rome without the whole non-white transfer. Rome has been irrelevant since the fall of Julius. Places tend to go to shit when the government becomes displaced.

        15. If blacks and whites consume roughly equal welfare resources as a percentage of the whole, and blacks make up 13% of the population, while whites make up 75ish%, this is not a point of pride for blacks. Your citation indicates that blacks utilize welfare benefits at nearly six times the rate of whites. And this does not, of course, take into account the large population of incarcerated blacks.

        16. In my argument I will not shy away from the truth. Failure as a people and a nation is nothing to be proud of. Although I don’t agree on whites retaining 75% of the population in America, the fact that so many use welfare is grossly telling as to how blacks have gotten used to a system otherwise not in place in many black ruled nations. Incarceration rates and welfare use factored in, when you compare the results on those two systems alone, you get a clearer picture that America has a system in place for blacks that is more apt to keep the cycle going as opposed to ending it. Start young, instill despair early, equate education with salvation, utilize qualifications and stigmas to keep the roads in very specific.

        17. You can lie and pretend black dysfunction doesn’t exist, but it won’t work here.
          “I will ask then what is the cruelty you have seen from blacks that you are talking about?”
          —See: crime rates. And see also: general black behavior v. non-black. QED.
          “Rome has been irrelevant since the fall of Julius.”
          —that made me laugh so hard. That statement was so wrong only a black-apologist could have written it. You probably think Attila the Hun sacked Rome as well.
          And no, blacks aren’t a regime change, they are merely a cancer on society.

        18. Percentage wise, blacks are by far getting the handouts. You think your token jobs and your affirmative action admissions to colleges you can’t handle aren’t handouts? lol
          “Education and savagery levels are intrinsically linked.”
          No, blacks by far show savagery at every level of society. Lying about somehow everyone is equal fails.
          “you should be less focused on displaying your fears and more action oriented on solutions.”
          Blacks are the cause of their own savagery and nothing can fix that; you can make a monkey into a Shakesearean scholar. I’m not here to fix black problems or subsidize them, and stop demanding that I do. Blacks have failed, and it is their fault. Let them rot.

        19. “In my argument I will not shy away from the truth.”
          You have already lied a few times now.
          Blacks have always been savage freeloaders, and nothing will change yet. They are in prison not because “the system is designed that way” but because they’re savages who refuse to become civilized.
          Gotta laugh, though, at how he’s once again blaming whitey for “instilling despair early” and blaming racism (here coded as “stigma”) for all blacks problems.
          Instead of the obvious: blacks act savage because blacks WANT to act savage.
          Another black apologist lying to protect black dysfunction.

        20. What token jobs do black males receive? I have not heard or seen any promotion in the corporate world that favored a black male. There aren’t as many blacks in college to begin with. Then I posit a counter question, do you believe primary schools are equivalent in black communities when compared to white communities?

        21. 90% job that blacks get in 21st century America is a token job. It is a diversity job forced upon businesses, or otherwise risk government investigation and SJW attacks or else were created SOLELY as a handout to blacks: government bureacratic jobs and “diversity” officers are this. If blacks could do jobs as well as non-blacks, including acting appropriately no handouts would be necessary; the reason why they weren’t hired before is because they couldn’t hack it. The very fact blacks demand them shows that blacks themselves view themselves as inferior to non-blacks. Blacks are a failed race.
          Take the red pill.

        22. Non-hispanic whites make up a full 62.6% of the US population while blacks make up roughly 13%.

          So yes, the almost 5 times as many whites in the US take slightly more welfare dollars than blacks do.
          The food stamp link proves that blacks are twice as likely to be on food stamps.
          The only thing that your evidence proves to me is that your a liberal idiot.

        23. I didn’t refute anything but the white population count. Some numbers are always a little off. I felt those were a lot off. I was right on the number. The percentage count stayed the same. All you proved was how much you are married to restating evidence already laid out for you.

        24. The funny thing here is this is a two fold issue. First off, all of your facts, or lack there of, are merely statements you view as truths because of how you relate to the world. By not stating your full arguments as well as reasons behind said argument I can only draw one conclusion, you are expressing a half truth. If that weren’t the case you wouldn’t be as bitter as you expressed it. I’ll mention just one since you are quite keen on defending it, affirmative action keeps diversity and government jobs within reach for blacks. Yet since 1940 the unemployment rate between blacks and whites remained roughly the same. So either affirmative action held no sway with regards to racial economic capacity or affirmative action was merely a band aid/ cop out which could be referred to again and again to say some darkie stole your job and ruined the economy.
          Where affirmative action has clearly made the difference is with schooling. However the truest way to remove this is to give both schools placed in black communities As well as white communities the same standard of education. Doing that would eliminate your savage darkie argument but would also cripple you if proven false. The gap of the gainfully employed has held fast at 2.2 percent more whites than blacks employed. Two decades prior to affirmative action and 55 years and the economic gap is still the same. Except now you have something to point at as an excuse for failure. So the band aid and wound are the same thing now? I’ll dig further as this is only part of the truth. Keep sharing more of your half truths. My only desire here is to crush ignorance. My own and yours.

        25. Sigh. I can see you’re one of those black apologists who thinks if he keeps regurgitating nonsense at a large volume you will appear smart and win. That passes for logic amongst the SJW crowd, I suppose.
          Black schools and students don’t suck because whitey’s keeping the nice places from them; they suck because black people make them suck. They are violent, anti-education, savage places because blacks are like that. No one wants to live in the ghetto because of blacks, first and foremost.
          If your rationalization of black failure were true, other non-black poor would never rise, since whitey keeps the tools for themselves. Yet East Asians and Jews and Mid-Easterns and Mexicans come here with far less than your Big Daddy Government gives blacks just for being black, and they ALL outpace blacks in gains.
          It’s obvious you’re doing the SJW-black-apologist thing and demanding more freebies for blacks to “close the gap.” So you’re just another freeloader, because you know it won’t work.
          Your argument: fail. Just like your president. No more subsidies for savagery.
          You already tried to hand wave away IQ by claiming that it can be improved by training.Sorry, boy; while you can get an 80 to an 85, you’re not getting him to 120. It’s about 90% nature, which is why people with low IQs will stay there; they can improve their children’s IQ through choosing higher-IQ mates, they are stuck in their IQ group. Which is why a desire to be civilized allows poor dumb people to rise. This is how we know blacks do not want to be civilized: they have been here far longer than any non-white people save Indians and yet they fail in the face of those non-white, non-black successes.
          Even Indians, despite clear oppression dwarfing blacks, are doing much better than blacks. Why? SImple: they have adapted to a more advanced civilization and become part of it. Blacks have not, because they are savage.
          Face it: blacks are a savage cancer.

        26. That is clearly your way of thinking of, not mine. Indians are happier in this system as the wealth they can achieve is vast and impressive. Native Americans are of a much more unfortunate state as they are merely inhabitants of this nation. Not improving. Not enjoying life here. Simply inhabitants. Would you like to know the real red pill aspect at work? Without white influence on a people over decades of history, any race will be superior.
          Asians have a strong tie to their history. The biggest core that I see, which is so simple it took me reading your posts to see it. Not having a strong attachment to history will always leave a hole in social upbringing and ability to advance. Divorce a group from their history and you control how they view themselves.
          Do you mean know what a cancer is? An outgrowth. Once healthy cells that have grown to an unhealthy state. But as you have an advanced link with your group you believe, with no proof, that being white has added to the world. You are merely a member of a society that has broadened it’s reach across the globe.
          By stating blacks are a cancer, you are stating that at one point they were helpful. Yet you show nothing but disdain, as if they were nothing but a scourge. I appreciate seeing your prejudice first hand as there are truths within it.

        27. Oh, the old SJW-silly trope “well it’s because blacks have no hisotrical roots.” An amorphous, meaningless phrase with no proof backing it up and no definition to it’s terms. The good snakeoil to sell the masses.
          You can avoid discussions of IQ, savagery, and hatred of civilization all you want, but the fact is they exist, and they are the sole reason blacks are on the bottom. It is the fault of blacks, the cancer of civilization.
          Do us all a favor and go live in those black-run “paradises” in Africa. You know—where black people rape babies to get rid of AIDS and necklace one another. Go lie and pretend Trayvon and Michael Brown were innocents who didn’t get what they deserve; that the Egyptians were black; and that all your problems are from whitey.
          But do it in the shitholes you’ve created, not here amongst the civilized. No more subsidies for savagery. and cancer.

        28. That’s exactly what I was thinking! Shoe shine for you? I’m sorry buts I didn’t mean to take ur job.

        29. We definitely would have a better quality of life. So would you, believe it or not. There is a reason why they seperate the lions from the deer, from the monkeys in the zoo, to keep the animals from killing each other.
          The ONLY solution to racism (as in, blacks whinging about whites) is not education and societal mentoring, but separation.
          Look at Gay clubs. The fags can go there and be gay (as in, happy). Trouble is, there aren’t any straight clubs. And that’s a damn shame. There should be straight bars where men can go up and talk to other men without anyone suspecting the other of being a poof. One day, hopefully.

        30. You have a point there. I mean, if you look at Africa it’s one god damn utopia. No murders, no corrupt politicians or cops. No rape even. If only the whole world would just wake up and realise if you need something done properly you give it to a black man. They’ll solve nearly any problem if it wasn’t for the white man interfering. I mean, there isn’t even one single homeless or starving person in the whole of Africa, and America calls itself civilised. Ha.
          The only reason the blacks in America aren’t doing well in school is because any that read during the dark days of slavery were killed. Whereas back in Africa you can’t keep them out of the libraries! They love it. Read, read, read, all day long.
          Damn you white people. Damn you all!

        31. If nothing else at least being educated has taught you the art of the bad joke. Troll on.

        32. Sigh. SJWs have done a lot of hand-waving and point-and-sputtering to try to make people forget about IQ. It’s sad, really, because acknowledging IQ, its role in success, average racial differences in IQ, and that IQ cannot be altered—well, these acknowledgements would go a long way to actually helping people rather than the Harrison Bergeron nightmare currently being created. And yes, CNN is an SJW outlet.
          These facts are immutable: IQ is strongly correlated to success in society. And IQ is hereidtary and cannot be altered by education more than marginally (i.e . 5 points).
          Not only do you try to hand-wave these IQ truths away, you ignore that the article actually supports my argument: that blacks not only have low-IQs, but also have low civilizational behavior and low-desire to become civilized. That is, people with low-IQ can actually have a good life in society.
          Many low-IQ people can become productive, happy members of society by being polite to society’s rules and taking extra time to learn skills that higher-IQ people can pick up in a snap. For example, the dude with the average IQ can learn to run a MCDonald’s franchise wel and then end up owning a few and then be prosperous. By following the rules and learning the playbook, he can become a multi-millionare, despite not being a genius. Similarly, the dude in the kitchen with an 80 IQ can work hard, study the rule book, and eventually become a manager of McDonald’s, making an above-average pay despite a low IQ. A guy with an 80 IQ making 60-70K per year is going to have a nice life, if he is disciplined.
          Blacks do not, however, follow the rule books, and thus curse themselves to misery, and everyone else with their crime and anti-social behavior.

        33. Your first point on IQ is less true than you realize. IQ is an indicator of potential not of performance. You later state as much with your 80 IQ example which is quite a stretch but possible. I posted that article as to give you another source of information which you conveniently extrapolated what worked for you while dancing around the all around statements given. You also do not showcase any verification of any of your beliefs so while they may be true, they count on my knowledge to fill in your gaps of an argument.
          The article from CNN of the flux of IQ potential I found verified what I experienced. Being a bit ego driven and curious I decided to take the test after being forced to take the test for a job not too long ago. My first score placed me in average. At the time I wasn’t eating well, exercising, living well, etc. When I was in a better space I took the test again just because my thoughts were more lucid. Needless to say the score difference was well over five points. You don’t showcase enough evidence to back up your argument of your rules on IQ and I posit, there might be more blacks well above what you consider the IQ norm for blacks than you realize.
          While the sweeping generalization of blacks not following rules guarantees you will be wrong a lot, if you were to apply a better, more stringent viewing, it might be easier to apply whom will be your criminals in the black community. Same as who will be your psychopaths in the white community. Or your zealots in the religious communities.
          Thankfully, keeping my news viewing to the articles posted here and maybe a few other sites maximum keeps my mind free of the fear mongering and incorrect labels that the media wishes to project. Added to that I generally am mindful of where I live so I have avoided criminal behavior more often than not. I imagine as this is part of your field you have been well indoctrinated to accept many erroneous thoughts and to not apply any extra thought you chunk it all together so as to keep your path safe. All blacks bad, avoid blacks, life will be safe. All whites good, until one unleashes behavior I can’t handle.
          It may warrant more thought but I know of few to none Caribbean or African blacks who have a criminal records. At some point either accept there are fallacies in what you stated or bring something to the table to prove me wrong. And calling me a SJW because you don’t appreciate the difference in opinion disproves none of the truths I am showing you.

        34. Your SJW-mindset leads you to marvelous rationalizations and anti-Occam’s razor logical paths to justify black savagery. Your religion has made this a central tenant, and you will not deny your Lord, the Black Icon.
          Your denial of IQ’s correlation to success and black savagery is laughable. You can pretend a dung heap and raping babies is the equivalent of the pyramids (note: the Egyptians were not black), Shakespeare, and the Great Wall of China, but all you do is further your denial.
          Take the red pill.

    4. That play was not the QB’s to call. He could have tried to hand the ball off but no one would have been there to run the ball.

      1. Yeah I agree with you, I believe it was the Offensive Coordinator call. What a great catch to get them to the goal line though! Great game!

        1. NFL defenses are good enough to stop a telegraphed running formation 3 times in a row. At the 1 yard line you really do need to spread the field horizontally to set up the run game. The NE Defensive back simply made a superior play, breaking on the ball to jump the route while not interfering with the receiver. A play that given the same circumstances he might have only made once in twenty times but he made it and all credit is due to him for that.

    5. The Seahawks were only in that position b/c of that crazy-ass catch by Kearse on that last drive. The Pats fan in me was thinking, “Crap…here we go again….”
      As long as we’re speculating, TB12 “could have” seven rings: the four he has, plus the one that Peyton got against the Bears (the real SB was played in Indy that year and the Pats were winning for the first 59 minutes of that game), plus the 2 Giants games (Tyree making that insane catch and Welker dropping that ball he should have caught.)
      Personally, I think TB12 has a pact with Satan. After all: He got her.

  3. The only story in Football as amazing in recent years is Kurt Warner. This was a good post.

    1. Quite a few outstanding quarterbacks weren’t blue chip prospects at draft time. And few recall that Ryan Leaf was picked second overall after Peyton Manning in 1998 and was an horrendous bust even though there was some chatter at the time that Leaf should be the number one pick. Who remembers Tim Couch, Akili Smith, or Cade McNown? Quarterbacks develop later than other players and draft position isn’t a good indicator of eventual ability and success. Coaching, mentoring, system, line play, running game and so on have such a defining role in a quarterback’s development – it’s impossible to say that taking a notable bust and putting him in a situation with good support would not have yielded a successful quarterback, just as it would be quite possible to have exiled Brady to a dysfunctional franchise in Cleveland or Detroit and never to have heard from him since.

    2. Warner was out of the league, bagging groceries. His story trumps Brady’s.

      1. Agree, much bmore impressive guy. Bagging groceries, oh woe is me . . . but uh uh baby. :O)
        Plus, Warner didn’t go Full Attention Whore when his time came to shine. He didn’t need to prance before the world, chase after ex-models, preen etc.

  4. I can’t believe people think that guy’s wife is hot…no face, no body.
    I guess Victoria’s Secret wants plain women as models so the average woman can feel better about herself.

        1. pointy elbows.
          jk, I’ve sen Giselle in person when she was younger. She was visibly too skinny but a cute face—you could see that abut 10-15lbs on her would have made her a bombshell.

        2. Giselle’s face just doesn’t do it for me. Other models yes, but there was always something mannish about her face. And I don’t like to criticize attractive women or nitpick them – there’s just something about the hype that I don’t get.
          Same goes for Scarlet Johansson. I’ve just never gotten it.

    1. Modeling prioritizes traits that don’t often translate well to real life. They’re freaks of nature – big heads on long, lithe, seemingly (or actually) underfed bodies. People in TV and movies demonstrate the same phenomenon to a lesser degree.

    2. Truly? I would think you would think she was gorgeous and smoking hot. I do.

  5. He’s a good football player, and deserves sports notoriety for making the most of his limited physical capacities. I respect hard work and I think it’s fair to say that Brady succeeded (football-wise) while ‘fighting above his weight’. Many guys with more physical gifts didn’t get it done. To his credit, he’s also not a gloater like Richard Sherman and the rest of the neo-thug trashmouths, who can’t wait to belittle their opponents.
    Brady is not, however, ‘great’. Nor do I want to ‘be like Tom Brady’ — celebrities that feel compelled to marry or screw supermodels reveal psychological weakness and insecurity. It’s like SEE? Does everybody SEE who I’ve got with me? Could somebody please take some more pictures of us? Am I and my supermodel fabulous, or WHAT?! lol
    A man secure in himself doesn’t have to chase supermodels and seek publicity to prove his masculinity to others.

    1. A man secure in himself can also recognize someone who has put in incredible amounts of work to become the most elite performer in his field as being “great” without agreeing with all aspects of his life.

    2. Do we know that Brady chased a Supermodel and it was not the other way around? He was with a Hollywood actress at the time he met her but the story is less than clear. After all, someone has to be with Supermodels. At least you can say Brady is affable and a regular sort you could be buddies with (although not of you’re a worshipful Boston sports sperg).

      1. Chasing, not chasing, not my point Alec. Point is, WHY do these modern males — even the ones with great wealth, fame, adulation etc — why do they always usually out co-celebrities as ‘partners’? The Hollywood dorks do the same thing. It all seems FAR less about trying to establish a lasting and meaningful relationship with someone … you know, leading to a stable family, with kids and the good of the nation . . . than it is about vanity and the kind of deep insecurities that drive people, including supposedly ‘great’ people, to place perceived social status above all other attributes when seeking interaction with others. I mean, I can find females at least as good looking as the ‘supermodels’ at the local supermarket. So, this isn’t primarily about looks.
        When I enter into a personal relationship with someone, including a female, her perceived social status in ‘the world’ has nothing to do with my interest in involvement. In fact, the less perceived status, the better.
        I don’t mean to pick on Tom Brady, I don’t pretend to know his inner soul, I’m just using the instant example to make a broad observation.

  6. Always chase greatness and never look backwards. That is what I am dealing with currently as far as trying to be more than my skin color and limitations of my environment. Had Tom Brandy let the pressure get to him we would of never seen some of the best performances in not only NFL, but, Sports history period.
    I check my Facebook every now and then and I see everybody chilling with family and showing pics of clubs. Its all good and looks fun but, is that it? Just follow the script and fade out into the darkness? What will be your legacy? No hate towards people having kids and clubbing of course. Do you its your life but, is that all? I see myself enjoying the pics and laughing at a few but, I can’t see myself stuck on there all day liking other peoples pics as time passed by every second. Every minute could be towards lifting, writing, reading, thinking, creating my own books, etc. I see people just glued to their phones frozen on Facebook and wonder what their awareness level at. Hell, why should I even care? More room for me but, I sometimes just wonder. It used to be a small portion but, now everywhere I look I see people glued to their phones watching other people live their lives instead of advancing theirs.
    Tom Brady and many others out there like him have been through the fuckery and kept hope alive despite the odds thrown against them. One of the worse is doubt from others I can imagine and have felt. I have seen people in other comment sections hating on these Stars and Entertainers and wonder why are they so invested in their lives THAT much? Why? Who are you to hate these people that are out there trying to make history and leave behind some type of evidence that they were here on this earth. There are a lot of people walking this pale blue dot of ours that will never be remembered and erased from existence as if they were never even here. That thought brings a ice cold fear inside of me that ironically brings a fiery passion within to keep pushing and ignore the time wasters.
    Never let anybody negative comment, people, or action bring you down. Articles like this show you as long as you stay on the path and strive for longevity, you will gain success. Denzel Washington wasn’t the Oscar winning actor right out the gate. We remember his hits but very, very rarely look back at his old movies and see how far along he was before he was winning awards and making black and white women lose their shit. Never let others unwillingness to strive for better take you down that barrel with the other crabs.
    Good post. Some Seahawk fans might not share my same opinion though but, eh. Always next year man. Ha

  7. Although I’m not a Patriots fan, what he has achieved deserves respect. There’s no big drama like Terrell Owens.
    Another athlete I admire is Manny Pacquiao. Every time the sports commentators interview him right after the fight, he never boasts how great he was. He praises his opponent and thanks his fans. All he wanted to do was put a good fight for the people to enjoy. His humility is admirable.

    1. How about the Klitschko brothers. True champions who have dominated Heavy Weight boxing for a decade.
      It is truly amazing to watch them destroy the best boxers in the world, while looking like they are coasting without nary a mark on them.

    2. As a Philadelphia fan the infuriating thing about Owens was that he really wasn’t a disciplinary problem – he was a dedicated player and teammate but not entirely sane. There was never any question about his fitness, attention, loyalty, etc. He never got arrested off field or anything of the like. The inside scoop is that while at the peak of his performance and ability he ran into a quarterback less dedicated than he who decided that he didn’t like being called out in and out of the locker room for his lack of fitness, preparation and dedication. If you recall he healed in record time to play exceptionally well on a Superbowl lost by 3 points before anyone knew that the Patriots were routinely cheating as part of their game plan.

      1. Oh believe me, I’ve been an Eagles fan since the days of Buddy Ryan and endured the pain with Richie Kotite. McNabb was hard to watch. Wished they had used Vick more in the first year as an Eagle after his incarceration. Foles looks promising.

    3. I admire Manny Pacquiao. I don’t like sports and i’m certainly no good at them but to me he is awesome

  8. You can’t compare american football to golf. Average player only lasts 2 years in the NFL, injuries are crippling. Making it past 30 is exceptional. Golf you can compete past age 50. Golf is more an inner game, more mental. Tiger’s personality has cracked, nobody knows why, not even him, he won’t be the dominant player but he will still win now and then and get lots of media hype because he’s “colorful”. He’s using Lindsey Vonn to rehabilitate his image so he won’t lose his product endorsements which generate most of his earnings. Tiger is degenerate alpha pimp daddy who lost control of his bitches.

    1. Tiger is an inner beta. It is rumored that his ex-wife was his first piece of ass, and he had someone else make the introduction and then married her. It was relatively low-class sluts who threw themselves at him at the height of his fame anyway.

      1. Tiger has made a hell of a lot of money, and has very high notch count for beta. If he’s beta, then he’s very high performing beta. I think he’s more flawed alpha. He was golf’s first rock star. He’s a shadow of what he used to be. But nobody stays on top forever.

        1. Tiger is an alpha by position, but personality wise a whiny beta. His prissiness on the golf courses is legendary; he gets spectators kicked out all the time for minor things like coughing and whispering because it disturbs him.
          Positional Alphas usually are very beta dudes who use their failures with women to fuel their sacrifice at their professions to get girls. Most famous actors, musicians, and sports dudes are HORRIBLE with women normally;if a girl doesn’t know they’re famous they make sure they alert her because that’s all they have. This is opposite of what Roosh teaches, which is have an air of mystery about you, don’t hit on a girl using a list of your accomplishments, let her figure it out.
          If you’re leading with your looks, body, or job, you’ve already lost.

        2. Whatever. Tiger has still banged a lot of strippers for free, and is a worth a few hundred million.

        3. “If you’re leading with your looks, body, or job, you’ve already lost.”
          Wtf? How the hell do you expect to ATTRACT women? Magic?
          I understand having game and a good frame is important but nothing beats the actual concrete qualities you listed when it comes to drawing women in. It’s also kind of weird you think Tiger is not an alpha – check out his text game with the women he was banging it was masterful. Also he routinely curses, doesn’t sign autographs and doesn’t give a fuck, and as you mentioned gets people thrown out who fuck with him, pretty damn alpha for a golfer.

        4. Look, I know you’re in love with him, but his text game has been pulled apart on the manosphere with most people agreeing, he’s fucking beta through and through. If you’re using text game like he is, you’re also using your hand a whole lot more than you should since you aren’t getting laid.
          No, don’t try and say you get 100 chicks a week, if you think Tiger is alpha then you’ve already outed yourself as not having too much of a clue how things really work.

        5. Admittedly I only saw one text exchange where he provided one word answers hours apart and had the girl freaking out.
          The thing you learn about the manosphere and game over time is that all that really matters is results. Most likely Tiger has banged more/hotter women than you or me and has infinitely more potential to pull ass than anyone on this site. Calling Tiger a “beta” just because he has gone into a slump in golf is beyond ridiculous. Also, betas don’t cheat on their wives with their neighbors 18yr old daughter.
          To be fair, neither of us really knows what this guy is like in reality but I think my assessment of him is based on what we all know – He is probably the world’s most recognized athlete and is close to being a billionaire, I imagine he is doing just fine with the ladies.

        6. You don’t understand women. If you were as rich as Tiger it would be pretty fucking difficult NOT having prostitutes giving you free rides, regardless of how much of a chump you are. Women use blackmail to get rich dummy.

        7. The only one who got his money was his wife. You kind of just proved my point, he has women chasing him all the time – you may very well have better game or something but you are playing rec league, he is in a whole other dimension. Like it or not fame and riches trumps a janitor with good game, welcome to Women 101.

        8. Haha, nope not black although I don’t really see why that would matter regarding this discussion. What am I saying that you disagree with exactly? You basically just keep saying Tiger is a dweeb but don’t really back it up with anything. All I’m saying is that women flock to riches and fame – do you actually disagree with that?

        9. Firstly, it matters knowing who you’re talking to. For instance, if you were saying Ron L. Hubbard is the best sci-fi author it’d help knowing that you’re a scientologist.
          Of course women flock to riches and fame. Fucking duh! And yet… did you see the fucking skanks he was able to hook up with? Honestly, women that I would have to be fucking drunk to consider taking home.
          Yeah man, alpha all the fucking way. Fuck you’re dumb.

        10. Ok, i just looked up some of the women he allegedly screwed – based purely on their physical appearance all but one looked pretty good. That being said a bunch were pornstars and yes no one would want to have a relationship with them but obviously he was just screwing them. I’m pretty sure any man would just fuck around with most of them, it’s not like they’re a bunch of chubby 5’s.
          Is she hot enough for you?:

        11. No. Honestly. No. She looks like a tranny. And when you take away the makeup and photoshopping (which there is a fucking tonne of there)… fuck no.

        12. And I have a strong suspicion you also think Michelle Obama is hot. And since you’re not that bright I’ll explain that comment for you: Michelle’s a tranny. Therefore I was really indirectly implying you’re a fag. Which isn’t so much of a slander when you consider you think that tranny-looking woman (I assume, could be a man) is hot.

        13. lol, how many trannys do you think are walking around among us? Do you have actual proof Mrs. Obama is a tranny or are you just saying you think she looks like one?

        14. There’s pretty scientific proof on youtube. It was trending recently. It used scientific measurements and actual pictures of her bulge down there. It’s pretty darn concrete. Was even taken off youtube at first then, after the moderators reviewed it’s claims, re-uploaded. Check it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions, I certainly cannot convince you of anything (nor should I be able to) just by writing about it.

        15. Your mission is not to attract women. You are not a shiny ornament to draw them in.
          goal is to go up to women and get them to enjoy your company. Those
          “concrete qualities” should be nice add-ons for a woman after she enjoys
          your personality, not things that win them over. Roosh makes this
          point in his books: a woman should notice these nice add-ons about you
          AFTER she wants to sleep with you. But if you’re leading with them,
          you’re admitting you have no game.
          You really need a refresher
          course on positional alpha versus actual alpha. And if you think Tiger’s
          texts were alpha….man, no. Those whiny, beta “I miss you” texts were
          awful game on display; if he’d been a nobody, they would have made any
          woman’s panties dry up–and they probably did anyway, despite his fame.
          saving grace is his immense fame and wealth, which makes women forget
          this temporarily when they meet him. This is common amongst celebrities
          and financial successful dudes: they were driven to this point BECAUSE
          they felt they had nothing else to offer women; instead of developing
          game, they made money and fame. It’s sad, because eventually the women
          cheat on them or drop them once they become bored with the money/fame.

        16. Hahahaha MO certainly isn’t the world’s most attractive lady and she does have broad shoulders, but no way is she a tranny. My friends and I were looking at those videos on YouTube a while ago and that’s just silly.

        17. There was a bulge at her/his crotch when she/he was wearing that blue dress and waving on the Oprah show. NO hard evidence? That alone is enough.

        18. Wonder what that was but still it may have just been the fabric, or she had a pad in, or something. I admit it was a little strange

        19. The simple fact is, if she is not only a woman, but the first lady, she wouldn’t have had a bulge down there, the wardrobe people would have ensured it to avoid people like me asking why there is a bulge down there.

    2. “Tiger’s personality has cracked, nobody knows why, not even him”
      Bleh. He knows why. He knows exactly why. He just doesn’t want to admit why . . . instead he has decided to continue the Stonewall and just pretend it’ll all work out. But it won’t, and deep down inside he knows it.
      His desperation in chasing after some has-been female ‘celebrity’ like Vonn illustrates just how lost the Great Tiger is. But he’s so used to toadies (and the public) telling him how wonderful he is, that he can’t come to terms with the real reasons why his golf game and ‘career’ went to shit.

        1. Zero to do with swing changes. That’s just media flak . . . and the jive he probly tells himself! lol

        2. The only person the guy ever trusted, or could trust, was his dad. Yeah his pop was imperfect, but compared to the advice of his mother and ‘career advisors’ his dad looked like a saint.
          When Tiger lied about the DV incident with the Swedish meatball, he left a LOT of other guys hangin’. But he went with the Stonewall and of course the fawning media collaborated — the last thing he really needed. He could have told the (painful and unpopular) truth, and the whole thing quickly would have been behind him.
          Tiger’s had an insulated, privileged, super-spoiled life. He is superficial, selfish, and has learned little — except about golf. But Golf does not = Life. I don’t think there’s one person in his life who really loves him.
          The decisions following the Swedish Meatball Meltdown were even worse than his marital infidelity and his arrogance. After the cover-up, his doom was downhill, and that ain’t no theory.

        3. You are probably right about no one really loving him except his father (which is probably true for most men unfortunately). I still think constant injuries and swing changes have played a pretty big part in this slump along with the psychological issues. Let’s not forget the next generation also caught up with him, he is no longer tops in driving distance and that is huge (the world #1 golfer is usually top 5 in driving distance and that is no coincidence).

  9. Good article. A few quick things though:
    -Tom was actually picked 199th in the ’99 draft, and spent TWO seasons as a third-stringer until, with a little luck, he was thrust into the spotlight (thank you Mo Lewis). That’s the real “almost never happened” part.
    -Bridget, not Michelle, Moynihan was his first baby mama, who wasn’t so bad-looking herself.
    He’s not only one of the biggest (relative) rags-to-riches stories in NFL history (latest one is Malcolm Butler, Popeye’s manager-turned-arguable-Super-Bowl-MVP), he’s the GOAT. (Debate Brady-Montana all you want. Personally I side with Brady, that’s just me. But 18-1 was a pretty crushing defeat.)
    I like the Manning-pedigree vs. Brady-nobody comparison, too. Peyton essentially came from NFL greatness, and he was a prodigy himself–in the regular season. He’ll have all the numbers records when he retires (and the MVPs, every year in which he got killed in the playoffs).
    Meanwhile the aforementioned college-backup, 199th-pick Brady goes out and has an unprecedented amount of regular- AND postseason success, meanwhile making Peyton his bitch in head-to-head matchups. (Biggest irony in the Manning-Brady debate? The vastly inferior Eli got the clutch gene, and has been the only one to show that Brady is indeed mortal.)
    There’s been some speculation that Brady’s kind of beta off-the-field vis a vis Gisele. Who cares? (Although letting your wife do a photo shoot where she’s cradled by a bunch of muscular black men? C’mon bro.) If his choice of women doesn’t float everyone’s boat, oh well. He’s got it all, man. He certainly earned it.

    1. Defense wins Championships. Brady has never stepped foot on the field in the playoffs without an elite or near elite defense and very good to great special teams unit. Eli’s Giants teams also had very good defenses. Good defenses take pressure off of offenses and particularly quarterbacks. Comparing quarterbacks without reference to the other phases of play is therefore not an exact science. Peyton on those same NE teams would not have disappointed.

      1. The only time the Patriots really had a good defense was their first championship in ’02, and their defense wasn’t bad when they won in ’04 & ’05. Good, yes. Elite, absolutely not. As for this years team, they weren’t in the top 10 defensively.
        Meanwhile, Peyton Manning benefited from the number 3 defense this year. But the only truly elite defense this year belonged to the team that Brady carved up in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks.

      2. I usually agree about Defense Winning Championships, but TB12 *shredded* the league’s #1 defense in the 4th Qtr.

    2. Hi Comfort_Eagle, thanks for your positive feedback.
      You’re completely correct on Moynahan, thanks for the heads up. Kicking myself for that one, as I adored her in Coyote Ugly when I was a dreamy teen!
      I do believe, though, that my reference of the 2000 draft is correct: You can find Brady as the 199th pick.

    3. Montana is still the greatest. No free agency back then, so he dealt with intact, savage Ds like the Bears and Giants year after year. You could jam the receivers past five yards back then, making it harder to pass. And of course, the biggest difference: you could CLOBBER the QBs back then(rules changed to safeguard QBs like Manning in the late 90s, correct?)

      1. and everyone seems to forget the great bill walsh, creator of the west coast offense, which I recently found out he tested out as the OC on the Bengals in the mid 70s. guy was a genius.

      2. That’s true, the league literally changed the rules of the game after Brady had that injury against the Chiefs a few years ago.

    1. A lot of leftists I know love Tom Brady. Something about them living in Greater Boston. He’s even very popular here in the Bay Area

  10. “wife”, is the politically correct term for owning a whore $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    it is culturally acceptable to purchase companionship through capitalism, by pretending you are a moral man with a “wife” while acknowledging your very own wife would never have given you the time of day if you did not offer her your $$$$
    Buying her companionship which is deemed culturally acceptable, it is also a way that beta males can enter the dating market, because they can become more successful due to being more submissive and having a small penis and no personality at all, but can still hope to one day save up enough money to buy a woman’s companionship , once the woman has clocked in enough time with a beta to have a successful divorce, she leaves the beta for new pastures,
    If you want the marriage experience, simply find a woman you hate, then buy her a house

  11. “The 199th draft pick of 2000 shows you that success is not an accident”
    If anything this should show that success in many circumstances really is an accident. Do you think Brady would be anything close to what he is if he hadn’t been drafted by the the Patriots? Most likely not, it is the most successful NFL team in recent history because of its great leadership (the Patriots may not have been as successful without Brady to be fair, or possibly more successful who knows). How about if Brady had slipped a little further or maybe not even been drafted at all? It is quite possible Brady would’ve been working a real job all these years (though probably still fucking hot ass chicks, he does have top notch looks after all).
    Part of taking the red pill is understanding the world is not some fairy-land where all things are equal and hard work is all that determines success. The circumstances that facilitate success are usually not so straight forward, especially in entertainment fields like athletics. That being said it is important to do what is in your power to make yourself successful BUT it is equally important to know when you are shit outta luck and need to re-focus on something else. For instance, if Brady had never been drafted (which isn’t an unreasonable statement given his position in the draft) then he would probably have been better off moving on to something else. He still would’ve had all the same potential it’s just that he would’ve been in a shit position, he would never make it.
    Also, fanboy garbage about sports heroes is just about on the same level as military recruiting propaganda – you ain’t gonna be saving the world and you ain’t gonna be Tom Brady, deal with reality.

    1. Brady put himself in a position to succeed by being ready in the event that Bledsoe went down, which he did.
      The Pats are the most successful franchise in recent years, but they never won a Superbowl until Brady took over the reins. While Belichick is regarded as a Satanic Genius now, he was 36-44 as HC of the Browns, and 5-11 in 2000 as HC of the Patriots, which was the last pre-Brady year. The Pats started 2001 by going 0-2, but after the Bledsoe injury, Brady led them to an 11-2 record and then ran the table to win the SB.
      The last time the Pats didn’t win the East? When Brady went down with an ACL injury in the first game of 2008. So it’s a bit unfair to say that Brady is only great b/c he played for the Patriots. If anything, the Patriots became a dynasty in large part b/c of Tom Brady.

    2. Every successful person has these “luck factors” in their life, as well as “bad luck factors”. Brady is no special case of “luck” anyway.
      Tiger Woods was on the Johnny Carson Show as a TWO-YEAR-OLD. Having a dad like that is luck and it’s arguable that Tiger would be nowhere without him.
      Similar stories for Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, whose parents sent them to America as very young kids to practice tennis (so is it talent or rather practice and pushy parents?).
      Tom Brady has had even less “luck” than other sporting greats. No famous or fame-hungry dad, no special football camps that other kids weren’t going to (unlike Federer and Sharapova, who did the whole live-in-round-the-clock camp thing).

      1. I think you are confusing circumstance with “luck”. Luck is something like finding a dollar on the ground. Circumstance is getting drafted by the Patriots instead of the the Browns for instance, and becoming a starter due to the injury of the 1st string qb. Tom Brady is a great example of someone who seized their opportunity, which came due to some very fortunate circumstances.
        Tiger had the good fortune to have a father who molded him into the world’s greatest golfer. I would wager Brady had some pretty fantastic parents as well. I must admit I have far more respect for Tiger because everything he has accomplished on the course comes from him, golf is an individual sport.

        1. They can dovetail, luck and circumstance. One man’s definition of one is another man’s definition of the other. It’s like a Venn diagram. Being born into a wealthy family, for instance, is both luck and circumstance.
          I’d say Tiger had more advantages, many more, than Brady had through his parents, even if they were still very supportive. Tiger’s dad reminds me of the Williams sisters’ dad and Agassi’s.
          I get your point on individual sports. But team sports can be equally or more challenging. Individual sports can depend more on objective results than team sports, where coaches select players and then select the chosen players for game time. It’s a mixture of results and perception.

  12. Sometimes I wish I was more athletic. I was really bad in sports in school. Not only I was bad at them, but I had no interest in them also. Because of that, I was considered a total loser who was not worthy of female attention. I think this has messed me for life. I think if I had made more effort to improve my athletic skills in school, I could have achieved better results and could have improved my confidence by a lot. But I preferred to do nothing in PE classes instead and I was basically just trolling the whole time. For example I didn’t like running so I walked the whole run and I didn’t care about receiving a 0%. I remember some of the popular females were literally screaming insults at me. These bad memories might possibly affect my entire life.

  13. Tiger has seen less success than a 100 year old man gets sex? He’s won more tournaments on the PGA tour than anyone else since the sex scandals. Tiger’s C game is still better than everyone else’s A game. He’s taken 4 different swings to number 1 in the world, as recently as 2013.

  14. Long suffering Jet fan here- his success is entirely accidental. If Jet LB Mo Lewis didnt knock Bledsoe out with a punctured lung, we may never have seen Brady as the starter…not saying he isnt amazing, but maybe he woulda languished on the bench til 30, gotten cut, etc…

    1. And ironically Bledsoe did the same for Tony Romo, an undrafted QB who now has the second highest career passer rating in history (although no postseason success).

    2. Nah, would’ve replaced him eventually. Projecting one of Bledsoe’s get rid of it before the guy gets to me floaters to make him consider Brady.

  15. I get the points about overcoming adversity and persevering against the odds. That is relevant to any and all men – no matter their stage in life. That said I cannot think of a bigger showcase of what is wrong with America than that giant Beta fest known as the NFL. Its allowed under the Femcentric paradigm because it acts as a vital distraction and emotional outlet for all the AFCs found throughout this once great country. Your average beta male can live vicariously through his team. This allows him a temporary moment of passion and masculinity that his sad testosterone deprived body is lacking. He is allowed a politically correct outlet for the pent up rage that he feels from living his entire life in an open air prison. Tis a modern day circus for the modern day plebe.

    1. Very well said. I also find it funny/sad that most of the men watching football would benefit greatly from a cycle or 2 of steroids/HGH/TRT but are not allowed to use under punishment of imprisonment, all while watching the most juiced men on the planet.
      Why the fuck are roids illegal? Chicks can get implants, have a fake ass put in, have hormonal therapy to become men, and even tattoo on makeup but a man can’t take a little testosterone to enhance himself slightly above his normal potential?

      1. The war on men is Machivellian in its ruthlessness and breathtaking in its audacity. I credit ROK and Rational Male in opening my eyes to all of this.

      2. The War on Men is Machivellian in its ruthlessness and breathtaking in its audacity. I credit ROK and Rational Male to opening my eyes to it.

    2. good post. don’t understand all of it but i do think wimpy guys act tough through their team and it makes no sense to me

  16. I have never been a big fan of Tom Brady and his play. However to go from a 6th round draft pick to a 4 time Super Bowl winning QB is probably one of the greatest stories in all of sports. How this guy didn’t just drop out and “accept the failure” while getting a “participatory grade” (as we teach our youngsters today to do) deserves further study.

  17. At best he’s unremarkable. Brady can owe his success to one thing and one thing only.
    The offensive system.
    Take any mediocre QB and put them in Brady’s spot and watch them perform just as well.

    1. Wouldn’t go that far. But the offensive line has consistently been good in New England for as long as Brady’s been there. He goes through his reads because he has the time to go through his reads. But there’s always something like that. He’s similar to Montana in a top on a good team in one of the weaker divisions, you get the opportunity for multiple super bowls.
      Brady doesn’t get rattled, he lives for the big moment, and Tony Dungy feels he throws the deep pass better than Peyton Manning(who can get rattled).
      Now give Brady the offensive line Philly has had or that Washington currently has(who can run block but not pass block) no he won’t do as well.

    1. Nicely spotted. I realized after publication.
      I know Michelle Monaghan’s face but not sure how I even confused her with Bridget Moynahan!

  18. I’ve always liked Brady and have been watching him and the pats since the came out of the tunnel as a team against the Rams. After this season my like for Brady has turned into admiration. It was a team game no doubt, but Brady put his team on his back and came back to win.

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