The UK’s “Take Me Out” Embodies All That Is Wrong With Society

I watched the UK version of dating game show Take Me Out the other night. For those of you fortunate enough never to have witnessed this emasculating abomination, the format sees 30 single women each standing on their own lit-up podium to show how special they are.

Each one has a button to turn their light off. In each round some hapless simpleton—sorry, lucky male contestant—lumbers out to try to impress them by dancing, singing, and revealing intimate details about his personal life.

If the girls want to date him they keep their light on and if they don’t they turn it off, often in the opening segment (which is based purely on looks). At the end, having pranced around and humiliated himself on national television, the contestant then gets to choose which of the remaining women he’d like to treat to a short getaway to Cyprus.

If all the girls turn their lights off, the beta walks off to a humiliating rendition of Celine Dion’s All By Myself as the girls sway their hands back and forth above their heads. Honestly.

Given this unprecedented level of entitlement, you’d think the girls would at least be stunners. Far from it; some of these self-indulgent bints are bonafide hogs. In the interest of journalistic objectivity, here are a few pictures of women who have actually had the gall to appear on the show. You can judge for yourselves.


England’s finest.

Case closed.

So why write this article now given the show has existed for some time? In short, the latest episode represented a new low for this degrading insight into the UK’s slut-on-a-pedestal ideology.

The slutty ex

Whilst I was busy shaking my head and tutting at another contestant reassuring his prized pig that it “didn’t bother [him]” that she was more than a decade his senior and had a kid, out walked Nick. He was a little too hipster for my liking but seemed harmless enough, and fared well with nearly half of the girls still interesting moving into the final segment.

Host Paddy McGuinness then checked how it was going with a couple of the girls. It was at this point that the audience met the cuntishly-named Looci (spelt Lucy in 99% of the world) who revealed that Nick was actually her ex-boyfriend.

“He is a beautiful person from head-to-toe, inside and out” she cooed through pierced lips before revealing that she’d dumped him. She patted the tattoo on her chest which covered her black heart, feigning genuine emotion, and her little act paid off. The other girls immediately turned their lights off with the exception of one particularly desperate manatee.


The kind of face only a mother could love.

“He was the last serious boyfriend I had” she admitted in a thinly veiled hat tip to her glory days on the cock carousel following the breakup. Stuck between a rock and a fat place, Nick foolishly opted for his cock-gobbling ex-girlfriend and the two walked off into the distance holding hands as the audience applauded the downfall of humanity.

In his ensuing 10-second interview Nick gave us a frustratingly submissive insight into his decision. “She broke my heart. I’m hoping this is a second chance at something with her…I’ll try not to cry” he whimpered.

How can anyone, even a beta as feeble as our antihero Nick, consider taking back a piece of shit like her? Let’s rewind, shall we Nick? You were together three years and she broke your heart when she gave you the elbow. She then spent “a long time” without a “serious boyfriend” as she sucked off every man and his dog before applying for the show in search of more attention and more penetration.

She had your number. She didn’t call you. She chose the show.

Then, young Nicholas, you appeared. At the first hint of you actually moving on and enjoying some time with a girl who wasn’t a grotesque, tattoo-ridden demon with more shrapnel in her body than a World War II veteran, she pulled a cock-blocking move of mammoth proportions. Have some pride. Put out her light. Spit in her face (optional).

What it means

Whilst we can all collectively weep for what will inevitably be a torrid second dumping for Nick it was, of course, largely his own fault. The real problem here is the ramifications on a national audience. The show pulls in around 3 million viewers which is a significant figure in the UK. Think of the impressionable teenagers and young adults watching this who think that this is actually the way men should behave in society.

The idea that men should have to parade themselves around and quite literally put on a performance to impress these brain-dead and largely unattractive women sets a worrying precedent. What makes them so desirable? Why should men pander to them for the privilege of giving them a holiday? Why is there no alternative of a woman vying for the attention of 30 fat, slobbish men with tattoos and piercings?

This piece of shit show is a microcosm of the modern western world’s skewered perception of gender roles. Women, no matter how uninteresting, unintelligent, and unattractive, are raised with a sense of entitlement which makes them believe they have an innate right to be fawned over by men.

Despite being uneducated and well-versed in the universal language of dick, girls like Looci continue to trap blue pill betas like Nick and condemn them to a life sentence of tolerating damaged goods.

Shows like this will come and go. The lasting imprint on our culture will not.

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173 thoughts on “The UK’s “Take Me Out” Embodies All That Is Wrong With Society”

  1. I don’t pity any man thats willing to scrape at the bottom of the barrel and marry a shameless whore, its one thing thing to fuck a whore but committing yourself to one? Sweet Jesus. Only pimps have the right to commit to whore as they create revenue for them. This simp declares his love for a cum dumpster on TV?! Man, these guys are beyond saving

    1. Its the modern God-less, shame-less society, devoid of real leadership politically, and of male leadership in the family. This is what the UK, US, Europe and then to a lesser extent, the rest of the world gets.
      These men make it harder for the rest of us, as the women get big heads as there will always be someone to pick up the trash.

      1. “Its the modern God-less, shame-less society, devoid of real leadership politically, and of male leadership in the family. This is what the UK, US, Europe and then to a lesser extent, the rest of the world gets.”
        Russia is always the exception. Of course, feminism came in large part to Communist agents promoting it, it had been experimented with briefly and found to be a huge failure early in history of the USSR, but Communists kept pushing it in the West because they knew it was poison:
        Next, I went to see renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh.
        Responsible for some of the most beautiful faces in the world, including Cindy Crawford, he is nicknamed the Botox King.
        He had just returned from Russia, where he took part in a documentary on the subject of women and femininity.
        ‘Russian women don’t have that hardness of women in England and America,’ he said.
        ‘They get their men because they are extremely feminine and they listen to their men, yet they are not regressive. They have managed to hold on to an old-fashioned prettiness.
        ‘In contrast, most of the women I see in Europe have become warriors. They are feisty and aggressive.
        ‘They see relationships as business transactions, and they treat dating the same way they climb the corporate ladder, which makes them look and seem hard.’
        So can he help feminise a woman?
        ‘My job is to make a woman look attractive to a man, but I cannot change her character.
        ‘I can soften her looks, but I can’t get a woman in touch with her soft side.’
        But how do we do that?
        ‘I think that it is difficult to be a woman today,’ he adds.
        ‘Our society is quite harsh, and if you want to enjoy the materialism, then you lose your soul.
        ‘If women can stay away from their corporate brains, then they can tune into this softness and core values.’
        Interestingly, Dr Sebagh says that his happiest clients are in their 50s and 60s.
        ‘They are in touch with what matters in their life. They want men for companionship, not some lifestyle choice.
        ‘They have souls and are far more authentic.
        ‘Ironically, I believe that the credit crunch will force more women towards that authenticity because they will no longer be able to pretend that they are rich or successful.
        ‘How can you find yourself if you are fake and pretending to be someone that you are not?’
        1984 interview with a former KGB agent and Soviet diplomat, Yuri Bezmenov:

        1. it had been experimented with briefly and found to be a huge failure early in history of the USSR

          Can you provide any sources for this? I’d like to read more about this.

      2. Stop whining. No game having men make this shit easier. Take your tail out from between your legs and get the fuck back in the world.

      1. First of all, I like the show. Its entertainment and not to be taken seriously.
        Secondly, the author is “cherry picking”. Most of the girls are reasonably attractive with a few 8s and 9s sprinkled in. No generally they are not brain surgeons but I’d be cool with a weekend in Cypress with some of them.
        Third, among mammals when the males are 50% larger than the females the males fight each other for access to females. Humans males are less than 50% larger than human females and so the males compete for female attention. You see where this is going.
        All this show is, is an entertaining simplification of what goes on when men try to impress women. And yes, you do need to perform to impress a woman. This is called game.
        And yes, many of the girls are daft, as they are in real life. Useful knowledge I think.
        If this reality depresses you, well tough. You guys sit around complaining about it and I’ll take that pussy you were too angry to go after.
        Thanks… mate.

        1. The Chinese version of this show, You are the one, is very telling as to how easy it is to set off the entitled princess alarms.
          That’s the problem with what we see in the shows; not the show necessarily itself, but we see the unbridled nature of what happens when you give a bunch of women an entitlement mentality.
          When those videos come on describing the male contestant’s lives, the lights usually go off.

        2. And the retarded reasons that the women have for turning off their lights are illuminating. A lot of the times that a girl rejects you it really is because there is something wrong with her and not you. Paddy looks beside himself with exasperation sometimes.

    2. and the guy was going to cry about reuniting with her ass? Jesus….someone needs to buy and mail this guy a copy of The Rational Male or any one of the many books by Roosh, stat.
      We’ll start there and then work him through a series of “beating the beta” out of his ass.

        1. When the slave owners gave the blacks bibles to read they eventually became Christian. It’s possible.

        2. He’s deep in the UNDERBRUSH of the forest. He doesn’t even know there are trees. Every once in a while he wonders why the vines seem to encapsulate something hard and immobile, but he doesn’t know what that is.

        3. Sadly, he will die of whatever the other men put in her vagina. Because he will most likely get to eather, but she will never let him penetrate.
          Death by oral fixation. How sad?
          That said, she probably let him hit it one more time, then realized why she left him again, and just enjoyed getting eaten on the trip. Also, I’m assuming, banged by Cyprus men while he was forced to watch.
          He sounds like a cuckold waiting to happen.

        4. Not when it comes to blacks. The most easily fooled people on earth. And that’s not even a racist comment. “Hey black man, if you fuck a virgin it will get rid of your aids.”

      1. If you ask me it was a great opportunity for revenge sex (and maybe even some revenge porn).
        I had a friend who did something like that. A girl screwed him over. He gave it some time. Then he charmed her, took her out for a romantic meal, took her home and banged it out. Afterwards, when they were whispering sweet nothings he asked her how she felt about him. She said “I love you”.
        He said “that’s great. Now get your shit and get the FUCK out of my house”.
        Tears were shed that day.

    3. Never saw the TV show but it sounds like a metaphor for online dating. Average female post profile with a long list of requirements, and gets messaged bombed 10 times a day by random men asking her out to lunch, validating her ego.

    4. “I watched the UK version of dating game show Take Me Out the other night”
      Thanks, but I’d rather spend an hour putting the toilet brush up my ass without lube…

    5. $10 says 75% of the guys on here would fuck Looci. I reckon Roosh would fuck Looci if she drank his favourite brand of tea. Takers anyone?

      1. Yep, I’d definitely fuck her once. Looks like she could be a good bang. But that doesn’t mean I’d bother trying to pick her up, she’s a dog, but if she opened her legs and said come on, of course most guys would say, “Why not.”

        1. Haha! If you go to 3rd world countries and find a teenage village girl who lives with her parents, and marry her on her 18th birthday. But then and only then.

    6. Wait, where did we find out she was ‘gobbling countless cocks’ while single? We’re calling this woman a whore/slut without knowing ANYTHING about her apart from the fact that she dumped the dude at one point. She may be an asshole (we don’t know that either), but who cares how many cocks she enjoyed when single? Shouldn’t she be free to plunder available dudes (only when unattached of course) in the same way you aim to score ladies? Jeez, you guys really don’t like women 😄

        1. I’ve heard that one before and while a somewhat amusing and inventive metaphor, it doesn’t actually apply to the vastly complex reality of human romantic and sexual relations. I’m sure we don’t have to even mention that penises are not really keys, vaginas are not really locks and the relationship between them is just not parallel to that between a lock and key. Therefore my genuine question remains, beyond simplistic metaphors please. 😊

        2. I will elaborate the sentiment of the statement: women are the gate keepers of procreation; whether it be for reproduction or recreational purposes. She ultimately decides partners worthy of sex. If she sets low standards in the most intimate act a human can experience, I’m inclined to think she will have low standards in other facets of life, (I.e. mothering my children, managing my estate after my death, etc.)

        3. I appreciate the calm and polite way with which you explained the sentiment behind the metaphor (I’ve encountered a lot of badly spelled rudeness on this board). However I was already familiar with the mechanics behind it, I just think the logic is inherently flawed. I don’t think it’s as simple as the ‘economics of sex’ framework puts it. We have surely evolved enough to think about life beyond simple evolutionary biology – with the advancement of equality, women no longer need men to support them, and men no longer need to be materially wealthy in order to attract a mate. We are therefore freed to love and mate with each other based on how good a person the other is, how intelligent they are, how attractive they are, how trustworthy, funny etc… It’s gone beyond the old ‘does he make a lot of money’ and ‘is she young and pure and innocent enough’ to actually being able to look at real characteristics and compatibility. Not to mention that the metaphor leaves out gay relationships, making it not only clumsy but inherently limited in scope. But my view is based on men and women being equals and friends and I know the red pill philosophy is aligned in a somewhat different way, so I don’t assume you’ll agree. (I apologise for the lack of paragraphing, my device has failed me in that regard.)

  2. Even though these shows are semi-scripted at times, and participants do shit just for the show and personal popularity, these kinds of behaviours seep so deep into the minds of the cunts you and I have to deal with on a daily basis. Brutal.

    1. all women get big heads who are surrounded by media promoting this shit, but especially those in their later twenties (26+) who think they can sleep around till they’re 40 and still bag some man. Serial monogamy has become the new promiscuity and she always has a cock on standby, even if it is a mutual friend. This actually ruins the worth of the woman, as she does not even have to try anymore.

      1. A few great men come to mind. Men that woke up, got up, made history, whether they succeded or not. They tried.
        There needs to be an overhaul of some sort, for things to change.
        Quite frankly, I don’t see that happening. Not today. Not just yet.

  3. Showed this program to my mum as evidence of the society I am living in as she keeps going on about me being single and needing to meet a nice girl. She was appalled by the women and hasn’t mentioned my relationship status since.

    1. Many ‘modernised’ women I’ve met in the UK are beyond appalling – worthwhile women (and men) are becoming increasingly rare in the UK these days. I blame the brainwashing of modern media, smartphones etc.. And its not just the younger generation, but older ones too.

    2. Nice work. Tell your mom to spread the word that men are looking for some quality women (women who know how to act out in public and women who haven’t ridden numerous times on the carousel). The kind of women who know the meaning of dressing up (dress and all), no flats or yoga pants on a date.
      Then, you might consider it.

    3. I get the same shit from my dad mayby I should get him too watch the show so he understands what a Western man has to deal with.

    4. Good job! This is not 1994. Global warming has officially hit and the best options aren’t recycling but to ensure we get quality to begin with. Leave recycling these ‘women’ to the trash collectors.

  4. Good. There was a time when Britain was a land of Kings, Queens, Lords, Gentry, and vassals. The slobs were treated to circus. Nothing new here.

  5. UK women and men have been socially indoctrinated the worst out of all western nations, and I left here to study abroad because I did not like the women as colleagues – they were to county. They have improved a lot since I left as coworkers, though perhaps not in the looks department, due to shagging on their ‘feels’ for decades has bred some weird looking ones. It wasn’t uncommon around the year 2000 that I’d see a girl at university who had fucked 100+ guys or had 7 guys in 7 nights. Ridiculous – you can’t have a functional society with that.
    As society and feminism have changed, the dating and mating game has also changed. The easy society of the past is gone, to be replaced with something worse. Now the men have developed the thirst due to women’s shitty attitudes within relationships, increasing demands women place upon men, and mass immigration which is often male. There are simply more men than women in the 15-44 age group, which boosts the women’s value in their minds.
    To be honest, the ‘game’ here is not based upon looks, as I have seen many women date short, ugly and poor men as the men won’t suddenly leave the women – so the women are enabled to do this by a safe environment, society and mainly, the women’s own insecurity. So women date either for ‘mr big’, someone in their social circle who is mediocre, or for money. Usually, if they are attractive, they are getting several cocks or offers of them. I would literally peg 90%+ of most men in these 3 aforementioned categories. Many men who do not fit these categories have a hard time, and even being an in shape moneyed man doesn’t help, as I’ve seen women walk past these men to get with the dregs of society whose only value is how pathetic they are, and how as such the women can act out their fantasy of ‘saving them’ or reinforce the woman’s higher value etc for LTR. Basically, its an environment based on pure women’s choice tending towards women of poor LTR value choosing. The men have become pathetic and weak as a result too. A lot of quality men can’t get a foot in the door, as the new social thing is to not stand out so you don’t lose that job etc – so the women are selecting for a totalitarian society.
    Women, and human beings in general are dumb cunts. Did I mention that the UK is on course to be genocided by the first half of this century or not a great deal beyond that? Because that’s what happens in a weak society that has lost its mind, especially when there are too many people for the resources available.

    1. “A lot of quality men can’t get a foot in the door, as the new social
      thing is to not stand out so you don’t lose that job etc – so the women
      are selecting for a totalitarian society.”
      In democracies, you have all these holidays celebrating how “free” you are, while some HOA is micromanaging the color of the blinds in your windows, the city is preventing you from drinking a large soda, and the cops (USA) are just grabbing your money and possessions under civil forfeiture without bothering to find you guilty of anything or bothering to bring charges in the first place.

  6. I will never understand the need to humiliate yourself on TV or anywhere in public for any reason…women, attention, sympathy…whatever the reason, I don’t get it.
    For decades people have been going on shows like Jerry Springer to make fools of themselves. They’d beat each other up because they stole each other’s cousins and banged the same chick.
    Then it was the internet. People put up simple stupid sites on geocities or tripod to showcase their idiocy. That got more refined as people rushed to Youtube and Facebook to put up videos and pics proving just how stupid they were.
    Now it’s TV again, with morons dancing like organ grinder monkeys or grovelling at the feet of used up whores that no one in their real lives wants.
    I don’t know. I find it hard to feel sorry anymore for people who do this to themselves.
    Have some dignity.

    1. I think nowadays the main motivation behind people going onto reality shows isn’t to “win” whatever the contest is, or get the guy or girl, but rather as a shot to get noticed and maybe leverage it into some kind of full time TV gig. Therefore a lot of them will over act like idiots and drama because it is what sells the mass herd of dummies out there. IMO

        1. I was was watching Big Brother from my native country online. Bits and pieces anyways. Then I checked the post Big Brother. Guy who won, some true red pill mothefucker, played the right chess moves, satisfied most, went along and catered to all sides of audiences.
          Now he’s on TV, getting gigs, modelling etc.

    2. I suspect some actors are there for ratings, but many people in this day and age probably need the cash THAT bad.

    3. That’s what is missing, dignity. Shameless attention seekers on TV and the internet for money but mostly the attention.
      Someone needs to give these fucking attention whores and white knights a hug.

        1. No, bird flu blankets are better. Easy to make, just get a blanket and rub some chinese on it. Yes, Southpark reference.

  7. It’s not worth your time and energy getting worked up over mass-produced garbage manufactured for the uneducated masses. I’m an American living in Asia but I realize that both the USA and UK have mass-produced shows that exist only to appeal to the average commoner. Don’t get upset, such shows are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of capitalism. But we don’t need to get angry about such things. It’s just people trying to get money like you and me.

    1. Those shows are not irrelevant as they are social programming/engineering, which unfortunately, has led to many Brits becoming carbon copies of the people on this show. It is a dumbing down of society and people do copy the trends they see on these shows, as I have seen over the last 15 years.

    2. It’s not worth your time and energy getting worked up over mass-produced garbage manufactured for the uneducated masses.

      I think it’s slightly different. I think it’s mass-produced garbage for the modern emancipated woman, so not for the “uneducated masses” but specifically for the female failures.
      It’s to make their miserable lives feel a little bit better.

    3. Speak for yourself. They might be like you, but they are NOT like me. I don’t center my life around getting Money or Poosy. If you do, then one way or another, you will end up like the ‘male’ contestants on the show. That’s the point, after all. To pressure you subtly to abdicate your manhood in favor of the momentary approval of some strange woman and the pseudo-celebrity of her vanity-broadcast.
      Nor are these programs irrelevant. They are psychological and social propaganda, disguised as entertainment. They assure females that being selfish, attention-whoring monstresses is not only OK, it’s worthy of national broadcast. And this programming confirms to males that answering to the commands/questions of a horde of horrid fems — and worse, desiring the further company of such creatures for ‘romance’ — is normal modern masculinity.
      You don’t need to run modern domestic intelligence ops when the teevee, movies, etc. already advance your agenda.

  8. I watched this show.
    He was a wimp and made a mistake to choose her.
    She is much more confident than him and it was implied she broke his heart – probably by going off with someone else.
    He should have chosen the other girl.

    1. Feminism is not about Equality. It is about giving women Rights to act as Degenerate and Slutty as possible without Fear of Shame or Repercussion.

      1. Yeah well the big 4-0 is the juncture where they crash and burn and become as desirable as an RV with four flat tires, so it’s their own grave their digging.

    2. I studied in the south of the UK. That’s exactly how I remember it. I was beta then, and didn’t know what I was witnessing. I couldn’t connect or adjust and I was so repulsed that I left early and finished my degree from home. I’ll never, ever go back to that filthy jungle. There’s nothing but decay there. If you’re from there and disagree, then you haven’t been anywhere else.
      If you want a girl to turn into trash, send her to the south of the UK for a semester. She will come back brainwashed, ridden and drained and feel great about herself.

    3. Did you see the sad picture of the old man on the bench, turning away from the old fat slobs spreading their legs in public? I almost got tears in my eyes. (It’s in that link, but you don’t want to go there.)
      I can’t help but think of the effort that other countries are suffering to allow “first world” countries this standard. Just so those decadent abominations can celebrate the decline of civilization. Where do those horrible costumes come from? Children in Asia probably make them. Absolutely disgusting.

      1. Don’t be such a perfectionist my friend, or you’ll end up alone. Do you really want to die alone?
        I thought she wasn’t so bad.

    1. Funny enough, the narcissist in the first image still looks very date-worthy. Quality harem catch to be sure.

  9. I remember when I was hanging out in Oxford a few years ago I saw this show on TV and thought “Wow… I really hope this show doesn’t come to North America.”
    Reminded of it by this article I now realize “This show IS North America” lol.

      1. Was in academia for the last few years.
        Went to a few international conferences.
        Recently left though because I realized academia is in many ways a scam.
        Sadly it currently takes the best and brightest and puts them in a state of financial slavery and psychological betatization.

        1. insane right? The best and brightest have the worst debt loads. I know two guys who dropped outta college- one makes great money as a garbageman(pays well in nyc) has no debt other than his house. other guys makes bank gambling.
          my dr friend has how much in debt? I dunno, 200-300k maybe?? Ill never know bc Ill never ask him, but Im dying to find out…

        2. Exactly.
          It almost seems intentional. Like keeping all the inventors, scientists, writers and make sure they don’t have the means to do anything in their own.
          Chomsky has an essay about how the current education system makes people into good little slaves indebted forever to the system.

        3. let me ask yiu something- you were a science grad student, yes? If you discovered something, would you be able to patent it yourself? Or would your school share ownership/own it outright? If the school owns it, does it sell it to corporate interests? the same interests that probably paid for the building you study in, the microscopes you peer into, etc?

        4. This is a great question and unfortunately I can’t really answer it.
          I never came across anyone in grad school who issued for a patent. Most basic science academic work is just not patentable as it is for theoretical purposes and tends to have no obvious practical application.
          Perhaps in engineering or computer science they might come up with a new technology or method worth patenting, but I imagine in that case the professor would want ownership.

  10. This show is scripted before hand. Obviously to please a 30+ female audience. Still, the fact that something like this goes mainstream is a sign of how low things are in the modern society

    1. Yes, 100% of “Reality TV” is heavily scripted and massively and deceptively edited to portray scenes that never actually happened as shown. Hollywood (and its lesser, copycat partners around the world) is about advancing ideology and making money. Truth and honestly are not in any way considered in what is broadcast.

  11. Jesus Christ! I just watched a bit of that show on youtube. Is this what they call modern entertainment or am I just getting old?
    Everyone was just loud and annoying with the host jumping around like an idiot. It was like witnessing an out of control insane asylum.

  12. They look like proper UK slappers. They can look like that here, why work hard to look good when British men will still line up in droves to fuck you and do everything for you, regardless of whether you’re a beached whale or not.

  13. The trouble is, TV producers in the UK and also in the States I imagine, are becoming desperate for new ideas for original shows, so they come up with this shite thinking people will watch it, and the sad thing is, they do.

    1. LOL, no wonder Britain had so much emigration, Brit men were just fleeing terrible women. Now that british women followed you to every continent the people you conquered are coming back with a vegenance.

  14. The show makes me cringe a little but it’s an eye opener at the same time! The main thing about the show is that it looks fake; I’ve seen enough betas in my time to know that one would not go on TV. The men on this show look like they have something going on for them and they are only lowering themselves for money.
    This looks like a female fantasy show, aimed at ugly women to make them feel better!

    1. Leonardo Dicaprio would give his life as long as he really doesn’t have to die, and that’s why he has a harem of 12 starlets following him around everywhere he goes.

  15. Funny how the girls spells her name Looci which I’m sure doesn’t appear that way on her birth certificate. I work with a girl named Jennifer who spells her name Ginnyphre. I’m calling slut on that bitch and any other girl who spells her name in an unconventional way that doesn’t appear that way on her ID. Slut tell 101

    1. “Here’s another group of mutants with missing chromosomes who ought to be thrown screaming from a helicopter.” (George Carlin):
      “Girl named Jennifer who spells her name Ginnyphre”.

    2. I always make it a point to on-purpose butcher the pronunciation of their name and say it phonetically when they go out of their way to spell it like an idiot to try and be cool. If they “correct” me I just shrug my shoulders and say “Whatever” all assholish. Act like an idiot and you get treated like an idiot. When did having a classic name become such a point of disgrace to where people think spelling them bizarrely is the solution?

  16. You watched what?
    Entertainment in the UK. What next? Having sex on a game show and then coming out to discuss it?
    Shoot they already have that……

  17. I have seen this show. It is actually quite a good show. There are some episodes on Youtube if you dont believe me. The quality of the women is not so bad, at least in the episodes I have seen. There is a decent selection of 7s and even 8s. Furthermore, I get the impression that most of the women are serious about getting a relationship and not in it just for the attention.
    Obviously the bulk of the women are not major intellectuals but then most women in the World aren’t. (Nor are most men). Typically, the women seem to be the average office worker type. Usually, this is the class of women that are most let down by the western media and western culture. They are the one’s with little critical faculty and will take things at face value (or at least used to but maybe not so much anymore, I hope). They will be the ones who will be used up and let down badly and wont have the brilliant career as a backup plan. These are the women who do need to marry and settle down when they are young enough to do so and probably would if they were offered the chance.
    I actually admire the women who put themselves forward to appear on this show, apparently in search of a serious relationship.
    These women could easily find their way to a bar and wait for some pick up artist to turn up, but they seem to have enough sense to do something a little different. Therefore, I must admit , judging from the 2 or 3 episodes I have seen, that this program is a positive development. Maybe I am reading too much but I sense a more mature attitude from the quite young (mostly 20 something) women in this show towards relationships that their 10 to 15 years older sisters lack.

        1. The show will not appeal to a typical RoK reader. Rather, it is for people who are in the middle of the IQ bell curve. But that in itself is not a fault. In fact, popular culture is largely designed to serve that demographic, the way religion once did.
          But the show has the following merits:
          1.The contestants seem to have been selected for being serious about getting into a relationship.
          2.There seems to be little hostility from the women.
          3. The odds for a man who appears on the show of getting a date are near 100% so there is little risk of a man who appears on it of leaving empty handed.
          About a decade ago there was a British TV show called Blind Date. It was packed with arrogant women who seemed to appear on the show for the sole purpose of running down the men they had a date with (and to get attention). This show is definitely an improvement on that one.

        2. Everything and anything about the show has been selected for ratings/audience levels for the show.
          This is like saying Top Gear is a show to watch for car buying advice.

        3. I agree about the ratings issue. However, that in itself is not a bad thing. Sometimes it can even be a positive thing. TV sometimes puts out negative messages and imagery at the expense of ratings, just to promote some agenda. This show could have been truly revolting like say Big Brother. Instead, it has a wholesome tinge to it in that it enables ordinary quite normal people to interact and potentially form relationships.
          It gives the message that quite normal people (as opposed to some of the freaks that sometimes are brought out on TV) should get together and also that women have to make some effort and put themselves out there.
          This seems to be a better message than the usual one that men will do all the work and that the most obnoxious women can get whoever she wants.
          It may be subtle but this show is for that reason, an improvement. I was not alienated by it as I am by much of television.
          I suspect that the producers have seen a need for such a show and perhaps noticed that people are tired of the more pathological bullshit out there.
          I am seeing subtle changes out there which I think are positive, among some sections of generation Y. I suspect that the TV producers are catching some of this and trying to stay relevant.

  18. Hey even Looci Fer made it onto British TV! Surrounded by drooling, fourth-rate males. Guess it must be the end of all things.
    Looci thinks she’s HAWT and wants the rest of the world to confuse her psychopathy with sexual attractiveness. Yee + ikez.
    Once the govt, media, etc. stop convincing western men that skankettes like Looci are HAWT — some grand prize to be fought over and competed-for — our gynarchies begin to crumble.
    An aging, control-freek bint in trendy black clothes. Oh yeah that is just SO attractive. How desperate and psychologically-blasted would I need to be in order to desire Looci? Please please Looci won’t you be my grrlfriend? :O) She’s like some instant incarnation of Brittania. Just horrid. Rule Brittania!

  19. Most of my family watches the Chinese (and massively popular as well as overly self-aware) version called If You Are The One and the faults are similar (minus the ex’s). A bunch of shy weak male contestants (occasionally there is foreigners out of nowhere) who have surprisingly astounding backgrounds (career/wealth/lifestyle) getting put down by the hosts and the girls, though that has been heavly toned down after its debut. The girls in the show tend to be a bit brutal despite their pretty looks and innocence, especially one who gained infamy (and backlash despite having the audience eating it up) for simply saying this to an umemployed suitor: “I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle”

  20. For very obvious reasons, this show made me think of the phrase “haters gonna hate”, which is exactly what fans/people on the show will say to people criticizing
    the show.
    Whenever someone says “haters gonna hate” I think that it’s impressive that blacks have come up with a phrase that completely dismisses any critique of an activity that has socially destructive consequences. And that such a phrase has permeated the culture, meaning many non-blacks now no longer think of how their behavior might hurt society.
    The next time you hear “haters gonna hate” or a person describe another person as a “hater”, remember that the person speaking (unless doing so ironically) is telegraphing that they are a very selfish individual with no care abut the future of society outside themselves. Deal with them accordingly.

  21. I think the cringeworthy-ness of Take Me Out, Looci, and Nick would have been more emphasized if the article would have shown some of the video clips of these “people”.
    For the full spectrum of how cringeworthy these people are go to this link and watch two of the clips;
    Seriously, watch the two clips from that link. They’re stunningly revealing.
    To be fair, if not for the tattoo’s, piercings, Goth make-up, and freaky hair she’s not that bad looking. Her arms are a bit flabby and could stand to lose about 10-20 pounds. However, it’s the body mutilations which ruin her. With improvements in class, style, and clothing she could have been a solid 5 or 6. Perhaps even a 7(More charisma based than looks) if she would have spent time developing her personality, intelligence, and grace instead of mutilating her body.

    1. But she’s “strong and independent”, Jimmy! Strong and independent!!! She can butcher her body and go whoring all she wants, ya dig?

  22. Look how peacocks strut about showing off their outrageously ornate feathers, while a drab peahen decides if he’s good enough for her. Peahens are very picky — if you cut off one of his eyespots, a peacock will be incel for the rest of the mating season.
    Yet among civilized humans, females are the more beautiful sex, adorning themselves in hopes of being chosen by a male. Why?
    It’s all about resources. Where food abounds, males compete for casual sex with females, who then raise the offspring unassisted. Where food is scarce, females compete for the males who can provide it.
    By freeing women from resource constraints, the modern welfare state has turned humans into something resembling peafowl.

    1. Some observations, no bad intention, because I agree in a sense that we are forced into an unnatural courtship, ( indoctrinated with that idea)
      -Ornate feathers to attract one female or many ?
      -The female “selects” the “best” male(feathers) or she is chosen somehow?

      Petrie’s findings, a seven-year Japanese study of free-ranging peafowl came to the conclusion that female peafowl do not select mates solely on the basis of their trains. Mariko Takahashi found no evidence that peahens expressed any preference for peacocks with more elaborate trains (such as trains having more ocelli), a more symmetrical arrangement, or a greater length.[10] Takahashi determined that the peacock’s train was not the universal target of female mate choice, showed little variance across male populations, and, based on physiological data collected from this group of peafowl, do not correlate to male physical conditions.

      Peafowl are typically polygynous birds, meaning that a dominant male will mate with several females in a season, although the green peafowl has been known to form monogamous pairs in captivity. Wild peahens can become aggressive with one another when competing for the chance to mate with a dominant male, sometimes repeatedly mating with the peacock to stave off mating attempts by other females.

      – monogamy-Captivity, Competing for the change to mate with a dominant male.(She is chosen somehow)
      – Are women beautiful ? sure ?, or sexually attractive ? or nothing ?
      The role of libido and the masculine brain makes him attracted to sex, not the woman, the female is a medium for sex, and sex is a medium to spread his DNA. And this makes him reproduce with as many females as possible, which is how genes are selected: evolution of the sexes.
      – Monogamy and courtship. As with peacocks, men are wired biologically to mate with as many women as possible, but women are not(slow cycle).
      But courtship? No, IMO, no, He is luring them, like going fishing.
      – In the eyes of the peacock the peahen maybe beautiful you know ?, as human males “think” that women are beautiful because of sex.
      – Resources ? Peahens incubate the eggs alone, without the males.
      (Her body, her responsibility)

      1. “The role of libido and the masculine brain makes him attracted to sex, not the woman, the female is a medium for sex, and sex is the medium to spread his DNA.”
        I wonder whether the following also holds true:
        The role of libido and the feminine brain makes her attracted to LTR, not the man, the male is a medium for LTR, and LTR is the medium to (securely) spread her DNA.

        1. Libido is linked to testosterone, this is known for a long time.(this does not mean that women can’t get horny without androgens)
          The male brain is also much more sexual, bigger areas of the brain, sex hormone receptors, far more activity when he is aroused, etc.
          Also you may want to read about the evolution of the sexes that tell us that the male is the most important sex to test the genes through natural selection:

          LTR in women is driven, from different factors, like oxytocyn, dependency, children, etc.

  23. That guy deserves her. I need to find her next time I go to England and leave a load in her just for him.
    May as well. Everyone else is going to.

  24. Any man who degrades himself in a fashion similar to the men on this show to gain female attention deserves exactly what he is going to get. That is at best a she-whale and at worst mocked on the internet for being a performing baboon.
    It doesn’t seem like it was any longer ago then maybe five years that men had some modicum of self respect. Now 99 out of 100 men I see out and about just look and act like bozos. I feel like that wasn’t true like back as late as 2010.

  25. The Chinese version of this is better although I find it hard to follow because my Chinese is not so good. The women are lightyears better looking, and there will usually be a few foreigners mixed in with he Chinese girls. The government actually stepped in to modify the format so that it would not be so humiliating, plus they wanted to take the emphasis away from money and looks to focus more on personality.

    1. Yep, isn’t this one the original version? So it’s not a Western invention? I think most of those chinese chicks are hot, and I’m not even into asians

      1. The one I am referring to translates as “If You Are The One”. Apparently the producers wanted to somehow be connected to Take Me Out but another Chinese show struck a deal, so the developed it independently.
        Wikipedia says that Take Me Out is based on the Australian show Taken Out.
        An example episode is here:
        I skimmed through it, but the first guy up is a westerner, and the girls range from passably cute to gorgeous. I couldn’t pick up on how many or which ones were bitchy.
        In comparison to Take Me Out, If You Are The One has something like 36 million viewers and an Australian network carries a subtitled version.

  26. I doubt he’ll ever have kids. He’ll have who she told him were kids (really it was one of the dozen guys she cheated on him with) and he’ll diligently raise the child and thus will eliminate his genes from humanity. The bigger problem is that her genes will carry on.

    1. That is the more jarring notion in fact. Survival of the fittest and he is determined to not get any fitter.

  27. quote from the article:
    “the real problem here is the…teenagers and young adults watching this who think that this is actually the way men should behave in a society.”
    No, the real problem is that teenagers and young adults actually think these shows contain an ounce of reality and are not scripted line-for-line. The character Nick’s lines are written so that people like you will watch the show and think to themselves “Nick is such a pathetic loser. I’ve done some pretty pathetic things in my dealings with women, buy I’m nowhere near as bad as Nick!”
    Meanwhile, Nick gets a paycheck and you, because you are now feeling good about yourself, just might go and buy the products being advetised during the next commercial break.

  28. I want to stress that even attractive women with the same flaws and faults as described in “Looci” are also unworthy of fawning and pedestaling. I think this needs go unsaid, but good to remind oneself there are no exceptions

    1. Looci is attractive?
      Compared to what or who?
      If the other photos are typical participants, then when compared to them I can agree, but not on a relative basis if not next to the others.

  29. After seeing that show for the first time there is a very interesting aspect to note. The show has been on for a few seasons but from the first season to the current one, the amount scaled up in contestants who are immediately eliminated because of looks. That episode in particular had a large amount of land whales, tattooed women, and men in dresses. It was either be eaten or choose the tattooed slut. No wonder Nick chose the tramp. If he had just decided to upgrade his style instead of looking average, he would have gotten a better girl easy. Cock block or no.

  30. I hate to blame the victim but I can’t feel sorry for a guy who willfully chooses to put himself in the position to be rejected by three never-weres.
    If anything, they’re the ones to blame for show like this existing in the first place.

  31. Isn’t this basically an English knock-off the Japanese show “If You Are The One”?
    Except in that show most of the girls actually looked good and behaved feminine enough to be attractive.

  32. I didn’t see the episode you are talking about, however, I did catch part of yesterday’s one. As usual they had the ”see how they got on” part and what went on during the date between these two was every bit as cringe worthy as you might have imagined. From start to finish the entire thing was him trying to prove how he is ‘now’ worthy of her, having ‘grown up’ or something. I remember a particularly loathsome part with her telling the camera something to the effect of ”yeah he’s changed a bit, we’ll see, I’m still undecided whether he’s good enough for me yet”. And she’s ugly, and has hideous tattoos. If that Nick guy could just get hold of a spine somewhere he could do much better than her.

  33. ha! being English i can say hand on heart that this tv program is a right load of bollocks, so much so that my tv is tuned to a different channel before the opening credits are over, it’s on at prime time too. the only saving grace its on a channel that we dont have to pay the tv licence for, there’s other shit that that’s spent on:D

  34. Sorry-ass pathetic bastard took back “Looci” (Oh look, she spells it weird! What a rebel!) after she broke his heart because she deemed him not “good enough” for her but yet he wants to give another go? Nothing is EVER the same after it’s been demolished and you try it again! I wonder what bridge he’ll be jumping off of into the Thames to kill himself in no time fast?
    What an idiot. Fucking idiot!

  35. Nobody forces you to go on these shows, nor watch it. If you do, well take it up your ass. There are shows going both ways and all of them are stupid.

  36. What would make a good article to me? Why do so many men want to continue to marry western girls, in spite of their clearly disgusting behaviour? Is the thirst truly that strong?

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