Red Pill Wisdom From Patrice O’Neal

It was Oscar Wilde who famously said “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh. Otherwise they’ll kill you.” Gone too soon from this world, Patrice O’Neal comes to mind whenever I hear this quotation. Patrice’s blend of genius insight into gender relations, infectious laugh and delivery, and ability to break down social issues made him one of the most well-respected comedians in the business. Patrice spit the kind of universal truths that would get another man excluded from society, but did it in such a way that he brought joy into many lives and created valuable learning experiences for anyone willing to listen.

Perhaps the most distilled examples of Patrice’s worldview occurred while he was hosting the Black Phillip Show. This short-lived radio program was intended to be a parody of Dr. Phil-type self help shows, dispensing relationship, dating, and game advice for men. All 13 episodes of the show are available for streaming on Youtube:

Here are some choice excerpts, all from just from the first hour of Episode 1:

The Two Sides Of The Female Mind

Patrice is telling a story about how his girl was subtly testing his manhood:

“Women have two things in their head. They have the thing that makes them go ‘I LOVE you. You’re a MAN. You’re bigger than me, stronger than me, I can’t even open this pickle jar without you.’  And then it’s the other side of their brain that goes ‘You faggot ass bitch, why are you loving this motherfucker so much?’ So what they want is the girl shit at the expense of your manhood […] Women don’t know how to tap into a man’s desire [to help them].”

Male/Female Conversation Styles

[To the female co-host] “Women are not born in honesty. You don’t need to be. You don’t need to have charisma or figure it all out. Men have developed a lot of different verbal skills that women haven’t because you haven’t had to. There’s no need for you to have […] conversational ability. And when you do have conversational ability, you FORCE it on guys. Because you know that most women don’t [have it].

“Here’s something that will work 99 percent of the time: If she says ‘here’s what I think,’ all you have to do to combat her is go: ‘Why? She never has the thought that is the purpose for her thought. There is never reasoning. Guys always have a reason behind what they’re saying.”

How To Deal With A Woman Pressuring Marriage

“You have to not be afraid to take a loss to get your point across. When she gives you that ultimatum, if you look like you’re sweating and you’re blinking and you’re nervous about her leaving, she will take advantage of that.”

“Stop trying to give her things to make her happy. You have to say, ‘Look sweetie, this is how it is.’ You have to be ready for her to walk out of your life. You ever see that movie Heat? Don’t get involved in something you can’t walk out on in less than 30 seconds.”

“One thing women need from you is emotions. […]. If you [calmly deflect them], her emotions have to eat on themselves. Let her emotions eat her soul up, then she’ll think of another option because she’s not walking out of your life unless you’re crushed. Women don’t leave unless you are completely crushed […] She won’t take a step.”


A caller says that his wife no longer has sex with him, and he is debating cheating on her at a friend’s bachelor party:

“You can’t love a woman like a woman loves you […] You can’t go ‘boobie bear’, you can’t hold her hand the way she’s holding yours. It’s a distance thing. […] You gotta make her chase you. Stay gone for a couple days.”

“There’s a righteous fuck and a dishonest fuck. […] If you’re gonna go to this bachelor party and get some righteous pussy, don’t even look back because it’s not about her. […] They don’t want what the can have, and right now she has you. Even in your attempt to be evil, you still have kind of a worthless self-image. You can’t cheat and be thinking about how you’re hurting her. If cheating on her helps your self esteem, you do it but you do it righteously to help YOU.”

On Materialistic Women

A caller asks if there’s a way to pre-screen for materialist girls before investing time/money in them:

“Most loser women, all they have to barter is their pussy. Men have so many other things to barter when it comes to the sex game and the relationship game. It’s not their fault, because they all do it, so there has to be nature involved.”

“We have other things that make us attractive to women. Initially, there’s only one thing that makes them attractive to us, and that’s fucking them, and then it builds from there.”

“You gotta understand that when you meet these women essentially they are losers. She HAS to get something out of her pussy, dude. She has to get dinner. She has to get a movie. How can she function if she doesn’t get something out of what she has?”

“When you’re taking her out to dinner and to the movies, that’s her way of fucking you. If you take her out 5 times, she’s fucked you 5 times, and you haven’t fucked her yet […] Don’t let them fuck you, because dinner/movie time is them fucking you. Are you a whore? You can’t let a woman whore out your time.”

Patrice is a comedian at his core, so this stuff is guaranteed to make you laugh. More importantly, though, it will make you more attuned to an unspoken battlefield of gender relations few others are willing to address so candidly. This is a guy who gamed women, made every mistake in the book during his youth, and witnessed firsthand the interplay between fame, money, game, and confidence. Whether you’re a veteran needing a refresher or a newbie looking to gain some power in your dealings with the opposite sex, the Black Phillip archives is an excellent place to continue your research.

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43 thoughts on “Red Pill Wisdom From Patrice O’Neal”

  1. Phenomenal post, Patrice O’neal was a truly red pill comedian. He never went for the “Women are so much better/smarter” style ego stroking route that many successful comedians go down (look at most extremely successful comedians, they all do it. Even Louis CK), which may be why he was so underrated. He was genuinely interested in helping mankind, which may have been a result of him being put in prison for 3 months over a false rape case when he was 16. Nonetheless, recent red pill swallowers should all check out Patrice and the Black Phillip show, it definitely will offer some perspective.

    1. watching episode 1 and damn he hit all the red buttons
      i highly recommend if you have the time youtubing the opie and anthony memorial special for patrice. a bunch of red pill comedians and some idiots, shooting the shit about how badass this guy was. plus lots of his best material

      1. Man, I saw Joe Rogan do stand-up comedy about eight years ago. Only twenty people in the room. Dude tore it UP for about ninety minutes. More energy than possible. All of it was red pill. The Asian girls in front of me were swaying like wheat in the wind. “You have soooo much testosterone!” one said.
        Total alpha.

    2. “I really do believe that women are smarter than men [cheering, applause]… But I also believe that dogs are smarter than women.” – David Cross

  2. I’ve listen to all 13 shows, he’s a bear hunter able to skilfully bring in his prey…

  3. Patrice was one of the most under-appreciated brilliant comedians I’ve ever come across. He would go on the Opie and Anthony show and just ramble on for hours about all kinds of topics, and every single show this guy had some brilliant gem to spit out, oftentimes several. I also highly recommend listening to the Black Philips shows, where he would bring a hot girl in there so he could break her shit down, piece by piece. She would say a bunch of stupid stuff and try to shame him, he would cut off her mic and point out why she was doing what she was doing, he’d let her talk again until she said something stupid again, cut of her mic and explain some more shit…meanwhile the whole time laughing that Patrice laugh- this guy was not only funny as hell naturally, he was surgical when it came to breaking down the female psyche. No one called hot girls on their bullshit (without being bitter about it) the way Patrice did it.

  4. this show looks great. Thanks for bringing this post up. It is a gift finding people who have made it big and can say shit that isnt accepted main stream and hold their guns.

  5. “And when you do have conversational ability, you FORCE it on guys. Because you know that most women don’t [have it].” This is the quote that I agree with the most, especially when it comes to girl “humor”. Have you ever overheard or seen a video of girls attempting to be funny? It is downright horrible. That’s why everyone nuts all over Tina Fey; you have 100000 funny guys and one funny woman. They have no idea of what humor is, how to tell a joke/tell a funny story. Relates right back to have shitty conversational ability.

  6. This is the most accurate article about building a “keep bitches in check” mindset I have seen so far. It beats Roissy’s neurotic try-hard routines and too-cool-for-school attitude any day of the week. Who knew the late and great Patrice O’Neal was Manhood101 certified in bitch management? I sure didn’t.
    This article put a smile on my face because I already knew all of this stuff about women’s true nature. I have total respect for that fat ugly bastard he probably had more dominant satisfying relationships with young attractive bitches than 99% of Roissy’s pickup artist wannabes. It just goes to show you don’t have to look and dress like a hipster fag to attract bitches, you don’t have to be ripped. You just have to understand women’s true nature, bring out her attractive girlie side and keep her bitch side in check.

      1. roissy doesnt even write there anymore, hasnt done for years
        thats why it namechanged to heartiste.
        if its possible look into the early shit, and as soon as the name changed all the hackjob writers they could get started showing up to fill the chateaus halls
        ive been reading roissy way before roosh

  7. Good shit. What a loss for comedy and for men when Patrice died….Dante Nero is carrying on the torch with the Beige Phillip Show on iTunes. He’s distilling Patrice’s stream of consciousness wisdom down to their core concepts and making it all easy to grasp and apply. Highly Recommended

    1. Holy shit, I had no idea. I always loved him on the Black Phillip Show, even though he wasn’t as dominant or insightful as Patrice. Thanks for posting.

      1. Hi Sway, I’m really happy to hear that you’re excited about this too. I just sort of stumbled onto it a few weeks ago and got hooked from the first episode. Dante’s character and ideas come through more strongly since he’s in the front seat now. A lot of the same guests from Black Phillip come on, and a lot of new guests. Dante is better at structuring his ideas in a clear and concise way than Patrice was, so although Patrice’s absence is painful, Dante is truly keeping things in the spirit of Black Phillip, while allowing his own strengths and character to set the tone more. Dante is also an inspiration for men like ourselves on his own merit once you get to know more about him, not only as a pussy slayer, but also as a man of multiple interests and talents who has done many different things during his life and has refused to be pigeonholed or defined by other people or by society. I really, really recommend checking it out.

      1. Great dude, spread the word. I really think they’re doing something genuine and important, for game, for comedy, and to honor the memory of Patrice.

        1. on episode 3 now of black phillips. and Goddamn the man (patrice) was a genius. there’s no way to really comprehend how well he could tear down a bitch and address her exact weaknesses in a funny and effective manner.
          episode 3 shows how he trained his wife so good, she evangelises him now even after he died. that shows how good a woman can be if you train her right or b) have a readymade traditional woman (rare)
          i am defintely going to get into beige phillips just to keep my mind in the right state. But after black phillips

        2. Cool man, that’s the way to go. Black Phillip is the Old Testament and Beige Phillip is the New.

  8. Been posting on Patrice since I started my site. I began my red pill journey with him back in 1999.
    RIP Big Pimp.

  9. Patrice O’Neal may go down as one of the greatest Red Pill Masters of all time. He is actually how I discovered the manosphere, the Red Pill, game, everything I now hold important (there were always posts about him on RVF). I owe a lot to him. He died way too young. Inspiration to stay healthy, there was so much wisdom he had left to impart.
    Listen to episodes of him on Opie and Anthony, he has such a powerful presence, you almost forget that he is gone.

  10. My favorite Patrice bit was the one about how biologically disadvantaged women are: weak, frail, bleeding out of their vaginas every month. It’s funny because it’s true. I see women struggling to open doors. I can’t imagine going through life like that.

    1. I hate to point out the obvious. Patrice was extremely fragile. Much more so than any woman.

  11. When you listen to Patrice O’Neal’s much-missed wisdom it’s incredible he doesn’t get more recognition in the manosphere, dude kicked reservoirs of truth on a regular basis, stuff that legitimately changed the way I thought about the world and helped me finally swallow the red pill, plus he was one of the funniest comics of his time (IMO). Respect, RIP.
    By the way, his schooling of a feminist harridan on FOX News remains one of my favorite moments ever caught on television. That was art. The first time I saw that all the nonsense I was fed by my feminist professors was immediately blown out of the water.

  12. the absolute greatest thing Patrice taught me was what he told his woman about how she fits into her life. he tell’s them, “you’re the fourth most important thing in my life.”
    1. me
    2. my family
    3. my CAREER
    4. you.
    fucking. genius. i tell that to women to this day.

  13. “One thing women need from you is emotions. […]. If you [calmly deflect them], her emotions have to eat on themselves. Let her emotions eat her soul up, then she’ll think of another option because she’s not walking out of your life unless you’re crushed. Women don’t leave unless you are completely crushed […] She won’t take a step.”..
    Cant be more true…just recently got dumped and now i understood why..i opened myself too much emotionality…will follow the the wisdom henceforth..women do have this ability to open the man’s emotion and then play around and when the final “D” Day comes..she will throw you out like u dint matter to thing that i have learned is that till the time women loves will her centre of universe but once things are over, she wont even care even if you cut you heart out..she will simply ignore or step over it…

  14. We lost a national treasure with this guy. Nobody comes close to him on gender issues, and nobody will. Rest easy, big man. And thank you for everything.

  15. At about the 1 hour mark you can almost HEAR Kathleen Roll’s hamster redline trying to rationalize her behavior.

  16. Some good points here. My sister is raising her five year old son alone. She cannot even lift him. How would she carry him to safety if the house caught fire? She cant control him now, what will happen in 10 or 15 years??

  17. My dad always said “If she tells you she has a boyfriend she’s either a liar or she’s in love” It’s true. A woman will always gravitate towards the better option. If she truly loves him she’ll remain faithful, if she thinks you’re a loser she’ll reject you. If she likes you more than him she’ll fuck you regardless. I’ve cheated and been cheated on, there’s many a time when I’ve slept with a woman and found out later she had a boyfriend. Hell, my last two girlfriends were already in relationships when I met them.

  18. Rest In Pimp. The man changed my life.His co-host, Dante Nero, is keeping the legacy alive with the Beige Phillip podcast.

  19. “Men’s rights activists must wake up and realize that the time for trying to counter the hypocrisy with rationality – with essentially male arguments, using facts and truth, in the hope that sense will prevail – is not going to make any difference to the relentless feminist long march on men” -Herbert Purdy ICMI-16

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