Feminists Demand Free Menstruation Products So They Don’t Have To “Pay To Be Women”

International Women’s Day—or International Whining Middle Class Women’s Day, as I prefer to call it—came this last Tuesday. Well-to-do women all over the West had their chance to whine and hate men more than normally for one day. How great for them.

One issue that Swedish feminists whine about a lot today is that they want the products for their period to be free of charge. Of course, when leftists say they want something for free, they mean that the state should pay the bill using taxpayer money.

Spoiled feminist wants money from the government

One columnist claims that her menstruation will cost her 70,000 SEK (about 8,300 USD) in her lifetime. She imagines what she could do with that kind of money—get herself a driver’s license, buy a car, travel around the world. But now she can’t do that because she needs to pay for tampons and painkillers.

She thinks that it’s “unfair that us women have to pay around 70,000 just to be women.” Her conclusion is that “it should be paid for by the state, or even better, why not be for free?” I wonder what kind of world this person lives in where you can get things without paying a single dime. Does she think companies make products out of the kindness of their heart? It’s just too stupid to take seriously.

One feminist at the news site Nyheter24 lists seven “facts” that support the idea that taxpayers should pay for her tampons and menstrual pads. Even if it’s most likely a bunch of BS, I’m going to read her list anyway and see if it makes any sense.


This woman wants you to pay for her menstruation.

1. “Menstruation is the most natural thing one can have, you should not be punished for it. You have not exactly chosen to have a period.”

Yeah, that’s true. Just as I didn’t choose the need to go to the bathroom from time to time. Over a lifetime, I spend a lot of money on buying toilet paper, cleaning products, plumbing services, and other costly things that allow me to take a crap every morning.

It’s something I have to do, and it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world, but I don’t feel any bitterness about it. And I would never ask anybody to compensate me for the costs. It’s just a fact of life that all of us has to deal with. And menstruation is a fact of life for most women, so just deal with it!

2. “And if you want to avoid the period for a month, it also costs to delay it.”


I suppose this woman wants even more money for birth control when she decides to delay her period. I don’t see why she would need to delay it, though. Like she said, menstruation is a very natural thing, so why can’t she manage to organize her life around it?

3. “One who has a period spends at least 50,000 SEK on menstrual protection during her lifetime. That is a lot of money.”

Sure, it does sound like a lot of money when you add up all of the costs during a lifetime. But it’s not a terribly great sum if you look at it from a monthly or even yearly perspective. Let’s say a woman has periods for 40 years of her life, from her early teens to her fifties. That means she spends 1,250 SEK per year, or 104 SEK (about 12 USD) per month. That’s less than what you spend on a night out at an average Swedish bar. So maybe it’s not that much to whine about after all.

4. “In addition, some have to spend money on medicines—free menstrual protection would ease that cost.”

Stop spending money on expensive girly drinks in bars, and you will have more left to buy menstrual protection. We all have to prioritize with our money, and these spoiled Swedish girls might need to learn that at some point.

5. “Think of everyone out there during a bad economy—do they not have other things they need to spend money on?”

Like I said, it’s not as expensive as this feminist wants it to seem like. And as far as I know, women in the poorer regions of the world are not dying in masses because they can’t afford tampons. Our species has existed for more than one hundred thousand years, and before the invention of modern products, women found ways to deal with their menstruation. If you’re really so poor that you can’t afford tampons and pads, get creative.


6. “Men do not pay to be men. Why should women pay to be women?”

This is really what she’s been wanting to say from the start. “These damn men don’t need to pay for the same products as I do, how awful! Punish them!” Well sorry, but men and women are different and that has real consequences for our lives. Men are expected to pay for the woman on dates, for example. So there are costs connected to our sex whether we’re born male or female.

7. “And if men had periods, they would surely have gotten menstrual protection for free.”

Oh yes, us men just help each other out and would never think of giving women any financial aid at all. We just like keeping those females down. It’s not like young women get contraceptives for free, paid for by hardworking tax-paying men, right now. But wait, that’s exactly what’s happening in several Swedish regions today (see here and here).

I wonder how the feminist conspiracy theory of the patriarchy can explain that one. But maybe feminists don’t actually care about facts, and just want something to whine about. And more free stuff.

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196 thoughts on “Feminists Demand Free Menstruation Products So They Don’t Have To “Pay To Be Women””

  1. While accurate, this article takes too long and gives too much creedence to this childish absurdity. Here’s all the response that’s needed to such nonsense: “haha, that’s cute. Shut the fuck up.”

  2. Nonsense in this vein, which many probably saw coming 100 years ago in general if not specifically, was why suffragettes were mocked.
    How far has civilization fallen, that we so openly, publicly, and graphically discuss something so intimate and private?

  3. All I see is some entitled women acting like her inability to manage her finances is someone else’s problem.
    Someone needs to tell that bitch in the picture that selfishly trying to make every conversation about herself is socially retarded and idiotically rude. That is why people dismiss her, because she is a giant buzz kill.

        1. I declare Tom Dane the official winner of this thread!! Absolutely dead-on-ballz accurate: Since gender/sex is a social construct, per the SJW mindset, their whole argument for taxpayer-supplied coochie napkins are moot. Christ, I thought I was reading an Onion article at first.

  4. How about we make FOOD free. Because we shouldn’t have to pay to be human. All food should be free. The only difference is that we ACTUALLY NEED FOOD. Women don’t actually need tampons, it just makes things easier.
    I know ROK doesn’t advocate violence or hate, but can we just start killing these motherfuckers? We try reasoning with feminists and SJW’s and that doesn’t work. And the pussy white knight betas who accept this shit.

  5. Men DO have to pay to be men, much more than women have to pay to be women. Ever heard of alimony and child support?

      1. I was skeptical of that stuff. Now I have a job that sells it. We have two customers with $1,000/ week kratom habits. They come in and buy $150 worth every day.
        Definitely not placebo effect. Depends on the person and type of kratom you get. Where you get the kratom. Where the kratom is grown.
        I’ve only tried two. One didn’t do anything and the other had me wanting to talk to anybody and everybody at 12:00 am.
        It works, but the kratom jokes are still funny.

    1. I thought about making that point but feminists would just point to female shaving products, which you should pay for. And besides, society makes women shave their legs whereas you have no social pressure to shave your beard you fucking sexist!

  6. Actually, as a man, the government did pay for my toilet paper. The public university I was doing a remodel on was about to throw out about two dozen rolls of TP and 4 fat rolls of paper towels and I took all of it home. I haven’t bought TP in four months. Heck, I’ve kept two rolls in my vehicle in case we go to a site with a porta potty and their TP runs out.Very proud of myself.

  7. I’m in favour of this proposal. Free tampons for everyone.
    But only if they nationalise women’s vaginas as the essential public utility that they are. I mean in the UK we’ve got British Gas, so why not British Vag.

    1. Of course if there’s a merger with the company above, they would have to call it British Gash Limited

    2. But UK nationalised industries give f*cking awful customer service! They don’t work properly, the are grumpy as sh*t, they are constantly going on strike, they…
      what am I saying? It’s already happened!!

        1. Unions? OMG the parallels just keep getting stronger…
          Feminism is a union designed to increase bargaining power, get more money regardless of productivity increases (in fact quite the opposite) and stifle everything but the ‘party line’…

        2. It’s often struck me how much like a trade union feminism is – collective bargaining wise. They make sure everyone keeps to the party line regarding anything to do with the panty line

        3. Yes… or perhaps the similarity is because they are both expressions of the general ‘left’ mindset, Nietzschean slavemorality – perceiving themselves as weaker, even victims, and rather than self-improve they collect as a herd and demand concessions from those they perceive as their masters?
          Whatever… the more I think about it the more similar they appear!

        4. true, but in terms of bargaining, it’s served them well, however ignoble it may be. There’s a cost to thinking and feeling like a victim though, which is probably greater than the gain

    3. We should all securitize pussy on FOREX so everyone knows how much one unit of pussy costs per unit of currency lol. Instead of basing most everything off USD it can be VAG/USD VAG/GBP VAG/JPY ect
      Hahaha I can see it now.
      Her: “You should buy me a drink!”
      Me: “Yeah, hold on let me check the exchange rates real quick and see if its a sound transaction… yep sorry, says right here the VAG/USD rates are getting too inflated so at the moment its not a sound investment. Lose 20 pounds and learn to shut the fuck up and maybe i’ll reconsider”
      Her: “omg RAPE!!!”

      1. Actually this is a great idea.
        Pussy is already a free market, but not an ideal one, and asymmetric information flows, plus beta-bike riders insane overvaluations, mean it is seriously mis-priced…
        Time for a market correction, in fact probably a crash and depression, followed by a more rational pricing model!

        1. Efficient markets don’t apply to the poosi which means excellent opportunities for arbitrage! Myself I prefer day trading but i’ve been known to hold some positions overnight if ya gnomesayin 😉

        1. Yeah but then on the other hand we’ve got all the fukboi’s pandering to it and creating an artificial market to keep prices propped up.

    4. Yeah. In a normal world, when one group gets a special privilege it’s regarded that there’s going to be give-back on their part. Like free college for doctors who’ll volunteer in remote areas. But women don’t see it that way. “Snowflake” syndrome.

  8. Not only do men pay to be men, but they also spend their entire lifetimes paying for women in one form or another.

    1. A good example is child support so the baby mama can spend all baby daddy’s money on more retarded shit.

  9. The idea of a “strong” opinion is utter nonsense. It’s almost always a claim, not backed by any supporting evidence.
    Woman makes claim (without supporting evidence), espouses a bitter look, and expects it to be respected as a valid argument. If you disagree, she launches into ad hominem attack.
    It’s best to just tell them to STFU and move on.

    1. Yeah, you ever notice that these “Strong, empowered” women never actually do anything themselves? They just get some man to do it…

  10. This proposal finally proves it…Women are simply jealous of men. They hate themselves and they hate God for making them the way that they are. The End.
    PS. They want period leave too!

    1. As men working 55 hours a week are forced to take drastic pay cuts so there’s pay equity between the sexes.

    2. Feminism is nothing but penis envy. They want so badly to be as strong and powerful as men. The joke is that if she ever feels like she’s as strong as a guy she instantly loses attraction to him. So they’re constantly in search of a man that won’t cave to her constant shit tests and attempts at “wearing the pants”.
      They will never be happy or satisfied.

  11. “One issue that Swedish feminists whine about a lot today is that they want the products for their period to be free of charge.”
    I’m thinking there’s a few other issues that Swedish women should be a tad more concerned about right now.

  12. Feminism jumped the shark about 5 years ago…now its just an ever providing comedy of errors.
    Let the Muslim “immigrants” toil in the underground tampon mines for them.

    1. Feminism should have jumped the shark 20 or 30+ years ago, but, thanks to Americans’ really short memories, the narratives of rape culture, micro-aggressions and “triggering” have come back. The shit isn’t new; these came on the scene in the early 1990’s, but didn’t have those twatter-hashtag-friendly names.

  13. Hmmm. I am gonna need a bulldozer, an M1 rifle, a new charcoal grill, a new diesel truck, a bobcat, an excavator, case of beer, new shocks, new cad programs, new clothes, new house, new tv, better doctor, new shoes, better drill press, new CNC machine, new lawnmower, new weed whacker, new paintings, new appliances, new table saw, new lathe, new computer, new phone, better toilet paper, new cadillac,…
    gimme gimme gimme

    1. All of these are fair and reasonable expenses that come from simply being male. How dare they not pay for us to be a man!!!

    2. You sexist! You think you are entitled to all that just coz you’re a man? Check your privelege

  14. “The Feminist Occupied Territories of Scandinavia” where swarms of islamic rapists and cutthroats roam.
    Man, you’d rather live in Baghdad.

  15. Eating is the most natural thing one can have, you should not
    be punished for it. You have not exactly chosen to have to eat.”
    “One who has to eat spends at least 50,000 SEK on food during her lifetime. That is a lot of money.”
    “In addition, some have to spend money on medicines—free food would ease that cost.”
    “Men do not pay to eat. Why should women pay to to eat?”
    “And if men had to eat, they would surely have gotten food for free.”

  16. The average man needs to eat more food than the average woman, too, so maybe we should give every male food stamps to cover the difference. You know, so they don’t have to “pay for being male”.

  17. LOL That girl holding the sign – whenever I get pissed off with my wife, she suggests I’m on my period! It’s funny. Feminists are just too stupid to understand humor. It must be odd to live in a world where you take all jokes seriously.

    1. They know that nobody is buying their bull-fuck! They are all stooges of some alphabet soup agency of the gubbermint (CIA, et, al), just like Gloria Franken-steinem was in the halcyon daze of the 60’s thru the 70’s. Full of shit, all of them, so much so, they’ll tip over eventually.

  18. Does she really want to do this? Okay…
    What does she mean a man doesn’t have to pay for being a man but a woman has to pay for being a woman? A man starts off as a boy, who will get his ass kicked based on law of averages. Who pays his medical bills?
    Boy needs to be trained to fight so he could protect himself and sisters if he has any. Sounds like a starter tax for being a boy. Again that boy’s body will have to pay for the ‘privilege’ of being called a man. Who will pay for that?
    A boy enters puberty. If he doesn’t decide to rub himself out due to societal pressures, become a masturbating recluse, or decide video games are more appealing than life, he will have to invest in game to improve his looks. And the return on investment varies based on individuals. Mind you we aren’t at adulthood so what charges we looking at for simply being a man?
    Average lessons on the low end are 35 a month. It takes 5 years to be a proficient black belt. On average that is 2100. If he breaks his arm during the process or some other limb costs could run near 2500 or higher. We are already in danger of hitting 5000 and all before a woman has her first period. Dare I continue?
    The average girl isn’t buying her own tampons until she is 15 or 16, give or take. While she is going through her whoa is me, another period, that boy is eating almost double her portions. If he is athletic closer to 2.5. He will also be investing in weights and may occasionally dabble in weights or even a gym membership. Costs for that run between 10 and 80 a month on average so from 120 to 960 annually. Most boys start with weights around 15 so this won’t be to bad but would you look at that? 2 years of weights is almost 20% of the life span of using tampons.
    Let’s not get into the costs a man spends on learning game. The cost for a dinner expense. The cost for a wedding expense. The cost for child support. The cost paid in alimony. The cost of retroactive restitution, for that child you never knew you had. And you could be looking at 250K or more. And more than half of those expenses are to cater to someone else. Fuck that, how about this feminist? Before you make any more demands of a man, switch places with him for a year. If you can’t handle the rejection, the time forced to invest in yourself, the sexism of being called a mansplainer, handle making a living strictly off of your intellect as typically life as a man is a shit or get off the pot affair, just have a sip of STFU, and keep your complaints in the woman’s restrooms where they belong. Cheers!


    2. Sounds like you read the feminist’s premise and took to whining yourself.
      And before you go on pretending that you’re right all of the time, most girls are starting their menses between 11-13. I was one of them, Smart ass.
      It’s not your fault we bleed once a month and it’s not our fault that so many men posting here are inept in every facet of their life.
      No one asks for their unsavory lot in life. 🙂

      1. First, thank you for noticing my propensity to being correct. Did you pay for your tampons between the ages of 11-13? Mind you, your flow would have started right about the time a boy could be taking his test for a black belt and after the first time he broke a limb. 5K gone before you “Became a real woman”. What will you do to compensate?
        Duck and dodge the questions at your own choosing?
        P.S. Many of this site, are well entrenched in several ways how to make a living and are vastly successful. Some may even be or have been a boss or an authority figure who may have helped you at some point. Don’t jump to flinging turd because you have the cramps. Bring facts first. Cheers!

        1. I didn’t use tampons. And I really don’t know or care about the black belt angle.
          All I know is, life is hard for both genders.
          You give credence to the feminist psychosis when you disparage 50% of the world’s population as a payback. Keep the divide alive ROK. Cheers back, babe. 🍻

        2. First, it is 51% of the world’s population. Second, glad you called it what it is, a psychosis. Third, no tampons?! Don’t go into what you do to stymy the tide as for the first time, I don’t have an answer to that. Four, that was an educated move to stay away from any more facts as they may not have done you any justice. Next time you wish to have some whine, make sure it is 6:30 on a Friday. Then I’ll be prepared with my glass of wine and you can bring your bottle of whine. I understand for some, one glass isn’t enough. Cheers to that!
          P.S. The first glass is on you actually. Trying out this whole egalitarian thing. Don’t go being cheap and bringing Barefoot either! Cheers!!

        3. Red Hood, I’m not a cheap skate. I love the finer things in life too much to hold back.
          We are all in this together, Namaste.

        4. That is what I like to hear. I usually request any lady I know to give more than usual as I tend to give like a forest fire. Sure I could be more restrained, but what do I with that ravaging edge I have? Keep your love and passion on your sleeve. Not only is it a turn on, but it shows you are a loving and fun person.
          P.S. You can’t see my sexual grin/sneer through the hood, but it’s there.

        5. You are no more than a cuddly teddy bear.
          I leave you to these, kings
          Keep em in check though.

        6. Thanks for noticing. Although I do some of my best work when you are on your stomach. Now Leo, he was a bit ungrateful not bringing up all the hard work it took to make him an Oscar winner. But you, you get me so I have a little something different to share with you. A little more tender, fierce, and aggressive. It’s okay if you howl in pleasure and scratch me back. I have that effect.

        7. Omg lol. Why don’t guys write romance novels? I would totally be into some fiction if guys like you wrote romance novels.
          But what’s Leo got to do with it?
          He has aged like some fine wine, indeed. 😉

        8. That’s easy. Because it is far easier to call a woman a bitch or act aloof to get laid. Once the prize is gotten no need to add any extras. All the romance is saved for gay writers and the boys who aren’t getting laid.
          Now, if you want more, you can do one of two things: find me more ladies to inspire me, or you can enter my bed chamber with nothing but a nightgown on, maybe with only a silk thong underneath, and be my muse. Between being on back, on stomach, on counters, I’ll bring out some pen stroking writing that will may make you swoon. I will more likely use my pen on you first. I need to know if it has ink. 🙂

        9. We are kindred soul mates. I am hopelessly hardly a romantic by nature and I’ve always loved the no nonsense approach to sex that alpha males possess.
          That’s why I take beef with this site. We complain, we want to have control, but we love you guys. The women written about here are extremists, a small percentage of the whole.
          What’s the problem here? I saw your comment and wanted to spar, not to be allured. lol

        10. What can I say? My charm and sex appeal can’t be hidden by this Hood any more than you being turned on by this conversation. If I can’t have you soaking my sheets, howling my name, and seeing the whites of your eyes while you shudder uncontrollably then what is the point? And between writing best believe you will not know what hit you when we fuck.
          To some extent we enjoy grappling with women and playing the game of control versus not. It just so happens adding a spank when you lose is just as appealing.
          I’ve had sparingly few interactions with feminists, as I don’t post on Facebook, nor do I believe in placating people. My view is it is fun and sexy to grapple with the power struggle if it is understood it is a game towards mutual enjoyment for both people, or sometimes three or more people, depends on the environment and how many drinks are had. Once it steps into the realm of demeaning someone’s existence or worse, applied control to a way of life, then I disagree vehemently and will have much harsher words to say and actions to take. Sadly, more women are becoming feminists because of the perceived power that is received from getting as many demands as possible from an unwilling party. In a lot of ways it is alienating and demeaning but like a drug, feminist can’t stop with demands and dually find people to believe their lives and further reasons to be unhappy.
          Too bad you weren’t having this discussion with me face to face. We could have fucked out all of our issues. The only issue that may come up then is why don’t I let you get some rest, four hours deserves a break 😉

    3. Damn right! And while women get affirmative action hiring, it’s the men who have the highest rate of on-the-job accidents. You’re right, a boy needs to be tough growing up, and that provides background for the hard, physical abuse his body gets when he’s an adult. Go to any orthopedic office. . .The women there are high-school girls who fell off of trampolines, that’s it. The rooms will be filled with older men recovering from back, knee, and shoulder surgeries resulting from working drywall, running jack-hammers, and wear and tear. I can’t believe a media outlet would carry such a stupid article.

    4. 12… 12 years old.
      Many girls start buying their tampons and pads much earlier then 16. (Their parents buy their supplies until 18 years or older, technically.)
      Not that the government should pay for sanitary supplies, that’s ridiculous.
      If you have a little girl, you will pay about the same as a boy. Menstrual products aside you’ll be paying for bras, underwear, makeup, hair appointments, prom dresses and nails, waxing, and that adds up.
      But it’s not paying to be a woman… It’s paying for what society expects.
      Let’s face it, sponges, cups, and cloth sanitary napkins exists but never caught on despite the money they save.

    5. Red Hood…if you don’t already own a chair at the round table i will personally carve you one from the bones of all the scum trolls i’ve killed over the years.
      Clap clap!

    6. Nice one. I say that many of these women (at least in the west) could afford paying for their own products if they stopped eating so much. The average size of many of these women wanting free stuff is ridiculous. Cut back on the food bill, sweet heart, and it would solve two issues.
      Then, she might have a real chance at a quality man.

  19. They should go outside and get some poison ivy leaves to stick in their dank dungeon (free of charge!) during blood week. Problem solved!

  20. The title to this article could have been rewritten as
    “Feminists shit test men on International Shit Test day. Beta faggots predictably fail.”

  21. Lolz – women spend a crap load on makeup, way more than on tampons and pads, so is free Sephora swag next?

  22. If it wasn’t for men, these whiny bitches would be running around bleeding everywhere and demanding we not period shame them.
    Which is apparently a thing.

    1. Or a hysterectomy. Especially for these feminists so no one would be dealing with their ‘feelings.’

    1. We men pay for every thing else, that they have got use to others paying for them. This is a natural progression. Next we will need to pay for there make up, as men benefit (they say) from the clown face.

  23. What would a hysterectomy cost? That could be covered by the country’s social medical benefits.
    So there. All the menstrual products are now essentially covered for the rest of her life AND all the girls she will no longer put on this Earth.

  24. I’m sure paying for women’s rags will be one of the Islamic State of Scandinavia’s top priorities on finally seizing power.
    In the meantime, may I suggest she have herself spayed and be done with it, ovaries and all. No actual need for her to wait (as she grumbles) for menopause.
    If men got periods rags would already be free? No they wouldn’t. Women would tell us to pay up and quit whining about it. When men want something, they have to pay for it, out of the scraps our masters and their feminist daughters condescend to let us keep from the fruits of our labour.

  25. Well sorry, but men and women are different and that has real
    consequences for our lives. Men are expected to pay for the woman on
    dates, for example.

    The discussion began and ended with this. Go fuck yourselves, femis.

    1. And womenfolk are supposed to keep the house clean and prepare meals beyond military rations.
      National date and dash day for ROK readers?

  26. She lost me in the first sentence of this article… Something about how the $8000 she saved would be blown on travel, cars, and other worthless shit.
    Never mind using your savings for actual savings.

  27. If they want free menstrual products then all toiletries should be made free and that includes razor blades and shaving cream. But what private company would do that?! None! Feminists need to get over that instead of expecting more freebies from society.

    1. Free only means someone else is paying for it. In Canada they recently stopped taxing these products, under the same stupid premise. I’m pissed. Whatever the government giveth they taketh away, and that’s a lot of lost revenue. God only knows how the pandering political left intends on making up for the lost $ but I bet it’s coming out of all of our pockets. I’m a woman btw.

  28. This girl’s premise stems from the belief that men are required to pay for women’s bills, and that women are not required to pay for anything, so the argument is bogus from the get-go.
    I’ve always wondered about people who assume “the government will pay for it,” do they not know from whence the government’s money came? One of the problems with the PC culture, and I think I am starting to see some cracks in it, finally, is that stupid people receive no punishment for airing their stupidity. People need to be encouraged to shame stupidity again.

  29. Here’s some mansplaining…..
    If the state paid for your “expenses”, half the subsidy would be paid by women. Unless of course you created a dick tax whereby all the revenue paid for tampons and Midol.

    1. You just killed some chick. How do you feel? her brain just exploded inside her skull. Be glad it was a tiny explosion and no one else was hurt.

  30. My response:
    I thought you didn’t need a man? And what about keeping the government out of your vagina?

  31. Off topic: Did anyone notice tonight on 30 for 30 how ESPN and Duke professors completely excused the false rape accuser of the Duke LaCrosse team with a free pass? They showed sympathy for her due to her mental instability.

    1. Yup, I saw it and noticed that as well. In the end the female reporters still excused that woman’s horrendous actions to mental illness, and many described how they felt sorry for her. Even after all the hysteria she caused, the lives she had damaged and could have potentially destroyed, SHE was still a victim who should not have been held accountable for her actions.
      And in fact she went on to murder her boyfriend a few years later. Thats whats so dangerous about SJWs and Feminism. They deny basic logic and ignore reality at all costs. I’d describe it as delusion or psychosis, but that would just deny them their agency and anoint them as victims.

      1. The University and ESPN spoke as if they were not complicit, and even exonerated themselves of this 21st Century lynching.

  32. “Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” – Government by Frederic Bastiat, 1848
    Ignore all the nonsense reasons. Those are distractions. Don’t even argue them. Arguing them is a trap. This is a claim on other people’s labor, resources, and capital. It is a demand that the state steal from some people to give those making the demand. Same as many other political movements. It is nothing more than that. People decide they deserve what other people create and they make up excuses after the fact to support it.

    1. Indeed, plus those who refuse to support the excuses are accused of being greedy, selfish, and antisocial.

  33. Men probably eat 500 to 1000 more calories a day than women. So let’s say that’s 30 % more. If the average woman spends $20 per day on food then the average man spends $26. Let’s say the adult life span for a man is 60 years (77-17). So 60*365*6 = $131,000. Government your bill is in the mail.

    1. It’s not fair just because we are physically larger than women and therefore demand more calories to continue living that we should then bear these extra costs.

  34. I have not chosen to be hungry, now go make me a sandwich!
    And menstruation in today’s quantity isn’t natural at all. It’s natural for a woman to be pregnant.

  35. i would pay more taxes if it meant the state would plug their other hole every month. peace and quiet is a valuable commodity.

  36. Because of such information like this article, everytime a feminist reveals herself to me, I smother her ideas, hear dressing, her face, her hair, her vocabulary, her stance, her teeth with shit. I give no pitty for the slut who dares contemplate financial murder and humiliation for any man. All feminists need to be sent to back to scrubbing shit.
    That’s also one of the reasons for shit-testing me. Okay, you shit-test me ? Take your fucking whale ass stink eye, piece of shit self and GTFO ! No remorse, no pitty, no nothing. They ain’t children anymore, they’ve got to learn the ways of men like we did = the hard way.

  37. I think the government should by every dude who can’t have a girlfriend a sex doll. They are only 7000 dollars and screwing is a need.
    YOu should not have to pay to be unpopular or ugly.

    1. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?! Here’s from the link:
      “I was talking to someone the other day and they said if it were men who had periods then this policy would have been brought in sooner.”
      WTF?! Where do they come up with this sexist shit?! How many times have I been to work with twisted ankles, splitting headaches, throbbing scorpion bites, or reeling with a hangover and I never once complained! Feminists’ stupidity is only proving how soft they are compared to men and even other women. A real woman would ignore her pains and fucking work.

  38. I don’t blame them. All women deep down inside them want to be a man. I know I would hate it if I was a woman.
    As fetuses we all start as nothing (female) and only if the condition are right we develop into something (a male) or remain nothing (a female).
    That’s why only men can become geniuses.

    1. No, we start out as either male or female, dumb ass; it’s just that there’s little physical signs of being male until later in the pregnancy

      1. We all start as female, which is why men have nipples and the potential to breast fee. Depending on the androgen sensitivity of the fetus, you become a man or if low you remain a woman – nothing.
        Go back to school!

        1. Yeah, but, that’s wrong. Sex is determined at conception. We have things like nipples and a cunt-seam in our ballsack because we initially grow in the same way, but we’re still male all the while. I’m not sure where what you’re saying originated from – I’ve heard it before and used to believe it myself until I delved a bit deeper into biology – but it’s wrong in any case.
          Your idea of girls = “nothing” is also uber gay. You obviously don’t have any girls in your life. I’ve got a wife and 2 daughters – I rate them a bit higher than “nothing”, as would any man who’s not a sexual failure and has girls in his life.

        2. You call me dumb ass and now gay. For a moment I thought I was talking to a woman.
          Anyway, on the subject. When I say women are nothing, it means they have the undeveloped potential to be something and will never be. Not all men become geniuses but they have the ready potential for it. Do you see the difference?
          Read about Androgen Sensitivity Syndrome. You can have a person who looks like a beautiful female but inside genetically it’s a man. You can also have men with this syndrome but they are still men albeit looking a bit feminine or with one testicle or with a very small penis, but they are still men. Hitler was such a case.
          Whereas the opposite is not true. We don’t get a person looking like a man but genetically a female. That’s because even with partial sensitivity to androgens he still developed like a man.
          Natures final goal is to create a man. Which is why in the Bible God created the Man first. And why women remain like children even in their adult life.
          But don’t worry you’re not less of a man if you have two daughters, I have THREE!

        3. Yeah, the thing about the Bible is it’s full of shit. How can it possibly relate to actual science?!
          Your idea is completely foolish. Not all men have genius potential, and for that matter some women have higher intellectual potential than many men.
          It also pays to note the specific REASON men are more developed than women. It’s because women – as an egg carrier – have been so selective in their mate choice that men are forced to compete to be selected or will fail to reproduce / become redundant. This competitiveness – driven on by women – is what pushed natural selection to create who we are today. It’s testament to the value of women – the egg carrier – in a species, or the higher investing sex, how they push the opposite sex (usually male) to evolve.
          Thus the idea of nature’s goal being to “create a man” is completely bogus. What’s really happening is men are fighting tooth and nail to prevent themselves from becoming redundant in the breeding process, again testament to the value of women. Nature’s real goal is to reproduce, and men are the ones who are at a disadvantage in this, and men are the ones who risk being “nothing”, not women.
          Check your genius switch, man. You might’ve bumped it to retard mode when you were sleeping.
          Congratulations on your successful reproductive efforts, though, but I hope you don’t share these bullshit ideas with your girls.

  39. Tampons for at least three months cost less than a coffee from Starbucks.
    I am glad we do not have real problems in Europe.

    1. I know right?! Where the hell do they get these figures? If you’re spending $12USD per month on tampons, you are either shopping in the wrong stores or you have a medical condition that should be attended to ASAP.

  40. One detail: “free menstruation products” don’t exist. Any case, they would be subsidized menstruation products, which means you’re not paying for them, but men are.
    So you don’t want to pay for you being a woman, but you expect men that doesn’t even know you paying for you being a woman. Brilliant.

  41. The cost of old rags for use during menstruation is essentially free. The $8000/lifetime typically spent is for specialty luxury items such as tampons and extra absorbent pads.

    1. Old rags are hardly hygienic, but trust me, their cost estimates are massively over inflated. And even if the costs aren’t an over estimate, we’re talking about around 100-150 dollars per year. A couple evenings out costs that or more. Ridiculous.

  42. We already pay for their periods just by being in their vicinity when they’re on the rag.

  43. OK… if this is what they wish, then the Swedish government should introduce a new law that says all feminine products but be free. BUT the government will not be paying its up to the corporate companies. Lets see how long those companies will sell in Sweden.
    Someone must pay and if its not the women then it has to be the government (aka men). AND men don’t want to pay this so it has to be the companies.
    There you go we all can get others to take the responcabilitry.

  44. After reading other comments it spawned an idea. Since men put out a lot of tax dollars, why not issue tampons to men? Take them off the free market. Part two? Women can do what they have always done; bargain. You want a week’s worth of help? Super, when you’re done bleeding I want a weeks worth of “help” too. Bend over.

    1. Well then, if their vaginas become publicly financed it only stands to reason that they become public property. If any law gets proposed to force us to finance their vaginas I want an amendment written into it where any woman has to give up pussy on demand in the public sphere. I mean it’s only fair.

      1. I have an article on that very subject in draft form now. May not get published; it’s kind of raw.

  45. And then the same people will turn around an unironically complain about white male politician making decision about what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

  46. I’m a woman.
    A. The author’s estimate that these products cost around 12USD a month is really generous. Even if the estimate is accurate it’s not that much money.
    B. Sure, I have to spend a few bucks on supplies that my husband doesn’t, but I can also shave my legs with cheap disposable razors not suitable for a man’s face. Razor blades, that’s where you guys get completely gauged. My haircuts cost more, but I don’t have nearly the dry cleaning bills hubby is forced to pay. When it comes to personal spending of this sort, I think it’s pretty even. If anything, you guys lose.
    C. In Canada, this stupid movement did manage to persuade the government to stop collecting retail sales tax on these products. Great. So now I save about a $1 a month in sales tax while the government loses God knows how much tax revenue from a product 50% of the population is guaranteed to purchase. I hate taxes as much as the next guy, but I’d rather pay sales tax than have my income tax rate increased.
    I’m embarrassed to have a vagina every time is read about this crap.

      1. I am a woman, and I am being sincere. I’ve no interest in sucking up to anyone, least of all virtual characters. This site spews a lot of hateful crap, but the odd time the articles are on point.

  47. That’s it. I demand free whiskey, free cigars and free muscle cars. Why should I have to pay to be a man?

  48. Why not offer them free sterilization instead? They won’t have to worry about their period any more and they are taken out of the gene pool.
    Feminism usually takes its women out of the gene pool by making them too unattractive to any man. But now with the hordes of Muslim men in Sweden, they could get raped and knocked up in the process.

  49. Shouldn’t those with diseases that they are born with and have to live with forever get the special treatment over women having to take care of a natural inconvenience like menstruation? I have a good friend who has diabetes he’ll have to take medication and eat shitty granola bars and mountain dew to keep level blood sugar every day. It’s alot like menstruating except if he doesn’t attend to it daily he’ll die. If anything I’d like people who have crippling diseases like Crohn’s or diabetes to get free healthcare over women saucing up their prannies, but medicine and sanitary products are big business. So we deal. Towel up ladies!

    1. Honestly- as a female I would never make a stink about getting free” lady things” I just wanna pay for my stuff and get the hell outta there. Hopefully with a female cashier aiding my get away !!
      Oh women shush!! This ain’t diabetes like the nappy wolf said. And keep some mystery. Men don’t need to know your full business.

  50. Tampons while convenient at times, cause gyno problems in the long run.
    I guess seniors with bladder control problems should also be financed and baby diapers should be free. These bitches need a lobotomy.

  51. Men are heavier and require much more sustenance over the course of their lifetimes to survive. The government should pay us an allowance for all the extra food we will have to eat.
    It shouldn’t cost me money to be a man.

  52. Men need, on average, an extra 500 calories a day compared to women. That should be subsidized with food stamps and vouchers. I didn’t ask that my body requires more calories than a womens’. It is mass-ist.

  53. We are now paying for the past 50 years of Leftist voting by Women in the West. If Chairman Mao or Trotsky were to rise from the dead, these Bitches would vote for them outright, as they now know that this is in their best interest. As the West slowly devolves into a matriarchal society, these liberals will continue to foist the falsities of their world view upon those who are able to pay for it. And once we are all darkened down with unmeasured 3rd world immigration, we can then expect our women in the West to begin child bearing with non Europeans as a way of saying–fuck you, we have a right to do you in. And such behaviour would be typical in that women in general have no in-group loyalties. So, what does it all mean? That when the pendulum swings back to the right, and once the blood in the streets settles, the very first thing we do after abolishing the central banks and the TRIBE that owns them is: the complete ban of women from the legal and social systems, excepting their right to inherit property and their right to refuse marriage…
    This is how you get back proper, moral, and patriarchal society…

    1. Wow, are you a fan of David Duke? Fucking hater…..go blow a donkey….I hope you get gang raped in the woods by your cronies in white sheets.

  54. Men constantly pay to be men, and spending their tax money on women’s periods would be another example.

  55. These women can probably use each other as ersatz tampons. I mean, ya know, they are ALL stuck up cunts.

  56. “And if men had periods, they would surely have gotten menstrual protection for free.”
    This brainless tit for a head would do well to realize that many health insurances actually cover the cost of women’s issues, such as contraceptives, provided that it’s a basic generic and not the name brand.
    The one i authorize medication requests for itself covers over 50 different contraceptives for women…all absolutely free. Where is the equivalent for men? Nonexistent.
    Why oh why…must females be so stupid? It boggles the mind how they manage to keep from walking into traffic every mundane day of their lives.

  57. They already get free cock WTF else do they want, the world wrapped up in bow tie?
    Look what we have to go therough to get vagina.

  58. “I wonder what kind of world this person lives in where you can get things without paying a single dime.”?
    This kind of world. Women get free things all the time, using the most common example of alcohol I can list plenty of times that I’ve been duped into footing the bill for drinks because a woman just didn’t want to pay.
    But the main thing I wanted to bring up was the English parallel, in England the discussion is not about getting tampons for free, but to remove the VAT from them, because they shouldn’t be considered a luxury item. Fair enough right? But, typically, they don’t give the whole story, and we go back to choosing whether we want to shit or not, because toilet paper also has a VAT. But no-one mentions that because to remove that tax wouldn’t be to the sole benefit of women.

  59. Strange, I see more whinging coming you, manboy bitch….hate on women all you like, shows the rest of the world what a pathetic loser you are. Go blow a goat, manboy bitch.

  60. I shouldn’t be forced to pay to be a man, what with needing to buy haircuts every two weeks.
    I shouldn’t have to pay to be human since o have to buy toilet paper, toothpaste and soap. THE OUTRAGE
    ““And if you want to avoid the period for a month, it also costs to delay it.”’
    Ok seriously. Women need to figure out that messing with mother nature like that Will do more harm then good.

  61. In response to any strong independent self-empowered female readers; Whatever unsavory lot you have in life doesn’t mean the state I.E. Other people (Usually men) should be forced to pay for it.
    Be creative and start up a tampon charity or something girls. I’m sure some white knight manginas will make some generous donations to you poor hard done by bleeders.
    Otherwise I want the state to pay for my daily hookers when I’m having a dry spell. I can’t help it, I have a naturally sexually aggressive drive because I’m male. I shouldn’t have to suffer life without sex even for a day.

  62. I am a women’s rights advocate when it comes to true atrocities perpetuated against women. This ain’t- suck eggs petty princesses. And keep your monthly biz- wack to yourselves. Men don’t wanna here about it- and neither do I. It’s just tasteless.

  63. I think we should start demanding a muscle mass based energy expenditure compensation for our increased food requirements vs women.
    It’s not fair that as a man i have to spend a larger portion of my wages on simply powering my body to perform the tasks required of me in the workplace…
    See how idiotic this logic is….
    We need to start cutting peoples heads off before the world goes thermonuclear with oceans 20 m higher….

  64. Yawn. It’s just yet another example of the stupidity that is modern feminism. Not sure why it’s even considered news-worthy.

  65. Strong independent women… that demand the government pay for everything.
    It would be in the best long term interests of society to completely remove their ovaries and uterus. Take them completely out of the gene pool. So we should support giving them a permanent fix for ‘their problem’ for free.

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