The Equality Movement Is Allowing Women To Tyrannize Men

A fairly common shit test that women employ at the middle stage of seduction deals primarily with the woman’s self-image. Unlike many other shit tests, it is just as frequently encountered by romantic beta men as by aggressive players, appearing seemingly out of thin air as a certain ‘light bulb’ flickers on within the woman’s head. The test usually pops up during escalation, which causes your level of intimacy to advance to the next level. For example:

  • when you touch a new area of her body
  • when the chemistry between you two deepens
  • when either of you mentions something you might do in the future
  • when you go in for the kiss
  • when you have already kissed her and you’re making out
  • when you’re in bed and undressing
  • rarely, when you first meet her in a club and try to dance with her
  • and very rarely, after sex, when she wants to know the status of your relationship (or lack of)

During any single growth in the intimacy between you that implies that something more is going to happen, a curious phenomenon appears in the woman’s mind: “Wait, what does this look like? Do I appear easy? What will he/observers think about me?” In other words:

A woman never wants to feel like a slut, even if she is currently doing something slutty.

It is at this moment that her defenses engage. She is not a slut, nor does she want to look like one! She is going to put up some resistance, pleasure be damned! That is where the famous phrase appears:

“You just want me for sex.”


“Do you like me just for my body?”


“You just want to sleep with me, don’t you?”

The universal rule of all shit tests is that rational answers are generally not good answers, but it is made even more prominent now. No matter what, do not try to explain yourself, convince her that it’s not really like that, convince her that you value her as a person, or engage in a prolonged discussion. That is exactly the fodder that she needs to reject you and prove that she really is a Nice Girl ™ who cannot be lured into sex by a few sweet words and reassurances. The more you try to convince and soften her, the more she will clam up, and the chance for further escalation is going to fade.

A common misunderstanding

Being the stone-cold player that you are, you’re not going to make the mistake of trying to convince her. Instead, here are a few effective answers (all of which should be delivered with a grin, followed by a brief look into her eyes, and then continuing the escalation as if she hadn’t raised any objections):

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Why is that bad?”

I call the answer above “pulling a Juan Antonio”, as it was immortalized by the protagonist of the excellent movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona in the scene in which reacts to a similar accusation with a shrug and a simple counter-question: “Why not?” Don’t treat wanting to sleep with her as something that needs to be justified, and she won’t either.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “And you like that.” *

A classic example of so-called “asshole game”. You need some nerve to run this successfully. There are few men who can nonchalantly launch stuff of this caliber and really mean them, but those who can shall be richly rewarded by women.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “No, I actually want to steal your organs.”

Agree and amplify at work. Make fun of her with an absurd proposition that goes even further than hers.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Do I need a reason?”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “And because you talk so much.”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Just shut up and kiss me.” *

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “No, I like your law degree.”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Do you only want me for sex?”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “I haven’t decided yet.” *

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: *grunt**

* = an answer that I have personally used with success

Never allow a woman’s last-minute doubts about her image to stop you. Learn to defuse her reluctance in a playful way and she will reward you with fornication.

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431 thoughts on “The Equality Movement Is Allowing Women To Tyrannize Men”

  1. This is the best article, I’ve read on ROK all week. It addresses something so vital in our current state of affairs. I think we all know deep down inside, things cannot continue on this course and some us correctly feels that the only solution is the worse solution. However you want to interpret that, is on you. Usually it means armed insurrection, expatriation, and total withdrawal from the West. It must be said, that men caused this, women are not that organizationally astute to have masterminded the collapse of Western Civilization by themselves. The men and organization that financed this fecal wave of degeneracy had one goal in mind: to prohibit any sort of group competition (which requires strong family formation with the father at top). This had to go, the ability limit and hone the destructive behavior of men was key to civilization, but no one ever talks about the limitations on the destructive behavior of women.
    Sure we know rape, child porn and pedophilia are all wrong and are usually male crimes, but in the process of limited the destructive male propensity for all things anti-civil, we have completely unleashed in all categories, the most destructive side of the feminine on society. The female proclivity for destruction is far worse. Women is the eternal destroyer and corrupter. She weakens and softens. Numerous mythologies have pointed this out, whether it was Eve and her Apple, Pandora’s Box or Odysseus and the Sirens. Woman when unleashed, is the prime destroyer. To even suggest that a woman’s behavior should be limited, controlled even, puts you in the same category as the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis, Stalinists etc etc…
    The sad part of it all, is this generation. We are the culmination of all the bad baby boomers (may most of you burn in hell), we are a lost generation. The boys cannot have families without the specter of divorce, alimony, child custody etc looming over their heads. This society is done, so fine enjoy yourselves amidst this protracted collapse. Our enemies have vanquished this place. This is Berlin, April 1945. However, don’t for a second believe that enjoying yourself in the collapse is a solution or even the solution to the problem (we all know what real solutions are to this problem, and they all involve mainly violence or expatriation), but do enjoy yourself in the collapse, that’s all we have left. It is the best coping mechanism to a battle our dumb ass forbearers lost without a fight a long time ago.

    1. Violence against whom? If you want change, I genuinely believe Game and Red Pill wisdom is the way to go…but violence? Seriously?

      1. Violence in the employment of justice is violence well exercised.
        It may or may not be the answer to the current problem, but eschewing any contemplation of violence as somehow wrong at its core as a solution to any problem is a problem we need to address. Well executed violence is one of the most masculine traits we have at our disposal. It’s time to lose the social conditioning that has trained men to be weak and to be afraid of violence.
        I do reiterate however, that the question of whether it is necessary at this point is still up in the air as far as I can see. Time will see if things get worse or better, and I’ll revise my thoughts on the matter when that occurs.

        1. You’re wasting your breath.
          The REAL “red pill” is difficult swallow. A bit too difficult for a “red pill”-lite website like ROK.

        2. If it’s violence in self-defense, or in the name of healthy competition, then sure, it has it’s place. Violence with the intention of destroying something however is completely moronic, and a sign of a weaker man.

    2. “bad baby boomers ( may most of you burn in hell)”—-boy I 2nd that— Check out this case of the daughter suing her boomer parents cause she wants the equivalent of alimony and money support even though she left home on her own….

        1. The hate for the baby boomers stems from the fact that they were the worst fucking generation ever in the history of Western Civilization. Every plague we’re now undergoing is a resultant of their generation, whether it’s feminism, the acceptance of single motherhood, homosexual marriage, the collapse of the Church, misandry, entitlement, materialism, nihilism, or even the inability of pay for Medicare and SSI. We’re simply fucked in all facets, at least the male progeny of that terrible generation. The dereliction of duty in Vietnam, the hatred of the military, drugs, etc etc… The collapse of American society took place on your watch and now we have Miley Cyrus. I really do wish the worst for most Boomers, and I mean the worst.

        2. “Vietnam, the hatred of the military, drugs, etc etc… The collapse of American society took place on your watch”
          Did I say I was a “boomer”?
          Some of the things you list are good, such as collapse of The Cathedral. I don’t see “hatred of the military” anywhere. In fact, kids are still signing up to get killed and maimed on behalf of multi-billion dollar corporate interests right now as we speak.
          “The collase of American society” … blah, blah, blah. it was already “collapsed” by that point. It has even been successfully argued that the United States was conceived and founded in a state of collapse and moral decay. Read some actual American history before your soft and impressionable brain implodes due to the propylene glycol in that Kool Aid you’re drinking.
          Hint: The US military invented LSD and pop culture icons like Miley Cyrus are a natural outcome of so called “great American values”.

        3. Because they enjoyed the fruits while things were good, ran the ship into the ground, and left nothing for us. They partied and plundered and left us with the bill.

        4. What generation specifically were the baby boomers? The ones who fought In WW2 and had to rebuilt the world from rubble? They didn’t do a bad job. Their children kinda fucked things up though.

        5. Their children ARE the Baby Boomers…anyone born from 1946-1964. Which just so happens to be the generation of the current ruling elite.

        6. LSD was accidentally discovered in Switzerland by Albert Hoffman in 1938 when a chemical he was working with was absorbed through his skin. On his bicycle ride home he had hallucinations and was smart enough to know it must have been the chemical he was working with.
          You Gen X,Y and millennial boys know nothing.

        7. Everything you mention was around well before the Greatest Generation (The Boomers) were even born. The World reached its greatest peaks during the Boomer generation and is continuing to this day under its tutelage. It may be thousands of years before such a great generation fortuitously pops up again.
          You pyjama boys are just a bunch of ingrates and spoiled brats and should get down on your knees and thank a Boomer every time you meet one. You wouldn’t even have that computer to watch porn and wank on if the Boomers didn’t develop it and make it dirt cheap.Computers would have only been at Universities and businesses who could afford them and the interface would not be so simply that even a stupid blanket boy could operate it.You 20 something morons are too ignorant to really know what the world was like before the Boomers. You boys are physically soft and flabby as well as being mentally soft.You were too molly coddled and you grew up to be total pussies afraid of your own shadows. You wouldn’t even have the life you enjoy today if the Boomers didn’t arrange it but like all morons you bite the hand that feeds you.And the wacko fringe that comments on here are the lowest of the low of the Gen Y and millennials always complaining about not being able to get a girl. You’ve had everything served to you on a silver platter that even though you’re a nonentity you think you’re entitled to a high paying job and a girl #10 to go along with it lol Go take some testosterone injections, get out of mommy’s cellar and learn how to earn things the way the Boomers did and stop being such bitter little turds. The Boomers did not have free grants, tuition, loans, free medical, welfare or any of the other things you take for granted but yet were the most successful generation in history.Most of you have been so protected that you remind me of the Bubble Boy.

        8. Lol… keep telling yourself all that shit, if it makes you feel better. We all know how history will record the Baby Boomers.

        9. In reality, the millienials and gen x’ers have done more to destroy western civilization compared to the baby boomers.

        10. Yeah we partied like it was 1999 lol It was actually the Boomers who were saddled with the big debts left over from WWII and top income tax rates were 90%. Not 35% as today.
          And besides, I doubt if any of you loser pyjama boys here have ever even paid any substantial taxes in your lives.Most of you have never paid any income tax and even if you worked the most you paid was SS tax which every working person must pay at the same rate. Of course, even that SS tax was mostly paid by your employer.
          So basically fuck off little pipsqueak spoiled pyjama boy and get a real job and pay your fair share and stop trying to live off the fruits of the Boomer’s labour and ingenuity.

        11. QUOTE: “Because they enjoyed the fruits while things were good, ran the ship into the ground, and left nothing for us. They partied and plundered and left us with the bill.”
          Well said.

      1. I just gotta ask this, so who the fuck is it giving this loser 4 thumbs up? I mean, obviously some people agreeing with her. So show some fuckin spine and comment yourselves. Oop..that’s right; Feminists.

        1. This troll probably logs in and out of this page to keep giving herself thumbs up. And other manginas or other feminazis prowling this site.

      2. JULIET?!
        Wow, I read so much about you. Got a cunt full of cock right before you drank poison in a grave by your undead boyfriend, and daddy wasn’t happy.
        Oh wait, you have princess in your name? I guess you are the wrong juliet?
        Oh well, between the face book selfies, an inability to not tell the difference from one cock to the next, and an insatiable appetite for attention from complete strangers, you all look the same to me.

    3. The blame game, so typical of you. You are the stronger sex though? Blame is for toddlers telling mommy who did it and are unable to take responsibility for your own actions. That’s what makes you weak.

      1. So no one is to blame right? We all just found ourselves in this current malaise without a clue? On the contrary, men’s ability to accept blame and dish it, is what makes us strong. A woman cannot accept blame, mostly the Western woman, you’ve been told, your shit smells like gold and have come to believe it; that’s what makes you weak. Trust me, women have not found themselves in the current position they are in today without men. Numerous subversives in the CIA, Rockefeller Foundation and other subversive organization enthroned you in the current position you are today. In the end, it’s about men keeping other men down and using useless Western whores to do it.

        1. “In the end, it’s about men keeping other men down and using useless Western whores to do it.”
          Yes indeed… For all the (undue) power women possess today, the story of humanity is still the story of man. Women are merely livestock for the powers that be. Useful idiots that live in what is, was, and always will be a man’s world.

        2. Haha oh the delusion on this site runs rampant and Lance is great at getting you all fired up but be careful where and how you spend your energies. I agree some fems are way out of line, but get real with your rally cries. Your demonizing of a few will turn the whole lot of us against you, and that doesn’t keep with the “red pill therefore we are brilliant” ideal. You would be failing in the art of war 🙂

        3. Who the fuck cares who’s side you’re on? Do you think you matter?
          These issues won’t be fixed by political decree or any sort of democratic process. They never are.
          In case you hadn’t noticed, the west is bankrupt. Inertia and fraud have helped maintain the status quo, but our soft, cushy lifestyles are on borrowed time. As are feminism and other left wing perversities that are the ‘luxuries’ of wealthy societies.
          Reality will assert itself and the truth will out, as it always does, eventually.

        4. And how should we spend our energies Naya? Pursuing ungrateful American women? Getting married without any real legal rights in the marriage or with our own children? Sure, I’m deluding these men by telling them the system is rigged and purposefully so. Naya we do not care about the lot of you against us. The American woman virtually has no international support. No other woman in any other country gives a shit about your causes. A man’s options in this country are unlimited abroad, however, no foreign man, especially men from patriarchal countries would ever tolerate you and your ilk.
          Clearly by avoiding you and your types, we are hoping for a number of things, 1.) You remain childless from the pursuit of your careers and die off along with your sick entitlement 2.) We avoid throwing half our lives away and all we earned because you can game the system against us and 3.) Hope that once your childless, barren, unmarried or with some weak beta, you feel absolutely miserable and die in that misery (usually with a plethora of cats around you)… yes sadistic, but nonetheless accurate in the hatred we feel for you and what you’ve done to our civilization.
          Honestly, what options do we have? Do we have the same legal rights as you? No Most of us have decided, we won’t live in a future, where some cum-dumpster American whore can pull the trigger on our livelihoods through a number of avenues, whether it’s threatening us with our children, divorce, alimony, child support or even fake ass spousal/rape abuse charges. I’m not having it, get use to more men, especially the best amongst us pressing the nuclear option on you cunts. Fuck you.

        5. An intelligent attractive man such as yourself should be able to calm his approach or risk being grouped in with and sounding like the lunatic feminazis we so despise in the first place and we all see these injustices done to men you speak of.
          I’m saying the wild eyed hand waiving approach at righting wrongs seems futile, there are plans and actions that don’t involve the extremes you’ve stated.
          “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”
          Winston Churchill

        6. Don’t waste your time on these pajama cellar boys. They’re all defective little omegas with no brains, money or looks. Some day they’ll come out of their cellar and find out that females around the world don’t want losers either aside from the fact that women worldwide want White men.

        7. Not all of these men are the same like not all women are the same. MY conversation wasn’t about racial preference. Look at my photo dear and you tell if you know what blood runs in my veins? Tell me who I am and who likes me if Im Black, Hispanic, Scandinavian, or a pale skinned Irish woman, or all of the above. Make sure you do this when Im trying to speak to an angry black man about women. I’m disappointed.

        8. Naya, reading from your comments, you seem like a decent person. Still somewhat brainwashed, but nevertheless decent. I can tell no serious feminazism in your comments. Given, reading the exchange between you and Eileen, can you see exactly why Western men (of any race) would want to deal with the likes of Eileen? Now multiply her by 150 million and you get an epidemic. She couldn’t even reason with my argument but instead went into bs convo about race, as if that’s supposed to hurt my feelings (lol, I have no problems getting women). But you can see how these types, which are pretty normal in the states have become repulsive to most men.

        9. I do understand. Rest assured there are quite a few women like myself who are tired of the women around us, on television, and representing us in the media. We are embarrassed daily by them. We believe it’s time to bring Ladies back to our families and do away with feminists either by breeding, shaming, or conversion. If I were Brainwashed it was only with the utmost in male ideals from and by my husband. 😉 Certainly you would agree the best kind of brainwashing. Thank you for your kind reply Lance 🙂

        10. No problem, thanks for not responding with pejoratives when I attacked you with my first comment. There really is a problem in America between the sexes and it was a problem created by a group of people with deep hatred for the family, children, traditional wives and above all, men. You should come to this site more often, because men actually do want to influence women, and get reasonable women on this site, and not Jezicunt trolls. On this last note, statistically this is the most unhappiest generation of women, ever, in recorded history; yet the most “liberated.” Clearly something is wrong, but your sex no longer has parity with us, they have power over us. Despite them being unhappy, nihilistic, materialistic, loose, and a lot of the time Godless and all of this making them unhappy, they wouldn’t trade it in, because they’ve been given (by men whose interest it is to keep most men down), power over every aspect life between the sexes. How long men, will keep taking this? I don’t know, but you know it cannot last forever.

        11. She’s right. These Asian girls want a White man and not just any one but preferably one who is tall and blonde lol
          These pyjama boys would also have nothing in common with a Russian girl who at the very least have a Uni degree(it’s 5 years there) and usually a lot more than that;speak English and a number of other languages;have generally travelled and are a lot more cultured and sophisticated as well. Now, why would they want some stumblebum from the US? Very few Russian girls even want to live in the US aside from those from a depressed area of Russia or Jews.
          The boys on these “manosphere” blogs are like the 1% lunatic fringe of loser men always dreaming about being an Alpha which is why they are never able to meet the good US females.

        12. You’re very right about Asian girls. I am generally not that attracted to Asians, but I’ve had great luck with European, Arabic, Persian and American women and usually the attraction is mutual. There are many pretend “alphas” on this site who try to masquerade materialism, nihilism and whatever else to mask the legitimacy of wanting children and a good woman. The only issue I take with your statement, is “good US females.” I mean what is your definition of “good”? Clearly most of them possess this sick sense of entitlement, crass materialism, argumentativeness, the inability to cook, the inability to be good mothers and especially good wives, and are usually vapid, soulless and hypergamous prospectors without a shred of loyalty. The inability to meet a good US woman? Are you talking about 1-2% of the overall female population of the United States? Where are these glorious American women?

        13. ‘There are many pretend “alphas” on this site who try to masquerade materialism……..’
          They’re all pretend alphas and not even good as pretenders lol I don’t really use the term alpha and it would be difficult to define it but when you see it you just somehow know, and it’s the same with females, when you meet a higher quality female you will know it.
          Materialism and having a lot of assets is really just a reflection and a result of your own competence. The village idiot who inherited a lot of money from his rich uncle is still the village idiot and unless he has some sort of guardian will be broke again soon either from just thoughtlessly wasting it or some golddigger getting it from him.. A fool and his money are easily parted.
          “Are you talking about 1-2% of the overall female population of the United States?”
          No, I’m talking about females worldwide,in and out of the US. Females all have the same Natures underneath.Very few females have the various combinations of traits that would make them a quality woman and it’s always been this way. They were not better in some mythical past that really never existed.
          Many of the negative things in the US have always been around to a small degree but the real problems only began about the time Clinton took office about 20 years ago which to someone 20 years old is their entire life but things have a way of equalising and they’ll be a backlash as there always is when things become too extreme. I’m not so sure that it was all caused by feminists though who were always viewed as fugly females and loudmouth dykes and just a lunatic fringe. There’s something else and sinister going on but my prediction is it will collapse.

        14. There is no such thing as mail order brides from Russia. And the girls who want to leave Russia to make more money in their profession do not want to come to the US to do it.They prefer other areas of Europe. Also, only about 1% of Russian women marry a foreigner and that’s including foreigners who are businessmen men in Moscow etc
          And why would they want to come to the US to further their education when Russia (even under the communists) has the best system in the world. Go to Russia and talk to an Average 20yo Uni student there(they all speak English) and compare her to her counterpart in the US and it’s like night and day.

        15. To presume we know everything is a bold lie to believe I like to say. The catalogue was meant for a certain type of successful man. It wasn’t for everyone. I was raised by a man, who expected a male child and never had any more children so the man never hid anything from me. Yes it was years ago, but I promise it was absolutely legitimate and with complete consent of the women.

        16. I remember the lonesome dove movie trilogy (I think) where they make it over the border from Mexico, and get caught by the local military post. In order to get out, they had to draw a white marble. The other marbles in the bag were black.
          If you drew a white marble, you were free to go. A black?! Well, they killed you.
          If American women are marbles, what percentage (based on the divorce rate) are black marbles?

        17. Look at my photo dear and you tell if you know what blood runs in my veins? Tell me who I am and who likes me if…

          Bitch, nobody cares. This site isn’t about you, and it isn’t a space for you to drop “tantalizing” hints about your personal history while attention-whoring like approximately every other female on Planet Earth.
          This site is for men’s issues and discussion of said issues among men.
          Re-read that last statement of mine again and again until it dawns on you why you’re on the wrong site.

    4. The solution is NOT to give a shit what women say they want…..or what rights they have…..or how they want superiority….or to be validated…or about Fat Acceptance…or whatever..
      I don’t give a shit about how women abuse the other 90-95% of the men (Beta/Omegas) out there…..I don’t care about these guys and how oppressed they are…if they chose the BluePill then they deserve to be treated like a door mat.
      My time on this earth is limited……and I plan to enjoy it to the max….I don’t care about future generations or the “current state of affairs” of western civilisation…..I don’t care if Global Warming exists and the planet is destroyed in 100 years time…..I could not care less if the Panda is extinct or not.
      Learn Game….be an Alpha… a RedPill….be a MGTOW….be a Rational Hedonist…and enjoy the ride.

      1. A cautionary tale you are. And yet this is the path an increasing number of men are choosing to take.
        The beautiful world women, feminists and their countless enablers are creating for us. I hope you enjoy it.

        1. You either enjoy the ride OR you don’t.
          I leave the “World Changing” bull for the Beta dreamers and fantasists out there….I suppose they must have a “meaning” to their miserable lives…..
          One of the side effects of the RedPill is that you realize that you CAN’T change the world… does not mean that you have to play the game by THEIR rules.

        2. By taking the red pill you already changed the world..and if more do it, the world will change more. Imagine a world with no manginas and white knights? Thats some change !

        3. There is a saying, “A weakness is a strength that has gone too far.”
          You personify this. In your pursuit of strength, you weaken your own resolve. Your viewpoint is the hallmark of the communist. Yet look at their legacy. Karl Marx merely watched as his family perished, and he lost four children. He didn’t care. His writings which led to the death of 100s of millions of people, and he could not be bothered to ever clean his own house. Telling future leaders of destruction how to better murder, and starve their own people to death was more important that being there for those close to him.
          Be careful what you wish for. You correctly identify some of the root causes, but then throw the white flag of surrender, and light a cigarette like a pussy.
          Building an empire, making a successful business, giving jobs to good people, creating technologies or ideas that others can emulate, caring for the poor and needy (not by choice), and embracing the little fingers of your own child around your neck are all the hallmarks of the greatest warriors of each kind that pussies like you refuse to do. Too hard I guess, and that is why your doppelgangers of nihilist thought like feminists and Stalin all tried to co-opt these ideas for themselves. Because true strength was too hard. Having to lead people who want to do things n their own was far too difficult. Like your video game, reset, and try again.
          They all got what they asked for though. They all turned their backs, and succumbed to the pain of their own lives. And did their best to take as many with them as they can. All you are is a small portion of the the much smaller, but highly vocal, segment of the manosphere that seeks to make a male version of what feminists started.
          Count me out. I go to war with the brothers I trust. Not some communist pussy who will back out on me the moment the fighting gets hot. As bad as shit is, I want to be known as the guy who never gave in, and stood up for things that were worth dying for. Not someone who saw his enemy, and threw in the towel before ever stepping foot in the ring. Yeah, shit is getting bad. Feel free to move. And watch from a distance from whatever third world shit hole you won’t be able to support yourself in when we over come this. It will happen, indeed, it already is!
          I have lost years of my own son’s life. Tens of thousands of dollars fighting his worthless, lying bitch of a mother through the courts. But I will never give up on him. Like I would never give up on a true friend. I brought him into the world, and I am no ostrich-son, that shoves his head in the sand and leaves his offspring to die and rot. Before promptly getting railed in the ass by whom he knows not. Just because things are bad, does not mean it will last forever. There is still good to be had.
          Take you battle cry of mediocrity, and lazy surrender to those as weak as yourself, and kick rocks. I don’t ever want my story to be one of running from one tough situation and another, just to write a story of surrender. Shit happens, people will take advantage of you. You take advantage of others. I have. Others here have. It is part of the human experience. You make mistakes, others make some on your expense.
          Get over it.

        4. Imagine a world with no manginas and white knights? Thats some change !-TD
          Wish I could, but let’s face it, we will have to look for more likely possibilities/alternatives. There are far too many men, since before recorded history most likely, of betas stabbing alphas, and other betas, in the back just to get dissed by the black widow who tooled them.
          It is more likely that we will have to reach a critical mass of say 20-25% alpha themed men who will be able to rule over the others with a sense of justice that is neither forgiving, nor patient. With the 90% of all men being led by the dominant ten. I hate to say it, but it is how humans seem to do everything. A church is only supported by the ten percent who show up and pay tithes. A military relies on 80% supporting 20% who do the actual lifting(read die).
          Then we too will be overcome.
          It is a series of cycles, feminists have just enjoyed theirs for the better part of six decades. But they made a horrifying mistake. In their quest to destroy marriage, and the bonds of “pleasant concentration camps,” they also removed our bonds of chivalry.
          History in the near future may very well have a treasure trove of ass whoopings available for these little cockologists.
          Savor their future cries very little. For the women who deserve it most are dead, or already dying. Like the commenter above, they never cared what we would do to their female descendents with our cold indifference after they passed. Our current infants of female persuasion have done as much as we did as infants to deserve the “gender justice” they will ultimately receive.
          And the world turns.

        5. Indeed history will have a treasure trove of ass whoopings available. I personally, can’t wait. I grow tired of the little boys and girls that pester me day in and day out.
          If there is one thing I truly despise in this world, it is weaklings. Weak-minded, weak-bodied, and stupid people. I have no patience for their crap, nor do I have much empathy. I can understand some of their ploys, but most are lazy and ignorant because they choose to be. Utterly disgusting and disgraceful.

        6. I too shrug at the incessant cowardice, softness and sedentary nature of modern Western man. It truly is pathetic. The response to Cultural Marxism by a lot of these men is to worship pussy, become soft, and vicariously live out their manhoods by playing video games and watching professional athletes. At some point in a man’s life, he will have to do some type of fighting, and this generation including the last two, mostly believes that their is only a soft and peaceful solution to everything. A man invades your home, takes your goods and rapes your daughter? Modern Western man… talk him out of it. “Reason” with him. When one has achieved dominance over you, you cannot reason with one from a position of weakness. That’s what men don’t understand about feminism, you can’t reason with women, as if they’d change their advantages for you. We’ve grown soft and weak, and it’s deplorable. Maybe it’s a weakness in the gene pool from all these mommies having kids at a later age or too many real men not in the homes. I applaud you, real men, fight. If a man is not willing to struggle, then he is not worthy of life.

        7. This. My respects for being a man. What you share in honest conviction is like a ‘Desiderata’ for these times. Remember to make peace with God however you conceive Him and know your divine self. That brings ultimate wisdom and perspective – true awakening and awakened action are the only remedies for what ails the world. It begins with you and extends to every other being (which are aspects of you, or me shall we say).

        8. Many confuse being red pill with being a loner. No true visionary man can be a loner. Giving up makes a man as useless as a woman..

        9. I said in my post….I’m a Rational Hedonist….I have a goal…
          and I achieve it….every day.
          My goal is to enjoy life on my OWN terms…my OWN rules…live every day as if it was your last.
          My goal is ONLY to do things that brings ME pleasure….PERIOD.

        10. Wrong…..By taking the RedPill I changed myself.
          The world is still the same crap world it was before.

        11. I think you got my comment ALL wrong….I will try NOT to do the same with yours….
          “Building an empire, making a successful business, giving jobs to good people, creating technologies or ideas that others can emulate, caring for the poor and needy (not by choice), and embracing the little fingers of your own child around your neck are all the hallmarks of the greatest warriors of each kind that pussies like you refuse to do.”
          You are a BluePill dreamer….you are VERY BluePill.
          You are one in 9 billion… are NOT special….
          My guess is that you WILL have a very disappointing life when you finally realise that you are NOT Bill Gates (and will NEVER be)…you are just another John Doe.
          This is not meant to be insulting…it is just reality.
          You can go ahead and try changing the world dude….in the mean time I will still drive my BMW and live in my fantastic bachelor pad and live my life super happy….very SELFISH!

        12. Yes you can.
          All it takes to change the word —>> is an IDEA.
          And what you said above…. is exactly the right idea.

        13. “cowardice, softness and sedentary nature of modern Western man”…
          Shamming Language nonsense.
          Cowardice? Softness? Where in my post did you notice this?
          Because I choose NOT to be cannon fodder….does not mean cowardice or softness.
          I live a life most men dream of….I have the proverbial “fuck you” money….drive an expensive BMW and live in a very nice place….how does that make me a coward? It makes me a winner I think.
          I live a life where I come FIRST….SECOND…and THIRD on my priorities…and I certainly DO NOT worship pussy.
          You can go ahead and fight and be cannon fodder if you wish…and do whatever makes you happy…..and keep dreaming about changing the world around you.

        14. well after all you are also part of the world so by changing yourself you also, technically, changed..the world.

        15. “We’ve grown soft and weak, and it’s deplorable.”
          Plenty of strong, tough alpha dogs out there. Problem is they are all locked up in prison.
          You need to be able to think – besides fight – these days.
          A good soldier will adapt to the changing situations and environments accordingly. We can do more to win this war with subterfuge and cunning than we can with “in yer face” bravado.

        16. I’d rather be the dead Spartan fighting the greatest war against humanity then wait idly for other courageous men to free me…
          But by all means if you want to live like a bitch, you are free to do so. It is your Free Will after all.

        17. The ultimate purpose of life is of course hedonism. To make ourselves feel great! To me, if someone feels good helping others, good for that person! If someone loves himself, good for him too! It’s just that the more socially oriented folks don’t like the selfish guys. Everyone who’s labeling you as a pussy is someone who finds happiness in saving his brethren. You’re just concerned with yourself, and you’re right to ignore everyone else if you want to. Just because you aren’t helping doesn’t mean you should be treated like crap; people can’t force you to join their cause. So Jesse, Lance, calm down! It doesn’t matter if your cause is brilliant; people can say no because they have different ideals and values.

        18. As the author states in ‘Men on Strike’…
          “As you sow, you shall reap”
          (entitled feminist voice) Where have all the good men gone? I wanted to get married… wahhhhhhhh

        19. Sure will, when I am old and grey, and have two awesome young men who have come from my loins to take care of me, and bring me grand children; I won’t think of you in your manly studio in a retirement home waiting to die.
          It sucks, I will give you that. I would not tell any man to have kids. I had taken the red pill a year before it happened to me. Got trapped, don’t say it can’t happen. Most “red pill alphas” sleep with the dregs and whores of society because they put out. The future leather faced pariah at your local bingo parlor, chain smoking her life away, makes up the bulk of the “bad bitches” you lay.
          But I respect no man who can’t give a portion of his spare change to help those who are struggling. At some point, you will get older, and most cannot handle being alone until death. Also, it is a natural male desire to produce, and father/raise their offspring. Passing on their genes. Assisting these men, assists your own future. Your “alpha” attitude is purely a facade.
          Nothing about the nihilistic life has ever produced anything that much more than juvenile strife, and debauchery. Fun for a moment, fleeting for a lifetime.
          Enjoy your twenties, I know I did, even after I got a baby’s mama. But make no mistake, you need a woman’s womb to have a child the natural way. If you want to live your life, and actually see/raise your kids….feminist bitches have to be defeated.

        20. I have a nice car, blah, bliggity blah, I have money, blah, bliggity blah, I’m a “REAL MAN!” blah, bliggity blah.
          And no offspring.
          I have had all that, four wheel drive vehicles were my hobby, I made the six figures per year, and have been running my own business.
          I too have had numerous successes. But after a while, chasing pussy, and even the heights of success ring hollow when you don’t have kids.
          I would be a hypocrite to say I don’t know where you are coming from. However, I won’t sit here and listen/read some parade of douche bags pontificate about how great their life is, and every man who has been brought to heel in family court is somehow a lesser loser.
          At some point, the party train stops at the “old guys need not pick up chicks at the club” station, and it is your turn to get off. For good.
          I have seen men in retirement homes, with no offspring, waiting to die. I have seen some who married, no kids, but were happily waiting to join their wife in the grave, pass on their wealth to their siblings offspring after they passed.
          I married foreign, and despite that any woman who lives with you will piss you off, I can’t think of any situation I would rather raise both my sons under. My first just so happens to be with a psychotic, lying bitch.
          I understand your fear. Believe me, I do. Yet all these articles of men who loudly claim, most these commenter on their articles are likely in their early twenties, that they will bravely seek out a nihilistic life of defiant debauchery to the grave are full of shit.
          Feminism, like a strict PUA lifestyle wind up the same. So what, a feminist has cats, and you get dogs. The fact is, you are both alone.
          I don’t see the whole picture of the post-modern-after-marrital-death scenario we face as a great thing. It has sustained society for thousands of years. Now that it is on life support, I am not about to party. This brave new world you speak of…rings hollow on the long term.
          Men need to be told what we lost fro the father son relationship these last hundred years. How to build a vehicle, fly a plane, fix a house, love a good woman! Yes, even bagging lots of hot ass to see which woman is worth it.
          But I feel that this overall “enlightenment” of ass-grabbing is going to ring the same as feminists promise of post-marital bliss to woman of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It is not working for them, what fact do we face that the strict pursuit of the hedonistic life will not do the same to all of us?
          You are a feminist with a dick. And that is why I smell fear.

        21. Thanks, loved your comments. Thought provoking. Well written.
          I use to be the guy like this other commenter who chaffed at guys who said this. I sense the purely existential pursuit of ass is the same message as feminist bragging all woman working out of the home, with kids in day care, are the same thing. The feminist message with a dick.
          I have lived my life chasing ass. I loved the feel of a lithe female body reeling under my sexual prowess, and doing what I told her. The thing is, of the 250+ I have banged, most turned out to be a drag. Especially the nines. They were some of the most shallow creatures I ever had the displeasure of shoving my dick in. Felt good at first, but the person under the hood was a breeding nest of vipers. So I really get the “fire and forget” mentality.
          But people ain’t missiles.
          Eventually, building a life full of cash to just spend on yourself is the male version of sex and the city. I do not want to be the 6’6″, 250 lb version of Sarah Jessica Parker. With a female matthew broderick.
          My grand father loved my grand mother for 64 years when he died. I saw the fruit of his labor. She cooked, he worked. They raised a PHD by 24 year old first son, a 50 year electrician who still ixes everything, and a mensa level math genius who worked low paying jobs up to millions of dollars and investments.
          So, it is not about how much you make, or how faces you sploosh on; it is how much you spend, and who you shove yourself into.
          A man can buy a cheap fiddle, and practice his way up to world notoriety. He need not buy another one. Buy another if you must, and then get the best model you can if need be.
          But you can’t say that woman are selfish. manipulating whores, when you are the exact same thing.

        22. If you were being honest with yourself and the rest of us, would you go back and knock that retarded bitch up again? And really, how can you teach a boy to be a man if you see him two weekends a month, two weeks a year? The next guy that is laying the pipe to her is seeing him more than you, and at the same time teaching him to be a pussy like he is. Isn’t that right?
          You sound like a real martyr Jesse. You did things the hard way, and now you are paying through the nose as you get raped by lawyers and family courts. You can try to preach this “have kids and a wife” crap, but whether you realize it or not, the purpose of your life really is to serve as a lesson to men on how they should live theirs differently.

        23. Man…yours is a depressing post….you are killing my buzz!
          Yes…the RedPill is a bitch….no prisoners taken…just like
          A Man will find his own validation sooner or later I
          think….something that will give him comfort in life and affirm who he is…for some it will be religion…for some it will be having kids….for some will be power and/or money.
          Based on your post….having kids is what validates you as a man and as a person…your life and your existence….without your kids you are nothing…. and your life is
          without meaning and empty and worthless and hollow [sic]…… I right so far?
          You did not mention GOD or religion so I guess the reason is that having kids brings you company or dispels the fear of “dying alone” (this is a favorite with anti-MGTOW feminists) or makes you believe the world will be a better place with them? All selfish reasons I think…nevertheless very valid reasons! No less valid however
          than my selfish hedonistic pursuits….do you agree?
          My validation comes from internal sources I think….”needing” someone/something (kids/wife/friends/cats
          etc….) to complete ME as a man would be a sign of weakness/neediness I think.
          I’m a world of ONE…..Yes I know that one day…… when the Grim Reaper is at the foot of my bed I will find GOD and religion and comfort…but until then I’m a world of
          Feminit’s shaming language has been used in every single post against me here….including yours
          (“mediocrity,and lazy surrender to those as weak as yourself”..etc…etc…etc…)
          It makes me wonder what nerve have I hit!
          So forgive me for using a bit myself……
          “Count me out. I go to war with the brothers I trust.
          Not some communist pussy who will back out on me the moment the fighting gets hot.
          As bad as shit is, I want to be known as the guy who never gave in, and stood up for things that were worth dying for.”
          You are the tough “Alpha” Sergeant who will volunteer to fight in the front-line…with your brothers….and
          to protect your country in its hour of need!
          We can count on YOU to protect our way of life! Alpha no doubt!
          You are the Sergeant that will get his head blown off for your country…..and at the same time back at home your wife is fucking the “Beta” milkman.
          You are as Beta as they come….
          But that is a good thing…for people like me that is.
          You are cannon fodder…..and we need cannon fodder.
          You (like some of the Alpha wannabes around here) want your fantasy world back…you WANT to be the white knight that some of the RedPill guys here claim to hate.
          You want the submissive, compliant and appreciative house wife….and the 2.5 well behaved kids and the white-picket
          fence suburban life!
          Here is a bit of
          RedPill for you…….FORGET IT!
          What you will get is:
          a. A nasty…vindictive….shallow and hypergamic wife that will take you to the cleaners after divorce.
          b. Kids that will be a perfect example of the Western Society we live in: Entitled…Spoiled…..Celebrity Obsessed kids that will hate you.
          c. A white picket fence house……that your wife got in the divorce settlement and now uses to fuck the milkman.
          But hey…Alpha no Doubt!
          In the mean time….I will live my hedonistic…selfish….self-centered and cowardly life!

        24. …as I told you before…..using shaming language to another man simply tells the world how Beta/Omega you are.

        25. “Telling future leaders of destruction how to better murder, and starve
          their own people to death was more important that being there for those
          close to him.”
          You’ve obviously never read Marx.

        26. “Good luck with that. Like I told you before, a feminist with a dick.”
          Sounds to me like guy rationalizing his poor decision-making. So, you blew a wad in some bitch without the foresight to even use a condom. You’re such a role model of masculinity, Jimmy. I’m sure your bastard, single mom-raised sons won’t be burdens on society… and the rest of us. Of course not. Impossible.

        27. An almost “fair” assessment, but the math behind your logic suffers a fatal flaw early in your bad derivative.
          I get what you are trying to do. But yours never works. There is nothing un-alpha about what I said. However, I have agreed with you….it is all but impossible here in the states to do the white picket fence thing as 50% of marriages fail.
          Yet 50% of marriages also succeed. And the shrewdest among them will, and/or their descendents, will inherit everything of mine, yours, and the stupid bitches you foolishly claim will be available for your viagra shriveled penis at 75.
          For all the talk, and hype, men too have their own biological wall. You and the other commenter are going to hit yours with the grace of a nuclear powered bull in a glass factory.
          You see, no matter how you connotate it, civilizations in times past did deal with “women’s rights” baloney in times past. The problem was when you came around, your ideological counterparts of eras past.
          You are a coming sign of the feminist apocalypse PJ.
          But your time ends, when real civilization begins. And then after you hit your own biological wall, you will go the way of the feminists from the nineties are now. And I won’t have to think about you.
          You see, you are right fella! The pull out method is the only thing that will prevent metaphorical/ideological birth of the “anti-christ” of your point of view. The problem is, you never intend to pull out, and there is no condom available for stupid in your supernatural world.
          to answer your question, I am being totally honest with myself. My point is that you don’t realize you are lying to yourself!
          And I was in an LTR with someone who I truly thought had no desire to get pregnant. Mistakes we make. She “neglected” to inform me she was no longer taking the birth control.
          Honestly, your taunts seem infallible at the moment Professor “Jesus.” But in the end, your brand of Apocalypse won’t show up. People will still marry, they will look upon the world wrought asunder by those whose body you claim to worship, and turn back.
          Perhaps, you need to read your Bible more?

        28. Or perhaps you never read about his personal habits? Compare what he wrote, against who he was. Then compare all those who used his writings against who they were.
          And you will see that you never read Marx.
          I certainly did, and and, and do fine without his stupid ass writings.

        29. There is a difference between shaming language, and condemnation. Though they can be one and the same. Considering your failure to identify the feminist terms in your own own rants, allow me to enlighten you as to why your accusations of beta orbiter behavior ring hollow.
          One. feminists pushed for pure, unaltered, unhindered hedonistic pleasure for women outside of marriage. You do the same.
          Feminist with a dick.
          Two, you care nothing for men who were maybe trapped into a bad circumstance, and I agree with you, what happened to me is my burden to bear. Yet I argue your portion of this is just as much at fault, because I was doing the same from 2002-2009. I can tell you, you are not as independent as you think. Merely being played by a much larger system.
          Again, feminist with a dick. They too also condemned women in marriage or with kids as being in “friendly concentration camps” and sought to end it.
          Three, they used similar language to isolate, and belittle in the public eye with shame and scorn those they disagreed with. You say beta, they say domestic slave.
          Again, feminist with a dick.
          In the 80s feminists, realizing the error of their ways once they got what they wanted, started influencing government to force men into servitude. Because they wanted a life of hedonistic pleasure, but did not want to pay for it.
          Granted, men will have a far different design, but I predict that the life of hedonistic pleasure will culminate in a different kind of disaster for men. A life of being alone, and then you too will approach government for laws that will allow you access to family. Something akin to “bachelor taxes.”
          You may not realize it yet, but you will, that you are repeating feminist history, and that societies have rejected every other competitor of marriage for very good reasons.
          But, like feminists, you won’t change until your lifestyle personally affects you. I was somewhat different in that I still respected marriage. Yet, I was living the life you talk about. I married a foreign born spouse, and have no intention of staying in the “West” as you call it. But make no mistake, accepting this situation as the only way forever will have consequences.
          You and PJ’s accusations of betaness, and hypocrisy have no effect on me. I knew that I did not want to live your life forever. If you wish to live it your whole life…good luck with that. However, I know for a fact, like feminists, you will approach government with an intent to have others pay for your lifestyle.

        30. And when you are old, and alone, I hope you have enough money to pay for it. Because my descendents and I will not be.
          You act like you have it all figured out, and like feminist, fly in the face of thousands of years of societal trial and error, and yet after living less than a hundred years, you know better.
          Sure you do. Stop acting all strong and independent feminist with a dick. You are merely following the crowd. I suspect when you find that out, you too will petition government to be “your big daddy.”

        31. Was in what turned out to be a poorly construed LTR. Made the decision to let her be on birth control after months of her telling me she did not want kids.
          Mistakes we make. But I have a son out of it. Can’t change the past. Can understand why men are afraid of that being in their future.
          My point is simple, it is a cycle, and men here will want kids eventually. Be it the resurrection of trad-marriage, or something else, kids do best in a two parent environment. Man, and woman.
          For those who don’t care for that, they will eventually run into those who don’t want them bringing our current situation back. Re-enter the 50s, then 60s. After all, the fifties were in response to the 20s, 30s, and WW2 (40s).

        32. Plenty of strong, tough alpha dogs out there. Problem is they are all locked up in prison
          Those are the losers who mostly come from unwed female homes. They are physically and mentally weak. And the fact that they’re in prison means that they’re stupid as well.

        33. A philosopher who let four of his kids die, and could not manage to clean his own house. He, and his family, lived in filth. Purely by his choice, and “leadership.”
          He was no philosopher. Merely a lazy bastard who somehow convinced himself, and those who killed millions of people after his death, that he was special.
          He was an lazy, stuck up, low life. The fact that so many still follow his advice, despite the many glaring examples of history that trace their destructive beginings/ends to his philosophical roots; is beyond me.
          Guys like you keep telling me “All we need is more education.”
          Sure we do. We need another 100 million or two in dead educational corpses.
          No thanks, take your “Opiate of the masses” with you. I guess you don’t like having money, and the ability to change your circumstances. Have fun crying over rotten bread and milk.

        34. I guess I should have read more.
          I have heard this argument before. The disrespect shown to men who are willing to go to battle over something bigger than themselves is nothing to denigrate.
          Feminists of today came from the 60s my friend. You sound much like that hedonistic argument base.
          True, the men who fight are often paid with nothing, and thanklessly chewed up, then spit out. Yet you forget, or have no clue, that most of us come back with the experience and have built NASA, too many inventions to count here, businesses, educated our youth…blah, bligigity blah. You get the point.
          Veterans are far more than beta males. Many are, most are not. Most of us see the treatment of our fellow service member, and many of us here understand the crux of your issues. Don’t get it twisted though…..most here had to learn the red pill, I am assuming you did as well, and I would much rather be the “alpha bad ass” coming back from war, then the finely coiffed and manicured metro sexual who has to fake it till he makes it.
          I get your argument, but do not lose site of the big picture. Half may be bad, but not all, the way you and others keep spewing out this level of rhetoric is hilarious.
          You have this insatiable flaw in your argument and don’t know it. What are you, 30+? 20s? Does not matter if you are 0 and well passed the age of child rearing, you are committing shaming language of your own. You are saying that anyone who does not follow your path is a beta, and “to each their own.”
          It is very feminist, and I think I struck a nerve as well. My apologies for assuming the rest of your post was equally boring and not getting back sooner, but your post bored me after the first few lines.

        35. “A philosopher who let four of his kids die, and could not manage to clean his own house. ”
          – Sounds consistent with most of “western philosophy”. There’s a reason why your civilization is so nihilistic.
          “He was no philosopher. Merely a lazy bastard who somehow convinced himself, and those who killed millions of people after his death, that he was special.”
          – Again, consistent with western philosophical behavior.
          “He was an lazy, stuck up, low life.”
          – Not unlike his fellow western philosophers. Humility is no one of their strong points. They all suffer from elitist thinking and special snowflakeism.
          “Guys like you keep telling me “All we need is more education.”
          – Uh, dude. I dropped out of college.
          “No thanks, take your “Opiate of the masses” with you.”
          – DMT?
          “I guess you don’t like having money”
          – Keep guessing!

        36. The sad thing about Marx was that he came from a very well to do German Jewish family who converted to Lutheranism to give their children full advantages in the First and Second Reichs. Juxtaposed to someone like Felix Mendelssohn, who made beautiful music (Violin Concerto in E minor being my favorite) and generally helped define his host nation, Karl Marx was a silver-spooned loser who could only destroy. He reminds me so much of these worthless liberal loser kids today who were handed the world on a platter by their weak Boomer parents and all they can do is bitch and moan. My aforementioned comment on the military is well served, the Boomers instilled their reluctance and contempt for military service with the generation Xers and millennials. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want my kids to potentially die for the likes of sell-out traitors like McCain or limp wristed gimps like Obama. However it is a sign of the times where boys are morphing into girls. High school grads today would rather tweet about Miley Cyrus and attend gender studies and communist lectures at Harvard than attend West Point. Even silver-spooned whore addicts like JFK served. It’s even more disheartening to see boys being corrupted by their single mothers into irrevocable softness and cowardice. This shows today with the preference for soccer amongst suburbia over traditional combat sports. The truly, truly despicable part of it all is the timidity of American fathers. If a father tries to be bold and mold his boys into hardened men, the mother will have none of it. She’ll can always keep him out legally. I truly want to spread my genes, but the specter of harsh reality is terrifying. The state is firmly against us.

        37. True words. JFK also had his famous quote, other than shooting for the moon by 69 of Ask not what your o…..” you get the drift. Those who espouse the “return of camelot” mentality about JFK had no ideological leanings like he did. Just another “celebrity fairy tale” they read from their opinion source, cosmo. Can you guess where it is located? (Hint, they use their eyes to read).
          About the single mommas, don’t forget the “manly men” like sickmanofeurope who use them for practice. They are the ones sons see come in and tool their mom, and slap them around like they are their father.
          To be fair, many men here could be the stone cold alpha, but many men who use single mothers are perpetuating the stereotype. If you are going to shame, shame consistently.
          And shame effectively.
          Your statement about the mother kicking you out on a whim is fair. I get what sick man and others are saying. However, if you are going to have kids, you have to plug a chic sometime. Granted, sick man and PJ seem like very intelligent men. That is what saddens me.
          Men like Roosh, yourself, sickman, and many others will never pass on their genes at this rate, and the stupid will breed. I like to laugh at idiocracy, until I see the realism of it, and I almost want to cry. Then I start laughing again. I may be going crazy.

        38. College dropout, or pseudo intellectual with a women’s studies degree. No difference. Both work at Starbucks, and think they know better than everyone else why brewing their “green, poor friendly, uber progressive Arabica coffee.”

        39. Meanwhile they look down on electricians and other trade school types who are making $100,000-$150,000 a year easily. Lmao… funny how the world works sometimes.

        40. Any more cliches and stereotypes you’d like to toss on the table while you’re at it, Pops? Its like, totally original and not at all predictable.

        41. Got any more cliches and stereotypes you’d like to toss on the table while you’re at it, Pops? Its all so original and unpredictable.
          By the way, “arabica” coffee is the standard coffee bean used in Folgers. Try again.

        42. Actually the bean is mostly Robusta which is used in these cheap supermarket coffees. Coffea arabica is harder to grow and more expensive but has better more complex flavour and not the harshness and bitterness of the cheaper species.Coffee is not supposed to be bitter but the proles who drink the cheap stuff don’t know any better and think it’s normal.There are also various grades of arabica. I have my coffee roasted right on the premises from the green beans that come in those burlap bags and then ground to my specifications.
          Starbucks is good coffee if you buy it in the bags but for some reason the over the counter cups are very strong and a bit harsh.Maybe it’s because the typical customer who hangs around there drinks some and then asks them to add more hot water lol
          But good coffee generally sells for $10-15 a lb. and something like Folgers is less than 1/2 the price and not very good.
          Gevalia is excellent at $15 lb but their top Kona and Blue Mountain are $50-80 lb
          Gevalia makes a cheaper range sold in places like Walmart.
          Coffee and tea are relatively cheap so there’s no reason not to buy the best.

        43. What is a man’s ultimate objective if not to procreate? What is a man’s role in this other than to be the provider and protector of his family? The problem is not the wife and the kids. It is that government has taken man’s role away from him and made him unnecessary. Children disrespect their parents because they don’t need them. Women disrespect their husband because they don’t need him. The man can be removed from a family but his income retained. Divorce settlements and child support are great emasculators. Just wait until they have commercial sperm banks…
          If a man’s authority was not cut out from under him, the kids and wife will follow his lead. The family would once again be something to be proud of, not something to be dreaded.

        44. My Dad went through the same shit. He still taught me to be a man and I will teach the same to my son. He did this with less than two weekends a month.
          Nothing will stop a determined man.

        45. For a man…any man to say that the “ultimate” purpose of a man’s life is to do what EVEN an amoeba can do… puzzling and uninspiring.
          This is what an anti-MGTOW woman would say…. in order to
          shame a man into an alimony trap.
          Sorry….this may be YOUR ultimate purpose in life…it is
          certainly NOT mine.
          There is NOTHING special about someone that
          procreates…..billions of people have done it….You are NOT an special snowflake because you have done it…
          Are you a daddy? So the fucking what? There are BILLIONS of you.

        46. As a species……no.
          I would have to be superstitious/religious to believe that
          there was some sort of intelligent design behind our existence….instead of simply the right natural conditions.
          There is no GOD….there is no higher purpose to us as a
          species….We were a kink…a mistake of nature that will soon be corrected.
          I do believe however that we set our own higher purpose as
          individuals….so if YOUR higher purpose is to procreate…….then do it.

        47. Biologically speaking our purpose is to procreate. But you are right, we can set other purposes for ourselves, achieving goals and building something that will outlast us. I will ask you this though: what can be more manly than a man protecting and providing for his wife and children? Teaching and acting as a mentor for our young, until that that day they are ready to take the reins themselves? And then, when you die, you leave that object you built to your heirs.
          I can definitely appreciate why this is not for you. As I said earlier, government has taken the joy out of it. Getting married now, you risk ruin. It has happened to my father and my brother. And who wants to do “women’s work” (i.e. changing diapers)? But modern society says “share the burden”.
          Bollocks to that I say. The woman attends to the infants and I attend to provision and protection.

        48. In many ways we agree…..
          …”Biologically speaking our purpose is to procreate”…..
          So it is to die at 30-35…..or to kill our mate’s previous offspring so she can get back in heat….or to eat the kids when times get a bit lean.
          There is very little about our lives that it is “natural” or that we accept as our Biological destiny…We are not like other species.

        49. Our purpose is to die at 30-35? I am older than that and it didn’t require any “unnatural” process. The younger you are, the easier it is to deny that species prolongation (i.e. children) is our purpose. But other than arbitrary goals, what else is there? The universe is a cold dark place and has set no other path for us. We can try to escape it but since we are a part of it, we cannot.
          The older you get, you eventually realise there is nothing else. Partying, chasing girls, movies and video games… they all lose their luster. Some people seek to extend their youth but what is this but a flight from responsibility? Your responsibility to the species, your only route to immortality.
          Perhaps science will extend our lives indefinitely. But will that make life any more fun? Who knows.

        50. Again, you miss the point. It is not about being special! For even if it is not, being a man who contributes nothing is even less.
          You seem smart, for a dumb ass. I am positive that one day you will figure it out. Believe me, as I am largely joking, you ill get there. Once you get to the point that your lifestyle no longer contributes to your overall experience, you will have a “Now what?” moment.
          I just figured it out faster than you, thats all.

        51. Making myself feel great, makes me feel hollow. Isn’t that what Whitney was doing before she died?

        52. Ad hominem attack aside, you’re wrong in calling him a feminist. A feminist would try to get her needs met, too, but with someone else’s hard-earned resources. the sickmanofeurope if meeting his needs by his own labor. BIG difference.

        53. Interesting watching the tradcons vs the mgtows. Tradcons make the mistake of thinking they can control women (good luck with that!) mgtows make the ‘mistake’ (or ‘choice’ depending on how you see it) of not raising a family.
          I don’t think mgtows are shirking their duties as men. i think they’re just re-calibrating what it is to be a man. (can you blame them for not seeking validation in the eyes of a woman???)
          I don’t think tradcons are wrong in their ideology; i just think they’re…….misguided if they think we’re ever going back to the 1950’s. That sh*t is gone.
          Game is the *only* solution both for life AND for marriage. There’s a 50% chance she’s gonna leave; game says so what. Let her go. If she don’t want you, fu*k her. Game says HER LOSS. She cannot take your kids. Walk away. You’ll still have your kids and you’ll still be having fun long after she’s got an addiction to tramadol and a penchant for cats.

      2. Agreed. Every guy who reads ROK has been through his blue pill days and has come through the other side. While I do sympathize with the plight of blue pill men to some degree, these fools need to wake the fuck up. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you’re a blue pill guy who is too stupid to figure this shit out like we all did, then too bad. It’s not like the evidence isn’t out there. If you can’t see what’s going on in the modern world and make the connection that something is terribly wrong with modern gender relations, then you deserve to be miserable. Watch another ROMCOM and buy a fat chick some flowers and ‘like’ her stupid Facebook photos.

      3. I think the West will eventually come back to its senses. Because of the crisis, Italy and Spain are reconsidering their values. I think the next generation of men will have better luck. As for us (20+ and 30+), we’d better find a way to emigrate.

      4. Hey, respect for the panda bear…. They are worth more than 80 percentage of the entire human population.

      5. Stop with this silly red/blue pill nonsense pajama boy. It sounds like something taken from a video game type fantasy film that omega geeks watch in the cellar.
        And if you really want to know who the Alpha men of substance are all you have to do is count up their assets.At every age you should have a minimum of assets to even be considered a Alpha man. Everything else including your silly bullshit and game crap is irrelevant.The Proof is in the Pudding. Know what that means, blanket boy? Your leader, Doosh, who is in his 30’s is a complete omega if he doesn’t have at least $3m in hard assets of net worth. Taking advice from a loser is what other losers do.If you’re 20 and still a student then I’d say you should have a net worth of $20k saved from various kid jobs you had in your teens.
        If you believe that you can fool people with this “game” bullshit into believing that you’re in a higher class than you really are then you’re deluded and are going to be in for a lot of grief.The only people who can do this are those who were brought up in an upper class milieu and for one reason or another lost all of their assets. However, they really are upper class so it’s not some silly act.

        1. What you’re saying definitely possesses elements of truth. However, with that said, what smart man would want to risk his hard wealth and assets by even living with a woman in the West vis-à-vis common law marriage? Should men my age keep taking risks on these women? Almost every relationship and especially marriage in today’s society is a death sentence for men, for either his money, assets or his freedom (prison) are all. Look at Kobe Bryant, he had to buy his wife a fucking $20 million piece of jewelry just to appease her ass from not taking half his fortune. And why? For getting some ass on the side? If a man gains assets, let them be for himself in this day and age. Walter White the character from Breaking Bad was spot on, he did everything he possibly could to the point of netting hundreds of millions of dollars, all for an ungrateful wife, who despised him. No fucking thank you.

        2. White’s wife went along with him until it got too crazy at the end where she was afraid of getting killed and where they believed that Walt was responsible for the death of his brother in law.
          Bryant is an entertainer who made a lot of money because he could play a kid’s game well, not for being intelligent or worldly. Most of these guys,like Tyson, end up broke no matter how much they make and owing the IRS a lot of money because they’re really not used to having money and don’t realise how easy it is to lose it either by poor management where they believe they have more than they really do, or by allowing some female to manipulate them (like Tyson). Tyson was some kid from the streets who Gus his trainer took under his wing and was like a father to but after he died Tyson was completely out of his depth.
          Kobe was from a family and had seen the world a bit so he should have been smart enough to stay away from certain things, like screwing some hotel worker. Didn’t it occur to him why some girl working at a hotel would just want to have sex with him or what her ulterior motive may be?
          Another thing about his marriage. You never marry a female who has less assets than you do so if you get a divorce and have to split 50/50 all she’s getting is her own money. Bryant married some highschool girl who was nothing while he was going directly to the NBA (he didn’t attend college) and already looked like he’d be a big money player.
          Tiger Woods, the same story.Marries some girl who worked in a supermarket, clothes store, and nanny (I’ve shagged many and they are all big whores)and has been “model”. Then the idiot Tiger is paying a dozen different whores for sex. There are plenty of girls around the golf tours he could have screwed discretely and of a much better class so the guy’s a moron and lost 1/2 his assets.
          Tyson had no family and his father figure,Gus, had died when he was young. Woods father had died before he got into his whore difficulty. And Kobe was not talking to his father when he married his wife. See a pattern?
          These golddiggers may con any wealthy man sometimes but these entertainers types are Very prone to this happening to them.Never be sucked into any relationship with a female with no assets, or at least a high paying profession, if you have any real assets of your own. You’ll probably live to regret it.

        3. Why I married my second son’s mom who is from a foreign country. I have to have kids if I am to pass on my genes, and marriage is the best way to do that. So, I had to marry a woman from a place that still arranges marriages.
          Sad, but true, you can only play the cards you are dealt. PJ and others chose the strict nihilistic life, and though it will cost them, that is their right.
          I just have no desire to listen to them act like they have it all figured out. History will once again show their lot the door.
          I will have the same level of contempt, and patience, they show now when I hear their cries.

        4. I agree with you, but you also missed out they all did not have their father. You sad it, but not why.
          I sense that their fathers, and those like them without, struggle with the lack of guidance. It is not until they figure it out, or have a father figure who can train them right.
          That is the problem, men have been removed from the equation, and many here are too busy chasing the ass, they fail to see where they are heading.

        5. Well you make the crucial mistake of confusing wealth with happiness. Alot of rich men end up broke off pussy. You can have $3 million in assets in your 30s you could even have $50 million in assets like Hollywood Hogan in his 50s, one divorce will WIPE IT ALL OUT and you’ll be wrestling/working in your 60s almost going 70 like Hollywood Hogan. So the real question is who has more wealth? Just because you have a nice car and house doesn’t mean your rich, one crazy wife can file a few papers and you are down to zero or in the negative.
          I am far more concerned about freedom and liberty than I am about money. In fact so are most people. Most people would rather go out and have a good time on the weekend than work in a dark office. Happiness> money

        6. I work with Wealth. Very few people in the 30’s have 3MM dollars of investable assets.

      6. “I could not care less if the Panda is extinct or not.”
        Harsh. Surely you care about Tigers though.

      7. How do so many stupid, crazy, loser males manage to get internet access?
        This is what I find most perplexing about the very existence of this website and the winners who leave comments (all of whom are completely mystified as to why nobody wants to fuck them).
        Why do your parents continue to pay the bills and allow you to use their internet? It’s amazing.

    5. I’m finding your second paragraph hard to rationalize. The most primal function that a woman has is to create and nurture, or in other words, make babies. I’m not saying women can’t tempt like they did in mythologies, they did, but I think that narrowing them down to that would completely forget the fact that neither you, nor I would be here if it weren’t for our mother’s growing us inside their wombs for nine months. In the same vein, men can be characterized as aggressive destroyers (war, murder etc.), as well as creators (economy, innovation etc.).

    6. Excellent work Mr. Christopher. Honest.
      In that those who control the terms of the debate usually end up controlling the debate, I would suggest that a person should distinguish between the unjustified use of force known as violence, and the justified use of force in a true or correct moral context or circumstance – such as the use of deadly force in the defense of one’s home, or another.
      I say this as a lawyer who for years ate every steaming bowl of compost that was served up to me; and then after I began to de-program and developed a new set of eyes and senses, I became very sensitive to the casual use of the term violence, when I think that a person may actually mean to speak in terms of the correct application of force.
      If I sound arrogant I apologize, but I am always struck with the realization that men like you and I are inevitably subjected to the immediate, conditioned response of others that “violence never solves anything”. Nonsense. I’m not talking about violence. I’m talking about acting like men, and doing the right thing at the right time after all other legitimate approaches have failed. And please also note how we have always had this mischaracterization of the legitimate use of force shoved down our throats with the venerable images of Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, neither of whom have anything to do with us, or anything in common with us. I never thought that my life would begin its final decade or two with the issues we discuss today. Best regards.

    7. Nailed it! I have been saying this for 7 years. Our society is doomed. IMO, all that will be left is the upper classes. It appears the men behind feminism have orchestrated a plan to get rid of most of the population. With automation lingering ever so close, I wonder how many of us they are willing to pay to sit on our asses? My guess is none. Enjoy what you have for now, and be ready to fight for what you believe in when the time comes.

      1. Don’t you think that’s a little…uh…hyperbolic? People have been saying society is doomed since, I would conjecture, the human brain’s so-called big bang. It is just human nature.

        1. Societies collapse. Ancient Egypt/Rome etc…it’s not doomsday, but for the people living there it might as well be. Trick is not to be there when it happens.

    8. Your comments are always insightful and pretty damn good. You sound really cynical and jaded, just like me, I have many similar beliefs as you. All the people I know don’t wanna hear my viewpoint on things anymore. They all think I’m some sort of loon for suggesting that the Western world is in severe trouble. They all dismiss me and say that things will be fine. Things are not fine. Shit is severely fucked up. It frustrates me.

    9. Expatriation is the reasonable way out! Russia is culturally cutting ties from the West. It means it will remain both a pussy paradise AND a semi-traditional country. You can find feminine, beautiful and quite reliable women. The question: HOW to expat?

      1. I applaud Russia, it’s the last real white patriarchy and Christian buffer to the Godless and feminist West. I considered following the expat route, but a number of issues stand in the way. I intrinsically find running to be cowardly and deplorable. Two, I would be an outsider and an American to boot. Lastly, Western (read American) culture is proliferating to the rest of the world at such a rapid rate, how long would it be until my new home became infected with the disease that has now corrupted this country? Then again, if there are leaders like Putin, there may be some hope.

        1. Even if Putin goes, Russia won’t be significantly infected before 2 or generations. Other Eastern European countries are still acceptable for men and even some Mediterranean countries are reconsidering their stance. Don’t lose hope bro.
          By the way, I am Balck and I don’t see Russia as a “white patriarchy” but rather as the last reasonable major society… the last stronghold of manhood.

        2. How are they reconsidering their stance?
          I lived in Greece during the mid 00’s and i would hardly characterise the place as feminist. It isn’t as bad as Spain.

        3. This is true, even if you go to a jungl in Brazil, it will only be a matter of time before garbage american cultures spreads there.

      2. You may actually want to go to Russia kid because you have no idea what you’re talking about so stop dreaming.
        Another thing, don’t think that you can just expat and work in another country because these countries are not like the US where you can just walk in and stay there like the 30 million illegals in the US.
        You can get a 30 day tourist visa for Russia. If you’re a businessman and by that I mean a person with assets and doing business there, not someone coming to work there, you can get a businessman’s visa but must show proof of health insurance coverage (no they don’t treat foreigners free like the US does with illegals) and take some medical tests eg. AIDS etc Getting a marriage license to marry a Russian girl is also a big problem.

    10. The problem is democracy. Once you have a universal voting system you can expect the largest voting blocks to have supremacy. The female voting block is huge. As such you see a significant feminizing of society, in schools, the workplace and especially in politics. Today’s politicians are very effeminate, a poor shadow of what existed in the West fifty, sixty years ago.
      As a result, government has destroyed marriage for men. Women have been granted a strong incentive to divorce you and keep your money, kids and house, just because she’s “unhappy”. The financial risk of marriage to a man is strongly discouraging. Child support, alimony and divorce courts are a perverse scourge of modern society and should be abolished. We need to return to a time when a man could simply tell his woman to stop whining and then carry on his work. She’ll get over it, she always does.

      1. Englishbob, I’ve been saying that for a while. Democracy is not a great system, it’s very apt for corruption. Another comment I posted, stipulated that this was purposefully done to Western Civilization. The purveyors of Cultural Marxism (Frankfurt School, Critical Theorists) pretty much invented feminism. It’s imperative for them, the destroyers of Western Patriarchy to keep men down, with an iron fist. The sad part of it all, is that most men in the West, are supremely idiotic about their circumstances, with most I come across believing that this is somehow natural, cool, modern and progressive.
        Feminism was clearly a method of psychological warfare against the United States and Western Europe. Strong patriarchal family formation as the cornerstone of American/European civilization would be a death sentence for those in power. Women are the pawns in game, for they believe there’s no going back and many of them don’t. They no longer want normalcy or even parity but power over us. The government has given them supreme power over our sex, and that’s something they won’t give up, unless men start to take back society. I believe this won’t happen for another two generations at least.

        1. Thing is, the average man is systematically made to be so needy for women that outside of some major societal collapse men aren’t going to be fighting for anything. As long as men have food, shelter and sex (even if its once every six months) they’ll be complacent.
          Feminism, once its taken root is a well oiled machine.

      2. Half the people don’t vote. All men have to do is make sure that 3/4 of them vote as a block and control Congress and the presidency. Then just dismantle everything and remove laws from the books.As long as you have the power you can do anything you like.Who’s going to stop you when you control everything and the courts?

    11. boomer generation product of the greatest generation who spoiled the crap out of their kids because they didn’t want their kids to have it so rough like they did. utterly destroyed this country. created a generation of narcissistic 3 year olds…me,me,me. 60s culture and boomers destroyed this country.

    12. You sad, deluded males that nobody wants to fuck are so hilarious. It’s a mystery why women don’t want you, really. You sound really balanced and healthy.
      Please for the love of gods, when you finally snap and go on your shooting spree like crazy boys do nowadays, start with yourself. Do not go to a school, mall, movie theater, etc.
      Just do yourself and do the world a favor. Now run along psycho. I hope your mother weeps because she realizes what a massive mistake she made bringing you into the world.

  2. Beautifully and brutally true. Women these days are lucky that the patriarchy and civilisation rein in the natural violent tendencies of men. There is a reason why humanity is so widespread and constantly growing in numbers: we are the apex predators on the planet, wiping out other species and each other and even ecosystems at a ferocious rate.
    Locking that viciousness away, channelling it into the social structures and laws which make our civilisation, has put these women into the privileged position that they enjoy today. If they realised that then they would praise patriarchy with every breath as they walk on the treadmill while listening to their iPods and getting thin for men.

  3. Does anyone think it may make sense to legalize polygamy in today’s world? In today’s world, it would make it harder for women to abuse their husbands, but a fewer portion of men would have more wives/women, making it worse for the average male. Thoughts?

    1. Legally?As in getting the Government involved,because that is what legalization would entail.And it would be a guaranteed disaster.Just like it is going to be for Gay marriages.Specifically ,once Gay divorce picks up and all those Gay idiots who pushed so hard to get legalization of their unions will pay dearly when their relationships start to breakup ,and then they spend an inordinate amount of time and money fighting in court.
      Remember,this abuse you speak of husbands by their wives is mostly because the Govt enables it.
      In a Govt free situation I see no issue to oppose people who want multiple marriage partners;if it works out for them,Great;if not,then too bad.But they have to face the consequences of their decision.
      Polygamy involves both Polygyny(one man, many wives) and Polyandry(one woman, many husbands).It also involves such permutations as two husbands and two wives.For every alpha that has three wives,there will be three Omegas that cling to one woman(while she bangs an Alpha on the side). So things will tend to even themselves out,such that the average male would be in about the same place as he is now.

      1. Not quite. Women who have more husbands are naturally much less attractive than men who have more wives. The social dynamic really doesn’t change a whole lot from how it is now. You’ve gotta remember that for a society, its women are its property–very valuable property. I think allowing polygamy would give alphas a much larger incentive to have children. It just makes sense.

  4. Females will be happier if there are more controls on their behavior since they can’t handle responsibility. They’ll complain about being “oppressed” but they’ll be secure if they’re not allowed to do some things.
    Many would be happy as slaves since they could always say they were doing what they were told to.

  5. Oh? Just what do you think you’re going to do about us? Nice Pic BTW. You’ll never take that power away or have control. Accept it. 🙂

      1. Yup. When the going gets really tough the feminists will do what all women do when under pressure, turn around for the help of a man. What will she find? Beta pussies who have less resolve than even a feminist does.

      2. I’ll give it up for a crazy vengeance screw maybe…. but my beliefs won’t change, and it’s not just feminists you’ll find against you. ^~^

        1. Your beliefs might not change, but you’ve gotta remember that traditional/religious women have more children. Over time, feminism will die out.

    1. The Nazis and Soviets naively believed the same thing. Now they’re relegated to the dustbin of history. Artificial constructs never last. Neither will this one.

      1. You handed over the power. You speak like we are systematically killing you with our pussies. I think you enjoy the thought of controlling powerful women, just as much as we like dominance in the bedroom. Your complaints are cries for attention and sex.

        1. You may wanna get your facts straight because we didn’t hand over the power. It was our corporatist/lobbyist government that gave you the power and it’s lead to an unhappy society.

        2. Corporate lobbyists that started out as All Male at the time of insergance correct. It’s only led to an unhappy minority of men that believe that being you with an available erect penis should be enough. It’s possible that matching a male to female requires more than physical attractiveness for us women. This is something you can’t wrap your head around or change with any amount of protest.

        3. It is not a minority, Bushy. This is a general problem that is starting to show in force only now. This will be a civilization-changing event, just the cultural tip of the economic iceberg (in dialectical terms).

        4. Personally, I have no problem with lobbying the government (it’s protected by the first amendment).
          “It’s only led to an unhappy minority of men that believe that being you with an available erect penis should be enough. It’s possible that matching a male to female requires more than physical attractiveness for us women. This is something you can’t wrap your head around or change with any amount of protest.”
          Do you not understand the entire point of this site?

  6. Christ, perhaps one the worst examples of this is what China is going through with the one-child-only generation coming into adulthood. Since boys were deemed more valuable, there’s a 30 million plus female shortage for the younger guys. Not only is the thirst level at an all-time high, and the hoops to jump through utterly ridiculous, but a guy’s assumed to take on the responsibility of the women’s parents if he actually finds a girl who’s interested. That’s on top of taking care of his own as an only child. This was all an inadvertent assumption of power by females over there, but it’s clearly going to end just as disastrously as the intentional power grab by feminists in the west for many of the same reasons.

    1. China’s male surplus is also DANGEROUS. A country having more males that are frustrated and horny is a tinder box for violence. Also these males are expendable. What is a good use for expendable males? War….

      1. Some studies suggest this is what fuels some of the recruiting for terrorist cells in some muslim countries.

        1. That’s the exact same sexual thirst Victorian England shoved down upon its own men’s throats, which led to colonialism, imperialism, etc.

      2. Lol you are an idiot, your lack of wisdom proves that most men here are a bunch of uneducated low brown ignorant woman haters, the Chinese are doing that on purpose to colonize other countries with their plus of men, hahaha me, an educated woman have more intelligence than all of you together. I could bet that in these place most men are low IQ.

        1. Lets not get into who innovated what. thoug it would be fun seing your little little list of female innovators compared to my wikipedia. GTFO, all value u have is your pussy, everything else cannot be used for anything.

        2. And what nations are they actively colonizing? I know they are investing big in Africa, but Europe invested big in Africa and what has that amounted to now? Nothing, and we’ll see if China’s investment amounts to the same.

        3. Stop trying to take credit for what the handful of men like myself at the top have accomplished.You can’t even measure up to an average woman and on the bell curve you’re on the far left.

        1. Try this. Another thing china does with its’ excess people is to demographically takeover countries it trades with. Africa is being taken over. China buys up all the natural resources and then also secures a certain amount of Chinese immigration to a given country. In Namibia the Chinese bought off the govt , secured the mineral rights and then a fast track for chinese immigration. So in time the industrious Chinese will become the merchant, professional class all loyal to Mother China

    2. Yup, and add that to the foreign men who are cleaning house with the ladies in China, the economic boom that has created a few millionaires who have their picks while lowly Joe Chin gets none. Some can go to the ‘Nam or other SE countries to get theirs, some go to Africa, but many end up going berserk. This is why we are seeing similar attacks in China that we have seen in the US.

      1. Ultimately, pussy is a resource, no different than oil, gold, lumber, water, or food. It will be fought over and consolidated if it becomes rare or scarce, and we all know what men do when resources are in short supply.

        1. Woman-as-commodity/resource/economic problem is a meme that needs to continue to be pushed. Hard. Not only is it true, and not only does it explain the issue in a way that any layman can understand, but I’ve noticed that women, feminists especially, absolutely hate it. They find it wholly dehumanizing, to be likened to some agency-less, inanimate resource in a larger economic problem that needs to be solved by men.
          This is a war of attrition, and this is exactly the kind of approach we need.

  7. This whole article sadly comes off as a tad…bitter. Which I can understand if it came from someone who was rather unlucky romantically in the past. And I suppose that’s what happens when you make relationships into too much of a “game”. Frankly, the best relationships I’ve ever had were on an even playing field. If I ever spent a dime on her, it was because I genuinely wanted to see her happy, and she’d do the same. If I bought dinner one date, and she’d pay for the next one. If we were confused about signals, or we couldn’t read the other’s intentions, we’d discuss it openly. It’s actually quiet liberating once all of those standards on both sides are completely removed.

        1. Eachother actually. Again, it’s funny how peaceful of a life you can lead when the question of “dominance” is completely taken out, isn’t it?

        2. Wait, wait, are you saying that you turned two former girlfriends into lesbians who are dating each other?

        3. Noope. Completely even across the board. Equality at it’s finest, most basic form.

    1. “This whole article sadly comes off as a tad…bitter.”
      Truth usually sounds “bitter”.

      1. Well, it’s only a “truth”, so much as “After all these experience, here’s my singular conclusion.” It doesn’t make it universal in every case though. After all, as the old saying goes, “There’s more then one way to skin a cat.” And relationships are certainly no exception to this rule. There are multiple ways of having a happy and fulfilling relationship. You can choose to play this, “game”,….or you can choose not to, and you can just treat as a relationship…it’s your choice.
        Personally, most “games” are far more trouble then they’re actually worth.

  8. This is all very true, and sad at the same time. The women of the western world sold themselves on a giant lie, and no that they’re making themselves and everyone around them miserable, they all want to tune up and cry about it. Luckily it won’t be my problem though. Anymore the sight of a lonely, dried up, 30 year old chick, is rather humorous to me. As I get older I keep hearing more and more of them going on about how they “just don’t understand it”. They’ll go through their lives treating men like shit, until word gets around, and nobody wants anything to do with them. Oh well, let them go, and enjoy the fireworks.

  9. All of this is true.
    And of course, we all know it and talk about it, which is fine as far as it goes.
    But gentlemen, men are defined by action, not words. We’ve identified the enemy and have discussed it at length. What we need now is a plan of action and the strength to execute it.
    Who wants to start the ball rolling?

    1. Don’t vote for politicians that reinforce the victimhood mentality. Which basically means don’t vote for anymore Democrats.

      1. It will not help if the guys doing the fight are also ignorants that do not understand how capitalism work. Your Democrats are crap, but your Republicans are directly criminals that would be in prison in other countries.

        1. I don’t like either party. I’m not registered, nor ever will be, a blind card-carrying Republican. However, by a wide margin, democrats are the ones propagating this mentality into politics. The GOP is not immune from this or other issues, but in most cases it is the lesser of the two evils.

    2. That’s a given, never voted for one before, no plans on doing so in the future.
      Half the GOP is little more than Progressive-Lite however, so there is that problem as well. Hopefully we can primary them out of office over the next few elections.

    3. Ghost, the most powerful action that can be taken is to unlock the blinders of propaganda and rewritten history over the eyes of men. This is a fight that has to be taken on by individuals, each in their own way. This is a battle of information, and cannot be ‘won’ until virtually every man has had the realization beaten into them that all their lives they have been lied to and turned into good little marxist automatons.
      Right now, sharing this information… creating meaningful commentary and content, and providing men who have finally started to see behind the curtain the tools they need to penetrate farther and farther into the Dark enlightenment of the manosphere, is a very powerful action in it’s own right.
      The ball IS rolling, and each person who provides just a bit more insight gives it a little nudge. Continue honing your understanding, prepare yourself for the coming world economic collapse, and get and distribute as much reality as you can… THAT is the greatest contribution anyone can make right now. public action, lobbying, the political parties, even outright violence or terrorism are the tools of the machine, and can be warped and used against us…but truth, real truth, cannot cease to exist no matter how hard liberal feminists attempt to warp it or cover their ears and hum.
      The truth will set you free…. but first it’s really going to piss you off.

  10. You’re only dominated by women if you allow yourself to be. The negative, somewhat entitled tone in the beginning of this article was annoying. It redeemed itself by the end, thankfully.
    It is time to man up. Stop putting pussy on a pedestal. Women are no better than you are and, in most cases, are significantly worse at vitally important things like utilizing logic and reason and innovating.
    Why would you ever buy them anything or go out of your way to do something for them?
    There is absolutely zero reason for guys to be intimidated by them. So do your homework, improve yourself, practice your game, stop whining, and get out there.
    The more confident alpha men out there, the more they will conform to our standards to try to please us. And in the off chance they don’t? Well, fuck ’em. There are always foreign girls who appreciate masculinity and traditional gender roles.

    1. Agreed, however, the issue at hand is the legal entitlements that women have that give them advantages over men that are unjust and unwarranted.
      That’s the problem we need to start working on solving. Manosphere lessons are a start, but we won’t truly be where we need to be until the legal props for women are removed and they are forced to have value again outside of the court system.

      1. That is going to require a dramatic shift in ideology from the path of victimhood that the west is on right now.

        1. I often think that nothing but a total economic collapse will make women reailze their dependence on men. But then I think about how fickle and herd-like women are. There is a possibility that in 10 years some fashion magazine will come out and women all over America will be falling all over themselves to out-do one another slobbering over men and masculininty and children and large families. All it takes is a few celebrities and TV shows to give women their new marching order, maybe a few college professors and bureaucrats to censor feminists for a few months, and women can be entirely reprogrammed, like, *BEEEP* “We were always at war with East Eurasia.”

        2. Think about how the cultural marxists infested and infected Western society like a virus that slipped past our immune systems. They were extremely effective because they got into the institutions, played the long game, and changed the culture. Like their communist brethren they were (and are) subversive, sneaky, and experts at dividing and conquering from the shadows until they’re powerful enough to reveal themselves in the open. They’re like covert KGB agents infiltrating the system to bring it down and they always have plausible deniability on their side.
          They are incrementalists skilled at utilizing useful idiots, subtly winning many tiny victories and building upon them time and time again.
          They push some meme out there, use like-minded people to spread it around and soon enough it is the new normal. Who the fuck ever heard of fat shaming until recently? Or all this LGBTBBQCISgender bullshit? They always have a new battle to fight and a new wedge issue. They take the communist motto “Forward!” to heart.
          What they have created, however, will ultimately lead to their own destruction and they are too stupid to even realize it.

        3. All of the above is true. Their methods need to be analysed, and the way they have carefully sculpted the debate needs to be demonstrated. its worth remembering that many of them have studied discourse with a view to re-directing towards their interests. They tend to believe that if they are subverting, they are subverting something which was already a distortion, ‘false consciousness’, repression / oppression etc. You are so right about the long game, which is what makes it so perversely impressive

        4. Maybe we should secretly publish such magazines and TV shows. Not even kidding.

        5. I agree that they are mindless, I just don’t foresee a movement like taking place since it would require a good number of authority figures to demonstrate male value and that is wholly unpopular in our society.

        6. It depends on profits. If “gay/metro/feminist” trend generate more profits than traditional family, that is the direction the elite will take, and you will follow. In the 1950s, traditional nuclear family in the burbs. Today, serial monogamist hipster fuckers of various weird genders paying trillion dollars in rent near big cities´ downtown.

        7. Don´t kid yourself: the ones doing this are capitalist, Republicans, and probably very Christian in their private life. Is all about profits. Selling a latte at 7 USD is better than selling it at 1,50 USD, even if this implies to create “genders” and bearded fucking hipsters.

      2. Agreed. And we should ourselves guard against that as well. Discussing the issues in order to plan a defense is fantastic. Constant hand wringing without calls to action are in fact enabling victimhood.
        There are, I believe, men’s rights movements in the legal system. I do not know their status currently, but they must be making some headway as the fact that they’re even heard about has to indicate some level of success. That’s probably a good place to at least start investigating.
        I was never fond of complaining about a problem if I wasn’t actively looking for a solution to implement.

      3. These issues won’t be solved until the culture and society changes, which could take years. Laws always lag behind cultural shifts. Once men stop putting up with bullshit from women they wouldn’t tolerate from another man for a single damn second, things will change. Starting with the greatest generation and accelerating under the baby boomers, men gave up a lot of the power they had for no good reason. They gave into nagging and/or bought into the cultural marxist lie of equality. They let women abandon their proper roles as mothers, supporters, and socializers who used to foster polite society in their neighborhoods and communities while the men were off at work. How many of us even know our own neighbors anymore?
        In any case, you cannot change the laws before you change the culture. It just won’t happen. In the mean time opt out of as much of the shit that’s stacked against us as possible. If you’re into monogamy, don’t get married, or at least don’t get hitched to an entitled princess or waste time on them. They’re only good for one thing, so hone your game and use them for it. Protect yourself. There are still demure, submissive women in this country if you know where to look and can tolerate their religiosity. If that’s not your bag, then consider moving elsewhere. There’s a big old world out there and you should always keep your options open.
        Let the party girls waste their youth and age into childless bitter old crones. Use them for what they’re good at and discard them when you get tired of them and/or their shelf life runs out. Right now they are quite content to be in the positions they’re in and why wouldn’t they be? While they destructively ape masculine behavior, thirsty fools willing to emasculate and degrade themselves in the mistaken belief that being a “nice guy” will get them sex give them all the attention and validation they crave.
        Those are the idiots we need to be targeting first and foremost and we need to be doing our best to prevent successive generations of them from being raised. That means red pill men need to mentor and educate boys in what it means to be a man. God knows many of our fathers failed miserably at that and look where that’s gotten us. How many of us wished we knew then what we know now? It’s up to us to impart that knowledge to other men and especially boys in a positive, or at the very least, neutral way.
        I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do know that you can’t go wrong by changing the things you can can change in your own life first. Improve yourself, work smart, make money, and never compromise on your standards. Aim for maximum flexibility.
        And while you’re at it get laid to your heart’s content. But remember, the decline will only continue if we do nothing to stop it. We don’t have to be dragged down with it.

        1. The Cultural Marxists have won the West. Everything West of Crimea is theirs, including Oceana. Men need to know that feminism is a psychological method of warfare used to destabilize nations. Men tend to have the solitary view that the only employment of war is the battlefield and its weapons. In fact the Cultural Marxists had the element of surprise. No one could have quite perceived that an alien philosophy against cultural norms could be a method of warfare.
          Revolutions and pysch warfare (usually psy ops) is the new preference for combat. The alternative is simply too costly, and mostly unachievable at times. Every man in this country who is not apart of this conspiracy is under attack. Some men have no problem and have simply capitulated and developed Stockholm syndrome and the minority of knowledgeable men, know something is wrong with society but they cannot identify the root cause. I believe it’s too late in the game for this generation and possibly the next, but when the anger starts to mount, the guillotine will come crashing down.
          A great example of this, is the Israeli incursion into Gaza. The Israelis after brutalizing the people, played pornography on the TVs of Palestinians. This was a means of psychological warfare. When ever I see American women, there is a strange feeling of the need to release my sexuality by “spitting game” but also there is the higher thinking self, which sees them as useful idiot combatants against me. Strange times, but its strangeness is nonetheless true.

        2. Damn man, You know your shit. You should be a blogger on this site. Seriously. Your insight and perspective are spot on.

        3. Liked the comment, disliked the reference to ‘stockholm syndrome’. Inappropriate term. Stockholm system is a female-only affliction. What you are inappropriately referring to is no more, nor less, than simple despair… a sin men are far more susceptible to indulging than women.

        4. He can articulate thoughts and create long-winded tirades with some originality – but cut to the heart of it and its the same old conspiracy theory / re-stated and re-worded old stuff like Seth and John Doe were always parroting.
          We are all bitter. Some of us just move on and try to view the world in a more objective and positive light – for that is our only hope to survive and advance.

        5. “The Israelis after brutalizing the people, played pornography on the TVs of Palestinians. This was a means of psychological warfare, against a very conservative and patriarchal culture, which still sees the prohibition of women’s sexuality as sacrosanct.”
          – Bang on.
          The Jews initially controlled the pornography industry in Europe.The Jews control the pornography industry in America. They fed that shit to America, which is still lapping it up. Read below:

          Corrosion of the family structure is a part of this propaganda to spread porn. Men don’t want to be with modern liberated cum dumpster women who act as pornstars. Women don’t want to have children but want to stay young and fit forever while enjoying sex like pornstars.
          But observe Israel. Israel today has the highest birth rate in the Middle East, while most men in the rest of the Middle east (and the world) are busy fucking their women in the ass, partly due to a fetish for anal popularized by porn – to:
          – get disease (indirectly funding the healthcare and contraceptive industry)
          – to die due to disease
          – and to eventually produce less children, so as to maintain control of world population.
          It all fits in place when you understand the network of feminism, porn, healthcare and contraceptive industry to achieve the aim – eventual control of the world population.

    2. So true! There are some great articles on this site, but the other half involves pedestalizing pussy. There are two types of men that come to this site, those that are truly looking for answers and solutions to restore some patriarchal order and pussy worshippers. Pussy worshippers are the worse, since they do not even know, they are the most blue pill of blue pillers.

      1. Pussy worshippers :
        Russian women pedestalizers
        Ukrainian women pedestalizers
        Eastern European women pedestalizers
        Asian women pedestalizers
        Women pedestalizers (irrespective of race) in general
        American (or Anglosphere) women don’t have a pussy. They usually have cum dumpster cunts.
        The man who pedestalizes an American (or Anglosphere) woman is a cum dumpster worshipper. Pussy worshipper is too noble a term to use for such a man.
        The problem is that the average red piller compares the scum of Anglosphere women with the benchmark of foreign “feminine” women found elsewhere. But unknowingly, when he harps about the “virtues” of these foreign “feminine” women – using them as a benchmark – he again commits the mistake of female pedestalization.
        These foreign women are in no reality no different from American women – all you’d have to do is to put them on a pedestal, and see the hidden,dormant feminist hamster in these “feminine” women – come to life.
        American women prior to the advent of feminism, were the same as the modern foreign feminine women of today. So what must be realized – is essentially, all women are the same anywhere (irrespective of race) and they all respond to the same thing – dominance/authority to actually value men.
        Do not ever make the mistake of worshipping a foreign feminine woman’s pussy, because she might be “virtuous” – because the feminist hamster is inborn in every woman, waiting for the right situation to come to life.

        1. QUOTE: “..he again commits the mistake of female pedestalization. These foreign women are in no reality no different from American women – all you’d have to do is to put them on a pedestal, and see the hidden,dormant feminist hamster in these “feminine” women – come to life. ”
          So true. Esther Vilar even stated this in 1971 in her book Manipulated Man. And as we see the spread of smart phones and social media we also see how attitudes among foreign women and foreign cultures are changing rapidly for the worse.

        2. nah, women in the Anglosphere were always seen as inferior, they are just worse now.

    3. ” Women are no better than you”
      Once you realize this simple truth, getting laid becomes extremely easy. That is if you are man enough to take what is rightfully yours. That is what women want anyways, for YOU to TAKE THEM as if they are yours by right to be owned dominated and controlled.

      1. You want to rape women. Just say that. You’re not doing it because they want you to. You’re doing it because you want to and you know most women are socialized to stop resisting once they have to become bitchy and not once the man has respected your wishes. Women have too much faith in men. They think you will stop. They think you are empathetic creatures and not the monsters you really are.

    4. Quote: “You’re only dominated by women if you allow yourself to be….. ”
      Guys who get thrown in jail because they could not make a divorce payment because of unemployment….
      A man having his paycheck garnished because some cunt he never meant tells the state he is the father of her womb turd (ie. illegit kid) …
      The list goes on, but rest assured the system, which includes the judges, police and SWAT is al rigged aginst men. It is unrealisitc to adopt the “if you allow yourself to be dominated..” shit.

    5. If women are so much worse at reasoning, then why I do I see about the same # of logical fallacies on here as I do on Jezebel? Anecdotal evidence of course, but just an observation. The only real difference I’ve noted that has been scientifically substantiated is that of spatial reasoning…but, that could be due to other factors. see here:
      I’ve personally noticed that my spatial abilities only suffer when I feel self-conscious (such as when I’m parallel parking a car and I also have a passenger). As women tend to be more affected by this issue, particularly academically, then perhaps that is the cause. Again, I would be perfectly amenable to the idea that there exists a very real biological cause, but we never want to equate correlation with causation. That is a very big no-no.
      I’m interested to know if you have any sources, hopefully peer-reviewed, that back up your assertions?

  11. Finally… An article on ROK that brilliantly and accurately encapsulates the crux of the issue.
    Brilliant piece. Maybe the best that has appeared on this website.
    Sloppy writers/thinkers of the manosphere, please take note.

  12. Women came together and gave Western men the ultimate ‘shit test’: FEMINISM.
    Men failed the test.

    1. correction it was white beta men that failed it. infact about feminisim and new rights happening in other countrys is because western countrys are pushing it in.

      1. In France, Black and Arabs are failing it too. Eventually, most stable countries will see their men failing it.

    2. Wrong!
      It was Men who enabled Feminism.It is Men who are still at the bottom of it.
      Feminism is ultimately about power,where a majority of men are subjugated by other men using women as pawns.It really is no different from Animal Rights and Environmentalism.It is stupid to blame animals and the Ozone layer for coming up with such restrictive behavior and enabling ridiculous criminal laws against you.All of these guys here who still blame women are failing to identify the true cause for the effects they see.Women are not at fault for taking advantage of the situation created for them and blaming them is entirely futile.
      For all of civilization women have never ruled,anywhere or anytime.Even Queens were powered by Male council and Male warriors.Now all of sudden,in the last 50 years,women have miraculously found a way to rule, out of their own accord?Heck no.

      1. Exactly. Feminism is used by elite men to throw an iron fist down on the rest of men to control them. Women are simply the clueless mules used in this game.

        1. Even as pawns they are responsible for their immoral behaviour. And hence their complicity in this issue.

        2. I see what your saying, and theoryetically you are correct. But female behavior has always shown herd-like mentalities and behaviors, and the willingness to have very little humanity.

  13. Why are half the articles on this website written with this whiny tone? I thought you guys are masculine men? Why do you spend all this time bitching and complaining?

  14. ” it is clear that women cannot
    shake off their deeper nature; when it comes to sex, dating and
    relationships, women still want to be led by strong and confident men.”
    Game in a nutshell. It is also the reason why the concept of “gender equality” is a complete and utter pipe dream. Either you dominite women or they will dominate you. Their is no third option. Even the actients knew this fact of NATURE!

  15. Everyone should watch the movie fight club. Gives you an idea of what a MAN actually is.

  16. “The reason is that, deep down, women are incorrigible slaves. The
    display or mere semblance of power and authority arouse them in the
    strongest psycho-sexual way.”
    This is why working out is so important. It helps you display your masculine energies.

  17. Women still don’t have equal rights. They actually have superior rights. And we wonder why the western world is so fucked up?

    1. The only way ANGLO/western women get *equal rights* is when they accept responsibility.
      Case in point: Anglo/western women can get an innocent man LYNCHED (Deep South 19th Century USA) or sent him in prison or his reputation ruined (contemporary times), yet we NEVER heard of a woman who actually received the same punishment the dead/ruined guy did.

  18. If we are to fight feminism and make the case for patriarchy then we need to take back control of the institutions that control how society thinks. Therefore, more red pill men need to take the fight to university’s, schools and government, we need to form pressure groups to influence politicians importantly we also need woman on our side, which means we need to demonstrate that woman are unhappier now and that they would be better in traditional relationships. The reason we need woman is to defeat the beta/gay/tranny men that control the system now, only by a mass revival of patriarchy (which means we need woman) can we reverse the decline.

    1. Again, what the hell do gay or transexual men or women have to do with your little fight against heterosexual western women? They’re a non-entity in this quarrel.

      1. Again? I didn’t see any other posts from you..anyway, I notice you homed right in on the gay/tranny part ignoring how I also mentioned beta males first. This should tell readers something…
        Reaching the straight non red pill beta males first by showing them that indulging feminism won’t get them anywhere with woman by developing a mass anti feminist movement where woman are actively siding with men will be a powerful message.
        Regarding gay rights: they are intricately linked to feminism, to the point where they march side by side with woman. They will fight any attempt to reverse equality laws regarding woman because the basis of their own agenda would be destroyed if a patriarchal system was restored. That’s because heir privileged status depends on the same equality of rights arguments that woman’s rights do.

        1. Anonymity, guy. It’s a wonderful thing, and it’s something the users on this site have taken great advantage of (because I’m betting if most of you were open about this crap…you’d be ostracized.)
          Well, good with getting women on your side then…especially when that very same side actively tells them that they’re automatically lesser beings to men. I’m not saying it’s impossible mind you….just incredibly, almost impossibly difficult.
          Also, you’re assuming that all gay men and women side with feminists? I mean, if that’s the case, why the hell do men like Jack Donovan exist? (An openly gay MRA activist).

        2. Well if we need anonymity to speak out then that is to the shame of our opponents because silencing debate by ostracism is a deplorable tactic, and not the sign of a tolerant society.
          Many socially conservative and religious woman do side with our view point to various degrees. Where they would disagree is with the focus on “gaming” woman that many here are interested in. The trick is to syncretize with these groups.
          Yes i am generalizing, the fact there are gay men who would agree with us is great, but they are the minority. Remember i was responding to your point that they are a “non entity” which is a point you have apparently conceded was wrong.

        3. Yet this site openly does it to their opponents as well (Yeah…the “about” page of this site, especially parts about banning…it certainly doesn’t scream “tolerance”).
          Well, a “non-entity” in terms of any real opposition, sure. Gay and trans men certainly aren’t making your lives “worse” in any real way. So the fact that this site regularly seems to shine them in a negative light is kind of confusing.

        4. Excluding woman from a website doesn’t mean the owner wants feminists to be forced into anonymity and ostracized. There are already many male and female only groups around the world who society tolerates and does not ostracise
          My original point was that gays would oppose any movement to restore patriarchy. For example, many find heterosexual marriage to be patriarchal hence the movement to let gays get married. As can be read here
          I was simply pointing out those groups most likely to oppose patriarchy (besides feminists). As i have shown gays are not a non entity but in fact play a big role. Something which you deny.

        5. Alrighty, I’ll give you this much. You’ve proved that they do actually have something at stake in this argument. You also did clear up a few things; in particular, why exactly you would be opposed to homosexual relationships (that being, in your eyes, they go against everything the “Traditional Patriarchy” stands for).
          …It still doesn’t make any of this alright mind you, but at least I can understand why this site would be bigoted towards the LGBT.

      2. They’re the byproduct of Anglo female feminism, in a society which women have more power, to the point such men go gay just to be fully sexually satisfied or go post-op male to female, because that’s where the power is at.

        1. Really? “Homosexuality was invented by Feminism”, eh? Well, then somebody better give ancient Japan and Greece the memo then…

        2. I’m really gonna regret asking this, but what exactly do you mean by, “Anglo Homosexuality since Victorian England”? Are you referring to openly effeminate homosexual men?

        3. I am specifically referring to gay men in the Anglosphere since Victorian England; after all, sexual repression is common practice of the time period, to the point Jack the Ripper showed up.

        4. You’re kind of the stretching it there with the “Jack the Ripper” comparison. Also, your whole statement is kind of vague to be honest. Like where are you getting at when you refer to sexual repression? Are you advocating that homosexual men should actually be more open about their sexaulity? Because if that’s the case, then I’d actually have to congratulate you on being so progressive.

        5. Vague!? I purposely brought up Victorian England because that’s the same time period where Angle women also wielded sexual power in their own country.

        6. Alright, that does clear up some things. It still doesn’t make the linkage any less…odd. I mean, yes, at the time of Queen Vicotria’s reign, prudery was pretty much at an all time high, but it was towards everyone. Hell, it got so ridiculous that even mentioning the word “leg” in formal company was considered “improper”. Also…yeah, homosexuality was actually considered a capital offense at the time, so I don’t exactly know how Victorian England “encouraged” homosexuality as you seem to be implying.

        7. Prudery and sexual repression are all the same.
          Homosexuality as a capital offense in England is just a farce, especially when the Angle elite of the time even engage in such acts behind closed doors.
          There’s a reason why in the 19th Century, the British Royal Navy has been joked that only three things run it: “Rum, Scurvy, and Sodomy”.

        8. I purposely namedropped Jack the Ripper, because he is a case in point of the extreme effects of sexual repression.
          After all, he did kill and rape women in Victorian England.

        9. Alright, Now that we both seem to agree that sexual repression and prudery is bad, could you now explain to me why this site and others like it regularly seems to shine a negative light on homosexuality?

        10. Duh, population control, which the Angle elites want since Victorian England; after all, Nazis learned eugenics from Victorian England, which Victorian England did advocate.

        11. …So you’re saying that homosexuality is some kind of scheme created by the Victorian era English…to control the population…somehow….because logic?

        12. It’s a longer-term plan.
          Yes, to the point Victorian England taught Japan the latter’s own gay stereotype there: “muscular = gay” in Japan.

    2. ‘patriarchy’ as a concept wil not be persuasive to many, and many – obviously feminists, but many others as well, will reject it out of hand simply on account of the associations it has. Why not simply demonstrate in terms of the behaviours that work. Male leadership is what we should be promoting through demonstrating its value. Give society something it can believe in rather than something it can’t. If we cannot make a moral case, then we won’t persuade anybody

      1. There needs to be a movement with which we can demonstrate that these behaviors work to the wider public. This movement would need to start working its way through institutions and pressuring politicians to get its voice heard and points across because the implications are big. I agree “patriarchy” has bad associations, the name can be changed though can’t it? We can make a moral case but my point is that with thought must come action.

        1. A lot of thought needs to be given about what any such movements would be about, what they would aim to achieve, and how. The incendiary rhetoric that is sometimes favoured here may have limited appeal, and is too ’emotional’. The liberal / left, cultural marxists – call them what you wish – have been very careful crafting their arguments and making sure those arguments are made so that they heard. We should only be interested in arguments that work.

  19. Lot of problems exist because of thirsty men who don’t have respect for themselves . There was article on ROK called “How Thirsty Men Kill Everyone’s Game” on this subject. There is not a women fault that there are tons of white knights who are willing to do everything for them for free. We men should change. We should stop treating every bitch like a fucking princes. We should respect ourselves more. If you let yourself to be tyrannized, you will be tyrannized.

    1. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem. The problem is women period, anything starting with men should change is bullshit because women are the problem. Now game is a coping strategy to deal with a bad behaviour of a child like adult. No different than giving candy to a bad ass kid. But when that child becomes a teen suddenly that lolly pawp doesn’t shut his mouth anymore and when he punches and kicks you it actually hurts you. The long term consequence of gaming women is ultimately enabling the bad behaviour just like giving a child a lolly pop, eventually the child just grows into a punk kid and eventually the woman turns ratchet no matter how much game you use. And in both cases the only solution is to give the boot to the punk bitch and get a new one or move on.

  20. Anne-Marie Roy tyrannized five men who were having a private conversation about her into forfeiting their privacy rights.
    Fuck, now we’re not even supposed to say how hard we want to pound some bitch in her ass in a private conversation with other men? Talk about fucking repression.
    Well fuck you, Ms. Anne-Marie Roy; you’re part of the reason I’m going to Asia to get my fucking needs filled.

  21. “modern women expect both old world chivalry and modern “equality.” Yet taken together, the two render women superior in the overall power dynamics”
    I don’t agree with everything in this article, but I do believe this is one of the most important articles on RoK. The reason for this is it addresses the issue of POWER. Everything about feminism and the equality industry is about a particular description of power, namely as something that is unequally distributed. All the oppressive binaries – men oppressing women, whites oppressing blacks, straights oppressing gays – are about descriptions of UNEQUAL POWER. The whole of our political and justice system has accepted this basic description of how the world functions, and has done so uncritically. The consequence has been REDISTRIBUTION from the oppressor class to the oppressed class.
    Now if the argument made in this article is true – and I think most of us believe it is – then we need to think about the kinds of counter-arguments that work against the current system of redistributive politics & redistributive justice. My point is we need to be making the case within the language of redistributive justice, on the basis of the analysis that FEMINISM DISGUISES ITS OWN POWER.
    This is the problem we need to work on. Not calls to violent struggle. Not calling women inferior and in need of counter-domination. You can think what you like about that, but it is NOT a persuasive argument. You will not change the discourse by using such language. If women are now more powerful than men, we need to be able to demonstrate that.
    What feminism has managed to do, with the help of male egos everywhere, is to describe POWER AS A THING ONLY MEN HAVE . When women have power its called empowerment. Namely it is framed within the language of redistribution.
    What we have to do is bring to the surface, clearly articulate, and demonstrate within the public realm all those forms of power which women exercise in society (over men and otherwise) and which are never officially acknowledged as power in any official sense.
    Feminism is the manipulation of equality and the camouflaging of the power that women exercise. Off the top of my head those forms of power are:
    Control of sex through control of consent (only true where the rule of law prevails)
    Control of reproduction – as above
    Control of child-rearing (rocking the cradle) – true in the present age
    Domination of education at all stages – only true in the present age
    Looking lovely so that everybody’s heart melts – perennial truth, but dependent on looks
    Manipulating weakness into strength
    Persuading egotistic men they are strong when they are weak
    Persuading society individually and institutionally that they need protecting when they don’t (remember often they do)
    Manipulating the law to ensure society’s wealth tends to be redistributed towards women
    All of the above can be exaggerated. Women have often been shat upon and still are in many societies, including our own The above though is the case in modern western states. The point is most women and most feminists don’t even understand the power they have themselves. Some feminist still believe patriarchy is all powerful. In some places it is. But those places are outside the law

  22. Well done. I am happy to report that after 15 years of taking the road less travelled, this is mostly a moot point for me as an individual. I work in an all-male environment, married a foreign girl, have had only male children, keep a tight and somewhat xenophobic network of family and very close friends, and for the most part, only interact with strangers when I absolutely need to.
    I feel for you guys. I really do, but this article makes me very, very glad I went straight from the Navy to the Merchant Marines. The world intrudes, of course, and there is no one to represent my interests in terms of political allies, but for you guys who trudge out into the war zone that is daily living, please remember that you can still shape your world and dictate the terms by which you must occasionally interact with it. Circling your wagons isn’t a retreat- refusal to participate in a sick culture is a sane choice.

  23. Equality itself is a nonsense-word with no true meaning, it means what you want it to mean, therefore a useful word to use with the propaganda to make the societal changes our leaders want to make sure they remain in power and gain even more.
    Divide and conquer, that’s what they want. Let’s not give them that. What we need is a societal change, not some individualistic change, because one man don’t change a whole society of women and men’s attitude. Neither does being apathetic or “nihilistic” and just watch the world and your people live in misery solve anything. Fuck, i’ve more respect for a blue-piller than a red-piller who just sits back and do nothing although he knows what’s wrong and can therefore help to do something about it, pussies.

    1. Well, since apparently you’re an archaeologist now, would you care to actually counter her? After all, it’s no unheard for ancient women to be pretty powerful. Heck, Spartan women were trained in combat because they believed strong women would birth strong men.

      1. Who needs to be a fucking archaeologist? Take 100 of your best trained women and put them against 100 of our best trained men in a battle to the death, well, you know who I’m putting my money on.
        Women against the likes of these, heh heh, yeah sure. The women will end up raped and killed:

        1. Well, if you wanna have an open discussion about old world history, it does tend to help to have at least a mild understanding of the subject…you know, outside of just reading the occasional book from barnes & noble, or watching a special on the history channel.
          Okay. I’ll give you 100 combat ready women, against your 100 average dudes, and we’ll see just how well that goes…

        2. I said the best against the best. The male body is designed to hunt and fight, the female to nurture; natural design simply cannot be denied.

  24. Condom piercer loses Supreme Court appeal
    This loser pricked his condoms in order to make his girlfriend pregnant and thus keep from losing her. He got charged with sexual assault and has to spend 18 months in jail. Basically, it was not he assaulting her, but his sperm assaulting her egg. Sure, he could have given her a STD, but “assault” seems much too violent a term for what he did; “sexual mischief” seems like a more appropriate name.
    Fuck, Canada is a minefield for men. But of course he was stupid enough to admit what he did. Fucking idiot. My old man always said, “Never admit to anything. Let them prove it!”

    1. What are the odds she would have received similar punishment had she been the one found guilty of piercing her man’s condoms?
      Rhetorical question of course.

      1. Sperm stealing from condomes is rife now. That woman liz Jones on the daily mail, radical feminist, admitted in public that she TWICE tried to steal sperm to get pregnant and NO WOMEN took exception…and she kept her job.
        Western women are just the biggest hypocrites you could ever imagine. They really are. I am so glad I do not live among them any more.

  25. I’ve been reading a lot of articles on this website for a
    few months now, just learning about red pill and manosphere (I’m in my early 20’s).
    While most articles are okay, a few are just sheer brilliant. This website is awesome
    for encouraging ways for men to improve themselves. My advice to ROK readers is
    to discover the truth; that is pristine Islam (without the cultural baggage and
    CIA-funded ‘terrorist’ groups). As a Muslim immigrant to the USA, I’ve grown up
    here and gone to school here. I’ve always noticed something was wrong this
    toxic feminist-lgbt-liberalPC society but never put my finger on it. I’m afraid
    to get married and raise children in such a toxic, indoctrinating, anti-Islamic
    society. Red pill is about not just gaming women but discovering the bitter
    truth. Feminism, lgbt, liberalsPC, & atheism are all funded by satanic banking/corporations/media
    to erode society, morals, and religion. No group is more demonized by this satanic
    banking/corporations/media than Islam. The materials are there; seek the
    knowledge about pristine Islam. It is readily available and plentiful in most
    languages including English. Your life has a greater meaning, a greater
    purpose. We’re all gonna die at some point, no escaping death. Islam teaches
    about traditional family dynamics, good moral upbringing, and to better oneself
    spiritually, physically, and mentally. I’m glad I was raised in this pure way
    despite being surrounded, feeling alone. I love you guys here at ROK and just
    want to get this message out. If you don’t like or accept Islam that’s cool, I
    won’t hunt you down and call you a bigot or say you’re insensitive. Just do
    some research on it and read about it. I’ve read about almost all the religions
    in the world, economic philosophies, histories, ROK, etc. Researching and reading about things has made
    more knowledgeable. Just keep reading, learning, and researching; after you
    research Islam, based on its evidence come up with your own conclusion. You
    decide if its right for you. Just merely putting this out there. [Prophet
    Muhammad: “Near the end days the truth will be considered falsehood and falsehood
    will be considered truth…The truthful person will be considered a liar while
    the liar will be considered truthful.”] [Prophet Muhammad: “The strong man is not
    one who is good at fighting but the strong man is one who can control his anger
    in a fit of rage”.]

    1. Maybe if you people stopped blowing up women and children and joined the modern world, others wouldn’t come down on you so hard. But, then, that would be un-Islamic wouldn’t it? As it is, I personally will not do business with a muslim beyond letting them fetch me a bottle of vodka every now and then. I certainly will not be friends with a muslim. I will condemn you and every one of your piece of shit brothers and sisters and your pedophile prophet until the day you either cease to exist or have a true reformation as Christianity did (and I still don’t like those motherfuckers either). I don’t have much hope for the latter, either
      Islam is evil.

      1. Nah dude. It aint. Dont be disrepectful. Ive worked with and around lots of Muslim people. They are friendly, honest, humble and all around pretty chill people. Im not really religious myself but comparing the average Muslim to the ME extremists is kind of like comparing David Koresh from the Waco affair and dude from the Guyana kool-aid affait to the average Christian.
        Those were some pretty low blows ya took.

        1. What’s your point? I will be disrespectful all I want to these fucking animals. I give respect to those that deserve it. Muslims do not. And, maybe–just maybe–it will get him to think. I know a few people who have abandoned his suicide cult and I do count them as friends and give them respect.

        2. We are all entitled to your opinions. I used to say the same exact shit you did about Muslims. I guess I have a little different stance now. Painting everyone with too wide of a brush is not what I do anymore. You do whatever the fuck you want.

        3. WHY do you have a different stance? Is it because you met one person that didn’t have a bombed strapped to his back? Ask that person whether or not he supports his cohorts with the bombs. And watch him closely when he answers because Muslims are actually REQUIRED to lie to us infidels when they talk about jihad.

  26. Good article. I’m inclined to say though that the equality movement is allowing men to dominate men. The elites need an excuse to put down an iron fist, so the fist comes down under the guise of the the whole opressed women bullshit.

  27. Ok spoiler alert here. In relation to this article, watch 300 Rise of an Empire and watch the interaction between the characters of Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton. She is a psychotic murderous leader of the Persian navy but when she meets and fights against Themistocles, she can’t help but feel desire and attraction to him. So much so that she allows him to bend her over and fuck her hard and deep over the table. A great movie in that it shows that a strong masculine man can conquer even an out of control crazy bitch.

      1. Lol…sadly, yeah. Still, was fun to watch Eva Green getting bent and fucked deep and hard over the table 🙂

    1. One of the funniest scenes I have seen in cinemas. I was thinking about RoK when watching that.

  28. Not sure who this new writer is, but this is solid stuff. Its great to see that the manosphere, and particularly ROk in general, is attracting such good new talent. I’m almost considering becoming an ROK contributor, but I have no tech skills. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

  29. Too much philosophizing here.
    I like to keep things simple. I’m a misogynist.
    Thus, I have one objective with a woman. I want to lure her in, make her think I care.
    Then, I fuck her in the ass.
    Amazingly, most come back for more. They love it.
    I’ll use one ass until I find another one. Then I dump the first one. I do it in the coldest, harshest, most uncaring, most unsympathetic way possible.
    That ass-fucked woman might go through the rest of her life believing Oprah and thinking she’s “equal.” But deep down, she will know she got ass fucked and loved it.

    1. You aren’t a misogynist. if you were, the only luring in you would be doing would end with a shovel to the back of her skull and a shallow grave in the desert.
      The word ‘Misogyny’ has been overused. It’s literal definition is ‘hatred of women’ but it has been redefined and weakened and used to mean ‘anything women disapprove of or want to be seen to disapprove of’.
      Terms like misogyny, rape, domestic Violence, racism, hatred, witchcraft… all have been devalued into worthlessness by overuse and expanding definitions.

  30. My only problem is with the definition of Napoleon Bonaparte as ‘undersized’. The size joke was due to his nickname, ‘The little emperor’, not his stature.
    He was 5’7″ tall. In his time, considering the locality and diet, that was an inch taller than average, even for the wealthy elite.

    1. The size joke was due to the fact that inches weren’t equivalent. He was 5’2″ French inches, which was equivalent to 5’7″ British inches. It’s fairly obvious how this can be misunderstood.

  31. Do you guys even realize what subhumans women truly are? I’ve spoken to 100s of women and I have logically explained to them WHY women are inferior to men, using great amounts of evidence and logic, and not even A SINGLE ONE OF THEM accepted the truth. This is simply amazing and it literally proves the point- women, 100 fucking percent of them, are INCAPABLE of accepting the fact that they are subhumans and are vastly inferior to men.
    The sooner we can replace human women with female sex robots and artificial wombs, the sooner mankind will be able to evolve and progress. But until we cast off this parasite class, WOMEN, MANkind will never evolve beyond it’s base animal instincts.

    1. troll.. female sex robots would open up the market though…but where would be the game?

    2. QUOTE: “The sooner we can replace human women with female sex robots and artificial wombs, the sooner mankind will be able to evolve and progress. But until we cast off this parasite class, WOMEN, MANkind will never evolve beyond it’s base animal instincts.”
      Never ever would I have thought I would find myself agreeing to this assertion, but I do. This is a complete 180 degree turn for me having been raised under feminist doctrine.

    3. Women have always accepted that men are the naturally dominant sex, but they’ll never admit it.

    4. “Replacing” women just admits that they have beaten us. It says we have been beaten by an inferior creature. Maybe you are the type of man who gives up and takes his ball home. I am not.

      1. It “admits” no such thing.
        It is a pretty damning indictment of women though, that men have grown so fed up of their insufferable attitudes that they are looking forward to the day where they are replaced by technology.

      2. Mike, you’re a pathetic white knight mangina. And I could literally beat the shit out of you, I’ve had 5 years of hand to hand combat training. So come to my face and call me weak, you fucking faggot.

        1. Ha! You let somebody on the internet upset you little boy. Lets hope you have a strong body because your mind is fucking weak. Is it tough having a man’s equipment with a woman’s mind honey?

    5. That’s cause women are egoistic these days. If she doesn’t fight u on this subject she is a girl u should go out with cause she understands her role in a relationship. On the other hand if she does fight u on this subject, she will be fighting with everything little thing within a relationship (western women today) .

      1. I agree and admittedly I was very ignorant when I met my alpha and he was nice enough to have patience with me as I was borderline feminist myself. The hardest thing to learn is to not be so disagreeable. When it’s everywhere you turn how do we stop our females from becoming like them? Well please don’t make fun of me too much but I plan on helping western women shed feminism 🙂

        1. It only took a hundred times hearing that very statement while stomping off and not being able to converse like an adult for me to get it. Females especially feminists are way too emotional and some can learn if given a chance and need to know that If they’re going to act like a toddler, for gods sake graduate to the mental state of a 6 year old at the very least since they do as they’re told most of the time. Fems brains are running on the defensive and negative most of the time. I’m not making excuses for them but with feminists Everything will be taken wrong, exaggerated, and confused, it’s almost like it’s second nature due to media, our mothers in some cases, and even the wrong friends can have an impact. I’ll be sure to protect my children from them.

        2. That’s 1 reason why I rarely listen to the news. It’s all negative… Negative emotions gets people’s attention which equals ratings. That’s why feminists always play the victim game, rape, violence, same as what’s on the news.
          It’s great to know there are women in the world like yourself with a good head on their shoulders still!

    6. There is a lot of pain in that post. And that I am saddened. There is so much strife and anger between men and women today. I can see how many women today deserve such vitriol.
      I have been called a red pill woman by many men and bow to them in receiving such an honor. I try never to have this misplaced. I love,honor and respect the masculine and have been richly rewarded. Please believe me, there are a few of us who don’t live to denigrate or dominate men. And they always smile when I walk into their presence.

      1. Please come to our page. We are working on it and are looking for women like you. The site is and under construction. The FB page is under the same name. Thank you.

        1. I am a long time poster on another site frequented primarily by men. Over the years, I have gain the respect of many. They have educated me on the horrors of modern western women today of which I was woefully unaware (MTGOW…my god wtf!). One of them has directed me here.
          Though many would love to date me ( I am in shape from years of power yoga and proper eating, I love sex and sensuality, am reasonably bright and inquisitive and can converse on many topics and am not materialistic and prefer a simple minimalist life) I am in a very committed relationship with a man who loves me dearly. He calls me a pearl beyond price and he would never share.
          I would like to offer myself up to anyone here who may wish to hear a female’s perspective on the dilemmas facing men today who is not angry or hostile but caring and truly wishes to help in some way.

        2. The purpose of our page would be to inspire those who lack feminine or ladylike qualities to pursue them. How to treat your gentleman, and avoiding the feminist attitude, oh and so much more. My hope is to bring back the proper lady. My offer is open, as your input sounds invaluable. Thank you 🙂

        3. I may be a help. I exude femininity naturally and always have lots of male attention ( much to the chagrin of my man) however I am loyal and have never had an affair. I have the perfect loving man in all ways that celebrates who I am. He had rescued me from a physically brutal childhood ( I have little hearing in my right ear due to being beat unconscious several times… by my mother) He stayed with a very damaged young girl and nurtured me to become what I am now. I am eternally grateful for this and have become the woman of his dreams to honor what he did for me. Once, I tagged along when he went on a business trip to Paris and several woman showed me interesting techniques to capture some of their natural sensuality. Also books by Ann Barone helped immensely. She is HIGHLY criticized by the feminist community so I knew I was on the right track! 😉

        4. You sound like a vapid retarded cunt. You are not red pill, you are not intelligent, you are a woman and are vastly intellectually inferior to men. Deal with it

        5. Sweetie,
          if you want to know how to be a good wife? I have written the book for women to learn the lessons of how to be a good wife. I will even do private paid consulting for women too. I would like to give LOTS of women the opportunity to learn the lessons of how to be a good wife. Goodness knows western women need these lessons.

        6. Sweetie,
          if you want to know how to be a good wife? I have written the book for women to learn the lessons of how to be a good wife. I will even do private paid consulting for women too. I would like to give LOTS of women the opportunity to learn the lessons of how to be a good wife. Goodness knows western women need these lessons….

        7. I must show this to my husband! He would get quite a kick out of that. He thinks I’m pretty good but I’m sure anyone could use some pointers to strive to better themselves. Here are my rules to be a good wife. Please feel free to comment or criticize.
          1) sex should be unlimited. As much as he wants. 7/24/365 ( ok, not when sick…who wants sex with someone puking). Sex is an expression of love and bonding. Sex must be fully engaged and with a body that can perform well.( I.e. no land whale women) He prefers 4-5 times a week and that’s what I provide.
          2) learn his profession in detail enough to talk about it intelligently. Have him share his victories and failures and where he wants to go. Celebrate his accomplishments and comfort him when he fails and let him know you value him no matter if your living in a mansion or under a freeway ramp. Never complain about money. If there isn’t any scale back until you can live within you means. Treat him like a man not a wallet.

        8. They are two good things….but men appreciate more from their wives. In the book you will find out how to rescind all opportunity to screw him over in divorce. I can assure you he will appreciate that.
          You will also find out how to choose between being equal before the law or giving yourself as chattel property to your man. I am sure he will appreciate you making a decision one way or another.
          The most important character trait a woman can show to a quality man is that of honesty. And this is extremely rare in western women. That lesson is in the book too.
          Indeed. The book is full of valuable lessons and full of examples of how NOT to be a good wife because I have repeated the examples of my ex Jennifer.
          It is actually a genuine attempt to start a conversation among WOMEN as to what men consider to be valuable lessons women can learn to be good wives. Since so many women read this site even though they are not supposed to it is a good place to mention this new book. It is even free but it is advertising supported. If tens of thousands of women read it or listen to it then it could be a tidy little earner and this would be well justified since I have been subjected to quite a bit of cost due to Jennifers crimes. I make no apology that it is advertising supported. Makes the content no less valuable.

        9. We have been married for a long time. We married at 22. I told him the only thing I cared about is he not have an affair. If he found someone he’d like better please first divorce me and be with the other woman. I would leave amicably and realize we went meant to be.I saw what affairs did to people. I swore fidelity and I have kept my oath.
          We both don’t care much for material things. I don’t care he takes all my possessions. They are just things. I drive a beat up car all my friends laugh at as they drive their Mercedes and BMW. I’d rather curl up on the couch with my man and discuss world events than go shopping. That’s just me.
          I am scrupulously honest as possible. I try never to change my mind unless I explain why ( my husbands hates fickleness). I will discuss a problem but never treat him like a girlfriend and do the endless chatty thing. Occasionally I am upset about I particular issue. I never burden him with it unless I can describe it adequately for him to help. If I do, he will give me an honest appraisal and recommendation. I find his advice sound most of the time and am happy I have a man to go to for counsel. I advise him too with problems but they are mostly issues he has with women at work.
          For the most part, we just are happy being together. When a man and woman honor and respect each other for their unique talents it’s amazing what comes from it. Laughing a lot helps too. I’m not sure how your book can help but I’m willing to listen.
          I’m sorry you had such an awful wife. Truly I wish there is something I could do to help. Would purchasing your book help? Honestly, I’m not sure if women would listen much too me. The first thing my husband used to do when he visited me at work was to hug and kiss me. The women told the management that it bothered them to see his affection so now he has to call me and I go out to the car to greet him. I don’t know why they are so threatened.

      2. I hope the men here are observing this. Here we have a woman who claims to be “red pill” and “antifeminist” and yet uses the EXACT SAME SHAMING LANGUAGE that feminists use.
        When are you men going to wake the fuck up and realize that we need to ban women from this website and from all MRA types of sites? Women are inherently selfish and only think in terms of their own self interest. ZHMiffed has proven this point for the 1000th time. When will you men learn? Women are incapable of empathy for you.

        1. I am sorry you are so angry. You have obviously been hurt. I have been hurt as well by many women so I can appreciate your anger. The term ” red pill” was ascribed to me by other men (2 actually) who over many years got to know me and realized I was a genuine and kind person. I had to ask them what they meant by it because I consider myself out of the matrix but I wasn’t sure if that is what they meant.
          I do have empathy for men who have been hurt by woman. You’ve just met one who has as well. If it really makes you feel better, attack me. I will not attack back. Hit me over and over. Call me what ever you wish. Kill me in your mind if that’s what it takes. I lived in anger against women for years. It consumed me. My health started to fail because my body couldn’t take the stress being so angry all the time. It took five years of Hell to begin to climb out. I would never want to shame you. If I have, I apologize. It was unintended.

  32. Look Gents,
    we are 40 years into the “feminist revolution” where women say they want “equality”. And yet I have never seen one woman of any note say “equal punishment for equal crimes” whereas there is an endless line of women AND MEN saying “equal pay for equal work”.
    Western women and their mangina lackeys are liars and hypocrites in the 99.9% majority because they will demand “equal pay for equal work” but will not demand “equal punishment for equal crimes”. And THAT is the point that writers on RoK are very well advised to pound on just like I have.
    Pound on the lies and hypocrisy where NOT ONE WOMAN OF NOTE has demanded women get “equal punishment for equal crimes”.

    1. Well, I’ll give ya this much Peter, at least you didn’t end your rambles with a link to your stupid website or book.

      1. Why do you hate young men so much that you do not wish them to have information critical to their ability to defend themselves?
        That is pretty hateful. If men actually cared about other men as they claim I would not even have to put links to my books around much. Men would pass them among themselves without my encouragement.
        Even Elvis Presley said “People will hate you if you talk about things they do not understand.” And that is very true of young men today.
        Why don’t you want men to know about how to deal with such things as false rape or sexual harassment allegations properly?

        1. Well, I could understand that to a degree (as much I disagree most, if not, all of what you stand for), but then the thing about it is…you literally repeat yourself. I swear, you’ve used the “If men actually cared about other men…” line at least three other times. It’s like you can’t even be bothered to reword your nonsense, so you just copy it from the literal thousands of other posts you’ve done.

        2. “as much I disagree most, if not, all of what you stand for”
          Well you can disagree with the ideas of truth, justice and equality before the law all you like. But by doing so you openly accept other people can commit crimes against you and lie about you.
          “you literally repeat yourself. I swear, you’ve used the “If men actually cared about other men…” line at least three other times. It’s like you can’t even be bothered to reword your nonsense”
          What I am saying is not nonsense. Why would I reword something that is worded perfectly? There is only one perfect way to say something. That is why I repeat myself identically on many cases.
          The fact that young men are very stubborn and refuse to listen to the truth is the reason I repeat myself. If young men showed a little more willingness to listen to the truth there would be much less need for me to repeat myself.
          So the repetition you see from me is a factor of the wilful ignorance of men. If men were not so wilfully ignorant? I would repeat myself less.
          For example. “Legislation is not law”. I have said that many thousands of times and it is still not getting through the wilful ignorance of men. There is nothing wrong with the message I am broadcasting. It is only 4 words. What is wrong is the wilful ignorance of men not to accept it or not to research it to determine if the statement is true.
          Because men are wilfully ignorant of the truth “legislation is not law” you allow millions of your bothers to rot in jail. That is what “men hate men” looks like. Men choose to be wilfully ignorant of “legislation is not law” and by doing so let millions of your brothers rot in jail unlawfully….and THEN you try and tell me how much “men care about men”. Bullshit. If men cared about men they would act more like me. Learn that legislation is not law and work to release many millions of men from jail…which is one thing I am working on.

        3. Oh, golly, did I just become a part of a classic Peter
          Andrew Nolan shame routine? Goodie good, let me just get out my check list.
          “Starts off with a complete strawman argument”
          “Attempts to berate or shame his opposition with a barrage of insults”
          “Tries excuse his own laziness by passing it off as, “Well it’s just perfect””
          “Ends his rambles with a sentence that basically says, “Oh, but if only people
          thought and acted the way I do, then the world would be perfect, because I’m
          just perfect.”
          Aaaaand Check.
          Does that mean I win at Peter Andrew Nolan bingo? Well let’s see….no public
          shaming of your ex-wife….You didn’t mention how perfect your grandmother was….and
          you didn’t end it with a plug to your book. Oh well, better luck next time I
          guess. Though I doubt I’ll have to wait long.

        4. LOL! You are so funny sweetie. You oppose the ideas of truth, justice and equality before the law and then try and paint that as a “strawman argument”.
          You do not even know what a “strawman argument” is.
          It is because of thousands of women just like you that we have claimed into existence the lawful right to kill women in Ireland. There is no possibility women in Ireland will ever stand for the idea of equality before the law. So they have to be killed until they surrender. Then we will introduce them to equality before the law.
          In other lands we have introduced a state of WAR and we hope to keep it non-violent. But, of course, we have every right to use the same level of violence against women as women use against us. And against us you use the violence and force of the state that often kills men. So you have agreed it is ok for men to kill women too.
          You might want to re-consider your position and stand for equality before the law and for all people to have the protection of the law.

    2. +1
      Women are only feminists when it’s convenient for them. IOW, just more special snowflake privileges. To the vast majority of women, you’re noting but a pack mule to be manipulated for her adoration.

  33. “Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal… If you allow them to
    achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to
    live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be
    your masters.”
    Cato the Elder, speech in the Roman Senate in 195 BC
    He was right. Look what happened here.

    1. So, you’re saying the measure of a man’s value is in how beautiful the woman is he has sex with?
      (In that case, I’m one valuable guy!)

      1. A man’s value is in general reflected in the quality of woman he has and her looks are part of the package. And in my extensive experience which is a 100x greater than any blanket boy here, I’ve found that the better looking females are also the more intelligent in general. It’s like looks and brains sort of go together in the female. The better looking females besides being smarter are also nicer and not confrontational around men. This idea that the brainy chicks are plain Janes is a myth. Who are the biggest ball busters and annoying loud mouthed opinionated females? The fugly ones not the good looking ones. It’s almost as if Nature gives a top woman most of the good qualities and the fugly ones get crap.
        This doesn’t apply to men in my opinion. The top men of intelligence can be handsome or short,fat, bald toads.
        If you take a large sample you will see that the more intelligent men always turn into the top men and that the top men get the better looking females. Genetics is still in its infancy but I would guess that traits are passed down on the male and females lines differently.

        1. ” I’ve found that the better looking females are also the more intelligent in general.”
          I’ve not observed this, and I’m not sure what your “blanket boys” insult means.

        2. Boomer? He has been around here since I started reading RoK a year ago. He isnt a bad guy when he stays on his meds and not in his alter-ego state as “Mashenka the Russian medical school student”.
          We never did get to see her on cam like promised Boom.

    2. I’m with a gentleman who frequents the site ( I hope to be attractive and strive for that) and although some of the opinions here may seems harsh and true, it is a male site and it wasn’t intended for females. They are blowing off steam, but when you come in and comment as you have it just embarrasses the rest of us who see ourselves as “ladies” and also makes us look poor in most males eyes. There really is a better way of behaving.

      1. You look like a transvestite to me so who do you think you’re fooling lol

        1. I dare say nobody thinks you’re funny here and you probably have a 3′ wide rear end. I prefer my athletic physique and plain face in comparison. 🙂

        2. ” it just embarrasses the rest of us who see ourselves as “ladies” ”
          Very telling 😉

  34. “While many of us are still paying, as it were, for the mere possibility of having sex with women (and even the most skilled alpha player must admit that beautiful women still often tend to cost at least some money), few of these lovely creatures are at all inclined to do anything for us.”
    Quit your bitching and figure out how to bed the modern-day woman.

  35. Napoleon wasn’t short stupid. He was 5 foot 2 in French units.
    He was 5 foot 7 in ‘Mercian units.
    He is made fun of because he is an Alpha male in this feminized world we live in.
    The writer of this article loses all credibility after this feminist thought form.
    Heck, why not just blame Hitler for all the worlds problems?
    “Return of Kings” my ass!
    More like return of internet jockeys who bang whores and blame women for being…..whores.
    Instead of manning up and doing something.

    1. Interestingly, those of us who “man up” and “do something” are actually hated on more than anyone else. I am a very good example of that.

  36. So you don’t want to have to pay for a woman’s dinner on a date, but you want her to be materially dependent on you? Don’t those cancel each other out? Idiot MRAs.

    1. “So you don’t want to have to pay for a woman’s dinner on a date,”
      Lady, like you never did something out of pride.
      “but you want her to be materially dependent on you?”
      Only to keep ‘independent’ (read: court-approved societal parasites) in check.
      “Don’t those cancel each other out?”
      Just like how your sisters declare ‘independence’ from men, yet a lot of them privately receive money from men? Divorce, at the very worst, is cutting off people (in this case, ex) out of one’s life, yet as the current moment stands, men are paying 50% for the ex ALONE, while the remaining money go to the kids (if any).
      No wonder Angle men have been marrying out since Victorian England.

      1. Well, to be fair, usually when money is involved, a kid is also involved. So usually when an ex-husband pays child-support…it’s exactly that; it’s for the child. Also, you’re kind of ignoring the fact that in those worse case scenarios, one of the participants was abusive to the other (or in the more disgusting cases, the child; if they have one).
        Anyways, sorry to interrupt your little rambles. I’m sure there’s a Peter Andrew Nolan post somewhere you need to kiss to. I’ll leave you to it.

        1. No Buster, it isn’t for the child. It’s for the ex wife. That’s just what they cal lit. Please use your brain.

        2. Not if they’re using it correctly (I’m sure there are cases where it was dubious, but their a small minority, and don’t represent these cases as a whole).
          Also, maybe you should at least use the auto-correct function before you start flinging insults at people…Mr. “Cal”

        3. Small minority? You’ve got to be kidding. Then again, “correct” use of child support has always been rather nebulous. Always too much for men and too little for women. Based on my limited observations support has been quite a bit higher than what was spent on the child during the marriage.

        4. “So usually when an ex-husband pays child-support…it’s exactly that; it’s for the child.”
          That’s pretty stupid. You are obviously very ignorant.

        5. “Not if they’re using it correctly ”
          Women do not use child support for the child. They use it to buy shoes.
          And child support is a voluntary payment which I proved as long ago as December 2007.
          I refused to pay alimony or child support because I have some honour and integrity and some self esteem. I will not be bullied. I will not be criminally victimised. I stand up to criminals and bullies where ever I see them and there are plenty of them in the family courts and politics.
          Only gutless cowards who willingly have their rights violated pay alimony and child support. And they are the 99.5%+ majority of divorced men it would seem. They deserve everything happening to them having been shown how to stand up for themselves by me for more than 6 years now.
          And men who claim alimony and child support should be paid by a man who has had his right to be the father he chose to be criminally violated are the enemy of all men. They are womens arse kissing manginas.
          No eastern european woman I have met has ever said that I should have paid one cent having been the victim of crimes by my ex. Indeed, many of them express surprise I let Jennifer live to see her day in court given what she did.
          Maybe you should read about my experiences in the family courts before you open your mouth and show yourself to be such an ignorant fool. That is what books are for. To learn from. And I am the only man in the WHOLE WORLD who has had the guts to publish everything to do with my family law case including video direct from the courtroom.
          Those other losers call themselves “men” but do not even have the guts to publish the crimes they suffered in the family courts? What losers. What cowards.

        6. You’re telling me that it’s okay for a woman to use the kids as weapons in court? Jeez, even my own mom did that to my own dad, to the point he ended up annulling their marriage.

    2. These guys aren’t MRAs. They are PUAs. They’re just using MRA concepts. That’s latest PUA marketing tactic I suppose

      1. It helps to not take RoK too seriously. Just think of them as Fox News, and everything they say will become satire eventually.

        1. Whatever helps you sleep at night, “Sweetie”. Now go on, and complain about how those “mean and pesky feminists are ruining everything.”

    3. As usual, like any silly feminist, you have an inability to think with logic and reason. Read more carefully and try again. Idiot feminists.

    4. That claim would be valid, only this site isn’t an MRA site, different sect of the manosphere doll.

    5. Are you that channeled in, that you can’t differentiate between offering something in good faith, and them abusing your generosity?
      Who’s reasoning idiotically, or more accurately: who’s reasoning immorally?

  37. “Napoleon was an ugly, undersized man.”
    Small correction: No he wasn’t. He was 5’7″, a normal height for a man in the early 19th century. Hell, the average height in the USA is 5’9″, which isn’t much taller.

  38. It really seemed like we finally were getting a progressive site for men hitting the mainstream. Alas, that is not the case. This site is just another stupid PUA site that is stealing concepts and observations from the MGTOW and MRA movements to push stupid PUA agenda and beliefs.
    A prime example of the PUA bullshit in this article: “Indeed, for women, male confidence is an aphrodisiac in itself. Just why a man should be confident—in other words, whether he is truly any good at something or worthwhile—is generally inconsequential”
    Get with the times. Women do not give a shit about your “confidence” if you have nothing backing it up and it’s just bullshit PUA mantra to sell their stupid products. I’d even be inclined to say women don’t give a flying fuck about “confidence” at all. Highly attractive and/or very rich men don’t need to put on a show. If you followed MGTOW or MRA observations correctly, you’d know that it’s the female imperative to EXTRACT resources from men. Your “confidence” and “game” bullshit has no value.
    The only somewhat legit part of this article was the discussion on status – another resource for women to use.
    Finally, I am LOLing hard at the self-proclaimed “alphas” in this comment section calling for a return to the so-called patriarchy. You PUA idiots! The patriarchy and it’s white knight gynocentrism are the reasons why we are in this current situation. It’s the patriarchy that infantilized women and exploited male productivity and disposability. Do you alpha-chumps honestly want to go back to the days of working yourself to an early death providing for these ungrateful Western princesses?
    Get a fucking clue. Feminism is not a “shit-test” (more PUA bullshit), it’s an expression of female nature.

  39. great article….. one point you miss out on… is that women will blow off a man simply for the power of it…. take for example Robin Thicke …. his wife has blown him off…. there’s no logical reason for that… he’s a successful, wealthy and fun loving artist and they have a 4 year old son together…. she’s simply balancing the books and making a power grab for herself…..
    alot of the time this is done at the expense of everyone around and in the long term at her own cost as well…… obviously as his wife she’s more successful and respectable than as some one else’s wife holding his kid and a public broken relationship….
    but she doesn’t care because in the moment, she gains power….

    1. Exactly! Let’s face it, she is 38 and he’s a few years younger than her. She’s threatened by his success and pervasive attractiveness amongst younger women. The ancients understood that women do not possess a personal sense of loyalty. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, women don’t possess a personal sense of loyalty unless forced into it. Men, genetically possess loyal character traits albeit to nation, family, clan, platoon, or God. These are exclusively male. Do you think it’s by accident that from time immemorial, every male group whether it was the dirtiest street gang or the holiest Jesuit monk pretty much held a deep distrust of women? In all cultures, at once, whether Jew, Arab, Asian, African or European; women were/are not to be trusted. Were these cultures who all had non-mutual antagonistic interests, all of sudden invent this vast conspiracy against women? Or could it be, genetic and even spiritual?
      My ex-gf when we both turned 26 last year, meant entirely different things for the both of us. Literally, 26 for a man and for a woman are completely and entirely different. I was like a fine wine, aging with grace, attractiveness, and accumulating career accolades and assets. Her view, was that she has 4 years left until her market value goes down seriously with age. The difference is this, a 50 year old Brad Pitt or George Clooney can go into any bar, looking dapper and refined and bag 18-30 year olds easily. Madonna goes into a bar and it’s not happening, unless it’s desperate beta male losers. Despite my numerous overtures of making her feel secure, she would start arguing with me out of no where. She left, really for no reason, but it was either hypergamous in nature and/or insecurity. I really didn’t give a shit, because I always mentally gear myself for the worst in this day and age when it comes to women.
      Never trust them, ever. Everyday, she would tell me “baby you’re so handsome, I just love you, lucky to have you, I’m a lucky girl.” Yadda yadda! I learnt the hard way years ago, and never took what she said face-value, they lie, all of them, with their emotions, and they do it for leverage. After this, my final conclusion has become entirely symbiotic with the ancients’ conclusions on women which in a sum is this: only trust a woman, only as much as you can control her behavior. I would put my life on that, unto death that is the truest statement ever uttered. Women use little flatteries to make you emotionally weak, and once she controls yours emotions, she controls you. That’s why they love guys who are perceived as “assholes” because they refuse to let women emotionally manipulate them, which comes across to our limp wristed ass country as being an “asshole.” She may have loved me for the sex or even looks, but she honestly loved me because I never took any shit from her. Back to Robin Thicke, this idiot, should leverage his own youth, looks, and fame on a younger women. Women have always been emotional terrorists. In fact this is the greatest age of emotional terrorism! Don’t let it happen to you. Not giving into emotional terrorism and having 0 tolerance for shit-testing is the real difference between alphas and betas.

  40. Whine more about how you can’t get laid because women can vote LOL.
    Look in the mirror to see what the problem is. 🙂

  41. It seems I am not alone….this is one of the best articles on Kings.
    Edit: I’m not even done reading it.

  42. I agree that the sexes are different, but one is not inferior or superior than the other, men and women have different strengths and use that in different ways.

  43. A man’s power is physical and intellectual, a woman’s power is more psychological and sexual. While a man uses his physical strength or his intellectual prowess to obtain power or success, a woman will use manipulation and her sexuality to gain the same thing.

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