The HPV Vaccination Is Necessary Because Of Promiscuous Women

The Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a DNA virus from the papillomavirus family that is capable of infecting humans, and has the dubious distinction of producing the most common STD that a person could possibly be infected with, worldwide. More than 80% of American women will have contracted at least one strain of HPV by age fifty.

Most HPV infections are sub-clinical (asymptomatic), however, in some people these infections will become clinical and may cause benign papillomas (such as warts or squamous cell papilloma), or cancers of the anogenital region and oropharynx, genital warts, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and a unique type of oropharyngeal (throat) cancer caused by HPV 16 and 18 infections. Typically, 70% of clinical HPV infections, in young men and women, may regress to asymptomatic in one year and ninety percent in two years. However, when the sub-clinical infection persists, there is a risk of precancerous conditions which could lead to worse outcomes.

In recent times, actor Michael Douglas had a successful battle against throat cancer (later revealed to be tongue cancer), but the presence of HPV came into the public view even more than before. So did the case of Farah Fawcett. Since HPV is the most common STD infection, HPV vaccination has gradually been introduced to combat it.

The HPV vaccine prevents infection with certain strain associated with the development of cervical cancer, genital warts, and other cancers. Two HPV vaccines are currently on the market: Gardasil and Cervarix. They however, do not protect against neoplasia or cancer in individuals who are already infected with HPV.

HPV Vaccination in the modern world


Gardasil has been shown to prevent potential precursors to anal, vulvar, vaginal, and penile cancers. Though it does not treat existing infection, vaccination is still recommended for HPV positive individuals, as it may protect against one or more different strains of the disease. The HPV strains that Gardasil protects against are sexually transmitted.

Gardasil is given in three injections over six months. The second injection is two months after the first, and the third injection is six months after the first shot was administered. Gardasil is also effective in males, providing protection against genital warts, anal cancer, and some potentially precancerous lesions. Ongoing studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Gardasil in males who did not have HPV infection prior to vaccination. The vaccination is expected to protect against penile cancer and anal cancer caused by included HPV types, and research in this area is ongoing.

As of now, administration of the vaccine is approved to males between ages 9 and 26 in the US, and in the UK, licensed for males aged 9 to 15 and for females aged 9 to 26. However, there has been some debate on the push of the vaccine by the healthcare industry as well as horrific real life cases from the adverse effects of the vaccination itself.

The twisted question of HPV vaccination


The questions which come to mind are:

  • Whom should get it?
  • When should one get it?
  • Why should one get it? (considering the risks of both not taking it, or even taking it)
  • Most important of all (but rarely addressed), why did we need it? Why is HPV infection an epidemic today?

HPV vaccination is targeted more toward women to protect them from the effects of HPV, the rates of which are rising each year. Recently, the age limit for the vaccination for females was raised to 45 in certain parts of North America. The possible reasons could be that because comparatively to women, the population figures of HPV induced cancers for men is lower in number—thus making it less cost-effective for men—and also to protect late starters among females when it comes to sex.  Are the population figures of HPV-induced cancers an indication that western women are more promiscuous than men today?

HPV is responsible for about 800 (about 40%) of 1,570 cases of penile cancer diagnosed annually in the United States. About half of men with penile cancer also have genital warts, which are caused by HPV. Its risk factor increases with age, and most after 50 and older. Cancer itself is a horrifying disease, but cancer of the genitalia is one of the worst nightmares a man could have, not only afflicting his life, but also his sexual worth and respect as an individual.

In today’s promiscuous times of slutty women (as women control sexual access), HPV vaccination becomes even more debatable for men—for non-promiscuous men who’d have promiscuous partners, the non-promiscuous men who intend to become promiscuous, and both the promiscuous and non-promiscuous men younger than 26 who haven’t been yet exposed to HPV.


To illustrate that point, a few excerpts from this article raise valid questions about who should get the vaccine:

After a certain age, 26 in the United States, it is assumed most people have had enough sexual partners that they have been exposed to HPV and their bodies have produced the antibodies necessary to defeat it on their own. In the case of women who have been exposed and developed an infection, it is thought that cervical abnormalities will have been detected and dealt with. Vaccinating people after a long sexual history simply isn’t worth the cost, from a public health perspective.

“The vaccine is most useful for young people who are least likely to have been exposed. But by this measure, America is failing. Due to our long history of anti-vaccine hysteria, and some conservative politicians’ perennial efforts to politicize anything remotely related to sex, HPV vaccination rates in the United States are terribly low. Only 32 percent of girls ages 13 to 17 have received the full three-shot regimen, which is significantly less than in Canada, Great Britain, and some regions of Mexico (although much of the European Union has similarly dismal rates). Like most health issues in the United States, HPV’s worst consequences are unequally distributed, with cervical, anal, and penile cancer rates all higher among lower-income populations who tend to be poorly covered by insurance programs and have less access to health care.

For those who are under 26, getting vaccinated will likely be free. Since it is impossible to know how effective the vaccine may be in your case, it’s worth getting—it won’t hurt you or your wallet. For those over 26, vaccination can be an expensive decision, but it may well be worth it, particularly if you haven’t had many sexual partners or are expecting new ones. But to get the most bang for our public health buck, America needs to muster the political will to establish HPV vaccination programs for schoolchildren, both boys and girls. We already require vaccination of children against another sexually transmitted infection before they enter school: hepatitis B. HPV vaccination is an easy and safe way to spare kids a lot of pain and fear later in life. “

The points raised here could very well apply to men who could be entering the dating world later in their lives. A virgin in his late 20s, or a 30+ divorced man who’s coming from a marriage with one or two partners before (assuming that his wife also had a lower partner count before marriage) has a negligible exposure to HPV, so a HPV vaccination could be protect him for at least 10 years or so.

Assuming that every person has a naturally-developed resistance to HPV at 26 by taking into a hypothetical estimation of average promiscuity according to age (possibly utilizing the permissive modern social values) is itself an ambiguity, because possibly not every man could be promiscuous in his early to even late youth, due to unchained modern female hypergamy when it comes to sex partner selection.

The same could be said of a male late starter when it comes to sex, who moves abroad to have sex with women who haven’t gotten HPV vaccination. For men who’ve already been exposed to sex earlier in their lives, HPV vaccination doesn’t possibly make much sense, except possibly to protect them from new strains of infection, or if they’ve never been infected itself earlier.


It’s sad to note that speculative estimations about average partner count according to age are being used to determine the administration of a vaccine which could “potentially protect” thousands of  lives. In an age where women too could indulge in criminal transmission of STDs to men even like HIV, an unsuspecting man could get a HPV infection which could damage his body later from his promiscuous partner, as most HPV infections are asymptomatic. HPV vaccination, though in its initial stages and twisted as it may seem, could be more important than actually thought to save and protect lives for the future, considering today’s promiscuous sexual mores.

A twisted “cure” for the fallout of a permissive paradigm?

The real questions remain: why did we need HPV vaccination in the first place? What propelled the need for this vaccine to be developed? Rampant (female) promiscuity, and its fallout. Women are the gatekeepers of sex.

Considering the risk factors of the vaccination itself, which could cause casualties, is it really worth it? How many more such vaccines would mankind develop in the future to combat diseases associated with the fallout of (female) promiscuity? Would this vaccine discourage promiscuity, or instead encourage it even more as a medical indulgence?

The more you look at this twisted picture, the more you realize that these are the results of what hookup cultures, promiscuity, and oversexualization have brought upon civilization. We’re just developing (or developed) more vaccines to combat the fallout on one hand, while unchaining female sluttiness and hypergamy , and over-sexualizing culture and young women through media on the other.


Female promiscuity has made us reach a stage in history where fucking itself could possibly entail a STD for a man, because one in every four western women has a HPV infection.


What options do men have in such a scenario where sex itself could possibly mean sticking your cock in a disease infested orifice, considering the epidemic proportions of HPV infection among women today? You can’t determine a HPV carrier by face alone. The problem is not the vaccine; the real problem is hypocritical societal decadence.

All modern cultures are doing is seeking to cure by putting more bandages on the illnesses of society, without addressing the real cause of such diseases. This says nothing of  the innocent deaths of those lost to the side-effects of the vaccine, who unfairly paid the price as collateral damage for a vaccine developed to damage control the pathological fallout of a slutty modern social and cultural paradigm. Is there a vaccine instead against decadence?

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89 thoughts on “The HPV Vaccination Is Necessary Because Of Promiscuous Women”

  1. Once upon a time, a sexually transmitted disease was something you might catch only if you banged a prostitute. Since 80% of Western women will contract genital HPV I think that pretty much verifies it. Women today really are whores.

    1. PLEASE, feel free to steer clear of us disgusting, dirty whores. Really. Like, for the rest of your existence on Earth.

    2. Still, whores have their place. They give a man sexual release, but as long as men recognise that is all they are entitled to.

    3. I was reading that some health organisation was suggesting that men should be forced to get HPV vaccinated as not to pass it on to women. I think I will pass even if only the fringe pseudo-quack doctors are the ones who suggest there is a risk. With all the other vaccines I have it’s not a risk I want to take!

    4. What does that say about the male whores that they are boinking? What does that say about the men who were such losers they had to pay prostitutes ? Has he so little self respect or self control that he will subject himself and possibly his wife or girlfriend to disease? Assuming it’s a double standard that you think is ok, I really hope your daughter or your wife/ girlfriend don’t catch anything.. in case they come into contact with one of the male whores boinking the female whores that you’re so bothered by. After all if 80% of the women are contracting HPV , they’re gettin’ it from someone, right? Maybe men should have higher standards.

      1. An effect of hypergamy. They all had to have the same glorious stud. When the relatively few such studs can’t be bothered to “be careful out there”, all of those swinging gates guarantee an epidemic. There is only one other widespread area on Earth where these conditions exist. Care to guess which continent?
        Little girls, your IR fetish has consequences. Grow the F up!

    5. The state of women today in the Western world is indeed a dreadful one on many counts. Promiscuity is encouraged, celebrated and even rewarded. The thing is that whores can’t be whores unless they are given the opportunity to be such. We have to hold men just as accountable for sleeping around with random women. We all have to clean up our backyards.

      1. Few men ever have the opportunity to do any such thing. Hypergamy merely ratifies and reifies this fundamental truth. The men after whom women are (by far) the most likely to chase are, perforce, the very last men whom a prudent woman would choose.
        Among those men who possess the attributes that are rewarded by hypergamy, those who abjure their surfeit of opportunities almost certainly recognize the comparatively low value of the slutacular, relative to their danger. The remainder, self-selected for intemperance and immoderateness, are not the sort of fellows upon whom a reasonable person would bet their health and life.
        Now, nothing is likely to stop the successful man-whore from making his appointed rounds. This is what he chose, after all, quantity. It’s his happy destiny to have been born alpha in a time of social collapse. On the other hand, the decision for the rest of male kind is not refraining from doing something for which neither nature nor the vagaries of human social Darwinism have well equipped him. Rather, it is what to do on the day when Sally Slutty decides to set a trap for him.
        He must ask himself some weighty questions: what epiphany did she reach? after all, you’re still the same fellow as always, more or less, any self-delusions on your part not to the contrary; what’s the likelihood that she’ll give up that to which she’s allowed herself to become accustomed? hey, “once you go black, you’ll never go back,” is only one manifestation of this dilemma; will achieving the sloppy seconds of an old teenage fantasy prove to be a good thing? remember well the adage that holds that “a happy wife makes for a happy life,” lest her discontent make you miserable; should the gal in question truly possess the best of intentions, how might things look to her a few years down the road? her kids, her house/your mortgage, your job/her child support, alimony, and/or property division.
        The advantages of real whores, beyond their cost certainty, is that many of them at least TRY to practice safe sex, within the considerable limitations of their profession. Plus, the most successful man-sluts needn’t pay for it, those removing their diseased genitalia from the equation.
        I’ve no truck with whores, but, as a man of some years, I’m prone to providing advice which those wet behind the ears are often loth to accept. So, here goes: place a higher value on attributes other than the sizzle. Good luck finding those possessing them, though, when so many have thrown caution to the wind. It’s not a pleasant time in which most young men are now coming of age.
        Meanwhile, shed a tear for Terrell Owens, the avatar of the man-whores to whom I was referring. Even the most alpha of them all could not escape the ravages of his chosen prey. RIP, you studly MF. Say, did you get the numbers of those trucks that ran you over?

        1. Men have manat opportunities to do just that. Hypergamy is not forced. Every man has free will. He is free to choose not to participate.
          There is no destiny. Each individual writes fills their book of life based on his/her choices. We create our reality
          There is no effective way to trap a man with sex. Unless we are talking rape. Other than that, he is a willing participant. If he allows a woman to deduce him, them he has to be a big boy and accept whatever consequences come thereafter.
          I don’t know that many whores try to protect themselves. I hear more than a few stories of unprotected sexual encounters. I see many unwanted or unplanned pregnancies (sometimes one sided, sometimes both parties are on agreement). I see many cases of stds.

  2. Can I just bang prostitutes? I assume there are services where you can get one with a blood work sheet…

    1. blood work is no good with long incubation times for HIV and hepatitis (i am not overly concerned with the lesser candidates). Unless quick and reliable home tests are available.. i’m wrapping

      1. Wearing a condom is very little protection from HPV, it can be transmitted via skin-on-skin contact.

  3. The 2 vaccines for moral, material or arrogant decadence are implosion and invasion.
    Always has and always will be

    1. Well, there are 17 million in today’s first generation, so that’s a fair start. It’s anyone’s guess exactly where the loyalties of the most of them lie, especially should push come to shove. Going forward, the condign effects of modern university life seem to be remarkably destructive of their social mores, so their own cultural health may not prevail, which will only exacerbate their traditional dearth of civic virtues.

    2. In any case, your “2 vaccines” are nothing of the sort. They’re just the two most common end-stages of the metastasis of those common cancers.

  4. Surveys that show women with average 10 partners just don’t sync up with hook-up culture. I’ve come to believe women way under-report the number of partners they’ve had so as to protect their social value.

    1. “I’ve come to believe women way under-report the number of partners they’ve had so as to protect their social value.”
      Of course, women always under-report their numbers, especially for casual sex. For most women I knew, oral and anal didn’t even count as notches for them. Also the drunken bangs, the sex on holidays abroad, beach parties, fucking about to forward their careers, sex for social climbing, etc…Some of these sluts I knew even miraculously grew back their ‘virtual’ hymens when they got married to some thirsty betas. And those betas continue to live in the delusion that their ‘honorable’ wives had only one or two previous ‘partners’. Sometimes, ignorance is indeed bliss for a beta.

    2. Which is truly explanatory, in that it points up the fundamental difference between male promiscuity and female promiscuity, when seen through the eyes of honest social commentators and epidemiologists.
      However many men might desire to flit through the fields like butterflies, sampling from each flower as the wind moves them, only a relative few can pull it off. There were always blossoms upon whom those few might alight, but there were also many nights when they needed to swallow hard in order to keep up their batting average. (In the present day, though, the exploding demand for their services is such that it can sometimes be worth the effort for lesser men to game the system. It used to be that most of those who beat a horrified retreat in the morning were men. Not so true, these days, I suspect. In fact, we know this from the widespread outrage about ‘date-rape’. It’s not regret about what or how, but about WHOM.)
      That relatively small number of men was never capable of spreading epidemics like wildfire. There is, however, nothing small about 2/3 of the total number of women within an entire age cohort (or two or three). After all, even the few successful gamers are mostly not all THAT successful; at least, not enough to be statistically relevant.

  5. The HPV vaccine isn’t risk free. I knew someone at university who contracted the disease itself from the vaccine.
    Many societies have a real, visceral fear of STDs. It used to be like that here, with people shaming AIDS patients. I don’t think it’s fair, because you can be born with HIV.
    But there is a known factor for STDs, and that’s loose sex. When you have young students being made to take this vaccine, it shows that loose, unprotected sex has been normalized in society. Some young people don’t know that they have to use condoms for oral and anal sex.

    1. With millions on immunizations, probability dictates SOME adverse events.. I’ve had the shots (paid privately) without any issues. That’s a sample of one, though.

      1. That’s you, and that’s your choice. I’m saying that the government is probably making it mandatory in some schools for children, who cannot make legal choices for themselves.
        This is a major issue. It’s not a transmissible illness in regular public school contact. Young people should be given full information about this and a choice to refuse.
        I think it’s really twisted that it’s seen as appropriate to give young children an STD vaccine.

        1. Schools are making girls pre-puberty get the shot. A lot of these girls are getting cervical cancer because of it. Vaccines are dangerous and the full risks should be explained to the kids and parents before any shot is given. Shots should NEVER be compulsory.

        2. I would say there’s an exception for stuff like smallpox, where people can get deadly diseases from casual contact. But saying HPV is in that category is basically defining sex as casual contact.
          It’s not about what it says, but what it implies. Kids get autism from other kinds of vaccines, but at least the reason is more legitimate than HPV is.
          You can’t avoid contact with measles if you sit next to someone with it in a big room. You can avoid HPV by keeping it in your pants.

        3. It’s not really in loco parentis, but I think sometimes schools actually distribute the vaccines to kids because many young people don’t have health insurance. Some, but not all, schools allow parents to file a religious exemption.

        4. Religious, eh? Parents should be able to opt out. They are charged to make decisions. Not the state. Not the church.

        5. The religion of one particular sort of socialist IS the State. Always has been, in the main, and always will be. Happily for you, history spared you their ministrations.

  6. Using the Daily Mail as a source to justify vaccine scare-mongering is pure idiocy.
    A study of approximately 1 million girls found no evidence supporting associations between exposure to quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine and autoimmune, neurological, and venous thromboembolic adverse events.
    Stop with the whole loony, half-witted ‘vaccines are dangerous’ arguement. Spreading such ignorance kills, like the Church advising against condom use in AIDs stricken Africa.
    Secondly, unless all the women the author refers to are lesbians, ‘female promiscuity’ goes both ways. Us men are responsible too for the spread of STIs, to blame it on an emergance of some ‘slutty culture’ is ignorance.
    The real problem is a lack of education on safe sex. There are societies more promiscious than the United States, with lower STI rates, thanks to better safe sex education programmes.
    Sociobiology indicates that humans are quite polygmous. If you like the idea of a vaccine against decadance, bugger-off to North Korea or any other draconian state where systems are put in place that are antagonistic to human nature.

    1. “Stop with the whole loony, half-witted ‘vaccines are dangerous’ arguement.”
      We have always been at war with Eurasia.

    2. It’s culture that’s the only effective vaccine for decadence. The best that State proscription can manage on its own is a temporary firebreak.
      When the culture fails, contrary to the fantasies of the Scene, Republic turns inevitably to Empire and women take to the beds of other men. Imperial Rome was governed from the vaginas of its most social harlots. Nero and Cligula are the sorts of fellow whom such women raise,

  7. I hear what you guys are saying. However, I think this is slightly paranoid. I really do not believe that women are any more promiscuous today than they were, say, in the 1980’s. The big change was of course the social revolution of the late 1960’s through the 1970’s, followed by essentially little change since the early 1980’s. When I look at society here today, the “look and feel” is not much different than the 1980’s.

    1. I agree about the stagnation in the “look and feel.” In the world we both know about, some people talk about the wonders of “nanotechnology” like they still live in the 1980’s, even though Eric Drexler’s work looks pretty much discredited now.

  8. The vaccine won’t curb the promiscuity any more than spraying live bacteria on decaying slaughterhouse tripe will turn it into filet mig non. Quit dumpster diving for the rotten stuff. Keep it virgin, keep it purposeful. The emperors of Rome would have parades for the soldiers returning from their conquests where all the most beautiful young virgin Roman girls would line the streets holding their hands out offering marriage to the Roman soldiers as they marched by. The teens would have perfume and flowers in their hair and this was all STATE SANCTIONED. To be married to a soldier was like being married to a celebrity or a sports star, the dream of every Roman girl. What a far cry from the Viet Nam vets that were SPIT ON ! ! GOOD GOD ! Or a 19yo returning vet hooks up with his 15yo honey and they want to throw him into a cage. Well maybe we demand better than the used up disinfected TRIPE. Our state is abhorrent. It uses up and cannibalizes upon its men AND women. Would the real cannibal PLEASE STEP FOREWARD and we the people will LAUGH YOU OFF THE STAGE. It’s time we TAKE BACK our humanity.

    1. That goes to show how low the west has become in the past the hero was rewarded for his valor now the unemployed bad boy drug dealer is more likely to get the heroes girlfriend while he’s deployed.

  9. Did not know that ROK is becoming a vaccine-pushing site. Maybe you should make it your worthwhile and contact Big Pharma for some marketing funding. At least doing it for profit is a reason to do it. Red Pill should teach you also to question other areas of life:
    Dr. Diane Harper – co-developer of HPV vaccine more or less stated that the vaccine was not created for the Western countries and would “maybe” reduce HPV rates in 40-50 years! She actually tried to stop the wide-spread implementation of the vaccine, but hey – since when did effectiveness in vaccines matter at all?
    Japan withdrew their recommendation of the HPV vaccine, since so many young women died & were damaged irrevocably by it:
    To sum it up – HPV vaccine’s effectiveness is even contested by the co-developers and it is one of the deadliest vaccines out there with an astonishing death toll – some girls did not even leave the doctor’s office after the shot:
    The VAERS statistics show that HPV vaccinations have caused the following adverse reactions in the US:

    1. I don’t think the article or RoK are ‘vaccine pushing’ here.
      The points you’ve mentioned are more or less already mentioned in the article itself. The real gist of the topic is to show that the deadly vaccine has itself become important or ‘necessary’, and is actually being pushed to control or camouflage the malodorous effects of unchained sluttiness of women today.
      “The real questions remain: why did we need HPV vaccination in the first
      place? What propelled the need for this vaccine to be developed? Rampant (female) promiscuity, and its fallout. Women are the gatekeepers of sex.”
      “Considering the risk factors of the vaccination itself, which could cause casualties, is it really worth it? How many more such vaccines would mankind develop in the future to combat diseases associated with the fallout of (female) promiscuity? Would this vaccine discourage promiscuity, or instead encourage it even more as a medical indulgence?”
      “All modern cultures are doing is seeking to cure by putting
      more bandages on the illnesses of society, without addressing the real cause of such diseases. This says nothing of the innocent deaths of those lost to the side-effects of the vaccine, who unfairly paid the price as collateral damage for a vaccine developed to damage control the pathological fallout of a slutty modern social and cultural paradigm. Is there a vaccine instead against decadence?”
      These the unanswered questions which must be answered. We get all talk about why this supposedly effective vaccine is important, but why? This death spewing vaccine itself was supposedly introduced to combat the effects of whoredom and sluttiness today. A lot of people died young as virgins after taking the vaccine, whereas there are sloots fucking about while dodging the deadly vaccination. That’s the fucking irony of this epidemic and the vaccination introduced to combat it, which is mentioned in the end.
      These questions are highlighted for people to reflect upon the factors which brought the epidemic, and how supposedly ‘twisted’ the measures introduced (the vaccination) to combat the epidemic itself are. Did those vaccination casualties deserve to die? Nope. But for what did they die? Women fucking around recklessly. The companies pushing the vaccines get a chance to boost sales, without regard to vaccination casualties. Who brought this upon innocent people? Sloots.The vaccine was developed because of them. Would sloots stop fuckin’ about, so that there wouldn’t be more death inflicting vaccines in the future? I guess when a vaccine for HIV would be developed some day, a lot of people would too die because of them. But then, the same questions or reasons for the need for HIV vaccination, would be just like these questions or reasons for HPV vaccination, as asked in the article.

      1. “We get all talk about why this supposedly effective vaccine is important, but why”
        Because it’s profitable. Has nothing to do with curing diseases. Never has, never will. Press need for vaccines (profit), vaccines cause side effects, give drugs to cure side effects (more profit).

      2. Of course I do not disagree with your points mentioned here and also most in the article. But we won’t be able to stop the cock-carousel in any way.
        And Big Pharma is currently developing 300 (!) new vaccines – most cancer related, but you cannot really trust those buggers.
        And on a side-note: even being exposed to a virus does not make you a “carrier” or an infected. The best defense against diseases is a strong immune system created by healthy food, juicing, orthomolecular supplementation – at least Multi, vit D (5000IU)and Vit C (5000mg). Probably RVF Players have a far healthier lifestyle than the modern-day sluts, which tells you exactly who is the more likely “carrier” of diseases.

      3. There’s a pill called Truvada that is like the morning after pill for AIDS. People are supposed to take it if a condom broke, but many people are now taking it every day – and not only if their spouse is HIV positive. It costs much more than birth control pills and antibiotics.
        I feel that a lot of vaccines are overused. Smallpox and measles are positive vaccines to have around, as is flu for people with poor immune systems. But only health care workers should take vaccines for blood borne diseases.

  10. Looks like all the raw dogging anal queens seem to be heading Farah Fawcett’s way, some day.
    Knew some chicks who didn’t take the shot. But they don’t fucking care. Neither do they care passing HPV to men. Anyway, most guys would get HPV from chicks today, especially fucking western sluts. The same could apply to chicks abroad as well, but to be fair to them, most of them aren’t as promiscuous as sluts here.
    There doesn’t seem much choice, except wrapping Johnson up while fucking western chicks.

  11. For as much as I love bashing women, the reason women have HPV is because they bang alphas with high notch counts who have HPV. Women are only gatekeepers to sex if you’re doing it wrong. Let’s take responsibility instead of trying to blame

    1. True – and many of those Alphas are not exactly top-notch in hygiene – plenty of criminals and gutter-fishers out there who one day fuck a 9 and then next week hook up with a meth-head broad. The RVF Players are veritable STD-virgins in comparison to many Low-Brow-Naturals out there.

      1. Yeah, exactly, I would think anyone who can read a Game book knows how to use a condom and get an STD test.

  12. I guess it didn’t reach the OP that the CDC just got busted this week for covering up the dangers of various vaccines, most notably the fact that the MMR vaccine causes autism and contains mercury, a known poison. If you trust anything the CDC, FDA, or any of the other alphabet agencies supposedly looking after our health say we need, then you deserve to suffer the horrible effects of their “recommendations.” Humans don’t need vaccines, plain and simple.
    Want to avoid HPV? Stop putting it inside trailer trash and college students. Problem solved.

    1. “Want to avoid HPV? Stop putting it inside trailer trash and college students. Problem solved.”
      Lol. Isn’t so easy as it seems. College students will grow up to become women who’d get married to some beta chump someday, who didn’t deserve HPV from his college-educated wife. Seems like increasing education seems to activate the slut gene in women today, ‘if’ college students are promiscuous.
      You can’t stop HPV till women are actually discouraged from fucking about, through media and culture. One out of every four western women carries HPV. Are all these women trailer trash and college students?

  13. I’d wager less than 15% of all STD cases occur in people who didn’t have it coming in the first place, by virtue of their own behavior. Infants being infected in childbirth, HIV from transfusions, legitimate cases of rape or even the poor beta schlub whose wife fucks some diseased asshole on the side and brings it home to him. These folks have my sympathy.
    Everyone else can choke on their disease and like it. It’s nature’s way of purging degeneracy.

  14. Whether the vaccine is safe or not, the real shit of this epidemic is that sloots and whores brought this epidemic, as well as the deadly vaccination, making it a ‘necessity’ upon society today. We introduce deadly vaccines which are sometimes even worse than the disease itself. The best vaccine would instead be a slut suppressant. Prevention has, is and will always better than cure.

  15. The whole hpv thing somewhat reinforces my aversion to cunniliingus.. I imagine oro-genital is the BEST way to infect yourself.

      1. Certainly not. Being overly concerned with her getting off seems strange to me. Besides, using your fingers always worked fine for me.

        1. I agree. Wanting to please someone too much is generally a sign of weakness, therefor unmanly.
          In fact, for the Romans, this was the summum of deviancy.
          I mean, sex is based on very primal feelings, and always will be. Mascunality meets feminity. One dominate and the other one is dominated.
          And women instinctly prefere to be dominated, although they pretend otherwise.
          The women sexuality books written by women give instruction to fullfill their ego not their female instincts.

        2. Some people just enjoy the act, the smell, etc.
          Sexual enjoyment is wide ranging. When I’m in the act I’m not thinking about things like how I will be perceived for going down on a chick. Sometimes I’ll aggressively spread their legs like I own it.
          The only acts I would consider unmanly would be getting fucked and/or being dominated by a chick, but to each his own.

  16. Meanwhile, feminist are still crying about “slut shaming”. Even though being a slut might cost them their own health. Idiots.

  17. So men are not responsible for their own actions. It’s all women’s fault. Great logic.

    1. Where did anyone suggest that? There are several posts in which the gentlemen advised condom usage – the implication being that you get what you get if you don’t.

      1. The title – blaming promiscuous women for everything. I believe somewhere in the article, he said women are to blame because they are the gatekeepers of sex. Implying that men are not responsible for their sexual choices because “boys will be boys,” and anything that happens as a result of all this casual sex is all the women’s fault.

  18. Don’t you guys find it a little ironic that this article is about promiscuous women with HPV but the sponsor below is of an E-book advising men how to get laid more often?

  19. When “God sends a plague” it’s a metaphor for moral callowness of a culture.
    Take HIV: it’s a brute killer, that’s should’ve been easily managed. Condoms and testing should have all but rid the world of it in 20 years – instead, it remains rampant. Examples of our bad karma which led to this state of affairs:
    1. In the name of equality, we spent more money propagandizing the low-risk heterosexual population, rather than the high-risk homosexual population. Appearances over effects.
    2. Conservatives, who wanted to look tough on crime, fought against free-needle programs. Drug addiction is curable; HIV isn’t. Basic logic and morality dictates that you eliminate the virus first, before it starts to mutate.
    3. The promotion of hookup culture, despite this deadly disease.
    4. The lack of political will to enforce legal sanctions; instead of nipping this in the bud for the good of humanity, we were too focused on the importance of individual rights (this has a flip-side: had we given the government the power they needed to prevent it, they would have abused the power).
    We can’t eliminate HIV; what do you think our odds are against Ebola, when it goes fully-airborne? There’s a plague coming, and we deserve it.

    1. HIV is an ongoing bonanza for big Parma with their repressive drugs that keep the virus down but never quite fully destroy it. In order to keep the good times rolling, they simply require a constant pool of fresh “repeat customers” to be maintained. If we really wanted to, a heavy concerted effort would have squashed that bug dead (pun intended). Hell, we managed to all but wipe out polio here

  20. Maybe the authors of all these articles extolling the virtues of sex-vacays to countries where a woman’s sexual history is unknown should consider the irony? Condoms don’t provide perfect protection against HPV but they are better than nothing. Oh, and consider gettin’ the shot before embarking on any sex tourism.

  21. Vaccines exist for one reason, to reduce population. Even Bill Gates brags about this in a speech he gave about vaccines that’s available on YouTube. Vaccines are for the bottom feeders, as Ted Turner calls us. Not the rich and elite like him. Never get a vaccine! I can guarantee you that the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Ted Turner and their elite buddies do not get vaccines. That’s just for us poor bottom feeders.

  22. I figure all American women are disease carrying and spreading sluts.
    But I still like to squeeze their tits and fuck them. So, since I’m gonna be poking in to disease no matter what, I like to make sure I degrade them in the process. Giving her a good hard ass fucking is thus very satisfying. For both of us, in fact; today’s woman desires nothing more than to be degraded.

    1. “For both of us, in fact; today’s woman desires nothing more than to be degraded.”
      Lmao. True in many regards. Ameriskanks (or for that matter western skanks) love domination (translated into degradation) by men today (50 shades of grey had to come to life in reality). It’s like a balancing act: a typical western femcunt likes dominating (degrading) men in public, but prefers being dominated (degraded) on bed.

  23. I find it amusing when women comment on articles such as these, bitching and complaining about how stupid we en are, without using logic and reasoning to refute our arguments. They caused the issue in the first place and, being your basic illogical women, refuse to take accountability for their actions. The Founding Fathers had it right when they explicitly excluded women from the vote. I for one do not think everyone should have that “right.”

    1. That statement in itself is vacuous. I am
      in no way a supporter of loose women aka sluts BUT as long as men are ready and willing to take them up on their offer…

  24. Fair play…there are some right retards on here…STDs are spread by men and women who can’t be fucked with protection…you reap what you sow dipshits

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