European Union Plants Seed Of War By Preparing Sanctions Against Visegrad Nations That Reject Migrants

In June 2017, The European authorities released a statement announcing legal action against three European nations, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic for not taking “the necessary action” in accepting migrants and refugees.

Visegrad nations

Merkel wanted her step-children to go and invade Eastern Europe to teach them tolerance. The three nationalist beer-drinking musketeers told her to fuck off. Now the lapdog Macron joins in with the threats. This will be one hell of a ride.

Why them and not others?

Contrary to Bulgaria for instance, who is as anti-migrant as our incriminated nations, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic (with Slovakia) stood together, governments and people, against the “””refugee””” quotas imposed on them from the start, setting an uncomfortable example of resistance against Merkel’s plan to convert Europe to Islam.

In cahoots with Merkel, globocuck Macron, being on the same (((payroll))) as his German colleague, announced before his presidential victory that he would support sanctions against countries of the Visegrad group if they refused to take in migrants in the foreseeable future.

This is exactly why childless people should not govern under any circumstances. They have no loyalty, no love towards their forefathers or notion of legacy.

The poisoned European apple

The Visegrad Group can be seen as the last chance of patriots in Western Europe to guarantee a stable power challenging the globalist authority of Brussels’ bureaucrats.

Make no mistake, the goal of the European Union, as dreamt by Kalergi, is division, replacement and the destruction of any kind of self-preserving government. Any renegade refusing to take in the Muslim hordes is a dissenter and will be attacked in one way or the other by the globalist death cult.

The likes of low T open borders advocate Martin Schultz are the ones tailoring those sanctions. The trees that hide the forest.

We yet have to see the side Ukraine will choose and if it will be on board with these policies as they are now almost in the pocket of the EU, after the big step taken in granting them visa-free travel in Europe while feeding their anti-Russian narrative.

In Poland, risks are that the decision of relocating migrants might fall on local mayors or voivodeship authorities (many of them from Platforma Obywatelska, center pro EU) instead of being lead by the PiS (conservative ruling party).

Their borders are still manned for now

First the Mohammedan hordes have to cross the border. They cannot do it without documents and a valid reason to enter. Visegrad nations’ border patrols are not as soft as Western Europe.

If globalist-controlled governments like France or Germany decide to give the migrants they host a Schengen visa, Poland would have no legal ground to refuse them. But that would challenge national sovereignty, something the Polish, Hungarian and Czech identity are riveted to and shit would hit the fan.

As Hungarian PM Viktor Orban declared

EU is on the side of terrorists (…) As long as I am the Prime Minister of Hungary and stand here, so will the border fence on the southern border.

Orban has been painted as one of Brussels’ number one enemies after he reinforced his nationalist, anti-migrant stance and named the concealed maneuvers of Soros in Hungary and his screen societies supported by Brussels cucks, aiming at destroying national identity in Europe.

Migrants are not welcome there

Hope remains, counting on the ethnocentrism of Poles and the powerful presence of its anti-migrant and nationalist groups as we witnessed during the 2016 Warsaw Anti-Migrant Rally.

The decision of applying sanctions should take a few years at least to be organised (it is an unprecedented situation) and the cucks initiating it might hopefully be replaced. Poland and Hungary are much less “progressive” than the West. Welfare does not exist there, the locals possess a deeply rooted hate towards Muslims and violence is very likely to occur if Europe imposes migrants on those nations. Economic leeches would also be tempted to reach gibsmedat benefit havens such as Germany or Sweden instead.

The kind of benefits Germany gives MONTHLY to migrants just for turning up and doing fuck all

A large majority of people in the Visegrad area have all agreed to keep the same stance on that particular issue and will refuse categorically to let in any unvetted Muslim opportunists and so will their governments. If Europe uses threats or actual force, it will be a direct violation of the people’s right to enforce their national laws and things would kick off.

The bond of Visegrad, especially between Poland and Hungary is strong and has been tested by time. They are probably the closest allies in that part of the world. If one is attacked, the other will intervene. The saying goes…

Pole and Hungarian brothers be,
good for fight and good for party.
Both are valiant, both are lively,
Upon them may God’s blessings be

There is also a vivid hostility towards Muslims in all those nations that stems from history and the centuries of warfare they needed to free themselves of Middle Eastern expansion.

They also remember well the Soviet era and what it was like to leave under an authoritarian power that dictates your everyday life and wants to blend in your unique culture into a global ideology. Finally, they witnessed diversity, the gift that keeps on giving, with its trucks of peace and bombathons that blessed London, Paris or Brussels with self-inflicted enrichment.

Some examples from Hungarians, Poles and Czechs about their view of migrants:

After all my years there, I have yet to meet a Pole or a Magyar who would agree to let them in apart from a handful of anemic antifas and a few unfuckable strong and independent “women” from Warsaw (who fantasize about Abdul’s enrichment as it it the ideal way to get back at the Barteks who dumped them once they announced that they did not want children).

The kind of female anti-racist I am talking about. (Source Al-Jazeera)

If Visegrad does not cave in, the EU can’t really do anything apart from fines and economic sanctions. They would all rather have that a hundredfold than an Allah-worshipping human tide. We all remember the sanctions that the European Union imposed to Russia. The effect? Nothing. They carried on as they were. They need to apply the same mindset.

I think the freshest batch of cucks in charge of Brussels do not realise who they are dealing with here. Here is what the Polish PM had to say after the Manchester bombings and EU’s resolve to keep its gates open.

The press in those countries have not as much filters and censors trying to blame them for not respecting political correctness so people have the chance to stay informed.

Inhabitants of Visegrad countries have not been duped as much as their Western neighbours and see the approaching hordes as invaders, just like the ones they defeated in the past.

Un soutien de taille venu de l’Ouest

But Poles, Magyars and Czech might find and unexpected and valuable ally in the person of President Trump. Donald has a visit planned in Poland in July, where the possibility of Intermarium (a union project between Eastern European and Baltic nations spreading between three seas, started by the living nightmare of nationless Leftists, Jozef Pilsudski) will be discussed, with Andrzej Duda and Viktor Orbàn present.

Trump despises Merkel, Macron and their pro-migrant leanings, even if he has to remain courteous when meeting them. It does not start well for Macron’s policy to be approved by the U.S after the botched demonstration of “force” the globocuck tried on Trump by greeting him last at a recent summit…

Then, the manlet thought he was hardcore by using all his strength and crushing the hand of a 71 y.o man with a clenched jaw

The Don does not forget. His help will be useful in giving more credence to the Visegrad position.

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411 thoughts on “European Union Plants Seed Of War By Preparing Sanctions Against Visegrad Nations That Reject Migrants”

    1. Can’t wait. The Poles, Magyars, Czechs and Slovaks will unleash all kinds of carnage and it will be absolutely joyous to watch. And on that, Greeks and Serbs also hate Muslims with a passion having suffered for centuries under the Ottoman yoke so if shit really breaks down they’ll also be more than happy to break heads-just like good old Arkan and Karadzic. Blessings upon them all.

      1. Greece has sold its soul to the devil. They are overrun with rapefugees and as long as they refuse to get their fiscal house in order they will always be Europe’s doormat.

        1. Sadly… The removal of the Junta in 1973 was one of the worst crimes to happen in recent memory.

        2. The Junta would have lasted and been more accepted if it had adopted Pinochet’s (peace be upon him) style of running things.

      2. The (((globalist media))) will paint them as ‘nazi’s’. International political, financial and military pressure will probably force them to capitulate to the new world order.

        1. Let us hope they can remain steadfast and look elsewhere as I alluded to. Russia hasn’t succumbed to that poison.

      3. I am sure the EU already has a Bosnia-style NATO intervention being gamed out in the event Eastern Europe won’t acquiesce to its own destruction.
        International politics has become a dada-ist collage of violence. The violence of the “refugees”/colonists. The violence of the state apparatus that keeps forcing them upon the people. The potential violence of heritage nationals in response to the situation. The economic violence of the Eurozone against states that won’t tow the line. This is now naked insanity, intentionally pushing toward crisis.

        1. because of reading “Johnny Cash” and simultaneous pizza conversation I am reminded of Uncle Italo…..”nuh, nuh, nuh check, CAJJMOHNAY”

      4. “The Poles, Magyars, Czechs and Slovaks will unleash all kinds of carnage and it will be absolutely joyous to watch”
        To be honest, they are going to have to sober up and then maybe unleash themselves some indoor plumbing before anything else and I don’t see that happening.

        1. Czechs and Hungary are civilized, nicely appointed nations. I think Poland is basically just tractor intensive and Slovaks, well, God only knows what goes on there.

        2. Heh. The character was from some place called Kazahkistan or something wasn’t he? I hated “Borat” but I really, really enjoyed “The Dictator”.

        3. I don’t know. What I do know is that the hottest women from each of those countries can’t get to their knees fast enough to swallow an American load to gtfo out of them. When some Slovakian girl has her tongue in my asshole just because I have a blue passport and her work visa for the modeling agency isn’t going to last much longer I have to seriously consider the possibility that the living conditions in those places are literally worse than cleaning out my asshole with your tongue.

        4. You’re telling me that American women never gave you a rimjob?!?!
          (BTW, rimjobs are fucking disgusting)

        5. Sure they do…….
          Reasons matter though.
          There is literally nothing a Czech bitch wouldn’t do for even the whiff of American citizenship. That tells me something very clear. What do you think the population of, say, Romania, would be if we said “no questions asked romaninan immigration to the us…come on in get your citizenship when you get to the door. Those fucking Carpathian cunts would kill each other to get to the front of the line.

        6. They are disgusting, I wouldn’t let a woman do that to me no matter how hot she was. I have a whole suitcase full of fetishes that I like, but anything dealing with shit is a total non-starter with me.

        7. Czechoslovakia is a beautiful country though and not destitute.

        8. tell that to all the Czechs who would saw their leg off just to live here. I am sure the natural wonders of that third world shithole are lovely and the Czechs are beautiful people but lets not conflate “beautiful country” for “beautiful eastern European country”

        9. I’ve spoken to MANY Czechs in my lifetime, remember, I was a Czech linguist in the military. I’ve associated with countless Czechs. Their nation during Soviet times was put out, but they are not bad at all by modern standards.
          I think you may be confusing some stupid birds who want to “just get away from here” like all rebellious kids do, with some kind of national fervor to leave, which from what I see, really doesn’t exist as any kind of large thing.
          By way of for example, the kid who cannot wait to get out of his hometown because it’s “boring man, I hate it here!”, you know the kind I’m talking about.

        10. I would kidney punch a girl who suggested such a thing. It’s revolting.

        11. if you say so. I have a pretty high standard of living and wouldn’t live in most of the US let alone in eastern Europe. ANd yes, I do see a lot of women trying to get out of eastern Europe, including Czechs, but I also see tons of men who are taking jobs significantly below their education level (yeah, you were a doctor back home…fuck you, here’s a paint brush) just to get shot of EE. This dream that americans seem to be having that eastern Europe is a paradise…1:1 I would bet that if you could switch citizenship they would line up and thank Christ that americans were that stupid

        12. Dunno. It’s not like they’re stopped from leaving now, they can traipse the world freely. Their population count seems to have remained steady though.
          The Czech Republic was one time the intellectual capitol of Europe and has amazing art, architecture and culture. I’m not an “EE Only!” guy, and most of EE sucks, but the Czechs seem to have more to them than the standard Slavs (must be the strong mixture of German blood is my guess).

        13. I was thinking the same thing. But it seems that the only part of the EU that actually has some balls are the ex-soviet bloc countries. Germany didn’t need to win WWII to take over Europe. They’ve figured how to rule their European neighbors without firing a shot.

        14. I am afraid ANY bitch/ho will do ANYTHING for an US passport, regardless of her nationality.
          Believe me or not, CZ is no longer a 3rd world postcomunist country where crowds of horny golddiggers wait with their tongues out of their mouths for an american husband/fucker/whoever. Most of Czech people live quite a pleasant life and their living standard is good. I’am sick of western men who still think that we climb down of the trees just yesterday. If they visited CZ in purpose to have a good fu*k, they met hoes. Pause. No surprise.
          I myself never want to live in USA. In my eyes there is no freedom in USA at all, and moreover, most Americans are stupid, uneducated and hypocritical.

        15. I myself never want to live in USA. In my eyes there is no freedom in USA at all, and moreover, most Americans are stupid, uneducated and hypocritical
          I find the same goes for most people regardless of nationality. As for freedom, I’m not even sure what that means. There are other people here who you can chat about that with. Afaic money = freedom period and the nonsense “rights” people go on about are just memes. As far as freedom and ability to seek our fortune and the safety to keep it, we have that here in spades and everything else is doodie

        16. Freedom… yes, it is a question of perspective.
          If USA can offer “ability to seek someones fortune and the safety to keep it”, then I have to say that I can find it (more or less) in CZ too and more…

      5. Actually, a bunch of 2nd world countries like Poland trying to fight the European Union would be a total wash.

        1. This troll needs to fade to black. I’ve stopped responding to her entirely. She just clogs shit up.

        2. Sorry you don’t know enough to discuss the topic. I literally laughed out loud when you said that former Warsaw Pact countries would “look to Russia.” Sorry they don’t teach history classes in your village. Good luck in the fall semester.

        3. You know Communism is dead and Russia is lead by a patriot.
          I’m still waiting for you to go and suck on Soros’ old saggy balls you piece of dogshit. And I hope afterwards you get sodomised by a broken beer bottle wielded by rapefugees.

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        7. You make a pithy riposte an art form also. My responses tend to be more visceral and a tool to bludgeon. Brutal ballet if you will while yours is death by a trillion papercuts.

        8. Tell me again how anxious Poland is to be under Russian domination – I could use another laugh at your expense, son.

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        14. You’re the imbecile that made a crack about somehow Communism being the prevailing governmental milieu in Russia and by extension the ex-Warsaw pact nations being reticent to gravitate towards such-albeit you’re 28 years or so behind the times and each nation has well and truly consigned that idiotic system to the dung heap of history.
          You take umbrage at being called a queer, cupcake?

        15. I neglected to mention much to my chagrin that my verbal and written power is so discombobulatingly devastating. I can feel others brain tissue collapse under my violent force. It’s ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter my realm.

        16. I didn’t say a word about there being Communism in Russia, so you’re a liar. “Cupcake.” Not very original. Do you say anything that you didn’t read on the internet first?

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          And you’re peddling that horseshit? I almost feel sorry for you. You’re a fucking chump for using that link. I don’t do that fake news.

        20. BHGoH, please take some advice: “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

        21. You made yourself look like a buffoon more like. Posting fake news like that renders you on the level of paramecium.

        22. “Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon. It’ll just knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, and strut about like it’s won anyway.”

        23. I know the old adage. I’m amusing myself and it’s letting me exercise my muscular written discourse acumen. But I do appreciate the sentiment, good Sir.

        24. Another great aphorism. Albeit the pigeon is more intelligent than that joker.

        25. Right. Keep telling yourself that. Go and kill yourself-that way you can be a man for once.

        26. The thought of you dying actually brightens it. Ideally from AIDS or Ebola.

        27. Wishing death on a total stranger because they know more about Poland than you do is the sign of an immature intellect. Boy.

        28. Clearly reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. I didn’t wish for anything. I said the thought of it was appealing-two different things. So go ahead-it’ll provide for light entertainment.

    2. So if welfare is nonexistent in these countries, what are they supposed to do with all of these people? British/German/French taxpayers will subsidize all of this?

    3. Došlo vrijeme da se Srbi svete
      Sve džamije u oblake lete
      Nema Ante, Azema I Tite
      Da te opet od Srbina štite!

        1. intensity on these articles has died down a bit in recent months. guess theres not much to say, you know this will end badly

        2. I don’t think it will end badly. Hell, World War 2 was the worst thing to happen to humanity and here we are in a world better than ever in just 70 years. There may be some rough spots here and there, but things are certainly not going to end badly.

        3. har!
          Yeah…..remember, if you aren’t worried that the entire fucking universe is doomed then you are part of the problem.

        4. False dichotomy.
          Protecting the status quo or championing the demise on the other hand is part of the problem.

        5. dude, stop, really, you are starting to frighten me. I don’t want to piss myself in fear.

        6. After last week I am seriously thinking of taking on an intern or possibly opening up something similar to the Krusty Klown Kollege

    1. Hm… severely weakened west european countries due to islam, which no doubt would harbor a lot of white people betraying their politicians. Sounds like East European countries and Russia could benefit greatly from that.

  1. You forgot Ireland’s new PM- he ticks all the boxes too:
    no kids(gay)
    Not completely Irish(half Indian)

    1. Likes the cock…..what are the chances he now decides to “get married” to a man while in office…just tasted a little bit of sick in the back of my throat….

    2. What the ever loving fuck? What happened to the people who had no worthy opponents so they fought amongst themselves? Finn McCool and St. Patrick must be spinning in their graves.

      1. Gaels are an…energetic…lot. Or were at one time anyway.

    3. I think all the good celts left for america, and left the fat ones to rot on the island

  2. Just wait until the Visegrád countries form a union and collectively withdraw from the EUSSR. The Macron/Merkel cabal will shit a brick.

    1. Yes-and hopefully other nations in Central Europe and the Balkans/Southern Europe will also turn their backs and look to Russia.

      1. Turn to Russia? That is not such a good idea. How about turn to themselves and trade freely with everyone?

        1. In terms of geopolitical alliance. Otherwise open and fair trade as necessary.

    2. No they won’t shit a brick. It will turn into another war and Visegrad countries don’t need any more of that AGAIN. It’s the same pattern over and over.

    We fought off Islamist invaders and Muslim rule for more than 150 years.
    We are the proud shield of Christian Europe!
    Hungary stands behind Orbán Viktor as one man!
    Hang the traitors: the back-stabbing Jews, Communists, cuckservatives, NGOs!
    To the wall with George Soros and Angela Merkel, let the firing squad do its duty!
    The pogroms are coming, and this is a warning. We will not be patient forever!

    1. Eastern Europeans are the most redpilled of them all. Living 60 years under (((communism))) does that.

        1. No she isn’t typical. Polish talent has gone down hill very rapidly just like everywhere else, especially in the inner cities and universities. It all stems from the universities and those in control of them.

      1. Well, maybe the men but not the women. Everywhere, positive control of female behaviour has been eroded to a point where it is unmanageable.

        1. Women are basically never redpilled. It’s just not a part of female nature. Female nature parrots male behavior.

      2. The reason they survived 60 years of communism was because they’re Eastern Europeans.

      3. Truth is swift and harsh in those crossroads of conflict like EE. For eons they have fended off encroaching invaders from all sides, endured occupation and enslavement, only to be “liberated” into the hands of the enemy once again.
        Communism imprinted truth deeply upon them, but its grip – and the vacuum it left in its wake, also sent far too many redpilled, capable men to the shores of other countries to make their hay. The destruction of Communism (progressivism) is like radiation, as it renders large swaths of land and populace fallow and toxic with the fallout of the deadly ideology.
        I hope that there are enough men remaining to stand their ground and defend their homeland once again – against the enemies without and within.
        It is hard to dispel the feeling that we are at a precipice of a dark age – and what resides between preserving what remains of Western Civilization and the abyss are a few outposts of men hardened by reality. Godspeed to them.

      4. Pretty much the case, but more the men than the women, but its really all down to men. Men in the Western countries have become cucks and white knights, feminists need male muscle to get their way.

    2. We need more Republicans like Orban. Most of the Republicans in the US are cock loving manginas that talk a big game but not much else.

        1. Since 3 of the 4 you “stand against” are white, I assume you’re a jew. And whatever you are, you’re apparently ashamed to come out and say it.

        2. Talking smack when you’ve only been here for a month? Still afraid to say where you’re from?
          I’m an American. Got it, jew boy? Now go away. You’re boring me.

        3. american, should’ve guessed…
          anyways, see you yanks in Russia WC if your sorry excuse for a football team makes it there…then we’ll see who’s afraid of who…

        4. You’re hating against whites, talking about sports, are you sure you’re in the right site my friend? Perhaps a liberal website might be more in order for you. You can discuss sports, the evil racist whites, etc all day.

    3. And other European nations fought them for 600 and more years and even suffered a period of Islamic occupation, and had to fight hard to secure their liberation. The greatest European heroes of the first 700 years of the 2nd millennium were leaders of the fight against Islamic Invasion and their expulsion from Europe. Islam has always been a world domination political and cultural movement disguised as a religion.. What our fathers fought and died for hundreds of years, our fascist. “enlightened and holier than though” globalist leaders, who insist they know better than us what is good for us are giving away by opening the borders to an Islamic civilization and culture which is totally incongruous and incompatible with the European Christian culture and civilization, and whose tenets commit its followers to destruction of their “host” culture.
      Those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it!

    4. It doesn’t matter. Once these migrants in Germany, France, ant the UK become citizens, watch how quick they will migrate to other European countries.

      1. I hope that EE countries will profit from language barrier. Czech and Slovak language are very tough, Magyar even worse.

    5. I lived in Hungary for 6 months, brute country, those fucking cops are brute too, scary as fuck they don’t take shit from anyone. This 100 kg officer came up to me once out of his car looked like he was going to kill me and looks me right in the eye “YOU SEE gypsy”, a pedestrian points down the street and three of them proceed to beat the shit out of this gypsy, holy shit you would go to jail for beating up a drunk native here in Canada as a police officer LOL!

    6. Hunn.. My bucket list wish, is to cheer at the swinging by the neck of Soros, Schultz, Merkel, Macron, Hollandouille la Fripouille, just for the first batch ! Then second batch, Obama, Bushes, Blair & Blair Mrs, Sarkozy,D Cameron, the Clintons.. ect..ect..

  4. Facts like this are clear proof that:
    1) the elites governing Europe are willingly letting in the invaders.
    2) if they are willingly doing so, that’s part of an agenda. Whats the agenda? ethnic replacement and destruction of Europe.

      1. Liberals engage in self destructive behavior through abortion, drug use, faggotry, white guilt, etc….. This is just another manifestation of it.

        1. It is funny you mention (quite correctly I think) drug use. I wonder if there is some kind of endorphin rush here.

        2. anyone who engages in risky behavior knows there is an endorphin rush with living on the edge, which is fine, but forcing others to live on the edge through illegal immigration is not.

      2. Pretty good question, and I honestly can’t answer it….. Maybe the elites are just nihilists who want to start the fire and enjoy the feeling of Europe burning?

        1. Hey, it’s been always burnin’, since the world was turnin’.

        2. I’m an nihilist and an elitist, even if I am not an elite in this context.

        3. What I believe is that if you consider that they are skypes we might be seeing the true reason why these people always failed to keep a state: delusion and self destructiveness, the result of a weak woman-like character that reigns in communication abilities as it is true of women… generally.
          I think that White Genocide is the only goal here I don’t have them as far-sighted enough to understand that these savages and their friends cannot be controlled, or provide for their lavish lifestyles. In truth if they made their best right now to proliferate whites in our current sorry state that would be good for them. They know what ticks us and can shame us into submission. For the rest they are unstable to the point that the formulation of any system is impossible.
          So that is only White Genocide their only goal.

        4. A number of points about this:
          1. Obviously, the goal is white genocide.
          2. Even when a significant number of the people behind them are Jews, not all of them are. May, Macron, Merkel (there are speculations but no definitive proof) and others are not Jews; so what’s their motivation? Nihilism? ethnomasochism? sheer desire for destruction? pathological altruism? all of them?
          3. I do think they are far sighted, they are working on this for decades; but the question remains: when the white race is over what are they going to do with the muzzies? they are not easily domesticated and brainwashed like the europussies.

        5. The far sighted point is true, from my argumentation, if you consider it as in macro but not micro terms. By this I mean that I don’t think that they think outside of their goal.
          Macron and Merkel are childless… so they care not for the future. For the rest I take them as nihilists or just useful idiots believing that they will escape the onslaught…
          Merkel is Skypish by her father. Her mother was a Pole and she took the name of her first husband.

        6. It was a Greek site…
          Plus an update I searched in Wiki and the Polish connection is true but I have my doubts now for her Skypish roots ( )the family was originally Catholic and it changed to Lutheranism… Still this changes her from category to that of a childless nihilist, that cannot care for the future. For me women deserve respect only if they produce two children from the same man and raise them with him.

        7. I don’t think they will establish a full Muslim majority, they will just keep the masses mired in perpetual conflict and inferiority and keep them from ever either effectively elevating themselves in the ways that truly matter or murdering and disposing of them.

        8. They can’t control the muzzies now, do you think they will control them in the future? just talking demographics, and due to the negative birth rate among Europeans, muzzies will be half the population of western Europe in 2 generations.

        9. They don’t need to control them cause their morons in places like the USA will eventually fight a war with them if they get too aggressive.
          They are just stirring the pot as usual creating chaos and knowing full well that the people will do everything except the one thing that matters: eliminating them completely from power and not through their corrupt controlled two sided system, but directly.

        10. Notice how they are the ones that created all this in the first place, yet they are still in power, and people are after the Muslims instead of them.
          The one thing the masses did not do was was confront them about it and fire them.
          Trump can’t even pass a Muslim ban because the courts blocked him.
          Don’t see anyone going after the judge.
          They play a way higher level game and that’s why they always win.

        11. There is a simple solution to all of this. Governments will no longer be able to pass laws without majority rule ever again. Goes like this:
          Make a fucking app like UBER where every citizen above age downloads and can vote on every single law that is proposed. Put it on a decentralized block chain so that the chances of manipulation and fraud plummet (blockchain being a decentralized ledger-based system of which every single user has a copy of that is updated simultaneously, rather than a centralized storehouse/server).

        12. The simple solution is just to boot them from power immediately, like right now.
          I mean like, lets all go down there today and remove them. Fired. Problem solved.
          People will never ever do that though. Even though it’s right in front of our faces already, their crimes and corruption.
          So what are you going to do?
          In fact the idiots will even dog pile the few people that want to help, rather than these corrupted elites. Quite the world we live in.

        13. I agree that needs to be done but not without my UBER-esque voting app which must be ready to fill the vacuum

        14. Indeed ! I always wondered why the West, especially the Europe is doing this kind of shit. I have been observing all this way back in 2002 ! (I was working in the UK). UK and its allies used to “welcome” refugees and majority of them were muslims (others were Srilankan tamilians). They were given free/discounted Housing, Council flats, Healthcare, Education and what not !
          And why this “refugees” are being given shelter in the West ? Why not in other muslim Countries (Dubai, Qatar, Iran, Porkistan !!) ?
          It seems whatever happening is far more than white genocide or Christianity. Those who are doing this wants people who can be “sheeped” !!
          Time to fight back brothers; Show the pussies their true place, Preserve your Culture & Tradition, Raise your kids/SUCCESSORS with high values, Limit the so called “immigration” and Protect your borders !

        15. No they hide behind thugs with guns….legally of course. Soon when they try even crazier stuff they will be forced to pull their big guns when people start fighting back harder.
          Take away their paid security and they are helpless beyond leaving the planet or enacting depopulation at a far faster pace.
          Then theres the underground bases…..we could never win but we could bitch slap them pretty good.

        16. They have literally came out and said, there’s at the very least, three straight quotes from Jewish political leaders where they say the destruction of the white race is the goal.

      3. They are elitists who are smugly over-confident in their ability to manipulate and control the uneducated, lesser masses. They’ve got the current population eating out of their hands, so why wouldn’t they assume they could do the same with even more primitive and uneducated masses?
        They are also vastly out of touch with all reality.

        1. They already decimated western europe with extremely low level basic tactics.
          Why shouldn’t they be confident, when they are basically dealing with a pre school of children with down syndrome?

        2. No they have the tools and space ships to do as they please…….this is now just an experiment for them.

        3. it’s easy to have a muslim population (black/arab) in check. It’s harder with christian white population.

      4. I believe the rationale is that Muslims are more used to being ruled by an autocratic dictatorial government and philosophy. As such they are more apt to be against the individualism, and freedom loving ideals of many western demographics. They think they can be bribed with government graft to help keep these plutocrats in power, and supplant the native population’s influence against autocracy. They don’t understand Islam, and as such they don’t know what they are getting into.

        1. I can’t even imagine how utterly mentally retarded you would have to be as a European elitist to actually believe this will work long-term.

      5. Well technological enslavement of course. They have the hardware that can change our world for the best…….what are they doing instead? Poking the fucking ant hill to see what happens.
        It benefits them to know EVERYthing about humans and how they react to various stimuli.
        Cant have the new colonies off planet not having playbooks to do things right.

    1. I have liberal friends that believe the wealthy european nations need to crash in order to bring the whole world to an equal playing field.
      In the end, the winner will be whoever has no conscience and fights the dirtiest.

  5. Fuck these self-destructive satanic swine. Off with their heads! Reclaim Europe, drive out the invaders, crush them completely!

    1. Question I always ask is where is the UN? Aren’t they supposed to set up “safe zones” for the refugees? Also what the fuck are the NGO’s and navies of EU states doing ferrying these economic migrants and terrorists, for that is what they are, across the Med?

      1. And nobody is asking why these hordes aren’t migrating to much closer nations with cultures that they are comfortable with (Islamic) instead of the West.

        1. In a way, if that happens, it may be a net benefit. It’s time for Hans and Pierre to grow balls and learn to be men again. A nice battle might raise T levels in Europe a solid 200 points, and that’s a good thing.

        2. I don’t know if I hold much hope for enough Europeans to rise to the task of self defense. I think that quite a large number will bend over and bite the pillow. The rest of those that have some warrior left in them might be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of orcish hordes.

        3. If it were me I would be using poison darts and other assorted goodies to deal with the worst of them.
          Good thing I’m not there then.

        1. Of course they’re shitty. My point is that even if you buy into the agenda, it only makes sense (in the context of the civil war) to allow Syrian refugees in, not the rest of the world.

        2. go over to breitbart and click on the link about that london tower fire. some of the comments seem unbelievable(they on occasion with cook indoors, like laying dirt on the floor and roasting an animal, attempting to cook on flights)
          seems surreal.

        3. coulda been, but most of the people living there are Somali(again, go check out some of those comments- people just relaying stories of what they have encountered)

        4. I have heard it blamed on the additional insulation added top the building during a recent renovation.
          (which is also hilarious)

        5. Something about the old twin towers and the world being a bunch of hypersensitive unrepentant faggots.

        6. this and the traffic that I was in on the Kosciusko…..9-11, never forget.

        7. Its like when the Challenger blew up! I never got to see who won the ShoWcase Showdown!
          O THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        8. I know where you are coming from, but there are really getting to be too many of them. The island might actually tip over at this point.

        9. I think it was a factory for making bomb materials and the whole place went up-that or drug labs. It’s all too suspicious.

        10. Well sometimes refrigerators do explode…when you’re using them to keep your nitro cool & stable…

        11. It was (((them)))! Everybody knows that an exploding refrigerator doesn’t burn hot enough to melt industrial steel!

        12. The incompetence of the British police is shocking. They have no idea what caused the fire, yet they expect the public to believe that one exploding refrigerator set ablaze a 24-storey building.

        13. What, in any of their behavior so far, makes you think the British government gives a flying fuck what the public thinks or believes?

        14. They have been removing the towers from movies, say a long shot of the nyc skyline and no towers to be found…

        15. “go over to breitbart and click on the link about that london tower fire.
          some of the comments seem unbelievable(they on occasion with cook
          indoors, like laying dirt on the floor and roasting an animal,
          attempting to cook on flights)
          seems surreal.”
          I remember reading that some of the Somaili and Sudanese who were “sponsored” into the USA (thanks you liberal fucking Lutherans), did this kind of stuff. Fire in the middle of the living room floor, removing the lid and shitting in the toilet tank instead of the bowl, etc.
          But at least they are enriching us with their quaint primitivism. And as if we don’t have enough trouble with most of our 30+ million native blacks.

        16. THat would not be surprising. My uni dorm was almost burnt down by some Africans that wanted to fry fish with a grid in the middle of their room at 3AM. We were lucky that the alarm went off and we woke up.

        17. Thank you Cheese ! @The Champion simply addressed as “Asians”, damn it !!
          as if somebody calling someone as “white” ! Which white !? English, Irish, Scottish, Polish, German, Spanish, French !!?

        18. Get me drunk enough and I can see where they are coming from…..but damn they probably are not even shit faced.

        19. the fake news is peddling that here too, or dodgy wiring maybe.
          maybe they will slap up some poor ol’ pommy tradesman from the 60’s or 70’s and say “this is the kind of crap work white tradesmen do, substandard & sloppy”
          its not that far fetched in todays age if it means another nail in white European cultures coffin.

      2. It is easy to pretend to be a “Syrian refugee” when nobody is checking papers and the country in question wants to destroy itself.

      3. Yeah, I always got a kick out of the pics of boatloads or docksides full of niggers, and the caption claiming they were Syrians or escaping war in the middle east.

      4. Because “the Ottoman empire is sooo great” (get a load of that historic eastern boundary)

      1. Ive been on this site too long. Thats at least the third time youve made this joke

        1. Maybe but it don’t even matter to me. Everyone has had to fight to be free

    2. That’s not surprising. I live in a primarily Mexican-American town. Suddenly a ton of Middle Easterners flooded various areas of the city. Imagine combat vets like myself see the same people who shot at me living as my neighbors now.
      But I’m considered the threat to peace in my neighborhood because I don’t want them here.

      1. I’ve heard several times now that a lot of hispanics are not happy with the democart’s current love affair with islam (Obama deporting over 3 million latinos that he started to replace with muslims before his program being interrupted by Hillary’s defeat didn’t help much either). Is there any truth to that in your location?

        1. Hard to say since most don’t vote in this area. Some are diehard Democrats while there’s a strong support for Republicans and even Libertarian principles. The hadjis are smart enough to stay out of Mexican neighborhoods though

      2. Bro vets are the boogie man….homeland security eats that shit for breakfast too….like they need to get a clue for real.

        1. Tell me about it. A lot of the local PD are the same way. You’d swear cops are pissed that G.I.’s get more pussy than them or something.

  6. “This is exactly why childless people should not govern under any circumstances. They have no loyalty, no love towards their forefathers or notion of legacy.”
    When the UK conservative party leadership was up for grabs last year Andrea Leadsom argued that she’d make a better leader than Theresa May because she had children. This was roundly condemned as spinsterphobic or something, but it was an utterly fair point: Brexit was about securing the UK for future generations, and who is more likely to care about that, a childless career woman or a parent (ignoring the fact that Leadsom is also a career woman). Despite the radical sentiments being put forward at the time, nobody but nobody saw fit to point out that it was feminism-driven career women who are behind the fall in domestic fertility i.e. below replacement rate fertility) something which provides one of the main rationales for mass immigration.
    Oh, and congratulations on Hungary for passing the “anti-Soros” law

    1. You are quite right.
      The problem is that, despite being correct, Andrea Leadsom buckled under the pressure of all the criticism she got over that comment from the liberals. She apologised, thus showing that she was not tough enough to be a prime minister.

      1. She seems like a decent human being, and as such not machiavellian (or tough) enough for the job. She analysed the issue correctly though

      1. well that’s the world we live in. It’s called pragmatism Even ‘misogynist’ ROK favoured Le Pen over Macron (and of course Roosh probably still has his Hillary for President t-shirt in his wardrobe, and is keeping it just in case she runs again in 2020!!)

  7. OT: Has anyone seen JammyJayBird since the Alexandria shooting? Hope he didn’t finally completely lose his shit and decide to take matters into his own hands……

    1. Heh, hey man, he’s got backwards political opinions, but outside of politics he seems like a solid guy. I’m pretty sure we’re not in any danger of this being him.

      1. Yeah, you’re probably right. Somebody add 2 demerits to my score on the chalkboard for being a douche.

        1. Naw, no demerits. Sometimes it’s the seemingly solid guys with cognitive dissonance that snap. Then their friends and neighbors just don’t understand. “He was such a nice guy.” “He was so quiet and polite.” “I would have never thought…” blah-blah-blah It’s the quiet guy that stays to himself and never bothers anyone that they find 27 bodies buried in his backyard, lol! So you never know…

        2. Actually in this case, this guy was a loud, vocal and obnoxious asshat who liked to broadcast his Bernie politics to the world at large on a 24/7 basis. He broke the “he was so quiet and nice” mold, heh.

        3. Honestly, before Portland and Alexandria, I don’t think I would really have expected it to be the Bernie Bros that started losing their shit like this. I mean I should have — looking back on it, it makes plenty of sense. But I assumed it would be the Hilliary-feminism-jihadi-bitches that would have snapped first. Maybe they have and they are just so miserable and ineffectual that no one noticed.

        4. I actually did figure the Bern-outs would do it first. They scare the living shit out of me. It’s like a cult.

        5. Yeah, like I said, looking back on it now, it makes total sense to me. Hell, even the Communism philosophy he spouts basically guarantees violence at some point. I just didn’t think it all the way through.

        6. You really do, man. That was a terrible comment to make on soooo many levels. I’m gonna downvote all of your comments from now on…

        7. Small as they may be, the Bernie Bros do have balls. So it’s no surprise that they’ll start the shooting. Libtards have no self control, they impute this to the rest of us and my theory is that’s why they espouse gun control. The Hillary femi-nuts are still female (even if marginally so) and have less aggressive and violent tendencies. Oh they scream, holler and march, but only a few actually try to choke anyone or throw bottles. And when they do get punched in the face…

        8. I have little doubt that Alexandria will inspire the hardcore of these antifa goons. I would expect them to increase their violence. They already throw glass bottles, bike locks, and improvised explosives. They will likely amp it up even more.

        9. While I don’t really want any violence, if they do this, they are going to eventually cross a line that will see them mowed down en masse. I don’t know why they’re doing this shit, some of them have to think for themselves, in what way do they profit going against a huge segment of society that by definition has all of the firearms?
          Talk about stupid.

        10. They are in the process of awakening the sleeping giant that is the right. They may very well find out which side is better armed and has better marksmen. Not soon enough…

        11. I believe, on some level, many of them think they will be protected. Look at their backgrounds… mostly middle to upper-middle class, educated, good backgrounds. Most of them are spoiled brats. They are used to mommy and daddy protecting them. They are used to shaking their fist at The Man, but when shit hits the fan, they are also used to The Man showing up and keeping them safe.
          At the higher echelons of the movement, I think they know they can push their luck, because the political optics of the cops really taking it to them, or the “Nazis” on the other side fighting back — either of those things works for them and their message.
          The useful idiots on the front lines… they just don’t have a clue. They think they can scream at and spit on the cops, but if anybody starts getting really mean, some part of them believes the cops will help them. (And the cops probably will.) Like Moldlylocks, they think a 100 lb girl can punch a 250 lb guy and he’ll fly across the room, knocked out, like Wonder Woman. They just aren’t living in a world that is anywhere near reality.

        12. No political movement can form without some serious funding. I’m highly suspicious of all these riots and protests, whether they be from the left or right. There is always a hidden agenda behind them.

        13. I don’t know that the cops will help them much anymore. I’ve seen videos where the right wingers punched the anti-fas, after they were physically assaulted of course, and the cops either just stood there or arrested the anti-fas. Some of that will depend on the part of the country it occurs in, but I think you’ll find that most cops are going to side more with the right than with the lib-tards. All the cops have to do is stand there, turn a blind eye and let the right clean house. I have friends and family that are police or retired police. None of them are friends of the left and some are very constitution minded. In places other than LA or DC, this may play out a bit differently than the left thinks it will.

        14. It’s quite natural for the police to turn to the right, considering that leftists are very interested in killing them.

        15. True, good point. Left to their own devices, at lot of cops might feel that way. But the politcos who run the police departments are getting savvy about what this stuff means for their city.

        16. I heard Tom Cruise and John Travolta were signed up to make this truly epic action flick… but then the whole movie got scrapped after only 17 days on set. Apparently they couldn’t get Tom and John to stop sucking each other’s cocks long enough to film anything.

        17. Oh, the individual officers have quite a bit of autonomy and no legal obligation to protect “the public”. Their superiors really can’t do shít if the cops just stand there or have to pull back for “officer safety”. What are they going to do? Fire them all? And the officers also have the ability to not write tickets, which cuts into the revenue stream. It has happened before…

        18. If it gets too out of hand they’re totally fucked-it’ll end in a hellfire of bullets because Conservatives have been waiting for shit to hit the fan and prepared accordingly.

        19. I heard of some Georgian president who tackled nation-wide police corruption by firing the entire police force; around 30,000 of them.

        20. You don’t have to fire them when you can screw with their pensions. But overall, I think you are right… I’m just saying, it’s not always something you can rely upon.

        21. If they’re anything like this guy, they’re inherently poor marksmen. They’d be in a lot of trouble against a demographic that practices regularly.

        22. I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately too many of our fellow countrymen in the past (and the present) have not been vigilant. They have even voted to allow the enemy to take us over from within. It is always easier to prevent the disease than to cure it, but it’s too late for that. We are so far down the slippery slope of a pseudo-socialistic police state that is constantly at war and spying on everyone, I see no way to change that without bloodshed. Obviously the Alexandria shooter felt the same way, just from the wrong perspective. As a Bernie-drone, he wanted more and bigger government not realizing that’s the root cause of the problem! And there are a lot more like him out there. I have tried to provide statistics, logic and reason to these people. But their left-tard programming is so strong it is cult like. People like that are zealots and when it comes down to it, they will only bow to the threat of superior force. As Mao pointed out, true power comes from the barrel of a gun.

        23. I do not go near those protests….If I did do so I tend to get genius level creative when it comes to hurting people. Those fuckers don’t deserve my wrath….it would be like kicking a small toy dog around for fun.

        24. Thats what I dont get….if I was a in deep fed agent I would be fucking liberals in the ass every day along with their pay masters.
          No courage left in our agencies unless it comes down to fucking with joe blows.
          I hope you guys enjoy your pensions….disgraceful.

        25. Doctor says: Sorry old chap….you have less than a month to live….go home and rest.
          Me: Fuck that I got work to do. *Pimps out the zombie van and drives off into the sunset.

        26. If I was a cop….i’d look the other way when antifa got fucked up. You hate America and want to hand it over to crims…welcome to reality.

        27. I’d really rather just mind my own business honestly.
          But I hope you can agree it’s not unreasonable for me to say that those people’s actions affect me as well. And you as well.

        28. Oh I do agree. I spend a good bit of time doing my homework and exposing the deeds of evil people for that reason. I prefer to mind my own business as well. But as you pointed out, the actions of those around us do affect us and therefore what they are doing becomes my business. Especially when it comes to extracting wealth from us under pain of imprisonment or even death. That is involuntary servitude and we both should have a big problem with it. Taxation is theft and an income tax imposed on common occupations that we engage in by right is slavery.

        29. Yes I’m more just worried about what is happening to our world and what we need to / can do about it.
          It’s definitely not about oppressing other people for personal gain whatsoever.
          I’d actually much prefer that others hadn’t placed us here in the first place and had just been reasonable.
          Additionally I really hate the nature of humanity, that it always seems to need a martyr to continually rescue them, instead of just all collectively doing our part so no one person has to do that.
          On the one hand you might see all the difference you could make if you totally committed yourself to it, but on the other hand you’re kind of really angry that you need to in the first place and for the sake of people who were of a quality to create a situation like that to begin with.
          I think part of the problem is that people don’t recognize all the aspects of power and influence and control, so they think they are free but don’t recognize the invisible forms of oppression.

  8. I have to confess I am jealous of whatever it is poland and hungary have.
    It must be quite a feeling to have an identity as a unified people.
    To be able to tell the EU they can take their brown pets and go fuck themselves… and know nearly everyone around you agrees feels the same

    1. EU !? Is this the same Union where considerable number of “member countries” going bankrupt !? Is this the same Union which the English were “forced” to join and thankfully, they came out because “people” from few of the “great and proud member countries” started flooding (plumbing, carpentry, shop workers, daily labor, working for cash etc etc !) into the UK !
      That said, nobody here is encouraging or supporting the intake of “refugees”.

    1. Is there is any saying similar to “man with balls” for females !? like, “woman with clit”, “woman with cunt”, “woman with bust” !!!???

  9. The pro-EU mentality is just bizarre to me. I get the desire to have open trade and a forum where you can hash out problems with your neighbors. But having some unelected technocrats ordering you to take in violent third-worlders? They also seem to enjoy dreaming up pointless regulations(what kind of container olive oil can be served in, how much cinnamon can be used in pastries, etc).
    Anyways, if these countries -are- forced to take in rapefugees, you can bet that all of them will head over to Germany and Sweden looking for more benefits using the Schengen zone.

  10. Western society is so toxic its actually now interfering with business cause so many men are now waking up to red pill because of wonder-woman “Womans only” screening that they are refusing to cooperate, that movie was like a big giant red pill bomb that is also spreading across the globe. Soon men will build, men only gyms, men only clubs, men only resturants, men only taxi’s, men only golf courses…list goes on.

  11. Hungary is great. Have only positive things to say. All Hungarians I’ve met have been really cool. Budapest has some really beautiful architecture and some cool parties too. The girls are often quite hot. Healthy national conservatism. Sweden has much to learn.

    1. Sweden sadly have committed Swedencide so it’s over for all intents and purposes.

        1. Good thing. Did you hear about the nuclear Thanksgiving. There was an explosion of Turkey, a splattering of Greece, and a destruction of China…

        2. I’m like you…if I smirk, I think it’s pretty funny. Usually I say, “Huh, that’s funny,” no emotion. Must be a common thing for guys who die and return to life…

        3. I rarely out and out laugh, even when I think something is pretty funny. But when I do laugh, I laugh really hard.

        4. I have cried at the end of all 8 of the Fast and Furious movies, though, so I got that going for me.

  12. The world is like one big joke and comedy at this point. Except it’s actually happening in real life.

  13. Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła! Poland has not yet perished!
    Even though I don’t support our government in certain areas, I wholeheartedly support our no-migrants policy. Our government has done a great job at keeping us safe from the Muslim immigrants (read: invaders). We will continue to protect ourselves and we will not back down!
    It was us who helped drive the Ottoman Empire from Vienna and struggled with them for centuries! We successfully stopped Islamic invaders from taking over the heart of Europe! We have also fought for full sovereignty from Soviet agitators who enslaved our country for 50 years. And now we should liberate Europe once again! Not only from Islamists but we must also cleanse Europe of globalism, leftism, communism and cuckservatism! Death to all commies, globalists and leftists!
    God is on our side and we will continue to protect our borders at all costs!
    Tak nam dopomóż Bóg! God help us!

    1. Go for it. The governments and the media in Western Europe may be all set on our downfall, but a lot of the citizens aren’t and are with you. The way things are at the moment you can’t say anything publicly or under your own name unless you are secure, or you will find your self out of a job, but that will change. They are pushing it too far. The Europeans proved capable of beating all others in the world – heck the UK alone held hegemony over a quarter of the world’s land surface. I think we are coming to a time when people say ‘enough!’.

  14. Why does my right hip go numb when I do squats or deadlifts? My form is tight but after about 4 reps of squats my right hip numbs out. This just started about 2 months ago around the time I passed 200 lbs/rep.

    1. This off topic, but…you probably have a compressed or herniated disc in your low back. The damage is on the side that’s numb. The compressive force of squats is putting pressure on that nerve causing numbness. I had a similar problem only it was low back pain on the left side when doing squats. I have been seeing a good chiropractor and going through spinal decompression therapy for the last three weeks. I am pain free now even squatting and deadlifting. Whether you use chiropractic or conventional medicine (don’t let them do back surgery if you can at all avoid it), you need to have that x-rayed so you know what your dealing with. If you have a means to do so, I would switch to a leg press machine until you get this resolved (I know it’s not total body, but it’s better than nothing). Otherwise you could cause yourself permanent injury.

  15. Backstabbing French bastard and a evil German. This is 1938 all over again.
    I would like to put my two cents in. Czech Republic accepted some refugees. However most of them left after finding out, that they have to work for living. No surprise, they moved into Germany.
    Also journalists compared this to Cold War. Looks like history really works in circles

  16. You know, I understand why the nazi regime went after the liberals and the leftists… the whole bunch are traitorous, denegrate delusional hippies who want live in a “utopia” of poverty and misery.
    Fuck them, fuck the left, at this point I would welcome the right authoritarianism.

  17. Interesting that the author doesn’t mention the obvious…stop TWOT! I would say “unintended consequences”, but fuck that this is just plain old collateral damage. Its as obvious as “1-2-3”. If you want to stop migrants from flooding out of the Middle East then stop supporting the nonsense wars.

  18. Good article. I hope these countries will continue to stand strong against the invading hordes of third world savages.

  19. I wish those Europeans would fight it out amongst themselves then we wouldn’t have to listen to the left telling us how much better those progressive, tolerant, non-violent and wonderful Europeans are than Americans.
    On second thought though I don’t know because then we would have to go save them from themselves again.

  20. We can’t let Islam take any of Europe. ISIS has siezed oil fields and cities already. The oil fields continue to generate revenue for the IS and business is as usual for cities like Raqqa only the IS has installed its own people in the government assemblies.
    Imagine if Islam took over Sweden. The resources would transfer to the invaders who aren’t hoardes, they’re very organized and heavily backed. Every stronghold they secure they use it as a resource to further expand. Imagine the IS having complete controlling interest in Volvo and Saab engineworks and using them for manufacturing their own weapons and military vehicles.
    They cannot take one inch of Europe. Keep them in the desert. Keep them contained.

  21. There comes a point where a people are so far gone or to the left that you’re more likely to win hastening their implosion so a radical opposition could be unearthed. This is Western Europe at the moment, and why some people are glad leftists made gains in France and the UK.
    Is the US really any better at this point? It appears not. We’ve just given ourselves the illusion due to our electoral voting system that got us Trump… the popular vote still went to Hilary after 8 brutal years of Obama.
    Would I lay down my life for the US? Only if a portion of likeminded non-leftists had a community that could be isolated from the pervasive nature of toxic leftism. I no longer consider 85% of fellow citizens American anymore. I’ve consider moving to an Amish community to get away from it all. Eastern Europe is the only region of the world worth waging a world war to save currently.
    Conclusion: Americans should consider adopting a more tribalistic mindset. And if the shit hits the fan, we should all avow new loyalty to eastern european regions.

  22. is there some nationalists hungarian or polish websites where we can send them encouragements from the rest of the world?

  23. the trump-macron handshake lol what the fuck is with those dudes who take the idea of a firm handshake way too far? Trump getting him back later was priceless, that little faggot was terrifed of donald.
    my solution to those guys is to immediately call them out on it – “ohhh, you’re that guy – the firm handshake guy. oh you’re so strong! i’m really impressed there buddy. alright any time you wanna let go … ok there you go”
    and then give them the hot-girl back turn. i’m not interested in continuing interacting with someone who wants a pissing contest with everyone he meets

  24. Amazing how none of the major European leaders have children. The major anti-life death advocacy among liberal elites is astounding. Hitler had no children or successor. It explains his bitter resistance that he would rather raze his country and people to the ground than push for a compromise. Complete loser just like Merkel the muslim whore.

    1. You see a lot of the same basic childless people in an adults only covenant community. People pay premium bloated prices for houses in these communities with excruciating code enforcement by the neighborhood association to keep every yard perfect with plastic flowers like what you see at a cemetary. The primary code enforced in these communities is ‘no children allowed’. Also all cars must be garaged or spotless. I once drove through one of these ‘childless’ communities with my family and the residents winced at the sight of seeing my children looking out our car windows. I saw wrinkled pathetic old people timidly coming in and out of their safety garage doors, kind of like Swedish suburbanites who rarely talk to each other. The men were all like women, stupid and afraid. They were like the walking dead people on a pharmaceutical advertizement. I sensed such ‘kid hate’ and scorn for young playing kids driving through there. I just wanted to install a swingset to see the old ladies in walkers get out their schlomo walkie talkies. Or I could draw a hopscotch game on the sidewalk, hide behind a tree and wait for the fireworks when the crowd of elderly medicated zombies comes out and then go bonzai on them. Those old sterile lifeless farts just need commandoed out of there. I saw a few vain couples in their 40s living there too. What pigs. They seethed with child hate. Almost all were white in there. I don’t know the goy/jew ratio but probably alot of goy because there was some hard propaganda at work in there. Jews fall for the prop too. Many young jew females turn goth and find it chique and funny to spread ‘dead baby jokes’. It’s the rotten apple not far from a rotting tree syndrome.

  25. Eastern Europe is a class-act. They’ve shown themselves to be unquashable time and time again.

        1. That’s an understatement. They are selling themselves out for very little gain. Everyone that I talk to here wants in the EU very much, but they flat out refuse to believe that the dindu migrants are part of the deal.

        2. Soon, they’ll act like migrants are a part of God’s will, and use Bible passages to defend migration. They just need a little strong-arming.

  26. Good mention of Ukraine in the article, as Ukraine is being used as an end-run around these 4 strong countries. Look at a few things that have been happening as of late:
    Без виз-The EU dream here is alive and well, and the new visa-free regime for entry to Schengen countries is a close second for Ukrainians. Take a closer look at the real problem with this-Who do you see clogging the lines at the passport offices in Ukraine? Mostly women, the real traitors of any nation. Why? Because the globalist agenda includes introducing our beautiful white women to dindu migrants for a curiosity-satiating good time. If the Visegrad Nations represent a wall to the East, Brussels found the back door through the Ukraine visa-free regime.
    Eurovision-This disgusting globalist caterwaul-fest brought its Celebrate Diversity message and copypasted it all over Kyiv this year. In a place with a very high number of feminine, beautiful women and masculine men, Kyiv is ground zero for cultural and nationalist weaking through caring about fags and niggers.
    There’s a rising feminist tide here, and it’s growing stronger with hopes of full EU membership and higher salaries.
    Unfortunately, people here are quite stupid and are letting themselves be bought with promises of easier travel and (maybe) a slightly higher salary.
    Once again, feminism is leading the charge of the demise of another white nation. I give them 2-3 years before the hordes of dindus make their entrance here, all for the price of a visa-free trip to somewhere already infested with these dindus.

    1. In order to make Europe Muslim, they have to get rid of white people. That probably sounds trivial, but branding is everything.

  27. I really had no idea the waves of useless shits walking around just causing trouble for people. Really, a few A-10 passes would be a good start.

  28. Soon we will all have to arm up and put these globalist scum where they belong….in shallow graves with their terrorist buddies.
    I recommend anti-material rifles and sound proof vans.

  29. Of course I can’t speak for all Czech people (there is a variety of opinions on refugee crisis), but I don’t feel responsible for the situation in western-Europe at all (especially in France, UK and Germany).
    I don’t think we (CZ and SK) owe anything to other countries (both 3rd world countries and western European). Firstly, Czech Republic (not only itself, but also as a part of former Austria-Hungary) has never had any colonies in Africa or Asia. We haven’t ever oppressed other nations, haven’t recently start any war with other country. We don’t push our noses into other’s businesses like France in
    Libya did i. e., so please, don’t blame us for subsequent problems and expect our participation in solving them!
    Secondly, as history shows, Czech people have to rely only on themselves. Let me remind Munich Agreement, when former Czechoslovakia was betrayed by UK and France (with the help of Soviet Union). The military alliance Czechoslovakia had with France and Britain proved useless (see the known phrase “About us, without us!). I’m afraid this scenario will repeat in future.
    V4 must pull together!

  30. Well, hopefully Eastern Europe is able to resist Soros and company and prevent an Islamic invasion of their country. But we’ll see how it turns out in the long term…if the youth over there get pozzed and brainwashed from the Western European media and become SJWs, then it’s game over

  31. “You will be crying” over your children.
    Women cry as a solution that’s why. Szydlo isn’t pounding her fists for western bloodlines to BREED firstly. Never have I heard any woman figure of authority say that. Szydlo herself wouldn’t have the time to tit feed offspring, or LePen for that matter. Hitler and Farrakhan generally DID call for women to “roll out enforcements”. But a professional woman can’t say those implicit words it seems.
    WHY CAN’T Szydlo say “BREED my motherfucking Poles BREED!!”? . . It’s because NO WOMAN physiologically and mentally can conduct the male energies required to properly situate and vector any ‘herd’ of her own sister females and the male loyalty she garners has a bit of a eunuch taint to it. Szydlo speaking for the Poles is like Milo speaking for the men, a novel gesture but it’s only second tier. It implies there’s an abscentee male firedragon that is held back from premiering. There will be no victory with a woman head. The globalist machine and their hit squads allow the female (and gay) firebrand speakers because they know they only retain conciliatory control over the house.
    Nice speech Szydlo. Back to the kitchen. THE MAN is on the rise. THE GREAT DICK thunders on the horizon.
    Hail the patriarchy!

  32. [once again disqus is censoring my posts, claiming it is ‘spam’. Getting time to change username again, I think. Try again, with very slight rewording].
    Right now, Visigrad are the hope of Europe. The West has been thoroughly infiltrated with Soviet sympathisers who have now come of age in the media and academia. How many people in the West were informed of the significance of 9/11 and the request by muslims to build a mosque on ground zero? The Poles here could certainly tell you! It is because 11th September 1683 was the high point of the tide for the islamic caliphate overrunning Europe. These scum had taken Eastern Europe, destroying churches and replacing them with mosques, taking slaves, slaughtering those who would not convert, until they came to the gates of Vienna. Their artillery was crap, so they couldn’t breach the walls and decided to lay siege and starve the garrison out. Meanwhile, the pope was trying to get other nations to help defend Europe. Louis XIV just looked at gaining more territory for France in the German Palatinate states and hindered efforts (who could have guessed, right?), but finally King Jan III Sobieski of Poland was able to assemble an army including the famed Winged Hussars (this is after the Pope authorised his legate to outbid Louis XIV who was bribing members of the Polish Diet to oppose the action). They arrived at the outskirts of Vienna on September 11th. That day, the Pasha’s miners had succeeded in tunnelling under the Löbel Bastion and placing a large amount of explosives under it. The plan was to explode it next day, topple the tower, and finally take Vienna, after which they would replace the churches with mosques and the lowlands of southern Germany would be open to them.
    But on the morning of the 12th the Poles attacked and drove back a much larger force of muslims, and that was the beginning of the end. The muslims were driven out of Europe in the next couple of centuries.
    Taking down those towers in NY and building a mosque on the site was symbolic of the Caliphate arising again and taking over the West. Time for all of us to wake up and drive these bar stewards into the sea, there is no way any civilized country can coexist with them.

  33. Ah, found what it is about:
    They don’t say they are censoring, they say it is ‘detected as spam’ and they are ‘working to fix it’. In fact, they will censor anyone who criticises Islam. I think once they have detected one you go on a list and are more often blocked in future, even for things that are totally innocuous. Mods: you guys need to move off disqus if you want to discuss things that go against the globalist agenda.

  34. This is going to be a chance for Eastern European states to make good with Russia, either that or become Islamofied hellholes like Western Europe, as Russia rises, the benefits of aligning with former powers like Britain, France, and Germany will lose its allure.

  35. Liberalism is a mental illness.
    In the past, White European nations used to have armies to fight off invasions like this. Now, they fight for the right to allow these invaders to swamp them and take over their nations.
    Not that we’re perfect in the United States. We just had the dirty, filthy, Southern Baptist Cuck Church of Satan condemn white nationalism and the alt-right, while white liberals fight us in the streets for the right to be taken over by black muslims.
    We Whites and Christians are our own worst enemy.

  36. Western European leaders are all Zionist cucks but at the same time kiss the ass of Islamic invaders.
    Jews get away with all sorts of crime in many European countries because these countries fear being labeled anti Semitic.

  37. They are forcing the least intelligent humans (Africans and Muslims) into countries with high IQ populations (Western Europe). The only reason I can think of is that (((they))) want to destabilize our countries, so that (((they)) can come up with a solution that will only benefit (((them))).

  38. I’m Mexican and I share the Christian Catholic values with my fellows from Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic; I don’t give a damn losing my life fighting on behalf of our king Jesus Christ against these stinking Mohammedans and liberals; I don’t have anything to lose in this decaying society and economy in West. Maybe this particular situation could remind you of the Spanish Civil war where some of these Mexicans idiots went to fight with Republicans (communist): nevertheless, I would give my life to slit some Muslim and globocucks throats, even if that implies losing one’s life…Viva Cristo Rey (Long Live Christ the King!) – Let’s set free Mladic and Karadzic from this fucking Hague court!

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