Justin Trudeau Proves That You Can Still Act Homosexual Even If Your Dad Was An Alpha Male

By now, every Canadian is aware of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s $10.5 million cheque to Omar Khadr, a convicted Canadian terrorist. Khadr, who manufactured roadside bombs for al-Qaeda, and murdered an American soldier, pled guilty to terrorism-related charges in 2002, and was interned in Guantanamo Bay for a decade. Although Khadr’s Constitutional Rights were violated during his tenure, even wrongfully-convicted criminals do not receive so sizeable a settlement.

How to become a multi-millionaire in Trudeau’s Canada? Be a convicted terrorist with a unibrow.

The good news is that Canadians are annoyed: 71% of Canadians, including 61% of Liberal supporters, are against Trudeau’s largesse towards Khadr. The fact that the liberal government chose to settle, instead of going to trial, also raises uncomfortable questions.

Yet none of this is surprising. We are, after all, talking about Justin Trudeau, a man who gleefully exposes his children to gay pride parades, while wearing virtue-signalling ‘Eid Mubarak’ socks. Trudeau’s SJW degeneracy is nothing new, and has been well-covered in this outlet.

Justin Trudeau flirting with some dude

Justin’s Dad: Pure Alpha Male

What is surprising is this: Justin’s father, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, was the definition of alpha. Pierre’s response to terrorism was to invoke the War Measures Act, implementing martial law across Canada in 1970. When a CBC journalist was foolish enough to question the decision, Trudeau responded in a thoroughly masculine manner:

Indeed, Trudeau the senior seemed phased by little. When confronted by rioting Quebec separatists, while campaigning in 1968, Trudeau rejected his aides’ pleas to take cover, and publicly faced the rioters.

Pierre Trudeau’s background is also impressive: he attained a world-class education, attending Harvard, Sciences Po, and the London School of Economics.

His game was air tight. When Trudeau was first elected Prime Minister, aged 49, the press described him as a ‘swinging young bachelor.’ He dated the much younger Barbra Streisand, and in 1971, married 22-year-old Margaret Sinclair, whom he first met when she was 18. When he later divorced Margaret, he returned to his playboy ways: Allan Gotlieb, the Canadian ambassador to America, complained that Trudeau once brought three girlfriends to a dinner.

So how did such an alpha father engender such a shriveled excuse for a son? There is a simple explanation: leftist ideology.

Pierre’s Degenerate Leftism

While I respect Pierre Trudeau’s hard work, style, and intelligence, I deplore his leftist politics, which started early; when Trudeau was at Harvard, he wrote his dissertation on Marxism, and later fell under socialist Harold Laski’s influence in London.

As Canada’s Minister of Justice, he liberalized divorce laws and legalized abortion. During his second tenure as Prime Minister, he alienated resource-rich Western Canada with his National Energy Policy, a centrally-planned (i.e. ‘socialist’) program to dispel so-called affordable energy across the country. Most disturbingly, perhaps, he was responsible for the widespread adoption and promotion of multiculturalism, a policy which has wreaked havoc on true Canadian values.

Of course, such corrupt ideas politically translate into bad personal choices. According to The Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente, Pierre Trudeau enjoyed women who were ‘young, gorgeous, lively, artistic, left-wing and a bit flaky.’ While the first four of these attributes are admirable, the latter two are certainly not, and Trudeau made the unfortunate decision to marry a slut.

Justin Trudeau’s mom: a whore who enjoyed clubbing

Margaret Trudeau, the woman who made Justin Trudeau a feminist, was a terrible wife to Justin’s father. While Pierre was busy crafting policy, Margaret was bored, and entertained herself by going out clubbing, sleeping with random men, and snorting cocaine. For her sixth wedding anniversary, Margaret ‘partied’ with Mick Jagger in the back of his limousine, and, later in her life, expressed regret that she hadn’t had sex with every Rolling Stone band member.

The Prime Minister’s wife herself admitted to affairs with Lou Rawls, Tom Sullivan, and Jack Nicholson in her autobiography, and some even allege that she had sex with Fidel Castro and Ted Kennedy. In addition to these adulterous liaisons, she abused cocaine and other drugs.

Is it truly shocking that this woman is mother to a cuckolded Prime Minister? Pierre Trudeau, as alpha as he was, left his son’s rearing in the hands of an incapable and unstable woman.

A Cautionary Tale

The cuckolded Prime Minister of Canada

Although this is purely speculative, imagine if Trudeau senior had been more conservative and traditional: he would have chosen a pure girl to marry, or at least would have kept Margaret in her place. He would have been more active in young Justin’s education, and we would have been spared a SJW feminist Prime Minister today.

I have heard that towards the end of his life, Pierre Trudeau returned to his Catholic faith, and attended mass every day. Perhaps he realized the errors of his ways.

Regardless, the point is not to dwell on the past, but rather to use its lessons to inform us as masculine men. While it is certainly necessary to be an alpha father, it is not sufficient. Degenerate ideologies, like feminism, multiculturalism, and leftism, will cause your children to stray down a dark, dangerous, and ultimately self-destructive path.

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126 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Proves That You Can Still Act Homosexual Even If Your Dad Was An Alpha Male”

        1. The one to the left of Melania has quite the past. Ex-girlfriend of a drug dealer. Apparently, Queen Mathilda told the King to marry her or she would expose his homosexuality. Amazing what happens with a good fire hose douche.

      1. Macron has actually turned into an interesting character. It seems the person he was during the election was a farce.

        1. He can’t be respected until he is caught in bed with a 20 year old. Of either sex really. Right now he’s a rich guy dating his grandmothers friend. Nobody respects that. But i could respect him if it turns out he’s using her for her money and banging 20 year old hotties on the side. I could also somewhat respect a gay dude who got an old beard to pretend to be normal for the public eye in the same way you respect a guy with a glass eye’s desire not to gross out everyone with an empty eye socket.

      1. Severe protein farts could topple their government. And on that-fuck Canada! They’re not a real country anyway.

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      1. Key1s8

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      2. Good genes? How the fuck do you determine his whore ass mother had good genes? Clearly the propensity for such behavior shows she has terrible genes of an animal. She is also ape looking.

    1. I looked into that. There’s nothing to it; apparently her son was already one year old when she met Fidel. Weird that there’s a resemblance, though.

    1. Bet that somewhere deep down, under all the distortion of his maniacally hypegamist mom’s influence, this guy knows he’s peddling fiction.

      1. These socialists really believe the bullshit. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Limousine liberals, sanctimonious socialists. It makes them fell good to impose multiculturalism on their country.

  1. Every time I see this guy, my mind transposes the letters in his last name to read “Turdeau”. So Turd-o. Translates as turd water in French. Appropriate.

  2. Hard to imagine an era where the men of the Left had any game. Today, they are a ramshackle smattering of orbiters, pussy beggars, and panty-sniffing white knights. But they owned the scene 40 years ago.

    1. (Redford ‘The Candidate’ -72)
      The shitlibs of 40 years ago got all the hot pussy because they were considered cool. They’re not so cool anymore. Social marxism is a dead horse but the establishment keeps propping up one stick figure after another like they’re still alive and active. It’s a joke. Leftists are now called cucks. Leftists are by and large a bunch of cucks. Even the fauna alphas among them will wife up the old used scraps and they bit trade in used up old pieces of shit. Leftism and shitmarxist gynozombism offers no form of life for any male or female THEREFORE liberals and progressives get the shit of the barrel for mating selection. They have to eat the scraps like dogs. They get the leftovers like the niggers in the back of the bus had to settle for. The wives of liberal democrats are all used whore crap.
      40 years ago, women flocked like groupies to anyone signalling the lefty progressive image – and the doctrines and ideology left them sterile and dead 40 years later. 40 years ago leftism espoused the same sterile and impotent ideology of surrender and apologism that it does today. It is propped up 100% and is a nuisance. Leftism/progressivism is on exclusive life support from foundation and elite moneybags even though the majority of citizens reject the platforms. The people want reniassance, not redistribution. Marxist leftism is dead like the liberal fishwrap newspapers that continue to churn out reams of propaganda to stock the paper machines. The left is on life support but the headlines on the birdcage liner newspapers that no one buys read differently.
      Back in the 70s alpha Vietnam vets were spit on while herdthinking women following the trend of the day threw themselves away to a great leftist lie. Now the hotties align with the right and the modern men who arise as red pill BEAST WARRIORS will as a side effect of their dominant presence ELECTRIFY all pussies in their vicinity. Pussies literally sear with tingles now when they find themselves in the company of a right wing man. We have already entered and will soon be in the midst of a right wing resurgence of brawn, balls and brains. Pussies will be snapping like clams in a fish hatchery, like oysters at a cash bar at the righteous right wing man. Part of reniassance is the reuniting of beauty with dominance.

      1. Thank you for remembering the crap our Veterans went through when coming home from Vietnam. Someone should have beaten the shit out of those hippies for what they did, not allowing them to become the leaders of our society and Big Tech. Too bad some one would just pipe in some helium when Trudeau is making a speech and hear his Cuck voice. That would be priceless, just like Master Card.

  3. Anyone can see it that Justin is Castro’s son. Just look at the picture of Fidel in the article. Was Fidel Castro an alpha-male? I don’t know what the latest definition is but he was a tough guy.

    1. I don’t know that Castro was Justin’s dad, but he was alpha as it gets. By any measure.

    2. That’s quite clawsable considering her loose access. Around that same time Web Hubbell nailed Hillary and produced the love child Chelsea (Clinton). The elites inbreed much within their power groups but their marriages are technically only power unions. Even the large number of gays among the elites will tack a woman with a hyphenated name on to their portfolio as a beard for public presentations and ribbon cuttings. Bill Clinton wasn’t gay, but he was a sambo on the inside and couldn’t stay consistent with a white pussy long enough to conceive. Therefore Webb splayed Hillary’s drumsticks across the rear office desk on the regular. She was the best and most convenient thing left of the water cooler. It was either there or in a Boeing 727 restroom where Chelsea was conceived.

    1. Alphas lose women if they get too wrapped up in work and hence TOO indifferent to their wives. Pretty sure that’s how Trump got divorced twice.

      1. Yep. What good is it to have a prize male if they cannot get their hands on them? They’ll soon be on the hunt for other alphas.

    2. It is odd to tolerate such gross behavior from a public person… as if he was wearing her crassness like a badge.
      Is there some kind of political statement there? Some kind of psychological impact?

  4. My favorite Trudeau troll is calling him “Justin from Canada.” Guy can take a bukkake at a pride parade all the while praising muslims in the same sentence. I’m genuinely surprised he doesn’t go full metrosexual 24/7.

  5. Although Khadr’s Constitutional Rights were violated during his tenure,
    How so? He’s not a U.S. citizen.

  6. Contrary to what most people believe the Man is made in the mother’s womb. The father provides the sperm with Y chromosome and half of the genes but the level of virility of the man is decided in the womb and even prior to that but mainly by the mother’s biology.
    The skinny pretty girls who I see in many articles here are going to give you a man like Justin.

    1. Hate to say it but you’re right. These whores will give birth to a beta loser and these are the same whores praised for their “good” genes.
      A girl with a natural Instagram butt and robust features will more likely produce the alpha son you want. These girls pictured all over this site and all those Asians these fucks get boners for will produce beta sons with mild temperaments.

  7. His dad was a left wing commie, nothing really alpha about that, no wonder his son is such a pussy.

    1. He punches like a girl and he looks like he’s got a girls butt wider than his shoulders, but his footwork and timing aren’t that bad, and he was willing to stand toe to toe with another man and duke it out. And they are for real duking it out. That said, both of these dudes would get creamed fighting half the boys at your average highschool, but at least they were willing to take the punches.
      The primary reason why the other guy, whom is stronger, lost, is because he had bad conditioning and he got tired.
      The man is still a so called cucked puss whom can’t protect his own country though.

      1. yeah, i remember watching that fight when it happened. After he won I turned to my girlfriend and said ‘justin trudeau just became prime minister of canada’. Moved to the USA soon after that, and almost forgot about it until I realized he had indeed been elected.

    2. Please…that fight was about as real as the Rocky films. No disrespect to Stallone of course, as Rocky is a fictional character…meant to entertain us. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing Trudeau meet the same fate as Apollo in Rocky IV.

  8. Alphas have standards. Pierre was a bourgeois who got laid lots. Lots of libs get laid with many beautiful women. They are usually whores and expired.
    His Marxism is what led to this Canada now. It’s a liberal shithole. But it ain’t so bad as I still find some fine Canadians that aren’t truly dumbasses.

    1. That’s true. I wasn’t old enough to vote when Trudeau Sr. was PM, but his “Just Society”, soft-on-crime multicultural liberalism was Canada’s downfall.

  9. Trudeau is a mental case just like his mommy. Little thumb sucking, politically correct, panty waister. Canadians should be ashamed of voting this idiot into power.
    He wants a permanent job with the UN, so he is busy racking up debt to pay for their globalist ideals. It will cost generations of Canadians plenty down the road because he needs to satisfy his own ego and desires. He cares only for himself the narcissistic pr*ck.

    1. His party got less than 40% of the vote. With the Parliamentary seat system and several political parties, the PM’s party rarely wins a majority of the votes. Not even close.

      1. Interesting side note: the last conservative government got about 40% and the media called it a close election. Trudeaus liberals got about the same last election and somehow it was a landslide.

  10. History is full of Great Men who sire awful pathetic sons, I think of Edward I the hammer of the scots whose pathetic Edward II whose debauchery speaks for itself. I think of Britain’s Black Prince and his pathetic son Richard II. I think of the first Emperor of China and his pathetic Hu-Hi so what exists as Justin Trudeau speaks for itself. I would hardly rank his father Pierre Trudeau as a ‘Great Man’, he certainly was driven and that gets some respect but overall I think poorly of him for yes he was driven but without any rational direction or sanity. My roots are in Washington State and the Puget Sound area and had it not been for Congress stopped funding on the SST I would probably still be there. I got to watch what was going on in Canada from across the border. I got to see Canadians coming over in droves to buy groceries because they were available and cheaper here. I got to listen to my parents and grandparents chat with Canadians and the big discussion was generally how soon Canada would fall apart and when it would be absorbed into the United States thanks to that guy.

  11. Dig the picture above. Nothing screams 70s degenerate more than wearing short Adidas shorts while shirtless.

  12. If I had sex with a man in prison, does that make me gay? Or just a dominant male. I’ve always been curious

    1. I used to think that being gay means you are the one taking it, not giving it.
      …but by that logic it means you can fuck a guy and still be hetero, which is absolutely not the case.
      So I think yes, it still makes you gay, just not bottom.

      1. Thanks, I’m going to go with Duncan’s view that it’s not really gay though.

    2. Environmental homosexuality is a phenomenon that need more research, If you put a bunch of men alone in an island sooner or later some of them will start fucking each other, but as soon as they return to society they become normal again. Lefties don´t want to touch the issue that will imply that homosexuality is created by external factors, it is known by scientist that gay chimp is more prevalent in captivity than in the wild as soon the chimps are put to the stress of a cage they become sodomites. So yeah the implication would be homosexuality is not normal and can be prevented if the risk factor are detected so they will not touch the issue.

      1. Thanks. I had a real fear about turning gay, particularly as I found it more enjoyable receiving it than giving.

        1. There are many factor beside environmental, but again research is prohibited so we will never known, imagine mothers taking a pill while pregnant to reduce the chance of having a gay son, imagine a method of detecting a risk of homosexuality in pregnancy how many women will abort that baby? contradicting the pro choice crowd, yeah you can abort a baby only if the reason is narcissism I imagine a future where a woman will not be allowed to abort a mix race baby because that will be racist, so white mothers will be forced to have half black babies. Imagine an anti gay vaccine for babies, the left will hate all of that. Is not hard to imagine because the elites are doing the exact opposite everything in our food mess with out hormones, men drop 50% of testosterone and women start puberty at 9 instead of 13, prostate and breast cancer is increasing,There is something in the environment and is worldwide.

    3. You dare impersonate me you fucking piece of shit?! You’re lucky this is the internet otherwise I would hunt you down and beat the fuck out of you.

  13. Nothing Alpha about marrying a whore, and letting her run wild all over the place. Nothing Alpha about raising another man’s (Fidel) kids. Fucking some whores is fucking some whores, it doesn’t make you ‘Alpha.’

    1. Exactly, the more I advanced through this article the more I wondered “What the hell is so Alpha about this guy? He was almost as pathetic as his son, but for very different reasons.”

  14. Pierre is NOT the father ! Margaret was a whore & all male celebrities then, have ridden her ??
    IMHO Valeria Messalina, was a coy virgin as to compare it with her ??

  15. I keep seeing this thing put around by the Canadian alt-right that Castro sired Justimbecile… could this be real? Like the Clinton Body Count?

  16. I don’t understand why the author is trying to put the blame on leftist ideology for what happened to Justin Trudeau. It seems to me that the blame for the most part rests solely on his father. Married a whore, had a son with a whore, wasn’t there for his son at his most important years, pushed for a toxic ideology that is making things difficult for Canada today. Maybe he was “alpha” in character but definitely not in actions. I wouldn’t look for a man like this for admiration.

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  18. This shows that the concept of ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ is flawed. It works on one level, as a way of categorising behaviour but there is a problem. Being ‘alpha’ promotes degeneracy when it takes the form of banging women. Every random hook up is not just a notch for you but also for her. But for her, every childless sex interaction pushes her closer to post wall cat lady crazy feminist status.

    1. This is true. She may be your 20th notch but you are probably her 151st. You just feed more into her slutdom and her sense of entitlement.

  19. Trudeau has a good looking wife, three kids, is Prime Minister. He beat the hell out of Brazeau in a boxing match. Women love the guy and if he wants he could be swimming in young pussy.
    In his own wierd way Justin is Alpha. He isnt especially intelligent or accomplished, but he is an alpha in the Hugo Schwyzer sense..a man who understands how to use poz to advance his own prospects.

  20. Let’s be honest, Canada would be speaking Russian if they did not neighbor the US. Canadians have had it too easy for too long. Bashing American politics but producing c,ucks like Trudeau and electing them. Could you imagine this fairy going toe to toe with Putin? Putin would make Trudeau toss his salad. Though, I don’t think it would be Trudeau’s first tossing it would be his first with Russian dressing.

    1. irrelevant now. Canada is turning into a south asian country, with some chinese. Go to toronto and see what I mean.

    2. I bet Trudeau would *love* to be in putin’s guard or arm triangle. So close to his privates, as to get a whiff of masculinity

  21. So self destructive that they will become the leader of a nation… Yep – horrible outcome. Better stay away from feminism, multiculturalism, leftism (whatever the hell that is supposed to be) and any kind of critical thinking.

    1. The resemblance is staggering, not really Pierre’s son apparently….Pierre get cucked? DNA test the communist.

  22. Trump just introduced a proposal to change the immigration system for green cards to a points based one that requires applicants to be able to speak English and have employable skills. The whole fake news media started saying that Trump is proposing a reduction in legal immigration, again the left twists Trump’s words. They are also going wild over his plan to end affirmative action at institutes of higher education saying Trump wants to help whites get into elite colleges, the media again forgets that it will most likely be Asians who will benefit the most if colleges use merit as the criteria to accept students and not their race.

  23. This piece on Margaret explains a lot. Just compare photos of Justin with photos of Castro in his prime and you’ll see more than a passing resemblance, giving credence to those rumors of her getting on with him while visiting Cuba with her husband.
    Of course, P.E. Trudeau was a high-ranking Freemason and they often practice wife-swapping and other degenerate sexual rites, so no surprise there.

  24. Look, I remember his old man…I remember all the bullshit that was written about him…he was a pussy chaser, (maybe). However, his wife made a complete fool of him, and his son is a total tool. Canadians are arrogant fools, they elected a fucking idiot and a total joke. They’re pain in the asses in Florida, they used to know how to drive, their gas was cheaper, too…now, except for their military, where their special forces are STILL special, Canadians suck. They’ve allowed the socialists to take advantage of their country.

  25. It turns out that old Pierre was a very high level satanist, and enjoyed much power, privilege and wealth from it, quite aside from his role (day job) as Prime Minister or his family money. Justin, on the other hand, is just a SJW cog in the elite’s pyramid, even though he’s supposedly the Prime Minister of a G8 country. Justin’s just a puppet, whereas his dad was a puppet master.

  26. How can Pierre be an alpha father when his whore wife cucked him so terribly? He was an alpha at POLITICS not marriage. There he was a total betabux leftist loser.
    Lesson: even alphas get cucked. Especially leftists because they believe in equality and shit. Pierre Trudeau’s lifestyle was basically that of the early game community: full of cucks who otherwise displayed alpha qualities but still were leftist pieces of Shit.

  27. No fan of lil’Justine but Fidel isn’t his dad. Justin was born 5 years before his mom and dad made their trip to Havana. And Justin was born on 12/25/71 (sucks to have Xmas and your birthday on the same day). Only other time Pierre and Fidel crossed paths was in 1970. Way more than 9 months

  28. Justin Trudeau is a beta cuck but his dad was a classic alpha male, nothing unusual. Look at Donald Trump and look at his sons and especially his son in law. I got a laugh at Jared’s feminine voice.
    T levels are falling among white males across the board. T levels in other races are going up, you see more alpha males among non white men these days.

  29. Calling peeper’s dad an alpha male makes me wonder as to your definition of an alpha male
    An alpha does not need the media to cover up for him or to make excuses for him
    In my world view, the fruit did not fall far from the tree

  30. How is that Progressive Cultural Marxism State working out for you? If you are not loving it yet, it will get worse. Sure bet you can bank on. Enjoy!

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