This Is Why Girls Go For Bad Boys

Like most people who have taken the red pill, I had already internalized some of the lessons that it gave before I found anyone else who shared the same ideas.  Once I discovered the manosphere I went on a long binge of all of the red pill bloggers I could find and digested everything.  There was not enough time to critically think about what any of them were saying because I was taking everything in too fast.

Now that it has been several months since I have taken the red pill I have had a chance to think about what I have read and come to some of my own conclusions from it.  Some ideas I have embraced completely while others I have chosen to discard.  One of the writers who I found very interesting was once mentioned on this site before: Bonecrcker.

One of his posts that was particularly interesting to me was one called Social Proofing has Negative Survival Value for Women.  In this he explains money, looks, personality, and other indicators of a man’s value are less important to women than how many other women a man has had in the past.  This is the idea of social value.  A woman will be less interested in a tall, fit, and wealthy engineer who hasn’t dated much than she would be in an STD-ridden drug dealer who has pump and dumped hundreds of women before her.

Even with red pill wisdom this was something I simply could not swallow.  It seemed far, far too illogical for my brain to wrap itself around so I dismissed him as a loser who must have done something wrong with his woman.  This was a couple of months into my red pill awakening.

Then later I saw a youtube video by a MGTOW blogger named Stardusk that talked about maladaptation.  The most obvious form of maladaptation is human’s ability to store large amounts of fat deposits whenever food is abundant so we can survive when it is not.  For most of human history this was an extremely important and life saving biological adaptation.  However, today this once life-saving evolutionary advantage has become disadvantageous to people who live in modern society. For more on this just look at any ROK post between October 7th through October 13th.

maladaptation men turn fat

This is the most commonly understood form of maladaptation, but where this concept gets truly interesting is not in survival of the fittest evolution, but in sexual evolutionary psychology.  This is where it can be explained why women prefer to go after bad boys over nice beta males.

Some Brief Historical Perspective

Before modern medicine came along some studies have shown that the chance of a woman dying in childbirth in the 17th and 18th centuries was 1-1.5%.  Since women in that time had to have numerous children to account for the high infant mortality rates, it is suspected that around 1 in 8 women died of childbirth at some point in their lives.  It is likely that thousands of years before this the chances of a woman surviving may have been even smaller.

Since women were risking their lives for the chance to pass on their DNA to future generations, they had to make sure they were getting the best chance possible.  If a mother and a beta husband have a son who never has children of his own then as far as the parent’s DNA is concerned that son may as well have been stillborn.  On the other hand, if her husband were an alpha who has an alpha son that impregnates all of the girls in the village, the mother’s DNA would be spread very well.  Any granddaughters that her alpha son gave her will have the same strong desire for alpha characteristics that the original mother had.

Lets Test the Math

Lets take a hypothetical scenario of two women.  Beta-loving Susan and alpha-loving Megan.

Susan marries a loyal beta male who provides enough for her to have three sons.  Each of them gets married and have three children.  Susan’s childbirth to grandchild ratio is 3:9 or 1:3.  Three grandchildren per childbirth.

Megan marries a man who cheats on her and doesn’t provide as many resources to her so she can only have two sons. However, these two sons are just like their father and go out and have sex with many girls in the area and have five children each.  Megan’s childbirth to grandchild ratio is 2:10 or 1:5.  Therefore she gets a wider spreading of her DNA while not having to risk death in childbirth as much.  Who is going to be favored by evolution more?

Megan, of course.  10 > 9.  After hundreds of iterative generations almost all of the women in a community will share Megan’s love of men who sleep around a lot.

Therefore the best evolutionary strategy for women is not to have lots of sex like it is for a man, but to have sex with the man who is most successful at getting lots of women to have sex with him so she can have his son and make all of her friend’s daughters go through the childbirth instead.

So What Does This Mean For Us?

Obviously this is just a theory, but it is a theory that matches up with most of the data points.  A man who acts needy is more likely a guy who doesn’t get laid much and may bear sons who also won’t be able to get girls.  A guy who acts confident and aloof is signalling that he has the ability to get another girl if the one he is currently talking to doesn’t work out.  This signal will attract the female because he is more likely to bear sons who will also be able to get girls (theoretically).

A woman will be attracted to an athlete or celebrity who gets lots of pussy because she hopes that those traits will be passed onto her son who will carry half of her DNA and spread her genetic code around.  That is the evolutionary point of all life after all.  A man who has sex with a fertile woman every day can have 270 children in a nine month period while a woman can only have one.

This epiphany helped to cement the red pill into my mind.  Even in the blue pill world men understand that women do not behave logically.  However, there are logical explanations for their illogical behaviors.  In the case of bonecrcker’s example of a woman choosing a lecherous drug dealer over a stable and loyal man the woman’s actions can be understood.  If the lecherous drug dealer can get lots of women without putting in much effort then the woman’s hindbrain, which is responsible for creating feelings of attraction, sees him as high grade DNA material for a son.  The loyal hardworking man is seen as weak because he has to work harder for less pussy.  He lacks the unexplainable animal magnetism that the drug dealer has from the point of view of the female hindbrain.

This is a perfect example of maladaptation.  In 12000 B. C. a man would not be able to get lots of women unless he was the strongest in the tribe so a woman could accurately predict that a man who other women were going after would have superior DNA.

10000 BC

This is an important tool for spreading the red pill message into the blue pill world.  It is very hard to tell a man what women are really like unless you can prove it with rock solid logic.  Without it most blue pill manginas will dismiss your argument.  In which case you can respond:

“Do you not understand that women had to actually risk their lives in childbirth thousands of years ago.  Evolution has taken place over environmental stresses much more mild than that.  The fact that you refuse to believe that women actually dying would cause a change in their evolutionary psychology just shows how little empathy you have for what women had to go through back then.”

Yes, you can use a mangina’s own tactics against them to force them to take the red pill.

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  1. Great post. One thing I’ll add is the role of anxiety. People’s sexual drive increases in anxiety provoking situations, presumably because it was advantageous to hurry up and spread your seed if your life was dangerous and your genes couldn’t foresee a long life ahead of you. “Low level” women, i.e. women who haven’t developed much emotionally (the majority of the women these days), need to be in control to feel safe. “Alpha male” who don’t allow themselves to be controlled or manipulated create elevated baseline levels of anxiety in these women which in turn increases their sex drive. Of course other externalities affect sex drive as well – as you mentioned, other (attractive) women paying attention to the male, social cues of ambition, dominance, etc.

  2. This is an interesting idea, and a good introduction to the topic, but I wish you’dve mentioned that this isn’t just a manosphere idea. It’s been around since 1930. It’s called the Sexy Sons Hypothesis. If you’re interested in reading more about it, Wikipedia has a decent introduction to the topic and you can jump off from there.

    1. Very learned comment. Agreed, that SSH deserves mention. In any event, the non-sterilized version presented here shows why the idea is relevant to our lives and not just another stodgy academic theory. It perfectly illustrates the cardinal rule of red pill: Go by what women do not what they say. Does anyone else ever act like a cad in a nonspectacular way and feel somehow amazed that your social standing in female eyes just went up? It just fucks with my mind like that.

    2. There’s a good elaboration, told through a story. of this in “Sperm Wars.” A great book, highly recommended. Lots of other insights from science too.

  3. Most guys instinctively know this, they just can’t accept it. A lot of the men that shallow the red pill are ones that know this but either actively disbelieve it because of social conditioning or guys that simply can’t accept it because they would then have to look in the mirror and realize how big of a loser they actually are.
    Hell, Feminism is sold on this exact same logic to women and men. “It doesn’t matter if you’re pretty, you can make up for it through work and moxie!”. For men ” physical talents and aggressive social dominance are not important anymore, you can have the good life being the good little effeminate worker bee that we want you to be.”
    Of course it all ends in tears for both parties because neither even attempts to achieve through the bio-mechanical correct way to win and eventually succumb to being a bloated warpig/mangina (a fate worse than death). It’s the ultimate example of irony, in trying to rig mother nature they end up in far worse place than if they had just played it straight. Women would at least some grace and beauty and beta males would at least have some masculine pride and power, but alas because of equalism and feminism we fucked it up.

    1. But humans are always trying to rig mother nature, it’s a human characteristic so in effect it’s part of their human nature.

      1. Yeah, but at least be smart about it. The difference in this situation is that the liberals simply think by proclaiming something is true it makes it true. Beyond dumb.
        A way that they could effectively rig it is by bio engineering people to actually behave the way they want them. So code girls from the start to prefer nice beta man instead of aggressive alphas. That would be example of controlling nature through a concrete effective means.

  4. I agree with this article. And I have another theory.
    Another aspect of being a badboy is the perception that they are “dangerous.” Being sexually attracted to dangerous males is also a defensive mechanism that could have saved a woman’s life. If she were to hate or want to fight a dangerous male, she would get beaten to death. But if she gets aroused and wants to fuck him, the dangerous male would just have sex with her and she’d get those strong dangerous genes passed on into her offspring.

    1. great article and good point you bring up as well…
      take it a little further to the woman’s genetic make up itself….. clearly the reason that women are smaller, weaker, softer skin etc… is to make the males feel less threatened by them and want to mate with them rather than fight with them…. thus the women carrying those traits that show they could not easily over power or threaten the male, would be more likely to mate rather than be killed.
      men dislike hairy butch women not because they are infertile, but because they are potentially dangerous…
      the entire woman’s make up is actually a case of maladaptation…. basically designed to ‘trick’ or placate males into mating with them.
      we’re taught that evolution betters the species, but only relative to it’s surroundings… in fact a dolphin was once a kind of dog that lived more and more in water, so clearly as a dog a dolphin is now a fucking mess….
      take it a little further and perhaps bring some genetic engineering into the picture … with less physical exertion needed due to all the technology… and more work on computers etc… what you need is a body more like something from a gray alien… and males and females to be intellectually, physically and emotionally similar – then finally we can have the fuck buddies we are all looking for….

    2. Honest, I read about your second point some time ago, but can’t recall where. Your point about her yielding to a dangerous mate, was explained in evolutionary theory.

  5. Amazing article, I use evolution to support every red pill belief I have. And that’s why we’re all here right? We’re men, we use logic, logic teaches us the truth and we can use the truth for our own purposes. Women, not so much. Science my friends.

    1. I have a hard time putting stock in all the cave tales. Science is useful, but it is not authoritative. Science was invented by philosophers to conduct field research for their metaphysical theories. Science is subordinate to philosophy. Science without philosophy is almost useless, life is almost entirely governed by moral choices. Morality is the realm of the philosopher.

  6. “…it is suspected that around 1 in 8 women died of childbirth at some point in their lives”
    Usually a point pretty near one end, I hear.

    1. I actually only chose him because he had tattoos and two hot women with him. His race was not important. It was the best image that I could find off of google images for bad boys that wasn’t a poster for Will Smith’s movie.

  7. Damn it! That makes perfect fucking sense. If i wasn’t a misogynist before… You know the evolutionary logic of a woman’s flakey love for The One man I trust, now this shit. Damn you, McDowell! Now want to both pump and dump and be forever celibate with raving mad lunacy. What a game this shit life is.

      1. Is that anything like telling 100% of men to be alpha or to be successful? Nature got it right, for nature, and I never implied otherwise. I don’t have to like that we are graded on a cruel curve. This is the ass end of civilization, my friend.

        1. “Is that anything like telling 100% of men to be alpha or to be successful?”
          “This is the ass end of civilization, my friend.”
          You should see some of the others, as well as the complete lack of it.

  8. I’ve never seen a woman choose a dirty, smelly, stinking, uneducated “badboy” over a well-read normal man with a secure job.

    1. Hello, you must be new here. I would love to live in the world where you live. Where nice, educated, clean-cut men have an edge over Harley-riding bad boys with criminal records.
      Anyways, where we here at RoK come from, is a pisshole of a third-world country known as, “The Real World.” Allow me to give you a tour.

      1. What planet or ‘hood are you from? Don’t be fooled into believing that just because a man is nice or educated that he’s a pushover beta because you’ll be in for a big surprise. Do you actually believe that motor cycle riding dummies with criminal records(usually from doing something stupid and unprofitable) have any power?
        In the human species and the higher primates, the Alpha is actually the one in charge but is also the best diplomat and knows how to keep the other men happy.If he were to try to hog all of the females or resources a few lower ranking men would just kill him. I don’t care how tough you think you are you can’t fight 3 men (except in some dumb Hollywood fantasy film) or can you stay awake indefinitely. Humans have also learned how to use tools and weapons and many of these don’t require any great strength. A little pygmy can take you out with a poison dart from his blowgun. Achilles was an invincible warrior but yet he was killed by an arrow shot by Paris who was sort of a soft ladies man who cuckolded Menalaus, Helen’s husband, and also another big strong fighter.The smarter more skillful man always wins over brute strength. The reckless thugs who you in your naivety believe are Alphas are really just brutes and the dumb women they get are low quality women. They don’t even have a better chance of passing along genes because they have a tendency to get themselves killed, and sometimes even their women and kids. Where’s their genetic legacy here? The real Alphas who you in your 3rd world environment wouldn’t even recognise and who don’t behave like thugs get all of the quality intelligent females (I’ve observed that intelligence and looks almost always go together in the female)and they manage to stay alive and keep reproducing even into old age. Don’t confuse some dirty petty criminal with an Alpha man, a quality female wouldn’t give him the time of day.
        And you may want to get out into the real world and stop making judgements based on films, video games and the powerless people you know at the trailer park.You sound like some bitter boy who can’t get any female, or anything else in life, and you need an excuse to rationalise why you can’t.You’re not capable of being a Real alpha so you blame the smelly criminal thugs for taking all the girls away from you.You also resent the intelligent man with a good steady job because you can’t compete with him either so you try to put him down by claiming that the motor cycle criminal thugs are taking the women away from him lol
        You’re not a beta, that would be too high a rank for you, you’re a complete misfit.You’re the guy who if he has a job at all it’s as a Walmart greeter of burger flipper at MickyD’s and who your fellow workers think of as a rather queer antisocial duck.When people talk about “weirdos” they mean you.

    2. Don’t get out much, do you? Every word in this post is true. Women want “bad boys”, not nerds. See Dr Mayhem’s reply below.
      btw, I replied to your angry comment in the “no Excuses” thread You need to change your attitude 180 degrees man. It can be done, you have to make an effort.

    3. Sure, she will marry the well-read normal man, but then one night when she is ovulating she’ll go for “girls night” at the club, where she will allow that “dirty smelly stinking uneducated badboy” to impregnate her against the bathroom wall.

      1. Very funny fantasy game. Keep going, I like.Little dick man like you dreams of doing in your drims.

    4. Most betas haven’t. It’s a special case of simply not having seen women. It’s our job to open their eyes, so they can stop unknowingly supporting the Leviathan that enables that kind of despicable and ultimately self destructive behavior.

  9. First, I don’t want to encourage blue pill men to take the red pill. That creates competition.
    After reading this, I strongly suspect that you recently read Sperm Wars. I have mentioned that book several times in comments on ROK. The scenario you paint is very similar to the various scenarios presented in Sperm Wars. Every red pill guy should read Sperm Wars. It will wake you up even more than you already are – to game tactics, to how scandalous women are by nature, and will cause you to leave all empathy for the women you are banging in the trash.

    1. Looks like he plagiarised what I wrote 20 years prior to him and didn’t think it had enough of a scientific basis to publish. He’s a bit off about bisexuality and homosexuality though.

  10. It is imperative to communicate the capability in most subtle manner. Similar to threat assertion where violence is unnecessary and often harmful to establish dominance. Such strategy protects the penis from viral infections and elevates strength and value.

  11. There’s a another explanation: tribes full of flower-power betas didn’t stand a chance against freaking warrior tribes. Screw the childbirth explanation, it came down to hand to hand combat.

    1. I remember the first time I read this concept. It was in guns, germs, and steel about 10 years ago. In the polynesian islands there were various tribes with different cultures that developed in part due to the particular characteristics of their island. Eventually as maritime crafts were developed the most ruthless and warlike tribes were able to conquer and subjugate the more peaceful and cooperative tribes – in this way their genes were selected for aggressive attributes. Liberals in particular can not seem to swallow this. That they are themselves so bad at violence that they simply can not accept the idea that those most skilled at it are the true evolutionary champions, while they are the bottom of the genetic barrel. Or the LOTR version: people without swords can still die on them.

      1. Contemporary self described “Conservatives” are even worse; being so pathetically indoctrinated that they not only suck at basic self defense and survival, but on top of that actively promote social structures that mandates that they spend whatever resources they have on protecting the very liberals they claim to despise so much.

        1. So true. Sadly, Christian faith (which informs many american conservatives political opinions) is a double edge sword. Once perhaps it was used as an instrument of social cohesion and male dominance – now though it’s watered down descendant seems to do more harm than good… it’s made men weaker, not stronger. It’s vilified all their base impulses and elevated their weakness. Interesting times we live in.

  12. One’s goal is neither to be a Bad boy nor a Nice guy.Bad Boys are essentially idiots but who display traits such as confidence and high risk taking.Nice guys constantly play it safe.
    It is really no different from investing strategies with short term investors who hope to make it big by investing in risky but high paying (if successful projects) and long term investors,who invest in low yielding but consistent dividends.
    Bad Boys seem good for STRs since their high risk taking mode allows for higher perceived rewards. However in the long term this is a losing strategy since on average High risk ventures rarely lead to High payoffs.On the other hand Nice guys are good for LTRs since their mode allows them to be dependable providers,and they constantly build up their resources.
    Women,not being logical creatures, easily confuse bad boys as confident ,productive men,because they seem to share the same characteristics.

    1. They’re attracted to dominance and strength, period. Nice guys are not this. And there’s two types of “badboys” as you call them. The truly dominant, and the ones that can pretend to be dominant b/c civilized society doesn’t require them to back up their talk. The filter of physical consequence has been removed. Want to “neg” some dude? You use to have to actually have the goods to back it up, but these days they might say something back at worst out of fear of having to go to jail if they back it up physically. So, in a social setting, some pansy who’s slick talking can end up looking dominant since he doesn’t have to back up his talk. In essence, modern society has removed a major filter for determining real dominance.

      1. Absolutely.
        What made civilization possible, was that the intelligent nerd in the garage finally, after millennia of being beaten up, finally figured out how to build a gun, and then had the sense to shoot everyone too stupid to be able to build one of his own.
        Of course, then the nerd got lazy, and stopped coming up with all manners of stupid rationalizations for why he shouldn’t keep improving his arms and shoot those challenging him. Which is why civilization died. At least in the West.

        1. The US built the atomic bomb and brought it home to the Samurai.
          Results? Lots of Japanese war brides.
          Today, no politically correct American would even ADMIT to THINKING about nuking a competitor.

  13. Nowadays, to make the bad boys’ tribe survive after impregnating the whole village, need free food stamps, like USA does. If the food stamps and free checks are taken out, most of these bad boys’ off springs will die off along with all the whore DNAs.

  14. This brings up two good Points:
    1) The “women are illogical” argument. Complete Bullshit if I’ve heard it. They’re very logical. The underlying assumption in this argument is that honesty and cooperation are part of their agenda. It’s not (whether consciously or subconsciously). Their actions are logical based on what’s described above. But this argument assumes that they are interested in cooperating with men. They’re not. Which leads into point 2:
    2) The reason this concerns men is that to be “attractive” means that they have to live lives that risk their health, safety, or freedom (i.e. imprisonment). Well here’s the ugly truth, they’re not concerned with they long-term well being of most men (remember, men are expendable). In fact, dangerous situations act as a filter to determine who the best men are (i.e. the winners). Whether they’re conscientiously aware of this or not is another debate for another time, but if you think you’re happiness or self-preservation matter, they don’t. All the drives and desires in life, for men and women, are for survival and reproduction, not for us to be happy or live “fulfilling” lives.

    1. “All the drives and desires in life, for men and women, are for survival
      and reproduction, not for us to be happy or live “fulfilling” lives.”
      Fulfillment is the issue, whether per genes or memes. What is interesting is the competitive advantage genes get by trusting and adaptive brain to develop memes. It may be possible for civilized people to live happy and fulfilling lives by being successful, and I dare say it has happened, just not regularly. With a few cycles of culling by nascent civilized patriarchy, you never know. We have the technology if not the character. And if the Nu Wurld Oder wins, domesticated humans will lead very fulfilling lives of fast paced productivity and economical depreciation.

  15. Not only did husbands have to be “winners” but sons as well. A woman is dependent on her sons in old age, if she does survive to old age (which more women than men did). Then again, eons ago, 30 or 40 would have been considered old and a woman that age would have likely lost her provider husband/man/partner/whatever (through death more likely or abandonment) and totally dependent on the status and abilities of her sons. That is why in cultures where feminism is not strong (eg. Asian) women push their sons very very hard to succeed, sometimes bordering on cruel. Withholding love and attention and support if he did not try his best. I now kindof wondering if women sometimes end up in a kind of “mommy” role with very uninspired men, nagging and withholding sex with a “loser” man – she loses attraction for him too, since women have a natural strong aversion to incest and her husband is acting like her psuedo son.

    1. In ancient Jewish culture, a woman’s worth and success was basically judged by what her sons accomplished.

  16. Ever notice that there are much fewer femicunts commenting on articles that are strongly scientific?

  17. This analysis is incomplete. At the same time women want men who have proven that they can sexually attract other women, a trait which is heritable, they must also factor how likely is that man to support her own child. Sexual attractiveness does not always rule the day. Men who are very sexually attractive are also less likely to stay post-child birth, so there is a trade-off between sexual attractiveness and provisioning, in general. That’s why women go for bad boys sexually but are hesitant to marry them.

    1. Hesitant? They WOULD marry a bad boy, but the fly in the ointment is that the bad boys don’t wanna get tied down. That is why they almost never marry, not cause the woman wouldn’t want to

      1. There are definitely a large class of ‘Bad Boys” women may want to be banged by, but would not marry. Stereotypically and historically for white women, black dudes are the most obvious.

    2. With regard to the concern about supporting the child, the underlying assumption in what you’re saying, if I’m understanding you correctly, is that the “impregnator” and the “supporter” are suppose to be the same person. Look at all the chicks in the US with kids from other guys and new guys are still trying to wife them up. They’re cashing in on the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”. And through taxation, they’re married to all men, just without the sex part (copyright Rollo Tomassi).

    3. “Sexual attractiveness does not always rule the day.”
      But it does rule the moment, which is the whole point…

    4. The provisioning is taken care of through the government (welfare, alimony, child support, etc). This makes provider behavior less attractive and risk taking behavior more attractive by default.

  18. Welcome to the red pill world. It is always nice to see a new face,bringing sharp new insights and anecdotes to enrich our little corner with their experience,passion, and intelligence.

  19. Now -here- is an article that -every- man should read and internalise. Hats off, brother. Excellently written.

  20. This is the “sexy son” theory of sexual selection,known for almost 100 years now.

  21. I tested this theory recently with a longer term plate.
    I originally told her a very low number. I told her a much higher number and claimed the very low number was girls I had unprotected sex with / said “I love you” to.
    I then regaled tales of the women I’d been with, and added in quite a few that never actually happened (namely, friends of her friends).
    She was horrifically angry.
    She was also extremely wet, and already red-hot sex elevated to the next level. She had first anal orgasm.
    Tingles don’t lie.

    1. Now be a real Alpha and tell her you just made all that shit up so you could fuck her in the ass. Then respond back with your findings.

      1. Well, I’d already fucked her in the ass plenty; what was impressive was her achieving orgasm from an ass-pounding.

  22. OK, just one question: if this is all true, why haven’t beta males been bred out of the population?

    1. Yeah…not only haven’t Betas been bred out, they are a majority of men.
      Because when mommy dies in childbirth and Alpha daddy isn’t around, his Alpha kids die with her.

      1. Not anymore. Now, betas work to raise and protect them, while calling those insightful enough to realize the stupidity of this, “extremists.”

    2. There is an equilibrium between alphas and betas: once the population of aggressive and risk-taking alpha males gets large enough, the deaths from fights between alpha males will be high enough to offset the increase in newly bred alpha males. Their numbers will probably decrease because some alphas will be killed before the get the chance to breed. Under these types of circumstances it might well be more evolutionary beneficial to be inclined towards a low risk-low reward kind of behaviour – that is, to be a beta.

    3. Because alpha and beta are not genetic traits in a vacuum. Most guys that are able to project “alpha” traits today, can do so only because they are not being challenged. Their forte in the current environment, is only that they are particularly well adapted to strut under the coattails of an all encompassing government. As little as 100 years ago, most of them would simply be starving, penniless and toothless. And, importantly, simply shut out from any kind of access to most desirable females.
      It’s only in late stage disintegrating dystopias, in addition to perhaps the African Savannah, that (most of, not absolutely all) the traits that confer alphadom today, are evolutionarily beneficial for species as advanced as humans.

    4. Actually I plan on writing another article about this. It has to do with arranged marriages that are decided by the father.

  23. Uhhh…. I get what you’re saying (and I agree), but your logic is kinda flawed.
    “Megan marries a man who cheats on her and doesn’t provide as many resources to her so she can only have two sons. However, these two sons are just like their father and go out and have sex with many girls in the area and have five children each. Megan’s childbirth to grandchild ratio is 2:10 or 1:5. Therefore she gets a wider spreading of her DNA while not having to risk death in childbirth as much. Who is going to be favored by evolution more?”
    “Megan, of course. 10 > 9.”
    If you assume 4 children instead of 5, you get 8<9…… If you also account for survival rates of children living in/growing up without a family and other similar consequences, there’s no way your logic can apply. You’re not accounting for probability or volatility at all and your thinking is extremely linear.

    1. I agree. However, I had a limited number of words I can use in an article and wanted to simplify it down as much as possible. Perhaps I simplified it too much, but there are considerations such as paternity fraud amongst the Susan’s and other things that would work in favor of my argument. I didn’t include these because I didn’t want to over-complicate my example. Also, since Alpha used to mean the strongest of the pack Megan’s screwed up children would be more likely to survive in battles between tribes.

  24. Basically agreed. However, there is a premise in this theory that still needs to be evidenced (and at least discussed).
    This theory assumes – without talking it out – that alphaness, moreover ‘jerk-alphaness’, is inheritable and will win through in the sons, regardless what enviromental factors will arise. So the sons are presupposed to show decisive alpha-behavior solely based on inherited character, no matter how the developmental circumstances are.
    But sad enough, history is full of examples of alpha-fathers ruining their sons lifes. The great emperor, the kingofthekings, who has a weak, wimp sissy-son whom he despises and wants to get rid of is one of the persistent topoi of literature, history and storytelling.
    If that the case, women’s strategy is not to work out.

    1. 99.999999999% of alphas are not emperors. And, emperor begets alpha, not the other way around. Chances are there are no gene coding for emperorness. But willingness to fight, limelight seeking, self centeredness, physical attractiveness, narcissism, short temper, early sexual maturity, high time preference etc., are likely at east partially genetic. As well as partially the result of growing up without alpha dad around.

  25. Why males are disposable.
    Because all of those theoretical 270 children you could sire in 9 months could be born after you’re dead.
    As far as nature is concerned, a woman is 270 times more important than you.

    1. Well, yeah, that’s why men go their own way.
      I don’t care about passing on my genes. (Been there, done that, got the Tshirt bloody during the miscarriage.)
      But you can go your own way and enjoy fucking lots of women in the process.
      Nature is a heartless bitch.

      1. Agree. Whats the big deal about “passing on your genes”. Right now there are an estimated 7.129 billion fucking people on this planet – as if anyone is gonna care about my genes. Let the illegals and the hood rats pass their genes along. These cunty bitches dont deserve my genes anyway.

  26. Stardusks works on YouTube are amazing, as wells as Barbarossaa’s. Mandatory reading for any red pill man. Of course the shit is depressing because you realize how fucked white males are in the USA today. Guess if you are getting laid thats cool.

  27. I think the correct answer is “Women like what other women like”.
    Right now, in the western culture, it is the Bad Boy. Other cultures, other types are preferred. There is no reason why a bad boy should have better DNA..what he provides is DNA that other women, currently, like.
    What is interesting is how women mass self-hypnose themselves into all liking one special type. It’s herd mentality of first degree.

    1. Bad boys are loved in every culture.It’s just in other cultures women are not supported by the Daddy-government so they have to settle down with betas and cheat on them with bad boys secretly.

    2. Alpha is the supreme DNA. The natural born leader of men and the idol of women.
      Beta is the servant. The slave of the state. He who needs money to buy attraction his real-self never gets. He who needs laws and regulations to protect his weak-self from the superior alphas.
      The alpha (as in alpha-wolf, not cad) does not need money, nor laws. He can live perfectly well by his own rules. Of course the feral aspect of women senses this and give a clear preference to his children. Thats how nature works.

      1. There’s difference between alpha and fucked up crack head on welfare.
        To worship this scum of earth is a disease. A malfunction in the brain.

  28. Interesting. And to a large extense true. However one must stress out that this refers – as already pointed somehow by people below – to a question that is not far from the age old question of ”cooperation vs. competition”.
    There is no simple answer to the ”cooperate vs. compete”. On some cases it is better to cooperate, on some others it is better to compete. Likewise, the case of the choice of woman, chosing between the B-male that may result to 9 grandchildren or the A-male that may result to 10 grandchildren is not clear. One has to start putting other parameters like the fact that the latter 10 grandchildren being illegitimate did not run all the same chances of survival as the 9 legitimate grandchildren of the B-male. Illegitimate children did not all end up under the wellfare of a naif B-male but often were discovered by the B-male who murdered his wife with the accord of the whole village and diowned illegitimate children that ended up as slaves, i.e. having quite short life-spans. This example thus reveals that the mathematical equation is much more complex.
    The attraction of females to A-males is indeed guided by the search of a better gene pool. Yet for 1000s of years, the mass of human pool is all about B-males wit A-males being the minority. All is relative. Just ask yourselves! Who are A-males?
    Back in 2000 B.C. A-males were the fiercest warriors, people who were certainly smart too (you need brains in battle) but who essentially spoke less and who used their muscles more! Even as late as 350 B,C. the archetypal A-male, Alexander the Great was short and rather ugly but a fearsome man who led his army into battle – a man battle-hardened enough that would beat actually many if not most men of his times – let alone men of today. And though ultra-educated, and though he was a fairly good speaker, Alexander was not really a ”sleeky man of empty words”. Yet, a few thousand years forward – who are our current A-males? The ”bossy-type of man, who plays the team-leader”? The ”sleeky/sleazy man that chats up women playing with them convincing them to sleep with him?” – if we count down the list we will find the exact opposites of Alexander the Great or our archetypal leader of 2000 B.C.
    And the questions lies : would perhaps the A-males of today had adopted an 2000-BC.-A-male attitude (i.e. train themselves physically, speak less, pretend less, make more) – and then asking again the opposite? Did the A-male / B-male definition change through times? Perhaps yes. A-males are A because they adopt quickly. What if intervening in a human population exterminating all who seem to be A-males leaving out alive only B-males. Won’t there appear new A-males among them? Do the opposite and see how quickly the vast majority of A-males turn into B-males. Or isolate a 100 men in an island leaving among them 2-3 muscle men of typical B-type (not extreme B but minor B type) and see the pack being led by these B-types (who won’t be B anymore of course). All is relative as the A/B-male scale a ”rainbow-like” continuum rather than two rigid distinct categories.
    I do accept that the speech of A-males vs. B-males provides a useful simplification for our discussion concerning the things we want to analyse but then when we get down to the maths it may get ultra complicated.

    1. To continue adding a small comment over the characteristic photo of a ”A-male” that has to be an Afro-american kind of ”gangsta-rapper” type – supposedly the man who ”gets the girls”, thus has to be A-type (yet that type of man did not get the girls as much a mere 20-30 years back before media, the same media that sells feminisation, brought this type as an example of ”manhood” which is a whole different issue of course). This is of course precisely the type of man that cannot verify the article because the article makes a rough hypothesis of females dating with A-males to produce as many A-males offspring which precisely contradicts the long lineages of Afro-americans. While my aim is not to be offensive to any Afroamericans but we all know their history and we are all aware that it was mostly the B-males that were caught and sold as slaves as A-males would tend to resist more and thus get killed. Evem later on, any A-male slaves tended to be more easily punished and killed by the plantation owners who valued more the B-type workhorses who would not complain. And even those Scottish-Irish prisoners used to fecondate African women slaves, too applied mostly as B-types, since A-males would not end up in British prisons for stealing 1 loaf of bread – it was the ”usual victims” that ended up there!
      Which means that If the ”gangsta-man” is an A-male or a B-male that is a whole different discussion (and he can as well be within the A-male category) but the choice of putting a ”gangsta-man” in the picture quite contradicts what the article says.

        1. troll.
          Get over it.
          B-male will have sex with 1-10 women in his life.
          A-male will have over 100.
          Now eliminate condoms and the pill and you get real numbers.

  29. Honestly, I dont think women are smart enough to figures this all out. They just want the guy that all their friends want. Thats all. No need to delve into a lot of historical and prehistoric history. Blame it on TV, the movies and romance novels.

    1. “Blame it on TV, the movies and romance novels.”
      The only problem with that is that you’ve got cause and effect reversed. Note that it is the feminist line, which 99 44/100 percent of the time is an inversion of empirical reality.
      TV, the moves and romance novels, on the whole (the exceptions are almost always issues of fashion, like armpit shaving), do not drive; they pander.
      Pandering generates a reflection of extant fantasy, the true image of what is being thought by the fans of such. Media marketing executives do not sit around trying to figure out how to force ideas on the audience. They sit around trying to figure out what will tap in to audience desires to such a degree they keep coming back for more as if it were an addictive drug (which in some respects, if they are successful, it is).
      Drugs do not addict by creating addictive mechanisms. They addict by tapping into receptors that are already there, because you are dependent upon them for normal living.
      The very first romance (for women) and adventure (for men) novels, products of the Renaissance, were also the very first runaway best sellers, because the receptors were already there.

  30. This is a terrible article
    As a guy who goes clubbing, raving, and spends a lot of time partying and making out with complete strangers.
    This article is complete bullshit.
    The guys I see pulling the hottest girls are not the unemployed looking tattooed guys,
    They are 6 foot tall white guys with generic male model haircuts
    here are some examples of the types of haircuts that have
    A lot of them dress extremely waspy, boring personalities, spoiled silver spoon brats.
    In fact a lot of these articles are bullshit and sound like they were written by some nerd with theoretical experience with women. Or some dumbass PUA who hits on 1000 girls, strikes out with 995 of them and calls himself a success.
    And black guys don’t pull hot white women from my experience they have by far the highest blow out rate, and the few black guys that I have seen with hot white women were clearly half white or a bit greater than half white. Most white girls find their natural odor to be repulsive, the facial features unappealing.

    1. Yes, pravda. Nice men in pic I like. негры looks like durak.
      негры girls wear white girl hair on head and weave it on. So stupid. They normal hair looks like brillo pad that you scrub pot with.
      негры men wear funny clown shoes and bounce ball in net game all day. Never see негры in US with a book in hand.Only comedia drawing gazetta with funny pic and few words above head in circle. Speak funny goochi ubonics talk.Everyone in world laughs at them.

  31. RoK is a great website, it’s made me reassess a lot of stuff in the last few weeks or so, and I enjoy the vast majority of what I read on here.
    The whole badboy/niceguy thing is interesting, but sometimes it feels a bit simplistic. It is true, I think, that women prefer the rough diamond as opposed to a simpering nice guy. However, I also believe that the reason nice guys are just abysmal is basically that they’re boring as fuck.
    My girlfriend’s niece got married this summer. She married a man who doesn’t look the most imposing, is slightly wimpy looking, and actually passes out at the sight of blood. He works as a lawyer, typical unexciting white collar 9-5 stuff. Nothing that screams “bad boy” or rough diamond.
    Despite all these traits that might have some RoK readers laughing and thinking “what a pussy”, he is not a boring nice guy. Sure, he’s very kind and polite, but what draws people to him is the fact that he’s interesting. And very confident. Not afraid to approach people and talk to them. Sails a lot, is extremely well read, and also has a degree in chemical engineering. Has started to lift weights as well and enjoys it, and can talk about pretty much any subject, from politics, literature, sports, current affairs, and he’s also a very good cook. He has charisma and can captivate a crowd of people with his personality and sense of humour.
    “Nice guys” who get less pussy than Ru Paul and Herbert the Pervert struggle to do so not just because they just aren’t alpha or traditionally masculine enough, but also because they just aren’t interesting.

  32. Megan, of course. 10 > 9. After hundreds of iterative
    generations almost all of the women in a community will share Megan’s love of men who sleep around a lot.

    This isn’t necessarily true, or as simple as it’s portrayed in this blog post: in many past circumstances, women who were abandoned by their partners simply died, since they couldn’t afford to feed themselves and their offspring without help. There has always been a tension between the unsupportive bad boy and the supportive guy, but those who chose the bad boy did not always survive and thrive. Thornhill and Gangstead discuss this some in The Evolutionary Biology of Human Female Sexuality, though there are also other treatments of the issue.

  33. “The men that women prize today are just silly gigolos”
    From “Anything Goes” by Cole Porter, 1934

  34. While I like the general theory. Hunter – Gatherer sexuality was different than we imagine today. Also there would have been no limitation on a mans libido if 12 women wanted him and he wanted those 12 he would have 12 “wives”.
    “Leaving” or abandoning a woman he impregnated would not be necessary to attract and impregnate other women ( by the very logic of this article).

  35. This article presents one survival strategy but there is another one ; some women would chose the “good” guy, because the good guy would stick around, provide and protect the offsprings.
    Chances are that the offsprings of the woman that chose the good guy survive better than the one that chose the bad guy.
    Which means that she might be less prolific but the spread of her dna will be a lot more safe and certain than with the bad guy.
    It is just a matter of choice ; which biological strategy the woman is willing to opt.

  36. Now here’s a laughable load of fucking bullcrap if I ever read one. Who payed you to write this article? I hope you at least got payed good to balance the ridiculousness that drips from it.
    You make it seem like chicks are mindless machines, pre-programmed to always and automatically think about evolution, carrying on their DNA and choosing the most fertile mate to do the job. I guess I won’t start on the fact that there are females that choose to be child-less. Or, now hold on to your seat because this is going to be new to you: woman that actually value reliability and respect. I know, right?…
    All these losers below me that agree with you are butthurt virgins who live in their mother’s basement and who never get laid.
    Evolution… Hah. Hilarious.

  37. A simpler possibility is women are simply attracted to Alpha males because they would have been mighty warriors, hunters and leaders of the tribes whereas Beta males would be harmless bone-fide women helping to care for the Alpha males’ children while the real men were out hunting and fighting.
    By the same token a man desire a beautiful woman because a she’s at her fertile prime and ought to be good at birthing. The old women are obviously past their prime and unattractive women are more likely to have problems and die at childbirth so they also help to raise the children of the Alpha men and women.
    Then there’s the obvious longevity gap between men and women. It has been supposed there’s no reason for a man to be a grandfather but it is good for a women to be a grandmother and help out her children and grandchildren. Then the gap may also be a sign of testosterone: the more you have the shorter you’ll live hence eunuchs and castrati lived longer than ordinary men.

  38. Fucking has to be our most crippling animal instinct.
    Even when I wanna fuck which is about never. I feel like it’s an industry…like its a product of some kind. Jesus…
    If people would just fuck right away and stop with all the song and dance that goes with it, we could have colonies on Mars by now…
    but the accumulative energy we put into just trying to fuck…

  39. I am a private sperm donor to lesbian couples and have close to 30 kids. My wife found out and divorced me, but still likes to sleep with me. I got onto OkCupid dating, and figured it would be a good idea to be honest with women I was going on dates with, so on first dates I made it a point to bring it up (usually when the conversation drifted into talk of kids – I have two of my own). I noticed a significant thing when this happened. Women who obviously we not all that interested all the sudden became very interested, and almost all of them had sex with me that night. No, reactions were not all positive, and most women took some sort of offense at the idea of it, but even the women who were offended still slept with me. Anyone I didn’t sleep with was not due to me telling them I was a sperm donor, but due to actual lack of attraction (you can’t get all the bitches).
    I was getting laid many times a week with different women, but in the end I settled into just one girl + the lesbians I donate to. The whole dating thing just takes too much attention and in the end I only have so much sperm to go around. My girlfriend is over 10 years my junior, and knows that I am a sperm donor. She doesn’t approve of it, and wishes I would stop, but she still falls on my cock any chance she gets.
    So yeah, I think you are on the right track with this article. I am no stud (well, I guess truely a stud), I don’t have a great build, and I don’t show off that I have money at all. I am smart, cute, and funny, but the thing that makes pussies wetter than anything is to hear I have a huge number of offspring.

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