4 Groups Of People SJWs Don’t Care Or Talk About

As we battle against SJWs and their egregious positions, we have the habit of challenging them only for what they support. This is certainly necessary, but one thing we need to pay more attention to is who they do not support, who they deliberately ignore, and who never even crosses their minds.

These four groups do not form by any means an exhaustive list of the kicked around and forgotten. Yet they do very saliently represent the sort of people with whom society’s biggest sympathies should lie. The fact that their discarded needs and ignored services are so obvious makes SJWs’ disdain for them all the greater.

1. The Disabled

The wage gap is a myth, completely explained by women’s choices to pursue less skilled occupations, take more vacation time, and work less overtime. So, too, is the “rape” crisis on college campuses, whereby anything from wolf-whistling to asking a girl out when she does not like you equals “harassment.”

Unlike these false statistics, however, the disabled suffer the highest level of poverty of any group. In my native Australia, the figure is around 50%. The plight of America’s disabled is comparable: they are twice as likely to live in economic squalor. Even these pitiful outcomes would no doubt be a lot worse if many disabled individuals did not receive significant support from family and friends. Yet supposed “sexism” in video games and other fabricated mole hills have received 100 times more attention from SJWs over the last five years.

So how can we explain or justify the almost complete SJW silence on this disability shame? Supposedly students paying off education loans are some the biggest victims of the “crooked” financial system, but barely a thought is kept for those disabled people who have no or only a limited chance to gain an education, let alone get a long-term job to support themselves. The last thing I wish to do is underestimate the often untapped capabilities of disabled individuals. Many have disabilities that do not generally interfere with the job they currently have.

That said, many are greatly impacted, impeded or even prevented from living a full life by their conditions. No amount of positive thinking and inclusion can change the fact that so frequently they live objectively terrible lives, especially in material terms. So why does their incontrovertible, quantifiable plight receive just an iota of the attention, and usually only for cosmetic purposes, given to privileged white upper middle-class college girls?

2. Senior Citizens

Socialist Bernie Sanders may look older than your great-grandmother. Hillary Clinton may be 70 next year. Big deal. On the whole, SJWs do not give a damn about senior citizens. If they did, they would recognize that, as much younger people, they should get off their backsides and prioritize what limited social security the US has for those who cannot work or have worked all their lives.

If you think life is hard paying for college when you can work, try having to pay for a billion medical pills and bills while you cannot work due to age or other infirmities. I have never in my life met a student in deleterious financial circumstances who was working as hard as they could to alleviate them. I have, in contrast, met at least 500 senior citizens who did not predict rapid extensions in their lifespans, coupled with soaring health costs as they aged.

Let us remember as well that middle-aged and older people overwhelmingly vote for Republicans. Focusing on pet projects like non-gendered bathrooms is much, much more important than ensuring that more right-leaning senior citizens have the care that they need. To save face, SJWs group all welfare recipients together as one block. This does not change their natural contempt for older generations. They are simply a means to an end for leftist extremists.

Older people’s actual needs are conflated with other people’s desires to try and justify moronic policy platforms like free college for US students while the country has a $20 trillion national debt, or higher welfare payments for uneducated mothers who popped out three or four kids before they bothered to find a steady job or even finish high school.

3. The White Working Classes

Mitt Romney, worth several hundred million dollars, and the white garbage collector are always seen as the one person: the eternally privileged whit male. Like with senior citizens, the white working classes are shoved in alongside other poorer groups to make Democrats and SJWs look like champions for the economic battlers. The unspoken meaning, nevertheless, is that whites are poor because they choose to be and blacks and others are poor because of history and contemporary oppression.

Underprivileged whites are therefore seen as lazy, not toilers trying to make their way in a world just as difficult as it is for blacks in the same income bracket. SJWs will only came to their “aid” in the weakest sense possible, giving them the most generalized sympathy, all while devoting continual attentions to “special” groups like African-American gang members, illegal immigrants, and transgender prostitutes who cannot find work.

Southern whites in particular should feel aggrieved by the concept of white privilege. Thanks to John Wilkes Booth and several other factors, the South remained economically underfunded from the end of the Civil War until the present day. Reconstruction was the sham of all shams, performed quarter-halfedly for political expediency, not followed through genuinely.

In places such as the United Kingdom, peripheral (and whiter) regions such as Wales and northern England are routinely denigrated when, in fact, their only “crimes” are a) not having the population base to support large economic centers and b) being ignored for countless years by the government in London when it came to funding, infrastructure and other economic stimuli.

4. The Police

I take that back. SJWs do not ignore police; they devote inordinate amounts of time to undermining them! Police in the United States do not have a proper right to defend themselves, most notably when their assailants are black or SJWs themselves. To SJWs, they are murderers and rapists (usually because of one bad egg per 10,000 cops). What they are entitled to instead is a barrage of criticisms, consistent abuse, and threats from those who are basically saying society would be better off without the direct enforcement of laws.

Issues such as PTSD amongst police officers are also routinely swept under the carpet, in favor of self-serving narratives, such as gay and transgender people suffering appalling “mental illnesses” because of discrimination on college campuses. It would seem that these same campuses, which are the biggest champions of LGBT interests and special privileges, are more dangerous than the streets of Camden, NJ, St. Louis, MO, or Detroit, MI.

If you want an interesting account of how a would-be anarchist realized the error of his ways, read about Harvard scientist, psychologist, and linguist Steven Pinker’s transformation. Having witnessed the effects of the Montreal police strike, namely chaos and unprecedented criminality, he changed his outlook about the need for armed authority. Sadly, this was in the 1960s and the current breed of leftists are seemingly impervious to any lessons from life, not to mention elementary school age logic. It would probably take social disorder ten times more intense and hundred times wider than what Pinker observed for contemporary SJWs to undergo the same ideological reversal.

The cancellation of a feminist dance class is more hurtful for SJWs than the situations of those needing actual help

Nothing should really surprise you anymore. The wants of the narcissistic outweigh the needs of the needy or those who deserve our support and admiration. Inasmuch as I counsel against you getting into almost always pointless arguments with SJWs, I hope this article can add fuel to the fire in any retorts you give back to them.

Things invariably tend to get worse with SJW-generated trends, so what you should expect is an even higher ignorance towards those our society should be focusing on. Attention is a drug for the worst feminists and other leftists: the more they get of it now, the higher the dose they require in the future. The disabled, old people, poor whites, and embattled police forces all lower the personal vanity upon which SJWs depend.

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257 thoughts on “4 Groups Of People SJWs Don’t Care Or Talk About”

    1. That’s because Veterans’ problems put bullshit SJW “problems” into proper perspective. SJW: “Help, I’m being microaggressed by this book title. I need a safe space.” Veteran: “Uhhh, I’d just like to not have half of my face blown off with 3rd degree burn scars over 90% of my body. It might also be nice if a couple of my buddies didn’t kill themselves every year.”

        1. Why don’t we all agree to do our very best to see to it they get to experience REAL victimization. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve had about all I can stand of ‘cry-bullies’.

      1. “Oh that book title triggered you? I didn’t notice, I was too busy having nightmares about when that IED hit our convoy and killed three of my buddies.”

        1. People in wheelchairs cannot get inside buildings. Meanwhile women need safe spaces made especially for them.

      2. Veterans and handicapped people wishing their bodies were healthy while SJWs and woman tear their bodies to pieces with tattoos and piercings.

        1. Allegedly she’s an “Instagram model”. Pretty sure that’s all we need to know!

        2. I was watching some documentary on people who have altered their appearance to such a degree.
          Wouldn’t you know this particular chick, when asked why she did this to herself, blamed a “man.”
          They want to give the illusion of being daring but underneath it all is huge insecurity. It’s ok if it’s a man’s fault though.

        3. Holy shit this girl
          A walking barbie and former electrician?? The Swedish educational system determined she should be trained as an electrician. This was to displace the generation of Swedish lost boys prior to the immigrant invasion. I think her desire to be barbie is a complete backlash against the Swedish system that prodded her to go totally against her natural role. An electrician?? Climbing telephone poles with spike boots and a 15 lb tool belt and volt meter? That girl? Dang I just want to grab the nearest birch branch and beat her Swedish HS guidance counselor shitless. I’m assuming she can still breed despite looking a little tooth picky in the middle. The plastic surgeon, at least he’s not an abortion doctor. I’d let him keep his licence and she should be breeding. Meet the prego barbie. Get breedin’ Sweden. . hey it rhymes . . ”get breedin’ Sweden” . . heh

        4. Quite possible, some women enjoy being submissive, some men enjoy the power of controlling a woman. The man got to play dominant, she got to play submissive and ruined herself. It’s pretty messed up. Depraved.

        5. It boggles my mind that people aren’t alarmed about this crap. How can they say it’s not a severe mental illness? I don’t care how they disfigure themselves, it’s that they’re walking around while totally fucking nuts.

        6. I liken it to mental patients I’ve met who have depersonalization. Those people pull out their teeth, cut off their fingers, and get institutionalized. How are these crack pots not getting locked up by social workers and families? Dame, if I were a psychiatrist walking down the street, and saw that chick, I’d call whatever department it is they call to report a person a danger to themselves and others.

        7. And that’s only the Swedish men getting penetrated, none of that penetration for women, it’s a patriarchal relic (unless some feral diseased African Moslem is penetrating(

        8. I believe this one said that she got started ‘because of a man’. Clearly both a severely messed up in the head. This should be illegal.

        1. you’re right, I got a couple of friends in the marines. I respect what they do to the utmost, and I tell em thanks whenever the subject gets around to military type shit, because one thing is for certain, I’m not going.

        2. SJWs are working really hard to create a society no man would want to defend.

        3. Hear hear. Start a local militia before joining the US armed forces, unless you have a specific end goal joining our armed forces will help you achieve.

        4. Got a lot of wonderful things out of it, but I’m not ever going to steer my children in that direction when they come of age.
          It’s corrupt as F-ck, it’s already turning into a Feminist circle jerk, blah blah military industrial complex, blah blah outrageous rates of false rape accusations, blah blah suffering to sacrifice rights afforded to you in the Bill of Rights, etc, etc…

        5. I can def see the good that comes out of it. it hardens you, period.
          but I hear alot of complaints about the whole system these days, among which are those you listed. before anything else, thank you for your service sir.
          it’s getting to be a bit much if you let them tell it tho, got a neighbor who is an old man, but served way back and he doesn’t like the direction things are going in. but he’s still “semper fi until he dies” tho.

        6. Yeah, bingo. You need to be patriotic and care about your country, but then when I see all the SJW crap going on I figure it becomes every man for himself.

        1. That one guy was on like 30 different drugs and opiates a day plus testosterone because the pill cocktail shuts off his production. I’m no doctor, but I think once you hit 15 different prescriptions, you might want to reconsider whether your treatment is working.

        2. How did you come up with a Disqus name of “Dangerous Internet Sea Otter”?

      1. They interviewed some homeless vets the other day, and it was pretty sad. But surprisingly, most said they didn’t care. The military ideally equipped them to survive without housing or support, and they said they don’t want to be trapped by society anymore. After serving overseas for what, 9-12 years and coming back to fags using women’s restrooms and people suing cops for arresting them for robbing, I kinda see their point.

        1. damn, I can kinda see how that would make a few soldiers be like “man what the fuck I am I really fighting for?” but the gov still needs to take better care of these guys, they literally sacrifice life and limb so we can do the shit we do everyday.

        2. Oh hell yeah. Since WWI American soldiers have been considered disposeable. It fuckin’ sucks for them.

        3. How do you think all the outlaw biker gangs got started back in the day. When you come back, you won’t find that kind of brotherhood in normal circles. People don’t understand that kind of bond or loyalty.

    2. Thank you, when I saw the article’s title my first thought was the Veterans

    3. I remember a crazy ex of mine claimed she had PTSD because of whatever reason (Abuse or sexual harassment or something). This was the first time I had ever heard PTSD used to describe something non-combat related. Later on this girl claims to have been raped countless times (Even though she was part of all these anti-rape groups and had never been raped before becoming a feminazi, odd huh?) and called herself a “survivor”. So her claims of PTSD and being a survivor means she views her issues on par of those of veterans who have had friends die, have seen people killed and blown up, have lived in constant fear of getting shot at or bombed, etc. Also ignore that fact she lives in one of the safest places in the world, a white suburb. You’d think she was living in the Congo the way she spoke of it.

      1. Lol. Here is my favorite part:

        You’d think she was living in the Congo the way she spoke of it.

      2. I’m just gonna say it, if you claim to have been raped “countless times” you are a fucking moron. If you’re so fucking stupid that you continue to put yourself in these situations, you probably deserve to get raped. Not excusing the rapists, but also certainly not excusing this type of “victim.” Unless you are literally chained to the bed as an ISIS sex slave, claiming you have been raped countless times is not some badge of survivorship so much as it is a marker for the need to eliminate your retarded genes from the gene pool.

        1. Nemesis- can you sue civilly for slander or libel? I know most of these types dont have much money, but can their wages be garnished? Just curious

        2. But dude, don’t you know that rape is never a woman’s fault?
          In all seriousness, yeah, if she was actually raped multiple times in such a short span of time then she’s a fucking moron. Her social media presence became nothing but anti-rape rhetoric. So someone who’s so up on the rape game and sees rape everywhere would have to be irresponsible to not know how to prevent it or to be in situations where she could be raped. But the likely story is she just made it all up.

        3. If you win and obtain a judgment, there are processes in civil courts to collect that judgment. The short answer is yes, wages can be garnished. But the procedure is different everywhere, and so I can’t speak authoritatively about what hoops you would have to jump through in order to make this happen.

        4. They’re always lying. Like when a guy says he was a quarterback in college, even though he was never on the team. Chicks all say they were raped or molested. It’s more a status thing for them.
          And when one tells you that, it means she’s not sure if she wants to just freind zone you, or white knight you.
          When you’ve seen a girl a couple of times, and the rape thing comes up, watch out because she’s got a boyfreind or two that she’s planning on getting you into a conflict with.

        5. It could be true, if she lives in some place like Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, England, etc., and has to walk anywhere at any time…

      3. What, did she claim that every sexcapade she had with a guy who wasn’t a millionaire wanting to keep her around forever was “rape”?

        1. I got out before her full feminazi transformation, because yes, she claimed every boyfriend after me raped her. She also made up a bullshit story about how 3 guys in a van pulled over to where she was, kidnapped her, tied her up in a basement and raped her repeatedly over a weekend, then just let her go. Of course she didn’t go to the police. This story fell apart because I realized that during this supposed weekend she had posted multiple things on social media. You think kidnappers would let her keep her phone?

        2. Wow, sounds like you dodged a bullet by getting The Hell away from that nutbag!

        3. First she went vegan, which was aggravating enough, because of leftist solipsism she expected everyone she knew to be vegan. Since I refused to go vegan I wasn’t deemed worthy enough and let go. Then came the shaving of her long, wavy hair. Then came the dumb tattoos and piercings. Then came the blog with nothing but rhetoric about rape and women’s issues. Then came the accusations of rape, in which I know for sure she actually ruined a dude’s life irreparably through what was no doubt a false claim. Now she’s married to a dude she had known for only a month. She’s disappeared from the internet so I can’t find out how her married life is, but I feel sorry for the pussy she married.

        4. Bet that sad bastard thinks he’s “so lucky to have her!” without realizing the shitstorm she brewed before his time. Sounds like she rode ample cocks and degraded herself in every way imaginable before growing weary of life and settling for some poor sap she doesn’t respect or is even attracted to simply to help her split bills.

        5. That’s actually big time female fantasy material. Most of them masturbate to abduction/rape fantasies.

        6. Christ, I’ll bet the poor bastard has already been arrested multiple times for the dmv crap she’s started.

        7. Sure they did, they forced her to post social media while they brutalised her, it was part of the kink. /s

        8. The “pussy” she married is probably some master dark-triad extraordinaire, who has her locked up and tied down in the basement getting raped by vans full of different strangers every day, that’s why she hasn’t been heard from much anymore.

        9. I almost spit out my drink. This girl is very waifish and she looks like she could break this dude in two. If he’s a dark triad master then I’m the Queen of England.

        10. Dig this, Victoria, he’s obviously a master at obfuscation. Who would suspect such a pussy looking jackoff as being a genuine Shitlord Fieldmarshall.

      4. And of course she’s a hero not war veterans. No doubt younger generation will only know meaning of hero as a feminist that falsely claims to been raped

      5. This is the new reality, women hating men so much because they want to fit in with the feminazi’s they lie about their past, rapes, sexual assaults and what not. I mean literally, by feminazi standards, a woman can claim sexual assault by having a man look at her the wrong way, plus it bolsters the fake stats feminazi’s use to get political power and make everyone believe there really is an issue when in fact, there is none.these feminazi stats come from Women who got PhD’s in “womens studies” which gave them credentials to seem legit. This is the new war on men, women with fake degrees from courses they made up, to sway opinions with false made up feminist dogmatic statistics.

        1. And the funny thing is that these girls who make up stories of rape are the ones you wouldn’t even fuck consensually. I first notice this when that “10 Hours of Walking in NYC” video was released and I noticed that no actual hot girls were commenting on it. In fact, the uglier the girl, the more likely she was to claim that this kind of shit was what she went through every day. This shows me that if actual hot girls aren’t being harassed or raped or getting unwanted sexual advances then there probably isn’t actually a problem in the first place. The uggos who do claim this shit are more than likely making it up to make it seem like their SMV is higher than it is – “I’m so hot that guys HAVE to force themselves on me because they can’t help themselves omggggg!!!1!1!1”

      6. There are real rape and abuse victims with PTSD but I don’t think your ex was one of them and if they shared what happened and she shared, they would want to kick her ass.

    4. To preempt the typical anachro-libertarian idiot who will post this:
      “Veterans are a bunch of idiots who signed up to fight unjust wars for the Jews and Big Oil. The military is a welfare system for stupid people who can’t get a real job. Real men build a cabin in the woods, fuck bears and wolves, and stay away from foolish government military adventurism.”
      RoK is not very friendly to veterans. If they have one fault (aside from the typical attacks on Jews or whatever), it’s that veterans are typically left out when speaking about men’s issues.
      The high suicide rate among veterans, the huge VA scandals and homelessness among veterans are almost solely men’s issues: because it is mostly men who fight the nation’s wars.
      There are certain fat-bodies around here (Matt Forney in particular) who often omit veterans issues, or the fact that most veterans issues are by default men’s issues. It’s not that Forney et al are against veterans, but more because they are fat-bodies who simply didn’t even think of it.
      Don’t get me wrong: Forney is a decent guy. But the fact remains that because less than 0.45% of this generation served in the Global War on Terror, most of America is completely ignorant of the sorry shape of the VA. It’s not that RoK is against veterans, its more that because there are so few who answered the call this generation, it doesn’t even cross their mind.

      1. Oh no… not another JIDF member here trying to distract us from the issue of “the chosen.”
        I’m a vet of some years, BTW

        1. Interesting how the IDF is not particularly well known for shitting on its vets the way countries like the US and UK tend to.

      2. Suggestion – don’t use the GWOT phrase. Instead, call it what it is – The clash with Islamism. Terror is a tool, a technique, tha the Army of the US has applied, justifiably, on a number of occasions.Upstate NY (Washington against eh Iroquois), Shenandoah Valley, Atlanta, Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, and a few others.
        The issue is the value of the cause – the why. I understand the argument that the US ought not be intervening in the Middle East, and that we should let the locals fight it out, but of course that’s no reflection against those who volunteered to put themselves in harm’s way on behalf of the country.

        1. I also agree that this is a war on Islam (a war I support) as opposed to a “Global War on Terrorism.” Terrorism doesn’t even have an accepted definition, academically. It would be like calling World War II the “Global War on the Japanese Fleet and German Army” Terrorism is a tool, not an ideology.
          However, Islam declared war on the U.S. long before September 11, 2001. In fact, the U.S. fought Islam before WWI in the Philippines. British General Charles Gordon fought the Mahadists at Khartoum in 1884 (who were running around North Africa imposing a strict interpretation of Sharia Law). Not to mention when the West fought off Muslim invaders at the Battle of Tours in 732.
          Civilization has been at war with Islam for over 1000 years, with its rough starting point being the Muslim invasion of Spain in 711. The Muslims have already “figured things out for themselves”: they endorse a society based upon conquest over innovation, upon which all non-believers are subject to conquest and enslavement by the Faithful.
          The fight for Civilization against barbarian invaders is probably the unacknowledged Forever War. Civilization could destroy itself trying to protect itself, and quite possibly, this could be the answer to the Fermii Paradox. It’s not as melodramatic as nuclear annihilation or alien super-predators, but far more rational when considering the clash of civilizations inherent in any sentient evolution.

      1. Correction, the worst Uncle Tom to feral ghetto groids and homosexual kenyan moslem community organisers from Chicago who married transexual male, etc. are Black US military veterans, them are the Black Lives that Don’t Matter.

    1. I assume you actually intentionally wrote nothing. Which is hilarious.
      The problem is, you don’t understand that all those microaggressions add up. If some random person on the internet call another random person a “nigger,” and then someone on a liberal campus wears a Trump hat, plus some fragile campus activist is forced to accept that a conservative speaker will visit campus without them being forced to attend, plus someone else is “colorblind,” plus someone on the bus “manspreads,” and then, shitlords like you come here to “mansplain” all of this, that’s, like, a totally hostile and oppressive environment to my feelz, and that’s why I support unchecked immigration of Muslims.

        1. How do you know he’s a king? He hasn’t got shit all over him.
          One day, after the collapse, I will hear these words spoken in reference to me.
          And then I will stomp whatever SJW peon uttered them before sending them back to toil in my fields!

        2. WHAT …. is your favorite color?
          WHAT …. is the wing beat speed of a sparrow?

        3. Why settle for Kingship when you can have Godhood? Is your Kratom supply low?

        4. You gotta start somewhere. I’ll make my peasants grown me Kratom, or face the lash!

        5. They say in Cobra-La that Golobulus raised the Nemesis Enforcer from a pile of dead things and that where his soul should be there is nothing but emptiness.
          He is the dread that stands behind you in the dark and dares you to turn and face him!

        6. Nay, to become king one needs be presented a sword by the Lady of the Lake.

        7. Always some bitch, to stir the shit. Instead of some gnarly blacksmith to hew his steel.

        8. Fail. Make ’em grow the Kratom, prepare it for you, feed it to you so you may then properly lash them with vigour aplenty all night long.

      1. Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. And every time you say nigger a SJW…

      1. John Cleese was forced to go on comedy tour recently because his ex is divorce raping him. In a sick selfish way, I’m thankful to her for that.

  1. It’s a good thing SJWs and leftoids have a “phenotype”. They are all starting to look alike, dress alike, and act alike.
    That will be helpful in the future.

    1. I like where this is going.
      Buy stock in companies that make ammo….

    2. Bull’s-eye! (pun intended) SJW’s aren’t smart enough to blend in like the Vietcong, we won’t have to guess which one of them in the crowd threw that grenade.

      1. you’re assuming they could do that without NDing it and killing themselves and everyone within 5-15 feet of them.

    3. Maybe a weaponised virus targeting their degenerate DNA will appear, AIDSlike out of the swamp. Remember AIDS used to be called GRIDS…

  2. They also don’t care about Asian women. They all patronize salons and nail places to get their hairy asses waxed. I live in New York City and there is a salon on nearly every corner. Every time I walk by it’s some white / jewish bitch sitting like a queen on a throne while some poor Asian girl is on her knees with the nail file trying not to succumb to the acetone fumes. And always, the girls working there are much, much more feminine than the rich bitches in for their weekly buff and polish (usually on their husband’s dime).

      1. White women view Asian women as their only threat to their sexual market value and as the only demographic that could possibly unseat them from the top of the female sexual market value pyramid.
        White women in advertising and marketing always love portraying themselves in a positive light along with colored males but never seem to include Asian women to any commercials or advertisements … curious that

        1. Gaijinlover 😉 or gaijinhunter is what they are called in Japan I believe. And they go for mostly WASP types, but will settle so long as it’s someone who looks European.

        2. But I’m less Robert Redford and more Slav pig farmer from iowa 🙁

        3. That’s just the majority or the impression I have of that. But obviously there are all kinds of variations. I know a Taiwanese girl who wants Spanish or Portuguese dudes lol.
          The split is only between those who would be open to being with a gaijin and those who wouldn’t. The majority are in the second camp, but since there are hundreds of millions of pretty Asian girls, there are more than enough to go around.

        4. I’ve always suspected that the female European SJWs would be singing a different tune if instead of young Muslim men the refugee flood in Europe consisted of nearly a million mostly Asian females in the age range of 18-30. Those border gates would slam shut loudly and so fast…

        5. Go for 19 year old Ukrainian model looking broads, guaranteed. See it all the time in Cyprus. Sometimes it takes close observation to determine if they are with the Slav pig and left the farmer at home…

        6. Definitely true; but mainly it would give European men nearly a million other options other than putting their skanky Euro-pussies up on a pedestal.

    1. Hilarious how these “justice” warriors recently went after this business, accusing it of predatory wage practices. The result, lots of poor asian immigrants out of jobs, when in reality they were making more than the minimum wage. All because some dipshit NYT SJW decided not to do any real research, including, you know, talking to actual salon workers.
      But those rich white chicks did an awesome job cementing the competitive positions of other white salon owners who can afford to comply with the ridiculous regulatory overreach that SJWs demand. That’s not racist at all, because they really care about all those people they just put out of work….

      1. They are opening the doorway to see to it those skilled workers are able to gain proper licenses, to see they are paid the money they are owed by a U.S. employer, and to use state resources to find new jobs. The cosmetology industry, nails included, is fairly strict in regulation, it requires a license to practice. (The license was not created in 2015/2016, almost all states had created a regulated cosmetology industry which required a license to work by 1980, the license was required starting at least 36 years ago.)
        While normal acrylics and acetone smell bad, MMA is worse. It’s a dangerous chemical, and many salons that employ undocumented workers often use the chemical to save costs, endangering both worker and client. If a nail salon smells particularly bad, they are likely using a banned chemical. (The biggest threat is to the client.)
        Those women make more than minimum wage once their tips are taken into account, their base pay is often far under minimum wage. Yes, they make good money, but that money pales in comparison to what a licensed worker will make: the difference between making 100 in a day versus 300.
        The competition comes in that the salon owners are able to set prices lower due to the price difference. By paying workers less then minimum wage and cutting other costs, the employer has an advantage.
        The other problem less brought up is the spread of disease, fungus and bacteria. Many of those workers, without proper training, do not realize small habits that can spread illness, you begin to see nail drills in states they are banned, disposable files being used on multiple clients, and the lack of options to refuse service to a client with a diseased nail bed or sores on the hand.
        It is a problem that needs to be addressed. Those workers are among undocumented workers who likely deserve citizenship in the U.S.
        (Worse is when not even the salon itself is licensed. Largely because it may not even have the proper ventilating systems required by state boards, a system that constantly replenishes fresh air every 30 minutes or so, salons are required to have a HVAC system. There are also rules about sinks to ensure in the case of an accident, one can easily and quickly rinse out an eye or wound. They may not even have a proper blood spill kit or protocol.)

        1. “They are opening the doorway to see to it those skilled workers are able
          to gain proper licenses, to see they are paid the money they are owed
          by a U.S. employer, and to use state resources to find new jobs. The
          cosmetology industry, nails included, is fairly strict in regulation, it
          requires a license to practice.”
          If getting someone with no money shit-canned so that they cannot afford the “proper license,” which is exactly what happened there, is your idea of “opening the doorway,” then I don’t know if I have words to express how ridiculous that seems to me.
          What they are “owed by their employer” depends on what they have agreed to be paid. Tipped employees, like them, are not subject to the minimum wage. And with good reason, they make more money that way, and as the series of articles Reason posted on this noted, requiring them to be paid minimum wage also puts them out of jobs.
          Is it really much better for these immigrants to be out of work, for their own protection, than to risk supposedly sophisticated white girls get a bad mani-pedi? I don’t think I’ve yet heard of a fatal case of toe fungus. Nor have I ever heard that there is a secret cabal of Chinese immigrant overloards who prevent customers from spreading the word on this stuff to keep poor rich white girls in the dark so that these business can continue to spread disease at will.
          The fact that you think a license should be required to do someone’s nails says a lot about your views on the free market. Suffice it to say, I completely disagree.

        2. No, a license is required is what I’m saying. I don’t think a license should be required, I know a license has been required since before I was born.
          You can’t enforce half the workers to have a license that requires them pay to go to school for a set number of hours, pay for testing, pay for a license, and pay for the required education every couple years saying it’s required for health and safety…
          And then turn off the regulation already in place and tell a bunch of workers, “those laws don’t apply to you, you don’t need a license for any of the reasons that we tell documented workers to get one.”
          They didn’t just suddenly require licenses as of 2015/2016… I work in the industry, the licenses have been required for a long time.
          Some states still require a minimum wage. My employers cannot pay me less then 2.25 an hour and even then they are suppose to make sure I make 7.25 when tips are bad.

        3. I’ve been thinking about this issue. It is honestly only today I was aware of the news about the nail salons. What I say is true, a state board has regulated each individual state for over 30 years. What you say is true, over 200 shops face closure and the technicians face deportation for not being able to obtain a license.
          Every state board employs a group of people who travel city to city with the single task of enforcing regulations. A yearly unannounced visit from state board is mandatory for every salon, but they can visit anytime based on suspicion that regulations are being broke. They are allowed to look anywhere in the building for signs regulations are being broke. They have their hotels and gas paid for, they receive a substantial salary.
          Not one person in New York’s state board is going to get sacked for allowing the issue to escalate to over 200 shops employing unlicensed workers. Those inspectors, the head of board, those under the head, none will likely ever be fired.
          No, the cosmetology market is strictly regulated, it is not a free market. There are special taxes in some states, licenses must be transferred state to state before working, there are building codes down to how many sinks per chairs, rules on sanitation (there cannot be any flakes in the disinfectant tub; a tub as using a classic Barbicide jar now means getting a fine), how far apart each station must be, OSHA requirements to fill, and 1,000 other rules. It gets overbearing. One state board reminds workers that they face a 100$ fine for the “keeping of animals including insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, or non-human mammals to perform any service.”
          I’ve never really thought about it too much, simply laughed, but I guess you are right, it’s not a free market. If the regulators can’t regulate, then those in charge should be fired.

        4. I’m a licensed cosmetologist…
          I was quite surprised to see salons being discussed on ROK to be completely honest.

        5. That’s impressive. Perhaps you could give us an expose of the dirty little secrets behind the scenes of the bikini-waxing industry?

    2. Asian men have it worse. Not only do they struggle to attract women of other races but they also struggle getting jobs /into schools thanks to affirmative action.

      1. You forgot to mention the sad fact that when a gook broad sincerely says, “You so beeg, Joe” to a white dude with a skinny 4 inch weenie, she’s telling the truth – relative to a typical asian male’s meat.

    3. Sounds very accurate. These women get their thrills by feeling superior with moral signalling and by having a “servant” they can feel superior to as well.

  3. SJW’s are almost without exception, the most ageist people you will ever meet. Check out that viral video of anti-Trump protestors where AIDS Skrillex dismisses a Trump supporter as being a “fucking old baby boomer.”
    Anyone who isn’t as “enlightened,” is automatically dismissed as a dinosaur, a fossil, a hanger-on with quaint and antiquated notions.

    1. While espousing “racist” views is seen as a cardinal sin, dismissing people on account of their age is totally acceptable to them.

      1. Gay = Gay. See, it’s OK when they say it as an insult because they aren’t homophobic, they’re just standing up for the oppressed gays who….oh fuck it. I can’t make myself sound this retarded. But “gay” is what they would call them.

    1. The SJWs are children themselves: systemic infantalization at all levels (academia, the workplace, media) work to keep young adults in a perpetual state of arrested development. Adolescence has been extended into the 20, 30, and beyond. Witness how college students (grad students no less) are invited to community centers to play with play-doh and color coloring books. Very sad that I was more mature in my early teens than most people are today in their 20s and 30s.

    2. If you want to find tangible information about this, check the personal history of prominent feminists and SJW’s. They are majority single, childless or with one child only. In many cases that would be ex-child since they suicide at an enormous rate compared to the general population which maybe is a good thing.
      At least we won’t have their genetics in future generations.
      In the world of SJW the only children are they themselves, that’s how far their “me! Me! Me!” Mentality goes, no shit.
      I could go on with specific cases but it’s easy to find information.

    3. Obama forcing trannies on public schoolchildren is a declaration of war against children. Now I officially hate him more than Dubya

      1. In Russia teaching children about homosexuality or any other sexual indoctrination is considered pedophilia and illegal as it should be

  4. They also don’t care about intact low-income families. If I complained that my wife’s desire to be a housewife is being hindered by the fact that part of my salary is stolen by sterile and promiscuous “empowered women,” they’ll call me misogynist. Only single mothers are eligible for support.

    1. Very good point indeed. Good families end up being unable to have a bunch of kids because their money is stolen to pay for the usually useless shitbags the single slutmamas push out.
      This is what will kill western society in the end. Not the other stuff.

  5. Probably the most reviled population would be intellectually gifted white males from lower middle class families. That’s why they never stop trying to gut public school programs for the gifted children. Gotta use that money for retards and free lunches instead. I mean if they’re gifted, they’re gonna do fine, right? They don’t need to be challenged or nothin’ …

      1. Who you calling an elf homie? You want me to shank you puto!? 🙂

    1. As much as I don’t always sympathize with them, even if some of my own family members are or were cholos, you do have a point. Especially with women. They aren’t mysoginists in the way feminists like referring to men as such. For instance, cholos do value women as equals, or at least the ones willing to throw down. The sluts, well, they are sluts that get passed around the gang and discarded accordingly.

      1. Yep. I’ve always respected their “Don’t fuck with me, I won’t fuck with you” attitude as well. Always respectful and polite unless pushed. Some of my cousins are like this but they always bust their tails for their families and will give a helping hand in their time of need.
        SJW’s would run from these guys in a heartbeat because they know they would receive a beating like none they could ever comprehend. Plus they often live in parts of town that look scary to outsiders 😉

        1. Reminds me of the movie Havoc with Anne Hathaway and her posse of spoiled rich wiggers. The one scene I remember vividly is where she and her friend try to join the gang of cholos and the blonde gets gangbanged. All because they pretend to be tough. Of course, since I’m not gonna risk a ban, I’m not posting that scene, but if you fellas want to watch it, as always, NSFW.

  6. Why don’t they care? Because they’re a bunch of frauds. And watching them can be sometimes funny, mostly sad, and always very very disturbing. Because the hypocrisy of these chunks of feces is too much to bare. On one hand they try to out-do each other by being a “good person” or “better person”, which in itself is a selfish end. But, then openly hate all those people above. Meanwhile they’ll get h8 tattoos, because somehow they’ve transcended hate…um, when these are easily the most hateful people I’ve ever seen. It gets worse and even more conceited. If you look at what these assholes focus on its reduces down to sex and drugs and reckless behavior. Its imbued with jealousy and hate too.
    Consider a darling of the “sjw’s” – the entire homosexual agenda. There is no denying that this is centered on sex, period. And its even more skin crawling the more you see it for what it is. homosexuals have all their rights and have had them for a very long time. Even when their bars were busted up, minus bars, they had all the rights we had. What they didn’t have was mass acceptance, which amounts to having all of us endorse their sodomy. Hence it all comes back to sex.
    abortion? I mean, come on, what do you think abortion on demand is for? To have sex.
    Police being shot or their noble purpose and mission, the plight of the elderly, the terrible lives of the disabled that demand true pity and the fact that we all have it tough white or not simply does no register with an “sjw”. They care about not being good enough to make the police force (jealousy), hate their parents (hate) and want to stuff their little faces with food (fat acceptance) or other candied treats designed for immediate gratification be it drugs or unhindered perverse sex. But they do not want any judgement after the fact.
    What puzzles me is that so much of their push for self indulgent “rights” is really unnecessary. Because no one really cares if a purple haired fatty gets ass donged by her equal fat and repulsive “partner” nor do we really care if you’re a heroin addict. The police might care about the drugs or if you decide to dong in public, which always seems to be around kids, but, we don’t care. I will judge, to be sure, but for the moment and so what? It passes and I never think of these fuck tards. What it really amounts to is a massive movement of people who judge themselves or, perhaps, hate themselves for being gay or fat or undisciplined or…etc. And they take all that angst and blame it on us. “trans” is a great example…they”ll say “no no! Its not you that wants to kill yourself its all these people around here that will not accept you and call you a hero and through a parade for you…and on and on and on. ” When the simple FACT is that trans people kill themselves because of themselves and their mental delusions et al. Nothing more. Yet society must change because it is only their fault.
    You see, what do you expect from an ideology and people that elevate sex and drugs and recklessness above everything else. Its all about just them, so, hate or not, there is no room for another aggrieved class especially a legitimate one such as the disabled.

    1. Feminism wants to control how we feel and think it has nothing to do with justice. It’s an actual dystopia future novel come true. It’s basically neo nazism

  7. SJW’s promote anti-rape hysteria on college campuses while simultaneously advocating for the colleges to employ ex-felons and released criminals (as custodians, janitors, cooks in the mess halls) to help them find employment. Yeah … that makes sense … then you wonder why girls get assaulted late at night in the bathrooms or why chemicals go missing from the lab …

    1. Yup: how dare this affluent, young, sexually inexperienced college student poke her in the butt while they were having consensual sex! Now, on to our application for janitor: It says here you were convicted of rape, burglary, arson, murder and rape
      It says rape twice
      I like rape
      You’re hired

      1. I like that his response to an interview question was “I like rape.”

        1. He had such an innocent and excited voice about it

    2. They also advocate women in combat units while simultaneously screaming about a supposed rape epidemic in the military. If you’re looking for consistency, you won’t find it with these stupid fucks.

      1. These people still think Jessica Lynch was a “hero”, and that women who get deployed as MP’s or Motor transport have the same experience as a guy whose part of a weapons (machine guns/mortars) platoon.

        1. Which parts of the military? The Pentagon had a vested interest in spinning that, whereas I doubt that guys in infantry/special forces look at things the same way.

  8. I don’t think it’s possible to argue (meaningfully) with SJW’s or Leftists. We operate on logic. They operate on emotion. It’s like trying to play a VHS cassette on a Betamax and wondering what the problem is: they’re simply incompatible.

    1. Nice likeness! I tend to use very hard, direct and brutal language whenever SJW shit is brought up by some idiot in my vicinity. And interestingly I have dented a few peoples thinking, I think by pure savagery. I call them selfish childish thieves to the face, loud enough for anyone around to hear, usually in much more colorful and witty language of course.
      I think we need to openly mock them and show that we think they are less worth than pondscum, not only in words but in actions.
      One example, I bought a house on a nice street years back, and then after living peacefully in it for a year or two, one day the city council decided to place a single mother of 4-6 kids of about as many daddies in the house across the street from mine.
      4 or 5 months later I sat on my doorway and watched the cops evict them. We mounted a campaign that resulted in more than 200 reports of vandalism and disturbing the peace, neglect of child etc, which was enough to have them forcibly evicted.
      Don’t stand idly by and let them do what they want.

    2. 100% right. Other than catharsis or pure enjoyment there is no point in making the argument.
      It all goes back to what my grandmother told me, a woman with zero education, “don’t argue with someone if they are drunk, stupid or in front of their friends”

    3. That’s the problem. Even if you point out inconsistencies in their worldview it doesn’t matter. They don’t argue in good faith.

    4. I always like the part where as they detect they are about to be handed their intellectual ass, the focus of the conversation suddenly changes. Or, frequently, they start throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the argument in an attempt to forestall the obvious.
      They are indeed impossible to argue with, by design.

      1. I once had a SJW go full 3 year old with refusing to acknowledge I existed due to the fact that I refused to “acknowledge” my white cis-male privilege!

    5. remember, they think communities like ours promote rape, then we are all rape apologists for trying to rationally debate why that is wrong.

  9. SJWs have severe problems, generally, with reality. It has hard edges. It doesn’t forgive wishful thinking substituted for actual thought. And it never, ever accepts moral claims that defy its laws. So the existence of the actually disadvantaged — i.e., those persons whose troubles are not their fault and are sinking despite their best efforts — they must look away. The sight is too upsetting…especially if one remembers that old maxim “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”
    That also tends to explain why SJWs don’t “do” charity, but merely vote for government welfarism and intrusiveness. It keeps them safe from any confrontation with true, undeserved misery…and from any brushing acquaintance with their part in creating it.

      1. That’s how I prefer to drink single malt scotch. I guess I have more in common with them than I thought

  10. Groups SJWs care about: Whatever they are, unless they’re white, male, or a white male. They they have to care about the exact opposite of what they are.

  11. This is why I left the Democrats. They sold out labor and the environment so they could wear rainbow colored underwear and sleep with old Alpha Corporate America and the Globalist Elite.

  12. SJW’s don’t care about East Asians. That seems to explain why they love the Castro brothers’ Cuba but not the Kim family’s North Korea, despite both regimes’ common origins in the last century’s Bolshevik utopianism. They don’t complain about the horrific nature of North Korea’s regime, either. And I suspect they don’t care because they just despise East Asian nerds.

    1. If you’re not a brown-skinned Muslim or black, SJWs don’t care about you. For whatever baffling reason, these people tend to turn a blind eye towards real, genuine oppression and human rights abuses in the part of the world where brown-skinned Muslims (all of the Islamic world) or blacks (Zimbabwe, much of sub-Saharan Africa) rule.

    2. They’re angry about Asians because they go against the grain regarding race and not being successful.
      Plus the accusations of Yellow Fever. Pure jealousy if I’ve ever seen it.

  13. You have to wonder why one white male field becomes a target for SJW’s and not another. White men dominate sabermetrics, for example, and some sabermetricians have applied their techniques to predicting elections, so the field has political significance.
    But I haven’t heard of anyone who advocates for sabermetics to become more diverse and inclusive. Does it get ignored because it attracts white male nerds and involves sports and math, three things which women just don’t care about?

    1. I think he bigger logical deficit is where they advocate for gender parity in male-dominated fields like STEM without at attendant call for gender-parity in female-dominated fields like nursing and teaching. the only way they can have parity in all other fields while dominating others is with massive male unemployment.

      1. Male-dominated professions tend to lose status when women start to enter and bid down the wages. My father was a pharmacist, and he predicted that this would happen to pharmacy with all the women with pharmacy degrees coming into the market. Now pharmacists have moved down the hierarchy of medical professionals to just a notch above retail clerks.

        1. Yep. Same with teaching. When it was male-dominated (at least beyond elementary school), it had much more prestige attached to it. Look at teachers in the movie “The Dead Poets Society” and in the Twilight Zone episode “The Changing of the Guard.”
          Now as most teachers are 20 something women, the mental image we have of teachers is a bimbo who parties and drinks too much and spends her time sexting with her students.

        2. When women are excluded from a profession, the pay increases because them degree is less exclusive. The same could be expected if the reverse happened and men were excluded from a profession; it has nothing to do with inequality.
          By increasing the number of potential degrees (adding the other 50% of the population into the job pool), the employers have more options and more power to pay less for the job as competition is higher.
          Instead of 5 men with degrees to pick from, a employer now has 5 men and 5 women to pick from. 10 people instead of 5 are fighting for the same job.
          And then women makes things worse because even the most competent women is noted to undervalue her service. Suddenly the job people use to demand a minimum of 15$ an hour for has potential candidates piping up, “I’ll do the same job for 10$.” Men are unique; when offered 10$ per hour for the job, the man will say, “Absolutely not”. The woman will jump at the opportunity.
          It’s kind of a kick in the teeth. Happiness in motherhood aside, it’s hard to feel happy with a job if one willingly works for less then they might deserve just for “career status”.

        3. Yet they argue that’s due to ‘sexism’ rather than an oversupply of labour or the fact that big companies take over and often pay lower wages than independents.

    2. I can sum it for you: “Eeewwww that’s hard.”
      It’s the cousin response to why there isn’t diversity in coal mining and ditch digging: “Eeewwww gross.”

  14. Being a poor eastern european immigrant like myself doesn’t exist in the mind of an sjw. They literally can’t comprehend it, whenever i confronted my sjw tier friends about it, they trip over their words worse than simple jack.

      1. Good question. They’re co workers of mine, and they’re not full blown sjws, they just have left leaning opinions on certain social issues.

        1. I love confronting my friends when they go left. It is souch dun to watch the smoke come out of their ears as the gears in their head lock up.

  15. 1. True
    2. Seasoned Citizens are the biggest voting block of any demographic. Politicians are more fearful of them than any demographic. So don’t worry. SJW’s may ignore them, but people who matter don’t.
    3. True, but then the plight of the working class as a whole is ignored generally. Sleeping giant and all that.
    4. Now we’re in copsucker territory. Cops from the burbs treating the inner city as occupied territory–and behaving more as occupiers than as peace officers–good cops covering for the bad (“thin blue line”) and overly militarized tactics have created the “black lives matter” malignancy and contempt for LEOs in general. Sowing the wind and all that.

    1. Yeah….i have no sympathy for gang members and I’m sorry to break the bad news to Andy Griffith fans, but the American police apparatus small and large are run like mafia agencies for the coercive collection of extortion money for politicians. It’s all in the name. POLIce enforce POLIcy written by POLIticians. Nowhere in ANY of it is there provision for preventing, solving, or deterring crime.
      This idea that someone is automatically a hero because he puts on a faggoty costume with a shiny star on it is fallacious reasoning at best, and down right cultist Kool-Aid drinking at best.
      People HIGHLY underestimate the value and efficiency of street and vigilante justice. The only thing police are good for is drawing the chalk out lines and writing up the report. And if you survive the incident, he can of course take you to jail. Other than that, police only help themselves and politicians…NOT citizens.

      1. Yes, most cops are cowards. They would prefer to give out parking tickets or ticket motorists for some small infraction like going 5 over the speed limit or not wearing a seat belt than to go into the inner city and possibly encounter a violent youth high on PCP who won’t go down no matter how many rounds you put into him.
        The idea that cops are courageous is a myth. Cops are just there to draw the chalk outline after the fact.

        1. Watch cops patrolling the subway in NYC: they ride the same train car the whole way. Instead of patrolling up and down the length of the train from car to car, they stand like a statue in one car. You think a troublemaker is going to get on that car? Hell no: he’ll just board another car or wait for another train.

        2. And the funny thing is, I have seen the Black Panthers walk around with shotguns keep peace in the ‘hood better than cops.

        3. Cops have a family to feed and protect. Would you want to go into the hood and fight against and for people who have no regard for your life, their life, or their family’s or friends’ lives?
          Consequently, you could make the exact same argument for being against the recent wars and police-actions of the US.

    2. Cops use militarized tactics against white people as well. I can name two incidents in my own town that happened within the past several years. One event involved a man getting shot while watching football. (The man’s gun was unloaded sitting in the kitchen counter while he sat bleeding in the living room chair, yet the cop claimed the man was dangerously armed.), the other involved a war veteran having a seizure during a PTSD episode.
      The veteran was beaten in broad daylight, not a car stopped to videotape the atrocity. The other story ended in the man dying in a hospital after holding on long enough to see his son one last time. The family was unable to afford a lawyer nor could rally support from the community.
      White people are scared of cops. If white people see someone being beaten by a cop, they assume that person deserved it no matter what the skin color or they are scared to get involved. At the sight of cops, white people book it faster then Speedy Gonzales. White people are so scared of cops that when two people get in a knife fight and the cops get called by an observer, suddenly both parties claim, “Well officer, hard to believe but what you are seeing is simply an accident, no crime here.” (I’ve seen a man burnt with kerosene fluid by his ex-wife actually tell the cops it was accidental to avoid being involved in court.) In theft and personal skirmishes, white people won’t even call the cops.
      It’s easier to say, “Cops kill and imprison black people because of white privilege.”

  16. And when all these groups get together along with the veterans, we beat the SJW’s at the ballot box…it’s really quite that simple: take back the media, get the truth out there, get involved at the local & state level first & we will be well on our way to solving the major problems of this country…;)

  17. Good article. However I think it’s more than 1:10,000 bad cops. But thats beside the point. Studies of actual shootings and realistic training excercises have shown (and no I dont have the link, I know…I suck) that police are actually measurably more hesitant to shoot blacks. This was shown in less black shootings vs white shootings in situations that warranted it, and in situations that ultimately did end with an OIS, there was a noticeable time delay/hesitancy between time of ROE met and engagement for blacks.
    TLDR: Police are more hesitant to legitimately shoot blacks altogether and then slower to shoot blacks when ultimately forced to.

    1. Well.
      While I agree there are more bad eggs wearing a badge out there, I really have to say that even the greater point of your assertion points to a cultural/societal pressure making policing more difficult and dangerous in general. Everything we’re witnessing now is unprecedented.
      As thuglife culture continues to grip youth of all colors in its chokehold, compounded further by totally messed up gender relations, I’m more than sure that anyone in the position to scrape a living out of trying to clean this walking horror show up whilst not dying would become embittered to say the least.
      Compound that with the shitstorm of sensitivity trainings, EO mandates, ROE revisions, faggot kids and moronic protestors and we have a recipe for disaster when we’re asking somebody — who likely dreamed from a young age of attaining the honor to feed his family by doing good for his community — to put up with it all.

      1. Oh I’m with you, brother. I guess I forgot to state my hypothesis which is that these pressures are dangerously interfering with their ability to do their job. They are so afraid of being labeled a racist that they hesitate when they shouldn’t.
        BTW I’m not a racist and I don’t want any of my comments misconstrued to that effect. Just for clarification.

        1. I don’t think anyone of reasonable mind would assert so.
          Its just an unfortunate aspect of contemporary society. If a cop is more hesitant to utilize warranted deadly force for fear of sociopolitical backlash (all, short of lynching) that poses a very real problem for those entrusted to keep the peace.
          In a perfect world nobody would get shot…

  18. “…when she does not think you are good enough for her flimsy standards equals ‘harassment.’”
    There, fixed.

  19. They also don’t care about the men in their own lives: their fathers, brothers, etc. Do you think any of those German girls bringing home cooked meals and flowers to the migrants in refugee centers ever made a home cooked meal or did a similar gesture of appreciation for their fathers who provided for them their entire lives or for their boyfriends?

  20. These were 4 groups that traditional societies always taught you to honor and respect. Honor and respect your elders because they created you, the world you live in, and you will one day be in their shoes. Respect the disabled, because we must all be thankful for our health and good genes, and those who were born less fortunate are still part of our society and because we are civilized, we support them. Respect the working class because we all rely on those doing menial jobs, especially those jobs we would never choose to do, but we recognize and honor their sacrifice. And honor the police, because in societies without victimless crimes and a police state, the police are the protectors of order and help provide a safe society for us to live and do business in. Take away honor and respect, and it all goes out the window.

  21. OT but i saw neighbors 2 yesterday, fuck that movie it’s the epitome of feminist sjw bullshit. Why can’t i go to a movie now just to get a laugh, i fucking swear a majority of comedies have multiple scenes now where they cater to these clowns, im done seeing movies with rogen he’s a pussy ass bitch if I’ve ever seen one

    1. I’m sure you are aware of Mike over at Danger and Play’s tweeting Rogan. Rogan’s wife tweeted back that she would fuck Mike. Rogan is an ass of the highest order. How does he get work in Horryweird? Oh yea….I forgot…..

    2. I don’t see many movies anymore because of this very reason. I’ve seen 3 movies in the theaters in the past 10 years: Avengers 1, Ted, and Deadpool. Every other “big” movie I just stream or wait for Redbox. I don’t want these shitheads getting any more of my money if I can help it and I don’t care if I’m 6 months to a year behind everybody else who sees it. My white hetero male friends can pay $25 to watch a movie tell them they’re assholes, but not me. I’d rather light my wallet on fire.

  22. They only focus on senior citizens when it’s convenient. i.e ‘women retire with less money than men’. Otherwise they don’t give a shit. They cannot analyse any social issue without finding a way to bring it back to their pet peeves. e.g capitalism, patriarchy etc.

  23. You should read up sometime about the Redlegs. They are the descendants of the irish and scottish slaves brought to the Caribbean before settlers started importing blacks. They are the poorest and most miserable people in the region, despised by everyone and basically invisible.

    1. wow, lots of those people are literally starving, as bad genocide photos, so crazy how close they are to one of the most developed nations on earth.

  24. Yeah, man, about the cop part…..I personally see it as a growing militarized state force and less as something for my protection. Ultimately, your protection lies with yourself, which is why I carry. There are good cops. They are people in the smae community as me. They have parents, children, etc. Some may be my friends. Ultimately again, when push comes to shove they will have to follow orders that our corrupt lawmakers have created. I mean, I’m in the South and cops are all for an armed citizenry. Several sheriffs have issued statements that they will never confiscate guns no matter what federal orders are handed down, which is awesome…but they will also, for example, throw you in a cage for years if you happen to have a certain plant.
    Of course, the paradox for SJW’s is “all cops are racist pigs/no guns-only cops should have guns”. Who knows what they will finally decide on? Regardless, you will see the 2nd amendment gone in 20 years due to the activist judges Hillary will nominate to the Supreme court, leaving said militarized force stronger than ever against its citizenry. 1984 is already here, baby. Buy your ammo now. They won’t be able to make it fast enough after november.

    1. I wish we had that in the part of Europe I’m in, but we have to go bare knuckle to everything to make a difference. Martial arts heh.
      But even here cops privately say they won’t because they can’t protect you. The only money is going to hunt for Ahmed the terrorist, no one cares that it is 0.01% of crimes…. It’s ridiculous.

    1. A term created by feminist cunts for whenever a man is trying to explain something to them. Doesn’t matter if the man is sincerely just trying to give his side of the story, if the feminist doesn’t like what he’s saying, he’s guilty of mansplaining.

      1. Uh, even if what the man is saying is steeped in actual logic and fact? They use this perjorative in that scenario, also??

        1. I see; hence why almost all of mainstream media and entertainment has turned into insufferable and unbearable crap!

    2. When a guy uses reason and accountability to explain something, A.K.A. what we’re hard wired to do.

      1. Ahahaha homegirl tries bragging about her son’s soon-to-be bullshit overinflated piece of paper and he deftly shoots her down!

        1. The movie is As Good As It Gets. It’s ok up until he tells Helen Hunt that she makes him want to be a better man. A lot of blue pill “wisdom.”

      2. Movie is As Good As It Gets…it’s pretty good up until he tells Helen Hunt that she makes him want to be a better man.

    3. ‘Your opinion/statement/fact/idea is wrong because I am a woman and you are a man.’

    4. According to feminists, it’s when men explain something as if it’s an original thought even though the though originated from a female. Essentially, it’s plagiarism – as described by SJW nutcases…

    5. It’s a tactic used by SJWs to stop a man from injecting sanity into a conversation.

    6. I always remember a story a few years back from Elevatorgate Fuckface herself, Rebecca Watson. She was on a plane ready to take off, and the stewardess was closing the overhead compartments. One wouldn’t close, so the Stew kept banging it multiple times to no avail. Finally the male passenger sitting under this racket stood up to help, suggested maybe a bag strap was caught or something.
      Watson, who was sitting nearby, wasted no time tweeting the incident, bitching about the guy “mansplaining” and “telling a trained professional how to do her job”.
      Straight from the horses mouth.

      1. But if that male passenger was a female and said the same entire thing verbatim there would be no such issue?

  25. Police? Give me a break…agree with the rest. Cops cannot defend themselves? Baloney, officer safety is so overblown they assault and kill routinely unarmed “civilians”(there term)……yeah all this racial angle is bull, American police are not racist, they abuse everyone….but blacks do bear an inordinate amount of abuse because of the heavy police presence and because blacks do not worship cops like most whites.

    1. Turn off the MSM, dickhead. Cops, believe it or not, are not more evil than drug fucked criminals.

      1. Cops are far worse….they can and do dispense their violence almost all of which is unnecessary and i cannot do a damn thing about it. You know you sound like a cop yourself…typical pussy

    2. Look at the homicide rate among black Americans and get back to us. There’s a reason for “heavy police presence.”
      Mr. Smith, the professional, responsible black man on his way to work isn’t being harassed or killed by the police.

      1. You dont have to convince me of the violent crime committed by blacks….it is ridiculous that its not a major news story…..a huge problem. But that doesnt excuse cops and their egregious behavior….99 percent of their interactions are pure harassment over petty BS

  26. You forgot a few.
    1. Members of any religion (that isn’t Islam) who take faith and morality seriously.
    2. White South Africans and Rhodesians, who know how it ends when the elite sells your country.
    3. Jews in Israel trying to avoid the same fate, with precisely no help from American Jews-in-name-only who wouldn’t be caught dead in a synagogue.
    4. Real rape victims—such as straight white men, in jail for crimes they didn’t commit or that wouldn’t be crimes in a healthy society, turned into cell-block whores by the lifers.
    5. Children unable to escape recruitment for faggotry and harlotry styling itself sex ed in government schools.
    6. Orphans of people killed by illegal immigrants for money, out of malice or out of simple criminal negligence.
    7. Boys who should be living in happy, healthy households with their fathers, trapped in the house of their vodka-swilling, carousel-riding, self-centered, utterly heartless single mothers, who keep their sons around only to pad out the welfare checks and wonder aloud why they didm’t have an abortion.
    Because they’re boys this isn’t allowed to bother them.
    When the boys finally explode, the blame for Marc Lépine and Adam Lanza is laid at the feet of the patriarchy.

    1. “3. Jews in Israel trying to avoid the same fate, with precisely no help from American Jews-in-name-only who wouldn’t be caught dead in a synagogue.” Oh boo fucking hoo. The Jews are the most privileged group in the entire fucking world. They don’t need any US aid, they are one the richest countries on the entire planet.

      1. No, they don’t. The aid is an insult. It doesn’t cover the interest on Israel’s foreign debt.
        Israel could have really used the 500 billion US dollars that European Jews and their descendants are still owed (after inflation) for property stolen or destroyed during the war by Wall Street’s man in Berlin.

        1. “It doesn’t cover the interest on Israel’s foreign debt.” That is only if you consider direct aid. For one thing, congress periodically forgives Israel’s debt every single time the US gives them a loan. They also get tonnes of research agreements, military aid, intelligence, etc.
          “Israel could have really used the 500 billion US dollars that European Jews and their descendants are still owed (after inflation) for property stolen or destroyed during the war by Wall Street’s man in Berlin.” 1) Fuck that. 2) Maybe if they didn’t piss off people so much, they wont have all their assets destroyed so often…

  27. “Issues such as PTSD amongst police officers are also routinely swept under the carpet, in favor of self-serving narratives, such as gay and transgender people suffering appalling “mental illnesses” because of discrimination on college campuses. It would seem that these same campuses, which are the biggest champions of LGBT interests and special privileges, are more dangerous than the streets of Camden, NJ, St. Louis, MO, or Detroit, MI.”
    Loved this paragraph

    1. The cops are the victims of the elites’ pretending to manage a problem when the technology to solve that problem has been around for decades.
      Our rulers need to get on with culling the criminal classes from the human gene pool or stop pretending to care.

  28. I remember thinking about this when I was an undergrad, and first really began to encounter these people in force. I ultimately came to two conclusions:
    1. SJWs live a pathetic existence, in which they’re unable to acquire any useful abilities, talents, or the values that come from developing said talents. They also lack a moral compass to guide them.
    2. Because they lack the items listed above, SJWs resent everyone around them, and dedicate their own lives to pulling everyone into the abyss with them.
    Think about everything they support: a command economy, police state, gun control, feminism, the cock carousel, abortion, pro-aids and other STD’s, a government that is a leviathan, etc. They adopt these positions because they know these goals, if fully achieved, will cause untold misery to others, which thereby ensures that they will not be alone in their own little world of hurt.

  29. WTF, SJWs totally care about the disabled. Like, I can’t even you Able-ist shitlord scum. Capitalist, white, cis, ableist society hurts everyone, especially women of color and people of color and mostly women in general. Like, fucking patriarchy, rrrgh!
    I know, because I’m a white teenage girl with no significant handicaps except being a comfortable SJW. The doctors all think I’m psychotic and narcissistic, but that’s just because they’re too out of touch to embrace my otherkin identity.
    Donate to my Patreon.
    P.S. Black Lives Matter, but not Black Cops. Also, they’re African-American lives, not Black, you racists!
    I had to turn up the sarcasm much higher than I would like on this one – I swear I’d heard my original draft before.

    1. Woman naturally hate all these groups because they take attention away from them. 😀
      Also, good job. This had me in stitches.

      1. Wherever there are handouts women can always be counted on to cut in line, bat their eyelashes, and get the lion share.

        1. That’s awesome. I knew not all women were this way, of course, but it helps to know some examples you guys can provide. There are good ladies out there, no doubt. In fact, I would say the majority are good. But the women that do have a problem, probably have it for this reason. Attention.

        2. I would say the majority are good, but still self-serving in many ways. If this self-serving nature isn’t reigned in by the husband/boyfriend, then it can fester into something far worse. I’m not nearly as cynical as most men are here, but I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in women and know where they’re coming from. The best bet is to be suspicious of all women and keep your guard up until you can safely determine if she is LTR material.

        3. I agree completely. Guarded is the word I would use. I go into every interaction guarded and then open up if I deem the person worthy. this is self-serving of me, but I see it as self-preserving. Men do tend to bring women down to Earth. Looks what happens when women are “liberated” by divorce. They run wild. I watched it growing up with every family on the block. A whole generation was butchered by that self-serving women liberation. Exactly zero of us have kids. I’m glad you have a keeper, though. Do not let go of that. You do not want to wade back into the pool.

    1. Boom. Most children are abused by women, more then half of them boys, and a majority of those boys grow up to be (surprise surprise) women batterers themselves. But in all the domestic violence rhetoric and shaming campaigns, how many focus on stopping women bashing children?
      We can only conclude feminists/SJWs have a sick desire to see children being bashed, especially boys. Just ask many grown men who were raised by feminist mothers..

      1. Not to mention, SJW’s pushed no fault divorce, don’t think parents of illegitimate children need to get married, push the idea of free childcare/younger school (when it has been should to be a waste of money at best and developmentally negative at worst), and the more subjective, they support the “right” to abortion.

  30. Ugh you forgot short men. Still the butt end of every joke, treated with no respect, how they make far less than equally qualified taller men. Kicked to the curb in dating. Can’t ever fix their shortness unlike fatties

  31. Since it’s all about getting cheap attention and free rides, anything not about themselves will of course be ignored. They are insane people and their goal is not to create a better world.

  32. good article. There should be more focus on this issue, because it’s a genuine vulnerability in the idea that ‘progressive’ politics is either genuinely ‘progressive’ or anything to do with actual social justice (i.e. for people who really do deserve to be treated more fairly). What SJW / progressive politics always masks is its self-interested, partial, and discriminatory nature, as well as the fact that as such it invariably involves the privileging of one group in order to attack the other group (typically because it is perceived or rather identified as being in power).

  33. ” I have, in contrast, met at least 500 senior citizens who did not predict rapid extensions in their lifespans, coupled with soaring health costs as they aged.”
    Nor did they realize the system would collapse which is what it will do eventually. Socisl Security was the biggest fuckin move to a socislist state. Congress should have been nuked the second they passed the SS acr.

  34. “The wage gap is a myth, completely explained by women’s choices to pursue less skilled occupations, take more vacation time, and work less overtime.”
    I had an argument with a feminist on an newspaper with this one and she cited and Australian Government Report which claimed it could attribute only about 50% of the gap to reduced time in the work force.. At the time the report seemed above board and I didn’t have time to critique and analyse it. A “friend” suggested that the “unknown” cause of the gap may not be discrimination, it may be something else. It is scientifically wrong to automatically attribute the residual gap to sexism.
    So I kept looking and found the truth. A truth that has gotten me banned of the Guardian Newspaper and a Danish professor fired (but reinstated).
    The reality is that the average adult male has both a higher mean IQ than the average adult female but the distribution is more spread out.
    There is a dirth of females with IQ’s over 120.
    This is what self-identified ‘left wing’ academic Professor Paul Irwing stated in the British Independent newspaper:
    “There are twice as many men with an IQ of 120 plus as there are women, there are 30 times the number of men with an IQ of 170-plus as there are women.
    I don’t know why this is, all I can say is that we have a huge amount of data.
    In my 2005 paper in the British Journal of Psychology we looked at 22 surveys sampling 20,000 university students. In 21 out of the 22 studies males always had an advantage. That’s a lot. We ignored the survey from Mexico because the results were consistent with a university that was extremely selective with respect to females.”, “The results of both studies were a shock to me. I find prejudice abhorrent. I’ve always taught sex differences from a left-wing point of view, that women are every bit as good as men. My findings don’t fit my view of the world at all. Girls often do better than boys at school. ”
    The Danish Professor Helmuth Nyborg, whos is not politically correct comes up with firmer figures, he stated:
    “Adult males have a mean advantage in g of about 7.5 to 9 IQ equivalent points. The variance in mental test scores is 10 to 20% greater for males. The combined effect of higher mean and greater variance result in an exponentially increasing male over-representation from average g (IQ=100) and up, from 2 males for each female at g=1 SD (IQ=115) to more than 10 males for each female at g=3 SD (IQ=145)”
    This explains the gender pay gap.
    Note, historical genetic data shows that 80% of human females managed to reproduce whereas only 40% of males.
    Males were subject to much hasher evolutionary pressure.
    The smattering of women with IQ over 120 is so low it threatens our civilisation to educate women (who do well in their late teens academically) in high functioning jobs.

    1. One thing about the gender gap, if it were real, you would see several companies that would get ahead by hiring only women. If it were true that you could get equivalent work for less pay, that company would achieve more profit.

  35. “If you think life is hard paying for college when you can work, try having to pay for a billion medical pills and bills while you cannot work due to age or other infirmities.”
    Talk about cherry picking. Of course it’s true that a lot of old people have substantial medical expenses. But in most developed nations, the medical expenses of the old are substantially subsidised in one way or another by the working age population (as is their income and various other services). The old don’t pay all their medical bills out of their own means. And while the aged may no longer be able to work for a living, they have often had all their lives to accumulate assets and have substantially greater net worth than the bulk of the population. And they typically no longer have many of the expenses of the working age population such as raising families or paying off homes etc. But apparently the only salient data points are ‘can’t work’ and ‘medical expenses’.
    “I have, in contrast, met at least 500 senior citizens who did not predict rapid extensions in their lifespans, coupled with soaring health costs as they aged.”
    People are living longer in developed countries today precisely because of improved living standards, less hazardous jobs etc. compared to previous times. Having to deal with longer life expectancy is a privileged, first world problem. But apparently being able to live longer is a terrible burden that people should expect sympathy for. For most of the human population throughout most of history, there was little need to worry about the problems of old age as life was generally nasty, brutish and short.
    As for the claim that SJW’s don’t care about old people, alleged ageism against older people has probably been one of the biggest PC causes of our time. It seems the whole point of this article is that the only thing wrong with SJWs is that they need to marginally alter their focus of championed victim groups

  36. Another moronic cop defender… By Zeus! So SJWs hate the police, you say? It does not mean that I should automatically admire those plebeians in uniform. If anything, it means that SJWs are not completely stupid… The author claims that we need the police to maintain order. Do you know why that is? I will make it quite simple for you: WE NEED THE POLICE BECAUSE THE POLICE EXISTS. The illegitimate monopoly of force by the State creates a demand for modern police forces. Leave the computer for a while and study some history. If you pay attention, you will find out that modern police forces are an extremely recent development and a natural component (a cause as well as an effect) of modern disfunction.

  37. The disabled and elderly are neglected and considered disposable by SJWs because a socialist economy can’t generate the wealth needed to help them.
    Since they often can’t work they can’t pay the taxes needed to swell the leaders’ bank accounts, the real reason euthanasia is popular among established socialist governments.
    In socialism the people exist only to support the elite.

  38. Disabled people are ignored by SJW’s as they have their own games and don’t want to take part in the victim Olympics
    This is mainly because, in spite of the crap hand they’ve been dealt, a lot of disabled people won’t sit around whinging like a pussy about privilege

  39. The UK also has an awful policy in place in which entry level government, media and many other important positions for graduates and young professionals are prioritised for ‘diverse candidates’. Diverse candidates are simply put gays, women, the disabled and all ethnic minorities. Basically it’s to inform you that if you’re a white male you have a very limited chance of making a difference to your nation. The death of European meritocracy folks.

  40. The most curious omission was the disabled. Perhaps it is the latent belief that these folks need to be euthanized.

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