Tactics For The War Against Cultural Marxism In 2015

Our enemies committed many blunders in 2014, but that is now the past. We need to be at the top of our game if we want to expand our offensive into 2015 and win more victories. In this regard, there are some things we need to understand and some tactics we need to utilize going forward.

1. Our enemies have more operational experience

While our side may in some ways be considered part-time militia, we find ourselves opposing what is essentially a standing army. Our enemies are full-time professional soldiers. They are motivated and fanatically devoted to their cause, and willing to expend all of their energies on it because it is often their profession to do so.

Our forces are part-time militia because our side is comprised of people that actually have lives. Our side has friends, plays games, goes out, has dates, works real jobs, etc. Because of this our enemy will usually have more operational experience and higher levels of fanaticism by default. This is a significant disadvantage to us.

What we lack in quantity we must make up for in quality. Our troops must be better trained, better equipped, and better led. Fortunately, this is something that nature swings in our favor. The typical red piller is of much higher quality in appearance, accomplishments, mannerisms, and worldview.

While the manosphere may be considered as the anti-cultural Marxist coalition’s shock troops for this reason, the SJW’s are inferior even to the typical gamer or atheist, as well as the normal people in other groups they have managed to alienate. This is in fact because they are normal. SJW’s are not. Arguments do not attain power. Appearance does.

Our troops must have a workout regimen. They must maintain a high quality appearance. They must speak and act with decision and power. They must maintain their frame against SJW shit tests. They must be trained in a powerful ethos (if ever there were a time for a manosphere academy, it is now). They must be led to strike boldly at targets of opportunity.

Our forces, part-timers though they be, must become the most vaunted and feared political and cultural army in the world. This is a historical disadvantage of part-time militia against full-time professionals, but this is the dynamic we must create.


2. Domination of space, or “area denial”

A principal position of military might is domination of space. A victorious force must dominate space while actively denying the enemy space. In case you missed the boat, the SJW’s dominate a lot of space at the moment, and it is the biggest reason why they have been so successful. Indeed, you can recognize this tactic by how the SJW’s constantly bring up their favorite buzzwords in any community they manage to gain entry into, gaming being the biggest example.

When SJW’s say that X community must be “more inclusive,” or that there’s a lot of racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, otherkinophobia, xyzphobia in x community,” it is an active attempt to dominate space.

Going forward into 2015, our forces must firstly engage in area denial tactics. All instances of SJW entryism must be recognized and snuffed out immediately. Commenters spewing SJW rhetoric on thus far neutral or clean sites must be banned on sight. We must prevent the enemy from spreading to other communities, and also push back in enemy territory. This means we need to conduct raids in SJW hot zones while denying them access to ours.

We also need to actively start dominating space on a wider scale. I used to scoff at hashtag activism that is the SJW meme du jour, but GamerGate has proven that hashtag activism can be just as effective against its creators as it has been on their victims.

Our side should take popular memes and turn them against the SJW’s, as GamerGate did with the SJW-created logo for love and acceptance in gaming to great effect. There are other memes around such as “Meininist” that can also be used spectacularly. Whenever the SJW’s come out with another outrage, debunk it if possible, mock it, and spread it to the ends of the earth in a rapid mobilization to dominate the space before they do.

Again, the fact that they have what is essentially a standing army will work against us here, but our numbers are now large enough to act in this way.


3. Dual power

This is a tactic associated with the left emerging out of the 19th century (the term itself was coined by Lenin), but in practice it has always been around. The basic idea behind this is that alternative institutions are created that then compete with the entrenched institutions of power. The alternative institutions then begin to accumulate power, transfer the loyalties of the populace, and in this way begin the transformation of society.

The mainstream institutions weaken and the populace then makes changes in the wider mainstream society through their base from the formerly alternative institutions. It is essentially “creating a new world in the shell of the old.

Return of Kings (and the manosphere in general) is a great example of dual power in action. It amassed a large readership in 2013, continued to expand in 2014, and is now in a position of sufficient strength to actively take the offensive and begin to make inroads into the transformation of society.

Manosphere forces arrived in strength to reinforce the gamers and reinvigorated the GamerGate revolt, supplying it with critical new energy that greatly contributed to the spectacular offensives in October and November that cost Gawker a million dollars, among other victories.

Dual power works to our active advantage. While our enemies may be full-time professional victims and complainers, they are fanatical zealots and authoritarians. In this regard they drive people away and make them actively seek out alternative institutions. The new sites springing up in the wake of GamerGate are other alternative institutions that can employ a dual power strategy by sapping the mainstream, SJW-infested outlets of readership and therefore ad dollars.

In this regard this strategy is a subset of spatial domination and area denial. We simultaneously create new spaces from which we can strengthen our forces and launch new offensives, while actively denying their use to the enemy and weakening the enemy’s own spaces of power.

DACS; (c) DACS; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Understand that we are in a bitter struggle. I have used military language in this post for a reason—this is a war. Quintus said it best on the forum a few months ago:

We as men are engaged in a war against forces that seek to destroy us collectively and individually. This is a critical moment in modern history. Any man who doesn’t get this fundamental truth, who isn’t prepared to resist the forces that seek to subjugate him, doesn’t deserve to survive.

We have been taking the abuse from these people for years upon years, and now is the time to start fighting back.

This is a war that I want to wage. This is one that was forced on us. They are the ones who seek to deprive us of our dignity, our livelihood, and our identity. We are going on the offense from now on. No backing down, no apologizing, and no equivocating.

And we will be heard.

If I could be a prophet today, I would say that they will one day regret that they gave us no other option but to oppose them with every ounce of our being.

Human psychology and the nature of conflict don’t change, whether that conflict is fought with bullets or tweets. We must be aware of these tactics and the lessons of history and continue to move forward. Many of the issues we face would have erupted into violence in the past, and still might.

For the past half century, Cultural Marxists have gained prominence and have systematically undermined western civilization. As Quintus also said, they seek to destroy our culture and replace it with nothing. It might take another half century to undo the damage they have done. We must be in this for the long haul and remember that this cultural Hundred Years’ War is ours to lose. The consequences of our losing will be the wholesale destruction of our identity and well-being.

As Roosh said in his last video: work on yourself, make yourself a high quality soldier, sharpen your blades, keep your powder dry, and prepare for battle.

Let’s begin the 2015 campaign with vigor and power. Keep these tactics squarely in your mind to expand on our great successes in 2014.

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210 thoughts on “Tactics For The War Against Cultural Marxism In 2015”

  1. “Arguments do not attain power. Appearance does.”
    I’d argue that arguments do in fact attain power, but thankfully for us SJWs are awful at both.

  2. I will not back down. I will stand along side my brothers. We will bring stability to ourselves, our women and our children. We have many differing opinions but we all desire one thing: healthy humans living productive lives.

    1. It’s important to clue other RP guys in. I was at a youth hockey game a few years ago with a RP buddy, whose kid we were there to watch. Another guy chatted with my friend about the quality of education their son’s were getting and he hesitated before he said something “un-PC” in front of me about it. I picked up on this and said “Don’t worry; I’m with the resistance.”
      One thing we must understand as RP men, particularly as we get older (um, like me)–and I’ve said this repeatedly, and will continue to say it:
      All The Young Men Are Our Sons.
      You may have to pick and choose. It maybe a nephew, not a son*, it may be the nascent RP son of a blue-pill buddy, but we Have To Watch Out For Our Own.
      À bientôt,
      *In my case, a few women will tell you that I’m gold when it comes to helping them along as well. A woman I work with who is late 20s was getting conflicting advice from me and a well-meaning, but blue-pill born again, and she basically told him that she feels that the advice that I give her prepares her better for life. Sorted.

      1. Great points. It’s strange how maturation affects an individual throughout life. I’m not old, but I’m not quite young anymore. Haven’t lost my fastball yet, but it’s not there every day out of bed. Anyway I’ve been doing that for the last year when interacting with college students (as part of work I do). I give them advice in absolute terms based on experience and observation that hopefully shakes the intentional haze the youth are forced to mire in (especially in the ‘education’ they get these days at the collegiate level). And you can always see them spark up when they realize some truth on their own. It’s very rewarding. As for other men I work with, most don’t care to focus on much past their own immediate needs. Every now and then though, when I throw out an RP litmus test, I’ll get a knowing nod. And I’m using your “I’m with the resistance.” Matter of fact, someone mentioned selling items to help fund this site. That’s a perfect slogan to put discretely on pens, mugs, and whatever.

        1. No you wind up zipped up in one of my duffle bags stuffed inside a closet in an abandoned house…

      2. The scales have fallen from her eyes. Its simply because most women at heart want to be women rather than men in women’s clothes. It is a relief to them when a real man tells them what they already know to be true and gives them permission to be what they really want to be.

        1. Indeed. Both Truth and Biology are on our side in this.
          “Stand ye calm and resolute,
          Like a forest close and mute,
          With folded arms and looks which are
          Weapons of unvanquished war.

          And if then the tyrants dare,
          Let them ride among you there;
          Slash, and stab, and maim and hew;
          What they like, that let them do.
          With folded arms and steady eyes,
          And little fear, and less surprise,
          Look upon them as they slay,
          Till their rage has died away:
          Then they will return with shame,
          To the place from which they came,
          And the blood thus shed will speak
          In hot blushes on their cheek:
          Rise, like lions after slumber
          In unvanquishable number!
          Shake your chains to earth like dew
          Which in sleep had fallen on you:
          Ye are many—they are few!”

      3. “All the Young Men are Our Sons”
        I like this a lot. And the little boys of America, Canada, and Great Britain desperately need (and usually want) strong male protection and guidance. Cheers.

      4. Also just some practical things to add to this discussion
        1. Set up an anonymous fb account- one where you feel comfortable expressing your views. Subscribe to the usual suspects, Huff Po, Gawker, Jezebel, Psychology Today (which is just full of the PC-bull infecting academia) Vice magazine, Pitchfork
        Whereever you see a brother going against the PC doctrine, help him out. There are loads of us out there and it’s always encouraging to see our views finally being represented in the comments of these publications.
        2. SJW’s attack the man, not the argument.
        A lot of the time SJW’s arguments don’t hold up so they use ad hominem attacks. Don’t be tempted to attack the man back. Stick firm to your points, and gently remind the person you’re arguing against that they look stupid when they attack the person and not the arguments.
        3- Control the argument: SJW’s will generally try to derail the argument. ALWAYS ALWAYS bring them back on point. Don’t let them weasel their way out of your original point.
        When they start attacking the man, or saying things like “uggh”, you know you’re winning.
        4- Have fun; play around with them. You’ll be surprised at how clueless some of them are. This annoys the sh1t outta them. You don’t need to be rude, just be calm and those people will show their true colours before too long.
        5. Eventually a point will be reached where media, advertisers and society will begin to take notice. (it’s already happening) When this happens you watch them shut the f*ck up when we speak. Because ultimately we are in charge here. (just look at what we did to Gawker)
        That’s it i think. Obviously it’d be great if we could do this non-anonymously but the risks are high. Better to remain in subversive mode untill we reach critical mass. When that happens, there’ll be no turning back.
        Good luck comrades!

  3. Big and medium players in the Manosphere, and other anti-sjw spheres need to share twitter accounts and retweet for that mobilization effect.
    Another thing that is necessary is the ‘weaponized minorities’ thing. There is a subreddit called redpillwomen if you catch my meaning.
    As for ethnic ‘minorities’ (never liked the term) they exist in the manosphere.
    While there are some who will find this distasteful, and it is, remember than feminism is only one head of the beast.
    ‘Anti-racism’ is the other.
    The head responsible for the authoritarian control they seek got BTFO in the cold war so these other two had to join in and fight proxy fights for it.
    Nobody wants what they want, so SJWs hide it. Your job, is to make them live up to their own standards and ruin them that way. That was Alinksy’s thesis in rules for radicals

    1. Your job, is to make them live up to their own standards and ruin them that way. That was Alinksy’s thesis in rules for radicals.

      Men defending their rights by suing universities based on title IX is a good example. So is using the Left’s concern about journalism’s prerogatives to urge them to voice concerns about the many forms of government’s anti-free-speech activities.

    2. Of course we exist in the manosphere
      Your average minority is nowhere as likely to be a leftist ideologue than a suburban white. Keep in mind that most minorities lean liberal for the same reason rural whites lean conservative: Ethnic self interest
      We just need to rally people of all kinds against the western disease that is equalism
      All those articles about black men this, or Muslim men that, it’s all unnecessary infighting. Nobody is saying you can’t have your racial pride and space, but all the pointless provocation probably lost Roosh a bunch of readers

      1. You also need to realize that until the early 1960s blacks in the US of A were almost all Republicans; the anti-slavery party. MLK was a staunch Republican until Kennedy decided to buck the Democratic power structure and back civil rights legislation. The 1964 civil rights act was passed with more Republican votes than Democratic votes, and LBJ faught for it and signed it while remaining a dyed in the wool racist. .

      2. I personally don’t hate black people or brown people or anybody because of their race but I am a separatist. I would like to see a more prosperous Africa, Asia etc. Less reason to move to my country and if you ask the evil racist white man does he blame immigrants for our current situation, he would say hell no. The blame lies with the morons the herd put in charge of our destiny. What did Roosh say that was so bad?

  4. I have a question about SJWs: Do they ever self-identify as Social Justice Warriors, using that specific term, or are they like hipsters where nobody will actually say “I’m a hipster” but you can still identify them based on a few key traits? I’ve been entertained the past few months by watching Mike Cernovitch from Danger&Play argue with (and demolish) SJWs on twitter, but I’ve never seen any of them use that word or acronym for what they are.

      1. Progressive is a term I know, but when I hear it I think of people who are probably older and have been liberal/leftist for a long time, but aren’t necessarily real vocal about it. The image that comes to mind right away is that couple on the show Portlandia, Kath and Dave. Social Justice Warrior on the other hand makes me think of a younger person with a whole slew of diagnosed and undiagnosed mental illnesses, who mostly operates on the Internet and probably cries a lot. Progressives, as individuals seem a little more benign to me (as a whole they’re scary) and they probably have their lives more together than your average SJW. I don’t know.

        1. Progressives are the type that run undercover child sex slave rings while claiming that “right-wing nutjobs” are trying to “destroy our values”.
          They are not benign at all. You may recognize some of them by their extreme anti-male and anti-White attitudes.They’re the ones that seem to be somewhat lucid while they paint all men as oppressors of women and whites as oppressors of everybody else,when in reality it is usually they themselves who actively try to push non-Whites to the back of the line and sometimes have a history of rape or sexual assault against women and/or children. A more apt description of this type would be “Projectives” because of their habit of projecting their own faults onto others..
          Spot on about the SJW’s,though.

        2. I know. I tried to point out that I think progressives as a group are very dangerous, but if you met one of them individually, he or she might not seem so bad. I have a pretty good friend who considers himself a progressive. We don’t agree politically at all but we have similar interests otherwise so it works. He just went through an awful marriage and a lot of bs that he could have avoided if he knew anything about red pill ideas. I’ve wanted to clue him in, but I know he’ll just dismiss it all as as “misogyny and hate-mongering and…” blah blah blah. It’s a shame.

        3. He sounds like the perfect recruit actually. I think someone who has been crushed emotionally by a bad relationship is a very susceptible person. they are highly ego-invested in their ideas and their ideals and all the equalism bullshit their relationship was “built” upon didn’t mean jack when he got fucked over. He’s at a stage where he is indeed questioning himself, his life and the very meaning of life. Try dropping just one or two very simple RP truths on that guy and let time and his current emotional agitation chip away at his mind as he lays tossing in his bed at night.
          Start with the easy ones like “Watch what they do, not what they say”. Fuck I have taught ten year olds that, they use it, they get it, they think its like a fucking super secret spy ring and they love it, because of course it works.
          Once people take in a single simple truth like that and see it in operation all around them, they become very receptive to other ideas.

        4. I am working on him. It’s very tricky. Like most leftists, really stuck in his ways, really capable of extreme amounts of cognitive dissonance.

    1. I’ve seen institutions with ‘social justice’ in the title. Although I couldn’t say where they fit in ideologically for sure, the idea of social justice is one that is distinct from notions of justice for individuals, and is of a piece with marxist / socialist social analyses. Beyond that I would say that the term is almost self-explanatory being premised on an assumption that one can only have justice by changing society in part or whole. This idea is so ingrained and naturalised that social justice warriors now see justice primarily in such terms i.e. for groups rather than individuals. The warrior adjective isn’t IMO something they would use because it is clearly intended to satirise their activities

    2. I think the rise of people basically being raised by the internet has lead to the creation of the SJW. Without any real world experience in the situations they talk about they usually take very harsh and unwaverings stances on things, almost like Fox news but to the far left, couple that with the anonymity the internet provides and they basically have a shield to say whatever they want.

  5. when I was a teen a man told me “90% of the people are chickenshit and the other 10% are glad of it.” You mat not want to fight, but somebody wants to fight you. This is a great article, compliments!

  6. I am afraid I am not really one for using twitter, but I like to think I am still doing my part. I work in an environment that currently has a lot of senior employees (guys with 30+ years service) and younger men (guys with 5 or less years service). Not too much in between. Lately I have been taking every opportunity to get the older guys talking about how gender relations were when they were young men. The young guys laughed at first, but more and more they listen to what these experienced men are saying. Not just gender relations either; economics, politics, anything that highlights that life doesn’t match up with the narrative they have all been fed growing up. Young men aren’t dumb, but they haven’t been encouraged to actually think for themselves. If they can learn to think critically, to question what they are being told is ‘true’ and not accept it without reservation…that seems like a good start to me.

    1. Exactly. We have to educate the young men about the “before time”, when women were feminine and understood their exalted roles as Wives and Mothers, instead of ‘Whores And The City’ cum dumpsters who live broken, empty lives.

    2. They must be pretty young because its nearly impossible to convince a guy over the age of 25 that the game is rigged against him. It takes for a man to be beaten down in a marriage, divorce court, hr department, etc.t o get the full picture. With all the programming in society, most men wont wake up until their 40s and it will be too late.

      1. Most of the young guys are 25 and younger, and they are seeing (through the older men’s eyes) exactly what you describe; broken marriages, divorce rape, and everything else that makes life a deck stacked against them.

    3. If anyone wants to befriend me on facebook, it’s
      We can organize concerted attacks (or just laugh at eachother’s trolling of SJW’s)
      I’d suggest using an anonymous account (as i have done) not linked in any way to your regular account.
      I look forward to trolling together!

  7. For all those who wish to identify our enemy, I give you our friend Rocking MrE’s Recognizing a Cultural Marxist.

    1. Smart dude. However, the theologians/generals/scholars may articulate their soldiers/priests/professors manual for them, they often don’t really fight it at the ground level. We need a better “Field manual” for the grunt with his boots on the ground. It cannot just be a player’s guide to pussy. It must incorporate far more than just appearance, gym routines, and pick up tactics. It has to exemplify a state of being.
      You can’t just be a pick-up artists of sorts that rhetorically attacks a social Marxist. You have to be their exact polar opposite. We have been raised by Marxists of every stripe. Especially female. It takes a lot of internal debugging before you get there.

      1. It takes a lot of courage to do so, especially in college where one can risk social ostrisation because of one politically incorrect beliefs. However I do agree with you, a how-to-be a Contras to the Cultural Marxists Sardinistas. We are in a culture war, and it isn’t quite the way Fox News says it is, but it is much deeper and more important.

      2. The interesting thing about this is that there are more to the routine readers that meets the eye. There are philosophers, historians, techies, psychologists, writers, fitness trainers, entrepreneurs……the list goes on.
        The battle should continue to be fought with emphasis on making SJWs look ridiculous through digital means.
        But do not doubt their strength. It is of utmost importance to maintain our anonymity. Unlike them, they have the ability to take our livelihood away if they find our identities.

  8. Its good to hear some thoughts on tactics, including for attack. By and large the manosphere has taken form in reaction to the progressive onslaught and that means that it is primarily defensive. Defensive only goes so far. Its time to hit some shit into their court. And I don’t mean a tennis ball – unless its packed with semtex …in which case it would blow up in our faces but you know what I mean…
    Re. Alinsky…..I’m sure there are tactics that can be borrowed or adapted (I’m not that familiar with his work but have read summaries) or better still maybe to the plentiful books on game we can have some red pill manuals for warfare – lots of people here seem to love the 48 laws series I’m sure there would be a market
    In that regard its worth noting that many of the successes of the progressives in recent years have followed their adoption of particular types of argument – the much denied gay rights manual for tactics – After the Ball for instance identifies very specific ways to present arguments, for instance by stressing that “its just about love”, “how can love be wrong” etc…..because people obviously have positive feelings about love. Another very useful one was presenting an orientation as ‘no big deal’ like just choosing a different flavour of icecream – if you follow debates on gay marriage for instance you will see that example – sexuality as just a different flavour of ice-cream or similar – used time and time again – why? Because it works.
    The point here is to put our money where our mouths are – we claim to be cool-headed and unemotional – if so let us develop the arguments that work (along with the wider institutional tactics as recommended in this article) – that also means junking over the side the arguments that don’t work. I’m no military man, but I can see that there will be a need for tactics, fire-power and the discipline to use both effectively

    1. how about agree and amplify, but be subtle about it. You have to lay the trap ahead of time but if you know an SJW is going to push something too far, you aid and abet them. So for example, Mrs Jones gets up at the PTA meeting pushing for cutting down a tree on the school lot because it drops nuts once every two years and her little boy is allergic to nuts. So you support it, you encourage her, you get her worked into a lather and encourage her to remove all the trees. Have her chase the tail all the way to expose how stupid it was in the first place.
      Now before you say my example is nuts, pardon the pun, its not, its actually a true story in my town, a mother did indeed want to chop down trees at a local school for that reason.
      I think a lot of SJW arguments and positions fall apart very quickly when extracted just a step or two further, so force, encourage or trick the SJW into articulating those steps out loud to expose the crazy to more neutral parties. the tree example was handy too because it put children’s safety against environmental concerns. As pointed out elsewhere, if you can get SJW’s to fight each other, so much the better.
      Another example, 1 in 4. I think this myth of campus sexual assault is finally getting close to blowing itself out. If I ever hear that in person, I immediately challenge the numbers aggressively. “OK, so there are 8 women in this room who have gone to college, which of you two have been sexually assaulted?” Just carpet bombing with facts on a single idea can be effective in destroying any credibility of an SJW in a social setting. So, study up.

      1. If it works then maybe it will work again. Its all part of putting together a rule book for dealing with SJWs. I imagine though that with the example of 8 women in a room that’s a potentially risky strategy to generalise (even if its worked for you) unless you’re confident the answer is going to be in the negative. Early days

        1. You are right it is risky, arguably if 25% of the women in the room say they have been sexually assaulted, I would legitimately concede that sexual assault is a serious problem. But I am confident that you are going to get a big fat no to that question. That’s one reason the one in four myth is so insidious is because your standard SJW relies on the fact that it would be very uncomfortable for a man to bring up sexual assault so directly in mixed company as a topic of conversation or debate. This is the root of political correctness, keeping some topics verboten for the “oppressor class”. If indeed for some reason you did get an affirmative, well its a great opportunity to flip the script and be genuinely supportive and understanding of an actual victim. If an SJW is “going off”, more often then not its to push an agenda that may have nothing to do with actual victims. So if you find yourself in the midst of an actual victim, you use it as the chance to demonstrate you can be caring, reasonable and actually listen to a victim, call it a teachable moment.
          I am extremely comfortable you are never going to hear two out of eight women say yes to that question unless you are standing in a rape crisis center. Of all the women I have known in my life, I only know of two who have been sexually assaulted, as in raped, not eye raped, not made to feel uncomfortable but actually PIV forcibly raped. I imagine there are others I know who have been, I just don’t know about it but I am confident, its not every fourth woman walking down the street.
          Either way, I totally agree, we need a play book that is easy to throw down moves that confound your average SJW with simple shit like facts.
          I think if you are comfortable going past social norms in terms of discomfort in social settings you can break a lot of the control that cultural Marxists try to exert through shame tactics. Keep in mind, you’re never going to convert a SJW, if you have it out with them, its for the benefit of the audience on hand to demonstrate that SJW’s are full of shit and just because they screech does not mean they have a valid or universally supported position. They are fallable, that’s all that needs to be demonstrated.

        2. “one reason the one in four myth is so insidious is because your standard SJW relies on the fact that it would be very uncomfortable for a man to bring up sexual assault so directly in mixed company as a topic of conversation or debate. This is the root of political correctness, keeping some topics verboten for the “oppressor class”.”
          Yes, I agree with that.
          I also agree that “If an SJW is “going off”, more often then not its to push an agenda that may have nothing to do with actual victims” is exactly right but demonstrating it will always be tricky. As you say if you do get an affirmative you’re going to have to be ‘genuinely supportive’ and demonstrate that you actually do care about real victims. I’m not entirely convinced that one can always get a straight up answer though, or for that matter that women who’ve come to define rape / sexual assault according to cutting edge feminist mis-information are necessarily going to be able to distinguish the real from the imagined here. Unfortunately that might mean potentially being ‘genuinely supportive’ to someone you may not be sure is a genuine victim. Calling out bullshit is important, but I’m not sure its ever going to be easy to do: the situation is still a minefield, even if there is a case for walking right through it without deviating course

        3. So this is why I keep saying we need a web page dedicated to debunking Rad-fem bullshit. It cannot and should not be ROK, it would need to be rigorously objective in presenting metrics about just a few key rad-fem talking points. In a perfect world it would have an iphone app for it. The basic idea being you are in a debate with a Lindy West wannabe, rape stats come up, you whip out your phone and go to the site. There plain as day are statistics by the DOJ etc that flat out debunk the myth, along with citations etc.
          Nothing rains on an SJW parade like cold hard facts.
          The site would be better off being tight and limited and very well researched. It would do well to distance itself from MRA’s, ROK etc so a harpy cannot cry that its biased. It would take discipline in putting it together to keep it from slipping into a sinkhole of hyperbole.
          Everyone these days has access to the web pretty much instantly in just about any social setting. If men are not capable of on the fly debate, leave them with instantly accessible, concise resources based on fact that can support even a stumbling attack on a warrior, take the fight to hand to hand combat, they hate that. I recognize this is counter to the thrust of this article, in terms of occupying their space etc, but the foot soldier needs training and weapons for when he encounter the enemy in day to day combat.
          As your closer in an argument, “It hurts my feewings that you would disregard these facts about the actual victimization of…..(Flip the script here)”.
          Pull the SJW stunt and circle back to deliver their own shiv of feelings and accusations of oppression. “So you think that little boys being sexually assaulted is not as bad as women being assaulted?” Kill them with their own supposed kindness.
          Just a thought a thought that keeps coming up again and again. Change the debate back to a naturally male dominated space, that of logic, reason and fact.

        4. I cannot imagine a perfect world with Lindy West (or a Lindy West wannabe) in it, let alone one where one had to debate with her. The unwritten rule is don’t debate with feminists if you can avoid it, but yes, sometimes we may need to have that debate and have strong arguments and stats to back it up. I’m not good with statistics myself but I’m aware they have to be interpreted – demolishing the 1 in 4/5 stat is about reconstructing the research it is based upon, interrogating the validity / reliability of the research, of the definition of rape used, particularly with regard to what was included
          as rape / sexual assault etc. Here’s an article that tackles this issue and traces the dodgy statistics back to an equally dodgy 2007 study – http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/no-1-in-5-women-have-not-been-raped-on-college-campuses/article/2551980 I think an app or something similar could be useful but I don’t think it could just be about alternative statistics from different sources. SWJs would just say they were biased, just as we consider (with very good cause) that their stats / research are rubbish. There is a need though for solid data that presents a better picture – one site I look at is New Male Studies (it’s a journal – google it) – which provides an alternative male perspective to the feminist ‘men & masculinities’ abomination that Michael Kimmel leads. Its dry, academic and not really red pill but is still on the margins of acceptability.
          I think debate should only be engaged when there’s a chance of winning or benefitting from the result. Generally speaking we can only lose from entering into debate with SJWs – it took me years to realise that, and many wasted hours. The arguments that the SJWs use to win have been designed as psy-ops tactics by the likes of Alinsky et al. – and often consist of ‘meme’s or soundbites that ‘win’ the debate simply by being repeated or spread ‘virally’. In the first instance I think there’s a lot we can do to unpick the foundations of SJW thinking by exposing how they do such things. And yes, despite the need to be cautious about which battles to engage in its important to contest each
          and every point and to concede nothing.

      1. And my bow.*
        *I have blond, non-girly hair, but am not even remotely elvish. In fact, our enemies will see me coming and say, “They have a Cave Troll”…. 😉

        1. Lol. A tanto a Japanese dagger. Or maybe I should change it to a yoroidoshi instead. That’s a Japanese armor piercing dagger.

    1. Given how most Feminists Look like Orcs and goblins, I find this Lord of the Rings reference more than fitting. LOL

        1. Great video.
          I’m reading the Sharpe novels right now, currently on the 2nd (he’s in India, trying to bang some weak captain’s wife). I love Bernard Cornwell’s books…my screen name is derived from the protagonist of his Warlord Trilogy, which is the best retelling of the Arthur legends I have ever read…I highly recommend that and the Saxon Tales to any Sharpe fans

        2. Good point. I would have him lead my army but I would never take relationship advice from him.

  9. The main problem I see is that SJWs, cultural Marxists an progressives for lack of better terms are supported by the media, most forms of government an dominate the education system. These are the 3 things your average person gets their views on life from, we need to come up with a way to combat that. I try an talk to a lot of guys an show them that they’re being lied to an introduce red pill truths with varying degrees of success, most guys swallow some but arn’t ready to swallow it whole.

    1. True.
      But their very size & ubiquitousness can be used against them. We’ve got to go in with the mindset that there is always a solution, a ‘game’ to overcome whatever tactic or resource they rely upon.
      Historical precedents exist where Protean formless groups like ourselves can get the better of the big Cultural Marxist beast of the moment.
      The key point that works in our favor is that we, on the Manosphere, like scientists, have our principles anchored in reality, with it’s all its inherent unpleasantness at times, as opposed to the enemy who tries to funnel & filter reality through the lens of Delusion.
      If your cause is just & reality anchored & there is an unwavering commitment to seeing this through to the end, then there is always a way.
      Like you, at the moment i too am struggling with the slow burn approach in opening the eyes & minds of guys in my circle. I’m also working on my own self improvement for the credibility when i do that.
      Keep up the good fight.

      1. Self improvement an learning game is in itself a minor victory because you’re unplugging yourself outta theor system to a degree an not being a total slave. I do struggle to see a way for the manosphere to take down the femized PC establishment but am willing to fight.

  10. There are also cracks appearing in the SJW side. It seems white women and homosexuals within the movement are pressing their interests to the exclusion of everyone else. Just consider how they largely supported that lesbian couple who sued the sperm bank for accidentally giving them a biracial baby. Or consider Lena Dunham unwillingness to add “diversity” to the cast of “Girls.” Racial/ethnic minorities, many of whom have traditionalist leanings, will likely begin bailing in droves if they have not already done so.

  11. A very good piece. Your point about spatial dominance is particularly apt. It can be done with even small numbers of people,but we all,individually, have to be real go-getters and basically start up and build up a lot of things with the idea from the very beginning of using them as anti-SJW outposts without explicitly mentioning this fact. I think collectively we now have enough group awareness to spot one another without explicit statements of intent and beliefs. The SJW side seems to have a natural talent for this, they think that we do as well, which is why they are always intercepting “dog whistles’ which we are not sending (well,that and the fact that they’re fucking nuts).
    Nevertheless,in order to dominate the highest towers of cultural power, we will need to do some deep cover blackops and start endeavors nominally about something like “sports” or “art”,keep our connections to the wider movement totally secret or known only to fellow-travelers, (never explicitly stated)and keep doing this with every aspect of life until we are in the catbird seat with high-profile politicians,media figures, and celebrities espousing our beliefs like the SJW’s are now. Then we can explicitly state our beliefs and back each other up from various institutions,and with that cultural consensus,the brainwashed lemmings that support the SJW’s will support us just as fervently as their former masters.
    We can reach a large minority of people with common sense arguments, and these are and will be the backbone of our movement, but some people are naturally too stupid to think for themselves and are disinclined to do so. They will go along with whatever everyone else is doing.

  12. Here’s a point to focus on.. stop using the choice language of the enemy. Words matter. Many do not realize how much time and money has gone into choosing the euphemisms used to control the masses.
    Call things what they are. Social justice warriors are actually social injustice warriors. Feminists are actually female supremacists. Diversity is actually forced diversity or forced quotas. Rape culture is actually rape paranoia. Learn how the pros do it, make millions, and get their way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nuiy6oyk56U

    1. Agreed, words are very powerful and SJWs have given power to several terms like entitled, gender, and patriarchy. They have managed to change the meaning and context of these words to use them in their favor. We should do the same as you stated.

  13. A major reason SJWs are winning is because they have infiltrated key power structures. Which is something I think we should be trying to do more of. We can’t win if everyone just withdraws and hopes for a collapse.

    1. Correct. Check out the dark underbelly of feminism called RADFEM. People who support that are people who are already in existing power structures. RADFEM is for the total violent eradication of men.

    1. The Gynofascists actually had the nerve to flock to Forney’s tattoo story and DEMAND that we find tattoos and piercings attractive.

    2. Not even close. We haven’t seen anything like that yet. Let’s not get carried away, shall we?

  14. This is a vital topic, we must not lose faith in our heritage and civilization. Do not give up hope, the battle is not over until every Man is dead. And with a quick look at the Internet, that is far from being the case.
    When fighting a cultural war such as this, where our opponents are in established positions of power, one thing of vital importance is to pick our battles carefully.
    For example, if you are a college student under the thumb of a liberal professor who regularly spouts nonsense, and you want to tell him off in front of the class, see if there is a means of conveying the red pill to receptive classmates without openly contradicting the professor, because he will screw you over by grading you down.
    This sort of analysis must be applied to every situation, in order to get maximum impact at minimum cost to yourself. Not to do so would be unwise, and we’d be decimated- it would be like if al Qaeda decided to fight a conventional war against the US.
    Stand, Men of the West!

  15. Feminists don’t want to destroy men, they just want to make men their lapdogs, beta male drones. American society is pretty much already there. Sad.

  16. This culture war won’t have battlefields and casualty lists. It is not measured in lives destroyed or permanently altered for the worst. What I mean is that it won’t show men who would have lived a more fulfilled life if it were not for marxist promises of a full belly and a warm place to sleep. Nor, will it show women, who at the encouragement of modern feminism rode the cock carousel only to find themselves very alone and unfulfilled when the carousel dumped them off.
    It is important to note what we do have that will work. SJWs hold the high ground. They have the unflinching support of the media and the power elite. The best tactics against them right now is satire, derision, and mocking. They are far too thin skinned to resist attacking and they will give us their power when they do.

    1. Equalists only get anywhere by hijacking the compassion of others
      What we need is to normalize what they call “meaness” (i.e realism), and pull the moral footing out from under them

  17. This piece is a timely call for us to think about what we can do to fight back against cultural Marxism in a focused way. Here are a few possibilities:
    (1) Avoid the university gulag by finding an alternative educational pathway.
    Not only will you have a better life, your absence will hasten the demise of the gulag and cause young women to question feminism. In their gut, women at college know Susan Patton was right… they will never again be surrounded by so many eligible men. If the men aren’t there, this throws a monkey wrench into the feminist lifeplan, and there’s a realworld reason why the young women of #womenagainstfeminism are worried men are leaving the building. Because society, institutions, and government currently only listen to women, nothing will change at universities until the women students there start voicing their pain.
    Further, the university system is the backbone of the feminist/Marxist matrix. It provides professors and administrators with a megaphone, unwarranted prestige, gold-plated pensions, and access to decision-makers. It funds the creation and dissemination of Marxist politics disguised as intellectualism. It corrupts ever-larger numbers of young women and destroys young men. It is the center of a vast, co-dependent matrix of sports/media interests and NGOs, and functions as a sluice for channeling public money to its enablers and supporters. Break down the university system, and you will have kicked the single most significant prop out from under cultural Marxism.
    (2) If you are a college student, do not date women who attend your own school. Staying strong means emerging with your degree, and with your professional and personal reputations and opportunities intact. Every woman on campus is carrying a loaded political gun, with the system standing by to reward her for pulling the trigger. Don’t give her a target.
    (3) Get out of debt, and stay out. Financial obligations reduce your ability to act in your own interests. When you really, really need your job, your employer owns you. You’ll be walking around on eggshells, keeping your mouth shut because you know that if the paychecks stop coming you’re sunk.
    (4) Think about whether you can start your own business. To allow for this, you might ask yourself what sort of training/education would give you opportunities in this regard. Caution: being a successful entrepreneur requires aptitude and clear strong motivation. It isn’t for everyone.
    (5) Pick an educational path that provides a clear path to a paycheck. Let the SJWs major in cultural studies, journalism, political studies, theater arts, etc. While doing this, keep your debt to a minimum.
    (6) Select one SJW-infested website, and post there regularly. Without being so aggressive that you get banned, raise brief, polite questions about alternatives to PC orthodoxy. At progressivist websites, raising even modest questions is shocking and frightening to the hive-mind.
    (7) Fight back against open borders/amnesty. The nation is being collectivized by the deliberate importation of illegal migrants. Demographics is destiny.
    (8) Know any SJWs? Ease them out of your life if you can do so without damaging yourself. Ultimately, they’re parasitic, and they don’t deserve to know you.
    (9) Build your background knowledge about SJWs, so that you can know your enemy. One way to start is by reading books like David Horowitz’s “Radical Son”. It’s important to recognize and respect the propagandist skills of the cultural Marxist community, and to not be fooled. For instance, would it surprise you if someone said environmentalism is a Marxist vehicle for comprehensive economic and social control, and to build support for “green taxes” that transfer money and power from the individual to the state? Are you doubtful if someone says that the environmental movement is where the communists went after the Berlin Wall fell? Did you know that “Fair Trade” is a Leftist front aimed at raising the cost of imports that compete with unionized labor here at home? If you didn’t, or if you simply weren’t aware of how pervasive this sort of political fraud has become in our day-to-day culture, you’ve got some catching up to do. You won’t be an effective fighter if you don’t know what you’re fighting against.
    (Disclaimer: if you don’t agree with what I’ve said about the environmental movement, etc., please don’t ague it here. That’s not what the article or my overall comment is about. I don’t want to see this thread be made unreadable by long strings of comments about whether man-made global warming does or doesn’t exist. If you don’t like my examples, consider offering others.)
    (10) Fight back against feministed advertising, and spread the word when you see it. Advertising drives the media complex that makes cultural Marxism possible. It is as important to the Left as the university gulag is to feminists. For instance, when Tide runs a commercial like this one, spread the word and tell Proctor and Gamble you don’t need your masculinity deconstructed and you won’t be buying their products.

    (11) Become knowledgeable about the movement for human rights for men, and about issues (like discrimination against men in family court) in your state, and what FIRE may be doing to protect free speech at universities near you. Find a way to help. There won’t be success unless men mobilize in numbers. (IMO, that’s why the Marxist/feminist axis in on the attack to demonize, derail and co-opt the MHRM. Better than anyone they understand the power of organization and a coherent body of thought, and they know they have to nip it in the bud before it reaches critical mass and breaks into the cultural mindspace.)
    That’s a long enough list for starters.

      1. If they ever use the phrase, “For the greater good…”
        If they ever talk about ‘inequities’.
        If they revere demonstrated false rape accusers but accept any negative male stereotype.
        If they don’t think you should be allowed to own AR or M4 sporters.
        If they routinely watch any sitcom, you should be suspicious.

        1. I’m sure you’ll receive several more colorful replies. I look forward to reading them.

        2. “If they ever talk about ‘inequities’.”
          I have a lot of my retirement money invested in equities. Is that ok?

        3. Because I am a Series 7, 51, 66, 24 and an OSJ (fancy way of saying I work in the securities industry) I cannot answer that question in this electronic bulletin board.
          You wouldn’t believe the regulatory regime that I have to work under.

      2. Mate, if you need to ask that at this point, you probably need to start over with the basics. Go read the RoK Required Reading list.

  18. Also;
    “Take what the enemy gives you.” It’s a sports cliche but it works here.
    -They are unmarriageable. Fine. Don’t marry. Save yourself, oh, 1.2 million dollars minimum.
    – Leftist entitlement spending (on your dime) is a completely un-American waste of money. Fine. Find a way to legally duck that tax burden without one single shred of guilt.
    -Hollywood and all of pop culture is pure leftist garbage. Fine. Don’t watch it and save yourself 1-2k a year and watch that archive list on your kindle grow to a number you can’t believe.
    -Marketers are using white males as foils for their campaigns. Fine. Don’t spend money on their products.
    -A progressive society turns about 90% of the people in complete a-holes. Fine. Head off into the woods for the weekend with your bedroll, fishing pole and a bottle of bourbon and your stogies without feeling like you’re missing a thing.
    -Women have become absolute pigs lost in a fog of solipsism. Fine. Don’t spend money on the bitchin’ wheels, killer pad, cologne, protein powders, gifts, clubs, weekend getaways, gas money, restaurants, wine. Get extraordinary young escorts with a fraction of those savings.
    -Social media has become a hellzone of narcissism and disappointment. Fine. Understand what modern people are becoming and dive in to those solitary hobbies without any anxiety over ‘missing out’ on the party somewhere.
    Take what they give you. Now the indulgent, ‘irresponsible’ life of independence, mobility, minimalism and interactions with women based purely on physical attraction are your ONLY options. Even if you wanted the traditional life and feel you’ve outgrown your youthful rambles, you STILL don’t have the option to marry, work in an environment usually hostile to white males, pay slavery level taxes, live in a state of chronic exhaustion, get sex five times a year from a woman (your wife) who gets money from you 365 days a year and quiver every day of your life over that probable divorce and financial ruin. So that bad side of you that you always wanted to indulge in now has a red carpet leading to it, thanks to the left.
    There was always a devil on my shoulder urging me to travel indefinitely and keep living like a 24 year old for as long as possible. Give me truth serum back then (or even now) and ask me how I wanted to live and that’s what you’d get. Now I see it was no devil. It was just some logical, realistic little elf or something. The ‘angel’ on my shoulder wasn’t an angel. It was the Feminine Imperative telling me to get back home and start decades of muling for a member of the primary gender. So I want to say thank you to the leftists. If you hadn’t been so extraordinarily unrealistic, unfair and childish then I may not have ever followed what I truly wanted to follow. If entitlement spending EVER worked. If women could keep themselves at 140. If divorce were a humble 20%. If the country wasn’t openly chauvinistic of white males. It would have made it much harder to do what I really wanted to do. Thank you feminists for being fat, childish monsters on a scale that wouldn’t be believed even as zany, experimental fiction characters were they written 100 years ago. Your stupidity, entitlement and gluttony has FORCED me into the life I always wanted anyway. Thank you.

    1. “If the country wasn’t openly chauvinistic of white males.”
      That’s not what chauvinistic means.
      adjective: chauvinistic
      –feeling or displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism.
      –displaying excessive or prejudiced support for one’s own cause, group, or sex.
      As you were bro

      1. ‘chauvinistic towards’ then, I think. Discriminating against, even better, maybe. Thanks for the tip, really. I like to get that stuff right.
        I hate;
        ‘could care less’
        and see it all the time.

        1. “If the country wasn’t openly derisive of white males.” Or maybe “If the country wasn’t openly hateful toward white males.” Cheers

        2. You may also have noticed the use of “so” to start a sentence, as if no one will notice that half the argument’s missing.

  19. id like to add for any redpiller that wants to practice their debate skills against feminst and sjw mindef media try the indian servers where their feminism is 10yrs behind. when do well in tjeir posts youd just bomb the hell out of them
    bonus points if you can ratiinalize their traditional “sexist” culture and watch those american wannnabes drop

  20. I suggest that we also conduct surgical strikes against specific feminazi and SJW targets and make it the 2015 aim of removing them from the digital sphere. We can do this by exposing their double standards, lies, misandry and other anti-human ranting and raving to the masses and then keep up the pressure on them till they are driven off the Internet and social media platforms.
    List of targets I proposed for 2015 (but obviously not limited):
    1) Anita Sarkeesian
    2) Lena Dunham
    3) Arthur Chu
    4) Jen Li (this is one bitch I’ve been wanting to personally cut down for awhile)
    5) Jessica Valenti
    These are some of the main cultural marxists generals that need to be cut down from the digital sphere. We also have to eventually aim to change a lot of the insane misandric laws in place like Yes Mean Yes crap as well but I’ll save that for another article.

    1. Why Jet Li? I ask because he’s never resonated with me as a “manly archtype”. Other action heroes and stars have that “vibe” but not him. Your mention of Jet Li made me think about this.

      1. Uh dude? Read again. I wrote JEN LI. Not Jet Li. I’m was referring to the bitch who came up with the #takedownjulienblanc campaign! Lolololol

        1. Since you brought it up though, Jet Li appears more manly in his own movies (from China) than American movies. American movies seem to have a way of emasculating Chinese heroes.

    2. Best way to do this is make a bunch of sex tapes showing them all getting hit from the back and loving it.

      1. I really don’t want to see that. Here is a snippet of what we might expect.
        I think she’s trying to raise pinworm awareness in the second pic.

    3. Breitbart has been relentless attacking Dunham for about 6 mos. now.
      They’ve done a good job. I’m sure that thousands of fathers have had discussions with their daughters about the idiocy that is the show ‘Girls’.

  21. 1. Stop infighting with other men over tribal issues (we can do that afterwards)
    2. Stop calling equalists “Cultural Marxists”. Nobody knows what that is. Call the enemy by its name: Equality
    3. Align yourself with any movement that’s anti-feminist, even if you don’t agree or care about that movement. It’s the same way leftists form coalitions of victims. We need to form coalitions of anti-equalists in response

    1. I’m definitely feeling your second point. Complex terms need to be broken down into simple definitions. I understand “cultural marxism” and many on this comments thread understand it too but this is not so for “Joe Sixpack”. “Cultural Marxism” requires explanation and this requirement opens the door for intentional distortion by our enemies. It’s like the word “liberty”. That term has been distorted to mean “right wing” along with other terms used by the SJWs to bias anyone who hears it. I try not to use that term anymore. Instead, I say “the right to live as you please” or “living in a manner of your own choice”. While more “wordy”, the meaning is clearer and this clarity makes distortion difficult.

  22. It will not be an easy task. Having discovered myself some months ago the truth about the feminine imperative,feminism,hypergamy and the everything we learn here, it is amazing how you start to see things in a different way. Now, Argentina used to be a country where traditional roles were common, but in the past few years(a women is the president here) new policies and lawes were raised and now everything is “for all”, gender violence is the buzzword that everyone says(of course, is only gender violence in the case of women,screw the men),women now dress like prostitutes and they are proud about it and the men,well,are every day less manly.
    So while you people are fighting the battles knowing what to expect, here feminism is gaining more and more acolites as the weeks pass and that is why, as some other commenter said, we can not back down. In this war, we are brothers in arms, we will not back down.

    1. One of my buddies that joined me on a stream is from Argentina and he was telling how it’s basically social justice in action down there, where privilege is used as an actual legal defense that has gotten thugs off for murder.
      Congrats on discovering yourself though. Remember that the future is entirely yours and ours.

  23. “SJW’s are inferior even to the typical gamer or atheist”. Does that mean that the the SJW army does not have typical gamer or athesit among its ranks? We have exclusivity over these?
    I thought gamers were a common ally and they were actually more interested in playing games than in achieving real self improvement. And as for atheists, I fail to see how are they representatives of those who appreciate traditional values. My atheists friends sure go nuts if I say anything about traditional females roles, and God help me if I even suggest abortion is not a hard earned and valuable basic human right.

    1. They don’t. Typical gamers have all turned against them as a result of GamerGate.
      And you are correct that our interests with other groups may not always coincide. We basically need to wage coalition warfare at this point though since we as a faction aren’t strong enough to do it on our own. This is why we need to be the highest quality people possible to get others over to us.

    2. Believe it or not, there are Atheists out there that don’t subscribe to the leftist ideology. One such atheist would be me. I don’t even subscribe to the notion that abortion is A-ok. Although, I find myself believing that people who so lightheartedly undergo it, aren’t exactly parent material to begin with….

      1. I am an agnostic who functions as an atheist.
        I have no interest in Cultural Marxism’s free-will sucking determinism. Anyone, including religious people who believes in free-will is a natural ally to me.

        1. Every reasonable Atheist is an agnostic to a degree, only idiots have the arrogance to claim they KNOW for a FACT that there is no God.
          As for determinism, Chaos theory kind of does more than a good job of explaining why not all things are pre determined, doesn’t it? Which kind of makes free will more than just a belief. Something you will find to your liking I believe. Cheers!

        2. Ditto on the reasonable Atheist.
          Sadly 90% + of those I’ve met are not the reasonable variety.

        3. Universally acknowledging the free-will of others sounds great in principle but look at how abysmal the practical application of that is when extended to women. I’m an agnostic too but the irrefutable science on female intellectual inferiority makes them way too great a societal liability to allow them even a modicum of autonomy or agency. Free will, free speech and democracy need to be exclusive proprietary privileges for men only.

      2. Add me to this group of Atheist/Agnostic. As far as the god argument, I’ve always been the “I don’t know and I don’t care” type. Admittedly I do toy with believers for my enjoyment on rare occasions but I’m evil like that.
        We aren’t all what you think we are.

        1. I actually troll atheists more than i troll religious people, despite being a non believer myself. It’s just that people that claim to KNOW for a FACT that something doesn’t exist are such easy targets, to make it even more fun I usually don’t mention the fact that I’m an atheist. It’s way fun when they presume I’m religious just because I disagree with them.

  24. This article is 100% right ,we have back down for to long and now were starting to stand our ground thus we can’t stop now brothers!

  25. If I was waging this as a medieval campaign I would poison their aquifer as a a strategy, as they all draw their water from the same source. They operate on a top-down communications model, contaminate their lines of communication to put it into modern terms.

  26. The owners of Guinness, Diageo, removed their sponsorship of the New York St. Patricks Day parade last year because even though the organisers let the LRBTFED leftards march but didn’t want the LGFTQZTWE morons marching in their leather chaps and waving their repugnant rainbow flags. I don’t drink Guinness or use any other Diageo products any longer. Manosphere should boycott any multinational or other company that promotes these bullshit equality assholes…….the SJW’s are very quick on the boycott wagon….. nothing like the heterosexual, red pill dollars to be withdrawn….

    1. No more Heiniken, Guiness, Coors, Bud, or Sam Adams.
      Use those beers to calibrate your gaydar.

        1. Why would I need to use those beers to calibrate a gaydar if I used such a thing? Diageo are the only ones succumbing to homosexual bullying.

        2. Maybe you’re right on the succumbing to homosexual bullying part.
          Anhauser Busch, Coors, and Sam Adams, inter alia, didn’t succumb, they were quite happy to compel promotion of homosexuality in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

  27. The difficulty for the right is often a neglect of logistics. We need to get more money involved.
    Leftists do what they do for little or no compensation, just out of sheer moral outrage or for the pleasure of complaining. This is why social justice faggots will write lengthy screeds on blogs nobody reads, or attend protests for nothing more than self-satisfaction. Grown-ups with responsibilities cannot afford to waste time doing this, and thus the left occupies the discursive space.
    This site exists because I assume, Roosh makes good money off of it. And why shouldn’t he? If we were to to turn anti-equality into a commercial enterprise, it would attract a much larger army of ideological soldiers.

    1. That’s part of the dual power strategy.
      The left has historically won not because their ideas were not always necessarily good, but because the right’s tactics sucked.

      1. Also, the Left made all the right sounds and all the right promises. Universal suffrage, free money and services, and candy for children. Who could not vote for that?

      2. To sway the masses they do not use ideas, they use emotions attached to a seed of their agenda, which is never fully expressed for obvious reasons.
        Control the emotions of the discussion, and you win the argument, facts be damned, when it comes to the common public.

      1. Yeah, calling them “warriors” is really too empowering. Gotta control the language better.

    2. Leftist make it their mission to take over boards such as the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Boy Scouts national leadership. They also have taken over the giving boards of every major corporation in America.
      We have to start doing that.

  28. Sons of Europe! Of North America! My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of Men comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!
    For Roosh.

  29. Another tip is to always affirm and re-affirm your values, even if you get ridiculed for it. As SJWs often control the narrative, they marginalize certain viewpoints even if a large proportion of the population agrees with it. For example, you will be ridiculed for saying that you are Christian, are against gay marriage or that women have too many privileges. They will make you feel like you are some idiot extremist, while actually a large proportion of people agree with you.

  30. I’m on the fence between packing up the family and moving to the middle of nowhere and waiting for this mess to collapse OR staying for the good fight screaming ‘don’t give up the ship’ while we get massacred. Any ideas folks?

    1. Take care of your children first. Help when you can. Once the kids are launched spend the rest of your life fighting the good fight.
      In mass shooter situations, excepting people with martial training, it is usually the old men present who are most effective at saving lives. That is because we have lived life, know what others have to lose, and are not afraid of death.

    2. Leaving with your family and ‘dropping out’ is essentially also your best move if you want to fight it. You simply won’t be paying for this leftist nonsense. For most people, that is your best ‘war’ move. Don’t pay for it. Check BlackBrigade.org

  31. A small loud relentless army can dominate if they succeed in keeping their enemies isolated, and we are isolated, all of us. How many Redpill men do you know or are in contact with in your own lives? We need to start networking in real time with one another, building social, political, and economic relationships with as many local Redpill men as we can. lets build real local organizations of Redpill men to benefit us all, and if you guys are still attached to the “First rule of fight club” nonsense, then make the association a secret one. Secrecy might even add to its value, but either way lets start working together.

    1. Good point. There’ve been meetups but your comment makes me think we should set up groups that would be the illuminati in the minds of the SJW’s. Up for it here in New York if anyone’s game.

      1. Begin as social groups and expand. If you have a job or business opportunity
        come to the group first, looking for expertise come to the group first, an
        opportunity for political action come to the group. Lets build the “Old Boys
        Network” we are all accused of being a part of. Any ideas along these lines
        would be welcome.

        1. I only just signed up for the Roosh forum and membership needs to be manually approved. If you want to post a thread there be my guest. Hopefully we can cultivate some interest.

  32. My fellow men in college reading this site direct your dormmates, classmates, and anyone else who will listen here. make them learn and expand into the leftist poisoned acedemic field and attack.

  33. “Going forward into 2015, our forces must firstly engage in area denial tactics. All instances of SJW entryism must be recognized and snuffed out immediately. ”
    Marcus Aurelius & Co. have been practicing this for a few months now. Go to the infamous ‘5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Broken’ story posted on ROK 3 months ago. Sort the comments by ‘newest’. There are several men checking the site from time to time to shut down the FaceBook shitstormtrooper SJWs who are STILL arriving to attack the author.
    I’ve had a bit of fun doing it too. For a while I’ll probably lurk at ‘newest’ comments portion of controversial ROK stories. It is easier to crush the SJWs right as they emerge in the manosphere.

  34. Let the war begin brothers.
    We need to rally behind these men with a furor. The best possible thing we could stress is the ineptitude that these male students were making fun of in their female classmates. What has more frightening implications societally – deservedly making fun of some stupid sluts who should be hatefucked for usurping men’s slots in a dental school, or the fact that these insipid bitches were scarcely able to function in their lab classes (big shocker). If you see a female dentist run! All these men are guilty of is whistleblowing to the public how dangerously inept their female classmates are (along with blowing off a little steam by joking about the only use for these mouthy cunts – a good stern fucking haha). No freedom of speech for men in Western society? I’ll be fucking damned. These worthy, courageous men’s futures are about to be decimated and I for one won’t stand for it.

      1. Men at every college and every graduate school across the globe need to emulate what these courageous men did and they need to form their own online pages to humiliate and spread the truth about every single one of their female “peers” until these “academic” frauds with cunts GTFO of our learning institutions.
        I for one am forming a “gentlemen’s page” tonight to acknowledge the idiotic attention whore females in my class who have the audacity to take up class time, that I’ve paid for, by attempting to contribute to class discussions with the drivel that they call “insights.” It is excruciating listening to women speak in upper division courses.
        A nice gentlemen’s page letting them know that we are not only inspired to hate fuck them but we can’t wait to watch them fail amidst their own demonstrable inadequacy seems like a good start towards showing these snowflakes the door. Creating a “brick and mortar” hostile environment (in addition to an online living hell) for these SJW’s and feminazis should certainly be considered as part of the battle strategy too. Launching countless disparaging facebook groups that belittle the cunts we have to suffer in our classes is an excellent way to pay homage to these brave Canadian dental students who are being crucified.
        This is also an excellent way to protest our universities becoming havens of socialism. If enough men stepped up we’d overwhelm the system and there would be no way they could deal with the new reality we create. Haha a whole lot of dumb cunts will have to double up on the anti-anxiety pills if they’re going to make it through so much as one lecture, knowing how offensive we find their presence. By damn, if this isn’t going to be fun.

  35. If you’ve been reading ROK foe more than a few months Then This Article SHOULD Get YOU pumped

  36. We need to form little disqus gangs. The left has always been more organized than us, but fortunately it doesn’t take much to overwhelm them.
    Select three or four of your favorite posters on ROK. Agree to follow one another. Upvote your friends daily. It drives the SJWs nuts to see that other people agree with you. If you see your buddy faltering, swoop in and give him cover by changing the subject or adding that point which he missed. My friends and I kill about one leftist troll per week just using these simple tactics. Their death throws are spectacular. You can almost see the foam flecking around their face.
    For that particularly obnoxious SJW troll, create a disqus superidentity. Name it after the troll, something like ‘DJBJ said what?’ Share the login and password with your buddies. It is much easier to defeat something like a paid ObamaCare troll if three or four people are following him around with a dedicated identity ripping every comment. Soon the troll will focus all of his attention on you, and will be completely unable to influence the mood of other posters in the threads.
    Create a picture library just for disqus. I have folders named ‘laughing man’, ‘sneering man’, ‘trolls’, ‘race cards’, ‘Islam’, ‘ObamaCare’ etc. Your posts are much more effective with a pic. Actively fill some of these folders before you go to battle. As you see other suitable pics, add them to your folders. Add a pic anywhere the site permits. Use the little pic icon in the grey applet where it says “post as (your name)” to select the pic. I’m including two that really stir the Cultural Marxists to hatred. I call them sneering man and laughing cartman.
    Also included are a few race cards. You should hand these out to any SJW who drops one. Advise him that he’s going through them too quickly and you’re worried he might run out.
    This is just a starter kit. You’ll quickly find other handy items to make the SJW trolls spit green-pea soup. They’ll be shaking like a dog shitting a peach pit in no time.

    1. ITA, I’d also like to work out a way to share research and ideas for dealing with lib posters. They already do that among themselves.

      1. There is a way, but we have to be careful. The last thing I need is the Lavender Mafia showing up at my house.
        Stay tuned.

      2. Will you be posting for a while tonight? I’ve called a friend and she will provide you with my contact info if you’re going to be active for a few more minutes.

    2. Dealing with the tattooed girls has been useful training if only because it’s a sort of equivalent to Day Game – in the sense that you don’t learn how to shrug and chuckle over real, naked aggression spat at you on the Internet until you’ve seen it happen to you time and time again and internalise that the person can’t actually do anything to harm you and that their observations about you are mere wild guesses, machine gunning into the dark. After a while it simply does not affect you and having dispensed with your emotion, you can turn your attention to the best red rags to wave at the bull. (The point of doing so being that you provoke the bull into charging itself into the nearest wall while you dance away unharmed.) Most of what I do in that thread is defensive, not on the attack on other sites, so take that in with a grain of salt.
      A small word in favour of Google here. A personal rule I hold to over in the tattooed thread is that if a troll comes in asserting an ad hominem attack against Matt Forney – be it a variant of “ur gey”, “small penis”, or “raised in Mom’s basement” – that person is making themselves fair game for at least a short Google search on their name or on Facebook since they’ve chosen to put ad hominem attacks in play and what is good for the gander is literally good for the goose – the difference being that your ad homs will be working from fact rather than guesses. You wouldn’t believe some of the stupid stuff people leave lying around on their Pinterest pages.
      Admittedly in the tattooed thread it’s been something of a fish in a barrel exercise because many of these clowns are silly enough to register on Disqus under their Facebook names, but drawing attention to the poster’s insignificant job or lunatic interests is often enough to send them running. Similar goes for a quick look through the person’s Disqus posting history. Obviously you don’t do this with an identity that can be traced back to you.
      I am not, I repeat, *not* advocating posting up a person’s address or date of birth or matters of that description in the sense of full doxxing, or indeed swatting.
      Attack and identify shitty grammar, attack and identify logical fallacies, keep it short where you can, keep it funny and non-crude when you can. Avoid going for a person’s sexuality or love life and focus on their intellect and reasoning. Nothing drains out a troll faster than having to fight both reasoned arguments and personal observations from multiple sources as their inbox fills up.
      EDIT: Lastly, I have to endorse Brother Shep’s observations about having a group of people around you and supporting one another. One sniper can be zeroed in and taken out. Ten snipers can utterly dominate a field, tie down any one or two trolls.

      1. Nice piece. Thanks for taking us to school. I’ve seen you do some of those things and laughed out loud without realizing it was part of a pattern.

  37. Roosh or anyone else in the manosphere. We should have a “local” section so we can start organizing meet ups locally.

  38. We must never lose sight of what is important. We must win the fight for the soul of the west. I’m not an advocate of patriarchy because there isn’t enough domestic violence shelters for men. I’m a westerner and a European, an Ulsterman, Irish and British. That is where my allegiance lies. The manosphere must be vocal, open and honest about their vision and attentions regardless of the name calling and fight and win this war as quickly as possible. We need quality literature ( I like the articles on gaming but they pale in comparison to the more political articles) and books, we need more people like Ramzpaul and Jim Goad mocking the system on YouTube, in writing, social media and anywhere we can. We are fighting a war on multiple fronts. Feminism, multiculturalism, wealth redistribution, cultural decay, dysgenic breeding, demographic decline are all intertwined but if we knock this pillar down or at least destabilise it, it might work. I’m so glad I was born in this era. I see it as a challenge and a duty to fight this disease until my last breath. The best tactic is to play the left off against each other. Pit women against the diversity. Islam against secularism. Islam against homosexuals. Ugly women against pretty women. Mock the lumpenness of the middle class and their hypocritical support of multiculturalism. It is not as if we need to lie about the contradictions at the core of this ideology. In the end the left might just eat their own as we have seen recently with the attacks in Paris and Belgium.

  39. Great article, I’m glad that some people are awake and that common sense still exists. Have you guys heard of the “oath keepers?” If so what do you think of this organization? It’s a non profit of military/police officers who volunteer to continue to uphold the Constitution. Their most recent accomplishment was keeping some of the businesses in Ferguson safe during the chaos. They also were able to gain support from the community and with some citizens, they also protected a gas station under threat. The reason I mention this is that they are receiving a lot of criticism from the MSM, that is, if they get any press at all. Here is what they stand for: “Military, Veterans, and peace officers who will honor their oaths to defend the Constitution, will NOT “just follow orders,” will stand for liberty, and will save the Republic, so help us God. Our motto is: “Not on Our Watch!”

  40. This unity and measuring ourselves in how many betas we can awaken to this will be our strength. Remember, the betas serve the needs of the hamster-run government, and ultimately the whims of the entire madwomen populace. With every blue-piller disturbed from this ghastly societal slumber, our number grows. Pride yourself on it, you will get into fights over this matter, but do it. No matter what, awaken them, they have been sleeping in this nightmare for far too long…

  41. #1 tactic for the SJW fight (the only tactic that will work imo)
    AGREE AND AMPLIFY. Use the martial arts mindset and use their rabid, illogical emotion against them. They’re so far off-base and so far over the top it’s real easy to use their momentum to look ridiculous – just add slightly more momentum to expose them as extremists and throw them off-balance.
    You’re not using “hate speech”, you’re not disagreeing with them, you’re not saying anything that could be used against you. If they
    accuse you of misrepresenting their position, simply own the exaggeration and clarify that it’s *your* position, and not theirs, when you Agree and Amplify.
    Example “men are evil” Agree and Amplify “they should all be rounded up and executed asap. SJW: “I didn’t say that!” You: “I know you didn’t, that’s just how I feel. Please kill me now”
    Example “police are out of control” Agree and Amplify “yeah, I saw some cops eating dead babies off a barbeque yesterday”

  42. There is very alternative way to deal with leftscum “men” (this includes, the ordinary left-tard, the politically affiliated left-tard).
    Testosterone. Normal men with above average levels of Testosterone express tribal behavior and have very conservative views toward fags and womyn.
    There is a silent treatment of pedophilia, called Chemical Castration. Through chemicals, the libido of pedo pervy scumbags is being absolutely killed.
    And we need to treat our beta-leftscum “friends” silently… testosterone gels, pills, creams…
    It’s very alternative yet fun way to deal with Leftism.

  43. We need a quick response team to come to action to overload SJW articles . The left has this , If they post a video on one of their perverted causes, they pre distribute it to all their friends , esp in the media.. This insures it will hot flash into viral status.
    The SJW lefties also has a Journo-list , where reporters determine the strategy, cabal their resources and create their narrative before Send is hit on any article.
    Do not be fooled into thinking that they just wait for things to happen and react to spontaneous events mindlessly
    It’s all planned, worked and ready beforehand.

    1. You’re kidding right? There’s no cultural Marxism going across America? Have you even been paying attention? All of their tactics and most if not all of their ideas come directly from the pinko commie bastards. Saul Allinski is just one of their ideologues that spreads that failed ideology to the young and stupid.

      1. >There’s no cultural Marxism going across America?
        No, there isn’t. What you call “Marxism” is only cuntification. Without women you wouldn’t even have heard the term “Cultural Marxism”.
        >All of their tactics and most if not all of their ideas come directly from the pinko commie bastards.
        No, they come from cunts’ wishes and dislikes.
        I don’t even doubt that there are some real cultural Marxists somewhere, but they had zero chance of spreading their nonsense if it weren’t for women who are willing to believe and multiply it.

        1. Because it’s provable that women ‘cultural-marxize’ everything. Conspiracy theories on the other hand are just that: theories.

  44. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi
    So this article is referring to the last phase before the feminazies win the battle. A last and final attempt to bring in the cavalry. Good luck soldiers, I’d rather go my own way than waste my time on these Western bitches. I gave up on them a long time ago. Turn your back on them, marry a latina from the southern hemisphere and let the women in the West rot away and grow old lonely with their cats. They deserve it after what they have done.

  45. How to win. Pump and dump, don’t marry, don’t commit, don’t go to jarrods, don’t date single mom’s. Work off the books and pay as little in taxes as you can.

  46. Im 29, all my close friends, 20+ as men i think we all think along the same logical conclusion. I am being louder in my comments calling this BS Feminist Supremacy Crap Out, when i see this outright sexism towards males.( WHICH IS EVERYWHERE, TV INTERNET NEWS) For every women 1 who commits suicide 4 men do, and yet somehow we are presented with it as a women problem. ITS MIND BLOWING. As men and my friends agree, we are tired of this one sided crap. Guys you should use the WORD feminist with the added word that exposes what it is SUPREMACIST It makes the point better. Look at the CDC numbers only, anyone with the ability to do basic math will notice, men out die women on every spectrum of death, from suffocation/ work-injuries / cancer/ poisoning/ domestic violence. Outpaces Women s deaths BY MULTIPLES OF X2 X3 X4. Male-Gendercide is happening to US. It is time to put a stop to it. As of now, BY CDC/FBI statistics the Value of any women is HIGHER then 4 Males. That’s true sexism/bigotry. So im going to be the male version of the stupid bit*es I see yelling how oppressed they are. This phenomenon of male ultra high death can be seen in EVERY COUNTRY By even higher X10 multiples. Our Lives should matter, and they never will if we don’t start taking action to make sure real statistics are heard. With REAL ACTION. But i wont be whining about nonsense. You should ask a women if she built any of the crap her legs walk on. Like All the buildings in the world, all the roads in the world, all the engines in the world, every kind of engine in the world. So maybe they can shut their undeserved supremacy back to earth. Fight for male only organizations on the same basis the 3000+ Women s only organizations, lets make Male Gender “Studies.” Its amazing to me how men can just sit there while being represented as domestic rapists, when the overwhelming amount of domestic violence is perpetrated by females, in a pulled Harvard study and then later in time CDC.

  47. The absolute crux of the matter is the mainstream media.
    Obviously, great numbers of people do not trust them, or anything they. Great forces were arrayed against Trump, and he still won. This happened because the media abandoned all integrity and lied for the left. Still are.
    We need to exploit this to the Mac
    Never stop attacking them, exposing them and mocking them. They have put a gun to their own heard with their hate, lies and corruption. We must finish the job by pulling the trigger.
    Changing the discourse is essential, and central to a winning strategy.

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