How You Can Unleash A Girl’s Natural Sexuality

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A “society loophole” exists which will help you unleash a woman’s pent-up sexual demand. Like most attempts at suppression, this one backfired and is tremendously beneficial for the guys who know how to get around it.

Using this loophole, I’ve been able to have sex with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful young women, often the very first night I met them, despite being technically obese (My BMI was about 32 when I developed this).


But, before we get into the meat of this I want to warn you… this is NOT for the faint of heart. Many men just cannot handle the TRUTH about a woman’s raw sexuality. They prefer to think of most girls as good girls and just a few as “sluts.” NOTHING could be further from the truth. The way a girl acts, what she is willing to do, and how quickly she wants to do it has ALMOST EVERYTHING to do with the male she is being seduced by… and almost NOTHING to do with her own preferences, rules or upbringing.

If the male defers to her preferences, society’s rules, or her upbringing then he gets no sexual attraction.

But, if he interacts with the woman as a sexual being with an almost unfulfillable sexual appetite, who loves the thrill and adventure of a smooth, powerful seduction ending off in intense orgasms then he gets what all the guys around her want but are too chickenshit to actually go for…

My name is Captain Jack and I achieved all of this by first examining the “mental model” of hot young women and working within that to break out of it and persuade them sexually. I called this body of work “Sexual Framing” and used it to have fast time frame sex with women all over the United States.

The nuts and bolts of sexual framing


Sexual Framing derives its power from a cultural phenomena which exists in nearly every society. When a girl is young, either through overt control or subtle manipulation, her parents, her teachers and almost all of society communicate to her that sex is wrong. 

However, her body tells her different. Her body CRAVES sex. Most women report, even before puberty, they would stare at males and imagine them rubbing them, groping, and fondling them. This is at an age when they often did not even know HOW sexual reproduction took place or what a penis WAS much less what it looked like or what was done with it.

Her body is more real and closer to her “reality circuits” than all the people telling her sex is wrong… but, she is FORCED to suppress the sexual energies. 

Why? Because as a child she knows intuitively that she depends on those same authority figures for her very survival.

Therefore, she suppresses those urges and does nothing to risk being ostracized from those she depends on. As she grows older and hits puberty her very real sex drive and her accepted truth battle viciously. And, they continue battling each other her whole life.

Pent-up sexual demand


So, the goal of the seducer is to create an interaction where all that pent-up sexuality gets unleashed directly at him. 

How you release that pent-up sexual demand is what “Sexual Framing” is all about. But, before you can unleash the flood you have to show her that you are non-judgmental. That you are NOT one of “them”—the suppressors. You have to show her that you ‘get it’, that you value it and that you think it is right. And, you’ll have to let her know that you never kiss and tell. 

Once you demonstrate that is NOT the case, the dam that is holding back years and years of pent-up sexual frustrations crumbles before your very eyes. This ‘loophole’ overrides her Template Male… the tall, dark, handsome and funny guy she says she wants as a boyfriend.

Because, once she feels that intense surge of sexual energy flowing through her body she’ll use the fact that you are NOT that guy as the very reasons her feelings MUST be real and true sexual feelings.

Example of sexual framing

There are six basic Sexual Frames I establish in nearly every interaction. They handled 90% of the “Dam” holding back her sexual desire. Here’s a quick example of three of those I’ve used on the way to MANY lays. It is called “Captain Jack’s Rings on Fingers” Routine:

CJ: I read in this magazine where two researchers said that what fingers you wear your rings on says a lot about your personality. 

Girl: Really? 

(If she has no rings on, I’ll ask: “What fingers do you normally wear rings on?” If she has rings on I’ll start off this way… )

CJ: Yeah, I don’t wear jewelry often but if I do wear a ring, it’s on this finger. That means I’m not judgmental. As long as someone isn’t hurting another person they should be able to do what they want. (This establishes the ‘Non-Judgmental Frame’ which sets me apart from the Sexual Suppressors.)

Girl: blah, blah (What she says is not terribly important… nod and listen, then deliver the next frame).

CJ: I see you are wearing one on this finger (touching ring)… that means you become aggressive when you see something you want… so if you’re sexually interested in a guy you become aggressive and let him know. I love that. 

I’m establishing the “Sexual Aggressor Frame.” Because I’ve already told her I’m not judgmental this tells her it is ok to become sexually aggressive. I notice a change in behavior after these two frames are set.

Girl: Blah, blah

CJ: You aren’t wearing a pinky ring. That has to do with ‘keeping secrets and being discrete.’ Since neither of us have one we’ll have to pinky swear if we do anything naughty. I never kiss and tell.

(This establishes the Discretion or “Keeps Secrets” Frame. Remember, being too sexual threatens her survival so she doesn’t care to have it blasted out in public.)

I’ve never experienced such intense fuck me eyes, sexual aggression and soaked panties as I have from using each sexual frame, in the right order, which systematically removes those society barriers. 

It unleashes that pent-up sexual demand and from that point, it is easy.

To learn more about Captain Jack’s Sexual Framing click here to download a free pdf report.

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85 thoughts on “How You Can Unleash A Girl’s Natural Sexuality”

  1. Good post.
    As a man, just let that Shit flow and be relaxed, yet always maintain control.
    To sum it up better, never be impressed. Become a rock or old wise man that has seen it all. Mike from “Breaking Bad”. A porn director in his 10th year. Basically in a nutshell, don’t give a fuck (To and extent)
    Let her know in a subtle way your down for whatever, unless she tries to get out of line. Laugh it off at first but, if it goes pass two, simply check her and let her know you have no problem leaving and to cut that out. No yelling or becoming angry. Just calm and cool as you can be.
    Point is, remain in control. She will love this and even open up more. If you show “Boyfriend emotion” during the first couple of meets before even touching the pussy, your chances will be slim. Show little emotion as possible unless your in the bed. Throw some passion here and there then.
    Robotic to a extent yes but, it can be done. This will even make her feel more comfortable to open up and let that hidden side come out.
    “50 Shades of Grey” isn’t about to rape the box office on the 14th by women because of the acting . A controlled environment ironically makes them feel more free in, and out of the bedroom.
    Too much freedom without restriction can cause boredom for a woman. Isn’t it funny that when they met a man that isn’t afraid to speak up to them that they instantly feel a vibe quicker than a man that would let them be a “free spirit” as they CLAIM they want to be? The man that says something back brings out a consequence vibe from him. They may not logically understand it but, they FEEL what is being directed to them.
    From Gucci to Prada, its all about authority those clothing companies or whatever they are label as and the power, status, and popularity they reflect. They can easily find some good clothes at a local store but, if they can afford Prada or whatever, they will turn batshit and unleash that animal all because of the power, status, and popularity it reflects. When around it, they let the caged beast out and shown their hidden nature. Same could be said for the bedroom.
    Point is, It’s all about mastering the art of trying without trying. I’m still polishing my sword on that concept everyday to get better at it.
    Again, good post man.

    1. Thanks, man.
      You are right about “boyfriend emotion.” She will get confused as to what Game you are playing. If she thinks you are playing ‘LTR Game’ she will then begin applying the Rules of the LTR Game and one of those rules is to withhold sex for at least a few dates. My preferred game is ‘Same Night Lay (SNL)’ so that is what Sexual Framing drives towards.

      1. Right.
        Man listen, I have been caught in that trap so many times. Like:
        “Oh shit? She is holding back on sex? Man, this chick is SO different from the rest. I’m game. I just know this is a different girl”
        While I wouldn’t mind doing that for a chick that is worth it, most of the time these days they are simply not. Its not their fault. They see potential in a guy that can be in the “Good boy” box and want to store him away. Cool. Not problem with your moves sweetheart but, no. I am just not that dude for you.
        “SNL”? Nice. You may of just added a new phrase for the Manosphere.
        But yeah I like this article. As a dude these days, you have to keep going and not stop. If she wants to hold back and the reason isn’t solid, just be cool and fall back. Never get mad or emotional. NO. That will end in a fail for you. Just say “Cool. No problem” before you keep it moving to another one.
        Respect is the new standard to get her pussy, emotions, and mind. Even if her version of respect is superficial, its better than being seen as another “Comment guy”. Don’t end up in that pile of dead bodies under her Social media pictures.

        1. I created the term Same Night Lay (SNL) because Mystery and other pickup artists at the time (this was around 2004/2005) thought that having sex with a woman was a One Night Stand (ONS) and called it, “Fool’s Mate” and it wasn’t considered “Tight Game.”
          The normal idea was that a ONS was negative, one or both parties would regret it, and there would be weirdness between the two afterwards.
          I told them that not only would the women see me again and again, a few of them became long term girlfriends inside and/or fuck buddies. ONS had a negative stigma so I changed it to the more descriptive term – Same Night Lay.

        2. Mystery is new here.
          You have a good voice, but you don’t use it optimally. You should join Toastmasters and apply the same study that you applied to game to public speaking.

        3. I’ve had a woman ask 10 minutes into a first date if I’m alpha or beta? Stranger than fiction.

      2. LTR game isn’t bad. The sex comes a bit later but you can milk it for what it’s worth before moving on. I personally enjoy the challenge of breaking down a girl’s defenses.

  2. Another great article. Any indicator that you are a rebel against society’s rules melts their butter for all the reasons you stated. Tattoos, muscles, piercings, hiphop/rock style, drugs, etc. all say “I dont give a fuck what people think” and gets sexual energy going. Girls usually dont let their boyfriends see their wild, sexual side for fear that he will judge them and not want a LTR.

    1. Or bust out a few quotes by Nietzsche, and mention Ayn Rand. That is the way to get some serious freaks.

    2. Yeah, its always necessary to be completely open minded and non judgemental in the bedroom, your girl will love you for it and it will separate you from the white knights that judge her sexuality. Think ‘freak in the sheets and lady in the streets’. I think thats the one of the main reason why girls in LTR’s and marriages cheat on their men. Their men put them on such a high pedestal, they cant imagine their girls having the capacity of being complete whores in the bedroom. The madonna and the whore are the same women.

      1. “the madonna and the whore are the same women”
        I never comment, but I had to make an exception. This statement should be the statement of the century!!! If only more men understood this. The day I understood this was the day I began seeing a whole new side to women that I never saw before. That was when I realized that everything I needed to know about women and their nature was staring me right in the face all along. It was just my refusal to not see it that got in the way.

  3. In earlier times, in fact most of history, these guys who “fuck hundreds and hundreds of girls” would have been murdered by other men. Poolside “alphas” are as degenerate as feminists and sluts, and a factor in why they have been so successful.
    There are reasons for social taboos on sex. Namely that civilization breaks down without them. As we are seeing.

      1. I agree with the philosophy.
        But how do you deal with it on a personal level, on a day to day basis? If they’re fucking left and right of you, and they’re just there for the pickings, do you turn them down just to see the other guy fuck them anyways?

        1. Great. Every lost soul that has gone through my drilling routine, once they lost they usefulness, has taken from me a dose of red pill, in some form or the other, whether they took it as an offence or as a lesson.
          Soldier on until unicorn found. If not, to devil’s flames with it. At least we dreamt.

        2. The water is flowing and getting wasted in the desert already, being soaked by the sand, rapidly evaporated by the sun.
          You gonna fill your kanteen and drink what you can or what?

        3. You won’t die any earlier by staying away from skanks. I’ll keep repeating that as long as people keep making very poor analogies.

        4. The poor analogy was brought by the person I replied to, really.
          Look, the older I get, the more I pass on random, all in search of a better, more quality interaction with the women. I keep refining and redefining my views, adjusting and tunning.
          But I’m not becoming a monk. I aplaud the philosophy of it, but i have urges. And I am not giving up my piece of the pie. The world should be a better place, but I can’t do much to change it.

      2. Still better than living in a muslim shithole like you losers like to dream about everyday
        “Waah where are all the pure innocent virgins who love to have sex with me, a REAL GENTLEMAN!!”

    1. You actually believe the guy.
      I’d like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge if you have a moment.

      1. The truth doesn’t matter. This article is an obvious sales pitch and I smell sock puppets.
        My mood over this article is annoyance. Roosh posted just days ago some tips on winning the cultural war, and earlier he posted about how he feels like women are treating him like an accessory, something they can either choose to wear or not.
        And here we have a sponsored article with a very different message. Where is the consistency? What is the mission of this site anyway?

        1. I reckon this site fills a void for men in an utterly feminized society. It is extremely difficult to experience mass media today that is not Cultural Marxist propaganda.
          But your instinct is correct when you sense a financial agenda here as well. Everybody is selling something. It’s well disguised. This particular article is so stupid it stinks.
          I think it’s fair to say RoK has commodified Red Pill awareness and cheapened it. But the original philosophy in the Red Pill is still hugely important.

        2. Sock puppets? I’m not sure how much more transparent we can be that the article is a sponsored post.
          Perhaps if you don’t like them you should contribute to the donation drive rather than spew a bunch of useless butthurtness.

        3. This isn’t about me. If the cultural war thing is serious then stuff like this is just fuel for the enemy.

        4. It’s the life cycle of almost every website. Be cool, offer free good quality content, don’t try to sell anything – and once you hit a saturation point of traffic, you turn on the monetization.
          David DeAngelo and Frank Kern are pioneers of this method.

        5. Either be snarky with people, or simply ban them. But for god’s sake don’t do both. And if you ban them do it with good cause (for the good of the forum, and not just because a poster personally irritates you).
          That’s how people lose respect for Moderators.
          I’m pretty sure by “sock puppet” Ibian meant a known poster/author using the moniker “Captain Jack”

        6. “women are treating him like an accessory, something they can either choose to wear or not.”
          You mean like alphas treat their bitches?

        7. I am not so sure that this is such a bad post. I don’t consider myself a PUA or anything like that. But he does seem to be onto something about female sexuality and what motivates them.
          He is right that women are seriously concerned about being viewed as a slut or too aggressive sexually, or moving too fast. And your need to mitigate this concern will greatly work in your favor. How you communicate that to them is key. You cant just say that I don’t think you are a slut now come have sex with me because they are not that dumb. They know we will do whatever we can to get them to fuck us. So maybe his approach will help with that. Get us around this skepticism.
          Also he is correct that women want to know that we are ok with them being sexually aggressive. That we can hold that space for them and allow them to be the slut they want to be in bed. (new age alert lol).
          One thing I do know is that women do really respond to well in bed is a man that can let them be a woman and not have to worry about anything. When a woman is in bed with you she is worrying about all kinds of shit, how does she look naked, do I smell, does this guy think I am sexy, does he think I am a slut, am I too aggressive in bed (see how this meshes with what the OP said above?) and on and on. And the more you can take away these concerns the better she will be in the sack and the more she is going to want to fuck you and the hornier she will be. Big part of why we use alcohol to soften these concerns for her and by her.
          If you doubt this just look at what happens when a supplicating beta male gets a hot chick in bed. He ruins it by trying to “please her” in bed than trying to use her for his pleasure which is what she really wants. That is why women want to fuck “alpha” type men. Because they know they will get this. And she can just let go and get fucked properly.
          If you need to see more proof of this. Check out Good Looking Loser’s stuff. This dude knows his shit and he proves it. And he played in the mega difficult world of LA night clubs and fucked many beautiful women. He talks all about this.
          Not saying everything CJ is saying is spot on but dudes selling stuff can be right also. Remember we get sold stuff all the time that works for us. And if it doesn’t we live and learn.

      2. Yeah exactly… almost any guy will brag about fucking hundreds – hell, thousands – of women if he thinks there’s a chance people will believe him. Move on.

        1. I’m actually moving on from RoK completely. The quality of the writing is incessantly bad (except for Roosh himself) and the virginity of these people is off the chart. I don’t know who’s more virgin, the “writers” or the commenters (I don’t mean you).
          It’s degrading for me to even be commenting here. I have a reputation. Return of Kings is officially Beta Website Of The Century.

        2. Yeah I agree. It was nice when it was about travel and game, with a bit of philosophy and sociology thrown in. But now it looks like it’s become a place for virgins to complain about how everyone else having sex is bad. And that’s when they’re not talking about white power or how we should gas all the muslims.

        3. I’m kinda with you. Some articles are cool but then this shows up.
          I think the issue is this site is trying to cater to several demographics. Mgtow, anti feminists, pua’s etc
          I do thank this site for putting me on to mgtow though. Now I know I’m not alone in my mindset

        4. “I have a reputation” – anonymous internet commenter
          I’ve banned you to help with your quest to maintain your sterling reputation. Best of luck with your keyboard alphadom.

        5. Agreed, some of writers are frozen in pre 2010 PUA ville.
          Much of it has been proven about as effective as being yourself.
          The 5 types of Alphas and Embrace Rejection are 2 good examples or articles with little understanding of seduction…

        6. Or you could ignore this kind of posts. Just ignore them. Read the more serious ones, about self-improvement, about culture, whatever. ¿Is it really that difficult?

        7. Ironically, that’s exactly what Anton is doing. Complaining that someone else is having sex.

      3. Its a sales pitch, but I might try it. I’ve seen less sophisticated stuff get results. Post your own material if you want.

      4. No, neither of you are correct.
        In scarce resource societies you have what is known as K-selection mating strategies. This means daddy doesn’t make enough food to feed all his kids, so if some random asshole knocks little Judy up, then that poor son of a bitch is a-gettin married at the business end of a shotgun.
        The bible itself talks about it (I forgot where), if a girls has been seduced or violently raped she has the option of marrying her “rapist” (I put that in quotes for a reason – pre red pill I could never understand the wisdom behind that law, now I am in awe of it) and regardless, the seducer has to pay a fine to her father. Also note, all such crimes as the one mentioned above came with a mandatory whipping and the option of the court to kill the offender (the biblical courts always had that option).
        As Ibian pointed out, men would get violent if their daughters or sisters were assaulted, again, in the bible we see that the sons of Jacob slaughtered their way through a city because of their sisters rape. On the other hand, Hamor the father of the rapist understood it to be a legit practice to offer to have the two married. So you see that both practices were done.

        1. Right, the problem is that with modern contraceptives (as well as the legal system) the “marry or be killed” part very rarely has a chance to come into effect. And so puas keep jumping from one girl to another, ruining them for the rest of society all the while lamenting their poor and worsening quality.

    2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Man-whores are just as low as the sluts they are banging.
      And the ones that brag about how many cherries they popped should be shunned, NOT praised.

        1. Well, castrated at least.
          It is almost impossible for a good man to find a virgin for a wife thanks to those asshole braggarts.

      1. Point taken, but there is no such thing as a man whore…at least not a straight one. Men EARN every bit of pussy they get. Be it degenerate sluts, or being keen enough to eliminate the inhibitions of the lonely, church going, house wife.

        1. It would certainly explain why/how there are so many boys who grow up without a father, and end up embracing a thug mentality.
          Don’t we have enough thugs already?
          And girls who grow up without a father have a much higher chance of growing up to be a slut.
          My fellow males must realize that keeping our own sausages to ourselves is just as important as the women needing to keep their legs closed to everyone except their husbands.

      2. I was called that once (manwhore, justified or not) and its actually quite funny, because this “shaming” does nothing against most mens´ conscience (most likely the opposite is true). Bragging about the numbers, on the other hand, is lame and sign of immaturity IMO.

    3. It is hard to think about “civilization breaking down” when you have hordes of whores to suck your dick while their little cucks take care of the children.

    4. No they wouldn’t have been murdered by other men… they lived rich and full lives like Casanova did. The truth is the guys “in earlier times” did pretty much what guys do now while me and other guys like me go and GET the women we desire… they stood around talking about how all women were whores and there were no good women out there.

  4. I’m living proof that women want sex animalistically just like men do. I’m short, skinny, ugly, brown-skinned, and I don’t have a lot of money. But I’ve had a lot of sex, and they liked it.
    If you want to get laid but can’t and you blame your appearance, you’re making excuses.

  5. Hundreds of women on the first date hey? By feeding them some cheesy pop psychology about fingers and rings? Okaaay.
    Look, I’ve fucked a few girls in my 25 years, and in my experience, some chicks are DTF no matter what as long as they like you, which is more to do with how you look and how you act, not some rehearsed words that ‘magically’ arouse them. These are in the majority these days. And some chicks hold back a little, not because they’re repressing their sexual desire and need some dude to ‘unleash them from social barriers’, (because news flash, society doesn’t tell girls sex is bad any more, quite the opposite), but because they’re just more discriminating .
    Generally speaking, the ones who fuck on the first date are trash. For whatever reason, if she’s fucking a guy she barely knows she’s fucked in the head.
    The ones who need a bit more time before spreading their legs for you have a higher self esteem and are usually better quality girls. I’d hazard the huge majority of the chicks won over by the kind of thing advocated in the article are the former type. Just my experience.

    1. Lots of “nice” girls are down on the first date. They’re just better at posturing about it.

    2. “The ones who need a bit more time before spreading their legs for you
      have a higher self esteem and are usually better quality girls.”
      Not necessarily. If a girl is holding out on a guy, chances are it’s because she sees him as a beta provider, not because she’s higher quality.

  6. Started reading and finally got to the point.
    Then I was like “oh. I know this already. ”
    But yeah whatever. A girl is gonna be a slut if she is a slut. Just let her know that you love that and sex on the first night isn’t even worth a second thought. It’s just two people having fun.
    Go get em

  7. Whatever “dam” the cap’n is talking about, you have to realize that feminism and the society it created already broke that dam in to a million pieces a long time ago.
    In other words, he don’t need to be here peddling his shit but bills gotta be paid so it’s all good.
    Like others have said, if a bitch is DTF, she’s DTF.

  8. Correction humbly offered to the author: the word you want is “discreet” (not likely to be seen or noticed by people), not “discrete” (separate and different/distinct from each other).

  9. Brilliant approach to knocking down the slut shaming wall. I too was one of the frustrated guys that had a real negative attitude toward women. David Shade’s programs and the book The Evolution Of Desire by David Buss totally turned me around and made everything fall into place and see how it really was as far as understanding women and their motives on why they do what they do. They really are more sexual than men.Its societies upbringing that has made women conflicted when it comes to sex. I HIGHLY recommend those two guys and everything will make sense without being a new age pussy apologist.

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