Never Trust Men Who Are “Good At Relationships”

We all know him. He doesn’t want to talk to girls because “no good girls go to bars.” Once your group gets him out, he’s the one buying drinks to get women to interact with him, and engaging them in boring conversation. When he finally gets a girlfriend (who he usually meets through work or online dating), he’ll skip out on sporting events, poker nights, and other masculine spaces that are necessary for men to maintain their sanity and the identity of their sex.

He’s the relationship guy. Not only is he immediately willing to subjugate his interests to those of a woman, but he will also trumpet this as a part of his identity that prevents him from running game on girls, becoming a “player,” or generally improving himself at all. The key phrase to listen for is when they brag about being “good at relationships” or “built for relationships,” despite nearly every past relationship ending in being cheated on, mistreated, or taken advantage of by their girlfriend.

After much observation, I have concluded that men who self-identify as being “good at relationships” inevitably have terrible game and should be avoided in general. Here are 4 reasons not to allow this type of man into your inner circle:

1. They are experts at lying to themselves

The “good at relationships” label is a weak excuse for these men to reduce cognitive dissonance about their lack of success with women. They can’t attract high-quality girls or keep girls interested, so they have to believe that their “skill” with women only presents itself under limited circumstances. This mentality acts as a barrier to personal growth.

2. They can’t see that they are inherently supporting a contradiction

Being “good at relationships” is a self-contradictory term. The men who use it congratulate themselves for putting effort into relationships, which shows they are implicitly valuing the relationship more than their partner. This paradoxically means that they are unskilled at relationships with women, who thrive on masculine energy and are aroused by having to seek a strong man’s approval. Herbs who fawn over them in support of an ersatz Hollywood-driven relationship ideal repulse them, and relationships with these types of men will either be short and brutal, or long and dreary. Despite repeated failure when pedestalizing girls, “relationship guys” never learn this lesson.

3. They are followers

Modern societal programming tells men that they should be subservient to the women in their lives. Despite hundreds of thousands of years of evolution as the stronger and more capable sex, men today are all too willing to give their balls away for the chance at some physical intimacy. Even more disgusting is that many men today actually wish to be bossed around by a woman and will gladly give up their agency even in the absence of sexual gratification

4.They are selling themselves short

It’s often said that men are the gatekeepers of commitment. Why, then, would a valuable man openly advertise that he prefers to give away this value rather than save it for someone worthy? It’s just as inherently undesirable for long-term commitment as a women who gives her body away freely. Behavioral economics experiments confirm that pricing influences our valuation of a good, and men who act as if their commitment is worthless will be treated as such.

The correct frame to hold is that only a select few girls are given the privilege to discover a man’s immense value in a relationship context. On the rare occasions that I have a girlfriend, I know which attraction buttons to push while maintaining a counterbalance of aloofness and vulnerability that keeps them coming back. Why would I give this away for free? The men who are truly “good at relationships” would only display the skill after a girl gives significant value of her own through traits (sweetness, kindness, nurturing, loyalty) other than her sexuality.

It’s tempting to talk your fellow man out of this frame, but the vast majority of the time you will be wasting your breath. It’s easier to simply avoid these types of men for close friendships, or in any major role in your life. While players have the bad reputation for pussy begging, it is the “good at relationships” guy who is more likely to sell you out for the approval of a woman.

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185 thoughts on “Never Trust Men Who Are “Good At Relationships””

  1. I once knew a guy like this. He would LT date the lowest quality fat women, and they would either cheat on him, beat him or beat his car. You would make arrangements with him and he would cancel at the last minute because she said so. The worst thing is how he would actively sabotage your game at clubs when you were trying to talk to girls. He was eventually cancelled as a friend not just by me but others in the circle.

    1. Good, men like this are just as bad as being around feminists. They will literally infect everything around you. Good for you, for cutting dead and toxic weight.

    2. ” He would LT date the lowest quality fat women, and they would either cheat on him, beat him or beat his car.”
      Dayummm! Poor guy! Talk about a hapless sap.

    3. B-b-but… I thought fat chicks were supposed to be much better relationship partners than hot chicks! Ya mean “Shallow Hal” is wrong??

  2. I made this mistake three times in my life, the first one was excusable at 17, given my lack of real male guidance at that time, brainwashing, pre-red-pill and the most importantly youth. The last two times convinced me, that women are never to be trusted. At 24, my mind was made up western women in relationships, after dealing with some broken cunt. At 25, I was lied to by a Moroccan, I believed given her background and her words she’d be “honorable.” She’d tell me everything I wanted to hear, “I’ll be faithful, and obedient etc.” I even looked past her sexual history, forsaking more of my own codes in an attempt to be “hip” and with the times. Not realizing that all non-virgins are meant for the whorehouse.
    She was Americanized to a t. Literally this girl was raised by a devout Moroccan mother, but I should have seen the writing on the wall when she told me, she had her father deported. We dated for a year and literally A MONTH, probably not even 30 days, she was in a new relationship with another guy. I had grown cold by then, I didn’t give a shit, I got what I could out of her, but everything she ever told me (all the I love yous, I want to have your babies, pregnancy scares, etc etc) meant shit. Women do this with everyman. This is a tactic to entrap good men. I literally did not want a relationship when I met her, but she molded herself to my ideal. She coiled my around my soul like the little snake she was, sucking the vitality out of me.
    Of course my style involves corporal punishment but this girl was beyond correction. Literally women possess no honor. I am actually relieved to not be in a relationship, and should have never went against my code. I would be stupid after this community and my experiences to ever get involved again with a woman over the long term. Maybe some arrangement can be made to have some young nubile 18 year old birth my children, but literally they are scum. I recognized that it was not only her, who was capable of literally using these empty words with every man but all women. It is their way of entrapping us to get what they want. If a woman was in past relationships, it means one thing, she used her empty words of endearment as a model and pretext for every male.
    Once she’s gotten all she could out of the arrangement, then it’s on to the next one. You are nothing but a step in a ladder to her, and rather than believing her words as gospel, they are simply tactics within an overall strategy. I’ll say it again, men are only capable of really loving other men (no homo). A man whom you’d went to boot-camp with for a few weeks can come out and take a bullet for you, with no problem. A bitch who you’ve been married to for 20 years would never think about breaking a fucking nail for you. Relationships in the West are a no-go for the thinking red-pill man. Again, if you have to, young foreign virgins should be your only resort for LTRs. 99% of Western(ized) women are scum.

    1. I feel bad for what happened to you with regards to the Moroccan bitch you had before.
      But the fact is that Morocco (along with Lebanon and Egypt) has always been the sex capital in the Arab world where Arab men (and Europeans) used to travel to experience debauchery (Dubai and Bahrain have now taken that mantle over Morocco now, when it comes to being the sex capitals of the Arab world). Morocco is where Arab women who lose their virginities travel to get hymen restoration surgery. So deception and fraud is inherent in the women from that part of the world. Most women from the Arab world think fucking in the ass before marriage, does not constitute as sex, so even if you marry a “virgin” from modern Arab world (Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, and the Gulf countries), don’t ever be a fool to think that her ass has not been violated (you’d get a vaginal virgin, but not an anal virgin). A lot of modernized Westernized Arab women freely give up their asses before marriage – see the trend in Dubai, Lebanon, Morocco, Alexandria, and in France and other parts of the western world.
      Most Arab men have woken up to this reality so they are marrying White women. They know anal virginity is no different from vaginal virginity. A white woman gives access to all her holes, yet at least she is honest to show that she is a slut. A modernized Western Arab woman gives only access to asshole to her boyfriend, to fool her future husband that she is a virgin.
      The bottom line is: No matter how much a woman says she is
      virginal or pure, once you get to tap her, you can be sure that someone has
      tapped her before. And even if she does not allow you to tap her, possibility is that she doesn’t want you to tap her, whereas someone else may already be tapping her. In short, NEVER TRUST WOMEN.
      You’re better off trusting a rabid animal than women.

      1. Is this for real or is that an exaggeration? Arab women all take it up the poop shoot?

        1. My understanding is that muslim women are required under Sharia Law to be virgins before getting married, and this has to be certified by a medical doctor before the marriage ceremony. So supposedly muslim women engage in pre-marital sex by either blowing the guy or dishing up her asshole to him.

        2. Depends on where, the Middle East is not homogenous culture wise. However, that part of the world is not anywhere near as conservative sexually as you guys think it is. They maintain the IMAGE of being sexually conservative but if you actually spend some time over there it won’t take long before you start hearing about some shit that’s more fucked up than anything you can make up.

        3. Sharia law is not practiced anywhere in the muslim world except Iran(and even then its sharia lite),Taliban ruled parts of afghanistan/SWAT,and some parts of yemen,and shabab areas in somalia.I’d say true sharia is only practiced in shabab areas of somalia and taleban ruled SWAT.Yemen keeps women pretty isolated and limits contact between the sexes severely,its a poorer saudi arabia.but the rest of the muslim world does not incorporate sharia nor wants to.
          did you know palestine is liberal for muslim standards?syria,lebanon are secular countries,the population is nominally muslim,like french are nominally catholic.same for Indonesia,people mix animist beliefs,hinduism,buddhism and islam together.most haven’t read much of the quran etc
          the men in these countries marry as young as possible-12,13,14,15 etc they want certified virginity .what you guys consider a hot young and innocent 20 yr old they consider a spinster.
          the men are redpilled as fuck.they sow women’s vaginas when their young to make sure they dont have sex.they unsow it when the wedding will come.although not a islamic practice,its still popular in africa and the arabian peninsula.
          the men of these cultures(africa,middle east)are redpilled as fuck.they go hardcore.
          they know females will lie about sexual past and seek loopholes,and even if you leave them alone for 1 minute they cheat.they can’t stand women and use them only for reproduction,they are so paranoid about their sexuality,ebcause it shames them if their sister fucks some dude from another tribe orr their minds,whena non-muslim,non-arab whatever fucks their sister its a symbolic way of his tribe,culture,religion conquering them.thats the only reason they are all about keeping women in line despite knowing their true nature wich muhammad detailed well in the them their womenfolk fucking is a shame on the men.
          its a honour thing.
          I’m not arab or muslim by any means (although I do share their tan skin +dark hair colouring and this makes arab women open up easier,noone suspects anything when walking down the street)but I have had relations with arab women here,I am having an 1 year+ affair with a muslim woman who wears hijab and who’s father is a Imam.
          and I am not making this up.
          even in ethiopia the christians marry women off very young to ensure virginity and not just a vagina virgin.

        4. Well, the Arab men do, so I don’t see how it’s inconceivable for the women to also.

        5. Ever meet these guys? They aren’t “Redpill”, they just are dominant over their females.
          In most other aspects they’re largely ignorant, feminine, and uneducated.

        6. Read more here
          “According to Abou Jaoude, one study found that more than 50 percent of Lebanese women engage in anal sex out of a belief that it doesn’t count as sex”

          How arabs are obsessed with anal sex

          and more

        7. “Ever meet these guys? They aren’t “Redpill”, they just are dominant over their females.” – Hell_Biker
          That’s one of the essential parts of redpill. What the fuck kind of redpill did you take?

        8. Interesting. I can’t say I agree with everything in islam, but certainly agree with their philosophy with regards to gender. Any culture that maintains patriarchy and keeps their females on a tight leash will survive.

        9. I have noticed for example in Berlin Germany where one sees a huge islamic / turkish population in a feminized society it appears to be a “Islam Lite” version, in which the muslim chicks seem looser.

        10. With the westernization of the Arab world, the sexualization of Arab women will also follow the same route as white women already have. So the only culture that will survive is probably the Jewish culture – considering they don’t allow intermarriage as the other cultures do.

        11. if they were redpilled all the way they would not believe in fairytales,but still relative to westerners they are redpilled.
          they are human afterall.noone is perfect.they are no more ignorant than any one else.I grew up Baptist now those are some ignorant people.almost every human is ignorant.only tradcon white capitalists think their ”western civilization”and race don’t stink of shit like everyone else’s.

        12. Orthodox Jewry is way more conservative than islam,in general.
          and contrary to most people’s beliefs,the sephardic and mizrahi girls are very can easily find a virgin wife among them.

        13. True. Of course, it’s because they have needs and it’s the patriarchy’s fault. I can’t deny that they have needs, but … patriarchy?

        14. abortions are pretty common in the middle east too.
          Despite legal and religious restrictions against abortion in much of the Arab world, changing social values and economic realities as well as demographic shifts have contributed to an apparent increase in the number of the procedures in the Middle East.
          . . .
          “I think abortions are going up for just for one reason: Sex is becoming more permissive,” said Wissam Ghandour, a Lebanese obstetrician and scholar. “I assure you that the majority of girls getting married now are non-virgins and sexually active.”
          . . .
          Statistics are sparse. Family planning experts said they detected a 100% increase in the number of abortions from two decades ago.
          . . .
          According to the United Nations, about one in 10 pregnancies in the region ends in abortion,
          . . .
          A study by the International Planned Parenthood Federation estimated there were 7 million abortions in the Arab worldfrom 1995 to 2000
          Unsafe abortion is one of the most neglected public health challenges in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region,* where an estimated one in four pregnancies are unintended—wanting to have a child later or wanting no more children.[2]Many women with unintended pregnancies resort to clandestine abortions that are not safe. According to the World Health Organization, around 1.5 million abortions in MENA in 2003 were performed in unsanitary settings, by unskilled providers, or both. Complications from those abortions accounted for 11 percent of maternal deaths in the region.[3]
          . . .
          Today, medical and scientific advances have made abortion a safe procedure when offered under medical supervision and with high standards of care. Yet each year, thousands of women in the developing world die and millions more are left with temporary or permanent disabilities because of unsafe abortion.
          . . .
          *The Middle East and North Africa region as defined here includes Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, the Palestinian Territory, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.
          According to a poll released this month by, 53% of Egyptians …oppose their governments’ policies of making abortion a crime.
          . . .
          A 1993 study showed that 14% of women in one rural Egyptian hamlet had had an abortion
          Each year in Indonesia, millions of women become pregnant unintentionally, and many choose to end their pregnancies, despite the fact that abortion is generally illegal.
          . . .
          Though reliable evidence does not exist, researchers estimate that about two million induced abortions occur each yearin the country[5] and that deaths from unsafe abortion represent 14–16% of all maternal deaths in Southeast Asia.[6]
          . . .
          The estimate translates to an annual rate of 37 abortions for every 1,000 women of reproductive age (15–49years). This rate is high compared with that of Asia as a whole[7]
          October 2008
          The proportion of unwanted teenage pregnancies that ended in abortion stood at 27 percent in West Java last year, according to youth counseling organization Mitra Citra Remaja.[8]
          November 2012
          A new study [by the Indonesian Family Planning Association] has revealed that 83 percent of customers to abortion clinics across Indonesia are married women
          According to a poll released this month by… 55% of Iranians oppose their governments’ policies of making abortion a crime.
          . . .
          Researchers estimate that 100,000 abortions are performed a year in Iran, a non- Arab nation that stands out for its relatively progressive sex education and family planning policies.[1]
          June 2008
          Statistics are sparse. Family planning experts said they detected a 100% increase in the number of abortions from two decades ago. Graigaa, for example, said the number in Morocco had doubled.
          . . .
          Moroccan family planning experts estimate that 600 abortions a day are performed in the North African country, most involving unmarried women. Only a small percentage are victims of rape or sexual abuse, they say.[1]
          June 2008
          At least 890,000 abortions take place in Pakistan, which means that every sixth pregnancy is terminated. These figures were revealed by the Pakistan Demographic Health Survey (PDHS), which is the only national study on abortion-related incidents, said Dr Azra Ahsan, a gynaecologist and technical consultant at the National Committee for Maternal and Neonatal Health (NCMNH). She was speaking at a discussion arranged by the NCMNH on Wednesday

        15. Wrong, and prove it faggot. I’ve already offered to Skype with you idiots but….
          Funny thing, the last guy who called me a chick spent a LOT of time playing female WoW characters(several of them maxed out).

        16. Bitch shut the fuck up. I’ll knock your fat gay ass off your bike, steal your bitch and run you over with your own bike like a Ghost Rider. Don’t play with fire, you’ll get burned!

      2. and most muslim women worship white men.they would rather have a bald,fat and ugly white guy than a handsome man of their own race.they will be virgins for their own men but sluts for any white man.if a white man gives any attention to one of them they light up like they just saw god.a white man pretending to be muslim could slay.
        muslim women are trash like any other either marry a very young virgin(13-15)or have the risk shes a lying slut.that took it up the butt.trying to make a white-arab mutt.

        1. It’s true. Modern arab women are more trashy than white women. You’d see them ready to jump on any western (translate: white man) cock while acting like untouched virgins for their own men. Arab men themselves have woken up to this reality so fed up with the hypocrisy of their own women, they’re instead marrying white women instead. Or travelling to western countries to rape white women. Either ways, don’t fall for the bait that wearing a veil or covering keeps a woman chaste. Whores in medieval Arabia were never naked, they dressed like normal women. Bottom line: In the modern world, whether white or arab or Asian, NEVER TRUST ANY WOMAN. That’s red pill.

        2. Cunts are so dumb that I believe she would take ” it up the butt.trying to make a white-arab mutt.” But 13 is old. Think younger, my man.

        3. Well most veiled arab women arent having sex with white men,but that doesn’t mean they don’t fantasize about it.they primarily pray to allah that they get a muslim convert.even if hes a fact most white converts are ugly or wierd aspies that were rejected by other white people.but to them its good long as its white,its different than other brown slaves like asians and peruvians etc
          the nonveiled ones are fucking both black and white men and arab I’ve seen it turkish woman-black guy pairings are pretty common.
          unlike white men however,muslim men aren’t stupid,theya re very paranoid and have strict standards,so instead of accepting these women when they decide to reform and put on the hijab,these men just go get wives fom back home when they finished their studies and can afford it,the goodlooking ones fuck white women to let the time go there is a major problem of muslim women spinsters.I’m not kidding.the european muslim women see their european born muslim men as too backward,mysogynist and unhip and the muslim men raised here think of the women as whitewashed and slutty…so both don’t really want each other.
          whts funny is that alot of these women fuck white men thinkiing white men are lax on responsibilities and standards..treat them better..and these white dudes are fucking these ugly women thinking they are ”better”than white women and will cook for him,clean for him etc both sides are expecting something in the other but finding exactely what they ran away from in their own race.
          and btw,most north africanarab women are buttugly,its not like its a prize to have a muslima on your arm.most are quiet unattractive and look like witches or hawks.
          like greeks and italians,the features really only suit the men(similar to how asian features really only suit the women).you have alot of manfaced horsebitches in the arab community.
          msot of arab men here are thirdty for white women,theya re even starting to date black women from nigeria,ghana etc wich are actually very cute and more feminine,less entitled than the local muslim products.
          muslim women here kind of remind me of JAPs.unattractive women who lie and have extremely high standards for commitment all the while casually slumming it with men outside their race and pretending to be good daddies little girls.
          white girls atleast have personalities and some semblance of intelligence.these muslim whores have none of that,are very boring and still have the white girl arrogance and entitlement despite not having the hots or personality to justify it.
          but I do laugh at the manosphere clusterfuck on even in Taliban ruled afghanistan and shabaab ruled somalia women still cheat.can you imagine that?you know youre gonna die yet they still have plenty a women to execute every year for cheating …shit..even me with my horny sex drive would be celibate rather than piss off the taliban….that should show you we can never expect women to keep their legs closed unless we start doing genetical engineering.
          in saudi arabia women even cheat with their drivers.the only male contact they have outside husband and relatives.and these pakistani drivers aren’t much too look at and they stink of shows you how prone womena re to cheating.its like an itch that must be scratched.
          theyd rather die than not cheat.

        4. Good rhyme at the end. Lol.
          Plenty of women of any race/religion are as you told, no doubt. Talking about sex in the Arab world may be taboo, and as for doing it …

        5. This is very true. I worked with a white married older man who was fucking an Arab slut up the arse, while waiting for her ‘sucker’ groom to be imported in to marry her. If he only knew……..

        6. Given how the arab females often looks like…
          Must be either a really desperate or blind and noseless Whitney.

        7. if you are a pathetic “beta” who wants to get married at the price of your own dignity, Islam is the way to go!
          I would love to see all the pathetic, kicked puppies immigrate to islamic lands so they become someone else´s problem but I realize that is just wishfull thinking.

      3. Yep. No matter how happy white men or any other men may be to think that they at least get to violate 😛 and loosen their arseholes at least, it’s a bad trap for marriage. Very well set. You get a reasonably tight cunt, but an arsehole with a seemingly loose screw.

      4. Your mistaken, the hymen doesn’t break or needs repairing, it stays with women forever. Do some biology research.

    2. Give me a break: “Of course my style involves corporal punishment but this girl was beyond correction.”. This is silly. A truly red pill man shouldn’t have to use violence to get his woman to behave. And the only way you can get away with something like that is to live in a islamofascist state.

      1. Take your faggoty pedestalizing ass to the “Art of Men” or some other watered down site. I guess by that criteria. Sean Connery belongs in an Islamofascist state. “A truly red-pill man”… lol

        1. Manosphere and Red Pill used to be about giving men confidence and acquiring the ability to improve in every aspect of their lives – women, careers, fitness etc. I see it has now become a refuge for neo nazis, women beaters, haters and bitter people.

        2. A light beating is allowed in Islam (Qur’an 4:34, 38:44) when she doesn’t comply with his demands, and not on the face (your CH proprietor Roissy will ascribe to that), or with weapons. It is the third and last resort, behind verbal admonishment and abandonment (‘sleeping in separate beds’).
          The quotes from the Qur’an and hadith are here:

          There are laws in place which dictate that if a husband has beaten his wife for no reason at all, she may take him to court, even if the article may say that they’re discouraged from reporting it. I think men (especially Western men) have a good idea what happens when these are reported … (mangina alert).

        3. A friend of mine had teeth knocked loose in his sleep and his own daughter beaten because he refused to smack some sense into his alcoholic abusive bitch of a wife. This guy still pedestalizes women but now swears he will never cohabitate again.
          You see what they mean about having no honor. They will stoop to anything to undermine you in a relationship, forcing you hit them, if only once, to show that you are not to be fucked with. Shit like that is why relationships do not happen with women for me.

        4. You serious? Lol.
          I do think there are unsustainable laws, mind you. There are ones which still insist on the husband picking up after his wife and so on, which cannot fit in with the modern, independent woman. I don’t see how those rules can be followed.

      2. Violence is a biological necessity for men. How do you deal with anger? It is disrespectful to hit a fellow human, so men must beat cunts until the anger is satiated, however long and to whatever lengths that takes. Why are you so scared to be a man?

        1. I don’t even know where to begin.
          You think you’re a “man” because you think it’s cool to hit women but you’re too pussy to swing on someone who might swing back?
          It’s not always “disrespectful” to hit another man….and even then sometimes the disrespect given to you warrants that response. Sometimes shit needs to be sorted out that way and then people mend fences and get over it.

        2. If a man disrespects me, I do the honorable thing and refrain from disrespecting him back. What a true man (not you) does is to hold his anger, never taking it out on a human, and only unleashing it on any cunts nearby. That’s one of their uses.

        3. so……what a “true man” does is take his anger out on things around him? So hitting a woman(who apparently is “not a human”) or kicking the dog is somehow manly?
          You aren’t doing the honorable thing. You’re just a pussy who is too chicken to swing on anyone who can fight back.
          Do you know what a real man does? Petty shit won’t bother him, but if it IS a significant problem a real man will address the SOURCE of the problem. That doesn’t necessarily mean you start shit or start swinging….it means you stand your ground and don’t tolerate the bullshit. We can get physical if someone wants to go that way, but defending yourself and standing up for yourself aren’t dishonorable.

        4. I think hitting women should be allowed by law, but not encouraged by society.
          In the modern world, with women becoming more androgynous, the threat of violence by a man will actually feminize women back to their true natures. The reason why feminism has pussified Anglosphere men is because the laws are against men when faced with a woman who hits him. Would you stand your ground when a woman throws a oven at you? You’d be target practice for her. Would you catch the oven? Good practice as a shortstop. Since gender roles technically don’t exist in the modern world.

        5. The way I see it… should be the case that if you stir shit up, then the other party can not be held responsible if that choice leads to you getting your ass beat…..irrespective of gender race or any other demographic factor.
          In practice that’s not too common nowadays. Most “men” (even ones larger than me) back down when they see I’m not intimidated by the prospect of a fight, and the ones who are dangerous get respect from me and treat me with respect back.

        6. I agree as well. But what we must understand modern women have an irresistible propensity to stir up shit. And modern men get their ass beaten – both by women and the state. That’s why laws must be passed to allow husbands to hit their women in case of domestic abuse. The idea is to create fear in women, but not encourage violence.

        7. I have whipped girls before, but never in anger and only with their permission. I let them know, they can either submit to being punished or I can go get another girl. It is their choice. Every girl has accepted punishment. You should never strike a lady in anger, it shows a lack of self-control on your part.

        8. You can deal with anger by going out for a run. If necessary, do some sprints while thinking about what is making you angry. Eventually, you will be to exhausted to be angry anymore.

        9. You should never give a cunt a choice. They don’t have any brains and cannot make a decision. If you are angry and like whipping, then whip them until they are completely torn up and bloody. Kill it, if you’d like. Remember, being there for us to attack whenever and however we like is a major reason for their existence. There is no need for “self-control” when you are around a cunt.

        10. Fuck off, pussy. Violence towards women is entirely rational response to their deranged bullshit.

        11. Go fuck yourself, bitch. I would love to beat the shit out of you, whoreson.
          Your name is jewish, by the way. Are you a kike?

      3. Violence? Give us a break. Old fashioned over-the-knee bare bottom spanking works wonders.

    3. Not that I expect you (or anyone else) to reply to this, but this provides so much insight into the viewpoints expressed in your other comments.
      I too have been hurt one time by a man I simply trusted too much (contrary to what many who frequent this site may believe, women are not the only ones capable of manipulation and lacking in morals). I’m a woman with traditional values. I grew up in a home with a domineering woman heading the household and determined early one I wanted the exact opposite of my upbringing. I want to be able to trust a man to lead the household; that’s what I’ve found works best for me.
      However, this one terrible relationship made me question everything (my naturally trusting and submissive nature made the situation worse) and actually almost drove me to adopt more feminist beliefs and/or give up on men altogether. Eventually, I came around, reaffirmed my beliefs and now very happily engaged. I have no problem trusting my fiancee to lead our household (even if I disagree with his decisions, at times) because I know he loves me deeply and has my best interests at heart.
      All this to say that dating is difficult. You are going to have terrible experiences, but the challenge is not letting it make you become more bitter and angry. The longer you allow your bitterness and anger to grow, the less likely you will be to eventually meet someone who matches your values.

    4. “she molded herself into my ideal. She coiled around my soul like the little snake she was, sucking the vitality out of me.”
      I found all of my answers in “occult psychology” and confirmed it with personal experience.
      These bad experiences with women literally damage your ability to feel empathy and turn you into a sociopath. A brain scan of a redpill man is going to be very different than a schlubs.

      1. Knowledge and experience are not sociopathic. Knowledge and experience only make you wiser. When your outlook on life changes, it is because you are growing. Failure is not to grow. Growth is to learn.

    5. you are both correct and incorrect at the same time.
      women are not honorable or loyal, but they can be faithful, if you are strong enough to tame them and show them loyalty.
      if your dog is pissing on the sofa, it’s not your dog’s fault, it’s just you trained him badly.
      bitches are no different.

      1. But western governments have taken the power out of the hands of men to discipline our women. It’s like buying a dog, knowing you could never discipline them. What would be the point?

        1. You do it with appropriate game. Now, I still have to figure that game out. I know a former master PUA that is pussy whooped by his wife… Dudes with no fucking game make fun of him behind his back… sad.

    6. Sorry to hear about this. This kind of recurring nature of women always shocks a man once he gets to know about it. At least at first.
      Your last paragraph pretty much summed it up. Although referring to your ‘Wester(ized) women are scum’ part, I’m not so sure about that. You’d be trapped and screwed over and over in a marriage even in ancient times, where a wife would withhold sex unless she felt desire, and unless you’re a sexy man (not so different from today, huh?) They may or may not have secretly screwed their drivers, pool boys or cooks with PIV, they’re good not to leave records. There are confirmed practices of earlier aeons like facesitting/queening, cunnilingus, (rimjobs anyone?) and so many other ways for these desperate housewives to release sexual frustration with whoever they wanted to. Men and women cheated around, except that women were, as always, more covert.

      1. I agree with most of what you said, but wives did not have the legal authority to withhold sex from their husbands in antiquity. “Raping your wife,” was not even a consideration. A wife was there to bear her husbands progeny one way or another.

        1. I forgot about that. Thanks for pointing it out.
          Even Islam has a hadith which says that if a wife withholds sex from her husband and the husband remains angry with her all night about it, the angels will send curses on such a wife until dawn.
          One thing: Women were (in the past) not treated the same as men and had less formal (de jure) power and authority, no doubt. They still made and make all or most of the decisions around the household, dating market, shopping, … (blah, blah) de facto, right? Fact of the matter is that they were still in control most of the time, which is what I was ranting about.
          ‘A wife was there to bear her husbands progeny one way or another.’
          Correct, without a doubt. In legal terms. Of course, in reality, cuckolds and illegitimate children have been born since and before civilization. No wonder we employ lawyers to find loopholes in the law, lol.

        2. True, but most women have an instinctual ability for domesticity. I would not interfere with her division of labor in this sense. As long as her respect for my authority was paramount in all things, then fine let her sweet ass have the kitchen and choose the draperies. Coming home to a nice clean house with a great home-cooked meal and wife ready to make love to you afterwards is something the men of my generation will never ever experience. I rarely have the energy to clean my abode sometimes when I leave work, crossfit etc. I just want to sleep, fuck and eat afterwards, probably not in that order. Men were made by nature to be out, in the world, conquering, not really primping his house every 10 seconds. This is the structure that housewives were under the patriarchy and were wonderful for this. Needless to say, most Americunts today can’t even microwave a hotpocket, let alone cook a nice gourmet meal on the average. They literally are good for one purpose. Women know instinctually they are not meant for the labor market, and have shed their womanly traits for domesticity.

        3. Yep, can’t argue with that. As long as a woman can follow you and her instincts, she’ll be fine to deal with. Their instincts are what cause them to frantically find a husband and children (usually too late) after 30, no matter how much they may have screamed that marriage was women’s oppression.

        4. Jesus, you fucking freaks are dangerous! Can’t you see how twisted you are?
          By the way, I wonder how your manifestos are coming along- made it to 140 pages yet?

    7. Terrible, but there are some great women out there (about 10%), the rest are opportunist cunts. I hope you can meet someone in the 10.

    8. Just as I thought, once these foreign wives comes to the feminist version of israel…

    9. My god you are broken. I could look at ALL men through your eyes and see the same. Lying, manipulative cheating scum. Will tell you anything to get their way. What would be the point? If I did assume all men we’re scum, couldn’t be trusted, violent, dangerous around children, I would never have found happiness with my husband, who I love to bits. Don’t assume we’re all horrible, it’s just not true.

      1. You are all scum, bitch. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise.
        I hope you die slowly and painfully.

  3. “He doesn’t want to talk to girls because “no good girls go to bars.”
    – Though I agree to all of this article, I disagree on that point, which I think is misunderstood or misrepresented. Most of my fellow friends on red pill don’t talk to girls or chase them – because they inherently know “no good girls go to bars.” They focus on having a good time among themselves. They don’t go to bars so as to “hunt in packs”.Their aloofness/indifference to women around them actually attracts women to them, because they don’t act thirsty. They do however work on eye contact which actually pulls the women to them. Talking can backfire, because in today’s world women are barraged by thirsty men who want to talk to them, so expressing a little bit of aloofness can make the difference. Sometimes, you can attract more by chasing less.

    1. You go out at night to socialize and practice. Also good observation, and I’m glad to see that an understanding of how important eye contact is seems to be spreading.
      It’s VERY rare, but you can find a few decent women out at night. Look for the one who’s sitting quietly with her group of friends, looking uncomfortable with the idea of being out in a club and without much makeup on. The one you want is the square who got dragged out to be the DD because her friends know she doesn’t drink much.
      Plus is that they’re usually bored. I’ve found that if you can give them some more intelligent and interesting conversation than her woo-girl friends offer you’ll do well.

  4. Apropos of nothing….I just found this on MyPostingCareer, and immediately knew it belonged at RoK:

    1. That cunt who’s speaking is the epitome of everything I hate. She is the reason why Western Civilization has gone to the dogs. That whore deserves a bullet to the skull face down in a ditch.

  5. I don’t judge other dudes who can’t get girls anymore.
    If you aren’t in a socially favorable situation (college), it is VERY difficult to pull a decent cute girl who’s not in your social circle. You have to escalate with the perfect amount of game and disinterest, and this takes alot of practice. One minor thing you do that she perceives as awkward then she’ll shut down on you and youre done.
    I’ve done hundreds of cold approaches between college and my mid 20s and from my experience if you don’t have a mutual friend with her then your game has to be flawless to pull her. Girls just dont give a fuck about you. Dudes who can’t get girls are too nice in believing females are actual humans with integrity.

    1. That’s what most of these PUAs don’t understand. My game extends to this simple philosophy, “shoot first, aim later.” Keep shooting and you’ll hit a lot of targets, but hone in one, and you may miss and you’ve wasted a lot of time. It comes down to this, within the first 30 seconds of seeing you and hearing you a woman has decided whether or not she wants to fuck you. Only you can fuck up after that. The supposed “game” comes in, in trying to convince some vapid western whore who probably doesn’t want to fuck you, with one simple method “manipulation.” Of course, if this works for some people, all the more power to them. But I don’t have that much time in a day to waste on a bitch. I’d rather meet 5 out of 10 girls who I solidly knew wanted to fuck me, and just add them to the rotation. The other 5 can go fuck themselves. I mean what do I stand to gain from that arrangement but lost income in pursuing this bitch? Again, you can have all the game in the world, but the aim later method, is the one I do all day. Don’t waste your time and money on a slut who probably doesn’t want to fuck you.

      1. Yep. That’s how I play my game too.
        “Shoot first, aim later”. You don’t have to aim in the modern world target rich environment of sluts. Aiming is only for the rare good woman.

        1. Oh yeah, if you are going to aim and waste money and resources, it better be for an Adriana Lima type. I mean the girls I see the guys pursuing with their “game” is simply pathetic. Case in point, a very attractive girl who lives near me has been pursued by this guy with “great game” for 2 weeks now. I met this chick over drinks at the bar last week and literally fucked her 5 times since then. This literally cost me nothing. So much of this shit is just nature. It either is or isn’t.

        2. Game is “unnatural” but necessary in the modern world of feminist sluts. But game becomes even more unnatural when you choose to employ it with a wrong target – as the guy you mentioned is doing. Game should not be employed unnecessarily, it’s like tying your own knickers into knots, when done with the wrong woman.

        3. That’s why I try to stay away from the “game” articles on this site. I mean the main guy who’s the “gamer” is married! Lol. Plus all the methods that’s required to get a girl are not worth the effort. Doing backflips and bungee jobs in a ninja suit just to fuck a western slut. Lmao… These guys man.

        4. “Adriana Lima” type?
          Bad mistake to judge a girl just by her looks. Models are often the worst bang you’ll ever have. Personally I’ve had better luck with ones that are “cute” than trying too hard to be “hot”.

        5. only a neta alchamister/antonia iacobescu hybrid,15 yr old virgin,with no economic independance or agency is worth marrying in this day and age for most guys.the rest is settling.
          most men settle.women settle too but not on basic principles like purity,honour,integrity.
          and yes a hardworking man deserves a cute woman.
          why the douchy drugdealer can have that but a hardworkring decent man,can’t?
          average looking women serve no purpose.they are a drain on resources and air.

        6. You need professional help my friend.
          And do you know WHY the drug dealer can have that but a hardworking decent man doesn’t?
          Because one of them lacks balls.

        7. Full disclosure…I married a 22 year old virgin, albeit one with some business experience.
          Chasing girls for their looks is really a young, dumb “dude” game. Once you get a bit older(and better at game) Sex becomes just a commodity and you begin hunting women who have more to offer than just sleeping with you. Example: I used to get with a professional athlete(on an Olympic B team) who was able to help me out a lot with my own interest in travel. One of my soldiers would get with Cougars, that he talked into paying a lot of his bills for him(what they call “macking” in the black community).

        8. Keep telling yourself that.for every good girl thats ugly there is a good girl thats attractive.I deserve that because I am a god.and I wont settle for anything less.I dont need a reason to deserve it other than me existing.I know my worth and I don’t base it on what I do for parasites made of stardust descended from bacteria,talking apes.
          I deserve something because i want it.its enough of a justification.
          Batty boy

        9. TRUTH. Always on set. Always close. Always stay firm. No sweat. Next. (natural is natural games are theoretical maps; this shit is phenomenological)

        10. Funny thing…you all can’t even tell what I am saying. I DO NOT advocate chasing fatties. Fatties have already told you just by their appearance that they don’t like hard work, lack self discipline, and have an entitlement attitude(because they think that they deserve a man regardless of whether they are willing to be feminine for him).
          What I’m saying is that if you’re the type that says “I only date HAWT chicks!”, you’re a sucker and your game is so low you’ll fall for any bullshit. I’d take the cute, slim, girl next door over the “hawt” type any day.
          If you want to know why you’re a sucker, look at the picture.

      2. People don’t realize a dude who is dating a hot girl was already in her social circle to some extent prior to banging her. It doesn’t even mean he has better game than anyone else, he was in her group so she was able to observe his behaviors without feeling pressure and thats how attraction built.
        That’s why its way easier to pull at house parties than at bars.

        1. I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. I’ll go to beer spots around the college campuses near me to hit on girls. Studying economics in college has given me an edge on this. First of all, college girls are less demanding, cheaper, younger and more attractive. They are in a slutty stage, and don’t expect commitment and thus huge financial incentives for the coitus. I leave the bars and the mid to late 20s types to the rest of you all. I simply don’t have the energy to waste time and money pursuing older women who require more resources with a lesser yield. I’ve noticed the 18-22 year types is where it’s at. 23 is that magic number, when they start realizing the clock is ticking. They succumb to resource-extract mode by the period. Economics young man, economics.

        2. One more thing dude, fuck the mutual friends. Don’t use that as an excuse. It simply this, fuck what the result is. Even if a chick doesn’t know you, within the first few seconds she’s though “I’d fuck this guy.” Only you can fuck up after that. Trust me, the mutual friend shit is for faggots. Match making and all that shit is for homos. Skull doggery son, keep digging and I guarantee you keep hitting more gold then waiting on “mutual friends.” Don’t be that guy.

        3. Awesome! Lance, seriously you need to contribute an article on “game”. Your modus operandi is actually very realistic and practical as compared to the other game tripe on the web. And I loved that part about fucking her mutual friends. I’ve done the same thing before – I have fucked a girl, only to start a train on her friends (5 of them). Modern women are bitches, so one should never hold back to fucking her friends. Because she WOULD NEVER HESITATE to fuck your buddies if she liked them. So do it to her, before she does it to you.

        4. For me ‘mutual friend’ is a temporary facade I’m using to bypass the bitchyness. In other words I will bullshit with a fat girl or gay dude and the hotter girls see us talking and naturally come over and feel comfortable. I’m rarely legitimate friends with these people, but from the girls’ point of view just seeing you talking is big comfort in their minds.
          Ive learned lately gay dudes usually have a shitton of girl friends and if they see you talking they are alot friendlier as opposed to cold approaching them.

        5. Castor! Who gives a fuck if she’s “comfortable”? This is beta language. Why do you think serial killers get love letters from 19 year olds? You think it’s because they make these girls feel comfortable? I’ll admit, I wouldn’t approach a girl if she’s surrounded by her bitchy girlfriends, I’d catch her alone. But other than that, fuck making her feel comfortable. If you’re at a party, your job is to get her inebriated and take advantage. Cut this shit out now.

        6. My point is they let their guard down and are alot easier to game. Thats what I mean by comfortable

        7. You missed a key point. It’s not “beta” language…..what’s really going on is FEAR.

        8. Actually, the true Alpha pursues women of equal status, rather than continuously troll for impressionable college-age females.

        9. Have you thought about consulting a psychiatrist? Seriously man, seek help NOW! You’re a tragedy waiting to happen. I’m not saying this just to diss you, I am seriously concerned about your state of mind – GET HELP.

        10. Lmao… obviously douchebag you don’t get that I’m writing for effect but still conveying an underlying message. I’m sure you’re a woman or mangina.

      3. Ay mate. But that kind of game works only if you have an extremely high primal attraction via good looks + Natural Player Vibe. Most guys need way more game to create interest in a jaded woman of our times.

        1. I can’t complain. It’s paid huge dividends for me. I honestly believe the minimal requirement is just being in shape. I mean if you’re fat then you may hit 1 out of every 60 you try to shoot lol. With women it’s not just looks but personality. Like I said within the first 30 seconds of seeing and HEARING you, she’s either decided to fuck or not, and only you can ruin it.

        2. I hear you – most guys ruin it because of their Beta-vibe and words in the first seconds.
          But looks matter a lot. I once was 60 pounds overweight for 2 years. Boy – it was sooo much more difficult to pick up girls – especially in nightclubs.

        3. Yep. That’s what most of these “game” types don’t realize. It’s not your PUA gimmicks that got her interested. What’s really going on is that she already thinks that you are cute and you managed to stay interesting after you opened your mouth.
          You can’t “build” attraction, you can only grow what already exists.

        4. More than a lot. In a dance club, two things matter: your appearance(INCLUDING fashion, grooming, mannerism, etc) and your ability to dance.
          OK…other things can matter but unless you have some sort of social status in the club(celebrity, DJ, etc) then your game must rely on those two things.

        5. if you don’t look like willy monfret,samuel larsen or chad white you’re fucked .
          I thank god everyday I was atleast born handsome.poor yes,not that smart,broken home but the universe atleast gave me goodlooks.maybe some semblance of fairness exists in the world.

        6. Again, that’s bullshit. I’ve seen some ugly men do very well in the game. Good looks help a lot, but it’s not the best thing to have. The best thing you can have is if you give off an aura of personal power.

      4. You need to learn how to identify female choosing, and what the PUA’s told you is largely bullshit(and nerdy over-analyizing that won’t help your game). It’s not hard but beginners should focus on learning how to recognize female eye contact.
        You’re also wrong in timing: Women more or less know within the first THREE seconds.

        1. Naw, because if the guy looks like Brad Pitt or Boris Kodjoe and sounds like Boy George, the initial attraction is gone. Plus, a man’s line of work is a further boon or subtraction to his “fuckability” in a woman’s eyes. Brad Pitt use to be a UPS delivery man and I can guarantee despite his youthful good looks back then, he wouldn’t have been able to bag the dimes he has. Like I said, the first 30 seconds.

        2. Like I said…not female, just a guy who has better game than you ever will. Like Sun Tzu said you need to know your enemy and not just yourself.

      5. you are right about the 30 seconds rule… if she’s talking to you after that in a social setting, she’s ready to go….. whether you take 30 minutes or 30 days on the process is up to you and depends on situation, personality, her personality, circumstances, culture and etc.
        google for RSD Tyler Youtube, I think he will cheer you up a bit.

    2. Social connections are enormously important to the girls when they are younger but that becomes less important as they get older. Don’t despair, as these Americunts get older and less valuable their bitchiness declines- out of desperation for validation of course. I realize it is probably hard to understand that now since you are still interacting with girls in their prime but once they start to decline, everything is in your favor.

    3. I never judge guys who can’t get girls for whatever reason, maybe they’re too short or whatver the fuck, it’s hard enough actually being able to get them but I can’t imagine the guys who go through the first 25-30 years of their life lonely… men need to stop shaming each other and putting down guys who can’t get laid… it’s harder than it seems unless you’re in the top percentage of guys in terms of status / looks / personality.

  6. “sporting events, poker nights”
    You call that manspace? More like couch potato space!

    1. Yeah it’s rather irritating, this infantile approach to being a man, like it’s all about games and sports. It’s part of the diversion: man stuff is all about games and sports and childish pursuits.
      Guys who are into sports are like little boys to me and I want nothing to do with them. Poker nights? Please.
      This is why I go to a gun range and find old guys with diminishing strength still trying to run everything, while on the local ferry I see guys with shaved heads and dressed up like MMA fighters bugging their eyes out at everybody they catch throwing a glance at them, like some kind of tough guy. Half of them are with a woman who has an air of “she power” around her. We know who the real boss is.
      So this “running to sporting events” and “poker nights” – all probably done in some “man cave” because some little part of the house is all he has left. Yeah maybe I’d shave my head and bug my eyes out too, trying to make other guys feel intimidated to hide the fact that my whole life was based on being intimidated and marginalized.
      We need to cast down these things, these sports and game. These are best left for boys, not men.

      1. To an extent I get what you are saying but in certain circles its different. I am part of a football supporters club and yeah we all get together at the pub to watch matches but also host charity events & charity matches where we actually get out and do shit. Along with that a few of us are part of a cycling club unassociated with the supporters club doing MS150 rides and such.

  7. These kind of men will turn on you if they ever see it enabling their pathetic relationships, and never, ever waste your time trying to teach these guys about reality. They know deep down they can’t embrace reality because they don’t want to take steps toward improving themselves. If you try to change them they will be as cruel to you as they can and will not hold back- remember, a 40 yr old heffer they just met is as important to them as a young attractive mother of his children is to a normal man. That’s how thirsty these guys are.
    This is the cost of self improvement. You are going to have to be prepared to cut people out of your life, especially if you are starting at the bottom. Your ” friends” will not accompany you.

  8. These idiots will tell you again and again how important faithful relationships are. They will talk about how fulfilling it is to be “challenged” and “grow” with another person. I guess that makes me an oddball, because my challenges come from martial arts and game instead of listening to a blown out art major talk about her fingerpaints. These faggots are a living poison

  9. Absurd notion – if it wasn’t for these men, you wouldn’t be here moaning about them!
    Remember civilisation was built by the beta men!

    1. You are misunderstand something. What happens when you have 100 Alphas stranded on an Island with 100 women? The guys have a woman each and build a civilization. They may be more independent in outlook and question the decisions of their leaders more, but that is usually not a problem. The only problem is when there is a Dark-Triad-Alpha who wants to lead them astray. That is the point when the bunch of Alphas rebel and oust the Dark Triad Alpha.
      And that is in short the main reason why all the rulers throughout history did not want men to be Alpha. Not that they could not build civilization, because many scientists and businessmen were Alpha as fuck. No – the reason was that a society with a majority of Alpha men in all stages of life is by far less pliable from above. When there is a reason to rebel, to fight against oppression they will do it. That is also one of the reason for feminism and the feminine imperative – women hardly ever fight back unless media or academia tells them to. Women and Betas are safe bets for the plutocracy of all times.

      1. >> What happens when you have 100 Alphas stranded on an Island with 100 women? <<
        100 alphas fighting for the 20 attractive females. Nothing gets built.
        p.s. Didn’t change my name. It’s technically impossible. Don’t be such a drama queen.

      2. The enemy has social scientists and think tanks on their side. And I would not be surprised if we were to find out that this ” Alpha = outlaw and Beta = productive world builder” is deliberate. Remember these people gamed an entire civilization so I’m not giving them too much credit.
        I have always been suspicious of people who push that line that alpha personalities are all outlaws or some kind of “against the grain” mentality.

        1. Those people aren’t as smart as they think they are though. Their plans are generally for what is (in terms of history) short term gain over the course of the next 20 years or so. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the early ones that (as happened cyclicly in History), their actions could end up collapsing the civilization.

  10. That’s true.
    The only 3 kind of guys I have seen who have great relationships are:
    1. Naturals who for various reasons have decided to be in a LTR or marriage
    2. Successful, charismatic men who have learned Game and have a fulfilling relationship while still being highly attractive to other women
    3. Highly spiritual men (not necessarily religious) whose strength comes from a different place. Basically that inner strength makes them Alpha and they are usually also very attractive to women. Needless to say they have no problem having a strong loving relationship.
    Now of course relationship can work for other reasons – mostly when the SMV (sexual market value) even of a deep Beta man surpasses that of the woman by 2-3 points – be it for looks, money, status or fame. However I would not call these relationships great over time, since they are rooted on transient unstable things.

    1. I’ve seen naturals settle down with plain looking chicks bc they understand female bullshit and hypergamy and I guess want something more secure.

    2. I can agree with those observations. I’ve seen a lot of #1s in the military, my early mentors in the game are all #2(they got tired of the game and wanted to focus elsewhere), and the MC I hangout with is full of #3. Their “old ladies” are very happy with those men because they are very strong, confident men with none of the insecurities or weaknesses that millenials have.

  11. do not confuse ‘good at relationships’ with ‘naturally monogamous’
    Naturally monogamous does NOT preclude being good at game… in fact, it demands it.

  12. PR stunt or not, idk, but it couldn’t have been me or anyone in my circle I associate with…

  13. Thank you for an article that isn’t about feminism and how awful it is, etc.,etc.,etc. Long story short, I slept with this girl several times in two weeks, and we ended up dating for awhile (okay, stupid decision on my part, got it). Anyway, I decided that enough was enough and broke up with her. My friend was dating her friend, and they stayed together. Now, I’m far more masculine and dominant than my friend (I guess we call it alpha, but I hate that term). Long story short, my friend broke up with her friend. They don’t talk anymore.
    The girl I broke up with? We still fuck. She basically tells me that I’m addictive. My friend was “better at his relationship” (or so people told me). I was far worse at my relationship (because of the abundance mindset, doing what I want over spending time with her, etc.,etc.). I’m still fucking my girl. He’s not. I guess that’s what “being good at relationships” gets you.

    1. Being told you’re addictive….you’ve got the makings of a genuine player. My advice with women like that is to put them on a rotation and see them at certain times if you go that route.
      Also what people think of as “being good at relationships” isn’t. What you ARE is far more important than what you do, and if you are chickenshit then it is eventually going to show and no amount of “relationship skill” is going to save your relationship.

  14. Well…..wasn’t quite sure how to react at first, then I saw this that sums it up pretty well. This is what distinguishes symps from the type that is a strong male but prefers commitment:
    “The correct frame to hold is that only a select few girls are given the privilege to discover a man’s immense value in a relationship context. On the rare occasions that I have a girlfriend, I know which attraction buttons to push while maintaining a counterbalance of aloofness and vulnerability that keeps them coming back. Why would I give this away for free? The men who are truly “good at relationships” would only display the skill after a girl gives significant value of her own through traits (sweetness, kindness, nurturing, loyalty) other than her sexuality.”
    The real men do not toss their pearls before swine.

  15. Men who are “good at relationships” are good at being used. That’s it, that’s all.

  16. Thanks to feminism we now have legions of weak, pathetic, pussifed guys who have been brainwashed all of their lives into believing this crap. Women their own age use them, abuse them, mock them, or just reject them. Most of the betas I know were raised by single mothers with no male role model around or they had a father who was push over. I was lucky to have strong male role models in my life and took the red-pill early.
    Women can not raise boys to be MEN and yet western society encourages single motherhood basically setting most boys up to have miserable lives. Even thought these women are attracted to alpha cock they raise their sons to be weak pathetic betas. These mothers think that they are doing the right thing by raising their sons this way. They are either unaware or do not care about the damage they are doing to them in the long run. Some of these pathetic guys would have been better off having never been born. One of the circles of hell has to be life as a blue-pill beta.

    1. Most cockblocking, at least by “relationship guys”, is built around white-knighting.

  17. Haha this is a classic modern phenomenon. Here (France) it’s a behavior so well established that even the blue pill world has a name for it : “Canard” or “Duck” in english. The guy just hovers around his girlfriend like a duck, basically.
    Without any exception, the girlfriend is moody as hell and totally obnoxious. You can’t count on those guys for anything.

  18. Why, out of 78 cards would medieval 15th century mystics choose a relationship to symbolize hell on earth, bondage, entrapment, enslavement and the works.
    *Reversed meaning: Detachment, breaking free, power reclaimed.
    A “good relationship guy”, is nothing more than a manipulated slave in a weakened beta-state under a subconscious “love” hypnosis. Women gyneco-worship, Libido redirection, commitment, these are CHAINS! Learn the terrible truth about how females prey on male consciousness

  19. “The key phrase to listen for is when they brag about being “good at relationships” or “built for relationships,”
    The pure essence of the Alpha male, he is one that will assist in warding off the decline of Western Civilization by propagating the species.

    1. The point is not that men who prefer relationships are in the wrong, but rather that men who brag about their fitness as relationship partners as a selling point are paradoxically unsuited for them.

  20. Relationships are for women…. sex is for men. The equation is really very simple. Take this attitude and you will never go wrong. If a woman doesn’t want a relationship with me, she can move right along. That is her business. If a woman isn’t putting out in a sexual way, and / or i am not enjoying getting inside her, either because shes bad in bed, or just too – insert problem here – to tolerate, then I will move right along. A man should never end a relationship, not even with a wife. He just drifts away and finds new pastures.
    When a woman tries to end a relationship with you, then you try your best to get into her pants and prove her wrong. If you fail, nothing is lost.

  21. Oh dear, watch the manboys weep hysterical tears of rage because women are just going to keep on doing whatever they want 😀
    The chains men devised for women have been snapped. And that’s what terrifies the author of this article and so many manboys. I call them manboys because they’re not men, naturally. Men don’t behave like this. I am surrounded by smart, caring and wonderful men. They have no need or desire to harm women or control them. And they have happy fulfilled lives. Unlike the poor, enraged manboys trying to cram women back into the cages they devised.
    We won our freedom from the shackles of marriage, each generation sees women more and more realising we don’t have any need for marriage. We only need your sperm to conceive (a partner is nice but by no means necessary to raise a happy, healthy kid. Money is necessary. And one willing and loving carer). We have jobs, lives and can live beautifully man-free. And when we see articles like this trying to hearken back to the bad old days of pretending women were different from men so misogynists could pretend oppressing and controlling an entire sex was acceptable, we all see how needy many men are and how low their self esteem is.
    The good news is, it’s not too late for you poor, lonely needy manboys. Some women will happily enjoy men’s company if they are decent men. And there are plenty of decent men out there. Actual men. Not scared, hysterical manboys like the author.
    The thing is though, the notion that women need you – that died with the pill and when women forced men to give them the right to work. You no longer get to behave like sub humans. Or rather, you do, but you will live and die alone or surrounded by women exactly like yourself. You reap what you sow.
    Educate yourselves. Here are some simple rules for the manboy who is struggling and cannot find a woman to love him.
    1. Make no gender assumptions. They have all been debunked, comprehensively. If you still believe in male and female brains you are about 25 years behind on current scientific thinking. Male and female babies are treated differently from the second they are born. This accounts for nearly all thoroughly debunked gender differences. Even one outlier – and there are millions – immediately makes any gender assumptions pointless. These are facts. Accept them, move on.
    2. Accept and understand what feminism actually is. If you believe that women are not yet treated equally to men in society and you believe they should be you are a feminist. End of. There are angry feminists and amused ones, smart ones and dumb ones and they all bring their own personality to the mix. But that is all feminism means. Anything else is all in your head and tells us a great deal about the person doing the assuming.
    3. Make no generalisations about either sex. There are smart women, stupid women, women who will lie, women who don’t want children, women who are engineers, mathematicians, nurses, fry cooks, unemployed, killers, heroes and cowards. Just like men.. If we all woke up tomorrow and discovered women were just as physically strong as men, a lot of you would be getting a great big shock about those nonsensical ideals you have about women being naturally sweeter, softer and more nurturing – or the opposite.
    4. Understand that as a sex women have always fucked around. Just like men. Cultural and societal conditioning and brutal behaviour controls enforced by men over time – not coincidentally beginning around the same time our ancestors realised that when women fucked around their own sperm might not win the race to the egg – forced women to try to pretend otherwise. But women’s natural behaviours never changed. All they did was get good at hiding their true natures. A proportion of humanity will always lie to their partners, both male and female. Neither sex is naturally monogamous although both sex is capable of choosing monogamy if they want to. Those who try to pretend otherwise ignore these facts:
    -Sperm wars – why do sperm fight and kill one another? Because they have to if they want a chance at a fertilising an egg, because women have always slept around.
    -Books like Nancy Friday’s The Secret Garden (and hundreds more like it) – which men didn’t want to publish back in the 70’s because some men (like the author of this woeful, adolescent, poorly conceived diatribe) could not bear to know that women are just as lascivious as men in their desires and fantasies.
    -The fact that if a woman doesn’t want sex with her husband that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want sex – it just means she wants it with someone other than her husband.
    -The overwhelming evidence in paternity tests. Boy were there a lot of surprised men around when DNA testing became possible.
    – The thousands of nerve endings dedicated to nothing but pleasure around the clitoris.
    -Logic. If men are sleeping around who are they having sex with? Are there just one or two really really busy women and all the others sitting with their legs tightly crossed? Hardly.
    Freeing women up from the burden of unwanted pregnancy has allowed them to do what they always wanted to – have recreational sex. The fact that you are just now seeing this does not mean it is a new thing.
    5. If you feel tempted to say “women do (insert ridiculous generalisation here)” change the word to men. Now you see how nonsensical you are being. Generalisations about any group – including men or women – tell us a huge amount about you and nothing whatsoever about the group.
    What we are seeing is the slow stripping away of the fetters and chains a male dominated society placed upon women’s behaviours. As with all societal change the privileged do not want to give up their privileges. But just think manboys – when you stop pretending we are all so different, when you stop assigning debunked gender roles to women, you can stop beating and bashing and battering one another too. You can stop sending one another off to war. You can stop refusing one another paternity leave. You can stop pretending you don’t have feelings and emotions. You can stop half killing each other for the prize of “alpha” male which comes with alcoholism, suicide and depression. You can stop forcing each other to pretend to be something that you’re not at the same time you stop forcing women to pretend they are something they are not. What a relief it would be for you to just let it all go and be yourselves, whatever that self may be.
    And what we are left with is this – men and women, apart from a few basic physiological differences, are basically the same. The evidence is all around you, and most especially in this article the manboys are so heartily in agreement with – until the true meaning of it is pointed out.
    Some men want to stay home and raise children. Some women never want to have children. Even one outlier completely debunks any generalisation about either sex. Be honest with one another. lots of women just want casual sex too, now that they are not being abused and punished so relentlessly for admitting this. Think of the fun you can all have when you stop trying to control women.
    By the way, if you state that women do not enjoy and are not entitled to recreational sex what you are actually saying is this: “I suffer from sexual dysfunction myself and don’t like admitting that and hate the thought that millions of other women are out there doing what comes naturally” or “I want women to remain in the gender roles I have assigned for them and anything else makes me uncomfortable” or “I am a very poor sexual lover and can’t make women orgasm so I will blame them for my failings” or “insert other sad excuse here”.
    And by the way, another myth is how hard the female orgasm is to come by. Yet another myth perpetuated by men and internalised by some women. Female orgasms are easy, they take a tiny bit of practice and some mechanical skill. Tongues and fingers work beautifully. You do not need flowers or candlelight or any of that stuff. You just need friction on the clitoris. You could be reading war and peace and still have a cracking orgasm with a little tongue action. And many of us get to have multiple ones all in a row. No wonder manboys are so jealous 😀
    To sum up – treat all human beings you meet with the same respect. Do not expect or ask for specific behaviours from anyone based on their sex. Make no assumptions about anybody based on their sex. The way you behave will attract the same sort of people and behaviours. If you want monogamy in a woman, be monogamous. If you want kindness, be kind. If you want love, be loving.
    Or continue to froth, rant rave and shriek your desperate and lonely hysteria at the world and die alone or surrounded by the kind of women you deserve. Your choice.
    Life is good. And since I have covered everything, and the rantings of the manboys is getting repetitive (though still very funny). I am out of here.
    I’m sorry manboys – as a sex women are going to keep on doing what they want, when they want, if they want. Your permission is neither requested nor required 🙂
    Good luck. Some of you are really going to need it 😀

    1. There are a lot of women who hold (or at one point held) traditional values and have (or had) no trouble trusting the man leading the household.
      However, terrible experiences, in which the man abuses that trust, can lead women to turn from their traditional values and embrace more “feminist” ideologies (feminism, meaning what most men on this site assume feminism to mean).
      Also, I’m not necessarily opposed to patriarchy. But the reason that system failed was that there was nothing to keep men in check when they abused that system (men who ran around doing whatever they wanted and acting in their own selfish interests, rather than acting in the best interests of their families).
      The Bible, for example, (for those who follow it), teaches that wives are to submit to their husbands, BUT it also teaches that husbands need to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That means a man is supposed to be a leader AND the ultimate servant for his family (that is what being true leader means). Both elements are equally important. Without one, the system cannot work.
      The abuse of patriarchy, more than anything, opened the way for feminism.

    2. “You no longer get to behave like sub humans. Or rather, you do, but you will live and die alone or surrounded by women exactly like yourself.”
      THAT is the ultimate irony. The men who are hung up on their own hatred and bitterness, the ones who decide to “pump & dump,” and give up on relationships altogether; they are the ones who end up surrounded by exactly the type of women they are trying to avoid. Like attracts like.

    3. Fuck off, cunt. Nobody gives a shit about what you think, broad.

      1. So you want lots of “cunt” but you objectify and hate women. How’s that working for you?

  22. While these men are certainly failing themselves, none of these reasons really demand cutting ties of friendship. Some guys don’t wake up till they’re in their forties, some learn the game at 19. If they won’t listen, let them fail and learn–manhood is being pushed towards a ledge in this country and a house even more divided sure as shit doesn’t stand a chamce.

  23. Just had a 33 year old girl literally say: “I am tired of being on the merry-go-round…” LOL!

    1. “literally!” seriouthly? OMG! LOL! ROFLMAO! Dude!
      None of you assholes get laid without paying for it. None.

  24. I have a pointer. If you ever meet an attractive married woman from Seattle (almost an oxymoron, since most of them are fat and ugly) that is traveling on business to your town, hit on her and she will probably take you for a wild ride in her hotel room.
    Reason? Seattle is full of beta males like the men you describe above. The entire culture of Seattle, including what women demand of men, is oriented towards creating and maintaining oppressed beta males with their tales between their legs. But their wives despise them, berate them, and deny them sex. Still, those women want sex, especially from a strong man. So, when they are in other cities on business, these women are very, very, very available for a good pounding.

    1. This is the number one reason why I want to move to San Francisco. A high ratio of homosexuals/beta males to women, while the ratio of heteros to women is extremely low. Or as Denzel Washington said in Training Day, “all that jelly and no toast.” lol

      1. Lance, how much time have you spent here and where did you get your statistics? I’d be cautious and plan a few longer visits first. There are more than enough well-heeled betaboys in the SF Bay Area to make even a 5 feel like she’s a princess, let alone the 7-9s. Far more single men than women and the number of LGXYZs is greatly exaggerated except in the Castro. Maybe I’m burnt out having been born and raised here, seeing what’s changed the past 25+ years. If you’re new and bring something exotic that’ll likely score.

    2. Great tip. I’ve found this to be true as well. Women in San Francisco, the few attractive ones at least, crave leadership from a dominant man.

      1. We in essence typed the same thing just a few minutes apart. Great minds think alike.

  25. These relationship loving douchebags get what they deserve. It’s their fault for trying to get validation and “love” from a woman. Bunch of dorky ass beta male pussy beggars. Man up(improve yourself), learn game and you won’t need to get into a relationship with a female that will dump your sorry in a few weeks because she got bored of you.

  26. Okay, this site is just a satire. Anyway, this is wrong, really, really WRONG, because there may be some pricks that actually BELIEVE this bullshit, and may hurt women, or even other men. Creators of this site, if you ever read this, take responsability of your acts.

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