Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump

President Trump, now that you are firmly in power and have vigorously begun fulfilling your campaign promises, I expect you to have extra time to fix other problems that weren’t at the forefront of your election campaign, particularly ones that resulted from a society that has normalized hatred of men and masculinity.

Sadly, the average man today is looked upon with contempt and the source of all problems that women complain about (both real and imagined), even though they are the most privileged class of female that exists in the world today. As you already know, once a woman successfully nags you into correcting what she perceives as a problem, she immediately begins work on correcting another, and then another, until you wake up to find yourself completely submissive to a woman whose behavior now matches that of a radical Islamic terrorist. Thanks to the leftist pet causes of feminism and social justice, which were enabled by the globalists who sought to defeat you, the matriarchal reign of terror has culminated with all men presumed to be rapists and oppressors, and who need to be “taught” how not to abuse women, as if it’s a natural-born instinct of ours like eating or sleeping.

Once the culture has accepted the lie that all living men are active oppressors, it was easy to push other lies that men are unfairly stealing money from women by earning more than them for the same labor. The next step in correcting this “wrong” is for women who are less skilled than men to get hired and promoted over men. Relentless propaganda in the media and academia has so infected the workforce and female-dominated Human Resources departments that a productive man is one bogus accusation away from destitution. If his workplace has at least one woman, he can no longer share his opinions without fear of causing offense and getting fired.

The situation is even worse outside of work. Unless a man is prepared to wear a bodycam 24 hours a day, he is at risk for false accusations of harassment or rape. It takes thousands of dollars to defend against such accusations within a culture that refuses to grasp the fact that women are highly eager to lie for personal or financial gain. So many men have dropped out from relationships, work, and even educating themselves in university, simply because they realize how badly the system is rigged against them. Men have become second class citizens, expected to bow down to women simply because they lack a vagina. While women shriek of their safe spaces, stocked with coloring books and crayons, men are subject to attack from any space they enter, because of laws and institutional rules that have been changed to their detriment.

But enough with the victimhood. Men have pride, and even when we are wronged, we don’t like to ask for help or say that we are being attacked. The men who follow me rather take it on the chin and solve their problems than complain about their plight, but we still can’t ignore the reality that relations between men and women are the worst it’s ever been thank to a multi-decade push by globalists to invert the natural order and lift women above men. We now live in a culture where women want to replace the role of men in employment, positions of power, and even within relationships as they gleefully brag about the “end of men” and how the world would just be better if we didn’t exist.

Authored by Jewish feminist Hanna Rosin

To solve this problem, we don’t need more regulations, policies, or even money. All that’s needed is for you to stop using Federal law and funding to feed feminist pigs so that nature can reassert itself. In other words, stop the government from acting as a daddy and husband to women.

Halt any program that performs a function that a father or husband could perform. This means no free money, no welfare, and no “reproductive health services.” Private charities can pick up the slack for widows and women who weren’t pleasing enough to land a husband. I also urge you to stop any program that attempts to turn women into men, such as university sports funding or scholarship programs that push unqualified women into science. As a masculine man yourself, do you see any point in having programs that encourage a woman to leech off of free help instead of falling into the arms of a man she must open her heart to in order to receive material benefits?

If you thought Hillary Clinton was a nasty woman, I wish you could see the attitude of a basic run-of-the-mill middle class American girl who knows that there will be no consequences for her actions because she will be saved by a culture that thinks she’s a victim and a government that actively competes with men to be her husband. It’s become so bad that there are now male movements which dedicate themselves to not interacting with women at all.

My vote for you was just one of many millions, so I hope I don’t sound too pushy, but as a man who has had a front-row seat in this horror show of cultural decline, I see in you someone who would genuinely care about how American men have been spit on by the elites, both economically and spiritually. Thankfully, even if you do nothing that I kindly suggest, your existence alone is a great help to men, who will now feel that it’s okay to proudly display their masculinity without feeling shame for having the natural urges to compete, achieve, conquer, and grow. Even the presence of your European wife may inspire women to rediscover their feminine instincts, of standing by their man as he climbs the ladder of success. If more American men are rewarded for emulating you, and more American women feel less of a need to attack men, we have already taken the first step to fixing the damage that has been brought through the deliberate globalist effort to divide and conquer us as a people.

At risk of getting too greedy, I make one more request. There is something going on in the environment where plastics and other industrial chemicals are lowering both testosterone and sperm counts. It’s turning men into women. It will be harder to make America great again if the men are weak, frail, and gay, so please get the FDA to commission animal studies that research the most common household plastics and their effects on the mammalian endocrine system. If the studies show a harmful effect, ban them. This will certainly cost large corporations billions of dollars, and may even hit the consumer in the pocketbook as well, but maintaining healthy testosterone among men is a matter of public health and state survival. If we ever want to wean ourselves off immigration, we need a sustainable population. This cannot be done if American men are practically infertile and racing to become cuckolds instead of fathers.

President Trump, I hope this letter shed light on the social and health problems that men are facing today. If you merely starve the feminist beast, allow men to be men, and ensure their bodies are not being poisoned by endocrine disruptors in the environment, you will aid in the revival of masculinity to the days of tradition when men were looked upon as leaders and husbands instead of oppressors and rapists. Whatever you choose, I will pray for you. May you have the strength and will to do what you know in your heart is right.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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278 thoughts on “Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump”

  1. Good letter…….Even though the problem originated from Washington (welfare, support of feminist groups), once those are pulled, there is nothing else Washington can do to fix the problem. That has to be done in the individual homes.

    1. Yup, I think I’m saying the same…
      We can only fix this man by man, and in our own sphere’s of influence. Just need the political powers to *STOP* forcing there garbage down our throats!

      1. What is required is that every man work within his own sphere of influence. The married man has influence in his own home, and among his friends, and possibly at the office. The public speaker and blogger has influence in his home and in his forums (fori?). The President and governing bodies have power over their governance, and over one another.
        Mr President, please fix all you can at the top, and leave us to worry about the rest.

        1. Yup!
          I ruthlessly discourage Leftism and political correctness in my business, my gym, my dojo…
          We can win.

        2. My best friend and I are bringing straight-talking and friendly ball-busting back to a largely pussified area. Everywhere we go, we set an example.
          Right now, we’re working on masculinizing some of the more promising betas around us. Just yesterday, one of those pussies tried to hit back when we mocked him – first time, too! Once he’s got some testosterone, we’ll introduce him to our sparring sessions (like Fight Club, but without reckless abandon for our safety and welfare).

  2. P.S. Please have a lot more daughters.
    Like Genghis Khan levels of daughters.
    Maybe even start cloning them.
    A few hundred thousand Ivankas would really Make American Great Again.

    1. Pre-plastic surgery Ivanka looks like post-plastic surgery Chelsea Clinton’s prettier sister.

        1. Still doesn’t change the underlying point: Ivanka is an average girl pumped up by top dollar plastic surgery.

        2. It’s a fair assessment. But, hey, average is damn good in modern America.
          …excuse me, I need to weep for the state of my society…

        3. If I was CNN, I’d be too busy sucking Future President Chelsea Clinton’s dick.

        4. Speaking of such, did anyone hear her introduction at the ACLU shindig? Look it up if you haven’t.

      1. Nose job, chin implants, cheek implants, breast implants. Nose job was so well done but the chin implant is a little wonky, particularly in profile. Ends justify the means though, I suppose

  3. The underlying reason for all the attacks the President faces on a daily basis is his obvious masculinity… he *must* understand what you are saying here, it would be impossible for him not to.
    Whether the call to arms is heeded is another thing of course. Even President Trump has to play politics to some extent, and politics over the last few decades has become synonymous with the Leftist’s agenda.
    I suspect the best we can hope for is the President’s example of blatant masculinity, and work hard to embed the same in our own spheres of influence. We win this by holding frame in our own ‘gardens’, and expanding our influence to the best of our abilities…
    Would be great if he did heed the call, but not holding my breath.

    1. “The underlying reason for all the attacks the President faces on a daily basis is his obvious masculinity…” and maybe his lack of experience in government.

      1. Life long public servants tend to be well tuned to graft and corruption. Little else.

      2. I’m not American so probably shouldn’t answer you, but I will anyway.
        Firstly, my admiration for the early American state is *precisely because* it allowed, even enabled, politicians with lack of experience in Government! The Roman ideal – Cincinnatus!
        Second, I don’t know for sure bu suspect his ‘lack of experience in government’ is *exactly* why he was elected.
        So I stand by my comment that he is attacked because of his Masculinity, his lack of experience is simply a vector the leftists think they can attack him on.

        1. You make very good points. It is a triumph of democratic ideals that allows one such as he to be elected. That being said, his lack of experience is a very real threat to our prosperity. Speaking (tweeting) without forethought isn’t an admirable trait in any President, no matter how big his balls.

        2. Ignore what they say, look at what they do. He’s pretty much same old: more wars, increasing gov’s power, etc. The conservatism is just token. Look how he cozies up to Israel.

        3. Trump is not even fucking close to being conservative. America hasn’t had a conservative in office in decades.

        4. Thanks, and I’ll be the first to concede I don’t consider The President perfect by any means… He has, like all of us, blatant and obvious flaws.
          I’m damn grateful it was him and no the others though… I’ve admired Trump for decades and there is no doubt he is a powerful Man.

        5. The key question regarding those who use the name Conservative: “What have you managed to conserve?”
          It’s a poor frame. Conservation is not advancement, and what we need is to advance classic American ideals and philosophy.

        6. Meh. Russia is a second rate power with an economy smaller than Holland’s led by a 21st Century Mussolini that needs to be put back in his box. “Strongman” Trump has no intention of doing that.

      3. Obama didnt have much experience either.
        Honestly thats why I voted for him

        1. I know. Dude has no history. Interviewed, I dunno, the president of the pre-law club at Columbia, he didnt even remember him.
          How do you forget a face?

        2. cmon man, this was over 30 years ago, they werent teaching nonsense like “The Meaning of Tupac’s Lyrics” back then…I cant imagine (and dont believe) this guy didnt run into or know of O, it smells fishy

  4. “so please get the FDA to commission animal studies”
    lol. There’s not going to be an FDA by the time President Bannon is done deconstructing the federal government. Maybe you could ask President Pence in 2019.

    1. Hey there Jammy…a little off topic but a week in French Controlled St. Martin and St Barth hanging out with French, swiss, Italian and Russian tourists mostly (also with a few south americans and a couple germans)….eating with them, drinking, day trips, excursions, night parties, sharing cabs, night clubs, hooking up with girls and not one single person mentioned Donald Trump or American politics. They knew I was American and more than that, one person actually pegged me as being from new York while I was talking to someone else (I guess my accent is a little pronounced). Not only was there no trump and no politics but I got along with everyone I met, young and old, man and woman, girls I was hooking up with to older guys I was just chatting to to a young kid getting ready to go to college in the US and asking me questions about living there….and not just the tourists….the waiters, bartenders, cabana people, café workers….I am a chatty sort, I make friends everywhere and never once did I feel anything like the dark cloud you described.

      1. Glad you had fun in the Caribbean, I was worried you would get bored out there.

        1. I couldn’t ever. A lot of people say they love it but are happy to get home. With enough money I would go to St. Barth and never leave. Fuck 4 seasons. Fuck living in the real world. I could enjoy it forever.

        2. My head still hasn’t slipped back. I am missing things. It is funny, even coming to work today on the subways…my rhythm for getting here is all off. LIke my brain hasn’t kicked in yet.

        3. I actually eschew the idea of PUA. The PUA community makes very little sense to me. But I will snap back….just takes a while.

        4. They’ve got these commercials on HGTV, talking about quitting the rat-race and going to live on beaches. Well, if you’ve got enough money to chase your dreams on beaches in the tropics, you’ve probably already left the rat race behind.
          Side note: A cliff-side beach house in El Salvador runs for under 200. Hello, summer home.

        5. right, but that is in el Salvador. I believe El Salvador is Spanish For The Sad Place. I am talking about doing it in St Barth or the south of france or Monaco.
          Still, I know what you mean about the commercials. Lol. The truth is, la’d, life is simple. All a man really needs is 500m dollars and the rest will work itself out.

        6. Once you get out of the main populated areas, it ain’t bad. 40,000 is wealthy there. They have extradition treaties, but they rarely honor them. The USGOV does have enormous power over the gubment though.

        7. Wonder if they’ll have specials on all these wonderful houses after the housing market collapses again. 25 year old starter families buying 600+ custom homes. Lol.

        8. I am not worried about extradition as I rarely break laws and I refuse to go to places that weren’t civilized by the French.

        9. yeah and one morning some guerillero thugs will come to slit your throat and rape your gf.

        10. Hardly. The banditos and gangsters have no desire to fuck with anyone of note. No sense inviting foreign/rich/gvt powers to come crack down on you.

        11. That’s my feeling on most places tropical..
          No work, no winter, no problem! If only I had the money…

      2. Cool, but not my experience at all. Could be that they were on vacation like you and didn’t want to think about politics. Could be the surprise of his election has worn off. Or could be that the questions in Spain came from people who already knew me, whereas those people were total strangers to you.

        1. some were on vacation, some lived and worked there. I am not in any way doubting your experience, just saying that my experiences are different and I don’t think is has to do with the places were were or whether I knew the people (which by the way many of the people who live there I do know as I have been going on this exact vacation so long that waiters, bartenders, hotel staff all call me by name except for the huge Caribbean chef who just calls me “hheeeyyyy moooooooothaaaa fucckkkkkkaaaa” and nearly force feeds me rum.
          I would venture a guess that the reason people walk to you about this shit and not me has more to do with you and I and less to do with them actually giving a shit. If I show up in a tshirt take says “NEW YORK KNICKS” people will talk to me about new York and about basketball. People are generally friendly if you are nice to them. So when people see me and I am laughing, eating, swimming, drinking, womanizing, listening to music, driving a motorcycle around or whatnot they never think to talk to me about something as nonsensical as politics. It might be that you give off a vibe that this is the kind of thing that is important to you and that is why they talk to you about it.

        2. I lived abroad, and my associates were loathe to bring up politics around me. Pretty much only an occasional girl would attempt it, and by no means would I bite on it.

        3. I too lived abroad several times in my life and never had people talk politics to me. I really think it is because I don’t care about politics and people wind up talking to me about more important things like wine and blowjobs.

  5. Not into useless open letters.
    I suggest that Trump do what he’s been doing.
    He’s systematically getting rid all the nonsense Obama started.
    (And I really hope that he and Bannon follow through and dismantle the administrative state)

    1. Obama didn’t start it. Since the ratification of the Constitution, more and more junk has been thrown into the federal government. Entropy is always on the increase in government, and needs to be cleansed with blood from time to time.

        1. Got to admit, we have fared well compared to most countries, but it is rotting on the insides.

        2. We can agree on that!
          Sadly there will be plenty more Obamas…. As you say it’s great to see Trump doing what he is doing…

      1. Wilson pushed the original snowball down the hill. Everyone after is just momentum.

    2. Whether The President *reads* the Open Letter or not, is not hugely relevant.
      A well-constructed ‘Open Letter’ is a template, a guide if you like, for an effective argument or pitch to a person with power.
      Whether this one is useless or not would depend upon what you take from it… personally I can see it as well argued, and I intend to adopt some of the arguments contained within myself in my own advocacy efforts…

  6. Nice article Roosh
    Open question/thought for the group. When Roosh says women will try to change a man through criticism/nagging has anyone tried mirroring this strategy? The 48 laws of power suggested using a mirroring strategy to stop one from doing a behavior you dislike.

    1. Yes it does, but from a position of power…. the womanly technique of criticism/nagging is…. well…. womanly! No Man should ever use it unless they want to be marked as ‘womanly’ too!

      1. I see your point but at the same time would you not say pragmatism is a masculine characteristic?

        1. By definition pragmatism is reaching for something that works….
          A Man adopting the ‘tricks of the trade’ of a Women is not likely to work…

        2. There are tricks of women that we can mirror and employ. Personally, I’ve found tremendous value from learning to inspire guilt and similar emotional states.
          You’re in some fight and she throws a verbal kick to the groin. If you can turn around and make her feel bad for throwing the kick, so bad she puts the argument aside, you’ve taken a woman’s power and turned it on her.

    2. Asking a man to nag a woman is like asking a man to use his tits for something….
      It just aint in us, and they wouldn’t respond anyway.

      1. Plus one of the other 48 laws is ‘never outshine the master’, and if women are ‘masters’ of *anything* that would be…. nagging

    3. Act like a bitch, get treated like a bitch.
      In other words, don’t do it.

    4. I just tell her to shut up or hold my hand in front of her face. She’ll say something like” Don’t tell me to shut up” but then she does.

    5. No. Nagging is by it’s nature bitchy and feminine.
      The way to handle nagging is to let her get all of her shit out, then say “Why yes, I would like a beer, sweety!”

        1. He doesn’t listen, he panders. As bem said, both a gift and a handicap.

        2. DO you honestly believe this? You really believe that Donald trump gives a turd in a tornado of a care for any person who voted for him other than himself?

        3. I didn’t say whether or not he kept his promises nor if he was a good or bad president. ALl I said is that if you think that a new York city real estate billionaire, playboy, reality tv star gives a fuck about you or what matters to you then you drank way too much kool aid.
          He may very well be good for you. He may be good for the country. I don’t know. BUt I do know that if you were on fire he wouldn’t piss on you to put it out.

        4. “He’s got people for that sort of t’ing!”
          I get the general impression that if I were to fall in a manhole and he were right there, he’d stop and give me a hand. He seems like a fairly normal guy in that regard, and not the “run into a fire to save someone else’s puppy” guy.
          But he’s president of the United States. If he gave an ear to only 1 in 100 citizens, he’d die before he got through the list. Your personal concerns, frankly, are too small and inconsequential.

        5. He seems to care about my particular racial and economic group then all the other presidents ,and that’s the white working class.

        6. He may very well do things that help you, but again — if you think he gives a shit about the working class other than what you can do for him your nuttier than a chimunks jockstrap

        7. Monsieur! I have just come back from your colonies. You may have a bunch of socialist faggots over in paris, but they sure know how to run a tight ship in St. Barth.
          How have you been?

        8. right. my comment isn’t specific to trump. Trump is a billionaire, a reality show personality and a politician. There isn’t a venn diagram in the world that has any over lap with all three of those and giving a fuck about you

        9. slogans are for the masses

          That would make a really great bumper sticker!

        10. Eat a saucisson sec sandwich with cornichons and butter for me when you can

        11. Will do.
          During the long hikes in the mountains, I ate some tiny saucissons. It gave me strength. French strength.
          To night I’ve just eaten a croissant. Truly, a croissant can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

        12. that particular sandwich is one of the many reasons that deep in my nihilistic soul I will always be a Francophile.

        13. you never have to convince me of French superiority in the culinary world.,

        14. “I challenge you to a game of chess you American cunt” is still my favorite comment of all time

        1. Right, to recordings of Hillary selling them our uranium.

  7. Remove the welfare state and the women’s right to vote. It will solve all societal / cultural problems. That’s all you need to do.

    1. While I’m generally with you on that one, we can’t say it will solve all societal and cultural problems. There’s always work to do, and it’s work worth doing.

      1. We live in a gynocentric society.
        Gynocracy = male competition + female choice. Remove one of the elements at the right of the equation and now you have patriarchy. Everything else will fall into place with no effort after that.

    2. If there is a ww3/civil-war they will lose their vote.
      And this time – never get it back…

      1. War devastates the population of men. Women are left to run things. It doesn’t make for an ideal environment for rolling back womens rights.

        1. Nonsense!
          War *always* brings masculine men to the fore! And simultaneously reminds women of areas they have precisely zero ability in and for which their “don’t need no man(™)” is obvious bullshit.
          Women live in an artificial bubble where they think they have permanently abolished ‘the horrors(™)’. They haven’t.

        2. true. Although Hitlary says war is worse for women.
          What I mean if Non-Westerners win – no voting for women.
          If I win – no voting for women.

        3. Not so much. Men’s weakness lies in the fact that there are too many of them.

        4. Wanna bet?
          Women are competing for scare men. Women don’t “rule”, they line up to try to snag one of the few available viable men.

        5. Hell, it can open the door to polygyny, which limits their power even further as they must not only compete to find a man, but then must compete for his affection and resources.

        6. If you look at my other post (below I think), too many men results in one of the legs of the gynocracy –> male competition. So if we want patriarchy, a lot of men will have to die.

        7. You’re wrong. After major wars a lot of both victors and defeated men are dead. Women in both camps will go after what’s left. 1950s was a good example of that dynamic.

        8. This has nothing to do with “making women understand”. They will never do. It all comes down to numbers. That’s it.

        9. ugh wartime is the very last situation where we should be left to run things on a large scale.

        10. “Women don’t “rule”, they line up to try to snag one of the few available viable men.”
          That’s true.
          About 15 years ago, I knew an elderly man (RIP) who could not fight in WWII because of physical deficiency of some sort. I don’t remember what it was. So he stayed in the USA the entire war.
          He told me there were so few young men like him around that he had the “pick of the litter!”
          It was pussy-slaying time for him.
          Although he regretted being exempted from military service, he could not complain about the bounty of poon tane he enjoyed.
          And most of the women were married and their husbands were fighting the war.
          He told me that after all that, he had no trouble being faithful to his wife, once he did get married after the war.

        11. When you go through a war your not going to come back home and put up with some nagging shrew period. Especially when you can dump her at the drop of the hat because 2 more are lined up waiting for you.

      1. It can actually get even simpler: Remove the women’s right to vote, and that in turn will take care of the welfare state.

    3. You need to add “Then fight and win the resulting civil war” right before “That’s all you need to do.”

      1. Because so many “men” who are a HUGE part of the problem (aplogists, feminists, progressives, etc.) will fight for these womens ‘rights’ as white knights. I’ll tell my Sons DAILY – The Lord above made us all different – NOT equal – because we all have different strengths, weaknesses, etc and that’s the only way society can survive. We live in dangerous times… Teach your children well, to be free thinkers because the state is teaching them otherwise.

        1. I agree with you…We are equal in dignity but not in outcome.

      2. The entitlement scum aren’t going to win any war. They’re already losers in a wealthy first class country which gives them every competitve advantage to get ahead and still they lose. The war will be over as soon as they realize they can’t use their fat people scooters on a battlefield, and watching tv is not a survival skill. It will probably all be over in a day when the nationalists lure them into a huge ambush by offering them a McRib 2 for 1 deal.
        I just can’t see the 1st and 5th division of diabetic single mothers taking and holding Ft. Benning

        1. You misunderstand the nature and forces that will be employed in such a war.

        2. You have to understand one simple fact. They’ve already won. The losers you’re talking about (add the simps, maginas, white knights) sided with women and they’ve already won. Look around, and no explanation is needed.
          Keep in mind. This society is ultimately held up at the end of the barrel of a gun.
          As much as you think you are a tough guy, they have the military (made mostly of blue pill beta males) and you and I are no match to that war machine. Also, never underestimate the power of blue pill.
          With that being said, I don’t see this as a head on confrontation. There is something that no amount of guns will turn the tide: the economic collapse. It will happen with a mathematical certainty. It is only a matter of time. The numbers simply don’t add up. What’s gonna happen after that? Well, look what happened in the early ’90 with the Soviet Union. I think that’s the script the West will follow too. A peaceful return to a soft patriarchy at the end of an extremely difficult economic period. You will see old people begging in the streets or dying alone at home of hunger (how do I know? I lived it). Their children? Won’t give a shit because they themselves will barely hang on. Beautiful women (8 and 9s) will suck dick for $5 in the back alleys just to have something to eat. I can go on but you get the idea.

      3. Then provide free repatriation services, accommodations for those who don’t want to leave or get onboard, and of course, free helicopter rides for the most recalcitrant of the lot.

    4. Only land-owners and veterans should be allowed to vote. Our founding fathers directly warned us that universal suffrage would lead to people voting themselves money.
      In Europe it’s led to a really weird dichotomy where you have far-left politicians whose base is primarily third-world savages who hate everything they believe in but vote to protect their handouts.

      1. Libtards would sell off tiny parcels of land to the dregs of society then, in order to maintain their voting blocs.
        I agree with the land ownership rule, albeit with a “real residence” exception, but the Heinlein-esque veteran rule does not compute as voting is a privilege issued by the states and as such being a veteran in the federal armed forces should have no bearing on it.

      2. How about this: Nobody who gets money in any way from the government is allowed to vote.
        People with their hands in the purse but no skin in the game (IE government workers) will always vote to grow government and increase spending,thereby increasing their own individual paydays.
        It’s common sense. Around here the only people who vote FOR tax increases are teachers, cops, and various other state, local, and county government employees and their families.
        the most recent tax increase initiative on the November ballot was barely defeated. Every single government stooge in the county voted FOR it.
        FOR taking more money by force from the rest of us.
        They shouldn’t be voting if they take their pay from my pocket, PERIOD.
        Only people with skin in the game; that is those who’s contributions to the government exceed what they take from it.

    5. Don’t forget the sexual liberation and marriage laws of second wave feminism.

  8. Postscript:
    1. 1/3 of VETERAN sucicides are due to the family courts that will strip men of their visitation, impose child support that cannot be met, and throw them in jail for “non-payment” that ends up just being a debtors prison. You say you want to help the Vets, then end the veteran-fault divorce.
    2. One of the environmental toxins is the Birth Control Pill. Powerful hormones are going out when women use the bathroom, and the sewage systems aren’t stopping them from getting into the water. Male fish are turning into females when in proximity to the outlets. This is an EPA environmental crisis, but one almost no one wants to address.
    3. Let Mike Pence work on this, but if we can have “gay marriage” we can have a “Federal Covenant Marriage” that would go back to the three As for divorce, Adultery, Abuse (felony battery, not a loud quarrel), and Abandonment. Anyone filing for state no-fault divorce would be considered to be abandoning the marriage and lose all custody, most visitation, and would have to pay the victim spouse alimony and child support. It would be compltely voluntary, but I suspect Mormons, Catholics, and conservative Evangelicals would insist on it to be married in the church.

    1. Is there any way they could put birth control in water for the ghettos to stop minorities from reproducing like rabbits?

        1. Sanger’s original dream for Planned Parenthood involved offering abortions alongside other services, during which they would go ahead and tie your tubes if they decided you were an undesirable.
          Disgusting, yes, but pragmatic?

        2. Actually it is working. The absolute number of blacks have fallen in the nation. Not percentage to population, but actual bottom line number.

        3. Wow. I guess watering the fields with the blood of their infant children does limit their population.
          You see the percentage charts and the affirmative action, and you start to wonder.

        4. Oh, there’s no wondering to it. It was established out front and openly as a way to do a little soft genocide. Even during Roe v. Wade, Ginsberg let it slip on a microphone that she didn’t see what the big deal was, it was only to get rid of the “undesirables” (paraphrase)

        5. Probably due to their high mortality rate. They still lead the way by a wide margin for unintended pregnancies and single parent households so I don’t see how abortion is working at an acceptable rate.

        6. Sure, but when you have 70% illegitimacy rates, you don’t have to be one of the major ethnicities to get to “highest rate of unintended pregnancies”. Crime doesn’t help, but their self-abort rate is through the roof. Have you seen the billboards popping up about “the most dangerous place for a black child is in the womb?”. Was posted on Drudge a while back.

        7. My favorite billboard is right outside what is (or at least was) the biggest Planned Parenthood center in Houston, TX. It’s a colorized ultrasound with the words, “Take my hand, not my life.”

        8. There is a truck that drives around Columbus almost year round. I think it’s financed by some church group. It has grotesque, graphic backlit photos of aborted late stage babies in a trash can (or wherever they throw them), that is huge and takes up the side of the truck (it’s about the size of a Uhaul truck). It also has a pro-life message.
          It *REALLY* makes Leftists mad. I’ve been in restaurants in the Short North when it drives by and you can hear the angry chatter crack 100db when it does. Outraged hipsters, suddenly all about “people should keep their views to themselves”. The I-roh-knee.

        9. Sure, black females account for ~30% of abortions despite being ~13% of the population. Until they stop being a completely fucked up demographic group, I want the birth of welfare babies to be greatly reduced.

        10. All female anything, except strip dancers, bikini teams, cake baking squads and stay at home moms, is almost always a bad idea.

        11. That would piss me off, too, and I’m neither a leftist nor a hipster. Nobody wants to see that shit, especially at a restaurant. Anyhow, from what I know about Columbus and most big cities in OH in general, abortion is basically crimestoppers. Remember Freakonomics?

        12. strip dancers, bikini teams, cake baking squads, and stay at home moms ….hmmm That’s actually a nicely condensed summary of our earthly reason for being.

        13. I find poetry is best expressed with precision.

        14. It makes the point precisely because you DO NOT want to see it. Atrocities are all comfortable debating points when they’re unseen and only in theory. I think it’s great that it drives the streets and shows the reality of what women really are screaming for with “my body my right!”

        15. lol sure
          A young girl dances!
          A mother wipes his hot brow –
          Beauty feeds the soul

      1. Ask Bill and Melinda Gates, they tried it in the Phillipines as some kind of free flu vaccination but only for women.

    2. 3) You can already do this voluntary with your local religious civil tribunal (if your religion has set one up).

      1. Don’t listen to ExiledV2, he is a conman who claims he’s a corporate executive when he’s just a basement dweller.

  9. Mr President could you take care of pizzagate and big pedophile rings first ? men can handle the femicunts. Things will go back to normal, that’s the natural order.

      1. Yea. Wtf is a haitian style pizza!!?!?!?
        Pretty sure there aint no pizza in whatever garbage is haitian “cuisine”

  10. Seems the war on Trump is running well.
    They control the media – and everyone is vilified.
    They control the Judiciary – and “rubber band” laws make everyone guilty. Combined with Soviet+Internet they know everything…
    Takes too much time to weed thru MSM and hear any truth.
    Seems Trumps are swamped as pro-defense only…
    Is he/they making any headway?

    1. Is it really a war on trump (this time not trolling, I am being serious)
      I mean the media has been giving a hard time to president’s since Washington and the people who are fans of the president have been calling foul and unfair all along.

      1. Perhaps, but I’ve never seen the media so transparently biased before, up to , during, and now after election season.

        1. maybe I just don’t pay attention as much. I remember Bush Gore was funny. One channel. THis guy is the worst. 2 channels over THAT GUY IS THE WORST. With Trump I feel it seems worse because him being an absurd asshat and an insecure attention whore he has drawn a lot of negative attention to himself…mind you, that negative attention is a large part of what got him elected.

      2. It would certainly appear to be, especially in light of their dick-sucking during the last President’s reign.
        It is their job to criticize everything, but when they demonstrate excessive selection in what and who they criticize they fail. If they were on-point, ready to criticize even their own side, Trump would never have become President (and neither, frankly, would most Presidents of the past century).

        1. a lot of media dick sucked ‘bama, but a lot of it was very critical. So different people are sucking trumps dick and he is getting an ass whooping by other guys. Same old song. Does anyone take anything these clowns say seriously?

        2. I know the media takes the media very seriously. What would be better than the suck-whup dichotomy is the critique-critique dichotomy.
          Unfortunately, since one side is determined to full-court press their bias, counter-bias is required to balance the emotional scales. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

        3. trump is partly to blame here too…..all sides are biased though. that is what being on a side means. I am neutral because I don’t give a shit who president is.

        4. To my thinking, the role of media is that of the court jester. Whether you like the person or hate him, whether you like a policy or hate it, your job is to give voice to the debate.
          For example, take the Keystone Pipeline. They’ve repeated the same lines for closing on a decade now, when their job should be to point out both the benefits for the pipeline and its potential drawbacks. Instead, they opposed it when Obama opposed it, and they oppose it now that Trump supports it.
          Now, on the other hand, we have “alternative news” organizations that have done nothing but praise the Keystone Pipeline. Their job should be to provide both the benefits and drawbacks, as well, but they have to be 100% pro to balance the 100% con of the remainder of media. It’s a forced polarization that serves no one.
          Like I said, it’s a waste of everyone’s time. When you realize that the bias means you’ll never hear the actual story, you find no value to media, and they fail.

        5. Here’s an interesting example of “media” versus “citizen reporting”. A YouTuber found what he thought was evidence that WSJ had fabricated evidence regarding advertizing on YT, and he reported what he found. There was a stir, and he later found out that he was mistaken.
          Guess what he did? He pulled down his video, retracted his statements, and apologized for any backlash.
          Then some of the media sites blasted the citizen journalist for being wrong. The same sites lied consistently without apology or retraction.
          And the media wonder why people would rather listen to YouTube content creators.

        6. Once the last generation of people who actually watch the news on tv dies they will make less money. After a decade of decline money they will have less power. IN the meantime people should be more concerned with things that are more important…like literally everything

        7. Hell, from what I’ve heard CNN has to literally pay airports to broadcast them, so they can sell ads with “Millions of viewers”.
          A child’s sidewalk doodle has a bigger audience, and probably more intrinsic value.

        8. exactly. The “greatest” generation is about to be dead. After that the elder half of the boomers. Once they are gone I am pretty sure tv will go with them.

        9. I doubt the television itself is going anywhere, but the studios are all but dead. Honestly, I think it would be a hoot to open the broadcast bands like CB or Ham radio.
          “The kids are asleep. Time to dial in to the Watching Paint Dry show!”

        10. right, that’s what I meant. Streaming services will only get better. The idea that a show is on at a certain time is already all but extinct. Even people who don’t stream use a DVR. Hell, my grandmother is 98 and she turns on the ball game 45 minutes late so she can fast forward through commercials. I would say there is about 3 decades left before there is no one on the planet who gets any kind of information about the world from a television news show.

        11. SNL (Saturday Night Live) has so many commercials nowadays. The old Weekend Update was some good news watching. The anchors were so meticulous.

        12. Those were the days, man. Jane the ignorant slut, Pat the modern feminist (look up SNL’s Pat to get the joke if you’re a bit young, folks), The Church Lady, Wild and Crazy Guys…

      3. Very Much.
        Did you not see the fem-bots crying and marching?
        I did say after witnessing the war on Ross Perot – “why would trump put himself thu that? The media will eviscerate him”.
        Perhaps if Perot got in would be the same. But, never seen such vitriol and effort…

        1. of course I didn’t see the fem bots in their menstruation march. I don’t pay attention to that shit. But yeah, feminists are against trump and loved the black one. Is this shocking to anyone? No, we have not seen such vitriol, but we have an attention whore president with a twitter account and haven’t seen that either.
          Perot was fun

        2. remember stuttering John – Jennifer Flowers Interview?
          “Will you be sleeping with any other Presidential Candidates?”(Ross Perot)

        3. fantastic. I also thought forbes made a great candidate. When Katie Couric (who still had fantastic legs) at the time asked him what being president meant to him he said something to the effect of “taking a pay cut and moving into public housing” But when perot got fined for blasting those freaking endangered reefs in Bermuda and then did it again because the fine was too small to be a deterrent I thought that was great.

        4. He once asked Kareem Abdul Jabaar why he changed his name to Kreem Adolf Jabarb- Kareem wanted to kill him hahaha
          On a kind of side note: John is pro-tranny now bc his little kid thinks he is a girl…you had to know elevating losers like this would help to undermine sanity in the west

      4. From this side of the Atlantic is looks like it. Most of European press went into masturbatory frenzy over Obama if he as much as farted! The press here on President Trump is uniformly negative and it’s sickening. I’ve cancelled my subscription to the Economist, and the only paper here with even a touch of objectivity is the FT, and even they are shown signs of infection by leftist hysteria…

      5. They didn’t even breath a bad word about Obama. Never.
        And they’ve ramped up against Trump at least double what Dubya got, and Dubya got creamed a lot.
        I’m not a Trump Bitchboy, but the media is on all out full flame attack mode on him right now.

        1. I heard lots of bad stuff about bama and I wasn’t even paying attention. Yeah, trump gets worse than dubya but Trump is also an enormous attention whore. He is a media lightning rod so complaining he takes lightning is kind of silly. and without a doubt, the media hatred of trump played a big roll in his being elected. That is the kind of negative attention worth paying for. When an entire nation believe an entire industry is a bunch of corrupt lying sacks of shit, having them bash you isn’t the worst thing in the world ya know

        2. Dubya was treated with kid gloves between 9/11 and Katrina. As for Obama, most of the love fest was on the opinion pages. He got his share of criticism in the mainstream news; certainly FoxNews made it their stock and trade.

        3. Fox, yes. The rest of them? You’d have thought that he was Black Jesus come to save the masses. Questions so soft that they were note even shuttlecocks.
          Dubya got shit. After 9/11 there was a pause, no question, but it didn’t take but a few months for that to wear off. I was there guy, in living color.

        4. The only complaints I heard about Obama from the Media (except Fox) was how he wasn’t going far enough down the socialist path. Hardly a criticism.
          With Trump it’s not that they’re just gunning for his stupid tweets (which are usually pretty dumb) but floating absolute lie after lie about just about everything, and hoping that something sticks. This “Russian Hackers” thing is so laughably contrived that it defies imagination, yet they keep that up, and then pile on with everything that can even if all he’s done that day is sneeze. I’ve never seen such horribly biased coverage in my lifetime, and I follow this stuff and have for most of my adult life. I’m not Trump apologist, you know that, I’m just saying that in our lifetime no other POTUS has been attacked so savagely and so fast and about, usually, nothing. Even with Nixon, they left him some room for dignity.
          Listening to Leftists talk regarding this narrative and you’d think that the guy was out with Right Wing Hit Squads clearing inner cities with flame throwers and handing out smallpox blankets in welfare offices.

        5. Agreed on all counts. I am a big believer, however, in the fact that necessity creates things. At no point in our life has MSM been so one sided, sure, but at no point in history has MSM been so toothless and generally considered, as @Ainigmaris below said, just a PR firm while other, online opportunities have been so ready at hand. If you wanted to find out negative shit about trump there were billions of websites, all of which considered at least as credible if not more than MSM news sources by most people that would have given you that. It is kind of a double edged sword in that there is no getting all sides and making a choice (unless you specifically seek it out) it is just “click here for your echo chamber of choice” THe good news is that in the end it doesn’t matter much.

        6. He didn’t do enough to save negroes. 7 million Ukranian peasants left to starve in 1933-34 while America sat on its laurels. But who cares, right? But letting a negro drown or go thirsty … that is unforgivable.

        7. Oh, I’m quite aware that their days are numbered and coming to an end. They know it too, which explains the increase of their hysterics and histrionics. I’m just surprised at how they’re not even pretending impartiality any longer. I mean sure, they didn’t like Reagan, but they never went anywhere near these extremes and always tried to cloak their criticisms in some kind of rationale that at least kinda made sense now and then.

        8. They’re toothless because they keep biting a rock. Just one more chomp and it’ll shatter, keep at it!

        9. Lets not forget all those “sexual assault victims” that sprang up in october.

          Smear campaign to the max.

          Funny how “the news” never issues corrections on those sorts of things.

        10. Yeah, but…as I may have mentioned in person(can’t quite remember), the question isn’t whether they’re going down but how much else they’re going to destroy along with themselves.

        11. Hell, that one was so bad that even Comedy Central was making fun of Obama at the time.

      6. honestly, I think there is a war on the guy, he doesnt want unchecked globalism; I chalk it up to the fact he is old- I wouldnt trust him 20 years ago, but he is a decade or so from the grave, he doesnt care, and he wants to leave a positive mark on this country. I think, as we get old, we’d like to leave something for our kids or grandkids…he has nothing to lose at this point…70 years old, billions…I might be a renegade myself at that age if I had the opp

        1. its possible, can’t deny it. I think my scenario that he is an insecure wuss with more money than either brains or class trying one last attempt to make himself feel like a real man before the grave and in doing so being a loud mouth, belligerent twat and thereby drawing in negative attention on a global scale is more likely, but really, and I mean it, it could be what you are saying….I don’t buy it, but I have no inside info

        2. The gist of this documentary about how Trump won was that he was seen as someone that spoke his mind & didn’t apologize when something he said was deemed offensive, he actually doubled down & went into attack mode when pressed. Also he campaigned all over the country & spoke to people, he learned what the people were saying about politicians & what they wanted to hear, which is why he went after Hillary’s legal issues so much. In the end it appears that even he didn’t expect himself to win.

        3. not all that interesting to me. I suppose trump won the election the same way all politicians win elections…he convinced more idiots he was good for them than the other guy did. I don’t have more than a passing interest in politicsball.

      7. The difference is the absolute and unabashed one-sided bias in the current media. Yes, the media, such as it was, gave Washington a hard time, but they gave him a hard time because they didn’t trust the government — any government. They didn’t trash Washington while covering up the crimes of his political opponents and advancing their own corporate agendas.
        Gradually, the media became more one-sided, but it wasn’t as open… and frankly people were just ignorant about it. The majority of people didn’t realize just how biased Cronkite was because no one ever showed them the other side.
        Today, people are constantly finding the truth hidden by the media and exposing their lies. Rather than trying to pretend they are actually journalists covering real news, they continue to pump out corporate press releases thinly disguised as “news” and attacking anyone who dares disagree with them.
        There is no “news” or “journalists” in the mainstream media anymore. They are just PR agents for corporations and politicians.

        1. “There is no “news” or “journalists” in the mainstream media anymore. They are just PR agents for corporations and politicians.”
          This is believe whole heartedly. I am not really sure it was ever any different.

        2. I think its been this way for a long time, but it is getting worse… more blatant, more vicious. Just look at the Pewdiepie situation. That was clearly a weaker, inferior competitor trying to smear a more powerful and successful brand by personally destroying a guy who makes videos on the internet.

    1. partially. , lower T by 15-20% in males in their 20’s… not sure what the cause is.

    1. Exactly. If they are our equals, they should perform as well as us if not outperform us for a job since they scream they are superior.

      1. I am talking about rape kangaroo courts. Trial by kafkaesque panel of gender studies professors.

  11. How about decreasing and eliminating all these tax-exempt foundations that make nothing and employ no one funded by our taxpayer dollars. Make false rape accusations a hate crime.

  12. It is past the point now where America can be saved via elections, and the democratic process. I read recently that half of households in America can’t cover a 500$ cheque. The faux prosperity that kept everything together is coming to an end and then the race war and revolution will begin. Julius Evola was right and the entire system will soon crumble under the weight of it’s evil and absurdity. 14/88!!!!

  13. In time none of this will matter, when trumpets begin to sound. Until then, I will never relent, I will continue to fight back against the weak pussified attacks on the natural world by leftist-marxist-satanists alike.

  14. Too bad Trump, like most conservatives, refuse to tackle social issues and laws regarding them.

  15. the fake news is still doing everything it can to make The Don look like a goon where i am, can an American tell me if he is actually doing good things for the people of the US?
    all i get here from fake news is “Trump fails here, Trump fails there, woman hater, racist, all hetero white men are pigs” etc, one thing i have noticed of the fake news here is they are not being so obvious, subtle little hints on the hour every hour, but not magnified by 1000 like when that mental nutter woman we no longer mention was have a crack at sinking the US.

  16. Someone needs to go in and grab the tits of all those naked women with the ‘rape culture’ banner. I’ll take the one on the left with the red nipple stickers. 10 of us can Steam through them (anyone else remember steaming?)
    Front row really cute, everyone else fat cunts.
    How do they manage that? Can you imagine some guy shouting “OK everyone, Pretty girls at the front, fat cunts further back”, they’d kill him.

  17. Just found this, felt the need to share
    So get this:
    Russia is being run by joo00s.
    USA is being run by joo00s.
    Israel is a neutral state calling for wars.

  18. If the goal of western progressivism is depopulation, how does this jive with Roosh’s theory that the globalhomo elite want more immigrants to keep coming in to buy their crap consumer products, as he suggested in a recent podcast?

    1. I’m not sure it’s their goal, but the result of progressive laws, women liberation, equality, etc is depopulation because all these things shit on men. Then they have no choice but to import immigrants. Here’s an excellent article outlining our future (already on the way in Europe). They absolutely refuse to link the two together.
      also this

  19. I replied to your letter Roosh, but you took down my comment.
    Censorship on RoK? Really?

  20. Look at where he put his daughter. Look at her views and what she has been putting out there. The Trump administration is going to be like those going as far back as the interventionist social engineering of the federal government began well over a century ago. It will continue to empower women over men because that is what benefits the state and those who run it. At least for awhile longer.
    There is no reform. Only collapse. Reform cannot happen because it is not in the interest of anyone who must carry out the reforms.

    1. He put her there to be close yo her because he wants bone his flesh and blood. Not because he thinks she’s any capable

  21. Trump is just another puppet controlled by elites. He is already changing his views on Syria because of alleged chemical attack by Assad forces, no investigation has been done but somehow he is sure Assad did it, most likely it was false flag attack by AQ branch in Syria to get US and public opinion against government. It is amazing how fast msm spreads news, repeating the same shit without proof and Trump took a bait.

  22. CMPML, Department of Finance.
    Al Capone owned the Police, It was the Tax Office which defeated him. He should have started his own State …
    Thelemic State tax office commander in chief is still in Prison.
    Thelemic State obligations will very soon be the only paper of value. Until that time you can help the Cause by depositing money on this account :
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    You’ll receive a nice Document with the Seal of the Solar Emperor Himself!
    Thelemic State has declared martial law.
    Alternatively, you can support RogierSoft, subsidiary of the CMPML.
    End of Document.

  23. “firmly in power and have vigorously begun fulfilling your campaign promises” /s.
    Fixed that for you.
    It’s weird that Donald Trump is so revered in this blog… he’s the complete antithesis of an alpha male.

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