Why It’s Good To Date Both Older And Younger Women

I believe there is a benefit to anything in life. Whether it is short-term, middle-term, or long-term, sometimes you have to see it for what is. Although men on ROK believe that one way is always better, most normally stick to what they are comfortable with.

Older men generally stay with women of around their age, and younger men stick with women generally around their age. I feel more men should try dating those who are both older and younger than them. If you are 38 years of age and older, date women who are from the ages of 18 to 25. If you are under the age of 38, date women who are in their 40s and 50s.

When I say date, I mean have a casual relationship with them—nothing more, nothing less. Life is made to live fruitfully, so enjoy everything life gives you, including an abundance in variety of women.

Older men to younger women

I suggest older men to date younger. You get a vitality that you wouldn’t normally get from women of an older age. Plus, the belief is that the younger one is, the more liberal she is. Liberal in every way of life, compared to someone who is older.

young chicks having fun

Age and mentality

As you approach the polar end of youth, you experience a more free mentality; as you approach the polar end of elder, you experience more conservatism, a more “stuck in your ways” stubborn lifestyle. “Don’t tell me anything new, because I am a grown man and have life figured out.”

Think about the mind of a child, how free he is and how he approaches life with reckless abandon, basically rebellious. This child has no chronic thoughts of worry, resentment, or anxiety. He just lives happily and in the moment with no worry of the world.

Through aging in this world, you have been primed by many years of societal conditioning—whether you try to cope, resist, or acknowledge it, it is in your psyche, and that can be limiting. However, for a younger person it is quite opposite. Generally these types of people have not been pressed with the branding iron of societal conditioning; therefore they have a more optimistic approach with life.


Dating younger women is great for older men, because you get to learn about a different culture of women. Plus, being around younger women will break up the monotony of “adult” life. Being around younger women also increases testosterone. It’s a great trade off. You provide wisdom and life experience, while she provides novelty and excitement.


They live more in the present moment; therefore they are more with their perceptions of life. How do you attract these women? They are no different than any women when it comes to attracting them. Continue demonstrating masculine traits (i.e., confidence and frame) and proper game.

Man with older chick

Younger men to older women

I suggest that young men go ahead and date older women. Why? Older women provide a broader perspective to life. Contrary to belief, there are very sexy and gorgeous older women out there. You can normally find them in very affluent neighborhoods.

I remember when living in one suburb where the mothers looked just as good as their daughters. They went to the gym daily, ate clean with small portions, always had their hair and nails done, and wore the best outfits to accentuate their still fit bodies. Not only did these women have great bodies, but they also brought a little substance to the table.

Pictured: Ashton Kutcher (age 36) with Demi Moore (age 52).

Age and mentality

Their life experiences have given them experience to become masters of their craft(s). That could be their profession, cultures, food and drink, and more importantly, sexual activity. Older women have built years of schema, which allows them to see the bigger picture of the world.

Through dating older women, you can attend higher quality places (restaurants, lounges, social events, etc.) and learn about the environment there. Older women tend to have their lives together. There are many older women out there who want to feel desired by dating a younger masculine essence. As a matter of fact, there are older women out there who are willing to spoil these men with money and other goods.

wealthy woman


How do you attract these types of women? The same goes with the above about older men attracting younger women. Continue to exert masculine traits (confidence and frame) and game (social skills, appearance, etc.). Contrary to belief, I have seen many women who were in their 40s to 50s having slender, lean, and toned bodies and dressing sexy.


Dating younger women brings forth a very revitalizing experience to an older man. For a younger man, there are also older women out there who would love to have a young masculine stud in their life. Plus, if you can date both of the spectrum, you’re not only learning something new, you’re also expanding your harem of women, which helps your game. Expand your mind, enjoy life, and meet women of all kinds.

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238 thoughts on “Why It’s Good To Date Both Older And Younger Women”

  1. Date?! Huh?! You should simply bang any woman you feel like nailing. The idea that women are edifying rather than recreational is a bit quaint

  2. Date women in their 40’s and 50’s?
    The only women around that age left open to that sort of casual relationship are the worst of the vapid, irresponsible and narcissistic females of their generation.

    1. I’ve dated a couple of women in their 40s but I found there was far less drama than girls I’ve dated younger than me. But there are plenty of spinster females at any age.

      1. there are loads of fantastic women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s if you look in the right places…just as the article says

        1. The main thing that people aren’t addressing sufficiently is whether they’ve had kids or not. A non-mother can stay lush a lot longer imo. Especially the breasts. To me, significantly aged breasts (through lactation which puts loads of wear and tear on breasts) are an phenomenally effective turnoff. Like chemo to the testicles caliber turnoff.

        2. Agreed. Multiple births destroy the female body. There’s a night and day difference between a 42 year old mother of 3 kids, and a 42 year old woman who never shot any bundles of joy out. Incomparable tit firmness, skin quality…”fitness” so to speak.

      1. this is stilted blue pill crap stats…. even if they aren’t massaged to support the feminist agenda, then the people creating them are blue pill online dating wimps…..

        1. The OK Cupid blog actually supports a lot of red pill philosophy with stats, although I admit their commentary sometimes leans blue. I’m not sure if you read the article, but all it says is that the highest competition is for women in their early 20s, while women in their 30s are more likely to be DTF and aren’t necessarily that bad looking. The article flat out states, “for women as a group, attractiveness declines with age.” That blog actually confirms a lot of the stuff we talk about here. An except from the article:

          A woman’s desirability peaks at 21, which, ironically enough is the age that men just begin their “prime,” i.e. become more desirable than average. Following that dotted line out, you can see that a woman of 31 is already “past her prime,” while a man doesn’t become so until 36. As we mentioned above, after age 26, a man has more potential matches than his female counterparts, which is a drastic reversal of the proportion in young adulthood, when women are much more sought-after. … At the graph’s outer edge, at age 48, men are nearly twice as sought-after as women.

    2. I’d imagine just butch feminist and divorcees. There is another category liek you see on the real housewives of …. who married young and hot to some man old and rich who trades her in for a newer model at 36. That would be the only way I’d date a girl in that age range. And now its too late. If you are 21 sure, go be a boy toy for a 36 year old chick with money to throw at you who might still look decent. But this is like 1% of 1% of women. Who have money are rich and haven’t aged too bad.

      1. I heard a women over 40 has a higher chance of getting killed in a terrorist attack than getting married. There seems to be some pump and dump action there. I think only single fathers take them seriously. But feminists are in DEEP denial about reality this way. Expect them to tear you a new asshole if you try to dialog about it.

        1. Post 40 women in the US get married all the time. I’ve heard that trope myself but just look around you.

        2. No they get married, their are still hordes of thirst betas who will take anything with a vagina sadly.

    3. I don’t know. I dated an early forties woman who was just kinda cool. Hated the idea of marriage. Laughed about being a ‘cat spinster’, liked to drink and party, hike. She was very feminine but wanted her freedom and seemed to have no need for men’s money. Very girlish. She never had kids and her rack stayed young and she loved to show it off around her apartment. Nice. It all depends. I can’t see how a woman who’s had kids could ever be good at that age though.

  3. Sorry. Did the cougar thing. It sucked huge salty balls and I’m not talking about my huge salty balls getting sucked.
    Let’s see…..
    Older women = 5 tons of baggage
    Younger women = 5 tons of drama
    Women my age = want to make me their economic mule
    No thanks.

      1. You get shit on your cock and if you’re the catcher you keep having to use larger and larger objects to get the same high from getting your shithole fucked by strangers in your preferred public convenience. When you get older you will need colostomy pants and have a much greater chance of contracting anal cancer. What was that about going gay?

        1. What kind of crazy bigot family would not support and encourage their sons if they were to feel the need to indulge in such healthy behaviours ?!

        2. What did he say that was incorrect?
          It is not fun to think about, but he’s right.

        3. the ‘wow just wow’ should have been a giveaway that it was sarcasm. but the ensuing confusion does raise the question of whether men should be snarkily imitating these types for the purpose little ‘in’-jokes.

        1. Past their prime? What if they never HAD a prime? Below is a not-close acquaintance of mine who ‘came out’ this past November as a – get this – *lesbian* (!) born in a man’s body. He’s in Step 1: shaved the beard and insists everybody address “her” as “Danielle” even though he still dresses male in public. I don’t even want to picture the freak show once this 30-yr-old short, fat, balding but otherwise hairy Italian dude starts hormone therapy. At least he/she/it likes cats – foresee plenty of those in his/her/its future. Sheesh.

        2. I just recently saw a “before and after” picture like that on Twitter, where Pic A was fat bald guy and Pic B was still fat bald guy. Someone I follow was calling “her” out on it and it was fucking hilarious.
          What the world lacks is people to call out the dumb shit. I’m at a point where I don’t give a fuck and I’m working towards financial independence so I can publically not give a fuck.

    1. I don’t know if this is everyone else’s experience.. but I tried dating an older woman in her 50s.. I’m 38.
      Older women may look good on the outside if they’ve taken care of themselves and stay relatively fit and slim.. but once the clothes come off, trust me.. it’s just not appealing. Check out Cindy Crawford’s recent untouched lingerie pic to see what I’m talking about.. and this is Cindy fucking Crawford. Your average older woman, even if she takes care of herself and looks ok on the outside, looks a lot worse than Cindy Crawford without t heir clothes. Older women have saggy tits, saggy skin.. and t heir pussies just don’t have that sweet young pussy scent and taste. They lose something more than just the tight bodies.. without those strong female hormones and estrogen, they just aren’t as sexy or appealing in bed as a younger woman. That’s just been my experience.

      1. it’s like an old car… no matter how much you wax it, polish and respray it, the dust and grime of all those miles are in every nook and cranny…. the upholstery goes first…..
        and this article goes against what Roosh wrote of trying to date older women… and I laughed when I understood that he meant older women are those older than 25.. hahahaha…..
        Be very careful of the 28-35 age group…. they all want LTRs, kids etc… real Klingons….
        18-25 is care free and fun loving….
        35-45 is bangable, usually horny and kinda dirty, since they’ve often given up on kids… especially if they already have a couple…… but their value is low and baggage high….
        after that you’re gonna have to turn the lights off and think of your favorite actress…. oh and buy a nose peg the pussy starts to smell rather stale…

        1. To me older women start around 25-26ish because after that age its not just fun, the agenda comes out with sirens blarring. Its never lets just have fun, everything is aimed at getting you to commit more.

      2. My brother is in his 40s, and he’s single. I asked him if the worst thing about getting older was getting closer to death. As straight faced as you can imagine he said, “No, the worst thing is having to fuck old women.” I about spat my drink out and laughed my ass off.

        1. there are a dozen ways for a 50-60 year old guy to bang young chicks, but very few ways for a 50-60 year old woman to bang young men….

        2. He has a lot of problems, which he isn’t serious about resolving. He’s not very red pill, and set in his ways. I leave him be.

        3. That’s the beauty of being a man. We age and don’t lose much appearance wise which affects our ability to fuck. If anything, as we get older we’ll probably end up better in bed than in our youths.
          I know I didn’t reach my sexual peak at 18.

      3. Older women may look good on the outside if they’ve taken care of themselves and stay relatively fit and slim.. but once the clothes come off, trust me.. it’s just not appealing.

        As Photoshop created them:
        (By the way, when I posted this Mariah Carey image above at ThoughtCatalog.com in the comment section of an article where they praised how good some celebrities look despite their age, they banned me).

        1. Just go to a free porn site labeled as “mature” or “40+” or something and you are looking at the absolute sexiest they can look AFTER being airbrushed and photoshopped.

        2. Older women in my experience only look good if they never had kids. And, if they didn’t have kids it’s usually because they were either never marriage worthy, or they wanted to enjoy their selfish lifestyle of cock and career as long as the free drinks kept flowing.
          Once they hit their wall they faced 5 years of denial, then the stark realization that they had no value to men, regardless of how great their career was or how much money and assets they possessed. They can look good on the outside, but beware! Once you get the wrapper of the eye candy be prepared for a Cindy Crawford unretouched experience. Ewww. And, you’ll be dealing with so much baggage it would make Jerry Springer sigh in dissapointment.

        3. Not that it really matters, but this photo was faked to make her look (much) worse! Hit the news a few days ago.

        4. And if she’s had kids, it’s twice as bad. That stomach area can look like Mother Teresa’s face with sags and wrinkles that will kill your boner.

      4. Agreed. Been there. Done that.
        When I was around 30, decided to experiment with good looking women in their late 40s, early 50s. Half dozen experiences all negative. As mentioned, some may look good on the outside but once the clothes are off there is no hiding saggy skin, dry pussies, coarse hair and overall lack of vivacity.
        The oldest any guy should consider going (even for much older guys) is to casually date women who are no older than 42 or thereabouts. And even then – only if she’s got Demi Moore style genetics. Otherwise, go for something younger. If that ain’t an option, better to go for nothing at all and find other activities.
        Older women also have a ton of baggage and are likely divorced (many more than once). Don’t reward them. Just let them wither on the vine.

        1. When I was 25 I was involved with a recently divorced 36yo for a little more than a year. In addition to some eye opening points on saggy skin/tits etc, I realized I had trouble relating to the culture of the late 80s in which she came from (which I was less than ten in when she was off slutting it up). I now run into the same issues with the 22-25yos I fuck although with them I make fun of it and somehow they willingly go along with the “old man” shtick with more exuberance I had in going along with Kim’s.

      5. Haha…yeah those pics were definitely unflattering. I would have to turn into an alcoholic to make it work with an older woman, but I bet they give good head.
        I would still fuck Cindy Crawford though.

      6. “Your average older woman, even if she takes care of herself and looks ok on the outside, looks a lot worse than Cindy Crawford”
        Indeed. It’s an early Halloween once the clothes come off.

        1. I remember thinking “What the fuck is he doing with that Melanie Griffith bitch? Keep the damned robot already.”

      1. You see that’s the feminist view. Eschewing the rotten cunts automatically means gay.
        This is the very thing that had my generation, which was told gayness was lurking under every rock, killing themselves to get laid.
        It’s as if turning down some pussy means you wake up next day wanting to suck cocks, but against your will and crying the entire time because you really don’t want to but you violated the rules or something.
        But if it’s possible to “turn gay”, well then, maybe all that gay deprogramming stuff is indeed valid and all those gay people were turned that way and can be cured of it.
        Yeah it’s funny how a man can be accused of turning gay for not putting the pussy on a pedestal but imply that real gays are anything other than “born that way” and the SJWs are rappelling out of helicopters over it.
        I bet trannies are all fetishists too.

        1. Well if you are saying all woman are bad, turning gay would be the only logical choice.
          Sorry, I come from Toronto, the gay mecca of the world, gays really are around every corner, under every rock and lurking behind you at the bar.
          Of course one can turn gay, why do you think some men sleep with tonnes of women and then turn gay?

        2. why do you think some men sleep with tonnes of women and then turn gay?

          No man wakes up one day and suddenly becomes a faggot, full stop.
          Just like how some gays have wives and children but still get some on the ‘down-low’, they were probably ‘always that way’.
          Or perhaps sexually abused as a child at the hands of another man/boy.
          Either way, don’t try to push your deep-seated homosexual desires on the rest of us, the gloryhole(s) awaits you!

        3. Non-sense. dealing with worthless pussy turns men gay all the time, why do you think Toronto is gay heaven.

        4. >You see that’s the feminist view. Eschewing the rotten cunts automatically means gay
          Not always. They reserve the option to declare you are a pedophile if you go for younger chicks. They will not care if they use it accurately. They will say it if you date girls 20-29 (tweens) or 13-19 (teens) even though pedophilia is pursuing 1-12 year olds and they will be happy to make people think that about those who scorn them.

        5. You have a narrow view of your choices. Fucking someone is not mandatory. Fap alone.

        6. Nothing sudden about it but you can gradually become open to the idea. Traps help, particularly when contrasted with ugly females whom they look better than, and no fear of them trying to get pregnant.

    2. Older women are good…if we’re talking about the guy being in his early twenties, or slightly younger, and the woman being in her older 20’s/younger 30’s. Then you’ve hit the jackpot, because they are a great way to gain some valuable experience with women, while avoiding most of the difficulties that come with going after younger girls as a hapless virgin – mainly because said older women can see The Wall looming perilously close in the distance, and thus drop most of the bullshit in favor of being more friendly to guys who are still willing to approach them.
      Plus, they appreciate the feeling of still being desirable to younger, vigorous men, which makes them behave even nicer to more youthful guys.
      Unfortunately, the payoff is not as good once you reach the older 30’s and beyond, so you won’t get the same results chasing 40 year old spinsters as a 30 year old man.

  4. I’m not saying this article is that bad but ROK needs to do some serious quality control. This constant stream of 2-3-4 articles a day is getting ridiculous, we can barely comment before other articles pop up so it destroys the discussion. There should a strict requirement of like one good article a day and then make like a reject ROK website for other articles, this would allow ROK to only create high quality content and satisfy those rejected authors who still want some deal of notoriety. Just my two cents.

    1. I know, right? It’s like with each X-Men movie that comes out I’m like “They didn’t include this-and-that character that I like in it! Fuck!” The nerve!

    2. There are so many older articles here, and I find some of them interesting. I often make comments knowing nobody is going to read them and react one way or other to my viewpoint. For me it’s always been about reading and learning as much as I can.

    3. You are absolutely correct. We need fewer articles and of better average quality. I think an average of 1 article a day would be a better choice.

  5. Oh sure, and while you’re dating those older women they get their ex-husbands to watch their dogs-like Walter, who brought the fuckin’ Pomeranian bowling.

    1. What do you mean brought it bowling, Dude? I didn’t rent it shoes. I’m not buying it a fucking beer. He’s not taking your fucking turn, Dude.

      1. Man, if my fuckin’ ex-wife asked me to take care of her fuckin’ dog while she and her boyfriend went to Honolulu I’d tell her to go fuck herself.

  6. None of my friends believed me at the time it happened, so I thought I’d say it here on the net :
    my first sexual experience was with a 55years old French married woman met online, who made me a bad blowjob in the back of her car when I was 16 (told her that I was 19). Swallowed the all thing, she did.
    Now I feel sorry for the poor cocufied husband who kissed her on the lips when she went home.

  7. this is actually very solid advice. i have dated women both younger and older than me. younger women are for great sex and fun. older women are for great conversations plus they do you great service like cook you awesome food, some even support you financially. women of your age gap can be great friends and may bring you social power plus providing with even more women you can date and men with whom you can work or have business with. i guess we should start looking at the brighter side of things.

    1. i got no idea what i just read. are you suggesting that older women basically say hey, your eskimo brothers and therefore you should do business together.but maybe its just me because the only thing that i have shared with men who i have had a mutual encounter with is a bit of a laugh and a lot of regret.

      1. You and Iodine need to keep this exchange going because I think you’ll get into some strange realm of incoherence that could bring forth some kind of new, unexplored dimension, like from the Twilight Zone or Interstellar, all through your groundbreaking usage of language. Maybe I’ve just contributed as well.

    1. She’s 48 though. How do you expect her to look? Still looks better than a lot of women half her age

      1. She only looks good in the face. Below the neck she’s lost it. Men should be dating at least 10 years younger. Unless you’re a man in your 20s, then he dates around his own age. Cindy Crawford might be ok for a man who is 60. I understand why Richard Gere traded her in.

      2. Only the landwhales. There’s not a lot of comparison b/w 48 and 24, otherwise (unless 24 has *really* drugged it up….)
        I mean, no shame in banging an older lady, if that’s what a guy wants to do, but even hot older ladies don’t hold a candle to young ones.

        1. A hot younger lady trumps a hot older lady but I’d rather bang a fit in shape older bird who’s looked after herself than a fat ugly 21yr old

      3. CJ,
        I’m a bit surprised by the largess of your comment. But hey I hardly know ya.
        Anyway, I willing to stake a large wager that the woman (Cindy) has better abs than 75% of the guys posting here.
        I’ve been lifting for almost 18 months (straight) and my biceps easily fill a “large” t-shirt sleeve. My gut though, looks no where near hers.
        I’m wondering if her detractors look any better.

        1. You again. Look at her ‘abs’ closely. It’s a trainwreck and those ‘cuts’ you might have seen at a glance are just deep wrinkle lines, not defined muscle. I would love to take your wager if it were somehow possible. It’s not her gut size (which isn’t bad), it’s her skin. Too many enemas, kale juice breakfasts, air yoga, silly cardio on the beach, persimmon burgers or whatever trendy hollywood health bs she chased way too hard. I’m pretty sure she was an enema fiend for awhile at least, maybe consistently. She should have been squatting and eating a normal, high protein diet. I bet her fat intake was critically low over the years, combined with steady state cardio. Bad combo. There is a weird lack of health to her body despite the fact that she’s not overweight. She seems wasted. Women need to; squat, press, hike casually and eat normally.

        2. “Women need to; squat, press, hike casually and eat normally.”
          Not a great pickup line but I will remember your advice.

        3. Just a guy who will better enjoy the company of women who squat, press, hike causally and eat normally.
          Technically, I said I would remember your advice, not heed it.

        4. I would say it is undoubtedly from my experience and from some very logical and accredited physiologists. I don’t have any links readily available because it was years ago that I read those things. A google search would do you up good, I’m sure.
          The main point is that if you rip a thousand calories from your system through 35-45 minutes of steady, hard cardio then your body will be triggered into ‘starvation mode’. Your body is threatened by that kind of intensity. Of course your body will condition itself to handle it too but your body will also do all it can to adapt to your holding a match to the same patch of skin daily—doesn’t mean it’s good for you. So don’t mistake improved conditioning as improved health. In starvation mode, your hormones will basically shut off, because it’s one way your body can conserve some energy without any critical damage. So hard, steady cardio wreaks all kind of havoc on your hormonal state. If you squat one day then run ten miles the next then your somewhat cancelling out your efforts. Your growth hormonal cycles (that you need to recover from squats) are being compromised by the starvation mode you put yourself in with long steady cardio sesssions. This stuff won’t hit you that hard until your early to mid thirties. If your twenty your hormones will surge anyway and a brief shutoff isn’t a big deal. But once you’re older you’ll need to swap out steady state cardio for wind sprints (great for T-levels) and of course the unassailable low to mid range barbell work. Look at sprinters versus marathoners. That’s always the classic proof. Also extreme cardio (longer than 45 minutes) is simply toxic to your body because your body can’t fight free radical damage for that long. You know how a hard run can make you puke? That’s because your body is under such attack that it can no longer fight the toxins. Can you condition yourself to do it? Yes of course. You’re body will adapt. Once again that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Marathoners look ten years older than they are and a lot of them run into heart problems too due to how the walls of their heart will get so thin to accommodate the workload. Run your sixty yard sprints, work your heart in bursts like any muscle. You don’t need to drain your system with an hour of hellish cardio. Don’t mistake the post hour buzz as some kind of good sign. That’s just a burst of painkillers and a simple cessation of torture that is making you feel so good.

        5. Thanks. I always suspected that might have been the case as I too have observed that marathon runners look older than their age, and the same goes for my gym junkie friends. For exercise I walk, swim and do resistance band exercises mixed with a bit of light to medium weights. When I go for walks, it’s for 45 minutes. I don’t run, sprint or do overly intense cardio. Resistance band work is not what I’d consider intense cardio, and i don’t do it for more than 30 minutes at any given time every second day.

        6. Check out Mark Rippetoe and think about adding in some classic barbell stuff. It’s essential and I couldn’t recommend anything more strongly.

        7. I suspect part of the effect is due to these people having spent many years outside in the sun. The effects of sun burning on your skin is pretty severe. And will cause premature aging.

        8. I wish I could like this comment a thousand times. People do some of the most counterintuitive shit to their bodies and think they’re actually a healthy individual.

    2. Her beauty has faded, and that’s because her fertility has faded. Actually, she kinda looks like a transvestite. Ew. Men are attracted to symbols of health and fertility in women, which we mentally interpret as “beauty.” The female brain is wired up completely different. Their idea of a beautiful man changes as they age. For men it stays the same, always a woman in her early 20s is considered the best looking.

  8. I don’t care what anybody says – an older women’s body, not to mention her vaginal cavity, simply does not have the same feel to it as that of a nubile young woman.
    Sure, it can look similar in clothes and photos, but once you feel it you’ll notice a difference. No amount of gym time can combat mother nature and father time.

    1. Serious gym work can make her age less slowly, look less bad. But there’s no comparison to a man the same age who works out.

    2. Just bitch about it and she’ll go see her plastic surgeon, like she does with everything else. I know for a fact they have “vagina rejuvenation therapy,” or in layman’s terms, surgery to make that pussy tighter.

    3. I don’t know…
      An adventurous older women who’s kept her body in shape and isn’t as stuck up and reserved like some of these 20 year olds?
      It’s worth a couple rounds I’d think.

      1. Certainly. A nut is a nut, and if she’s old enough, she can’t even get preggers!
        My point is, almost always, you’ll not want to fuck that old bird after one night. With young and nubile women (highly attractive ones), this is never the case.

  9. I take everything I read on RoK with a grain of salt (just like everything else I read), but last night was one of those “holy shit this girl is exactly what RoK talks about.”
    A co-worker asked me to crash at her place last night after work. We’re chilling in her messy ass apartment drinking tea and enjoying conversation. Overall I’m having a good time waiting for the right moment to make a move.
    All the sudden my boss shows up lol and drops the mother of all cock-blocks. So now its me and this other dude hanging out in this girl’s apartment at 6 am. But its fucking cold outside and I got there first, so I aint going anywhere fuck all y’all.
    All the sudden everyone busts out their drugs. Ended up having a spontaneous little mushroom trip hanging out with these two, and I got to know my boss a little better so it was actually worth the night.
    They however decided to go full retard. They pulled out the coke, the beers, the smokes, the works. These two just wanted to get “fucked up” whereas I just wanted to get comfortable and get some rest. If I wasn’t gonna get laid, then its time to mellow out IMO.
    She showed off her tattoos to us, talked about her history of boyfriends and how now she can’t feel attachment to any man anymore, all the while doing another line… then another… then another…
    It was pretty clear that this girl, her bedroom, her life were a mess… Despite the fact that she is a natural 8 and has some brains to boot, it really came across that her compulsive drug taking wasn’t the kind that you see from a well-to-do person wanting to experiment or chill out after a hard day’s work. These two wreaked of desperately trying to cope with reality by putting as much stuff into their noses as possible. Two fully grown adults. It actually surprised me.
    So I take a 2 hour nap and split the scene… That girl might be able to turn her life around but as of right now she seems too much like a hole looking for captain save-a-ho to come finance her life. I’m pretty sure that if I got comfortable hanging out with her her horrible habits will start to rub off on me. I’m not even sure its worth dealing with her even if there is easy sex… She really left a messy impression of herself…
    I’ve met messed up girls before but this one is hot and has some intelligence… IMO the most dangerous kind of hoe.

    1. This is pretty common. People who use drugs are using it as a substitute for self improvement. They don’t like their job? Instead of working their ass off to move up they just get fucked up to forget about how much their life sucks. That shit is for losers. Actually make some effort to become the man you want to be and you’re already better than 95% of the people out there.

      1. Amen to that man seriously…
        I walked out of there with my head held high… Not out of arrogance (like I said I was happy to find some common ground with my boss) but rather that I felt very confident in the way that I’ve been conducting my life in the last couple of years.
        Much love gentlemen. Keep focusing on becoming your best and living a life of wisdom, there is no alternative.

      2. In this girl’s case I think she already has plans to “move up”. She now has her boss in a compromising position, even though most of her settlement money will go right up her nose.

    2. Your boss showed up? I don’t know anyone there or the situation but I can picture the girl texting him back “sure, come on down and bring your toot so we can have fun like last time, tee hee.” You are wise to avoid here, better your boss go down than you!

    3. Jesus H fucking Christ.
      Get these losers out of your life ASAP. People like that are a liability.

      1. Exactly. I would have called an audible and ran a train on this bird with the boss. Seemed like a no brainer to me.

    4. OK, I grew up in the 70’s – nuff said.
      Drugs – coke, pot, shrooms – on a long term basis will turn you into a loser.
      In addition to the effect on your brain and wallet, the people who share your habit will suck your humanity dry.
      Go the other way.

    5. ” That girl might be able to turn her life around but as of right now she
      seems too much like a hole looking for captain save-a-ho to come
      finance her life.”
      Welcome to almost every woman in america.

      1. Turn around? Heh
        Depending on age, maybe. But think of it. She’s not getting any younger. Work ain’t getting any easier, unless she fucks and sniffs her way up and even so, partying like that even once a week will see you to the bottom of the pit much sooner than you think, very much so financially, physically and psychologically.
        Sounds like she (and many others like her), smart as she may be is already damaged goods. I have known females like that and the majority of them have declined with the passing of years. Rarely do they find “peace” and their notch count could put iconic PUAs to shame.
        Best stay the fuck away from them and the lifestyle.

    6. There you go on the wrong side of the tracks again Clark. I might have to classify you as Red Son Supes, who wasn’t afraid to kill a man for stepping on his boots. But that can’t be the Canadian way can it?

    7. She’s climbing that corporate ladder sucking your boss’ dick
      Not sure if that makes her intelligent

    8. Wow. Just wow. I mean I’ve had some nights but I don’t what my reaction would be. I probably would have put that mouth on the house though. I’m not even going to lie. You should have gotten video. Leverage is never a bad thing to have…

  10. I agree that younger men (say 15-20) should date older women (20-25), and that older men (20+) should date younger women (18-25). I just disagree with your definition of the target age range in either case.

  11. Older women tend to be more bitter and jaded. They also tend to have unrealistic expectations. BUT if you’re a younger guy she’d probably be doing it just for the sex, and it gives her a confidence boost as to say, “I’ve still got it!” This feeds their narcissistic nature of course, but all the more young chicks for us old guys.

  12. I’m in my 20s, and my opinion on women of any age is… if she’s hot she’s hot. I will go after a chick in her 40s if she’s gorgeous, I am not ageist. One of the hottest women I have ever slept with was 39. I didn’t know she was 39 when I approached, but she could’ve had anybody. She was absolutely banging. Slim, cute face, feminine. And her pussy felt tighter than most 20 something chicks.
    But the fact is, those chicks are rare.
    Fact is, most 39 year old chicks are NOT HOT.
    So going with my if she’s hot she’s hot standards, 90% of hot women are in their 20s, and maybe 10% are in their 30s and 40s.
    I’s say zero % are in their 50s.

        1. She might be another photo shop vixen. She’s obviously beautiful. Beautiful for 50, yadda, yadda. But if I can have a night with her or a 19 year old Chinese girl. Jesus, it’s not even close.

        2. Based on the skin of her face, neck and hands, I’m kind of afraid of what she looks like naked…

  13. I’m 38. I see no problem with dating older women as long as she passes my boner test. Exotic (asian, latina, etc.) women tend to keep their looks as they age so they are definitely on my radar. It ain’t like I’m marrying her anyway. White women however, don’t age worth a shit, so fuck that. Just like others have said, if she’s hot, she’s hot. If she has money, it’s probably from the alimony she gets, but I don’t give a fuck. If she wants to spend it on me then it’s all good.
    The boner test is all that matters.

    1. Yes i did forget that. An Asian female who had not had kids and comes from a rich (no stress) family can look the same age or younger than as a white 28 year old who smokes and drinks and eats gmo.

      1. Yeah. Especially Japanese spinsters. Some Chinese ones too. The rich ones almost invariably work out and eat well. Asian women drink much less, if at all. Long hair, flawless white skin. Some late thirties, forty something, non-mother Japanese have breasts like 17 year olds.

        1. I agree to an extent, but many Asian women that I have met do drink as it is a part if their culture, and it is something that some do for fun. As far as exercise, it is more of a rich person’s activity there, but they aren’t trying to bulk up like men for the most part, only stay slim.

    1. Gimme the 18 year old every time, just make sure to card her. Xbox breaks are a pleasant way to spend the refractory period. BTW, the higher sex drive and sexual peak in their 40s is a myth. Might happen for some, but for most it’s bed death and dessicated vag.

    2. the last image only applies if you are a 21-28 year old stud with an amazing body and the brain of a tootsie pop.
      The first and second image applies almost every time.

  14. Dating older women only enables the feminist dogma of cougars which was created to prevent women from seeing the cold reality of biology. If we are to reverse and win this war such bad advice must be avoided.

  15. Not exactlybon point but I feel this is relevant. On my cell so forgive typos.
    My friend and I disxusses banging fat chicks one night. I am against it but he stopped some wisdom on me.
    ” pussy is pussy bro. You never know what you will get until you get inside. Some hot chicks are dead fish or loose. And some fat chicks may be the same, but some could actually be really good. I say try them all. You never know if that fatty will be the best lay of your life”
    I think he has some merit. If you are attracted to a woman, test her out. You never really know.

    1. Sex: at least 50% of the fun comes from her looks.
      While 90% of the skill comes from the man.
      I dont care how skilled this 3 is.
      I dont care if she trains her PCmuscles twice a day.
      Looking at her, even worse touching her would ruin it for me.

      1. I respect that. I also have been with some women who really know how to have sex. Not uggos mind you.
        The difference between a chick who lays there and one who puts in work are pretty drastic to me. Looks are important and all, but there is a problem when beating your dick feels better than Alex with certain girls.
        I’m not telling you to bang fatties ( I still don’t) I’m just saying that if you think the majority of physical enjoyment in sex comes from her looks then you have been sleeping with some lazy bitches.

  16. Truly written like someone who hasn’t been there and done it.
    Yes obviously older men should date younger women. Younger men dating older women; really a big waste of time.
    I had my fair share of older women and was unimpressed
    I never found them better in bed, they certainly didn’t teach me to be a better lover. The 21 year Colombiana that took me 5 dates to seduce was a far more skilled lover than the 34 year mexican single mother that fucked me in the VIP section of a nightclub the first night we met.
    Supposedly cougars are DTF and easier to seduce because they know they aren’t getting any younger and have a whole lot less free time. I also found this to be not really true… I think of the well preserved +35 year old woman that I went out with four times, each night we spent hours making out and intimately dancing, after she gave me me a brutal case of blue balls for the 3rd time and refused to go home with me, I suggested we were wasting time and she got incredibly offended. Or the 32 year old (a 7 at best), who gave me hours of LMR after a nice day together and accepting my invitation to watch a movie together in my room.
    Physically they just aren’t as exciting.
    They certainly weren’t wise, really just big girls trying to desperately hold on to thier youth.
    They were just slightly wittier conversationalists, is really the only plus I can think of.
    Despite having a decade on me they still mostly needed me to pay for everything. with an exception of one of the cougars there was very little financial equality in these relationships.
    And kids. Get ready to hear about their shitty kids all the time. Their kids bills. Their kids problems. Their kids will cock block you. And baby’s daddy drama.
    Overall a real loosing proposition dating older women. Quality women get taken off the dating marketplace by their early 30’s.
    I once had a short yet intense relationship with a hard partying 38 year old Russian women, one day she made a joke about being pregnant, just imagining what a physical wreck this women would be in 10 years was all the motivation I needed to move on.

  17. I was taught at a young age that older women could give me worms. But I never subscribed to that, and at 24 I fucked a 41 year old. Her walls were almost nonexistent, but it allowed me to see that women no matter the age have a sex drive that needs to be satisfied.

  18. A 23 year old who is a 4 is a lot different than a 50 year old who is a 4. . . except that they are both 4s! The thing is, there are a lot more 4s over 45 than under 25 and that goes all the way up the SMV chart so it doesn’t matter where you set your standards and minimums: 5, 6, 7, whatever. If your dating strategy is about sheer numbers, then go ahead, run the age gamut. The consolation is that older women are more experienced at dolling themselves up and passing for 2 or 3 points higher in public if the need arises.
    Some older women are willing to experiment more, some have learned how to make the most of a good romp in the hay. On the other hand, younger ones can be naturals or just precocious. Anything that does not involve inserting your penis in her, or something directly collateral thereto, is irrelevant.
    You can discuss a young ‘un’s hopes and dreams or the older ones experiences and travels – if you enjoy that – without fucking them

  19. Gentlemen, time to play:
    HIT IT OR QUIT IT! (From a random sampling on olderwomendating.com)
    Contestant #1 – 43 Years old
    Contestant #2 – 44 Years old
    Contestant #3 – 41 years old
    Contestant #4 – (who I would fuck into next week personally as I have a thing for island girls) 42 years old
    What say you?

    1. The last one looks like fun. Speaking of hot 40 things, How about Sofia Vegara off modern family? She has a 23 yo son, which is almost my age, but I would still fuck her. Ever notice how brunette olive skin women are the hot older ones? Fair skin just shrivels up earlier.

      1. Tell that to Christie Brinkley. She may have finally hit the wall with her face, but it took her nearly 60 years to do so.
        Even Heather Locklear was hot as an older woman until she went under the knife in a big way.

    2. I’d probably fuck them all, although I’m hoping that’s just a bad pic of #2. The last one is the hottest. Dating is a completely different issue. Probably none. Too old for me.

    3. #1 Looks old but I would still smash
      #2 Looks goofy. No thanks
      #3 Holding up well. I would gladly smash
      #4 Hell yeah!!!

  20. I reached a conclusion about women similar to the Red Pill from experience in my first serious relationship, which was with a women 9 years older than me. We met when I was 20 and she was 29, lasted 3 years.

  21. Dating an older woman is just sheer stupidity. Why would you do this unless you’re a loser? Always go for a woman at least 3 to 4 years younger than you. An older woman who likes younger guys is just after someone she can manipulate.

    1. Or she’s just looking for an energetic no strings attached fuck along with the validation that she still looks good enough for a young guy.

      1. You ever fucked a woman older than yourself? I get what you’re saying, but still go with that you should fuck women younger than yourself.
        BTW that was a really quick response.

    2. dating, yes, I agree, but fucking, why not? Pussy is pussy if it is free, even better. case closed.

    Seriously though some of what he’s saying about older women is correct. Some of it is off the mark. I’ve never met a woman who had her shit together or was a master of a craft. Whether she was a fucking engineer or a call girl.
    I will say older asian women can be good and the affluent ones do give you access to good social circles. But they just have absolutely so much baggage that they will never be able to deal with because they are women (imagine a 6 year old going through 2 failed marriages.) No woman has her life together. Period.
    They will spoil you with material things though. Worth it if you are under 25 maybe. Under 21 probably.

  23. My take: whereas there may be women over 30 who have managed to maintain themselves ok, and I have seen a few, but…….
    Realize something very important : you can be damned certain that the relatively good looking 30+ (or 40+, but 50+ is outright sick) with the HPV strains in her system and stretched labia resembling a chewed up and barfed out porn actress, was once 22 and took great pleasure in playing men for suckers. She was the one that got free drinks from you and gave you nothing in return. She was the one that used you as the useful idiot. She was the one who would spread her legs for violent assholes while regarding you as a sexless eunuch. She was the one that could give a flying fuck about you while worshiping her abuser. Now that she is older, fatter, and perhaps has a bastard child or two in tow, she is willing to pretend she likes you.
    Sorry, but it is against my sacred red pill doctrine to plug any female over 30; because if the kitten didn’t want me, then I don’t want the cat.
    Any 30+ hag that has the gall to approach me I will very suavely and quickly steer the conversation to where I create an opportunity to present the photo of me with my 25 year old gf (I’m 40) to discretely convey to Ms. Old-And-Broken that I have something way better going on.
    For you guys out there who recall your years during your 20’s you will realize that it is your duty to snub any female over age 30, even if it means being alone. Because being alone is still far better then being with an aged, washed up parasite.
    Living well is the best revenge.

    1. “Living well is the best revenge.”
      Worth repeating in and of itself. Great comment all around.

  24. The season of ill-advised articles on RoK continues.
    It’s all about the energy exchange. Every time you penetrate an older woman she sucks your energy and you get nothing in return. Sleeping with older women is detrimental to one’s health. An older woman possesses very little of that healing yin energy that we men need to balance our yang energy. A woman who has given birth to two or three children is also devoid of healing energy.
    It is said that during these long protest fasts, Gandhi would sleep (while remaining celibate) with two virgin girls either side of him. Apparently this helped to boost his energy levels and gave him the mental fortitude to persist.

    1. you watch too much Sci-Fi channel. How does an older woman suck out your energy? If she sucks on my cock, then it’s a good thing.
      Sleeping with virgins on his side? that theory is about as good as the one you said about not having orgasms during sex to deprive a woman.

    2. Don’t forget that fucking virgins is the best way to get rid of Gonorrhea….
      Save the semimystical bullshit for the Progressives, they believe in fairies and magic and shit.

      1. There’s nothing mystical about health. The life energy is electromagnetic. What do you think makes you move around. We’re like batteries. We get exhausted depending on the use of our energy stores.
        But be my guest, go shag older batteries, I’ll charge myself with the brand new ones. LOL

        1. Oh, don’t get me wrong… I agree that fucking oldsters is a waste of time. But you don’t have to assign mystical energy-crystal bullshit to it.

        2. I understand it… It’s new age bullshit like feng shui and crystal enchantments.
          The thing is, you are trying to oversimplify the human body. Oversimplification leads to falsification… Like the old adage ‘you are what you eat’. Eating cholesterols has proven to have absolutely NO effect whatsoever on your body’s cholesterol, because your blood/alimentary system do not connect that way, yet, for decades people have been avoiding healthy foods like egg yolks because the food system was being oversimplified… Fats do not turn into fat, and cholesterol does not turn into cholesterol. In fact, they are discovering that the ‘healthy’ low and no cholesterol foods, such as ‘whole grain cereals’ and many fruits, are the PRIMARY culprit in creating ‘bad’ cholesterols in your bloodstream.
          You cannot treat it as a simple energy system, any more than you can treat your cellphone like a pool toy. You do not ‘gain’ electromagnetic force from sex, in fact, electromagnetic forces beyond what our bodies produce naturally are generally harmful (yes, I know certain minor magnetic forces can assist in some kinds of nerve and muscular regeneration, but it is an incredibly subtle effect, and can be cancelled out by more destructive levels)
          Feel free to talk all you what about how old women are more emotionally vampiric… I will agree with you. But there is no ‘energy’ or mysticism involved in the effect.

        3. Emotions are also form of energetic expression. They are thoughts, thoughts are charged up electromagnetic fields. What else do you think they are?
          You accused me of going semi mystical and it is now who claims that the body is not a simple energy system. What is it then?
          If it is not for the energy exchange what do you think triggers the reproductive instinct that makes you chase the female and vice versa. It’s one of nature’s compensatory mechanisms.
          Why do think food taste better when you’re hungry?
          Why do you think you crave sex more after a long dry spell? Why do you think it drives you nuts?
          Anyhow, you sound like someone who needs more knowledge and time to understand so no point discussing it further at this point.
          p.s. It is not what you eat but what you manage to digest! 😉

        4. Biology. ‘knowledge and time’ does not improve your receptivity to lies… quite the contrary, in fact.
          Pheromones are an active factor, as is simple biology… why are you so convinced that it has anything to do with energy? No evidence to that effect is forthcoming, not even corellation.
          You may be on the wrong website. People who believe in psychic magic and energy bullshit tend to congregate over on xojane and jezebel.

        5. So according to you the body is dead matter and there is no energy current running through it?
          And while you’re looking for the answer you may want to read some old books like this one –
          “Sex perfection and marital happiness” by Rudolf Von Urban
          He reached the conclusion that there is a bio-energetic potential difference between sexually charged males and females which requires about half an hour to be exchanged and reach an equilibrium.
          The first account is of a former patient, a medical doctor, and his young Arabian bride. After caressing naked for about an hour without sexual contact in a dark room, he saw the body of his wife surrounded by a greenish-blue hazy light. Moving his palm close to her breast a visible and audible electric spark jumped from the breast to the palm, causing some pain. Von Reichenbach, a distinguished scientist, had previously described similar phenomena without being taken seriously by mainstream scientists.

        6. of course cells are net energy consumers, but again, you are trying to oversimplify a complex system and applying it where it has no business being applied.
          Using static electricity to illustrate your pint is flat-out retarded, parlor tricks proves nothing but your gullibility.

        7. Sex doesn’t produce static electricity.. static electricity is electricity that is not in motion or not moving… in sex there is action.
          I haven’t seen a sex without actions, maybe you have. LOL
          You lack knowledge and on top of that you don’t bring any counter argument but just silly generalisations.
          I’m done here.

        8. Good, I azm a little tired of your retarded mysticism and evocation of lies and parlor tricks as a way of illustrating the finer points of your religion.

    3. I sense Taoist wisdom in here. Rare find.
      Regarding older women it is pretty clear that nature didnt want men to waste their semen on infertile women.
      But 2-3 children? There are women with 10+ children even.
      Could you explain what causes her lack of energy?

      1. Woman is the soil that nourishes the male seeds. After few harvests the soils gets depleted. It would take a very special physical and nutrition regime to revitalise the soil again.
        It all depends on the default fertility of the given woman. But considering that our world today is quite toxic, the good ones are rare breed.
        They are certain signs that tell you about woman’s fertility, like her posture and her preferences towards certain foods.

        1. Children drain resources from the host (mother). There are clear signs like bad teeth, bad skin (legs, waist) but these can be avoided. These signs happen when the soil was bad to begin with is even more depleted during pregnancy.
          The many toxins we eat and breath in todays world are boosting this decay into the sky. I get that.
          There is one catch though. Women also get rid of a lot of toxins with each child. Like the first born gets about 1/3 of her mercury and other heavy metal toxins. So there might be some truth in the old wisdom that woman who have children late, age better.
          What signs do you mean? Also would you equal higher fertility with higher yin energy?

        2. Higher Yin on its own actually means lower fertility.
          Lots of young girls today are mislead to believe that eating raw fruits, raw salads and other raw foods will help them be healthier and thus more fertile. But in fact cold food and cold drinks contribute to infertility.
          Fertility issues in general are a sign of kidney yin qi (inadequate kidney function) for both women and men in fact.
          Yang is considered a time when the energy is rising, blossoming and fertile. Yin, is damp, slow-moving, cool and not considered ideal for conception or overall fertility.

  25. Some of the best sex Ive ever had was with a 37 year old woman. She was very hot,loved rough sex and would squirt like crazy. Man did she love being dominated

  26. Many women take advantage of their beauty while they’re young, by joining
    dating/sugar daddy websites such as http://www.whatsyourprice.com & http://www.tempted.com and date successful and wealthy older men. These type of sites are becoming more popular for young women in the States because in return for their “company” and use of their poosies, they are gifted a huge monthly allowance, have their college fees paid for, and have luxury gifts bought for them.

  27. I never understood the hate for milfs. However I have limits. I wont date a woman over 35.
    And besides 2 Milfs i had a fling with paid for everything during dates.

  28. I’m 40. Banged a 41 yo regular last night. Great sex but MORE drama than the 31 yo I’m also banging (also great sex), as well as the 28 yo FB I’ve got. Fact is, the drawbacks for me anyways, are similar across the spectrum. Been a while since I’ve had a -25 yo girl but they tend to be so scatter brained and lacking life experience I could care less if they come or go. As doktorjeep mentions in the comments, there is a weighted drama/baggage scale. You’re typically trading one for the other nowadays.

      1. Ah yes, the “boner test.” I don’t get why people hate on who others fuck. Follow your pole. If it likes a girl others don’t, all the better for you.

      2. Any time you think you may need Viagra or Cialis, It’s your dick warning you this woman isn’t worth fucking.

  29. Is this RoK or not? A King does not “date” old women, he fucks girls half his age.
    Why was this article even allowed?

  30. To be honest I don’t have a desire to have a girlfriend anymore. Since if you pursue younger girls your seen as a creep, of you want to dance with a girl your like and somehow she is 3 yrs younger, your a creep, you write a poem to a girl, your obsessed. I’m tired of it. I’ve always been single.

  31. You guys are depressing me. I know this site is geared to younger guys, and yes women under 25 are the most attractive, but believe me you can have good to great sex after 40, 50, and even 60. Besides you got to give an old hand like Ben Franklin his due.
    Who the hell wouldn’t want to be like Hugh Hefner and have an endless supply of early 20 somethings, but most of you are going to get old some day. Gotta make some adjustments along the way. Of course if you want to go the way of doktorjeep I’m not going to call you any names. It is tough out there.

    1. Dude I am early 40s and do fine with the ladies; my dad is mid 60s.
      My dads (!) last OLTR who he has been living with for 5 years was from her 22 to 27. He currently has at least 2 MLTR, one mid30 and the other early 40 with younger FBs on the side.
      Yes we are both alpha and we do have options. Age is not such a big problem – it rather serves as an excuse for many who are too lazy to improve themselfs to the point of getting these options.

      1. I can’t buy you and your dad a drink so next time I’m out I’ll just make a toast to the two of you. Way to go.

  32. I’ve dated older when I was young and younger when I was old, and I recommend it big time. One of my formative pickups was when I approached a very pretty 32 yo Swiss woman on a train platform when I was maybe 18.

  33. Men age better than women due to having more natural body oil and higher testosterone. Why do you think women wear make up and lotions?

  34. I’m 31 and I can’t really deal with anything older than maybe 47. Mind you, that’s 47 and non white. White chicks fall apart in their 30’s. I shudder to think what I’ll have to expose myself to in twenty years…YUCK!!

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