How The Vegan Cat Principle Shows The Toxic SJW Mindset

A while ago, I came across this article:

Vegan Cat

Veterinarian Leanne Pinfold said the kitten was brought in this month by its owners, who were believed to be vegan.

She said the kitten’s diet of potatoes, rice milk and pasta had caused it to become critically ill.

The kitten was given fluids via a drip, placed on a heat pad and fed meat.

The horrific case at a North Melbourne animal hospital has prompted a warning about the dangers of people “forcing ideologies” on their pets.

Here we have, I think, a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the modern left—arrogance, stupidity, idealism, a dangerously thin-skin, a lack of common sense, and reliance on “feelings” rather than “reason.” This describes the social justice warrior mindset, and shows just what happens when it finally runs up against reality.

I feel, in fact, we can make a law of it. Henceforth, we shall call this – “The Vegan Cat Principle”. It can be stated thusly:

Even if you have the best of intentions, you can still fuck things up royally

The dangers of vegan cat thinking

There are so many examples of the Vegan Cat Principle in action, its hard to know where to start.

I imagine it is much the same vegan, Earth-loving people who try and give the finger to big corporations by drinking raw, unprocessed milk, despite the fact that it can kill you.

We never hear an end to screeching about “Islamaphobia.” Perhaps this is why thousands of rape cases have gone unreported in England, over the course of many years, because the culprits were Pakistani gang members. Arguing against multi-culturalism is similarly taboo, even though immigrants often commit crimes and collect welfare cheques out of all proportion to their numbers.

The Buddha

The lovely ladies over at Jezebel recently gave a concerted fuck you to the Food and Drug Administration for declining to lift the long-standing ban on gay men donating blood. Never mind the fact that gay men are around fifty times more likely to be HIV-positive then the general population. We now hear that the FDA is considering revising its guidelines to allow gay men to donate if they have been celibate for more than one year, though even this medically dubious sacrifice to political correctness still isn’t good enough for some.

Anti-nuclear hysteria has seen several countries, including Germany and Japan, implement plans to shut down their nuclear plants following the Fukushima “disaster”—a disaster in which literally no one was killed, and which will have negligible long term effects. Billions of dollars of infrastructure is being sacrificed because the left has panicked, and spineless politicians have given in to their delusions.

Of course, one can’t bring up “left-wing hysteria” without mentioning climate change. Personally I believe the science behind climate change is actually pretty solid and, yes, we will have to get off fossil fuels eventually – but I absolutely do not trust the left to manage these issues properly.

Fossil fuels got us out of mud-brick huts, and alternate energies won’t be cheap and common enough for decades. Many billions of dollars have already been wasted already on “green” projects that have done absolutely nothing to help the environment.

Lincoln sjw

Similar thinking is probably why 19% of schoolboys in the US have now been diagnosed with ADD, despite other countries hanging around the 2-3% mark, and why 10% are now on some kind of medication for it – an unhealthy mix of feminist hysteria and a pharmaceutical lobby with dollar signs in its eyes.

Then there’s the way Greenies have forced on us the notion that cyclists deserve equal use of our road system, because “environment.” In 2013 the road toll in Australia fell to a historic low of 1,200. Cyclist deaths however, shot up to fifty, the highest figure in over fifteen years. There are calls to impose a mandatory one-meter gap between cars and bikes and spend billions of dollars upgrading our transport system to accommodate them. No one seems to consider the possibility that cyclists should not be on our fucking roads.

It is at the root of why feminists decided to dismantle the nuclear family, thinking they could be successful parents by themselves. This has resulted in a divorce rate around 50% and 45% of children today being raised by single mothers—who then grow up to comprise some 85% of the prison population.

Going back further, we can see much the same mindset in all sorts of “progressive” movements. Barely anybody in the modern left will own up to the tens of millions who have died due to communist economic policies, likely the most disastrous attempt at creating paradise in world history.


The Vegan Cat Principle at work in the People’s Republic of China

And to top it all off, guess whether democrats or republicans, are more likely to believe in Astrology? And which gender is more likely to believe in reincarnation, ghosts, spiritual energy, that they have “been in touch with a dead person,” have consulted with a fortune teller of psychic, or in the existence of the “evil eye” and other new age bullshit?

Sure, there are some issues where the right can be criticized more. Belief in evolution is now more than 20 points higher among Democrats than Republicans, but let us note that Black Protestants are one of the most skeptical groups of all, and belief in creationism is ten points higher among women than men—both core democratic constituencies.

Skepticism of vaccines is somewhat more dangerous, and an issue the left loves to use to bash the right over the head with, but one finds that self-declared democrats are almost as skeptical of government-imposed mandates for vaccines as republicans, the figures being 19% and 33% respectively. No less a liberal stalwart than Jon Stewart recently took affluent, California liberals to task for this.

Vegan cats – vegan cats all of them.

What is the cure?

Now why do people do this? What puts a person in the Vegan Cat mindset?

The reason could be a simple desire to be a hero. Everyone wants to think of themselves as one of the “good guys” on some level, but to be a good guy, one needs a bad guy to oppose. We are always looking for an injustice to rage against – never mind if it is one someone’s just made up.

But on a more fundamental level, I think we really just try to use this image to impress others, particularly those of the opposite sex. In order to rescue the princess in the tower, white knights need a horrifying beast to fight against.

Then again, one man may already have summed up the social justice warrior mindset decades ago (1:50 to skip the intro):

There’s a place in the world for the angry young man

I agree—its called the street corner.

Replace “angry young man” with “social justice warrior” and Billy Joel’s anthem has it dead on. They’re free to talk, but just keep them out of our parliaments, our universities, our schools, our businesses, our courts and as far as possible our government bureaucracies.

The disease that is Vegan Cat thinking is something we must all try to treat. Hell, we ought to have a “Vegan Cat Awareness Month” where we come together as a society to remember all the victims of Vegan Cat thinking. Memorials should be built to all the nuclear power plants shut down because of spineless legislators. Schoolboys should be encouraged to burn their Ritalin pills.

On a simpler level however, the next time you’re going about your daily business and come up against the unwavering stupidity and idealism of someone on the far-left, just go up to them, tell them they’re trying to create a Vegan Cat, wish them luck, and walk away laughing.

Maybe, just maybe, the message will get through their thick skulls.

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203 thoughts on “How The Vegan Cat Principle Shows The Toxic SJW Mindset”

    1. Lived in a house in college, one of the girls downstairs was vegan. Eventually got into that right before she moved out, but I didn’t lick it. . . different smell . . . just different.

  1. “Similar thinking is probably why 19% of schoolboys in the US have now been diagnosed with ADD”
    When I was in middle and high school this was a very popular diagnosis.
    I’ve always felt, though, that this was so some schoolboys could make cash by selling their Ritalin to drug addicts. Back then, Ritalin was a very popular recreational drug because it is such a powerful stimulant.

    1. “When I was in middle and high school this was a very popular diagnosis.”
      It’s trending on twitter.

      1. I was totally prepared to tell you all that enough is enough. Once was funny, twice OK, but too much more is a bore.
        I’ll admit it, I still laughed.

        1. you must realize by now, its the same guy with multiple screennames right?

        2. Dude, you just harshed my mellow. I was hoping it really was the actual movie characters all come to life and now inhabiting ROK. How cool would that be? The only thing cooler would be honoring those brave young men who died in Vietnam….

  2. While cats are different, there are many RAW VEGANS whi consume thiusands of calories a day, mostly fruit, whi feed their dogs vegan and have no problems, some being healthier than before. Im sure the “before” was canned rancid dog “food” rather than raw meat, but whatever. As well, raw meat dogs thrive. But dogs are not cats.
    On the other hand some have done the same thing and their dogs got the shits.
    ZERO substantial research on the matter has been done. No one wants to spend years thoisands of dollars on hundreds of dogs just for “science”.

    1. Dogs are omnivores. Cats are carnivores. To my knowledge they can’t eat much of anything besides meat. Dog physiology is pretty close to human, and I’m pretty sure you could feed a dog a vegan diet and it would be okay. Probably not happy, but okay.

      1. Canines are fucultative carnivores. Many species will turn to cannibalism before eating any substantial amount of vegetable matter.
        High sugar content vegetation (fruits and berries) may be eaten in some quantity before the onset of winter, but this is done to lay down fat stores, not as part of their normal diet.

        1. Well, you piqued my curiousity. I found this on Wikipedia:
          For instance, felids including the domestic cat are obligate carnivores requiring a diet of primarily animal flesh and organs.

        2. Right, dogs can eat vegetation for special purposes, such as laying down fat or preventing starvation.
          Cats cannot.
          True omnivores are animals like rats and pigs.
          You are right that dogs are similar to people in their dietary needs. Dogs should be fed meat as close to raw as is compatible with general food safety. Feeding them anything else is a matter of convenience and economics, not dietary need.

        3. > Feeding them anything else is a matter of convenience and economics, not dietary need.
          Or ideology!

      2. Dogs and Human physiology is nothing alike. Humans are much more similar to chimps physiological structure which is that of a frugivore.

        1. From which we can tell you’ve never actually disassembled animals. Medical schools use cats for anatomy study, rather than primates, because of the closer similarity.
          Chickens are actually closer than chimps, so I use them for really basic anatomy, as they are easier and more socially acceptable to obtain and dissect than cats.
          Cats make better banjo heads though.
          Chimps are insectivorous and cannibalistic. They eat a fair amount of green leafys as well, which is why their guts, and thus their entire morphology, is less like ours than is a cat.
          Our common ancestor with chimps was a pure insectivore.
          Defending your position is one thing; defending it with easily fact checked heaps of bullshit is another.

        2. Actually our physiology is nearly identical. It’s not like we have our organs while dogs have “mystery organs” that baffle us. Stomach = stomach. Liver = liver. Welcome to mammals.

        3. Dogs have short intestinal tracts due to being built to eat meat, similar to other omnivores and carnivores. Humans have long as hell intestinal tracts.
          Dogs stomach ph is extremely acidic which allows them to ingest raw meat (and even road kill thats been sitting in the sun for hours) and not get sick from it. If you tried the same thing you’d be vomiting blood and possibly dead within days.
          If you’re basing our similarity off of being of the class mammal then we are as similar to dogs as we are kangaroos, hippos, and elephants.

    2. I used a have a cat. whenever I opened a package of raw meat before cooking the guys pupils would dilate and he leaped 5 feet in the air as soon as he caught a whiff. I’ve seen a kitten tear up a pigeon and eat it alive. I can’t believe someone would be so ignorant to deny a cats carnivorous nature.

      1. I inhertitated a cat off my grandparents he catches an eats raw pigeons an rats quite often, if I prepare something with meat an he knows he won’t shut up till I give him a bit of the meat, when I feed him if it’s seafood he gets bored of it really quickly by loves meat an to a lessar degree chicken. Cats are suppose to eat meat, people shouldn’t enforce some SJW diet on an animal.

      2. Reminds me of when I found the remains of a pigeon in my basement. All that was left was a puddle of blood, some feathers, and its feet. The rest – all the meat, organs, bones, even its skull and beak – completely gone. I looked at the two cats I had at the time and was like “Jesus H Christ..” .. lol

  3. A very strong introduction to this piece and some good examples of liberal “sacred cows” that need to be cut up into hamburgers.
    A couple of points:
    1) In Europe I saw some of the most sensible bicycle policies that I had ever seen. I was in a city in Germany where they took the bicycle out of the road completely. So you had from the right: 1) sidewalk for the pedestrian, 2) blacktop for the bicycle, 3) the curb, 4) parking for cars, and 5) regular street lanes. The pedestrians knew not to walk on the blacktop because the bikes would run you down, but the bicyclists knew not to go on the sidewalk unless you wanted an elbow in the ribs. Finally no one in a car got pissed because the bicyclist wasn’t in the street and there wasn’t the problem of parking/bike collisions and bike lanes didn’t eliminate street parking spots.
    2) I question the more women than men believe in creationism as evidence of liberals believing in a loony theory. Yes, women are a core democratic voting group, but whether women vote for Republicans or democrats heavily depends on whether she is married or not (easy to find with a Google search). Without a qualifier of which women believe in creationism by a high rate I would have left this stat out in trying to make my point.
    But yeah, there is a lot in this article to agree with.

    1. I think we are still detangling the madness of the SJWs. This piece is one of many articles written that is forming a concise and accurate profile of an SJW, or progressive, or liberal, or leftist. There is a path forming towards a definition. We’re getting close, real close.

    2. “I question the more women than men believe in creationism as evidence
      of liberals believing in a loony theory. Yes, women are a core
      democratic voting group, but whether women vote for Republicans or
      democrats heavily depends on whether she is married or not (easy to find
      with a Google search). Without a qualifier of which women believe in
      creationism by a high rate I would have left this stat out in trying to
      make my point.”
      Christian women who believe in Creationism would probably be almost entirely Republican or 3rd party or no party.

  4. “The Buddha” – After I saw that, I thought that you might actually be the second coming of Billy Chubbs.

  5. The woman making her cat a vegan is a discrace, I have no problem with a person being a vegan or vegetarian but to force an animal that is a carnivore to be one is animal abuse an she should have been charged with it. Extreme Leftist politics an SJW causes cause more harm to a country than good, none of their beliefs are based on facts, logic or common sense an they are all very hypocritical in where they place the blame for problems.

    1. I agree, even feeding your cat or dog the dry kibble processed crap is equally gross. They should be fed raw meat like they would be eating as wolves in the wild.

        1. Quite correct, it’s funny how many people don’t realize that dogs can chomp down on the carrots or broccoli with gusto with no ill effects. My lab practically did somersaults to get her some carrots.

    2. None of their politics create *any* good whatsoever, that cannot be done by an individual on his own without government interference. Want to help the poor? Donate time and money to charity. Want to help abused animals? Volunteer at the local shelter. Don’t like smoking? Don’t smoke, and don’t go to places where people do smoke. Not a fan of capitalism? Start a small commune out in the country with like minded people and then no longer participate. Don’t like guns? Don’t own one and refuse to associate with those that do. Don’t like differing opinions on homosexuality? Stay away from people who don’t like homos.
      But no. Can’t do that. They have to *force* every single damned “feel good” personal issue, and those of us who do *not* enjoy their lifestyles are forced at gunpoint to participate.
      Fuck the left. Fuck them straight to hell.

    1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks so. I actually liked ROK better back when they would only post 1 or 2 quality articles a day. 4 mediocre articles a day is tiresome

      1. And yet, the drought times are also gone. I love the depth of brilliance put out by the likes of Quintius, but that kind of writing takes time and inspiration. When Roosh has to copy his blog posts to add a day’s content, the community slacks.
        So long as the mods keep the absolute shit out, I’ll take meh fluff over silence for now.

      2. I personally believe that articles pertinent to the red pill ideology and men’s issues are both most interesting and most useful. I’m focused on things that make me think and better myself, as well as things that should be changed to better the lives of men in a world that intends to marginalize and demonetize them.

    2. Why is it that stupid and pointless comments often shoot right to the top of the comments section? Your complaint is uninteresting and has nothing to do with the article.
      Besides which there is an easy answer to your problem.

      1. That only happens when I’m on vacation, or don’t find an article interesting enough to comment on in a timely way.

      2. Well, there’s an easy way to solve your “problem” too.. just hide my comment if you are so offended. You see?? That’s easy..

    3. Why not just restrict yourself to one or two articles a day, pick the two topics or writers that interest you most, and stick with that?

        1. Cool. There are articles whose topics generally don’t interest me, and some that do. Once in a while I’ll pop on a boring article to see if there are any gems in the comments, but otherwise…eh.

    4. Its funny for me. I have Red Pill discussions daily with other men offline. My street pharmacist brings his friends over and asks me to “tell em what you told me.” I show them RoK and they say, “yeah these guys hate women though dont they?”
      I say, “no more than I do.”
      Were there more articles would more discussions happen offline?

      1. Your street pharmacist is funding communism, which props up feminism, as well as helping to turn women and society towards depravity. Funny how it all comes full circle, isn’t it?

        1. I paid my internet bill this month. Which helps deliver communist and socialist propaganda to the masses. Even helps the feminists.

        1. And most animals that are herbivores are not vegetarians, never mind vegans.
          Cows eat quite a number of insects and even the odd mouse that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Beyond that, they don’t derive their nutrition from grass, but from micro-organisms that derive their nutrition from grass (it is vegetable matter that slowly rots in the gut by the pound, not meat).
          Everything above the level of cyanobacteria is dependent upon other animal life for its living, either directly or indirectly. Veganism is an impossible philosophy.

        2. Humans and herbivores/frugivores similarities:
          – Both have long intestinal tracts, carnivores and omnivores have short ones.
          – both have higher stomach PH than carnivores and omnivores,
          – both have color vision while carnivores and omnivores are color blind,
          – both have jaw movement side to side (for grinding fruit and plant matter) while omnivores and carnivores can only move jaws up & down
          – both have carbohydrate digesting enzymes in saliva. omnivores and carnivores do not.

        3. “- both have carbohydrate digesting enzymes in saliva.”
          Here you almost hit upon a fact. Humans have amylase in their saliva. Chimps have very low levels of amylase, if they have any at all, which seems to be nonfunctional. Bonobos have no amylase at all.
          Neither did early Homo species. It seems to be a fairly recent adaptation.
          You have a simple and obvious line of defense (although it requires you to contradict yourself), let’s see if you can figure it out.

    1. Have you ever read the China Study? It was the longest study on human nutrition ever conducted.
      They found that vegetarians and groups of people who consume the lowest amounts of animal products/meat live the longest and are less prone to every disease compared to their high meat eating counterparts.

      1. Why does the oldest person in Europe, 115 years old, eat meat then?
        Your “China study” is debunked propaganda.

        1. My friends grandfather lived to 102 while smoking a pack a day. Is smoking cause one to live to 102 years old? Should I start smoking to live longer?
          Looking at single cases is not scientific at all, Its an Anecdotal fallacy.

  6. Same here in Ireland. Our “Minister for Health” announced he is a shirt lifter some weeks ago. What was one of the first issues on his agenda? To lift the ban on homosexuals donating blood. He said his decision would be based on scientific evidence, not his personal peccadilloes. If homosexual men are 50 times more likely to be HIV positive its a no brainer. The homosexuals seem to want the “right” to poison the well……..

    1. “If homosexual men are 50 times more likely to be HIV positive its a no
      brainer. The homosexuals seem to want the ‘right’ to poison the
      Gift givers and bug chasers:
      To such people giving blood would probably be even more sexual than a normal man donating sperm to a sperm bank. It is a form of indirect sex (rape really) of untold numbers of men, and that most of those men would be straight might be an added bonus and even bigger turn on.

  7. Lately I’ve been thinking about how our modern society is infected with a Cult of Reasonism, in which reason (and related ideas and ideologies) are privileged over tradition, authority, and even direct experience. There is something very arrogant about Reasonism, because humans, collectively and individually, are the source of reasoned processes, ideas, and ideologies.
    The case of the Vegan Cat perfectly illustrates this. Vegans and SJWs are often arrogant, thinking that they’re more enlightened than the people who don’t share their beliefs. It takes an especially devout Reasonist to think that a vegan diet would ever be appropriate for an animal that is so clearly a carnivore.
    The ultimate danger of the cult of Reasonism is that people never bother to reconcile their ideologies with reality. Confirmation bias kicks in, and it becomes easy to just dismiss evidence that conflicts with an ideology. Over time, ideologies governing action become less and less congruent with reality, eventually resulting in tragedy. (The anti-vaccination fad is a recent example).

    1. “Lately I’ve been thinking about how our modern society is infected with a
      Cult of Reasonism, in which reason (and related ideas and ideologies)
      are privileged over tradition, authority, and even direct experience.
      There is something very arrogant about Reasonism, because humans,
      collectively and individually, are the source of reasoned processes,
      ideas, and ideologies.”

    2. The problem with reason and logic is that it has to start with premises which then lead to conclusions. The left substitutes ideology and whishyness for tradition – thousands of years of experience – when selecting their premises which then, as one can say, are taken to their illogical conclusion.
      The left worships intelligence (except when they are arguing that IQ either doesn’t exist or is meaningless) but have little respect for wisdom.

      1. Yes. Leftism is luciferian in its arrogance of intellect. The Enlightenment really ramped-up this collective urge.
        Many children have high innate intelligence, but little or no wisdom. Lefties reject lived experience, because wisdom deriving from lived experience requires effort, suffering, and the humility to learn and CHANGE. How perfect that Hopey Changey was the mantra of the new mob. Precisely what they don’t have (hope) and never manage to do (change).
        Progressivism forty years ago is almost identical to Progressivism today, except for magnitude of extremeness. That’s because ideologies refuse wisdom, and are always static. . . like the old USSR. Zombified behemoths.
        The Progs replace wisdom with pseudo-intellectualism, as their pathetic masters/doctoral theses reveal — yawn! endless circuitous ramblings that only lead back to the comfy certainties of their rigid ideo-politics . . . back to their religion, really. At core, a religion of the Self. Look how smart and enlightened I am!

    3. No moral system can survive reasonism :
      “If we can eat animals, why can’t we fuck them ?”
      “If we can’t kill animals, should animals that kill animal be thrown into jail ?”
      “Why can’t two siblings marry each other ?”

      1. Reasonism functions such that anything that cannot be understood by (one’s own) reason therefore does not exist.
        Tradition from all over the world says that people shouldn’t fuck animals. But, some guy gets hot for Mrs. Ed* and thinks “I can’t think of a reason not to, so it must be all that tradition that’s backwards and wrong.”

    4. Out of curiosity, how would blatantly ignoring the fact that a cat is an obligate carnivore, then feeding it food that was guaranteed to mess it up, while thinking that you’re doing the right thing, be reasonable?
      Reasonable would be investigating dietary requirements of your pet, then feeding it what it is most appropriate to its needs.
      You’ve just blamed reason for irrationality/un-reason.

      1. The phenomenon I’m getting at ultimately is unreasonable.
        This could be better described as an over-reliance on ideologies that are derived not from experience and data, but from the idiosyncratic rational processes of the person believing those ideologies.
        Basically, people give their own ideas and reasoning so much value that they just don’t bother to accommodate evidence to the contrary. A normal person with a new cat would be concerned with what cats DO eat (an objective fact). Instead, the vegan was concerned with what cats OUGHT to eat (a subjective idea that probably seems quite rational to the vegan).

    5. The ultimate danger of the cult of Reasonism is that people never bother
      to reconcile their ideologies with reality. Confirmation bias kicks in,
      and it becomes easy to just dismiss evidence that conflicts with an
      ideology. Over time, ideologies governing action become less and less
      congruent with reality, eventually resulting in tragedy. (The
      anti-vaccination fad is a recent example).

      Well I wouldn’t call that reasonism. Reason tries to search for the truth and doesn’t rule out sources (tradition, experience). By the way vaccination benefits are limited and modern vaccination schedules are pure madness.

      1. Yes and the comments about Raw milk are incorrect too, there are other areas of this article I take issue with, but the Vegan Cat analogy is spot on. It just seems the author is imposing some of their personal biases here upon us instead of staying on a topic that is solid. Just my 2c.

    6. I’d agree with you that modern society currently has a poor understanding of the primacy of ‘direct’ phenomenology but, really, tradition and authority over reasoned inquiry? From someone who calls themselves Socrates?

      1. Maybe “The Cult of Reasonism” isn’t the best name for what I’m describing. Check out my reply to GhostOfJefferson for some elaboration.
        What we could call a healthy reasoned inquiry involves a dialectic between ideas and experience. However, people can favor their own reasoning, ideas, and ideologies so much that the dialectic begins to shut down. This is when narcissism infects the reasoning process, and so people believe that their reasoning is a better guide to understanding the truth than evidence and experience. (Instead of believing what they see, they see what they believe).
        Regarding tradition and authority, I’m not saying they should be slavishly obeyed to the exclusion of reasoned inquiry. Rather, they should be given due consideration.
        Reasoned inquiry, in an abstract sense, sounds great. However, when people actually engage in reasoned inquiry, they work with limited data sets, limited experience, and a limited ability to see patterns and extrapolate consequences. Tradition and certain authorities (father, mentor, etc) can provide input which is a sort of evidence of what people endorse, of what has worked out before. Without such input to curb naivety and hubris, what seems reasonable to a newly-minted 18-year-old can turn out to be pretty damn foolish.

  8. I had a similar issue with someone railing against oil drilling. I had to tell the idiot that it’s all fun and game until it’s their asses freezing.
    That does seem to shut them down.
    I can catch “them” on so many contradictions and they shut down. We are truly dealing with mental illness, and the last time entire societies got this sick minded, the results were death camps, gulags, and massive wars.
    Remember guys, we must burn Leningrad this time. No waiting in the hills for them to come.

    1. Agree, it does seem to really manifest as a mental illness. Talk to a dogmatic leftist more than 2 minutes and it becomes extremely obvious. If somebody approached a topic such as, for example, computer processors with the same level of hubris, dogma, lack of regard for facts and a firm belief that no other opinions mattered but his own as received from “superiors”, we’d have him shut in the looney bin. Yet oddly, we tolerate the same behavior from committed leftists.

    2. zombies dont understand that oil/coal/gas are everything to the economy. Fracking is risky, but we gotta do it. I tried to explain to one once how algae isnt a practical alternative bc it would have to grow on the surface, and the best place for the farms would be the midwest bc its flat(you know, where we grow all the food). What would happen if a tornado came thru, etc? A hurricane?

  9. “I imagine it is much the same vegan, Earth-loving people who try and
    give the finger to big corporations by drinking raw, unprocessed milk,
    despite the fact that it can kill you.”
    Sex can kill you, exercise can kill you, etc. I’d be more happy to take my “chances” with raw milk. Unfortunately, our family has to make due with the least tampered with organic milk available. Raw milk is far safer than a lot of crap that the FDA has approved and that is in almost everything today, example: Aspartame.

        1. You might want to take your own advice. No, not the silly popular book, the actual study.
          You know there’s a difference, don’t you?
          Disclaimer of Bias: I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for longer than you’ve been alive.

        2. You’re a moron.
          The China Study is bullshit. We have evolved eating meat. But you carry on minimizing meat, makes it cheaper for the rest of us.

        3. Soembody had to say it, glad its not me because discussing with vegans is always a dead end.

        4. Thank you bob. Still, may not be worth arguing with these people. The lack of meat has probably made their brains, as well as their bodies, mushy.

        5. The effects? Low cholesterol, healthy blood pressure, balanced triglycerides, healthy supple skin, youthful appearance.
          Man, that would suck! Get me some soy beans, stat!

  10. I imagine it is much the same vegan, Earth-loving people who try and give the finger to big corporations by drinking raw, unprocessed milk, despite the fact that it can kill you.

    Oh good grief. Talk about going from one extreme to another. Generations of americans grew up drinking it and now we’re running scared………….
    It’s pathetic.

  11. ‘No one seems to consider the possibility that cyclists should not be on our fucking roads.’
    Thought I’d croak before somebody finally said this. Yikes. College towns are the worst. They zip in and out of traffic, veering across lanes — but if you hit one of these privileged ‘daredevils’ guess whose ass it is? Yup not mister Are Any Girls Watching.
    Vegan Cat Principle is descriptive. It’s not a mass psycho-social delusion. It’s a self-reinforcing, global religion. It’s Barack Hussein taking selfies. Shit, even cats don’t think themselves pretty in a mirror.
    Hey I like cats. I’m just sorry they got mixed up with this Principle. And look what happened to one of them too.
    Also, I’m vegan. OK do cheat a little on sweets. When around cats, however, I give them albacore. Not too many of them are strict Progressives.

  12. So, do vegan chicks swallow? Or do they insist that you ejaculate some vegan substitute for semen into their mouths?

    1. based on the above comments they should swallow…get some zinc in them…

  13. I got blocked by a vegan girl on POF after saying “how can you be vegan, I love steak too much” and she’s like “oh in 10 years you will wish you were vegan”. Then I told her “nah I like paleo too much.. so you’re gonna have to learn to cook me steak”.
    Guess she wasn’t prepared to learn. 🙂

  14. Vegetarians don’t eat meat (animal flesh) but vegans also do not eat animal products such as milk. The raw milk crowd tend to be more conservative from what I have seen. On that point, raw milk has dangers as do raw eggs: kids, the elderly and the otherwise unhealthy should not eat them. However, eat to his own for thinking adults. The actual risk is rather small.
    It is very difficult to eat nutritiously and be vegetarian – let alone vegan – without artificial (ie processed, not synthetic) dietary supplements. This has only become less so due to globalization which allows you to eat a combination of vegetables that don’t occur naturally on the same continent.
    Another strange thing is that many on the left are either atheists or some sort Gaian type who are all about evolution but at the same time will engage in literal Vegan Cat Thinking.

    1. ” . . .artificial (ie processed, not synthetic) dietary supplements.”
      The metabolically available forms of these are made from human excrement. Thus, in some sense, they have actually transformed themselves into rabbits, eating their own poo to conserve scare nutrients.

      1. The big problem is protein and essential amino acids. Processed whey or soy are effectively pure protein. Eating them naturally gives you a hell of a lot of carbs that you have to burn off to avoid getting fat. About the best meat substitute you can get is combining beans and corn. Omega 3 fatty acids are generally found in fish or eggs which is why many vegans or vegetarians will still eat them (and their are high in protein too).

        1. The issue of complete proteins is overblown a bit, but taking it at face value, you’re better off with rice than corn and lentils than beans. These are the most digestible and have the lowest levels of defensive toxins, most of which are, unlike those in soy, destroyed by heat.
          But the real nutritional problem is B12 and the fat soluble vitamins. Eggs’ll do ya.

        2. The whole point of corn and beans is that they do combine to form complete proteins. I haven’t run across any such synergy for rice and lentils although in isolation, they may be more healthy. However, eating too much rice leads to a vitamin A deficiency which can cause childhood blindness. Corn is a bit better but both are the subject of selective breeding and genetic modification to boost the vitamin A levels.
          Vegans don’t eat eggs.

        3. “The whole point of corn and beans is that they do combine to form complete proteins.”
          I know.
          “I haven’t run across any such synergy for rice and lentils . . .”
          You just did. And remember, it isn’t how much of something a food contains, it’s how much of that something is available in the human metabolism.
          (Edit: the formula is grain + legume. Corn and beans is the Americas solution to that formula, rice and lentils the Asian)
          ” . . .eating too much rice leads to a vitamin A deficiency . . .”
          You have the arrow of causality backwards. People eating a lot of rice often have a vitamin A deficiency. It is caused by not eating food with vitamin A, because they are so poor they can only afford a starch food, which is most likely to be rice (these people are mostly in Asia and Africa). It could be potatoes instead of rice.
          Or corn and beans, which also have no vitamin A.
          Golden Rice(tm) also doesn’t have any vitamin A in it. It has beta carotene in it. Beta carotene is not vitamin A.
          These people are not vegetarians (and typically eat any bug they can get ahold of) and the proper remedy is to feed them a little liver. In the presence of liver, no amount of rice will “lead to” a vitamin A deficiency. Same goes for any other good source.
          “Vegans don’t eat eggs.”
          I know. It takes them a lot longer to die than cats though and they usually get an intervention before it happens. Some babies have not been so lucky.

        4. Off the bat I mentioned that globalization has allowed for healthier vegan diets. Of course, that point is moot for poor people who can’t afford imports.
          In various literature I’ve read about the corn and bean combo but not rice and lentils; maybe they were Americo-centric.
          I should have been clearer: eating too much rice IN LIEU OF OTHER FOODS will lead to a vitamin A deficiency. Yes, Golden Rice contains beta carotene which is a precursor to vitamin A: the body can produce vitamin A from the beta carotene.

  15. I was at a dinner function and the girl next to me asked for the vegetarian meal. I asked her about that and I don’t remember her specific explanation, but my reply was: “So if carrots could scream you would be shit out of luck, eh?”

    1. Carrots scream electrochemically, for those who have electrochemical ears to hear. Good thing she’s deaf, eh?
      I’ve taken to asking why being a kingdomist is morally superior to being a mere speciesist, but generally only get a brain dead stare in return.

  16. “I imagine it is much the same vegan, Earth-loving people who try and give the finger to big corporations by drinking raw, unprocessed milk, despite the fact that it can kill you”
    Vegan by definition: A person who does not eat or use animal products. milk is an animal product…
    Also I have no clue why one would drink milk in the first place, with all the estrogens in it and the calcium leaching effects it has.

  17. Cats are, of course, carnivores. This “vegan cat” story is one response far-left have towards cats. The other, when they realize that cats are carnivores by nature, is a desire to exterminate the species.
    Seriously. I read a book about cat behavior about a year ago (while sick with the flu). The book discussed the future prospect for pet felines and said that they are more threatened by humanity today than any time since the medieval period. The author quote several prominent far-left eco-types who said that domestic cats should be eliminated. I don’t really care for this opinion being somewhat of a cat person myself.
    Liberals want the world to conform to their beliefs. Unfortunately, much of what they believe is not consistent with observable reality.

    1. I hope this is true. Once the vegans get the word out that they want to eliminate cats, the Cat Ladies will come for them with torches and pitchforks, and we will rid ourselves of this nagging, whining vegan plague…

  18. Vegan Cat Principle is the perfect example of applied SJW/Leftoids toxic mentality. The key thing of this mentality is feeling of superiority compare to other people; a person is thinking: “I am more enlighten and smarter than you”.. Leftoid creates a narrative that they beliefs are right regardless of the input from reality This mentality limited a person critical thinking and reject reality. The ultimate outcome of this mentality is the is the vegan cat principle applied to babies: when leftist parents ignore fucking common sense and facts to degree that feed a newborn vegan diet or milk of mother on vegan diet without proper nutrition will lead to baby starving to death. You want to check and see if a vegan is human being, ask if he/she is willing to feed a newborn a strict vegan diet either by mouth or breast milk. IF the person yes to this question, remind the fucker are so full of themselves and ensure that they are right in their way of life, it kills an Innocent child. Here is recent example of veganism killing a child:

    1. I must noted I did some medical rotation in a pediatric office for 12 weeks. I seen a lot of babies and thankful their parents have taken care of them. Babies need lot of fats, vitamins, carbs, and protein to growth. A vegan diet does not provide the necessary nutrients for a child to grow up properly. Lack of this nutrition leads to developmental delays and mental retardation

      1. A vegan diet does not provide the necessary nutrients for a child to grow up properly. Lack of this nutrition leads to developmental delays and mental retardation
        So what you’re saying here is that Veganism is a self-reproducing disease?

        1. I will not say veganism is self-reproducing disease. In my opinion, veganism is choice to be evolutionary dead end, for the person has reduce fitness to survive. Anyone that does pure vegan diet without the necessary additional supplement to maintain health is already mental ill. Leftoid, who does not understand the complication of a vegan diet (and the world in general) will start to suffer nutritional deficiencies in a couple weeks to months after the body depletes its storage of vitamins. For example, vitamin B12 deficiency leads to anemia and neurological decay. Major source of B12 is red meat.
          Veganism is only possible due to the abundance of food sources in the Western world and our stupidity.To be fair, a regular person who understanding the problems associated with veganism and take appropriate supplements should be in good health.. Problem with kids need more nutrients, protein, and fats to grow properly Children should not be subject to vegan diet until they are fully growth and make the choice themselves without parental involvement.

        2. It was a joke. I was conflating Vegans with being stupid, where stupidity is brought about by being raised by Vegan parents.

        3. Scientifically, vegan parents will cause their kids to be retarded due to the vegan diet, thus perpetuating the stupidity.

  19. I was ready to applaud this article until I read the author’s thoughts on Fukushima and raw dairy. We are already seeing genetic mutations in animal populations influenced by Fukushima. I have personally tested radiation levels in California and levels have increased since the accident. US Navy sailors have died from close exposure to the accident, not to mention the Japanese children experiencing thyroid issues. This author sounds terribly young. Vegans are ill informed, true, but so is the author of this article. Men who know better read this site. Have your facts correct next time, I feel like slapping this idiot.

    1. Amazing how the loonies always talk about the high levels of radiation in California, but never mention anything about Hawaii. I lived in California years after Fukushima and eat sushi often. I’m fine.
      How exactly did you “personally test the radiation levels”? Please post your results that compare the levels now to those before the accident

      1. It’s a non-issue. The USA exploded dozens of nuclear weapons on, above, and under the Pacific ocean and nothing harmful ever came of it. It would take dozens of nuclear power plants melting down to poison an entire ocean.

        1. A nuke explosion may not at all be comparable to a power plant meltdown in terms of radiation. Since you’re not an expert, why voice your opinion about it.

        2. From Wikipedia on the Fukushima disaster: “Nonetheless, to keep the matter in perspective, the entire release of radioactivity into the sea will add less than 0.01% to the background radiation.”
          No expertise required to look up a few facts that completely debunk tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

        3. You have such a follower mentality to your logic that even your communication patterns are like a programmed response. Tin foil hats?Conspiracy theories? What TV show taught you to say that growing up, X-Files? CSI? It was once a “conspiracy theory” to say that smoking caused lung disease and JFK was taken out by one idiot w/ a bolt action rifle. You sound like you work for the government, or you just watch a lot of their programs on TV, because you sound programmed, yourself. Der duh der..tin foil hat! Tin foil hat! hahaha Keep taking red pills.. you’re still a greenish blue, son.

        4. You haven’t posted any facts. I posted facts. You have no real response so you post personal attacks.
          Until you post hard evidence that the entire Pacific ocean is poisoned by Fukushima, you still haven’t proven anything.

        5. Citing Wikipedia adds nothing to your argument and only reduces your credibility. Wikipedia is full of feminist propaganda and you don’t believe that shit either, or do you go around citing that as well? Actually, naming the “tinfoil hat conspiracies” keywords point out the arrogance in your utter ignorance. I’m not claiming I know anything about this matter, and I find it annoying how opinionated you are with zero knowledge. I don’t form an opinion and voice it on matters I have no clue about and you shouldn’t either. Actually, as with many people who share your attitude, your refusal of the possible dangers of this reek of denial and fear.
          You have no clue what background radiation means. You don’t know if 0.01% is a low or an extreme amount, what it’s measured against and how any consequences of this amount would play out. Its appearance of being low because there’s a zero and a fucking comma means absolutely nothing at all to any of us.

        6. Run and tell the king the sky is falling! Have fun wasting your time and energy being scared the entire Pacific ocean is poisoned when there’s no evidence we have anything to worry about. And I’m allowed to share my opinions here whether you like it or not, sorry this upsets you.

        7. Your negligible provocations achieve nothing here. You have more than proved my point.

      2. I used a nice device called a geiger counter. It’s something that us loonies know about. I ran a filter for a few hours within walking distance of the beach. I tested the filter after the collecting and it would range around 800 counts per minute. As we get further from the initial fukushima event the counts have been reducing to approx 300 per minute. If there was low to no radioactive particles in the air there shouldn’t have been that much difference between a pre fukushima non filter count ranging 12 to 20+ counts per minute, and the ones I got at the peak directly afterwards at 800 counts w/ the filter. Non filter counts post Fukushima have been between 30 to 70 counts per minute. The thing about radiation is this: Low level exposure can lead to cancer and infertility over decades. Ask any MD…it’s called “cumulative damage.” High exposure can lead to death the same day. This is why ANY extra exposure that humans get from non natural sources of radiation are bad, mmkay? Cell phones are another bad source of radiation to humans, just a different form of it. I don’t talk about Hawaii because I have no data from Hawaii. Only the weakest of the weak are going to noticeably suffer from Fukushima radiation right now (like some animals, some babies getting cancer, and aready ill humans), but 20 years from now, it will be a different story. We’ve even seen what low radiation from DU in Iraq does to the babies born there…are you guys this stupid that I had to explain all this or are you just paid government shills posting to cause division and doubt to influencial groups like ROK on the net?

  20. Cats != humans. We are omnivores, cats are not. We have different digestive enzymes and gastrointestinal systems. Sorry, but not directly applicable.

    1. Right, but tell that to a Vegan and he gets that thousand yard stare and you can literally watch his ear flaps close. We’re talking a group of people who are so dogmatic that you might as well try to talk the Pope into going atheist.

  21. Cats are obligate carnivores. They’re evolved to eat meat and only meat. Doing anything else is cruel and inhumane.

  22. Of the dozens of brands of cat food whose ingredients I have read, there is ONLY 1 that has meat has it’s first two ingredients.
    The cats are now much happier.

  23. I am vegan, because, after 2 years of research I now know for a fact that humans were not made to eat meat to begin with. Yes you read right.
    I’m healthier, stronger and surprisingly bulkier than ever. I look way younger than I did 10 years ago. My energy levels are terrifics too! My wife started to follow me and her body is tighter and her skin smoother. And bonus, no more mood swings, just happy all the time.
    HOWEVER! Cats are not fucking vegans. Pets need meat to thrive. I feed my dog meat because he needs it, it’s not because I don’t that he has to follow my diet.
    Those people are fucking stupid and selfish. They need to be ban from ever adopting an animal ever again.

    1. I’ll chew over your arguments with my canine teeth.
      I get the same results going nearly full meat, full time. Weird, you know, since we weren’t “meant” to eat meat, despite the fact that our closest genetic relatives, chimps and bonobos, are also omnivores and share 99.4% of our DNA.

      1. Hi, canine teeth are not meant to eat raw meat. Try to kill and take the skin off a cow only with your teeth! Unlike dogs or other omnivores, our teeth aren’t meant to ripe up the flesh, crack the bones, etc. We need knifes, and we sure weren’t born with one at the beginning of times but we managed to survive anyway. Because, like our closest genetic relative, we have opposable thumbs that allow us to pick food off the trees and dig food off the soil. The tiny canine teeth allow us to bite into hard fruits like apples. And we get sick if we ever try to eat raw meat. And the smell of decomposing flesh doesn’t smell like heaven to us like it does for true carnivores..
        I’m certainly not trying to teach a lesson here, I want to justify myself since you seem to make fun of me when you don’t know anything about the subject of veganism.
        (edit : I posted above a chart, where, among other things, you can see that canines made for meat aren’t as tiny as ours)

    2. 1. Provide sources for your two years of research.
      2. Cats not being vegan is a point we can both agree on.
      3. Herbivores have a digestive system that contains elements humans do not have and without those elements those animals will die from malnutrition. We are not optimized in that fashion, Also keep in mind that meat contains 80 times the nutrition leafy green vegetables have.

      1. Hi, so for point 1 I have a whole file with my research. They don’t come from the internet (they did at first but people around me doubted their credibility so I included mostly books and conversations I personally had with doctors and nutritionist.). However, you can read online for free the book 80/10/10 by Dr. Graham. When it starts talking about our biology at the beginning it’ll provide you with most of the answers.
        And yes, I agree about the herbivore thing, humans are not herbivore. I found this chart a while ago, I think it could interest you

        1. Books and verifiable resources are what I was looking for. I will admit that you are the first to not just scream “Meat is bad!” at me and stomp off.
          Those are the ones that give me a blank stare when I ask them how they balance the extra copper in their system, where do they find good sources of Lysine, or if they have alternate sources of HDL to help with hormone imbalance

    3. “I’m healthier, stronger and surprisingly bulkier than ever”
      No you’re not. I completely disbelieve you.
      (Was vegan for two years many years ago and did not gain muscle, muscle definition , or ‘bulk’)
      Only when I started eating dead animals again did this change.
      You are full of grass-fed shit with all your other points too.

      1. Hi, no need to be vulgar, I was a making a simple point based on my personal experience. But anyway, I’m surprised to hear that you did not take muscle! I have not more fat recovering them so at first I was quite skinny, then I started to eat lots of avocados, bananas and dates daily (I’m talking 10-20 bananas a day) and I am stronger & bulkier than ever. Maybe you did not eat enough? It’s too bad you gave up in my opinion, but if you’re happier that way I can’t say nothing

        1. It’s quite simple. It’s because I was not getting enough protein, because the body needs meat.
          Give up? Your words, not mine. I’m thriving now. All I ‘gave up’ was anaemia and low vitamin D.
          I urge anyone reading this guy’s advice to try it out, and try and prove me wrong. Go for it.
          I stand behind my opinion 100%.

    4. I now know for a fact that humans were not made to eat meat to begin with.
      You have a very loose definition of the word “fact”.

    5. >>I am vegan, because, after 2 years of research I now know for a fact
      that humans were not made to eat meat to begin with. Yes you read right.<<
      Ever notice whenever alt types mention the words “research” or “studied” in statements it seems they ignored certain things in tomes they’d pored over which didn’t coincide with their agenda/beliefs/goals. Things like physiology [why humans have incisors] or stellar dynamics [it’s the STAR WE ORBIT, STUPID!] or economics [there’s too many factors to mention, because if thought upon, most Occu-tards heads might ‘splode]
      Bottom line — adjusting your “research findings” to fit your narrative is tantamount to fact deletion.

      1. Hi, no I did not ignore things that would coincide with my agenda/beliefs/goals that’s why it took 2 years before I made the big jump. If you think you know better than me, then I’m not going to contradict you, to each their own pal

  24. “we can see much the same mindset in all sorts of “progressive” movements. Barely anybody in the modern left will own up to the tens of millions who have died due to communist economic policies, likely the most disastrous attempt at creating paradise in world history.”
    Progressives should never be allowed to disassociate from this: they are the same people, with the same mindset, pushing the same utopian methods. That they may have honed the methods used somewhat doesn’t change this.
    Utopianism kills

  25. I imagine it is much the same vegan, Earth-loving people who try and give the finger to big corporations by drinking raw, unprocessed milk

    This is an incredibly stupid comment on so many levels. For a start, no vegan drinks milk!!!

  26. I think, a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the modern left—arrogance, stupidity, idealism, a dangerously thin-skin, a lack of common sense, and reliance on “feelings” rather than “reason.”
    Beautifully phrased.

  27. Never date vegan (or even vegetarian) women, they are loaded with too much copper and not enough zinc, so their animal brains are overstimulated. For that they are usually crazy or borderline.
    It is a no coincidence that the SJW are very often vegans or vegetarians. They lack logic as they neocortex is undernourished.

      1. Not exactly reptiles but less human, that’s for sure. I prefer the term copperheads.
        Women are more likely to develop copper toxicity for a number of reasons:
        1. They naturally have much higher copper levels than men, and lower zinc levels. On average, women have about 20% higher copper serum than men and for iron it is the other way round, with men having a one-third higher iron level than women in their blood.
        2. Women who take the morning after pill will experience raised copper levels in the body. This is due to the close association between the hormone oestrogen and copper levels.
        3. During pregnancy copper is required for women’s fertility and to maintain pregnancy, again due to the copper-oestrogen relation.
        4. Copper in IUD coil work by releasing small but significant amounts of copper into the uterus. Copper immobilises sperm as it travels to the fallopian tubes. This copper can and will enter into the blood causing all sorts of problems.
        5. They are more likely to eat less meat or follow vegetarian diets.

        1. Good information, i have experience with a BPD woman in my past and i can see how it ties together with the points your making.

        2. One’s genes do not rule the person, as much as their diet, lifestyle, toxicity-related factors and stress may rule how their genes express mental illness (as well as huge groups of other disease processes).
          Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD was one of the first to identify the role of pyrrole disorder and copper toxicity in certain mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia. Dr. Pfeiffer compiled a database of more than 20,000 schizophrenics and was the first to categorise the mental illness in terms of individual “biotypes”.

        3. Epigenetic expression essentially then, one could draw the conclusion for example that copper toxicity, neocortex in shutdown and an overstimulated amygdala is direct related with the promiscuity, impulsiveness and other destructive behaviours we see in women today.

        4. Weston price is excellent, so thats a given read.
          Personally im starting to lean alot towards the ketogenic side of the spectrum when it comes to primal, paleo etc.
          Seems to me to be the optimal expression of the genetical potential of human beings, and using fat as an energy source instead of carbs starts to seem logical aswell, especially since the brain is a big lump of fat and uses up 40% of all energy in the body (i think thats the correct number)

  28. This is as bad as some retarded SJW parents (often from countries like Sweden), who literally raise their boy as a girl because according to them, “gender is a social construct”.

  29. I don’t know why, but “vegans” just fill me with a feeling of violence. I really hate them.

  30. “I imagine it is much the same vegan, Earth-loving people who try and
    give the finger to big corporations by drinking raw, unprocessed milk,
    despite the fact that it can kill you.”
    Lol, don’t try french cheese if raw milk frightens you that much.

  31. Perfect opportunity to use the agree and amplify technique discuseed in an article a few days ago.
    “Oh, you’re cat is vegan? You must be pro animal-abuse.”

  32. I like the idea of the Vegan Cat Principle, but Leftists do not solely own many of the issues you highlighted.
    For me raw milk is a freedom issue. Let people drink raw milk. Don’t send SWAT teams after them.
    The current US vaccine schedule is insane. It should be tempered and spread out more. I am not against vaccines, but I see many of them as unnecessary. Giving your newborn the Hep B vaccine, for example, is utterly pointless.
    The “science” behind climate change has been doctored. The chief folks who study it have been caught lying. And my balls can’t take all this single digit weather in the DC area.
    Lastly, evolution is not a proven fact, but a scientific theory. There has been no experimentation to prove it so do not assume it to be true. Creationism is more ridiculous in my opinion but the vast majority of Christians don’t believe in that.
    I agree that Leftist will implement stupid policies based on fallacious evidence as much as the Right and I think it is definitely in our interest to question every scientific “study” produced (especially “soft” science studies) because politicians can’t help but implement policies based on them in order to appear useful.
    In other words, we need to be vigilant and not assume that the government or any other large organization (yes, even the Church I am a member of) has our best interests in mind. And just because a Leftist is for an issue doesn’t mean we should immediately oppose it any more than we should always support an issue on the Right.
    It’s called common sense.

    1. Thing is that as a libertarian I can usually reason with a Righty on many issues that he may have his heels dug in on. We may part and disagree, or he may actually change his position, or I might be shown to be in error and change my position. With a leftist though, to the last person I’ve found them absolutely impervious to reason or even entertaining the notion that they could possibly be incorrect. Once their dogma is fed to them, they’re sold lock stock and barrel.
      Example (my experience): I have convinced Righties that the “War on Terror” is an awful idea and that attacking Iraq was stupid from day one, despite their being foot stomping “Don’t you dare blame ‘murca” before we talked. I can’t even talk one lefty, not one fucking lefty, out of their desire to outlaw smoking in public (or any other position that belongs to their dogma).
      Both sides have their die hard issues, but only one is open to conversation with at least the assumption that he might learn something or be proven wrong, and that one is *not* a lefty, ever.

      1. The only concession I’ve ever had from someone on the left is that they have described my view point as cynical but possibly correct. They defend their misconceptions stronger than any Creationist.

  33. Thank you for this my friend. It’s good to see there’s still some sensible young men in our country that are willing to speak up about these issues. The vegan cat principle must be countered; laughter and shaming needs to increase tenfold gentlemen!

  34. This phenomena isn’t restricted to SJW leftists, but to leftists in general. It is called the ‘Vision of the Anointed’ based on a book by Thomas Sowell by the same name. Certain few, almost always leftists, beleive they are smart enough, wise enough, and worthy of dictating how the world should be. They are the anointed. However, their grandiose visions often have terrible unintended consequences, some as minor as a rise in infectious disease that resulted from bans on plastic grocery bags, to the deaths of millions.
    Of course, the Anointed will not hear any arguments against their visions, as no one can be as smart, wise, or as qualified to dictate our lives for us.

  35. Denial of reality is the central tenet of leftism. There wouldn’t be anything there were it not for wishful thinking and idealistic bullshit.
    A deeply religious, bible-thumping redneck has a better grasp on reality than someone who is belligerently committed to equality.

  36. Agree with the sentiment here, but lay off the anti-vaxers – rather than being swivel eyed loony conspiracy theorists, the vast majority are regular conservative working class parents who have either directly experienced a vaccine injured child or have heard stories of them…..
    There are thousands and thousands of vaccine injury stories from all over the world, all countries now have grass roots networks of parents who are angry that they were never warned about the potential risks of vaccination….
    In addition, most Western countries have vaccine compensation schemes which have paid out billions and billions of dollars….
    Sure, perhaps it’s worth taking the risk (ie the benefits to society outweigh the potential risk). However, we shouldn’t be ridiculing concerned parents or (even worse) parents who are unlucky enough to have a vaccine injured child….
    The demands of such parents that more studies should be performed to understand why some children’s lives are destroyed by vaccination and that parents should be made aware of the potential risks are difficult to argue against and far from tin-foil hat behavior……….

  37. You lost me at the raw milk part. Unfortunately adding that to your article really wrecked it
    Avoid bringing up a topic that you know little to nothing about. I live in Vermont and grew up on a farm. Ive been drinking raw milk from grass/pasture raised cows for most of of my life and never been sick yet. Most pasteurized milk you buy today ( outside of products from Organic Valley) comes from very large farms where the cows are fed a steady diet of corn silage. Because they are ruminates , and not created to eat this regularly,this diet gives them chronic diarrhea. To negate this they are force fed boric acid. Quickly the improper diet along with the stress of being milked 3 time a day makes the cows very sick. So to negate this they are fed a steady of diet of strange supplements and even antibiotics – which all ultimately ends up in that wonderfully wholesome udder puss masquerading as homogenized pasteurized milk. All served to you by those wonderfully benevolent corporations that bend over backwards to embrace the SJW agenda . Drink Up – your supporting a great cause !
    Btw – For a Red Pill guy you might want try using something other than a Blue Pill source – for why raw milk is bad.
    To begin the education process you might start first with the Weston A Price Foundation. Google them – you might learn something

  38. So the responses to this have been interesting.
    Fist of all – thanks to those who pointed out the era in the milk paragraph. Of course actual vegans don’t drink milk. My bad 🙁
    I was making the point however that many people taut the health benefits of drinking raw milk despite an apparent lack of studies which show this, and while ignoring the obvious downsides, such as contamination. In that case in question, which happened here in Victoria, the milk was labelled ‘for cosmetic purposes only’ but people were drinking it anyway, leading to the death of a four year-old toddler and a number of other children becoming seriously ill.
    The point on all these issues is they are some of the biggest areas where public opinion, especially on the left, clashes with science and common sense in favour of wishful thinking. Its interesting that many people seem to take issue with at least one or two of them. I suppose its inevitable, given the dozens of political/scientific issues there are out there – GMO crops, fracking, biofuels, abortion, etc, that no two people will take the same side on all of them…

    1. If the government would let people just get on with buying raw milk if they so desire, it would not need to be labelled ‘For cosmetic use’, and could legitimately be tested for harmful contamination, rather than a ‘black market’ product.
      I’m sure prohibition will work this time though…

  39. Lay off the cyclists using the roads. The only reason why I’m ahead financially is because I was able to sell my car and ride my bike places. Without bike infrastructure you get more cars, traffic, pollution, ugly sprawl and young people sinking 30%+ of their takehome on a depreciating asset. The middle class is screwed enough as it is without having braindead NIMBYS trying to make affordable transportation choices even more difficult.

  40. It’s to bad that poor animals because of people’s stupidity. But it goes to show you how messed up the belief system of SJW’s is unrealistic and messed up.

  41. The problem with these type of people is not just the damage that they do to themselves, pets, families (especially to their own children) and community but when they get force others to live their ideas and ideologues using politics.
    We have seen this in the last couple of years with the war on smoking, alcohol, fat (mostly meat fat), porn and salt.
    The left with often go off at the right (at times justified) on things like the war on drugs (especially when it comes to Weed) but equally when they will get into power they often do not change the drugs laws but instead increasingly try to tax or regulate the things they don’t like.

  42. It’s just so overly simplistic to blame everything that is wrong in the world on “lefties”. Otherwise, a pretty decent article.

  43. Here we have, I think, a perfect example of everything that is wrong
    with the modern left—arrogance, stupidity, idealism, a dangerously
    thin-skin, a lack of common sense, and reliance on “feelings” rather
    than “reason.”

    And in 2003 this would have been a perfect description of the Shrub administration. It is not something specific to one side of the political spectrum. Your turning this into something through which to score political points bores me.
    Be better than this.

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