Jeb Bush Shows That A Royal Name And A Lot Of Money Won’t Win You Elections

The self-immolation of privileged political child Jeb Bush is now complete. Having suspended his campaign for President after another beyond mediocre finish in South Carolina, figures reveal he spent a gargantuan $368 per vote in the two primaries and one caucus so far. This is an amazing six times more than frontrunner Donald Trump. In addition, Bush had been anointed by the GOP apparatchiks, who have in modern times always gotten either their preferred candidate nominated or someone close to it. In the end, Donald Trump’s brutal honesty and lack of cuckservative supplicating has helped sink Jeb to the abyss.

But it gets worse. Even after himself spending $10 million more than Trump for a sixth of the ROR, his super PAC, Right to Rise, chipped in with a cool $100 million in expenditures. Per ballot he received, Jeb and his supporters were actually forking out $1,500. His humiliating withdrawal from the Republican nomination race (he should have said “I am clutching my rectum in pain”, not “I am suspending my campaign”) is a lesson for every would-be princeling that attitude and fearlessness will usually trump (pardon the pun) chandelier fundraisers and old moneyed political circles.

You can move beyond Donald Trump’s thumping of Jeb and find a literal menagerie of other candidates who have either beat him pound-for-pound or outright pummelled him in certain contests so far. For example, John Kasich, a comparative unknown in the field, bested Bush in New Hampshire, garnering nearly 50% more votes. Given his much lower profile, Kasich could have outspent Bush (which he did not) five times over in the Granite State for this performance and claimed a moral victory over him.

He was the most “qualified” candidate and still got his ass handed to him

Jeb destroyed his close to perfect opportunity to ascend. Despite the long-standing feud between the Republican base and the GOP establishment, primary and general election voters have nevertheless been wary of nominating and then electing to the White House Republicans without significant executive experience. Since 1950, only Kennedy and Obama, both Democrats, have become President minus either gubernatorial or Vice-Presidential experience. I leave out Eisenhower as his leadership of the US military is analogous enough to the pre-White House resumés of figures like Nixon, Reagan and the two Bushes.

Although Mike Huckabee, Jim Gilmore and George Pataki had been sworn in as the Governors of Arkansas, Virginia and New York respectively before Jeb was in Florida, they lack the family name and, very relatedly, the massive connections with GOP elites. The same can be said of current Governors Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), John Kasich (Ohio), Scott Walker (Wisconsin) and Chris Christie (New Jersey), plus recently retired Rick Perry (Texas), all of whom are bereft of the sort of immediate nationwide recognition and funding base afforded to the second son of George H. W. and Barbara Bush.

Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz are lightning rods for the disgruntled real conservatives of the Republican Party, this much is true. Irrespective of this, Jeb should have been the beneficiary of a system that can directly or indirectly gerrymander the outcome for establishment candidates, such as the superdelegate safety net for Hillary Clinton. This failure to tick the boxes after all the advantages bestowed upon him speaks volumes about the inadequacies of Jeb the Presidential candidate.

Trump focuses on the Republican base, Jeb focused on voters only 30% likely to vote for him

Jeb thought it was already November. I myself often question whether a candidate should always stick to their ideological guns in the general election, but Jeb courted the ambivalent centrist vote far too soon. Unlike a man like Trump, John Ellis Bush did not have the fortitude to outline his genuine, supposedly conservative platform first, secure the nomination, and then make strategic adjustments to win that vital second Tuesday late in the year.

Linked to this first point was Jeb’s total unwillingness to offend. When his campaign was in its death throes, he finally resorted to calling Donald Trump, of all things, a “loser.” Throughout his time as a candidate, however, the liberal media, which has every interest in seeing Donald Trump nominated as they see him as unelectable, failed to call Jeb out on anything they deemed hateful. There, my friends, was a sign of how far to the left his campaign had hurled itself.

Confidence, too, enters the mix, for more reasons than just a reluctance to offend. A family legacy and an esteemed status with GOP lawmakers and pundits in Washington does you no good if you cannot go toe-to-toe with bulls on a debate stage. Contrasting his brother’s plain-spoken, unrefined and self-assured style, somewhat reminiscent of Trump himself (save for Donald’s bellicosity), Jeb gave off the stench of a sweating acting school principal being bellowed at by the parents of a recently suspended student. So what benefit did his surname and fundraising connections give to him?

Study and replicate Donald Trump if you don’t wish to be a Jeb Bush

Inasmuch as Jeb’s downfall was enhanced by the presence of Donald Trump, my focus here has been on the pitiful shortcomings of the former Florida governor. Now that we have addressed those, ROK readers should take every chance to read up on and apply the methods of Donald Trump, the billionaire who does not need to use his billions.

The supreme tragedy of Jeb Bush is that he is not a bad guy. He is the polar opposite of a Hillary or Bill Clinton, whose unscrupulous machinations make them deservedly hated. Jeb is instead that old version of yourself in high school or early college, whose fumbling failures with girls and attempts at success and popularity gave you painful lessons to make a better future out of.

Jeb’s problem is that he seemingly never learned from those lessons and instead of being a half-pimply, gangly adolescent or young adult, he’s now past 60.

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100 thoughts on “Jeb Bush Shows That A Royal Name And A Lot Of Money Won’t Win You Elections”

  1. Jeb’s biggest problem was that he wasn’t very conservative in a time when the GOP seeks more conservatism, not less. Further, his last name was more of a liability than an asset with the general election population.
    The liberal media is right (for their own interest, at least) to see a Trump nomination: Trump is unelectable in a general election, although he could quite possibly win the primary.
    60% of Americans view him unfavorably. 60%. When 60% of general election voters won’t even consider voting for you, that is a very hard case to make for elect-ability.
    I agree with Trump on many of the things he’s saying (at least, he’s saying right now, as opposed to when he was complimenting Hillary). However, his lack of elect-ability is his downfall with me. I’d rather see Cruz or Rubio than Clinton or Sanders in the White House.
    Anyone who thinks that any candidate (even Trump) can overcome a 60% negative perception rating is deluding themselves. While we’d all like to see many of Trump’s ideas implemented, he has to actually win the Presidency. No candidate has ever won the White House with a 60% negative perception rating.

    1. “seeks more conservatism”
      Conservatism is too moderate, and it won’t matter when you’ve got the 3rd World Free Crap Hordes invading the country.
      ” that is a very hard case to make for elect-ability.”
      You do realize you’re quoting Salem Media Group, who has a strong anti-Trump bias. And Reagan was considered unelectable.
      “Cruz or Rubio”
      Cruz either thinks he’s the Second Coming or is surrounded by people who think he is the Second Coming. From a purely Christian standpoint, he will not be allowed win the presidency, much less the nomination.
      Rubio is the Hispanic Obama and amnesty freak.
      At least Sanders is a nationalist (a socialist, but a nationalist nonetheless).

      1. Reagan did not have a 60% unfavorable rating, and had held elected office before.
        Further, if you don’t trust the polls, trust primary results: 65% of Republicans want someone other than Trump. Although he won 2 states, 35% is hardly a mandate.
        Are you voting Sanders if someone else gets nominated?

        1. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Beelzebub’; can I get back to you? I hadn’t considered Sanders yet.
          /no snark
          Edit: it is my opinion that Trump is the judgment of God on the US Churchians, and that he will probably be allowed to win (merely on the fact that if Trump loses the general, the cuckservatives and churchians will yammer about how Ted the Anointed One should have been the nominee).

        2. Cruz has pulled the “Prove you are a Christian by voting for me” nonsense that GWB pulled (except Cruz went further with it).
          Any Christian worth their salt should know that it is ultimately about GOD and HIS purposes, not a pathetic political campaign. If Cruz had said “I think I’m the best candidate for president, but regardless of the outcome, I want you to pray to God and repent , and ask for God’s Will be done”; I could vote for that because Cruz has shown the right priorities.
          But that’s not what he said:

          In the context of a political rally, the subtext is “Pray to God, and vote for me”.
          Paul admonishes Christians to ‘avoid the appearance of evil’. Frankly, what Cruz has pulled is dangerously close (if not outright) what I would consider misuse of the Name of God (The 3rd Commandment and all that). Given Ted Cruz’s religious background, it was nuclear-grade stupid of him to pull a stunt like that.

        3. Cruz is playing to the targeted audience as he is a politician trying to win an election, not a priest discussing what G-d wants. I get what he is doing. I think Don is sucking the air out of the room with the (rightous) anger people have, but when he wins as I think he probably will, he will actually have to reveal what his programs are (eg. economic and foreign policy aims; who will he fill in his cabinet positions? etc..). So far he is telling people what they want to hear, but with no specifics.

    2. As Trump wins more primarys, I would expect his numbers to increase (same for Rubio/Cruz should they win), mainly because people like a winner and it would be more socially acceptable to publicly like Trump (WashingtonPost recently had a couple of articles on this subject).
      I still am amused that he has better numbers among blacks and hispanics than any Republican outreach effort in the past 20 years!

  2. Go Trump (and frankly Sanders for the opposition as well)! Whether you agree with either of these guys or not, at least they have balls and convictions; screw the elites’ annointed hack candidates and the sickly horses they rode in on.

    1. I want Clinton to win the democratic primary because she’ll be easier to beat than Sanders.
      Also, many Sanders fans would probably vote for Trump vs. Clinton. Especially now that the Sanders campaign is getting a full dose of demographic reality with the latinos and blacks.

      1. The average Sanders fan is not going to vote Trump over Clinton. SJW’s hive mentality is too strong to break from a little infighting.

  3. I still think Barbara Bush said it best some time ago: “We’ve already had enough Bush’s in office” or something similar.

  4. Florida prospered under Jeb’s governorship because he was too inept to “manage” it.
    You see “manage” in American politics now means “fuck with everything so people are too afraid to start businesses and/or make investments”.
    But as president, a Jeb presidency would mean brother GWB in the basement running more narco-terror with the entire pack of the same neocons in tow and in the cabinet. So while the Bush crime family would continue to rake it in on our dime and in our name, the entire Republican presidency, even with a (R) majority in the house and senate, will get blown and wasted on “yet another war”.
    And of course, what kind of “horrible thing would have to happen” to get that war justified this time?
    Meanwhile, the Bush family are “in office” style of republicans. When democrats are elected, they are “in power”. But the Bushes are the sort that when they get elected, they are “in office”, meaning they don’t roll back the gun control, the welfare state, the wrecked education laws (GWB gave away the store on the education system, giving the democrats everything they wanted, and tripled the size of the BATFE).

  5. It’s about time – Jeb’s version of “Dad Politics” is woefully inept at countering social justice faggotry
    Let’s hope conservatism gives way to nationalism

  6. Jeb Bush lacks the charisma and (surprisingly) intelligence of his two predecessors. Ache Dubya was a former CIA director that made a call (with his duly gained intel experience) his son should have made in Iraq (i.e keep Saddam in power to keep the Shia in check). He also dodged the Iran Contra affair like the slimy shit all the competent presidents have been. Dubya, despite being strongly below-average, could play a character efficiently.
    !Jabe! is just a beggarly buffoon.
    As the great Roissy would say: “A man is judged by the quality of the women he has sex with”.
    Having the marry a spic midget should tell you a few things about him.

    1. hahaha wait… you really think a man should be judged by the quality of the women with whom he has sex?

      1. Not at all. But being quite successful (like Jeb is) and banging Guac should tip you off about certain beta traits he has.
        Jeb comes from one of the most prestigious families in the US, is quite tall, could be quite attractive if he put work into it, but marries a diminutive spic.
        Trump, despite his lack of looks (due entirely to age), can marry Melania.
        See the difference?
        (Note to all reading. If the thing that’s most attractive (or the only thing that is attractive) about you is your wallet, women will use you as a wallet)

      2. “A man’s sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy on life. Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself.” – Ayn Rand

  7. It’s about friggin’ time we have a hot First Lady in the White House. Melania is pure eye candy.

  8. Good riddance. The rest of the Republican party needs to burn with him. Sick of trying to “work with” the left and “find common ground” with the enemy.
    It’s time to defeat the enemy.

    1. The Republicans don’t even seem to recognize Leftists AS AN ENEMY.
      If Sun Tzu were a Republican adviser, he’d have a stroke.

        1. …The way the Republican Establishment is behaving in recent years, it seems more like they’re practising the Art of Appeasement.
          Just look at how they lost last time with Mitt Romney. He was definitely part of the Establishment. Totally clueless in fighting the Left. (So much so that even a good number of conservatives didn’t even show up to vote for him!)
          Trump is a different story. He gives a big middle finger to the Establishment and to those who enforce political correctness…And to the surprise of the political class, the public love him for it!

      1. I used to be about as blue as it gets. Redpill opened my eyes. But I haven’t ever been ready to vote Republican yet. . . until Trump

    2. Republican politicians aren’t trying to “find common ground”. Just look at Obama and the republican Congress. We need bipartisanship. Extremes of anything is not good.

        1. He’s made the world a hell of a lot worse. I’ll be sure to celebrate viscerally when the Donald wins.

      1. That’s idiotic. being extremely disciplined, Noble, generous, intelligent are all good things. Likewise show me the book of great American Moderates (it doesn’t exist). But since you’re the one whoset making such a blanket statement how about backing it up with some facts.

        1. Who said those weren’t good things? Use your brain for half of a second, please.
          The facts lie in the actions (or rather inactions) of the useless pile of manure than is our current congress.

        2. You said those weren’t good things when you stated “extremes of anything is not good”
          While I agree with your assertion that Congress is shit. They are far from useless, Congress passed TPP and TAP, funds the govrrnment, approves of all spying, wars, and passes thousands of regualtion and pork bills every year.
          I think what you mean is not that they dont so any thing, but that they don’t do what you want them to.
          Also extremism is only a frame of reference what was “extreme” in another time and place is “mainstream” now. And what is “mainstream” now was “extreme” in another time and place

        3. You’re quite literal, aren’t you? Your INTERPRETATION of my statement was that those qualities “aren’t good”, not what my statement actually said in the context it was provided. I was not speaking of the individual level but of the political climate, the societal level. Though really, if you want to get into it, since we’re talking extremes, I’m sure even those qualities at the far, far end of the spectrum would at some point become less-than-beneficial for the individual…
          For the record, I’m not talking about Congress in general, I’m talking about THIS congress. Good ol number 113. Congress as the legislative entity DOES serve an important function and is needed to balance out POTUS and SCOTUS.

        4. I’m going to ignore all the personal attacks, non sequitors, and redefinitions of your argument. Instead I’m just going to offer a red pill to you.
          Congressional “inaction” is a deliberate act of congress. By allowing scouts and potus to supercede their limits and increase their authority is the goal of congress, because Congress wants to reduce your authority and your ability to influence government by reducing the power of the branch of government that is most responsive to you. I know that’s a complex thought but when you look at it through this way the actions and inactions of Congress become much more salient than “extremests” butting heads.

        5. There’s been no redefinition of my argument, you just keep trying to apply apples to oranges.
          Sigh. Yes. Thank you for the explanation. However, there is a different situation when congress is deliberately creating inaction by just flat out opposing initiatives from Day One for no other reason that to avert blame from the mess GWB created…they’re acting like babies, not adults who want to do what’s best for the country. Funnily enough, many don’t think Obama was partisan ENOUGH, so now I’ll guess he’ll spend the rest of his time issuing all the executive orders he should have done in his first term instead of trying to negotiate. Since, clearly that won’t work with these republicans…

        6. What your saying is simply untrue. In fact we probably live in the least partisan time in our countries history, there is very little difference between party platforms at all. Both parties believe in socialism, internationalism, “free trade”, immigration, interventionism, consummerism. In fact the donor class to both parties is very much overlapped.
          What you are describing as inaction is merely theater the agenda of the parties is being pushed forward, in fact more rapidly than before. I think it’s important not to get too caught up in every move the government makes and look at the system holistically

        7. Partisanship and bipartisanship refer to how the parties interact, not what their platforms are.

        8. Obama spent his first term ramming through bills like Obamacare without any worry about republican input or the legality of how bills become law (and has since amended his signature bill by unConstitutional Presidential decree)… clearly Obama doesn’t believe in bipartisanship…so why should a republican majority house and Senate not return the favor? This “getting things done” fantasy world the media and the left (ah, but I repeat myself) lives in is ridiculous. Government doing nothing should ALWAYS be preferred to government doing the absolute WRONG thing. As you live in DC, I can understand how THAT last sentence might confuse you…

  9. Let’s be honest here, Jeb Bush would’ve been a Godsend for the Left, and their media bitches, as the nominee. They had already perfected how to attack the Bushes and would’ve run against him as a third term of his brother despite the likelihood that those who do like his brother wouldn’t vote for Jeb. And if his campaign and general demeanor weren’t indicative enough, he wouldn’t have had the balls to stand up to them.
    Then there’s guys like me who refuse to vote for dynastic political families and proven worthless incumbents or similar career politicians and wouldn’t vote for him. Many true conservatives wouldn’t have either since he’s just a pretender.
    As far as energy and personality, he is like Al Gore and Kerry if they were somehow more boring and cuckservative. He should never have run or wasted people’s time and money, the fact it took him this long to realize he had no chance proves he wasn’t ever viable.

    1. Well said and very astute. Bush was the established oppostion and he just crapped out. Look for Rubio getting the nod. Intersting times.

  10. The “war on terror” has brought us record heroin crops, a drug epidemic, and a nation in pieces. I think after gulf war 1. with HW Bush, and the last fiasco of 911 with GWB, people are tired of high oil prices and war. Sorry Jeb, no thanks…

  11. Wrong royal name. We had one ok Bush president and one utter disaster. There’s no reason for a third.

  12. Sometimes I think the terms “alpha” and “beta” are just words on the Internet…
    Then I watch Donald Trump talk to Jeb Bush…

    1. It is reflected in how Trump, who, while reasonably tall, is not really physically imposing per se, looks ten times more powerful and virile than his raw physiology and age suggests.
      Mindset and frame in action, gentlemen.

      1. Check out this video of Obama publicly roasting Trump. It’s pretty clear that in this situation Obama AMOGs Trump pretty hard and puts himself in the alpha position.
        What makes Trump a True Alpha however is that he stepped up, and stepped up hard. I wouldn’t even be surprised if this was the exact moment he decided to run for President. Trump understands the rules of power. He didn’t respond to his roasting with a shit-face smile and an “Oh you guys hahahaha!” response flailing his arms around. He payed attention, took it on the chin gracefully, and now has a legitimate shot at taking that very power that allowed Obama to even speak about him that way.
        I personally think Obama has the more natural sense for charm, but Trump has an even stronger sense for power.

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  13. For those who think the Vote doesn’t matter, let Jeb Bush’s Fall be a Reminder that it does, Jeb was The “Chosen One” from the beginning, and Trump came and ended Jeb’s Guaranteed win. Maybe if Jeb had won the Nominee and Presidency, then the Conspiracy that the Vote doesn’t count Could still be Circulated and believed by a few, but the GOP Establishments “Chosen One” is down and Out, and an Outsider (Trump) is In, don’t make excuses to yourself that the Vote Doesn’t Matter, you now have Proof it does, get out there this Election and Vote.

    1. Did you vote for the Bilderberg/Rothschild/Rockefeller ticket? Fuck voting. Dog and Pony show.

      1. No I didn’t, but I’ll be voting for Trump, stay at home if you want , the 30 min it takes to go and Vote costs nothing.

  14. Jeb Bush is the epitome of current Republican ‘Leadership’ No Balls at all. Indeed his campaign speaks for itself He Ran For The Nomination By Running Against The Majority of Republicans. Who wants to vote for Surrender Monkey? Hate to say it but it is people like him and Boehner that got Obama elected Twice.

    1. Trump, because Gun rights, nationalism, stance on immigration, not a politician, is Alpha, will protect America, and Make America Great again.

      1. So then who is the least toxic/least likely to destroy the country’s social fabric totally?
        We can always say “nobody” because none of the candidates tick enough of our boxes, but I am sure you would prefer a Republican as President than Anita Sarkeesian!

        1. I’ll make my own decision when the campaign comes, tyvm,
          Jeb (until just now) was not that bad, albeit terrible at running his campaign.
          Huckabee is a moron on foreign policy (punish allies that don’t help against ISIS? Seriously? We already have trouble dealing with our Muslim allies I think punishing people that help us is a little much.)
          Graham is quite decent.
          Cruz is an evangelical panderer and an economic nutjob.
          I’ll come up with others as time goes by.

    2. Cruz. Principled conservative, low taxes, will fight degeneracy through Christianity, seems to take a hard stance on immigration.

    3. Trump or Bust, there are no other options.
      Cruz – Has absolutely no way to win the nomination. He didn’t win a single county or precinct in South Carolina, where 75% of the voters identify as evangelical. Evangelical types make up his base. If he can’t win there, where can he? Also, he may be the least worst Republican on immigration, but that’s only after he saw Trump’s poll numbers.
      Rubio – This guy is the Establishment’s anti-Bush splitter, he is there to help Bush win Florida. Bush is out, and Trump is leading in Florida. He is their Plan B, for now, but in a general election he would get clobbered.
      Kasich – Another Establishment splitter, to help in Ohio. Trump leads in Ohio, but not by much. Has no support and is only in the race to deny Trump delegates. Full bore RINO that spends more time criticizing the Republican base than the damn Democrats. He and his wife are despicable panderers.
      Carson – Give-me-a-TV-show candidate.
      As lousy as these options are, though, I have a hard time thinking Clitler would be a better option.

    4. Ben Carson is the smartest man there, but he is so damn smart that even the stupid people can perceive it and despise him, whereas reasonably intelligent folk, like I try to be, simply marvel at his thoughts. However, he’s not electable.
      Rand Paul has great ideas, but is not electable. Christie, Huck, Perry, and Jeb I was not impressed by. Kasich is not known. Fiorina I do not trust; I know women executives, and I’m not sure I’d want to trust them leading themselves onto my manhood, much less anything else. Rubio is too young; he’s just a few years older than I am, and I know I couldn’t do the job.
      Cruz is my choice, followed by Rubio. There is no real great GOP candidate. Trump is better than most GOP, and all Democrat candidates, and will receive my general vote. I am not sure about the primary here in my state, yet.

      1. Carson seems to be a good man….but he is way too low energy. So much so that no one thinks he has the stones to run things. Trump would’ve called him low energy in the debates but Trump’s hatred for the Bush family won out so he stuck the dagger into Jeb…and I’m ok with that… 😛

      2. Rubio also has no major legislative achievements or the backing of a non-GOP apparatchik grouping.
        Cruz at least retains the support of large remnants of the spiritually still existent Tea Party. Well, those who have not splintered off to Trump’s camp.

    5. Ted Cruz. He may have a creepy face and personality, but I think he is closest to Trump on immigration. He’s a cuckservative, but he’s less of one than Rubio and he’s also way smarter than Rubio. Harvard Law beats community college. But some of the most horrifying things that Obama has done to this country, such as encourage Black people to burn down their cities when juries decided to not convict white people for defending themselves from dangerous blacks, are things that not even the most cucked-out Republican would do. They are also things that even the most reasonable Dem would do. I’m sure Hillary and Sanders would both take the side of black criminals over innocent cops. So I think that alt-right guys need to swallow their pride and vote for a Republican, even if it isn’t Trump.

    6. Trump will have to prove how he intends to pay for his ambitions aside from 1] Inflating the currency and 2] Selling debt to China; and still remain profitable. To me, the #1 important issue is the debt and no candidate even mentions the Federal Reserve outside of Sanders.
      Until this discussion happens, I’m voting for Gary Johnson out of principle.

      1. Principle will not get us far in electoral politics with third party voting (unless someone like Ralph Nader splits the Dem vote like in 2000).
        Plus, Gary Johnson thinks he can limit/eliminate the debt all while unleashing libertarian policies that would oftentimes help SJWs (transgender surgeries on young children etc).
        A libertarian government would also have scarce measures to protect itself and its policies when the inevitable “anti-austerity” lunatics become violent.

        1. Which brings me to the second half of my concerns. Trump will undoubtedly face a hostile Congress. The only choice he will have, if I’m not mistaken, is power of Executive Orders to get his agenda accomplished.
          This further concentrates power towards the executive branch and ultimately creates a legal precedent for a leftist president in the future to use as reference.
          Voting 3rd Party in America is a doomed cause, but I’d rather be in the minority that didn’t vote away what was left of my civil liberty in favor of a personality cult.
          NOTE: If he can go into detail how he is going to pay for his ambitions without going into debt, I’m all ears.

        2. Reagan and Nixon had a hostile Congress as well. Only with Nixon did the situation become terminal and that was because of Watergate.
          If Reagan can harness a conservative semi-revolution to somewhat intimidate a Democrat-controlled Congress, why not Trump?

        3. Government is not omnipotent.
          The 911 hijackers were here on student, tourist, and business visas; Americans enjoy Peruvian cocaine while American businesses seek cheaper employment via illegal immigration. No wall or amount of oversight will stop this.
          Only two Presidents have turned a federal surplus in the past 50 years [Nixon in ’69 and Clinton in 98-00]. Our $19 trillion debt is based upon grandiose ambitions that never panned out.
          I need to know to know how Trump is going to fund his designs without adding to the debt by 1] Further inflating our over extended currency 2]Borrowing from China, or 3] Raising taxes.
          I’m not knocking the man, he’s brilliant. It’s at the point where I need to hear details before I cast my vote. If you have links, by all means, send them my way.

        4. I take back what I said about Trump. The mounting backlash he’s received proves he is a threat to the established order. It’s Trump or bust.

      2. Trump has said numerous times that he wants to audit the Fed. He just tweeted it yesterday. And his foreign policy is essentially identical to Ron Paul’s.
        You can vote for principle all you want, but realize that it will do nothing to slow or stop the trends that are already shitting on them anyway, and will continue to make libertarianism further and further irrelevant.
        If this were a normal election with “the lesser of two” globalist evils your argument would hold some weight, but everything about 2016 is pointing at black swan. Get the most bang for your buck. Garrett is correct. Principle purity is not going to get us far, especially when this year we might be able to do something that matters.

  15. Jebush had the same losers advising him as the last two losers had. His ads had the opposite effect on me and just made me not want to vote for him more. I think Trump and Cruz are going to do everything they promised because of how the Republicans treated them.

  16. Jeb is in the garden eating worms. He was absolutely promised a win and then Trump the terminator showed up and poked Jeb in the eye with a stick.

  17. “The supreme tragedy of Jeb Bush is that he is not a bad guy.” – and this is why Western White Christian Male Civilization and all of human achievement is on the brink of disaster. Fundamentally kind, decent, and moral white christian men not taught how to deal with women, race, and the world.

  18. I’m torn. I support Trump, but I’ve got Cruz on my fantasy team and I need him to pick up some delegates.

  19. More than anything else, this just shows that in our declining roman republic, the patricians (Bush) with their interconnected interests are losing to a Caesar who can take charge of teh whole political system.

  20. It’s creepy that Jeb and the rest of the Bushes thought that he was entitled to the presidency, that “it was his turn.” What the hell? Why do we have to revere the Bush name? They’re not the royal family. And then that crusty old bitch Barb had the balls to endorse her own son publicly- like we give a fuck what she thinks. She thinks she’s like the American version of the Queen Mum or something. When in reality most people have forgotten not only who she is, but who her husband is.

  21. I disagree with most of this article. Jeb’s problem was ideological not strategic. He wasn’t hiding a conservative platform in order to get elected. He didn’t have one because he is a liberal like his brother – pro-open borders, pro big government, pro-war.
    Given the above, I also don’t think he is a nice guy. Importing a foreign army to war against the natives like Merkel and sending natives off to die in foreign wars while expropriating wealth from tax payers to pay for both makes you a very bad guy in my book.

  22. Keep it up, Trump. Even people in other countries are cheering you on.
    On a somewhat related note, the more I read about American politics, the more I loathe these ‘superdelegates’. People in your ‘Democracy’ not voting for who you want them to, like good little sheeple? No problems – superdelegates can tip the ‘votes’ in your preferred candidate’s favour. Scumbags.

    1. That is on the Democrat side only. The Republican superdelegates (which are much fewer in number than the Dems) are required to vote for the candidate their respective candidate voted for.
      The superdelegates on the Republican side are only really a factor if there is a brokered convention or if the delegate they are required to vote for drops out of the race, dies, etc.

  23. Ted Cruz is the only legitimate conservative running in this race. Bar none.
    The reason why that is can be amply seen in the sheer number of attacks on him by all the establishment juggernauts on the left AND pseudo right. If Cruz wasn’t such a threat to them they wouldn’t spend so much time and money trying to convince everyone he is the devil himself while Trump conveniently gets a pass for his devilish works.
    Whether it’s MSNBS’s love fest with Donald Trump (not to mention the indirect endorsements he’s gotten from the likes of Reid, Jimmy Carter and other left wing loons) or the pro Rubio Fox news, it’s clear the MSM from the left and right is joining forces against him because they know he is the real deal. Trump is nothing more than a manchurian candidate designed to trick the base once again into supporting yet another Rino for president. A thorough vetting of his record shows numerous instances of disturbing trends of prevarication, progressive philosophy and a willingless to crush anyone who gets in his path, such as he did with Vera Coking when he used the local government to bully her off of her property just so he could build another Trump favoring business.
    No true conservative will EVER support Trump. He is a liar and a charlatan. He is the Obama of the Rino right and i will NEVER EVER cast a vote for him.
    If any of you do, get used to the words “President Bernie” or “President Hillary” because that is precisely what you will get. Rinos do not beat the fullblown leftist variety.

    1. I do not agree with your assessment of Trump, but your characterization of Cruz as a legitimate conservative is correct.
      How do you see Cruz performing, both now and in, say, 2020 if he is not nominated this time?

      1. Are you familiar with his abuse of eminent domain in the Vera Coking incident? That’s just one of the many disturbing facts about Trump. I have a file cabinet worth of damaging info about him that you’d best believe the Dems will exploit to its fullest potential.
        Cruz isn’t going to win the R nomination because of the same kind of superficial populism that helped Obama defeat Hillary. The difference being, Trump is going to lose to the D nominee precisely because of all the baggage he brings with him along with the conservative Christian base once again staying home or writing in someone else like they did last time.
        I don’t believe this country has any more elections left. I think we will be reinvented as the New North Korea in 3 years tops.
        Yeah that’s a bold prediction but i’m sticking with it.

    2. Add to the fact that Trump supports Feminism and Fags. Hes a cuckservative just like the rest.

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  25. Jeb had no chance in hell to be the Republican nominee or win the national election, and he has his brother Dubya to thank for that. Dubya made sure that anyone whose last name is “Bush” will not win a national election in the next 40 years at least.

  26. Jeb was a decent governor. However, he never tackled the Leftists on his east coast flank…typical. There’s a time and place when a person has to throw the gloves down and come out swinging. We’re facing that as a nation, how could he claim he was the solution to our problems when he never fought the battles in his own backyard? The electorate finally realized that the Father’s inconsistencies have been passed down to his sons.

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