Why Can’t I Leave A Smiley Face?

I released a new book that I think you might be interested in. Here’s an excerpt:

The cougar had a habit of abruptly ending the conversation with me to go babysit her blonde friend with whichever new guy she was talking to. She seemed to get a kick out of playing matchmaker, but she started to make me look like a fool, expecting me to wait for her every time she left. A man can only take so much from a girl he doesn’t even like.

She gave me a kiss then said, “Hold on, I have to talk to that guy over there to hook my friend up.”

“You go talk to that guy and when you come back I won’t be here,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not going to wait while you talk to him.”

“Whatever. I had a boyfriend for three years and he was controlling just like you. That’s why I broke up with him.”

“You can do whatever you want. You can talk to him, but I’ll be gone.”

“I don’t believe that. You’re blowing it, you know. Do you want this to work or not?”

“It’s my way or the highway.”

She said nothing while I looked around. Then she put her arms around me and kissed me. I wanted to laugh that I was being tested by an older woman who wasn’t that attractive. I was curious how many poor saps had failed her stupid tests only to wonder why things suddenly went south.

Something inside me started to come alive, a part of me I hadn’t seen in a while. It was the part that wanted to hurt a woman, just for the hell of it.

America, bringing the worst out of me since 1979.

The brief book is a collection of stories about my one month return to America after living in Europe for almost two years. Grab the book at a discount if you order by midnight tonight. Click here to learn more.

Smiley Face

29 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Leave A Smiley Face?”

  1. The hidden narrative for many men learning to be successful with modern anglosphere women is — beyond the surprisingly counter-intuitive discovery that only uncompromising game works — the realization that that the resulting journey is not really the one you wanted to take. The man you are forced to become is much, much less than the man you know you should be.
    The question “Why can’t I use a smiley face?” is answered when a man discovers — and they do exist in other places — real women who actually appreciate kindness. Then it becomes clear previous frustrations were overwhelmingly structural, cultural. Roosh’s book does a good job of illustrating that realization and the cultural rift it creates when trying to return “home”.

    1. Spot On. Like I said in a post on roosh’s forum, the reality in the U.S. is that you’re going to have to be more and more willing to jeopardize your future, health, sanity, safety, and soul just to be good enough for some of these women (see the “Black America predicting our future” article on this sight, the same point is made). I’m all for pulling ass, but I still want to reserve some of my humanity regardless of how it affects gettin some. Call me what you want, but I know what I want in life, and what I don’t, and I act accordingly. So if I happen to lose some ass in the process, so be it.

    2. This is essentially the premise for MGTOW, Your a gentle soul, especially when you have no reason not to be(if a grandma bakes you a cookie, your nice to her right?) so why should you not be kind, if someone else isnt going out of their way to being a pain in the ass towards you? Why cant you just be yourself? Are you not good enough just the way you are? (I know im sounding like some dumb cliche broad right about now)
      Why should you change if your fundamentally a good human being just for some whore? In the process you might end up losing your humanity, sanity and possibly your soul

  2. I just recently came across Roosh’s site and I have read every article. I was always looking for an alternative to the feminist narrative and was not aware of the manospere. So now I will be reading this site regularly instead of trolling Jezebel.

  3. No shit, 100% guaranteed, if a cougar tells you a story about a bad thing her shitty ex did, she’s telling you what she wants from you. “I hated my controlling ex” == “Control me or the snatch clangs shut”.
    That makes it easy. Even easy, it’s still a waste of effort.

      1. Just because I sent that to your mom doesn’t mean you can steal it without due credit

  4. I’ve never felt compelled to use a “smiley face” in my life. Why would you want to use one?

    1. Try taking your asperger’s medication and looking up metaphor in the dictionary.

      1. You seem to be implying that I have no ability to understand social nuances, a common symptom of Asperger’s syndrome (am I correct in this assessment?)
        There are various medications that serve to counteract several symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome, such as irritability, hyperactivity, and repetitive behavior, but none that counteract the symptom you implied I exhibit. Therefore, even if I had Asperger’s syndrome, your advice to “take my asperger’s medication” would have no relevance to this particular situation.
        Furthermore, a person with Asperger’s syndrome can easily understand the dictionary definition of “metaphor” while still being unable to recognize genuine instances of metaphors in context. So, if I had Asperger’s syndrome, it would also not do me any good to “look up metaphor in the dictionary.” Thus, your second piece of advice is also irrelevant.

        1. You’re getting there buddy. Now read up on exaggeration for comedic effect.

  5. I read this monograph in one sitting because I could not put it down. An honest and heart-felt account of one man’s attempt to come to grips with the anguish, disillusionment, and alienation of returning to the sterility and emptiness of modern America. This is something that matters to me on a very personal level, having experienced (and still experiencing) the same emotions from returning to the US after many years in Asia. Roosh, you are not alone.
    And no, you will never be able to go back. And you would not want to, either. This book is the funeral oration for the old you. See it as a requiem. You are now the new you; the better, deeper, richer, philosophical you. You now have that “thousand yard stare”…and it was earned in sweat, toil, and blood.
    “Henceforth be masterless”, as Benjamin Franklin said. Masterless, in the deepest sense. So go forth now, and conquer.

    1. “This book is the funeral oration for the old you.” Hmm, I guess it is.
      But I agree, I can’t ever live there again.

  6. I ran “I had a boyfriend for three years and he was controlling just like you. That’s why I broke up with him.” through the hamster translator (cougar hamster edition) and got:
    Dominance make my pussy tingle. But dump me while I’m hitting the wall and I will call you controlling. I will also tell guys I have no chance with that I broke up with you.

  7. I read it the other night. I’m going to have to read it again because I was hammered on Heineken during the first go through. I appreciated the sections about his mother and sister, as well as the commentary on all the entitled females in DC. It’s no BANG, but at three dollars, you can’t really go wrong.

  8. If I had a credit card, I’d buy it. Wish I had bitcoins too. Don’t have shit.
    Either way coming back to America is like walking into hell. America is a horrible place once you have experienced foreign lands where people still have freedom.

    1. Go to your local CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid/Target and buy a $25 temporary credit card. If you don’t have $25 of spending cash for a good purpose like this, then you should be working or hatching a business idea more…

  9. Roosh, off-topic and self-promoting but I wrote a Spearhead essay about the AlphaSmart Neo which may interest you, as it features a guy traveling the world and writing about it on his Neo :
    What is your writing setup while abroad?

  10. I mean seriously, aren’t we all a bit “beta” in the way we are always awaiting some response or feedback from our computers?

  11. How many times does a chick have to do something like this to you before you say “thats enough”?
    The first time she does it, I am going to not like it because I have an enormous (yet sadly frail at times) ego. Is that the point where I say “No”, the second I want to? Or should I see if its a pattern first?

    1. Well for me, if a girl does something like this one time I am done with her. Of course, in all honestly that lack of persistence prevents me from getting laid a lot. So if that is your ultimate goal, then put up with the shit long enough to fuck her and once mission is complete, kick her to the curb like she deserves. But then again, if every guy were as impatient as me, women would start changing their behavior also.

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