Did Ellen Pao File A Baseless Lawsuit To Hide Her Own Poor Job Performance?

Powerful Silicon Valley venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers—famous for backing Google and Amazon—won a gender discrimination lawsuit Friday filed against them by former junior partner Ellen Pao, who is currently interim CEO of Reddit.

Pao claims that she was passed over for promotions based on her sex and was fired for complaining about the discrimination in 2012. The suit was filed that year and asked for $16 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

Supposedly there had been many sexist remarks made by the defendants during Pao’s employment. She also claimed she had been retaliated against for complaining by not being invited to certain events and being poorly evaluated in a performance review.

Jurors And Judgments

The jurors themselves were divided over how to rule on this case, but came to the conclusion that she was fired for substandard performance. There were twelve jurors, and each of the four claims required a 9-3 decision.

Pao and the mainstream media are claiming that even though she lost the case, it is still a landmark since it is raising a conversation about women in STEM. And of course, by “raising a conversation,” they always mean “giving a lecture.”

The Huffington Post writes,

Despite days of courtroom drama about affairs, books of erotic poetry and office flirting, juror Steve Sammut, who mostly voted for Kleiner, said the decision came down to Pao’s effectiveness at her job.

“We were focused on the performance,” he said.

That seems to be the proper course of action. People should be promoted based on their performance, not their sex. Just because there were several inappropriate gestures made in the workplace—apparently by both Pao and her co-workers—does not mean she was discriminated against.

Women At Work


Former Kleiner partner John Denniston, partner John Doerr, and former partner Ellen Pao.

But even if she was fired for more than her substandard performance, the facts in the case suggest Pao was a troublemaker with little concern for professional ethics. If it were merely a matter of being denied a promotion, we could be more sympathetic to Pao as a person. But all the inappropriate behavior she allegedly engaged in—including an extramarital affair with partner Ajit Nazre—shows her to be more of a distraction than an addition.

Pao received a Valentine’s Day gift of erotic poetry from a senior partner Randy Komisar, which supposedly made her uncomfortable, except that she continued to seek him out for relationship advice and remained on good terms with him. The book is by Leonard Cohen, a Buddhist, and was supposedly selected by Komisar’s wife since Pao gave Komisar a statue of the Buddha for Christmas. Komisar himself is a Buddhist, as is the fashion in Southern California.

Komisar was also excluded from the dinner with Al Gore and the skiing trip Pao claims she was excluded from, merely for being a woman.

One point of conflict between Pao and Komisar was the legal startup RPX.

Another flashpoint in the case is a board seat at legal startup RPX that Pao said she was denied because of her maternity leave. The seat was instead given to Komisar because he “needed a win” in senior partner John Doerr’s words.

But emails revealed during Pao’s testimony last week showed that Pao was supportive of the move to give Komisar the seat. On Tuesday, Hermle displayed an email where Pao hesitated about being part of the board because Doerr had said that she might be busy with her maternity leave. Until that point, Komisar said, he never mentioned her pregnancy.

But Pao soon grew jealous of Komisar, telling him that the RPX board members “hated him” and that he should step down. Believing this was an act to take his position, Komisar asked Pao to cut off contact with the board.

“I felt it was a betrayal of confidence to talk to my partners about how to remove me and politick behind my back,” Komisar said. “I thought that was unforgivable.”


The way real equality works is that women get treated the same way as men. Most workplaces have policies against sleeping with co-workers. Most workplaces will fire you for trying to sabotage a superior. Most workplaces do not give the most coveted vacations and dinners to junior partners.

Which of the two parties is in the wrong here? It appears to me that both of them are. Although I think that Pao deserved to be fired sooner than she was, my gut reaction is, to quote Shakespeare, “A plague on both your houses.”

It appears that Kleiner Perkins may have been retaliating against her, although I also have little doubt that Pao is exaggerating the claims. Both appear to be amoral at best. A married man having a workplace tryst with a married woman. A senior partner giving an erotic book of poems and drawings to female coworker on Valentine’s Day and then lying that he didn’t realize it was erotic.

But it takes two to tango. Pao allegedy chose to have sex with Nazre on multiple occasions. Pao allegedly chose to betray Komisar after setting him up with the position with RPX.

Where was her husband Buddy Fletcher during all of this? On the east coast pursuing his own inflated career dreams. At the time of the lawsuit, Fletcher was filing his own against the famous Dakota apartment in New York for racial discrimination since they denied him an additional apartment after living there for 17 years.

I was weirdly unable to find a picture with the two of them together.

I was weirdly unable to find a picture with the two of them together.

Pao and her husband didn’t even live in the same timezones so they could pursue their inane desires. Is that even a marriage? It’s American idealism at its worst. Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying is, and it appears both Fletcher and Pao are bloated on vanity.

Hypocrisy Of The Public Reaction

Of course, the mainstream media is enabling Pao to play the discrimination card to her own advantage. She claims that she’s discriminated against for being a minority, and the young white liberals believe her regardless of the evidence.

If a man had been fired for substandard performance after sleeping with a coworker, he’d be crucified as an extortionist. But when a woman supposedly offers her pussy for advancement, suddenly it must be rape culture. And why wouldn’t she invoke her female minority privilege if she knew it would get her off the hook with the masses? She’s got a career to build, and the more innocent and victimized she looks, the more likely tech companies will be to white knight for her by giving her a job.

Still, that doesn’t make Pao any less of a snake. She is likely slandering people for things they didn’t do wrong. Perhaps cosmic karma will catch up to her, and tech companies will be scared to hire her because of the trail of destruction she left at Kleiner Perkins. As seems to be the pattern in her life, she is planning for the short-term and not the long-term.

Perhaps the feminists are correct that Silicon Valley has a culture of amorality, but they are wrong that the women are victims of that culture instead of integral proponents of it.

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  1. “Pao received a Valentine’s Day gift of erotic poetry from a from senior partner Randy Komisar”.
    quick editing job needs to be done to make that grammar a little less ‘tarded.

  2. Looks like the cracks in this gender equality war are turning into fissures. And as well dressed and scholarly as this woman is, hypergamy strikes again. I would refrain from stating whether or not this is even a marriage, only because this is how people are being shown to view others; as momentary accessories to be shelved on their way to whatever glory is to be attained at the top. What is the top? Centralized focus of power to later be posted on a social media to suggest an inflated persona.
    I thought this was a Forney piece for a second. Now, I’m really curious what his article will be this week.

    1. Forneys next article: “Mongolian chicks think they all deserve Genghis Khan”

  3. I know I will forget this woman exists in a couple of days, but someone PLEASE write a follow up in a year or two about how she has been unemployable and is living in a dumpster.

    1. If only! But she might be the norm rather than the rule of corporate behavior.

      1. It was a hail mary to get the $16m payout or be screwed, and she lost. There’s every chance that no-one will take the risk to employ her again.

        1. She’s clearly a notch counter, tallying up the ‘prestigious’ places she’s worked or been, whether it was Harvard or Ajit’s lap. Who knows how many other notches she had which weren’t accounted for. If you turn out to be right, that would be an influential win.

        2. The unfortunate part is that being a modern day woman, i’m willing to bet she’ll land on her feet. The world is chock full of white knights, ‘get out of jail free’ passes & ‘what have yous’ for the modern broad who can’t cut the mustard. Her being overeducated works in her favor as well..

  4. Pao claims that she was passed over for promotions based on her sex and was fired for complaining about the discrimination in 2012.

    They were lucky she didn’t accuse them of rape.
    Women are toxic and anyone who still hires women (when he doesn’t have to) deserves to be sued. MGTOW should be the principle not only of individual men, but also of companies: Reduce contact to the toxic gender.

    1. Thank you Blair and RoK readers for articles and comments. Everyday is a learning day.

    2. “Accuse him of Rape and the Promotion is yours” This is why false rape accusations need to be Punishable.

      1. I propose that the following rules be set in place:
        1. The “innocent until proven guilty” policy should apply to rape cases. Equal weight should be placed on the agency of the accused and the alleged victim.
        2. An unsubstantiated rape accusation for which there is no conviction should be followed with public apology by any media who covered the incident, and expunging of related charges and arrests from the public record, and protection from public backlash.
        3. In the event of unsubstantiated rape accusation, if evidence suggests a deliberately false accusation was filed, the state should open a case against the individuals who filed the false report, as well as potential perjury for witnesses.
        Rape is heinous, and even a false accusation brands the accused for life. This must be mitigated so that justice may truly be done.

        1. I agree with everything you say, Rape is no joke , and any woman who throws the rape card around to get Even with a Man should be punished if found to be false, Not only for Smearing an innocent Man, but for Discrediting woman everywhere who may have Been Raped and are trying to seek Justice. Supposedly there is a woman who cried Rape three times with three different Men in my area, each time was found to be false. If there was a law punishing False rape she may not have even cried Rape the first time.

    3. Women who’ve started businesses now realize the Utopian idea of a female only office is a disaster and that it’s women themselves — NOT men — who are the problem. It’s funny. When women own a business … suddenly they see reality.
      And guess what? I’ve read feminists are starting to go after these female business owners. These women have recognized men generally get more done and are focused to WORK at work … thus promoting them. Feminists are beginning to attack female business owners for promoting men over women.
      It’ll never end. Feminism will attack female run businesses as being blinded by “the patriarchy.”

  5. since it is raising a conversation
    Is anybody else tired of this bromide? Am I the only one?
    Conversation my ass. What this actually translates into is “since it is raising an opportunity to bully and browbeat anybody who dares disagree with the orthodox political opinions of the left”.

      1. Fuck having a “conversation.” It implies giving an audience. No audience, no conversation. Everything they condone is subversive and contrary to nature.
        You can’t have a conservation about anything they want to talk about without it devolving into a shitstorm emotional tirade of victimization. “I feel intimidated.” They are the most closed minded dipshits you’ll ever meet. An invitation to suspend common sense and logic and to demonize you.
        “Gender is a social construct!” Bullshit. I call it nature.
        What in the hell does a world look like when anyone can be offended, some have more rights than others, the social order is completely turned on it’s head? Success is considered filing a lawsuit and winning? Losing a lawsuit is a “victory?” The world according to these asses should be upside down and backwards.
        “Lets talk about race.” Brought to you by Starbucks? How about lets talk about the emasculation of men or the Bullshit called “Political Correctness.” Lets talk about the fact men have ZERO reproductive rights.
        We are going to liberate humanity back to the dark ages and our corporate masters will remain firmly in place, using technology to determine who’s guilty of thinking? It would be a return of feudal kingdoms with the technological means to crush dissent with less people.
        These people are weapons, once used, they are discarded. They are too stupid to realize they are being played.

        1. I suggest “Let’s talk about equality”, followed by scathing excoriations of equalism and its followers

    1. Generally, the term “conversation” implies two sides. Surprisingly, they never want to hear the other one.

      1. Right, exactly. To them a conversation is you sitting on a chair in a small room with a single light shining down on you while they prance around you and berate you until you “confess” to whatever idiocy they want you to. These people are fascists from noes to toes.

        1. Reminds me of my favorite T-shirt:
          “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

        1. But he been earnin $9543 this-last/5 weeks. Don’t you want been earnin that too?!?

        2. What is really annoying GoJ is there must be a way to automatically block this spam. I’m no computer wizard, but there has to be program somewhere to flag the common words in this drivel. Meanwhile, everyone HIT THE FLAG!

        3. Disqus allows moderation of words, but the problem here is that this spam generally doesn’t keep the same verbiage between days. You’ll nail it one day then the next they change the format a bit.

        4. These guys use obscure Unicode characters which we don’t employ. And they seem to bold everything. That’s probably a good place to start…
          Reaxxion had a video spam bot yesterday (if I remember right), which we could potentially prevent in the near future.
          These comments probably need to be flagged for moderation before they hit the page. Harder on the mods, but cleaner site.

        5. Go get a life. Your contemporaries are doing great amazing things with their lives, making the world better as a result. Do you see where your life has ended? Better still, can you see the dark ugly unfortunate place it is headed????

        6. If this was a twist on “Jane, you ignorant slut” I salute the reference.

    2. It’s amazing how the left is so predictable and works the same way all over the West. Whenever I hear some leftist say “oh, we gotta have an honest and open discussion about [insert bullshit here]” I already know for a fact that they are filled with shit… hell, everything is discussed all the time in the internet and in groups of people… what they truly mean is “you guys gotta accept my views on this bullshit”

      1. Yeah, I know. The best course of action is to spend sixty seconds or less running rings around them with logic and facts, strictly for the benefit of any bystanders, then laughing at them and walking away. These people are incapable of self examination and are blind to their own faults to a level of sociopathy so trying to change their minds is pointless. But those on the sidelines, well, who knows, you might show some the light of day.

        1. “These people are incapable of self examination and are blind to their own faults to a level of sociopathy so trying to change their minds is pointless. But those on the sidelines, well, who knows, you might show some the light of day.”
          Exactly right. It’s pointless to debate the insane; we do so because those on the sidelines who have not yet made up their minds benefit from the exchange.

      2. That is because the people who aren’t on the left are usually full of shit and can’t have open discussions. They won’t say openly that I don’t like mexicans or I hate asians

        1. That is because the people who are on the left are usually full of shit and can’t have open discussions. They won’t say openly that I don’t really care about mexicans or I give a fuck about asians.
          You really think the left gives a fuck about ANY minority? You don’t think they will promise anything to anyone that is in a minority for a vote? Both sides are shit, in truth. At least the right doesn’t pretend to give a shit about “oppressed” minorities.

        2. By that logic those on the right are far worse. They promise a minority nothing and still hate their guts. No surprise the choice would be obvious. At least the left pretends to give a shit and occasionally throws you a bone.

    3. Anything less than total agreement will get an individual smeared with the Left’s Modern day Scarlet Letter Word’s , Sexist, Misogynist , Racist etc etc.

    4. If they want to piss away their money on fostering ‘discussion’ let them , I sure won’t listen, and it seems a lot of the public feels that way, too. Let them go broke

    5. I now hear “raising a conversation” as “we know we were wrong but here’s why you should think we’re right.”

    6. All this story does is confirm why people dont want to hire women: drama. I dont see how this is a win for anyone. A cheating, jealous, lying excuse for a woman trying to steal millions from a company who’s rules she disrespected while working there. These feminists lack any virtue whatsoever.

      1. There’s also dumbass maternity leave and made up sexual harrassment that is only in their head. There should be a penalty for false accusation because it is lying on a person on serious charges.

        1. This. False accusations can ruin someone’s life.
          Any fool who does such things should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. If vindictive fools want to use the law to hurt others, they should be forced to endure the consequences.

      2. Part of the reason I left the workforce was drama inflicted on me by other women. There was always some ugly, fat or old woman trying to make me look bad because she was jealous. I was also bullied for not participating in the feminazi’s tattling on superiors for flirting. Strangely, I had absolutely no problems with the men I worked with. My husband always said “Men go to work just to do their jobs in order to earn money. Women go to work to backstab and create drama for other women.”
        I am much happier at home, working in my new career as a corporate wife. It is a relief to embrace my feminine nurturing instincts rather than pretending to me a ball busting career woman to suit others. There is no more anxiety every morning due to all the bullying and backstabbing by feminazis. My husband comments on how much happier I am now.
        I have no sympathy for women who create frivolous lawsuits because of how entitled and silly they are. Why would Pao have sex with a man she worked with, seek out relationship advice and then turn around and sue the company? People who do not do their jobs well are let go. She should have just quietly accepted her termination and learned from it. Of course, because she is a bitter and vindictive bitch, she just HAD to get the courts involved. Pao certainly didn’t need the law when she was WILLINGLY banging a coworker! I don’t understand how her husband would put up with that nonsense. He’s certainly not an Alpha male. A real man wouldn’t stay with a woman who valued her career more than the marriage and refused to be faithful.

        1. LOLOL This foolish accusation again? Is that you Marcus?
          I know that I am a woman and that is all that matters.
          There ARE women who think the way I do in the world.
          You have no proof that I am not female, so saying that you “know” I am not a woman is ridiculous.
          There is no way that you can “know” that I am not a woman, just as I cannot “know” that you are male. I just assume that people are going to be honest about their gender on ROK, because I would like to think that well adjusted adults would have no reason to pretend otherwise. An Alpha male wouldn’t be trolling like you are.

    7. That’s the thing I noticed with the American right – they’re too defensive and not offensive enough
      That’s why you need to take every opportunity to bully and browbeat people who express leftist opinions, even when unprovoked

    8. A woman making shit up to get ahead or a fatter paycheck? Say it isn’t so Ghost of Jefferson…. next you’ll be telling me that marriage is a sham to control men, their assets and then fleece them in the end after the vultures (IRS and Government) have picked them clean….

  6. This is typical feminism bullshit, firstly, she lost the court case an they still claim it as a ‘victory’, secondly, it shows further hypocrisy. Feminists claim they want to be treated the same as men, but they don’t accept the negative things that go along with that. If a man performs poorly in that industry he gets sacked, so surely since feminists want to be treated the same they should accept that fact. But no, they claim the sacking was discrimination because she was female. They only want equality when it suits them, they want the good things about equality but complain an play the victim when they are forced to accept the bad.

    1. That’s the whole thing. Feminist don’t want to be treated like men. They want special rights/ treatment. The whole “equality” thing is merely a veil for special rights.

      1. Feminism is simply a considerable extension of previously existing female privilege. Their search is for parity (i.e., equality of outcome) not equality.

        1. Even after women get equal pay for being as unproductive as they are feminism is going to keep on looking for other means to give power to women. Until men stop playing Prince Charming this will never end.

        2. Perhaps it is unsurprising that greed, gluttony, and envy are considered among the seven deadly sins, as feminists certainly possess these weaknesses in abundance.

      2. Exactly they want eqauk rights but not eqaul responsibility plus they want special treatment.

    2. That’s why bosses should think twice before believing women make good obedient subordinates. They’re lazy, unproductive, create trouble, make other workers unproductive, use maternity leave as something separate to sick days, and will file lawsuits

  7. It sounded more like she was an over-educated pain in the ass who was difficult to work with. Now she will have to pay part of Kleiner’s legal fees. LOL.

  8. What Ellen Pao did is follow the “lean-in” woman’s playbook to a T. She acted like a complete unruly cunt to everyone – superior, subordinate and colleague alike – and when this no longer advanced her ambitions, she reversed course, turned on the waterworks and cried “sexism, harassment, misogyny, discrimination!”
    Folks, all of these discrimination and harassment laws have outlived their usefulness. They are a breeding ground for baseless claims from a bunch of malcontents and malingerers who want to score a quick payday as a result of the fact that they suck so bad they are being terminated. That’s basically all these laws are – a useless people tax on corporations.

  9. Did Ellen Pao File A Baseless Lawsuit To Hide Her Own Poor Job Performance?


  10. I was hanging out with a Canadian chick the other day who is looking for a new job in Singapore. She said she hopes that she never works with females again.

    1. That seems to be the consensus I hear from women as well, the ones that will talk about it I mean. They’re all about The Sisterhood until they actually have to deal with the reality of The Sisterhood on a daily basis.

      1. My dad used to say “someone has to do the work.” When you have a company that is all women there is no one to do the work.
        That said if you run a small business partnership with your wife, and if you wife isn’t a worthless western woman, they can and will try hard to contribute. Again we come back to the same old same old. The west made its women into these worthless creatures by empowering them beyond their abilities.

        1. It all falls together. After all women have more of a herd mentality than men. If one is not doing work the others feel its only fair that they don’t do any either. If there w a whole nation of women it would of been communist state that wouldn’t last a month.

  11. If they want to raise a conversation on sexism, why don’t they just follow Starbuck’s lead and write “Sex Together” on coffee cups?

    1. All of my barista chicks already write this on my cups. Except they end it with a question mark and a smiley face.

      1. It’s working.
        I think this could fix all our problems between the genders.

  12. Asian-American women married to a Black guy? Nope, not going to work. She probably just wasn’t hot enough to snag a White beta. You know for sure that she was getting passed around Silicone valley by everyone except for the token Black guys there.

      1. He was already gay (bisexual, whatever) before they married. Guess he flips a coin every morning.

        1. I recall Andrew Dice Clay did a bit about bisexuality. It went something like:
          “Whaddya flip a coin to decide? Heads, I want hair-pie…Tails, BALLS across the nose…OH!!!”

  13. Pao got her day in court. Pao got a jury that included women to hear her case. Pao hired the best attorney money could buy. Pao lost because she didn’t have a case. Her sense of being treated “unfairly” didn’t meet the legal definition of being discriminated against. Her claims were frivolous. She has set back women’s claims just like the false rape narrative in Rolling Stone. Women should study Pao to learn what not to do.

    1. Yes, quite so. So now she’s a whining sniveling cowardly “victim”. A real cunt Pao chicken if you ask me.

    2. The real lesson here is don’t hire women. No one cares if you fire a white guy, that makes white guys the best employees.

  14. This bitch is Fugly! Must be some seriously desperate beta losers if they were interested in her. However, being homely makes the feminists embrace her that much more. Had she been a bombshell babe the feminists wouldn’t care as much. LOL

    1. Sadly that is current day silicon valley. Any woman that isn’t obese is considered attractive. Its a dating wasteland of bitter unattractive feminists.

      1. I’ve heard as much about most of the north West Coast.
        Every day that passes I realize I live in this little bubble of the 1950’s, with plenty of thin young women running around (I live just north of THE Ohio State University). If I had to relocate to somewhere with the majority being fat ugly broads I think I’d go insane.

        1. Fake boobs are SoCal’s domain. Plus silicon is different from SILICONE. Silicon is a semiconductor material (think: sand); silicone is what is used in fake tee-tees

    2. I’ve fucked some ugly girls but no way in hell my dick gets hard for this bitch.

  15. It looks like she is merely a distraction at workplace, unnecessarily spiking sexual tension, among men, which affects their focus, and the overall performance of the company. She seems to be whining for equal treatment, and if actual equal treatment is given to men and women, I’m all in for it. However, this isn’t the case. If it was a married man who had slept with a co-worker, He would, rightly as the writer said, be crucified on the media, while there would be discussions into his private life, as to how much he has hurt his wife, and what a terrible husband, and human being he is. However, now because its a woman, she is portrayed as a victim. Nobody seems to mentions how she has hurt her husband, and what a terrible wife she is. I guess, since, she is so concerned about equality, she should demand, that she be treated the same, as any other man would.
    Moreover, these is a high chance that her claims of discrimination are false. Firstly, the corporate world, is pussy whipped about discriminating towards women. The men walk on eggshells, knowing that they have to be very cautious when dealing with women, because this could cost them their jobs and dignity. Secondly, in cases like these, the courts which are highly infiltrated with feminist bullshit and political correctness, know that it is a extremely sensitive matter. They fully know the feminist hysteria, and often rule in favour of women just to appease the feminists. The fact that she has lost the case in in the politically correct judiciary system we live in, clearly shows that her claims are false.

  16. I can’t remember if it was brought up in this article but I read about this in the news. She also claims that she was forced into having an affair with a colleague too. Which is complete bullshit hamster victim mentality to add to her unnecessarily long list of complaints. I’m glad common sense prevailed and denied her fabricated claims.

  17. I never understood these sexual discrimination lawsuits. If a company wanted to discriminate against women, they wouldn’t hire women to begin with.

    1. True but since we can pay women 77 cents on the dollar it makes sense to hire them.

        1. I think you have it backwards. I understand the comment I replied to. Do you?

  18. Anybody else think it was weird she married a bisexual black man? If the coworker who banged her had any sense he’d have steered clear of her Petri dish of a pussy. (unless maybe that was before she started banging bisexual guys…? Who knows – bad judgement either way).
    Their marriage was more like a business deal: “Ok, crank out the kid, then we get on with our lives on opposite coasts; we’re both rich enough with good lawyers so we can sign each others prenups and mitigate any damage when we inevitably divorce.”

    1. I guess this was an open marriage, I can’t understand why any woman would want to have sex with a bisexual man much less marry one.

    2. I would love it if someone made an article regarding feminists and LGBT in conflict. Like how trannies are allowed in women restrooms. After all trannies don’t have to necessarily undergo surgery to be a tranny.

  19. The corporate world and subsequent careers are fraught with rampant irrational discrimination. Any man knows that. You sometimes get a higher position and often you don’t. The reasons for that are many – one stupid joke, one superior not liking your face and it’s all over – no advancement for you. That’s how the cookie crumbles. The difference being now is that women assume it’s because of her being a woman. They are completely mindless of the fact that humans make decisions based on a multitude of more or less logical rationalizations – sometimes completely illogical ones.
    Now anyone hiring a woman for any important position in the West should have his brain examined. NO woman – no problem.

  20. We’ve seen How bad SJW activity has become with the Election of Obama, Imagine how bad it will be if Hilary gets Elected. Pao would probably have won the case.

    1. What do you mean if? It will be her or another woman just as bad. After 6 years of Obama the incompetent, I realy think we would have been better off if Hitlary had beat him out in the primaries.

      1. I think she is planning on running, if she becomes president all the Feminist BS will be full steam ahead.

  21. Geez, this reads more like a Soap Opera.
    Most women need to get out of the workforce is this is norm. I mean, seriously, who wants to deal with all this drama when you’re trying to do your fucking job?

    1. Women watch too much tv and movies and want re live the drama in them. They think that makes them awesome or something. Women also like to find faults on otherwise perfect scenarios just to act like they are suffering and should be helped.

    2. This is exactly why I don’t work anymore.
      I don’t have time for the dramatic histrionics at work from hateful and hideous women.
      I don’t have time for women making rude remarks because I chose to take my husband’s surname.
      I don’t have time for women staring at my boobs and going to HR to complain that they think I am not wearing a bra.
      I don’t have time for women running to my boss to whine about me shutting my office door, so that I can work in peace instead of being distracted by constant chatter.
      Sadly, these are all true stories. No wonder I was miserable.
      I enjoy working for my husband as he is the best boss I have ever had. All I have to do is keep our place clean, cook delicious meals, do laundry, look cute, be happy and entertain well. I have as many sick or vacation days as I need. I enjoy full benefits. I have the joy of being able to sleep with my boss without any feminazis screaming about sexual harassment. More women should embrace the homemaker role as it is surprisingly more fulfilling than they realize.

        1. I wouldn’t say that I was the MOST attractive woman in the office in every case. However, I was always better looking and more competent than the women who were was trying to make me look bad.
          Some of the women envied the fact that I was married as well.
          I’m just happy to be out of the corporate world.

        2. Or, you know, she is actually a guy posing as a woman on ROK for some strange self fulfilling reason.

  22. After my experiences dealing with women in the work-force I’m surprised they’d fire her for sub-standard performance. I’ve seen girls in my office have their hands held the entire way and if they cried, there better be someone else around to blame for it.
    The amount of leeway a female co-worker got was always in proportion to how much everyone wanted to fuck her. So I can’t help but think that Pao was fired because she hit the wall and everyone started to notice that she was pretty much useless without any sex appeal.

    1. I worked at a Wendy’s once and If the women weren’t doing nothing in the office than they were gossiping about someone, the Men who worked there carried the place, but somehow the women were getting the promotions, I also worked a construction job and the woman on the job if she had a quirk about something she did’t have to do it, I think she had a problem with ladders, so the boss never made her climb one.

      1. Same experience in many different companies here as well. Once you get a female manager or management team, you might as well kiss any promotion chances good bye, they’ll all go to the women. I was bluntly told by my last manager (at a place I no longer work, thankfully) that while she recognized my superior skills and all that, the fact is that I am the wrong “gender” and that she was sorry. She actually wanted to give me a promotion, but was kiboshed by Team Hen that were her bosses. Instead a highly unqualified and snarky bitch was basically forced into the slot. I believed the manager because otherwise why would she tell me that, if not to get a dig in at Team Hen above her?

        1. Well at least your manager recognized the discrimination, Imagine a Female employee getting told by a Male Employer, “sorry your not going to get a promotion, your the wrong Gender”, it’d be lawsuit city.In your case it’s not sexism or discrimination however, because women are incapable of such things, at least according to our SJW moral superiors who Guide us Bravely Onward and Forward into Change!

        2. Actually this is likely her not wanting to take responsibility for her choosing to not put you in for promotion and not have to do deliver news that would have you unhappy with her.

        3. If only you could have recorded that.
          If I had a record of what a female boss once said to me I’d still be living off the lawsuit.

        4. I had a similar experience as well. Her feedback notes on my annual review were, “You are the best developer and automation expert I have ever seen, but I just don’t know you well enough.” When I asked a colleague about this, he said she did not promote me for no other reason then I never asked about her day or how her weekend went. I focused on my job only and not socializing. As I’ve said many times before, Feminists Hate Meritocracies.

        5. My wife works in the health care industry. She mostly has had to work with and for women. She hates it. She recently started a new job and is over joyed that two levels above her is a male manager. She frequently complains about the hen circles and having to kiss female supervisor’s asses with all this “how was your weekend?” and “what are your vacation plans?” and “aren’t you just looking great today” crap or be shat upon by management.

        6. I was once told outright by an HR interviewer that it was a good thing I was engaged; as they had a policy of not hiring single men. I later asked a female administrative court judge, who I had as a professor for business law, whether I had grounds for a suit. She said no, as I was not a member of a protected class. Even asking a woman about her marital status would have been grounds for a suit, but since I am a white male I can just fuck off. She said it was bad law and she would love to fight against it but she would be out on her ass the minute she opened her mouth.

        7. I worked in healthcare too and I concur that it is full of nutty women who enjoy making a big deal out of nothing. Any woman who doesn’t subscribe to the cliquey rules is ostracized and bullied.

      2. What the fuck is a woman doing on a construction site? Unless she was invoicing or getting coffee, a woman on the site is a useless distraction.

  23. the amazing thing about this case was the reaction of the press when she lost the case. Instead of meditating on why she had wasted everybody’s time by blaming everybody but herself they still made the story about how more needed to be done to make life lovelier for women in silicon valley etc. – virtually no actual reportage on the actual outcome of the case. One exception though was an article conveying the sweet news that her team of lawyers would probably lose millions in legal fees as they clearly hadn’t considered the possibility that a woman might fail to win a case alleging discrimination. This might actually be the most important factor here : lawyers drive ‘legal rape culture’ – if women aren’t guaranteed to win, and indeed might even down the line start getting sued themselves (e.g. reckless / false rape allegations, malicious litigation etc.) then a major feminist dynamic in the covert re-distribution of wealth that fuels cases like this might start to falter in a big way even if I don’t see it being reversed any time soon.

    1. I wish it were true, but I just replied to GoJ above explaining why I don’t hold out hope. The reality here is that most plaintiff’s lawyers are not interested in taking these cases to trial because the trial statistics for discrimination and harassment cases are terrible for plaintiffs. The strategy is to provoke a settlement demand that is too good for the company to refuse – if they litigate further, they waste far more money than they could have spent to get rid of it, and they end up with a publicly reported case airing all of their dirty laundry instead of a confidential settlement. So, I wish the trend would reverse, but the only way for that to happen is to either repeal all the anti-discrimination laws, or switch to the English rule for recovery of attorney’s fees (loser pays winner’s fees). Neither is likely to happen.

      1. thanks for the reality check. You’re no doubt right about the dynamics behind the strategy, although if that is the case in a sense victories like this, where companies have the balls not to cave in for fear of bad publicity might well make a small difference. One consideration may well be whether a legal victory such as this is translated in any way into a moral victory i.e. will Kleiner suffer on account of its reputation? I imagine a few law firms suffering massive losses like this, plus plaintiffs learning that they need to have an actual case, might well help to turn the tide. I actually assumed that the loser did bear the cost of attorney’s fees and that she just didn’t have the resources to make good, but I can see that there’s a problem there if that’s the case, unless of course as suggested above outcomes like this will end up discouraging poor claims like this one, i.e. because they will come to be seen as unwinnable or too high risk. I do still wonder – in my eternal and probably ungrounded optimism – whether there might still be scope for some reverse direction litigation – we’ve already seen some cases where those recklessly and falsely accused of rape – as with the UVA case (I think) and lena dunham imaginary attacker have counter-claimed. Wherever it comes from there has to be a cost to crazed women going on the attack for no good reason.

  24. one playing the feminist card.
    her husband playing the race card.
    both part of the same victimhood culture.

    1. Her husband also used to be gay. He was in a relationship with a man. Buddy Fletcher is a very strange character.

  25. Large corporations hire females to fill quotas and for publicity measures, not because they actually expect anything worthwhile from them. The only thing a female manager or CEO has to do is show up. They have men that do the actual work.
    Even the woman in question here received generous raises and bonuses despite the fact that her performance was sub-standard by any measure. But because of her massive sense of entitlement she still wasn’t satisfied.

        1. A paper bag on the head won’t do get a garbage bag over the whole thing or better yet put it over her and toss it in the trash.

  26. Men have to maintain their frame and set clear boundaries with women in any situation, especially the workplace. Game is not solely limited to relationships. Women need dominance, guidance, leadership, and punishment at all times.
    I dont expect a bunch of tech guys to have any frame at all, but they should have put their foot down the second she stepped out of line. Fire her or severely punish her the first time she breaks a rule and have the evidence clearly available for her and her legal team if need be. If you let her get away with indiscretions she will become arrogant and it will lead to lawsuits and other pointless drama. A married woman having an affair with another married co-worker should get both of them fired immediately. How can you trust your business with these kinds of people?

  27. To be a woman now a days. Incredible.
    You’re not FORCED to register for the Selective Service to vote. Yet each and every election, you get to demand “women’s issues” be front and center of each campaign.
    You’re the majority on college campuses. Yet unlike men, you’re not required to register for the Selective Service to receive student loans. Meanwhile you have your own resource center on campus and are now absolved of any actions when intoxicated by creating a bogus rape allegation to twist your regret into victim-hood.
    (Let’s not forget … when you suddenly decide some guy “raped” you 6-7 months later and the school doesn’t automatically boot the guy from campus due to the absurdity of your story, you walk around carrying a dorm room mattress and get put on the cover of national magazines while female senators bring you to functions and publicly humiliate the male MERELY accused while labeling you HEROIC.)
    When you’re bored in marriage and deem hubby is no longer wanted, you get to boot him out, deny him access to his kids yet garnish his paycheck and force him to pay alimony and child support so your dream doesn’t end.
    And of course … when treated equally like a man in the workplace — reviewed off performance — and thus turned down for a promotion, you get to claim “sexism,” gain national spot light as a “champion for women” and receive MILLIONS in a pathetic lawsuit because the MSM will successfully paint the company as misogynistic and “hostile for women.”

      1. Not really. The only reason this was a catastrophic loss for her is that she refused to settle for some reasonable amount. Truthfully, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that she had been offered a settlement in the neighborhood of $5M, and refused. To a business facing this type of allegation, it’s simply good business sense to get rid of it at a fraction of the cost (remember that legal fees to fight a case like this probably approach the total value of the claim – at my firm, you’re probably paying between $250K-$500K per month to fight this) rather than risk it heading to a jury of mouth breathing morons.
        For example, I have handled several such cases where the total claim value was under $20K. The companies I represent are practically begging to settle because $20K wouldn’t pay my hourly rate alone for two weeks. Why would they want to pay twenty times the potential value of the claim to risk losing because a jury of women feel something bad happened?
        If these retards aren’t dumb enough to turn down a 50% offer, they walk out the door with a nice bonus for being a shithead. The only real hold up is usually the plaintiff’s attorney’s fees – they have to make sure the settlement amount has enough room so that they get theirs. But even this usually gets worked out, because again, the company has no interest in spending hundreds of thousands or millions to litigate over tens of thousands.
        So Pao’s case does nothing to discourage others because most of them are smart enough to take the smaller payout.

  28. Employers need a job site featuring nothing but straight white guys. Call it honkybuilder or careerhonky.com. Tagline could be “our candidates are qualified and dont have a snowball’s chance in hell of being able to file a frivilous lawsuit against your company.”

      1. You have to pass the white test first:
        who is the all-time greatest defenseman on both sides of the puck?

  29. A mere glance at the Kleiner website reveals that many of the women still working there are much better looking than her. And only the female partners (who will necessarily be age 35+) are pictured, not the cute young analysts and admins.
    She is below average even among the employees there. That she was the object of sexual advances is implausible.

    1. That she was the object of sexual advances is implausible.
      Not really, if it was some hopeless low-value geek looking for some easy azn poonono.
      Which would be why she was bitching about it and suing. Ugly women only get attention from low-value men, but they’re as uncomfortable and creeped out as they’d be if they were hot.
      Also, the fact that she married a black man and was cheating on him with some Middle Easterner or Indian (can’t really tell what he is) helps prove that she wasn’t all right upstairs.

  30. This is why most men should avoid corporate America like the plague. Soul sucking, soulless co-workers, manginas, politics, and getting to hear about women complain because their cat didn’t get that many likes on instagram.
    It’s only been a year out of college and I can hardly take it. Luckily, I have an escape plan that I can hopefully use soon.

  31. If she had won this lawsuit, I bet similar companies would start hiring FEWER women to avoid possible lawsuits.
    What a paradox that would be!

    1. I call it “good business practice.” I compare it to dying penniless. It’s not a tragedy, it’s perfect timing and a hell of a budget.

      1. My father, now deceased, would beg to differ with you. His goal was not to die penniless, but rather to die owing as much as he possibly could. He said they can have all the luck in the world getting him to pay them after he was dead.

  32. Seriously, who’s going to sexually harass her? No one. And I say this as someone with chronic yellow fever. The big titted intern gets “harassed”. Execs don’t get harassed because it’s a very tiny pool you are pissing in when you get to that level, and you never know what the reporting relationship will be at the next company. Part of the reason why executive compensation even when you fuck up is good, because it’s all the same small clique at the top.
    I’m a tiny fish, but I swim with some pretty big ones, and I can tell you when you get to that level, and I see some glimpses, it’s pure results. That’s all that matters. It’s not enough to simply talk the talk. Don’t produce? You’re not going anywhere. Simple as that.

  33. Even without the lawsuit it sounds to me like she shouldn’t have been hired in the first place
    Why do you have a victimonger running anything, Reddit?

  34. Yet with all this under-performance and misdemeanor accusations mounting against her, she’s managed to score an interim CEO role at Reddit on quite a nice package. Who’s laughing now?

  35. Women in STEM? She’s a lawyer employed in executive positions, one of which happens to be at a popular website company. She’s hardly “in STEM.”

  36. Question. Why does her extramartial affair, well frankly, she wasn’t even the married one, he was married and still got promoted over her matter? Seems foolish to me, to bring up she was sleeping with boss as reason for denial.
    And herein lies the problem with alot of these claims. It is rarely one side with devil horns. and the other an angel. Usually uou have 2 people, 2 human beings, and one is just more wrong than the other. One who di discriminate and the other who acted less than admirably.
    As for her marriage to fletcher, well he actually won his discrimination cases, and if he has the money, why shouldn’t he be allowed to buy an additional apartment? If the man having sex was having gay sex, he’d be cool, only if he was sleeping with hot young women for promotions would he be fired.

    1. Well maybe she did sleep with these guys and expected the promotion as payment?
      You know if you dont pay your whore, you get in trouble.
      Non-payment is the one thing no whore will ever forgive.
      This would make her an overpaid whore but a whore nonetheless.

  37. Pao, right in the kisser!
    Utterly irrelevant but I didn’t know how else to work that line in

  38. The males: Decadent, weak, betas – ALL of them
    PAO: getting old, female-who-thinks-she-has-a-dick, career slut, bad mother.
    Most likely a case of insanity.

  39. I read an article about this in the liberal mainstream media. The article then went on a tangent about how technology companies hire more men than women and how women are under-represented at technology companies.
    Any person with a normal IQ knows that technology programs at universities are MOSTLY men. How in the world can a technology company then hire more women anyhow?? The mainstream media knows this simple logic, but they’ll throw anything out there to purposely agitate feminists. That would be like trying to sue Avon Makeup for not hiring enough men.
    Aside from that, this article only reflects the female logic that I have seen first-hand. I had briefly dated a lady that was an assistant superintendent for a large school district. She was making a salary close to what the superintendent earned. Her midwest salary was $144K, so she was making more than any principal in the district, and she was quite young. I asked her how she fell into that position, and she told me she interviewed for it because she felt she deserved it. I asked her why she felt like she deserved it. Her answer was “Just because I do”. In other words, she really had no business in that position with that salary and wasn’t even that intelligent. She just felt she deserved a high position and a high salary just because she thinks she’s special. No other reason than an irrational narcissistic delusion. That was her logic.

  40. I am really starting to see the media manipulation and lies that contribute to this. Across three search engines there was nothing but calling her a victim and champion of women. Absolutely disgusting.

    1. That’s cause most of the media is run by male hating Feminists.
      Most of westernised population is to custom by the ‘hate to males’ to even wake up to this!

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