Why There Will Always Be A Sexual “Double Standard”

Women complain about the sexual “double standard” all the time. “Why is a girl who sleeps around a slut but when a guy does it he gets praise? So unfair!!”

Females definitely dislike this reality, and feminists are especially vocal about it. The irony, however, is that girls are actually the main drivers of the sexual “double standard”. They just don’t admit it.

The main reason “studs” get so much more praise than “sluts” is not just down to the difficulty associated with approaching and seducing women (we all know that any decent looking girl can get laid whenever she wants). Rather, this praise also stems from the fact that girls prefer men who are also preferred by other girls (the more, the better). This is tied to the concept of pre-selection: the more you are seen to be objectively desired by other girls, the more girls you are able to attract.


What women want is a man who could get with many other girls, but chooses not to exercise those options and instead seeks to be with her alone (at least to her knowledge—a savvy player will often renege on this, but even a smart girl will still often make the effort to “change him” and gain his sexual exclusivity despite having no real shot at doing so).


This is the stud’s biggest advantage: his ability to get lots of girls to sleep with him just gets him more appeal among the other girls he might run into who become aware of his popularity. Other men praise him too because they envy all the female attention the stud gets and would love to emulate it (read: they dream of being in his position). Thus, the stud is idolized by both genders.


The Madonna and the Whore

Sluts have things a bit differently. Men don’t feel about sluts the way women do about studs. They aren’t impressed by a girl’s ability to attract other men (which makes sense, since so many girls have that ability—cute girls can run through men with ease if they wish). Men also want a woman who is sexually exclusive and loyal ONLY to them. This is best illustrated by the Madonna-whore complex: he wants her to be Madonna for everybody else, but a whore only for him, or a “lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets”. He wants to know that he has access to a side of her that no other man can have.


This is sort of similar to the female dynamic I mentioned above in which girls desire the exclusive focus of a stud’s sexual/romantic attention. The difference really rests in the way each sex treats sexual history: for the woman, sexual promiscuity can be a signal of value and therefore a plus so long as she can tame it and make that man exclusive to her at some point (women do not value chaste men). For a man, sexual promiscuity can be a negative insofar as it can signal her potential inability to satisfy the Madonna-whore complex mentioned above by giving him full sexual exclusivity (men do not value promiscuous women).

Sluts, by definition, don’t tend to offer sexual exclusivity to one guy—they spread it to several. Instead of being his whore and everyone else’s Madonna, she is everyone else’s whore and nobody’s Madonna. That’s about as uncomfortable for a guy as the notion of losing an attractive man (stud) whose exclusive commitment she thought she had to another woman could be for a female.


So, the double standard can be summed up as follows:

A: Girls don’t want guys that have not shown the ability to consistently attract other girls. That gives studs a massive advantage over less socially-dominant men with lower partner counts since women tend to prefer them when given a choice.

B: Guys don’t favor girls that a whole lot of other guys (particularly guys they could know) have been with.

Women also aggressively shame girls who are seen to have been with many other guys. In fact, women are the primary source of “slut-shaming”, and certainly the most vicious about it. Why?


As I said above, women want to be able to find a stud (the man that all of the other girls want) and gain his commitment and exclusive romantic focus. Sluts (especially the cuter ones) make that more challenging by providing a very tempting sexual alternative to these men that undermines any given girl’s ability to lock him down. Women want their stud for them, not other women, and the slut poses the greatest threat to that bid for exclusivity.


Some women will also use slut-shaming to help their competitive odds with women who are not sluts. As I mentioned above, men have a Madonna-whore complex. They want the whore bit to be exclusive to them when it comes to any given girl, something no other man gets to see. Sluts (by virtue of their tendency get around with multiple men simultaneously or within very short periods of time) threaten that ideal, and so men tend to be more hesitant to commit to them. This includes studs, who (true to the double standard) have the same Madonna-whore complex as any other guy. A slut, by virtue of being a slut, undermines her chances of gaining long-term commitment from a true stud. It isn’t impossible, but it is harder.


Women instinctively understand this. They know that a high-value male could be turned off by any sexual history that could be viewed as a sign that she may not be 100% sexually exclusive to him (his whore, everyone else’s madonna). This is part of why they are generally not forthcoming about their sexual histories and usually underestimate their “number” when asked (and/or just get offended by the question).

This is also why it is not uncommon for a young girl to shame another young girl she has a rivalry with (maybe she’s prettier, or maybe she’s caught the eye of a stud another girl likes, etc, etc) by attempting to paint her as a slut (or a similar term like skank, whore, etc). She’ll do this either by calling her those names outright or by making up rumors about a given girl’s sexual promiscuity that have no basis in reality. Among young girls this can sometimes manifest itself as serious and at times fatal bullying.


The goal of this slut shaming? Undermine the girl’s social capital. If the slut-shaming is successful, she’ll receive fewer offers of commitment from the most attractive men (who, as I noted, are generally more wary of sluts for anything serious) and other girls (who, as I noted above, are threatened by sluts).

Here’s a website that provides a good example of how women do this. The site is essentially a rumor mill. There are valid stories there, but many of the female entries (females make up the majority of the visitors, commenters and submitters) are clearly tied to sour grapes and have no real basis in reality. They are just the result of one girl attempting to undermine the social capital of another girl who threatens her ego by associating her with a gossip website and publicly attempting to slut-shame her.

Thus, as you can see, sluts are shamed and manwhores are celebrated by both men and women.

When will this change?

If you’ve seen the show Entourage, consider this: Eric vs. Vince. Who was the more attractive guy, generally, to women?


Obviously Vince. Guys like Vince (who play the field extensively and are known by the women they approach to be players) are generally preferred to less prolific men like Eric or Turtle.


Those are good guys and it isn’t like they were forever single (both had girls from time to time, Turtle had Jamie Lynn Siegler and Eric married one of the prettiest females ever to appear on the show), but the balance of power when it comes to the ability to attract females clearly leans toward players like Vince. That is just a fact.


The double standard will go away when that reality goes away, and men like Eric or Turtle are considered by the average woman to be just as attractive as men like Vince despite their less promiscuous histories and lower levels of charm and game. When that happens, the celebration of the stud will end: women will obviously not be favoring the stud and men (who only worshiped studs because of how many women they could attract) will cease their praise as well. The stud will be held in no higher regard than the slut. Why desire to be a stud like Vince when you can just be Eric and be on a level playing field? At this point there would be no more double standard.


Of course, we all know this will never happen. Why? Because women love studs and always will. Give 100 women a choice between the chance to start a sexual relationship with Vince Chase the stud (whose promiscuity is well known and whose commitment they know they are VERY unlikely to obtain beyond a superficial level) and Eric the good guy (who isn’t as handsome or famous but is smart, affluent and more likely to actually stick around) and 80-90 of them will take their chances with Vince.


This isn’t changing and, as a result, the double standard will remain with us. Those who oppose it had best get used to it.

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126 thoughts on “Why There Will Always Be A Sexual “Double Standard””

  1. I think looks for a man matter just as much as promiscuity. Girls love objectifying men just as much as we do them. Lets say we have a slender man as compared to a “fatter,” more muscular dude. They’re more than likely to choose the latter. Girls, especially Americans, are equally as shallow as men, if not considerably. The true double standard is that they don’t like it when we objectify them, but will objectify their Mr. Perfect to the nth degree. No matter how many times you wish it, it ain’t happening. The only way we get with them is if we recreate ourselves to be their version of perfect. But that’s the real challenge.

    1. I recently got out of a relationship where my ex chose the alpha/asshole over me. I am determined to learn the ways and use these piece of shit American bitches (no offense).

        1. it’s a gross generalization to say women prefer bad boys and muscle bods…….. just like saying men prefer leggy blondes…. some do prefer shortie brunette latinas….
          some women have a taste for slender well proportioned guys… some women like a caring provider….
          what women hate is the product of the 90s…. new age, sensitive guy, that panders to them and try to understand all their foibles and emotional goings on…..
          muscles or not, women need a man to be a rock, because they are more like the ocean of waves and tides… so they need something solid to offset themselves against…. (in more ways than one…)

        2. I meant to say that to American men. I recognize i was always beta with girls, but with time I have learned the hard way and reality when it comes to dealing with them. I did not get it in the beginning, but everyday I am learning something new. Coming from a more traditional background, I’ve come to the realization that these girls like you to treat them like shit. Traditional tactics don’t work in this culture anymore.

        3. I’m a woman and I love semi-receding hairlines, like Jason Statham or the lead singer of Coldplay. Explain that!

        4. Hmmm…on the contrary, I would say its the men who prefer to be treated like shit! Be nice to them and we are either nagging them, doormats or too clingy! Right on though, the culture is doomed!

        5. “muscles or not, women need a man to be a rock…”
          So, women want a rock for a man…it must be a thing!

      1. Do it to focus on yourself and raising your own value with women, not because of sour grapes or to get revenge. Any mention of your ex to them, and you’re fucked. You’re aiming to create a relaxed, casual, playful vibe with women, where you hold the dominance and escalate into intimacy. She needs to enjoy the dance, so learn how to lead.

      2. I am 6’4 muscular and moderatly successful in my career , and a bitch chose up on me and demolished my heart and soul. I got stronger because of it and have a much more realistic view of love and relationships now. It happens , don’t feel bad, view it as a learning experience .

      3. Be yourself. American bitches didn’t leave you. That one person did. But I hope you heal and not let this keep you from using the woman that your supposed to grow old with down the road…you don’t want to chase her away when she comes to you.

  2. It all comes down to biology. Men are hard-wired by nature to have sex with as many women as possible because this is how primitive men achieved reproductive success. Women are hard-wired by nature to pin down the most “alpha” male as possible to father her children because this is how primitive women achieved reproductive success. Morality aside, men who are promiscuous are admired because they are acting in congruence with nature. Women who are promiscuous are looked down upon because they are acting contrary to nature.

  3. It all comes down to biology. Men are hard-wired by nature to have sex with as many women as possible because this is how primitive men achieved reproductive success. Women are hard-wired by nature to pin down the most “alpha” male as possible to father her children because this is how primitive women achieved reproductive success. Morality aside, men who are promiscuous are admired because they are acting in congruence with nature. Women who are promiscuous are looked down upon because they are acting contrary to nature.

  4. It all comes down to biology. Men are hard-wired by nature to have sex with as many women as possible because this is how primitive men achieved reproductive success. Women are hard-wired by nature to pin down the most “alpha” male as possible to father her children because this is how primitive women achieved reproductive success. Morality aside, men who are promiscuous are admired because they are acting in congruence with nature. Women who are promiscuous are looked down upon because they are acting contrary to nature.

    1. In that theme, men have the Madonna-whore complex because it’s a cuckolding defense. This is why there was an insistence on brides being virgins, before throwing the entire resources of a clan behind an illegitimate child.

      1. What is not mentioned by the anti-virginity activists is that the main enforcers and demanders of virginity are the elder women on the groom side.
        It takes one to know one.

    2. What seems to be happening more and more though, especially with the availability of porn and the new sexual standards (anal, swallow, threesomes etc.), not to mention birth control and DNA testing…… is that things are becoming increasingly loose….
      women are taking an approach to sex not dissimilar to gay men….
      gay men do settle down and commit to partnerships and there are examples of those lasting lifetimes….
      however prior to that, they will fuck anything that moves….
      young girls are throwing away the 20th century ideals and becoming bi-sexual, nymphos enmass…..

      1. Wow… So all gay men fuck anything that moves and only a few of them can make long lasting relationships? Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? Not all gay men or women are overly promiscuous or bitch, entitled etc.

    3. Men don’t look down upon whores, and they never have. Women do (because they are sexual competitors).
      It’s just that for an LTR (a concept that isn’t rooted in biology and is socially constructed), men want mates that will raise their value. Having a slut for your wife lowers your value, so you don’t do it. Having sex with them is fine though.

      1. I look down on whores and I’m a guy. I’ll hit it, but would never commit to one knowingly.

        1. But the fact that you will “hit it” makes you the equivalent of a whore.

        2. Totally agree. The difference is, guys don’t lose their ability to long term bond from high numbers of partners. Also, girls tend to like guys who have had higher numbers of partners (certainly not all girls, but many) because they think it means the guy is quality. Because any girl can have a high number of partners if she chooses, it is only indicative of the fact she doesn’t take sex real seriously (bad for an LTR), has a high need for validation, or possibly has no self control. None of those things are good for a guy wanting to be in an LTR. The girl a guy looks for to be in a LTR is very different than the girl he looks for on a given Saturday night at the bar.

        3. Perhaps it just means she likes fucking. I truly think this whole conversation exists because we as men love to control, it’s biological, & we can’t really control the female power to fuck just about anyone they want at any time. It really can’t be that we find excessive fucking immoral, because let’s be real it’s what MOST of us are going for. So we justify by saying because it’s easier for them to get results it should be condemned…? Maybe apart of growing up, maturing, & being a man in the 21st century is accepting that women can enjoy sex. Maybe overcoming the jealous animal in us will make you more human. Gonna have to tell ya guys something, bicker back and forth all day trying to define sluthood or trying to assuage your shattered egos, it won’t get you laid. Any real man worth a damn & with any ACTUAL experience knows that a girl with a high partner count can be just as capable of being in a long term relationship; in many cases they’re better for it. If you disagree with that I’ll immediately know your either A inexperienced with women or B a jealous prude hag. People are more complicated than a label. What’s interesting is that my outlook is rooted in a real love for women, & it has probably gotten me more pussy than 99% of the posters on this forum. I just feel bad for most of you. Note: not making excuses for dumb hos who validate their existence through dick, just saying a high count doesn’t condemn a girl, women are allowed to like fucking, true alphas can see past the # & to the character. I’m done continue arguing amongst yourselves.

        4. Come on now Trevor. First of all, I’ve been with a lot of women (hs, college, and afterward until I met my wife), and I’m married and have been for just over 15 years, so don’t go into the whole if you don’t agree with me you must be unable to get girls blah blah. Now, I certainly don’t think a man can “control” a woman from having sex anytime she wants with anyone she wants. They can’t control men from having sex any time we want with anyone we want. Control has nothing to do with it. It has to do with what you’re looking for. The “true alpha” you are describing typically doesn’t want a long term relationship, isn’t looking for a wife, and isn’t evaluating a woman based on her ability to be faithful to him for years upon years.
          I for one am also not saying that a girl “has to be” looked down on for having a lot of sex and I certainly know they can and do enjoy it. However, I do think that it is not very smart to believe that a girl who feels the need to be with 100 different guys over a year will suddenly be perfectly content to be with just one man the rest of her life. Studies back that up. The more partners as woman has before marriage, the higher her probability of divorce. Here is the study: http://www.jstor.org/stable/352992?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents
          and here is the relevant graph from another article (I just like graphs): http://socialpathology.blogspot.com/2010/09/sexual-partner-divorce-risk.html
          and here is the journal that published the article: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1741-3737.2003.00444.x/abstract
          I think the debate is why are guys glorified and girls are not for having lots of sex. That is where the “easy” factor comes in. If a 5 foot tall guy can dunk a basketball people will be impressed with him and he will stand out. If an 8 foot guy could dunk a basketball, not may people would be that impressed. Guys who get lots of women are respected by men and women because they do something hard that most men want to do but cannot do at the same level. Girls who get lots of guys are not respected because any girl with a vagina can have as many guys as she wants, thus she hasn’t committed any act that is worthy of being impressed by. Now, in general if a woman sleeps with tons of guys, she either 1. just loves sex and doesn’t believe it is a big deal to only have it with one person OR 2. seeks validation to feel better about herself so constantly does it for this reason OR 3. 1&2. None of those are good for a guy looking for a long term relationship candidate. A man is allowed to evaluate a woman based on the role he is seeking her to fill. If he wants a “hookup partner” he will want one that is easy to have sex with, requires minimal time and money investment and doesn’t really care if he is loyal to just her (so he can have this relationship with multiple women at once). If a guy is looking for a long term partner he is going to look for a girl who has shown she can be exclusive and ENJOYS being exclusive with one partner. He is going to want to see that once the infatuation phase of the relationship is gone she can actually transition and be happy in long term pair bonding and not leave him because he’s “boring” and she now wishes he was more like “ex #7”. With SOOOO many women wanting relationships, why would any guy settle with a girl who was unlikely to be able to survive a long term relationship (see graphs) and/or whose previous lifestyle showed she couldn’t stay happy in a relationship very long or that she needed/enjoyed sex with multiple people continuously in order to find it exciting? That would be like hiring a person at your company you wanted to stay at least 10 years but had never stayed at a job over 6 months…. or worse, had never had a job and just did little contracts all the time. Would you hire that person over another person who had only ever had one job and given everything to it? Of course not.
          So it’s actually very simple. The qualifications for a sex partner are different than the qualifications for a wife. If you want a wife, high number of previous partners statistically and rationally mean that the odds are she will either get bored and leave or has a high need for validation which she likes to find from men. Either is bad, so they are not a good candidate and a good guy looking for an LTR should avoid her. So to your point, she may have decent character in your opinion if she’s been with 100 guys in a year, but if your looking for someone who can be monogamous and you can trust to build your life with, that’s not a person you would want to start with…. and a true alpha can see that.
          I’m done, you can continue to spin your “plates” getting as much sex as you want never committing to any of the high “quality” hookups you get… just remember, you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

        5. Trevor it is heartening to know that men like you actually exist. The only thing I would add based on my personal opinion is that 1) I think both sexes should really seek to exercise responsible sexual behaviour in this day of herpes, HIV and other permanent diseases and that this should include being very discriminative with partners and getting to know them before jumping in to bed with them but also this does not discount the fact that both women and men may have very legitimate reasons for having a count that is higher than the average. For example if you get to the age of 35 – 40 and you are still not married and still “dating” and this has been going on since you were 21…well then do the math as to what might be the case 2) Is the double standard from my research does alot of damage when people do finally settle down,especially in societies that are extremely conservative and religious. Men go in with an expectation that because they have chosen the viruous Madonna that in some cases has kept their penis at bay till marriage, they have found a gem and then complain bitterly about being sexually dissatisfied in the marriage/long term relationship. Many of the women they passed over for this “virtous gem” might have been more responsible mothers, streetwise home co managers, and more ready to settle down not being curious as to what else is out there. There is no evidence that shows that women with alot of sexual partners make better or worse mates in any way and in fact that is mostly because most of the men on this post are either married or may one day marry women whose full sexual history the DO NOT KNOW and will NEVER FULLY KNOW…because every woman on the face of this planet is taught through the group think of our society that they should lie lie lie about it and never tell the truth…trust me to all the men on this post if you have a girlfriend or wife..unless you felt that hymen go on your wedding night or the first time you were together (and then not even) you DO NOT know that side of her. Its as ingrained in us as a man talking about being molested as a child. It just doesn’t happen.

        6. Yeah I feel men like this generally aren’t good long term partners unless they are really into the person, but they are great lovers. Maybe it really boils down to these men and women knowing what they want and not settling for less than that or just not into the sacrifices that making a commitment entail, especially when you’re young, getting he know the world and yourself, developing and having fun.

    4. Aww, another pathetic excuse from a guy.
      No, it comes down to PEOPLE
      If a HUMAN sleeps around, they are a slut. No matter their gender.
      We’ve moved on from the stone age, mate, you should too.

    5. And the punch line is that the Beta-male, white knight, rape victim culture is actually created by men, not women. From an evolutionary point of view, is their way of keeping the competition for gene propagation at bay.

    6. Actually by nature women are intended to have sex as men times as possible to achieve fertilization. Why do you think women have many orgasms and men only have one usually? Same as most other species, males compete to get a mate. Granted yes they find many mates but it’s a battle for each one because the female simply seeks impregnation and continues till she knows it’s achieved only choosing the strongest males to have the healthiest offspring.

      1. “Actually by nature women are intended to have sex as men times as possible to achieve fertilization.” – That’s because woman’s reproductive system is not as efficient as a man’s. “Why do you think women have many orgasms and men only have one usually?” – Because a man’s reproductive system is more efficient than a woman’s. A man is always ready to impregnate, a woman is not always ready to become impregnated. If a woman’s reproductive system was as efficient as a man’s, one good splooge is all men would need.
        Is it pleasure that drives us to sex, or survival? A better question might be, “Which is the goal, and which is a byproduct of the goal? Pleasure is merely a byproduct. A woman having a lot of orgasms has nothing to do with becoming pregnant. A man must orgasm to impregnate, but a woman doesn’t need to orgasm to become impregnated.
        Women (A) gets fucked by the same man 100 times, and woman (B) gets fucked once by 100 different cocks each, totalling 100 different cocks. What advantage does woman (B) over woman (A) when it comes to becoming to pregnant and survival? Now, man (C) fucks the same woman 100 times, and man (D) fucks 100 different women each one time. When it comes to pregnancy and survival, who has the advantage? Man (C) or man (D)? Truth be told, men and women are not the same. Both of these women could get fucked by 10,000 guys in a year, and neither of these women would be able to ‘spread’ their genes like a man. Men on the other hand are designed to spread their genes. A hundred different women for one man could result in a hundred different pregnancies. A hundred different men for one woman would not even come close. A woman’s reproductive goal is to nurture seed, not spread it. It’s not just about ‘best’ genes either. It’s also about survival, and men have been designed to be very efficient at this.
        If room (G), a room full of 100 vaginas and one penis, and room (Z), a room full of 100 penises and one vagina, were to go to war in 20 years, who would win? Which room is more valuable? In this situation, one man could get the job done. One woman could not. Women are cursed to bleed once a month, and men are cursed to put their cocks in these bleeding, shaven, and sometimes hairy holes to keep the populace a float. Why can’t women understand this shit? Seriously.
        A woman’s sexual prowess doesn’t mean shit to our species, but a man’s sexual prowess could mean the difference between survival and extinction. A slut’s orgasm doesn’t mean shit to mother nature. If all the women on the planet were no longer able to orgasm, our species would still survive. If a men were no longer able to orgasm, our species would be doomed. Nature has cursed us men. As you can see, men are under arduous pressure to perform. We have to cum or we die. You women are lucky. Nature didn’t burden you with the responsibility of having to cum over and over and over again, even when your partner’s reproductive system is not being cooperative. Yes, even though your reproductive systems is not as efficient as a man’s, you are able to perform your reproductive task without having to cum. We men have to carry the burden of cumming for the both of us. Seriously, women should feel honored to make us cum, you all have it easy. Maybe you cum, maybe you don’t cum. We men have to cum! Our dicks just don’t get enough respect from women. It’s a damn shame. 🙂

  5. It all comes down to biology. Men are hard-wired by nature to have sex with as many women as possible because this is how primitive men achieved reproductive success. Women are hard-wired by nature to pin down the most “alpha” male as possible to father her children because this is how primitive women achieved reproductive success. Morality aside, men who are promiscuous are admired because they are acting in congruence with nature. Women who are promiscuous are looked down upon because they are acting contrary to nature.

  6. It all comes down to biology. Men are hard-wired by nature to have sex with as many women as possible because this is how primitive men achieved reproductive success. Women are hard-wired by nature to pin down the most “alpha” male as possible to father her children because this is how primitive women achieved reproductive success. Morality aside, men who are promiscuous are admired because they are acting in congruence with nature. Women who are promiscuous are looked down upon because they are acting contrary to nature.

  7. It all comes down to biology. Men are hard-wired by nature to have sex with as many women as possible because this is how primitive men achieved reproductive success. Women are hard-wired by nature to pin down the most “alpha” male as possible to father her children because this is how primitive women achieved reproductive success. Morality aside, men who are promiscuous are admired because they are acting in congruence with nature. Women who are promiscuous are looked down upon because they are acting contrary to nature.

  8. It all comes down to biology. Men are hard-wired by nature to have sex with as many women as possible because this is how primitive men achieved reproductive success. Women are hard-wired by nature to pin down the most “alpha” male as possible to father her children because this is how primitive women achieved reproductive success. Morality aside, men who are promiscuous are admired because they are acting in congruence with nature. Women who are promiscuous are looked down upon because they are acting contrary to nature.

  9. It all comes down to biology. Men are hard-wired by nature to have sex with as many women as possible because this is how primitive men achieved reproductive success. Women are hard-wired by nature to pin down the most “alpha” male as possible to father her children because this is how primitive women achieved reproductive success. Morality aside, men who are promiscuous are admired because they are acting in congruence with nature. Women who are promiscuous are looked down upon because they are acting contrary to nature.

  10. Men fuck, women get fucked.
    Who leads the mating dance?. The stud or the slut?
    seduces multiple girls/maintains a harem= difficult
    opens her legs(Wow! thats so hard!)

    1. There was a comment in another manosphere blog that sums this up: “It takes no self-development to have the ability to spread your legs to a willing man. It takes immense self-development to have the ability to make a woman willingly spread her legs. This is why being a slut and being a player are completely different things.”

    2. But what if a stud is not seducing chaste women just other sluts like him. Does he really deserve bragging rights? They are both loose. Sluts are sluts and if your that immature that you can’t control yourself then you don’t deserve anyone of quality weather your a male or female. Period. I have to say a man or woman (gay or straight) that takes a slut as there mate is slow. Leave sluts to sluts (because I’m not heartless and feel they deserve love too!).

      1. I see things differently… What I experienced was that those no promiscuous guys are feeling like studs wannabes and feel blessed if any of those who you call ‘sluts’ would notice-give a chance to them..
        What choice is there for decent women?
        I think we are getting the short end. Will that make me liking the stud? It is not possible, who wants narcissistic self promoting advertising douche…
        I appreciate your points in article-but you scratch the surface-not everyone lives for shallow ‘get the popular’ idea-even if it is only myself alone 😉
        Would I slut up? No. That is not in my nature.
        I say-studs and sluts are for each other, unfortunately those who call themselves decent men won’t say no to any slut who would not mind too, so hard to be black and white as you are in your tale here. 🙂

  11. Men do all of the courtship heavy lifting. Once women meet us half way, then we can talk double standards.

  12. A key that opens many locks is a Master Key. A lock that opens for any key is just a shitty lock.

    1. This one is well known but I love it because it sums it up so well, and it can piss off those who whine “Double Standard !” in only one sentence !

      1. “Piss off those who whine about a double standard” oh Im sorry that were just trying to get women to be treated as equal…. Nothing like treating a group of human beings as subordinates or as objects.. Cool

    2. A pencil sharpener that sharpens many pencils is efficient. A pencil that goes in many pencil sharpeners is an over-used nub.

      1. True, but that also happens if it goes through one sharpener, a lock is supposed to only open for one single key, not every key, whereas a pencil has the ability to easily go through multiple sharpeners, but the same will happen if it only goes through one sharpener.

    3. are you fucking reducing women (and men for that manner) to inanimate objects? your use of this fallacy-ridden analogy really shows your underlying objectification of women smh

  13. It’s not just about sex… too many young mecs on here that never started a family…. having kids is tough, but without them ….. no more humanity… (say thanks to mommie.. big boy…)
    So women will always have the benefit of the doubt until men invent the artificial womb and can generate artificial eggs implanted with whatever DNA is required…. ……. then women will be more or less obsolete….
    apart from as sex toys for pure recreational purposes…..
    yes… shock horror… once the scientists sort it out…. a uterus and tits will no longer be needed, a vagina will just be a point of weakness and a second X gene the cause of a weaker and unwanted physical body…. send that one to recyc. professor……
    then we’ll just breed perfect brainless fems for pure sexual pleasure…

    1. Newsflash gunshy111,
      If you’d read some science news in the last few years you’d know that women can already give birth to children using the X chromosome of another woman (using IVF) – so it’s men that will be obsolete… actually, they already are.
      We just keep you around for ‘purely recreational purposes’… 🙂

  14. The late Patrice O’neal answered something like this: Men are fuckers women are the fuckees i.e. men are the ones doeing the fucking women are the ones getting fucked.

  15. This guy repeats too much. To finalise the article, the only way to get out of this shit for any average man is to develop game. Only game can help you, if you don’t have the looks. Game will start to get you girls, and girls will get you more girls etc.

  16. The difference between men and women is that men will take what they can get and not be broken up about about never getting cheerleader in high school.
    Women on the other hand will develop neurosis and get hung up on that one alpha for the rest of her life. Her marriage will be held begrudgingly to her beta hubby, and she will always compare him to the alpha.
    Some, like Monica Lewinsky, or cat ladies, will never get over losing the alpha and erect an electric fence for betas despite never having the looks to command those standards. Their physical world eventually comes apart, with cat shit all over the apartment. They put on pounds, making them less attractive.

    1. Or if they give it up to a beta, he might be up on a rape accusation due to her regret and actions not “her” fault.

  17. ”Why is a girl who sleeps around a slut but when a guy does it he gets praise? So unfair!!”
    Whenever someone says that I just hang my head in disbelief. My response is always to ask them what the fuck kind of pseudo-logical train of brainfart they had to conjure up such a meaningless sentence. OP, I applaud your efforts to try to make sense of this; I would never have such patience.

  18. i just discovered “red pill” and have one question: where did all you mentally-degenerate clowns come from?

    1. It’s quite a shock when you encounter reality for the first time, isn’t it? Denial is common, I know I couldn’t believe this is the way the world actually works when I first found it.
      But lo and behold, women really do operate this way and men who follow red pill principles succeed. That’s the only measure of any social theory: does it work?
      It gets worse when you start analyzing ancient societies and you see exactly whey they evolved to do what they did. Just keep reading, and better yet incorporate some of the lessons in your dealings with women. I’m living proof that it works, and I have a better life because of it.

    2. So why don’t you debate the arguments instead of childish name calling? Since I’ve been reading the manosphere, I’ve seen plenty of people like you. People who seem to disagree with the ideas put forth. But in my YEARS of reading blogs like this, I’ve never seen ANYONE with a blue pill mindset actually put forth an actual debate. They shame and they call names. That’s it. That’s all you have. It’s pathetic and transparent. What about this article do you feel is incorrect? Why? If you can’t answer those two basic questions, then shut the fuck up and quit wasting everyone’s time.

  19. I have a problem with the “Madonna-whore complex”. It implies there is a complex. There is not. Divorce numbers compared to sexual history has no clear implication whether a Madonna can be turned into one’s whore, but it clearly shows that everyone’s whore cannot be turned into one’s Madonna, let alone one’s whore.
    Also if anyone has ever heard a number or a future prospect or a girl that he has already invested in an is making long term plans, that is not 1, 3, or 7, whatever, the feeling in the stomach is visceral. the feeling of betrayal, the disgust, comes from within.
    That men do not have the same feelings with prostitutes or sexually emancipated strong independent women in the contexts of short term flings or no strings sex or mutual need satisfaction shows that it is not a complex, but an inbuilt mechanism to protect one’s investment to go into the public sexfare system.
    Let’s call it the Madonna-Whore dichotomy or something similar better suited.
    Just like the Slut Stud Double Standar is not a double standard because of differing starting conditions (SMV for the sexes), differing attraction mechanisms, and different choices.
    it might even be a Slut Stud Standard

  20. About choices,
    For example,
    Man complaining about banging too many skanks gets a girl to the bathroom of the bar, five minutes in out. Next week, the girl’s best friend is all over him, ready to be taken home.
    His friends do not want to touch the bathroom girl.
    Same guy is now with a marriage material girl.
    She likes that he is still active but choosing not to do anything. It is clearly seen in her face and behavior.
    He likes that she does not go out, does not act, and is only out with him, or in venues where he is present.
    About the Double Standard Not being double:
    It takes being Chamberlain, or Simmons to sleep with a thousand, or ten thousand women in their lifetime.
    The same thing can be done by your run of the mill attractive girl, given only two things: The decision to do it, and the time to get the number.
    Heck, your average chick on an exchange in Spain can rack up easily few tens in two semesters, while the guy in a big city who’s banged a hundred is considered a pick up God…
    Now, if the average chick also had an additional exchange year in Australia…

  21. I know that girls opinions are not that welcome here, but I will just ask you to leave my thoughts here. Sure, I can be wrong. Well, as a girl, I don’t think that most girls are attracted with a guy only because he’s a “stud”. A good partner in my utopic dreams, for instance, it’s a guy who has a stable career, has good appearance, charm, etc. This kind of guy I would like to be with, attract MANY girls , maybe most. And if I know this guy one day, obviously he had many partners in the past. So, I (and most girls) would be attracted to him because of these qualities above, qualities that made him loved by many women and made him a stud. Sure it have many girls who has a passion for a guy just and exclusively because he’s stud, but I don’t think they are the average girl. Its like: First, guy has good qualities that all girls like (money, charm, appearance, etc), than he attracts many girls because of it.
    PS.: Sorry my english is bad, but its not my native language. I’m trying my best.

    1. You are looking for a man that is good looking, rich, charming, and presumably tall and young. Do you really think that these guys won’t be players?
      Lol have fun being used and abused. You are in for a rude awakening.

      1. Joe, I think you understand me wrong. Try to understand better people words before answer in an agressive way. Its heathy to your heart. I think I wrote “IN MY UTOPIC DREAMS, I would like a guy with stable career, good appearance, etc…”
        If you would like to marry (I guess not), don’t you dream a young, beautiful, kind, sweet girl who clean house and cook? In our deep heart, we all have this kind of person. But we have to be happy with the best what reality has to offer us.
        I know my reality. I was raised with a traditonal happy parents, so I don’t have any wish to “have fun” with players. But thanks for the advice.

      2. “Do you really think that these guys won’t be players?”
        Yes, most of them are. Thats what I told on my first comment repeatly.

      3. I’m looking for a man (or woman) whose trustworthy, honest, funny and someone who makes me happy. I don’t get why more people aren’t looking for that too lol

    2. “Well, as a girl, I don’t think that most girls are attracted with a guy only because he’s a “stud”
      Its like: First, guy has good qualities that all girls like (money,
      charm, appearance, etc), than he attracts many girls because of it.”
      The last part is too simple because it assumes that sexual experience (and the confidence that comes with it) is not a factor.
      The guy with the things girls like (money, appearance, charm, etc) isn’t getting many girls just because of those things. That may be how he gets the first girl he meets, but after that point there are other factors to consider that are arguably more important.
      Here, let us use an example to show this.
      First guy (we will call him Jon) is just a young guy who looks good and is funny. He is 14. He has no experience and is not a stud. All he has is natural wit/charm and good looks. He attracts another 14 year old girl with these qualities and they date. They have sex, and Jon gets his first experience.
      Another girl (we will call her Jane) sees this other pretty girl with Jon. She liked Jon before too, but now that she can see another girl is into Jon, she puts more effort into chasing him because she wants Jon for herself. Jon eventually has sex with Jane too, and dates her. The other girl who Jane displaced does not give up hope of becoming his girlfriend again, and the two compete for Jon.
      Jon has now had two pretty girls. He has experience and he is more confident because of it. This makes him more attractive overall. He walks taller and is surer about what he says. He also knows how to have sex and is not nervous about it, unlike many of the other boys in his school.
      Meanwhile, Jane’s friends can all see Jane and this other girl have been with Jon. They can see that Jon is attractive and these girls like him a lot and enjoy having sex with him. The other girls can see that Jon is attractive and that if any one of them were to “get” Jon, they would be envied. Girls are competitive and often tempted by the idea of securing the guy that their peers want for themselves. Because of this, these other girls put more effort into showing interest to Jon. They all want to be the girl that other girls want to be (Jon’s girlfriend).
      Meanwhile, as I mentioned before, Jon has gotten more confident because of his sexual experience. Girls like confidence, so this just makes him even more attractive. The other girls I just talked about are now showing more interest in him, and this just makes him even more confident (which, of course, makes him even more attractive – you can see where this is going). Jon starts to get with several more of these “other girls” who are now showing interest in him. He has a string of pretty girlfriends throughout his youth. By the time he is 18, he has been with 10 girls.
      You can see from this example how your analysis was too simplistic before. Yes, the root of everything was Jon having natural charm and good looks. That is how he attracted the first one or two girls he was able to have sex with and/or date.
      However, the majority of the girls Jon was able to meet were not attracted merely by his charm and good looks. Jon had 10 girls by the time he turned 18. The last 8 of those were drawn to him primarily by the fact that he had already drawn two pretty girls to him and by the confidence that he got from drawing those first two girls.
      For the rest of Jon’s life, the bulk of the new girls he will be able to attract will stem either from the confidence boost he has developed from his experience and/or the reputation he has gotten among girls as an attractive guy who girls tend to like. That is how he will get most of his girls.
      New girls he meets wherever he is will ask their peers about him and talk about him among each other. They will hear good things, and this will increase their attraction and result in Jon getting more interest.
      If Jon were ONLY charming and good looking, he would not be nearly as successful. Girls who would see a charming and good looking Jon would ask their peers about him and talk among one another about him. If they do not hear good things about him (other girls like him and want to date him, he dated this other pretty girl, he is good in bed, etc), he will not get as much interest as he would if he was a known stud.
      In short, being a stud (having sexual experience, gaining a reputation as a guy with that experience, and having confidence from that experience) is very important to Jon and, as you can see from this story, got him most of his girls.
      The stud is appealing to the average girl just by being a stud. This is why studs tend to end up sleeping (or at least attracting and being able to sleep with) so many other girls. The number of girls you can attract with just charm/looks alone is not as high as the number of girls you can attract by being known as “the stud” other women have slept with and want to sleep with.
      Jon got 2 girls with just his charm and appearance. He got four times that many (8 other girls) by just being known as a guy (or “the stud”) who attracted those two girls and by developing confidence and sexual experience from attracting those girls. Being a stud did more for him that just having good qualities, though having the good qualities got him started at the very beginning with the first two girls.

      1. Clearly you’ve gathered your information from teen movies…
        I don’t see any science here – not even social science that has bigger CIs on their results than those done using physical evidence (and don’t delve into the inner workings of the mind).
        Highschool girls might act like this, and adult women who never matured; but real women don’t. Go find one and talk to her – you know, with words, without alcohol.
        As for this ‘stud’ thing – everyone gets old and wrinkly. The question is whether you find genuine contentment. Sex with everyone is not likely to give you that – and yes, they did study it, there is empirical longitudinal. Go google scholar it.
        This article is just a lot of b/s dressed up as opinion. You know the difference between an opinion and a prejudice? The former contains FACTS.

        1. “Clearly you’ve gathered your information from teen movies…”
          No, I don’t watch them. You’ll have to offer more than the misplaced ad-hominem to get anywhere in this discussion.
          “I don’t see any science here – not even social science that has bigger
          CIs on their results than those done using physical evidence (and don’t
          delve into the inner workings of the mind).”
          None of what I’m saying is new and most of the concepts I reference (ex:female hypergamy) are well established and well researched.
          They are also quite easy to confirm anecdotally.
          “Highschool girls might act like this, and adult women who never matured;
          but real women don’t.”
          Plenty of “real women” (whatever that means) behave in ways that you may consider disagreeable, including some of the ways I described above. None of what I noted above is rare, uncommon or unheard of. For many, it is normal.
          If you’re a typical male under the age of 35 and you are dealing with the typical female in that age range in most parts of the United States, the above will generally apply in most cases.
          If you are under 25 (like myself), then the information above is going to be even more applicable to real life when it comes to the majority of females you encounter in the modern United States (and probably most of the rest of the western world). Your typical millennial woman is not far from the descriptions I’ve offered above.
          Believe it or not, a large portion of the men on this site are either in university (graduate or undergraduate) or were students up until recently. This puts the bulk of us at 21-30 years old. What I described above is the reality for many young people today.
          I am sorry if that bothers you.
          “Go find one and talk to her – you know, with
          words, without alcohol.”
          Most of my understanding is drawn from my own experience or from those of other men with whom I speak. We’ve done the talking.
          I don’t drink, btw. This again exposes the limits of the ad-hominem: you seek to undermine my position by implying that most of my interactions with women come in a drunken haze and I have no sober experiences on which to draw. This is not the case – you have to do better than that.
          “As for this ‘stud’ thing – everyone gets old and wrinkly.”
          Not sure how that is relevant. Did I imply otherwise?
          “The question is whether you find genuine contentment. Sex with everyone is not likely to give you that”
          OK. I’m not sure how that relates to my piece given the fact that I never made the claim you’re now challenging (promiscuity = automatic contentment), but whatever floats your boat…
          “This article is just a lot of b/s dressed up as opinion.”
          Your rebuttal is nowhere near strong enough to establish this. I’ll give you the opportunity to offer a stronger one.
          I look forward to seeing your next effort.

      2. So they basically don’t love the guy, they want to tear all the other girls down.
        This is why I don’t have sympathy for that kind of women. I would understand them if they truly loved the guy. But he is a mere object for them and this is the reason why I get mad when a woman tear a couple appart. They are damaging other women in purpose and also is the way women objectify men.
        The only possible way to have a relationship is keeping it secret or having a low profile. Never talk about your boyfriend or any other guy in front of other females.

        1. Also they can’t see there is no serious achievement on winning over a guy. Guys go with literally anyone. They are sluts and have no standards. There are men who are not like this, but they are rare to find.
          It is the typical behaviour of useless men and women. They spent their lives “winning over” other people, which is super easy, because they can’t obtain anything else that is harder or more important to obtain and preserve, like a degree, a job, friends, family or hobbies.

    3. If you want to be married to the General, you have to marry the Lieutenant.
      Came up today in some other blog, cannot remember which.

    4. I don’t think women’s opinions are totally unwelcome. I think they’d prefer a woman who was respectful than a woman who was like “YOU JACKASS LITTLE BOY TINY PENIS ASSHOLE!” That seems to be the common reaction 😉

  22. Women enforce the very double standards they hate by calling any women who makes her feel jealous ‘slut, whores, sank’ etc. Then when they themselves fall victim to the same shaming they inflect on other women only THEN is when women cry “NOT FAIR”!!!
    The Irony is amazing

  23. Warning, comment from female:
    Not to play devil’s advocate here, but I’ve always been more into Eric than any other guy on that show. I’ve always been turned off by promiscuous men. A turn-on for me is a man who is attractive, but has the standards not to sleep around with any trashy girl who comes his way–NOT a player who will put that life aside from me (because surprise surprise, they never do). I like a guy who has good morals WHEN I MEET HIM. It’s not something I can magically make happen.
    My sexual partners number is in the single digits, and I wish my current boyfriend was the only one! I regret everyone before him. I don’t think promiscuity is attractive in a man or a woman. I generally dislike all double-standards, but especially this one because I’ve actually been quite sexually modest my whole life (at least compared to most women) but I’m called a slut all the time- by none other than WOMEN. Because they know men will balk upon hearing “slut”, they’ll call other women sluts just to lower their value (and thus, destroy the competition). When I was single, guys wouldn’t call me back just because they “heard” I was a slut, when I had only slept with maybe 2-3 men.
    My main offense that caused me to be called a slut? Making out with guys in college (and not sleeping with them), and showing cleavage. Other girls were having threesomes, and I was wearing heels. The horror! To this day, if I so much as wear a tight dress for the amusement of my boyfriend, women will shout “slut” at me from car windows.
    I hate the double standard, but women are usually the ones perpetuating it, not men.

    1. Girl I hear you. I don’t have sex because I want the guy I date to be just as reserved in that department. They are so hard to find or won’t admit it I think. It is different when a guy is attractive but does not throw his body around from the guy that can’t get a body. It says so much when you can have sex but you don’t whether you are a male or female. Giving up the goods is giving it up. Sorry about your ordeal with nasty women. It is so sad that we can’t see the hole of our making. Maybe there should be people that can influence society on these things. I know that T.V. works wonders with the human mind but they would need a popular platform to ease these ideologies in.

      1. I agree 100% that men (particularly attractive men) should show sexual restraint and be held to the same standards as women. But when women “give it up” freely, they are actually forcing a man’s hand. It takes a certain kind of strength for a man to be reserved in his sexual conquests, not only because the desire for sex is great, but because a man is actually shamed for not having more sexual experience. If a man is a virgin, women tend to think there is something wrong with him. This notion can be problematic for a gentleman in today’s society (which is why gentlemen are so rare). You see, a gentleman respects women and is only after long term relationships with the goal of marriage. As such he would only have sex within the confines of a loving relationship. If he was unable to find the right woman he would remain a virgin even if he was a catch.
        Nevertheless, the reason why the “slut” double standards exists is because it’s easy for women to have sex. If you take commitment out of the equation they have a tremendous advantage in the dating market and if they take it for granted it can be insulting to the man they eventually marry who, 9 times out of 10, was not so lucky with the ladies (only a few gifted men are truly promiscuous). Relationships are all about complementing one another. Traditionally men have been protectors and providers. It’s in our DNA and it’s just how we feel, even today. Every man wants to be a hero and every man wants to make his woman feel appreciated and cared for. The greatest gift a man has to offer a woman is marriage. A promise of financial and emotional security until death do you part. Back in the day when divorces weren’t so popular, this gift could only be given to one person so the recipient would feel very special with this gift. The woman offered something as well, something the man desired most, a loving, caring and trustworthy partner (yes men are all soft and squishy on the inside :P) and the privilege of having her children. The issue is that sex and romance is more easily given than a lifelong commitment (i.e. marriage) and it can be given to any number of men. In today’s society a woman is free to enjoy years of sexual fulfillment before tying the knot while men still have to work for it and are often left wanting, so when comes the time for a life long commitment her offer no longer seems like a fair trade. Marriage is a lot of work, and a guy wants to feel special and appreciated. A woman showing sexual restraint is like a man lifting something heavy for a woman, or opening a jar of pickles… it’s easier for us men so rather than using our strength to our own advantage, we use it to the advantage of women to show her that we care 😉

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    2. No shit women are perpetuating the double standard…..but women need to perpetuate it even more for the slutty girls….I mean girls having threesomes….like gross much ? What kind of deluded think must a girl have and how damaged must she be to do a threesome with another girl and guy.

      1. The issue here in relation to this article and what you have said is that while you are busy saying it is gross for a girl to be in a threesome, what about the guys who do it….They cannot be in this threesome by themselves…so why is she gross and not the guys…I mean sexually transmitted diseases do not discriminate by gender….we do and despite the foolishness being discussed to be grossed out by behaviour in one sex and praise it in another has no biological basis , just control of one gender by the other.

    3. Gahh, stop the madness.You don’t need to conform to this weird oppressive society. Break free of shackles of being sooo basic. Be a bad bitch who gives zero fucks. Who I sleep with, who you sleep with, it doesn’t matter to people who have a life or who are smarter than a 4th grader.

    4. Ahahahah now it is my time to laugh hard.
      A woman is called a slut when she flirts with guys who have girlfriends or when she spends her time mistreating and bullying other women out of envy to counteract the damage on their egos, aka fighting against their inferiority complex. Most of these women want to appear as sluts to feel powerful but they are actually just cock-teasers and most of them are virgins, little girls trying to play an adult role but failing hard at it. All they want is arselickers to boost their childish egos. A lot of them are adapted psychopaths.
      I have never ever been called a slut. It would not be believable since I barely get out from my house if is not to work, study, buy something, going to my female friends houses or a public event. I never meet with a man in private alone if that man is not my boyfriend. I never manipulate men. I don’t like empty flattering and I if I want something, I get it by myself. In most situations of my life, I barely ask for help to anyone. I’m the main psychological support of the people I love. I also don’t flirt. If I’m in love with a guy and I want him to be my boyfriend, I just tell him so, but only once I know he loves me too.
      I have enjoyed the times when other girls were mad at me out of pure jealousy but couldn’t say that word to me or else their charade would have been publicly discovered. I never interact with that kind of girls, speak to them, neither I’m friends with them. They key is, the moment you meet a new person, just guess if they are normal people or crazy guys/girls.
      You can tell if they are crazy by speaking to them for a short time: they will say abnormal things, like speaking badly of others to try and make the relationship between you and them be closer, being negative and jealous. If they are not normal people with a kind heart then run like the plague. Shield yourself with your family, friends and couple. Also be a virtuous person 100% of the time, with not even one fail. This is particularly easy for women, in fact, because our hormones and education make it possible. Only immature girls play the slut part. This way you won’t get into problems and if you do, since some girls are fucking annoying, crazy and stalkers to the point of commiting a crime, your beloved ones and sometimes authorities will protect you.

    5. Eric is so much more attractive than Vince I thought the show was some sort of joke (in that aspect) showing ugly guys getting girls more than hot guys. And YES I expect said fuure man in my life not to be hoeing around.

  24. This entire website is a joke; there’s a reason that this only caters to a very small percentage of males. Maybe you’re all so hateful towards women because you’ve been turned down so many times that its reduced you to a group of angry, bitter, confused boys who have to make themselves feel like big, masculine men by posting their wailings on the internet…? Lol

  25. this article is put into the words I couldn’t find when trying to explain to friends and my (then blue pill) mother. I watched The Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past with my ex and Matthew McConaughey is a player alpha male and all the bridesmaids instantly want to fuck him knowing his success with women. I know it’s Hollywood but it’s accurate to that point and was the only part of the movie I enjoyed when he was gaming women

  26. There is no philosophy such as “The Double Standard”…just a moral obligation with an ambiguous unorthodox desire to cleanse their souls by blaming the poisonous apple on Eve, relative to weak and spineless men of course. Real soldiers exercise humility (not false bravados), self-control (not wreckless behavior), and assume full responsibility and personal accountability for their actions.The pseudo alpha male will justify this immoral double standard behavior with evolution, genetics and natural selection, but contrary to what this imbecile of a species may generate, his ultimate weakness IS his ego, and this will always be his tragic downfall.
    So for the delusional men, add this to your bucket list….Viagra doesn’t cure everything, I never preferred studs. Humility and intelligence goes a long way. A false bravado can’t buy class just as much as Viagra can’t re-invent a d**k!

  27. I’m an attractive, highly successful, virtuos woman who cringes when I’ve found out that a potential male prospect has fucked his way to kingdom come. At that point he is a man slut with the prospect of an STD and too much ex-conquest baggage to be worth the trouble.

  28. What I don’t get is that men complain that women are sluts…but still expect sex from them…

    1. Calling yourself “Paul” doesnt make you a man. It’s clear that you are a feminist bitch.

  29. You really omit a lot of facts to establish your narrative and “prove” your point, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the discussion of Entourage. You fail to mention that Vince is: (1) a rich movie star, (2) the leader of the entourage, (3) the most physically attractive member of the entourage and (4) the most “charming” and best socialized member of the entourage. Last time I checked, people found all of these things attractive, and most people find all of these things more attractive than how prolific someone is.

  30. And the punch line is that the Beta-male, white knight, rape victim culture is actually created by men, not women. From an evolutionary point of view, is their way of keeping the competition for gene propagation at bay.

  31. I really like the article and comments with the sweeping generalities. There are only “men” or “women” no individuals.

  32. Wow been doing some research on this double standard and I can tell you as a female I find the views expressed by many of the men here about women very disturbing however it is a reminder that women should continue to strive to ensure that any man who is between jobs or is a nice guy but simply having a hard time financially should be dismissed immediately without even having a chance to show what kind of person they are otherwise. It is reminder that men should pay for every single date that a man and woman ever go on and that when they do settle down the man should work to support the household and the woman should work only if she wants to and use her money only on her. …After all, if we perpetuate one set of stereotypes that totally eliminate all the other character traits of women and brand them as automatic loosers for any kind of loving relationship then why not keep up the alternative stereotype for men?

  33. Manute Bol is 7’7″. Spud Webb is 5’4″. If Bol slam dunks a basketball, he merely has to flick his wrists. For Webb, he has to leap an enormous distance surrounded by giants all trying to swat him away.
    Both complete the same shot, yet for one of them, it’s considered a real accomplishment, for the other, it’s unimpressive.
    That “double standard” doesn’t seem so unreasonable, right?

    1. But no one is telling 7’7 it’s wrong for him to dunk because he didn’t impress anyone..are you saying that female promiscuity is wrong because it’s unimpressive??

  34. I’m not convinced by a lot of the unsubstantiated claims in this article.
    Oh right, women can get laid super easy compared to men? Do you think that might be because you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans to the club and she spent an hour getting ready? Because she actually flirted with guys across the room.
    The other biggie is that women really looove studs. It’s just not true 90% of all women would choose some disgusting man-whore over a “nice guy”. The term ‘sluts’ and ‘studs’ are not analogous. A slut is someone that goes around fucking gross guys and gets drunk and filled with cum every weekend in unsatisfying sexual experiences. A stud is someone that sleeps with a lot of sexy women not just someone who sleeps around.
    A guy could go and bang prostitutes, fat chicks, and get handjobs from gay dudes in public bathrooms. Nobody would call him a stud or be impressed by his behavior. A stud is more like a cougar. It suggests positive sexual conquests.
    There is a double standard between men who sleep around and women who sleep around. But it’s not actually that pronounced. A lot of the guys who sleep around are into swinging, BDSM and other creepy shit that the average girl isn’t . The Dudebro types also tend not to be as persuasive as you suggest. I know a few man-sluts, they get laid a lot but when sober most worthwhile women don’t find him attractive.
    This is because you are right about women’s sexual arousal. They want to feel desired by a super sexy dude: which would mean a guy who can bang any girl he wants. If you’re a man-slut that will even bang the 50 year old Polish cleaner at the Christmas party you kill that illusion though. Then you are just another gross dude that wants to use them as a hole.
    As an adult none of the women I date have a clue how many women I’ve slept with. Shit, this article was written by some college kid about college girls right? That’s why his life experience is fucking Entourage.

  35. Oh, this is a great place to start. Sluts and studs. Cool. Has this been scientifically proven? My only question is how have you been able to ward off brain atrophy what with all this mindless drivel?

  36. We as humans have evolved. You hold to the ancient ways of males having more than one partner, but do you still swing from trees? Do you eat bugs off of other’s fur? Come on, man. Humans have the intelligence to make willful choices. We are not driven by instinct. Remind yourself who is evolved .

  37. I wonder why we need to use these terms such as “slut, whore, stud” etc. I am not polyamorous by any means but I believe that people can have respectful and fulfilling sexual relationships with multiple people, but it shoudnt detract anything from the relationship they are currently in. Underneath it all, what is truly important? Mutual respect and love and understanding? I believe in equality for both genders – we are all human beings after all

  38. Tell me, have you ever had input from a group of women? Yes this is true for many women, but not all. I’m not going to fight for a man’s attention. I’m not going to hope he chooses me and sticks with just me. I expect it and if he doesn’t want me, fine and dandy. I’m not part of a flock. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. The more women a man has been with, the less appealing he gets to me. I don’t want what any woman can have more than a man wants what any man can have. I have standards for a man and demand equal respect. Once I have full mutual commitment, I’m all his to do with what he wills. I’ll happily submit to a good man and do everything to make his world perfect so long as he cares for me and doesn’t treat me like I’m just one of many options or that I don’t deserve him. Happily a house wife and mother 🙂

  39. It’s probably because many many women have like 10-20 more partners than most male counter parts because it’s much easier for them to get physically attractive men, with less. It’s hard to give a penis away for free. But also, alot of men like myself, don’t really think the player is ok, he’s gonna play no matter what, and most of the women they play with are female players too. I blame the popularization of fucking in one night stands by urban culture. From a culture that is completely poverty struck in their over population. I am not saying a one night stand is bad. But use it more like a civilize human, and less like a fucking animal that has to do it once a fucking week with a new person. That’s all.

  40. I need you to tell me when you conducted this study lmao “Girls don’t want guys that have not shown the ability to consistently attract other girls. That gives studs a massive advantage over less socially-dominant men with lower partner counts since women tend to prefer them when given a choice.” Like where did you get these facts? You don’t just go around telling your opinion like it’s a fact dude. Ya gotta chill

  41. Would be probably worth pointing out that the ‘madonna-whore complex’ is in fact something bit different than how the term is used and explained as a concept in the above article, (and how it is often used in shaming fashion against men for their standards wrt mate’s sexual past) – madonna-whore complex is inability to integrate sexual/sensual and emotional/spiritual side of relationship with one mate, so sexual attraction and love toward one’s partner become mutually exclusive, based on some false dichotomy that love is ‘pure’, sex is ‘dirty’, so they can’t go together with the same person.
    On the other hand, preference of sexually non-‘compromised’ female partner (leaving cuckoldry aside, in women the neurochemical and psychological and dominant-submissive bonds coming from having sex tend to go very deep and last, even for good, plus woman’s sexual experience is something very different than man’s – she is, contrary to male experience, taken, invaded and filled and affected by other person to the very core and essence of her being) and negative visceral response to even an idea that one’s beloved one ever was or would be f*cked by anyone else is NOT madonna-whore complex, but instinctive mechanism wired over millennia of evolution to avoid cuckoldry and partners with weakened bonding capacity.

  42. The basis of your argument is that women have an easier time attracting men then men do attracting women. There’s no evidence for that.

  43. The slut vs stud double standard isn’t really true. Except for celebrities, a man will eventually get shamed if he sleeps around too much. There may be a little more patience, but society and other women don’t reward them

  44. I feel as if you’re undermining the pressure the Madonna-whore complex puts on girls. I mean, I can totally understand where it stems from. In literature, women have always been repentant prostitutes, saintly mothers, and innocent girls. Women are seen to be most beautiful in these forms. I understand that. However, it is also just as obvious that women cannot be perfect. Men neither. Women can’t be saintly and innocent all the time, and men really don’t want them to be. I mean, if every girl stayed abstinent until finding the perfect match like they had in days gone by, contemporary men would be the ones complaining (I mean, even in history, men didn’t keep abstinent but went to whore-houses and the like). However, men still have this ideal woman who will somehow put it out for him but not for anyone else. I don’t think that is very possible as humans don’t really work that way. Nobody has a switch in their heads that turns them from Madonna to slut. Sometimes an ideal just has to stay an ideal…

  45. Double standards dont exist since every slut is celebrated, defended, and well liked in their social worlds and by men. This whole slut shaming thing was started up by unattractive fat feminist loser lesbians speaking for other ppl or by sluts in denial. Most popular and attractive girls throughout life are sluts or former sluts: school, workplace, parties, celebrity, fictional characters, and popstars.

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