Canadian Feminist Kyla Garvey Gets Two Firemen Fired

Well that didn’t take long. Since I last reported on the antics of misandrist Nitasha Tiku, another feminist has successfully hurt the lives of two men because of tweets that she found offensive.

It started with this National Post article, written by Kyla Garvey:

On November 1 2012 Matt Bowman, whose Twitter handle is @Hero_Matt and features a photograph of him in his firefighter’s uniform, tweeted: “Reject a woman and she will never let it go. One of the many defects of their kind. Also weak arms.” In March he tweeted, “I’d never let a woman kick my ass. If she tried something I’d be like HEY! You get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie!” On Thursday he tweeted “the way to a woman’s heart is through anal.”


Told of the tweets on Friday, David Sheen, division chief of staff services at Toronto Fire, said “I am logging it as a complaint, I am going to investigate it. To me that is not an acceptable attitude to be identified with firefighters in the City of Toronto.”


A follow-up article reveals that the two firemen were indeed fired.

Toronto Fire on Monday terminated three firefighters for what it calls breaches of the city’s policy on social media, a spokesman said Monday evening.

The firing comes one month after the National Post published a story about attempts at Toronto Fire to recruit more women and visible minorities. In that story, the Post republished just a few tweets from accounts connected to two firefighters in Scarborough.

It appears that the answer is more cultural sensitivity training:

Goal number seven of the diversity report is cultural understanding training for all staff. Fire Services have prepared a one to two-hour PowerPoint on cultural understanding, equivalent to health and safety training. Online training will begin at the end of 2013.

Mr. Sheen says it was developed to “make sure that firefighters start to think about cultural differences and how it affects people they serve.” It is also meant to increase awareness of cultural differences in the workplace to make it more welcoming and understanding.

A member at RVF gave a humorous response:

Imagine the following.

A bunch of gender studies women are trapped in a burning building and call 911.
They are given two options by the operator on what kind of emergency rescue they require.

A) Gender Normative Fire brigade “The Fancy Gushers”. 50/50 women and men that spend special time on sensitivity training as part of their regular drills.

B) Ladder 666. Consisting of the meanest, most foul mouthed pukes available that piss barbed wire and wouldn’t notice a third-degree burn unless it prevented them from benching an ox.

Which one are you going to pick to come rescue you lady? WHICH ONE!?

Who Is Kyla Garvey?

Research done by the ROK staff has revealed a sinister motive in regard to her original story. Before I provide her background, let me propose a hypothetical: do you think it would be a good idea for me to write an article in the New York Times about feminism? Probably not, because I have a deep-seated prejudice against the ideology that would prevent me from writing a “balanced” journalistic account for mainstream consumption. It’s the same reason why a judge should excuse himself from a case if he’s financially connected to one of the litigants. In the same vein, no card-carrying feminist should write a newspaper article about “sexism,” since their prejudice against men means they see sexism where sexism may not exist.

Now take a look at Kyla’s background (click for larger size):

Kyla Garvey

Here are the highlights:

  • She states: “I’m particularly interested in women’s rights”
  • She studied a course on “Gender, Sexuality, and Cultural Resistance”
  • She was a member of the Women’s Studies Student Council

I also found another source that states she actually majored in Women’s Studies.


In other words, she’s a man-hater. It seems that she has gone out of her way to not help men, even when working for the Big Brothers organization (she only helped girls). So why did the National Post allow her to denounce two men, when it’s a certainty she harbors resentment against the male gender? Does that sound like patriarchy to you?

Hit-And-Run Job

Kyla is not even a regular writer for the National Post—she’s a freelancer. She was able to perform a hit-and-run operation and then gain full-time employment at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming commission. She has absolutely no skin-in-the-game when it comes to fair reporting or journalistic integrity, and will go on with her life not feeling empathy for the harm that she has caused. Shame on any society that allows a person like her to unfairly denounce men without repercussions.

An interesting side-note is that this case differs a bit from the standard liberal/Marxist attack formula. It appears that the lower the reputation of the publication where the denouncement is published, the more the attacker must stir up the mob, like Nitashu Tiku did. Since her employer, Gawker, is known to be a disreputable cesspool that publishes without concern for facts, she had to stoke mob anger in order to get Pax Dickinson fired. But all Kyla had to do was say she worked for the National Post and then make a single phone call. That tells you how much power these people have if they work in major newspapers to exercise their feminist agenda. I doubt we have to wait long until the next victim is purged.

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102 thoughts on “Canadian Feminist Kyla Garvey Gets Two Firemen Fired”

  1. Holy crap.
    I just read the comments over on the Canadian newspaper site. It’s jam packed with white knights, uberfems and manboobs espousing the goodness of thoughtcrime punishment and foaming at the mouth.
    Canada is over.

      1. You are so right. This is the country that disbanded their entire army airborne brigade (about 2,000 soldiers) because a few of them abused and killed some knuckle dragger over in Somalia, I believe.
        An investigation uncovered “racism” in the ranks, so the entire elite unit (maybe the only one Canada had) was eliminated.
        Fuck Canada.

    1. Speaking from some personal experience Moses, any mainstream media sites that allow comments always delete the ones that disagree with the article’s biased point of view. It happens on American ones like CNN as well. It probably happens everywhere.
      But yes, Canada has been over for a long time. Nearly everyone of our academics who report the reality of the situation without an agenda agree that our country is already Balkanized. The first major crisis to hit us will splinter Canada into several smaller countries, undoubtedly with a lot of ethnic cleansing being done in the cities.
      Meh, I can tan really well and I’m swarthy looking enough if the brown side starts winning. Either way real men are going to be getting a looooootttttt of desperate poon.

      1. Today Salon scrubbed all my comments after I posted a polite response to their “GOP Starting Race War” headline.

  2. Anyone else notice the irony that they went after Pax for using a Mel Gibson quote with the word “nigger”, while this Canadian firefighter is screwed over for tweeting a quote from Cartman in South Park?

    1. Don’t use if you are a man with a job. Or investors. Or a business that doesn’t cater to red-pill crowd. Basically, anything that is vulnerable to feminist boycott/sabotogue, don’t use your real identity online.

  3. It sucks, it really sucks. However, has anyone else read the AVFM post on Pauley Perrette? They just filed a 250 page petition to the California Grand Jury (or whatever it is called, I hate legal shit), and I can’t find any publication in the area about it. What this woman has done shows just how much society values the view, and attitudes, of any woman simply for having a vagina. She may get off, she may lose everything and still walk, she may get what she deserves. We will see.
    However, I actually disapprove of feminism, but approve of their work; let me explain.
    They continually harass, and oppress men by denying them any free space to joke, jest, have private alone time, have their own club/hang out, and be a husband, boy friend, or father in any meaningful way. This has gone on for so long, that there is a subconscious hatred I sense every time I talk about the men’s movement; but I see the person I am talking to struggling internally, They hear me, but their brainwashing regimen since childhood remains strong.
    When feminism finally topples, and it will topple, woman will potentially never have the option to “opt-back-in” to a traditional wifely status. Instead, bish better get a job, and buy her own bish sh!t. I foresee men working less, and using (short term or for life) women who make good salary.
    Once the four horsemen of the femapocalypse arrive, they are in serious sh!t.
    1. Mandatory DNA testing. Since the late 90’s the American Red Cross has been saying that supposedly, as much as 30% of children may not actually know their real father.
    2. RISUG(10 year shot)/Male-Pill(one/month pill). The options exist, they are cheap, have no side effects, and always seem to go to the FDA and never get heard from again. Hmmm?
    3. The coming trail and error towards Marriage 3.0 is going to be hilarious as women see their feminist movement for what it is, the last bastion of female privilege going up in smoke, and a new era where men rule their women like legalized prostitutes. It will not bring about a male equivalent, more on that in a second.
    4. The final end of Chivalry. Where men truly do view women as empowered by their own agency. In other words, they will not be able to treat their relationships like a buffet. They wanted to be men, and men en mass will hold them to it. Their manipulations will be so well documented, few men will actually care when sex will be as common as water. For that is what chivalry is, a trade off. You give me your life like a “love slave” superman, and I will give you access for a year or two. That won’t work. It took over a thousand years to build up to this point, and maybe in our lifetimes you will see that women will truly be on their own as men came to this point largely individually, and through their own experience. Coupled with places like this, I suspect a singularity in male awareness is imminent.
    They are going down, and they are doing it for us. It is always darkest before the dawn. However, many here will actually miss this time, for how else will you have so many willing participants in your schemes without feminism?

    1. There are a lot of guys who will probably let “the genie back in the bottle” – our sexual desires are that strong. But for the most part what you say is already happening and Japan is at the epicenter. It’s only a matter of time before issues around EI and welfare, single motherhood, and low birthrates affect us here in North America – though we do compensate for low birthrates by having open boarders…
      Everything else aside, women (in my opinion) have lost what’s made them beautiful. They’re only good for sex now, but as the costs continue to pile up, more and more men will say to themselves, like the Japanese, it’s just not worth it. This is when the most profound changes will occur. More and more men, free from the compulsion of desire, will see just how much of our interaction with women has been influenced by our desires. Also, because the main impetus in a woman’s psyche is to achieve psychological fusion, a fusion that is temporarily satisfied with bonding to a man, but ultimately only (precariously) satisfied by having a (male) child, there will absolutely always be sex to go around so long as you don’t sacrifice your masculinity: your identity, your closeness to our natural form, your connection to god; so long as you don’t take the fruit from Eve! and fall again.
      And what is the fruit? It’s a memory that we all have of prenatal (and perhaps early sheltered childhood) bliss. We see women as the source of this feeling but that is just an illusion: hence heaven and hell are intertwined. In our search for heaven (the intrauterine cave), we often are led directly to hell (sulfur pits, labyrinths with monsters, bowels filled with coiled snakes and spiders…).
      What woman has given up and continues to give up with the increasing popularity of the feminist movement is her ability to convince man that she is his home, his cave from which he was born. Once this illusion breaks, we cease the senseless effort of trying to be unborn replacing it with our task to recover (or perhaps discover depending on your traditional background) our original forms – our health: what we were before “sin”.

      1. AVivaldi, that last paragraph was beautiful. I love this part especially: “What woman has given up and continues to give up with the increasing
        popularity of the feminist movement is her ability to convince man that
        she is his home, his cave from which he was born.”
        That is beautiful, but I think it is up to a cooperative of men as patriarchs to be the supreme political authority and to convince their respective women that they are the cave homes of their men. They will only follow the mission of the greatest authority. The reason Game works is that the granularity of control of Gov Alpha is large, and there is opportunity in personal interactions to temporarily override the distant emporer who never has complete control over the whole empire.
        A home for my dick, one all my own. That is what I really want, but damn if I’d ever believe it to be possible. Only patriarchs have that power to make it real.

  4. Um. Look. I dislike feminist nonsense as much as the next guy, but this dude was dumb enough to write that stuff with his REAL NAME attached with a PICTURE OF HIMSELF IN UNIFORM. That’s naive millennial unprofessional bullshit. At the very least, it shows a certain amount of arrogance and piss-poor judgment. Good riddance to less-than-bright rubbish, gender notwithstanding.

    1. Admittedly the victim in question posted his thoughts on an open channel which was indeed a dumb thing to do. However, supposedly Canada as well as the USA allows a person to have his own opinion. One could argue he is guilty of bad taste, but thats all. it is disconcerting just how easily someone could get fired from their jobs. Being a public servant like a firefighter does entail a certain amount of consideration, but there was also the incident a while back that Roosh reported on of two techi-guys talking amongst themselves in which a feminist overheard their private conversation and decided to make a stink about it.
      Unfortunately incidents such as these are indicators we live in dark times. It ail most likely get worse before it gets better.

      1. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree, here. This guy is a tax-paid public servant using his REAL NAME AND PICTURE to loudly broadcast thoughts on anal sex and “bitches making him pies”. I’m sorry, but that’s the work of an entitled moron, and one with poor manners at that.
        He likes to be publicly manly and belligerent? Good. Now he can go be a cage fighter.
        And one more thing. I’m going to bet a thousand dollars the City of Toronto makes its social media policy clear to employees. This hose-puller obviously couldn’t be bothered to read it. Wonder what other manuals he skipped. FAIL.

        1. After thirty seconds of searching, I found Toronto’s policy in writing:
          “Employees should not engage in harassment, personal attacks, or abuse toward individuals or organizations,” and “not use language that is discriminatory, hateful, or violent towards identifiable groups or that incites others to discriminate, practice hate or violence.”
          Now, if these guys weren’t bright enough to know better, that’s sad. But it isn’t a men’s rights cause worthy of anyone’s time.
          The End.

        2. I disrespectfully think you’re an idiot Dragrope
          These guy’s job is putting their lives on the line because some dumbshit fell asleep with a cigarette in their hand or put some bacon on the stove and forgot about it while they were jerking off.
          Society needs fire fighters. So what if they volunteered, they’re not public ‘servants’. A servant is someone you pay to fetch you more cognac because you’re a rich lazy fuck who won at life. Fire fighters are the equivalent of volunteer soldiers who are fighting against an enemy that never stops attacking. If we didn’t have these ‘servants’, the public would be in chaos. So long as they do their job competently, we owe them.
          There’s an old soldiers maxim “When soldiers grumble, the General should not listen”. Society is the general, and so long as police, soldiers, politicians, fire fighters and other people idiots view as public servants do not post anything too outlandish (KILL ALL THE JEWS RAPE AND MURDER BLACK PEOPLE) and their jobs competently there should be zero shit paid attention to what they say, no matter what form it’s said in. These guys put their lives on the line for a pay cheque that’s pathetically inadequate compared to what they provide society. Idiots like you, Dragrope, should be kissing these guy’s asses every day. Idiots like you are going to be the first ones to complain when your house is burning down around you and all the female fire fighters can’t stop it because the hose is too heavy, and all the affirmatively actioned ethnics and cripples are too damn dumb or crippled to do anything and all the male fire fighters have been fired or put on suspension.
          These fire fighters were sharing some locker room opinions in a semi-public forum. Was it a bone head move? Yeah. Should they have been fired? No. No no no. There is no debate about this question. If you think they should not have been fired, you’re an intelligent human being who realizes how the real world works. If you think the fire fighters should have been fired, you’re an idiot, your opinions are the opinions of an idiot and the way you think is the reason why modern society is such a toilet of humanity.
          Good day to you.

        3. Hey, man. They are paid by TAXPAYERS. TAXPAYERS. That’s all that fucking matters. Taxpayers say “Be a gentleman and not a blowhard,” they ought to shut the fuck up and do it. Fuck them and their union. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot that part. They’re in a public service union. So these guys really THOUGHT they could get away with whatever they fucking wanted. Guess that ain’t true.

        4. I have to agree with dragrope.
          To be fair, if we act like what you are saying every time a man get’s nailed for his stupid words, we are no better than feminists. Their toxic vitriol in this case is obvious to all, but we must call out one of our own when they say and do stupid shit.
          We cannot accuse feminists of harboring double standards if we do the same. Better to have a proven track record of hauling in our own idiots before we throw stones from a glass house. Feel me?
          I am a service member, but professional courtesy is something feminists may get away with, but we cannot allow our own to do the same if we ever want to be in charge. People honestly don’t care too much if you can’t be trusted to handle business off the field, no matter how could you can handle a fire. Eventually, they find someone else who can do the job as good or better.
          We cannot act like he can’t be replaced, nor should we!

        5. Like I mentioned he is a public servant and what i meant by special consideration is that he should have thought twice before posting, so I agree with you on that.
          Guilty of bad taste he is, but he should not have gotten fired.

        6. By the grace, mercy and love of God, no. I own several semi-automatic rifles, several more handguns, and I would never be polite to a socialist.

        7. Well as a Canadian taxpayer here, I can proudly say that I, as a Canadian taxpayer, can tell every Canadian Fire Fighter reading this that they have the license to do the follow;
          1) Look up the internet history of the person currently on fire in front of them. If said person has expressed views toward feminism, or heck just any negative views against fire fighters, they can let them burn.
          2) Any and all fire fighters have the right to quote as many hilarious phrases to each other from shows or movies as they want, over any medium. REGARDLESS of how foul the quote may be, they’re untouchable. If Mel Gibson tomorrow says “WE NEED TO KILL EVERY NIGGER IN HERE” then my Canadian fire fighters buddies may retweet that to their hearts content.
          Now, in all seriousness, we all know public jobs are governed by the opinions of a vocal minority. If I took this news story and went to every single door in Canada, asking whether these fire fighters should be fired or not, 70% would say no. They would not. Because it’s common sense, and as much as I like to bash the public, a lot of people do have minimum of modicum of…common sense. These policies are created by people who are influenced by societal losers and psychopaths who have nothing better to do then call up managers and politicians all day complaining about any and everything that upsets their unintelligent, insignificant minds. The loud idiot minority always rules the quiet thinking majority in Democracies, because smart people have better things to do then harassing others to further their agendas; smart people are too busy putting out idiots fires, doing good works projects, or editing an article with a hang over while arguing with someone they don’t know over the internet.
          Also, you clearly hate socialism which is fine…but, if that’s true, why are you coming down so hard on some public servants for expressing their individual opinions, and then defending your view by saying they have a duty to serve the written agenda of the state like clock work? Hating on individuals opinions, defending the doctrine of the state…that sounds a little pinko to me, COMRADE.

        8. You’re missing my point. On purpose, maybe? These are firefighters. They were unprofessional, and in public (the Internet counts as “in public”). They used language that could argued to be hateful–or, at the very least, disrespectful–and left a record of it.
          This shows a complete lack of respect for the rules (see my post about the social media policy above), for their own positions and for the opinions of many, many people paying their salaries.
          Going further, I posit that EVEN IF the content of their Tweets had NOT been full of language that “targeted women”, they’d still be bad hires.
          Let’s put it in the faggiest Canadian terms we can. Imagine they had…”Edmonton fans can all eat shit and die! Ice Hockey is fucking awesome, eh? Suck my back bacon!”
          For the sake of argument, no other facts change. They use their real names and pictures.
          In that case, I would STILL think their PUBLIC EMPLOYER should discipline them for the damage to the public’s image of their organization with such sentiments and language.
          So, in my mind, they weren’t fired so much for being “sexist” as for being UNPROFESSIONAL LOUDMOUTH ASSHOLES.

        9. That’s right, they’re paid by taxpayers. Not like they have an option to work for a private firefighting company where an intelligent boss wouldn’t fire them because they said whatever they felt like saying.
          That’s right, they’re paid by taxpayers. Taxpayers who need their lives saved by competent firemen when their homes are on fire.
          That’s the criterion of the job of a firefighter: fighting fires.
          Have you read the effective executive by Peter Drucker? Do you know anything about business or filling positions in an organization at all? Have you ever met a payroll?
          You don’t fire people because of perceived weaknesses. Find me a man who claims to do more than one thing well and I’ll find you a crappy employee.
          You hire them and keep them on because of their strength. Because they can write copy that puts millions of dollars in your bank account. Because they create design that increases customer retention by 20%. You hire on strength. Effective bosses know this, effective generals know this, effective coaches know this.
          You want to have your cake and eat it. Well, guess what? Firefighters are big, testosterone bound, weight lifting, life-risking motherfuckers who do crazy shit and say crazy shit. And god bless them for it.
          Let them get on Twitter and talk shit about my mom for all I care. Like it has any real bearing on anybody’s life.
          Then when her house is burning down they can go save her. And see, that actually matters. Not that some sensitivity trained wussy finds their comments “inappropriate” or “offensive”.

        10. I’m trying to formulate a rational response here, but I can’t. I’m blinded by rage. Did someone honestly say, “Edmonton fans can all eat shit and die!” I swear to Christ, somebody is gonna be murdered.
          Look, I get your point, I found it under all your pro Commie propaganda just fine. I just don’t agree with it. And I have more right to disagree with it then you do, because I not only pay money to these men, but their being fired over such frivolous things can potentially put me in danger. I don’t have an ounce of hero worship in me; of the big three clichés, my opinions are:
          Cops can screw, they’ve never once stopped or solved a crime perpetrated against me and I own a gun, my own safety is not in question. Every Cop I’ve encountered has been aggressive and unprofessional with me even though I always afford them the highest courtesy as I leave my car in neutral, spinning my tires on the side of the road while giving them the finger as they write up my ticket.
          Soldiers don’t deserve hero worship since they don’t do anything to protect me in the modern world. Everyone we invade/attack poses no serious threat to me. There is no country in the world today or the foreseeable future that threatens North America with a serious invasion. I approve of their pro bombing everyone not me policy, but I don’t think they should get parades. Plumbers do more for me then soldiers do, where’s their parade? I want to see a bunch of shit stained guys with beer guts riding a giant toilet down the middle of the street.
          Fire Fighters need to be worshipped. We must hold triumphs for them every day, while tossing our most nubile of women and all our cold coins at them as they pass. lololololololol
          Fire fighters serve a purpose, they have a tough life, and yeah they volunteer to work the job but thank god they do because they’re an indispensable part of society. Without them we don’t function. I don’t care what they say, what their personal opinions are so long as they can fight, fires. And the majority of people do not care either. Holding an axe over their neck to stop them from letting off some frustration in the form of harmless words that nobody would see if not for assholes with an agenda dredging it up is the height of retardation. It’s the Mount Everest of retardation.
          Anyway’s red, I gotta jet. Don’t have an aneurysm, it’s just the internet. It’s not like anything we say on here can ever effect ourselves.

        11. “Not like they have an option to work for a private firefighting company”
          Now that you mention it, we should have private fire fighting companies. It worked out really well for Marcus Licinius Crassus.

        12. “Firefighters are big, testosterone bound, weight lifting, life-risking motherfuckers who do crazy shit and say crazy shit. And god bless them for it.”
          An unconvincing excuse for asinine, juvenile behavior.
          But going by your criteria, Special Ops soldiers ought to be writing dumb shit on Twitter pretty regularly. But you know who never seems to Tweet offensive shit? Navy SEALS. You know why? Because they are men, not little boys.

        13. I’m a socialist, and I find your comments offensive. I demand to know where you work so I can petition your company to fire you. You should know better than to say something that might offend someone. You deserve what you get for being stupid. And judging by your above comments, I’m sure you would agree. Right?

        14. “They used language that could argued to be hateful–or, at the very least, disrespectful–and left a record of it.”
          “So, in my mind, they weren’t fired so much for being “sexist” as for being UNPROFESSIONAL LOUDMOUTH ASSHOLES.”
          “Let’s put it in the faggiest Canadian terms we can.”
          Hmmm. I wonder if gay rights groups would consider your use of the term “faggiest” to be “hateful-or, at the very least, disrespectful”? I wonder if they would call you an “UNPROFESSIONAL LOUDMOUTH ASSHOLE”? I wonder if you believe you should be fired from your job if you happened to be outed to your employer as the poster of such hate-speech?

        15. I don’t use Twitter nor do I use my real name on the Internet. And I would certainly not use a picture of myself to Tweet things I would suspect would be in violation of my employer’s code of conduct.
          And it isn’t as though these cautions are anything new. Non-disclosure clauses and even “morality clauses” in contracts are as old as contract law, practically.
          I’ll cut and paste:
          “The undersigned herein agrees that while he or she is in the employ of COMPANY NAME HERE, he or she will refrain from stating, publishing, publicly implying, acknowledging or agreeing to any statement in word, deed or gesture that would impugn the reputation and/or salability of the products or services of COMPANY NAME unless under compulsion of subpoena and lawful oath in a court of law.”

        16. Have you been around Navy Seals and/or Marines? They say some pretty off the wall shit. They likely would not give a fuck about some twitter whores getting their panties twisted. If they even use twitter.
          ALSO, they are not comparable to firefighters, due to the fact that they can’t simply be fired in the service. That contract is not so easily breakable. Especially, not for something like that. There are anti Government Marines who are still serving. People don’t like it, but they can’t do anything about it.

        17. I said they have the sense–from what I can tell–not to LEAVE A RECORD OF IT ON TWITTER. Otherwise, we’d have heard by now.

        18. DJustice, your logic is sound. However, there is a context of human nature to consider. The man who would dutifully RTFM in obedience is probably not the man who would run into a fire to save your ass. We are selecting on the wrong human qualities, or they are, actually. We should at least mentally be aware of the selection we want and absolutely need. Evolution is king because might makes right. We ought to support masculinity, at least in the sanctity of our own minds. We must define our own cultural values correctly, or we can never impose them with adequate might.

        19. Well I said THEY ARE NOT in; even if they did leave a record on twitter THEY WOULDN’T AND CAN’T SIMPLY GET FIRED FOR IT over the complaint of some dumb, hypersensitive Canadian whore.

        20. Honestly, if there’s one group of people I hate it’s these faggots that blame the victim in these cases.
          What kind of non paranoid human being could possibly imagine that these tweets would actually devastate someones butt so hard that they would get you fired over it. It is TAME. It’s nothing. He made fun of stupid valley girls and said that he would never let a woman hit him. OOOOOOOOOOH.

        21. “Because they are men, not little boys.”
          Why are thse manbooby faggots not banned on sight? It’s 1st grader shaming language. You do not get to determine what a “man” is you subhuman piece of shit.

        22. You’d have to be mentally ill to pretend that these tweets even remotely fit into these categories.
          Seriously, have your balls even descended?

    2. So, according to you free speech is ok and protected so long as no one complains that it might represent the organization that feeds you?
      What bullshit.

      1. This guy’s speech was protected. Is he in prison? Nope. Just lost his job. Nobody’s speech is so protected that they can violate company policy. If you work at McDonald’s and you stand on the counter and say to the diners: “A woman will never kick my ass because I’d shove her back in the kitchen and that bitch would make me a pie,” you’d be fired.
        They wouldn’t beat you. Nobody would shoot you. You’d just have to hand in your apron and cap.

        1. So, according to you, having a company policy that forbids the hiring of black people is just fine.
          See, generally most developed-nations constitutions protect their citizens from bigotry, they force companies to hire with equal-opportunity because this is what the developed world is based on, equal-opportunity. But, according to you, the most important right, the freedom of speech, cannot be imposed on any company’s policy.
          Since we cannot impose freedom of speech on company policies, I submit we cannot impose any laws on any company’s policies. Hence, you can now be as racist as you like in your hiring practices.
          Lets see you try and get out of this pit of reasoning you’ve gotten yourself into.

        2. “Pit of reasoning.” That’s funny. The only one who’s doing any digging is you.
          Free speech is protected in the workplace in both private and public sectors. However, there are legal and agreed-upon standards of and limits to employee expression and behavior such as the social media policy that the employees of the City of Toronto must be familiar with and probably have to sign before accepting employment.
          The rest of what you wrote is pure strawman garbage.

        3. Where’s the strawman?
          Society says people need freedom of speech.
          Society says people need equality of opportunity.
          Neither of these societal rules is in question but either you or me.
          However, only one of those societal rules is imposed upon companies. Hence, there is a double-standard which you are attempting to enforce.
          You can quibble all you want about “limits” to freedom of speech. In return I should be able to quibble about “limits” to equality of opportunity.

        4. No they’re not. Are you implying that society questions whether or not racism is allowable on an institutional level?

        5. Society questions the measures to counter it constantly. Look at the Texas University system having the affirmative action case argued before SCOTUS this year.

    3. If every civil servant could be fired for being an idiot, don’t you think we’d have few left? Give the guy his job back, Canada!

    4. Yes, the guy was an idiot. Yes, his comments were offensive to many.
      Erm…so what? Nothing he did or said was illegal. And he was fired anyway.
      What this means is 1984 really has arrived. If your thoughts and beliefs run counter to Cathedral thought you can and will be punished. Thoughtcrime as arrived.
      If you haven’t read “1984” do yourself a favor and read it. It is happening right now.

  5. I’m a girl, and I support freedom of speech. There is no intrinsic right to not be offended in this word, and I’d much rather hear what people have to say than live in a stifled world where we’re all terrified that we’re going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person. If you’re such a “strong, independent feminist,” you should be able to withstand people joking or stating what they think.

  6. One suggestion on your retaliation campaign against the “let’s get everyone I disagree with fired” crew: terms like man-hater, misandrist, etc. aren’t what’s going to cause people the most problems in Google. These guys just dismiss those. You really want to use their own terms against them if you want to see them flustered. You can’t use misogynist, etc. because they’re all gender specific.
    But try this one: “hatemonger.” It’s generic, they use it all the time themselves (so it has power in their set), and it has associations with all kinds of vile, evil people. Those associations are part of the power. Nobody associates “misandrist” with anything, so it has no power. Say “hatemonger” and people think of the Klan.
    Go back and look at her article. She’s ranting about the “male culture” in the fire department. Who would reference “male culture” as something negative but a hatemonger? Who would be so obsessed with kicking men out of their jobs but someone who has hatred and venom in their hearts towards men? A hatemonger. She hates men, and runs around promoting that hatred to other people. The only difference between her and the Klan is that she’s wearing a pink hood instead of a white one.
    Try it sometime. It’s kind of like the game concept of reframing. Watching them try to respond is also hilarious. It’s like being called a racist – what do you say in response? Everything you say just gets turned back on you. Oh, you have lots of black friends? Sounds like something a racist would say.

    1. Here are other terms we can use and they can’t defend against….
      Anti-male, rich women, privilege white women, gender hustlers, grievance mongers, sexist, bullies, fascist….

    2. This is a great example of the use of words in invective contexts. If we’re to be successful in defending ourselves against the onslaught of lies and calumny thrown at us by these people, it is critical to use the same tools against them that they use against us. They need to be attacked with unrelenting ferocity with the following types of adjectives linked to their names:
      “illegal” (this is a good one since “hate speech” is their crime of choice)
      Also, their statements need to be constantly referred to as “screeds”, “rants”, “manifestoes”, “rambling”, so as to deny them any legitimacy.

      1. I just downloaded the PDF of Saul Alinsky’s famous “Rules for Radicals.” He focuses on shaming language as being very powerful. Turn the left’s tools against them.

      2. My opinion is that Kyla Garvey is a hate troll and a sexist bigot with a gender supremacist agenda. Her sickening and unprovoked attack on a fireman may have exposed her seemingly unbalanced and arguably unhinged anti-male insecurities.
        Gender hatred and press bullying have no place in civilized society. There should be zero tolerance for hatred in all its forms. Prejudice, is thy name Kyla Garvey?

    3. It will never fly. These people are utterly disgusting totalitarians who have visited every brutality on people. Women makes sexist jokes all the time and nobody gets fired over it. Until men grow some balls and start shooting these totalitarians, our society will never be safe.

    4. Very good points here. There is a fine line between her promoting or defending ‘woman’s rights’ and the hatemonger of men.
      And indeed, she is wearing a pink hood versus a white hood (worn by the KKK). It’s funny how these people say that women have no power…but one call, statement or photo and a single complaint can get three firemen fired (no ifs, ands, or buts).
      Hell, did they even do a thorough investigation or was it election time (need those female and white knight votes)??

  7. Let this sink in: nearly year-old tweeted quotes, from public television shows. An employer accepted this as evidence that these men behave in a discriminatory way while performing their duties.
    Neither man tweeted “women do not make good firefighters”, nor anything of the kind.
    This is a dark, dark time we live in.

  8. As a Canadian, I’ve been bothered by the progress of feminism for a few years now, and it is getting worse all the time. I posted on the National Post website along with many others, male and female, and almost everyone seemed to agree that it was utterly wrong to fire the men over their tweets. But this kind of thing is to be expected all the time. I can say that my social media accounts have no aspirations of political correctness, but as a compromise, there will never be a mention of where I work or what I do for a living. Despite this, I was given a warning by my employer because a (former) female friend did not like my comments, even though they weren’t directed at anyone in particular.
    The only way this will ever stop is if enough men and logical women collaborate to put themselves on the line and insist to our government representatives that our personal communications, regardless of medium, should never be treated as grounds for discipline in the workplace.

  9. What I honestly find more disturbing about this story isn’t that the guy got fired for being dumb (which he was, since he apparently was incapable of reading his own employer’s social media policy), but rather that firefighters are spending time on “diversity” and “cultural understanding training” instead of, you know, training to put out fires. It’s more slavish devotion to the cult of equality rather than conditioning to save life and property, which should be much more important to a firefighting organization.
    While we all understandably hate the Inquisition (digging through tweets dating all the way back to March is pretty pathetic), the guy has a weak case here- weaker than Pax Dickinson’s.

    1. Agreed wholeheartedly. I’m disgusted by the whole thing, and offended that this is reality, but he should have known better.

    2. The number of fires in urban areas has gone down tremendously over the past few decades, due to fire safety practices and flame resistant materials. Firefighters are still needed for the fires that still occur, but in many ways they are an organization in search of a mission. This is why paramedic services have been added to the fire department’s responsibilities, so now you can see a ladder truck sent out because somebody with a peanut allergy was exposed to peanuts.
      Any government agency in search of a mission is going to be the worst kind of politically correct, bureaucratic monstrosity

      1. Very well said. And the well of tax money insures that it will likely continue unabated. This is why so many programs continue to exist despite the problems they were created to fix having long since disappeared.

      2. Not so. While fire education programs are reducing the number of incidents the addition of medical response is one born out of supporting the paramedics who are often in short supply.
        The fire fighters aren’t wrapped with it as its not their core job and by the time we get there its often too late to do anything.

    1. Good, be silent, mission accomplished.
      Isn’t it disgusting that our society has devolved into this? How many women have you heard of being fired for sexist jokes? Fortunately, men are too dedicated to infighting to mount a legitimate resistance to these criminals. And, yes, fascists like this woman are criminals.

      1. I’ve reported them to HR with some decent outcomes. I’ve become a master at using their tactics and rules against them. You have to adopt the same brazen, shameless attitude they possess. They don’t expect that.

  10. She can’t spell either….”There are bone fide challenges of the job that are more difficult for women” I believe the word is bona fide… Spelling must be one of those challenges.

  11. Another one loses there job? Damn.
    Women love social media more than men – there HAS to be at least one angry woman with a real job running her e-mouth about how much they hate men. Can’t we find one and unify to ruin HER career, just for one small victory? 100+ outraged emails/phone calls to an employer would have to do something, no? I’m just curious to see if it’s even possible to make it a fair fight
    I would do some research to find a good candidate, but I’m really not deeply offended by anything a woman has to say, let alone TWEET. If someone else is really angry enough to put in the effort though, I’d give them an e-high five and even make a 60-second call to the employer, just to see what happens.

    1. The more I think about it, I have to take that comment back. Only a sick fuck would purposely ruin someone else’s life for no reason.
      It’s just so frustrating that feminists not only think its OK, they put in the effort to write these articles and actually succeed in ruining lives. And on top of that, are praised by their SCUMBAG peers!

      1. And that’s really the whole of it.
        Despite what the equality cultists say, WE’RE actually more tolerant. Unlike them, we don’t give a shit what they do in their personal lives or their beliefs. We certainly don’t give a fuck about what they say on their attention whoring platform that is social media. As long as it doesn’t have an immediate, noticeable effect on us, we really don’t give a fuck. Sure, we might argue against it, but we’re certainly not looking to do any harm to them such as getting them fired from their jobs (unless of course, they’ve engaged in such behavior).
        Unlike them, we aren’t pathetic enough to dig through months and years-old tweets to dig up a little “dirt” on someone that might have said something *GASP* OFFENSIVE! Our feelings aren’t so easily pierced that we demand the right never to be offended. We aren’t so pathetic that we need to harass and lecture others because they MIGHT have opinions that we don’t like just so we can gratify our egos (are you listening, Anal Rash?). We actually have lives to live.
        And that’s the takeaway from this. Despite all the bullshit, we can know in our hearts that we’re likely happier than they are. We have bigger and better things to do than police somebody else’s thoughts. We aren’t insecure narcissists. Because we aren’t so insecure, we’re happier people. There is empirical evidence to support this too.
        So the next time you see a raging egalitarian cultist (whether that be of the feminist or some other variety), just laugh at the predictable insults and put a smile on your face that comes with knowing that you are happy, and they are miserable.

  12. Kyla Garvey is absolutely guilty of a hit job, but I’m going to disagree with Mr. V on one point.
    The conflict here isn’t so much her bias and advocacy which would taint some principle of objective journalism. The conflict is much simpler. She is feigning disgust and outrage not to advance feminism, but rather to get attention and advance her own career. This makes it even more selfish and disgusting.
    This is another case that shows how bankrupt that the feminist movement has become. Because it’s become so difficult to find genuine examples of abuse and “patriarchy” they focus on such nonsense to stir trouble for no serious reason at all.
    Stalin and McCarthy would be proud of Ms. Garvey.

    1. Now to be honest,the real culprit here is not Kyla but David Sheen, the division chief of staff services at Toronto Fire.It was he who decided that placating annoyed Marxists (annoyed by 140 character quotes) takes precedence over the potential lives that would be saved by two highly experienced and competent Firemen.
      It was he who decided to ,rather than simply remind these Firemen of the prevalent social media policy,terminate their employment.
      It was he who decided that tweeting sexists jokes was far indicative of these Fireman’s real attitude towards women rather than to look at the number of 207 plus lives each saved which no doubt must have consisted of women(perhaps the majority).In other words David Sheen judged that a joke is more harmful to women than a fire.

  13. I feel utter contempt.
    Two days later her dwelling catches fire in my fire district and she’s lying on the floor, nearly passed out from heat exhaustion. And she’s going to expect I’m going to send my men in there to get her. She’s just a hatemonger who gets my men fired. Not a victim in a burning fire. Is this a fair reaction? You can’t have it both ways.

  14. So look what happens when the state controls a service. A qualified guy loses his job. If fire fighting were a private service paid by insurance companies or directly by subdivisions, would an employee of a valuable service have such lack of freedom to say things that absolutely have no bearing on job performance? I think not. A free and competitive market eradicates all irrational preferences. Maybe the equilibrium IS ultra masculine firemen who say what’s on their mind, and that necessarily comes with a personality who risks his life going into buildings on fire. The equivalent would be finding a feminist professor of a feminist studies class at a state college, and trying to get her fired for saying bad things about men. Laughably impossible.

  15. I think most people realize that what you do with your personal social media accounts on your personal time is none of your employer’s business. Most people also would not want to work for an employer that scrutinizes their personal opinions in such a way.
    My only concern from all this is that there is no alternative to the city’s fire department, so if they lower their training/skills standards for women, my service quality will be reduced even though we’re still paying the same amount of taxes. The free market generally corrects this for private firms making poor hiring decisions, but because they are a government-run monopoly, the invisible hand is no longer effective.

  16. “Mr. Sheen says it was developed to “make sure that firefighters start to think about cultural differences and how it affects people they serve.”
    Who knew “cultural differences” affect how people respond to third-degree burns and smoke inhalation?

  17. okay a you know absolutely nothing about kyla, what she studied or what she even does you idiot. oh and I bet you think she hunted that story down dont you? guess what ass hole I actually know kyla and she was TOLD to report that story by her editors. she didn’t go looking for it. also she never majored in womens studies so go check that reference smart ass. she majored in MIT. and p.s. she isn’t even a freelancer. so before you run your fucking mouth and trust shit you see on the internet you pig get your shit straight.

  18. So, anyone complain to the editors of the National Post and/or whatever bureaucrat oversees National Post about this travesty? Same for the boss of the mangina at the fire department. Make it controversial.

  19. “Reject a woman and she will never let it go. One of the many defects of their kind. Also weak arms.”

    Jesus, this isn’t even an original thing the fireman said, to be offensive. It’s a joke from the tv show ‘The Office’, spoken by the character Dwight Schrute. You’d think this feminazi could at least have investigated that.

  20. It’s really too bad, because the National Post is usually a delightfully contrarian newspaper where I’d expect to find op-eds about institutional misandry.

  21. “No card-carrying feminist should write a newspaper article about ‘sexism,’ since their prejudice against men means they see sexism where
    sexism may not exist.” Yeah really makes sense. And no firefighter should write about fire prevention since their disproportionately high experience with fires makes them overly paranoid about potential fire hazards, right?

  22. Kyla Garvey is another man hating feminist. She’s not out to promote equality at all…she’s another member of an extreme group to ‘get even’ or gain power…not promote equality.
    You want something to write about regarding ‘equality’, Kyla Garvey? Then how about writing about men getting screwed in court (divorce, child support, etc…) or the truth about spousal abuse (women abusing men – verbally and physically). Those things do exist, today, even if the mainstream media doesn’t want to admit it.
    We only hear about “equal pay” for women in the news but let’s talk about some real and disturbing ‘inequalities’ where men are getting the short end of the stick.

  23. What the fuck? He didn’t even say anything remotely offensive.
    This shit is getting out of control.

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