How We Arrived At The State Of Total Globalization

We live in a time like no other in history. A time of both great opportunity and great peril.

Today, a man can board an airplane for less than a month’s salary and arrive on the other side of the planet within 24 hours. He can use a device which gives him information and access the sum total of human knowledge and wisdom. He can connect with people from around the world from diverse backgrounds, of different opinions and values, whom he can talk with, do business with, and even in some cases find a woman to marry and build a family with.

We are seeing the biggest change in human history, with people from all nations and ethnicities mixing together, living together, doing business together, and building lives together.

This is globalization, the era where the entire world becomes one. There are pros and cons to this like anything else in life, but rather than judge it or fight it I set out to understand it and come to terms with how it came to be this way.

This is what I found.

The beginning of globalization and world trade

pirate ships

Way way back in time, long before America was a twinkle in the founding fathers’ eyes, the ancient kings and rich merchants of Europe ruled the world.

Naturally, being greedy parasitic despots, ruling their own nations and wielding untold power over their populations was not enough and so they set off to find new lands to exploit and pillage.

Now to begin with they did not set up colonies, but rather they funded massive merchant trading companies with ships (like the East India Company in England and the VOC in Holland) to sail around the world to lands unknown and trade commodities with whichever populations they found there.

Different nations had varying degrees of success. The Dutch held a monopoly on the spice islands and trade in Japan, the Portuguese defended their trading posts in India with vicious fervor, and the British struggled to get a foothold anywhere to start, but would eventually come to rule the world and control 50% of global trade.

Naturally, exploring lands afar led to huge commercial opportunities with merchants finding peppers, spices, and garments selling for up to 800 times what they had purchased them for. A feeding frenzy began, and very soon ships were sailing East and West, far and wide, trying to cash in on the biggest greed fest the world had ever seen (2000-2007 and derivatives trading hadn’t happened yet).

Also naturally, this led to fierce competition. As with the cocaine trade today, anything offering these kinds of returns attracted the most ruthless, base bastards walking the face of this earth. These people were prepared to do murder, kidnapping, and extortion to get what they wanted. This in turn led to the need for merchant ships to seek military support, which led to kings and governments establishing actual colonies where before they had only trading posts.

This led to a whole host of interesting and often tragic developments in world history, such as the colonies that would later become the good ole’ USA, the formation of India as a political entity, and the rape, destruction, and pillage of both Africa and South America as continents.

Once the era of globalization had begun, there was no stopping it. Human migration began, goods and services were traded far and wide, and nobody wanted to go backwards. So nobody did.

The world we live in today

China vs US

China vs U.S.

Ever since this occurred in the 17th century, things have expanded and remained largely on the same course. Globalization was briefly set back by the formation of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain in the East, which stopped trade between East and West for a few decades, but it really is a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of things.

Today, global trade is easier than ever thanks to technology. You, sitting in your studio apartment in Manhattan or your farmhouse in Iowa, can go on the internet and buy Turkish government bonds, Iraqi oil futures contracts, or shares in silver mining companies in Africa at the click of a button.

All of this has led to huge, massive, disruptive change.

Governments for the first time in history are at the mercy of investors who have the power to punish and destroy them by withdrawing vast amounts of capital through the digital wire if they see any deviation from the principles that investors love.

Populations are exposed to new ideas and can connect via internet forums and chatrooms, leading to political revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa which simply could not have happened twenty years ago.

Trade is also changing. While globalization brings huge opportunities to buy and sell globally, it also decimates and destroys local markets and squeezes out those who do not have the means do battle with the huge corporations who can undercut them, buy in massive quantity and sell at lower prices.

Thus we see the chaos in the world today. China is rising and the USA is losing power and influence in much of the world, BRICS and the Asian Development Bank are posing a threat to Western financial interests, and there is a general feeling worldwide that the old order is dying and the new is rising.

Just like the Portuguese did when the British and Dutch came to the East, the U.S. is fighting tooth and nail in the Middle East and beyond to retain control of the lucrative oil markets.

Just like the first English settlers were disgusted when they met the tribesmen of Papua and the Congo with their vastly different customs and manners, so too do our vastly different cultures meet for the first time and inevitably clash.


We live in an era of great opportunity and great peril. It is different in many ways from the days of the East India Company and the VOC, but it is also the same.

It is a world were men of bravery, honour, and guts can make vast fortunes and adventure far and wide if they have the nerves. But it is also a world of pirates, barbarians, and uncivilized brutes who threaten the very fabric of Western civilization itself.

How will all of this end? I don’t pretend to know. I am simply a single drop of water riding a vast wave in an ocean of human history much bigger than I can fathom. I just plan to make the best of it.

The world today is what it is and there is very little any one man can do to change it. My philosophy is simple – saddle up and ride towards opportunity in this brave new world we live in. I myself have taken advantage of the world I find myself in by no choice of my own, travelling and relocating to Asia and taking advantage of global opportunities where I can.

It won’t change whether you like it or not, so you might as well take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer – travel, trade, the chance to meet exotic women, and learning about the vast world we live in.

That’s my take anyway. I’d like to hear yours.

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170 thoughts on “How We Arrived At The State Of Total Globalization”

  1. Smart men should prepare for both futures, one (albeit unlikely one) where globalization gets even bigger and bigger for decades. Or the other where rapid localization is forced to occur due to geo-politics, energy concerns, and financial problems. I would say move before the progressives in your country finish undergoing the most ruthless campaigns in human history. Their final step is extermination, all the pieces are set in place, the justification is there, and anybody who thinks that the transition away from globalization will be peaceful, joyful, and happy has their head up their fucking ass. Globalization in many ways has had several positives but now we’re going away to negatives, a total future of Orwellian enslavement in the West, the kind that make the Soviet Union look kind and reasonable by comparison.
    I’d say humanity will maybe reach 8 billion(or a little below) in population before it levels off briefly and then starts to tank downwards. Dwindling medical supplies, less dense energy resources, and food shortages will only exacerbate the problem all the way down. I fully expect that by 2100 the world population will probably be around 1 billion and life will again be nasty, brutish, and short for most people. It is an unfortunate and terrible view I know, one that is supremely cynical, but it is not what I want. To say I want the current dichotomy to keep going is also false, in it’s current form a country like America is truly a modern monster. The only salvation will be again to re-connect with your community and get active, but even that is not nearly as fun or easy as globalism. We’re fucked.

    1. Nah before any of that shit happens north korea or some other asshole of a country is going to figure out how to make nukes and then as soon as that happens its going to turn into a giant dick fighting contest like the cold war was except this time were all going to blow ourselves up and the survivors of the ensuing holocaust will win the grand prize of dying from radiation poisoning. Lesbionest here, fucking things up is what humans do best. Just put us in the general vicinity, give us enough time, and sooner or later we will find a way to fuck it up whatever it is. Look at America for example. The environment: fucked. The economy: fucked. Culture: fucked. Political integrity: lol fuuuucked. Education: fucked. General well being: fucked. Religion: all sorts a fucked. History is literally one big merry-go-round of humans building awesome magnificent empires, experience a period of prosperity and advancement, and then turning around and royally fucking it all up. It never fails, except this time around we have the technology to permanently fuck everything up. Cant wait.

      1. I have no disagreements with you here, it’s possible, and I agree on the humans fucking things up part.

        1. You always have to tear your old legos apart to make something new and neat.
          Human instinct, knock the blocks down so you can make a new building. Kick over a sandcastle and make a new one.

        2. Except nobody voluntarily tears down their own sandcastle. See we like to look around the beach and find other people building sand castles and then walk over there and destroy their castle, take their sand and buckets, and then “recruit” them into building our own castle because their nose is darker (or lighter) then ours or they believe in a different imaginary sand god then us. Then eventually all the people who had their castles ruined ban together to overthrow the sand lord so that they can then continue fighting amongst themselves in peace.

        3. No, don’t give in to cultivated self-hatred that has permeated the West for over a century.

      2. “History is literally one big merry-go-round of humans building awesome magnificent empires, experience a period of prosperity and advancement, and then turning around and royally fucking it all up. It never fails, except this time around we have the technology to permanently fuck everything up. Cant wait”
        And that is how things are different today. Humanity has always been the same but in the past did not have the means to destroy ourselves. And I’m speaking aside from nukes; I’m speaking in terms of nano technology in medicine and gmo goods, and general depletion consumption of our resources.

        1. The Bzyantine Empire lasted for 1,000 years by disallowing one particular group from holding governmental, banking, and educational positions.

      3. Hey man dont you go saying anything bad about religion on R.O.K. Thems fightn words.

      4. “History is literally one big merry-go-round of humans building awesome magnificent empires”
        Not humans, but MEN. Men built empires, not humans or people, but men.

    2. The population will probably decrease, but from a decline in fertility rather than food shortages and dwindling medical supplies.
      The rock-bottom fertility rate in Japan, Europe, and the US is well know, but it is also a major problem in Iran. The mass slaughter going on in Africa and the Middle East sure isn’t helping the birth rate either. China will probably suffer for many decades from their one child policy, and India’s birthrate will probably crater too as they gradually become more prosperous.
      You’re forgetting the effect that science has on food supplies. Have you ever heard of Norman Borlaug? Read up on him and you’ll see why Malthus was wrong.
      Please don’t be so hysterical, try to think things through.

      1. Norman Borlaug, now that’s a person I truly despise. Praised for his work on what was it? The wheat strain? So that we may have a billion more useless eaters on the planet. Yes, what a hero. Rather than doing the humane thing and letting people die. I know what you’re thinking, humane? To let people die? Well is it better if 5 animals starve now, or ten animals starve later? Seems like a pretty easy answer to me.
        The fertility rate is well known however what I expect is for the unraveling to be so rapid that it crushes population growth everywhere. Another dirty secret (or not really a big secret) is that population growth is linked to economic growth, all the statistics generally prove it, so we will always be getting wayyy poorer as a result.
        Malthus wasn’t wrong, he simply underestimated the scientific revolution which is coming to a rapid end. Scientific research in the last 40-50 years should think about this little thing called diminishing returns. I remember reading that the USA peaked in innovation rate in about 1873, and by 2024 we will be at the same essential innovation rate as the Dark Ages. We have to pump hundreds of billions in both publicly and privately funded science every year just to keep the charade going. As the problems mount the solution is simple, “Just spend more!” But unfortunately in this way it is like a Ponzi scheme, it will unravel and we will truly see all we have wasted.
        I do think that if worldwide we all agreed to a strictly enforced one-child policy for at least two generations then the transition would probably be 10x smoother than the bumpy plateau we are now descending on. It’s time for total war!
        Also: RoK needs to bring the banhammer and username “do” and to these fucking spammers.

        1. If everything is really as bad as you say, then why don’t you just commit suicide? Go out with a bang, while you’re still on top and before everything gets really shitty.

        2. What a load of B.S. I am afraid that mindset is behind the slow down in innovation. Such a collective mindset (yeah you are not the only one thinking like that, you are the mainstream really) is just an expression of our times, maybe that’s why we need a massive war, people like you will commit suicide anyway…
          By the way, even today if we really wanted it, we would be able to feed the world’s population. A radical change in industrial and agricultural practice would help with the environment and cull the chemical pollution (that’s real pollution unlike the global warming B.S.).

    3. “Dwindling medical supplies, less dense energy resources, and food shortages will only exacerbate the problem all the way down”
      That, plus a growing red-pill male populous giving the middle finger to the notion of having children. The caveat might be when they can pop kids from an artificial womb. They now have the technology to produce sperm from bone marrow.

      1. you know the sjw freaks will somehow try to get their grubby little hands to co-opt that technology somehow someway to make more soldiers of their godless bloodthirsty army.

        1. Indeed. When the days comes where procreation comes from an artificial means will be the day they can use the same technology produce beings with a subserviant demeanor.

    4. Too bad Bill Gates spends his and his friends’ billions on African aid. Now their women are popping 7-8 kids on average in some parts. And they still live in mud huts. American, European, and East Asian women have 1-2.
      Eugenics is what’s needed.

      1. GTFO with food aid and charity, what Bill Gates has done is intricate and legal money laundering. Corporate Social Responsibility with a boomerang wad of cash.

      2. i never understood that. rich white man made rich by fellow whites yet helps blacks who hate his white skin. shouldnt he be helping 3 million destitute afrikaaners 200k rhodesians who are hungry & need food & shelter?

  2. . You, sitting in your studio apartment in Manhattan or your farmhouse in Iowa, can go on the internet and buy Turkish government bonds,
    as someone who trades, unfortunately you can’t. I would short that POS if I could

    1. My sentiment exactly. I’m getting the impression the suthor of the article doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      1. Turkish Government Bonds
        You can buy/short TUR, iShares MSCI Turkey which is supposed to replicate the whole stock market.
        There is also EMB which is an exchange traded fund of emerging markets, which includes Turkey.
        It does look like most firms want a minimum order of $100,000 to buy or short the government bonds directly and even then they do not know if the order can be filled, plus the bid/ask spreads are wide.
        As a side note, it looks like debt to GDP for Turkey is around 40%, which is much better than most other countries, plus the economy is growing at 6% or better, and budget deficit is running under 2%.
        The negatives is that all of their neighbors in the region are either having problems (economic and political) or look like on the verge of having problems. (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, etc). It is like they are the best house or real estate in a declining area. Hopefully, they will act as an anchor of stability and bring the rest of the area up.

        1. ok you get the upvote since you actually know your markets. my fx intelligence says the same about the turkish lira. natch!

  3. Rape and destruction of Africa and South America?
    I know little of SA but with Africa the colonized regions are by far the most advanced and safest.
    The rape and destruction often ocurred after decolonization.
    And why is Africa improving? Chinese money. Whenever the West tries that people conjure up images of the rape of Africa to deter it.

    1. Oh yes, the good old “we did them a favor by colonizing them” argument. All hail white man!!!

      1. F— off back to the SJW side of the Internet, and take your race card with you.

        1. When an idiot has no argument fall back on SJW name calling. Read history you fool. F— you and your ignorance. Read world history and not just White history. I can educate on the continuing convert colonialism in Africa that keeps the worst African idiots in power, especially by France. But guess what, France is doing those African nations a favor by holding on to their foreign reserves amongst other $hit

        2. So far you have:
          – Attempted to shame Daniel by insult, implying he’s both racist and ignorant
          – Attempted to shame me by declaring my ignorance
          – Implied that I’m racist and bigoted
          – Asserted your credentials without justifying them
          Such baseless and vitriolic rhetoric does not befit this forum.

      2. Lots of Africans volunteered to fight in European colonial armies instead of against what we now construe as “oppressors.”
        I don’t deny that colonial rule was far from benevolent at certain instances, but history is always a gray area.
        The same Germans that would come to despise Africans as lower beings had allowed them to become officers in their Africa corps just two decades earlier.

      3. Didn’t the population of Africa and india triple under colonialism? Didn’t Europeans invent private property rights and discover/map most of the world? Making it hard for them to “steal” any land off of the primitives. Are you one of these loonies who thinks whites should “give America back to the Indians”, roads, railways, nuclear reactors, space rockets and all? Ignoring the fact that America, supposedly the greatest nation on earth, is more than just a piece of land.
        The world has moved on, the white man has even decided to share his own lands. Get over it.

        1. Yes Master. All hail the great white man who built this world all by his lone self. I bow to the white man.

    2. Yeah you know destroying all those great civilizations like the maya, inca, aztec, zulu, congo, yoruba, ife, mali, kilwa.
      Congo was colonized and is by no means safe nor advanced.
      The rape occured when the whites were in their raping everyone.
      Funny how Africa is improving with chinese money but wasn’t with white man money.

      1. What a load of shit
        In Rawanda today rape is basically an everyday weapon of conflict. That and killing children.
        Nothing to do with white people

        1. Yes a weapon of conflict that white un troops and white french soldiers inflict upon the locals. Further people who are raped as childrren grow up to be rapist, every study shows rape is a learned behaviour. Many of the young men around today are raping because they were raped by whites decades ago.

      2. You absolutely cannot compare what happened to South America under the Spanish to the colonization of Africa in the 19th century. Apples and oranges, man.
        Also, several centuries apart.
        And it’s not like the indigenous peoples of SA or Africa (or North America, for that matter) had been innocent tree-huggers before the arrival of European conquerors. They were mostly war-like and several had slave races of their own.

        1. If I had been the spanish at the time, I would have agreed to help do everything in my power to wipe those fucking Aztecs out.
          A more pure evil empire hadn’t existed for at least two thousand years.

        2. It is centuries apart but the result is the same, we see the same phenomena in Asia, the white man even turned the once powerful and might chinese and indian empires into the most poorest destitutes starving places on earth.
          No one had slaved their own race more so than white people.

      3. Are you stupid or do you just have a vested interest in maintaining your point of view?
        Under British Colonial Rule, the Congo was well on it’s way to becoming a second world nation. When the British left, it collapsed.
        What was the only sub saharan country never colonized? Ethiopea. Notice how much ‘better’ it’s doing than all the rest without being dominated by those evil limey masterminds? I jest, it has the largest starvation per capita in all of africa, a joke of an economy, and a GDP you could fish out of the couch cushions.
        Even Liberia is a Joke, and it was colonized by ‘back to africa’ freed slaves and run by whites… and when the whites left? Liberia became another congo.
        Whites were in there raping everyone… (rofl) yeah, I guess if you get really desperate you might even go for a woman that looks, smells, and talks like a chimpanzee, but most whites would rather just have the chimp.

        1. Hi Brigadon…
          I saw you mention somewhere that you create 3d content for work. Any chance you would be willing to swap emails and tell me how you do it?
          I do 3d modeling (mostly product design) and I would really like to figure out how to do it full time from home.

        2. Make content packs for Turbosquid, or go to your local indy game developers night and network your ass off. It’s that simple. Always take money up front unless it’s the guy’s second game in at least a moderately successful series.

        3. Thanks for the response.
          Im hoping to get more into the 3D printing type content, not so much game stuff. Let me know if you are interested in discussing this idea.
          Seems like an opportunity, with all the supposed growth in that world.

        4. A second world nation is a communist nation. You don’t even know what you are speaking about. Is it your contention that Britain was turning the Congo communist. Further more the Congo was colonized by the Belgians not the Brits. The colonialist were never intereted in developing any of the countries they colonized who were white minority for the most part, even hong ong and singapore were poor back then. And this was because the colonialist didn’t have the ability to make wealth, just steal it.
          Ethiopia was invaded by Italy twice and colonized briefly by it in WW2, strangely it received no marshall aid.
          Further ethiopia actually has a thriving tech sector.
          Liberia was colonized by America,of course it will be ruinious once the American whites arrive they destroy the country just like vietnam, iraq, and every other country they ever touched.

        5. I’m an old fart. what I make on the computer stays on the computer.
          I am sure there is a small market, but it feels very niche to me.
          I do know how to prep models for 3d printing (I use them to make custom D&D models) But beyond hobbyism, I am clueless.

        6. British colonial rule of Congo? How about you actually educate yourself on who colonized where in Africa. Ignoramus.

      4. cheer up buddy. Browns are now colonizing the white empires.
        Funny how the west is beginning to degrade economically and culturally, but wasn’t when it was all white and nationalist.

        1. “Hernan Cortes” (LOL the irony of the name) actually believes that the West is hugely improving with the influx of Brown and Black Savages.
          He is a true believing anti-white multiculturalist. So I would advise against having a conversation with him. His objective is primarily to troll around.

        2. Well its likely declining for the whites who no longer receive white affirmative action and white preferential treatment. Yes white s must compete on their own merits and have always been the laziest race so its no surprisse all white nations like bulgaria and greece and maldova are total hell holes and the most advanced white cities like toronto, vancouver, new york, la, chicago, london and paris are either white minority or white barely majority. You are welcome to move to sophia any time and enjoy white paradise.

        3. Now, now my friend. You are actually going to have to name specific inventions that have improved quality of life if you want to claim the richest cities are the richest cities because they are non-white. It would be mighty convenient if whites built the modern world and then invited you to inhabit it wouldn’t it? just so you could revise history and pat yourself on the back. Don’t confuse cause and effect, the immigrants flock to those cities BECAUSE they are richest places. besides, It’s not like Toronto and London have flying cars or life extension technology, everything good about those cities can be traced directly back to white people decades ago. I live in London so don’t tell me about my own city, thank you. Everyone working in the city and generating income here is still white, thank you, as you would know if you were at Liverpool street, Bank, Moorgate or Canary wharf at 8am. And whoever said whites should have to compete in their own homelands? Do Nigerians and Pakistani have to compete with whites, and would they become maniacal genocidal maniacs if that actually happened? oh wait, aren’t those nations already rife with ethnic and religious violence? so no one wants to live there anyways, In the UK 50%+ of blacks and muslims are unemployed, so whites are competing just fine thank god or the country would fall apart. Take a look at south Africa and Zimbabwe, for a better example of how a place declines socially and economically in areas where the white man is no longer in charge, Nice try tho.

        4. lol you spelt sofia wrong. And Greece is still a very nice place. It’s funny, you call those places “hell holes” but the standard which you are comparing them to is western white nations. By all other standards they are pretty cool places, not hell holes, just undeveloped compared to say Germany or America. The only thing blacks and other third worlders have ever contributed to Great Britain is crime and degeneracy, causing white flight, and keeping the whites working hard to afford accommodation in civilized areas and education in the least degenerate schools. They are not competing, economically, academically or poitically, they are just making the place shitter on the ground level. You still haven’t explain why whites have to compete for space in their own homelands anyway, whilst other nations don’t. And you are ignoring the fact that other nations like Norway, Switzerland, Germany etc are very developed/rich whilst being small and never having empires, and still having very few brown people. But i’m sure you’ll say they stole the land and the money somehow and need to hand it over, and become more diverse.

      5. Don’t forget, the Chinese man comes in and does business with whomever wants to do business The White comes in, messes with your political system and way of life then install puppets who have no interest in Africa but serve him solely. That is business for him.

      6. Fucking evil south american cannibal societies deserved to die. Moral relativity is a joke.
        and the stupid hick-spanic believes that whites want to fuck, let alone, rape african gorillas (laugh). Your mind, what there is of it, must be running with some fascinating chemicals.

    1. sorry you din’t find value in the article.
      I just feel it’s nice sometimes to read something that isn’t just about how cuntish women are or how to get a six pack.

      1. Thanks for doing real work to add to the conversation. I just don’t agree with the same tiresome about the evils of Western Civilization, and with it the white race. However it’s coming full circle now and who knows what if anything will be left of the civilization built by the white man when the 22nd Century rolls around.

  4. The benefits of “globalisation” as you describe them are mostly just the benefits of technology. There is another definition of globalisation and that is the creeping assault on the self sufficiency, financial stability, national sovereignty and cultural integrity of nations. Also the accumulation of financial/corporate power and private property in the hands of a small self serving, international elite and the idea that money/banks should control or be the reason for everything. World Political and Economic Government. And no it isn’t good, or inevitable.

    1. I think technology and globalization definitely reinforce one another. good point.
      About inevitability, I think it is. It’s basically been happening since the first tribes discovered eachother and began trading, intermarrying etc. It’s a natural process, not some wacked conspiracy.

      1. It’s not a wicked conspiracy, but the ruling class uses the depressed labour costs immigration brings to brow beat their own population.
        There’s issues in the EU for example with the effective merging of different economies. English workers now competing with Lithuanians accustomed to 10% the wages.
        This is a volatile situation

        1. “but the ruling class uses the depressed labour costs immigration brings to brow beat their own population”
          And that’s not a wicked conspiracy by itself!

        2. They said the same thing about people buying slaves the dutch shipped over.
          If they shut down the ‘free stuff programs’ LA would empty, south texas would become a ghost town, and 12% of the democrat demographic would vanish overnight.

        3. It’s a more a by-product of economic reality.
          But I hold no candle for today’s politicans if that’s what you’re getting at

        4. You would say its not a conspiracy, you’ve admitted in the past to others that you are jewish.
          And your guys are the ones who had communism kill off 100 million, not mentioning the many other genocides; including owning the west through banks like Goldman-Sachs and owning the politicians of the west who are often zionists towards the top. You promote mass immigration and kill off people in so many other ways. It has been like this, on-and-off, for over two millennia, yet you cry racist and holocaust as you murder so many others.

      2. What you are forgetting to mention is that certain periods saw a reversal of globalization. For example the chinese and soviet empire.
        It is not necessarily a question of conspiracy thinking, when one denies the inevitability of globalization, but rather a question of competing ideologies. You have just accepted the liberal narrative fully. And it is much more a question of faith than empirical historical evidence confiming the hypothesis of inevitability.
        I firmly believe that globalization and the financialization of capitalism is historically specific, no need to evoke conspiracy thinking.

        1. I did mention that in the article.
          Right, but when I say it isn’t a conspiracy what I mean is I don’t think there is a group of Satanic minions sitting around plotting everything – I think it’s just natural for people to explore, trade and seek out new alliances and opportunities for profit. Globalization ends up being a byproduct of these tendencies.

    2. that’s the definition of globalisation I recognise. There’s a danger in thinking globalisation is about international laissez faire when the driving force, other than technological, is international and internationalist finance. National sovereignty and therefore democracy and self-determination by peoples in any meaningful sense is being eroded by the banksters who have no necessary loyalty to any territory

  5. Globalization has pretty much killed all of the appeal of living in expensive “first world” countries when large chunks of South America and Southeast Asia now offer living standards, internet speeds, and adequate healthcare facilities hardly dissimilar from the West, and at much lower overall costs.
    If you can trade futures and do online work, why the fuck would you live in London, New York, San Francisco, or some other ultra-expensive pretentious cesspool when better weather and far more fuckable women are in Asia or Latin America?
    Like I’ve said before, if you can digitize and offshore your work, DO IT YESTERDAY

      1. I don’t know where he lives, but I’m from South America and I think you tend to overestimate it too much. It’s not a paradise. Marxism is strong here.

        1. There are safe, stable 2nd world nations in Latin America where one can live off a couple hundred dollars a month. Rent in Guatemala and Nicauragua can be $100. For 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x that price, you multiply your living standard and can be living a life of luxury.
          As for Marxism or feminism, well, it’s all relative isn’t it? I mean, it’s light years “behind” the USA.

        2. I don’t know much about Central America countries. Concerning feminism in SA, it’s a level behind, but not light-years. It’s a matter of time. Remember that we’ve been influenced by marxist ideals since WWII and the dictatorships delayed its implementation.
          For your information.

  6. Any article that pretends that globalization only began when the evil Europeans began to colonize the world rests on a rather tired and shopworn liberal view of history. This is a view that ignores the Mongols, the Macedonians, the Romans, the Persians, and a host of other great lost empires that engaged in global trade and warfare, all so we can pretend that it’s only white Europeans (mainly from England) that are evil (by today’s lazy academic standards). The entire history of all of mankind is one of perpetual conquest in the interest of globalization. The only difference between now and then is the technology, and our knowledge of what was out there to be conquered.

    1. This is true to some degree. However, Europeans and their ships were the first to truly have a global reach in the fullest sense, as in being able to reach everything from America in the West to Dutch East Indies and later Australia in the East.

      1. Sure. I don’t disagree that the Europeans were the most advanced. My point is just that if the Aztecs, or the Incas, or the Zulus, or the Mughals had the same technology, they would have done the same thing. To pretend otherwise is to ignore human nature and all of world history in favor of liberal academia’s white guilt talking points.

        1. If they had the same technology, the same resources, the same strategic ability, the same brilliance, the same ambition… to put it frankly, If they were white.
          Every species and subspecies is pushed aside by a smarter, stronger, or more driven group. The winners thrive, the losers die out. We are all the product of endless millenia of conquest.
          There’s no use crying over spilled losers. If they weren’t inferior, they would have won.

        2. Unfortunately the whites are losing now, the white civilization is dying and don’t think that once whites are in a much weaker position that there won’t be some sort of a genocide. And one day someone will write the exact same comment as yours, but that person will be Chinese.

        3. don’t think that once whites are in a much weaker position that there won’t be some sort of a genocide
          That I fear may be very prophetic words. For a preview of what is to come for the white race look at the white farmers in the former Rhodesia and South Africa. Note the thousands of nameless faceless whites who are victims of race related violent crime every year in the good old USA. When the numbers of Muslims reach a real critical mass in Europe white women everywhere will get to relive the horror that German and Hungarian women suffered at the hands of the Red Army. So for all you here that say the hell with marriage and children, remember the once mighty nations of the so called West are breeding themselves into extinction.

        4. That person will most assuredly NOT be chinese, but the general sentiment is entirely possible.
          That’s why Every member of this culture has to make it’s preservation and expansion their primary concern. Rome may have fallen, but Italy is still here.

  7. OK. The comments are unreadable. Who the fuck left the kids home alone? Hey mods, stop the damn spamming.

  8. Ok, so what’s the point?
    Globalization is not a new phenomenon. The Roman, Persians, Turks, and Macedonians all had global empires, albeit on a smaller scale, yet they were still multi-national empires that spanned multiple continents. These things come and go.
    And how is the Asian Development Bank threatening Western finances? Did you mean the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank?
    I thought we had plenty of our own oil.

    1. 1) No real point, just found it interesting to discover the roots of the current global power structure and true, total globalization and wanted to share what I had learned.
      2) Quite right that the AIIB are a bigger threat, but here in South East Asia it’s the Asian Development Bank that is the big player and finances virtually all projects including the integration of ASEAN. AIIB would have been a better example though I agree.
      3) You do, but the cost per bbl of production is much higher (50+%) than in Saudi and Iraq, this is why a lot of US rigs are closing down at the moment while Saudi etc aren’t cutting back. Thus it is essential to maintain control of this cheap, easy oil supply and the trade routes it travels through.

  9. China is rising and the USA is losing power and influence in much of the world, BRICS and the Asian Development Bank are posing a threat to Western financial interests, and there is a general feeling worldwide that the old order is dying and the new is rising.
    This has a swipl-liberal feel to it. First, China is doing it’s best NOT to become the next Japan, more than anything. That “one child” policy has left them with an aging demographic and a gender imbalance b/c a societal preference for sons. So you’re going to see a lot of really angry dewds who can’t get laid. They have some rough sledding ahead.
    Of the BRICS, only India is doing well at the moment. Brazil is heading into recession, Russia’s birth rate is for shit *and* it’s located right next to China, which is eyeballing all that empty space in Siberia. That brings us to SA. Have a peek at unemployment (heading in the wrong direction) and debt-to-GDP (going in the wrong direction). They’re going to struggle for 2% growth in 2015.
    The only good news is in India, where they elected Narendra Modi, who loves free markets and hates the Muzzies. C’mon….INDIA!
    So whatever problems the US has, most other countries would trade problems with it in the blink of an eye….

    1. I keep hearing about China eyeballing eastern Russia, but to what ends?
      They gonna buy it off them?

      1. I don’t think Russia is selling. China has a huge population and Russia has a Great Big Empty, which is why, when China offered to provide lots of labor for Russia’s coast to coast pipeline projects, Putin said “Thanks, but no thanksky”.

        1. Say what you will about Putin but he seems to be one of the only world leaders who actually has a sustained interest in preserving his own nation, faith and people.

        2. Absolutely, but that’s also a product of Russian nationalism. IOW, PC don’t play in the Rodina.

      2. Living space, if Russia would sell I am sure the Chinese would buy. Although I heard the Chinese have huge ghost cities so who knows if they really need as much space as they say or it may have to do with resources in Siberia.

        1. I actually had heard from some friends who live there that in certain parts of China they have to literally import females from Taiwan and other places. Messed up!

        2. And Viet Nam and other places there, kind of like some guys bring over girls from E. Europe, here.

    2. Even the Indian economy is beginning to slow, recent news from India is that the ruling government played with the economic numbers in order to show greater growth.

      1. Right now, if I had to bet on a BRICS economy, it would be India. I would view Modi in the same vein as Reagan–once Reagan put in his reforms it took a year or two to bottom out, and then we hit the “Reagan Boom” from the trough of 1982 to 1990, when Mr. No New Taxes, acting on the advice of new-found political ally George Mitchell, consented to raising taxes and screwed the economy.
        While China slumps (for China; they just posted their lowest GDP growth rate since 1990, but it’s still >7%), India will become the fastest growing major economy by 2016. You’re going to see it crack the top ten and then the top 7 by 2019.

    3. Today, yes, but the most important part in the long run is the trend. The trend for the US has been decline since the 1970s. For the next decade or two or three, the US may still have one of the highest quality of living in the world, but even that today is no longer #1. The infrastructure, transportation, and general policing and safety is probably not in the top 10. But again, the important part here is the trend–the US is not investing in infrastructure or science/technology/research, etc. and it cannot afford to do so unless it makes cuts to its military or social spending.

  10. Are the moderators at ROK too busy painting the office or something? Can you guys get rid of these fuckers please?

  11. Some recommended reading;
    Hakim Bey – aka Peter Lamborn Wilson
    Temporary Autonomous Zone
    The Tong
    Boycott Cop Culture
    Time for some REAL Anarchy – not the kind where they have foolish ideals but sit around at boring meetings waiting to get beaten up by Fuzz they are trained to let do it. Time for a type of “Anarchy” you carry with you like a turtle’s shell, even under Zog/BigBrother whatever. The type you can plant it as you go. The type that works with what is and no there’s no “here’s the step by step plan” garbage.

    1. the world received irreparable damage. the best thing is to stay out of this mess.

  12. “Governments for the first time in history are at the mercy of investors who have the power to punish and destroy them by withdrawing vast amounts of capital through the digital wire if they see any deviation from the principles that investors love.”
    You contradict yourself because in a previous comment you made to Jason Jonea, you said:
    “You’re being lied to about the nature of the FED and all other
    bankster rule the world conspiracy theories designed to sell you
    survival gear and gold bullion. Paper money is backed by real
    assets, oil, agricultural products etc. They are limited in what they
    can print and because the money is borrowed at a small level of interest
    it ensures a certain amount is going back out of the system all the
    time, therefore curbing inflation. Otherwise you would have Zimbabwe.
    Also, the federal reserve bank in the USA remits all profits to the US treasury..but Alex jones won’t tell you that either.”
    Of course, you fail to mention the most important truth that is that governments are eternally indebted to the bankers who are the investors themselves, thus showing us that you are a real brilliant economist.
    “China is rising and the USA is losing power and influence in much of the
    world, BRICS and the Asian Development Bank are posing a threat to
    Western financial interests, and there is a general feeling worldwide
    that the old order is dying and the new is rising.”
    This is from the website of the Asian Development Bank (
    “As of 31 December 2013, ADB’s shareholders consist of 48 developing and
    developed members within Asia and the Pacific region, and 19 members
    from outside the region. ADB members who are also members of OECD hold
    64.6% of total subscribed capital and 58.5% of total voting rights.” The US has
    15.6% of the share while China has 6.5%. Clearly what a threat to Western financial interests.
    As for BRICS, the name BRIC was first coined by Jim O’Neill head of global economics research in Goldman Sachs in 2001. How ironic! Of course, according to Article 2 of the Agreement on the New Development Bank signed by BRICS states on 15 July 2014:
    ” The founding members of the Bank are the Federative
    Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the
    People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa.
    The membership shall be open to members of the United
    Nations, in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Agreement
    of the New Development Bank. It shall be open to borrowing and
    non-borrowing members.
    The New Development Bank shall have an initial
    subscribed capital of US$ 50 billion and an initial authorized capital
    of US$ 100 billion. The initial subscribed capital shall be equally
    distributed amongst the founding members. The voting power of each
    member shall equal its subscribed shares in the capital stock of the
    So membership is not exclusive to BRICS states and the amount of shares that will be owned by non-founding members is double the one owned by founding members. How threatening!

  13. And on that note, we introduce the euroamerican economic collapse.
    and if I don’t see you again, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

  14. to sail around the world to lands unknown and trade commodities with whichever populations they found there.
    Yeah, those despots, going around engaging in voluntary trade with other people! What tyrants!

  15. A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World
    By William J. Bernstein
    I would suggest anyone interested in the history of trade, to get a copy of this book, or the audio CDs.
    A used copy of the hardcover is only a few dollars plus shipping.
    ” A Splendid Exchange is a sweeping narrative history of world trade—from Mesopotamia in 3000 B.C. to the firestorm over globalization today—that brilliantly explores trade’s colorful and contentious past ”
    I have read this book, and even got the audio CD to listen to while driving, and enjoyed both.
    The author also writes some books on investment portfolios that would useful to people:
    The Investor’s Manifesto: Preparing for Prosperity, Armageddon, and Everything in Between
    For most people, this would be a much better approach than constantly trying to watch the market.

  16. Globalisation as Americans understand it is the subjugation of the world under the dictat of the Washington consensus that means under the rule of a small oligarchical class in Wallstreet and the City of London.Against this stands the will of sovereign states and its people that want to trade in mutual respect,with benefit for all sides,without a rigged casino style primitive accumulation where only the oligarchy wins and the rest looses.That is the Bejing consensus.A fair share for everybody.The rule of law.The abolition of war and terror as a tool of blackmail.There was no Arab Spring, there was a CIA fueled colour revoulution with the use of modern media.And these colour revolutions destroyed the most modern states in the Middle East.The US today is the empire of chaos.

    1. Are there elites with various one world scenarios they work tirelessly for? Yes, but at the same time I find most conspiracy theories as advanced by those supposedly in the know to be laughable.

  17. “Today, a man can board an airplane for less than a month’s salary and arrive on the other side of the planet within 24 hours. ”
    Today, a woman can sucker a Beta of a man to bleed himself dry for the price of her plane ticket or have her Daddy or Sugar Daddy pay for her chance to take the trendy Eiffel Tower selfie within 24 hours.

  18. I suspect that Europeans expanded around the globe because they had much larger middle classes than China or India which increased their demands for foreign goods, whereas China and India were entirely self-sufficient. IOW, the trade imbalance (just like with China vs. the USA today!). Europeans needed to get more money, and set out to hunt for treasure and trading opportunities to get it.

  19. But it is also a world of pirates, barbarians, and uncivilized brutes who threaten the very fabric of Western civilization itself.
    well as long as we dont mess with them we shouldnt be getting trouble. When the west expanded and came into to contact with other cultures yes that opened a pandoras box that cant be closed now its biting us in the ass

    1. The contents of Pandora’s Box (poonany?) was egalitarianism. As long as Westerners made themselves dominant and separated themselves everything was fine. It was when we started treating EVERYONE as equals (socialism/communism/Marxism) that the genie started sodomizing Western Man.

  20. who threaten the very fabric of Western civilization itself.
    or whats left of it, we kinda ruined it ourselves thanx to feminism

  21. Globalization is a scam. Hard-right fiscal conservatives call me an “anti-profit leftist” for pointing out the economic treason that multi-national corporations continually partake in. The move massive amounts of both manufacturing and white-collar jobs to the BRICs while simultaneously importing their citizens to work STEM jobs and disincentivize Americans from obtaining STEM education.
    Apparently there’s a culture of entitlement in America, and I’m guilty of it. I believe I am entitled to a job over anyone who is not a US citizen. Otherwise, what is the point of even being a US citizen?

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