Serena Williams Blames “Sexism” For Losing The 2018 US Open Championship Match

Serena Williams lost to Naomi Osaka at the 2018 US Open Championship match. What made headline news was the meltdown of Serena over a point and game violation for her behavior. Despite receiving multiple penalties, she kept yelling at the umpire, Carlos Ramos, demanding that he owed her an apology.

Player coaching has been an ongoing problem in tennis and during the match, there were instances where authorities caught her coach giving signals during points, which is a violation. There was nothing ‘unfair’ about giving her a warning for it. Serena just took too far by fighting back, bringing up irrelevant things like having a daughter, which had absolutely nothing to do with the situation. She kept saying ‘I didn’t get coaching,” and  “I have never cheated in my life!” She later made exaggerated accusations that escalated the situation.

You stole a point from me. You’re a thief, too.

Williams demanded to speak with a higher authority, which is when Brian Earley, the referee, stepped in the address the situation. Serena began venting to the other lady, crying and whining. When her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, was interviewed by an ESPN reporter after the match, he even admitted to it, but then tried to justify it by saying that everybody does it.

I’m honest, I was coaching. I mean, I don’t think she looked at me so that’s why she didn’t even think I was. But I was like 100 percent of the coaches on [sic] 100 percent of the matches.

Coaching is fine when marketable players like Serena are involved, but when someone calls her out for it, suddenly, it becomes a gender issue. Ramos is actually one of the few respected umpires because he isn’t afraid to make tough calls on elite players which he has on Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and other rising players like Nick Kyrgios.

The odd thing about the video is that how come you can clearly hear everything Serena says yet not what Ramos or the referee, or anyone else was saying? Something just doesn’t sit right with this whole thing. I have heard that The Super Bowl was rigged in the past, and remember watching an interview in school with a man who was in prison for steroids state that the entire Olympics is a sham. Then I hear things like the UFC tells players to make fights last longer to make the audience feel like they got their money’s worth.

People like to bash Vince McMahon for the WWE being fake, but if you investigate enough, you’ll find that all sports is simply one big entertainment scheme where payoffs and sellouts can manipulate entire  matches. So when I see this outburst from Serena, and how the camera so perfectly catches a woman in the audience cheer her stupid behavior at around 9:30 in the video clip, it all seems like a setup to me.

It looks like orchestrated sports entertainment designed to sway sheeple to think a certain way. Call it crazy, but with how things are going on these days, you’d be crazy not to suspicious.

During the after match conference, Serena claimed that what was done to her was sexist and that a man would not have received such a penalty, but the fact of the matter is, she made the situation worse unnecessarily by letting her emotions get out of control and thus paid for it. Ramos did his job, and did it well despite the immense pressure on him from a wild yapping woman.

Serena’s Bad Behavior

The problem with Serena Williams is that she thinks she’s the queen of tennis and expects to be treated like royalty. She plays an act, but when things don’t go her way on court, her true colors come out.

Williams was fined $17,000($4,000 for the coaching warning, $3,000 for smashing her racket, and $10,000 for verbally abusing Carlos Ramos). Even though this situation involved a Black woman, a Spanish judge, and a Japanese winner, it’s still the White man’s fault. Serena has been getting away with it for a while and it’s about time he got what she deserved. In the past, she got penalized when an oriental linesman told the chair umpire that Serena threatened her.

Serena said ‘Are you serious?’ when authority asked about the threat, denying it, however she later apologized for it…

As you can see, Serena has a history of racquet abuse and aggressive behavior.

Defenders of Serena

Billie Jean King, a former player, made these statements on Twitter:

(1/2) Several things went very wrong during the @usopen Women’s Finals today. Coaching on every point should be allowed in tennis. It isn’t, and as a result, a player was penalized for the actions of her coach. This should not happen.

(2/2) When a woman is emotional, she’s “hysterical” and she’s penalized for it. When a man does the same, he’s “outspoken”; and there are no repercussions. Thank you, @serenawilliams, for calling out this double standard. More voices are needed to do the same.

Of course, male stooges like James Blake, a former Black tennis player who went to Harvard during the high days of affirmative action, and washed-up has been players like Andy Roddick, bashed the umpire in their tweets.

Roddick himself has a track record of whining like a girl even before the match has begun…

John McEnroe was notoriously known for his anger bursts, but he received many fines and disqualifications. Other men have too, the media is just choosing not to show it.

This is What Feminism Produces

Why is Serena Williams playing at a tournament when she just had a baby? Why isn’t she focused on being a mother? What is the point of playing tennis at her age? What is she trying to prove? People don’t realize that a woman who recently gave birth still suffers the emotions of after pregnancy, and Serena’s case is a clear example of why women need to stop imitating men and instead be better women.

The real victim is Osaka, who earned her win with her talent, but got booed because of the meltdown of an immature 36-year-old woman. Serena usually intimidates her opponents by roaring like an animal, but that didn’t work on Osaka and so she resorted to what she normally does when she can’t beat better players: aggression and the blaming of others.

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83 thoughts on “Serena Williams Blames “Sexism” For Losing The 2018 US Open Championship Match”

    1. Totally nonsensical crap. Stupid, entitled ‘superwoman’ has a melt down in a manner every sane minded person can see was her own ego out of control, but when examined and reexamined as nauseum through the spectrum of modern ‘analysis’, what we can all see gets manipulated into what we are told we have seen. How blatant do they have to be? It’s almost like the powers-that-be are testing the limits of just what bullshit we will accept.
      As we’re on the subject of her cheating style, the whole family are at it. Anyone remember her Dad literally walking over the crowds at Wimbledon a decade ago to get a better camera angle for his ‘home movie’? Just happened to do it right in the middle of a match when one of his two progenies were getting their asses handed to them. And what was the reaction in the commentary box? Laughter, and shit like ‘isn’t he a dear’ and ‘old eccentric pops’ comments. They actually believed her Dad wasn’t acting up and gaming the whole fucking match. That was a decade ago. Since then that family have helped fuck up a sport that was once enjoyable to watch. I mean, how many people under thirty remember when women’s tennis was played between two, more often than not, feminine looking girlies in a skirt. Serena Williams looks like a fucking bear in shorts. How da fuck she even get pregnant…. And I’ve just realised I’m ranting….

      1. She said it twice. First time on court to the umpire, the second time in the press briefing: [skip to 2:18]
        And here’s her saying it on court: [skip to 1:13]

    2. Black women are literally the most anti-male (even against black men) and racist creatures on this planet.
      A woman blaming anyone but herself for her failures is common practice just as the sun rising in the east.
      Ever since Serena Williams had her baby her game (based on cheating, HGH, and steroids) has been slipping. Women who have children should stay at home and raise them.
      Who watches female athletics anyway? Make believe competition for women who think they are as good as men, when all they really are doing is being a mediocre versions of men.

  1. Oh, what has the world come to when a thing like that is idolized in “ladies’ sports” ( or I guess it’s really called “women’s sports” these days – this thing certainly doesn’t qualify as a lady, if even a woman). Such a farce. This Serena should be on Jerry Springer instead, that’s where the ugly thing belongs.
    Definitely feels like this particular match is a microcosm of the world as a whole these days.

    1. Don’t worry, I have a feeling he will be exposed along with his brother and get all their trophies stripped.

      1. Yep. The Williams brothers will have a lot of explaining to do someday when one of them has a wardrobe malfunction and their schlong is exposed.

    2. The Springer episode could be called “Swordfighting with Serena Williams and Michael Obama”.

  2. Lost in all of this is Serena’s opponent who was a far superior player.
    Serena, a woman, loses a tennis match to another woman. Could this be due to her poor preparation? Lack of focus? Off day? Nope… it is (inexplicably) the fault of men, whose behavior exhibited “sexism” by handing the match to… another woman.

    1. is that a real pic – of him answering the door to the cop?
      also headline:
      “Would bang female newscaster” love it

    2. The comments, I believe, are an accurate reflection on female voters regarding 1st amendment – and men’s rights in general thru-out the West – TINVOWOOT :
      “While I certainly dont agree with this man. I dont agree with censorship either.” 77upvotes 123downvotes
      “It’s about time. Shame on Amazon for selling the books in the first place. This man should be in prison, for life.”
      100 upvotes 44downvotes

    1. Yet a white guy wifed her up!
      I don’t understand what these men see in those women, but there you go….

      1. Yet many white pussies pair up with black MEN!
        I don’t understand what these pussies see in those MEN, but there you go…. !!

    2. She’s using steroid like most black athletes in the USA. It’s nothing but roid rage. Look at her muscular unnatural body. Female can’t gain so much muscles unless she’s a degenerate roid head.

  3. I am surprised Gorriliams lost. She is so obviously pumped up on steroids. So yes of course she cheats all the time.

  4. Watching that video with the gook judge only confirms that blacks belong with blacks, Asians belong with Asians, whites belong with whites, etc. etc. No reason for us to be trying to get along. So much happier amongst our own kind

    1. Sorry but how many Modern White Chicks would you want to be around these days – you know the over entitled land whales.

  5. Total fines paid by McEnroe for his entire career: $69,000. So yeah. Suck it Serena. I have to say, if anyone saw the black lady commentator who was on a local (my local) TV channel the next day (she was the head of some Tennis organization) she was calm, classy, and called it right. She said Serena violated the rules, continued to do so knowing full well she was already warned, continued with bad behavior, and got fined. She didn’t blame race or sex, just the person who was to blame: Serena. Thanks Black Lady for being normal and not upping the race baiting.

  6. “Osaka…”
    As in an Asian gal?
    I’ve noticed that affirmative action discriminates against Asians, too. Maybe political correctness just view them as smaller, somewhat differently-tinted white people?

  7. I am actually surprised given the PC climate she did not also throw in racism with sexism. Why take personal responsibility for your loss when you can blame something else? That is the victim mentality.
    But, oh wait, she did use racism as an excuse when she wore that stupid looking catsuit in violation of traditions of the tournament (now they are putting the dress code in writing but for 100+ years didn’t have to bother). It is apparently racist because the cat suit 1) helped her circulation after pregnancy (really) and 2) was inspired by the movie Black Panther.
    So does that mean if Birth of a Nation inspires me I can do what I like?

  8. Sexism? Female tennis players are earning the same amount as men for half the work. Now that’s fucking sexism.
    The athletic level is so goddamn pathetic that nobody would give a fuck about women’s tennis if they weren’t all dressed like instagram attention whores. Just like nobody gives a fuck about women’s soccer where all the women run around in baggy men’s shorts.
    In fact, there isn’t a single popular women’s sport without tits and ass. The entire fucking viewership for women’s sports is based on tits and ass. Volleyball, beach volleyball, track & field, swimming, tennis, MMA, figure skating, gymnastics.
    And yeah, I too can’t wait for Mike Tyson to finally retire from women’s tennis.

    1. Facts mean nothing to women. If they feel as though someone is sexist then they are. If they feel as though women make less money then they do. Any attempt at logic or reasoning is entirely useless.

  9. It’s amazing the apes moving into all sports now not just African tree soccer tennis hockey probably polo too

      1. Too much like work because it requires the use of a large hammer called a mallet… May cause calluses. Like wearing shorts playing rugby will likely result is serious testicular damage due to common wedges.

    1. But not swimming.
      Also not chess.
      Or cycling.
      Or pretty much any sport that doesn’t require running and jumping.

  10. Yet another cunt with a sense of entitlement the size of the universe and an ego to match. Another cunt unable to see past its own solipsism. All in all, just another fucking cunt. End.

      1. This was a”no duh” outcome for woman in combat arms… She could not resist her hypergamy and horniness, had all that stud cock around her, and no honor no integrity no self control, and just had to jump the cock carousel… And settle to just get out of the marines because she got what she wanted…. And the simp marine commanders that were men DID NOT want to court-martial herbut prop up the nonsense of the fringe about women in combat units. WTF….

  11. *Portuguese. Carlos Ramos is Portuguese, not Spanish; but he is one of the best umpires they have.
    It’s selective perception. Serena’s message is expounded while Ramos is muted and denigrated for his body of work. The pro tennis player’s opinions are biased based on their experiences with Ramos. Given his track record, he sounds like a strict, straightforward umpire. This shouldn’t surprise anybody; Serena should know the variables of the match. No excuses.

  12. “Even though this situation involved a Black woman, a Spanish judge, and a Japanese winner, it’s still the White man’s fault.”
    This line is golden.

    1. Only reason Serena couldn’t blame his opponent’s ‘Asian privilege’, she’s half black.

      1. “You’re all the same to us white guys.”
        What you mean with white? We are not white in the anglo saxonic term but we are a “white” western nation. In fact, the diference is not that great regarding the germanic genes between the north and southern europe. The iberian peninsula was invaved/colonized by the vandals, Suebi and the visigoths, all germanics, so i fail to see, from that part, any substancial diference from the saxons, the franks or the alamani…anyway, i prefer my latin genes (true latins live in Europe by the way, descendents of the fucking romans) than those germanic influences. We, the portuguese, are a typical european western nation and people…Its time for you, and others on the manosphere and tratidional right, to learn that.

        1. Never trust a poster that says “us white people” or “my fellow white men”
          Most likely a {{troll}}

  13. the crazy thing is the support she gets from male tennis players (exept Djokovic, he was a bit more fair to the umpire ). I guess people are afraid to lose their jobs, sponsors.. twitter is a huge fear too.
    one important thing : the role of the mother is massive : Osaka, while growing up in US, and being half black, she’s the total opposite : respectful, modest , gracile. There’s no fatality in race, education is the key.

  14. This is the first time since the Rangers won the Stanley Cup I watched a TV sport…
    And was really into the lovely feminine Osaka…
    She was great – bloody killer – and will have successful career – true winner….
    What a horrendous CUNT – the other is…the millions she made in the adds…and oh so oppressed…
    She doesn’t play against men. She couldn’t return a serve from one…
    its a different sport…
    And all the woman rationalize for her…

    1. She has never admitted to steroid use. The Negrophilic mainstream press won’t call her out on it or demand she undergo testing. But she is so obviously juiced up. No woman could develop that level of muscle tone without steroids.

  15. Serena is just a sore loser . Why is she still playing tennis she’s worth 180 million just retire it’s not like she needs the money. This is a classic example of how you can take a negro out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out the negro.

  16. I would say that she is the thief and a cheat. Using performance enhancing chemicals, the system giving her most of what she got. Stealing matches from other women more deserving. And now we see the true guise of this creature in the notorious chimp out. Go away, just go away.

  17. Equal opportunity, my ass…getting paid equal amount for half the work is the female version of equal opportunity. Plus, on top of that, female tennis is a joke compared to men’s tennis – see what happens when you put them on equal footing…

  18. I remember, I remember, John McEnroe. And what an @sshole he was. Along with Bobby Fisher. Another @sshole. Top players often are. Because of big bucks, they get away with behavior that would get any teenager kicked off a high school team. So nothing new there.
    As far as sexism goes, Selena could not even beat a man ranked at 204, 203. Or her sister either. So they decided if they were to ever play a male again, he would have to be ranked lower than 350.

  19. Not surprised. She has become too masculinized. For good or for bad, testosterone makes anyone more aggressive.

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