The Manosphere is the Modern Samizdat

Samizdat simply means self-publishing. The term sounds innocent enough. But the term has a dark historical context, one that in modern times increasingly applies to the dissidents who are gathering in ever-larger numbers around the modern-day manosphere.

In Soviet times, it referred to an era in which government-suppressed literature was “clandestinely printed and distributed.” Samizdat originated within the Russian Intelligentsia, a group which could include anyone from artists to teachers, who were engaged in disseminating ideas which ran counter to the leftist ideology of Communism.

In parallel to much of the self-publishing of today, most of the texts were personal statements, protests, or opinions which differed from the mainstream. Many suggested alternative ways of handling social problems. Others included news suppressed by the “official media” of the time.

The publishers of samizdat were subjected to harassment and surveillance of the type we are just beginning to witness in America. In 1973, in an effort to intimidate and silence its political opponents, the KGB concocted a show trial involving one of the most prominent publishers of samizdat, Victor Krasin.


Krasin Goes Up Against the State Apparatus

Krasin was an economist who had long been a critic of Marxism-Leninism, and was arrested for his opinions as early as 1949. He was sent to Ozerlag to do hard labor as a political prisoner. Krasin spent the next five years of his life in different labor camps as a political prisoner until Stalin’s death in 1954, when he was released after being “rehabilitated” by the State. He then went on to become a professor at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, where he continued to self-publish until he was fired for it, only to be arrested again years later for “anti-Soviet propaganda.” That arrest led to the aforementioned show trial.

In irony, as compared to today’s status quo and shifting political winds, only two weeks after Krasin’s conviction in the KGB’s show trial, the United States House and Senate adopted resolutions stating Krasin had “demonstrated enormous courage and intellectual honesty in advocating and defending the importance of fundamental civil and political liberty,” and that he had “served to illuminate the plight of hundreds of thousands of Soviet citizens.” Krasin later emigrated to the United States and became a citizen in 1981. Reading the history of Krasin, one wonders how far away from such arrests and persecutions we are in America for the crime of “illuminating” men.

Bukovsky Fights the System

Vladimir Bukovsky was another member of the samizdat. A neurophysiologist and dissident of the Marxist-Leninist movement, he started self-publishing shortly after entering Moscow University in 1960. One of his first pieces as portrayed the Soviet Union as an immoral society that no longer had moral and spiritual authority over its citizens.

For this “crime” of questioning authority and self-publishing, he was placed under investigation, and by 1961 was expelled from Moscow University. Unfazed, he continued his writing and self-publishing. By 1963, he was arrested by the KGB and convicted of anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda. Bukovsky would spend a total of 12 years in and out of Soviet prison and labor camps, and forced-treatment psychiatric hospitals. Speaking of this experience, he would later say, “I myself create it, edit it, censor it, publish it, distribute it, and get imprisoned for it.”

One of the ways Soviet psychiatric hospitals treated political opponents like Bukovsky was by diagnosing them with “sluggish schizophrenia.” After all, why would anyone oppose the greatest sociopolitical system in the world, Communism? Self-publishers like Bukovsky who didn’t agree with the party line were diagnosed as being unable to grasp reality. The Soviet psychiatrists were also told to look for traits such as “reform delusions” or “struggles for truth and justice” and refusal to submit to authority so that those disorders could also be treated.

The treatments usually involved locking political opponents up in a Special Psychiatric Hospital, and drugging them with high doses of psychiatric drugs.

Because of this spurious definition of schizophrenia, the Soviet Union had at least three times the number of schizophrenics as other nations. Bukovsky’s later appeals to Western psychiatrists helped expose the political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union. (But what better way for an authoritarian state to deal with political dissidents than diagnosing them as mentally unstable.) These appeals led to reforms, including glasnost, which called for increased openness and transparency in government activities.

Once again, showing how political winds can shift dramatically from one generation to the next, the USA helped negotiate Bukovsky’s emigration from the Soviet Union. Bukovsky would end up in the UK.

America Heads Down the Primrose Path of Politically Correct Censorship


Even though today there are no official edicts as of yet damning the authors and commenters on self-publishing sites like Return of Kings, we live in an environment of feminism and political correctness that is becoming increasingly inhospitable to tradition and masculinity.

Samizdat “self-publishing” blows a huge hole in the what the media and government in the USA previously took for granted: Control of the dialogue. The gatekeepers were able to select which topics were “appropriate” to discuss, decide what emphasis to place on each topic, then frame those topics in a way that’s appropriate for their interests, and limit debate to certain prescribed limits, also suited to their interests. It’s not so easy for them to hide dissent and alternative points of view anymore. We are just beginning to see the ways in which the Internet has changed the way the world communicates ideas.

One thing is for sure, self-publishing is easier, faster, and more prevalent now than it ever could have been back in the days of the Soviet Union. Men are self-publishing politically unpopular, unapproved, rational ideas that are important to their own self-interest in increasingly large numbers and with an increasingly louder voice. What remains to be seen is how those in power will respond. Will we see arrests for the newly invented PC term “hate speech” soon? Will the government resort to outright censorship in the name of “national security?” Will Google and other web companies impose restrictions on content? I’m not sure.  In any case, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.

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197 thoughts on “The Manosphere is the Modern Samizdat”

  1. No, in America the secret police are not going to knock on your door because of what you said in a blog post. And no, it is not going to happen in five years or ten years or twenty years. And no, anecdotes of people getting in trouble because of specific threats against public figures, blackmail, and other blatantly illegal activities are not a counterpoint to this.
    Can a manosphere post get you unfairly mocked by b*tches at Jezibel and on Facebook? Yes. Can a manosphere post get you fired if you work for a company or institution with a behavior clause in your contract and an overly politically correct HR department? Unfortunately yes. Can a manosphere post get you arrested? No.
    I wish people online of all stripes would just be more realistic and not make fantastical claims.

    1. We may not get arrested yet, but the point is in this society, we’re well on our way. Also, getting fired once isn’t the end of it. Word will spread around and make you less appealing to other employers.

      1. Indeed. One should not underestimate the amount of significant damage getting blacklisted can cause. Especially if you work in a highly specialized, high worth environment, such a significant faux pas can lead to severe and long-lasting destitution and banishment from the very means of earning a decent living. The only way to avoid this is if you happen to be one of the few rainmakers where they will tolerate almost anything on your behalf as long as you keep the money flowing in. But how long can you be sure that too will last?

      2. Yep. Good point by you and Quantum.
        The ‘blacklisting’ today (on the internet) reminds me of the blacklisting that was done back in Hollywood ‘back when’ once one had been of being a communist (see Joe McCarthy trials).
        People don’t want to believe it but that happen not too long ago (yes, in this country).

    2. You spoke my mind.
      The difference between the Soviet and the American propaganda is subtle but significant. In the former they apply force to shut you down, whereas in the latter they use ridicule.
      Furthermore, the American propaganda in fact encourages (and very often creates) the opposition with a specific purpose – to create the illusion of freedom of speech. Which is why you see so many conspiracy theorists online and no one gets prosecuted for libel.
      Some of the popular manosphere bloggers are in fact agents!

      1. I don’t think I spoke your mind, because I disagree with what you have said.
        There are not agents of the US government posing as bloggers in the manosphere, nor do I believe that the presence of eternally banal conspiracy theories in online communities is itself a conspiracy.

        1. I grew up in the communist regime. I’ve seen it all.
          Do you how many outspoken “dissidents” turned out to be agents of state secret service after the fall of the Berlin wall?
          All of them!

    3. Why arrest dissidents, when you can just sabotage their careers and condemn them to a life of poverty and social exclusion? I don’t see how getting fired for expressing a politically incorrect opinion is any less morally repugnant than being arrested for it.

      1. The Soviet Union would make dissidents nonpersons but the new Marxism is more forgiving. It has a façade of tolerance to maintain but more importantly, the Neo-Marxists need recruits and acolytes, despite your mistakes; It needs racial ‘diversity’ and other apparent contrarieties to feed its dialectical materialism and deepen the myth of the proletariat.

        1. “the new Marxism … has a façade of tolerance”
          Exactly. If you don’t support their cause, or they can’t exploit you for political purposes, then don’t expect tolerance extended.

        2. Come to think of it, that’s actually a lot like the old Marxism. “We support freedom of speech. Unless you say something we don’t like.” The only thing keeping the Left in check is the fact that they don’t have full control over the state. If they did, make no mistake…

      2. At least the gulag did give you the cache of being an outlaw. The dignity of you having your own opinion allowed to be freely expressed.

      3. “I don’t see how getting fired for expressing a politically incorrect opinion is any less morally repugnant than being arrested for it.”
        Because the alternative would be for the government to tell companies who they couldn’t fire.

    4. Look up the proposed Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014. It would task a
      “National Telecommunications and Information Administration with filing
      reports on Internet, radio and television content that seeks to advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate.”
      It seeks to punish “hateful activity on the Internet that occurs outside of the zone of First Amendment protection,” according to the bill’s chief sponsor, Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY.) A Boston Herald editorial warns it will encourage federal agencies to, “begin scouring the Internet, TV and radio for speech it finds threatening.”
      Just one of the many ways the First Amendment is being eroded. It can’t
      happen here? Or is it already happening here? These things aren’t done
      all at once. They’re done in baby steps. Just my humble opinion.

      1. The Citizen’s United case wasn’t about the $$ money in politics but the banning of political speech ( which is the most important type of speech). The reducing $$ moneyed interest influence in politics I am sympathetic to but the law banned all “negative ads” 30 days before an election. This was in response to the very successful “swift boat” ads that torpedoed John Kerry’s campaign…

      2. So basically all the colored and women seek the government’s protection from the white devil. My God.

        1. It what they do. It’s funny hearing people complain about child support transferring wealth from men to women that they got knocked up. Then to see the same people ignore the wealth transfer from whites to Sheboons.

        1. That’s great news…well, maybe. It’s also interesting to point out that only 3% of all bills were enacted in the last legislative session.
          So…it has about as good a chance as most bills, and has 29 co-sponsors already. Doesn’t mean they can’t keep introducing it, especially if there’s an “incident” that gains political attention.

        2. Agree. Usually they’ll wait out until they have the right “environment” in the Senate and House to get a bill passed (or stuff it into another bill so no one sees it). It happens all of the time and once passed people wonder ‘when did that happen’.
          The longer you live the more you’ll start to see this nonsense happening over and over, again.

      3. Indeed, we have already seen examples of people losing their jobs due to having politically incorrect opinions. The founder of Mozilla was recently booted from the company for the crime of donating to a cause that was not approved by the leftist establishment. Donald Sterling is losing the ownership of his property because he said, in private, things not allowed in public. I’m not a fan of his, but does he not have a right to his opinion? Or do you now have to pay with your property and career to exercise your right to free speech?

    5. I agree. I feel that ROK has to exaggerate its blog posts in order to retain members. No one is going to come knocking on your door because you called someone a mangina or because you whine about butch cuts nearly every other day.

      1. Yea bro, no one is going to listen to your phone calls or monitor your emails either. That’s tinfoil talk.

        1. Your spreadsheet of who is a white night mangina is not a threat to national security. Rest easy, bro.

        2. *Knight
          Better spellcheck my own comments before the secret police start mocking all of the stockpiled blog posts of mine that they have saved up.

    6. Hey, gay marriage would never happen, right?
      Guns would never be confiscated, right?
      Government could not read your email without a warrant, right?
      Innocent until proven guilty, right?
      Whistleblowers won’t be punished, right?
      It’s not a tax, right?
      I wish people online of all stripes would quit saying that things like these could never happen because they were just so fantastical and conspiracy theory.
      And yes, a manosphere post will get you arrested in the future. Make your choices accordingly.

      1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a 100% certainty but it’s very likely.

    7. Ahhh… so the IRS targeting American conservative citizens is a fantastical claim… right… enjoy the coolaid pal…

      1. even if the IRS is overzealous in auditing certain groups as opposed to others, it doesn’t mean that anyone is going to jail for their opinions. They might be fined for cheating on their taxes though.

    8. Ahhh… so the IRS targeting American conservative citizens is a fantastical claim… right… enjoy the coolaid pal…

    9. No need to arrest them, just diagnose them as mentally ill (I mean, why else would you be paranoid of women being in power, right?) or bring up false charges of rape and/or child abuse.
      Maybe it’s a bit paranoid but you have to be vigilant. The only reason we now have mass surveillance is because people were too complacent and didn’t speak up when they should have (which was in the aftermath of 9/11 and the ramping-up of cyber-intelligence operations. But no, everyone just cared about bombing Afghanistan).

    10. Didn’t they shut down some random guy who made a cartoon critical of Islam a few years ago?

        1. Wow. The same guy who took umbrage at remarks made about ‘violent Jews’ who took part in the Bolshevik Revolution and Holodomor genocide has absolutely no problem marginalizing violent Muslims. The hypocrisy is astounding. I’m pretty sure this article is about you douchebag.

        2. Yeah, because one of those statements is accurate (Muslims are prone to violent reactions) and one of those statements is inaccurate (Jews are responsible for Holodomor). Try to keep up.

        3. Uh huh. And how often does your “Anglican” church have you wear a bow tie and hand out The Final Call on the corner?

        4. No it’s got a mischling called Welby running it.
          Where are you getting the idea I’m Muslim? I can’t fucking stand them. They are only present in Europe because jewels cunts like Babs Spector wanted them there.

        5. Lazar Kaganovich is most certainly responsible for the Holodomir. But as Abe Foxman would say: “He was doing it as an entrepreneur and individual” rather than as a Jew massacring ethnic competitors.

        6. It’s not even about marginalizing Muslims. Most Jewish people appear to be overjoyed that Europe has been flooded with Muslim invader/migrants. As soon as a white native speaks up about the brown tide some ambulance chasing shyster from the tribe tries to destroy him. Muslims in Europe even imitate the Jewish victim schtick too. It’s a human tidal wave of filth.

        7. I am getting the idea that you are either F.O.I. or a 5%er because you are regurgitating exactly the same banal, conspiratorial nonsense that they do.
          Jews imported Muslims to Europe? Is that why Muslims are running feral all over Paris and Berlin right now attacking Jews and burning down their businesses? The very same Jews that were ethnically cleansed from Arab countries in the 60s and fled to European cities? Come on, at least come up with a-historical nonsense that is at least plausible.
          Asalama Leikum, mah brutha. You didn’t land on Plymouth Rock!

        8. It’s certainly not the fascist right doing it. Btw the actual French have already been chased out of their cities by feral jigs already. Supported and abetted by Metisage advocates of the the Jewish persuasion: See Beranrd Henri Levi, Nicholas Sarkosy.
          Additionally: See the North American ghetto where blacks get to live in cities built by the grandparents of the whites forced to now live in suburbs and commute to work. How did that happen? Shysters.

        9. If you look at the history of pro-migration forces in France, UK, Ireland, Holland, Sweden there’s always a hosenose advocating for their migration in the land of the white man. One place you’d hardly expect a flood of black n brown is Dublin. Recently they just swore in 4,000 vibrants, the minister responsible is Alan Shatter (Tribal) the guy before him had been deporting the blacks n browns as fast as he could.
          I see no contradiction between owning a dog and that dog biting the hand that feeds.The liberal, cosmopolitan Jewish population so fears the fascist white that they dilute the whiteness. But be careful what you wish for as the brown population you bring in hates you more than the white man ever did.

        10. Well, all I can say is that I completely disagree with your analysis. The presence of some Jews in a particular political movement or persuasion does not mean that most Jews support said movement, much less that said movement is a coordinated Jewish plot.
          You keep citing individual Jews doing this or that like it is some sort of proof of anything beyond that particular individual doing something. But it isn’t. I don’t know why you can’t see that.
          Do some Jews in Europe support immigration? Yes. Do other Jews oppose it? Yes. In contemporary American politics you will find Jews in every political position from the communist left (e.g. Amy Goodman) to the patriotic right (e.g. Eric Cantor) to the mainstream left (Jon Stewart) to the right-libertarian (e.g. Milton Friedman) to the insane left-libertarian (e.g. Glenn Greenwald). None of this indicates anything other than Jews are people like anyone else and have a variety of positions.

        11. Now Jews are responsible for white flight from the inner cities in the 60s? Come on, get a grip.
          Also I hope you are aware that Sarkozy rose to power as the law and order person who put down the Banieulle riots in the early 2000s. He’s not exactly a multiculturalist. Also Beranrd Henri-Levi (fully Jewish, and a refugee from Algeria) has turned against the left precisely because they have turned a blind eye to Muslim violence.

        12. Bwahahahahaha. Both are far more worried about Front Nationale than they are worried about the scumbag African infestation.

        13. What? Three rabbis in a room with four separate opinions? That’s an old joke.
          How is it that so many “individuals” acting as individuals have that much of a full spectrum dominance in US politics? The diversity of opinion they offer is a mirage possibly even a smokescreen. Cantor was rejected by his own party btw. He was taking huge amounts of cash from pro immigration Adelson and Zuckerberg so his constituents dumped his ass.

        14. Jewish sponsorship of civil rights and equal housing was pivotal in the white flight of the 1960s. Had the white populations in places like East St Louis and Detroit been left to stamp out the infestations the Modern American urban landscape would look radically different.

        15. Well, all I can say is that you are claiming a conspiracy of Jews all over the place where the real story is just individual Jews being represented in every political persuasion. You are also just off on a lot of your facts, such as Sarkozy’s politics and the ethnic composition of the Soviet Union.
          I can’t tell if you really believe what you are saying, or whether you are a far-left Mondoweiss / NOI type trolling this place, or whether you just get a kick out of being as outrageous as possible. Whatever it is, I encourage you to get to a better place.

        16. Sarkozy encouraged miscagination in his final days in office. The French call it Metisage.
          The moment a city like Paris needs a Jewish mayor as a Messiah from the dark horde something has gone terribly to plan.

        17. What a banal reply. Have you heard of Genrik Yagoda? Just another individual representing no one but his own individual evil?
          If you look at White Flight as Stalinistic ethnic deportation and look at the legal frame work that accompanied it the pieces all fit together when you look at the insane law maker’s ethnic background. Who ran the courts when desegregation occurred? Who did Al the pro bono legal work that ensured whites were forced to abandon city after city?

        18. On putting the probing knife carefully to that kind of abscess one
          immediately discovered, like a maggot in a putrescent body, a little Jew
          who was often blinded by the sudden light.

    11. It starts in small steps…the same way they want to protect citizens (while at the same time stripping away freedoms). It doesn’t happen with one big axe swing (large bill)’s usually performed with a scalpel (many smaller bills) to keep everyone “safe”.
      In the end, the ‘selling point’ is….you are much safer today (while taking some of your freedoms of yesterday). It can happen anywhere.

    12. It’s already happening:
      “Marine Arrested and Institutionalized for Facebook Posts Critical of the Government?”
      “US extends ex-marine’s Facebook psych-ward term”
      Does the last sentence ring any bells with the samizdat article???
      Wake up. People like you are the ones who made it possible for Obongo to win a second term and Ron Paul to lose since hey, Paul was just a crazy guy who didnt know any better.

      1. It is highly ironic that someone would cite the state propaganda organ Russia Today in an attempt to criticize America for supposed censorship.

        1. Russia of today is more like the old United States and the United States of today is becoming more like the old Russia, just as Huxley predicted.
          I’d trust RT more than the corporate propaganda machines known as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CNN.

        2. The validity of an argument doesn’t derive from the source. If something happened it’s just as true if reported by a demon as by an angel. If you are looking for a bias in the report, questioning the overriding relevance of a story, that’s a different argument for a different day. Btw, the Germans during the Nazi era had a smaller security apparatus (both per capita and in absolute numbers) than either the Soviet Union or the USA today. They were self organizing and self reliant. The East German Stasi dwarfed the Gestapo. It tells you a lot about who the Nazis benefitted and what the Stasi was actually there to do. Germany at that time was by no means a police state.

        3. Many other news outlets reported on the story if the source is an issue for you.

      2. Thank you for posting that story. It has frightening parallels to the forced psychiatric treatments used against the samizdat.
        One wonders how many other stories like this never see the light of day.

    13. Really?
      What if as a heterosexual man, one dares to say, I won’t provide my services at a homosexual wedding?
      Remember that questioning Marxism was a “blatantly illegal activit(y)” during the time of samizdat.

    14. Just because you can’t foresee it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.
      Besides, getting blacklisted professionally and socially isn’t a whole lot better than being arrested. Look at the big picture.

  2. I have seen the term “hate speech” used over and over as a legal justification to censor content. What I find most concerning is the fact that it’s not necessarily the government that is censoring content. It is the private organizations themselves that cave in after an onslaught of protesting.
    Case in point, the so called “rape guide” titled Above the Game was eventually thrown into the wastebasket after the onslaught of feminists. The usual buzzwords of “misogyny, creepy, rape guide” were the weapons of choice. The paramount reasoning behind the petition to ban the book were that it would cause rapes and contributes to the “rape culture.” The government didn’t come in and ban the book but Kickstarter found it in their financial interest to scrap the project.
    We are living in a time where private organizations such as multinational corporations and NGOs have as much power of public discourse (if not more so) than the government itself.

    1. Agreed, especially about the “hate speech” part. In this PC “bubble wrap” society, people’s skin is so thin that they think you hate them, or have a personal vendetta, simply for disagreeing. It seems like the bar is being raised every year too. What used to be acceptable is now considered offensive.

    2. Listen, I agree with you on everything except one point. I wouldn’t say they are caving in to public discourse directly, but rather they are caving in to pressures of their profit margins. They don’t want to lose any money by boycotting or lawsuits, so they decide to adopt whichever ideology is in the majority. Which is why you have seen the liberalization of the average corporate workplace.

  3. It was very enlightening to discover that a lot of politics being enforced today were created by the Soviet Union. And its much more interesting to know that the Commie “revolution” was financed and maintained for a long time by western capitalists (see Yuri Bezmenov interview). And finally what is exceptionally interesting to know is that according to declassified documents by the MI6 today and at the time the american secret service most of the original commissars were… Jews, there was more chinamen either than ethnic russians.
    Now, you politically correct ladies must be thinking how what you call an “anti-semite” is born – like that! After being exposed to this kind of information.
    I’m glad to see that the autor reconises the “anti-white” and I say, to close, that I don’t despise blacks or arabs or any other race. But as I’m realist with women, I’m a race realist too, and maybe when we all crush the lies of equality we can have separate nations and be friends, but no sleep in the same bed.

    1. Ugh, here’s that eternal lie that has been disproven eight ways to Tuesday that still won’t die. Most of the early communist officials were NOT Jewish. The Soviet Union was one of the most antisemitic regimes in the history of the World. Please learn about the Doctors’ Plot.

      1. Communism is a manifestation of Talmudic Judaism; Bolshevism, Freemasonry, Zionism, et al emanate from the Talmud and its adherents (e.g. Zionists, Sabbateans, Frankists, et al).

        1. Your comment certainly conflicts with the argument being made above, which is that Bolshevism and Zionism were/are in firm opposition.
          How about this: You guys settle on one particular macro Jewish conspiracy and I will debunk it. You are all presenting mutually contradictory conspiracy hypotheses here, which is ridiculous.

        2. Oh no! Accused of referencing one of the most ancient and enduring books of wisdom in human civilization! Whatever shall I do?!

      2. Lol. A vastly disproportionate number of the Bolsheviks were Jewish. A type of revolutionary communism is called Trotskyism. The man who masterminded the collectivization of farming and created famine in Ukraine was a Jew called Lazar Kaganovich. Kaganovich outlived the USSR. He probably assassinated Stalin. Your ignorance on the subject is mind boggling. If you look at the enforcers of Equality in the US or elsewhere in Europe it’s almost always busybody jews. look at the alliance of Jews-blacks in civil rights. Jews-feminists in civil suits. Gloria Allred, Dworkin, Sontag… It’s fucking obvious.

        1. Understatement of the Year

          Lol. A vastly disproportionate number of the Bolsheviks were Jewish.

        2. It’s worse than that. The Weimar Germany era Communist Party leader was called Saul Levi.

          Are Americans entirely ignorant of the basic historical conditions that lead to the convulsions of the 20th century? It’s obvious that the Communists were also ethnic supremacists.

      3. Horseshit, gent — pull your head out of your ass. Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Bronstein) and Stalin himself (real name Iosif Dzhugashvili or Djugashvili) were of Joowish origins.
        In the Georgian language “shvili” means son of, or
        son, as in Johnson. “Djuga” means Jew. Therefore Djugashvili
        means Jewison.
        Robert Wilton, a long time Russia correspondent for the London Times, “According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State there were in 1918-1919: 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Lets, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 2 Poles, 2 Finns, 1 Karaim, 457 Jews.”
        “In the Bolshevik era, 52% of the membership of the Soviet communist party was Jewish, though Jews comprised only 1.8 percent of the total population.” (Stuart Kahan, The Wolf of the Kremlin, p. 81)
        “National and racial chauvinism is a vestige of the misanthropic
        customs characteristic of the period of cannibalism. Anti-semitism, as an extreme form of racial chauvinism, is the most dangerous vestige of cannibalism…under USSR law active anti-Semites are liable to the death penalty.” (Stalin, Collected Works, vol.
        13, p. 30).
        Plus, don’t forget the quote:
        “Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.”
        (The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935)

        1. A quibble. Stalin was not an ethnic Jew. He briefly won a power struggle with them when he banished Bronstein. However his right hand man was Lazar Kaganovich (a real motherfucker). Stalin is understood to have married Kaganovich’s sister or at least kept her as a mistress. His best buddy was also Armand Hammer, a Jewish Oil man who set up shop in California with Occidental Petroleum.
          The inner circle of Jewish advisors that Stalin kept around him probably were responsible for 2/3 of the crime attributed to Stalin. They also appear to have assassinated their Georgian Golem too. See “the doctor’s plot”.

        2. Stalin was not Jewish. The fact that you believe that bit of false history invalidates what you have to say.

        3. He did keep Jews as mistresses though. And as henchmen. When we look at the Stalinist/Trotskyite split we are invariably looking at the Jewish Bolshevik vs GeorgoPolijudeo Socialists.
          All of this ignores the role of Jews in subversion elsewhere in the 1920-30-40 era. Paul Eisner, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxemburg and many others agitating to massacre Europeans via equality. Then you have the Jewish administrators of the Weimar Republic. The prominent names speak volumes.

        4. You need a lesson in logic and a lesson in history.

          This one was married to Walter Ratenau’s sister the Judeo-German industrialist and architect of the Weimar Republic. One need not look at “American” capitalists to see the invisible nose behind these things.

          Zinoviev, Paul Levi…when you dig into the list you begin to realize the depths of the problem. The roots of revolutionary communism are quite obvious when you look at the persons involved in the leadership cadres.
          Maybe Stalin had their freaking number.

        6. Ever heard of Clara Zetkin (née Eissner) and Ossip Zetkin? They founded International Women’s Day. Both were Jewish and rabid communist-feminists. Cohencidence? I think not.

        7. You almost forgot the one place on earth where Yiddish was and still is the official national language:

          In 1934 the Soviet Government established the Jewish Autonomous Region, popularly known as Birobidzhan, in a sparsely populated area some five thousand miles east of Moscow. Designated as the national homeland of Soviet Jewry, Birobidzhan was part of the Kremlin’s effort to create an alternative to Palestine.
          The Jewish Autonomous Region still exists today. Drawing on photograph collections never seen outside Birobidzhan, this exhibit explores both the Kremlin’s efforts to create a socialist Jewish homeland and reasons for the failure of the Birobidzhan experiment. The story of the Soviet Zion sheds light on a host of important historical and contemporary issues regarding Jewish identity, community, and culture.
          — Stalin’s Forgotten Zion: Birobidzhan and the Making of a Soviet Jewish Homeland

          Now why would an ethnic Russian want to create a Soviet Jewish Homeland…hmmmmmmmm…

        8. The reason that the Soviets created Birobidzhan – a supposed “Jewish Homeland” in a shitty corner of Siberia – was to oppose Zionism. All of these strange conspiracy theories that try to blame Jews for the Soviet Union can’t explain how the Soviet Union was so anti-Zionist.

        9. Half of Diaspora Jews publicly claim to be critic of Israel. Oy De Sufferinks!

        10. SU was was anti-nationalist above all else, which is worlds different from being anti-Zionist. Contextually, Soviets opposed Zionists for preserving of bourgeois rights but they agreed on essentially everything else, namely a Jewish homeland; The Soviets in particular, desired one within a socialist framework.
          Lastly, you may consider Birobidzhan a ‘shitty corner of Siberia’ but by 1934, and within a brief period of time, upwards of ten thousand Jewish families moved had immigrated were grateful to the Soviets because they believed they had truly created a new Jewish homeland.
          I’ll assume you’re either Jewish, a complete idiot or both.
          Either way, you should be ashamed of yourself for cherry picking what very few points any idiot could find with a simple wikipedia search, while ignoring the vast majority of facts presented here because they can’t be reconciled with your narrow-minded, solipsistic world view.

        11. I see I touched a nerve with a question you could not answer. So I’ll ask it again.
          If the Soviet Union was a giant Jewish conspiracy, then why was it so anti-Zionist? Why did they break off diplomatic relations with Israel after the Six Day War? Why did they forbit Soviet Jews from immigrating to Israel – you know, those same Jews of which around 1% went to Birobidzan? Why was the Soviet Union the major source of anti-Zionist and antisemitic propaganda in the third world, up to and including sponsoring Mahmoud Abbas’ Holocaust denial PhD thesis?

        12. “The Bolshevik Revolution and some of its aftermath represented, from one perspective, Jewish revenge. During the heyday of the Cold War, American Jewish publicists spent a lot of time denying that—as 1930s anti-Semites claimed—Jews played a disproportionately important role in Soviet and world Communism.The truth is until the early 1950s Jews did play such a role, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. In time Jews will learn to take pride in the record of the Jewish Communists in the Soviet Union and elsewhere. It was a species of striking back.”—Dr. Norman F. Cantor [Jewish historian], The Jewish Experience, 1996.

          and you wish you had touched a nerve scumbag. Judging by your ‘violent Muslims’ comment [see above], your outrage towards perceived racism is very selective. Talk about chutzpah.
          I’ve already addressed your questions but I would be more than happy to address them again, in detail:

        13. If the Soviet Union was a giant Jewish conspiracy, then why was it so anti-Zionist?

          First and foremost, you’re implying that since the Soviet Union was anti-Zionist, it’s virtually impossible for Bolshevism to have been a jewish movement. As if anti-Zionist were synonymous with anti-Semitic? It’s a false dichotomy.
          Secondly, antisemitism was punishable by death.
          Further, Stalin put Jews in charge of some of his nastiest work, and then catered to popular sentiment by liquidating them. Soviet leaders insisted that Soviet anti-Zionism was not anti-Semitic. As proof, they pointed to the fact that several notable Zionologists were ethnic Jews representing an expert opinion.

        14. Why did they break off diplomatic relations with Israel after the Six Day War?

          Again, geopolitics and a conflict of ideologies. I could write an essay about this topic but more to the point, you’ll find my answer fully spelled out in a number of books on the topic, which I’m not inclined to retype into this little window.

        15. Why did they forbit Soviet Jews from immigrating to Israel – you know, those same Jews of which around 1% went to Birobidzan?

          It’s forbid (not ‘forbit’) and again, Soviets only opposed Zionists contextually. Politically, it was considered more desirable to create a Soviet Jewish homeland as an ideological alternative to Zionism.
          Birobidzhan was important for propaganda purposes as an argument against Zionism which was a rival ideology to Marxism.

        16. Why was the Soviet Union the major source of anti-Zionist and antisemitic propaganda in the third world, up to and including sponsoring Mahmoud Abbas’ Holocaust denial PhD thesis?

          Key word: propaganda
          By definition, the sole purpose of propaganda is to promote a specific political view point. Marxism and Zionism oppose each other ideologically. I don’t know how many times I have to say that. Vladimir Lenin stated:

          the primary supporters of Zionism belonged to the Jewish bourgeoisie or their puppets.

          Oh, and FYI, Vladimir Lenin was jewish. Facts aren’t anti-semitic.
          Perhaps you should try playing devil’s advocate from time to time. If not for your own edification, at least to test the quality of an argument. If you do nothing in your life, learn to stand outside and observe everything with your own eyes and not those of others.
          Now I have a few simple questions for you, although I doubt you’ll answer the:
          Who financed the Bolshevik Revolution?
          Who were the original Bolshevik party leaders?
          Who were the heads of the NKVD and Secret Police?
          How many of these men were jewish?

        17. P.S. You’re still a worthless Blue Pill chomping, Beta sack of shit. The last thing RoK needs is more pussy-fied poseur pretending to be Alpha. Stop taking the Red Pill like a dick you butt hurt faggot.

        18. Easy enough to answer. After ww2 the Soviet Union progressively became more and more a Russian entity. The Russian nationalism that the German invasion ignited could not be put back in the bottle by the Hosenoses. Additionally once Holy Israel was born in 1948~ the Jews didn’t need the Soviet Golem anymore. So it disintegrated into the current former Soviet Union.

        19. I see. So the Soviet Union was a giant Jewish conspiracy until all of a sudden it wasn’t, at which point it turned on a dime to become the source of most of the anti-Zionism in the world and a completely antisemitic regime at home. Yet in spite of this remarkable ethnopolitical 180 it still kept the entire communist apparatus that was put in place by the Jews in the same form. Ok.

        20. Lenin is Jewish now? Why not just claim that Mao was too?
          Lenin had Russian, Ukranian, Swedish, and German ancestry, and may have had some partial Jewish ancestry as well. That doesn’t make him Jewish anymore than it makes him Swedish.

        21. So Communism and Zionism are separate and opposed Jewish plots? Who knew. There are two independent and conflicting Jewish plots to enslave humanity? Which is the one you fear the most?

        22. You’re desperately grasping at straws. It’s actually pretty pathetic.

          Born in 1870, Lenin identified himself simply as Russian. His official biography mentions only his Russian, German and Swedish origins. But one of the exhibition’s priceless pieces adds a key new element to the official narrative.
          In a letter to Stalin in 1932 — six years after Lenin’s death — Anna Ulyanova, Lenin’s older sister, wrote that their maternal grandfather “came from a poor Jewish family and was, according to his baptismal certificate, the son of Moses Blank.” Blank was born in Zhitomir, Ukraine. In her letter, Ulyanova said her brother “had always thought highly of Jews.” She also urged Stalin to reveal Lenin’s Jewish background, concluding that “it would be wrong to hide it from the masses.”

          Did you forget about my questions?
          Who financed the Bolshevik Revolution?
          Who were the original Bolshevik party leaders?
          Who were the heads of the NKVD and Secret Police?
          How many of these men were jewish?

        23. You’re obviously jewish, that much is clear. What I can’t seem to figure out whether you’re a liar or just plain or dim-witted.
          Either way, Communism is a system of social organization. Zionism, by definition, is a nationalist movement with the expressed goal of creating and supporting a Jewish national state in Palestine.
          An ideology can be used to further a plot but an ideology is not a plot.
          Does that make sense? Say “Thank you sir.”

        24. Well yes. When you look at the Trotskyite/Stalinist split in the western communist parties you see a pretty clear Jewish/white split that confirms my point. Post Stalin USSR was vastly more Russified. That’s exactly when the west actually decided to fight and subvert them and get the Union dissolved. The golem had gotten out of their control.

        25. His cannot quite see or notice the overwhelming influence of Jews in the revolutionary movements of Commmunism before ww1 up until the 1950-60 era.
          One interesting anecdote: the Hungarian uprising, in the 1950s was largely a nationalistic reaction against the cosmopolitan Judeo-communist personnel who seized power in post ww2 Hungary.
          Eisenhower did nothing as the Soviet military slaughtered nationalists in Hungary. Who pulled those strings?

        26. All his associates appear to have been though. His kitchen cabinet was exclusively tribal. Pure Cohencidence. I might add that Lenin was by no means the most powerful communist before 1917. Rosa Luxemberg, Clara Zetkin, Paul Levi, Paul Eisner, Bela Kun and others were much more influential. Not to mention Trotsky and Kark Kautsky. That these Jewish cats were out manouvred or assassinated can’t be used to mask their leading roles. Then one needs to recognize that very few leading communists were ethnic Russians. Until they were forced to conform. Let’s take a look at the anti Semitic post 1950 USSR and how it treated the racist fascist Hungarians.
          To run his Hungarian satrapy, Stalin picked one Matyas Rakosi (born “Roth”), described by Irving as an “ugly Jewish dwarf”who had “the tact of a Kosher butcher.” The author not one to fear an awkward truth, discovered that the Communist regime and its terror machinery was viewed by the Hungarian people — and, it turns out, the U.S. State Department — as being almost entirely in the hands of Jews. A “Jewish Quartet” ruled the country: Rakosi, Ernest Gero (born “Ernst Singer”), Michael Farkas (“Wolf”) the defense minister, and Joseph Revai, minister of propaganda. The AVH, dreaded Hungarian equivalent of the NKVD, was headed by a creature who went under the name of Gabor Peter, but had been born as “Benjamin Auschpitz.” Peter (sic) staffed the AVH with fellow Jews. that “The regime’s high Jewish profile caused deep resentment.” He cites the work of an American sociologist, Jay Schulman, who interviewed many Hungarian refugees after the events of 1956 and found that “the Communist leaders were perceived as Jews by almost 100 percent of the people we have seen.”

        27. Sponsoring the Arab militaries doesn’t make you anti Zionist. If it did Boeing, BAE and Siemens, USG, Raytheon, Dassault, FN, Bofors would be just as guilty as any USSR state enterprise. Biz is a cock sucker pussy.

        28. Juga does not mean jew, but I have heard it may be the word for “steel” in some rural Georgian or Ossetian dialect.

      4. In roughly three sentences, you’ve revealed that you haven’t absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Do you lie deliberately or are you just ignorant?

      5. Almost ʼalʻ dy wwyktyq qʼámmwnysẕ zʻnʻn yyidyş! Pardon my poor grasp of Yiddish.

    2. ” . . . the Commie “revolution” was financed and maintained for a long time by western capitalists. . .”
      Ford built the factory that built the trucks that drove the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

  4. There was an article I read somewhere, that said EU was considering a ban on anti feminist speech. On college campuses in America, it is already risky to say even constructive criticism about feminism. If you are questioned about your opinion on women’s issues, you must tread VERY lightly, or you could be kicked out.

    1. Same thing is true for universities in western europe. Don’t question the “women are disadvantaged” narrative if you want to get ahead in the academic or corporate community. Or government. In fact, any red pill wisdom is frowned upon and a recipe for social ostracism.

      1. Here’s the trick:
        1. Have them flooded with a bunch of “Borats” who will claim disrespecting women is part of their culture and religion and that refusing to allow them to practice these “sacred rites” is tantamount to blatant proof of racism and xenophobia on the part of the allegedly “modern, tolerant, humanitarian, and above all MULTICULTURAL” EU members and grounds for filing a massive class-action against them before the European Human Rights Court.
        2. Get some popcorn, lay back, and watch with glee as the sparks fly while the libtard uni administrators attempt to wrap their heads around that catch-22.
        Burn them at their own game boys, I tells ya. How long before we import this “solution” to the U.S. would you venture to guess?

        1. ‘Borats’? I’ve often wondered how much easier things would be for a man if he had some religious mob or cult to fall back on. Even a mainstream mega assembly, the anti male powers would have to face off with the entire support structure of the group. Though I prefer outside the dogma of any church where my mind can soar. Speaking and acting alone armed with common sense I still get shot down from time to time. Funny thing, get into an arguement with feminist street protesters and it seems they keep a kamikazi nut in their group who’s ready to lunge at you if your arguement is the clencher. They then deny responsibility for the nut nor are they held liable. Like the nut that shot Andy Warhol. Today there are countless more of this ilk on our campuses. The most unimpeded times for me were back when I hung out with a group of like minded bad boys. With the group I even street preached red pill truths to a beat cop a time or two, and chicks gravitated, feminazis ran, and their token kamikazi was unseen or crawled into a shithole somewhere.

        2. One of the appeals of Islam. And liberals MUST respect it, not least because conservatives see how dangerous it can be.

        3. Not Conservatives. Only the Liberals Mugged by Reality that fancy doing conservative impersonations these days. Genuine, by today’s standards, conservatives like America’s founders, devoted a more appropriate amount of energy to concerning themselves with the religious practices of others.

        4. Everybody should be concerned with religious practices that include killing everybody who doesn’t convert or become a slave.

        5. If someone did something like that 450 years ago we should be upset and vengeful today, and expect them to do it any time even if they haven’t since?

        6. Actually they did it less than 150 years ago but I said nothing about being vengeful. Point is, throughout their history, Christians have committed unspeakable crimes, right up to present day. Any religion like that is one to be concerned about.

        7. I’m concerned with the ones doing it right now. If you want to be angry at people all of whom died at least decades ago you are wasting your energy.
          As for any religion “like that”, any religion can be like that.
          I understand you’re the product of an educational and media system aimed at making you hate your own cultural context. Snap out of it and deal with the today you’re supposed to be distracted from.

        8. Stop making silly assumptions. Focus on what I say and not what you would like me to think.
          You are not concerned with the “ones” or the individuals concerned. You are concerned with making gross general comments about a religion practiced by about a quarter of the world. Islam has no religious practice supporting slavery any more or less than Christianity. They are virtually the same religion. Essentially, at your core its not about religion but about race. Committing a crime is about the individual, his religion is secondary.

      2. Hell, that’s just as true for most universities here in the good ol USA as well. I’m a junior at a Big 10 school and based on the two years that I’ve spent here, the whole atmosphere from the professors to the majority of the thousands of students is completely liberal. Girls falsely accusing guys they hooked up with of “sexual assault”. Getting chewed out in sociology “open” discussions because you actually dared to express a viewpoint that didn’t fit in the radical left agenda. The whole “Slutwalk” movement (just lol).. I could go on and on about all the shit, I’ve seen it all.
        I guess the only positive outlook of this is that the majority of the male students are typical betas. So keeping the red pill alive has allowed a few good friends and I to definitely have the time of our lives here in terms of hooking up with girls.
        A good quote I read about this topic: “Today when college liberals invoke a need for greater tolerance, they mean the opposite: They want perspectives that offend them to be silenced.”

        1. As someone who is going back to college this fall, i appreciate the comment. At Orientation, I already met a cool dude who wasnt PC or liberal at all. We made fun of the mandatory “PC” presentation and whatnot. Will keep him as a close friend and will try to find others…only way to stay sane in a college filled with lib retards.

        2. There you go bro. Personally I just focus on only three things while I’m here: getting good grades, working out, and having a good time/partying/hooking up with girls. Try to hang out with guys that for the most part share these goals and just enjoy the overall college experience without worrying about all that other BS too much. It’ll be over before you know it.

      3. I have a major hate for academics.. Coming from being an academic. They are 100% liberal and will ostracize you for pointing out reality.
        They are not open to debate when it comes to politics or social issues.
        One thing that really pisses me off is when my professor talks about blue collar workers as though they’re stupid. I come from a tradition of handy men and to hear him speak like that made me realize that this mangina has never done an actual days work in his life.
        You can’t make it in academia as a MAN unless you master technical skills that no one else can do. That’s your only angle. If u win the social game your professor can ruin ur career as he has absolute control over his students and their connections. Cl

        1. There are quite a few radical right profs in academia. It’s just that they keep quiet. There are a few things they can counteract but generally they are there. The faculty at places like Oxford and Cambridge are often fascistic.

    2. Agree. But I (and I’m finding out that many others) am becoming tired of watching what I say regarding everything being so sanitized and PC. If I have an opinion (or disagree), then I simply state it and remind everyone about freedom of speech. We don’t have to agree on feminism but it’s my right (as an American) the last time I checked.

    3. I think the word “ban” should be banned. We should also ban people who say things should be banned. Labour camps for people who want to ban things? Or a colony, perhaps in Australia, where people can ban whatever they like to their hearts content.

    1. Look up the proposed Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014. It would task a “National Telecommunications and Information Administration with filing reports on Internet, radio and television content that seeks to advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate.”
      It seeks to punish “hateful activity on the Internet that occurs outside of the zone of First Amendment protection,” according to the bill’s chief sponsor, Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY.)
      Just one of the many ways the First Amendment is being eroded. It can’t happen here? Or is it already happening here?

      1. So? It’s not like that is the first, nor will it be the last time some dumbass tries to propose something to curtail free speech.
        Why is it that only people like Larry Flint and Fred Phelps go out of their way to defend free speech? Take these people to task. The price of freedom is eternal vigilence.

        1. Vigilance didn’t stop the Patriot Act and NDAA from being passed, negating several Bill of Rights protections.

      2. Hakeem Jeffries sounds like a moozlim . Favorite tactic of the muslims ie warfare via lawsuits ie LAWfare.

        1. Hakeem Jeffries was endorsed hard by d’jooz. His opponent in his predominantly black and hasidic congressional district was a vehement black anti-zionist.

    2. Again…I know it’s hard for many Americans to believe but we’ve had it in this country before and it can happen again. McCarthy did a great job of either smearing you or you were blacklisted if you did not follow the national narrative (or followed what he deemed to be communism).

      1. McCarthy was mostly spot on. He tangled with extremely powerful double agents IMHO and was a bit too keen to emulate Nixon’s brilliant take down of Alger Hiss. He could have applied the breaks a few times and he’d have been President or cabinet material.

        1. I agree at times he was successful with a few. But, he also created an environment of fear (like the Soviet Union). Many innocent people were blacklisted by big Hollywood studios (or other) just because they were ‘suspected’ or on the list (the real point to my comment). We can’t trade our security and replace it with this type of toxic environment (former USSR) out of fear.

        2. It was nothing like the Soviet Union. Although Roy Cohn was a fairy. The HUA committee started to look at the Armed Forces and that was that. No one gets to audit that Leviathan.

        3. Good conversation and we’ll have to disagree on the point regarding the Soviet Union. I do believe that McCarthy did create fear by simply calling out Americans (and in turn, some innocent Americans lost their jobs, careers, etc….thus losing their lives altogether). Many were blacklisted just for being called on to testify or even if their name was mentioned consorting with others.

        4. Oh, yes, that horrible “blacklist.” A few screenwriters had to write plays for a couple of years instead, or work under pseudonyms. How dreadful.
          Meanwhile, the Communists were working their critics to death in uranium mines in Siberia. Totally the same thing.
          You idiot.

        5. It’s your opinion and you are entitled to it.
          The name calling? Now, let’s not get emotional here. That’s for women.

  5. All of the SOPA/PIPA and other such bullshit is internet censorship in utero.
    And it just so happens to coincide with surplus unused tanks being shipped in from our Middle Eastern theaters of war to roll down Main Street.
    I wonder if those tanks were ordered with the knowledge that they would go unused for their initial purported purpose, so that their use stateside could be written off as an ad-hoc response, trying to be thrifty about the whole thing. “Oh well, looks like we don’t need these after all, but they’re already built, bought and paid for, can’t just waste em’…I KNOW! Let’s just ship them home and modify them for urban police use!” *wink*
    I can see it now…meeting a stranger in a dark alleyway…he hands me a USB stick…I take it home, and contained within are latest works of Roosh, Heartiste, Quintus Curtius, Rollo Tomassi, Athlone McGinnis, and other pillars of a nefarious network of sexist, misogynist terrorists once called the “Manosphere”. They used to post their subversive, disgusting content online, droning on and on about how women should actually be held to certain standards of decency and that men are actually NOT the raging, raping, pillaging, oppressive monsters that the Ministry of Gender Relations teaches us they are.
    Fuck this Earth.

    1. You forgot to mention that in your dystopian future “firemen” with flamethrower hoses would be swiftly dispatched to your pad so as to burn your NSA-bugged PC (the only ones available at that point) along with the forbidden USB stick you just brought back, followed by “ambulance attendants” who take you away to the “hospital” where you receive “treatment” in the form of “political reassignment surgery” from which you finally emerge a smiling, dumbfounded, gentle and happily obedient androgynous cog in the collective femcentric machine.
      Better prepare your cyanide pill now. There is still time.

      1. And ten years ago Feds monitoring on your cellphone remotely, facial recognition software, and keyword monitoring was the domain of tinfoil hats.
        I know that walking and breathing at the same time must require enormous concentration, but it’s worth it.

  6. Anyone interested in real ‘Samizdat’ I suggest reading Jüri Lina’s ‘Under the Sign of the Scorpion’
    You can read it online for free here or download the pdf for free here
    I found this book to be absolutely invaluable to my understanding of what happened in Russia and is recommended reading to any Red Pill man interested in the truth about Soviet Communism.

  7. Glad to see you finally write your own article @Relampago_2013! I’ve enjoyed your article comments in the last months, and look forward to more of your writing.

  8. It’s just a matter of time before somebody political leans on Bezos and we lose Amazon as a publisher, before somebody at Googlefackebook tries to disappear us from search.

  9. Not that I’m disagreeing with you over the way society is moving, but it is worth bearing in mind that America also persecuted those with ideas that deviate from the mainstream during the cold war. Look no further than McCarthyism. It is the unfortunate nature of most societies to persecute those whom they disagree with.
    However, it tends to occur perhaps to a greater degree in societies where there is a greater existential fear of the other, whether justified or not. It is perhaps this rapid hatred/fear of the other that belies the inherent insecurities of the ideologue. Or perhaps it is simply a convenient way uniting the people by creating a common enemy for them. Or some combination of the two.

    1. You should probably look more closely into the history of McCarthyism. Several people were involved directly with both espionage and being agent provocateurs.
      Hell, the failure of McCarthyism is one of the biggest reasons we are in this fix.

      1. So he was right in a few cases, so what? Does that justify trying to run a police state? The term ‘communist’ was applied to almost anyone that disagreed with the party line.
        That isn’t freedom buddy, it’s closer to fascism.

        1. Like I said, you need to reexamine your history of the Era. McCarthyism was painted with a savage brush by the liberal Media because they never forgive their enemies. “The Majestic” was a load of shit from beginning to end.

        2. Look a bit closer here, Jios, and you’ll find that lots of ROK readers are closet Fascists, or indeed out of the closet. Nazi apologists, racists of all stripes, and plain old trailer trash.
          I posit that they are really the marginalized losers in our society, desperate to be successful alphas, but nowhere near it. So they blame anyone they can fling shit at, women and Jews in particular, all other brown people and liberals in general. It’s quite sad, but quite illuminating.

        3. Richard Nixon was anti-semetic. And he should know he had access to every intel file available. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with fascism either. The people who howl about fascism tend to be Jewish or Jewish dupes. Show me a great European and 80% of them will have muttered something about the tribe or outright expelled them. Voltaire, Degas, Napoleon, Edward I (every King of England til Charles I) Ben Franklin, Ulysess S Grant, Martin Luther, Petain, Franco, Ferdinand & Isabella, Saint Louis, Cicero, Pompy…the sheer volume and pedigree of the list would in fact make a sane man examine the idea of anti semitism afresh. You could even add in modern victims like Gary Oldman and Mel Gibson to that list.

        4. Look a bit closer at the prominent communists…

          Like Rakosi and you see the reason for the suspicions that “trailer trash”, “Rednecks”, “Fascists” and other assorted white people justifiably maintain about the insectionality of Judaism and Communism (feminism, anti racism and gender equality) and claims to create equality.

  10. I recall when RoK unleashed one of their more unpopular campaigns (fat shaming week?) some woman tweeted that their collective shrieking wouldn’t work because RoK wasn’t owned by some corporate media outlet. =)

  11. Excellent article, Rel. People who lived during the time of the USSR (Soviets) know this playbook all too well. There are many similarities here today in the USA and what I remember of the last two decades of the Soviet Union.

  12. Facebook has already enacted Hate speech censorship. They are adopting the UKKR standards of ‘any speech that attempts to discredit feminism’ as their definition.

  13. Feminism is completely dependent on handouts from the welfare state. All the welfare states are going broke. When feminists have to produce what they consume they will be screaming for a return to patriarchy. The real question is will men want to go back to be traditional providers?

  14. This is what I admire about America. The freedom and courage to speak your piece and to have different viewpoints that counter the mainstream way of thinking. Here in Singapore, you really do have the police who will come knocking on your door if you write a blog post or say anything in public that dares to question the ruling party. At the least, you will get sued by the Prime Minister for defamation and be ruthlessly crushed into bankruptcy.

  15. If TPTB wanted to protect feminism they would start with banning of pornography. But they don’t touch it at all.
    The manosphere does not threaten the status quo. In fact it unites the feminists ranks.

    1. Maybe you have a point. We serve a purpose as being an “enemy” to the anti-masculinity, feminist diatribe. And having an “enemy” unites others, legitimate cause or not.
      They can look to us and say (as is done already): “Just look at this misogyny! This is why we need feminism!

    2. Power threatens the status quo. As we grow, so does the money. When both stand up against those who oppress men, then shit will start going down.
      Most men and women want to live lives normally, and the feminist ranks do not provide them with that.

  16. Very good piece. I don’t know that we’ll see outright bans anytime soon, but we’re already seeing the “feminine imperative” appropriate manosphere ideas and regurgitate them in a way that serves women. Rollo Tomassi has written about this. Outright bans can be counterproductive and are thankfully illegal in most cases of speech. Subtly infiltrating the community, sowing seeds of dissent and nudging the message off course is what’s likely to start happening more. The NKVD was notorious for infiltrating resistance groups and scrambling the works over a period of time, well before they broke it up.

  17. “Here it is. You suppose me wealthy, and I am not so; as soon as what there is now in my purse is spent I shall have nothing left. You may fancy that I was born a patrician, but my social condition is really inferior to your own. I have no lucrative talents, no profession, nothing to give me the assurance that I am able to earn my living. I have neither relatives nor friends, nor claims upon anyone, and I have no serious plan or purpose before me. All I possess is youth, health, courage, some intelligence, honour, honesty, and some tincture of letters. My greatest treasure consists in being my own master, perfectly independent, and not afraid of misfortune. With all that, I am naturally inclined to extravagance.” Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

  18. The way things are going I fully expect that in 5 years from now, we’ll all be in prison for being members of the manosphere

  19. Good morning good morning good morning! Nice of you guys to drop by! Right, now I was going somewhere with this…. oh yeah!!! Word is spreading of real manosphere meetings, and the good thing is, its not by text, phone, paper, or internet. Word of mouth only! Because only a true red-pill alpha genius will remember specific instructions a la 007. In every major city in the US, we will take back our earthen right as leaders, then branching out into anywhere else that is infected, namely the UK. Although, as an American who is traveling in a vacation area where lots of Britons are, I will say that the white brits are really fucked up. Maybe on par or worse than the boys back home.
    Keep an EAR out fellas, the imperial Femtroopers can’t possibly follow the mental maps and algorithms that the genius of man can contain, and it is from within that we will beat them, sheer fucking genius. Stack will post an article very soon on this differentiable trait. Until then, God Bless, or, if you’re an atheist, do as thou will.

  20. Sadly for the powers that be, they will not be able to restrain free speech, given the flattening of informational hierarchies by the Internet and similar technologies.

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