6 Reasons Why Jersey Shore Was Good For American Culture

Was Jersey Shore really that bad? Sure there were some douche bag moments, too many faked binge drinking events, and a graphic tee outburst, but the positives must also be accounted for. Here are a few great benefits that emerged from The Jersey Shore:

1. Fitness. Thanks to the Jersey Shore the idea of GTL came into the main stream. As lame as it sounds it’s a pretty good philosophy, especially starting with the G. While they focused on working out to get ladies, the overall benefit to lifting is greatly beneficial to the health of society.

2. Style Improvement. While some would deem their attire as repulsive and low class, if you initially grew up in a small town like myself, their style was a huge improvement. They even wore a different outfit every night instead of recycling the same three t-shirts every week.

3. Dance Moves for White People. If you’re anything like me, you can’t dance to save your life. Thanks to Jersey Shore there was the fist pump which for the first time since disco allowed us all to have a go to move that was acceptable. Like disco this died just as quick, but hey it was worth it while it lasted.

4. Game Tips From Your Own Living Room: Usually when you’re trying to learn about game you have to read some books, go out in public, get rejected, and watch other men swoop in on the chicks you desire. Thanks to Jersey Shore, you could learn a significant amount without ever leaving your parents’ basement. I’m not saying it was the best game to watch, and actually the bad game probably helped you out the most. But the fact still remain: true game was represented in its entirety, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the grenade.

5. Fun Phrases, Code Word’s and Moves: Who didn’t enjoy calling an ugly girl a “grenade” or a “landmine”? It was just plain old good fun. It was also always a good time to tell your friends you “have a situation” for a potential group of girls. And lastly who could forget the spin move, helping attractive men dodge cock-blocking females everywhere.

6. Wingman: This last but not least point is probably the best exposure from the show. It helped many people realize what the pros already knew, that if you have a good wingman, you’ll get more women. Sure it exposed our strategy to women, but who are we kidding to think they didn’t already know we used it? At least with the help of the show men could learn how to be a bad wingman, like Situation, or how to be a good wingman, like Vinny.

In the end, as stupid and pointless as the show was, it brought out many good points, especially when it comes to improving your game. And I think a lot of sorry fellows are better with women because of it.

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17 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Jersey Shore Was Good For American Culture”

  1. The incredible popularity of Jersey Shore and the Kardashian says something about your society. I am not sure exactly what it is, but it has to be something scary and depressing.
    Jersey Shore has funny parts, but its main value to the viewer might be in seeing what you shouldn’t be doing and how you shouldn’t be acting.
    As far as game goes – what works on and with low self-esteem Italian ghetto girls in Jersey Shore is probably not going to work in just about any other area of the country (or the world).

  2. While GTL sounds cheesy, it works wonders.
    I used to be a pretty ugly and nerdy looking guy, until I started hitting the weights, got a tan, and bought some nice threads.
    Nowadays (if I may say so myself) I’m a pretty good looking guy.
    The standards for being an attractive guy are so low, that with minimal effort almost every dude can achieve them.
    I can honestly say that without J-Shore, I would have never thought to do these things.

  3. “from a game point of view, yes
    for our civilization, no.”
    I agree.
    I wish these game bloggers would think a bit more about *their* contribution to the decline of monogamous marriage, instead of just blaming feminism. Statistics show that children born of stable marriages do better across a wide variety of life outcomes (e.g. less crime, etc.) than those born of single parents. Charles Murray has proposed trying to shore up the conservative values that were prevalent pre-1960s. To a large degree, game seems like it just throws more fuel on the fire. Yes, hypergamous instincts may be built in to women to begin with, but game brings them out.

      1. There has to be a point where you stand for your principles dammit, you’re letting society shape YOU.

  4. Do you guys realize how much pussy that show got me??? besides having women coming up to me and calling me “the situation” throughout the whole summer of 2009, I also met Vinny at a book signing and used to show chicks the picture on my cell phone…
    Jersey shore was the greatest show for me ever…..Made a lot of people decide to get off their asses and start looking better…

  5. “Fitness” consists of anabolic steroids for these dudes. Get real. If you want to dedicate your life to being an entirely superficial dipshit acting like a 21-year-old while in your 30s then, yeah, have at the Jersey Shore lifestyle

    1. “Fitness consists of anabolic steroids for these dudes. Get real. If you want to dedicate your life to being an entirely superficial dipshit acting like a 21-year-old while in your 30s then, yeah, have at the Jersey Shore lifestyle”
      Agreed. Lifting weights and excercize is good, but I go for a certain amount of tonality and would never want to be an overly bloated meat head who is so overly built up that he doesn’t have a neck.
      The skags in that show, low brow trailer hitch, are haggis ugly cougars and you just know that an incurable STD comes with each time you fuck them.
      No thanks.

  6. I guess the guys were decent enough looking on that show, but the females I found to be unattractive. And nobody was what I would call “hot”.

  7. I think the show kind of reflects a trend we are seeing a bit of in the Anglosphere, that is better looking men than women. More and more guys are hitting the gym, while the amount of women putting in the same effort is much smaller and you can pretty much see that in most gyms throughout the world. Most of the guys on the show had reasonable physiques, nothing that out of the ordinary, probably one or two may have been juiced or used pro hormones, for the most part the others look fairly natural, albeit creatine and supps. It would be good to see other shows which indirectly promote the gym lifestyle in this way.

  8. @ Mikael You’ve done the impossible and found some value in that fucking show. World peace and an end to hunger next, please?

    1. Thank you. And for the record I didn’t say these guys were the cream of the crop, but there was a fair amount to be learned, especially in the “what not to do department.”

  9. I have lived by the GTL code of conduct now for 5 years.
    It changed my life in very positive ways & has brought me happiness

  10. I thought this show was cool. OK, It featured douchey behaviour but there was a real sense of solidarity between the guys featured. Ironic humour is not something many Americans do well at. Mike calling himself “The Situation” was supposed to be funny not a sypmtom of western society collapsing. My favourite was Pauly D – a complete douchebag but a really cool guy underneath it all. Even he understood how ridiculous he looked at times.

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