25 More Reasons You Should Visit Ukraine























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41 thoughts on “25 More Reasons You Should Visit Ukraine”

  1. Although quite beautiful, rest assuredly they are gold digging parasites. One must not delude himself. I have several American friends who live in Kiev and all I can say is don´t bother.

      1. Sorry, but that response is weak. Thats is like saying that I should be a man and go to Denmark and meet women and have my own experiences and decide then, when there is a valuable resource already written by yourself (Don´t Bang Denmark) which is good enough for me to decide NOT to go there.
        My friends in Kiev are like you Roosh. Just as I trust your thoughts, I too trust their opinions.
        I do not mean to Spam, but you aslo have links to these websites. Here is a jumping point for your readers:
        Con The Conner:
        Beautiful Girls Just Waiting For You Get Real:

        1. Hello to everybody! Hello from Serbia! I see that we have very interesting topic here and I would like to share with you my experience from this small and very beautiful country, and I will be short.
          I was to Lviv 2011 with my friends and those were 10 very interesting and hot days. We met so many girls there and I can say that they are very relax and communicative people. Country is poor but it doesn’t matter whan you have good friends and good girls with you. My advice for you is be relax, don’t push girls so much and they will be see your intentions. (:
          For 10 days I was with 4 girls and its enough to understand and predict your future there..
          This summer I planing to visit Ukraine and probably Russia. If someone of you has a similar planes, we can go together and you will see what this boy tallk about.
          P.S Also, if you are planing to visit Serbia, say me and be a prepare for amazing party in your life!

  2. There was a time when American women use to look like this. What the hell happened?
    #23 is a goddess. I’d drink her bath water.

  3. Cmon Roosh – don’t do this. Don’t lose credibility. I am a big fan, but I have to sound the alarm:
    Number 9 is an American, in fact she is an American non nude “adult” model called Bashful Brittany. You can find the full album of the pic you used here to verify: http://www.cheekyshare.com/index.cfm?do=album.view&ownerId=185&albumId=1614
    I can’t imagine that you would deliberately try to doop your readers so I can only assume that you got these off a Ukraine dating site that used fake profiles.
    Keep up the good work nonetheless!

      1. The more you can manufacture hype about Ukrainian women, the more books you theoretically sell. You do have a motive in posting fake pictures.

  4. I also like how these girls have a thin-yet-healthy look to them. Not the “I’m thin because I starve myself” look that most American women have.

  5. Roosh’s conquests in Ukraine or just a random assortment of hot Ukrainian chicks? I’m hoping the former.

    1. They’re pictures taken off other places online. You can search for them on Google Images.

  6. Interesting to look at these pictures after seeing your earlier post on the decline of American women. Although some of the slutty fashion sensibilities have taken hold, I’ll bet even the more provocatively dressed girls are far more feminine than their American counterparts.
    From what I’ve seen in Northern California, femininity has been confused with sexuality. Women will dress provocatively, but they behave more and more like men, playing drinking games, acting loud and competitive, swearing and being confrontational. This type of behavior is rare and repulsive in Poland.
    Another factor that can’t be ignored is weight. A substantial proportion of American women have rendered themselves invisible by being fat, making competition for the remaining thin (not necessarily pretty) women more intense. I think there’s also a genetic component at work. I’ve gotten used to seeing many pretty women in Poland. There simply isn’t as high a proportion of attractive women in California, thus there are more men chasing after a smaller number of attractive women.
    Every guy who lives in or near an urban center in the West owes it to himself to visit Eastern Europe and/or Russia. These women will open your eyes to how much better your options are elsewhere. None of the American women I’ve met are worth investing in and the ones that are are being constantly barraged by a culture that blunts her femininity while encouraging her to be a slut.

  7. I`d band the begeezuz out of #23!
    Come to think of it – #14 as well! 🙂
    Stunning women thats for sure.

  8. Number 3 is NOT Ukrainian, just some girl in a tight dress that’s all over the internet.
    Number 9 is a softcore pornstar known as “Bashful Brittany”.
    Other than that, these girls are indeed what you can EASILY find walking around in Kiev and Kharkov. Cold approaches work fine.

  9. Carl
    January 9, 2013 at 9:19 am
    Although quite beautiful, rest assuredly they are gold digging parasites. One must not delude himself. I have several American friends who live in Kiev and all I can say is don´t bother.
    What a lame person you must be. I know its mean to say that, but come on. If you have never been to the Ukraine how do you know they are ALL Parasites? I haven’t been to Ukraine, but I’ve lived in Eastern Europe and met a lot of great Ukrainian girls. They are just women! Different environment, so, when you handle them you have to take into account not to be an idiot with your money, choose carefully, etc, just like here in the states. In Eastern Europe, Central Europe, there ARE way better women than in the states who also TREAT YOU TEN TIMES BETTER. But yea, they still make their own choices, so, maybe your friends are bitter guys with no game, kinda like how I am when I’m in the states.
    This is a prime example though of why (I hate feminists more than anything so bear with me…) I think feminists are partly onto something when they say manosphere guy’s hate women. I love women. I don’t like how America’s women suck, that’s why I read the manosphere. Do you read the manosphere just to rag on ALL women??? You know women, maybe not in the US, can go through tough periods too. Loss in family, lose a job, etc. Their fucking people. What do you expect Ukrainian girls to worship you because you speak English? Even beautiful women can get fucked over in life. I think you need to realize that your anger isn’t going to solve anything. Relax, enjoy some good whiskey and go get yourself a girl that fits you. That’s what the manosphere SHOULD be about. Getting guys happy in situations they want to be in whether its a monogamous relationship, a player lifestyle, or whatever. It shouldn’t be about just bitching about girls even though its justified it should be in context instead of just saying ALL UKRAINIAN GIRLS ARE PARASITES. Instead you could say watch out for the gold diggers, I heard there’s quite a few over there. Otherwise you just sound like a whiny feminist saying ALL MEN ARE BAD RAPISTS.

    1. So you attack that guy for making a blanket statement about Ukrainian women, and then go on to make a blanket statement about American women.

  10. @ carl
    if you havent been there, you shouldn’t judge. how are they any different from american women? they crave status, power, and the biggest indicator of that: money. what other options do they have? either they get lucky and score a rich guy or life a brutal and terrible life in one of the poorest countries of europe, where they can expect their government to ignore and steal from them, and even a phd in engineering will give you the fantastic salary of $500 a month. if they are lucky.
    most of the women i met in russia were some of the most honest, genuine, AND attractive women i ahve ever met in my life. they actually behave like women instead of beer guzzling aggressive he-women that swear like sailors. if your friends can’t score there, it can be for a variety of reasons. they probably only go to shitty clubs, can’t speak the language, and are seen as typical american jackasses thinking they can get laid just by the fact that they are english speaking western princes from america. not gonna happen. you still need to have game in ukraine and russia, just like anywhere else. being an ignorant tourist and stepping off of a plane and expecting the women to fall at your feet is a delusion that hurts only yourself and your prospects. they are still human beings and not sex toys, go find a prostitute if thats what you want.
    and roosh, if you have the phone number of #24, i would be forever in your debt

  11. In Ukraine there are good girls and gold-diggers as well. Bad news for you guys is we know how to differenciate them, but you don’t. Same way as you know how to differenciate western girls,but we don’t. So you highly probably will get gold-digger there.
    Btw, gov’t and corporations lie to you about cholesterol. The most famous Ukrainian dish is “salo” which is actually pork fat. They eat it a lot, and it is cholesteroooool, but they are healthful. I advice to try it when you visit Ukraine, it’s tasty.

  12. i laugh at “men” like Carl..talking shit about things they cannot possibly know and crediting his “friends” for the advice.
    i am a 56 yr old american, i have been coming to Ukraine since 2003..i married a Ukrainian woman who is now 29..she could be one of these women in these photos. i am treated like a real man, she cooks, she cleans, she will look out for me and my health. She tolerated other women. she does NOT care about money. i am not rich but i am not poor.
    SOME of the women it is all about money, but most are not..a good woman over here just cares that you are stable and can provide like any man should.
    “men” like Carl should STFU about things they cannot possibly know and credit others for their “knowledge”.
    your buddies are meeting the wrong women, if what you say you are relaying is true

  13. one more thing..if #9 is actually a softcore pornstar known as “Bashful Brittany”., then she is either in Europe, notice the door “knobs”…or she is in an american room with very unusual door knobs..i have yet to see door handles like these in the USA

  14. strikes me as odd that the date stamp would be blurred on number 8. why go to the trouble of that unless there is some reason to hide it.

  15. Too many comments, not much experience displayed.
    I’m a retired player of the extreme dating game (for those that don’t know it, it’s when you create obstacles to yourself to get the girl or try to get girls in highly adverse conditions)
    Central and Eastern Europe became my specialty. Cultural differences must be understood to get what you are looking for, but a couple of notes can be mentioned:
    – Sex tourists will be highly exposed to gold diggers, since they have their days counted in the country. That’s where many of the misconceptions about Slavic women come from.
    – To get your game in Ukraine you have to play by their rules. The foreigner effect is long gone BUT a foreigner that plays the local rules is highly appreciated.
    – No language skills? Forget it, get some hookers and have fun in your hotel room. To get the REAL good stuff, you have to be able to know what she is saying to you…. and others
    – Getting a drunk girl on a nightclub is a universal thing nowadays….don’t go to Ukraine to do that! Go to Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia and you will get all those Slavic girls in a much more relaxed and open environment. (and it will be cheaper)
    – If you like a challenge, forget about Ukraine and try Belarus. That’s the hidden treasure of Europe.

  16. I am better looking than 75% of these girls t least, at the same level with the other 25% or even better looking.
    Most of these girls are just 7, 8 I guess I must be a 8 or 9 then.

    1. you are probably an 8 then.
      the best looking girls here are 8, if you are at the same level with them you are 8.

  17. You sure #20 isn’t your average run of the mill Americunt attention whore?

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