How To Know If You Should Do Something For A Woman

As the host of the Beige Phillip Show, learned pimp sage Dante Nero continues the work of Patrice O’Neal in his podcast, helping men to GYBB (“get your balls back”) in dating, game, and relationships. Dante drops pearls of game wisdom such as “Everybody gets got,” “All bitches are crazy” and “Always put yourself first” during this weekly one-hour program on self-development from an intellectual and socio-sexual perspective. Dante himself has slept with over 1000 women and has the wisdom to show for it. This man knows the hustle.

I was working my way through the show’s back catalog recently, and was struck by how game knowledge in the manosphere and Dante’s wisdom have virtually converged on a particular set of best practices. For example, a listener wrote in to ask this question: “Should I go to church with a chick to get in her pants?”

When I heard this question I immediately blurted out a particular phrase at my computer, and in true Beige/Black Phillip fashion, Dante knocked it out of the park. His advice boiled down to one principle that you cannot forget in your quest to control your frame with women:

 “Only if you want to.”

Sure, go to the church with the girl, but only if it’s something you want to do independently of her request.The reasons for this are twofold. First, subjugating your wants and needs for anyone else makes you a weak person, independent of whether you’re doing it for a girl. Second, women have incredible powers of intuition in this area. If you do something you don’t want to do, she will invariably sense that you’re making an exception for her, which lowers your value in her eyes. Women will only forgive so many of these slip-ups, and the earlier in the interaction you are, the more unforgiving they will be.

“Only if you want to” works so well because women almost never reward a guy who sucks up to them, instead going with the men who are confident and decisive in their self-interested actions. In the days of Black Philip, Patrice used to call this a “righteous” feeling—you have to do it with full confidence because it stems from your needs and desires, and without shame of its potential impact on others. Dante makes the excellent point that even if you get the bang, you’ve still been pimped because you put your needs second in line just to get some tail. Dante continues:

“You do not do things to get pussy. You have to understand your value. If a chick falls in love with you, it’s because you’re loveable. She is not doing you a favor. You have acted in ways that warrant love. Her giving you love is a result. If a bitch says ‘Damn you’re amazing,’ you’re right bitch! All she’s doing is recognizing what is already there […] I’m not getting goofy because you think I’m loveable. And if you don’t, you’re just not smart enough to get it.”

This concept is a central tenet of game, and gives beginners an excellent guide in many situations where they tend to have difficulty controlling their frame. Nascent players can memorize all the lines in the book and approach aggressively, but only when they realize it’s more productive to act in their own self-interest over the long term will they reach the intermediate and advanced stages.

Everybody does things for girls, but make no mistake : even the nicest of niceguys have that feeling in the pit of their stomach, the one that men are taught not to pay attention to, that you only get when you know you’re getting played—whether that’s giving a girl a ride to see another guy, buying her a drink after just meeting her so she sticks around, or going to some event with her when you’d rather stay home and read a book. In my blue pill days I would smother any prospect with attention because that’s what conventional “game” told me was the best practice. Even then, though, I felt deep inside me that what I was doing was counterproductive, but I had no rational framework that allowed me to accept that feeling.

This guiding principle now provides part of that framework. If I’m legitimately having a nice time (especially in a foreign country) I’ll buy a drink for a girl, not because I think it will directly help me to seduce her, but rather because I appreciate her company and I enjoy being generous to those who bring me value. I’ll buy a girl a gift because I think it will bring her happiness, or call her randomly when I think she needs cheering up. But always because it’s something that my will and desires dictate. Women will always respond much more to small tokens delivered in a righteous ways than grandiose gestures that are done from a place of weakness. Dante knows this, Patrice knew it, and the longer you’re in the game, the more it will become obvious.

For discussion on this and myriad other game topics, I strongly recommend that you check out the Beige Phillip podcast. Along with Return of Kings and a select few other sites, it’s one of the few real-talk resources out there for men looking to elevate their game.

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80 thoughts on “How To Know If You Should Do Something For A Woman”

  1. Right on. This article also addresses why most of the “Mystery” inspired PUA game fails. At it’s core, PUA is still about trying to weasel your way into a girl’s pants from a position of weakness. They sell their followers the lie that as long as you memorize the magic scripts then it doesn’t matter if you’re fat, ugly, broke, creepy, or lazy. Just “neg” her properly and you’re set.
    Real world players are successful because said players bring something to the table that women want a piece of…..whether that be good looks, dance skills, good conversation, high confidence, or great sex. They also KNOW that they stand out from the crowd and how to pick the woman that likes what they have. Most importantly they’re good Salesman who’se product is themselves.
    That’s also the reason why a lot of guys from the previous generation can get away with a lot of “nice guy” behaviors that you can’t. They’re doing it from a position of power, not because they seek validation.
    Also good choice of subject for the article. The ones you want to listen to are those who reach the pinnacle of real game, not the ones who spit out the best internet theory.

    1. Fucking outstanding post man. The problem is a lot of men here were raised by single moms or know nothing beaten down by mom simp “fathers”. They have no way of knowing where to start.
      The canned routines and pseudo-psychology are a jumping off point. One of the maxims of this movement is “fake it until you make it”. The faking it part is painful to watch, but the assumption is that eventually he’ll self actualize after enough success and then will have made it. It’s why I come to these sites, to try and provide some guidance that isn’t just “Try movement X with words Y and also add some kino!”. There are plenty of natural “alphas” in our ranks (GenX and older) but these guys don’t interact with us in real life, so hey, gotta help a brother out of a tight spot, ya know?

      1. True. The example of a strong father is so important to a young man. I am fortunate to have a no shit taking father of my own.
        Its funny, I rarely think about it but women have often told me that I am “alpha”. Not to brag but really to illustrate that I have never thought about being “alpha” rather just on a deeper level, just about doing things that make sense. Get an education, stay in good shape, learn to fight, better myself. I do things one way – my way. The girls can either get on board with that or get off at the next stop. No compromise, no apologies. Do I want to watch Sex in the City or The Notebook? Fuck no, never have and if that shit is on the TV I am changing the channel.
        Is that alpha? Don’t know, don’t care but I’m happy with it.

    2. equality in a relationship. If I want a “captain” to give me commands, I’ll go and work on a ship. men are not more logical than women. I know only one man who can boast being a tad more logical than many other people and he’s practically a borderline asperger. Average Joe is as emotional and hormonal as any average woman. Manosphere guys just deny this because they want to feel better than women and for them being better is the same as stumping someone down. Manosphere guys are just a bunch of selfish dicks who want everyone to do as they wish and then try to dress their selfishness into scientific mumbojumbo. Nothing more. I believe that power corrupts even the best of us . I absolutely hate any kind of power plays. It doesn’t matter whether relationship is based on equality or traditional values, power struggle between a couple is always destructive for it. Well, I guess we’ll have a permanent disagreement here. I really do consider equality as a fundamental value and do not see men as superior. o, sorry to burst your bubble, but this type of relationship can work and it works pretty well indeed! Not to mention there are studies showing that couples who share home chores are happier and stay together longer than those where roles are very different.

      1. You are on a ship missy. And it’s time for you to walk the banning plank.

    3. Partially true, but what is easier, learning a few good lines by watching mystery or learning the black hawk tango or getting high confidence. it is very difficult to have confidence in this warped society. Especially if you are not already highly successful to begin with. Again you won’t get a chance to be great in sex or demonstrate that greatness to a girl you jsut met immediately without game.
      Unfortunately women are much more stupider then men, a man talking quantum physics to hb 10 would be sure not to fuck no matter how rich and muscular he was. A dweep talking fashion and who has a “connection” because he watches the same tv show as her can do much better.

      1. Your post indicates that you have little real-world experience. Most of what you’re telling me is parroted PUA garbage. Can you give me ONE example from your own life where paragraph #2 worked out? I can give you a LOT where it wasn’t the case.
        Unfortunately, a “connection” based on something like watching the same TV show isn’t going to generate attraction. It just creates an avenue for conversation. The problem with a lot of PUA’s is that they don’t understand(ie, won’t admit for marketing reasons) that women usually have some idea of how interested they are in a guy before he even steps up.
        That “dweep talking fashion” is done before he even opens his mouth, hence that “connection” you are talking about won’t ever happen.

        1. Little experience….in what?
          You must be really dumb, go talk quantum physics to a girl at abar and see how fast you get shut out.
          No one disputes that women judge men based on their appearances but they judge them on their personalities more. Even a good looking guy can struggle to get laid for not having the right personality and there are literally men on here who look like male models, I’ve seen their photos, 6 pack abs and everything who have trouble getting women because they are too beta.
          The dweeb is not done because he can get the girl into conversation and having a good time which leads to a number and then eventually a fuck. It is something you do not understand either because of lack of experience, lack of game, or plain old stupidity.
          Lots of women are not even interested in dating good looking men because they want to be in a position in the relationship where they feel they have the advantage. And this is hard to do if women are throwing themselves at a man who looks like mr gq model. I don’t know how you don’t know these things. Its not unusual at all to see a ridiculously hot women with a fat or old or bald or otherwise unattractive male.

        2. “You must be really dumb, go talk quantum physics to a girl at abar and see how fast you get shut out.”
          That’s a red herring you threw out to distract from the fact that you’re wrong about the dweep.
          I recognize most of what you’re telling me. It’s parroted and regurigitated internet Mystery Method THEORY. It’s also bullshit.
          Let me tell you how it works in the real world. In most clubs you will be judged first by your looks(to include style,apparent level of wealth, bearing, etc). That gets your foot in the door. That’s ALL. If you can’t hold a conversation you’re going to fuck it up.
          If you’ve terrible looks but good communication skills then you’re going to be swimming upstream.
          My question to you: why would you WANT to have to struggle in the game, when you could learn to dress and get in shape and eliminate a lot of that resistance you face?
          Second as for that unattractive male with a hot woman? IS THAT YOU? Based on how you phrase that statement we know it’s not. So what is that guy doing right that you arent?

        3. No its not a red herring. You said that what you talk about won’t matter. I said ok go talk quantum physics and lets see how much pussy you get. You said it was a red herring. When i called you out on your bulllshit, you called it a red herring. You are the one with the red herring.
          Which is my point, it is called game. Can’t hold a conversation, you got no game,
          Dressing and getting in shape is part of game. You can’t be fat and dress like a slob unless you are in ukraine and expect to fuck alot of chicks.
          game recognizes game, you wanna lose pussy its not my problem

        4. So asnwer me this question: Do you seriously think this guy is going to get laid because he” has a “connection” because he watches the same tv show as her”?
          Because that’s the claim you made.

        5. Funny I have done exactly that (quantum physics) and its worked out. It all depends on the girl. A clever man can make quantum physics interesting and amusing. It also makes the man appear clever and amusing. But the tactics you will use will depend on the situation.

  2. I have been listening to all of Patrice’s old clips from the Opie and Anthony show on YouTube recently. It’s hard to even find the words to describe what a brilliant thinker and comedian he was. Recently O&A interviewed Belle Knox and they pretty much slobbered over her and her nonsense. A lot of people in the comments section on the YouTube clip were talking about how if Patrice had been there he would have called her out on her bullshit and would have had her in tears. It’s all too true.
    Here’s the Belle Knox interview in full:

    1. I could not stand that interview. I wanted to call in and scream at those guys for soft-balling her and her stupid handler over all the bullshit rationalization they were spouting. Usually they’re pretty smart guys, but without Patrice they’re quickly slipping back into blue-pill territory.

      1. they revert to blue pill in the presence of pussy. Patrice no matter how hot the bitch was, always called them out on their shit

        1. He was ruthless in that way, though eventually Dr. Z’s fake chest cowed him into partial submission. O&A were almost never any help to him.
          Patrice (thanks to the RoK article) has been an inspiration to me. I still soft-balled hot women until hearing him take on Dr. Z and a few others. Couple weekends ago I gave a verbal smack down to a 24 y.o. ‘dating coach’ who thought her vegan PB&rice milk shakes = a real meal. Obviously never been properly fed real meat.
          I listened to those episodes over and over during workouts. He was a fucking genius but ruled by his senses and not at peace. I could understand why given his life (also raised by a single mom and jailed under a false rape accusation from a white girl). A life focused on pleasure without direction and self-control will destroy itself. Being righteous and being centered are both required to express full masculinity.

  3. I had been looking for someone who was continuing Patrice’s excellent work. Thank you for making me aware.
    Sadly, I did not appreciate Patrice until he was gone.

    1. I bumped into Patrice O’ Neal years ago on Copocabana beach in Rio. I imagine he was doing the same thing there I was! lol. Cool guy. A great talent lost too soon.

        1. Not much to tell other than I passed him and exchanged hello. When I got back to the States, I saw him on a comedy show and he did a joke about a Brazilian hooker.

  4. It’s a pretty simple concept to get your head around. If women truly desired men who do what they want all the time, there’s a surplus of thirsty fucks in high orbit of all their existences that they could choose from, yet you only see women accepting these guy’s gifts, attention, and usefulness. Never their cocks.

    1. The shitter is that even the blue pill simps see this. Hell it’s a defining meme in their lives that they constantly whine about.
      “But but but why doesn’t Suzy Butterflyunicorns want me?!? I keep doing nice things for her but she doesn’t even pay attention to me!!!! And that’s just like Nancy Sweecupcake, she never paid me no mind either, no matter how nice I was to herrrrrrr!”
      You’d think, at some point, sheer logical deduction would kick in and he’d have a lightbulb moment. But most never do. Feckin’ boys, been raised to be emotionally guided for far too long. Our grandfathers might have courted a girl, but they’d never have put up with being treated like whimpering blue pill guys are today for any length of time.
      Grandpa: “Why didn’t she say ‘Yes’ when I asked her out? I bought flowers, I have a car, I slicked back my hair. Oh well, wasn’t meant to be, there’s more fish in the see, and little Molly Sweetcheeks down at the malted shop looks prime for the pickin.”

      1. M3 described this well. Most “nice guys” do eventually reach points in their life where they’re so frustrated they’re willing to start looking at things differently, however much like Michael Corleone, every time he reaches a point where he thinks he can exit, he gets pulled back in. Women you trust will do this to you, they’ll repeat bullshit about how you “shouldn’t change yourself” in order to get more attention from women, and that you “shouldn’t become an asshole, because you’re so nice, etc..etc..”
        Women are poison when it comes to advising men on female attraction triggers. Even when they have the best of intentions, women will literally poison the minds of men against themselves.

        1. Agreed. My son has started dating seriously (well, as serious as a 17 year old can date) and we had this talk a while back. I told him to never…ever…listen to women when it came to advice on dating or relationships. They will tell you what they wish that they wanted but secretly do not, out of some kind of guilt of their own deep dark desires, and will lead you astray. Told him to even disregard his mother’s advice, unless that advice seemed congruent with how he saw her acting and responding to me and how I treated her.
          Heh, boy last night had two girls over for movies, both cuties of the kind a father looks at his son and silently says ” ‘atta boy”.. Neither was his girlfriend, they were both close friends to his girlfriend however. I asked where she was, he said “Busy, but I was bored so I invited them over”. Just as plain and simple as could be. They dotted on him like he was some kind of mack daddy, he was casual and nonchalant and couldn’t have been more laid back, it was hilarious. He listened to me, it seems.
          How to get men to stop listening to women, outside of dad/father figure teaching them, is another task altogether.

        2. My grandfather helped to impart this kind of wisdom to me when my own father was very poor at it in retrospect. Being around my father much more than my grandfather muddled that wisdom until I was old enough to see how content my grandfather was in his pre-stroke years compared to how angry and emasculated my father is. The only other man I know personally who knows how to keep a woman in check was raised by his grandfather on his mother’s side since his father was out of the picture.

        3. ESPECIALLY disregard mom’s advice. MOM is absolutely the worst source of dating advice, ever.

        4. Great stuff, especially the part about ignoring his mother’s advice. Mothers, sisters, it doesn’t matter. Ignore female family members’ advice. They lie and I don’t think they even know they’re doing it or somehow rationalize it away.
          I learned that at about 16.

        5. The girls he was hanging out with arent old enough to have been indoctrinated and damaged – yet. Your boy should be hanging out with his buddies or reading, making, building something.
          I dont have any kids, but I wouldnt be that proud of my young son lolly-gagging around with a couple of young girls wasting time being “bored”.

        6. I hate moms. Period. All of them. All a mom is, no more than a fuckbag.
          Hear that — moms in the house?

        7. You answered your own statement. You don’t have kids. He hangs with guys all the time. It was night time and he was bored and didn’t want to play video games, so he invited two girls over without even consulting his actual girl friend.
          Doubt you could have even attempted such a thing at 17.

        8. Depends on how traditional your mom was.
          My mother taught me that women would try to steal my soul and ruin my life, and that I shouldn’t waste my strength on them.
          I wish I’d listened to her more.

  5. Black Phillip Show and the Beige Phillip show are mandatory podcasts red pill men need to listen to

  6. Immediately skeptical of a non-male celebrity or professional athlete who has boffed thousands of women.
    Not at all because of credibility, but because of logistics. Very hard to believe they’re working diligently on other areas of their lives like other men do.
    The only credible advice they can provide you is about women. Which is good and fair, **but once you know how to get what you want from women**, correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t think there’s anything else they can offer you from their entire life experience.

    1. With sloppy game and no real value, you can bang about one girl a week using PUA alone. (Nobody said all 1,000 chicks are hot.)
      Only takes 20 years to achieve that.

  7. still miss patrice man, the single best red pill comedian out there [well him and bill burr, but he’s gone a bit more soft since getting married]

      1. i stand corrected, i didnt realise he was antifeminist. i thought he was an old counterestablishment hippy [hard liberal]

        1. He was an old hippy. The difference is that unlike most of them, he was capable of thinking for himself.

      2. also i shy away from people that the mainstream tends to deify. so as carlin is routinely touted by swpl simps as the best despite them doing everything he hated, the more i swerve away from using him as an example.
        case in point louis ck. hilarious comedian, i laugh my ass off at often. his latest snl monologue, sickeningly pro feminist. he’s not an angry comedian anymore, he’s peaked and as such when he reaches mass market saturation the message gets diluted with bullshit.
        its why bill burr and doug stanhope can make raw cutting commentary and have parts of the audience hate them and parts love them, whereas louis has become so neutered by his popularity he’s basically a nothing now. louis chases the funny. stanhope and burr try to make a fucking overarching point
        i think he’s a great comedian [regarding ck] but he’s peaked and as such his message does not resonate anymore

  8. BANG ON ! “If a chick falls in love with you, it’s because you’re loveable.”

    1. I remember Patrice saying that his resentment comes from the idea that after all of the things we as men do to be lovable, women demand that we love them with the same passion that they love us. However, women do absolutely nothing to be lovable.
      “We compel women to open their legs, but they don’t compel us to open our hearts”

  9. In other news, men have moved beyond pre-occupation with female validation to what has become known as the Septivium.
    Like has been reported here before, the Modern Man needs to master the modern Septivium:
    1. A Philosophy;
    2. A Diet;
    3. A Regimen;
    4. A Trade;
    5. A Muse;
    6. An Art; and
    7. A Craft.
    Sources say that without possessing a comprehensive array of competences, men of the modern era will keep clutching at straws, sinking desperately into the abyss.

    1. I had some dreadful news a few hours ago, career related.
      Your post may just possibly have saved my life.

      1. A temporary setback, my friend. Don’t let it get you down. Keep on trucking.

  10. Yeah. Being nice to a regular girl is cool as long as it’s what you want to do. I’ll play ball with the comfort and cuddle thing, if she’s truly earned it. And I mean earn. I actually like doing some of the boyfriend shit sometimes, because it makes ME feel good. The minute it becomes a chore, a drag, or the cost/benefit equation turns against you, move on. Total and complete self-interest has to be the guiding principle. With the death of chivalry, there really is no other ethic in town.
    Women have made it so. Now let them deal with it.

    1. Yep. Do it if you want to do it.
      I’ve nexted girls because I wanted to cuddle, but it was obvious they viewed cuddling as a “beta” move.
      So fuck them – they aren’t worthy of sex.

  11. “If she’s earned it.”
    There are too many men who do something nice solely to get themselves out of a rut. If you’ve ever bought flowers, you know the lady behind the cashier will ask, “What’d you do wrong?” On a side note, I don’t buy a woman flowers because they’re eventually going to die, whereas a real present lives on as a constant reminder of your awesomeness. But I digress.
    Being able to step outside your relationship and look at it as a third person is the best skill you can acquire. If you’re getting her something out of desperation, forget about it. However, don’t think that by investing in your woman, you are being soft or a faggot. Supplicating and rewarding. You know the difference between those two, and you’re ahead of the pack.
    If your woman is being nice, supportive, not bitching at you, making you breakfast, and overall being well worth your time, you need to encourage good behavior. What I like to do is schedule a massage for myself and, if she’s been nothing but sweet, ask her if she wants to come along and get one, too. Likewise, I booked an extravagant vacation about six weeks ago, and told her since she’s been so accommodating, she ought to go with me. Notice these gifts are things I could enjoy by myself, but I’m allowing her room to tag along.

    1. If the bitch really cared about you then she would be inviting YOU to join her for the massage or tag along on the vacation.
      You are still simping.

      1. ^^this !! the girl im seeing/banging suggested we get a massage, since I never had a professional one done. I even said with a smirk that she should give me a happy ending after the massage, nothing but smiles on her face.

      2. That doesn’t make any sense. Theoretically she doesn’t know about the massage, he booked it for himself. He’s letting her tag along. Otherwise he would go by himself. Unless you are saying that she has to be self-rewarding or self-investing. This is positive reinforcement; it doesn’t work if the person rewards themselves for their own good behavior, they ‘reward themselves’ all the time, this way you are encouraging good behavior as set by your rules.

      3. “Unless her dad owns a golf course, I don’t date her!”
        Another keyboard jockey.

    1. Let the bitch take YOU to Taco Bell.
      And make her hold the door open for you too.

  12. EXCELLENT POST! Well said Black Knight….well said indeed sir! You win the internet today.

  13. Great stuff, right on the money. Now if I’d only read this when I was 19…

  14. “Dante himself has slept with over 1000 women and has the wisdom to show for it”
    So, If I assume the majority of these 1000 women are American women — then why do I find myself questioning this guys decision-making skills?

  15. If a bitch says ‘Damn you’re amazing,’ you’re right bitch!
    This is the key to the whole article for me. You can’t look for a woman to audit and approve your value and then let you into the “real man” club, and validate your worth. When you have value, self-created value, people will see it, and won’t be able to take it from you.

  16. Patrice O Neal is a legend. He was a prince among men and he should be studied very carefully. If you have not done so, then get your asses onto Youtube right now. The man was a Super Alpha.

  17. Listen to how Patrice talks to this uppity lingerie model that comes in with a fur coat on, this is how you don’t put bitches on a pedestal ,always remember that it’s better to have a bitch be angry at you then be bored with you

  18. Basic relationship game (especially for married guys) is: never sex your woman because she wants it. Do it when *you* want it.

      1. Divorce her cheating ass immediately. The longer you leave it, the worse it will be. (Why is divorce so expensive? Because it’s worth it.)

  19. It’s pretty easy to know when to do something for a woman.
    For example, I will hold up a woman’s hair while she is giving me a blow job. That helps her give a better blow job without her hair getting in her way. And you might ask, why should I help her with that? Well, I like the view without her hair in the way.
    Oh, and this other time, I pushed a pillow under a woman’s stomach to help her bend over like a doggy easier while I banged her from behind.
    I am full of charity when it comes to women I guess.

    1. Likewise, I am more than happy to bring the lube for a girl who needs fucked in the ass.
      I’ll even be a gentleman and give her a free package of Summer’s Eve feminine wipes.

  20. I had a long history of doing things for girls/women. At the core, I am good natured and genuinely enjoy doing things to help people out, not because of nice guy syndrome, but because I enjoyed doing it for its own sake.
    After years of this (including one memorable incident where I bought an $80 gift for some girl I thought I had friendship with, to only receive a miniature flag of her country in return) I had the epiphany most men here have. That women biologically view men as providers of material and other comfort and that this is reinforced by society.
    Starting with a serious girlfriend not long after this realisation, I spent nothing beyond drinks or occasional lunch for the first year during which she proved her worth, which included her buying me things, being feminine, dressing and acting like a lady, giving loads of blowjobs etc.
    These days I am much wiser, but it is with sadness at the realisation that most women don’t understand giving first or reciprocation and in fact respond to counterintuitive treatment.

    1. Genuinely do nice things for other guys in your life.
      Girls are worthy of free condoms, lube, feminine wipes, and the occasional push up bra.

  21. Well said. I have to say I am a proper selfish bastard when it comes to women. I might have bought a drink for a girl I just met maybe twice. The first time I knew immediately it was a mistake but I couldn’t take it back. She vanished and later I saw her dancing with some other guy. The second time I did it precisely because it was the opposite of what she wanted and fuck it I felt like buying her one. She told me only her brother ever buys her drinks. I told her “well tonight you’re making an exception”. Yes I GTD later than night.
    It helps to be flexible and the advice “only if you want to” is invaluable. I never do things I don’t want to do because it will make me unhappy. And nobody, male or female, respects you for doing something in the hope that you’ll get something in return.

  22. One of my fav alpha males take on this ( amusing also. )
    intro -
    nice guy letter -

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