Everything Is Amazing Right Now And Nobody’s Happy

Some days when I’m browsing through my RSS feeds of all the pickup/manosphere blogs, I’m reminded of the popular interview of Louis CK on Conan where Louis laments that “everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy”. Louis was making a point about how people take modern technology for granted, but the same can be said about game and the modern dating market.

All the bloggers out there (and sometimes even on this blog) regularly criticize feminism, hypergamy, the decline of American women, and so on, and don’t seem to appreciate the simple truth:

We are living in the best time right now to be a man.

No one’s had it better than we do. Not your dad, not your dad’s dad, not some guy living in the mythic Golden Age of masculinity, not King Solomon with his 700 wives. At no other period in the history of our species has the average guy had access to as many beautiful women as we do today, and that’s a fact.

Allow me to explain why:

1. There Are More Beautiful Women Now Than Ever

One of the things that a lot of bloggers like to complain about is the decline of modern women. Roosh is famous for this, and has even compiled a series of pictures comparing women from the 1960s to women today. And it’s true to an extent, obesity is a big problem in America, and the average woman today is less attractive than the average woman 50 years ago.

However, this is true only for average women. Who cares about average women? Let’s take a look at the hottest women around today compared to a few decades ago:

Female Sex Symbols

Makes you kind of glad to be alive today, doesn’t it?

Advances in science and technology have helped to improve womens’ looks in recent years. We understand more about human nutrition and physical fitness now than in the past, and women have access to fitness equipment, trainers, and nutritional supplements that didn’t exist 50 years ago. Women today lead easier lives, free of physical hardship and disfiguring disease compared to women in the past.

Makeup technology has also improved (and yes, makeup is a technology) along with lotions, body creams, and other cosmetics women use to keep their skin looking smooth and youthful. Hair products have improved. Clothing has become tighter and more revealing. Women has access to implants, to supplement their natural assets. Cosmetic surgery technology has improved. The list goes on and on.

Now not all women take advantage of these advances, and many women don’t, but if you’re gunning for the 9s and 10s (which we all should be) then there’s no better time to be alive. It’s easy to point out all the overweight women out there, but it’s just as easy to find gorgeous girls in any major city or college campus. And it’s easier than ever to get them into bed, which brings us to point 2:

2. It’s Easier To Get Women Into Bed Than Ever

Not only that, but today it’s easier to have sex with more girls, get sex sooner, and have wilder sex than any time before in human history. Why is this possible?

The most obvious reason is contraception. Condoms have been around since the 19th century, but didn’t gain widespread adoption until the 1950s. Another common contraceptive is The Pill, which first became widely available in the 1960s. Contraceptives lowered the risk of pregnancy and STDs, which made women more willing to have casual sex outside of a committed relationship.

Then of course there’s feminism and the sexual revolution, which helped make it more acceptable for women to have casual sex. Feminism is often demonized in the manosphere, but feminism and women’s empowerment helped contribute to the commitment free sex that we can enjoy today.

All of these things have led to the loosening of morals and the development of the current hook-up culture where more girls put out for more guys than in any time in history. Guys seem to forget that things weren’t so easy in the past.

Even if you could travel back in time to the 1960s, you’d find it more difficult to sleep with the women because the culture of casual sex just didn’t exist back then. Can you imagine a girl from the ’60s having sex with a guy she just met without even going on a formal date? Only very recently in our history has such behavior become the norm.

Compared to the past, we are living in the Golden Age. At no previous time in history have you had access to so many different women of different races, different countries, and different social classes. And at no time in history has it been more culturally acceptable for those women to sleep with you for a one-night stand (a term which was coined in 1963).

That’s not to say that every guy can easily get laid today. If you’re a beta herb, you’re not going to get laid in this age or any age. To take advantage of the current situation, you have to know game, which brings us to point 3:

3. We Have Knowledge Of The Game

This alone is probably one of the best reasons to be a guy living today. Thanks to the internet and the PUA culture it spawned, guys now have access to routines and techniques that have been empirically tested thousands of times. Combined with our growing understanding of human psychology and biology, the average guy now has access to more information about how to get laid than any guy in history.

Your dad would have killed for the knowledge that we take for granted today. If your dad was lucky, maybe he had an older brother or friend who gave him some advice, and then had to figure out things the hard way, and maybe got lucky with a couple girls. YOU, on the other hand, have access to the results and experiments of thousands of guys from around the world who have approached tens of thousands of girls. Seriously, it’s hard to overstate how much information can be had for free or for very little money today on the Internet.

In fact, today the problem is almost the opposite, with so much information out there that it can be difficult to digest. If this is the case for you, I have a few recommendations. First, get yourself a copy of “Double Your Dating” by David Deangelo. It’s a little outdated, but the material is still good and it can be had for less than $20 bucks. If you’re looking for something with a little more meat, try “Bang” by Roosh. If you need exercises, grab a copy of “Rules of the Game” by Neil Strauss. Google “Vin Di Carlo’s Escalation Ladder”.

That’s it, that’s all you need to get started. Just read the material above, go out and apply it, and I GUARANTEE you will get laid. If you need more hand holding, then hire a professional pickup coach who’s been doing this for 5-10 years, and have him demonstrate approaches and give you feedback in the field. It will shave months off your learning curve.

Writers and poets have always lamented that they could never understand the nature of women. Today, that nature is laid bare for all who dare explore it. You might not like everything that you find, but you no longer have to be frustrated with fumbling and not knowing.


Hopefully this post has been a wake-up call for you. We live in a time where you can go out almost any night of the week and meet beautiful young girls who are looking to hookup, and thanks to the game we have the tools to seduce them. We take these things for granted, but these are things that have never existed before.

I’m just an average guy, but since I discovered the game I’ve slept with over a dozen women, including white girls, Mexican girls, Chinese girls, Japanese girls, Koreans, Indians, a Salvadorean… at what point in history could an average guy like me have the opportunity to sleep with such a cornucopia of women?

There exists more opportunity for guys today than ever before in history, not just with women, but in business, health, anything you choose to pursue. Getting anything worthwhile out of life isn’t easy, but it’s easier today than it’s ever been. So go out there and take advantage of the opportunity, because everything is indeed amazing.

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142 thoughts on “Everything Is Amazing Right Now And Nobody’s Happy”

  1. The poster does bring up a good point in that we have it better in some respects compared to men in the past, but it does depend on your perspective.
    If you’re a man who wants variety and to bang party girls, this is a great time. This is especially true for guys in their 20s who are already doing the club/bar circuit with their boys and where hitting on girls is a natural extension of their lifestyle.
    If you’re above “average”, as the OP puts it, you will do well. But you will do well anywhere if you’re above average. A lot of guys don’t know how much better they would do elsewhere.
    If you’re a man who wants a relationship with a good woman, or even wants to raise a family, this is a bad time.
    I don’t know the OPs experience, but banging random girls does lose its charm, and you start to look for slightly more meaning or connection, even if takes some extra time to bang. I’m not saying you want monogamy, but you will want someone to care for you and likewise. This is where things become tough in America, and when you consider the attitude that the women have, even when they’re not that attractive, the process of banging them is not as enjoyable as dating more feminine women in conservative countries.
    In the end it comes down to raw notch count. If you want a lot of notches, USA is number one. But you’re not going to do only notching forever. The strength of America will then become a weakness, and blogs like this which describe foreign women will gain larger readerships. A lot of guys I’ve met don’t want to be a player—they just want one or two good girls. America will fail them in this regard.

    1. Well said. I am 38, 20 years ago I thought by age 38 I would be married to a wonderful woman, have 2 kids, and maybe a 15 notch count before I settled down in my late 20’s. What really happened? With America’s culture I have a 100+ notch count and never came close to an engagement. Love or hate the reality, this is America 2013.

    2. Have to agree with Roosh. In the end, I personally don’t want to start a family but I would like to date quality girls, like the ones he writes about. Stop trying to get more girls and try and start to get better girls.
      That being said, don’t go beta and start looking for the ‘one’. She doesn’t exist.
      I like to look at girls the same way I like to look at food. You can pay little and get a lot of great food which makes you feel hungry again in half an hour or you can spend a lot on a great meal which keeps you full for the rest of the day.

      1. “Have to agree with Roosh. In the end, I personally don’t want to start a family but I would like to date quality girls, like the ones he writes about. ”
        Jax, Roosh is a pick up artist who travels to countries where it is more likely he will get laid in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. He writes about the women that he is able to accomplish this with. So you think easy women are “quality”?

    3. Thanks for your thoughts, Roosh.
      I must say that I’m quite surprised. Really, you don’t enjoy sleeping with lots of women? The man who wrote a dozen books called “Bang” just wants a loving relationship? Maybe for someone with your stratospheric notch count or someone looking to settle down, variety can lose its allure, but I definitely enjoy meeting new women.
      The question is, did you at one time want to sleep with dozens of girls? Probably in your 20s you did. The thing is, if guys are sleeping with a dozen girls, girls are also going to be sleeping with a dozen guys. It takes two to tango. The modern hookup culture has come about because girls are giving guys what they want (or thought they wanted).
      Also, I wonder, have you ever been in a relationship? I’ve been in relationships that have lasted years, and they can be boring. Even with a nice, caring, feminine girl, you start wanting more. The grass may seem greener if all you’re having are one night stands, but variety is the spice of life, and I do not believe that humans are wired for monogamy.

      1. Wanting to sleep with “lots of” girls is a time consuming task. You have to gain prospects, date them, and so on. When you’re in the horniest period of your life (20s), this makes sense. I spent a lot of time with my game, obviously.
        Eventually you move to a quality end of the spectrum. I still go out often and I still let my boner guide me, but it’s not as urgent as before. I’m more content “failing” with a girl who, in all likelihood, I wouldn’t want to bang more than twice. It becomes more about meeting my sexual needs instead of meeting my notch count or validation needs.
        The issue with your argument is that there are lot of conditions attached. This is a great time..
        -if you’re above average
        -if you have game
        -if you live in a city with top talent
        -if you have the time and energy to dedicate significant amount of time into it
        The thing is more guys will be around the average mean and, like I described, prefer one one or two girls in a harem instead of racking up notches. Your argument will not inspire them to love America more.
        I don’t disagree with you in principal. If you are ready to approach, USA will be easier to get laid today than yesterday. But a minority of American men want to learn game, and want to do 100 approaches just to get started, because they feel the reward is not worth it.
        Or maybe I’m just delusional, and don’t know how good we all have it. I’m sure I’ll find out in old age when I see how the younger generation is doing.

      2. Let’s distinguish passive versus active game. Increasing passive game ie looks, money, status is always good.
        Active game is basically approaching a lot of women and going on lots of dates in the hopes that some percentage of that converts into lays. It does increase notch count, but it comes at the cost of time and money (5-15% conversion rates at best). Now consider that if you are dating a lot of women, your provider resources are going to be spread thin. You have only so much money and attention to give. At this point you are basically relying on looks. If you are average looking all active game gets you is a bunch of lays with average looking or chubby women. Is that worth it? For most average guys, the time is better spent seeking one quality LTR with a 7 (which he can actually maintain because he can spend the requisite money and attention to keep her), and then focusing on his body, wardrobe, and career (ie passive game).
        The quantity over quality approach has always been a very viable choice for guys with superior genetics in the looks department though. These guys can get women to fuck them while offering little commitment. By practicing game, they can skyrocket their numbers.
        So really we are talking about two evolutionary strategies for mating. There’s no right answer for everyone.
        I will say however that most men are better served with the LTR strategy and investing in themselves and their career in their twenties, rather than trying to chase hundreds of women and trying to become “players.” Only 10% of men are really suited to becoming players, and most of them are already naturally good with women.

    4. The “wants relationship with a quality woman” is the big issue, as there pretty much are none left. As in, none. At least past the age of 16-18. And, competitive creatures that they are, the no-quality ones have ensured those are removed from contention.
      The assertion that “nutrition” has somehow meaningfully evolved is also rather weak. Science has certainly allowed the world to feed ‘more” people than before, but women who were not struggling 100 years ago, and who lived somewhere other than on barren tundras, probably ate healthier then than now. It’s not as if wild blueberries, wild fish, fruit and game are somehow inferior to the powdered concoctions hawked by some emaciated permasick weakling from behind a “health food store” counter.
      One thing that is obvious, is that women stay “hot” enough to bang longer; largely because they have to or be dumped. A century ago, by 35 most women had a bevvy of children, and prioritized their limited resources somewhat differently than on boob implants, facelifts, botox and other milf-making “advancements.”
      But look at it this way: A guy that wanted to marry a good woman 100 years ago, his choices were the marriage age women of his day; 16 year old, well fed, not fat, well reared, pleasant virgins. That would statistically stay loyal until death……
      Now, the average marriage minded woman is an old, discarded whore barely held together by exponentially increasing outlays on above mentioned milfication technologies, who can no longer keep up with the ever faster spinning carousel. Within a kid or two of being completely barren. Talks to her “husband” via her lawyer, and consider being a pleasant wife to be something to be ashamed of; some kind of failure to stand up for herself and rub it in that she is equal, too.
      Now, if all you want to do is bang whores, or for that matter, pound virgins into whores before moving on to the next one, all while hiding behind massa gommiment should her dad, or someone else who cares about her, decide to give you what you have coming to you; then yes, our particular totalitarian Dystopia is probably quite all right. For those who fancies themselves as progenitors of those who will inherit the earth on the other hand, Mogadishu in the 90s, followed by Afghanistan anno pretty much whenever, couldn’t come soon enough.

      1. The tragedy of our society is that it forces young people to make choices before they know the implications of those choices.
        For guys, so much of your career is determined by where you get into college, whether you go to graduate school, or that first job after college.
        For girls, they have to decide early on whether they want to become mothers and wives first, or career women first. Your twenties are finite – you can only, really, do one well.
        We tell young people to be carefree, to do what they fancy. They are young, best of time of their lives, they can always change their mind and switch tracks.. this has created our disastrous societal milieu today.
        I don’t blame women for this, perhaps feminism, but is that the cause or the symptom? As Spengler said, the men and women of every society in all historical times, have always deserved each other.

      2. @le tigre MD Life is all about making choices without knowing their full implications. It’s just that the choices we make in youth have a longer lasting impact than the choices we make later in life. But at least we live in a time where there is choice, and thanks to the Internet, the potential to make more informed decisions.

    5. If you want to settle down with a “good girl”,
      you just need to have steady income
      & buy a house with that white picket fence & a few extra bedrooms.
      Nature abhors a vacuum.
      If you’re really ready to be a Daddy,
      set yourself up like that and some Mamma
      will come along in no time to fill up your empty house with babies.
      You might want to try going to church instead of bars for your approaches,
      but it’s really just about that simple.
      If you want that kind of girl but aren’t really ready give that kind of girl what she wants,
      if you still want to travel and bang new women every few months …
      well, in that case you do have a self-created problem.

      1. … and I am very much in agreement with this particular article.
        Count your blessings … this is a good time to be alive.

    6. I agree with Roosh.
      You’ll start to feel it as you begin to rapidly approach your 30’s
      I’m 30 next year and feel like i’m in a losing situation with regards to monogamy. There’s simply a lot going against us when it comes to settling down.
      The reasons we have it good today as the OP states, are the very same things that become a detriment to you when it comes to bagging a good quality woman to settle down with.
      We simply have too much choice with little at risk then we did 30 odd years ago.

  2. No,we don’t believe this crap and don’t want to learn the game.
    We prefer to believe in the magic place where feminine women would marry us only because our dad had mangaed to sneak into the states corss the mexican border.They will live with us till the death does us apart,because the statistics,nice presented by some indian dude,” proofs” it.
    We also don’t have balls to live poly life ,not to be jelous and not to be scared of powerful and hot women.
    No thanks.We better go buy some guides on how to be beta abroad.

    1. This kind of mentality never ceases to amaze me
      Do you go to a nightclub where there are only going to be 10 hot women but 200 fatties and 500 dudes too? Or would you rather go to the club with 75 hot women, 125 uglies and 200 dudes?
      According to your logic, you will go to the club with 10 hot women because its closer to home.
      You call this game. I call that retarded.

      1. Nope.Your logic is-since I can’t get laid with ANY hot woman at all instead of learning the game I would rather go abroad and hopefully my only DHV (aka american passport) will help me get laid with my first hot woman.
        Not even get laid,wait-you want to get married!lol
        Go back to the environment you are comfortable at-which is the library,my friend,dig some stats.

    2. Although im sure this guy is a troll, he unintentionally hit on exactly why this is not the greatest time to be a man; no freedom. this is a very alpha way to live, certainly: fucking lots of girls and not caring about them at all.
      But this is fast becoming the only way to live.
      Even if everything in the article is true (its not, by a long shot) we have sacrificed the freedom to choose between being a cad or a dad. Now its either be an alpha who fucks lots of women and form no attachments with them, or be a beta shackled to a bloated landwhale who will divorce you in 15 years, anyway. Thats no choice at all.
      Even if banging club sluts for the rest of your life sounds like your personal paradise, wouldnt you have preffered a choice in the matter? One of the saddest things ive seen in the manosphere is this undercurrent of, “i didnt choose to be a player, but it was the only option available to me where i could keep my self-respect”. Tons of men are living this scenario out in America. Far too many.
      They may not have had fake boobs or PUA blogs, but they had something we dont: a choice.

      1. What exactly about my article is untrue? I included a lot of facts to back up my statements, where are yours?
        Scroll down and read the comment by Mark Minter before you start believing in some Golden Age of marriage & relationships that never existed.
        Knowing game does not mean the only choice you have today is to be a player, you can use your understanding of social dynamics & female psychology to pursue whatever kind of relationship you want. That’s the point of the article: we now have more choice than ever, so stop complaining.

      2. @casual NONE of the posters here have implied that there was ever a “golden age” of marriage, just an age where marriage was possible at all. Stop harping on that.
        I would also like you to show me some of these relationships held together with magical social dynamics. Game is all about playing the field. In fact, I almost feel like game in the context of a relationship is a contradiction.
        Either way, the solution shouldn’t be to “game” your wife, who just took a vow to support you until one of you dies. The commenters only (correct)point was that, no, we actually do not have any choice.

      3. “what exactly about my article is untrue?”
        1. that girls are becoming more attractive. Your pictures have only proved that attractiveness is getting more polarized: the hot get hotter and the ugly get uglier. as proof, i need only again point to obesity statistics. a handful of starlets is not sufficient to compensate for the larger (heh) number of fatties.
        not only that, but your point is moot and based on false reasoning. in your own words, “the average woman today is less attractive than the average woman 50 years ago. However, this is true only for average women. Who cares about average women?” Here you reason that modern times are the best for men to live in because a handful of 9s and 10s are more attractive while all other women have become unnatractive, but that this is okay because we can just game the 9s and 10s. This is out of touch with reality because game as we know it relies on large numbers of approaces. In a perfect world we would be hitting more often than not on the average girl, but because the average girl is fat men are competing for the smaller and smaller number of still attractive girls. so a ton of men who are just as or more attractive than you are flooding your targets with attention. What about this situation is advantageous to men?
        2. Your second argument, that its easier to have sex with women, is indisputable, but what is disputable is that it has made mens lives better. This is a matter of opinion, where which side you are on boils down to whether or not you think easy lays are worth the slew of other tragedies feminism has wrought upon society.
        3. “we have knowledge of the game”. Believe it or not Game did not come into existence when mystery first donned his fuzzy hat. There have been players in every time and every place, and there are several books, such as the memoirs of casanova and the art of love, that reflect this. There is much more advice nowadays to be sure, but as ROK proves that advice is not always quality. Knowledge of the game has always existed and so this does not make it any better or worse to be alive today.
        “Scroll down and read the comment by Mark Minter before you start believing in some Golden Age of marriage & relationships that never existed”
        You are putting words in my mouth. I never said there was a golden age of marriage. I simply said at one point it was a much more attractive option and being a dad could compete with the perks of being a cad, whereas nowadays it does not.
        “Knowing game does not mean the only choice you have today is to be a player, you can use your understanding of social dynamics & female psychology to pursue whatever kind of relationship you want”
        so you admit that being a player (ie knowing game and understanding social dynamics; how am i going to do that? by gaming women!) is necessary for most american men to live a good life?
        Look, I think youre misunderstanding me. I have not believed in some kind of disney-esque fantasy world where marriages were perfect up until the sexual revolution for quite some time. Personally, I lean much more towards being a cad than a dad. All im saying is before the divorce rates were 50%, the obesity rates were through the roof, and before women became obsessed with proving that they are strong and independent, marriage was not a bad option in comparison to eternal bachelorhood, but now it is. Therefore, as far as the sexual marketplace is concerned, it is not a better time to be a man because we have less options.

      4. @Turbo I guess the difference between us is that I have an abundance mentality where you see only scarcity. There are more attractive and willing women alive today (and being born) than I could ever approach in a lifetime. That there also exist many obese women is irrelevant to my happiness.
        Regarding the Game, it’s pretty ridiculous to claim that anything like it has existed before. Have you even read the memoirs of Casanova? I have, and trust me, it is nothing like the systematic breakdown of the seduction process that Mystery outlined, it does not provide time-tested routines or openers you can use, it does not provide style advice, how to overcome limiting beliefs, how to deal with shit tests, etc.
        At no other time could you hire a professional coach with 5+ years of pickup experience, and have them demonstrate in the field how to seduce women. At no time has there existed an online support group of men who could answer any question you can possibly think of about pickup, and help you overcome your sticking points. These are all recent innovations, and the fact that people like you don’t seem to appreciate that fact is the very reason why I wrote this post.

  3. I do not subscribe to this viewpoint. I’d have rather not had to have spent years fucking my way through a slew of average women, just to improve my self-esteem (which had been smashed by a feminised society) and game (which is necessary because of hypergamy) to such a level that I now at least stand an outside chance of acquiring a decent relationship – but I’m not holding my breath.
    9s and 10s? Give me a break. Given that female attractiveness is on a bell curve distrubition, what kind of percentage of men do you think are capable of getting this quality of woman on even a semi-regular basis? 0.0001%?
    For the vast majority of men, this is a far worse time to be alive that 50 years ago, when they could have enjoyed a stable family, and the respect and love of their committed wives.

    1. Agreed. I’m not interested in spending my youth banging a bunch of average women.That is just meaningless hedonism.
      I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to women and just about everything else in life. And if you are looking for quality, this is the WORST time for men in human history!
      This post is useless for people like me.

      1. And another point, Women in the 70’s-80’s dressed far better and had better hair styles then women do now. Add attitudes and respect for men to that list as well.
        It’s not even a contest

    2. I agree with YouSoWould. Women knew their role back then and few challenged men. I’m not sure the women are hotter/more feminine now; I think they are better at making themselves appear hotter. When you think about it, they all appear to look the same because they’re reading the same magazines and worship the same female celebrities. If they looked like their individual selves, they would appear to be 6’s and 7’s.

      1. So you’re saying women should go back to “knowing their role” and being second-class citizens? Gee, that sounds like a great deal, what’s in it for them?

      2. @casual Real men to calm their neurosis, instead of pathetic beta males who they deeply resent. It will never happen though so this is just intellectual masterbation. Pandoras box is open, we’re not going back.

      3. @casual they weren’t second-class citizens, let’s not repeat feminist myths. Incidentally, studies have found that women have gotten progressively less happy since the 60’s, so I think there’s certainly something in it for them. As Dillon said, though, there’s no going back so it’s mutual resentment for the foreseeable future.

      4. @По реке Not being able to vote and have the same opportunities as men seems pretty second-class to me.
        Women are less happy than they were in the past? Sure, that’s a possibility. Feminism no doubt had a part to play, but so do men! Young men wanted lots of sex with lots of different women, and young women obliged, leading to the current hookup culture. It seems hypocritical to then turn on those same women and claim that they’re now all unmarriageable sluts.

      5. Right, but voting rights for men in the western world were pretty inconsistent until the early 20th Century: the last property requirements for the male franchise were removed in Britain right before women got the vote in the US, so it’s a complicated picture, especially when you consider that women’s suffrage met its toughest resistance among women, not men. Further, women won’t ever have the same opportunities as men so long as there isn’t an artificial attempt to even the scorecards in the name of equality…men and women are different and so opportunities available to the two aren’t going to be carbon copies.
        Yeah, I definitely agree that men played their part, in fact feminism’s reforms wouldn’t have been possible without men being party to them in some way. However, I should clarify in that I don’t at all blame women for what’s happened, if anyone should be blamed it’s the particular people who decided that gender didn’t exist and that all of society oppresses women (when in reality it’s usually the exact opposite, society protects women at the expense of men), and those who gave them what they wanted without giving due consideration to what was being proposed. Blaming women for the trajectory of social relations over the last 50 years is as absurd as blaming men…most people just went with the flow they didn’t determine it.
        If there’s an irony here it’s that the article’s title more and more becomes a feasible conclusion…we have more than we’ve ever had, and yet we seem less happy than we’ve ever been. I don’t have the answers, to be sure, but if I might offer a hypothesis, it’s perhaps because while we have more, what we do have holds less meaning (and IMO that goes across the board from art to personal relationships). Guys can get more sex from more women but if at the end of the day it isn’t very fulfilling then that’s a statement of its ultimate worth. I’m not trying to throw a pity party here, my life is my own and I’m responsible for it, but at the same time it’s not wrong to try to take stock of what we’ve lost and when appropriate question the value of what we’ve gained…if we’re to move forward in some informed manner we owe ourselves that much at least.

      6. It’s ironic that my title is actually accurate? Thanks =)
        I personally don’t believe people evolved to be happy. We seek out pleasure and fulfillment, but as soon as we attain it, we return to our previous level of happiness in a neverending hedonic treadmill. It’s the mechanism that has taken us from mud huts to modern cities. We don’t exist to be happy and be fulfilled by what we have, life a about constant striving driven by an insatiable will to power.

      7. Yeah, I do think it is accurate, we merely disagree on the causes I think. Good discussions are often like that.
        One thing I’ll add is on the will to power…I think most people display no such quality, it’s more a will to comfort, a will to familiarity, a will to averages. The majority doesn’t crave power, especially not of the political sort. Sure, there is a treadmill effect and the human mind will over time calibrate itself to accept poverty or luxury as “normal”, but for the most part most seek out what they know.
        And lastly, let’s not forget that the mud hut is what replaced the magnificent cities of Rome…change isn’t always good.

      8. @Casual
        Even though I agree to a certain extent, now you are using feminist points. Women were never oppressed and certainly not second class citizens. Moreover what good brought female vote? (Rhetorical question)

    3. I agree with this. There is much more to life than banging slightly attractive, irritating, and stupid sluts. Sure it’s fun, but after you’ve proven yourself and racked up a triple digit notch count you realize there is MUCH more to life than rancid cooze.
      Look at male porn stars. They bang a new girl almost every day, get to do all kinds of crazy shit to them, and are treated like a sultan on camera. Many of the girls are really hot too. But do male porn stars seem happy to you? They are not. I’ve known one who told me about the others. If banging hot broads all year made you happy, male porn stars and pro athletes would be the happiest motherfuckers in the universe, but they are far from it.
      Game and the manosphere is a reaction to a very shitty set of circumstances. Our ability to be true alpha males and patriarchs has almost been stripped away entirely, and we are left with the hollow act of “pick up” as the only way to redeem our masculinity.
      In a sense, it’s just making lemonade out of lemons.

      1. “Our ability to be true alpha males and patriarchs has almost been stripped away entirely, and we are left with the hollow act of “pick up” as the only way to redeem our masculinity.”
        Horsepuckey, liberal victimhood of the Jezebel level. What the fuck “true alpha male” things can’t you do today that you want to do? You can’t start a family and be a patriarch? Bullshit, yes you can. It’s not like a hot obedient wife was passed out to you when you turned 21 in the 1950’s. And how has your masculinity ever been threatened? If you think some bitch took your masculinity from you, you never had any to begin with. Nut the fuck up and stop crying like a school girl with a skinned knee already.

      2. “..If you think some bitch took your masculinity from you,”
        Not some bitch. The gommiment. Masculinity is largely about what you do as a man. Protect and defend stuff. When you are disarmed and banned from defending; leaving your woman and children to look to the officially sanctioned thugs for defense and protection, your masculinity is effectively stripped away.
        Standing i front of a mirror all oiled up trying to make your bicep more defined, spouting childish rude babble/negs, and trying your darndest to be all the asshole you can be; while effective today if the goal is notches, is really a pretty poor substitute for historical masculinity. Until people wake up and realize the thugs in DC have no more legitimacy than Barre had i Mogadishu, it may well be all we’ve got, though.

    4. The only guys pulling 9s and 10s in America are rock stars, pro athletes, the super rich, drug dealers, etc. America is the most competitive society on earth. I like the manosphere, but lets be real…dudes on the manosphere aren’t pulling 9s and 10s. Maybe they’re doing well for themselves, but there’s still a social hierarchy that exists.
      That said, I do agree with the author. I don’t think there has ever been a better time to be a man. We have access to so much information. It’s incredible.
      Once you get past the obvious irrational nonsense that is feminism, you realize that feminism is the best thing that ever happened to guys who have taken the red pill and ‘get it.’ For all the other beta saps out there…they might as well be living in the stone age.

  4. No, the hottest women haven’t improved. The modern idols you list are skanks. That you think implants are an improvement demonstrates just how far taste has degenerated.

      1. A virgin Marylin (I know, hyperbole) ranks above a banged up old jalopy looking like Angelina any day.
        Besides, when common marriage age was 14-18; do you really believe a hot 18 year old (just so I don’t sound like the site’s resident pedophile) 50 years ago, was not a better catch for someone wanting more than a pump and dump, than a 30-35 year old (today’s marriage age, or should I say 1st marriage age) skank looking for someone to catch her when she falls off the carousel today?
        BTW, I think ole Brad’s wife is hot as shit. I’d still prefer a virgin 18yo Marilyn to the Pittsters admittedly well kept leftovers.

      2. @Stuki Moi Sure, women married earlier back then but they aged a lot quicker too. Today a 30-year old woman can still look decently attractive if she takes good care of herself, not so much back then. And you can still date 18 year olds if that’s your thing, just go to any college campus. I’m not sure what you’re complaining about.

      3. As another poster said here a few weeks ago, if you like silicone tits, why not go all the way, silicone dolls never say no. We could even warm up some water for her love tunnel, just like the real thing with a condom on.

  5. Quote:
    “1. There Are More Beautiful Women Now Than Ever. One of the things that a lot of bloggers like to complain about is the decline of modern women. Roosh is famous for this, and has even compiled a series of pictures comparing women from the 1960s to women today. And it’s true to an extent, obesity is a big problem in America, and the average woman today is less attractive than the average woman 50 years ago. However, this is true only for average women. Who cares about average women? Let’s take a look at the hottest women around today compared to a few decades ago:”
    I’m sorry, but this is nonsense because the author stated Obesity is only true for the average woman, so why is he showcasing trophy skags as examples. And BTW the last female pictured, the blond is about to hit the wall as she appears to have a weight gain / water retention problem. So it’s all about “averages” okay, fine. The major flaw with the logic of the article is that it is the average woman that the the average guy has access to. How many average men were with any of the females shown above? Answer: none. This is why Roosh’s blog a while back comparing the the average women from the 1960s to the average tatooed fatass monsters of today is more accurate of what the average guy is now having to stare at.
    Its a waste of time to talk about the prettiest women of a country that only the rich and famous have access to.
    This whole article is exactly the kind of politically correct delusions one would read about in Men’s Health Magazine.

    1. Obviously I was using the celebrities as an extreme example. Like I said, every day I walk through the city square of major cities or college campuses, and there are tons of gorgeous girls that take good care of themselves.
      Yes, there are overweight & obese girls too, but that doesn’t change the fact there are tons of cute girls too (who in my opinion) are more attractive than girls from say the 50s or 60s. Maybe that’s just personal preference. But don’t let the obesity epidemic be your excuse process for writing off an entire country full of women.

  6. I agree. This age is worse for most of us. In the past hordes of beta-males would have died off because of the wars. There were just more available woman in the past. The remaining men were the best.
    I just returned from a walk in the city (Europe). I saw mainly males, most from Arab, African and Turkish offspring. Some unattractive females. I saw one hottie.
    If you can go to a place where you are “higher value” and where there are more females than males, yes, considering that, yes it’s a good age to live in.

    1. This sounds like an excuse to me. Guys in the past had it better than you because wars killed all them men? Ok? Interesting theory, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s easier to get women into bed today than 50 years ago. So stop looking to the past for excuses and learn to take advantage of all the opportunities in the present.

      1. Here in California, it was actually quite easy to get women into bed back in the goldrush days; as long as yo were content with whores. If Whores were not your thing, towns with 5-10% of the population being female were probably pretty tough though. Things aren’t really all that different today, come to think of it; except I suspect the percentage of female non whores have dropped even further.

      2. No it’s not. The average american female is pig vomit.I agree with the poster who replied stating the article is delusional. It’s snouts and entrails for men unless you are among the rich and famous. I too do not see ahem ‘georgous’ women – just a bunch of tatooed freaks with worms in their heads.

  7. Not all men want “notches”
    Some of them want Kingdoms.
    hence, the return of Kings.
    Alas, our kingdoms are not to be had, and this is the reason we lament.

  8. Keep in mind that the Internet and modern mass media lets us “see” many more people than we could before. You may think there are more hot girls now than they were in the past, but that’s because we have cameras focusing on them. Girls that look like Playboy models probably have always existed, the difference is that in the past we could only know and see the girls in our communities, now we can “see” girls from all over the world.

    1. And this works both ways. 100 years ago we didn’t have to compete with Ryan Gosling and Ryan Lochte in the hypergamous hearts of women. Being Alpha can innoculate you from hypergamy to an extent, but there’s always some dude she’s seeing on TV that makes her wet, too.
      You can be an apex Alpha in her tangible world today if you’re really good, but you’ll never be the apex Alpha in her mind as long as she’s got a television.

  9. Don’t forget the record number of land-whales….
    Complete misandric family courts…..
    Tax rates much higher than what caused commoners to revolt hundreds of years ago….
    H0rs H0rs H0rs galore but stymied by an ever increasing flake epidemic….
    Yes it is paradise for men, all depending upon your value system.
    But then, the day man or woman is satisfied is the day they may as well die. It is the drive to improve one’s lot in life that spurs us on to improve upon things.

  10. wait eastern europe must be a technology powerhouse no?
    are you fucking kidding me
    i’ll take the one with a few lines in the forehead over a botox-collagen perma-duckface anyday

  11. I’ve read every article on ROK since it launched and this is by far the most disappointing post. I commend the authors optimism. Maybe he’s young and full of vigor, but it is certainly NOT the best time to be a man.
    1. Beauty is relative to the times. What we find attractive now is different than want an equally aged man thought 60 years ago. Most would find the cosmetic surgery to be appauling. And the haircuts…
    2. Yes, it is much easier to get women into bed for no strings attached sex, but there’s a big cost for this. We sacrifice long term, meaningful relationships. In my 20’s I was all about the numbers. Now in my 30’s I want a small pool of high quality women, and eventually just one (ok maybe two). As Roosh mentioned a lot of men want this, and I can attest that all the guys I know want the same. Some guys are wired players for life, and thats awesome, but the rest (and majority) are not. A good woman is very hard to find these days. The more experience you have the more you will realize this.
    3. Yes, the internet has made a wealth of information available to men struggling to navigate the polluted feminist waters, but the reason the information exists, and the reason its continuing to gain appeal is because of a growing problem. Ask yourself. If everything was fine would we be here? Men are trying to make the best of a situation just like we always have. The internet is merely a tool in the game.

    1. 1) I’ll grant you that beauty is relative (to an extent). As a man of my times I do find modern women beautiful.
      2) Yes there is a cost to having lots of no-strings attached, there’s a cost to everything. You said yourself you enjoyed sleeping with lots of women in your 20s. Now that you’re a little older you want to stop shutting it up and settle down, but are having trouble finding a good woman. Now who does that remind me of?
      3) Men have always wanted to know how to get women to sleep with them. It was only with the birth of the Internet that men from around the world could come together and share what was working for them and go out and test it in an empirical manner. This sharing of knowledge took place first on the alt.seduction.fast newsgroup, then moved to the Mystery Lounge, and then blossomed into the modern pickup industry with the release of the Game. You have all those pioneers to thank for this information that we can no enjoy mostly for free.

  12. Since when did game required you to become a misogynist? A positive masculinity embraces woman for what they are and thats it. The greatest alpha males that ive seen in my life, love woman, are kind to them (always maintaining DHV of course) being charismatic,leaving women sayiing “why does he have to be married? I would kill for a man like that ” instead of the jerk/alpha that leaves woman borderline suicidal and emotinal scarred for life…becoming misogynist is like becoming a male femminist..acting with such hatred towards them just shows how butthurt some of you are..Ive been into game for a lil more than a year now..but luckily ive had some truly alphas opened my eyes and guided me towards positive masculinity …if this is what the manosphere is going to be turning into now…count me out.

      1. Mostly talking about the past post about “how a misogynist makes your game better”…its shaping men towards to negative masculinity…

      2. Fruko that post was dripping with irony and doublespeak that obviously went WAY over your head. And you should be commenting on that post about that idea, n’est ce pas?

    1. Sure go ahead and love women and be kind to them as your supposed alpha male friend does.
      Just be sure that your sexual market value is at least 35% higher than hers or else your kindness will never satisfy her hypergamy and her inner desire to be treated like shit.
      In other words: your friend’s method only works if you are a male 8 fucking female 5s and 6s.

  13. As has been pointed out already, the hotties of the past were every bit as hot as the hotties listed from the present. Lillian Russel was actually quite a hottie and moreover, it was NATURAL hotness…as you say, makeup technology has improved greatly since that photo was taken. About the only thing I see ‘wrong’ about her is in this photo she looks like she has no neck. Otherwise, we should all be so lucky…
    Notch count counts for shit, in the long run, especially if that notch count exists to boost your confidence. ANd unlike the OP, I believe promiscuity was every bit as rampant in the 50’s and 60′ as it is today, definitely so in the eyes of the ‘average’ guy (which is to say, rather limited in both instances)…does the OP seriously think things like ‘backroom abortions’, the Pill, adoption, etc were issues for Married women or something? Sure, they ‘sold’ the Pill as BC for married couples…but the upshot is the Pill sparked the Sexual Revolution -which didn’t create promiscuity, but amplified it to some degree, and more importantly it LEGITIMIZED promiscuity. So what was already happening but hidden became openly talked about. I would think this is sort of obvious, but maybe not.
    The only people I can think of that prefer things the way they are, especially if they have any inkling at all what women were like in the past (and still are in other countries), is if they really enjoy almost insurmountable challenges. LTR’s are a near impossibility in this day and age, and things are getting worse quickly.
    Again, I think the ‘cleansing’ History took in the 80’s is responsible for the cartoonish view of the past most young guys have these days. Women were every last bit as eager to give it up for the alpha badass in 1930 as they are today (although a lot less blatant about it). But the Beta had a shot at a lifetime of (usually boring) sex if he got married.
    Today, those same alphas are making out as they always have, but the Betas now no longer have even a remote possibility of a lifetime of (boring) sex, since the potential cost of Marriage is so devastatingly high, outpaced only by the skyrocketing expectations from women to be ‘marriagable’ in the first place, and even if he ‘lucks out’ and gets married, he has an even chance of losing everything because of it.
    And at one point in time Game was referred to as ‘what every guy knows’…Game is merely the reinstatement of social knowledge the Progressives and Feminists tried to eradicate (and nearly succeeded…obviously).
    All this really adds up to this:
    If all you care about is getting your dick shiny, well, then you’re a sad, empty hollow vessel of a man….and I mean that most sincerely…if your life only has meaning in relation to the quality and quantity of pussy you get, you really are the epitome of the term “Waste of skin”. Thankfully almost no one is like that beyond, say, the age of 25.
    Which means at some point, you will begin to want the things precluded by the society you say is so good for men. And on that day, you will wail and gnash your teeth in frustration.
    Long and short of it is, while it’s great to make the best of a shitty situation, this entire article depends on having about as shallow of a personality as a 3 dimensional being is capable of.

    1. “Again, I think the ‘cleansing’ History took in the 80′s is responsible for the cartoonish view of the past most young guys have these days. Women were every last bit as eager to give it up for the alpha badass in 1930 as they are today (although a lot less blatant about it). But the Beta had a shot at a lifetime of (usually boring) sex if he got married.”
      Promiscuity has always existed throughout history, no doubt. But to think that the typical women in 1930 (before contraception) were having more sex than women today is the definition of cartoonish. Yes, betas had a decent chance of getting married just for having a job, but do you think that their women felt any attraction for them or had amazing sex with them?
      The beta today can learn the game, have sex with tons of women, and decide to settle down with the women of his choosing (if he wants to). I call that progress.

      1. Ever heard of ‘Flappers’? I’ll grant you that it might not have been quite as common, but the whole idea that before recent times women were uptight is a joke. The exact same mechanisms were at play, and what you are not taking into account is the vast majority of ‘hotties’ were married, therefore usually discretion was hugely important, because hubby had to take ownership of any (Pre birth control) children that might result from promiscuity.
        This doesn’t even bring up things like nunneries (yes, they were used to ship ‘shameful’ daughters off to…for about 9 months), and skips over illegal abortion (which was a big enough social issue to make it possible to give women freedom to choose) as well.
        It’s patently obvious your grasp of your own country’s history is sadly lacking…but that is likely because you were educated after the 1980’s…which is when Progressives ‘Updated’ the textbooks….the Puritanical Bad Old Days….never existed in anything but a propagandists’ imagination.
        Did the women feel attracted to their husbands? Probably. There’s a thing called “learning to love someone” that used to be quite common before we started tossing marriages out before one had to do that. You are mistakenly applying current social mores to women in the past.
        The urges they face are the same. The social restrictions on acting on those are not. What you seem to mix up, is that appearance and reality are very rarely the same, and assume all those ‘proper’ ladies didn’t revel in taking it up the ass, or sucking off two guys at once, or some shit.
        They most certainly did….they were just more discreet when they went about doing so than nowadays.
        Let me rephrase your last sentence to more accurately reflect the real world:
        The beta today has to learn game in a constant struggle of one-upmanship, to try and have sex with tons of women (in the vain hopes it will make him ‘whole’), and decide to settle down with the women of his choosing (if he wants to risk his entire life savings, all his assets, and 30% of all future income). That’s progress?

    2. @ Factory
      To be honest the article writer sounds really young. A lot of younger guys think like this.
      Spreading your seed is all well and good, but at some point you start wanting something more. A deeper connection, a quality girl, a family. The problem is that the “something more” is getting harder and harder to find, especially outside the confines of orthodox religions. And it is getting riskier, given divorce rates and alimony laws. But that’s not an excuse for not trying. Men have to man up, not go their own way. At the end of day, hedonism and craven manipulation of women are not the solution.

      1. Oh, I’m with you on the MGTOW thing. In point of fact, so are a lot of MGTOWs. The vast majority of them will openly state that if and when it becomes something approaching safe politically and legally to be in relationships, they will. But that time is yet to come.
        You can say GYOW is cowardly or ‘beta’ all you like…to a guy who narrowly avoided a false rape charge, or had his ass handed to him via DV or Divorce proceedings….well, your approbation doesn’t really get good mileage. They are pursuing a coping strategy, not employing a preferred method, and the phenomenon is far more an indictment of just how bad things are for men, than any kind of ‘cowardliness’ or ‘misogyny’.
        So, we’re in agreement that GTOW is a ‘bad’ thing. but you say:
        “Men have to man up, not go their own way. At the end of day, hedonism and craven manipulation of women are not the solution.”
        which is a typical Traditionalist argument. This here is a good example of why MRAs exhibit behaviour many misinterpret as ‘lashing out at everyone’…
        WHY, exactly, do men ‘have to’ man up? What precisely is in it for them? Or, if the Greater Good is the issue…what exactly is Greater Society doing FOR men instead of TO them? Where’s the value in complying with demands to ‘man up’?
        And when Hedonism is the cultural norm, and manipulation of women is expected (and she acts accordingly towards men as well), well, what exactly is the problem they are not the ‘solution’ to? And what IS the ‘solution’?
        None of these questions are ever answered with any kind of honesty. Usually, they are dismissed with excuses of ‘too much work’, or that people will ‘probably not listen anyway, so why bother?’. But I think it behooves anyone who would take the viewpoint you do, to at least think about these questions. Think about the way men are treated and viewed, the bias in Law and social custom they are expected to just accept. The misery heaped on them, the blame, the ridicule…used to justify ever more injustice in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘social justice’ in much the same tone of voice these Traditional arguments are spoken in.
        When I hear “Man Up” from people, the first thing I think is “Why the fuck should I? What’s in it for me?” And so far, no one has provided an answer.

        1. I’ll provide you with the answer.
          Man Up is a term addressed to the post baby boomer generation, especially anyone born from 1960s onwards who grew up as a male with a mother and father who had been heavily exposed to the toxins of feminism.
          The boys from the 60s onwards are heavily feminized mainly by their mothers. They are mommies boys. They need constant attention and approval and are quite insecure, especially around women.
          You can find these guys especially from generation X onwards. Great guys,intelligent, funny, lively, creative, and then they get some girl friend that sucks the life out of them.
          How is it possible that some great 18+ guy turns into a total sap around is 16-20 something girl friend. It’s scarey. I actually avoided girls to some extent because I saw what they did to guys. I sort out a woman and got married young. Didn’t work out in the end but was a lot better than these girlie relationships.
          So basically man up tells the guys not to put up with the fem. BS. If she’s behaving like a bitch, tell her where to go. Don’t answer he calls, go sleep with someone else, just don’t suck up her BS.
          Man Up = Break the Bitch in.

      2. ^ This.
        “Man up” is the cri de couer of weak men. The script is always the same: to shame you into jeopardizing your well-being for their benefit.
        That sounds pretty “manipulative” and “craven” to me, Tigre.
        FYI, going your own way does not require celibacy. It simply means awareness and avoidance of poor choices that can fuck up your life like marriage or cohabitation in the Anglosphere.

  14. “We are living in the best time right now to be a man.”
    It may also be the last time you can BE a man, literally, with testosterone levels in males making a dive.
    The article speaks of truths and facts, yet many things may be disputed.

  15. The allure of readily available sex has its charms, of course. And we are living in an age when sex on demand is more available (from regular girls) than it used to be. In previous eras, sex on demand was just as available, but you had to go to a brothel or the town whore to slake your lust. Sex outside of marriage was confined to prostitution, for the most part. Even in a city like Kansas City, in the conservative midwest, there were many brothels in the early 20th century.
    There are no brothels now in the US (excepting a very few areas), but it is possible to get sex out of marriage very easily. The paradox of this new situation is that this situation has had the effect of corrupting women, so that women in the US are now not very good marriage material. I know there are other factors, but I am beginning to think that easy promiscuity carries with it a high price tag…for women at least.
    The older I get, the more I realize that the old school ways had a lot of merit. Female virtue and its protection has a lot to recommend for itself. Whores make bad girlfriends and wives. Birth control, feminism, and easy sex has come with a high price…and we are paying it now.
    There’s no going back, of course, but think of this: St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas were actually in favor or prostitution. Why? They thought it would protect women of virtue from male lust.

  16. If you are Alpha, life is good, very good. Never been better.
    If you are Beta, life is bad, very bad. And it will get worse. Much worse on a global scale.
    Such is the way of nature. Everything in life is about sex. Men are clawing to stay on top of the pile. They are fighting fighting fighting with increasing frenzy to compete for sexual access to babes. And with that, comes war.
    Here is a question:
    What is China going to do with their 15 million bachelors? Involuntary celibacy is their doom.
    The Birth Control has been the most significant event of Western History. Do not doubt the god of human biomechanics. The Pill has unleashed the demons from the depths of hell.
    Never forget this: women prefer to be in harems. They would much rather share an Alpha than have their own Beta.
    If you are a man, you must must must become Alpha. Game is your only salvation.
    Western governments MUST eventually legalize drugs to put single bachelor men in a coma, and rev up the video game and porn machines, (or simply imprison them via an extensive Police State) or else they will face the next French Revolution.

    1. If you are a beta, you have access to the game which can help you be not-so-beta, which is better than guys have had it in the past.
      No idea about China. They’ll probably start a war or something.

      1. Beta guys in the past had a pretty reasonable chance to marry a woman who looked after herself, respected and appreciated her husband and wanted to raise a family. Now? Not so much. More like a small chance (if you’re lucky) of getting with some intoxicated egotist once every few months or so. How rewarding.
        But that’s OK, because China’s probably going to start a war or something…yup, it’s better then it’s ever been I tell you!

      2. You have to take into account that such concepts (alpha, beta are relative). In our great great grandparent times, the “betas” for sure were more alpha than most men alive today. Today’s betas were omegas or society dregs of the times of yore. That’s why even in arranged marriages attraction took hold.

    2. Approach-style game does NOT make you alpha.
      All approach-style game does is increase your quantity at the cost of some quality.
      What really makes you alpha is things like fitness and fashion to optimize looks, and career to build money and status. This takes years (your whole twenties, basically) and is hard, very hard work, and may not even be possible given your baseline characteristics (if you’re not smart enough to get into an elite career like medicine, high finance or biglaw, well, you’re kinda screwed).
      Now you can call all these things “game” but to me that’s too broad a definition.
      Becoming alpha is much more and much harder than simply approaching a lot of women and running aloof/cocky game. If it were that easy, there would be no betas left!

  17. ”There Are More Beautiful Women Now Than Ever”
    Fair enough, we DO have better health care systems and with better treatments for diseases, as a consequence we don’t lose so many good ones. But you can’t just take three photos with 50 years apart, one of which is 90 years old, and compare the pasts female ideals with today’s plastic surgery ideals. And how again do you measure beauty? Surely there are female ideals, but a rock hard boner test is what it all comes down to. Besides comparing Marilyn Monroe with Angelina Jolie just doesn’t make sense, who would you rather fuck? Luckily we will never have to choose
    “It’s Easier To Get Women Into Bed Than Ever”
    Well, it depends. You should swing by Denmark at give it a shot, apparently I’m not living in the wrong side of the country, but it still sucks.
    Your argument regarding contraception might seem obvious; the less “risk” involved in a sexual encounter, the more willing the girls are. But the thing about the pill is that it tricks the body to “think” that it is already pregnant, and therefor you can’t get pregnant again. The problem is that “pregnant” girls want a caretaker for their child, not a promiscuous alpha. “Pregnant” girls wants a beta, who will hang around and provide food and shelter, and a lot of relationships have and will go down the drain, when the “couple” decides to get pregnant for real, and the girl drops the pill. When the girl discovers her non-pregnant self, she now wants the alpha male, and are no longer interested in the xbox playing beta male at home.
    Personally I don’t really care how easy it is to get girls into bed, my current situation is bad enough being Danish anyway, so if she is on the pill or she is not into me, I’ll just move on to the next one.
    “We Have Knowledge Of The Game”
    COME ON! A whole lot of fucking was going on before The Game. Players and Alphas have be around since the dawn of man. I give you, that it is easier now then ever to search information, but I don’t care how much secret knowledge a man possess, if he doesn’t apply it in the field, nothing is going to happen, and the field has always been around for testing.
    I think in general that you are jumping to conclusions, whoever I would much rather read this kind of article, then the other kind of bullshit you guys have been putting out, “Five Cars You Can’t Afford”, “Top Eight Bodybuilders”, please explain how that is going to improve my life? No, I want articles that stimulates my intellect, and heightens my potential as a man.
    Apart from the not so great content here and there, you guys are running a manly website, and for that I tip my hat. Good day to you all.

  18. Jesus Christ people, you fuckers bitch more than women.
    Newsflash – there was never any Golden Age of men. 100 years ago, sure women were more feminine, etc. but unless you were a Carnegie or Rockafeller, you were probably going to die of black lung at 50 years old, had an arm chopped off by some new-fangled industrial age machine or sent to die from mustard gas in a goddamn trench because some Prussian royalty was shot. Oh, the wonderful 50’s were everybody was living with PTSD from WWII and addicted to all the new drugs while beating their wives in suburbia. Wonderful.
    Life has been and will always be a pain in the ass for one reason or the other, but right now we have more options than ever. Want to rack up a notch count? Stay in the States. Want to raise a passel of youngins? Go abroad or to the south. If you want your kingdom, unless you are some inbred nobility, you have to work for it. So suck it up and do it.

    1. Excellent reply. It’s damn near impossible to write anything optimistic on this blog without receiving a barrage of hate and complaints. Life is and always has been what you make of it – nothing more and nothing less. We’ve lost some of the advantages America had decades ago, but gained plenty more. And as others has reiterated here, the most important thing is that we now have options. You now have more options to make your life badass (whether that be notches/LTRs/harems/whatever), so go stop bitching about how today sucks compared to the “good ol’ days” and go fucking do it.

      1. I have to add too that at least this all we have so it behooves us to make the best of it. To quote Rod Serling from the original Twilight Zone TV series: “The place is here, the time is now….” We cannot go to another era, and even if we could we might find things we do not like, and realize it wasn’t so perfect after all.

  19. I agree 100% with the author.
    Life is exponentially better today than in any other time in history. I can’t imagine living in a time where I was not able to work anywhere in the world as long as I had a computer and an internet connection. I can travel to almost any country on earth with one debit card and one credit card and get local currency with ease. I can book a hotel room while flying on a plane 30 minutes before I arrive in a city.
    I would rather live today and deal with the few downfalls that everyone in the comments seems to bitch about. Everyone always thinks “the grass is greener on the other side.”
    Guess what… Tomorrow is going to be even better.

  20. Angelina Jolie has a serious manjaw and Beyonce has the legs of an NFL defensive linesman…added to those legs of hers, she is a wannabe white woman. Scarlett Johannsen is average looking to me….I wonder what she looks like without all that makeup. Anyhoo, life today is great if you are an alpha male because game comes to you naturally and women will be attracted to you naturally; life today has the potential to be good for betas because of the manosphere and theavailable knowledge of game; remember, if you develop your game and have confidence and a positive masculinity and if you instill dread game, you can very well get the woman and relationship you desire here in the US.

  21. Acting like a man will get you fired from work or socially ostracized, and in some ways has literally been criminalized depending on where you live. Womens egos are so over inflated and they have so much sexual power that many of them are incapable of feeling attachment anymore. The family has been destroyed, and if you were dumb enough to have one, you are no longer the head of your household but instead the state is.
    But yes, this situation is so awesome because we can fuck sluts. Yay.

    1. More manosphere victimhood. Give specifics. How will acting like a “man” get you fired? What exactly do you want to do at work? Watch porn and drink beer? Show up and do your job for 8 hours and go the fuck home. That’s what men have done since the beginning of the industrial age. This idea of a profession you love only appeared in the last 30 years with the rise of feminism, well past the supposed golden age for men. If you want a time when men could be men be ready for shitty working conditions and bosses that can fire you on a whim.

      1. Making observasions doesn’t equate to screaming victimhood like an MRA. I’m not pushing for legal action.
        Do you really have to ask how not being a good boy who does what you’re told and says the right things, even in your personal life, can potentially get you shit canned if it gets around to the wrong people? Why do you think people here write under pen names? And I would be fine with shittier working conditions and with the boss having control, so long as I never had to take an order from a woman in the work place, particularly in the military or law enforcement.
        As for criminalized, it used to be that the protection of your property, self, and loved ones was one of your primary concerns as a man, now your first reaction is that not only is somone else suppose to handle this for you, but that you can face severe consequences if you attempt to.
        I’m in the minority though. Most men seem to be happy enough to sacrifice most of the masculine fulfillment in their lives to avoid enduring too much difficulty; physcial, social, or moral.
        I squeeze what good I can out of the situation, but I don’t have to be happy with all of it. I do want to live in a world where I can feel like a man and not a person. Make fun of it all you want, but some of us are climbing the walls.

      2. A few months back Roosh posted an anecdote wherein a young male relative of his was heavily disciplined by his school for laughing while a friend of his made fun of someone else. He was forced to sign a “contract” that stated he wouldn’t hang out with that friend anymore. From my experiences in the school system that’s not even an uncommon thing and it’s surely gotten far worse since I left.
        Specific enough for you? Hedge all you like but today’s society disapproves of masculinity.

  22. We live in an aberration. What kind of society will we have when everyone realizes acting alpha gets you women, settling down and raising a quiet family working a job gets you squat?
    A terrible society. The future is the ghetto is we keep this up.

  23. I read a comment yesterday about the unlimited cycle of nostalgia.
    The writer mentioned Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris. Every night at midnight, he was taken back to 1920s Paris, the place and time he thought to be the acme of culture. He meets a Parisian girl and had an affair with her, yet she longs to be transported back to 1880s Paris because that, of course, was better than the 1920s.
    I am older than all of you at 57.
    Yes, I admit there was quite a lot about being in my 20s from 1975-1985 that was very good. A lot of it was structural and a lot of it was societal. The baby boom came of age and that group of people born from 1948 to 1962 with the bulk being born from 1953 to 1962 found a country of 150 million people and jumped it up to 225 million. Television was only beginning and mass media was quite limited compared to even what existed in the 1980s. The country was practically unpopulated. Great swaths of the west had nothing there. I went to Huntington beach in 1974 and we parked on the side of the PCH, literally just pulled over. I went back to visit that spot years later and it was gone, literally the whole landscape had been transformed and is highly developed with wall to wall houses, malls, buildings.
    The Boomers literally burst onto the scene and overwhelmed the country in unexpected ways. Every where I went, everyone was young. If we went to some public swimming pool, it was jammed with kids, then later teenagers, then later girls. Whatever phase of life I was in, there were millions in the same phase. So for those reasons, the sheer number of young people, also that everyone was just so damned naive, old values where being questioned, cast aside, and people starting living differently. And the police and the laws just had not caught up and it was a very free time.
    But I look at that time as a transition time. It was one brief moment in time and it ended most rickytick. But it was very aberrant in history. Who knows why, a combination of being the a major victor in a war that decimated the world, a major demographic bubble before resource limits set in, advancing technology, surplus food for the first time in history, manufacturing advantage, a wide open countryside chocked full of raw materials, petroleum, a veritable clean slate, both geographically, socially, and culturally.
    So I got to live a life that my dad didn’t and you won’t. Best of the old, best of the new. But it was over fast, by 1990. It was already changing, getting shittier for younger men. The demographics had changed, people were mostly older, and fewer young people were being born. It started sucking for guys in clubs with 2 guys for every girl. Marriage rates started falling, divorce started increasing. But even those days, the 90s, and even these days are a fucking cake walk to what came before me.
    I compare even my life to the life of my father. He was 22 in 1941. He had grown up, poor, dirt poor, during the depression. He got drafted. They sent his ass off to Germany and tried to get him killed. He described being shelled to me as sounding like a Volkwagon falling from the sky. That shit went on for years for him.
    He came back home with little prospects and was forced into a dead end job. He began to date my mother and realized the limits of his situation in a smallish city in a backward southern state and rejoined the military. He had no other option. Nobody went to college back then. He wasn’t from the north where there were factories. There was no building boom. No ready construction jobs. Elites controlled everything and everyone else sucked shit. He was born in 1919 and this was 1948. That would make him 29. His teens were spent in the depression and the depression in the south sucked worse than it did in almost any place other than Oklahoma and the Imperial Valley in California, the scene of The Grapes of Wrath. He started work at 12. At fucking 12. At 12, I had a Sting Ray bike and I played Little League. He had literally maybe 2 free years in that 29 years. Within the next 10 years, my mother put 6 kids on him. Six fucking kids. One died at 3 months old. The houses back then were remarkably small by today’s standards, maybe 1000 sq feet, 3 bedrooms. We got a 4 bedroom in 1968. He was packed into that house with a woman and 5 kids. He had no room for error, constant pressure, my mother was on him constantly about something. I never wanted his life. I saw that early and I did not marry until I was 32 years old and didn’t have a kid until I was 39 and only because it was have it or get divorced. My mother died before him. They spent the last 10 years sleeping in separate rooms. He never attempted to find another woman after she died. At the time, we all thought, “He must be so lonely.” He wasn’t. He was sick of women. Sick of someone on his ass all the time. Sick of the pressure. And he reveled in spending his final years as a free man.
    My grandfather had 11 kids. 11 fucking kids. During the Great Depressions in Mississippi. Can you imagine the pressure?
    You want to pine over how attractive those women back then were, how feminine they were. What the fuck do you think those women looked like after 11 kids? Sacks of shit. All the mothers when I was kid were butt ugly. And generation before them were even uglier.
    My grandfather worked his ass off, physically and he died at 60 of a heart attack while he was on the shitter taking a crap. That is only 3 years away from my age right now. And because of the stress free life I have lead, the nature of how I was able to live, I could not imagine dying in 3 years. I have literally nothing wrong with me. And in my mind and in my body, I don’t feel a bit different then I felt when I was 30.
    Those people were miserable in a way you are not. They were trapped with no other options. Many writers have written over the insanity that existed in America during the 1950s. It is easy to take a few ideas and blow them up into a romantic notion that appears nostalgic to you.
    It is easy for you to say “Dude I got a 100+ notches and it really wasn’t any big deal, but I can’t find a decent girl to settle down with.” Try the alternative. You maybe fucked 5 women in your life. And one was your wife, the same old tired woman for forever. You would be obsessed with neurosis. Wondering. Fantasizing. Perverted. If you have this idea about all these happy old couples back then, you are wrong. They fucking hated each other. So today your wife loses attraction for you and divorces, back then she hounded you into the ground and made you miserable.
    And that is where my themes in comments come from. You are fucking free in way no other men have ever been free in the history of the world. You have options in life those men never had. You get to live your life free of the slavery, the fear, the pressure, the monotony that your grandfathers and all of those generations of men before them had to endure.
    Face it, we are all obsessed by women, driven by sex. You wouldn’t be here if you were not. Every thing you know about women tells you to fucking leave them alone, yet you can’t. I can’t. Even as a 57 year old man burnt out motherfucker that has experienced about every shitty thing that a woman can do a man, I am still obsessed with them. Yet I am still fucking here. Still reading about game. And for what? Am I fucking going out to a club tonight and throw negs?
    Dum spiro spero means “While I breathe, I hope” in Latin and is generally attributed to Cicero. So then, Dum spiro spero, motherfuckers, every one of you is the same way.
    And yes there is some bad shit and prices to pay, but I do not have to trade my freedom any fucking more merely because I happened to be born with a dick and have 18 times the testosterone as a woman has and I want to fuck them.
    And I’ll fucking take the trade. Because I have seen that other way like the rest of you haven’t.
    Let me ask you a question, how many notches would you have, how many flags, how many travel books would you have written if any one of the first 10 women you slept with had decided to put a Baby Trap on you? They didn’t because they want options also. But if one of those women had thought, “Hey you know what, I want a baby, I want me a hairy little baby and that Roosh is gonna be the daddy.”, you would have been trapped, locked into a life over which you had no control.
    So that’s my theme. It has been and will continue to be. Them become liberated has liberated you from a trapped life, free to pursue your goals, your choices, and your options in a way that Joe B Minter and Joe H Minter never were afforded. It is a monumental change and will take a total change of thinking, a total different consciousness on your part. And it human nature to hang on to institutions of the past and to romanticize them.
    And for that you will pay a price. You won’t have a little snuggle bunny best friend wifey that you can depend on when you want to “settle down”.
    But you also free to pursue your goals. Free to live without what I call the Idiocy of Marriage, standing around holding some woman’s purse. And thirty something ain’t shit for age. You have a long ass life ahead of you. You are young as a motherfucker.
    So yeah, you got it good as a motherfucker, and you need to find your own version of YOLO. A man’s version. And I think you are doing a good job of it and showing others how to do it.
    And that is why we are all here, to work that shit out, and to find out what that could be and should be.

    1. I am acutely aware of this ever since I started reading history books. Life as a bomber pilot dying on your first mission, life in a prison camp in Siberia, life trying to fight the Japanese navy. I never fret about anything anymore. Have some report due for work? Big fucking deal. I’ll eat my belly full and aren’t about to die from some sadistic prison guard feeling like shooting someone tonight.
      One of my grandfathers was born to a 16 year old girl who got pregnant by the town doctor (our best guess) on some farm in the middle of bumble. Had a few years of school, but always had to work in a farm or drive trucks to earn a living. Then WW2 came. Eventually worked his way up into a decent middle class existence with a loving wife, but the suffering and daily misery along the way.. We cannot really imagine it.

    2. I’d trade in my shitty corporate gig and wanton sluts for 11 healthy kids and a loving wife any day. To each is own.

    3. Mark, you really oughta make your own blog. The advice and wisdom you share should be accessible to more than just dudes who stumble upon them in comment sections. Seriously, thank you.

  24. “Casual” is clearly a cultural libertine in the mold of the feminists, if it feels good, do it. Most people around here, thus the negative comments, are cultural conservatives. I am a cultural conservative. I don’t find a lifetime of banging emotionally disturbed, Prozac addicted whores who will soon as hell leave me whenever they get “bored,” forcing me to leave them “first” to be “amazing.” I find it tragic.

    1. Would you find a lifetime of being married to one woman who cannot stand you but cannot leave you because neither one of you can legally initiate a divorce any more palatable? This was the reality, for most men and women, of those halcyon days for which “cultural conservatives” long. Mark Minter, above, basically fucking nails it. Those happy days of yore never existed.

      1. Sacrifice for the -greater good- is the BIGGEST SCAM perpetrated on men since the beginning of time by women. There is no greater good when your children see you twice an month and have none of your ideals, none of your wisdom, none of your anyfuckingthing. Your genes mean NOTHING at that point when you have no influence over them. Just generic fucking code, like BASIC.

    2. Great post. You should have added “who will soon be tearing their hair out by the roots in grief once they enter their 40’s and realise that they have nothing” to that description. It is tragic.

  25. I am older than Minter and second his comments with just one other observation. I thought the purpose of the “spere” and blogs like this was to help reticent, shy beta guys learn some behavioral patterns that would get them laid. And it works. In part because of the insane promiscuity promoted by the fems. Which, naturally, makes fewer girls LTR worthy. So what? If you can’t roll back the fem tide at least you can have fun in your 20s. More than most of us had. Like someone above said, this is about making lemonade out of lemons. The LTR stuff is a whole different ball game. See Athol Kay for that.

  26. The issue of nostalgia has been well-covered here by a few guys who’ve seen far more than I have. What I would add is that time as a variable defies the quick and easy answers. Where this is most obvious is in the comparison of sex symbols. In my view, this is as silly as comparing each era’s fashion sense…it’s entirely relative at every step and has no bearing on the main question. Men in the 1920s never saw a picture of Beyonce and yet managed to find plenty of contemporary women just as desirable as we find Beyonce today…so what’s the point of the argument? You might as well say that the modern era is better because 1920s accents sound annoying to our ears…they wouldn’t seem so to anyone from that time and place so it’s a moot point.
    By the way, if you search for sex symbols of the 1920s you’ll find numerous women a lot more attractive to us than the one pictured. If anything, women (along with men) have gotten more obese and (unlike men) less feminine in recent decades, and it’s becoming so ubiquitous that fashion is starting to revolve (ha) around that unfortunate development (hence the preponderance of baggy tops to hide chubby stomachs). Although I have no way of knowing this I’d also wager that most pre-70s women could summon more feminine charm than most women today. If we were sent back to the 60s we’d get less easy sex but the process might very well prove far more enjoyable when all’s said and done.
    Further, you mention that we have access to game knowledge nowadays…first of all, the methods of the player have been out there at least since Casanova put down his quill. Second, previous generations didn’t have nearly the need for it as we do today, because now game isn’t an option for most men, you either get it or you sink silently beneath the waves. Third, from what I can tell most guys who reach the manosphere do so because the advice of friends and relatives either doesn’t work or isn’t there in the first place. We go to the internet because we have to, because all the platitudes of a bygone social scene are inadequate to the stormy present. In other words, the manosphere exists because no one has any clue about how to figure things out…no wonder people are all pissed off.
    We’re all here because we want to improve ourselves, because we want to make the very best of the hands we’ve been dealt. That doesn’t, however, mean we shouldn’t call a spade a spade. I’m grateful for a huge amount of changes made in the last 100 years (or 1000 years for that matter), I’m extremely thankful that I have a staggering percentage of human knowledge at my fingertips, that I can realistically see a huge portion of the globe with less effort than ever before, that I’m safe from a lot of diseases that killed our ancestors, that I can date non-white women without being ostracized and so on…but that isn’t tantamount to an endorsement of everything that’s been ballsed up (and make no mistake, plenty has been very ballsed up). Progress is almost never a linear thing, and what we gain with each smartphone app doesn’t discount what we lose as a community.

  27. “Compared to the past, we are living in the Golden Age. At no previous time in history have you had access to so many different women of different races, different countries, and different social classes. And at no time in history has it been more culturally acceptable for those women to sleep with you for a one-night stand (a term which was coined in 1963).”
    so true now adays but the conservative cultures are still dominent in africa middle east south asia and the caucaus. but unless they born in america and are not ina community of that culutre…chances are better to bed them then

    1. its also a trade off for those girls …do they want to ride the carosel ….or do they wanna marry an have kids.
      even the western girls have to realize that

  28. I like living in a time when I can get food, information and entertainment with little effort. Not everyone in the world has that luxury even today, and sadly, we’re entering a period of less abundance.
    I’ve never cared much about the past, except as a way to connect the dots into the future, though now I wish I could settle down and enjoy the present…especially now that my future oriented mind sees mostly death and decay for several decades.
    So yes, enjoy the world as it is today because it’s only getting worse IMO.

  29. Yeah yeah getting to fuck an epidemic of self entitled land whales, skanky club rats and maybe the odd one who’s learnt to reign in her hypergamic instincts is great and everything but what about the other 90% of men? Been paying much attention to the fem taliored education system and male dropout rates lately? Male suicide rates? Divorce industry/anti-family courts?The average man trying to aquire his own castle? Plummeting testosterone levels? Overly PC work enviornments? I laughed at the above poster who said masculinity is not criminalized now. Even in all male environments you still have to walk on eggshells and mind your P’s and Q’s in case there’s a sensitive one who’s feelings might get hurt. The original post smacks of a naive young man who’s found game and still on a notch count high mixed with the usual blue pill “man up” rhetoric.
    The mere fact the author has felt the need to continually defend and chime in with “but , but” the number of times he has at a site full of aware men shows his opinion piece doesn’t quite gel with the reality of what’s really going on .
    @Dr Zoidberg
    “‘Newsflash – there was never any Golden Age of men. 100 years ago, sure women were more feminine, etc””
    You can’t be serious with that statement, there is no coming back from that and it can’t be justified no matter how you try and frame it. Less feminine women is a disaster buddy, unless you swing both ways there is no covering that particular turd in glitter and trying to sell it to men.

    1. You would rather lead a shitty life working a shitty job until you died at 60 while trapped to one baby making machine just because she would never wear jeans and do all your chores for you? You’re the fucked up one dude.

      1. Shitty jobs weren’t abolished in 1970, marriage is legally speaking even more of a trap than it used to be and feminism didn’t increase the average life expectancy. Anything else you need to be reminded of?

      2. @Dr.Zoidberg
        “”You would rather lead a shitty life working a shitty job until you died at 60 while trapped to one baby making machine just because she would never wear jeans and do all your chores for you? You’re the fucked up one dude.””
        You have a strange perception of what “feminine” actually means my friend. Which leads me to my next thought, I wonder if there are some youngsters here who may have never even met a truly feminine woman and what a woman such as that can bring to the table (heh), so in a sense they may nothing to compare it with in as far anything beyond our modern day carousel riders.

  30. “We´ve never had it better”: is a good attitude to have, which doesn´t mean necessarily it has to be true. Let´s see:
    1. There Are More Beautiful Women Now Than Ever:
    There are comparatively less 9´s and 10´s. Women used to wear dresses and skirts, which are more feminine. Fewer than 5% look good with trousers. Only sailors and convicts wore tatoos in the bad old days, while every single woman these days has a tattoo of some kind. I don´t know about you youngsters, but they turn me off. So do shaved pubis.
    Fifty years ago, even 20 years ago, women smoked far less and weren´t on the pill. They also had lower testosterone and stress levels. Needless to say, they had more beautiful skin and lush hair, because all of the above is very bad for your hair and skin.
    Obesity: we don´t even have to go there. Vision defects: over 70 percent of women today have some kind of impairment, either near- or far-sightedness. Eyes are the most important factor in a beautiful face, and globulous or sunken eyes aren´t beautiful. A slightly unfocused or strabic stare is unattractive. Correction doesn´t improve things: I find the blinking eyes of contact lenses wearers very disturbing. Glasses are better in this regard but they definitively don´t improve facial harmony.
    2. It’s Easier To Get Women Into Bed Than Ever
    Probably, but it´s more challenging to seduce regular girls rather than whores. And I´d rather go to bed with a woman who hasn´t fucked in a year than one still dripping semen from her last tryst. Too much sex makes women blase and satiated.
    3. We Have Knowledge Of The Game
    Sure enough, game has made explicit what used to be an implicit knowledge. We wouldn´t need pick up manuals and seminars if feminism and fatherlessness hadn´t made most young males moral castrates.
    In summary:
    Men had it much better in the past before feminism.
    1) Father custody: you didn´t have to pay for kids you
    weren´t raising. If she was raising them, they were bastards.
    2) No women in the work place. You didn´t have to put up with bitchy female bosses or harpy female co-workers, or minimally so. Women weren´t promoted over men.
    3) Female hypergamy was kept in check by the patriarchy. Women knew their place.
    4) Less inter- racial and inter -generational poaching. Women didn´t want to be caught dead with a man not their age or race. No cougars. Less competition for men.
    5) A man with a job and a pulse could always get laid or marry. The old order was a better deal both for alphas and betas.
    6) Slut shaming ensured there were more quality women. They had to put on a facade of respectability.
    7) Men got more respect. We weren´t moral lepers. More like the salt of the earth. We ran things and didn´t have to put up with female nonsense by force of law like today.
    8) No divorce rape laws. Women could stand to lose big during divorce, that is if divorce was available at all.
    9) You could get married and have a mistress. The wife had to shut up.
    10) It was cheaper to be a sugar daddy. If you were paying, they´d better put up
    11) A stable and conservative society to return to once you´re done with partying. The moral compass is always there. Being a bohemian in a traditional society beats partying in a neverending Gomorrah. You´re having more of the fun. There are fewer rival revellers. More naive girls to seduce.Transgression has no meaning if it´s mandatory.
    You´ve got to be delusional to believe men have it better today.

    1. “Fifty years ago, even 20 years ago, women smoked far less ”
      Actually 50 years ago women smoked cigarettes much more than they do today.

  31. Roosh, a friendly advice: Consider to establish some quality control for the articles on this site. I think it is nice to have variety of opinion and freedom of expression, but some of the latest articles have been naive, self-important and trite. They are a sophomoric attempts. Or maybe this site wants to target exclusively the high-school, early college crowd. It is fine I guess, but I really think a more mature approach will benefit all.

  32. Replace Mark Minter’s comment with the blog post, and it would have been great. Flawed argument/logic, but valid point.

  33. For red pill guys in the West, this is a great time to live for the moment (experiences) but not such a great time live for the future (legacy).

  34. Off topic: I just saw one of those “He went to Jared” commercials on TV. Is there any ad filled with more beta-targeted nonsense? Anywhere?
    A fool and his money are soon parted so, I suppose, these commercials help select the highly profitable sheep from the rest.

  35. the problem is not dating, if you want to be a single guy and date that’s easy, that’s been easy since the 1920s for gods sakes.
    the problem is having a decent long term relationship
    dating takes a lot of time, energy and preparation and has to be repeated again and again.
    whereas a proper relationship ought to be much more intelligent….. supposedly it gets down to business to build something concrete.
    until she starts acting up and backing out of it…
    then you get to exclusively date a fat, angry, depressed, single mother, that hates you,and who you are liable financially to support.
    now please tell me your dating manuals will deal with that situation.

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