Where Beta Males Are Polished To Perfection

Part of being plugged into the matrix is buying into the ludicrous myth that working in an office making $40,000/year with benefits and a 401K with stock options is the path to financial solvency and subsequently a happy life.  To be fair, there are parts of this have some measure of truth but one of the biggest reasons we relentlessly pursue careers in a fancy building is to impress the ladies.

There’s little doubt that there is a certain sophistication and status that comes with wearing a shirt and tie to work Monday through Friday for 40 hours a week.  Truth is women do look favorably on men who are well-dressed on a regular basis.  Most women drool over men in uniform but most of that sex appeal is the stability that uniform represents.  A man in a suit is in his uniform and boy is it ever the pussy magnet. Proof of this can be seen on weekday mornings in any coffee shop across the West. Baristas in every corner the Anglo sphere shamelessly flirt with men in suits every morning because the Beta Bux side of her hypergamy is directly engaged.

However, there is a terrible price to be paid for selling your soul to the office devil:  your balls.  Outside of a few law firms and a hand full specialty or auxiliary office environments, the typical Western office job is a soul sucking, testosterone draining cesspool masquerading as the best way to earn a living. Now that females make up most of the work force, feminist laden agendas and rules have made the work place a source of anxiety for men.  The mentally draining monotony of their work is pressure enough without the long arm of girl power friendly regulations to keep them in line.  Gone are the days of male dominated offices where the presence of a female was only needed to answer the phone, make the coffee, look pretty for visiting clients, and fuck the boss if his day was particularly stressful.

A few hours in an average cubicle farm is enough to depress even the most crimson of red pill alphas.  The men look defeated and are uncomfortably twitchy, the women are overweight and overconfident, and the smell of the bad coffee serving as the backdrop is the icing on the cake.  Yet despite all of the evident deterrents, men fall all over themselves trying to land one of these precious positions.  Unbeknownst to them they’re merely enrolling in the finishing school known as The University of Beta for their Masters Degree in Pussification.


When Western men graduate from college they are an unfinished product—an undistinguishable wooden figure pre-treated by feminine conditioning and ready for refinement.  They enter the woodman’s shop with dreams of promotions, power lunches, and the keys to pussy paradise.  They know that with hard work, dedication, and playing by the rules they’ll be up to their eye balls in beautiful young women fighting each other for their hand in marriage.

The first step in the beta refinement process begins by making them as physically unattractive as possible. Making them sit for 8 hours a day is just the beginning of their new found sedentary life style—a far cry from college life.  Intramural softball and ultimate frisbee made it relatively easy to stay in shape on campus but the most exercise they’ll ever get in an office is the occasional bathroom break and a few trips to the vending machine for an energy drink loaded with sugar which will surely add to their expanding waist lines.

As if sitting on their asses all day isn’t bad enough, most hum drum offices employ dress codes that discourage males from exhibiting any kind of individuality.  While women can wear pretty much whatever they want, men are often restricted to wearing khakis or slacks and prohibited from wearing shirts in colors that are out of the ordinary or “loud”—code for “anything other than white or taupe.”

Now before women reading this and start yammering about the faux dress code for women in the new hire packet, we all know it’s almost never enforced. You and your fellow cubicle cows wouldn’t make a daily habit of vindictively whispering about Ashley’s revealing outfits if the human resources heffer stopped taking cigarette breaks every 15 minutes and actually did her job.

Along with allowing women to check their Facebook statuses and talk on their phones at their desks (or anything else not pertaining to being a productive employee), this further drills the idea into the mind of men that women can do whatever they want, whenever they want, without repercussions or accountability simply because they’re born with vaginas.

So now that the rough edges of our fledgling betas have been carefully sanded and smoothed out, it’s time for the next step.


The betapalooza known as the common American office is rife with badly dressed men with high pitched voices and bad ties.   There’s also no shortage of overweight, unattractive women prancing around as if they’re at the top of the sexual food chain. Having worked in these hell holes myself, I’d say that 95% to 99% of the average female office worker falls between a 0 and a 6/10.  Sure there’s the occasional 7 and the even rarer 8 but they’re few and far between and wouldn’t be caught dead socializing with a beta other than to get ahead or manipulate some sort of favor or favoritism.

Unfortunately this makes the 5s and 6s the crown jewels of the office work force.  The newly sanded beta is exposed to these subpar, mediocre fatties hour after hour, day after day, year after year. After a while they actually believe that these portly princesses are the cream of the crop. Eventually their mindset is stained with the false reality that fleshy office broads are as good as it gets.  Every so often they’ll attempt to throw terrible game at Ashley but they’ll fall on their faces because they’re unable to give her the tingles like the unemployed guitar player she’s banging.

This is a harsh reality for men after being fed the Disney dream their entire adolescent lives. A man’s natural ability to adapt to his circumstances (however bad they may be) works against him in this case because his mind tells him that he must eat shit, pretend it’s caviar by calling it and treating it as such, and like it. The result is an entire generation of males who have accepted the fact that their world is only inhabited by two kinds of women:  the desirable ones impossible to win over with the faulty tools they’ve been given and the beefy ones who require expensive dinners and gifts before giving them the privilege of seeing their unsightly naked bodies.  This is the very point where feminists have men right where they want them.


Into the kiln the beta goes to permanently harden the principles instilled in him.  The meeting room is the perfect place for this procedure and an office job provides plenty of opportunities.  The endless meetings are enough to drive a man insane.  There are meetings, meetings about meetings, and more meetings after that.  That familiar sigh that makes its way from cubicle to cubicle when that delightful reminder pops up on his screen is the sound of men knowing that they are going to be, yet again, subjected to the hot box known as the meeting room.

The proverbial heat is turned on the moment they walk in and take their seats.  Any man who walks in and happens to be in relatively good shape in is subjected to just a little more sanding as meetings are often catered with foods like doughnuts, soda, chips, and a number of other salty, sugary goodies specifically designed to smooth out any remnants of coarse surfaces.  Employees are expected to sit, take notes, and not speak unless spoken to or given permission when their superiors see their hand raised like a kindergartener.

Worse yet is that men can’t even look at women in the eye (or in their general direction) unless they are addressing them. Even then they might be labeled creepy if they hold eye contact for a fraction of a second too long.  Meetings are the ideal environment to solidify the notion that men are the buffet and women are the diners.  Step out of place or do anything to attempt to make yourself different or attractive during a meeting (or anytime between 8 and 5 for that matter) and there will be consequences “up to and including termination”.  This fear tamps down a man’s testosterone driven intentions and over the course of time, passive beta behavior becomes who they are.  The kiln has done its job.


The final process in manufacturing a beta male is the all powerful Human Resources department.  Provocative statements and covert flirting have given way to political correctness and double standard laden, loosely defined sexual harassment claims.  One of the many traits that makes a man a man is his ability to clearly communicate what he thinks in a way that leaves little doubt as to what his intentions or ideas are.  Another is his desire and ability to take what he wants when he sees it.  Neither of these is allowed in a Western office.  Want to spit red pill truth to your office buddies about the differences between men and women? Prepare for a summons from the heffer’s office if you’re within earshot of hefty Heather.  Want to ask that hottie in accounting what her plans are this evening? Be ready for an email from HR.


The bottom line is that human resources only seems to exist to make men afraid of being men.  Even the male members of management are at the mercy of HR. If they don’t adhere to the female friendly bylaws or act as though the world is coming to an end when a woman is “offended” they too are out the door.  The fact that most human resources departments are made up of women further cultivates the fear that men have of women in the work place which inevitably spills over into their lives outside of normal business hours.  Think of someone you know or have met who’s terrible at talking to women.  Chances are he’s working at Pick-A-Name Corporation in Suite 300 of the McTower Building downtown.

Our fresh batch of betas are now a finished product.  They’ve been buffed to a shine and ready to be at the beck and call of vapid fatties everywhere.

Is there a cure?

Learning a new language and moving abroad or starting an internet business to become location independent are a couple of viable solutions that have been utilized by many a former beta.  But short of learning like Neo or your web company going public overnight, this is going to take time.  So what’s a man to do in the meantime?

One of the quickest and most effective ways to get out of and reverse the damage of the cubicle is to work a blue collar job.  Drive a forklift, work construction, be a mechanic or any of the numerous trades that are not only free of feminist inspired regulations, but serve as the last frontier where a man can truly be himself.  You’ll find it liberating to be able to talk about the apple shaped ass of that Hooters waitress or about how your buddy got divorce raped by his land whale of an ex wife.  No conversation is off limits and over time you’ll begin to notice your increasing wittiness and decisiveness in your daily conversations with men and women.  You’ll begin to sound more like a man.

Your sex life will also improve as a result of your new physically demanding job.  The woman in your life will be sexually reenergized as your physique transforms from the pear shaped softy you were into the rugged mountain man she has rape fantasies about.  She’ll be more than willing give you consistent welcome home blow jobs when she sees you kick off your dirty work boots as opposed to your overpriced dress shoes.

There are many, many more advantages of getting off your ass and actually working for a living and I encourage readers to add them.  You may not make as much money starting out but the benefits are something you cannot put a price on.  Not the least of which is finally dropping out Beta College and getting your balls back.

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208 thoughts on “Where Beta Males Are Polished To Perfection”

  1. I quit the office life and started blue collar work in the oilfield. Best decision of my life! I’m healthier, doing thrice as well financially, and not being surrounded by women all day (or ever, while at work) has allowed my masculine side to burst forth. I have more success with women, no tolerance for their bullshit, and it shows. The financial independence has allowed me to travel and rack up good numbers. SharpShooter is 100% correct.

    1. Thanks for the confirmation… I’ve been doing office work for years now and I came to the same conclusion not that long ago… this article and your guys’ comments are really giving me that extra confidence to go through with it.

      1. Whatever white collar education you have can get you into a wrench-spinning, machine-greasing, equipment operating field hand. I studied political science and now I’m in formation evaluation and completions. It’s a hard heavy living, but well worth it for your mental and physical well being.

    2. I’ve been in construction for most of my working life and during some of my more strenuous times I’ve found myself longing for the low-impact cushiness of an office job. But reading this article and your comment I realize that the grass is plenty green right where I am.

  2. The first time I saw an office I was shocked by the women. They were absolute behemoths. I would rather be dead than work around creatures like that all day.

    1. I’ve worked in an office once, and let me tell you: you are absolutely correct! The women there are massive! There was a co-worker of mine who sat directly in front of me in the office, and I freaking swear, that a jumbo 747 airliner could have easily landed safely on her enormous back.
      I mean damn! She was huge!
      Another thing I noticed about cubicle farms is the pathology observed in some of the people there: there cubicles are decorated with figurines and family photos. There desks are cluttered with shit! And I mean shit! Paper, folders, figurines of cats (yeah, cats!), and beenie babies, and family photos pinned to the walls of their cubicles. Damn!
      When I was there, my cubicle wall was clear save for a calendar. On my desk was a stapler and my work computer. Nothing else.
      Finally, their desks’ drawers were better off. They had shit in there too! One woman even had loose change organized in here drawer. You’d think she was running a bank in her cubicle. Some had packets of ketchup, plastic spoons and forks. That office was their second home. How sad?!
      My drawer was practically empty. I never locked my drawer before the day was over. I knew my time there was going to be short-lived.
      PS, all they ever ate was fast food junk food garbage. And everyone there, but me, was out of shape and overweight.

      1. “PS, all they ever ate was fast food junk food garbage. And everyone there, but me, was out of shape and overweight.”
        People just stop giving a shit once they get married, men and women. They are stuck in their little hells and just kind of let themselves go into a living death with living out their dreams through their kids. They are also fully invested into the matrix and will try to ruin anyone that doesn’t follow their beliefs.

        1. A lot of those people didn’t give a shit to begin with. All they wanted was the “secure” office job where they get to sit on their ass for 8 hours a day.
          If they weren’t that type they never would have gotten into that job to begin with. If they’d “woken up” they would either be away from that job or using that job to pay the bills while they get a degree/training/experience that will enable them to leave that job. Marrying and having kids just because you want that “trinket” to boost your social status is only another symptom of that mentality.

      2. I long ago learned to keep the personal crap to an absolute minimum, zero ideally. If one day now I quit or am laid off, and that day WILL come, I can put my stuff in my backpack and be gone in 30 seconds.

      3. I’ve noticed that. I actually don’t keep much crap in my office…..a piece of exercise equipment(for my back), some food(I make vegetable dishes or whole grain GF pasta for lunch), and office supplies.
        I also keep a vial of this on hand at all times. It’s FANTASTIC stuff to spray around the office bathroom.

      4. “people” who work in offices tend to be disgusting slobs. I hate the bullshit clutter on their desks as well.

    2. Years ago a guy at work said after the company pool party “these women act like they are hot but once you see them in a bikini they don’t look so good”.

    3. At my last job I noticed on the company intranet that all the fatties were using really old photos from when they used to be slim.

  3. Learn a trade. Go to a community college, and take the classes needed to get certified, but ignore the liberal arts crap they add to make your associate degree.
    When the US financial system collapses, tradesmen will not starve.

    1. If people need help, Mike Rowe’s foundation (and others) offer scholarships for trade skills.
      Some of those jobs start at 160k a year.

  4. It’s really made to fulfill stability for marriage and kids. That’s almost always been the deal. You give up your dreams to support some wife and kids. It was a sacrifice. However, for that sacrifice you were given status a man with power over your house and had some respect from society for it.
    Now because of our feminist dominated society, it’s expected of beta males to make this sacrifice and give thanks that they are given the honor to do so. There is almost no reward for going down office drone path. You seen as a loser that isn’t savvy enough to understand the modern reality and treated as such. You get left over pussy that you pay 30,000 thousand for in a wedding while another guy got it for a pack of skittles.
    It would be funny if guys just gave them what they wanted and dropped out of office life and let only women do it. It would be the meta social equivalent of when a teenager is caught making him smoke the whole pack all at once.

    1. Bingo. You used to get something back in the deal. Now, if you dare ask her to make you a meal, she will rant about how she is not little “Suzie Homemaker.”

    2. “It would be funny if guys just gave them what they wanted and dropped out of office life and let only women do it.”
      I’ve thought about this. My concern with this is that the men would have to make themselves marketable somehow. There are many more men on the street than women… because men are disposable biologically… If all the men said fuck it there would be no special programs to help the homeless men.
      I agree this would be the ultimate experiment and I would LOVE to see this go down. I guess I’m just saying don’t kid yourself… you better be damn ready to take care of your own shit at that point.
      But I agree…. I think the office women would be miserable… and they wouldn’t admit it until their heads exploded.

      1. It wouldn’t be too hard for a bunch of men with skills and spare time to build something useful. Bet you a dollar if that happened, there would be a swarm of women ready to hop in. It would be nice to be the one selecting who stays on the island and who doesn’t, if that’s not to covert a way to put things.

    3. Excellent comment. I agree.
      The ‘social agreement’ (if we can call it that) was that the man goes to work, say in an office job, puts in the hours and hard work, puts up with workplace stress and office politics, but earns the money and brings it home to be welcomed into a warm house with a pretty wife that cooked a wholesome meal and cleaned the place. Children tucked in bed. He sacrificed a lot but got a lot in turn.
      In today’s world, what’s the agreement? What do we as men get out of working our asses off? Taking crap at the office, taking crap at home as well? It’s bullshit and that’s why a lot of men are checking out!
      For masculine men, one way to freedom and satisfaction is to go the way of the ‘Wild West’ so-to-speak: work in an industry that pays well and doesn’t have feminist, PC propaganda, and spend you wealth on your self not a fat wife and spoiled kids. Oil sands, construction, other male dominated fields, make money, spend it on yourself. Travel, get chicks, indulge. Think of the Wild West, goldrush, saloons ad whorehouses.
      Another way is to stay in mainstream corporate world, try to advance without getting sabotaged and hopefully meet (and marry!?!) a nice and feminine women who you can set up a family with and hopefully not get fucked over by divorce in the future. Good luck with that!

  5. Don’t know why anyone would go to college to get a job that payed 40k a year. Sensationalized article really. Working a blue collar job is an excellent way to limit your earning ceiling, make you reliant on your physical well being for income. Which is fine and all, until you get hurt,can’t work, and have to “live” off of disability.

    1. Sensationalized article? Really? I work at one of the largest corporations in America (Encorpera) and there are freshly minted college beta-noobs knocking the doors down and happy to start at 30K a year.
      Most of them are beta blithering dipshits. The rest are minorities and females that think they really are something special when they are really all dumber than shit.
      And yes, the article describes the work environment in Encorpera to a tee.
      Females (if you can call them that) that have problems waddling to their desks from the vending machines. I never take the overweighted elevators for fear of a broken cable sending me plummeting to my death.

    2. you sound like those pussies whining in the motorbike article that you “maybe one day hurt yourself so it’s better to stay in your c̶a̶g̶e̶ ̶s̶y̶s̶t̶e̶m̶ ̶h̶o̶u̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ office all day”.

    3. Or you could have a 6 figure income, large mortgage and car payment, huge student loan debt, and find yourself “laid off” having to “live” off unemployment in a shitty economy where no one is hiring. There are no guarantees.

    4. You’re seriously underestimating what being a master of a craft and a savvy businessman can earn you. I know several multimillionaires who earned that money by starting a small business and growing it at the right times. That’s how you retain the greatest percentage of the wealth you generate. Really consider that.

      1. I think ol’ Lufty should consider learning how to spell “payed” before he tackles those “luftier” goals in life.

  6. It seems that any time women enter a field of work, those jobs become miserable for men. Why is this? Same thing with school, I’ve noticed.

    1. An ordinary office is like Vichy France with an HR department like the Gestapo. A female-dominated office is like Stalinist Russia and there, HR is like the NKVD.

      1. I agree that women in HR are probably terrible (though I have no experience in this environment). But I think this could only be a piece of the puzzle.

        1. Because men are most productive when it’s just men, doing work. Bring women into it and the dynamics change. There’s a much higher probability of preferential treatment which kills morale. Men have to rein in their natures to pamper the princess coworkers’ feelings. White knighting is a major roadblock as the betas start “protecting” the snowflakes from legitimate criticism.
          Shall I continue?

        2. I imagine that all of the above happens, to some extent. The part about men being productive when it is just men is especially interesting. We don’t have any data, but it rings true for me.
          “Bring women into it and the dynamics change.”
          This is definitely true. What I want to hear is how.
          Certainly white knighting happens, and it is dumb, and it needs to stop. But is that the main problem? How often does this happen, once a month? Is it enough to make office work miserable? Is this enough to justify giving up on the office altogether and working a blue collar job?

        3. I agree with your points and I want to add my 0.02.
          My lab used to have 3 guys in it (me included), now it has 0.
          When we were all in the office together we’d talk. The most senior guys would actually teach me things when I asked them questions.
          They would even give me their feedback when I gave them my ideas for how to improve things or come up with new concepts.
          We developed friendships through learning and trading ideas across our generation gaps. It was fun and we developed comraderie. We keep in touch occasionally.
          Now it is just me and 4 girls. No cooperation at all I shit you not. The senior phd is smart and it rubs off but she is in no way as helpful as those two guys were.
          We NEVER sit around and discuss hot topics or science. It is always some inane bullshit. What is most frustrating is that I’m the only one who built my own projects from the ground up… and they get all the preferential treatment from our mangina boss…
          I think this is a great article and discussion.

        4. The women in HR are fun to bang when they’re young. They get so much supplication from males that being a non-supplicant and demanding of them turns them into gushing little sex freaks. They are so desperate for a strong man that they become even more pliant than the average female, willingly subordinating themselves to the man’s desires.
          Of course they’re grade A bitches, so they’re only good for pump and dumps. Don’t forget this, because you represent what Ashley Ho in HR wants a man to be. The moment you beta at all, she’s going into full butch bitch mode.

        5. Sneering disdain is a poor substitute for content and never a substitute for rebuttal. Suggest you put down the stoner/frat boy attitude and try speaking clearly and directly like a man.

      2. Spot on. My office is like Stalinist Russia. I think I will start referring to HR as NKVD. I want to jump ship so bad, but it would result in a pay-cut.

        1. Hang in there. Financially (legally) milk that place for all it’s worth. Treat it like you’re in the movie “Office Space.”

      3. HR, all that is wrong with corporate America: “HR people are, for most practical purposes, neither strategic nor leaders… a necessary evil — and at worst, a dark bureaucratic force that blindly enforces nonsensical rules, resists creativity, and impedes constructive change. HR is the corporate function with the greatest potential… and so routinely useless… finding ever-more ingenious ways to cut benefits and hack at payroll? Why do its communications — when we can understand them at all — so often flout reality? Why are so many people processes duplicative and wasteful, creating a forest of paperwork for every minor transaction? And why does HR insist on sameness as a proxy for equity? It’s no wonder that we hate HR.” Sounds like chick heaven. From ‘Why We Hate HR’: http://www.fastcompany.com/53319/why-we-hate-hr

    2. Cause it’s unnatural for Women to have equal rights with Men. It’s no wonder Men feel like shit in these environments, imagine back when we were in tribes and some female tried to tell you what to do or talked back to you thinking she was of equal rank, she’d get a good slap in the face if she was lucky. Women being equal or above Men in a work environment automatically puts them in beta position. Red Pill guys can get around it as they are aware but the average guy is fucked!

      1. Women hate being in charge anyway, and it’s ridiculous trying to work for a chick. They micromanage, they forget shit and blame it on you, and generally can’t captain a canoe without capsizing let alone run an efficient team doing any sort of skilled work. Fortunately many women know they hate being in charge, so it’s easy for a confident guy to just take over if she’s not officially higher rank.
        I’ve met one chick in my entire life that I thought would make a good boss, and she was clearly high T. She was my coworker and pretty cool, and it was really nice working with her because she could use her feminine wiles to get shit done quicker with other departments than I could as just another dude at a sausage fest. 99% of business was conducted over the radio so as long as I had a chick partner, it didn’t matter if she was a porker or not. They all sound hot on the radio and the mine ops guys would jump to help them.

      2. ‘Women being equal or above Men in a work environment automatically puts them in beta position.’
        This is the best answer I have been given so far.

        1. The beta status is essentially built-in to the work environment. You become beta by default. Not a good position to be in.

      3. I hope you realize that many successful groups of early peoples (yes, “peoples”) valued women the same way they valued men. It was Christianity that brought about male dominance and patriarchy. But I guess I’m forgetting that “Red Pill” guys like you have beans for brains so I shouldn’t expect you to know anything about history or anthropology.

    3. Because it quickly becomes a stifling environment where everyone is on edge over potentially saying something offensive instead of just speaking their minds and doing what they want
      If you look at any community where leftists congregate, it’s exactly like that. They spend 90% of their time guarding their social image and trying to out-empathy each other. It’s like a mental disorder

      1. It’s more akin to mass social pathology, rather than personal mental illness I think.

    4. Because they demand everything to be tore down and be rebuilt in a way that minimizes conflict, frustration, and complexity.
      Sure, there are more women coders: it’s certainly easy to get into a CS program when you get a scholarship just because you have a vagina. A CS program where they teach you how to program in Java or Python. Please.
      Sure, there are more women “gamers”. Again, my dog could play a game nowadays: they’re bland, unchallenging button-mashers with save-points every two seconds and no real failure, designed to appeal to everyone.

      1. There are no women programmers where I work. I guess no amount of HR magic can compensate for the required level of logical reasoning.

    5. There’s an energetic explanation. Also there’s no shortage of weasely men who will use women’s complaints combined with the power that modern PC culture hands them(weasely men and women) over those who are more successful.
      Don’t think that men like that won’t use the fact that they overheard you saying something “sexist” to take you down a peg so they can skip you in line for that promotion(which will enable them to become a terrible “manager”).
      I actually don’t think the women are the direct cause. It’s because bringing women into an office results in a more PC environment, which results in toxic self-promoters being promoted over high performers, which results in a miserable and soul-less work environment.

    6. The office. Your life. The world of video games. When a women enters she ruins all of it and she will even enjoy it. The solution is to just never let the camels head anywhere near the tent. Once the camel is in the tent everything is ruined.

      1. Well if they were wearing Stilettos the heels would break and they would fall flat on on their overly plump rumps

      2. Help meee, I’m that situation RIGHT NOW…everything is going dark…dark…….
        Now, on a more serious note, once you see what kind of workplace it really is, immedaiately make preparations and develop a plan of escape!

    7. “…Same thing with school, I’ve noticed.”
      True! It is absolutely the same effect “priming men toward beta-dom” in schools across the country.

  7. I graduated with my beta college degree two days ago and the only thing I can think about is moving back to Europe, fuck this job offer with a two year commitment. Better get working on the French, or perhaps Russian why not?

  8. Great post, after the daily grind of school, I spent a couple months outside of the city for a change, and it was amazing how much my game and quality of life improved just by being away from the constant indoctrination.

  9. Excellent article. I just finished discussing with a friend my dilemma: pursue an academic career and work at an office, or do manual labour and work outdoors, with men who are barely educated, but are…men. I find it refreshing to do physical work outside and push myself to the limit, even more so than being at an university and having to interact with “strong, independant women” and beta academic men. Decisions, decisions. We’re all gonna make it.

  10. I wonder what the long-term effects on the economy will be as corporations become increasingly female-dominated. Women are not innovators; they slavishly follow protocol and try to shame men who think out of the box as “weird.” Won’t companies stagnate with female staffs?
    Men are certainly going to drop out of the corporate workforce more and more, but what’s going to be the effect on the economy? Someone should write an article on the economic effects of the feminized, female dominated corporate workforce.

    1. Well, they’ll get bailed out. Too much estrogen to fail!
      Later the economy will collapse as we spiral into hyperinflation. Hopefully I’ll be either be established in rural AK with some friends in a very well armed hippie commune, or living overseas by then.

      1. A lot of companies will stagnate because women don’t innovate. They just blindly follow protocol and dismiss creative thinking as “weird.”
        Why are you worried about hyperinflation? Most of the “currency” in the system is on electronic ledgers and can be “destroyed” with the push of a button.

        1. I’m a bit confused by your comment because you’re restating what I just said. Companies would stagnate and fail, and I was joking about the bailout thing but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. And hyperinflation effectively does destroy the currency, so where do we disagree?

    2. Watch Girl Writes What’s (Karen Straughan) video on youtube titled “Fempocalypse!”.
      It is about that. She talks about issues like…
      – how women are less likely to work as many hours as men so the productivity/training_cost ratio is worse than men’s.
      – social welfare state takes away incentive for the ambitious to produce surplus goods and innovations
      – the disenfranchisement of fatherhood… so men less likely to start families and support women
      – how affirmative action for women is putting less qualified people in the workforce…
      – etc.
      I highly recommend this video and I think she is a solid voice for redpill ideas. She forces women to argue with reason because they can’t point at her dick and boo her offstage.
      Posted link to video check it out if you haven’t seen it.

  11. I worked the last three years on a mine site, supporting drilling operations. The farther you get from corporate bullshit, the better off you are. Even the relatively minor corporate bullshit I had to put up with in that job made me want to drive my work truck right into the pit, so I’m exploring my options for skilled contract work and self employment.
    At least the girls who worked with me at the mine were fit, except one or two. It’s hard to stay chubby when you’re on your feet all day and occasionally have to move heavy stuff around.

  12. Office life is completely unnatural and I refuse to do it. I’d rather do some menial physical task than be stuck working at a desk until I expire.

  13. You can mitigate the adverse affects of working in an office to some degree. I have an arrangement with my boss to work 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. which allows me to take a two-hour lunch to work out at a gym located near my office. I obtained a standing podium for my PC that I attached to my desk so I can stand all day instead of sitting. I dress better than most of my colleagues (they wear slacks and polos, I wear a button-up with a waistcoat or sweater vest). I have very active interests and hobbies outside of work, such as running triathlons. It all helps.

  14. No paycheck is worth your dignity. Besides, colored paper is not going to do you much good the way the world is going. You know, 70% of people in the USSR thought nothing is wrong with the system just before it all went to shit. Chaining yourself to the corporate behemoth might be the worst mistake you make, no sane person can think of corporate employment as the way of the future.

  15. join the AF or Navy, get a trade, benies, and travel the world. I had the cubicle job, f that garbage. Look at what Edward Snowden was making with the CIA and no college background. Other than engineering, medical and law, college is a sham. Oh yeah, military gives you access to foreign women and free flying international on hops. Getting away from your hometown is also one of the best things you can do for your head.

    1. The military is not going to shield you from feminism stupidity. Especially if you take a non-combat MOS.

  16. The female trend is to become more like men which is causing them to enter trades. There is no way to beat the system by participating in it’s own game. You cannot clean a window using a dirty rag, which is the metaphor for trying to get an edge on the system in terms of the job market, which demands you spend the first 25 years of your life in schooling to compete with everyone and than demands you spend 40-55% of all of your income after that in taxes. After you have spent 25 years in school to keep up in competition with the masses who are educated(but not necessarily wise) you still need another 5-10 years of experience to compete with those who have already been working to get into your decent position, by now you are around 30 years old and just starting. You are than rewarded with taxes:
    40% of your income is taken in income taxes, and 10-15% in sales taxes on everything you buy. After 30 years of jumping through hoops, this causes you to start spending rather than being minimalist and saving since you’ve been raped for 30 years and you have a wreckless hedonist materialist anti-capitalist mentality and feel you finally deserve it. Someone who is a real capitalist hates spending their capital but loves accumulating more is a real capitalist male, someone who enjoys spending it is just a petty hedonist trying to appease fleeting sensations.
    Identity: Your name is borrowed, Your job is probably shared by hundreds of thousands of others just like yourself, Your car is mass produced, your women have a personality that is almost clone-like in efficiency.
    Now why would a woman be attracted to anything other than completely mentally using and abusing an average male who has duplicates? Why would she value a regular male, when she can just find someone else with the same name as you with the same job title within a small radius in any city using her smart phone? You are a disposable clown to a woman in 2014
    So you are sexless without large amounts of humiliation and effort, highly taxed, lame as fuck not because you are a lame person, but because you don’t have the energy to even feel alive and free, because pal you aren’t free, and in your gut you aren’t excited for life and why would you be in this scenario? The feminist solution is to drug you into a more efficient slave so you don’t complain and repress your masculine “offensive opinion and instinct” . Essentially you are being conditioned to go against your own biological purpose in life, sounds pretty outrageous to me. You should be saving and investing your capital to break free from the system as soon as possible, only a beta would pro-long his enslavement. Smart and effective Capitalism is the solution to this problem. Most males feel as though now they finally have a good income going when they are 30, it’s “yolo” time to spend it and try to “get laid” just as the feminist regime intended, No, to be masculine you must live a minimalist style and save/invest, live in a rugged and cheap-as is acceptable-shithole while you are becoming rich(using the system), and you’d still be living like a king compared to 200 years ago. North american women do not give two fucks about a male unless he has money, the elephant in the room is that all males who are “good with women” happen to be millionaires too! What a massive co-incidence.. All relationships in north america are based on sublime financial contracts in the name of some romantic lie tragic comedy sold to the gullible like religion, the woman gets excited when considering a prospect for how much SHE will be worth when the snags his money. OF course, in this Pre-marital scam phase, she will act like a complete and utter princess, and you will convince yourself of it, just like 50% of other males who end up losing their lot to females they trusted
    But listen pal, if your a commoner middle class male, You won’t have real money until your at least 35 and by than the women you can have access to will be close to hitting the wall anyway, so you’re essentially fucked. The Greek tragedy is that all those women you see and want to appease when you’re young and don’t want you, and by the time you are rich enough, will be used cum dumpsters by the time you have access to them. Shame. Avoid north american women at all costs.
    the great pharmaceutical feminazi and entertainment/hedonist industry is trying to tell you it’s cool to be a slave and shove some SSRI”S down your throat
    Anything that requires being estrogen laden you will not be able to compete with, Passive, slave-like behavior is something women are rigged for, hence they live longer than males in this society, which has turned matriarchal. It is easy for females to have all sorts of social approval and gargantuan amounts of males bending over, endless amounts of sex, they are happy to be docile and learn and repeat tasks, while masculinity is now frowned upon in any way or form, Now, My instinct tells me to avoid anyone who would want to enslave and ruin me? But no, beta males they want to get into the “self improvement” business for female acceptance, What a joke that is. That is a false alpha. Real alphas would give a shit about parasites.
    The war on the male mind is to promote hedonism. Along with that is video-games, pornography, drugging, a gallon of coffee a day to feel a tiny ounce of excitement and the rest of it. Hedonism is a corrupting philosophy meant to turn you into a slave and it has worked. It’s well known that the matriarchal female trend is for males to now be owned by females.
    I predict within the next decade, for a male to get sex, they will need to join 3 other males at a time, it is only getting worse. What is better for a female than one male? TWO or more. in-fact i have been invited several times by girlfriends of males who have been degraded in their relationships and asked to give that feminist my cock along with her boyfriends, What an outrage! it’s a growing trend, Not one dick, but 10 at a time per female! I refuse to participate in this auto-cuckhold 2014 dating scene where the man is an immediate cuckhold beta-loser clown by default

    1. Hell of a post my man. One caveat, I’m 33 now and I’ve had nothing but good luck with 19 yr olds lately. Of course, I’m sure they’re not exactly new to the game at 19 anyway. But beyond that, you’re on to something in this post. Most guys are a far cry from being men, and are interchangeable clowns. There is a simple solution to this. Be unique. Do not do what you despise, and do what you demand must be done. If you care about women, don’t worry, they’ll flock to you. It’s not a matter of chasing, it’s a matter of being excellent. If none of them make the cut to have the privilege of being near you, so be it. That’s your choice. Don’t be the guy you’re talking about here, be the man you can be. That’s my take on it.

      1. I’m sure its been said before but I’ll say it for myself…
        I get the most attention from women when I finally say fuck chasing bitches and just focus on my own projects and interests…
        And yeah I agree that is an epic post… its practically a whole RoK article.

    2. One of the most cogent, rational and brilliant comments I have ever read on RoK.
      That comment was fire.
      Sure beats all the boring blue-pill posturing from GhostOfFaggerson
      Please write an article.

      1. Your anonymous butthurtedness makes me chuckle. Thanks for brightening my day, anonymous coward, heh.

        1. Anytime douche.
          (whatever the gayfuck that means)
          You may now go back to wifey-poo.

    3. “I predict within the next decade, for a male to get sex, they will need
      to join 3 other males at a time, it is only getting worse. What is
      better for a female than one male? TWO or more.”
      I hate this trend so much. Disgusting.

    4. Great comment. Feminism isn’t just a lie of gargantuan proportions that the Western man will have to one day kill, but other lies permeating from 18th and 19th century Europe, will have to die as well. Romanticism goes hand-in-hand with feminism. Truth is, romance is equivalent to heroin. Women eventually equate romanticism with men made of money. It’s not you that she really loves, but your money. Go broke, and watch her fling herself into the arms of another man. There was a reason why the Church (when it was a force) banned certain books. The true nature of women was always laid bare in the Church and the other two Abrahamic religions.
      Romanticism was the forerunner to feminism and something the Western male, fatalistically attached himself to. The only truth, is power. I’d hardly dismiss all the great works of music and literature the romantic era produced. However, the manners we became accustomed to treat women with must die. Christian morals and ethics must temporarily take a backseat to the merciless struggle for survival that we are about to undergo. All these losers can talk about “forgiveness” and “love thy neighbor.” Well, that era has passed. No one ever wants to do the hardwork. It is a time for isolation, discontent and malevolence. Might makes right. It is a time for the ubermench to fight mercilessly and without compassion whether it be physically or mentally against Cultural Marxism and its ultimate manifestation in feminism.

      1. Romanticism is essentially, a woman destroying you with “kindness” Just like the honey that attracts the fly also causes it’s death, once it is stuck. There is something sublime and sinister behind a woman’s seeming “kind intentions”.
        This is why i say, if it is obvious a woman is an outrageous whore, she may be a safer bet and easier to control. The really nasty ones usually have to adopt a “sweetheart” type of Act to hide their characters and this medium is the “romanticism illusion”. Most women are repressed perverts, as they end relationships they tend to act more perverted ,knowing they’ll never see you again gives them the courage to act out their outrageous fantasies they wouldn’t otherwise do when they still have a vested interest in seeming like the “good girl type”. Shocking, and you think she’s taking it to the next level. LOL. I read all kinds of outrageous articles all over the web, and still i continue to be shocked by women. I feel sorry for beta males who have NO idea what they are dealing with. A man can punch you in the face and humiliate you temporarily, whereas a woman will wreck your life. Our enemies are not the obvious ones. It is the ones who slide past your shield via the trojan horse called “romanticism” that always do the most damage

      2. You’re right about suppressed knowledge and dark truths about humanity hidden in the past but well-known by the elitists running this rock, we feel like we have won some sort of epistemological battle by ending belief in religion, yet the other tyrannical sociological truths about hidden determinants of human behavior remain hidden and continue to wreak damage to civilization, but they are slowly being exposed ; ) Return of kings, means the exposure of “queens” and dethroning these sociopaths. Matriarchy is going to collapse civilization. The war is on “idealism” and “hedonism”, “hedonistic idealism and gyneco worshipping”, since women are the symbol of the hedonist power of the ancient Dionysian cults.

    5. Seriously good post. “The war on the male mind is to promote hedonism” So damn true. There is a lot of criticism of the western women(justified), but look at the western man. Soft, over weight, man boobed, undisciplined, domesticated like a defeated dog. You get what you demand on this physical plane to a certain degree. Please yourself, better yourself, and don’t be a pussy.

      1. A parasite can only exist if it has a weak host to feed on, that is true. 2014 is the age of psychological tactical male prosperity, Knowledge will be our greatest weapon from now on, Put an “s” infront of “word” and you get “SWORD”. Stand upon the know-ledge, be wise, and look down upon the betas who refuse to awaken! The dethroning of all male pussification via mind control is about to end! The tides are changing

    6. “No, to be masculine you must live a minimalist style and save/invest,
      live in a rugged and cheap-as is acceptable-shithole while you are
      becoming rich(using the system), and you’d still be living like a king
      compared to 200 years ago”
      This is just as bad as women trying to define masculinity for men. Real alphas don’t try to define masculinity as they see it for other men.
      I agree with you that there is a war on the male mind. But its your choice which side you fight on, if you decide to fight at all.
      I’m sorry the dating scene hasn’t worked out for you well mate. I have friends who are married, in LTR, or live the playboy lifestyle changing their women like they change their socks. Not one of them is degraded with their bitch because they know how to keep bitches on lock.

    7. You should just take what you wrote above and submit it as an article.

    8. You wrote a fantastic comment, but I’d like to put in one correction, it’s a minor one but biologically important. Women live longer than men because women have a stronger heart than men, because women have to be able to bear children. Any physician will tell you that. Cheers and keep writing.

  17. Wow… great article…
    I don’t know if anyone has read my story from previous posts but this has been my point for a few weeks now…
    Working for a mangina in feminazi land is a horrible ball busting experience… it is SOOO easy to label any reasonably masculine man as a rapist, sexist, pig, abuser, creep. The girls will love you individually but as a group you can’t be yourself and they’ll ostracize you for having a real opinion.
    I have been living this experience for two years now and I’ve been doing research for the last few months about blue collar work (considering apprenticeship as electrician or aviation mechanic) kuz even though I love the research field… it is low pay, psycho politics, and the women are utterly undatable… I am not a man afraid of a smart woman, in fact its a trait I’m attracted to… but no matter how much they have book smarts they still have a woman’s basic nature… and she will go evil on your ass if it suits her. No rational argument to be had. No consequences. Only now the stakes are even higher because she can end your career if she feels like it.
    Believe me guys… I’ve lived through this. Gf of 4+ years starts working in my office building… cheats with my co-worker… tells our supervisors that I was an abusive boyfriend… takes vacation… coworkers turn on me all the sudden and leave me to rot. Not to mention I had to continue to work while grieving the loss of who I truly believed was my closest friend. It was through hard work and knowing that I deserved better that I fight through it.
    But now I just want out of that environment altogether… regardless of her. I proved to myself that I can fight that war… now I just don’t feel the need to continue.
    PS – Its doubly annoying when your male boss hates you for being more masculine than he is. And I’m not even super alpha or anything… its just the office world the author is describing is true!

    1. “Believe me guys… I’ve lived through this. Gf of 4+ years starts working in my office building… cheats with my co-worker…”
      Count yourself lucky you did not somehow marry or live with this parasite like some unfortunate beta schlubs. Also, this experience was nothing more than a right-of-passage, most Men will not believe the red-pill they are in denial like a religious folk so they must experience it. Hardship and humiliation is nature’s teacher. Some males are married for 10 years and get completely raped. This is a nice warning of female nature and always expect it to repeat it-self in the future. 4 years loyal to one woman was your mistake, after 4 months when she has been sold on your genuinity, is when you needed to immediately be single when she isn’t around you, i bet you wish you adopted my philosophy before huh. Well now you know pal don;t let it happen again.

      1. I lived my life on principles that I believed in so I have no regrets. I do in fact want more out of life than being a skittles man forever but now I’m not so sure how to achieve that, and i’ll take my time to figure that out.
        I do agree with you though… I know I’m lucky… I didn’t marry her and thus don’t have to fork over my life’s work and possibly children… which would have left me in a horrible position at mid-life having given away everything I’m worth….
        And now I can see clearly how that could have easily happened…
        I don’t know the solutions yet but I’m working on it.

  18. When I grew up I was told everyday the value of education and the importance of landing a good white collar office job. My first job was as an it analyst for a local credit union. It was an absolute nightmare as I realized how corporate america was a complete joke. There were 8 male employees for the credit union and about 60 female employees…talk about a nightmare. Twice a week lunch was catered and it was nothing but the lowest quality foods. If lunch was not provided the different groups of females would pool their money together for “bulk” purchasing of chipotle, bk, ect. So yes…all the chicks were morbidly obese. The only bangable chick ran hr and she would never hire attractive women. And as we all know how women cannot judge a person’s character…hr tended to hire the most worthless of women. When your job as an it analyst is to assist women and fix their problems with technology…it gets depressing. I literally was hit on everyday by fat chicks. But warned never to hit on any women. I had a strict dress code, yet the ladies bent the rules and wore whatever they wanted. Apparently…chicks can wear anything. Its not a tshirt…its a blouse. Whatever that is. The tipping point was when my male beta supervisor called me in his office to be disciplined. You could tell that he felt like less if a man for what he was about to tell me. I was told my facebook was inappropriate for credit union employees. Apparently when you post bar pics with hot sluts and party…it upsets women. One fatty saw my profile, complained, and I had to hear about it.
    Needless to say…I quit the credit union, quit it support, and got a blue collar job. I work with only men. Im judged based on the quality of my work. If I have a problem…I talk about it. If I want a raise…I ask for it. Im in much better shape now. And life is great.
    This is a great quality article and it is 100% true in every way.

    1. Why do you have FB? Second question, why is your profile public so that a fatty could see it in the first place?

      1. Good question…this was years ago before I realized that stuff was a bunch of crap. I think at the time this happened my profile was private but one of my coworkers was a friend of a friend and they saw my page through that persons account. Lesson learned…but sadly this is the world we live in today. Companies think they have a right to invade all aspects of your life. I was questioned by my supervisors because a friend of mine posted a comment on my wall about how I would eat taylor swifts ass if given the opportunity. I never spoke of my employer on facebook, I never was late to work, I always had exceptional peer reviews…but I had to explain a joke somebody else posted on my wall. That was a big wake up call for me…

    2. If you want to feel more manly, first lose the Facebook page. I cannot overstate this. If you want to disconnect from the system, discard Facebook immediately.

  19. (under “Sanding”) Dude!! Just drop your wallet and they’ll stop chasing you!!! It’s worth the temporary sacrifice!

  20. Feminist – We want more women on boards.
    Man – Why?
    Feminist – Because vagina!
    Man – But what about the more qualified men?
    Feminist – No, no, vagina!
    Man – But what about equal opportunity for the man? He is not getting equal opportunity because a woman is being forced into the corporation.
    Feminist – No, no, vagina!
    Man – Are you freaking crazy?
    Feminist – No, no, vagina!

  21. What are you going to say you did with your life then? Oh, I labored everyday? That’s okay.. but I would rather build a company or make an actual impact somehow.

    1. Until the g-strings (formerly known as g-men) force you to maintain, and pay for, with obamacare/401k/stock-optioned HR department.
      Good luck with that. If you start a business, have an escape plan. If it can’t be international business, meaning you can threaten to move jobs to PI, then ensure it allows you to drop, and move in with your mistress living around the south baltic.

  22. Great, great article here. Well written, excellent use of alpha concepts and real world experience with cubicle hell. Yes, CWV did a few turns in this hellhole in the nineties, prior to establishing his consulting niche. Pithy writing, this, thanks!

  23. You forgot that it use to be a wooden doll that was mass produced. Now they are just useless lumps of clay on the clay spin table of feminist media/marketing.
    Sadly, the vapid fatty from HR is all too happy to get her sausage fingers up the poor devil’s arse between sips of her McDonald’s milk shake, and quadruple double quarter pounder-with-cancer/lard-encrusted cheese.
    Of course she never washes her hands, and follows up by using the bag as a napkin!
    I sadly hear the beta laughing as he sheepishly is now trained to think of this as a silver lining.

  24. The fundamental problem of working with women is that a lot of them get abusive in ways that would get a man’s face punched. Men instinctively know when not to cross the line with another man but bossy females show little restraint because they have the law and HR on their side should a man respond the way he does with a heterosexual male. One must either become feminized to stay employed or quit. Many men in this situation feminize and adopt the passive-aggressive tactics of their female rivals. It is a living hell to be in a situation where female co-workers rampage like bulls and the men mince around like their nuts have shrunk to the size of raisins.

    1. “Many men in this situation feminize and adopt the passive-aggressive tactics of their female rivals.”
      The “men” in my office all behave this way. They are also catty, glib, and sarcastic, just like the bitches.
      One independent thought or refusal to supplicate is enough to get you tossed out the fucking door.
      Any wonder this country consumes 50% of the world’s antidepressants even though it only has 5% of the world’s population?

  25. I agree with the conclusion of this article. I’ve been doing trades since I was 14, when my dad’s friend took me on doing tile over the summer. One thing you learn immediately is that your skin has to be as thick and as hard as steel. If you get offended by something everyone will hammer you with it until you stop being a pussy, or you quit. All tradsemen do this, I think it’s a kind of system to keep out weak and womanly. Also, if you master a craft, you can easily command $50 hr. and work as much as you have the stamina to, anywhere in the country.
    On a personal note, working with the family friend at 14 was a great learning experience, he was a man’s man. A trusted mentor. Fucking, fighting, drinking and working hard was what he liked, and when I worked like a man I was treated like a man so I got to hear all the stories. Best piece of advice (out of hundreds) I got from him: “When you’re fucking a chick, just fuck her hard, fuck her like it’s your last fuck ever. Even if she cries, just fuck her harder. She might not call you for a week, but once that soreness goes down she’ll be calling you for more.” Priceless advice for any 14 year old boy.

  26. Looking back at all the group assignments ive done at uni so far, every group member that hasnt contributed shit and free loaded off the efforts of others have been girls. Ive quickly learnt my lesson and ensured I was in a male all group for my current finance assignment and its coming along very nicely with everyone contributing.
    The sad thing is that when we had to fill out the peer evaluation sheet at the end, the beta males covered for these entitled princess basically reaffirming that there is nothing wrong with their behavior.

    1. If you give them direct orders THEY will obey. It goes back to women like being dominated.

  27. I’m in IT in software and there aren’t any women in my section but it’s still rather neutered. Women can wear whatever they want to, I was reading an article on here one day at work and my boss sent me an email saying he saw an image that was ‘nsfw’, it was just a girl in a bikini

  28. Been sucking corporate cock in a female centrist corporation for the past four years. After swallowing the red pill I have started doing an electrical trade certificate at nights. Looking forward to the new start away from the apes that pollute my world everyday from 8 to 5.
    Only disadvantage I can see is when you try and mack some stuck up slut and you explain your a tradie. Guess I can just give some bullshit job title to them and they will swallow that shit up hook, line and sinker.
    Another legend at my work got a written warning after making a joke about this obese thing in the office. Some bitch overheard him and went straight to management to don him in.

  29. I find women lack empathy and loyalty in the workplace too. Most good men would have a hard time firing another guy who has kids. Not so much for your average fat, childless bitch who is going to leave the company soon anyway. Sense of humour amongst the ladies? Not much, unless you are openly gay because then everything you say is “hilarious!”
    I spent the first four years of my full-time working career in a soul-sucking, grey, fluorescent gulag. I was miserable most of the time but I figured that was how work was – miserable. I just coudn’t do it anymore and “threw it all way.” I’m pretty happy now in my job despite the fact my former co-workers earn a lot more than me. Some of them really like working in the office and I respect that.

  30. I work in a warehouse which is staffed by 25 men. There isn’t a woman in sight and I can honestly say it’s the most productive workplace I have ever experienced.
    In previous coed jobs I’ve worked everyone would obsessively keep track of how much work everyone put in, and if they ever felt they contributed more than anyone else then holy fuck would you ever hear about it. I witnessed girls completely shut down their production, watching YouTube during our busiest hours, and when confronted they justify it with “well I’ve done twice as much as Karen already. Why do I have to keep working when she’s so slow? I’m sick of doing all the work around here.” Bitch you are filing papers. And don’t even get me started on the drama. It was like every single person there thought they were the crown jewel of the company, and everyone else was out to bring them down. The competition was insane, everyone was against each other.
    Now at my all male job, shit gets done. We’re a team. When work comes in, the work gets fucking done. No one keeps track of everyone else to make sure they’re pulling their weight, because we know they are. If you don’t pull your weight, the extra work falls on the other men, and that would be damn shameful so no one lets it happen.
    The work comes in, every single man gets working until it’s finished, and there isn’t a single complaint heard anywhere. It’s actually beautiful. At the end of the day we all feel like we’re on the same side and we bond over sports or stories of dumb sluts we fucked, and make fun of the beta emasculated pussies who work in the office upstairs who’s girlfriends eye fuck us everytime we step foot up there.

  31. This is the ARTICLE OF THE WEEK.
    I’ve worked in a similar environment before and can say that the future is destructive for men. Beta conditioning is practiced in its worst forms in modern westernized offices. Welcome to the fucked up 21st century.

  32. Eye contact will resolve all problems with women. When you first meet a girl- hold eye contact!
    Success is in the EYES of the beholder.
    Everything else is not necessary, but mental masturbation, adding icing to the cake, people o so love to eat.

    1. Stop this shit. This eye contact shit for faggots. While you’re busy making eye contact with a girl, some other guy will just walk up to her and take what he considers his. And you know what? She’ll have far more respect for his audacity and game than she would for your playground, shy “eye-contact” tactics. Men shouldn’t feel the need to play these silly games as if we were little girls.

      1. Really dude? REALLY?
        You don’t sit there playing back and forth “eye contact” games. If you are looking around your environment and a girl meets your gaze for a few seconds, that’s invitation for you to IMMEDIATELY go and speak to her.
        In other words if you see it that’s your cue to “just walk up to her and take what you consider yours”. Unless some other guy is already moving at her there’s no way anyone else is going to get to her. Check out the player forums. There’s a lot of guys on there who’ve tried the process of just running up on girls randomly, and the result is that they get a LOT of girls flaking out on them and waste a lot of energy. Once they go through that phase, give up the “cold approaching” and just talk to the girls who hold eye contact their results become a lot better and they have to deal with a lot less entitled bullshit from the women they find.
        Also eye contact isn’t “for faggots”. What’s faggoty is if you’re not confident enough to hold eye contact while talking to people

  33. Office work today is the worst. I can’t count the number of beta men, bitchy women, and overall stupid people that don’t work, but instead play a stupid political game that costs companies billions a year. Worthless people need to be slapped around a bit IMO.
    What’s funny is I don’t put up with their shit and thankfully I am in a union that allows me to speak freely. I pity the man that isn’t in one and can’t speak his opinion. Although, I am the first on the chopping block when layoffs come.

    1. Absolutely true, I own my own 15 year old car and pay $375 per month for rent and utilities for a basement room in a house shared with other people. At the rate I am saving money I could retire at 40. However, I will probably downgrade my career and focus on other interests instead.

  34. Women’s pay peaks in their late 30’s; Men’s pay peak in their 40’s (on average, not for all, and possibly many downshift on purpose). These findings are from popular salary tracking websites. In my experience, I see women lose their edge in the office after 40, whereas men can go into their early 50’s and still present themselves professionally. Think about it. How can a mid-20’s, mid-30s HR woman hire a woman the age of their mother? They can’t and won’t.

  35. Why do so many liberal scum work in human resources anyway? Too much power should not be given to those types of people

      1. Every low-level drone in media and advertising is a self-appointed enlightened busybody that thinks they must instruct the rest of us on issues of diversity and gender equality. The government needs no propaganda ministry because these stooges do it willingly for free.

  36. Our CEO recently tried to invite a certain guest speaker who made a lot of money developing anti-virus software. However, the women of HR and PR squashed that idea because they found his public statements about the challenges of managing multiple live-in girlfriends “offensive”.

  37. I have to say this has become the norm across America. Sometimes I don’t know whether to feel flattered or disgusted with women’s cheap imitation of men. I can’t for obvious tell you about the conditions I have to work under, but I can relay this to my gym. I recently switched crossfit gyms, because one was closer to my abode. I ran into some cunt who I dissed a while ago. I got her number, we texted for a minute, and eventually she didn’t like what I said, and she said something akin to “I don’t think we’re right for each other,” or some shit like that. She said this, after I jokingly said, that crossfitters were “self-absorbed.” I texted back and said “that’s ok, because I only wanted to fuck, and I wasn’t considering you for anything else outside of sex anyway.” Needlessly to say, she responded back with the “lol, take care.”
    Whatever, my response was, delete, move on. Fast forward, I see this girl in the gym, and immediately she starts shit facing me. Now, I’m going to have to workout with her there, and so I calmly and diplomatically try to break the ice, by saying “can we let bygones be bygones and squash this? I’m going to be working out here now.” She’s like, “you were a dick to me etc etc…” Point is, she doesn’t care about the fact that I don’t want to be in a toxic atmosphere etc, she was hurt. I could give a shit about her feelings, I really could. But the fact is, is that women in the aggregate, severely lack objectivity, foresight and diplomacy and will subject all of these to their emotions, which makes them a pain to fucking work for and work along.
    I’ve also questioned the fact, that they’re are so many fucking women who want to do traditional manly shit, and while it’s great to look at sweaty female ass in torn yoga pants, they are a fucking pain to be around. Feminism has to be the biggest penis envy movement in the history of mankind. It wasn’t just about, “we want to be treated better in our traditional natural roles, but we want to be you and replace you!” I have to admit I felt a tinge of pride when she said “I was a dick to her.” Gentlemen, women talk in double-speak, she says one thing and means another. For instance, “he’s a nice guy” = “he’s a fucking bitch and I wouldn’t fuck him unless their was some immediate monetary exchange.’ Likewise, “you were a dick to me” = “damn, that made me want to fuck you even more, I wish you would have sent me a follow up text, fucking thug ass alpha!” Lol… Take note gentlemen, take note. The rules of the game.

    1. But isn’t playing by the rules quite beta? Swear to God, if men read manosphere as much as they do, that kind of thing is soon the new beta. It is always about contrasts, not evolution.

  38. Addendum: this happens not only due to having women (and women being given lots of power) in the workplace, but also feminized men. As the Alpha/Beta divide becomes even sharper, more and more men begin to turn into white knights and engage in same kinds of poor behaviour.

  39. Excellent article. Reminds me of some the places I have been working at.
    Investment banking is partly still a very testosterone driven place, but even there most of the divisions are ever more feminized constantly.
    Also agree with the options – going independent or doing a good trade are great ways to remain an Alpha during the office hours as well.

  40. The one exception is programming. We had one or two women in our office but by and large it was men who did the bulk of the work. Programming of complex systems is difficult and so not many of the ladies we had hired were willing to put in the long hours to get a program to work.
    No amount of BS, yelling or temper tantrums will get a program to work. It often takes a fierce dedication to pure logic and long hours of debugging before anything can work at all.
    When women do invade this male space, disaster usually results. A famous incident was when Adria Richards got two guys fired over what became know as “Donglegate”. These guys were overheard by Adria making some innuendos about dongles and she was offended. She took their pictures with her phone and then let the Twitter world know that she was abused by what these guys were saying privately to each other.
    Fortunately women don’t last very long in this field.

    1. Unless it is a large defense contractor, where the women become “PMs”, “Software Quality Engineers” or other superfluous functions.

  41. Good article, but its missing some things:
    Major corporates issue* Smartcards (These keep a track of employee whereabouts so even the time that you run to the toilet for a breather is monitored)
    Most betas* don’t know what its like to be fired until it really hits them watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6JF5iOX35A
    1) (your email access is closed (your identity to the world) you’ve been building a business relationship is severed, that fcbk job you’ve been promoted goes). 2) Security escorts you out, all the work you’ve been doing even on the day no more access. 3) Your company phone is shut off etc
    Solution: Backup your work, where necessary try to build dummy pitchbooks, data analysis which you can use for future employers or send while at work to other department heads that can use it. Dummy Spreads* can be used for your ongoing headhunter relationships.
    Engage in Philanthropy….please listen*** Since HR will be looking for any excuse. Philanthropy makes you stand out* it is also entrepreneurial (increasing the firms image, and engages with the) COO/CCO office whose function is mainly now ‘brandimage’. Moreover utilizing philanthropy means you can also utilize the firms resources to go out and make partnerships. Thats really important. So even in the firing cycles you could move to a PMO/Change role within the COO or local CEO office. MOST importantly it gets you into the Tier1 events the Senior mgmt team goes to for Corporate Image and Stakeholders events ( Charitable Galas, Conferences etc). If you can get your colleagues to come together in some sort of E-Mentoring initiative (that in effect becomes a payment line to HR) smth that will let guys of the hook since they think you’ve been subdued.

  42. ROK and Roosh V should just simplify things and prominently display a “start an Internet business and become location independent” banner at the top of the websites. This is male hamsterism. How many try and how very few will succeed?
    The fantasy of living in a commonly touted ‘pussy paradise” in your bachelor pad whilst coining it on the Internet is an illusion for all but a minuscule minority for a wide variety of boring, real world facts. Some men continue to peddle this to other demoralised men and this s nothing more than schukterism. The wilier proponents of this fantasy of course wish to make money from it by driving traffic to their websites and blogs.
    Sorry boys, but most of you won’t be in this position as it is simply not possible to match demand with reality.

  43. Guy in my office says with a straight face, that once science advances enough, men should start carrying babies to ease the burden of child birth off of women.
    Because its not fair.

    1. Lets just call it natural selection. This guy obviously will never procreate with that attitude..

    2. What will actually happen: Men will invent a convincing sex robot, maybe like a cyborg, living flesh over unfeeling, unthinking endoskeleton, then chicks will be 100% superfluous. That will also coincide with teh end of the species, but who gives a shit. Its been a fun ride.

    1. …and also good luck ever getting that job in a million years unless you know a guy who knows a guy…

        1. Yeah, I only worked for the gov’t for 20 years, what do I fuckin know. Take the test, sit for the interviews, then see if you can get a spot without checking the gay/minority/female “equal opportunity” box, regardless of your scores. …I’d probably hang on to the shitty office job ’til you have the offer in hand.

        2. Funny thing, though: Youre a minority if you say you are. They arent allowed to ask, and your race is whatever you want it to be. Theres no genetic testing. Tell em youre black. Bingo.

        3. Yeah, you could try that. I knew a White guy that would check the “African-American” box and say his parents were born in South Africa. The federal job sites now specify it as “racial groups having their origin among the indigenous Negro racial groups of Africa” or some such. Plus you run the risk of them just saying you were dishonest on your application. Still, try it out…

    2. Everyone and his dog wants to be a firefighter. I hope your father is a fire chief or you’re Hispanic. Otherwise, your chances aren’t great.

  44. Combat sports. The only women there instinctively know their place. And you can punch them.

  45. There is truth in this article. Last week my cousin asked me to come on a job with him to do some tiling, just a cash in hand weekend thing because he knows I’m handy at it. There me, two plumbers and a carpenter. Great atmosphere and no pent up frustration. Compare this the more Prestigious office job i had for the government full of soft and podgy men, pear shaped women and passive aggression. Give me a working class job anyday.

  46. Surprisingly, the author forgot to mention “Sensitivity Training.” The required “class” for all slaves of corporate feminism designed specifically to leave all men castrated.
    As for job opportunities that allow men to be men, while a blue collar job is a good option for a while, you can also look into working for smaller companies. But not just any small company. Small companies generally are very strong reflections of the personality of the owner(s) of the company. You want to choose a small company that is owned by and directly run by an alpha male.
    You might think – why would I want to submit to an alpha male? Well, first of all, in a blue collar job, that’s what you will be doing anyway. In a corporate job, you are submitting to far worse – feminism in is most rapacious form; and most of the time you can only see it in the physical form of that fat bitch that sits next to you.
    In a small company, if you choose wisely, you’ll be submitting to the wishes from a specific alpha male that you can see. You can learn a huge amount from that man. If you pattern your behavior after him, it will benefit you in the long run and in the short run he will take it as a complement. If you go to this man and look to him as a mentor, he will be happy to oblige. Men like to teach of the men, they do not tear each down like women do. Men care when another man helps them make money. Women will tear each other and men down regardless of how much money they bring in.
    That alpha male you would be working for in a small company will be focused. He will not have obligatory meetings. If he calls a meeting, it will be to achieve an objective, it will be fast moving, and everyone will get on task quickly. The faster you are at getting on task, the less time you waste, the more that alpha male running a small company will appreciate you.
    Just about everything you learn in a small company run by an alpha male will be of value to you. In the near term and in the long term. Conversely, just about everything you learn an McCorporation will be bad for you, near term and long term. VERY BAD for you.

  47. If you think these environments are bad for men, you should see how bad they are for women. But as is the female way, everyone must suffer equally.

  48. I want to highlight the fact that not only should you consider a blue-collar job for the benefits of not being in a pussified work environment but also because it may be the smarter career move when it comes to money.
    Our economy is changing and the people who are going to make the most money in the next 5-10 years are three types of people:
    1. People who can sell
    2. People who can work with their hands
    3. People who can build something.
    The average office worker can do none of these 3 things. With automation, they are becoming more and more replaceable.
    If you live in a place like Australia, blue collar jobs are paying a lot more than the average office job anyway, and this will be gradually replicated anywhere in the world where there’s a highly “educated” population. People don’t seem to understand that the only reason a 4 year college degree used to be valuable was because not many people had one. Now that so much of the population has one, it no longer has much value, and blue collar skills are now in high demand.

    1. and that’s why the marxist shits flood our countries with illegal mexican laborers to do a shit job for half the pay. Blue collar industries in most western US states are absolutely dominated by mexicans and the sleazy pricks who employ them.
      I am not disagreeing with your comment, you are right. However, I’m pointing out how the marxists and women have counterattacked blue collar men by voting in hordes of illegal mexicans. Race replacement in the blue collar fields means back to the office with your beta bitch ass, white boy!

      1. Remember that there’s a very wide spectrum of what constitutes blue-collar jobs. Airplane mechanics, high-end luxury and sports car mechanics, wood finishers, and more, can all be classified as being blue-collar but yet require a fair amount of learning and years of practice to reach mastery.
        If a man’s only intention is to learn enough to put up dry-wall in a new house than he can consider himself easily replaceable. Laziness and a lack of desire to learn and be a master at something is a man’s real enemy, not an immigrant population.

        1. Wrong. Do you, or have you ever lived in CA?
          The illegal immigrants who came here started out as field laborers and dry wall hangers. That was about 30 years ago. Now we are on the second and third generations of them, and they have created (through nepotism and contract undercutting) a near-monopoly in almost every field that involves working with your hands. All the way from major corporate general contractors, on down to once-Irish family plumbing businesses.
          Even in Silicon Valley, the vast majority of skilled manufacturing and engineering jobs are going to immigrants.
          Immigration completely destroys the economic fabric of our nation.
          Keep telling yourself that they are beneath your consideration, while they eat away at your country.
          Any white man who has tried to get a job working with his hands in CA, WA, OR, NV, NM, AZ, UT, CO, or TX knows exactly what I’m talking about.

        2. I never called your beliefs about immigration wrong. But you’re also looking at the subject of blue-collared jobs from a purely regional perspective, forgetting that the readers of RoK are international.
          Your comments regarding immigration are valid. They’re also valid and correct in almost any modern and westernized country.
          However, since our politicians will do nothing about it, it’s no use complaining about it. If you’re a man, you get up and do something for yourself.
          Every man’s solution to this problem is different depending on where they live. For some, it may mean moving to a different country. For others, it may mean adjusting how you do business. For example, Western Sydney in Australia has an extremely large immigrant population that vastly outnumbers white Australians. It’s mostly Vietnamese, Indians, Arabs, etc. In a profession where most people earn peanuts, my father built a six-figure cleaning business there by selling only to white wealthy homeowners who didn’t want someone fresh-off-the-boat cleaning their million dollar home.
          My point is, that as a man, find your own solution to the problem. If that means more skills, fine. If immigration in your country has destroyed all hope of making a decent living, then leave.
          But if you don’t have decent skills at one of the 3 things I mentioned earlier, moving somewhere else isn’t going to help you no matter what.

        3. In addition, white men have to be tougher. In the 1800s we went hunting for opportunity. We didn’t expect it to come to us. We went west in the U.S. and conquered everything in our path.
          Now, most white Americans sit around in their country complaining about problems.
          If you tell them to leave and go where the opportunity is, they say “Oh, but then I’d have to save up and leave my friends and family and blah blah blah.” If you claim to be better than the immigrants than throw the metaphorical blanket over your shoulder, pack up your wagon and head overseas like your forefathers would have done.

  49. Terrific article. Used to be that working in an office was the only way you could make any coin without a technical university degree. Now, it’s shifted so that being a skilled blue-collar worker or an entrepreneur is far more lucrative.
    I’ve driven around some of the most exclusive residential areas of California, and you often see blue collar business trucks parked in the driveways of these luxurious homes. Not because the guys are there doing the work – these are the owners. In prissy, SWPL, overeducated Cali, being a plumber or HVAC guy puts you in a fucking mansion in the hills if you play it right!
    My advice: start and run multiple small businesses, and never hire women or leftists!

  50. “The beefy ones who require expensive dinners and gifts before giving them the privilege of seeing their unsightly naked bodies.”
    “Prepare for a summons from the heffer’s office if you’re within earshot of hefty Heather”
    LOL! I like this writer’s style.

  51. Maybe I’m a red pill who’s ok living in the blue pill world, but I prefer my boring office job to the manual labor jobs I’ve had. In the “manly” jobs I had back in the day, I didn’t really like the dumbass redneck dudes who were most of my coworkers. Lots of ballbusting (i.e. “yo mama so fat that..”), which is ok up to a point, but it gets old. I know a guy who works in assembly at Boeing, coworkers are mostly all guys, and what they get a kick out of is trying to “nut tap” each other (slap another dude in the nuts when he’s not looking). Fun? Not my cup o tea.
    I prefer the office life.

  52. As an alternative to blue collar jobs I can thoroughly recommend non regulated sales. I find the most funny, obnoxious (in a good way), ‘sexist’ (red pill) guys tend to be the best sales people and the girls that do make it in a results driven environment tend to be one of the lads.

  53. Wow. RoK has hit an all-time low with this blog. Nothing but gross overgeneralizations of the corporate world……. I don’t even know where to begin. Nothing but ad hominems directed toward men who, what a shocker, might actually enjoy or thrive the business world.
    The attire is completely off. Socks, ties, pocketsquares, watches, and other wrist accessories give you infinite combinations to “express your individuality.” Most places featuring clones wearing khakis also there are no rules against you wearing more-formal yet better-fitting grey wool slacks.
    Unattractive coworkers….well that’s a fucking given. Not much more needs to be said about this other than “don’t shit where you eat.” That girl wistfully typing away at her laptop at the coffee shop at the corner is also ripe for picking up and getting together on the weekend. Last thing about Staining…..who said I make money to spend on women????
    It gets more ridiculous at the Curing part…. “Any man who walks in and happens to be in relatively good shape in is subjected to just a little more sanding” No one at all is telling you to eat the food provided you gluttonous pig, consider actually using office fridges to store your leftover food you cooked from the night before or greek yogurt as a snack.
    The problem with the HR complaints mentioned in “Buffing” portion of this read is that it directly contradicts the “Staining” portion. “Having worked in these hell holes myself, I’d say that 95% to 99% of the average female office worker falls between a 0 and a 6/10.” Maybe the writer should stop hitting on uggos.
    All in all this piece just looks like the author throwing up shots at people who still work the corporate grind.
    Working in the corporate world is honestly no more beta than following RoK advice as to why you should “own a motorcycle.” This site is now treading the fine line between self-improvement for men(readers) and cognitive dissonance for authors.

    1. Agree with datbro, I’ve been working a corporate job at the same company now for over 10 years. I work in finance at an advertising company.
      The attire: I pretty much wear what I want. Jeans usually. Whatever shirt. I’ll wear shorts if it’s 80 degrees out.
      Unattractive coworkers: Sure there are some, but the range here is from 0-9. There are some very attractive account managers fresh out of college
      Junk food: There are some who indulge in bagel Mondays and consume the pastries at company meetings, and there are some who don’t. There are females here who weigh 105 lbs and others who weigh 305.

      1. ad agencies are among the most beta places you could possibly work, as they are full of manginas, white knights, YKWs, SWPLs, Feminists, and Leftoids.
        Your attempt to defend working for the feminine establishment is laughable. Advertising is their main source of power, and you are supporting it.

  54. Seriously good analysis: just to bump up this post from GrandAdmiralAlphaCommander:
    “I predict within the next decade, for a male to get sex, they will need to join 3 other males at a time, it is only getting worse. What is better for a female than one male? TWO or more.”
    In some way this is already being exercised, but imagine in reality, the now, all the broken trees (e.g. 60m plus Chinese single men)…..If this is the end I don’t know what is. This should hit everyone here in the chest.
    Eph 6:12 “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places”

  55. Oh look, another author who moved overseas to escape any responsibility and has to make due as a bouncer or some shitty job that requires hitting the gym every day.
    You would have much better advice if one of you actually had a cool job, or money.

    1. What ‘responsibility’ are you talking about ?
      I fulfilled every ‘duty’ I was told I had. I raised the national flag every day at high school and joined the army immediately after graduation. After 15 years I quit and went home only to find my hometown had been ethnically cleansed of White people and had transformed into a ‘multicultural’ and ‘diverse’ 3rd World slum.
      What are these ‘responsibilities’ you talk of, and of what benefit to the individual is fulfilling these so-called ‘responsibilities ?

    2. …says the guy who hasn’t.
      I might not always agree with people but I damn sure at least know when to have respect for those who at least try, and aren’t afraid to leave their comfort zone.
      I guess the wisdom I’ve gained is true. Always someone who wants others to fail.

  56. “buddy got divorce raped by his land whale of an ex wife”
    This is about to be my cousin. His already fat wife is trying to take away his infant daughter. Fuck.

  57. I think you’re being generous. In the UK I’ve worked in a lot of offices and the marks I would give are between 0 and 4. Great article.

  58. Ah dear.. I’ve only spend a little time of the last few years in an office job but hear exactly what is saying. Suddenly, little physical movement in the day. Before it was walking at least 3km per day between lectures.. Then the high carb low quality food you’re suddenly tempted with. If you choose to just eat a salad or say bring your own food everyone has to add their two cents worth about your diet, makes me wanna say something rude or inappropriate to be honest, it’s hard enough to stick to a diet.. Yes and the other day, I deliberately chose my low key navy coloured polo shirt instead of the more flamboyant purple one or blue t-shirt that brings out my gym-toned physique, as I don’t feel senior or capable enough in my role there to dress like that.. only the more senior people seem to dress to impress.. Anyway, is something challenging about the culture there, some places worse than others..

    1. adding to my own post… I think the effect of this office culture is for the time he is there and for some even after work hours, his sense of self worth is reduced to his level of performance in the job or position in the hierarchy. This means only some men will be turned into betas by the modern office environment.

    1. Almost unbelievable. Seriously, that’s like something from a bad dream.

  59. “The woman in your life will be sexually reenergized as your physique transforms from the pear shaped softy you were into the rugged mountain man she has rape fantasies about. ”
    You DO know about genetics right? I didn’t hit the ‘genetic jackpot’, so I could never be a ‘rugged mountain man’. You should write article more people can relate with, instead of this trash.

    1. There’s some really great articles for you over at pencilnecks.com, brother!

  60. Great piece. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Some people I know came to mind while reading this. Thanks for sharing.

  61. NAILED IT!!!!! During my 2 year stint at a cube farm (Boeing) the employees actually had to attend company wide sensitivity training.
    I was a contractor rather than an employee so thank god I got to miss it. Though I guess if I had gone I might have not offended one of the doc control specialists down the hall, when I made the MILDEST of flirtatious comments one day. You could hear her butt pucker from across the room, I actually had to chase her down the hall apologizing, so she didnt throw a huff and storm into HR telling them what pig I was.
    It was all so picture perfect, she was like 5’4/160, and not even remotely hot, with a total man-boobs bitch beta of a husband. I actually thought she’d be flattered, but she took off like I had pissed in her face. Needless to say that was the beginning of the end for me at that job!

  62. Very interesting article. Reminds me of my buddy’s story. He displayed alpha qualities (this who he truly was), in his office for years until HR decided to feminize the environment. This resulted in him getting falsely accused of sexuall harassment, along with several other alpha types in his office being victim to the same fate. According to him, now he works like a beta drone. Not a f$&@ could be given about that office or their work, and now he has to cater to the psychological inadequacies of most of his female coworkers just to survive. HR in that place has truly bled him dry. He is certainly not the same inspirational joyful spirit that I grew up with. I look on and see merely a shell of his former self. Alpha, RIP.

  63. Disgruntled much? I don’t even know where to begin… First of all, 40k a year in an office job is what’s known as entry-level. You aren’t even suited to talk about how offices work. In addition, since when are there more females than males in a traditional male office? Have you been to Google Offices or any tech company office for that matter? Forget the codes, programmers and developers for a second, think about the investment bankers, IT Support techies, R&D fellows and researchers… All of which are male dominated by a very large margin.
    Which shitty office did you work at where you don’t have a giant office gym? This article reeks of a narrow view from a 40k/yr entry level “gray-collar” phone monkey (customer service or HR). The only offices where women dominate are HR departments and customer services (in a traditional company, obvious for Vogue, the female numbers shoots up).
    Are you simply trying to justify you being unable to advance in the corporate ladder and thus slapping them with a label of beta male and try to pseudo-logic convince yourself that you are somehow better off in the female department? Powerful men in suits will get pussy 100 times more than a unemployed guitar player. The only difference is that the unemployed guitar player has no other measurement of worth other than “his music” or “his creative expression” or some crap like that which make younger girls yell “YOLO” and fantasize about the guitar player making it big to a rock start. After 2 years, the young girls grow up and realize out of 1000 liberal arts majors (and non-degree-carrying artists), maybe 1 of them can make above the national average salary.
    While I might be unfair to judge the author for thinking that 40k a year in a office job qualifies as a true “office job”, this is not far from the truth. The base salary for an office job that requires any college degree is something like 20+ bucks an hour to start. This might be considered very low for an average office job, it is already drastically better than your average Tim Horton / McDonald’s shift/assistance manager (13-14 dollars an hour). I have liberal arts friends who celebrated a big promotion in his job (at Tim’s) and when I happily congrats on him on making a whole lot more money, he excited quoted his 14 dollars a hour and I actually DIDN’T believe him and I did some research and verified it.
    The moral of the story is, if you lived in the gutter for a while, you start to believe the gutter is everything. The author’s own pathetic office experience is HARDLY reflective of what a high powered law firm or a successful tech powerhouse is like. In fact, in places like San Francisco, the local population can literal FEEL the power differences between men with nice tech jobs vs THE REST. Google “San Francisco housing crisis” and you will see. Having a nice office job means you get to live in a nice house in a nice city, playing guitar in a bar means you get evicted and your apartment and your girl friend will be passed to the rich techie in a suit from Google.

  64. This is ironic. I recently graduated with a degree in Finance ( this year ) . Could not find any decent work other than insurance sales.
    I now work in a job changing tires, working a forklift , installing hitches to cars. As well as working with moving trucks. Been thinking about greener grass, but this article sheds some positive light on my situation. Good article!

  65. I am self employed in the timber industry. Work around loggers and mill owners all day..not one woman in the bunch. I love it.

  66. I’ve experienced discrimination in a all women work environment and I was shocked at the sexual accusations, they were all ‘ fatties ‘ which I have no interest in to begin with. I never let a conversation with ‘ fatties’ go there!
    I transferred to a Lesbian dominated branch… It was less hostile, the lines were clear.

  67. Actually, many blue collar trade jobs pay better than being some crappy cube rat. Especially remote mining or oil rigs, which come with extra perks and tax breaks. Hard work in harsh conditions, but worth the $$$ if you can hack it.

  68. similar to the office, most public and charter schools have a similar pussification effect on men… Mostly unattractive, haggardly and dramatic low value misfits (many past their prime, obese and in authority positions) are running the failing US educational system. The school’s are way too feminized to meet the eventual “real-world” needs of male students. (But that’s another story). I recall one of the more attractive female teachers (6/10) taking a liking to me or so I thought and asking me to different events with her…I am feeling all stud-ley and shyt; then she later tells me she thought I was gay for what ever reason and when she learned I wasn’t, she (being a married woman) felt it was immoral and necessary to cease all contact…no problem. Check out 2 articles that talk about this same “gaydar” like office shyt that seeks to prime men toward beta-dom in a hurry.

  69. Interesting post. Makes my realization of being in debt for my BS more foolish. Nonetheless I think the IT industry is still a frontier for men although some women are trying to get in but low performers compared. Any Thoughts on something like the IT industry? Since we are wanted for our knowledge I have been able to hold on to my sense of style at least and prevent conforming completely.The web idea is so appealing…

  70. I’m a landscaper and the boss that I work for is gay, and brings all of his gay ass emotions to work. Reminds me of an emotional woman. I think it’s the feminine emotions in positions of authority that fuck things up in the workplace, regardless of the gender of the offender. I don’t have a problem with gay men, but if you bring your emotions to a position of authority, you are going to fuck things up – gay OR straight, male OR female. Females are generally more emotional, so it stands to reason that they are more likely to bring emotions into positions of workplace authority, thereby fucking things up.

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