Why “Batman Vs. Superman” Was A Failed Allegory

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice could have been the film that helped heal the political rift that’s tearing apart America.

It could have; but instead it flopped.

Political and racial tensions are getting close to the breaking point, the worst they’ve been in decades, if not since the Civil War. Internal strife dominates both political parties with voters turning to outsider candidates; the tension between the parties is growing hot, with Democrats promoting violence and even joking about murder, while Republicans quietly stockpile ammunition in their basements.

Barrack Obama’s seeds of racial discord have taken root, growing into Black Lives Matter protesters who burn down their own neighborhoods, and White Identitarian groups who are becoming increasingly vocal and mainstream. The gap between the rich and the poor further fuels this fire, as the most indebted generation in history comes to age in a slumping economy, while welfare queens and economy-destroying CEOs are given free handouts.

One could be forgiven for thinking that America were on the verge of tearing itself apart. I myself do not think this. There is greatness in this country yet—greatness in her people—but no matter what happens, a period of strife is upon us.

Batman Vs Superman could have eased this strife and returned some measure of dialogue between the left and the right, to a conversation that’s been poisoned by social justice warriors and race baiters; but it failed.  It failed because the creators knew nothing about the main characters, and nothing about America.

What Is Batman Vs Superman Truly About?

“Who would win in a fight?  Batman or Superman?” It’s a question that’s been joked about for decades. Batman and Superman are two of the most iconic pieces of Americana and yet they stand in stark contrast. Both are undeniably American, yet both are fundamentally dissimilar.  They both work towards the common good, but in manners which are incompatible if not outright irreconcilable. Every schoolboy understands this intuitively which is why the question is asked. Though they might not be able to put it into words, they realize that Batman and Superman represent the two halves of the American psyche.

The Man Of Tomorrow


Superman represents the grand hope of the American Experiment, a striving towards ubermensch greatness, towards outer space and superhuman perfection. He is an immigrant who perfectly embodies the ideals of his adopted home, who serves as a guiding beacon towards some future, blessed year, to a city on the hill called Metropolis. His S exploding out of his chest like a ray of hope, as he shines the light of truth upon the world.

He comes from a humble farming background, he lives modestly, and yet it is not greed or envy that drives him to aim his X-Ray vision upon the corrupt power brokers of society; rather, it is their envy of a modest man which drives them into becoming his enemies. Lex Luthor: a self-made millionaire, a brilliant scientist, and an accomplished body builder who nevertheless resents the fact that he lives in the shadow of the Son of Krypton; a man who cannot appreciate what he has.

Superman is the idealized liberal; his enemy is the degenerate conservative.

The Dark Knight


Batman shares none of his brother’s optimism.  He represents the cold, brutal side of reality. Anger; vengeance; fear. He is a man who has seen evil firsthand, and who knows its full extent. Who has dived deep within himself and encountered his own internal demons, only to return victorious.

Fear is not his enemy; he has made it his ally.

Batman comes from old money, and he knows just how fragile civilization truly is. He understands the necessity of honoring one’s bloodline, of having a memory that stretches back generations, he embraces the noblesse oblige of defending the innocent while punishing the guilty without quarter.

His greatest enemy is the chaos that would tear civilization apart. His nemesis is the Joker: a rebel without a cause, a wild card, a man who just wants to see the world burn.

Batman is the idealized conservative; his enemy is the degenerate liberal.

The Dark Knight Returns

These were the themes explored in Frank Miller’s 1986 series The Dark Knight Returns. It was set in a futuristic dystopia where Batman was an old man, Robin had been murdered, Superman had been reduced to an American PR agent, the streets were overwhelmed with chaotic thugs, and the news media had degenerated into little more than pornography. Batman and Superman came to blows precisely because American society had reached a tipping point, their battle was a metaphorical battle for the future of the Republic.

This is the sort of movie that we should have had; something that explored and elucidated the strife we see all around us every day, something that allowed for catharsis and even, maybe, a solution—or at least a light in the distance to guide us forward. Instead what we got was a fight, mano e mano, based upon a miscommunication. Batman suspects that Superman might be a threat—“If there’s even a 1% chance we can’t risk it.”—but eventually realizes that their mothers had the same first name, so they should team up and start a club house called The Justice League.

This theme was far better explored in Watchmen, with Doctor Manhattan as the terrifying Ubermensch, and it was given the appropriate setting: the Cold War. “Even a 1% chance of total destruction,” is the sort of concern that a man facing nuclear war worries about, but in our day we’re facing a society that’s tearing itself apart.

Right Versus Left? Or Nationalists Versus Globalists?

The present election is less about left versus right than it is voters versus their own parties. A recent joke circling amongst Washington insiders is “Lose With Cruz!” They’d rather see him lose to Hillary than they themselves lose their influence under Trump, and they’re doing everything within their power to ensure a Republican defeat. Among the Democrats the same game is being played against Bernie Sanders, their own outsider candidate.

Both the mainstream Democrats and the GOPe are pushing a globalist agenda; open borders, atomized individuals, the destruction of culture, enslavement and dependence to multinational corporations, a world full of individuals who cannot stand on their own and who cannot help one another. A feedlot of anomie.

Imagine a story which was written for this context, by somebody who understood the main characters: Batman warring against Superman because of the progressive creep and the economic destruction that the federal government was wreaking upon American manufacturing; Superman fighting against the reactionary who didn’t want to raise the minimum wage during America’s Great Recession; only for both men to realize it’s not the government, nor industry that’s the problem–it’s the Globalists behind the scenes.

The two of them nothing but useful idiots in a chess game played by psychopaths, until they saw the game for what it was and united to form a team to fight against it.

The problem with writing such a script, however, is that the left would have to admit that they’ve been played. Whatever justifications they once had for demanding environmental regulations against toxic chemicals, or equal treatment of all people before the law, no longer exist; these problems were dealt with long ago, and since then it’s been nothing but mission creep. Any honest man of the left, were he to take a good, hard look at the present day bureaucracy, would realize that it had become a tool of elites; were he a man of any political integrity he would immediately demand that welfare, regulation, and government spending be slashed to reasonable levels so that the parasites in Washington and Wall Street could be starved.

Men of such caliber are rare.

During last year’s GamerGate, the moderate left finally stood up to the radicals; the Social Justice Warriors who promote sexual perversity for the sake of destroying intimacy, twisting culture to pervert relations between the sexes. But they never truly identified what the enemy was, seeing the struggle as nothing more than a fight for ethics in gaming journalism. After making respectable headway, they immediately turned and started attacking their conservative brothers once more, allowing the infection time to regroup.

Somebody like Nolan might have been able to capture this message and broadcast it to the masses, but Zach Snyder simply wasn’t up to the task. He created an art-house action flick with a formulaic plotline, a film that was all climax and no allegory. It could have been great…

…but it wasn’t.

The man of the left remains asleep; pursuing failed Soviet policies through Sanders, burning his own neighborhoods and the constitution itself, while remaining unaware of what his party is plotting. Superman has been twisted by the power of pink Kryptonite, and until he shakes off its effects the Dark Knight will have to fight the Globalists on his own.

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222 thoughts on “Why “Batman Vs. Superman” Was A Failed Allegory”

  1. Really enjoyed this article. I haven’t seen the movie, but everything I’ve heard about it was disappointing. The comparisons you make between Superman/Liberal & Batman/Conservative are interesting. Now do one on Netflix’s Daredevil!

    1. I’ve heard they put the Punisher in season 2. Punisher’s always been my favorite. He’s got the balls to do what’s necessary and is not flashy about it, contrary to Batey.

  2. Yeah I heard this movie wasn’t that great. I usually stay away from movies as they tend to turn into either political screeds or dumbed down slug fests. Either way. Was very impressed with Nolan’s batman disappointed that there was no connection between the two. Never thought of Superman as liberal and Batman as conservative interesting. As for the left admitting they’ve been played that will never happen. The left bases their worldview on the denial of reality.

    1. The left bases their worldview on the denial of reality.

      Yup. If they actually lived in reality they wouldn’t have been leftists to begin with.

  3. I never saw batman as standing up for anything besides the power of the “people”.
    Well the people as a whole are weak, degenerate and stupid as fuck.
    It was the league of shadows that had the more righteous goal.
    Burn that disgusting city Gotham to the motherfuckin ground.

    1. Gotta admit, there was a certain primal part of me inside when I watched that movie for the first time where I thought maybe Ras al’Ghul’s got the right idea.

      1. Ras al’Ghul is Batman without the hope.
        Batman has to believe that people can and will strive to be better. Nolan’s films portrayed that element masterfully. Why does Batman refuse to kill his enemies, instead locking them away in the asylum or the penitentiary? Because he believes in them.
        Ras, on the other hand, believes that humanity moves in an inevitable cycle of rise and decay. His league speeds the decay cycle so that the rise cycle can begin anew.
        We have a choice – fight the inevitable decline, or embrace it. I’m not convinced there’s a wrong or right answer, but we must each choose it for ourselves.

        1. Ras A’ghul: “who do you think sacked Rome?” Yeah, the League of Shadows is real

    2. The people? No. He stood for himself in the cause of Veangeance, and The People were benefited from it simply because his Enemy was hurting them too.

      1. It’s based on a graphic novel.
        Go on “Movie 25”. The whole things on there.

    1. Wow, I havent seen this movie, but this animated film is much closer to the Frank Miller series.

  4. The way I remembered Superman was the Christopher Reeves movies back in the 80’s. Now I realize that he was the bluest of blue pill beta (LOL Clark Kent). Lex Luther had the poon and Superman got none. Remember that folks!
    Always thought Batman was a fag with his sidekick Robin. Shit, he even turned down Catwoman. He should’ve banged her and dump her ass, making her beg for more, but instead he had Robin. SMH.

      1. As far as Batman goes, he started going downhill the moment they introduced Robin. But I disagree about the comics code. It was kind of like the Hollywood Hays code. Yes, it limited what comics could do. But within those limitations comics like cinema thrived. Within the comics code we got Spider-Man, the revival of Captain America, and so much more. I feel that art needs some kind of restriction in order to be great. Once you’re allowed to do anything and everything things start going downhill.

    1. The repeal of the comics code gave us a better Batman. He has a bastard kid with the daughter of Ras al’Ghul, and he flings with Catwoman and some of his other villainesses.
      Not much to save Supes, though. Oneitis is strong in that one.

  5. It wasn’t a brilliant movie, but was fairly entertaining nonetheless. Batman’s motivation was never clear enough to explain his determination to destroy Superman and as the article points out his change of heart is nothing more than sentimentality, which is to say that irrationality drives the plot, until sentiment and emotion take over. Given that these are the top of the tree in the superhero hierarchy, it’s not surprising that the message is weak
    Allegory-wise though I saw something different. The script is very clear about portraying Superman as a God. Batman might determine that Superman is primarily to be opposed because he represents a risk – a virtually unstoppable force that could turn on humanity at will (note the false flag attack that generates the risk situation in the first place) but both Lex Luthor and to a lesser extent Batman are effectively trying to destroy Superman precisely because of his status as a God. Batman here represents worldly, risk-obsessed humanity, trying to destroy a God, because acts of God’s (and Godly morality) stand in the way of human welfare. Luthor though simply wants to destroy superman as God, because he is a ‘personal’ rival, to his own humanly divine will.
    What Aurini doesn’t mention for some reason is that late in the day – at the point the above has almost played out – Wonder Woman is introduced. In the film she joins the superhero gang, but in terms of what she represents she might easily be the creation of elite thelemist that Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor represents, just as a Rockefeller stands behind feminism in fact. Wonder Woman here is not only a de facto replacement for Superman (her film is slated for 2017 before she joins the Justice League) but her backstory (a male feminist lesboid wank fantasy) effectively endows her with the status of a goddess.
    Luthor in the film doesn’t appear to know or care about Wonder Woman, but effectively it is he who unleashes her, and the ‘help’ that she gives superman work in reality to ensure he is replaced. So what are we left with? Superman, the dying sky God, brought to destruction by the thelemite the weedy, effete Lex Luthor (he certainly isn’t a body builder in this film) combining with the well-meaning but ultimately manipulated and deceived caped crusader (Batman as a brutally effective but nonetheless useful idiot social justice warrior) paving the way for a female goddess (the sacred feminine) to replace the broken male sky God.
    In fact the symbolism here is so overwhelming, it’s probably the reason the narrative sucked as a whole

    1. He likely didn’t touch on the female characters because woman superheroes are a poor analogy to feminists.
      Feminism despises the entire female superhero pantheon that Marvel and D.C. has created.
      There’s a variety of trife issues that are raised ranging from physical appearance to personality. Remember, most female superhero characters end up married with children unless tragedy strikes. It’s very silly the cache of reasons that many women hate. You could type in ‘feminism superheros Marvel DC’ and read all about it; if you can manage to bear through it.
      You’ll also learn a wealth of parents think their 8 year old sons and daughters should read a comic clearly labeled older teen or higher.

      1. feminists bitch about everything. That’s their superpower. What I’m describing though isn’t really about whether female super-heroes are feminist friendly or not. There are specific and clearly articulated themes here, which can also perhaps be placed within the wider gender politics of 21st Century Hollywood. Superman’s destruction is articulated very clearly as involving the death of man-God, echoing the post enlightenment anti-deism found in everything from de Sade to Nietzsche. What’s interesting here is that Batman and Lex Luthor, the well intentioned man, and evil and malicious human unite to destroy the sky God, and in the process they unleash the sacred feminine, the goddess from pre-Christian times. She is there to replace Superman the sky god. That is the role Hollywood wants her to play, and Batman/Luthor are there to make it happen

        1. There was never a sole female deity. Pre-Christian societies always represented both male and female in their deities going back to Babylonian culture. In the Bible, that is why the Jewish kept having a problem with converted pagans placing sacred trees in their temple courtyards; the pagans were not dismissing God as a masculine entity or placing Ishtar, the goddess, as more important, they simply couldn’t understand one existing without the other.
          It wouldn’t make sense that way either.

        2. As far as I’m aware the mythos of Wonder Woman is based on Greek mythology, so presumably includes Hera, Demeter, Athena etc (I might be wrong, this is just what I gleaned from an article I read, rather than from reading the comics themselves). What Hollywood does with an idea though isn’t limited by any such background or ‘original intentions’. My interpretation of the movie is that it is explored at a quite fundamental level the conflict between Man and God (at least as a natural corollary to exploring the relative status of Superman and Batman) and resolved the issue in favour of the sacred feminine as the new kid on the block, theistically speaking. One could look at Wonder Woman’s entry as a superman level superhero as being about complimenting the male superheroes (i.e. being inclusive of women in order to diversify a male dominanted genre) but the symbolism doesn’t really reflect that insofar as Wonder Woman effectively takes Superman’s place. She does this within the film, and insofar as her big movie ensues at the point that the superman saga appears to conclude, she also appears to poised to supplant him at a more general level as well.
          You make a fair point about her not being Ishtar etc., but a female goddess / superheroine may well stand in for a mother goddess, seen as a chief Goddess. At the conclusion of the film, the pecking order is effectively reversed: Batman is a mere mortal. His status is below that of the goddess Wonder Woman. This could well be seen as reflecting the matriarchal Hollywood agenda

        3. I’d politely point out – you forgot the Princess’s name.
          Goddess of the Hunt.
          Woman Is the New God.
          All Hail the Supreme Pussy. (Wait, that was Obama…)

      2. Really…when they dropped wonder woman’s powers in the early seventies to make her more …female it was a feminist Gloria Steinman who demanded she be returned to her superpower glory …google it lol

        1. Which makes me think Huntress or Batgirl are more badass…they don’t need superpowers…I’d like to imagine either one of them telling a depowered Wonder Woman to quit whining and get a grip.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Jesse Eisenberg is a child actor. He isn’t fit to play an evil genius

        1. I heard he shamelessly ripped off Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, is this true? I haven’t seen it yet, because I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money.

        2. I’m not gonna see it….in no rush plus I hear there’s an R rated cut

        3. I thought he could do a good Riddler. But yeah, Luthor is meant to be a man trying to become the absolute best he can be for his won success.

        4. I could see that. I could see him hamming it up in a tight orange spandex suit like the Riddler in the original TV series . Big casting failure in the present movies though

        5. I actually quite enjoyed it, mainly because my expectations were low. Yes, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was modelling Ledger’s performance. There were couple of times when it seemed forced, and it was uncomfortable to watch. They should have got Will Ferrell

      2. “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice could have been the film that helped heal the political rift that’s tearing apart America.”
        “Political and racial tensions are getting close to the breaking point, the worst they’ve been in decades, blah blah blah….”
        Maybe the “rift” needs to just take its course.
        Multiculturalism doesn’t work.
        Diversity is not a strength.
        Lets try something different.
        Its inevitable now.
        Time to kick this to the next level

      1. understandable, given that she had a sword rather than magic bullet deflecting bracelets

    2. As an aside, that was a thorough analysis of the overall structure and layering in Batman vs Superman. I would love to actually discuss many of these topics further with you as myth in comics fascinates me. One point that was brought up to me recently, which probably brings it all to a head, is that the movie was released on Easter weekend to time itself with the Christian Jesus’ rising from death. Don’t forget also that Superman in this movie series became Superman at 33 years of age, the same age Jesus came back to his people a reborn man ready to do God’s work and fulfill his destiny of purging humanity’s sin debt. Your God symbolism is also spot on. Special pointers for the rare reference to Superman’s role as a sky God. Another, not so subtle reference that can be drawn, is that of Anubis for Batman. Great comment overall!!

      1. Cheers. I didn’t actually make the connection with Easter, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was planned that way (obviously they think hard about release dates). At the very end just before the screen goes blank, there’s some indication of some kind of growth (greenery) going on on the surface of superman’s grave: it did occur to me that they were creating the possibility of a resurrection of superman (i.e. without a reboot). I think once one notices the God symbolism it’s very clear that’s what’s they had in mind to an extent. It will be interesting to see how they actually handle the Wonder Woman story. It won’t be like the 70s series.
        Beyond that though, I’m more than happy to discuss film superheroes but I have to admit I’ve never read the original comic books so I can’t compare and contrast the comic book / film experience

        1. I heard that Warner Bros. Had meeting with pastors to promote Man of Steel when it came out. The messiah trope is very much intentional.

        2. Agreed. I think Hollywood will play both sides of the fence when necessary. Roosh’s article about Hollywood secret socities had me thinking about stuff which lead me to documentary series on E. The documentary series has mostly pointless information that won’t surprise RoK. But there where some interesting bits of information.
          I think Warner Bros. learned a huge lesson from Superman Returns. Man of Steel would have flopped hard if they had not tried to appeal to middle America. Plus the Dark Knight trilogy was allegoric defense of the Bush Adminstration’s post 9/11 policies.

        3. good points. When making money conflicts with political imperatives they’re not always entirely predictable.

    3. Great point. I also got the strong message from this movie that God is dead and social justice killed it. I was just glad that they did not glorify this, but recognized that social justice has been subverted for nefarious purposes. It will be interesting to see how they promote feminism in the next movie as the replacement for divine justice. I think you are right, this is where they are going.

      1. thanks. Fortunately they didn’t ram home any kind of social justice ‘message’, and in that regard batman’s manipulation by Luthor could even been seen as a metaphor for the manipulation of ordinary people within the social justice movement.

    4. If you’re waiting for a movie to save America… you’re going to be waiting a long time.

  6. Zack Synder was always good on action, but not story. I haven’t seen the Superman v. Batman movie yet but I don’t expect a compelling story myself.
    Joss Whedon, despite his best efforts as a self-described feminist, can actually churn out good story and action, even before the Avengers movies.

    1. “despite his best efforts as a self-described feminist,”
      And didn’t those fuckers just double down on him

  7. Comic-book heroes from the early twentieth century are a piss-poor vehicle to study modern politics.
    Read instead about voter psychology (particularly the role of overactive amygdalas) as well as the effects of economic globalization upon uneducated workers in First World countries.
    Cartoon characters wearing colored tights or rubber codpieces offer no insights.

    1. Not true. Entertainment mediums and their subjects provide a subtle analysis of society’s perceptions. I wouldn’t call comics complex, but they do provide illustration to cultural norms.

      1. Not when those characters were created eighty years ago. You can’t cram them into a twenty-first century world of data mining, single mommery, and impending massive climate change and — poof! — expect an allegory.

        1. You both make good points and that is mainly because the comic characters, to stay relevant, usually have strong writers of influence to date them as current.

        2. Well said.
          The best and most beloved comics are the one-offs that convey some timeless truth. There’s a reason Nolan went to “The Long Halloween” and “The Killing Joke” for his source material – they explore man as he is.
          I’d argue that, properly written, even characters created eighty years ago can convey timeless truths about man’s nature.
          Batman tells the story of what a driven man can accomplish, and what darkness lies underneath all light. He is both “The Detective” and “The Dark Knight”.
          Superman is (or should be) the ideal. He is a sort of god, who dispenses mercy and justice in equal measure. His power is secondary to his code, and when he allows his code to be warped disaster inevitably follows. He is the “Man of Tomorrow”.
          Martian Manhunter is the story of the immigrant. He strives to blend with his adopted home, but has trouble when the nature of humans conflicts with his nature as a Martian. He is the “man of another world”.
          Properly written, the heroes of comics should be like the Heroes and Gods of ancient myth. It’s a tragedy what most writers churn out, but every so often we do get a story that has great meaning.

        3. I love how you summarized your theory on who each of the greats of DC Comics heroes represents. It is almost impossible to read the greats like Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Arthur Conan Doyle, Herman Melville, and not enjoy comics. Those legends have a similar writer tinge to many of the British comic greats. Not to mention the general layering of character that is signified so simply yet strongly in comics.
          I used to be as down on comics as many of the readers here, and in some ways am worried they will lose their strength as Disney will push Marvel to consistently restart their stories in time for new movie releases. Yet, when comics are done right, it is one of the most evocative ways to illustrate human nature without any drawback. What other medium addressed women being raped and murdered brutally, men being defeated by heroin and alcoholism, men breaking their moral code to right a wrong, even committing an atrocity themselves. If it weren’t for comics, I wouldn’t have seen the relevance and strength of Hamlet and the morally ambiguous nature that we are all forced to adopt at some point or another.
          Some of my favorite comic tales address the morally ambiguous yet test the mettle of character against their vices. For the longest time I didn’t recognize the merit for a character like Superman. And the stories deconstructing his worth didn’t seem to bode to well against an America newly survived from a terrorist strike. Having a myth to turn to of an infallible hero seemed too weak for a fragile world. But now I see not only is Superman needed but necessary for America the mythos. I can’t imagine anything more American than baseball, the Statue of Liberty, and Superman.
          It has been far too long since I could entertain an educated discussion on this topic as at it’s core, while some comics are funny books, the ones I seek out are the stuff of myth building. I guess when you literary minded you seek to know truth in all forms. Your comment really revealed a thorough and refreshing example of why myth should be appreciated in all forms.

        4. I’m right there with you on comics as well as anime. I only read and watch the few that are legendary, at least in my mind.
          Have you read Dark Horse’ Red Son?
          If so, your opinion?

        5. I wouldnt say the best comics are always a one-off or miniseries- Ex Machina, Powers, Sandman, etc

        6. There are quite a few comics that were of great depth that are rarely mentioned in public as most comic book readers are merely passerby lovers. I haven’t read Red Son. I do believe you are referencing DC Comics alternate universe story where Superman lands in Russia instead of Kansas. For Superman, I mainly read Birthright, which helps centralize how Superman is our perfect American immigrant and intensely human.
          Some of the graphic novels I have read that have stuck with me are After The Cape, about a superhero trying to balance a family and improving his social status now that he has to face he wasted his life being a hero while not improving his non heroic life. Espers was another equally well written comic, that while it touches on the human experience and has that beautiful, realistic, 80’s style artwork that made the pages come alive to me, it doesn’t tear at your humanity how After The Cape does.
          I guess I can compile a list at some point but it all depends on your taste. For example, if you appreciated Marvel Captain America: Winter Soldier movie, know it was written by Ed Brubaker who single-handedly lifted Captain America out of irrelevance into a sharp soldier of circumstance that the movies lay him out to be. Ed has a few works that I would say are top not for the medium.

        7. Yep. That’s the one. It was a DC/Dark Horse collaboration. Lex turned out to be America’s sweetheart. Good read.
          I also enjoyed Supe’s portrayal in Kingdom Come; A “what’s his purpose after so many years” premise, if you will.
          And thank you for the recommendations. I’ll be sure to check them out.

  8. Still struggling to understand how any alleged “red piller” could find any interest in mainstream Hollywood movies or in Superheroes.

    1. Agreed, let alone super hero shit. We’re supposed to be adults. The comic book movie craze of the last decade or so is a reflection of the maturity level of the average idiot.
      Super heroes are gay. Let that shit die.

      1. I can enjoy some super hero movies, but watching grown adults rapturously await these movies like 6 year olds is a reflection of how pathetic men in our society have become. Ironically the children these characters were originally created for seem much less interested.

        1. Yeah, they’re PG-13 so you can’t really bring your little guy to watch it. As an adult, I have no interest in it.

        2. I disagree. I think they’re made for people, from my generation, that have been waiting for the technology to catch up and bring these characters right off the page to larger-than-life proportions.
          This medium just didn’t translate well in the eighties and nineties.
          At the end of the day, it’s just fun popcorn. I don’t expect any more than that from Hollywood.

      2. It’s not much better than anime. Symptoms of the rampant Manchild Syndrome we are facing in the West.

        1. I have been seeing this argument against comics and anime and mostly you are right, they are for children. The reasons comics have thrived as fiercely as they have is because they are a tradition now that rides off of our love for myth, adventure, valor, and observable motivations.
          Maybe it is laziness to over analyze comic characters or anime. But when the culture is as bankrupt as it is, and no mythological alternative exists (we don’t agree on Gods, we don’t agree on cultural practices, we don’t agree on rituals) comics exist in an outside bubble allowing for discussion on the human experience which we can’t share normally without trials. Comics bridge the gap.
          There are a lot faux behaviorists and liberal arts students who use comments as a way to dissect the human experience prematurely. It doesn’t help that many of the fans and non fans play dress up and try to pull new comic fans by mainly addressing stories that mainly fanboys love, so it all seems childish. Read a Kirkman, Alan Moore, even Neil Gaiman before you judge comics too harshly. Maybe you already have since comic writers are entrenched in Hollywood and local television right now.
          If comics aren’t for you, they aren’t for you. But the medium has merit.

        2. I don’t mean to be glib, but I have a three word response: books are better.

        3. I agree a hundred percent. I have dabbled in comics as a field beyond just being a consumer, and have noticed there are strong merits for why it exists. As a fan of older styled books I am mainly reading material influenced by them or their material itself. Always have room for classics.

        4. Quite so. When I want to read about heroics I can read The Virginian, when I want to read horror I can fall back on E.A. Poe. Comics exited my life at 17 and a half when I entered the military and transitioned into an adult man.

        5. I tend to read more books. But I can transition from Crime and Punishment to Earth X with relative ease.
          Maybe it’s my arts background bias, but sequential art has its merits.
          It’s cool. I giddyup’ on my elitist high horse from time to time, as well.

      1. Interesting.
        I have found that the more awakened I become, the more I lose my appetite for consuming obvious propaganda that is designed to destroy my race, my gender, my community and my country.
        I guess that’s just me.

        1. And that, sir, is exactly how I felt about The Force Awakens. That ain’t MY Star Wars.

    2. Mainstream Hollywood is garbage.
      But I disagree with you about superhero comics in general.
      I’m interested in comics because they’re stories, and they’re written on the scale of myth. Just like Zeus embodied ancient ideals of strength and patriarchy, Superman embodies American ideals of democracy and greatness. The characters in comics represent archetypes.

    3. Every culture needs its myths to teach us that which is nearly impossible to convey in words. The Greeks had the heroes and the gods. The Egyptians had the pharoahs and the priests.
      We have the superheroes. It’s not the best of all possible worlds, but it’s the one many of us live in.

  9. i haven’t seen this movie yet but I don’t think the leftists who run Hollywood are in any hurry to portray Batman as an obvious conservative.

    1. If Batman signifies conservatism, then he would be the bad guy. That’s how Hollywood brainwash the masses.

    2. They’ve been trying to use him for firearm restriction propaganda, so it’s highly unlikely.

    3. The last “real” Batman movie, with Bane, has him pretty damned hard right I think. In fact the SJW/Leftist crowd were sneering in unison about that film being “so fascist”.

    1. The day when women invent Orcs and they can’t be satisfied with normal puny penors anymore.

    2. SJWS running wild with power, And the kryptonite spear is metaphoric of a dick. Its the only thing that can stop them is if its maneuvered by a super man.

  10. Superman gets stabbed by Doomsday and dies. His resurrection will occur but he will be corrupted; corrupted by evil and leftist policies. After witnessing the horror that has come upon the world due to globalism, The Flash realizes this can only be changed by going back in time and warning Batman. He tells him that she (Lois) is the key to bring back Superman. Not in the case of his resurrection but in the case of bringing him back to the good side. Traditionalism will trump the corrupted influence of liberalism.

  11. What blew my mind was how much of a beta male Clark Kent was in his private moments with Lois Lane. Did anybody else pick up on that shit?

        1. Wouldn’t matter who. She’s DTF and Clark was too beta to make the move and go for it.

        2. I agree with the point about Clark being beta – he’s the ultimate white knight in some senses – but I just can’t see Jesse Eisenberg raw-dogging anything that isn’t wearing a gimp suit

        3. He totally could have ” Hey superman I kidnapped your mom *show him a photo of Martha having a cum shower* Bring me Lois Lane naked and ready or else you won’t see your mom again” Like literally he could have done that in the movie, he made superman his bitch when he kidnapped his mom.

        4. I just can’t understand why they didn’t include that scene. Indeed why wasn’t the film called Batman versus Cucksuperman?

        5. Yeah, Kevin Spacey rawdogs’em and then pushes them in front of a moving train.

        6. I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally dont get how this guy is a moviestar. Really. Seth Rogan or the chubby guy from 21 Jump Street either

        7. he and Seth Rogan are both untalented and unlikeable for the most part. I did like 21 Jump Street though, but given that I can’t remember the name of the actor in question guess it probably wasn’t that much to do with his star charisma

      1. Haha!
        But let’s be honest… I really don’t think Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor could raw dog anybody. Perhaps a Realdoll but not a warm body.
        Gene Hackman on the otherhand, absolutely;)

        1. This may be the turning point to portray these skinny hipster looking dudes as the bad guys.
          Movies of late always has the bad ass, masculine men as the evil bad guys and the hipster men as the good guys.

    1. Clark Kent has been a beta male chump since day one. That’s part of the whole dichotomy. Superman is the idealized man, Clark Kent is the polar opposite.

      1. I hear ya, but Lois knows who he is. And the whole relationship is based upon a feminine imperative idealisation of a male – soft and supplicating.

        1. And that’s what was so cringe-worthy about it.
          Only Batman/Wayne can get away with not pedastalizing a woman.

      2. And you’re absolutely right about that, too. It has to be that way to hide in plain sight.

    2. Yes… Yes I did. It was the most cringe-worthy part of the movie for me. Particularly the tub scene.

      1. Once you’re red pill aware -that’s it. It all jumps out at you. It’s a blessing and a curse, but I’d rather be aware than ignorant.

        1. I dunno man, Im at the pt where I think ignorance is bliss- I feel like the Joey Pantoliano character in the Matrix…

        2. I was like that the past 6 months or so. You’ll push through it – don’t worry. You’ll start making informed decisions and prioritising what’s important and meaningful for you. All the best and good luck.

    1. Because it’s to brainwash young men that the post wall cougar is a great catch. She can still get a fit guy.

      1. I looked at as Supes cared more about her as an attractive female who has integrity, values & intelligence and not just some phony skank. Only phony losers get stupid trophy wives and I pity them as those kinda woman are just gold diggers.

        1. Louis Lane always struck me as the 1940’s version of the Strong Empowered Woman; all career driven and nearly emotionless.

        2. Ikr! Never liked her since watching Superman as a kid.
          Even then I thought she was bossy and narcissistic.
          Always preferred sweet and pleasant, small town Lana Lang.

        3. Also single and living alone. What was that article we just read by Donovan Sharpe?

        4. Even in the books, Louis considered herself a feminist… quick, pass the barf bag!!!

        5. I never did get much from comic book girls. Our entire family on both sides was hard traditional. Always had a problem with snarky career women.

      2. Yes, good call. Plus, those old women need a role model.
        Now, we’ll see all of these middle aged women dressing up like Wonder Woman for Halloween (or in the bedroom). Too funny.

        1. If you’re not interested in the social hierarchy and being an alpha leader, most certainly not.

        1. LOL its on! hasnt been a war of the geeks on this site in months

        2. It is funny how people can call Superman anything but an alpha. He is the pinnacle. Everything you would want in a hero. And he is so much of an alpha he doesn’t need to hide his face. He is the one hero who can be depended on so well, we can attempt to scrutinize when he can’t save 100% of the people. He never begs, pleads, or is remotely sneaky. In fact if he wants sneaky he gets Batman. The man is a leader past, present, and future. All superheroes aspire to be like him knowing they could never replace him. As a man, all close to him knows he is Superman and will never step on his toes with that secret. He is all alpha leading a life the way he wants to live.

        3. Haha!! I am very surprised by some of the insights I am reading. And I thought I was thorough. Yeesh. And if “Clark” is reading this, Supes still sucks!

        4. Maybe in the comics but certainly not in the movies. Being Lois lane little doggy kinda destroy his whole alpha mystique to be honest. And he even had a moment of weakness when everyone died during the political meeting.

      1. I’d say Superman is an alpha poser and a beta male as Clark Kent. He’s an alpha poser because he cares too much about one random bimbo named Lois Lane. This guy would probably stick kryptonite in his eyes if Lois asked it nicely enough.
        As for Batman he’s either alpha/zeta. He doesn’T seem like the guy who cares about banging females, he’s more about doing his own thing and punishing the fuck out of criminals. After all he lives in his mancave like a hermit.

        1. Batman values quality of female far above quantity. And if you know the story of “Injustice”, it shows just how dangerous oneitis can be

        2. Batman banged broads, he just didn’t make them his focus in life. Which is pretty damned alpha.

        3. Have to agree with Thorverine. B-man is alpha/sigma. Moves to his own beat, self sustaining and elusive.

        1. I’m sure they could’ve found a 17 or 21 year old to play Lois Lane. At least Lois wasn’t cast as some kick ass feminist who was 120 pounds but a better fighter than Batman and harder puncher than Mike Tyson.

        2. See the new trailer for Star Wars “Rogue One” for further evidence of your point.

        3. I’d thought someone would bitch that it was sexist that Superman was rescuing Lois Lane.

        4. Fuck I was pretty close. Didn’t even check her age but with what her neck looked like she’s around 40 for sure.

      1. She looks really gold, maybe 40, definitely not under that. Did you get a good look at her neck?

        1. 40 – “really old”, heh. You guys think you’ll never age. I remember being there too. 40 isn’t ‘really old’ if you take care of yourself, age can’t touch you. When you get really old, it doesn’t matter how well you take care of yourself, it will still show. That’s “really old”.

        2. Preach, brother. Somebody’s gotta’ school these young bucks!
          Ghost is right; Take care of thine temple.
          Your body can be likened to a classic car. You can either hog it out in your younger years or preserve it to get the most of it in your latter years. I’ve known many a man to completely let themselves go 5-8 years after hs.
          And gents,
          pushing 40, married for almost 20, with kids, abs that still show and the ability to turn heads better than when I was 25, ain’t half bad.
          Ps- And never, ever stop gaming your wife. The creamy lust it induces pays dividends.

        3. I think that the point trying to be made is a reference to the old saying about age: Men age like wine. Women like milk.

    2. It’s ok. Superman’s real life girlfriend is a 19 year old. And of course the media has a problem with it.

      1. You’re right. A year or so ago, all the female comments on the news sites were saying how wonderful he is. Now it’s a completly diferent story. Keep the hamster spinning.

    3. They can’t win–Warner was savaged for casting Kate Bosworth as Lois (too young and too sexy) in Superman Returns, and now they’re savaged for going the other way…
      (Sometimes casting is just casting and it isn’t done to serve an agenda, guys, as hard to believe as this may be.)

  12. “The problem with writing such a script, however, is that the left would have to admit that they’ve been played. Whatever justifications they once had for demanding environmental regulations against toxic chemicals, or equal treatment of all people before the law, no longer exist; these problems were dealt with long ago, and since then it’s been nothing but mission creep.”
    I get that this is just one man’s opinion. But it is not based on fact. Equality is an ongoing negotiation in the public square and is in no way a resolved issue, and likely will never be so long as humans believe the highest form of activity is telling someone else how to behave. And yes, we have many pollution problems that many, left or right, would rather ignore in order to reduce economic loss.
    Anyway, this movie was a mess because it couldn’t, or wasn’t allowed to, tell a cohesive story. Such things doom movies — always. You have Batman distrusting Superman’s ability to keep Earth safe, his own demons that are implied but not clearly told to a casual audience and the appearance of Doomsday, who was nothing more than a plot device that keeps the story going and binds the two superheroes who moments ago tried to kill each other.

    1. I agree to some extent, particularly when it comes to environmental regulation. But my point stands. The Democrats are ruining the environment through shady support of political donors such as Solyndra, pushing economically destructive non-solutions to Global Warming (itself a VERY questionable supposition), and ignoring anything that the government might actually be able to fix.
      If you’re an old leftie like Green Arrow who “believes that the government should do what the people can’t do for themselves” then you should be denying the Democrats any support, and put your vote behind Trump.

      1. Global warming is not questionable. But whatever. I don’t have time to discuss this.
        I don’t believe in anything Trump has to say. While most policy papers aren’t worth the toilet paper they are written on, they are at least a record politicians can be held to account for. Trump offers no policy and seems to think setting a direction for a nation can be done on however he feels that day. That’s asinine. I would never vote for the GOP because they are all seemingly power-hungry lunatics, craving the monetary gains that come with office. I feel the same way about the Dems to be honest.

  13. Except the movie was fantastic? IT was a super hero movie except without the childish boring jokes and it was much darker.

  14. Haven’t seen the movie, neither planning to. However you geeks,fanboys and such put much more brain to the plot, dialogue and “meaning” of this stuffthan than the whole crew of the movie.

  15. “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice could have been the film that helped heal the political rift that’s tearing apart America.”

    1. How can yo say it flopped when it made tons of money??? Was it supposed to make a lot more….Yes… but still successful money wise. I liked it… but yes it could have and should have been a lot better. I agree with Tooj, your stretching it a bit LOL

      1. I think he meant to say it flopped because of the quality , not because of the money made.Star Wars TFA made a lot of money and i still think it was a disaster. Both B v S and Star Wars TFA were made on top of stories and characters that span decades of popularity , of course people will go see them , of course they will pay money. But it can still be a poor adaptation.

      2. A crack dealer makes a ton of money…that doesn’t mean the cause was worthy. I agree that the timing could not be better (and this movie could have stood out for decades as a film, instead of just another high dollar movie).
        There is nothing wrong with something being successful and making money. But it is the difference between being good and being great. There are many movies that made less money (or even lost money) that will stand as great movies for decades.

      3. Money is not the arbiter of Good though. As proof, I submit into evidence Exhibit A “1980’s Hair Bands”.

        1. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!! Ahem, please remove the evidence, it hurts to look at. But your point is definitely proven.

        2. To double down on this I submit Exhibit B” Bubblegum Boy Pop Bands”, no talent, lots of cash! (ex. NSync, O-town, New Kids, etc.) Oh yeah TRIGGER WARNING!!!!!!!!!

    2. It’s great to see another example of what is wrong with things. Films healing political rifts, creating peace and harmony…and all based upon a comic book. Hell yeah, just watch it ALL burn when the sedated awaken.

  16. Just read the original comic miniseries from 1986. Hell, read the original Watchmen too- the greatest two comic miniseries ever came out in the same year.

  17. Mary Kay Letourneau Raped an underage male student and then married the same student, Barbra Walters does a Piece showing “What a nice Family” Mary Kay has made with her former student and the media Fawns over Mary Kay’s Marriage to her former Student. Now there is a Male Teacher who is marrying his female student and the state is calling the marriage a “Sham” and a tactic to avoid Prosecution ( Already the Media is setting a Negative Toned Narrative against the Male Teacher). Let’s see if this guy gets media shamed or if the media will write a “Happy Marriage” piece about the male teacher like the Mary Kay Letourneau Barbra walters piece…I’m betting Double Standard…( P.S. The Male Teacher does have an affair , I Don’t support Adultery, but it will be interesting to see if the media will continue it’s trend of Male Teachers vs Female Teachers double standard.

    1. What the media never showed was the damage Mary Kay Letourneau did to her original family (husband and kids). She committed adultery and abandoned her family, and the media hails her as a hero. How sick!

      1. But she’s a woman, and since feminism in the media is attempting to flip the narrative, it’s now empowering that an old Broad scores the young buck.

        1. Indeed. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if the double standard wasn’t so wide open and “in your face” everyday. We see teachers (women) get a slap on the wrist for the same crime that destroys a man’s entire life if he commits said crime.
          I think what’s great about all of this is that many are waking up to it. Social media might be the thing that kills women with their social justice bullshit.

        2. Social Media could very well bring the SJW’s down. I haven’t been on to many Social Media websites (Twitter, Instagram) but if the tides are changing , that’s great. I know that in the comment section on YouTube, the Redpill has really taken over, back in 2010 Youtube’s comment section was white knight ground zero, but now things are coming around. Yeah it’s pretty crazy how women teachers get the moral pass, on underage sex with students, the very Fact Barbra Walters does the “Family Anniversary” for Mary Kay L, shows how Huge the double standard is, no way in hell the media would do the “Happy Family Anniversary” for a Male teacher and a female student he married.

        3. This is where the cuckservatives need to bring to light how we as a society could possibly praise this sort of thing. Shame ABC for promoting this sickness. Call the media out on this MAY save their political party. Trump may be the only one with the balls to do it.

        4. Agreed, that’s why Trump is great, because he’s the only one sayin’ it like it is, and speaking without a PC filter rubs the SJW’s raw.

      2. Sweet for bitter, bitter for sweet.
        End times according to Isaiah, I believe.

  18. Great article. I instinctively preferred Batman even as I gobbled up every superhero comic I could find in my youth. And I’ve always seen Superman as a goodie-two-shoes retard in tights.
    Now I know why, haha.

      1. I am very right wing but i always preferred Superman. I think that the idea that Superman is this idealized liberal and Batman more conservatory is a little far-fetched. They both strive for the same good of the world but ultimately they are fictional characters that not necessarily transpire too well into real life.
        Batman is this cynical guy , fed up with everything , that throws around judgement and considers his views as the only ones in existence and has a very pessimistic approach to handling crime. He sees the worst in people and it brings out the worst in him.
        Superman is this ideal of hope in a world where there is none. He has a more mellow and optimistic approach to crime , sees the light in people and tries to bring that light out. He is always portrayed as this all-powerful guy that could use his power to do bad but he always chooses good , whereas Batman’s own inherited weakness as an ordinary human being brings out the fear in him , the fear that he will not have the power to stop evil.
        I don’t mean to bash your favorite superhero , in the end they are both great comic book icons that many people grew with so there isn’t a need for a war between them.
        As for the movie , i didn’t like it very much , the makers seemed too determined to take advantage of the people that wanted to see them fight. I repeat , there’s no reason for them to fight and it’s not important who would win.

        1. Superman’s “world” wasn’t without hope though, it was a pretty optimistic 1950’s-ish place. Batman’s world was bleak and dark and in total despair.

        2. I remember reading somewhere that the entire concept of Superman is pure wish-fulfillment, and that’s why he was the dominant superhero for most of the 20th century, when the dominant outlook of the world seemed to be “it’s gonna be a great big beautiful tomorrow.” For our more cynical times, Batman is far more popular now, for obvious reasons.

        3. I always preferred Spiderman’s world, where it was value neutral and what you made of it. Batman’s world is my cynical view when I’m in a bad mood.

        4. As it was briefly referenced in the article above the “Ubermensch” was derived by Joe Schuler from Nietzsche. Nietzsche’s Ubermensch was the new age, Godhood Ascension of man (the same doctrine luciferian’s, satanists, new ager’s, elites all believe). Hence the left’s favorite boogeyman took a liking to it, while Nietzsche claimed he never supported any nazis. Schuler wrote his Ubermensch in an almost retaliatory angle. He wanted to depict his Ubermensch as the Messiah. The messiah that his tribe still believes has not come yet. Clark Kent’s character is an idealized figure with no weakness in his abilities or feats (read some scans on his feats; flew to through a middle of a black hole, withstood the explosion of a sun, carried a solar system, bench pressed the weight of the earth for 5days straight non-stop, etc etc). Essentially his story isn’t about beating his opponents, it’s closer to “what if God was one of us” kind of narrative.
          Kai-el = voice of G-d in Hebrew.
          Yea, the movie sucked

    1. Batman and Spiderman were my two go to super heroes as a kid. Batman because he was self made, and Spiderman because he was kind of GenX’y and not perfect, yet amazingly gifted.

  19. I agree entirely with the premise of the article, too bad superman is a humongous faggot.

    1. Never was fond of Superman. Not sure why really, his story line just never interested me much. Plus that whole oneitis thing for Louis, but to be fair most of the super hero crowd had “that one girl”. Batman was an exception I think, but I might not be remembering clearly this early in the morning.

    2. I wonder what’s so super about him especially in the films. He’s like the SJW god, always white knighting for a girl or two and always saving the fuck out of people who doesn’t deserve it.

  20. You just described a great film… although the theme has been done many times before. I haven’t seen B vs S but it’s hard to believe it was made by the same guy who did a good job with that storyline in Watchmen. Anyway, if you want some hope, there are signs of a backlash against the PC censorship. Comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher, etc. have boycotted college campuses because of their PC crowds, intolerant atmosphere, and inability to take a joke. Former democrats I know are disgusted with trannys going mainstream. And the revolt on the Republican side is going strong with Trump. The dangerous idea would be if these people united together in opposition to the status quo, to the powerful. That must not be allowed to happen at any cost!

    1. Interesting times are ahead. As much as we’re prone to disparage the Internet, it has been a powerful tool in pulling back the curtains that the powers that be had counted on never being pulled back. And it’s ability to facilitate uniting and gathering in real life, on a moment’s notice, is unparalleled in human history.

      1. Agreed. While the net is no substitute for real life, the amount of information it offers me freely is incredible. And I need some weekly interaction with rational males that ROK provides. I was hanging out in a group of mixed 20 and 30 somethings today and it was almost unbearable.
        I was seeing them each as characters like we pigeonhole them here: there was the snarky, morbidly obese career girl stuffing her face and literally talking about her cats. There was the thin 23 year old slutting it up every weekend while she enjoys manipulating men for resources and assets, as she talked to her girlfriends about how to best withhold sex and manipulate. There was the weak beta male, laughing and agreeing with everything the slut would say, even after he has clearly been in the friendzone for weeks. There was the obnoxious homosexual, throwing drama and inane conversation into the mix. They were out there doing all these stereotypes we talk about here in plain sight, and I felt like I had been given godlike powers of clarity. This whole culture, the whole society, the whole generation seems fucked to me.
        I hope this is not a sign of what getting old and cynical is like. I hope we’re at a turning point soon. And yes, the power of the net to consolidate like minds and build momentum is unparalleled.

    2. Wife shared that audio with me of Jerry just fed up with the pc nonsense on campuses.
      I think comedians are pushing back against this crap, though.
      PC doesn’t belong in comedy. Any comedian will tell you that. Comedy is that one niche where it’s No Holds Barred. It brings levity to society’s over seriousness.

      1. Maybe I wasn’t clear. That was my point. There are signs of hope because comedians, which are typically liberal leaning or at least left-libertarian, which is how I describe myself, are realizing things have become insane and are fighting back.
        Yes, comedy should be no holds barred. As usual, George Carlin said it best:

        1. Nope. You were clear as crystal. I’m in total agreement with you, sir.

    3. Watchmen might be the greatest comic flick of all-time- that or the Batman with Ledger.

      1. Watchmen would be #1 if it kept the comic ending, the movie one makes little sense.

      2. Yup, just rewatched it the other day. I’m about to start the graphic novel.

  21. Comic books and superheroes are for kids. I am sick of all these CGI-laden shit Hollywood movies about them.

    1. You said basically what I came here to say. We need to grow up. Stories of heroic deeds are fine and well, but keeping them always in the context of a children’s comic book trivializes them. Sgt. York was a hero, and real life, and the movie made about him was for adults. Why must we only have heroics with “super powers and CGI” now?

      1. I like comic books and superheroes, but I agree that I am rather tired of the superhero movie craze. However, as you well know they only things that really sell these days are CGI, lots of explosions and violence, and gratuitous sex. Superhero movies are the perfect way to do that, and they can capitalize on the fact that the nerd subculture has been more or less “mainstream.”

        1. Can’t dispute that. It was really more a comment directed at “us”, the masses. The movies will follow whatever cultural trends we dictate with our wallets.
          Every five years or so the few remaining high T men out here get thrown a bone, like with The Revenant but basically we’re out in the cold when it comes to the theatre.

        2. I still think a revival of the western would do wonders for our movement. Is it coincidence that the genre started to decline in the 60s?

        3. It’s hard to one up anything with Westerns, given Unforgiven, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, and Chism. How do you top those? I would love to see those come back into vogue, but I think we both know that all the heros would be turned into women, minorities and fags.

        4. The plots of Westerns migrated into space following the Star Wars phenomenon, and they ain’t comin’ back.

      2. So you want to watch American sniper over and over again? Nope I’d rather have Batman who is pissed as fuck and kills people with all his cool gadgets.

  22. These analogies are a little bit far-fetched, but what the heck – fosters discussion, and is food-for-thought.

  23. Rather than give it to Nolan, I would’ve preferred Neill Blomkamp to direct (the guy that gave us ‘District 9’, and ‘Elysium’).

  24. Wait, how is a humble farmer representative of the liberalist movement? And how is anger, vengeance and fear representative of the ‘harsh cold’ reality?
    I don’t think a movie needs to have a big message. Besides, when it does, it is in danger of becoming propaganda itself.
    That said, this movie bored me to death. Too much talking, too little fighting.

    1. Good to see you back Tom. World treating you well, I hope?

        1. Dude is from Ohio, and was mainstream when I gave a shit in a major way about music. Kinda hard not to recognize his lyrics, heh.

  25. I’ve been making some red pill truth comments about this movie on “Den of Geek”. The white knight regulars over there have been having an absolute meltdown.

  26. I will never go see this movie, for the sole reason that there is no “league of shadows” in it.
    The best part about Nolan’s trilogy was the question that Christian Bale’s Batman and the league were trying to address about a corrupt society. Is it better to reform one’s society from within, or to accelerate its decline and then rebuild? For me, its the latter, because the only way to learn from one’s mistakes is to suffer their full consequences and effects.

    1. The whole movie is about Batman murdering the fuck out of criminals and not giving a fuck. You see in this movie Ben Affleck ran out of fucks to give and instead of being the SJW ” let’s give the pedophiles/rapists/serialkillers/terrible persons a second chance he just straight up kills them. Also the lack of immature/kiddy jokes like there was in Deadpool makes it quite a mature and good superhero movie. Of course don’t go and watch a movie expecting RED PILL galore that’s not what movies are for.

  27. Ben Affleck was enough for me to take a pass…social justice faggots can starve.

  28. You cannot heal this. It is not a rift. One side lives in reality and the other in delusions. Crazy and sane do not fit together. What sort of Cthonian Madness has driven the left off the rails to say biological reality does not exist? First race then sex, the madness deepens and even those in the middle must now take a side. There is no middle ground anymore. Madness has no relatives here in our world. Great Cthulhu sinks deeper as he sees no need to rise. Sanity has become a crime to the left. The Crime of Noticing is now their battlecry. Reason has become bad, as madness needs no reasons. Its is time for a purge. The foul mouth has shut and the crap has to go somewhere. War is not pleasant but better than extinction. The Left has become an existential threat. They have weaponized all they control, and if it is not fought, there will be nothing left to mourn.

  29. Looking to a movie to resolve problems in society is a foolish whim. This movie is about the intro to the justice league. No more. No less. Hope for civilization does not come from a film. Good films come from a restored civilization.

    1. funny when most movie these day are propaganda used to change the believe of the unenlightened masses, or brainwashe them even more.

  30. This whole attitude of “comic books are for children” I’m seeing in these comments are absolutely ridiculous. Same for anime and manga. Comics, anime and manga are not aren’t any different than liking anything else. These can also tell a good story just as well as any other medium. What is for children, and coincidentally shows up in Feminists and SJW’s as well; are kneejerk reactions, shaming and lack of critical thought; in this case toward anything slightly esoteric and that might take a bit of effort to understand. So, comics aren’t for you, doesn’t make them childish; just not for you. Even if you also don’t like something, you should at least be able to appreciate it when it’s done well. Anyone who’d lump garbage like any of the comics with Wonder Woman or female Thor, oozing feminist dreck, with great one’s like Watchmen without a second thought; should have their opinion immediately disregarded. Comic’s and manga/anime can be just a good as any book plus has bitchin pictures. If you think it’s all just for kid’s you should definitely look again. Stuff like Kentaro Miura’s Berserk, Tsutomu Nihei’s Blame! or Biomega and ton’s of other other great manga and many other comics like the above listed Watchmen; have great stories, fantastic art and are certainly not for children. And even works like Naruto are at least respectable and deserve credit.

    1. You are 100 % right, I’d argue comics, mangas and anime are even better than books. With a book it takes 5 hours to be entertained at quite a slow pace whereas with comics/mangas/anime you are entertained the whole time in much less time than it takes to read a book. And let’s face it if you want to learn something books are EXTREMELY inefficient, they spend so much time on useless writing instead of going right to the point, just read some forums or use google to learn shit.

    2. So basically, you like comics and are mad others don’t. Did I miss anything?

      1. No, I like comics and am saying that not only are they a perfectly valid and legitimate medium but anyone who dismisses them as merely for children, would lump poorly written trash together with good comics, and refuses to, at least passingly respect comics; are wrong.

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