5 Signs The American Education System Is Doomed

There was a time when going to school meant you were going to learn. A time where discipline was expected and lessons learned. I had the idea to become a teacher. I had an image in my head of men sitting in leather chairs surrounded by walls of books, smoking cigars, sipping brandy, discussing philosophy, and history among other things. To my surprise and horror the education system where learning actually takes part is a thing of the past. I am majoring in education and will graduate soon. If you have ever felt like you have too much spare money and sense of achievement lying around and need somewhere to take it than majoring in education is the perfect place for you. Our current educational system in America is

  • Almost completely taught by women
  • Heavily regulated by the government

So surprisingly it is hard for knowledge and learning to flourish and grow in a place when everything is done for emotions and an agenda.

1. The Self Esteem Nazis

“It’s not Billy’s fault that he is 200 pounds at age 12!!!” says the teacher. In my mind I think then who the hells fault is it? Doritos? The parents? Are they force feeding Billy? We had an assignment where we had to address how we would handle a kid who was fat’s self-esteem and to my shock and surprise “lose some damn weight” or maybe “don’t have the BMI of a hippopotamus” was not the “correct” answer according to my overlords—I’m sorry, I meant professors. In my evil dirty man brain I thought “Hey Billy is not doing himself any favors by being fat so maybe…I don’t know…he should lose some weight, maybe hit the gym or stop eating so damn much”. Wrong! Evil! Obviously what Billy needs it to be told he is fine the way he is because you know he is an individual of merit.

fat kid

2. Androgyny Is A Virtue

I did something horrible. Your computer will most likely explode after reading the following sentences so I apologize in advance. When addressing a group of students I said “you guys.” Let it sink in, I know I am a horrible person, no need to tell me. I had points taken off for this statement. Call me crazy but I just thought “you guys” sounded a little better than “you individuals of the multicultural and diverse non gender specific world.” Again I was probably using my damn patriarchal dinosaur brain. I just cannot imagine what it would be like (again most likely because of my dirty male brain) to be a little girl and hear the words “you guys.” I am not sure how many lives I destroyed that day but I am sorry for every one of them. It is people like me that create 200 pound 12 year olds.

3. “Protect” The Precious Children

We had an assignment where we had to state what we would say and do if a misbehaving student was assigned a “guardian” (someone to keep the kid in line). In this case the guardian was an ex-Marine assigned to a misbehaving boy we will call him Johnny. “What do you think about this?” asks the professor. I think great—smack Johnny next time he acts up I can’t reach from here. Again not the right answer. No we were supposed to take the side of poor little Johnny. You see it is not Johnny’s fault he acts up. Apparently there is some evil being out there ruining all of our kids. (You know since it is obviously not their own decisions or God forbid their fault). We should probably instigate a nationwide manhunt.

4. No Testosterone Allowed

The origin of evil, the original sin, is testosterone. Even the word makes me shudder. If kids (i.e., boys) get into a fight that they are expelled and deemed evil by the school board. Fighting is a normal part of male maturity and when you bottle it up it finds other ways to release itself. As long as no one seriously gets injured then a fight every now and then really isn’t that big of deal, especially when compared to the alternatives. However the school system in its endless effort to quell testosterone wherever it may be found declares fighting an evil. Then we wonder why so many Americans are fat and retarded, on top of being soft.

Do you remember all those school shooting that happened in the 1920’s when kids could bring guns to school (in the back of their trucks on gun racks)? Yeah, me either. Am I advocating that kids should bring guns to school? No of course not, especially not with this generation. It was different when kids had to survive with hunting and grew up with guns in rural areas. All I am saying is that maybe every now and then we could use some common sense for solving our problems.

5. Children Are King

Another assignment we did is where we had to do a presentation where we introduced ourselves to a class of virtual students. Now there were six students and each had a unique “personality”. What would happen is when we would begin our introduction one of the kids would either interrupt or one would pull out her phone. Other teachers failed the test so when I got up there I figured I would handle this like a soon to be adult should.

When the phones were pulled out I said put the thing away. I said that if she didn’t stop she could leave. Wrong answer, I failed the test. Instead I was supposed to placate and cave to the student. Why? Because I wasn’t supposed to argue with the student—I was supposed to “involve” the student. What does this mean? This means that I was supposed to ask her if she could use her phone to help look something up for me. So essentially as the teacher I wasn’t allowed to interfere with the student’s precious will. Again we wonder why American is falling and these are just my limited experience within the past two years.

bad student

Believe it or not but coddling does not produce well-adjusted individuals. Crazy, right? If you take anything from this I hope it is that self-education is the only education. Our education system is a joke and unlike most jokes this one has consequences. However, as we know a large part of being a man is being self-reliant (yet another thing the educational system deems a sin). So until next time if your ever wondering why Johnny can’t read yet think he deserves to be a billionaire you will know why.

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    1. Probably, but will you live to see it? I think I read somewhere that it took the Roman Empire about 400 years to collapse from its peak. Lets say the US peaked in 1960; that is only 54 years ago. So we still could have a long way down to go, theoretically. Of course, the pace of our decline appears faster and seems to be accelerating rapidly; so who knows?

      1. Yes. The US is declining MUCH faster than ancient Rome. Everything seems to move quicker these days.

  1. When i was 8, for dropping my pencil off the desk, the teacher took me to the changing room and beat me with a gym shoe…. needless to say i never dropped a pencil in class again…. AND whatever vestige of ADHD might have been forming was thoroughly nipped in the bud.
    If you join the military the drill sergeants shout and scream at you, call you names, make you work out excessively, spray you with water, make you run 10 miles at 4am, wake you up with blank fire and blank grenades….
    And what does the military turn out….. ? Fighting fit, focused capable soldiers.
    If you join the navy seals, do they get an easier more pleasant, training… no… they tie your hands and feet and throw you in a swimming pool until you pass out… they keep you up for a week, lugging logs, and boats in the surf… they dump you far out to sea and make you swim back to land…
    A little pain and suffering goes a long way… and in 20 years time when the baffoons finally prove it in research, they will have to re advocate beating kids, because this is how the neural networks are wired to stop crap like ADHD, OCD and all other manner of ridiculous psychological problems.
    A good kick in the ass never hurt anyone.

    1. The military is about graduating cannon fodder or kiss-ass officers.
      I’m not Jewish but I wish I was. They simply provide resources to their children to become successful at all costs and encourage them to avoid distractions such as alcohol, partying, etc. It’s that simple. I visited a Jewish friend’s home. No video games to be seen.

        1. Hello, I am Jewish with Russian-Jewish parents. When I was growing up I was allowed to watch TV maybe for a 30 min program after dinner. Otherwise I was to be studying, reading, or playing outside with other neighborhood kids. Only my grandparents gave me sweets and dessert. They weren’t allowed in my house. My father was a pediatrician and my mom was a homemaker. Also in my house only grades of A’s or maybe a B+ if it was a particularly hard class were acceptable.

        2. i think because the jewish have always thought of themselves as outsiders, they keep the mentality that they need to take care of themselves, for themselves… thus business, money making, being entrepreneurial and independent is prized, especially in men… and obviously in the temple the men and women are treated very differently and divided from each other…. female bamitzpah was only invented in the 1920s….. so men are still polarized with a masculine attitude.

      1. Zionists scum control the world, but I admit Jew girls are pretty slutty and entitled…

      2. If by resources, you mean values, such as demanding honorable behavior, hard work, and high grades, that would be correct more often than not. Having grown up in New York in the ’80s, I met many of them, and heard their stories. Traditional values such as respect for elders, education, thrift, self-improvement, and family orientation were part of the culture. Especially among those whose families were torn apart by murder and tried to rebuild. Alcohol, partying, etc., were looked down upon, as you observed.
        Many Jews escaped eastern Europe and Russia due to pogroms and massacres, and arrived here with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, and determination to survive in this strange new world. They couldn’t get jobs due to discrimination. What did they do? Work. They worked as handymen, launderers, tailors, peddlers and pushcart vendors, etc., saved their pennies, started groceries, hardware and candy stores, etc., made their kids (well, the boys, anyway) study hard and get good grades, and entered the middle class within a couple of generations, much like Koreans and Vietnamese later on.
        That was in the early to mid 20th century. Today, the problems of the American decline are equal-opportunity destroyers. Jewish boys are still under pressure to get an education and “succeed”, burdening them with an extra blue-pill disadvantage. Girls, on the other hand, are basically encouraged to assimilate, fit in and have a ball. Secular Jewish culture in America today is a matriarchy disguised as a patriarchy. This is obviously not sustainable, and won’t produce the hardened men needed to survive a rising tide of the kind of eliminationist racism that the US has imported from the Middle East, and has even infected forums such as this one.
        You’re not the first man I’ve heard wish he were raised Jewish, but where the world looks to be heading now, being Jewish doesn’t seem like such an advantage at all.
        Dobry wieczór.

  2. I highly recommend people check this out…

    common core is a total nightmare. Expat or go parochial or home school.

  3. If you think it’s bad now, just wait till these kids grow up. I can’t decide if I want to die early to save myself from the Untergang or live long enough to enjoy the show.

    1. “When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the
      freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.”
      ~George Carlin
      You should watch my friend

    2. George Carlin said it best:
      “But there’s a reason. There’s a reason. There’s a reason for this, there’s a reason education SUCKS, and it’s the same reason it will never, ever, EVER be fixed.
      It’s never going to get any better, don’t look for it, be happy with what you’ve got. Because the owners, the owners of this country don’t want that. I’m talking about the real owners now, the BIG owners! The Wealthy… the REAL owners! The big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.
      Forget the politicians. They are irrelevant. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no
      choice! You have OWNERS! They OWN YOU. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve
      long since bought, and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state
      houses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pockets and
      they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear. They got you by the balls.
      They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying, lobbying, to get what
      they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves
      and less for everybody else, but I’ll tell you what they don’t want:
      They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They
      don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests.
      That’s right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table and think about how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that!
      You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. And just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shitty jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it, and now they’re coming for your Social Security money. They want your retirement money.
      They want it back so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street, and you know something? They’ll get it. They’ll get it all from you sooner or later cause they own this fucking place! It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it! You, and I, are not in the big club.
      By the way, it’s the same big club they use to beat you over the head with
      all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head with their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy. The table has tilted folks. The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care! Good honest hard-working people; white collar, blue collar it doesn’t matter what color shirt you have on. Good honest hard-working people continue, these are people of modest means, continue
      to elect these rich cock suckers who don’t give a fuck about you….they don’t give a fuck about you… they don’t give a FUCK about you.
      They don’t care about you at all… at all… AT ALL. And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. That’s what the owners count on. The fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue dick thats being jammed up their assholes everyday, because the owners of this country know the truth.
      It’s called the American Dream,because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

      1. I caught on to this dude shortly before he died. He was fucking brilliant and he never sold out his beliefs for a paycheck.

  4. Well it sounds like you will make a good teacher. Best of luck. Those strong unions though make it very, very hard to get hired.

    1. Would this not be one area where affirmative action might work in men’s favour? I thought it was easier for male teachers to get hired…

      1. Affirmative action has nothing to do with white males. If you’re a minority male however you might be able to make some inroads. Plus the government likes to pick who it favors and who it disfavors regarding affirmative action prosecution. The day we see NFL and NBA teams with 75% white male players will be the day I believe that affirmative action is anything other than white-male punishment writ into law.
        Not being a “white nationalist” here, just stating the facts of the matter.

        1. Well said. White straight males are the enemy of the liberal elite who are now running the show.

        2. If you’re a non-White male it may benefit you if you are in an area where the kids are mainly your race. you will still be competing with non-White females (twofers on the AA scorecard) and White females. You might even be competing against gays.
          We must also factor in unions and the general atmosphere of the workplace. A masculine Black man probably wouldn’t get far (except perhaps in PE or coaching sport, and even that is only a perhaps), not only because of the looming feminists that are in control of the unions and the general environments, but also non-Black parents saying “This N-person disciplined MY precious non-Black child?”, and so on.

  5. If a child is fat, it is MOSTLY parents’ fault. When children are baby, all responsibility is on parents(the child has 0 %), then, gradually the responsibility keeps shifting to the child until he has 100 % responsibility at 18 years old.
    Parents buy the food but most of all, they teach principles and values behind the child which is the primarily reason for becoming fat.
    I was fat until I was 17. My parents bought shit food and never taught how to eat, how to be lean or the importance of healthy food. How could have I know ? Internet wasn’t even available back then. I literally thought people just were the way there were: thin/obese, and that’s it. Only at 17+ I started to realize the reality and got in good shape.

    1. Strangely, I knew before the Internet that cake, candy and junk food made you fat.

      1. When I went to high school I had two friends who were fat and they did not eat junk food. They were simply fat from over eating and lack of exercise. Looking back now they actually ate better and healthier than most people I know.

        1. Obesity is generally a symptom of poor and unhealthy food choices. Exercise or lack thereof is not well correlated with obesity.

        2. Yeah… if you eat right, you won’t need supplemental exercise… though it is still good for you overall. For me, it wasn’t until after I left my house, and had access to all the shit food I could want, that I porked up. Now I am fighting that off with a vengeance, going to the gym 5 days a week, watching what I eat, building muscle, losing fat, dropping the pounds. But I was an adult, and the only person I blame for my fat is myself. The only person I expect to help me fix that is me. I don’t blame anyone else, and I don’t demand they fix it for me. Which, apparently, is wrong by today’s standards.
          Oh well, I blame you. Yes you. The one reading this right now. You made me fat. Pay for my liposuction. I shouldn’t have to work out to lose weight, or pick a balanced meal. Someone do it for me, wahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    2. Yeah…. I don’t -blame- a 12 year old for being fat, I won’t shame him for it. But if he feels bad about it, I’ll forthrightly tell him the solution is to eat better and hit the gym. His parents on the other hand, need to be slapped. It’s not child abuse to overfeed a child like that, but it comes pretty damn close. When I see kids that are fat like that and don’t have any medical reason to be that way, it just reinforces my notion people should have to pass some kind of stupid test before being allowed to breed.

  6. People are not being educated they’re being tested for levels of obedience. School is about memorizing what you are told short term and repeating it. The bulk of how you are graded is by completely daily busy work. This is for the work force the most important quality in a worker bee actually is obedience.

    1. They are training children to one day be directly plugged into ( dependent on) the ever growing bureaucracy. In less than a generation, what’s left of this country will be one, large, stifling bureaucracy.

    2. The U.S. education system is based on the old Prussian system, which was designed to make obedient drones who would mindlessly obey military orders and die like good little slaves.

  7. Do you remember all those school shooting that happened in the 1920’s
    when kids could bring guns to school (in the back of their trucks on gun
    racks)? Yeah, me either. Am I advocating that kids should bring guns to
    school? No of course not, especially not with this generation. It was
    different when kids had to survive with hunting and grew up with guns in
    rural areas. All I am saying is that maybe every now and then we could
    use some common sense for solving our problems.

    It wasn’t just the 1920’s. I graduated HS in 1985 in a rural area. Going through school I experienced things that would leave modern young men gasping in wonder. If we had fights at school they were broke up and the boys told to sit down and simmer down. Sometimes they’d get a detention, sometimes a wack with the paddle (even in high school, and the principal was a big scary man who had a very good swinging arm. Ask me how I know.). That was it. Second, we routinely brought guns to school (there was a rifle range out past the football field), and it was even *required* by school bylaws to bring your shotgun and hunting license to school during the first three days of deer season to get an excused absence. Yes, they gave you excused absences for hunting but only if you brought your shotgun to the principal’s office to get a slip. Your gun, with ammo, in school. Also, the boys almost to the last man had fold over knives that they wore in sheaths on their belt (the ones with the brass tips on both ends and wood in between, 4 inch blades, you know the kind I’m talking about).
    We had a course that all students were required to take their senior year called “Problems of Democracy”. The course was basically a semester long demonstration of how democracies become dictatorships. You hold elections for “leader”, then he “leads” you by turning your life in school into a living hell (standing up and saluting, asking permission to be seated at lunch and many times having it denied, etc)., If you successfully assassinated (with plastic guns or plastic knives) the dictator, who always managed to be the teacher, you received extra credit and nearly always an A. It was always the young men who knocked off the “leader”. Always. No exceptions. Even though all of us knew since freshman year of the class. If you conformed like a submissive bitch you’d rarely get higher than a B. This was not a female friendly class at all, since they readily conform and even assist tyranny, and it ruined many of their precious 4.0 GPA’s.
    Lezsee, what else? Junior English always had a mandatory reading and report on Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. Spelling and proper grammar counted in all classes, and cursive handwriting was a requirement after fifth grade. We read Plato and Aristotle, and had Latin classes (yes, us backwards country hicks learned Latin…suck that Leftists). There was a designated student smoking area in the high school. Senior skip day was a well honored tradition that the faculty took in stride and looked forward to as a day off (we always went to the big amusement park). If you had disagreements that hadn’t yet boiled over into a fist fight but the teacher could tell it soon would (usually when you escalated to the chest pushing phase), you’d get the option of setting up a boxing match with your rival, with gloves, rounds and a bell. We had a survivalist-ish guy give our class a speech on not trusting government and always being prepared for emergencies. Girls wore dresses. Lots more.
    Yes, that was school prior to the 1990’s, I shit you not. Saying I feel bad for subsequent generations is probably understating how I feel for y’all.

      1. Yeah, me too brother, me too. According to my father they had a rifle range in the basement of the old middle school that they practiced the shooting team on back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. They built the gun range behind the “new” high school because the ventilation problems in the old middle school were a pain in the butt.

        1. we had a rifle range at school, mainly .22s, but great fun… we also did complusory military cadets, which involved week long exercises in the middle of winter, hiking across mountains and sleeping in bivouac tents (no ground sheet), in freezing conditions, rain, surviving on basic army rations….. then we got to the fun part firing automatic weapons, including the old belt fed browning 50 caliber machine gun…
          in my dad’s era… 1950s… he and his mates, blew up a school warehouse with bombs they made in the science lab….

        2. Graduated HS in 82, same story. The big difference between these schools back then and the hell kids are going through now, is that this was before the massive immigration and “desegregation” started in 65 had not yet fully kicked in . The 80s were the last years before all the anchor babies started coming of age. I’m gonna guess these schools were 98 percent WHITE KIDS. You know, the kind you can let carry guns around and they won’t shoot each other with them.

        3. If anything, it’s the immigrants that are counter acting the brainwashing that the acclimatize citizenship is allowing to mutilate its original way of life. I doubt you will find any reality show with foreigners acting a fool in America. You forget that, just to get here regardless of legally or illegally, that had to suffer in ways most Americans are unwilling to for the bullshit we call freedom. That means you usually get the cream of the crop coming over. Compare that to the median population born here and you quickly understand whom is doing whom a disservice.
          Race has never been the issue, it’s culture that determines the stupidity of the masses. If you take a look back, the blacks of this country’s culture has been stripped to a shell of their former glory. Whether or not that was by design is left to conspircy theorist and sociologist to debate. However they are complaining that your influence was/is as determental to them development as you are complaining about their influence on yours.

    1. At my school, punch-ups between boys was normal and provided entertainment for the other students. They would crowd in a circle (boys and girls all) surrounding the two fighters chanting “fight! fight! fight!” It was a rare thing for teachers to get involved unless you had your fight in the classroom in front of the teacher, in which case you both got “sin binned” in the hallway outside the classroom, where you could both snicker at the monumental silliness of it all.
      As for guns, only the privileged kids in “Public” (think Windsor and Eton) had them and they were given military style training for years (many of which were marksmen by their early teens). Its a relief to know that our betters are so well trained and well armed.

    2. Gun violence occurrences have been rather stagnant. The difference is that the methods for news reporting have modernized to reach more people much more quickly.

    3. I grew up in a small farming town of 3500 in Northern Illinois and graduated in 1982. Ghost’s school was even cooler than mine, with assassinating the dictator, guns, boxing, etc. However, to a considerable degree, I experienced the same kind of thing.
      We were patriotic and raised to be responsible for ourselves, and to get married and have children. We heard about how Nazis and Soviets had police stopping people randomly saying “Show me your papers”, or read adventure stories where spies in these countries couldn’t travel because they’d have to show ID and get through security screening, where they’d be caught. We’d read these things, and thank God we lived in a free country.
      It’s been a hard realization that that country is now gone. There have been many periods in history in many parts of the world, where people live under a corrupt, authoritarian government, surrounded by a dysfunctional society. We live in such a time.
      All we can do is recognize the way of the world, and navigate its threats and risks with open eyes, as best as we can.

      1. There’s a website with the story of my hometown’s founder. When he died about 40 years after founding the town, the local men’s club/town fathers got together and passed an 1800s style resolution recognizing the pioneers who founded the town, and calling themselves among the most blessed by God on this Earth. When I think of founding a town in a gorgeous wilderness, and having it grow to a scenic and prosperous town of 2000 a few decades later, I have to agree. They enjoyed the best life has to offer. 140 years later, its all gone.

      2. Still sounds a lot better than my hometown. What happened there is pretty bad. Some gangs started a rivalry. It doesn’t end well. Then there’s the suicides and murder cases.

    4. This pretty much, in spirit, describes my HS in Central Virginia. Graduated in 1985.

    5. I was born in the wrong generation… I graduated in 2006, and although it wasn’t completely the liberal feel-good hell it is now, it certainly wasn’t like anything you described.

        1. Yea back in my day there was token resistance to some of the school policies like wearing your ID like cattle. Now the kids are brainwashed to think its cool and official.

    6. Sounds a lot like to the Indian primary school that I went to for 6 years. Kids routinely settled differences with fights, girls were required to wear feminine clothing, fat kids were mercilessly teased, and teachers were respected. Education, not the bullshit, politically correct pantomime of today, was the norm. I miss those days

    7. Class of 76 here. We didnt do the “gun thing” but there sure were a lot of 440 six-pack Dodge Challengers, Plymouth GTX’s, Roadrunners, Chevy 454 Nova SS’s and Chevelle SS’s that had problems with tires spinning, smoking and squeeling around the school during the “Donut Dunks” (raising money for the football team by selling donuts in the halls).
      The cars must have had suspension problems back them – poor tires couldnt stay quiet.
      Even the “jocks” did acid and angel dust. Pretty heavy partying school.
      Like Ghost said, I feel for you young guys today lol.

    8. I remember the school shootings of the 1920’s, because I actually looked it up previously in a debate about the subject:
      There’s more school shootings now, and with a greater body count, but you can pretty much chalk that up to the inevitable consequence of a much larger population and more firepower. While I’m not trying to attack your overall point, I think it’s worth keeping in mind that school shootings are nothing at all new, and when you adjust for population, they’ve actually been relatively constant through the history of the US.
      Let’s not kid ourselves, school shootings happen because some people just fucking break. They’re the acts of people who have gone flat plain bonkers, and I think it’s a mistake to try to pin that on culture. Some people just fucking break, and sometimes that happens in and around a school.
      That said, I agree with the article overall, and I am rather shocked… no, completely shocked, at the idea of a teacher being told they can’t enforce class discipline, or tell someone to put away their god damned cell phone. Think about what THAT teaches a child?
      Imagine that kid’s shock when they’re not paying attention at work, and instead of their boss trying to engage them ask them to use their cell phone for the good of their meeting, they just get fired.

    9. Same here…I graduated in 1978 in small town Mississippi & the school parking lot’s vehicles pretty much all had powerful weapons in them during hunting season. My 1966 Impala SS ALWAYS had my grandfather’s Colt Police Positive .38 Special under the driver’s seat & a 12 gauge coach gun in the trunk. Throughout my public school career All the boys had knives in their pockets. After the prayer & Pledge of Allegiance in grammar school the teacher would inspect our fingernails, if they were found dirty we were instructed to take out our knives & clean them. I don’t recall any incidents of serious violence

  8. Another huge problem, about the material of the education itself, is that they are all learning EXCLUSIVELY from second and third-hand sources, instead of just reading from people like Thucydides, Josephus, Herodotus, etc… with a book like Spielgovel’s Western Civilization to balance out the inaccuracies in the source texts. Unfortunately, because of yet another failure of the educational system, reading, most students have the attention span of a chipmunk and are pretty much incapable of reading anything harder than The Hunger Games.
    And “career prep” in elementary school? Give me a fucking break! Mortimer Adler’s Introduction to the Great books thoroughly annihilated that argument.

    1. is that true? between the holocaust and civilian deaths in the USSR, i would have thought the axis caused far more civilian deaths than the allies, atom bombs and dresden notwithstanding.

      1. Thing is, Russia caused a lot of their own casualties. Handed one guy a rifle and another guy some spare ammo (no rifle) and sent you directly into Nazi machine gun fire. If you turned to flee, you were shot by your commanding officer. Then of course there were the infamous purges which Stalin summed up succinctly with “We now have less, but better, Russians”. Those fuckers killed so many of their own people that the Nazis can’t even hold a candle to them numbers wise.

        1. Nazi Propaganda. The Soviets did not send their troops in without rifles. Stop using ‘Enemy at the Gates’ as accurate representations of WWII USSR.

      2. It is true.
        And I thought MK was great. He was very red pilled and passionate about it. Instead of spending government funds on handouts he would spend money building houses for German citizens and then give them jobs. The unemployment rate was ZERO percent.
        Rape was punishable by death. Of course, we’re talking about actual rape here, not ‘he didn’t call me back’ rape.
        Watch ‘the greatest story never told’ on youtube if you’re interested.

      3. Yes. A lot of people don’t realize that the death count of the Holocaust (for the Jews, anyway) has been continually lowered as time went on. You can hear all the Holocaust Survivors ranting and raving about how that is an atrocity and “6 million” is just a placeholder number, but the truth of the matter is that AT MOST, 1 million were directly murdered by the Germans. There were also many other Jewish deaths, but those caused by starvation, disease, etc. which were not deliberately inflicted on them by the Germans, and actually indirectly caused by the Allies. Most of the “horror” over this incident comes from the fact it was Jews being killed, and many people (Zionists and Christians) believe Jews to be special chosen people of God. Not to mention, most of our media and news outlets are owned by Jewish people.
        In terms of the USSR point you bring up, almost every veritable source on German conduct on the Eastern Front tells us that the Germans behaved very honorably. In instances where they didn’t, their commanding officers punished them severely.
        Now although they did commit war crimes, the Germans certainly didn’t get a sick pleasure out of it like the Soviets did.The Soviets were encouraged by their officers to beat and rape German women and children (both male and female). They abused the Polish as well. The Poles were longing for the days of the Nazi occupation after the Soviets were finished with them.
        A lot of people also don’t realize that also, the Nazis had sent several peace petitions to the Western Allies in 1941, which were immediately rejected.
        Plus, Hugo Boss uniforms. Talk about fuckin’ classy…

        1. I am given to understand the Germans directly killed upwards of 11m people during the war. Stalinist USSR about 6 – 9m overall.

        2. Thing is, the USSR – a wholly jewish project – cost Russia up to 150m dead during it’s about 80 years of existence. The allies murdered between 2-10m Germans in the years after the war. And the so-called “holocaust”, that one is bullshit of the very gainful kind.
          There never was any kind of campaign to eliminate jews, either in Germany or elsewhere, though they’ve accrued enough shit points to make such a thing necessary.

        3. “cost Russia up to 150m dead during it’s about 80 years of existence.”
          The trench wars didn´t even manage to kill 2 millions Frenchmen. Killing is harder IRL than in Mass Effect or Warshaft.

        4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha
          >>In terms of the USSR point you bring up, almost every veritable source on German conduct on the Eastern Front tells us that the Germans behaved very honorably. In instances where they didn’t, their commanding officers punished them severely.
          Yeah, mass Soviet rape of German and Hungarian civilians was ONLY due to the Jews….as opposed to oh, I don’t know, racist Germans trying to exterminate Slavic civilization.

        5. >USSR is a Jewish Project
          >Stalin purged Jews from the Soviet government
          >80 million dead soviet citizens even though the USSR population rose
          look at all this bullshit…..

      4. Not at all. Look up Stalin’s Order 227. Penal units, forcing soldiers to run over minefields, shelling their own soldiers, etc. In addition to this ANYONE… literally ANYONE in the red army could get shot for the smallest thing. Lost your weapon? *Bang* Talked back? *Bang* You got injured and captured by the enemy and didn’t kill yourself? You are a traitor comrade. *Bang*
        It was really that bad and your rank or gender didnt matter either.
        Also, the mass rape that occurred in Poland, Hungary, Germany, etc. All done by the Red Army.

        1. Oh look, more Nazi Propaganda. No, WWII Soviet officers were not that bloodthirsty. Hell, political commissars were not WH40k parodies either, regardless of how unpopular they may have been.
          Order 227 was something which INCREASED support for the Soviet government (How the Allies Won explains such)

      5. Dude, the author is a holocaust revisionist who wishes to minimize USSR casualties. China and the USSR received the most civilian deaths, the USSR lost 1/7th of the population. Google “Soviet WWII casualties”

    2. That’s because women are allowed to teach and even run schools!(!).
      But most teachers of children are women. And that’s what female learning IS: The regurgitation of information with no expansion, inclusion, or addition of valuable core concepts. A woman thinks she “intelligent” and “educated” when she can repeat to a class, and recite a textbook, use a big word(s), or remember something some feminist pumped into her empty skull in women’s studies class. But she doesn’t even process it, question it, and just takes “all men are pigs” as a fact, and passes it on to others.
      You how society is totally convinced: “women are really good nurturers?” Bullshit. You know what nurturing means? it means ADDING NOTHING. It means allowing what is already going on to continue to go on. If a tree is growing cooked….. “nurturing” is allowing it continue growing that way as you continue to dump some water onto it. She doesn’t tell a child its fat or explain why you don’t combine meat and carbs in the same meal. She sarcastically tweets “fat shaming week is a THING?” and thinks she’s a “good nurturer”.
      Consider the word: “conquistadorial”.
      Is that really a word? I don’t know. And I don’t care. Because I am Man. And as Men, we are not bound by the lexicon and we can ADD TO IT. An “educated” woman doesn’t even THINK this way. You say a word and she will say “that’s not a real word” and belittle you, simply because she’s never heard it before, or seen it in print, so therefore it can’t exist. Even when it DOESN’T exist, she will think you can’t use it in a sentence because it’s not already in the dictionary. And that is the reason education is failing miserably. Because women are allowed to teach, steal children away from their fathers, and run schools.
      Male learning is the most awesome force of humanity. And the education is in the toilet because women are permitted to teach our children. There is a REASON it says in the bible: (Timothy 2:12) “do not permit women to teach or have authority over a man.”. Now everyone knows why and we are seeing the disastrous effects of it.

    3. If you think the Nazis were homophobic read Douglas Reed’s brilliant prewar account of Germany and Europe titled Insanity Fair. Also read up on Ernst Rohm and the SA. A certain type of homosexuality was not unknown in Nazi circles.

    4. If a student were to bring a copy of Mein Kampf to a school I can guarantee that he would be in trouble given todays PC climate.

      1. How much longer until the feminist run school system starts burning books?

    5. WWII, the greatest fairy tale we have to indoctrinate young minds. 7 decades later the propaganda machine is still rolling; new video games every year about Nazi zombies or some bs, every year a new WWII movie (the first that pops to mind this year was “Monuments Men”). And you are right, the Holocaust death numbers drop continually but are always referenced at 6 million; never mind the world Jewish population increased between 1938 and 1945 (something that would have been impossible if they lost 1 million let alone 6 million). Jewish Holocaust historians openly admit: No gas chambers were ever discovered, the supposed plan to exterminate all the Jews was only carried on for about a year and a half (although they also say this was not formal policy but rather an “implied order”), the extermination was only carried out at two camps (the only two the soviets liberated), and lots of other amazing shit that makes anyone with half a brain realize that although the Jews were imprisoned and mistreated by the Nazis, it has been blown out of proportion to an epic degree for political purposes. Of course all through my public schooling every year we were told the same Holocaust stories and watched Schindler’s List EVERY FUCKING YEAR but we never actually studied it or read work from Holocaust historians.There is a reason Middle Eastern leaders don’t believe the Holocaust happened; they are not just loons.

    6. Per your avatar. My friends got me to start watching the GoT series. His character was a huge draw for me. The man is a very gifted actor.

      1. There are a great amount of Alpha Males in that series. It’s quite interesting. But I’m glad you can get into it!

  9. I now spend a fortune to send my boy to a private school that has largely abandoned much of the hysteric nonsense gripping the education system in our City. Here in Toronto there is a very direct and identifiable line of thought from the thoroughly fuckuing nutso women’s and gender studies department at the U of T, to literally across the street at the Ontario Institute for Studies of Education, to the Toronto District School Board. From there the shit very quickly trickles directly downhill into the lives of the poor teachers and students. I don’t fault the teachers in our City as many of them have made clear to me how utterly dysfunctional their leadership is and how their core curriculum has been poisoned by this vine of misandrist thinking that strangles the schools they work in. They are not aware of the misandry behind it, but they quite clearly can put their finger on the cultural Marxism that runs through it all and the thought police behind the decline.
    Objective assessment of skills is strictly verboten. Discipline is totally unheard of. It is never documented for a parent, but they don’t actually ever specifically teach the children to WRITE! They are essentially expected to pick it up by osmosis or something like that. So called “discovery learning” is a total sham.
    I am scrambling to come up with enough money to spring my daughter to a private school as well. I am lucky that I can rally the resources to do this as are my children. My boy of course had been identified as being behaviourally deficient and of course diagnosed with ADHD. He had fallen 3 grade levels behind in literacy. Yet after 6 months, in a class with all boys and some specific resources, he has caught up entirely and is excelling in all his classes with A’s across the board save for writing. In the public system, you cannot even get an actual grade score and they fail no child ever.
    I feel great sympathy for the parents who are utterly unaware of what actually goes on in the system or who do not have the resources or ability to advocate for their kids in the face of this lunacy. Without diligent work at home, any and all children will almost certainly slide into total academic dysfunction. As it is my PHD brother in law weekly shares with our family the whoppers of poor student work that cross his desk, coming from students who have been fooled into thinking they are ready for higher education when even modest things like punctuation totally evade them.
    If our future society is to rely on these children who are a product of this system, we may as well run a Chinese flag up the pole now and surrender because we will be living in the full blown idiocracy in no time at all.

    1. The story about your son is chilling. We have turned the reigns over to leftist female teachers, and they have succeeded at drugging a generation of young innocent boys.

    2. Things have gotten so bad here, that there was actually someone (transexual) claiming that saying the words, “mother” and “father” are offensive, so teachers and anyone in general should replace those words with PC terms. I wish I was joking.

      1. I am starting to believe that cultural Marxism is the bigger problem than feminism today. I know they are desperately intertwined in their aims and tactics but at least the feminists are so far out to lunch these days that more frequently people, regular people somewhere near the middle of the political spectrum, are actually calling them on their bullshit.
        The political correctness squad however is a whole other story. Group think runs amok our language and culture are demonized, as everyone here at ROK knows. It’s sort of insidious and like a virulent weed it’s next to impossible to roll back. In fact, I would be curious to see where the forces of sanity may have prevailed and brought some of the PC initiatives to heel in the Anglosphere. Perhaps the latest round of EU parliament elections will offer some small examples. With the rise of parties like the UK Independence party we’ll see some global examples of the rolling back of ridiculous Politically Correct policies.
        Until then, I will not be holding my breath, rather biting my tongue.

  10. Schools fail to recognize that young boys can be little assholes too, sometimes an asshole needs to be put in his place. Kneeling before him and making kind requests isn’t going to work.
    When I was younger a kid and a couple of his friends liked picking on me. We were taught in our school to “politely ask your classmate to stop bullying you, they will respect you and probably want to be friends with you.” This obviously didn’t work with this kid and, as a result, it got worse. One day I got fed up with the bullshit and punched him in his face giving him a bloody nose. His parents got involved and tried to get the school to expel me. Almost happened too. Regardless, this was a lot more effective than being a pussy and basically begging for mercy, the kid and his friends never bothered me again.

    1. I faced a bully as a kid one time. Same story, he pushed me to new heights of anger I didn’t know existed and I fought back. Sadly, he was much bigger and beat me, but he stopped. I got respect for having the courage to fight back. It was actually a great lesson.
      Today you might get shot.

  11. As far as I’m concerned, you passed those tests. You are not their parent, but you are their teacher and the classroom is your domain. As long as you do not physically harm the child, you are doing what you are supposed to do.

  12. Not to mention our school culture, where being smart means no girls, while being an athlete, bully, troublemaker, alpha means absorbing female attention with little effort. Our entire culture penalizes nerds and otherwise normal guys, forcing them to drop out. At least china still rewards the average guy with a job and a wife but as soon as it stops, china will tank just like us.

    1. Good point. I used to do well in school and developed an interest in Science, and got nowhere with chicks. Then I let my grades fall, grew my hair longer, started acting like a total douche-bag and was getting noticed by the little hormonal driven animals.
      And yes if every young boy does what I did the culture will tank. Boys have to be taught the true nature of women and be advised to focus on whats more important.

    2. That’s not just school culture, that’s culture everywhere in the West.
      Not to worry though, the nerds get their revenge in the end. For example by becoming a mom jeans wearing pansy POTUS and socializing the formerly free nation known as the U.S. of A. Or by contributing half a billion dollars to abortionists so that women can kill their children. Or by donating millions to population reduction campaigns while snarling “There’s too many people on this planet!” Or by becoming leering Marxist professors in universities. Yep, you get your comeuppance all righty.

    3. It won’t stop. They have a very correct understanding about these types of things. Feminism and the homosexual agenda will never be permitted to flourish in China because they are socially corrosive.

    4. “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’”- Isaac Asimov

  13. Here’s a dose of reality. While you libtard Americans get all uppity about the “Mexicans” (cough…Mexican is a nationality not a race…cough) stealing your slave-wage-jobs and invading “your” country, you have middle class Chinese citizens flocking to the U-S-of-A for the sole purpose of spawning in this country- to obtain citizenship for their baby- then high tailing it out of here back to their polluted cesspool that is China, but boasts the best educated workforce the world over. Whose the anchor baby now? Anyone care to guess how much it costs to sponsor a foreign national to work in US hospitals? How about engineers? Ever notice this disclosure: “Sorry, no H1 visas and no relocation on this position. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage minorities, women, and non-traditional work / education path people to apply.”
    Great, so when the last of the anchor baby generation is ready to retire and droves of highly educated minority Chinese-Americans graduate from their respective universities and are prepared to relocate to their mother country (USA), who the fuck do you think the job manager will hire: Jim Bob with a 3.2 GPA with a check the box degree or Su Chen with a 4.0 with a few degrees under her belt, research, honors, etc. While every-girl-ever is busy sluttin’ around town and failing out after her second semester, the global workforce is becoming stronger and H1 visas will no longer be an obstacle. Americans…consider yourselves fucked. BTW…I have dual citizenship. Take a look at your younger brothers and sisters, your nieces and nephews, or your own children…they are fucked.

    1. Google “asian students cheat”. Asians are notorious for being overrun with diploma mills. In the states, first generation Asians are pressured to cheat via a variety of methods: Getting copies of the tests, using bluetooth devices with their mothers to read them the answers over the phone, etc.
      Have you noticed that the economy and technology has gone into the toilet in the past 20 years as H1Bs skyrocketed?
      Regarding Chinese coming to the USA, going to school, and going back home. That’s because they’re forced to. Most try to get a green card to stay. As affirmative action recipients, they produce inferior work.
      Let’s consider Jim Bob with the check the box degree in that light: He would have had to get the degree entirely upon merit, not race preferences, and works honestly and cleanly.
      At work, everyone comes to me because I get things done. Want a run around? Call an Asian.
      Finally, regarding Mexicans being a nationality and not a race. It’s kind of a joke: Since most illegals come through Mexico, why not call them Mexican? It’s insulting to the illegals when their nationalities are being swept under the rug but after all, if their countries weren’t nameless toilets then why would they have left illegally?

      1. Take it down a notch keyboard-alpha-male. I dare you to spout this crap at work:
        “Finally, regarding Mexicans being a nationality and not a race. It’s kind of a joke: Since most illegals come through Mexico, why not call them Mexican? It’s insulting to the illegals when their nationalities are being swept under the rug but after all, if their countries weren’t nameless toilets then why would they have left illegally?”
        You’ll be replaced. Done. Dunzo. Gone.
        As for Asian students cheating…LOL. Thanks for your counter argument, but results cannot be fudged. LOL.
        Oh, and this little nugget-of-knowledge:
        “Have you noticed that the economy and technology has gone into the toilet in the past 20 years as H1Bs skyrocketed?”
        Steve Jobs was an adopted Arab:
        Mr. Jobs’s biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali, was a graduate student from Homs when he met Mr. Jobs’s biological mother, Joanne Carole Schieble, while studying in Wisconsin in the 1950s, according to a translation of an interview with Mr. Jandali in the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat.
        The couple surrendered Mr. Jobs for adoption after he was born in San Francisco in 1955, as my colleague John Markoff reports.
        In his interview with Al-Hayat, published earlier this year, Mr. Jandali said he had given Mr. Jobs up for adoption because Ms. Schieble’s father “was extremely conservative and wouldn’t let her marry me, and she decided to give him up for adoption.”
        #studentvisas #H1visas #strawmanarguement #naturevsnurture

        1. I’m an admitted beta-plus male. Or perhaps an Omega. But sure, I don’t spout it at work because it’s unprofessional as well as self-destructive but also because just as Asians have gotten ahead by cheating, why shouldn’t I say one thing and do another?
          Will I be replaced and gone? Hmmm, 30 years and I’m still standing and moving up. I get the work done.
          “Results cannot be fudged”. Look up healthcare.gov, NCtracks, and Target data breach and “India”. On the other hand, look up moon landing and see how many white guys you see. You don’t put men on the moon by crapping on the sidewalk.

        2. “I don’t spout it at work because it’s unprofessional as well as self-destructive but also because just as Asians have gotten ahead by cheating, why shouldn’t I say one thing and do another?”
          – You wouldn’t dare say it because you know you’d be gone, regardless if you “get the work done” or not. No, not every Asian is cheating, just like not every worthwhile American will be chucked into the wind…just the average Bob’s in exchange for a more educated and diversified workforce, as dictated by WASPy-libtard-Americans 🙂

          And this…”I’m an admitted beta-plus male. Or perhaps an Omega.”

        3. I’m hardly in “full retard” if I don’t dare say something offensive in a situation where I could get fired for it. On the other hand, what are you trying to prove? That I’m a coward for not being stupid? Or that you’re brave because you not only don’t say offensive things, but you believe them as well like a conditioned dog? Please explain what your point is, exactly, from that question about whether I say such a thing at work or not.
          I never said every Asian was cheating which is a strawman argument. It’s a generalization which everyone, well, not everyone, but most people surely do including yourself. Try to get through life without generalizations and treating EVERYONE as an individual. And for what purpose? To feel self-important?
          And regarding educated. If only the more highly educated workforce with masters degrees in computer science knew how to list files in a directory or what a pointer is. Hahahaha! Hopefully, someone taught them how to use a flush toilet on the plane here.

        4. Let me rephrase this:
          1. Liberals ruined America.
          2. Feminism is destroying every facet of American culture, right down to the educational system.
          3. You are not the one whose gone full retard, the WASPy-libtards on the other hand, who espouse utopian ideals, and contribute next to nothing in productivity or pay taxes (delusional liberal arts majors), are retarded.
          4. Take a look at the next generation of children…lost cause. Most of the low-quality parents are on welfare benefits and those parents who do go above and beyond, to provide for their little seedlings, are being called out as elitists. It’s nice, to live nice. Naturally, segregation (not necessarily a bad thing…especially if it’s self-segregation) is increasing as a result of life consequences, which causes the libtards to scream and shout racism! economic disparity! food deserts in the ghetto! discrimination! $15 minimum wage!
          Sounds familiar…these same fucks get to vote. These nasty chubba-duh-wats with their alternative lifestyles and beta male followers are ruling the rouse. These same turds wouldn’t dare move to the heart of a ghetto, though. Oh no, they’ll live on the fringe of a ghetto (i.e. outskirts of the nicest part of town), but ask them and 15 of their libtard friends to buy houses for sale at $20,000 a pop, in the hood, and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy. Who, me? Become part of the first wave of gentrification of a ghetto, hell no! Tax dollars need to be appropriated from the dutiful taxpayer (i.e. good old mom and pop in the suburbs), so the developers can come in and fix this hot mess, and while they’re at it, the developers should bring in businesses like Starsucks, FroYo, and PaneraShreads! A behemoth of a project, like this, represents thousands of man hours and millions of dollars your typical-everyday-American-shithead-libtard couldn’t possibly appreciate or comprehend, but they want someone else to do all the heavy lifting and be able to work at one of these homogenize-the-world-conglomerates AND get paid $15/hr to do it.
          The self-righteous and entitled have arrived!
          You sir, are a dying breed (maybe?). You are not the full retard, so stop arguing with me. Your younger, stupider counterpart, both male and female, are responsible for this mess. Everything you see, encounter, and now realize, is a symptom of our diseased population.
          #dualcitizenship #americaisfucked #fucksocialism

        5. Largely agree with the above but just one question: If I’m part of a dying breed, then what are you? (Not being argumentative, just curious.)

    2. Right there with you. Also, consider common core and you’ll realize just how unstoppable our “fucked” status is. Like you with dual status, I’m basically at the point where I know I’m leaving this country within, at best, 4-5 years, likely 3-4…for me my situation is such that I only have 6 years…after that, I have to go.

  14. Here’s a dose of reality. While you libtard Americans get all uppity about the “Mexicans” (cough…Mexican is a nationality not a race…cough) stealing your slave-wage-jobs and invading “your” country, you have middle class Chinese citizens flocking to the U-S-of-A for the sole purpose of spawning in this country- to obtain citizenship for their baby- then high tailing it out of here back to their polluted cesspool that is China, but boasts the best educated workforce the world over. Whose the anchor baby now? Anyone care to guess how much it costs to sponsor a foreign national to work in US hospitals? How about engineers? Ever notice this disclosure: “Sorry, no H1 visas and no relocation on this position. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage minorities, women, and non-traditional work / education path people to apply.”
    Great, so when the last of the baby boomer generation is ready to retire and droves of highly educated minority Chinese-Americans graduate from their respective universities and are prepared to relocate to their mother country (USA), who the fuck do you think the job manager will hire: Jim Bob with a 3.2 GPA with a check the box degree or Su Chen with a 4.0 with a few degrees under her belt, research, honors, etc. While every-girl-ever is busy sluttin’ around town and failing out after her second semester, the global workforce is becoming stronger and H1 visas will no longer be an obstacle. Americans…consider yourselves fucked. BTW…I have dual citizenship. Take a look at your younger brothers and sisters, your nieces and nephews, or your own children…they are fucked.

    1. I just watched something about those pregnant chinese women birthing anchor babies in Murrica’ on Al *Jizz*eera the other day, was lol’ing my ass off at that.

    2. China? You mean the country they riot in when their children aren’t allowed to cheat on exams? Where over 1/3rd of academic papers cannot be duplicated? Where its okay to put toxic chemicals in your infant formula so long as you don’t get caught? And speaking of babies, where life is so devalued that they find babies dumped in sewers? And lets not forget the fact that you can’t walk around half their cities without a respirator because the pollution is so bad. A situation the locals were trying to convince me a decade earlier was merely dust blowing in from the nearby deserts.
      The anchor babies, and the massive outflow of capital by the Chinese elite looks suspiciously like an escape plan considering the state of their country, economically, environmentally, and demographically.

      1. “China? You mean the country they riot in when their children aren’t allowed to cheat on exams? Where over 1/3rd of academic papers cannot be duplicated?”
        – Piss and moan all you want, but you can’t stop them and the WASPy-libtard-American is to blame. Again, not all Chinese cheat. Again when I say Asian I’m also talking about all these countries too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Asian_countries_by_GDP
        -Did you take geography, bro?
        “Where its okay to put toxic chemicals in your infant formula so long as you don’t get caught?”
        – Just another reason to get out of dodge, anchor baby away!
        – ‘its’ is not the contraction it’s…its reflects ownership.
        “And speaking of babies, where life is so devalued that they find babies dumped in sewers?”
        -Philly Actress, Emily Letts, films her abortion for YouTube:
        Watch it. Pay attention…that is your Ameriskank and she is everywhere.
        Good Luck Americans!

        1. I should point out that the male Chinese population consists of 700 million lesser beta, gamma, and omega males.

      2. the USA was no better a few decades ago….. the smog in LA in the 80s was legendary…. NYC was a crime haven, Times Square dangerous to visit even if you were armed…… Mafia ruled districts with an iron fist….. no one bothered with tainted baby formula but they were up to their necks in every other crime, especially importing coke and heroin… it’s all more organised now, so you don’t hear about it so much….. Florida in the 70s had open warfare with automatic weapons as the Columbians fought over coke territories … the police had no idea about coke… watch the movie documentary Cocaine Cowboys…. guys flying plane loads of coke into Florida for the columbians… amazing… $100M buried in his back garden.
        The asians are prepared to make the hard sacrifices when they are young to get the tough nut science degrees, engineering etc…. they will surpass the USA in time.

        1. Fighting over commerce with guns is one thing, and has been going on since guns were invented, even if it gets pushed down into the teenagers. It takes a special kind of sickness to intentionally poison babies for profit.
          China is nowhere near being ready to surpass the US. Maybe in output, but certainly not output per person. And the US is still the place to go to get the hard crap done. You want bobble heads you go to the Chinese manufacturers. You want deep sea oil rigs built you come to the US.

  15. There was an article this week about giving kids with “gender disphoria” (the new “gluten intolerance for the brain” I guess) chemicals to block puberty.
    While the articles seemed to focus on the “sex change for kids” angle, which was bad enough, what I took from it was “Hey, they can delay puberty with chemicals”.
    You know what’s coming.
    We went from getting married at 15 or 16 and starting families to not being able to have a drink until you are 21.
    So who wants to bet against some “findings” later on that kids who have puberty delayed as teenagers are “such great students”?
    You know it was perfectly OK for the society to go ahead and Ritalin the boys and attack them for being boys. But the system is not very thrilled over girls being girls either.
    So the trap is going to be sprung. While Johnny is all Ritalined into a zombie state, Suzie is going to be deemed “difficult” because of puberty.
    (ever been around 13-14 y/o girls? Whoa!)
    You wait. And the “war on women” crowd screeching about patriarchy and rape every two seconds won’t give a shit. It’s obvious what side of their toast is buttered.

  16. I’m still undecided on whether or not I should apply to college later this year. Turn 21 soon and I know what my goals are in life. (Entrepreneur pursuits)
    Still weighing the pros and cons

    1. Never put all your money in one stock. Always have a plan B. Diversify your portfolio. Some people might say go and do STEM. While these are certainly the most useful subjects you could study, don’t expect to get rich with it. And if things are continuing the way they are today, you are going to be lucky *if* you manage to land a job after graduating college with a STEM degree. Think massive outsourcing, companies cutting jobs, armies of H1B immigrants you are going to have to compete with etc etc. Professors typically don’t give a shit about their students’ employment prospects as long as they remain tenured. Of course, you could also think about going to med school, which has it’s own problems. Plenty of rungs to climb and hoops to jumb through towards a medical career. Many women decide to go to med school because they “don’t know what else to do” or because “they were born to be a doctor” (right…). Probably the best tip I can give you is don’t be average.

      1. I hear you on the money in one stock. Entrepreneur is what I am working on though. Got any advice for that? I know what industries I am going to get in

        1. Besides some general advice along the lines of “expect to put in the work” and “meticulously plan”, it depends on the industry. There is a lot of information on the web on entrepreneurial topics, even on rooshv forum. I’m not sure if I can add something that not already floats around.

      2. “Many women these days decide to go to med school because they “don’t
        know what else to do” or because “they were born to be a doctor”
        My sister went to med school and graduated, but decided that she did not want to practice medicine. She is now a zumba instructor with over 100k in student loans and thanks to Obama she now only have to give a small percentage of her income for the next 20 or 25 years and her loans will be forgiven at the tax payers expense. The amount she pays per month doesn’t even begin to cover the monthly interest. Waste of resources and the tax payers will end up footing most of the bill.

      3. You also forgot to mention another reason women join the medical field. “They like helping people”
        Pff sure

    2. Unless you can afford to pay for it on your own, or you have a scholarship or grant, don’t go. College today is nothing more than a racket. The classes are heavily dumbed down to appeal to everyone, rather than people who actually should be there, so that the colleges can make more money, and most people there are going to be in debt for the rest of their lives because they’re paying for it with loans (this includes me).
      The idea that you need a college education to be successful is one of the biggest lies in our society. Everything you will be taught you can find on your own from other sources.
      Of course, there are certain careers that require a college degree, but you don’t need one to start a business.
      I just graduated last week, and going to college was the biggest mistake of my life. The only reason I didn’t drop out was because I couldn’t find work, so I had nowhere else to go.

      1. Glad more and more people discover the truth about the giant scam higher edu is. Of course, you are absolutely right on the money with this comment. I left academia a few years ago, and despite all the time, energy, and money I invested, it felt like a *massive* disappointment. Never learned anything of use from those dumbed-down lectures and forced presentations, group work and projects.
        Instead, I read and critically analyzed many books written by past and present experts on the field. Professors subsequently acted like I was stepping on toes whenever I brought up something that went beyond their narrow teachings. One of them even had the audacity to claim I was “uninterested” in studying. I was plowing through the books! To think I invested most of my twenties in the academic environment…

  17. I wish I were making this up, but I’m not:
    My sister works at a private preschool, a Montessori school, specifically. She said that there is a student there, a 4 or 5 year old girl, who is “traumatized by clouds.” If she gets out of her mother’s car in the morning and she happens to see a cloud in the sky as she’s walking to the classroom, she will run back to the vehicle and be taken home. If they are doing a class activity outdoors and a cloud appears, she has a panic attack and has to be taken inside, sometimes to be picked up by her parents. The school caters to this kid and coddles her because that’s part of their philosophy. Based on what my sister has told me, the cloud freak out girl is only 1 of many hopeless babies with imaginary disorders and “special needs” who attend. It makes me very worried for the future.

    1. I wish I could say otherwise, but, you should be extremely worried about the future. Check out common core…its so disgusting you honestly think you’ve been mysteriously transported into a bizzaro world.

    2. These fucked up loser kids are going to be easy pickins to be exploited when they are adults; whether it’s by corporations, the govt, the opposite sex, their employer, etc.

  18. another thing that worries me is the rise of coursework in online education. Increasingly coursework is taking over from exams, which being typically anonymously marked is fairly reliable in terms of consistency. Coursework is tutor assigned and very rarely (for logistical and cost reasons) anonymised. This is increasingly how grades will be skewed in favour of girls, and conformists.
    Online course in particular should be examined traditionally. Major projects might be marked in quasi-exam conditions, but it isn’t the same.
    Another thing I would point out is that increasingly we have a divide between the sciences which are relatively free of ideological corruption (though one could exaggerate this) and the social sciences, which increasingly function as the disciplines of reproducing approved ideas (typically with funding dedicated for that purpose) and as such function as training courses more than education.
    And remember be wary of anything with ‘studies’ at the end of it

    1. “This is increasingly how grades will be skewed in favour of girls, and conformists.”
      Bias in assigning grades is *huge*; from grade school to graduate school. In my experience, the higher up you get, the bigger this bias will be. Always in favour of women and/or in favour of those who conform to the teacher/professors idea’s and line of thought. The more you venture from the hard sciences (i.e. mathematics, physics), the more this bias becomes apparent, because there will be more women to appease and to please. Education has practically become synonymous with the parroting of information.

      1. I’m glad you see it too. I’ve learned this hard way in the social sciences. There was one degree I did – after I became outspoken about some thing my course work grades were never the same. All feminist tutors policing the knowledge economy. By the time I decided enough was enough there was one other guy left on the course There are supposed checks they do to ensure quality / impartiality etc but they’re as good as worthless. In small departments dominated by the typical academic feminist police-force, they’re as thick as thieves (which is essentially what they are).
        What’s more feminist dominated social sciences increasingly try to police the STEM subjects as well, by focussing on gender and identity issues in science.
        Feminist academics are an academic police force. Every other contribution they make, or have made is secondary to this, and for that reason once the paper thin adherence of their impartiality, objectivity, integrity is revealed for what it is I suspect that feminist scholarship (qua feminist scholarship) will be gone.
        But in the mean time the growth of online degrees based on coursework provides them with the best possible opportunity to turn the wonderful world of learning into a feminist terrorist training camp.

        1. It aren’t just the women, but their male collegues also. It’s what pisses me off the most, the way those ***holes are enabling feminists to go on a rampage through higher education, allowing and abetting them to break it down piece by piece, destroying the futures of many young men in the process. And all so they can keep their tenure, their overblown salaries and their ridiculous pensions.

        2. male academics are heavily invested in feminism. A lot of it may be to do with leftist politics, which sees feminism as a solution (?) but I’m sure tenure and other inducements play a big part. After all no-ones to make a mistake like Larry Summers did: suggesting maybe women were poorly represented in STEM for a reason. I believe a woman took his place shortly after he stepped down

  19. How can one support the “traditional gender roles” (a very recent state of affairs in human history), leaving children to the nearly exclusive care of women, while being “red-pill” and knowing what enormous damages one inflicts by giving them the monopoly of raising children?

    1. Leaving young children and babies in the care of a loving stay-at-home mother isn’t a bad thing, but once they’ve grown to a certain point they’ll certainly need the influence and teachings of a strong, patriarchal father to lead the way until they’re fully fledged, self-sufficient adults.
      But you’re also right in the case where the educational system filled to the brim with vile feminist teachers are screwing both boys and girls over in a critical time of their development, with few alternatives for the 9-5 working man on a menial salary or the mom who has to work also to keep their head above water financially.
      Beyond those who can afford a good private school or has enough time for home-schooling, they’re basically up shit creek without a paddle.

  20. I have one question for the panel. Why the fuck are the schools so focused on sexualizing kids?

    1. Because if the government and the elites it works for didn’t pit secular nihilism against Christianity they wouldn’t be able to oppress us and steal the fruits of our labor.

    2. Sexualization of a culture destroys the family, which makes it easier to control people by making them dependent on the state. So to make sure that the culture is sexualized, they get people early on when they’re easy to influence.

    3. It also helps destroy young men. Hormones are raging and you’re made to sit around girls with their clothes painted on and are expected to focus on studying.

  21. As soon as you are done with them, I get then at one of the latest “It’s still not your fault, Billy” incarceration centers for juvenile offenders. Having been to prison, my first encounter with these pampered, fragile “thugs” is to inform them that singing rap songs with a “mean” face on will not get them out of the inevitable visit from “Pooky” an his friends on their first night. Few of them even believe that I’m telling the truth. Public school has given them a pathological resistance to reality.

  22. The main reason why the American education system is doomed is not at all explored here.
    Which is the eradication of religious instruction in schools. If you want patriarchal laws to return into the future generation, you need to sow religion at the grassroots level. Americans are among the most godless people in the modern world. There is absolutely no religious values among the young generation, especially among women. It is a fad to mock religion, girls were crosses round their necks while getting pounded in their holes a la pornstars. What do you expect?
    A typical conversation goes like this: Are you Catholic, girl? That means you’d fuck with me?
    You see this popularized by shitcoms, movies and demonic Jewish Hollywood. What the fuck are you gonna expect? Obviously with no religious instruction, children are going to be raised without self-discipline. The average American male discovers religion when he takes the red pill or he steps out of the Matrix of America. The average American woman discovers religion after a 100 cocks have ravaged her body and soul to destroy it, so that she turns to religion to find solace. And what is her religion? New age crap and cults which push her more down the path of the destruction of her soul. This is what has happened. The presence of paedophile priests and pastors complicates the matter more, as a relihious instruction seeker would only risk herself/himself getting abused at the hands of this corrupt religion instructors. All contributing to distrust in religion itself. We’ve become a demonic country. So, doom is inevitable on us. For we’re breaking natural laws laid down by God day in and day out, and reveling in it.

    1. “Which is the eradication of religious instruction in schools.”
      Stopped reading after that. Implying that we can only have self control and self-discipline by believing in a Jewish god is absurd. It’s an insult to our humanity.

      1. So far no godless country has been anything but a murderous shithole (Soviet Union, China, Vietnam…) so at least religion is useful unlike retarded atheism.

      2. People can have self control and self-discipline with most of the major religions, not just the Abrahamic ones (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc).

    2. If education was treated as it really is: an individually consumed service that should be traded and traded for voluntarily only, then people would have choices of what kind of education providers they prefer. Those who choose religious education might experience greater success resulting in greater influence over society, and then others might choose religious education in turn. But right now we don’t even have enough freedom to run an experiment: everyone is forced to pay for the control group (public schools). Only those with the means and the will to pay for education twice would be able to feel the effects of a different educational system. Obviously such a self-selected group has many other variables going for them that makes comparisons murky, but in general private school kids are more successful, including from religious schools. The govt doesn’t like that.

    3. “The average American male discovers religion when he takes the red pill”
      How so? I was religious before the red pill. Not knocking anyone who’s a believer, but I simply haven’t been able to convince myself of any religious belief system. I do think they’re important and a very human endeavor, but I just can’t seem to make sense of it in a realistic way.

    4. There is no eradication of religion.
      Cultural-marxism is not much else but a religious faith. Humanity replace yaya and White Man replace Satan.

  23. I’m in college studying to be a teacher myself. I work at a local elementary school’s after-care program. I have one fourth grader who seems like a completely normal and very bright boy so I was surprised to hear my boss tell me after three months of working that he has “severe ADD”. On the one day he wasn’t listening to me he bust out the excuse “I can’t listen because of my disease”. I told him he was no different than any other student so I was going to treat him the same as anyone else. He looked stunned but he listens to me now. I feel bad for him honestly.

    1. “I feel bad for him honestly.”
      Well, feel good. You are making a positive difference in his life. That diagnosis will cripple him later on and you are saving him.

    2. Fight the good fight, man.
      All the kids, even the girls, will benefit from a strong but compassionate male presence.

  24. Brought down by design as shown by former Reagan secretary of education Charlotte Iserbytt-Thomson. More on http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/. A stupid populace filled with docile Beta males and “empowered” females is easy to manipulate and exploit.

    1. Yup. You just nailed it. It’s all by design. It’s working well for them too; definitely going according to plans.

  25. John Taylor Gatto – Underground History of American Education. Should be required reading for any parent with a child in public school.

  26. It’s doomed because it’s a monopolistic scheme protected by coercion. Families’ educational budgets are forcefully removed from them and spent on the education provider that the govt dictates: the public school system. Since families aren’t free to spend their money on the education provider of their choice, their choices are very limited. It’s a huge barrier of entry, and what is barred is competition between providers, freedom from PC dogma, innovation, accountability, and efficiency. This leaves those in the privileged market, the public school employees, with much less incentive to do a good job. They do have an incentive to waste money though so that their budget won’t be reduced for the next year. They get away with this because they have little competition to reign them in.
    Also, if parents and kids could choose their own school and spend their own money on it, there would be much more motivation for the kid to apply himself in school. In the current system, the kid has no choice and it feels like a prison, so kids are going to rebel at least a little. A common form of rebeliion is not trying hard.

    1. Parents that can afford private schooling receive a much different experience than public school kids. Especially if you go to one of the elite ones like Choate (JFK, Bill Simmons, Ivanka trump), Episcopal (John McCain) or Phillips-Exeter (Zuckerberg, US Grant, too many others to name). There’s definitely a chasm between what important families get and what the proles get.

      1. Yup, and the hypocrisy has been noted of some of these wealthy SWPL shit libs who mandate govt schools then send their own kids to private schools: the Clintons, the Gores, the Obamas, Matt Fuckin Damon.

    2. The solution is school choice, support for homeschooling, private schools, online education, less Federal involvement and more parental control and local control. The less they can impose a ‘monopoly’ on stupid ideas in education the better.
      This goes to why Common Core is doomed to be a bad idea. Theoretically, common standards make sense, but practically what happens is the leftists gravitate to control it, insert their agenda into it and so you have outraged ‘mericuns in the heartland wondering why the Boston tea party folks are called terrorists in the ‘history’ books. Duh, the teachers are just spouting whatever the commie author Zinn ‘taught’ them (aka leftwing bias).

  27. Let’s not forget that baby boomers are a big part of why the education system sucks

    1. Let’s also make huge unsustainable entitlement programs to ourselves and allow feminism to destroy the family!

  28. Yea as a member of Gen Y I can completely agree with all of these points entirely. If someone comes up and punches you in the face and you fight back, you both get punished. Even if you did nothing. It is simply what happens when you have feminists controlling the education system. It is why boys are dropping out at an alarming rate, its because they cannot be boys. Schools should really be called information regurgitation centers. Boring, static, passive behavior is much better suited women than men.
    Also as someone who studied Economics in college the sheer amount of Keynesians and socialist academics was astounding. Only one out of my maybe 10 teachers(who actually worked 3 decades in the field) had any level of common sense about how business worked. Everyone else just repeated the tired old, “increase government spending” Keynesian bullshit.

  29. The implementation of common core is going to make everything worse. Now, 2+2 can equal 5, so long as the student feeeeeels good about it, and it’s full of social justice, anti-white male bullshit about privilege. This is a quote from an English teacher named David Pook who helped write common core English standard tests:
    “One of the reasons I helped write the standards, was that as a white in society, I’m given a lot of privilege
    I didn’t earn, and as a result I think it’s really important that all
    kids get an equal opportunity to learn how to read. I think I had
    decided advantages as a result of who I was…When I walk into places like
    Roberto Clemente High School on the west side of Chicago, I think it’s
    important that those kids have an opportunity to read just as well as I
    By the way, this guy teaches in a private school that doesn’t use common core.
    But even private schools and states that choose to opt out of common core are going to be affected. My mom is a teacher in the Catholic school system and she told me that because California is the largest market for school text books in the country and is a common core state, the publishing companies are making all text books common core to appeal to this massive market, so even if the school doesn’t teach the system, it will still be affected anyway.

  30. Preciously twee little little fuckers. Their single-mommy mothers are too pathetic to teach them some manners, and the pathetic state won’t.
    They’ll have fun when they get to the workplace: it’ll get beaten into the little shits heads the hard way.

  31. They can’t teach logic, or math,or basic English but little Tommy and little Jeniqua sure feel good about themselves. Yeah, American education is doomed. Leftists set out to destroy the country by destroying the public education system. Their dreams are almost complete.

  32. I’ve been studying primary teaching for some time now, and at one of my prac’s I was told I couldn’t say “boys and girls”.
    I was supposed to say children or students instead, but how much of a PC world do we live in where we can’t address students by what they are?

    1. You should reply… “oh, should I say boys, girls and trannies?”
      … I mean if having a good laugh is worth more than your job.

      1. Unfortunately the teacher decides whether you pass or fail, but aside from that my teachers have been good.
        It’s just finishing the degree at the moment.

  33. So my best friend’s dad recently retired from a 45 year (!) teaching career as a math & science middle school teacher. I asked him – so what’s the difference between a kid when you first started teaching in the early 70’s to today. His answer surprised me – he said “you know, kids are kids, basically the same. They’re are going to act up, get out of line, but basically good kids. But you want to know the real difference? It’s the parents. 40 years ago if Billy or Suzy was out of line and I had to talk with the parents, they would be all over their kid, embarrassed by the trouble their kid gave me. But today? They blame ME! “I can’t believe you think Billy/Suzy would act like that! How DARE you!?” And my friends dad just shook his head in disbelievement. Welcome to our new culture. I think I’ll sit this one out…

    1. I agree with this 100%. Kids are kids because human nature hasnt changed that much and bad parenting (or good for that matter) can only do so much harm/ good.
      fact is, if this article was written by a 20 something, there is hope. Even young kids can see through the BS for what it is.

  34. …..as a result we have not sent a man to the moon since 1972. Instead we have produced a legion of narcissistic bunch of children who will remain children through adulthood and we will regress from such things as building the Hoover Dam and the Panama Canal.

  35. As a man who was stupid enough to move into education, I see the evidence of decline everywhere. The biggest mistake was orienting education towards getting boys to express their ‘feelings’. Teenage boys HATE doing this and much prefer to solve problems and do practical things. This is why i much prefer working in boys schools because i can avoid all those activities and help my students develop their critical thinking skills. Some teachers criticise my methods but often my students are the most advanced in terms of planning, essay writing etc etc and when they have to write stories or whatever, i do not impose strict limitations on them. If they want to write about Star Wars or car racing etc, I don’t mind.
    If you treat kids like idiots they will act and think like idiots. We need to keep our educational standards high. Even the less intelligent students benefit from this approach.

  36. these fucking faggots and feminist cuntbags are hell bent (bent…..get it?) on turning every male into a little fucking cocksucker. therefore it means that the best choice is a real school with traditional values or home schooling. fucking faggots.

  37. Love the German system, after 8th grade. kids can enter apprenticeship, get certified with a national company, get a job at eighteen. USA needs to let kids graduate at 10th grade, more apprenticeship, less general education, more skilled and specialized learning. At present, schools and colleges are designed for women, sit and read crap. Boys need more flexibility and skills training. I hated women as teachers, can’t stand their rant and high pitch sound.

  38. And on what data – peer reviewed, experimental *data* – were their opinions about teaching based?
    Silly me. What a dumb question.

  39. I taught for many years at nearly every level of the American educational system. This article is spot on.
    Any subject that involves an opinion of any sort (English, psychology, history, social studies) has been abducted by manipulative women. The staffs are more than half female, and all have been reared on the tit of feminism. Almost nothing enters their chosen textbooks that is not catered to their extreme left ideology. Opposing views, in the form or articles or essays, are conveniently omitted.
    This is then reinforced by the accreditation committees, who, you guessed it, are mostly women. They will not grant accreditation status to schools that do not peddle this nonsense. What is a moderate or conservative school to do? They don’t want to lose their licenses, or for the students to suffer from a devalued degree. So they go along with the requirements.

  40. Author-
    I presume you’re early 20s but let me say this whole issue runs deeper than you’ve been led to believe.
    Read FedEd by Allen Quist. Shadows of Power by James Perloff, anything by Michael Hoffman on Zionists, the Illuminati, etc.
    Watch Charlitte Thomson Iserbyt on YouTube talk about how the elites set up the system.
    Do you think it’s a coincidence the Rockefeller Rothschild ran USSA and its schools resemble factories? Keep the worker slaves dumb while the Illuminati Bilderberg Khazar central bankers screw everyone and further enslave humanity. The whole thing can make you cynical. Any ideas on how to not get like that from seeing all this trash before our eyes would be appreciated as I do admire the sincerity and enthusiasm of college age people. Corporate bureaucracy and all the related half ass bull shit makes a person cynical.

    1. You dont need a qwazy qonspiracy theory to know that progressives have run and ruined American education since the days of John Dewey and fellow travelling commies all the way down to commie Bill Ayers today.
      The progressive ideal is molding the young to be good little socialists. America’s heritage is so strong and hardy, its been very hard to root out the self-discipline, love of freedom, and It sorta ‘works’ as most young voters will vote for a stupid unaccomplished unqualified narcissist who mouths lying platitudes for a platform that is a disaster. Hence … Obama.
      Castrated money from corporations that have become quivering cowards
      in face of Alynskyite LGBT / Rainbow coalition / feminazi / eco-extremist activist groups will funnel billions to make education ‘better’ by funding more feminism, multi-culturalism, and attitudes that discount performance and achievement in favor of feelings and esteem.
      The solution is Churchillian – fight the progressive thought-culture anywhere and everywhere it can be found. Feminism is just one rotten fruit on the tree.

  41. Replace the female “Humans of New York” kind of teachers with 40+ men, turn the PE teachers into weight-lifting coaches and foster discipline and hard work into the kids.

    1. The Feminazis will never allow anything that breaks their hold on the schools.

  42. But the schools suck now because parents don’t want their kids to play on the monkey bars in fear of hurting themselves, they want to diagnose their child as special needs because they don’t know how to raise them, and they blame the teacher when the student fails a class. Little perfect, adorable, Johnny cannot possibly fail in math – it must be the teacher!
    But when little Johnny tells on Jack for punching him, I ask if he deserved it. Then I said go play with someone else if he is bothering you. I tell them all not to tell on each other because I do not care and they need to solve the problem themselves. Because frankly, I do not do shit what they say or do that bothers the other kid. I tell them that too. They learned from their teachers that when they tell on them that the kid who is not being a sissy is the one who gets in trouble. Not on my watch. I get hugs from that mean little kid because the day I sub is probably the only day he doesn’t get in trouble.
    I want to say the school system is better but you hit many points that make my degree choice seem a waste. A visiting Superintendent told me if I find a job I might get fired because I wasn’t afraid to voice my opinion and do something different in the classroom other than cutesy worksheets and using textbooks. Three years later I still cannot find a job teaching. I have a 4.0 in my master’s program and think most teachers are morons, and I am a woman.

  43. “… self-education is the only education.” Well said. Your observations are excellent, and your thoughts have merit. To communicate them without distracting your readers with spelling and grammar errors, I recommend a some self-education via Strunk & White’s Elements of Style ISBN-10: 020530902X | You will be much more effective.

    1. If strangers said they wanted access to your children without your supervision for 8 hours a day you’d go to lock and load. Except if it’s the ‘Government’….

  44. Not to mention the perverted stuff they now teach to kids starting as young as 5 years old: that homosexuality is ok and learning about anal/oral sex, learning about abortion, promoting cross-dressing and sexual experimentation with other people and objects is ok and “natural”, that Billy might not actually be a boy (“gender identity” BS), having boys act as princesses in plays and girls as warriors, having children act out homo versions of classic plays (Romeo and Juliette turned into a play about 2 fags), etc.
    I also want to be a teacher, but I can’t make myself promote that garbage. In Child Psyc there once was a seminar to discuss the weekly readings. Basically the teaching assistant came to the conclusion that children are a lot more powerful than we think if they are vocal, that this is why “adults want them to keep secrets” – basically, that we should FEAR them. During lecture, we had a prof that constantly promoted Marxist-Leninism and anarchy, throwing in anti-Capitalist rants anytime he could…made me question what all that had to do with child studies. I couldn’t stand that class, and it was one of the most miserable classes due to it’s leftist drones that made up the seminar group.

  45. that girl on her phone should have been told to bend over the desk so she can be paddled and turned into a proper young woman.

  46. that phone girl should have been told to bend over the desk so she can be paddled and turned into a proper young woman.

  47. Some of you old school guys make me long for the days you all were in school, even though I graduated in 2005.

  48. Sadly, this is what happens when we allow women to ‘lead’; education, like journalism, was once about objective thinking…now it’s all about how to not be objectified

  49. Public education has two purposes: (1) educating and indoctrinating the next generation of decision-makers and enlisting them in the fight for social progress, and (2) closing performance gaps by boring the smart kids to death and concentrating resources on girls, nonwhites, and the borderline retarded.
    Does anyone familiar with American education not see that the second goal has utterly obliterated the first? Whoever gives the smart kids the education they can’t get in school shall rule the world.

  50. Maybe this should have helped when my prostitute friend, the boy toy, psycho church girl, some emo girl, and everyone I hate. All start to fight each other and I get stuck in the middle of it mowing lawns. Casual self racism was pretty common. As was the low amount of empathy everyone had. Fantastic ways to cheat and make money were everywhere. This include paying people to have “fun” with your girlfriend.

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