White Male Professors In The UK Will Be Assigned Younger Black Women As Handlers

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Male, pale and stale university professors are to be given “reverse mentors” to teach them about unconscious bias, under a new Government funded scheme.

Under the project, white men in senior academic posts will be assigned a junior female colleague from an ethnic minority as a mentor.

Prof John Rowe, who is overseeing the project at Birmingham University, said he hoped the scheme will allow eminent professors to confront their own biases and leave them “feeling quite uncomfortable”.

The professor who instituted the policy. If he was a history professor, he would know that the policy will eventually put him on the chopping block.

“What is understood about unconscious bias is that we have all got it, but the more you learn about it and become conscious of it, the more you can act,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“While it is well known and obvious that women and minority groups suffer setbacks to their career progression no one really understands why.

“It’s not as if there is any overt prejudice – it is something to do with the way the system is or the way it has evolved and we needed to find out why.”

The mentor scheme is one element of a broader project aimed at challenging bias, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s (EPSRC).

“Here is your new handler… I mean mentor.”

Prof Rowe, who is director of research at Birmingham University’s College of Engineering and Physical Science, said he hoped to interrogate the “underlying causes” that lead to the underrepresentation of female and ethnic minority academics at the top of academia.

“We are mindful that previous attempts at addressing such imbalances have not been successful, so we are investigating new ways of understanding how to support progression of our female and ethnic minority colleagues,” he said.

“Questions such as ‘Is there a bias when the gender of the academic is known?’, ‘Is it the result of the group dynamic of a panel of assessors?’ and ‘Are women encouraged to work in particular research areas, perhaps those outside of STEM subjects?’ will also be addressed.”

Staff from Birmingham will work with researchers from Aberystwyth University and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

The EPSRC, a government agency, is funding eleven “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion” projects as part of an £5.5 million anti-discrimination drive in engineering and physical sciences.

It has previously been claimed that Oxford porters should be given “unconscious bias” training, amid claims that they assume black students are trespassing when they enter College grounds.

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82 thoughts on “White Male Professors In The UK Will Be Assigned Younger Black Women As Handlers”

  1. I’m quite sure that since “we all have unconscious biases” that young minority women have them too. I’m willing to bet that some of them might have unconscious biases against white men.

      1. @PrepZ
        Crimean Tartar woman? Hahah! My Himmler has done his job too well.
        Yours truly,
        იოსებ სტალინი

        1. The link is good. Copy and paste it in your browser.
          But can’t figure out how to embed an image. Read the instruction on the new comment system thread where Roosh said to simply past the link into your comment and the software will capture the image and embed it. But that doesn’t work. The 2nd comment that shows blank was the same link in a html img tag. No good either.

    1. what they want is to replace those white man first the females will learn all he does then then next they fire him and say the female leant under this professor Therefore she is more than well equipped to take this job.

    2. That was the first thing that came to mind. I don’t suppose it is a two way street whereby a senior professor can open the eyes of a junior, minority, female colleague to the fact that the latter probably doesn’t know much of anything.
      Still, the question of “why not more (minority) women in STEM?” Has been asked many times and the only evudence-based answers are consistently a) fewer women than men want to study and teach STEM and 2) there are fewer female than male candidates with the requisite level of cognitive ability necessary to study/teach/research in STEM fields at their highest levels.

    1. The bad part is that stupidity is virulently contagious, especially amongst brainwashed men.

  2. “Professor” John Lowe = prime example of gaypedoface. #BritanniaWillNeverRuleAgain

    1. Its just nature the stronger survive and they are chosing to be week. It will be a travesty if they do this and still expect to rule.

    2. It won’t exist ever again. Just another notch scratched off by our Zionist Reptilian Communist Technocratic Oligarchical Chinese Muslim Marxist Elitists

  3. Shouldn’t the “handlers” be picking cotton? Okay, maybe tobacky as long as they keep their mouths shut!

    1. The ‘handlers’ should be cleaning the creases on your size 12 leather boots.

  4. Whether we have such a thing as “unconscious bias” or not is irrelevant. The question is do we have the right to our own sovereign thoughts or not? The existence of the “unconscious bias” institution is proof we do not have this right. This is an incredible violation and it needs to be eradicated immediately. First for the preservation of individual freedom, but also because such a thing is impossible to eradicate. Said ethnic “mentors”, handlers, all have there own unconscious bias, it’s just that their bias, men hating racism etc., are excused. But such bias lives on.

  5. You know I would write something but I am pretty sure everyone knows exactly what I and everyone else who reads this site is thinking.

  6. The UK is just completely f**ed by Cultural Marxism. End of Story. If the Brits are going to ever recover, they MUST act now to violently rid themselves. There is no other way. I am not telling them to DO it, I am telling them there is no other solution to survive.

    1. I live in England but we are now completely unarmed the government took away all handguns when that fucker shot up a school and killed a load of kids years a go. Nobody will rise up.
      We have had Muzzie grooming gangs in the North of England by the dozen some been operating for up to 20 years and everybody turned a blind eye, the local authourites , Social workers, council leaders, Both governments Labour/Tory even the Police, 1000s of young underage girls were mass raped for years they all were taken from children’s homes nobody cares about children in homes their seen a chuck outs. It has always been the Labour party who were seen as haters of the English but now the Tories even hate their own people they will put everybody else first except their own people, there is nobody else to vote for.
      Most people are content with what they have got nearly everybody I know blow hundreds each year for TV, Sky packages up to £100 a month depending what you want, BBC TV license £147 a year plus people have their Netflex. People sit at home by their millions and watch phaggot programmes like Strickley come dancing, and other shit I haven’t even got a TV. This country has had it

      1. Then most English people are stupid. they cant vote left and not like like it when left gvt is acting left

    1. When this comes to the USA where everybody has to be frequently perused by handlers (thought police), I start actively fighting back with the same enthusiasm freedom lovers in civil rights did 50 years ago.

    2. Maaaann they ain’t finna be no backlash
      Y’all busy watchin dancin wit the stars!
      We Finna take over with no opposition!

    1. Man, if only the generation that fought that war could see the result of their ‘victory’.

  7. Britain won the Second World War? Well they were on the winning side of the Marxist Globalists maybe they were on the wrong side.

    1. Maybe? NS Germany was the last nation state to fight against all this Jeweirdo nation destroying gyno garbage.

  8. The once proud UK is now a shadow of it’s former self. Winston Churchill should have just surrendered.

    1. He could have just not aided and abetted Communism.
      Churchill–a terrible statesman with two choices:
      > Hitler: alliance with Britain, no war, keep Empire, btfo Communism.
      > Roosevelt: greatest ambition is to destroy British Empire, war against Germany, alliance with Communism.
      Naturally that drunk, diaper-wearing stinky traitor in Westminister sided with the Commie-lovers in Washington.

    2. Hitler would have allowed Churchill to keep the Empire.
      Call me ignorant but I don’t even understand what the Anglos were fighting for to be honest.

    3. Winston Churchill was a fat drunken war mongering sodomite. He destroyed the British Empire by engaging in a war to destroy opposition to globalism and communism.

  9. IM black and I don’t see what the big fuss is about . The white men can use this for their advantage and [email protected]@k some younger black women. I knew plenty of black women who were sleeping with their professors. Of course if you are a beta this won’t work, but the masculine professors will have some young tail on the side. You be surprised by how many women would sleep with a strong masculine man who is older than her . Especially black women.

    1. You’re assuming a white professor would want to bang some random black chick who is keeping tabs on him……? Okay.

    2. White boys are too wimpy to be able to handle the black forest
      Black women love money and status.

    3. When I’m 45 I plan to use my $ and status to have many black sugar babies
      They love men who take care of business

    4. Are you crazy? These women are the thought police and are absolutely desperate to get their #metoo moment

    5. Avatar Aang:
      >> IM black and I don’t see what the big fuss is about. The white men can use this for their advantage and [email protected]@k some younger black women. I knew plenty of black women who were sleeping with their professors.
      Dude, I’m black too and that is the stupidest thing to say. What about the fucking issue of whether this is right or wrong?? And have you seen those black sistas in that pic? Eeeeew! Have you seen the typical state (looks wise) of most black women? Fake “fucked up hair” and all?
      Dear Sistas,
      You have better wake the fuk up and stop getting PLAYED by white SJW society who clearly have an NWO globalist agenda. Instead of doing this SJW shit, why don’t you eat healthy foods, hit the gym, turn off the idiot box TV, learn a valuable skill (programming, growing “medical” cannabis, STEM, etc.), detox your mind AND maybe you might find a decent black man — if he isn’t too pre-occupied, brainwashed or obsessed with white tail just because “society” has conditioned him to THINK that way.
      This planet is so FUCKED UP! Aliens, ETs……if you’re out there – and from a decent advanced civilization looking for an interesting black humanoid to take back to your galaxy – please look me up! I’m lookin to hitch a ride off this degenerate planet called Earth, where mass ignorance is the order of the day.
      Nothing fucking surprises me any more in this world. Nothing!!!

  10. Oh. So, Political Commissars. What a progressive idea! I am sure its never been done anywhere in history before, Comrade Professor.

  11. The article directly above this “Why Education Sucks” fails to address any of the Cultural Marxism being implemented universally at all levels of education throughout the West. I posted a comment on that article that addresses that blacks and minorities were placed in education to destroy it completely.
    There is no taking back these institutions, there is no taking anything back. It is too late. There will be no mass rebellion, either. As long as the bread and circus continues most whites will fade away quietly into the annuls of history. There is no arguing, no convincing, no reasoning with these people.
    We all know that there is only one option left on the table, but if we mention that we get a visit from the FEDS. This is all going to come to a head within twenty years, as this set of elite is impatient and want to see the fruits of their labor. It took the Jews several generations to usurp the West and it is looking like the sons of the old Jews in charge now are going to be the ones who take the white genocide agenda hot.
    Pretty soon white people will be excluded from the labor market in general, men and women. All upper level positions will be given to a “minority”, and I mean all of them.
    The Gods first make mad who they wish to destroy, the saying goes, and the Jews definitely want us to suffer before they exterminate us.

  12. @PrepZ
    Crimean Tartar woman? Hahah! My Himmler has done his job too well.
    Yours truly,
    იოსებ სტალინი

  13. In Australia there are laws against discrimination so let’s call out this bullshit for what it really is: leftist losers with very little drive and ability trying to guilt and shame employers into giving them cushy positions they don’t deserve.

  14. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. These days if you hire purely based on merit and don’t waste your time, money and resources on all this “diversity” PC training you will have a massive competitive advantage over your competitors. By eschewing all this divisive, distracting bullshit you will have an efficient workplace with talented people that make you money

    1. Absolutely; I think about this constantly. Flat-out axiomatic throughout all time, and nobody can drain the meaning and truth from it with special privileges. Hire the weak-minded, lose your edge, and spend the rest of your days feeling like a fool. Oh yeah, I’ll get right on that…terrific idea. SMH this is what it looks like when the left wingers have collectively lost their minds.

  15. And senior white female academics will be assigned paki bulls from disenfranchised Rotherham.

  16. This further proves my point in the “Why American Education Sucks” article, even though this is happening in the UK – it’s all the same in every historically white country.
    Imagine the country that is your birthright giving a low IQ silverback authority over you. Allowing her to follow you around and patronize you, like you are a child, like she actually has something she can TEACH YOU. You are the student now, Mr. Physicist who kept his mouth shut and let his country get sold off to Jews and foreigners.
    And people still talk about fixing things in the west. Let this be your mantra:
    Destruction is an art. The world is my canvas.

  17. This further proves my point in the “Why American Education Sucks” article, even though this is happening in the UK – it’s all the same in every historically white country.
    Imagine the country that is your birthright giving a low IQ silverback authority over you. Allowing her to follow you around and patronize you, like you are a child, like she actually has something she can TEACH YOU. You are the student now, Mr. Physicist who kept his mouth shut and let his country get sold off to J-e-double u’s and foreigners.
    Let the manta be:
    Destruction is an art. The world is my canvas.

    1. There are legions of these white males (Jeb, this university professor, Fuckerberg) ,who, even though they had amassed wealth and power, were rejected by women (mostly white) their entire lives (from freshman in high school until they were a CEO) who were reluctant to respond when asked out by them.
      They attain, later in life, a certain degree of control over thousands, if not millions, and change things for the worse for almost all white men.
      I would of thought that these liberal professors and others who were denied sex by 99% of women their whole lives would somehow go after women and clamp down on their rights, but it seems they’re going after WHITE MEN in GENERAL, for inexplicable reasons.
      The, “if I can’t have it, then nobody (no white male) will,” type of mentality.

      1. For thousands of years man’s primary barrier to sex was OTHER MEN, not women.
        So small wonder they hate on better men instead of hating on women’s ‘rights’.

  18. To understand how Europe, US and Australia will look like you need to study the case of South Africa. White women don’t like having babies. All other women like it. Math is simple, and doesn’t favour the white race.

    1. They know they can fuck the melanin now.
      Why would they settle for the pinkman’s inferior seed from his inferior pink willy when they can be taken on the ride of their life every night by a different brown/black bull?

      1. You are fool and don’t understand the big picture ((once )) they are done fucking up and white people they want to brown people and do it do it. This is not about white vs black but enemy of humanity vs humans.
        you will be shocked if you here the plans they have for brown people.

  19. Well then let the experiment unfold. Forcing demographic % cuts into STEM…lolz. Let’s see who can do STEM the best, once and for all. You cannot dictate diversity in STEM — STEM sorts itself out with its gauntlet of ascending difficulties, you can’t cheat that. This mentoring plan is so rigged, nobody’s going to act natural anyway. The pretense is loaded and lopsided so it’s known ahead of time they’ll just be checking off the boxes for their lower-IQ interlocutors:
    “I’ll play my PC role and you’ll play yours as my the down-pressed mini-oppressor / attitude adjuster / male-behavior codifier and role-reverser, then we’ll go back to being ourselves as soon as your gone. Capiche?”
    Profs aren’t about to lose that tenure, pension and comparatively cushy life, so they’ll fake it for their handlers. Most of us at ROK would rather die resisting than tolerate a transformation under a regulated BS undeserved fake power hierarchy. Only remedy is to manipulate that which is FUBAR to reduce the Orwellian stink on situation.
    The best of of ’em will find a way to tactically shitlord over it anyway…the rest are simps who’ll comply..comply…COMPLY. People are going to get sorted out when the underlying question of grand polarity in all of this is “what side are you on?”

  20. The PC brigade need handlers to inform them that blacks and other minorities can’t compete in a white man’ s system due to differences in IQ and initiative.

  21. Just more inane politically correct stupidity.
    A might fine reason NOT to go to Birmingham University if you have any other placement options. You are going to be so immersed in BLM nonsense and “Whites Are All Racist” idiocy – while everyone is compelled to believe that all blacks are automatically wonderful and immune to racism themselves.
    White professors to teach white students – and black ones to black students – how about that? Then the white students can learn about the subject they actually went to university for – and the black students can learn how to blame blame game, demand compensation, cry racism when they don’t get their own way – and then demand a passing grade as it would be discrimination otherwise.
    That way, everyone gets the education that they will actually end up using for the rest of their lives.

  22. Black chicks lust after white men and are easy to get into bed. So this isn’t really anything but an academically acceptable way to introduce sugar babies to the sugar daddy. Nothing more

  23. Sort of like Soviet political officers, or Chi-Com “minders.” Not gonna end well.

  24. Today I told that Lithuanian bitch who did the easy tasks in the warehouse that we are a team and I’m not a slave to lift heavy weights as fast as she wants. The bitch said NO, we are not a team. Next week all males will not work.

  25. i’d rather be a White
    South African Farmer
    **sounds exaggerated,
    but UK are racing to outdo
    their levels of white oppression

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