3 Day Game Disasters I Have Experienced And How I Got Over Them

The benefits and rewards of practising day game have been covered many times on this website and it is generally accepted as a superior way of meeting women than online dating or Tinder. Furthermore, it is a tough, courageous activity in which fewer than 1% of men ever manage to take part.

Day game, however, can be far scarier and riskier than other forms of game: there is the ever-present social stigma attached to it which one feels when doing it on the street; it can be long and arduous compared to the quicker, more thrilling environments offered by night game and the learning curve is so steep, that 80-90% of men drop out before 1,000 approaches.

I have been practising day game for the last two years in Scotland. In this article, I shall share three off-putting experiences I have experienced on the street, how I managed to get over them and why I decided to persist with day game despite the highly unpleasant scenarios in which I found myself.

1. Approaching the same girl three times and getting threatened with police action

Edinburgh, yesterday.

One niggling question I keep hearing repeatedly is: “What if I approach the same girl twice?” Day gamers fear that they will be perceived as sleazy pick-up artists and creeps if they use the exact same line on the exact same girl in the same city by mistake.

I, and just about every day gamer I have met on the road, have made this mistake and will continue to do so in the future. Unfortunately, the truth is that especially in small Scottish towns, it is highly likely that a day gamer will approach the same girl twice. It is simply not possible to remember the face of everyone you’ve approached, trying to do so will only hinder the day game experience.

In my case, I was particularly unlucky when I chanced upon a sullen-looking brunette who proceeded to threaten me with police action after I had approached her on three separate occasions. I cannot lie and say that I was unfazed by the matter: the incident affected my vibe and I suffered from heightened approach anxiety for weeks afterwards.

Me getting rejected, yesterday

Fortunately, nothing ever never came of it and I believe I have not approached that girl since. I learnt that threats like these are often hollow and just the result of the girl’s own personal problems, whatever they may be. It does not help to dwell and over-think on such scenarios and the quicker incidents like these are forgotten and overcome, the better.

2. Being stopped by the police and having my address and contact details taken

The scariest experience I had whilst day gaming was being stopped by three police officers in set on a cold, autumn evening in 2017. After successfully taking the number of a charming and attractive student on the street, a police officer took the girl to one side and proceeded to subject me and my wing to a long interrogation. We were accused of acting suspiciously and lying when I told them what I was doing.  Our details were then taken and we were told that we could not approach girls in this manner on the street again.

The police, yesterday

Somewhat naively, I did not expect that doing day game would attract the attention of law enforcement. I also did not know that they had the right to take the address and telephone number of anyone they wished without arresting them. I cannot lie: this event struck fear deep into the heart of me and I did not approach for two months afterwards.

Despite the stern warning and my trepidation, I resumed approaching women after a break and have not had any trouble from the authorities since. I have since concluded that this was an isolated incident, a black swan event where I just happened to chance upon a moody set of bored police officers who had nothing better to do than harass me. When doing day game, it is critical to accept the very worst along with the best, there will be rejections, cockblockers, nastiness and unexpected turns of events. The only way to overcome them is to plough through them.

3. No successful sets in 2017

In 2017 I did over 1,000 approaches and got no successes at all. None.

The reason for my poor results was largely down to the fact I became too robotic and mechanical in my approaches. I had done so many that I started to look at day game as a chore and that came across in my vibe.

The way I managed to overcome this problem was to take a break. When day game gets too repetitive and monotonous, it is essential to take time out or to at least change things up a bit. I decided to try a bit of night game and immediately noticed the difference.

A Scottish club

In a single instance, I managed to kiss a girl and then sleep with another two weeks later whom I had met that same night, ending a dry spell of over one year. I firmly believe this was down to my change in vibe and scene. The novelty of a new situation gave my behaviour the injection of spontaneity which it desperately needed.

I have recently resumed day game on the first weekend of the Edinburgh Festival and no longer feel the same sense of monotony and boredom which I felt before taking a break.


Disasters and misfortunes are inevitable in life, especially for straight, white men in the 21st century. The only way to deal with this is to soldier on without faltering. It is not good enough to let failure and bad luck sucker you into idleness and inaction.

I suffered through a massive dry spell and have been threatened by the law for practising game, yet through sheer persistence I kept going and finally got some success. The key is to exhaust all the possibilities available to you: switch things up, try new environments to keep the spontaneity fresh and just keep going until you succeed.

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121 thoughts on “3 Day Game Disasters I Have Experienced And How I Got Over Them”

  1. What a fucking waste of time. Build a buisness. Lift heavy fucking weights. Go on adventures, i.e. own a motorcycle, scuba dive, start a semi-automatic gun collection.
    Post all of it on Instagram, Snapchat, facebook.
    Watch as the girls hit you up because you are a real life Tony Stark.
    Or be like Krauser. A bald,broke pot-bellied man who has stayed on multiple instances that day game is for ugly men, it was something that he had to do Psychological because he needed young right pussy and he couldn’t get it in a club. He has also stated in his podcast that his thoughts after busting a nut in 18 year old Ukraine girls is: “Your life is shit Nick.” Don’t be like Krauser,Don’t be a day game. DAY GAME IS TRASH GAME FOR THIRD TIER MEN.
    Do: Make Money, Purse Interesting Hobbies, Build a Social Circle that will feed you high quality women.

    1. Body weight exercises and light weights are good too.
      And much easy on the joints as you get older.

    2. Fuck off with this weightlifting meme. You re creating a generation of social retards with weird unbalanced bodies and full of bodyfat who think they are attractive

        1. I hate weightlifting but i like the results. It’s the epitome of success through struggle.

        2. @ Reality
          I like exercise.
          It clears my head and helps me think/work better.
          And keeps me from turning into a fat old man.

        3. @Reality,
          You must be doing it wrong. There is no sound on Earth that gets me going quite like the heavy thud of a loaded barbell hitting the deck reverberating through the entire gym when I finish a round of deadlifts.

      1. Losing bodyfat is more important than building muscle for purposes of game. But lifting weights for muscle definition is just common sense if you are going to all the trouble of losing weight. Unbalanced bodys will only come from steroids or some freakishly stupid diet.

      2. Jmuell,
        Lifting weights is the only way to have a balanced and developed physique. The other way to have a balanced physique is to do nothing; all of your muscles will be equally undeveloped.
        Bodybuilding is the only sport that leads to proportionate development even though even some fitness models (male) don’t like training their legs and only show their upper bodies but wearing shorts in the summer and showing off pear shaped calves is a lot of fun once you get to that point.
        I used to have a hard time seeing what’s so great about being muscular until I finally got there and understood the sacrifice and intricacy involved. Sure most men you’ll see are stuck doing powerlifting routines and eating too much and that’s where a lot of negative stereotypes come from; a lot of these guys probably have never danced or done anything athletic either so they look awkward and stiff when walking around but don’t blame bodybuilding for it. Blame the people who are not good representatives for natural bodybuilding and do not do it properly.

        1. Personally I never lift weights. I do lift myself on a pullup bar many times each day. Before and after work. There will rarely be a crisis that can be overcome with a curl or a benchpress. But the capacity to pull your own bodyweight does have practical application in emergency situations.

        2. Abyssus,
          “Functional strength” is one of the biggest and most harmful fitness myths out there.
          Second, the police and paramedics use the bench press when evaluating candidates.
          The point of fitness is not preparing for a freak accident scenario however, which usually never comes, but to feel better and be more succesful during your average week, which certainly will come.

    3. I actually feel like building business, lifting weights, building a social circle, is the path of least resistance compared to 20 million approaches.

      1. Agree 100%.
        The business/financial aspect is especially the most important.
        Especially for guys who are not born mesomorphs with handsome faces, square jaws and a thick head of hair. The $$$ will allow them to get laid one way or another. With $$$ there is always a way.

      2. Everyone is so quick to say “start a business, get rich”….that’s such vague advice. As if it’s that easy to start a business, and as if starting any random business means you’ll become successful and rich.

    4. Well said dude. Build a good business caus chicks dig a self made man who doesn’t take shit from anyone and makes enough money to keep them living comfortably.
      Although the last time I mentioned this on ROK, someone accused me of being blue pill *shrug*

    5. “I also did not know that they had the right to take the address and telephone number of anyone they wished without arresting them. ”
      They don’t, you should have forced a release or arrest.

      1. Here is the actual wording ……
        “The police do not have the right to demand your name or address without a reason. Generally, a police officer can only ask you to give your name and address if they believe you: have committed an offence.”
        If they ask for your name and address, you have to ask “what offence do you believe I have committed?”

      2. And if in the future he is ever accused of rape or any kind of assault by a woman the police will then use that against him by saying he has a ‘history of ‘harassing’ women.

      That’s something you totally rely on, so I don’t know why you are dissin’ it.
      As far as the author is concerned, it’s amateur hour.
      “Our details were then taken and we were told that we could not approach girls in this manner on the street again.”
      Code for–> Me and my wing were accosting under age street meat and got appropriately busted by the fuzz.
      “I learnt that threats like these are often hollow and just the result of the girl’s own personal problems, whatever they may be.”
      Code for –> I have my own issues I should attend to first before I start sleeping around.
      “In a single instance, I managed to kiss a girl and then sleep with another two weeks later whom I had met that same night, ending a dry spell of over one year.”
      Unless you have confirmation from her, you are still in that dry spell.

    7. I give the author credit for two things…persistence in doing 1000 approaches and coming up with zilch and for having the courage to share this with everyone.
      That being said, what the author did was an insane waste of time. If he had been this persistent and courageous in other aspects of his life instead of wasting time like this, the sky would be the limit.
      Turn this persistence and courage towards things that will make you a better man and you will score without having to waste so much courage and willpower.

    8. priceless comment. day game is indeed for losers.. or at least, in rare occasions, for really good looking studs.
      for average looking dudes it’s game over. just get over it. life is hard enough. find other ways to spend energy and time. if a woman shows up “meh, why not ?” otherwise it’s fine too..
      money is the key, money help you have multiples hobbies and display value. it’s the only solid advice for a guy who wants pussy.. hell, even if you’re fucking ugly you can buy a perfect 10 for a night if you have cash.

    9. @Santiago
      Meh, what your saying is only half true. The only reason Instagram, facebook, snapchat, etc. sometimes work is because its built around girls need for some kind of social circle. There is definitely a place for daygame though. Obviously 1000, hell even 100 approaches with no luck should wake you up at least a bit to how to interact with girls. Clearly 1000 approaches with no luck is plain retarded though, but the problem isn’t daygame, its the dude, obviously. Every dude still needs to know some daygame of somekind, even if he’s married and has kids. ‘Game’ is part human interaction, part persuasion, part balance of power. Just knowing how to strike a conversation with anyone can be considered ‘game’. To say you don’t need daygame and just to focus on your ‘exciting life’ is delusional sort of and missing the main point. How can you have an ‘awesome and exciting life’ if you can’t even interact with people? The two are interrelated. Failure to see that is failure to acknowledge the importance of human interaction and not to mention a failure to understand what game even is in the first place.

  2. – dealing with sullen looking girls
    – threatened with police action
    – actually harrassed by the cops
    – no hits in over a year
    I tend to think the results would be different for guys who look like Tom Brady or
    Brad Pitt.
    This author has guts, I’ll give him that. Especially for someone in a small town.
    But man-o-man, this stuff sounds like a super aggravating bunch of headaches if you’re not the Tom Brady type that girls simply throw themselves at.

    1. Agreed. Over 1,000 approaches with absolutely no results???? This is fun?? That’s insane. Aside from my job, I haven’t approached 1,000 women in social settings in the last 10 years put together, but yet I’m banging hot, young gals constantly. Granted, many are P4P, but some are not as I like to mix and match. What guy can possibly benefit from 1,000 straight rejections???

      1. @ AC
        All of mine are P4P. And I believe it’s way better than running around on the street like a madman trying to talk up strange females who want nothing to do with me.

      2. @ AC
        Tried to post a reply, but is getting rejected for some reason.
        This time I’ll just say I agree 100%.

      3. Pay for performance, huh. Code for–you are addicted to getting blown by drug addled hookers. Thanks for helping to save civilization.

        1. P4P is actually “pay for play”, but I will say that when money is on the table, the performance is certainly better than most “non-professional civilians.” Years of experience has taught me this.
          However, I’m certainly not addicted to it, nor do I gravitate to “drug addled” types — how’s your caffeine addiction, by the way Allyn? But for men who have no experience in the P4P realm, I understand how they can view such behavior negatively. I was once in your shoes. But until you’re in my shoes, Allyn, I will view your commentary as naive, short-sighted and without much merit.
          As far as “saving civilization”, I likely touch more people’s lives positively in the course of a day (through my job) than you do in 6 months. And even the young, pretty pros that I bang would never want to give back my money or claim an unpleasant experience. My $30 may not be making an impact on civilization, but it is putting food on the table in places like Mexico and South America.

    2. Nah, looks only get you so far.
      An ‘approach’ can be something as simple as saying ‘hi’ to a random girl. I think alot dudes on here (the author included) don’t understand the differance between an ‘approach’ and ‘opening a set’.
      Just saying ‘hi’ or ‘approaching’ (random or not – say she’s making your coffee at starbucks or whatever) is still an ‘approach’. Guys on here are mixing up the indirect and direct aspects of an approach.
      There’s definitly different schools of thought on the subject though. Some claim an actual ‘approach’ to be considered an ‘approach’ must have intent to game behind it, but in the real world thats not how life operates normally. NGAF is still GAF (to the girl at least) – point being that even if you don’t intend to game her ANY interaction with a girl is a type of ‘approach’. If your intention isn’t to game than to me that falls under as an indirect opener. If you do intend to game her than its direct. Either way its still an ‘approach’. Me saying hi to a random barista is still an ‘approach’, why? Because we don’t know her level of interest in you.
      Now what is the author saying though? Is he saying he went ‘direct’ a 1000 times? I imagine his 1000 ‘approaches’ were merely interactions with girls he would bang; i.e. he talked to the hot barista, he chatted with the girl in line behind him at the same time, and maybe he even got a ‘look’ or two from another girl and he’s claddifying it as an ‘approach’. While I still consider them ‘interactions’ and ‘approaches’ – because lets face it – as long as you interact with the girl in some way shape or form she’s going to rate you on THAT interaction. Whether it’s simply hi, or a stare, or a full conversation.
      The deceving part to all of this ‘pick-up’ stuff here though and whats decieving with the article is were being led to believe this dude did 1000 ‘direct approaches’. I.e. MOST men (the vast majority) would classify an approach as being ‘direct’ in some way. To the guy, if he ‘flirts’ (usually with compliments) and then asks for her number and gets ‘rejected – “Oh, IHAB” to HIM THAT is a direct ‘approach’. Most men think of an ‘approach’ as the whole ‘set’ > they went in, chatted a bit, flirted, asked for number, and either got the number or makeout or bang OR they got rejected – point is most guys reading this assume an ‘approach’ is a full set and he asked out 1000 girls, whereas I’m pretty sure this dude simply talked with 1000 girls and didn’t ask all them for their numbers or get lays or makeouts etc. Maybe I’m wrong and he did ask out 1000 girls, but that doesn’t add up for one major reason; that being that unless he is godaweful digusting ugly AF asking out 1000 girls should almost always result in some numbers. ALMOST ALWAYS. I’ll say it again, asking out 1000 girls will almost always get you at least ONE damn number. I don’t care how bad your ‘game’ is, how bad your social skills are, there is at least 1 girl out of a thousand who will definitly cough up a number. Why? Because ASKING is HALF of the battle, MOST chumps don’t even ask these girls out. They ‘TALK’ to a 1000 girls and ask out 100. You HAVE TO ASK. Clearly you have to do it the right way, but realistically 1 girl will take the bait if you ask out 1000, so I don’t believe this dude actually had 1000 sets in a year. He looked at and said hi to 1000 girls and called a bunch hot and got rejected before it could go any further.

      1. You don’t know what kind of girls he approached, though. Perhaps he’s a 4. And he didn’t approach any girl under a 5.5. In that case, he could easily go 0/1000.

        1. @ ‘bro’
          Generally speak you’re’ ‘right’ – but some of it doesn’t add up, I like your line of reasoning but let me ‘clean it up a bit.’ Basically a hot girls are more willing to give out their numbers, or let you makeout with them on first ‘approach’, or just do any crazy fun shit in general.
          The uglier the girl the more insecure she is. It would make sense that if this dude was a 4 asking out 5’s that he would get ton’s of rejections, but I still believe pretty firmly that at least a few 5’s would cough up their number to him just from a pure ego fix stand-point. There’s a misconception that the hotter the girl the less willing she is or the more suitors she has but from what I can tell my experience says the opposite. Hot girls – like superfuckin hot girls – are already lockeddown and married (cuse any dude who banged her out knew he hit gold and went in for the kill) or she’s a secret ‘flirt’, or she’s lonely – yes – lonely. Super fuckin hot girls (unless they are literally supermodels of somekind) are some of the lonelies people out there.
          Average dudes don’t ask them out and most dudes she’s around on a regular won’t either. Alot of the time hot girls end up putting out and whoring it up simply because they are put on such an insae high pedestal by everyone else and the only dudes who will even ask them out are ‘fuck boys’ who will gladly bang them. The VAST sea of men CHOOSE not to ask these girls out. They don’t do it. The girls only resort is to find the loser chad who will bang her cuse every other dude either white knights her or is too pussy to even ask her out, shits embarassing. I know alot fo dudes won’t agree, but its shocking how many hot girls fit in that category of ‘seemingly unobtainable by everyone’.
          Point is hot girls are actually the most sexually experienced, most up front with where the ‘relationship’ is going and the most willing to cough up or number and get to know you later. It goes against mainstream male thinking cuse most guys think she has some filled up pipeline of men (and she does) but at the same time her orbitors aren’t hunting her, theyre only attention feeders. I think there’s actually a ton of incredibly good looking girls who just don’t get asked out that much. Asking out online doesn’t ‘count’ bytheway – its just not the same.
          Long story short – a 4 will still (at very least) get a 5’s # with 1000 ‘approaches’. The 5 is insecure, maybe she’s probably getting hounded, but a 5 girl is NOT hot by todays standards. A 5 is just barely acceptable and what is ‘expected’. Whats that chick from the Harry Potter movies….Emma Watson, that chick IS A SOLID 5. There is nothing special about her whatsoever BUT also nothing which kills it for her looks either. I would say another 5 that comes to mind is the Kristen Stewart chick from Twilight – all the nerd fantasy’s croppin up – BUT hey, check this out, I saw some video with Kristen Stewart dressed up as some other hot celeb – here lemme find it – AND BOOM – look at a 5 jump up to a 6/7 from makeup and clothes and heels.
          You got SOME 5’s that know what they’re doing and playing dress up and looking like pretty hot 6’s and 7’s (which the most they’ll be able to increase their smv imo) – and so if this 4 dude is asking out 5’s DRESSED UP as 7’s than yeah – he’s gunna strike out almost everytime – I still think with 1000 ‘approaches’ a girl is BOUND TO DISH a # or throw him a fuckin bone at SOME POINT, why!? Because being ballsy enough to just go hard direct and ask for a number ups his smv. A 4 with SOLID tight tight game can become a 6 or 7 and be right up there with the normal 7 dude whose a beta whimp. I’ve seen it. It’s definitly possible. BUT its few and FAR between.4’s don’t normally get good at game – I mean real fuckin good – some might out of desperation, but generally thats a tough one. On my worst days ever I ‘think’ I’m just a 6 – but then other days I’m a monster and an 8. Even if youre a 5 with the right style and game you can jump to an 8 – which is max. I mean were talkin not just game here but fitness, wealth, style, etc. I think jumping 3 points is the max for both genders. As well as when we age we lose points in reverse, I think the most the average person will lose is 3 points.
          If youre a 7 naturally (no game, no money, no style, etc.) when you get to be old AF you’ll end up being a 4 in your old age. A 10 (Brad Pitt – supposedly, everyone says so at least) will be a 7 – which honestly seems to be true now that he’s getting up there. The average guy can increase his rating by 3 max. If your a 5 you can become an 8 with game and social proffing and status and money etc. So, at the end of the day you gotta be honest with the rank of the girl youre asking out. If shes dressed up way hot and your game sucks its not gunna happen even if youre the same rank ‘IRL’ (in real life) ‘outside’ of the ‘game’ – aka at home alone. If your a 4 you should be able to get a 5, all it means is she put on clothes whcih were decent and she’s relatively pretty, it doesn’t mean she’s trying to hard or not at all. Girls will ‘come down’ but no more than 1 (rarely 2) from my experience. Some guys like to parade the fact that ‘fuckboy’ slobs with ink can get laid easy, but it goes back to my original point (read from start)* – i.e. she simply hasn’t been asked out by anyone remotly normal so she goes for the chod who doesn’t GAF, thats all it means. When dbags ‘get’ hot girls its simply cuse he DGAF, thats really the only main factor going on. Any guy can not GAF – only differance is he does it naturally and the ‘average’ guy doesn’t. At the end of the day a 4 can snag a 5 if his game is at very least on point. Hell, a 4 can jump up to a 7 if he has his shit together and then he’s in a whole nuther ‘game’. As a side note what would be funny as an experiment would be seeing a 1 game and work his way up to a 4 and snag a 5. I’ve seen some retarded dudes with solid 5’s, so I’m sure it can be done.
          Natural 7’s can actually get to 10 if they do it up right, but see the catch is the higher up you go the harder it become. Jumping from 4 to 5 is fuckin easy cuse youre just going to what is average. There’s so many fuckin wack jobs in society if you just dress decent you’re already normal and a solid 5 – as long as youre not disfigured or something. But even though thats sort of irrelevant for men. Looks ‘matter’ but not nearly as much. Fuckin little dude form Game of Thrones, the midget dude, his swagger is better than most natural 7’s and he’s half their size, the dude is a midget but has more calm cool appeal that most 7’s. Realistically will he ever get the supermodel, no, but neither will 80% of men. Every higher step you take is double the effort, then triple the effort, then quadruple. the effort. If you’re a 5 I think your max is 8. Which means getting to 6 you’ll need to double your effort > to 7 you’ll have to triple you’ll effort > and 8 you’ll have to quadruple it.
          Just for hypothetical argunment sake – because money is the driving force in mens lives (apparently – everyone says so at least) and with money usually comes status etc. I would say just for shits and giggles that hypothetically a 5 guy could continue upward by doubling his effort (6), then tripling it (7), then quadrupling (8)*, then quintupling (9), and finally sextupling (10)* – does this insane productivity increase youre real rating in womens eyes? I think it does actually. Elon Musk is in the news every damn day so I’ll just use him as an example, but to me his look is sort of wack and is probably a natural 5. Honestly he’s probably the prime example of this being done. While the girls he picks or sort of weird to me personally, I think he could get a ’10’ simply cuse he maxed out his work effort. To me the dude is a SOLID 5 in real life. If he wasn’t the world’s most sought after entrepreneur he would be grouped in with EVERY other 5 guy out there. When he was younger maybe he was closer to a 6 – with solid style a 7, but I can’t imagine how weak his actual game is. What I mean is strip away the millionare and you have a nerdy Bill Gates kind of guy whose kind of quirky and funny, which to some girls is charming, but at the end of the day he would get looked over by lowly 6’s if not for his insane drive. His drive is unmatched and puts him in the 10 spot merely cuse it’s such a freakshow of a thing to do. I’m sure there’s 5 guys who are also millionares who think they are 10’s – the reason they aren’t and the differance is because to women motivation and drive will overcome alot of bad game. If there’s a millionare whose a 5 and wants a 10 he won’t get her – cuse he’s not a 10 either – his money alone isn’t social proof, its merely an insurance policy. A guy whose a millionare could still be a 5 but will most likely be a 6 and at most an 8. When it comes to girls she’ll drop down by 1 if she’s desperate but 2 is pushing it and has to be a rare freakcase.
          I use to watch the gay bravo show ‘millionaire matchmaker’ back in the day and TONS of these rich dudes wanted the 10’s and couldn’t wrap their heads around why she wouldn’t want him. Girls NEED someone the same ‘rank’ or higher to consider you. Anything less and she has to start THINKING which will spell disaster. She’ll start rationalizing it all and if you do get with her the chance you keep her are slim. Common sense dictates that you should be able to get a girl ‘below’ you, but this doesn’t always happen – why? – because the girl takes into account what level she thinks she ‘could be’; i.e. INSTAGRAM ‘goddesses’ think they are 10’s but off screen are lowly 6’s. The real question men don’t ask enough is,”Doe she REALLY THINK and believe in heart and soul she is a 10?” – the answer is no, she doesn’t. She know’s its a lie, for the most part. Yes her ego is still inflated, but realistically she wants to believe the fantasy. Every 5 girl wants to be a ‘princess’ and believe she’s a 7 or 8 – NOT a 10 – keep in mind I believe they know they are not 10’s. It’s similar with men – we might be 5’s but we want to be 8’s so we work hard for it and we achieve it. But for the 5 girl she believes she’s an 8 and dreams of being an 8 – she knows she’s really not ok, if you’ve spent anytime around normal average (I realize most aren’t) girls you know they know the delusion. Ever HARD NEGGED a super fuckin hot girl? Try it out sometime and see what happens. The lower her score the softer you HAVE to neg, WHY? Because they are insecure AND THEY already their trute worth. YES they are delusional, but most men don’t get the fact that she is ALSO very much AWARE of her worthlessness, she simply doesn’t like being reminded of it because its actually (believe it or not) CONSTANTLY on her mind. She needs the attention whoring to distract her from her worthlessness. Men give girls power because simply cuse she lives in her own little world and appears to believe it, the only reason she believes her delusion is because she is CONSTANTLY aware of how inadequete she really is. No girl would ever admit this because it cuts her to her bone and into her soul, but the ugly ones will admit. Negs would never work if every girl sincerely believed she was a 10 and a ‘goddess’ – negs work because they are acutely AWARE of how inferior they are and so they give themselves the 3 points (by ‘right’) that the men MUST AND HAVE to WORK FOR. Girls ‘work’ is playing dressup and occasionally eatting ‘right’.
          At the end of the day a 5 girl will tell herself a make believe story tha she’s really an 8 and deserves an 8 – but in truth she knows she’s a 5, she KNOWS IT VERY FUCKING WELL. The final note here to all of this madness is that when dealing with a 5, think you’re dealing with an 8 (that’s what she’s going to believe herself to be) and if THAT 5 is ‘dolled up’ and looks hot – really a 7 – SHE’LL THINK SHES A 10. So if youre a 5 dude asking out a 5 girl who is dressed up she has the ‘bonus’ 3 points in her head of jusitfying to herself that she’s an 8 + if she actually si dolled up and looks pretty good her head blows up to 10.
          Does this mean all these girls can’t be neged down? No, not at all – I see no men talking of negging, its sad, youre behavior should naturally neg her ass all day long as it is, but if bitches head is inflated you need to pop the balloon asap. But then again, what ’10’ girl is gunna give a lowly 5 guy the time of day? Not many. But you don’t want that dumb broad anyways, catch her with the makeup off when she’s out running chores and she’s all yours.

        2. When girls rate themselves (from 1-10) they give themselves an extra 3 points in order to cushion the blows of life which will naturally come her way.
          The 5 believes herself and dreams of being an 8 – so that when her boyfriend dumps her she only feels like a 7, when she is unemployed and doesnt know what to do with her free-time she only feels like a 6, and when all the other instagram ‘models’ look hot an get 1000+ likes it it makes her feel ‘normal’.
          To get her rating back up to ‘normal’ (8)* – she’ll watch a sappy romance movie after being dumped by her bf (which rarely happens, but still does believe it or not) +1, she’ll go out to bars cuse she has no job and get hit on by drunk dudes +1, and she’ll eat icecream to make herself feel better for the fact that she’s not a hot instagram model.
          She creates her own twisted reality for no reason other than selfish ego driven motives. Men do the same sadly, but not to nearly the same demented extent. It’s the rare ‘DGAF’ dude who will believe himself 3+ points higher than he really is – I mean, REALLY believe himself 3+ points higher, I don’t mean ‘thinking’ he is, AND I don’t mind dbag dudes with tats, I mean the genui very rare freak dude who truly believes himself +3 points higher. Most men are well aware of themselves (generally speaking) – whereas this rare rare dgaf dude lives in a bizarre world conjured for his own making. This is the world of girls, yet most every girl is also keeningly aware of the lies they tell themselves. They ‘like’ the dgaf dude cuse he strips away the lies and dgaf to tell her when she actually looks like trash, when she is unemployed and should settle down and learn some meals to cook and get cleaning, and that shes just straight up not hot enough. These are sad ‘truths’ but girls go for the dbag dudes alot of the time simply cuse he doesn’t mind telling her what she already knows to be true, she doesn’t have to put on a side show act for him, which is why she sticks around.

      2. Maybe he actually did do 1000 direct approaches, as that’s less than 3 per day.
        You’re correct that he did leave out a LOT of details. The article reminds me of the folks that say “Tinder doesn’t work” yet have one shitty picture + smarmy beta word vomit in their profile.
        Also, I’m surprised that he didn’t mention trying to change or develop anything about his approach as I’m sure approach 1000 likely differed from #1. When he talked about it getting robotic it seems like he only did it because he thought he should. Maybe he was blindly following someone else’s strategy?

  3. Interedting article. Thank you
    Just a quick question. What lines do you use during the day? If it’s not too personal to tell of course

  4. You clearly have no idea what you are doing if you approached 1000 girls and had zero success. Even dumb luck would bring a normal guy at least one or two successes if he made 1000 attempts. You have no business writing about game and giving advice to other guys about game until you actually learn how to pick-up women yourself.

    1. “Business” is a key word there. That’s what this guy should focus on instead of game…. and take the fruits of his business the fuck outta Scotland when the time is right.

  5. Game is feminism’s little helper because encourages extramarital affairs. It is a worship of the Goddess’ power to seduce and sacrifice. Game teaches you to mold yourself to suit Her. All that talk of self-improvement is bogus as appearance and wealth are not attributes male spirit – they are female values.
    Sex as natural as it might be is your enemy at this stage of the world’s evolution and the Goddess has managed to prevail yet again. Jesus came to put a stop on all that. Just pray that his spirit might come back to teach us the old lesson again.

    1. But Jesus made all things I’m told, so he certainly made sex. And he designed it to be better with younger females.
      Day game was created by bar mitzvah pua’s, to aid feminism in destroying natural relationships.
      For what it’s worth to you youngsters, don’t do game at all without an objective. If your goal is just to “get pussy”, of course you’ll feel like a loser later, since that’s a loser goal. Add some value to society, to the world, and you’ll have your pick. Pussy has two purposes- to make you feel like a man, and kids. Since women are terrible at being women, there are other ways to feel like a man. If you don’t want kids, well…..would you buy an awesome gun to shoot blanks? It ain’t the same

      1. Tracy,
        this statement:
        “If you don’t want kids, well…..would you buy an awesome gun to shoot blanks? It ain’t the same”
        speaks more about you than it does about reality. If you have kids yourself, you can never reverse that decision again so you’ll have to rationalize it pretty hard even if you regret it.
        As for the analogy, it’s like asking why should we ever eat tasty foods or enjoy nice drinks since the goal of putting food or liquid into your mouth is to keep yourself alive.
        Smart ass analogies quickly fall flat.

  6. 1000 approaches? Hopefully that’s an exaggeration but to not get a single success out a 1000 is an achievement.
    Sounds like the cops were white knights but on what grounds do they have to take your name and address?

    1. Like you would stand there and argue with the cops? If you start arguing with a cop in a public street you will most likely end up in jail. Even if you could beat the charge in court it’s a fckin hassle. As for day game. It seems to be a time suck. Its different if you’re going about your day and see an attractive girl and crack a joke. But to set 2 hours out of your day just to stop every girl on the street is stupid. Online game is a more effective use of time. Have some professional photos and write a funny bio and I keep my weekends filled.

    2. In Scotland it’s illegal to withhold name, address and date of birth from the filthy pigs if they request.

      1. No Fourth Amendment. No Terry v. Ohio doctrine.
        You are a subject of the Crown, not a citizen of a Republic (however flawed).

  7. A few questions;
    How. The. Fuck. Did you approach 1000 girls and get nothing? If that’s a typo and you meant 100 how did you get nothing?
    There are almost 200 countries on God’s green earth and you picked Scotland? A country that puts Americas obesity rates, Russia’s alcohol poisoning and Canada’s leftism to shame. You didn’t try nightgame in 2 years? You hadn’t realised in all that time that Scottish people are dependent on alcohol to function?
    Shit. I don’t know.
    I DONT know.
    I’ll give you the same advice I gave to an autistic literal smv 0 guy- buy a puppy and a DSLR camera and walk into girls who look a bit dumb let em stroke the puppy and offer her pro photos. If that doesn’t work then dig a hole in your garden, jump in it and pretend you’ree a carrot.
    Their obesity rate beats out America and their alcohol poisoning puts Russia to shame

    1. “A country that puts Americas obesity rates, Russia’s alcohol poisoning and Canada’s leftism to shame. ”
      Owww…that’s a scarring indictment of the truth. I chuckled good at that juicy nugget. Thanks!

    2. I lived in Scotland (Glasgow) for 1 year, don’t think I saw 10 women I wanted to approach. Writers standards must be really, really low.

  8. “Disasters and misfortunes are inevitable in life, especially for straight, white men in the 21st century. The only way to deal with this is to soldier on without faltering. It is not good enough to let failure and bad luck sucker you into idleness and inaction.”
    That right there is the key lesson of the article, not game. Worth the price of admission for that paragraph alone. Probably 95% of western men have made less than 5 cold approaches in their entire life. This bloke sucks it up and does 1000, and you armchair critics excoriate him for it. You learn far more from failure than you do from success.

    1. Colt: I agree that SOME rejection and failure in life is valuable and even necessary for men to be successful or even just to have a normal perspective on life.
      BUT, approaching 1,000 mostly shitty women in a country like Scotland over the course of a year and getting no positive results??? No sex or even pleasant conversation in a year??? That’s preposterous and anti-productive. It’s like whipping yourself (self-flagellation) multiple times daily to prove your devotion to some “god.”
      The concept of “build it and they will come” seems to go over many men’s heads on this site. Work on yourself (health, physique, intellect, travel, financial success, style, etc) and watch decent women approach YOU. And supplement such pleasant interactions with occasional P4P to “scratch your itch” if need be. A much better and more satisfying life will unfold with this strategy.

  9. Romania just passed a law against street herassers, sexual or psychological, meaning women can claim anything they want against a stranger that approached them. Over 1000 euro fines/ jail time it’s up to the judge. Yes, Feminism starts to shine in Eastern Europe as well.

    1. That’s not intended so that Romanian women could claim “whatever they wanted” against strangers on the street, that aims to discourage behaviours from aggressive men who “accidentally” touch women’s breasts and crotches in public places or harass them on the street. If the woman is interested and the man’s game and qualities (that he uses to score, like a real red piller) are so strong then there should be no problem and this law would just protect real harassers/rapists/perverts while allowing meritous men to continue picking up women.

  10. I appreciate the author’s honesty and openness. It’s no fun talking about your failures but I think the lessons are worth sharing.

  11. “In 2017 I did over 1,000 approaches and got no successes at all. None.”
    WTF!!?? THOSE ARE POF ONLINE DATING NUMBERS. If you approach 1,000 Women Online YES you COULD get No success. But in REAL LIFE NO! Unless you doing something terribly wrong! If I approach 10 Women in Real Life Im at LEAST getting 8 of their Numbers. The problem is AFTERWARDS. A modern women has so many OPTIONS that No matter how smooth or Entertaining you where when you meet you quickly fade off in her memory because of the INSANE amount of Attention & validation a Woman gets on a Daily basis. And I mostly mean from Social Media.
    The ONLY reliable thing you can do when you meet a Woman is PUT YOUR DICK in her as SOON AS POSSIBLE! As sad as it is to say of All the women I have meet & NEVER HEARD back from ever again they all had 1 thing in common I wasnt able to close them right away for 1 reason or another! Unless I was able to set up a date where I was able to close on the SAME NIGHT or the next day I would Never hear from them again! But After a Woman has sex with you, your FINALLY on Equal footing! Until you have Sex with a Woman your just Another Orbitor in her celebrity like world because she Hasnt Invested ANYTHING into you yet & you are Forgetable. But AFter you have Inserted Your Penis inside her she Now feels vested!
    I have Realized that as a MAN My Attraction mechanism starts When I SEE a Woman. A Womans Attraction mechanism dosent start Until AFTER You have Inserted your Penis in her which puts a MAN at a serious Disavantage especially with All the social media your competing with feeding & taking away a Womans Attention. And the Women I meet werent even that terribly Interested in me from My opinion & some just kinda seemed to come along because they where either bored or had nothing much else to do. But as soon as she gets a few drinks in her & she starts feeling horny & you start touching her like grabbing her waist, hips or ass ect turning her on further & she wants your cock & after you give it to her she is usually attached!
    Even with that being said if you are Approaching an INSANE number of Women in REAL LIFE & NOT getting results YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!! Online maybe but NOT in the Real world.

    1. “If I approach 10 Women in Real Life Im at LEAST getting 8 of their Numbers.”
      Are you going after 3s/4s/5s/ and maybe low end 6s?
      If 7s and higher, then you must be a natural born mesomorph with a handsome face, square jaw, and thick head of hair — a “Tom Brady” type.
      I do not think I can believe any scenario other than those two.

      1. NO! I find their rating to be inconsequential because all women respond to Confidence, directiveness with a little humour the same. And NO Im Not caucasian so I DONT look like Tom Brady. But I would say Im a 7 & My dick wouldnt get hard for anything below a 5 so I wouldnt be approaching anything below a 5 unless it was just for fun or practice. But what I consider a 10 in looks might be diffrent than yours. Look up Miracle Watts or Yaris Sanchez for what I May consider a 10 based on Visuals purely. & YES Not all comments are actually posting.

        1. @ Jeff
          Yeah, the tats are terrible.
          But she’s in porn and they all seem to have them.
          And nose rings too.
          Take away the tats and piercings and she is my idea of a 10.
          I like the petite ones.

        2. @JD
          Alex Grey amd many other porn stars escort in L.A in the $1500 – $2000 per hr range. So achievable, but expensive. The girls you posted are pretty and most likely more economically viable.

        3. @AutomaticSlim
          “Lookup Alex Grey for my idea of a 10.
          Or 19 y/o Amanda Seyfried.”
          A. Grey:
          Pro: good face
          Cons: small tits, no ass, no hips, short
          Rating: 6/10
          A. Seyfried
          Pro: pretty good face
          Cons: just “ok” tits, no ass, undefined waist (“blocky build”), no hips, short (stumpy legs)
          Rating: 5.5/10
          Guys on this site (and in general) grossly overrate women. Some moron in this thread even claimed to be dating a 9.5/10, although only 1/100,000,000 women would ever score that high

        4. God:
          Looked at those girls’ Instas. Proceeded to throw up a little in my mouth. Absolutely disgusting. Both look like obese trannies. Your taste in women is horrid. 0/10

        5. @ 1 hour
          They are both 10s in my book.
          I like small, short, petite girls with pretty faces.
          In fact, even though I am 6’1″, I am very unattracted to girls over 5’7″.
          Prefer 4’10” to 5’5″.

      2. But my point was I believe ALOT of times Women just give out their Number Anyways. They MAY be Interested at that Givin moment in time & as soon as you leave that Interest Wanes until they get a dose of dick. OR they werent that Interested to begin with but just gave me their numbers anyways because they all respond to Confidence, directiveness with a little humour the same.

      3. He gave 10’s to obese trannies. So, yes, he’s getting 8/10 numbers by approaching fat, disgusting beasts, who were once men. How embarrassing that 20% of these abominations reject him.

        1. My Man “Miracle Watts” waist has got to be like 22inch… & since she Cant be much taller than 5’4 I would clock her in at around 120lbs. If thats Obese to you your smoking a crack rock or meth! So wut 88lbs is More your speed ?? LOL!! My dude there was an article made by Roosh about a Womans Rating scale & Everyone was ALL OVER THE PLACE! It didnt even make Any sense So I Dont expect any of us to agree on what you find attractive ESPECIALLY Since Most of the ROK readers prefer Nothing but White chicks. That being said saying that chick is Obese is just INSANE!
          By the way I NEVER looked at her IG… Im NOT an Internet dude or a social media one anyways. I just happen to remember her name because I went to a Gentlemens Club & she was a Guest there stripper & I Got a Lap Dance from her. So I can ATTEST that she has a VAGINA! Shes just Another Whore in the age of Kim Kardasian, Instagram Model Video Vixen ect. I was purely pointing from Visuals aspect. And I threw in Yaris Sanchez for good measure because I couldnt think of any other chick off the top of my head. But Calling NON Obese women Oese is just RECKLESS! Speaking of fucking Trannies tho.. You Fucked 3 9.5 in the ASS. A little suspect No..?? LOL HA HA

        2. @GOD
          You spent a lot of time defending their weight. Therefore, you agree that they look like trannies, and that you are, in fact, a tranny lover.

    2. GOD: you make some good points, especially pointing out how much insane attention the average women gets via social media, which absolutely explodes her head and perspective on herself. This translates into crazy levels of delusional thoughts and behaviors, and pushes their SMV at least 2-3 points beyond what they objectively are. As such, most 5s think and act like they are 8s.

      1. Avg. bitches do NOT get much attention on soc. media. It’s the “somewhat above average” girls who do. A 5 knows she’s just a 5. As a result, you can bang her with relative ease.
        But, nowadays, a 7 sees herself as a 9.5, believing that she deserves a billionaire bf, famous friends, a chopper, a limo & a lambo, an AMEX Black, shopping sprees on Rodeo, dinner @ Urasawa, and a mansion in Malibu Colony

        1. I disagree. Many average women, especially Americans, no longer have any concept of what “average” means. If a homely, chubby Americunt has big tits, then forget about it, as she probably thinks she’s a 7.5 at minimum (top 15% of women). Ditto for women who have long hair, or lots of tattoos, or a bubble butt — automatically 2 points above real SMV. THEN, add to this the ability to apply some makeup and use filters on every selfie taken, and the vast majority of Americunts think they fall between the 7-9 range. Yet, I can spend 5 hours in a large American airport — and look at thousands of women there — and see maybe 5 women that I think stand out and I would consider sitting in a restaurant with on a “date.” And of those 5 women, probably 3-4 are actually from South America or Europe. That’s the state of affairs.

        2. @Allister Collins
          “If a homely, chubby Americunt has big tits, then forget about it, as she probably thinks she’s a 7.5 at minimum (top 15% of women).”
          7.5 = “top 15% of women”
          that’s WAY too generous.
          more like:
          0.20% (1/500) (for girls 14-19)
          0.10% (1/1,000) (20-24)
          0.033% (1/3,000) (25-29)
          0.010% (1/10,000) (30-34)
          0.004% (1/25,000) (35+)

  12. By the way If Anybody is approaching 1000 women in a given year WITHOUT success. I dont think their fit for anybody to be taking advise from. If thats the case then we might as well bring back Troy Francis again! LOL I will NEVER forget the day he decided to post a Video & Everyone saw him for the first time. LOL Man I almost fell out of my chair that day!! LOL!! Although Non of us are Brad Pitts, I believe Roosh well he tells of his escapades as well as Donavan Sharpe! But that dude Troy Francis had delusions of Grandier & when everyone was able to see him for the first time his story lines didnt match with his demenour & looks & just didnt add up. LOOKS DO MATTER Along with presence style & demenour. Lets just say I hadnt had a good AS laugh in a while! LOL

    1. God must know his stuff, I have sex with women and they call out both our names so he must be ultra alpha

      1. @Aspirine HE GOT RAGGED ON BY ALL THE COMMENTORS ON HERE (Because as you know the commentors on here are such lovely nice people) LOL THEY MADE SO MUCH FUN OF HIM HE TOOK DOWN HIS VIDEOS & WE HAVENT SEEN HIM SINCE! LOL! Usually Not a mean guy but I couldnt help but laugh! Actually I think he did do one more article & NO I cant remember the name of the article he did where he put his video up so I dont kno if he ever posted it back up again.

    2. “By the way If Anybody is approaching 1000 women in a given year WITHOUT success. I dont think their fit for anybody to be taking advise from.”
      Yea, that’s truly horrible. It probably went something like this:
      First 100 girls = 7’s Result = Complete Failure
      Next 100 = 6’s Result = Complete Failure
      Next 100 = 5’s Result = Complete Failure
      Next 100 = 4’s Result = Complete Failure
      Next 100 = 3’s Result = Complete Failure
      Next 100 = 2’s Result = Complete Failure
      Next 100 = 1’s Result = Complete Failure
      Next 100 = 0’s Result = Complete Failure
      Next 100 = men Result = Complete Failure
      Next 100 = boys (real reason for police involvement) Result = Complete Failure + Lifetime Sex-Offender Registration

  13. “Day gamers fear that they will be perceived as sleazy pick-up artists and creeps”
    Day gamers/Sleazy pick-up artists/creeps. There’s alot of overlap in that venn diagram!

  14. I own a business working in men’s custom clothing so when I’m working I’m dressed up tailored etc. Women don’t really care. They see me like that and see $$$.
    I have been with something like 250-300 women in my adult life (I’m 36) but once I redpilled a few years ago and stopped the thirsty obsession to fuck almost any girl, I got choosey and eventually almost uninterested unless she’s an 8 or 9 and then STILL if I could sense even a hint of female entitlement/ego was just an instant boner killer.
    Women don’t really care if you’re in shape and have a business/cool hobbies. I had more success when I was broke and overweight.
    When I got in shape financially and physically, I started looking for much hotter women (hard to find) and discovered that they are among the absolute most entitled and egotistical of the lot. Yes, I know well how to penetrate the bitch shield but often times to really generate attraction to the point of getting laid with these women, you end up having to cut corners and lie/manipulate or chase so far that it’s hardly worth it.
    I’m in shape for myself and my money is for my life not to flex on stupid women. I see why a strategy of banging 6-7’s is one that a lot of guys use or simply p4p.
    Our society is fucked.
    By far the easiest work for getting laid I ever did was using sugar dating sites starting with superior frame and then dealing with the money issue from the gate and letting each girl I met know that there is another one right behind them ready to meet but that I only wanted “one for the job”. This got them in the mood to fuck to prove their worth. Repeated this cycle with good logistics and I had a steady rotation of reasonably hot women always striving to impress me.
    It got old after awhile bc I was always out at least amount of money for gas, a few drinks across multiple girls/dates, all of the time it took me, and running thru about 40 women in a summer post-divorce, I went on a voluntary dry spell.
    I’ve been in a relationship with a 9.5 for almost 2 years and although I still game other women, I’m hardly interested in being back out in the field. I don’t think it’s because I’m in a relationship as I am the last guy someone would call needy.
    The red pill fucked my thirst up that’s all.

    1. TL:DR
      Broke, fat dude banged gross chicks for a long time.
      After getting in shape physically/financially, dude targeted hotties, getting shot down left & right. (Dude pretended to reject 8’s & 9’s because they showed “entitlement”)
      Dude then went p4p, pay $$$ for sex with 6.5’s (what he means by “reasonably hot”).
      After getting lazy, dude settled for a relationship with a 6.5, one who used to be a cum dumpster for other p4p guys (Her rating was changed to a 9.5 for Internet purposes).

    2. Insightful comment, Aaron, thank you. Some of my experiences mirror yours, especially the Sugar Daddy / Baby phenomenon.

    3. “Women don’t really care if you’re in shape and have a business/cool hobbies. I had more success when I was broke and overweight.”
      then, few lines down..
      “By far the easiest work for getting laid I ever did was using sugar dating sites”

      1. “’Women don’t really care if you’re in shape and have a business/cool hobbies. I had more success when I was broke and overweight.’”
        then, few lines down..
        ‘By far the easiest work for getting laid I ever did was using sugar dating sites’
        When he was broke/overweight, girls (who were into him) would put out pretty fast, since he was NOT bf material. (No need for them to feign wholesomeness for a short-term fling).
        But, when he had a biz/good bod, chicks saw him as a “provider,” stringing him along, while putting on a “good-girl” act. Some (perhaps many?) chicks feigned interest in him (with zero intentions of putting out), hustling him for meals, vacations & gifts.
        Dude eventually wised up, hitting up chicks who were bluntly down for p4p.

  15. I must tell you author that actively pursuing “day-game” is a futile waste of your time. 10-25 years ago day-game was effective since it was still relatively new. It was somewhat uncommon (less uncommon for black communities) for a random guy alone to approach a female out the blue. Since it’s so common now that it’s almost endemic, an unforeseen problem is the fact that normal-looking weirdos/undesirables now have a sociably accepted way to approach women they could have never approached 20 years ago. Because of this, most women have a shield against day-gamers. Think about it; the women you’ve picked up were never amazingly beautiful. & if they were, they were seriously flawed mentally or had something going on behind closed doors that took points off their rating on a 1-10 scale. Beautiful women with something going for them will screen whoever approaches them. How is that done today? Via social media or through social, real-life connections (if they are introduced to you by a friend, cousin, etc.). I can attest to this; I don’t have social media & bagged a beautiful woman last month at a bar. We spoke on the phone numerous times but she abruptly ended communication when she found out I don’t have IG, refusing to meet up for any date. Day-game is dead; we have completed the circle & come back to relying on social ties, status, income, etc. to determine the women we get.

    1. You “bagged” her. But she refused to meet up for any date? Wut?
      Are you saying you fucked her, but, given you lack of social-media participation, she declined a date? Is that what you’re saying? This actually seems very unlikely, since you mentioned talking to her by phone “numerous times.”
      Sounds as if your betaness got you friendzoned. After growing bored, that “beautiful girl” pretended to ding you for some inane reason (no Insta).

    2. Most guys suck @ daygame. So they don’t get good results. I just watched a youtube video of some guy doing daygame & mostly bombing. This was because his style was boring, polite & lame.
      He asked stupid shit like, “Hey, are you in a rush?” “How old are your parents?” “Do you have a man in your life?” “Could I maybe get your IG?”
      At no point did he attempt to escalate by moving a girl to another location. He just kept hitting them with weak chatter.
      Despite his bungling, several girls gave him chances to redeem himself. But he just kept manifesting retardation.
      That said, he eventually snagged a couple numbers from non-fat 4’s & 5’s. So I’m wondering how Ozz went 0/1000, when even a complete dolt procured some digits.

  16. As I start to get more practiced in day game, I’ve experienced some dry spells, but not a whole frickin’ year. Is that common? I went through 9 months when I was married, and vowed that no matter what, I’d never go through that again.

    1. Nowadays, it’s very common, given social-media conditioning. Spend a lot of time looking at 8+ Instagram hotties. Thereafter, your mind will see them as “normal” And “normal” girls will drop to “beasts.”
      After 100+ hours of Instagram (spread over a few years), my brain no longer finds 99.9% of girls even mildly interesting.

  17. So when are we gonna revolt and reimpose the patriarchy? How many more over-complicated, veiled forms of begging (oh, I’m sorry; “persuasion”) are we going to use to delay the inevitable? This guy above is not to blame, it is we collectively who are.

  18. Best fuck I ever had was a Scottish girl almost 20 years ago in Edinburgh via night game.
    Been back since then and the quality of the women is bottoming out. Shame , I like the accents.

  19. Wow, talk about newbies. You do a 1000 approaches and didnt realize a certain vibe to pick up on? “Experts” know when to strike for maximizing gains. Sure, sometimes the completely off hand approach is (and should be) done, but you need to figure out things like making eye contact and “sensing” how the approach is going to go before you even open your mouth.

  20. Im a 20 year old introvert who has never had sex with a girl he found attractive. I dont like talking to people i dont know at all. Im horrible at small talk, and quite frankly i think its fuckin pointless. I have to act all funny and shit, like im the life of the party when im not, while the girl will make very little effort, even if your doing a good job. If i do manage to suceed in landing her number, she wont respond. Ive even made a tinder and bumble account, and im a fairly physically attractive dude, white, 6″4, broad shouldered, squared jaw, and 99 percent of my matches on tinder and bumble are fatass ugly chicks. Guess how much effort they make in the opener. They say “hey”… wow bitch.. So yea im pretty fuckin distraught over this and feel like a total fuckin loser because i cant get a attractive girl, and i have no idea what to do.

  21. As a fellow Edinburgh dweller I can assure you that the police are not alowed to take your name and addresse. They need to be able to cite a reason, acting suspiciously does not count, it has to be a definite reason with clear evidence.
    What you can do is refuse. Nine times out of ten they will let it go. Occasionally they will arrest you and let you go later when they realise you havnt done anything.
    Personally I’d rather this than conform to their intimidation.

  22. Here in the USA, whether a cop can stop you on the street and demand ID (and arrest you if you refuse to produce it) varies by state. In my state, they can.
    I used to think this would be unconstitutional, but to date, the courts have not thrown these laws out. So yes, in my state, you are required to identify yourself and produce ID if a cop demands…even if there is no cause to think you are breaking the law. And when I’m out boating, fully obeying the relevant laws, it’s not uncommon at all to have a Fish and Wildlife officer pull up on me, check my papers, and even search the boat (again, completely randomly…with no cause whatsoever). Nice to live in a “free country”, right?
    (Regarding the “man on the street” situation, only loophole may be that since there is no law saying pedestrians must carry ID on them, you could appear to cooperate with the cop but just explain you have no ID on you. And you could give a fake name and address. But this is risky, as lying to a cop is itself a crime. Of course, it doesn’t work the other way – it’s long established precedent that cops can lie to you all day long, and nothing you can do about it.)

  23. One thousand approaches in a year and no nookie?
    That’s crazy. You’re much better off to find a NAWALT and wife her up. That’s what I did, and I get action whenever I want, on demand. With a snap of my fingers. Been that way for better part of two decades now (except for dry spells while she was knocked up, but that was my decision – I just get creeped out at the thought of sticking it to her when she’s got my baby up in there. Call it a hang-up, I guess).
    Leaves you free to focus on success in other areas of life.

  24. 1,000 day game approaches in a year? Do you not have a job? I’m impressed with your determination but damn man you need a hobby.

  25. I.don’t know man. 1,000 approaches and nothing – and this is the guy we want to learn day game from? I wouldn’t see a marriage coach who has been divorced 4 times. Just saying.

  26. There is no need to schedule day game as a main activity. It can be done left and right with a minimum cost of time. On your way to the grocery store? Approach that girl. Jogging in the park? Start a conversation with a girl out there. On a side note, girls jogging or practicing other sports are often relaxed and open for a chat.
    Unless you are learning the basics and need to do a bulk of approaches, there is no reason why day gaming should be time consuming.

  27. Day game does not necessarily need to be scheduled as an activity. It can be done left and right whenever you hit the street. On your way to the grocery store? Approach that girl who is walking by. Jogging in the park? Start a conversation with a girl out there. On a side node, girls practicing sports are often relaxed and open for a chat. Sport fields are a gold mine.
    Unless you are learning the basics and need to do a bulk of approaches, day game is not time consuming.

  28. First of all, it is very apparent that this young man is a beginner. I knew it even before I found out he did 1,000 daygame approaches and had ZERO results (holly molly!).
    I think it’s fine that a beginner shares stories of what happened to him on his journey to inspire other beginners who might have similar experiences, but I don’t think a beginner should be giving advice to other beginners (blind leading the blind) on a site like ROK that usually features more advanced gamers.
    You simply don’t have the birds eye view of what your problem actually is, like someone with more experience does. You think you didn’t get laid in 1,000 approaches because of “your vibe”. A more advanced daygamer will look at your approaches, or just one of them for that matter, and probably instantly see what your actual problem is. I bet my left testicle that it’s not only your vibe.
    I give you my respect for the work ethic of doing 1,000 (spam) approaches in one year though, that’s already more action than 99% of the community will ever put into learning game. But quantity clearly doesn’t equal quality. You should have stopped what you were doing after a big enough sample size of approaches (50-100 MAX), reevaluate what you were doing and try something else. Doing 1,000 approaches with zero results proves to me that you were mindlessly doing spam approaches.
    Also, the fact that you were stopped by the cops and had girls threatening you with the cops are indicators to me that your approaches are probably awkward as fuck to everyone watching. I’ve never had anything like this happen to me in thousands of daygame approaches. Plus, even if I walked up to 1,000 girls with zero game and just asked for phone numbers straight away I’d probably get +100 phone numbers which means you’re probably below average looking or at least you approach girls out of your league that require more advanced game to bang.
    Please don’t pretend doing 1,000 approaches with zero results + getting laid once a year (!) from nightgame makes you an expert. Again, nice story bro, but you shouldn’t be teaching. Don’t hate me for giving you some tough love. I hope you succeed in your journey, you definitely have the work ethic to become good. Now you need some strategy to not waste your time on spam approaches again. Otherwise you’ll write the same article a year from now about how you didn’t get laid in 2018.
    Peace and good luck.

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