Failed Political Candidate Slaps Politician With Violence Order For Alleged Kiss

The General-Secretary of the New South Wales state branch of the center-left Australian Labor Party, Jamie Clements, was slapped with an apprehended violence order (AVO) in August. Six weeks earlier in June, he allegedly kissed Stefanie Jones, a failed state political candidate in Cronulla, along Sydney’s southern extremities, in a room in New South Wales’ Parliament House and pushed her against a wall.

Armed with the kind of political experience you’d expect from George H. W. Bush, who was a millionaire businessman, Congressman, Ambassador to the UN, Chairman of the RNC, America’s envoy to China, CIA Director, and Vice-President before being elected to the White House himself, Jones ran for public office whilst a 23-year-old student and was called Labor’s “secret weapon” (I wonder why?).

In late August, police decided, due to the absolute paucity of evidence, not to lay assault charges against Clements. Despite my professed and considerable knowledge of Australian state and federal politics, I must admit that I would not have been able to quickly pick Clements’ face and name his position before this media storm. Now Google is replete with search returns dominated by thoroughly unsubstantiated sexual misconduct allegations (read: spectacularly delayed revenge tactics).

The kiss attempt may or may not have happened, either in the way Stefanie Jones described it or with a different explanation. Perhaps they even fully kissed, consensually or otherwise. I will not prejudge what happened. Yet what I do believe is that the granting of the apprehended violence order makes a travesty of the policing and all-round legal systems.

Based on the reports circulating freely in the press, the severe delay in making a complaint to the police and the nature of the accusation itself point to a waste of time and other resources, not to mention an irrevocable besmirching of Clements’ reputation.

Blaming the police is not the answer

There’s no evidence to charge Jamie Clements but equally no indication he will be treated fairly in the court of public opinion.

Although people may be ready to criticize the police involved for granting the apprehended violence order in the first place, which may be more than warranted, there are some key distinctions between these orders and criminal convictions. There is no finding of “guilt” and no penalties, aside from stipulated constraints like staying away from the person or particular places.

The sad thing is that the amorphous nature of AVOs make them very potent weapons for getting revenge on people, especially male current and ex-lovers. If you think domestic violence can be a perfect vehicle for “he said, she said” convictions, restraining orders require a lower threshold still, without the need for a woman to testify for days in a courtroom or conduct more in-depth interviews with police (which should be required every time in the interests of due process).

As I have asserted previously, police exist in systems where political and other pressures impact upon their resources, directives from the executive arm of government and in other profound ways. The root cause of Clements’ ridiculous receipt of an apprehended violence order is the “rape culture” and “sexual harassment” hysteria gripping the Western world. If catcalling and wolf-whistling, things that I myself don’t have time for but certainly wouldn’t want criminalized, are considered “assault”, alleged kissing as pseudo-sexual battery is par for the course in these retrograde times.

Clements and Jones were previously lovers

Stefanie Jones reported alleged kissing six weeks later and then sought an apprehended violence order. Yet what violence could have been reasonably foreseen at the time the order was granted?

It never amazes me, nor should it amaze you, when younger women in the same industry or even workplace end up in relationships with older, contextually influential and just plain more powerful males. The now split Clements and Jones may be at loggerheads in the much broader media spotlight, but many a work-related romance has fallen apart to the knowledge of dozens of others working in an entire business or office. Relationship breakdowns can turn ugly at the best of times, usually in circumstances where the former parties to a relationship are not colleagues and thus can have some immediate distance afterwards.

For older, more powerful males, however, the outcome of these breakup times can fluctuate dramatically. The split can have no effects at all or career-damaging ones. In Clements’ case, regardless of whether he overcomes some of the stain on his reputation, he is dealing with the latter scenario. If he planned to make the transition from behind-the-scenes political apparatchik to elected legislator in the future, that opportunity has almost certainly evaporated.

Again, we have at our fingertips a powerful lesson in why office romances are (for men) usually amongst the worst decisions you can ever make, especially within cutthroat political parties. In many ways, the situation is actually a love triangle, with Jones’ new boyfriend David Latham (in a massive twist, he’s reasonably close to her in age!) serving as a very senior figure in the NSW ALP as well.

This is just one of the more extraordinary cases

The people of Cronulla would have been ably served by a woman whose chief talent is posing for photos as Labor’s “secret weapon.”

We must uphold a consistent reverence for beyond reasonable doubt, innocence before guilt and meticulous police investigations irrespective of the circumstances. Similar conscientiousness must be applied to regulating the use (or misuse) of AVOs when there is no evidence that any reasonably conceivable threat, even a subjectively determined one, exists.

My criticism of Jones’ inexplicable, shambolic delay in reporting alleged kissing that was the basis of an AVO does not mean that there aren’t extreme problems with the investigation and prosecution of purported “assaults” which are reported within hours. Jones’ accusations simply take the normal legal standard of bizarreness and unfairness to truly surreal heights.

I applaud the decision by police not to use Harry Potter-style divination as evidence to charge Jamie Clements. Clements’ plight is nevertheless shocking, as it demonstrates the fate awaiting many men who either try to kiss or are falsely accused of trying to kiss women on a nightclub dance floor, at the end of a date or indeed anywhere else.

Let’s hope the nominally leftwing Clements starts to see what his political party’s broad ideology really might mean for men both now and going forward.

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44 thoughts on “Failed Political Candidate Slaps Politician With Violence Order For Alleged Kiss”

  1. “Let’s hope the nominally leftwing Clements starts to see what his political party’s broad ideology really might mean for men both now and going forward.”
    Having met a few politicians from both sides of the political spectrum in Australia, what I found interesting was that very few actually share the ideology which they campaign for. These people are ‘career’ politicians, they all come from the same pool of candidates, all have little or no experience in the real world. They simply adopt the ideology which gets them participation within a political party and are quick to chop and change in order to keep their jobs.
    The left are smart in Australia, from around 2005-06 they started a hard campaign to pursue the votes of the younger generations. The Labor party has even go as far as starting and funding SJW groups geared towards teens that are not even old enough to vote, with the aim of influencing them before voting age.

    1. Yes…all politicians come from the same “party”. They are fighting each election year to keep their job and that’s it (doesn’t matter the party). They will even switch parties to stay in power.

    2. Like our current PM, Malcom Turnbull. He initially went for a spot on the Labour Party, was denied and joined the Liberal Party. Now we have a “progressive” as the head of the more Conservative party. Thus all the “yay women” sentiment around. Cuckhead.

  2. I’m at the point where I’m starting to think there should be a criminal penalty for not reporting sexual assault immediately.
    We hear all this nonsense about a rape epidemic, and we’re bombarded with the messaging that sexual assault is worse than genocide. OK. Time to get serious about it then. If you are assaulted and don’t report it to the authorities within 24 hours, you’re going to prison for perpetuating rape culture (bonus – this will be a felony that results in permanent loss of your voting rights).
    Sure it sounds harsh, but this woman, and others like her, let violent predators roam free for weeks, if not months or years, among our loved ones. If you don’t tell the cops about a murderer, you are an accessory to the crime. If we need to crack down, it’s time to get real about who keeps this shit always lurking in the shadows.

    1. They’ll say that if you make it a crime if they don’t report right away will deter women from reporting it because she could be threatened further by the perpetrator or his associates if she goes to authorities. That has been the argument they’ve been using for rapes.

      1. I agree that the proposition is too harsh.
        After all, a person in that situation is potentially under threat of violence, and there are any number of reasonable reasons why a person might not report assault immediately.
        Your suggestion seems good. Also, there should be a criminal penalty for anyone who makes a rape accusation which is demonstrably false.

        1. I think there already is, but cuck lawyers never chase them because they’re scared of being targeted as muhsojnists…
          I think the accused has the right to anonymity and not the accuser, if the accuser publicly names the accused then they must secure a conviction of face a very hefty fine be made to apologise publicly and have to pay damages to the accused.
          But then again, that’s me. I like the idea of corporal punishment and public humiliation much more than jail (which taxpayers have to fund). Put the false accusers in stocks and let the public pelt them with rotten fruit!

      2. I don’t think it would ever be enacted, but I don’t see why it’s such a logical stretch. If you know a guy raped you, then by not reporting him, you are effectively allowing him to continue to rape others and escape justice.
        Sure it may be harsh, but the problem is that the current system is harsh to innocent men, which is a perversion of the bedrock principle of criminal justice – that it is better for the guilty to go free than for the innocent to be convicted. Under my system, no one gets penalized any more than they do now for timely reporting (they won’t be prosecuted if their claims just don’t pan out, and instead will only be prosecuted if it can be shown that their claim was false). But, under my system, you get prosecuted for late reporting. The implication is clear, report immediately, or keep your mouth shut forever. This last bit has basically the same legal implication as your proposal, without permitting the wanton and ruinous slander and libel of innocent men.
        For the record, I’m of the opinion that most of this rape epidemic we keep hearing about is not actually rape or sexual assault. To the extent that reporting this non-rape/sexual assault is discouraged, good. To the extent that real victims now have to report quickly over their own discomfort, good – it helps take real criminals off the streets. To the extent that some real crimes may go unreported forever, I accept this as the cost of a system that presupposes innocence and would rather the guilty go free than to subject the innocent to prosecution, but in any event, it would be no worse than what we have now – essentially, the rape culture argument is predicated on how the vast majority of these cases are never reported.

        1. Rape culture is women’s conscience and self respect showing up after sex. No matter how much feminists want to hypersexualize these girls, they know deep down inside that throwing their bodies around to dozens of men is disgusting. It just takes one especially gross encounter to make her take a look at herself and admit that she is repulsive. I read an article from a female marriage sex counselor stating that of the thousands of women that come in her office, not a single one of them has wished they fucked around more in their youth. They all wanted their innocence back.

    2. I knew a primary investigator for sex crimes. She told me, in all seriousness, that maybe 1% of the rapes she investigated were actual rape. The rest were just women covering up an affair or being mad at a guy. The cops know. It’s the female typists in the media who keep it going. What needs to happen is libel lawsuits. Because of the stigma surrounding sex crimes even being accused is defamatory to a reputation. The accuser is the primary party to libel with the media being a secondary party.

      1. Well, in the States it’s the Big Criminal Justice industry that keeps false rape accusations alive and well. Even an inappropriate touch is branded domestic violence and/or sexual battery. That is a mandatory arrest. Bail, perhaps a few thousand dollars to no bail at all (sit in jail bud). The bail bondsman makes money (they lobby to keep the system alive). You’re looking at $3 – $5 grand to hire an attorney, and upwards of $10K in some cases. The jail’s census stays inflated as guys are waiting to bond out, providing requiring more money to feed the beast, and giving good-paying jobs to correctional employees who barely made it through high-school. Judges, attorneys, court reporters, jails, bondsmen, police departments, and CJ service providers all make $ on your arrest. It’s 99% about the money!
        Your life will be wrecked in the process beginning with missing work and losing income to the stigma of being arrested and accused. Since this is a highly publicized and politicized class of crimes you can expect the prosecutor to file charges even with no evidence (aka “no drop” public policy) as they do their CYA.
        Even if the case is dropped later, you’ll have that arrest record that shows up on any background check (checks show all arrests regardless of disposition, ie charges dropped, case dismissed, acquitted, etc) and you’ll have a difficult time getting a job, an apartment, and leading a normal good-guy Amercian life as you have to explain how you got railroaded by the girl, then the system.

      2. The only defense against this is to have zero commerce with women. Don’t work with them, don’t hire them, and keep a distance from them otherwise. Treat as a child who likes to accuse every adult they meet of diddling them.
        (and they are not far from children anyway, just old enough to be evil enough)

        1. That doesn’t even work 100%. I had a friend who tried to just avoid bitches at work entirely after a series of false sexual harassment accusations. (He is ugly as sin and does give off a basement-rapist vibe to be fair, but simply being social with co-workers does not harassment make.)
          So he decided he’d never so much as speak to a bitch unless it was required for his work function. And you know what happened? The bitch complained that it was now a “hostile work environment…” because she was being snubbed.
          You can’t win. All you can do is save the last bullet for yourself.

        2. Or wire yourself up with cameras. Cameras are small enough now. Catch a cunt in a lie and then get a heinously good lawyer and destroy them. Sue the cunt, sue the employer, sue the HR pukes.
          Lots of work but if it’s that lost, well, you can enjoy the fires as you burn down the slave ship.

        3. Full surveillance isn’t legal in every state, and is even more questionable inside a business since you can also record their secrets. They could turn it around and sue you back. And their lawyers are already on payroll.
          Feminist courts would probably just end up using your own video against you anyway. There was a “look on her face” that you should have picked up on… she was clearly uncomfortable you misogynistic penis-wielder. Plus you sexually assaulted her in the staff bathroom after she filed the complaint.
          Oh, you don’t have video of that? Too bad.

        4. Is what they are doing legal?
          This is a fucking war.
          Then put the fucking camera in a device and post it to youtube anonymously “look at what they are doing to my coworker”.
          Look, this “millennial-ish” bullshit of “we need the exact single magical solution that solves all, that’s perfect and normal and legal and does not require effort!”
          Hello? You are in a fucking war. You have to improvise and adapt. Hello?
          You want to sit there and mewl about “but… but… what if… what if?” then hey, tuck your dick in and enjoy your slavery.

      3. Which is why if it’s not ‘properly’ investigated by the cops, we need to treat it as it didn’t happen.

    3. Unfortunately, pesky things like logic, facts, and due proccess only serve to get in the way of the feminist narrative. A narrative that seeks to abolish any and all responsibility and accountability of a woman for her actions. In the perverted, broken little mind of the feminist, a woman cannot ever be held to any standard that isn’t directly governed by her feelings.
      In the ideal world of the feminist, a woman can instigate unwarranted sexual advances toward a man without his approval. She can then decide later, sometimes years or decades after the fact, that it was a mistake she regrets. The little hamsters running her brain will add a dash or two of the rape fantasy she secretly craves to her regret and, after deciding she was really “raped”, she will proceed to press criminal and civil charges against her “rapist” with the full force and blessings of the courts.
      While one cannot argue with your logic, one also cannot expect logic from the mind of a feminist, where no such thing can or ever will exist.

    4. “Time to get serious about it then. If you are assaulted and don’t
      report it to the authorities within 24 hours, you’re going to prison for
      perpetuating rape culture….”
      I agree. Men need to realize that what were seeing here (and going through) is a cold war. Men need to wake up and realize that their own government is attacking them using any means necessary and it sees them as the enemy of the state (while holding women up).

    5. Technically, these laws are already on the books, known generally as “Failure to Report” laws. These laws exists to punish those who know a crime has been committed, usually a felony, and fail to report it.
      Since laws are already on the books, they just need to be modified to include self-reporting of rape and sexual battery withing a prescribed time period. Legislatures are much more likely to introduce legislation to modify an existing law than to go out on a political limb and introduce a brand new type of legislation.
      Men (and women if they were fair about anything) would demand that legislatures define how quickly a crime must be reported, and not excuse a person, especially and alleged victim, of failing to report a crime as serious as sexual assault immediately for the protection of the general public.
      So I propose that first, men lobby their legislatures to define acceptable reporting times for crimes that fall under failure to report laws. Then, once the time frames are prescribed, step two would be to enumerate self-reporting battery and sexual battery by the alleged victims under the list of class of crimes the laws cover.

    6. “this will be a felony that results in permanent loss of your voting rights”
      Loss?!? Hardly! I forsook my “right” on my own accord after the circus the 2008 Presidential election was.
      “Oh look, a (half!) black candidate, I’m voting for him!”
      “Why is that?”
      “Uh, well, you see, uh… Because it’s time!”
      Yeah, after hearing a second person say they were choosing the so-called leader of the so-called “Free World” based on his EXTERIOR rather than his perceived ability (at the time) to actually do the job, I checked out completely. If that what’s it comes down to in the already wretched and delimiting two-party system we have, then I want none of it!

  3. this broken cookie just made it harder for any women who are assaulted to be taken seriously. Crack pot charges 6 weeks afterwards ? Please. The next time she claims rape or whatever who will take her seriously ? Men – Stay away from radio active pop tarts like this no matter how delicious the frosting looks. Don’t play captain save a egg, don’t buy them drinks, dont pay for their car repairs, dont pay their rent, don’t pick them up from an abusive boyfriends domicile. ..let them be “strong and independent” ON THEIR OWN. Stop enabling this shit and it will go away.

  4. When these white Knights get targeted by these vengeful feminazis they will finally wake up, it’s the only thing that will get them to do so, and if they don’t they are lost causes.

    1. Totally. If eventually no alpha-ish men pay a girl attention, she most definitely will turn her sights on the next best option with a dick, a white knight. Then after standard white knights are exhausted, they’ll go after gay male friends.

  5. Why the surprise? NHL player Patrick Kane is being accused of rape with zero DNA evidence. The accusers’ mother planted false evidence and her lawyer quit. Even the witnesses have attorney. Everyone on board the gravy train, road kill will be served for dinner.

  6. I actually do not have a problem with some level of socialism, even if it is not my preferred government.
    But I will never vote democrat as long as they keep going after guns, Christianity, and setting up kangaroo courts for rape.
    I am a white dude who was always liberal until 2010. Even voted Obama in 2008.
    Maybe the dems can bring in enough immigrants to make up for the loss of the voters like me. Rednecks who always supported the union hard hats as well as the redneck farmers.
    But since the dems have declared people like public enemy # 1, I have no use for them. They can kiss my ass.

  7. I really didn’t believe such people existed, that could take a word like ‘violence’ and twist it to such lengths… until my Spanish teacher, after telling me a story about a man getting onto a bus, seeing a woman bus driver and saying “oh, that’s safe”, declared his comment to be “violent.”
    I laughed, thinking she was engaging in hyperbole. She was not. She seriously, really meant ‘violence’.
    To women, more than I ever imagined, anything that is emotionally discomfiting or scary, is over-amplified in their minds. If not given any hard, real, objective standards by men and society in general, they will justify the perversion and destruction of meaning of an entire language… just to fit their feelings. And justify their desire for victimhood.

    1. Some women have actually been beaten and brutally raped.
      Feminists insist, to no end, (and they will threaten your family with death and harass your employer till you are fired if you say otherwise…) that a woman who had two beers at a party, had consensual sex with the entire lacrosse team, then was caught by her boyfriend a week later when the pictures showed up on facebook is “the same rape.”
      Actual victims of rape are now doubted because feminists have lied so many times about their supposed assaults. “The feminist who cried rape!” might as well be an Aesop fable at this point. You get a free copy with every mattress.
      This diseased modern internet perversion of feminism has done nothing to help women, and they care nothing about the people they hurt. They are literally a cult.

  8. I wonder if “there’s an app for that” i.e. an app for written documentation to have sex with a female. You would use the app and have video/audio documentation of consent before shagging a gal. Or have some on call lawyer to be reached via Skype to officially legally confirm “consent to shag” with documents in triplicate of course. Some sort of legal hologram that pops up to legally sanction sex. I am jesting of course but this kinda Orwellian crap is coming…

      1. This is actually a scene in Cherry 2000. It takes place in a disco and there are lawyers and a printer that spits out the completed form before they sign.

  9. “illegal kissing” yet women want to be in front line combat units, special forces. A female soldier(s) could be overrun by puckered-lipped enemies….

  10. For kissing huh?
    This is where it has come to right? I mean, it can’t become more idiotic than this can it?
    Women just say stuff and its not taken into question based on the ABC notion of:
    “Man bad. Women good. Yay. LOL. Send”
    When are we just going to stop being mad or even upset at issues as these and just as a collective men used to do and just laugh and taunt women.
    A woman can suck the fun out of a blowjob contest in the worse opposite way possible.
    Its best to just from now on laugh and ignore this fuckery. Avoid any man that wishes to look at this any deeper and only see it from the woman’s POV. Be a status in times of bullshit

  11. Jones ran for public office whilst a 23-year-old student and was called Labor’s “secret weapon” (I wonder why?).
    Labor’s “secret weapon”… = Trotskyist psychopathic scum !

  12. These ‘AVO’s sound like the Aussie version of the stateside ‘FPO’ or ‘family protective order’. It is the most common free citation or petition a citizen can use in this day to purge someone from their midst and can be granted on a signature and a statement alone (standard restraining orders or peace bonds cost a hundred bucks or so, but the FPO like toilet paper is free). Socialist workers carry blank FPO forms among the other stuff in their wheelie sacks full of shit for doing a spur of the moment whack job on any guy. They’re always prepared. They’re trained in how to quickly force the hand of some quivering nerve bag to sign their X and have the mangina suits roll out and attack some guy. Every FPO filed adds another victim to the list of locals (mostly dads) that the system is given standing warrant to bloodhound to no end. The magic words to make the order active are ”I fear for my life” and a good 50% of petitioners don’t even write the ‘fear of life’ words on the form themselves. The cronie socialist worker does.
    It’s a war against men alright and the system hacksters even acknowledge this fact by admitting that frequently it’s good to ‘punch’ an innocent person with an order to boost the effective efficacy of the order, to keep reminding the community with example of which codes/orders are strongly enforced versus which are sidelined with friendly reminders like noise/dog complaints. Crime bosses do the same with hit contracts to keep the image up that their ‘word’ means business. They’re ALL thugs. ALL guilty. You’d swear a giant scorned bitch was in charge of all the evil in the system, or even in the world for that matter.
    With the AVO/FPO’s, the exact point in time where this type of legal badgering by local feminist thuggery became intolerable was surpassed long ago but communities are acclimated to the system’s abuses incrementally. Little by little we put up with more bullshit and any tit for tat victories over an unjust charge result in a few more ‘innocent punches’ perpetrated elswhere in the community, like sending the message, ”we’ll show you”. What a fucking mob of gangsters. We can cry ”WE’VE HAD ENOUGH” from the rooftops and the resistance as usual is gamed, diverted and drowned out.
    We need a more holistic approach. Or ‘whole-istic’ rather, expanding our efforts radially in all directions when we’re being ass fucked from every front. The Aussies from one breath to another have to cry for their right to keep and bear arms on one front, their right to both educate AND discipline their naughty children AND WOMEN on another front, their right against being frisked and searched without cause by ugly GAY uniformed lizards with helmets on even another front . . the ‘whole’ shebang in other words. The WHOLE enemy must be addressed in its entirety. ‘WHOLE’-istic, if you will.

  13. So she’s afraid her ex might try to kiss her again. Hmm.

    An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is an Order made by a court against a person who makes you fear for your safety, to protect you from further violence, intimidation or harassment

    Its nice that you can now be punished without a conviction.

    1. It has been that way for most of two decades. All it takes is a bitch saying you had a fight, with zero supporting evidence other than her word, and they can support a restraining order and a domestic violence complaint– which the libs have so kindly included as a reason to deny you access to the 2nd Amendment.
      Hell, I’ve heard stories from women I know about Children’s Services and Divorce Lawyers encouraging them to file such complaints when no such problems existed just to make it easier for them to fleece their ex in feminist court. All it takes is a single lie. A lie women know they can make with zero risk to themselves if they’re exposed.

  14. If Joe Biden were a Republican, his career would have been ended long ago. Democrats would have gone full jihad on “creepy Uncle Joe”. Similarly, the defense ran in favour of Clinton was rather astounding to any objective observer.
    Meanwhile, legal definitions are so daft. I spent this last weekend with my girlfriend and raped her 20 times while she assaulted me 17 times but would get off on “self defense”. And we are a happy couple.

    1. Give it a year. She’s obviously a recent convert to the cult. she’s still shaving. She’s not even hair-died or wearing problem glasses yet.

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