A Close Examination Of Elliot Rodger’s Twisted Manifesto

When I finished reading Elliot Rodger’s manifesto, I felt like I just read a script whose main character had shades of the combined personalities of Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle + American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman + Psycho’s Norman Bates .

If you’d download  his manifesto, you’d find within it:

The word sex (including associated derivatives) is found a whopping 189 times.

The word game is found 89 times – overwhelmingly pertaining to Rodger’s penchant of video games.

The word retribution is found 72 times.

The word virgin (and its derivatives) is found 70 times.

The word blonde (including “blondes”), is found 60 times.


Blondes, whether male or female, are Rodger’s fixation, and his racial ideal.

The word “hate” (including “hatred”) is found 48 times.

The word “pain” and “suffering” are found 32 times and 39 times respectively.

The word “kill” is found 38 times.

The word “reject” (including its derivatives) is found 34 times.

The word “deserve” (including “deserved”) is found 30 times, mostly in his self entitling statements.

The words “jealous” (including” jealousy) and “obnoxious” are found 29 times each.

The words “superior” (including “superiority”), and “inferior” (including “inferiority”) are found 12 times and 26 times respectively.

The words “envy” and its derivative “envious” are found 26 times and 12 times respectively.

The word “God” (including “Godfather” and “Goddess”) is found 13 times throughout the document – out of which Rodger refers to himself as ‘God’ on 9 occasions. The only instance of the word ‘Goddess’ appears when he describes a blonde (his fixation), which shows he used to pedestalize blondes as divine.

The word “player” (with its derivatives) is found 9 times, and not a single instance of it deals with seduction (game) theory.

The word “alpha” is found 7 times, and only two instances of it are linked to the word “alpha male”.

The word “PUA” is found 3 times, and each instance deals with the site PUAHate.com

The word “pickup” is found 3 times, and none of them deals with seduction.

The words “slutty” and “whore” are found once each.

The words “red pill”, “misogyny” , “manosphere”, “beta” , “seduction (or seduce)” are not found even ONCE.

Elliot Rodger was mentally ill. His manifesto reveals that people around him saw the red flag of his mental problems, but callous neglect of his case further led to his misanthropy.

I mentioned before about the social dangers which modern men face, which contribute to the psychological sexual desensitization of modern men. Mentally ill men like Elliot Rodger who are in need of proper counseling and support, cannot adapt to the dysfunctional social paradigms that we have constructed and are presently living in.

Elliot’s mind

Rodger’s twisted personality from the manifesto reveals:

  • Psychological problems
  • Inability to accept that life isn’t fair
  • Thinking was primarily emotional, not logical
  • Extreme jealousy, covetousness and capriciousness which would later drive his rage
  • An entitled mindset wanting and expecting everything without effort
  • Pedestalization of sex, and self-loathing because of his virginity
  • A love of utopian fantasy and materialism
  • Hatred of anyone who irritated his grandiose dreams
  • Fear of physical confrontation, rejection and associated flighty behavior
  • Attention seeking behavior by whining and crying
  • Racial fetish: blonde fixation and white race pedestalization – half-Asian Elliot pedestalized white blonde females as the ultimate women
  • Racial antipathy to those who he considered as lower races
  • An inability to separate facts from fiction, and believe anything which held emotional appeal to him
  • Self-pity whenever something was denied to him
  • A crabby demeanor which used to take hurt to imaginary slights
  • A need to fit into the crowd through sexual validation
  • Distrust towards his family and others
  • Passive-aggressiveness, secretiveness  and sneaky behavior
  • “If I can’t have it, no one should” mindset
  • Emotion driven feminine responses (e.g. his approach to eating)

emotional eating

Furthermore, the timeline of events in his manifesto reveal that the actual seeds of misanthropy took root much before in Rodger’s teens, and not after he came to university. He was already a latent misanthrope, waiting to explode, by the time he had reached his school.

Exploring the numerous factors which led to the violence

(click on thumbnails to expand)

An envy driven personality:

1.  jealous





And do read the paragraphs where he refers to himself as “God”.

Exposure to pornography at a young age:


Negative childhood experiences with females:

cruel treatment

A permissive society and media which over-sexualizes young children, making them think sex as a form of self-validation:




4. young 4

 Peer shaming for males using sex:


His conjecture that he lacked a support base:

1.role model

2. role model2

Realization of a modern twisted masculinity social paradigm at a young age:


Formation of his ‘asexual utopia’:


Modern shallow cultural materialism which shaped his perception of life and how he sought to emulate the rich out of envy:





A perception of a dysfunctional world for which he never found answers:


Psychological problems:


Racist bigotry:

1.Racial intolerance

2. Racial intolerance2

Inability to handle exposure to modern over-sexualized female behavior:





 Hatred of people who had sex:

1.hatred 2


3. hatred4

Fallacious thinking that women respond more to reason than emotion when it comes to attraction, and his subsequent inability to accept the reality:



Misanthropy born out of sexual frustration:

His following statement at age 17 directly rebutts feminists who fallaciously accuse PUAs and the manosphere of influencing Rodger into “misogyny”.



His ‘day of retribution’ was to be on the ‘good looking’ individuals whom he hated:

It’s too graphic to quote in entirety here. Search “retribution “in his manifesto to read it in detail.


The final phase was also to include some members of Elliot’s family. A misanthrope who believes in even not sparing his own family, that was what Elliot Rodger had become.

Evasion from authorities allowed him leeway:


What does one infer from reading all the above passages?

Mental illness + sexual frustration + racial bigotry +  twisted callous permissive social paradigms + violent culture + class warfare+ callous treatment of his case, inspite of an attempt of intervention by his family = Monstrous rampage of misanthropy.

A mud-slinging campaign of irresponsible lies

With debate still going on the possible causes, feminists have already solely blamed PUAs and the manosphere for this tragedy. I wonder—before launching a war of irresponsible criminal yellow journalism full of myths which seeks to solely associate Rodger’s violence with PUA and manosphere influence—did these feminist mud slingers bother to even read his manifesto and analyze it to identify these numerous factors, and to even understand that his psychotic misanthropy began much before his teens, and that he was anti-PUA himself?

One of the absurd apologetic theories being thrown around by feminists is that misogynists hate men too. Isn’t ‘misanthrope’, the correct word for such a person who has hatred for both sexes?

Was Elliot Rodger in fact mentally ill, and not a PUA-influenced misogynist as claimed by feminists?

If Elliot Rodger was really a PUA-influenced “misogynist’ as claimed by feminists, then:

  • Why didn’t he approach women?
  • Why did he want to kill men as well?
  • Why did he frequent an anti PUA site, which rubbished PUAs, i.e. PUA Hate.com?

In the timeline in his manifesto, Rodger discovered PUAHate in the spring of 2013 (at 21 or so), much later after his hatred of ‘young’ and ‘beautiful’ people who got sex had already been formed in his mind. Rodger had originally planned his day of retribution to be on Halloween 2013, and he had chosen Isla Vista because of the surplus of ‘good looking’ people there.

His actions and manifesto reveal psychotic misanthropy, rather than ‘misogyny’, which any individual who bothers to logically analyze his manifesto carefully, can conclude. He repeats his hatred for both genders who had sex, while he even planned his ‘First Phase of Retribution’ by beginning to first target men (his male roommates).

 Are PUAs to blame?

‘Game’ is ‘seduction,’ practiced by both genders since antiquity.  What would you call Casanova or Ovid who wrote Ars Amatoria in 2 AD, if they were alive today? PUAs that practiced and preached game. What were their lives all about? Seducing (picking up) women.

Even women practiced and taught ‘Game’. Read the lives of famous courtesans from medieval Europe or from antiquity, who were versed in the same art of ‘seduction’. Ninon de Lenclos was one example of a ‘female PUA’, for she even trained men on how to seduce women.

We’re living in a modern world where these historical characters have either been romanticized or glorified by literature, movies, folklore, etc. So aren’t these people’s media-peddled influences too responsible for ‘influencing’ Elliot Rodger – if it is really so as according to feminists—because they too were PUAs?

An integral part of PUA game theory is to approach women. Rodger talks several times of ‘pain and suffering because of women’ in his manifesto, all because he assumed women rejected him, without even approaching them! This shows he never followed PUA game theory, and instead he was full of excuses. Again, he was a game denialist – a reason why he frequented the PUAHate site.

Elliot Rodger’s traits were of the Nice Guy who self-pitied and self-loathed himself for not getting sex from his ideal women (blondes). He was nowhere a PUA, and definitely not one from the manosphere. If he was ever PUA-influenced, he would’ve focused on self improvement and on ridding himself of his fears of approaching and interacting with women. Most importantly, he would’ve understood and accepted that female rejection, flaking, and male baiting exists in reality. Instead, he avoided the people whom he thought were ‘judging’ him (particularly women whom he liked)—of whom he was afraid. He lacked confidence, paramount to be the ‘alpha’ he hoped to be.

Elliot had also built psychological walls around himself. His manifesto reveals that he would’ve rejected help from men to help him with women, because he would’ve perceived them as braggarts trying to demean him:

rejection of help

Thus, PUAs and the manosphere did not influence his crime, as he hated game theory, the men (PUAs) associated with it or men who were ‘successful’ with women.

Twisted modern social paradigms, the stigma of male virginity, and a covert war of misandry


In his manifesto, Elliot learns this by himself at age 11.

He uses the word ‘virgin’ 70 times throughout his manifesto to loathe himself. Clearly, Rodger felt stigmatized for remaining a virgin in a culture which promotes permissiveness, and often validates a man’s manhood (worth) and social value through copulation. Not that society owed him or anyone of us with sex. But often baits us with it, through media and real life without taking responsibility for it.

Society today presents twisted concepts of masculinity to modern men through media and real life scenarios. As explored from this article:

“Some lonely, dejected men may perhaps need reminding that nobody owes them sex or a relationship, ever.”

Self-pity and self-loathing are not attractive traits, but they’re not in themselves misogynistic.”

(Elliot’s traits of self pity and self loathing)

There is a danger in labeling men like this as misogynists or creeps, and it is not just the emotional harm to the men themselves. As feminists will be the first to explain, our culture polices masculinity. Those who deviate from an assertive, even aggressive masculinity are shamed as wimps or with homophobic slurs.”

Some of the links below (some from feminist sites) are all related to the internet rage against the Nice Guy syndrome – what Elliot embodied.

Who’s pushing the need for a “nice guy” to be an “alpha” here?

Contemporary women themselves often acknowledge preferring the nice guy for marriage, but not dating, in a twisted modern social paradigm. Thus nice guys finish last, even if they do somehow manage to finish at the finishing line.  Elliot Rodger was 22. Some say that he should’ve hired a prostitute to get laid. But he states that he found them to be beneath him:


Elliot Rodger’s lifestyle was actually what the cultural left espouses for modern men. Didn’t feminism contribute to this violence? Rather, some say that “violence doesn’t have a race, a class, a religion, or a nationality, but it does have a gender.” This reeks of the modern inflated misandrist meme of feminists that all men are predators.

Are men the violent gender alone?

What about females raping men, almost as often but  under-reported?

What about men facing female violence and brutality, but quietly ‘sucking it up’, due to modern social conditioning? What about  feminist violence towards children through abortion? Are these women then not ‘misopedists’?

Game theory redux

In the modern world, with the shifting of gender roles, resurgent seduction theory has changed. The ‘nice guy’ or ‘chivalrous gentleman’, as seen above, is now often the ideal only in fiction, not reality. As we read Elliot’s manifesto, his experiences from his social environment and college life further corroborate this fact.

We’re living in an increasingly permissive society which baits and bombards us with sex. Can we deny this fact? A person with modern game knowledge understands this, and adapts his game (i.e. seduction strategies) accordingly. Rodger couldn’t handle nor do this.

He chose a passive approach to attract women:  focus primarily on appearance and displays of wealth or status—hoping to generate attraction and expect women to initiate or chase –as he had seen wealthy men being chased by women.

Reading his manifesto, one wonders whether his coy approach to attract women, was also possibly influenced by him misconstruing the Law of Attraction with his mentally ill and fantasy filled mind:

Law of Attraction

Elliot Rodger’s case has many analogies. The story of Max Wade , published on ROK earlier, too shows some similarities minus mental problems: quick wealth and status seeking mindset, inability to handle rejection, easy access to arms, a blonde fixation, and an entitled complex that women owe sex because of cash and status. Again, was Max Wade red pill or a PUA student?

The degeneration of Rodger’s utopia

Elliot’s manifesto reveals a grown up male who felt his masculinity being policed by permissive ideals which he felt he had to validate through sex, while he saw women around him whose sexuality wasn’t policed at the same time. Women are the gatekeepers of sex and even more so with today’s liberal twisted modern social paradigms of sexuality. Rodger couldn’t accept this fact, as he thought he was a superior ‘gentleman’ who ‘deserved’ sex.


Today, women are not as socially constrained as their predecessors when it comes to mate selection and initiation of sex. Women (and men) unanimously say that ‘no one is “entitled” to sex’. You can only “entitle” yourself to a legalized “sexual right” – e.g. within marriage, where sex becomes a conjugal “right”, not a conjugal privilege.Sex has more or less become a conjugal privilege within marriages, thus “entitlement to sex” within marriages itself has become a contentious topic of debate, leading to sometimes sexless marriages.

Twisted masculinity and dysfunctional permissive social paradigms cannot be handled by the mentally ill

Men today have adapted themselves to permissive modern society by either choosing to go with the flow of social trends to be indifferent and jump on the feminist bandwagon, or learning game to adapt to it. The sexually frustrated ‘nice guys’ risk turning misogynist or even worse, misanthrope, like Rodger. These double standard laden social paradigms cannot be understood by mentally ill men, who need counseling and support.

Rodger’s case was that of a mentally ill child who could never get his most cherished desire—sex with his ideal women, i.e. blondes. He felt his life would’ve had meaning if he got validated through sex and losing his virginity.  Our permissive modern society conditions young adults and youngsters especially to assert their sexualities by losing their virginity as soon as they attain puberty while adulthood and self-worth is validated through permissiveness and sex partner count.  Again, not everyone can partake in it. At the same time, no one is entitled to it.

‘Elliot Rodger was a misogynist virgin loser’ is what some people have unbelievably commented in numerous blogs and articles. His crime was undoubtedly unforgivable. As seen above earlier, Elliot’s behavior leaned towards misanthropy. But why is his virginity highlighted to be stereotyped as a criminal or dysfunctional trait? What effect would these twisted social paradigms have on growing up children and the mentally ill? To highlight a culture which celebrates sluts and shames virgins?

An average male today, however, tolerates twisted modern social paradigms of sexuality and male baiting ‘to fit’ into modern society. But, our society must look within to address these very hypocritical social paradigms, to understand the law of cause and effect in this scenario.

Ancient Sparta used eugenics to select the fittest individuals to include in their society, while those who were unfit were thrown into a chasm on Mount Taygetos in their infancy.

spartan eugenics

We have the same eugenic paradigm for modern men to prove themselves, albeit in a psychological, sexual and social way.  The Mount Taygetos of twisted modern masculinity eugenics today is administrated and policed by permissiveness, male baiting and feminist ideals. You either suck up and man up to these twisted societal paradigms, or you fail to adapt, only to be discarded to live a life of a sexual reject aka ‘Nice Guys’ or get branded as a ‘misogynist’ or a ‘player’ if you choose to ‘exploit’ this scenario . But mentally ill individuals like Rodger cannot adapt to this, and so they need counseling and adequate mental healthcare.

With due course of time, Elliot’s case will also fade from people’s memories. And all these factors will unfortunately continue to thrive in our culture.

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  1. Does hell have virgin blondes with wings and halos? Society created the monster!They will never take responsibility for the double standard of idolising the locked up pussy while loathing chastity in men.

    1. No. Blondes are sought after for biological reasons by men of other races. This is not a social construct. We are dealing with prime directives here.

      1. I never said they weren’t!its just evident and culture that’s its over women are over worshipped especially for trivial attributes that they can easily (in modernity) change.e.g hair color, breast size or even lip size.

  2. B-but I thought the whole incident was all a false flag fake… That’s what that last article said.
    Why devote so much time to fisking writings which are obviously just a government forgery? Unless maybe you yourself are part of the illuminati lizard people, and trying to convince us otherwise?? Truth!!11!

    1. This site has no agenda, it is a collection of articles written by people whose only similarity is that they practice ‘game’ as it is known in the dating world.

        1. Was someone holding a gun to your head to make you come here?
          Or to force you to read that article?
          This website is one of the few places on the Internet where we are not subjected to the filtered and sanitized PC MSM elite agenda propaganda.
          It dont dont like the article, dont read it. GTFO.

        2. The article you’re talking about was a one off; a bad day for RoK. Generally the standards of writing and discourse on here are very high.

        3. Well, it the overt sensationalism and obvious conspiracy theory angle were not apparent to you after the first few sentences you could see if your local community college offers some nice evening reading comprehension classes…

        4. A little conspiracy theory isnt a bad thing. It keeps you thinking.
          My personal fav was always the Black UN Helicopters of the NWO.

  3. A couple of valid points.
    Here’s one I disagree with. Racial Bigotry.
    To a degree we are all racialist. Tribal if you will. Rodger was Leucocentric or Leucofixated. I’m not sure what the best Latin/Greek portmanteau is in his case. He’s a pretty typical ethnic misfit among whites.
    Thomas Mann in his Tonio Kruger expressed similar attitudes. Tonio is half German half swarthy Italian.
    None of his racial attitudes are unusual. Mix them with schizophrenia and starve them of sex and you get trouble.

    1. You can have a racial preference in terms of who you would like to live next to or date, however if you call people inferior, dirty, scum etc. for having a different racial background I think you can be called a racist bigot.

      1. Bigotry isn’t a crime. It’s just bad manners. Possibly.
        Rodger himself was a non-white who had a Leukopsychosis that stems from being a half breed product of an interracial marriage.

        1. Nobody said it was a crime. I believe in the 1st amendment however I also judge people (like anyone) based upon how they behave.

        2. You get arrested for racial incitement if you go off the handle like Emma West.
          So many systems of justice see it as criminal.

  4. As I mentioned before in the previous article by Roosh that Game could have saved lives, I don’t believe so in this instance as Elliot Rodgers was doomed from the start. What he needed was a crisis intervention specialist and to be treated in a mental asylum. Because if he was taught Game, he would immediately explode the moment he experienced his first real rejection or flake from a girl due to his mental inability to cope with the experience.
    However, I want to make a point to any feminists or mangina supporting readers who see this article: This is a warning to all you ultra left wing “progressives”. Do Not twist this tragedy into a public agenda where you attempt to wage war against all men. Because if you do, we will be more than ready to meet you head on and we will not stop until your ideology and agenda is hammered into bloody pulp to the ground. This is not a threat. It is a promise.
    And to end it, let me unapologetically spit on your #yesallwomen crap.

    1. If the kid had been born in a different time and place then that incident would have never occurred. It was just a perfect storm of bad outcomes that led to it.
      Most men have to go through the same things he went through our whole lives.
      Most of us just learn how to deal with it.
      I think its time to let his poor soul rest.

    2. Thing is… there is almost always a bell-curved normal distribution when we talk about populations.
      If everyone learns Game… there will still be those at the better end of the curve, and those at the worse-off end of the curve. If everyone in society learned Game, Rodgers and his ilk would still be AFCs at the worse-off end…
      Game is not a permanent solution for social stability. Its just getting us by for now.

      1. Not much of a problem actually. Once you’ve had sex, you realize it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure it’s good, but is it comparable to skydiving, cocaine, or winning a fight? No. I think that if every one of those losers got laid once, they’d realize there wasn’t much they were actually missing out on.

    3. If a girl fucked him as soon as they had ” pillow talk” she would have realized he was batshit insane and ran for the hills. He would have killed her and anyone trying to stop him from killing her. If she left him for someone else the narcissistic injury would have been too much for him to bear and he would have had his Day of Retribution on her and her new man. This kid was so beyond fucked by 17 years old I do not believe there was anything that could have helped him have a remotely healthy relationship with a woman. He needed to be drugged and institutionalized for a long time.

      1. Not really. He was not as much homicidal, as suicidal. That is, life was torture for him and his main priority was to end the suffering. That meant having sex or ending his own life. Killing other people was a secondary objective: revenge and to show off how much he meant it.

    4. This has been popping up on my FB feed lately, posted by the usual suspects. Read if you can stomach it. My favorite parts are when he emails the feminist who doesn’t bother to email him back, and where he white knights for a gay guy.

    5. Elliot’s narcissism is just a defense mechanism for his shame of being a 22 year old virgin. I lived in Santa Barbara for a year in 2007 and it is a tough place to pick women up if you dont have game. The girls are rich, beautiful and they know it, plus there is alot of competition from the guys in Cali. Everyone has alot of money and social circles are hard to break into. I was playing football at SBCC, the junior college there, and it was tough for me and I was in great shape and had experience with women.
      Its no place for a virgin, although a guy in a BMW can pick up girls anywhere on Earth. He should have tried other cities, all of the players here know that some cities just dont agree with you, no matter how hard you try. I spent some time in Georgia and couldn’t pull a hamstring to save my life, then moved to Columbus, Ohio and put up big numbers. Its part of the game.
      Plus ge put on a bodybuilding site that he was 5′ 9″ 135lbs. He must have some mental issue to think girls are looking for those stats.
      ….or it was all a hoax to villify PUA’s and the manosphere. Ive already seen women commenting on the article Roosh wrote his last article (about the spinsters going to SF) with women saying things like “that’s the type of misogyny that caused the Elliott Rogers shooting”. Feminism is a big part if this modern Marxist brainfucking that we are in the middle of and they will do whatever to keep it going.

      1. You know, I really hate it when people bring up Marx on feminism. Marx’s philosophy was liberal economically, conservative socially. Feminism is some strange inversion of his economic egalitarianism and destruction of capital which seeks to create equality among two biologically different beings by destroying social capital. Marx’s philosophy about the proletariate and the bourgeois was at least thinkable because the people those classes are made of are the same anatomically, and capital is something that doesn’t exist everywhere there are animals. Feminism is fucked from the getgo because of biology and the fact that animals *always* have social capital. This arises because social capital is defined as that which makes one valuable to others, and animals only share (or copulate), with those which have value, ie something to contribute. Lionesses will always avoid beta lions, and female fish will always guard their eggs from unsuitable mates. Males will always discard undesirable females. There is no changing this, because to change this paradigm would be to undo evolution. That’s why feminism will ultimately fail.

    6. #yesallwomen = collective claim to victimhood.
      I’ll say it again: The far left is dangerously pro-social.

    7. Actually, we should just let them take over and change laws. Sure, it will suck, but when they do, tragedies like these will become commonplace, and they’ll eventually figure the error in their ways and fix the broken system. It’s gonna happen anyway.

    8. Game? He could have just gotten himself a White bitch, not like there is any shortage of these in California.

  5. This is a really interesting breakdown. However, I think this is more accurate…
    You see, Elliot Rodger was transported to the moon on a remote control Boeing 767 and is now getting his toe nails clipped by Osama Bin Laden while Elvis performs a live medly of the songs Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, and Jailhouse Rock in the background. I know this because Mossad and Lee Harvey Oswald sent this information to earth after obtaining it from an extra terrestrial life form known as the Jewnicorns from Jewpiter. All of this startling information was communicated to me through an obscure Youtube video made by some balding derelict with a ratty ponytail living in a trailer park outside Tuscaloosa Alabama. So I know it’s legit.
    Don’t fuck with me on this…


      1. I don’t think I like your fucking tone NothingMan00! If that is your real name! I knew it wouldn’t be long before one of you 757 fags showed up! Illuminati puppet? Bitch, please. RODGERTRUTH69420’s blog is a mother fucking joke. Now TinFoilDoyle007? That son of a bitch has a REAL BLOG BRO! Fucking trolling my thread with your 757 shit. The 757 is a narrow-body jet while the 767 is a wide-body. OF COURSE they would have used the wide-body to go to the moon to carry all the weight of Elliot’s virginity. You’re dead to me NothingMan00, thought you were fucking cool bro.

        1. You are both fucking stupid! It was clearly a space shuttle, fucking troll! Fuck both of you, I know the truth my cat told me.

      1. Here’s the tl:dr.
        The US gov’t has been reverse-engineering extraterrestrial craft since 1947 and this phenomenon is the one thing that can save our economy from a complete collapse – the infusion of exotic top-secret technology into the civilian technology sector.
        But please, go back to slamming 6’s and slagging the intellectually curious.

        1. But please, go back to slamming 6’s and slagging the intellectually curious.

          I up-voted you because I’m definitely borrowing this insult. Thank you sir.

  6. So he was “mentally ill” for failing to adapt to the SICK culture of modern America. Actually, isn’t that a sign of health? And aren’t the true mentally ill people the ones who adapt and fit in perfectly with such a sick culture?
    Modern American culture is sick, it is evil. The sooner America collapses, the better the world will be.

  7. Good and valid points raised here. The mental healthcare system in America is totally broken. If you have a mental problem, you’re treated as an outcast, and socially named as a retard, or a weirdo, or a psycho. And a lot of people under-report their mental problems out of a fear of social shaming. And such people then go on to become sociopaths.
    A lot of women in America are also psychologically ill. Sluts are also example of that, not kidding here. Arguing with them to explain the wickedness of their ways will get you nowhere because they DO have mentally impairment. Many of them fuck about because they have schizophrenia disorders which are under-reported to the mental health care system. A large number of the new generation has mental issues. Feminism will only corrupt these women even more.
    Overall, it’s a good and interesting post.

  8. “We have the same eugenic paradigm for modern men to prove themselves, albeit in a psychological, sexual and social way. The Mount Taygetos of twisted modern masculinity eugenics today is administrated and policed by permissiveness, male baiting and feminist ideals. You either suck up and man up to these twisted societal paradigms, or you fail to adapt, only to be discarded to live a life of a sexual reject aka ‘Nice Guys’ or get branded as a ‘misogynist’ or a ‘player’ if you choose to ‘exploit’ this scenario .”
    This last paragraph hit the nail for me as this is what I’ve been thinking about lately.
    This idea needs to be taken to the mainstream… men are going to be forced to war with each other to have access to women.
    It starts with relational aggression which I see on ground-zero right now with white knights and manginas basically screwing their fellow men over in terms of career and social life for a shot at pussy…
    Eventually, as the economic machine starts to collapse and not enough men work to full capacity, it will devolve into crime and violent aggression.
    What truly bothers me about it is that feminists simply will not acknowledge their role in this. When the torches come out she’ll fuck the guy who turned her brother to ashes.
    RedPill ideas have to go mainstream……. this isn’t some special club…. these are paradigms/propagandas that affect everyone in society (except those running the show). We’re being brainwashed… and this isn’t unique to this point in history.
    “RedPill” or whatever… we’re just talking about what appears to be true. Spinster armies and the occasional murder from a social reject is nothing really when you consider gradual but total social collapse.

    1. “Super” Clark Kent – I have commented a number of times on the double standards which women promote in the dating game, and been widely criticized,by women, for that point of view.Things are changing, but it will not be pretty.

  9. Very good and well-written article (possibly the most realistic discussion of Elliot’s case so far here) which explores the various factors which could’ve possibly contributed to the shooting.
    The only thing I however disagree with is ” the conjecture that he lacked a support base” part. Elliot in fact did lack a support base from his family. His father, a beta, was a weak man, who didn’t groom him properly. And his slutty sister and an equally distant mother were more shitty influences in his life, which made him look at women negatively. His mental problems were ignored or not attended to properly by his parents. This is the state of commercialized modern families in America.

    1. Totally disagree. Kid was nuts, the family attempted to intervene with psychologists and psychiatrists. He couldn’t legally be committed.
      He’s also a product of the Multicult.

      1. They also hired nannies… Paying another kind of servant to deal with the problem is not caring. And those psychologists were probably booked solid with neurotic women crying about being pumped and dumped by bad boys and bored trophy wives looking for recreational prescriptions, and hadn’t done real work in decades.

        1. That too.
          But nothing was going to stop the nutter short of institutionalizations.

    2. According to the manifesto. His stepmother that his father moved in with was a heartless bitch. You can also find pictures of his stepmother’s ass taken by his father on the internet.

  10. This is the result of being raised by a weak beta, or omega father. This is epidemic. Beta men and white knights are the cause of most of the evil in the modern west, because they are weak pathetic worms who hand the reigns of power over to the least deserving, least fit to lead among us. Look at Obama. Put there by weak, white beta males and the women they empower. Manginas/White Knights/Beta males must be crushed if they refuse to swallow the red pill. You can hear this kid’s loathing of his father dripping off the page. Hatred of your own parent is a confusing thing and drives many to madness. Sounds like this piece of shit liberal father deserved to be loathed.
    Liberals are deadly parasites on society. When they’ve had their fill of your material wealth, they go after your mind, your spirit, your culture. They never stop until they are eradicated.

  11. Bit long – I’ve only skimmed through it as yet – but there needs to be more of this type of analysis. Content analysis and discourse analysis are actually tools which feminism in particular has used with great effectiveness against men. The devil is in the detail and this manifesto and being able to break apart its mechanics proves this little brat was everything the manosphere stands against.
    There have been a number of articles breaking down TV programmes etc – but this is the most systematic so far. Rodger’s manifesto was hopefully a one-off, lets see these skills applied to the type of ‘text’ that is trying to poison our atmosphere with seditious left ideology

  12. The thing which pissed me off when I finished reading this post was, that the Rebecca Solnit cunt is a real miserable bitch.
    “Violence doesn’t have a race, a class, a religion, or a nationality, but it does have a gender.”
    What the fuck does she want from men? She’s juxtaposing the kid’s shooting with her own hatred against men, to sell her fucking her shitty book.The #yesallwomen crap, is a war against men. None of these women deserve a real man in their life.The state of culture against men in America today is fucking pathetic.

    1. Women are regressing into babies. In the past women were active in terrorist movements, carried out assassinations, a teenage girl even had the ambition to break ground in the field of school shootings. In the 21st century they sit on their fat asses and criticize daddy.

      1. Yeah but that Rebecca Solnit is a witch, cooking up spells of misandry.
        WTF? Did her father rape her? Can’t understand these bitches. Her statement is a direct attack on masculinity.

      2. Women today are too busy killing there own children in ever more
        inventive and cruel ways.

        1. ‘All Women are Misopedists’.
          That should be the slogan of the manosphere.

        2. The point here is the difference in media attention between
          male and female crimes.
          When they find a woman with her freezer full of dead babies,
          the media attention is far, far less then in cases like this.(Elliott Rodger)
          But the crime is at least as bad I would say.

    2. “Violence doesn’t have a race, a class, a religion, or a nationality, but it does have a gender.”

      Then I guess Aileen Wuornos was a figment of everyone’s imaginations?

      Aileen Carol Wuornos (February 29, 1956 – October 9, 2002) was an American serial killer who killed seven men in Florida in 1989 and 1990. Wuornos claimed that her victims had either raped or attempted to rape her while she was working as a prostitute, and that all of the homicides were committed in self-defense.

      1. Rebecca bitch solnit will probably justify it as murders in ‘seld-defense’.

    3. As a red pill man, I can’t really disagree with the statement that violence is generally male. As far as I know, the overwhelming majority of serious acts of physical violence are performed by men.

      1. “Overwhelming” does not mean “Solely”.
        Her statement is full of shit, like she is. Women commit violence against men (Lorena Bobbit) and rape men too. Fuck Solnit and all those feminist lying bitches who think women are sinless angels.

        1. Solnit has shit for brains and obviously doesn’t know about history at all. Women have shown that they are capable of mass scale violence as well as men. Maybe even worse. Look at the exploits of Boudica of Britain, Hangaku Gozen of Japan, Margaret of Anjou and so on. These women killed and ordered hundreds to be executed as well. Fast forward to the modern day, we have serial killers like Nannie Doss and Aileen Wurnos and the recent attempted murder of a girl by her two 12 year old female friends. And yet, the MSM refuses to acknowledge that women are just as capable of violence and murder as well as men.
          This is the most sickening part of society. The double standards and male shaming involved. Sites like RoK are badly needed to counter the blue pill crap coming from the media, feminazis and mangina college professors.

      2. As far as I know, the overwhelming majority of serious acts of physical violence are performed by men.

        True but only because the world is predominantly (and fortunately for us) male-dominated. If the entire world were female-dominated, we would have as many, if not more serious acts of physical violence and war.
        Queen Mary of England burned thousands of religious dissenters at the stake, Isabella I of Spain burned thousands at the stake during the Spanish inquisition initiated the colonization of the New World.
        In recent memory, Margaret Thatcher launched the Falklands war; contributed to the Cold War build-up of nuclear weapons in Europe; bombed Libya; supported foreign dictators like Augusto Pinochet and so forth.
        There have been countless female dictators, tyrants and warmongers throughout history (e.g. Elizabeth Báthory, Elena Ceauşescu and Catherine the Great to name a few more).
        To ignore the existence of female deviancy anti-social behavior and pretend as if male hegemony holds a monopoly on tyranny, colonialism and deadly force would be intellectually irresponsible at best, childish at it’s absolute worst.
        That “If women ruled the world there would be no wars” bullshit is feminist rhetoric meant to put-down men.

        1. If the world were female dominated, there would be *less* acts of physical violence (in the form of political persecution as you described) and war.
          Females aren’t smart enough to invent Communism (the ultimate form of tyranny which was intended as a trick of enslavement) or finance wars and political agitation through the use of central banking (as the Rothschild, etc have done for centuries).
          But wait….those things are “conspiracies”…NEVERMIND!

        2. Do you think a chick could write the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Read it sometime, it’s full of useful information 🙂 lolz

        3. If the world were female dominated, there would be *less* acts of physical violence

          Depends on how you define ‘female dominated’ really. If we’re talking females hold most of the political power while men still make up the bulk of the foot-slogging infantry, then I can absolutely guarantee that we will see more war.
          They might not be keen on doing the fighting themselves, but when it comes to sending other women’s sons off to die in battle I doubt they’ll even feel a single pang of guilt or remorse.

        4. My apologies for the delayed response. While you spent the evening reading ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ and softly masturbating to Lee Ann McAdoo so your mother doesn’t overhear your activities from the adjacent room, I was out meeting women. Do you remember what those are? Try leaving the house schizoid. Give the weird shit a rest.

        5. Ruckus, are you seriously talking to yourself?! Lmfao! How are you able to access the internet from the safe room you wallpapered with tin foil from Sam’s Club to avoid NSA surveillance, you fucking faggot. You have no peers here. Go troll GLP.

      3. performed by men raised by single mothers
        children from a fatherless home are:
        5 times more likely to commit suicide
        32 times more likely to run away
        20 times more likely to have behavioral disorders
        14 times more likely to commit rape
        9 times more likely to drop out of school
        10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances
        9 times more likely to end up in a state operated institution
        20 times more likely to end up in prison

      4. The monopoly on violence that men have is a product of social dynamics. The top dogs always regulate violence in most communities, regardless of the species. No one else is allowed to be violent while they’re around. If you look at “aggression” as opposed to violence, women on the other hand are just as aggressive or perhaps a little more so than men. This may be because as men, we’ve evolved checks and balances because of the “true cost” of all out violence. Growing up, we play fought just about everyday. By the end of the day, we were sharing juice boxes and snacks. When girls fought, blood feuds were created that lasted months and even years!

      5. Violence is not a universal evil, it took violence to stop Eliot’s rampage.

    4. Men are violent in the same sense that men are the ones who around doing stuff instead of having sessions of experience sharing and catty debates over what may or may not be “Okay”.
      Besides, you know what else has a gender?
      About 95% of human achievements.

    5. That rebecca cunt apparently never heard of Manboobz. A website where many women openly express violence against men…..

  13. Who gives a damn about what a psychotic narcissist wrote? Can ROK move on from Elliot Rodgers?

    1. It does matter what he wrote, because what he wrote will be used against men. And it is being used against men, by selective quoting by feminists who represent the mainstream media today. To try to suppress the truth is what they’ve been doing, and are still doing.

  14. It could be safely argued to prove that the manosphere was not responsible for the shooting, as seen from this article. The funny thing to be noted is “misogynists hate men too”. Feminists will stoop to nothing to link Elliot with the manosphere. Good to find that his own manifesto rejects it itself.

  15. So, the BMW didn’t get him laid? A few drinks and a bit of charm are the core of the working method. If he had swapped the shiny car for a gym membership and a nice shirt I doubt we’d be reading this now. Among other things, this guy was lazy, materialist and entitled. So sad that lives were taken.

  16. I agree to the premise of this article.
    America needs adequate mental healthcare create crisis-intervention to prevent such cases in the future. And also to have a look at the liberal promiscuous values in society today. This kid even enrolled to UCSB just because he thought he could get laid there. It shows how much sex-hungry the modern American kid is. Not to mention the other factors as this article shows. Indifference to these factors will eventually result more such cases in the future, and more media wars against masculinity in America. Liked how the concept of sexual baiting was too tackled. Jezebel readers trolling this site are sure to get butthurt. Women take no responsibility for cock teasing men today. Mental patients like Elliot will show them what responsibility is when it comes to decorum. I do wonder why the factor of the police’s indifference was underexplored within this article though. Men don’t have to teach sluts how to be conservative. Sluts today will have to worry about Elliot Rodger mental patients types. They’ll teach them a lesson for sure.

  17. Excellent post. One thing a feminist can’t argue is that PUAs and red pill was ever responsible for this shooting anymore. The arguments are very powerful in favor of the manosphere, and exonerate both PUAs as well as red pill from this shooting. Every feminist and media brainwashed individual ought to read this article. PUAs had not influenced this shooting in any way, Rodger himself says he perceived them as pompous and condescending, to stay away from them.

  18. Finally, an intelligent dissertation on the Elliot
    Rodgers massacre. But, I have to be truthful.
    I will NEVER utalize game. I went into my room
    at 12 years old, and never learned even the most
    rudimentry socialization skills. My shadow has never
    darkened the doorway of a club in 56 years and never
    will. So I sit and watch life (?) pass by with the
    knowledge that I am soon to enter the black void
    of death having never lived. But I’ve got news for
    you: When you join me in that black void, it won’t
    matter whether you’ve had sex 1,000’s of times,
    or none at all.

    1. Trust me bro – ya wont be missing much. Pussy isnt what its cracked up to be.

  19. America is indeed a culture which celebrates sluts and shames virgins.
    And more kids will become like Elliot Rodger, I’m afraid. Even more now, as many news articles are showcasing him as a virgin murderer. LOL at American mentality.

    1. HAHA!!! If you’re a virgin, you’re not only a loser but evil!
      This is an interesting point imo.

      1. I think that played an important role in that kid’s mind. HIS VIRGINITY. True, he could’ve lost it to a whore, but society ingrained him that he must lose it by banging a ‘normal’ girl. He probably felt demonized for remaining a virgin by the culture around him. This is what America does to kids. Makes them sexually active without making them psychologically mature and responsible for their sexual choices. Especially teenage girls. And men become demons for being a virgin. And even mocked for being one. That’s what I agreed, America is indeed a culture which celebrates sluts and shames virgins.

        1. I am from Europe and I find the US to be far more repressed, the American pop culture is very sexual but the society itself does not seem so imo with all the feminism (shaming male sexuality) and Christianity (shaming any sexuality), high age of consent etc.

        2. You answered yourself already, when you described male shaming through feminism.
          In America, women are the sluttiest. But only to the top 20% of men. It’s not like Europe where women tend to be more open with sleeping with anyone, but they slut it out less.

        3. There is this site called ask.fm, it is very popular here. Couple weeks ago I stumbled across this girls profile, she is 15 and browsed through some of the questions, there was I think an envious teenage girl telling her: (this was when she was still 14)
          “You think you are a cool girl having broken up with so many guys, you are nothing but a whore”
          and she answered something along these lines:
          “What are you talking about you dumb motherfucking cunt? I have broken up with only two guys, the rest of them broke up with me”
          In fact this is fairly normal, you can see plenty of 14 year old chicks dating 20 and something year olds. I would go as far as saying that girls are WAY sluttier in Europe than in the US, you will almost never find a hot girl who lost virginity after the age of 15-16.
          There is absolutely no family unit here in the Czech Republic, old people are left by their families in nursing homes to die, distant family members are almost unknown, people are extremely cold and emotionally distant. Your “slavic paradise” as a lot of PUAs and also white supremacists refer to does not exist.
          If you want to snatch a girl and leave go for it, many girls will be grateful as they do not expect much from life, if you have enough money to live upper class life (middle class in the US) living in downtown Prague could be worthy. Otherwise however, I doubt you could ever be happy.

        4. I speak good English so I understand the culture very well and I consider the American women to be the least attractive in the world. American women are the most annoying, fattest, dumbest most gold-digging women you can imagine but the sluttiest? Haha no way.

    2. Robert and “guest” – Do not hold your breath! NO ONE wants to talk about the culture which produces the Elliott Rodgers’ of the world, but they will throw around insults and blame when these incidents happen!

  20. ““Violence doesn’t have a race, a class, a religion, or a nationality, but it does have a gender.”
    What’s wrong with that bitch? She got raped, or does she have rape fantasies?

    1. Isn’t that how American women and society think today? That men are THE ENEMY?

      1. Violence most certainly has a disproportionate race angle. It’s even got a class angle.
        If you count abortion as infanticide the murder score is also heavily female.

  21. There are two things that could have stopped Elliot:
    1) new opinions/strategies for getting women. Stop hoping for romance. This is the 21st century, and you lived in California, Elliot. The women are attention whoring narcissists. They might also reject natural gender roles. So if they are capable of “love” at all, they are not going to love a “gentleman.” Gentleman are obsolete in today’s world, so adapt or die. Learn game, or live the life of a blue pill clown who sucks up to the every whim of women while trying not to think about the fact that that modern American women will not reciprocate your love and efforts in any way, shape, or form.
    2) Preferably, Elliot should have had male companionship, especially with a father figure. Instead, he was a mommas boy; but momma couldn’t help him because she has no idea of the way male emotions work. He needed male empathy and guidance. His one friend, James, played video games all the time and shied away from Elliot when Elliot started acting crazy.
    I’m not sure how much the professional psychological help would have changed things for Elliot. Apparently he did see therapists and get medication. Elliot is the kind of guy who just would not listen to therapists or remember to take his pills.
    Sedation pills have stopped many murders and suicides, but they can not stop all. Rather than trying to drug humans into obedience to the current social system, which I view to be unfavorable, I would rather help the humans adapt to the system, or even change the system so that we don’t need upwards of 20 percent of the population on Xanax, Ativan, etc. to keep society from crumbling to Hell. And that is what the manosphere is all about.

    1. How would Elliot understand all those things, when he was mentally ill?
      That kid needed to be quarantined to be mentally treated properly. Not by putting him into the slutty materialistic American mainstream culture

      1. It would be best for him to have had male guidance *early* in life, like in middle school. These are crucial years.

  22. “Inability to accept that life isn’t fair”
    This is by far the most damaging thing for people in my experience. Most of the rage and resentment from both men and women stems from the inability to accept the fact that we don’t live in an ideal world. It is certainly the main fuel that drives feminism.
    This mentality ultimately leads to failure, with few exceptions. The earlier it is discarded the better

  23. I couldn’t make it through to the end because I’m heading to a meeting, but from what I read, Rodger has far more in common with feminist than Roosh suggested the other day. His hatred of people that experience the (sexual) pleasure he cannot is identical in it’s causes, processes and outcome to that of feminists’ hatred of men (and women). Also like feminist, he has obvious homosexual tendencies; that line about hating the men that took away the women etc. could be translated “I hate the women that took the men away and the males deserve it for choosing women over me”. Any psychiatrist would readily agree with this assessment. While he may have been influenced by cultural forms of aggression (video games, movies, etc.) they are by no means the cause of this tragedy. Indeed, if it weren’t for the weakness of females in general, feminist would go on mass killings like this one every day.

    1. I agree. I remember a feminist counter protest at my university last year. EVERY single one of the ~one hundred feminists in the protest was disgusting looking. No doubt, a huge factor influencing their ideology is they can’t get laid, and they know it. No wonder they are so pissy.

  24. I’ve been in Elliot Rodger’s shoes and it really hurt. I was a kissless aspie virgin until I got a mail-order bride at age 28. She was manic-depressive, a bad combo, so we quickly split, but it broke me out of the “no woman wants me so I have to marry anything I can get” mentality. Over the following years, I fucked a couple of sluts, then married a 27-year-old kissless aspie virgin. Ten years later, we have four adorable children (though one is autistic — damn aspie genes).
    I’ve still never kissed a woman of my own nationality, only East-Europeans. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest — if Walmart doesn’t have something I need, I get it somewhere else.

    1. I’m a 16-year old aspie, and I’ve never had a date myself. I still plan on it one day though, and you’re proof it can happen. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Who the fuck is this Rebecca Solnit hag?
    Saying that men are the lone violent gender? What a disgrace to humanity she is, she didn’t deserve to come out from her father’s loins.

    1. For that matter, all feminists didn’t deserve to come out of their father’s loins.

    2. She came up with the term ‘mansplaining’ – the act of a man speaking to a woman with the assumption that she knows less than he does about the topic being discussed on the basis of her gender.
      What we do here basically! LOL

  26. I don’t understand this new found obsession the manosphere has with trying to distance itself from Elliott Rodger. Who fucking cares what he was? So the feminists like to play the guilt by association game. Let them. Again, who cares? The manosphere is a loose collection of bloggers. A virtual non-entity. You’re not some political party that has to answer to a greater authority.
    You guys spend way too much time reading blogs.

    1. The manosphere distances itself from Elliot Rodger, because feminists initially tried to link him to the manosphere. It’s not rocket science to understand.
      The first two weeks have been full of lies in almost every article which has published on this story, linking it with the manosphere. If the manosphere does not reply back, it’s silence will eventually be labelled as its admittance to influencing Rodger.

    2. Secondly, are you a feminist?
      Feminists cannot argue against the facts produced in this article which show that the manosphere was not related to this in any way. Ever since the week of the shooting, you’d see commentators writing here saying that the manosphere was responsible for this, without producing a fucking fact of evidence whatsoever to back up their claims. The facts in this post destroys all those claims once and for all.

      1. Who are you? The head of the manosphere? What are you so worried about? That the marines will come knocking on your door for your “participation” in the “manosphere”, which may or may not have partially influenced Elliott Rodger in some capacity or another?
        This entire thing is a complete non-issue. That you can’t seem to grasp this makes you sound like little kids.

        1. Hiding behind “anonymous” does not give you the privilege of asking of who I am. This is a propaganda war, and must be fought back tooth and nail.

  27. Jezebel and feminism has a lot to answer for creating the Nice Guy syndrome, as seen in the links in this article.
    And for ultimately creating monsters like Elliot Rodger.
    They need to answer society for that.

    1. They won’t answer society for it though. This is the new normal. It will happen more and more and people will ask why, but they have no intention of fixing it let alone even hearing the answer to their own question.

  28. Gosh, I wish women would stop plotting to murder 16 year old head cheerleaders just so their daughters can become one, or murdering their children just to show their boyfriend of the month there’s no kids to interfere in their relationship, or being such rotten mothers that their 12 year old daughters stab someone else’s daughter 19 times and leave her for dead (thank God she survived and was just released from the hospital) or having their daughters drive another 12 year girl to suicide via vicious attacks on Facebook…
    Let us never stop reminding these feminists what evil cutthroats they are to each other.

  29. The majority of people want to live in a fantasy world. Where only horrible , evil , mentally ill people commit murder.
    The world we actually live in is one where almost anyone (No matter how, mentally,socially,emotionally and physically sound) can and would commit murder with the requisite pressures placed on them.
    He made a plan to kill ,decided and carried it out.
    I think any beliefs a person may or may not have are independent of the decision to kill. Vis a vis the “modular mind” theory.
    So … can we just blame the motherfucker for what he did.

    1. You are absolutely right. People want to FEEL superior that is why they dehumanize criminals, prostitutes and other unfortunate human wreckage.
      This does not apply to the successful however, they must have BEEN LUCKY, there is no other way, if I went through all of that positive conditioning/luck/corruption, I would have been more successful myself!

      1. Most people want to believe they are righteous and moral. So they form the belief “I could never do something like that” Yet most killing is done by average people.(With that very belief)

  30. Max Wade’s case has a stark resemblance to the Elliot Rodger story. Didn’t notice that, but that kid was also similar to Elliot Rodger in outlook. More men are becoming like that.

  31. The real thing I understood is that in the end, money, cars, wealth etc cannot supersede Game. Elliot was in no way to practise Game, because he was mentally unsound. This kid thought material possessions was the way to get women, Impossible in America today. Women are so fucking twisted.

  32. “Pedestalization of sex, and self-loathing because of his virginity”
    Sounds like a “Virgin with rage”…

  33. Superb article. More like a brutal takedown on feminism and feminist propaganda, than an analysis of Elliot’s manifesto. Much needed to refute feminist bullshit.

  34. He should have just paid for sex if he wanted it that bad. He was rich after all and some of these prostitutes/escorts are pretty hot. What’s 80 bucks to a rich kid? I don’t see why some guys are afraid to pay for it as men have been paying for sex since the beginning of time. And now-a-days modern women are just as used up as prostitutes. If it was a relationship that he wanted well he should have developed his social skills more and stopped hanging out with those douchebags who made fun of him all the time and stopped playing those nerdy computer games. I would feel sorry for this guy but he was a racist and a misogynist so he deserved to not get laid.

    1. Did you miss the point in the article where he says he didn’t want prostitutes?

      1. to add: I believe the act of losing his virginity would have made his “psychosis” worse. The relationship would have been bound to fail hard.

      2. No, I see that. That is why I said I don’t see what the big hangup is with some guys and using prostitutes. He considered everybody inferior so regardless of if they were are a prostitute or not chances are they wouldn’t have met his high standards. He says that he would have felt pathetic having to pay for what others were getting for free. This dude was clearly neurotic. He should have just swallowed his overly inflated undeserved ego, and got one, all the while working on self-improvement/Game so that one day he could get what others were/are getting for free.

    2. A racist doesn’t “deserve” to get laid?
      The little yellow bastard wanted to kill whites. “Blonde Sluts as he put it.
      He’s the result of a race mixing match up.
      He’s a good warning about miscagination.

      1. @Director:disqus
        First of all, it’s miscegenation, so learn how to spell. Secondly, there is nothing you can do about miscegenation, so what is the point in even dwelling on it or even being against it. It has happened since the beginning of time and will continue to happen until the end. Elliot Rodgers is the result of being addicted to MMO games and hanging out with the wrong people.

        1. Grammar Nazi!
          Yes you got me there pal. With an E with an E!
          Watch what you stick your dick into lads, avoid creating a generation of feeble outcasts like Elliot Rodgers.

        2. Wonder why feminists have not linked that tragedy with PUAs and red pill blogs yet.

    3. For 80 bucks he would’ve got to fuck this.
      That’s why he didn’t want to fuck prostitutes.

      1. The lower one just screams “I has an addiction and needs crack! Sucky Sucky?”

  35. I still the think the guy was writing ridiculous things to troll for infamy after his death

    1. Maybe he suffered from a “posthumous virgin martyr complex.”
      Anyways, he achieved it in the opposite way. They call him a posthumous virgin killer instead.

    2. He did troll, pretty successfully. Not to defend what he did but the guy, in my mind, left a greater mark than Cho Seung Hui or the Columbine guys even though his kill count was lesser. He’ll be remembered for a long time for what he did – which was killing for a specific reason, whereas others have done so because they were just nuts.

  36. “Elliot’s manifesto reveals a grown up male who felt his masculinity being policed by permissive ideals which he felt he had to validate through sex, while he saw women around him whose sexuality wasn’t policed at the same time.”
    – ^THIS.
    Felt this many times when I was at university myself. Universities breed the slut and hookup culture in America today.

  37. In the old days, especially in the South, guys like Elliot would have become the village Boo Radley character. His neighbors would warn their children to stay away from him because he was “tetched” or “quare,” as my grandmother would have said in her Ozarks Scots-Irish accent.

    1. i don’t see anything wrong with the guy beyond his final manifestations of shooting up people…. everyone has thoughts of murdering their wife, boss, random people etc…. it’s no big deal… hardly a mental illness… his writing is very coherent….
      all he lacked was a hard edged male authority figure to show him the way…. a bad ass uncle, friend of the family… just someone with a pair of balls to take him to a strip club, get him a BJ, line him up on a few dates, and get him over the hump… he just needed someone to show him… hey… sex is not a big deal….
      this is “mountain out of a mole hill”…. it’s not mental illness… it’s lack of parental guidance and adult mentoring.
      it’s pathetic youth culture that left him lost and lonely without a decent friend that looked out for him, that actually cared about him…. how can you have flat mates that don’t give a shit ? what happened to camaraderie and loyalty ?
      people will seek to put blame in many places blame does not belong, because they don’t want to face the rotten, stinking under belly of what upper middle class society actually is today.

      1. “We have the same eugenic paradigm for modern men to prove themselves,albeit in a psychological, sexual and social way. The Mount Taygetos of twisted modern masculinity eugenics today is administrated and policed by permissiveness, male baiting and feminist ideals. You either suck up and man up to these twisted societal paradigms, or you fail to adapt, only to be discarded to live a life of a sexual reject aka ‘Nice Guys’ or get branded as a ‘misogynist’ or a ‘player’ if you choose to ‘exploit’ this scenario . But mentally ill individuals like Rodger cannot adapt to this, and so they need counseling and adequate mental healthcare”
        – That’s modern America today.

        1. i think he would have got better mental healthcare from the local hooker….. that would have put his feet on the ground and then he needed to date some 5s and 6s to get started on easier targets…..

        2. Rodger said he didn’t want hookers. It could be argued that he wouldn’t go for 5s and 6s, because he wanted the ‘hot sexy blondes’. These are signs of a mental illness. He wouldn’t have settled for ‘less than what he deserved’ as he thought with his mentally ill mind, which wouldn’t understand the female hypergamy of American women. It’s logical for a sane individual to rationalize to begin with the lower tier of women to work the way up, but this kid wouldn’t take that, he wanted the best. That is psychosis mixed within hypergamous slut culture. A dangerous mix.

        3. after a couple of beers and a BJ in the local strip club, perhaps a spiff or two, quick line of coke…. the soft cuddly 5 with her titties out would have been heaven on earth to poor Elliot….
          game over
          uncle ray will show you how it’s done….

  38. As much as his mental illness, American society today has much to blame for this shooting, especially slutty hypergamous feminism of American women. His case shows what a psycho kid with no self control would do when put in a slut culture. And most men today are seething with the same horny rage as him. It’s like animals in heat. The males become more aggressive during the mating season. Humans mate throughout the year. And women relentlessly cock tease and shit test men.

    1. Co-sign this. Men are brutally rejected when they are younger. And then hollywood comes along portraying men as sex hungry people who will rape you after a date.. I mean come on! men are persecuted just as much as women if not more. Say if a women were to grab a guy’s penis it would be considered hot or if they would sneak an unexpected kiss, but god forbid a man do such a thing, he shall be considered a rapist or some other stupid shit. And if a women beats a man, and if he were to defend himself im 90% sure that the media would portray the woman as the victim.

      1. “And if a women beats a man, and if he were to defend himself im 90% sure that the media would portray the woman as the victim.”
        More like 99.999%
        Society is fucked up,

    2. If what you were trying to say made any sense, then “males who become more aggressive through mating season” would be killing off competition males, not ANY females.
      You’re bass ackward.

      1. Then why do you think he killed those men? He said he wanted to kill men because he felt they took the women away from him.
        Maybe your bass ackward.

  39. another article about this, RoK is hooked this Elliot Rodger event like CNN was hooked on the missing Malaysia Plane

  40. Elliot’s Dad is responsible for this in more ways than thought. I’ve had a similar father. A blue pill, mangina father is a curse. That’s what his Dad was.

    1. And blue pill because he had a kid with an asian woman, who even the most beta, pathetic white guy could have a kid with. The resulting children of this are fucked, since if an Asian guy has a kid with an Asian woman he has to be relatively alpha to compete with the white guys.

  41. In the past, Elliot would have been able to have found a girl, who would have come on to him, or at least allowed himself to be set up with, who valued his decent financial wealth and his ability in the future to probably work with his father in Hollywood; now, regardless of this, and his BMW, a guy like Elliot would just pretty much go through life ignored because of his height and his unfortunate Asian genetics, which seem to be particularly hated in the US, being as racist and alpha-worshiping as it is. In Europe or Canada, which is a totally different ball game, I have a feeling Elliot would have been more popular and able to pull from cute little white or at least black girls or Asian girls, but nothing near the typical tall blonde American cunt that he worshiped.
    Moreso, if anything, if his fucking mother and step-mom had at least given him some advice on how to find a nice girl to date, he would have been alright. But since both of them were monumental sluts – his mom being a typical self-hating Chinese whore who loved white cock and not its consequences (a mixed race chink, in her eyes who reminded her that she could never be white) – and his step-mom being one grade below a porn star, he was fucked.
    The fact that his half-Chinese sister was able to get pounded by cock whenever she felt like it and that half-Chinese Elliot wasn’t able to get anything really shows how fucked up female sexual preference is; even his own mother’s and sister’s salivation over tall white cock probably did a number on Elliot. But of course, women will never even consider the possibility that their mating practices will have a negative outcome on their children – since they clearly give absolutely ZERO fucks about the well-being of their children and merely view them as the product of letting some alpha nut in them.

    1. Indeed a brilliant article. A lot of truth in this, and any of us can relate to Elliot’s predicament.
      Which is why such otherwise intelligent red pill men have been so widely fooled by this hoax.

  42. The bottom line is that if women keep on selecting on the basis of
    height / race / bad boy qualities, there are going to be millions of men
    who turn violent in desperation, and millions more who simply don’t see
    the point in doing anything other than play video games and jerk off 4
    times a day to porn.
    2014 is the day and age where a
    small time drug dealer or bartender with a grade school education has
    the opportunity to get more pussy and women than a Japanese or Indian
    CEO of a high profile Manhattan architecture firm. And before you say,
    oh, but one woman is better than hundreds – not really; since all women
    are pretty much the same and at the end of the day crave alpha cock, and
    if they settle down with a rich beta guy, they’re just better at hiding
    their cravings.

    1. Last comment = delusional thinking.
      Congrats, Elliot Rodgers lives on in your ignorant way of thinking.

  43. One thing to be realized is that White men reproducing with Asian women are going to produce more Elliot Rodgers eventually. Asians worship Whites.
    And that’s what happened to Elliot. He worshipped himself because he thought himself to be an Eurasian God, while at the same time he worshipped White blonde pussy – the asian gene in him which worships whites. Race did play a role in this shooting. And more Asian guys fantasize fucking white bitches. Racial Imperialism of whites over the ages, has led to the pedestalling of white women, not only by white men, but men of all colors and races. And more men will kill themselves and others just to get some white pussy. Forgetting the fact that the white woman is actually the scum of this earth, for she sluts around the most.
    Elliot’s women in his family compounded the problem even more. His hypergamous Asian mother (Asian women are as notorious hypergamous as Slavic or American women, if not more) was a lousy mother. His step mother was a Moroccan whore who pussywhipped his blue pill beta-as-fuck father, who had no time to devote to his mentally retarded son. Elliot mentions it correctly that his father was a weak man, who was controlled by the pussy of his whore step mother. And last but not the least, his porno-hopeful slut sister who chooses to fuck loudly at home with her boyfriend, who freeloads off his mother. I think no guy would accept that. To see his mother financing a worthless thug to fuck her slut daughter, who moans like a loud squealing pig while getting fucked, and that too she chooses to fuck at her own home. No decency whatsoever. Fuck all these wretched women who contributed further to the mental degeneration of that already mentally retarded kid. And also his worthless father who should be ashamed of himself. But look at the victim’s Dad as well whose media histrionics are comically overacted skits of narcissism. For fuck sakes! This tragedy has become a heartless satire of a kid’s illness due to all these worthless people.

    1. Exactly.
      I’ll tell white boys this time and time over; if you have a kid with an Asian woman, you either make damn well sure she is mentally stable and also views Asian men fairly, otherwise if she has a son, and the son gets a whiff of inferiority from her (since she did mate with a white guy over an Asian guy), then expect your son to have mental issues.
      From what I’ve seen and heard, the kids with Asian father / white mother generally turn out much better. I have many mixed friends, probably split down the middle with Asian father / white mother, both sides are weird, but generally the Asian-fathered are more well adjusted. It’s hard to say though.

      1. yes, indeed this is true for virtually all half white people. if they had a white father, they typically are fucked in the head.

      2. My father’s close friend who is Asian married a white Spanish woman 20 years ago. They are still together and have kids and grand kids as well. Very loving family that is seldom seen in today’s society now.

      3. One of my old high school buddies was half Filipino/Mexican (Filipino father Mexican Mother). He does just fine with girls.

  44. The pandora’s box is the white woman.
    The white woman created feminism, and today she peddles feminism to other women of other races on this planet. She cockteases men, and she fucks around often with some of the most worthless of them. And the Anglo white woman is the worst among white women. What a bitch. What a cunt. What a slut. What an evil creation she is. First, she cockteases a mentally ill kid with her slutty feminism into violence. Then she blames the tragedy on misogyny and paints it to be the product of PUAs and redpill. What a scum the Anglo white woman is. She deserves to have men pissing in her asshole, not fucking it. Sperm is too honorable and precious to waste inside her bowels, urine is what she deserves.

    1. Assuming you’re serious…which I doubt…you are profoundly ignorant. “Anglos” are a people from southern England. Feminism, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue, the unholy trinity that has ruined American women, are largely the products of people from Eastern Europe. Two completely different ethnic groups. But I suppose we all look the same to you, don’t we?

    2. So, Elliot’s ghost came back as someone named Vlad.
      Hmm, interesting.

  45. I refuse to label this piece of shit as “mentally ill.” He knew exactly what he was doing when he stabbed three people, shot three others, and drove over a few more people.
    This piece of shit was an immature spoiled brat who was handed over everything in life. He expected women to come to him just as easily and refused to accept that life being what it is, things simply do not work out that way.
    Ascribing “mental illness” to this piece of shit implies that his evil actions couldn’t be helped, even though they were clearly a conscious decision on his part.

    1. exactly…. his mental illness was along the lines of a two year old toddler’s temper tantrum….
      he needed a dirty working class fuck to bring him down to earth and then a good kick in the ass to rinse out the temper tantrums….
      in 50 years time, when psychologists finally wake up to reality, he’ll be a case study in why you need to spank children….
      no one ever put this kid inline…. and at the same time, no one ever showed him how to either go out and achieve things for himself OR put up with lesser standards….

      1. Yeah, talking about “mental illness” is a problem – bad people do bad things because they’re assholes and need punishment.
        Extend the idea of “mental illness” and this whole forum could be classified as “mentally insane” by the powers that be.

    2. being mentally insane does not automatically render you incapable of operating – to some degree – in the real world. just cause you think you talk to god on an AM-radio does not mean you cannot operate an atm or cannot figure out a bus schedule. or knifing a guy, as that fucknugget did. point is, it is possible to be both mentally ill while also *appearing* to function normally.

  46. The crazy thing about this kid..going on a murderous rampage was easier than talking to a girl. No shortage of people tried to help him..except maybe his dad.

  47. Why are we connecting ourselves to a psychopath murderer? Leave it be! There is no rhyme or reason to make ourselves guilty by association via the continued publication of articles about this demented soul. He was a sick puppy and he’s dead. Good riddance. We had nothing to do with it, so why keep bringing up his name?
    Getting yourself associated with scum like him is how you get yourself shut-down. Let’s quit while we can.

    1. Because there’s a chance the manosphere is being targeted by the elites, illuminati and the cia.
      A whole different ballgame than feminists and white knights.
      And the MSM has now stepped up their game too.

    2. A. Possum – The problem seems to be that some organization has run up this “Yes All Women” campaign where women have used this event to illustrate how so many of them have been abused, confronted, catcalled, raped and otherwise personally assaulted by men.They say that it is MEN ,more than women, who have created and encouraged the culture which produces many, many Elliot Rodgers’.

  48. Gentlemen,
    Don’t you think that part that states “A permissive society and media which over-sexualizes young children, making them think sex as a form of self-validation:” applies to Return Of Kings, and should be converted to…..
    “A permissive society and media which over-sexualizes young MEN, making them think sex as a form of self-validation”
    I feel this is what we do here, too! We tell men on here that in order to be awesome, you have to be able to bed many women (whether 1 or 3 at a time). I believe there was an article on here about that, and I believe many other articles that reflect that idea on ROK.

    1. Masculinity is about being able to find one GOOD woman, win her and KEEP her. Being masculine is doing the mental, emotional and physical work required to maintain a relationship.

        1. Yes, being able to control your desire and channel it for a higher purpose, such as spiritual or creative work, is manly. But that also requires work and discipline. My point is… just getting notches doesn’t make you a man… West Hollywood queers get 1,000 dudes in their lifetimes. PUA shouldn’t be just a party..it should be a school where you learn how women work. Even Neil Strauss talks about how empty pump and dumps are and suggests the secret to happiness is finding a good relationship.

  49. Elliot Rodgers was an anti-white, genocidal half asian who said “I will slaughter every stuck up, blonde slut I see inside there … You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one, the true allpha male”. He may have been putting women on the pedestal, but to say that was the only reason is in itself an act of genocide, his actions were racially motivated.
    Stop white genocide.

  50. Women, especially feminists can’t do logic. For them being anti-PUA == PUA.
    “~A not equals A” is the most basic axiom of logic. The. Most. Basic.

  51. The trouble with blaming “mental illness”, though, is that so much of modern humanity has been pathologized as “mental illness”. Acted dishonorably and choosing to fall on your sword like an ancient Roman or Samurai? That’s “mental illness”. Being a fidgety young boy in a public school system? That’s technically “mental illness” i.e. ADHD.
    “Adequate mental healthcare” was also used to silence dissidents during Stalinism, as well as antiracist activists during the Civil Rights era. Rodgers’ diagnosis was Asperger’s syndrome, a neurological condition for which there is no real cure or treatment. You know who also has Asperger’s? Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.
    Silencing dissidents and the “potentially dangerous” might cause a more “stable” society, but cutting one end of the bell curve necessarily attenuates the other end as well.
    Psychologizing everything is also neither heroic nor traditional. People do bad things because they have bad motives. People do not do bad things because they had a “disease”. Bad kids need to be sent to a boot camp.
    I think that blaming a ‘condition’ for violence externalizes the locus of control. I think that a ‘therapy culture’ and a concept of ‘coping’, ‘self concept’ or “self esteem” as important is part of the problem. It’s about having and building character, not “self love”.

    1. Bill Gates is a pathological liar. And Steve Jobs has sociopathic aggression on his employees at Apple. If they didn’t kill people, all so good for them.
      If you think therapy is unneeded, or a therapy culture is being promoted, I hope you have psychologically impaired children someday. Lots of people have anguish raising these children who need acceptance. When you have your children who are like that, then you’ll understand the pains and suffering of raising one.

      1. Look I know many guys with Asperger’s and ADHD – some of whom are part of the Game and NLP communities.
        You said it – they need acceptance. And, as they hit their 20s, Game. Hence neurodiversity, as well as character building tough love.
        Not getting an injection in the butt that makes men grow boobs, or a deconstruction of some alleged Oedipal complex. Or blaming ‘the white man’ if they are a minority.
        There are some therapies that are effective and related to NLP and stuff like that, but they’re few and far between.

  52. Brilliant article.
    Everyone can see how sick our pinko Zionist banker ran Bilderberg half ass society is.
    P4P isnt moral but its better than going psycho and killing innocents for no reason. Rodgers needed to bang some hot blondes even if he had to pay.

    1. 2013 American Bilderberg attendees – 22 Jewish, 1 half Jewish, 1 with a Jewish wife. Out of 28.

  53. Elliot had severe mental illness that could only be solved a professional psychiatrist, therapist, and counseling. The fact that you even suggest pickup techniques and philosophy could prevent him from committing mass murder is fucking laughable.

    1. LOL
      – “But mentally ill individuals like Rodger cannot adapt to this, and so they need counseling and adequate mental healthcare.”
      Possibly you skipped reading that part, or you’re dyslexic?
      The article repeatedly emphasizes that mentally ill individuals cannot understand “twisted masculinity eugenics” (which we’re living in). It’s not saying anywhere that society owed Elliot sex.

      1. “Twisted masculinity eugenics” describes the torment the author feels as a result of not getting pussy. It has nothing to do with Elliot, which the author described as the cause of his mental illness.

        1. Twisted masculinity has to do with what feminism promotes, not about the torment of the author. The article shows that clearly, with the links from Jezebel et al, which promote the twisted concepts. Feminists push the nice guy to be alpha agenda – which Elliot tried to become by killing those people. It has to do with Elliot not getting the pussy, not the author.

  54. Many “hapas” (kids of white and asian parents – usually white male, asian female) develop an inferiority complex and confused identity. Confused because whilst they are part asian, they see the unequal dynamic between their parents – usually mum and dad are equal, but the sort of non asian men who go for asian women tend to have other flaws that prevent them from being able to keep a relationship with their own races’ women. As a result, they exploit the “asian women are easy” stereotype. However, this does not bode well for any male offspring, because if the guy wasn’t able to be with a woman without resorting to the above tactics, what hope for his son? Furthermore, the child (boy or girl) develops the same inferiority complex as their mother, who usually seeks a white man regardless of their social worth, but because they seem being white as status in itself.

  55. Compare Virginia Tech’s Cho with Elliot Rodger’s. Where is the spooky detachment and icy demeanor and below-the-surface rage waiting to explode in Rodger?
    He looks like a kid making a half-assed joke. The only thing below-the-surface is bubbling laughter.

  56. That part about some guy fucking his sister was horrible! i would fucking go insane too if that shit happened to me. This guy simply didnt realise hes fishing in the wrong pond the women of the west are fucking filth and this is through extreme brainwashing from the ground up. i would of definitely reached out to him to help. The funny part is that the people he killed were a bunch of ugly weirdos why did he envy those losers? one thing is for sure there will be plenty more of these to come…

  57. The reason he didnt hit up a whore-house, was because he was looking for an actual intimate connection, not just a hole to blow his spunk in. A big part of why anti-gamer white knight types reject game so vehemently is that it challenges their Disney view of women and relationships.
    How do I know all this? ’cause I was a virgin longer than this kid and I viewed it the same way. I wasn’t thinking “I wish Suzy at school would bend over and take my cock up her ass”, I was thinking “I wish Suzy at school would look at me and smile in class one day and maybe we’d get assigned a project together and have to work together and I could confess to her that I’m in love with her and ask her if she’d maybe like to go out on a date sometime and she’d say yes and on that date we’d hold hands! wow, that would be amazing! We’d live happily ever after, cuddled up on the couch together snuggling and kissing and watching movies…that would be amazing.” And I was watching all sorts of porn thru this lol
    So I wouldn’t read homosexuality into this guy’s issues. His case is pretty cut and dry…he’s simply an example of someone who FULLY bought in to our Blue Pill society’s brainwashing that “once you get the car and the money and a nice suit you get the girls. It just HAPPENS! …oh it didn’t happen for you? Well that’s your fault, you entitled misogynist, women don’t owe you sex! Now go away so we don’t have to think about you, while we shame and berate every resource that could possibly help you out and give you some hope. We expect you to just vanish and live out the next 60 years of your life accepting that you are nothing and will never have anything and should never try to climb out of that box we’ve put you in.”
    The scary part to me is that I don’t see any reason why this won’t happen more. Until you encourage men to access resources that teach them what to do with the tools they have to get things that THEY want (as opposed to being used as tools to satisfy everyone ELSE’S needs while telling them their needs are unimportant as they suffer silently), they’ll be frustrated and lost…and if society continues to shit upon those men for not instinctively understanding what to do with those tools, well, you’ve got a whole lot of angry frustrated directionless young men out there who are very VERY unhappy with life and societ

  58. Not gonna lie I actually agree with a lot of what he said in “My twisted world” I grew up being beta thanks to my father. I was upset (and still am) that my father never gave me any advice with women. My mother didnt either (although she kinda got mad that I never had a gf lol). I also had many arguments with my family and was cruelly punished for small infractions. I had bad experiences with women got bullied by other men and it pissed me off to see women dating these bullies. I also believe that women are fucked up for choosing violent men althugh ive now accepted that this is just the way things are…
    However I dont think his killing spree was the correct thing to do. But id be lying if I said I never had violent fantasies like him.

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