Why Is The Transsexual Lobby Trying To Politicize Leelah Alcorns Death?

On December 28, 2014, Ohio teenager Leelah Alcorn committed suicide by waltzing in front of an eighteen-wheeler. Born Joshua Ray Alcorn, he’s become a cause célèbre among SJWs and LGBT types because he was a transsexual who blamed his suicide on his Christian parents. In a suicide note posted to his (now-deleted) Tumblr blog, Alcorn expressed his hopes that his death would spark a revolution for trans rights:

…My death needs to mean something. My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. I want someone to look at that number and say “that’s fucked up” and fix it. Fix society. Please.

I’m just going to say it: Josh Alcorn was a selfish coward. In killing himself because of his parents’ unwillingness to let him wear dresses, he’s proven that transsexuals are mentally ill narcissists. His blood is on the hands of not his parents, who tried to raise him to be a happy and successful man, but on the social justice warriors and LGBT activists who fed his personality disorders.

And unless society recognizes that transsexuals need mental treatment, not sex change surgeries, the number of confused teenagers committing suicide will only grow.


Leelah Alcorn: Portrait Of A Narcissist

Josh Alcorn’s suicide note provides a disturbing glimpse into his mind. Beyond the obvious desire for fame that motivated his suicide, Alcorn inadvertently gives insights into his other mental issues. For example, he states that he first “discovered” he was transgender when he was 14, he immediately ran to his mommy like a good little Millennial looking for validation:

When I was 14, I learned what transgender meant and cried of happiness. After 10 years of confusion I finally understood who I was. I immediately told my mom, and she reacted extremely negatively, telling me that it was a phase, that I would never truly be a girl, that God doesn’t make mistakes, that I am wrong…

Alcorn’s parents reacted to their fruity son’s proclamations in the only sane way: by getting him professional help. They realized that like most teenagers, he was just acting out, no different than kids of generations past who rebelled by becoming hippies, punks, or goths. Unfortunately, unlike generations past, the sewer pipes of social media and social justice warrior ideology enabled Alcorn to find a support group for his pathologies:

I formed a sort of a “fuck you” attitude towards my parents and came out as gay at school, thinking that maybe if I eased into coming out as trans it would be less of a shock. Although the reaction from my friends was positive, my parents were pissed. They felt like I was attacking their image, and that I was an embarrassment to them. They wanted me to be their perfect little straight christian boy, and that’s obviously not what I wanted.

Alcorn’s parents reacted by taking away his phone and banning him from using social media: again, a perfectly reasonable response to get him away from influences that were corrupting his mind. They made the mistake of letting him back on Tumblr and other media at the end of the school year, at which point Alcorn reveals an aspect of his personality that none of the SJWs squirting crocodile tears over his corpse have noticed:

At the end of the school year, my parents finally came around and gave me my phone and let me back on social media. I was excited, I finally had my friends back. They were extremely excited to see me and talk to me, but only at first. Eventually they realized they didn’t actually give a shit about me, and I felt even lonelier than I did before. The only friends I thought I had only liked me because they saw me five times a week.

In other words, Josh Alcorn had no friends, and people only tolerated him because they had no choice. While there’s nothing wrong with being shy—I had a hard time making friends as a teenager—Alcorn’s account suggests that his own behavior and weirdness drove people away.

SJWs like to argue that the high rates of mental illness and suicide trannies suffer from is a result of “transphobia,” but the reality is the reverse: people who become transsexuals are already mentally ill.

The desire to mutilate your genitals and take hormones in order to become an ersatz version of the opposite sex is indicative of defective brain chemistry. Studies have consistently shown that the pathologies of homosexuals and transsexuals start with them and result in their loved ones being alienated, not the other way around.

Finally, Josh Alcorn’s method of suicide displays how much of a monster he had become. He couldn’t simply slit his wrists in the bathtub and be done with it: he chose to make an innocent truck driver the instrument of his death. Not only will that driver face professional and criminal penalties, he’ll be permanently scarred by knowing that he killed a human being, even if it was unintentional. Only a true narcissist would inflict that kind of misery on someone.


Leelah Alcorn Died Because Of SJWs

As selfish and damaged as Josh Alcorn was, his narcissism didn’t bloom in a vacuum. If he had grown up 30, 20, or even 10 years ago, he would have gotten over his childish “transsexuality” and become a normal man. His twisted beliefs were fed to him in part by social justice warriors, backed by the leftist mainstream media.

Tumblr, where Alcorn kept his blog, is the primary culprit. The site is ground zero for the most virulent strains of SJW ideology. On Tumblr, there are whole communities dedicated to normalizing freakish behavior and mental illness. Examples include This is Thin Privilege, a site where the morbidly obese whine about how being 400 pounds overweight makes life difficult, as well as the phenomenon of “headmates,” where people pretend to have schizophrenia so they can be cool:


While letting the world’s rejects start Doctor Who fanblogs and get into silly slap-fights over pronoun usage might seem harmless, by allowing their son to use social media like Tumblr, the Alcorns undermined their own attempts to put him on the straight and narrow. The existence of misfit online communities such as those on Tumblr and Reddit reinforce deviant behavior by making it seem normal and giving the mentally ill a place to commiserate.

In this specific instance, the mainstream media’s promotion of transsexuality was also responsible for Josh Alcorn’s suicide. There’s no evidence that sexual reassignment surgery helps trannies: in fact, the suicide rate of post-op transsexuals is far higher than that of pre-ops. By glorifying demented individuals like Laverne Cox and Fallon Fox and accusing critics of “transphobia,” the leftist media is driving countless people to an early grave.

The worst part of Josh Alcorn’s suicide is that his parents, who were trying their best to help him, are now the focus of an SJW hate campaign. Dan Savage, a one-man argument for returning homosexuality to the DSM, has called for the Alcorns to be arrested for “child abuse” and “neglect,” among other things:


The Alcorns have also been forced to move their son’s funeral due to death threats from SJWs. Finally, the hashtag activists are out in full force, sponsoring a Change.org petition to have the Alcorns use Josh’s “true name” “Leelah” on his headstone: it has over 80,000 signatures at the time of this writing.


Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Drag Queens

While we can criticize reparative therapy as well as the other methods that the Alcorns used to try to help their son, we cannot deny that they had his best interests at heart. By trying to save Josh from a life of social ostracism and suicidal ideation, the Alcorns were showing just how much they loved him.

To see them defamed for refusing to let a teenager—a class of people whom society doesn’t consider mature enough to smoke, drink, or vote—irreversibly vivisect his private parts is heartbreaking.

As Josh Alcorn’s attention whoring shows, it’s absolutely imperative for parents to protect their children from SJW influence. By tricking impressionable kids into thinking they can have their poles turned into holes, social justice warriors and their media backers are exacerbating mental illness and suicide in America. Only by insulating children from their corrosive ideas—and fighting them every step of the way—can we stop the plague of transsexuality.

Joshua Alcorn should not be remembered as a tranny martyred by intolerant right-wing bigotry, but a disturbed young man who took his life—already a selfish act—in the most reprehensible way possible. And so long as the forces who corrupted Alcorn still reign, other children will be seduced in the same way.

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698 thoughts on “Why Is The Transsexual Lobby Trying To Politicize Leelah Alcorns Death?”

  1. There is nothing wrong with anyone choosing how they want to live. But how the hell is a child to know or be respected long term for any decision regarding their sexuality. Kid was a bastard and it is a shame that his parents will now not only have the shame of being publicized over a defective son, but now deal with SJW members. They are all thinly veiled bigots who should have their air revoked.
    All said, there is nothing wrong with an adult making any decision, but that is an adult, not a child. His parents tried. These are some disgusting times.

    1. Sixteen is a bit too young, maybe wait until eighteen and a decision can be made. If Leelah is really a transsexual, and so be it, just not at sixteen.

      1. “Leelah”?? I think you mean Josh, the MAN (boy) who mutiliated his male genetailia.

    2. Well as Rollo pointed out on Twitter, statuary rape laws exist because we recognise girls lack maturity to consent to sex before 16/18, but we’re supposed to accept that a 6 year old boy knows if he’s gay or not.

  2. any guy wanting to be a woman should be forced daily injection of t proponate for a year.
    365 days of t reading over 1100 should determine if thats how they really think

    1. They should be sent to live on an island so all the other mentally unstable lunatics confused about their genderbread identities can identify with one another.

    2. That would be child abuse in this case. Testosterone on a sixteen year old stunts growth. No kid should be given hormones until they are old enough to make decision, which is when they are eighteen not sixteen. Steroids cause cancer and so do other hormones. What these people need is to see a counselor and determine the problem they have whether it be them being transsexuals or something else.

    1. Looks like Jolie’s brother- the one she made out with.
      That kid is going to be an unholy mess.

      1. The kid should actually be called Brangelina as she does look like an exact cross of her mother and father.

    2. Stupid entertainers… when did this privileged part of society become the model to follow exactly ?
      These guys were despised for a reason.

      1. “John” does not seem fucked in the head. He/she is just a kid and has some time though I do suggest for the family to take him/her to a counselor or something.

        1. Someone who call his daughter “john”, should not be allowed to rise a child. Of course that would be in a not crazy world.

        2. “John” is just a name. Names don’t necessarily mean anything, especially these days. The name “Ashley,” for example, used to be a male name but it is now a common female name.

        3. Dude, I don’t usually do ad hominem, but your SJWing in this thread is starting to get annoying.. you know when there’s a comment session were everybody has kind of the same opinion and then there’s one guy who keeps on replying to everyone in the thread trying to do his “justice”? Well, that’s you right now… so please just stop, you’re sounding like a faggot..

        4. “Names don’t necessarily mean anything”.
          Yeah sure. The way people refer to him every day doesn’t have any effect on a child’s psyche, neither does the way you dress him.
          I see that the queer bullshit has worked well on you.

        5. Okay, I’ve had enough of this. So, why don’t you come out and just say it…you’re “okay” with having children permanently mutilate themselves?
          That’s a good thing in your opinion?

        6. “I see that the queer bullshit has worked well on you.”
          “Also, I wonder how much he paid for the two yellow boys.”
          There isn’t anything wrong with being “queer” or being “yellow.” Open your mind a bit, you dumbass!

        7. I’m not saying let a child mutilate himself/herself. A child is not fit to make a decision like this, especially in the case of this child. They would have to at least be eighteen to make a decision but before that, they need to see a counselor to see what problem it is they really have.

        8. There is nothing wrong with being yellow, indeed.
          And you, please, close your but and go wash your fingernails.

        9. Okay, but, pitt’s daughter is not an adult, neither was the boy featured in this article?
          This needs to be stopped.

        10. Counselors are not the miracle cure for every little issue, like you seem to think! What the fuck do you think people did before counselors existed? I’m positive that the parents of this child were not good parents, didn’t spend quality time with him, weren’t strong authority figures because they let the kid get influenced by whatever bullshit he heard on social media, etc. I can only guess, but I have a good feeling that I am right.
          And the kid was 16! How can you say that he would have been able to make a smarter decision when he was 18? What sort of miraculous knowledge would he gain in 2 years that he didn’t already have at 16?

        11. Well, technically eighteen is an adult. So if the kid is eighteen, then that would mean that whatever he/she does he/she is responsible for whatever action he/she decides on doing. But honestly, because the kid committed suicide for the whole world to see, then he/she has probably had a shit ton of issues before committing an act. I also think that he/she might have had a bad childhood or was too spoiled by his/her parents so maybe he or she would also benefit from maybe pursuing something other than this ‘trans’ or ‘tranny’ thing and focus on something like school, socializing with normal people, getting a part time job, etc. Now if this kid really was ‘trans’ then maybe that’s it but to me, it seems like this is more of a desperate act for attention.

        12. I’m pretty sure if you had said Asian instead of yellow it wouldnt have as much of a racial undertone.

        13. Take a crayola crayon of the color yellow and put it up to these boys…neither of them are yellow. I don’t know if you’re still mad over invading Russia in winter and losing but you and Hitler are in the same boat so it’s cool man. This website already gets enough flak for being what it is, don’t give people more ammo than necessary.

        14. I knew a fellow named “Kristen” which I am told in the Philippines is a name used on boys.
          That did not stop us from breaking his bawls about it.

        15. Napoleon did not attack Russia in winter, yellow is not an insult, and you are the one giving ammo with your baseless godwin points and politically correct crying.
          Wish you all the best.

        16. “Well, technically eighteen is an adult.”
          ah, but it isnt anymore!! The brain doesnt fully mature until 23 or 24….lets move the goal posts yet again.

        17. Yeah most people nowadays are kids anyways even though they hit 25. They get old but don’t mature. But the law considers eighteen to be an adult in most countries.

        18. Take a crayon color of white and put it up against my skin… It sure the 4uck doesn’t match my skin color. Why don’t you stop getting your panties in a bunch over colloquial language.
          PS… Before your limbic system starts to thing I’m a racist my wife is black (though my son sees the crayons and calls her brown).

        19. I really dont care hahah the fact that you have to bring up the fact that your wife is black says enough

        20. John is phonetically Jon – grandpa Voight name. The girl is probably looking to identify with the only real human being she’s ever met. Jon Voight alway did worry that his daughter was loop, now his grand-daughter’s identity tantrum itself points to the child’s desire for sanity through imitation of somebody who is actually grounded in reality. Hope Shiloh (what a silly name to begin with) can actually recover from the stupid phase her parent’s are going through

        21. “I don’t know if you’re still mad over invading Russia in winter and losing but you and Hitler are in the same boat so it’s cool man.”
          Guess which country is most likely next – here’s a hint, it ain’t China! 😉

      2. There was a reason the Romans had nothing but contempt for actors and playwrights.

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        2. Not to mention are criminally overpaid for essentially having little to no talent and not even really working in any true sense, putting God knows what up their noses regularly, and getting away with crimes the rest of us would forever rot away for!

        3. Yes and look at one major reason Rome went to shit. The senate became a breeding ground for multicultural ideology and corruption thus decimating the Golden Age and plunging them into what would inevitably weaken their military and invite invasions from foreign hordes.

      3. I’d say a sack of tea leaves and some Western spices. Also roughly 20 something dollars in fake jewelry.

      4. Speaking of yellow boys, that picture and description of the Asian kid in the article just opened my mind to new levels of bullshit that I did not know previously existed.

        1. And in the comments, you can see some mangina getting offended because the writer dare mention the biological fillation of “john”.

        2. and also a pangender asexual demiplatonic.
          Parents really shouldnt let their kids use the internet.

        3. Sounds like a bunch of made up shit. People like him deserve to be ostracised.

        4. I imagine he’s still pre-op tabby wise. He is also apparently ‘otherkin’. I feel so blessed to now know what that word means

        5. I dunno, there could be more to stories like these. Read up on the potential gender-bending properties of the BPA in plastic bottles.

        1. Even if I like Jim Jeffries, I’m not going to watch a whole fucking show in some mediocre asshole’s reply.

      5. Throughout most of history, “entertainers” were just one notch above vagrants and prostitutes.

    3. I used to tell people my name was Thomas the Tank Engine, fortunately, my parents humoured it, rather than celebrating my decision to refuse to be bound by social convention

      1. I wanted to be a green Volkswagen beetle when I was 4. My father thought it was funny, but he did explain to me that it wasn’t going to happen.

        1. My misanthropy started at a young age. After seeing Jurassic Park at the age of six, I wanted nothing else, but to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex, so that I could eat people, just like in the movies.

    4. Oh my Allah… Forcefucking young children (not even ones you brought into this wretched world on your own, no less!) to be weirdos just to stay in the limelight! Angelina would probably post a YouTube video of her self-immolating if it would make middle America talk about her!

    5. Every SWPL’s fantasy now is to have a “transgender” or homosexual kid. How they gloat when their munchkin “just happens” to want to be to a girl. Leftists would be hilarious if they weren’t so cruel and anti human, bringing others down with them.

    6. You raise a girl with 2 boys of course she will “identify” as a boy, we used to call that a tom boy

      1. I hated/still hate when girl’s ever say “I’m a tomboy huhuhuh!” Yeah, tell me anything about yourself and use the word “boy” with it, so attractive, let me tell ya! Can we hang out?

    7. This is sick – first her crazy engagement by the UN and now standing behind every stupid SJW gender cause.

      1. She probably only did it so it could make the cover of every gossip magazine and headline every gossip show. And here we are talking about it ourselves with hostility, the whole “No such thing as bad publicity” bit. What a sick and demented individual! I remember when she was first coming into the Hollywood scene all she would spew was “Hey guess what? I’m bisexual! You know what? I’m bisexual! Have I re-reminded you all that I’m bisexual? Huhuhuh cool!” as if it somehow added to her “allure” rather than making her an object of total ridicule.

      2. Probably some repressed daddy-issues…”John”, like “Jon” as in Jon Voight (Angelina’s dad whom she had a troubled relationship with). She grooms the kid to look more like her father.

    8. pretty obvious what’s going on here…. with all the adopted ghetto children in the family… older and male, that probably get lots of attention from Brad…. she’d decided she wants to be ‘different’ to make herself special…..

    9. A parent should be in control and not the child, these parents who let there kids decide that they are transgender at age 5 have problems..

    10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Angelina didn’t plant the idea in the kid’s head. They are the latest fashion accessory after all. Just sayin’.

    11. She has a paranoid mom who got her tits amputated because she´s afraid of cancer. What else would you suspect of such a child?

    12. Brad let Angelina dress Shiloh as a boy since she was just an infant. I am not that surprised that this poor girl is confused and thinks she’s a boy. Maybe Angelina doesn’t want competition from her daughter when she gets older. Yes, some “mothers” are that sick.

    13. Looks like an electra complex and she’s trying to be her dad.
      Unless they go full retard and start fucking with the kid medically, she’ll be a tomboy and grow out of it when she hits puberty and realizes the power over men she can have.
      I theorize at times that women are wired to be “almost” men, which is why they can easily dabble in lesbian activities, but given the choice at puberty to let the attention whoring and dominating imperative wiring kick in, the difference between being the center of attention and the one who rots on the inside from loneliness unless they put all their energy into fighting it or not, they choose the former. All that “being a man” crap goes out the window.
      (then having more options than men as usual, will feel oppressed)
      Only those wired funny go the other way and notably a lot of lesbians tend to be a bit “aspergian”.
      On the same token, a lot of these young male trannies or those with sexual ambiguity do seem to have some very feminine attention whoring/narcissistic traits. Leads me to wonder if this is chicken or the egg, that the wiring for transgender was already there or if there was wiring for attention whoring/narcissim/etc that simply translates into being transgendered M2F simply because that’s what modernity provides as a vehicle. Would these same “boys” want to become girls if girls were the ones “still at the bar by last call”?
      Based on my observations, I doubt it. Notice the ratio of M2F to F2M? Flip the script and you’ll see that ratio flip if not a trend of women being tomboys well into their 20s.

      1. You’re probably right. She’ll grow out of when she realises her special gift – the power of the weaker sex.

    14. this is seriously fucked up. how old is this girl? what, 8-10 years old? you know when I was ten I also wanted to be a boy. the reason was just my imagination. I read adventure books about Tom Sawyer, Peter Pan, I read my brothers comic books on pirates and superheroes, and somehow I thought that boys life was more interesting. there were never any girls featured in those books so I wanted to be a boy. also I was fascinated with military uniforms. in other words I was a tomboy and liked to play with my brothers and pretend I was spiderman or whatever.
      my mom dint care. she laughed at me and said I was a girl and should stop acting stupid. then she forgot about it. I had both sneakers/jeans and dresses. since we were quite poor I wore alot of my brothers hand outs and nobody saw anything strange in it. then at the age of 12 I became really interested in boys, attracted to them. thats when my mom explained to me that in order to find a good boyfriend I must be a feminine and pretty woman. so even though I hated frilly dresses and long hair, I was willing to become more feminine and change. as a result by the age of 14 I was barely recognizable – a pretty and mature young girl. I never became the ultimate epitomy of girliness and I can be a bit tough but my husband actually likes it better this way because I m not like one of thsoe girls who cry if thir nail is broken. at the same time I consider myself to be quite mature and feminine. and I laugh when I think about my short lived childhood confusion. somehow I grew out of it. my mom didint try to prevent it or ecourage it. she just let me be who I was but was also slowly and gently pushing me towards womanhood. needless to say I am not from America
      its obvious brangelina would never do such a thing. they would rather raise their kid to be super liberal. oh we ll wait and see.

    15. I wouldn’t put it past those two liberal fuckwads to use their kid to disguise the fact that they didn’t keep their promise to the homo’s about not getting married until everyone can. What better way to shift eye levels and continue to gain sympathy and support than to tell their kid, a kid of two actors, to act like she is something that she isn’t.
      I know that sounds outrageous but can anyone truly say they couldn’t see them doing that?

  3. “Made an innocent truck driver the instrument of his death”
    Damn good observation. Dying with dignity in cases of terminal illnesss, when its in the best interest of your family, is honerable.
    But suicide for attention or because life is too hard is the most selfish, cowardly, and shameful act a person can make. The only innocent victim here is the truck driver that has to live with this kids poor decision. People like this coward do not even deserve funerals. People that support and glamorize this type of cowardly act are scum.

    1. This kid just needed a counselor not media attention added with the fact that the media were shaming his/her parents.

      1. When I was young me and my brother used to beat each other up WWF style… sometimes we got pretty violent actually… Monkey see, monkey do… We obviously grew out of it though.
        But if we were put on TV and celebrated for it, one of us mighta ended up with brain damage in the long run.

        1. WWF? You pretended you were endangered species and fought against each other to see which species would not be extinct?

        2. I wish we were smart enough at that age to pretend to be warring species from alternate dimensions.
          But nah… I was Brett Hart and he was Sean Michaels.
          EDIT: OOOOooohhh… Back in the 90s WWF = World Wrestling Federation.

  4. When will people realize that it’s not society’s fault, it’s not Christianity’s fault, it’s all his defective brain’s fault… HE is the one who hates HIMSELF because he is not a girl.. HE is the one who can’t stand tha fact he didn’t get a vagina.. HE is the one who killed HIMSELF… well, we just foubd out our next SJW hysteri, guys…
    Well, on the good side… one less mentally ill faggot in this world to share my oxygen with.. may all the SJWs follow his valiant example.

    1. We refuse to raise boys as boys with an eye toward becoming men, and then we’re shocked when they fail to develop healthy male identities (or instead begin to develop twisted feminine identities). Any acting out can be termed ‘toxic masculinity’ and justifies further feminization.
      Welcome to femtopia, gents. We’ve been here for a century already.

    2. Calm down bro. With the proper counseling we could have turned this poor kid into a productive, happy, red pill man.

      1. If he were alive, it might have worked showing the kid the joys of being a tranny. Turning tricks, being shunned in the bathroom, the glorified life of sperm dumpster, psychosis drugs, no true friends, fighting a war with ‘sewer dwellers’. Transexuals can’t even walk the streets without being considered abominations. How often can you have gay pride parades so that trannies can come out and be one with their gay compatriots. Even a 400 hundred pound woman still retains some level of social relief as she has plenty of other women sitting comfortably at 250. Wonder how long the kid would have lasted trying to earn money for their surgery.
        It is a shame how the lack of ego restraints ruins Western Civilization.

  5. I know how Leelah feels. When I play the genderbread selector quiz I end up as a 7ft. tall black lesbian. Instead I’m a short straight white guy. Life is such a struggle until I can get my customizable surgery.

      1. I always wanted to be a 6 ft 9 power forward a la Karl Malone. I go to the gym and I still cant get his deltoid development. Instead, I am a 5 ft 11 avg white guy. How come there are no dollars set aside to see me achieve my dream?
        There are, however, dollars set aside here in NYC via medicaid now for transexual operations. Your tax dollars at work baby!
        Oh, and good luck getting hormone therapy (man or woman) just to maintain stave off father time- you have an easier chance of scoring a scrip for something more useful like oxycontin…

      1. Respect my choices and stop flaunting your non-otherkin privilege! Haha. I mean really where does it end? I mean I have wide feet so I usually have to buy a size bigger, there is regular-sized foot privilege. I have a slow metabolism and therefore have to watch my diet and excercise more, there is fast metabolism privilege. My facial hair grows quickly and I need to shave it everyday, there is slow growing your facial hair slowly privilege. I mean jesus fucking christ when or where does it end?

  6. Some people are really transsexuals but deciding to go through the process at sixteen is a bit too young since Leelah is not an adult yet. There isn’t anything wrong with homosexuality, bisexuality, or transsexualism. What Leelah needs is to see a counselor to help him/her with the process and see if what he/she is going through is a phase rather than commit suicide. Suicide is never a solution to any problem, especially at sixteen.

    1. “There isn’t anything wrong with homosexuality, bisexuality, or transsexualism.”
      Yep, you’re a SJW.
      Don’t know if trolling or really brainwashed.

      1. I don’t think it has to matter. This country has always despised communists, yet we allowed communes to be built and function in our country all the way back in the 1810’s I believe. The problem with SJWs is it’s never enough if they are allowed to do whatever the hell they like, we somehow all must agree with it or bow to them, if not we are oppressing them with our opinions and must be stopped.
        If a teenager wants to be a tranny, why the hell is it’s the parents responsibility to go out there and pay for it. Pack your bags, move to Cali, go do an internship for RuPaul and earn the money to do it yourself. Then go write a NY best-selling memoir about having bad parents and finding yourself, and all this other stuff. America allows you to do that, but for SJWs it’s not about freedom, it’s about power and the ability to force ones belief on another person.

        1. I also think that the teenager should wait until he/she is eighteen to make a decision and quit making his/her parents pay for it. If they are Christian, they won’t accept it, so the kid needs to grow up and should have not commited suicide for the whole public to see. That is just attention whoring to the max!

        2. If a teenager wants to be a tranny, why the hell is it’s the parents responsibility to go out there and pay for it. Pack your bags, move to Cali, go do an internship for RuPaul and earn the money to do it yourself. Then go write a NY best-selling memoir about having bad parents and finding yourself, and all this other stuff.

          Marx was right about one thing: Capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction.

    2. “Leelah”?? I think you mean Josh, the MAN (boy) who mutiliated his male genitalia.

  7. Transsexuals make up about 0.5-1% of the average populace in any given country. I just see them as a glitch in mother nature. They are abominations but insignificant.

    1. I wouldn’t say they are abominations but they are a minority and will always be a minority. They exist along with homosexuals, hermaphrodites, and people that are born infertile and are made this way (if they really are wired the way they are) in order to help control population. Mother Nature sometimes has her weird ways of doing things. The rest of the population, however, are fertile and meant for reproduction.

      1. Good comment. I’m wondering, where are all the hermaphrodite activists? I mean, if anyone is legitimately two sexes or something in-between its absolutely these people. I pondered why we don’t see HR or hermaphrodite rights and concluded that its very likely that hermaphrodites simply accept their situation and live with it. The difference with “trans” people is, by way of their actions, they’re not looking to just live peacefully but to broadcast their “condition” for everyone to see. Hence the narcissism Forney discussed. Worse, is their “MO”, which is identical to all the other “aggrieved”…petitioning the state to tattoo smiles of acceptance on all of us, unconditionally and unwillingly.
        Also, trans people do represent a very small minority of the broader population and even if this phenomenon occurs the baiting and brainwashing sjw’s commit onto young and innocent children is abhorrent and it makes my skin crawl and blood boil. There they are being the thing they hate by presuming their own supremacy and sophistication over the little people too ignorant to understand “trans” et al. Yet, for all this supposed “sophistication” they might understand that children (and many if not most adults) are…fucking impressionable! And it gets even worse because the trans movement needs impressionable kids to legitimize itself; but note, with emphasis, that its for the good of the movement NOT the individual that is apparently suffering.
        Say what you want about religion, but, short of jim jones cool aid mass suicide, religion is not permanent in the way that “trans” is. Moreover, this “movement” has many similarities to simple “fads” and in many respects it is a fad. So, it will pass and, unless we stand up and fight, God knows what’s next, but, win or not, what will become of these post-op people once the notoriety is gone? Indeed, once its purpose to calm insecurity and bolster ego is gone?
        Yep, living hell. This needs to be destroyed!

    2. Liberals bitch about gender and sexuality being socially-constructed, but even in a society as permissive as ours, 96.6% of people are straight.* For millions of years evolution has put a tremendous amount of selective pressure on straightness, especially in men. (A lesbian might be raped and thereby reproduce).
      Any feature that disinclines someone to reproduce is a deformity, either physiological or psychological. It’s true whether someone has a barren womb, a shriveled dick, a propensity for living like the opposite gender, or a desire to fuck someone of the same gender.
      Now some progressives are trying to normalize zoophilia.** The good news for trannies is that, once people start debating the socially constructed nature of horse-fucking, cutting your dick off won’t seem as strange.

      1. “The good news for trannies is that, once people start debating the socially constructed nature of horse-fucking, cutting your dick off won’t seem as strange.”
        Actually its horrible news for trannies, because, they’ll lose the attention they so desperately desired from the start. Focus will shift to how horse loving is now the new “feel sorry for me” class in need of compassion and understanding. But, unlike a cult member or even a homosexual, they can’t simply break away…post ops will be post ops without the notoriety. That’s going to be very tough.

        1. Naw. They just declare themselves as “otherkin.” Honest to God it’s a real thing. The topic of tumblr photo included in the article identifies (literally) with tabby cats.
          And you really wonder why Muslims don’t want to assimilate with the West?

      2. And there is always a biological component to it. It isn’t all socially constructed as the liberals like to think. Of course, there are outliers (some born one or chose to be one) but the majority of the population is straight. The real LGBT(abbreviations keep adding) and infertile populace is very small. Most people are meant for reproduction.

      3. If sexual gender is a social construct and not related to your body parts or genes, then why do people suffering from transsexual confusion want to operate?
        Thy do and they are demanding the “right” to mutilate in order to correct their biology.
        This is the clash of the social justice warriors.

      4. “Any feature that disinclines someone to reproduce is a deformity, either physiological or psychological. It’s true whether someone has a barren womb, a shriveled dick, a propensity for living like the opposite gender, or a desire to fuck someone of the same gender.”
        Think about it… being a “transexual/homo/lesbo/LGBTWZAQWS” makes you essentially famous and popular amongst the weird part of society nowadays.
        If the fame and social validation gives these people greater opportunity to reproduce than your boring “normal” people, than you gotta admit… being gay works. Throw in artificial insemination and celebrities will be the only people having children in the future.

        1. hahahhahaa
          “WTF I thought you were gay!?”
          “I am fucking gay, aw yeah gay for that pussy”
          NPH game is the future my friend lol.

    3. Yet SJWs still have the audacity to want to make the rest of The Republic who are non-trans to be referred to as “cisgendered”, can you believe that crap? The nerve of some people! No, you MAY NOT change the vernacular I use simply because I chose not to be a Frankensteined-out attention-whoring social experiment! What fucking gall these social misfits have!

  8. I can always count on ROK to deliver a dose of level-headedness amidst all the crazy shit out there, this post being one. The fact is SJWs dont give two shits about this boy/wannabe girl. To them, his suicide is just another tool to advance their insane/destructive agenda.

    1. “He” was nothing but a fucking living Frankenstein. The only shred of pity I have for him was that he was a teenager in today’s world, which are as vapid and hapless as homo sapiens can get. Social media brainwashes them to do about any shameless and dignity-compromising act just to Like-collect, and this person was no exception, to say the least.
      Now if “he” were ten years older, I wouldn’t have an iota of sympathy for it.

      1. True. Don’t have much sympathy myself. But what pisses me off are all these SJWs masquerading as if they care about the guy’s suicide when they really just care about advancing their agenda. Sad thing is people tend to buy their fake sympathy.

  9. It’s very weird. If you choose to let yourself become 500 pounds and start to suffer from depression you’re told to accept yourself as beautiful, feel no shame, and enjoy life as a hippopotamus.
    When you’re born a certain gender and feel unhappy, you’re told to mutilate your body, pump yourself full of hormones your body doesn’t naturally produce in great quantities, and tell everyone you’re a different gender.

    1. In the latter, it may have something to do with a part of their brain that is shaped or the same size as that of the opposite sex they are born as. Sometimes, for these people, they need surgery and hormones to correct it, especially if it is needed for them to function in society. It does not work in all cases but in some cases, it does. And for the ones that it worked for, these people usually don’t associate with crazier trannies or even GLBT(abbreviations just keep getting longer) community and live their lives like the rest of the people. I know of a friend’s friend was born a man and has had the procedure and she/he is happily married with a husband. Both have good jobs and are living like normal people. You couldn’t even tell she/he was born a man. I met her at a friend’s birthday party and found out because my friend told me.

    2. If you want to be like the Incredible Hulk, and take hormones but to go into the other direction (read: more manly) then you are thought of as a freak or criminal if you get the stuff outside of Rx.
      But the risks are the same whether you want to be a muscle head or a…. female: blood clots, stroke, cancer. Messing with the endocrine system either way is going to be bad news.
      But in this gynocracy, wanting to be like Arnold is horrible evil and bad and you should be charged with crimes for getting the roids illegally but if you want breasts and to become girly oh that’s just sacred and wonderful and you should not only get what you want, but everybody else has to pay for it.

      1. Unsupervised excessive hormone taking is very dangerous.
        Now when you are a MTF to FTM person you go through rigorous physchological assement before you allowed to start hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
        You are strongly warned of the possible negative health impacts.
        You go into this with your eyes wide open.
        When you are on a HRT program you are monitored carefully and regularly to ensure your hormone levels are correct for the gender you are transitioning to. This minimises any side affects.
        Excessive levels of testosterone or estragon can be seriously damaging to your health, even fatal. Blood clots, liver damage, kydney damage, heart damage, prostate cancer are all possible side affects of one or both of them. Excessive testosterone (and other similar steriods) can cause infertility.
        That’s why it is so tightly controlled, it is dangerous stuff.
        Do you really want to look more ‘manly’ while sterilising yourself and probably taking years off of your life?

    3. Let’s be honest, almost ALL of this is the natural outgrowth of feminism. The levels of acceptance grew, because like Blacks and Hispanics supposedly having some alliance (which is mostly false), liberal white women wanted everyone they could to join the injustice bandwagon. personally, most of them could give a shit about gay men, or trannies, etc. Most hispanics who are over the age of 25, and NOT on a college campus, cannot stand blacks. The acceptance grew out of control to where now anything and everything goes.

  10. Spot on about tranny activists reinforcing deviant behavior. They claim to be supporting confused people and trying to help. But, now that transexualism has become politicized, tranny activists are all to happy to use others to try to legitimize their lifestyle and promote their own agenda.
    Sounds far-fetched? Tranny activists’ compassion dries up pretty fast when transexuals try to go back to normal. These supposedly compassionate people ostracize others as soon as they don’t fit the standard narrative of a healthy transgender being oppressed by society.
    Check out the article “Trouble in Trandtopia” from The Federalist. (http://thefederalist.com/2014/11/11/trouble-in-transtopia-murmurs-of-sex-change-regret/#disqus_thread)

    1. Article is a bit harsh on this kid, but yeah, they are disturbed people. My two close encounters with them (one on the subway, one on the streets) involved them suddenly flipping out, and taking a knife out of their “cleavage”. Not sure what caused the street incident, but they subway one started when a man sitting next to me blurted out “you’re disgusting.”
      That knife was about a foot from my face.

  11. It breaks my heart every time I hear about someone taking his own life via a third party. Throwing yourself in front of a train or walking out in front of a truck is just pure selfish evil.

    1. And suicide is a selfish act especially if it is used to attract the attention of the media.

  12. There really would have not been a happy ending to this story at any possible speculation. America has managed to make homosexuality very fashionable and makes social rights and laws to enforce this esteemed position, trans it’s just another part of the homo umbrella. But at one end, you may have had this kid gone full fabulous drag and would’ve drug his family’s name needlessly through the mud. I could imagine that is a normal family’s shame to have their son come out as gay.
    The other part is imagine if this boy managed to get a sex change procedure, and they have to deal with a psychologist for a while before a person can go under the knife. Even if he managed to, which he probably would not because of an undiagnosed problem then surfacing, he would have later realized that he managed to make a Frankenstein of himself.
    Now don’t get me wrong, some women inn the states are so ugly they can pass for men. But no amount of makeup,hormones, implants or surgery can detract from the reality that one is nothing more than a man disfigured by choice.

    1. More like a transsexual because they aren’t naturally one or the other. One, they are not a woman because women have XX chromosomes and have female reproductive organs. Also, they are not a man because though they may have XY chromosomes, they can’t function sexually as a man with an artificially constructed vagina and breasts. A man may lack a penis but not have an artificially constructed vagina and breasts.

  13. Whatever happened to keeping your teenagers busy with activities like sports, school and minimum wage jobs so that they don’t have the time for this foolish self-absorption?

      1. yeah, and not letting your kids go out and play bc pedos- theyre everywhere!! I saw one in a tree just yesterday, waiting to pounce…

        1. Ha ha. Yeah, Pedo Awareness is getting out of hand. When I go home I run shuttles on a field up the hill from my family house. Narrow, tree-lined roads make jogging way too dangerous and I hate jogging anyway. So off to the field. It’s a small ballpark/soccer field in the woods, nothing special. A few times, there were pee wee soccer teams practicing, obv. finishing at dusk. I waited and took the field as they wrapped up. I will never forget the ‘hero eyes’ I got from the parents waiting to pick up their kids. I asked one dad if the kids were finishing, just casually, as they clearly were. He gave me a look so steely that John Wayne would have filled his trunks and started shivering. It was so ridiculous. It’s happened a few times. I even once picked up some nearby bonfire logs (I set my course with the logs, running lines, basketball style) just because I knew something so zany would fuck those people up for days. A forty year old man waiting for pee-wee soccer practice to finish, out in the woods, holding four small logs and just standing there quietly, easy smile on my face. I would love to hear some of the discussions at the homes. “Honey, there was a man at the soccer field holding logs. What should we do?…”

        2. Fuckin morons. The mass brainwashing is complete. Its not like you were there laying a trail of toys and lollipops leading back to your house…

  14. There was a time in this country that if children were adamant about doing something or being something that their parents disagreed with they would simple bag up their belongings and run away, rather than spend time moaning and crying on social media. It shows that this is and always is a matter of attention, not some result of spiritual angst.
    It’s the great disease within SJWs: they don’t want to just exist, but they want to control society, and Leelah Alcorn killed himself when he realized he couldn’t control his parents or his friends and make them see him how he wanted to be seen…and according to SJWs we who refuse to bow to this form of control are to be blamed…smh. Behind all their sympathy, empathy, appeals to emotion etc is nothing more but a mask to control, instruct and rule; that’s always the end goal in mind. And you can see by how much they want to bring down the kids parents, forgetting that they also have 3 other traumatized kids that they’re responsible for.

    1. Exactly…. the biggest mistake the parents made was not throwing his fucked up ass out of the house….. see how his tumblr account works when he’s paying the bills… there are weirdos in the world and people shouldn’t feed them….

    2. Well shit look at how these days they are driving later in life.
      I was driving a car before I even had a license. Been behind the wheel since I was 14. You could not stop me from this right of passage.
      Now I hear of “kids” being carted around by their parents well into age 20. WTF?
      Indeed back in my day, past 15 if you did not see eye eye with the parents and that created an untenable situation, you packed your shit and left.
      But these days there is now probably 20 laws you are breaking just by thinking about it.

  15. Its no more than the amount of obese people in the population looking for “fat acceptance”. Keep filling your mouth and body full of the shit, sugary treats that are available. The homosexuals and trannies and whatever you’re having yourself are being fed on a sugary diet of sjw vindication, acceptance and you go tyranny, etc….(put your particular peccadillo here)… ism……
    Anything goes now…. walk down the street for “pride” parade with your prolapsed asshole hanging out of you leather chaps, bring children into these debauched couplings, etc. Say anything against such people you are guilty of hate crime.
    Other day I read an article on some campaigner who wants to introduce books on these mentally ill people into pre school i.e. under 5’s, classes so that they can become more “accepting”. Its fucking propaganda…. killing any childhood these children will ever have…..

    1. As a person who lost a bunch of weight in college, this “fat acceptance” stuff is some of the most absolutely absurd bullshit I’ve ever seen. Yes I do have sympathy and empathy for fat people, after all I did in fact walk a mile in their shoes, but the endless bitching about the most insignificant stuff is ridiculous.
      Of course it all just boils down to thinly-veiled narcissism, like why doesn’t society conform to all of my needs down to a tee? Why do I have to pay for two seats (when I take up two seats)? Why do I need to pay for more in healthcare (even though I’m at higher risk for stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, circulation problems, back problems, knee problems, and I could go on all day)? Why don’t stores have my sizes (even though stores have limited space for clothing and use a range of clothing sizes, although if you’re this fat you really should be questioning your choices)? All other of these SJW movements are the same way, narcissistic fuckwads that don’t think things through and then blame “society” or “capitalism” for not accepting their amoral, immoral, and degenerate behavior.

  16. Couldn’t he have just joined NAMBLA and let much older men anally impale him to satiate his cock cravings? Dumbtard! Now his parents have to suffer society’s wrath for NO good goddamn reason!

    1. Transsexualism, homosexuality, and pedophilia are three different things. They may go hand in hand but in this case, there is no pedophilia being mentioned. The only thing being mentioned is transsexualism and homosexuality. I do pity his/her parents though because they are being shamed by the public.

      1. Yes I know they’re three different things – I mentioned it because he was already going off of the deep end, he might as well have gone straight for broke and taken it to a whole different extreme. He clearly was performing attention stunts to make anybody under The Sun look in his general direction.

        1. The suicide and media attention whoring is dumb but it was the way his/her life was ended. This kid really needed a counselor.

    2. I said something similar. Had he found some queer to stuff his ass and pretend he was a female, he’d still be alive.

  17. It’s a testament to modern stupidity that if I walked into a doctor’s office and demanded that they amputate my leg for no reason, they would refuse and likely have me committed, but if I demanded they chop my dick off, well, prep the OR!

    1. Yup, see my comment below, you have an easier chance getting a sex change in the US than getting some testosterone, even if you HAVE low T…

  18. I can understand how teen boys would discover passions for things that might turn into useful activities when they become adults, like programming computers, repairing automobile engines, playing musical instruments and so forth. And I can see how they would want to communicate with similar enthusiasts over the internet to further develop their own interests and skills.
    But this kid’s obsession with transgender make-believe gives me the creeps. I hope this sort of thing remains an extreme outlier. Elliot Rodger, another overly dramatic youngster who pushed himself into the news to make some kind of statement about his inadequacies, had some major self-absorption issues that he could have handled a lot better; but at least he aspired to become a sexually confident man.

    1. It always will be an outlier just as homosexuality is. Most people are going to be straight and meant for reproduction as Mother Nature intended.

      1. On the other hand, we see openly gay men in all kinds of strategic positions now. How the hell did that happen?

        1. In reality they are a minority, in fact, a lot of gay men are really bisexual but because of the stigma of bisexual men, they are unwilling to come out.

        2. FYI – bisexuality works against homosexualism because it weakens their foundation. Think about it…why do we have homosexualism? Never mind the deliberate forces behind it i.e. cultural marxism etc, but, the ideological justification rests on it being born in. Hence – I can’t do anything about this, so, its wrong to judge. But, bisexuality shows us there is choice, which shouldn’t be a surprise. An African American, for instance, can’t help being black and, apropos to this post, just like a women can’t help being a woman…there is no choice. However, sex, which is what defines homosexuality, is an action, not a thing, that requires conscious choice.
          homosexualism is dependent on the “born in” argument because without it their appeals to emotion quickly reduce down to a bunch of deviant sex fiends looking to get their jollies off.

        3. And it also shows that the majority of the population are meant for reproduction as Mother Nature intended.

        4. Exactly… bissexuality is the most retarded orientation of them all.. at least homossexuals can claim they were “born that way” and “they can’t help it” (wether that’s true or not) but bissexuals dudes have the power of choice yet they still choose to dishonor their balls and their families with their behavior…. worse still, they bring gay STD’s to the straight world with this kind of shit…

        5. Well we live in a society where “fat acceptance” is actually a thing, plus, 47% of the population gets a handout. These are people who just want to indulge themselves to such a degree that they’ll fucking protest (aka scream, wail and whine) until they get their way.

        6. Yep. And I feel compassion for people less fortunate then others or, for whatever reason(s), struggle. And, that does include some of the groups you mentioned, BUT, what I can NOT do is watch just a small sliver of people being championed as heroes and fucking role models! Especially since we all suffer and, especially, since this is all, ultimately, fucking sex based!

        7. Don’t fall for homosexualist propaganda.
          Again, no one is born homosexual, no one is born an alcoholic, no one is born a fan of Whitney Houston.
          Temperamment + circumstances (especially of childhood) = your tastes, your habits, your vices…

        8. I don’t think it is. It just shows that most people are really meant for reproduction. The sad thing is, these men that are really bisexual would rather be gay for whatever reason. The real gay, tranny, or whatever population is really lower than the media makes it appear to be. And the ones that truly are don’t want to associate with the nutcases running the show.

        9. Yeah the suicide is a very selfish act and the way it was being used is for media attention, making me question whether the kid is going through some phase or something.

        10. All the screaming and whining is being done by the people who are getting all the advantages. They’re misdirecting everyone’s focus so that no one will notice how easily they are grabbing money from the culture without producing a thing. Money is supposed to be a simple representation of work. Work is production so obv. money=production. Half the population is walking out to their mailbox and pulling cash out of it. It’s like the beginning of some cornball Adam Sandler movie. A mailbox that dispenses cash, yet 100,000,000 people do it. 150,000,000 if you factor in medicare, soc. sec. So all the uber privileged groups; blacks, females etc. are simply protecting their victim status because it’s the goose that laid the golden egg. 70% of college students are female…..”WAR ON WOMEN!!!!” They must be sensing that their jig is almost up and the insane, raging SJW movements just get more violently deflective as their privilege and extraordinary advantages grow.

        11. Well-done for bringing genuine knowledge to our attention. It’s the same old issue of ‘attack the person, not the issue’. It’s a major ploy of the communaudes.

    2. I don’t give a damn about homosexuality, but the idea of transsexuality just disgusts me.

      1. Yeah the surgical procedures they go through can be disgusting to watch. But for some of them, it would help them.

        1. My opinion is that you don’t get to pick your gender. What’s the difference between me FEELING like I should be recognized as an African-American rather than white and Leelah deciding its gender?

        2. That is true in a sense. They will still have the same chromosomes and in the end, the result is a masculinized/feminized body of a human, not a true man or woman.

        3. Oh, that sounds fun!.
          Find an SJW, drop the word “nigger,” and let him get his panties in a bunch and try to shame you. Then, act indignant and start yelling:
          “You’re calling me a racist!? MY PARENTS ARE BLACK! I was adopted as a baby. They raised me, and I grew up in Detroit/Compton/DC and I’m an African-American! That’s my culture! Who the fuck are you to try and take my culture away from me! You’re a racist, you fucking cracker!”
          [Does not compute. Head explodes.]

        4. I did this to a liberal once. He played the race card on Facebook because I dared question a bike riding girl who got raped at 1am while going for a ride. He said I have white privilege. Little does he know I am not 100% white and grew up poor in the ghetto. Meanwhile, I know everything about him, he grew up in the white suburbs and had no non-white friends until he got to college.
          So in many cases they are just projecting their own white privilege. THEY have white privilege, and THEY feel bad about themselves, so they push their guilt on YOU, based on how similar you look to them. White guilt.

        5. “Transferred nationalism, like the use of scapegoats, is a way of attaining salvation without altering one’s conduct.” – George Orwell
          A while back I wrote an article for ROK about George Orwell’s essay “Notes on Nationalism” and how it explains a lot about modern culture, particularly the behavior of GWLs, SJWs, and feminists.

          Lessons About Modern Culture From George Orwell

        6. EXACTLY…I’ve done this (I’m Sufi Muslim) with sharing my beliefs at organizationally-required EEO training. Take a sexist position, watch SJCreeps fume, then explain it’s “my culture” and all the usual justice talk only to watch them sink in their seats. Does NOT compute for them.

    3. Rogers was a hyper narcissist, probably due to his priveliged up bringing. Probably watched massive amounts of porn. Rogers issues would’ve been much easier to solve than this trans kid. A high class hooker giving Rogers some porn star sex probably would’ve calmed him down. This queer kid is a whole nother beast.

  19. I dont have a problem with people being whatever they want to be (trans, bi, gay, etc) but the whole new fad of announcing it to the world has gotten old quick. This whole attaching cis or trans to your sex is the new being vegan or doing cross fit fad, they announce it to everyone like people care, hell they even say what their orientation is before saying hello sometimes.

    1. This kid has gone too far with attention whoring suicide but it’s too late to return back and see a counselor instead.

      1. Oh for sure, in his tumblr profile he also identify’s himself as a tabby cat hahah. I think it’s odd that the only time these SJW’s came to his aid was after he was dead, but that’s how it seems to go most of the time. They never actually try and do anything preventative and just put the blame on whoever they deem fit. I feel like the parents were more than lenient with the kid and you can’t put the blame on them, hell back in my day you just used to get your ass beat for shit like this.

        1. That’s not Josh/Leelah’s tumblr, it’s some other guy’s Tumblr that Mr. Forney used as an image.

  20. I’ve often wondered how many mentally ill people could be cured by getting of the internet and living in a remote area, surrounded by nature and good folks. Can there be any doubt that suburbia, TV, the internet, and cities magnify these 21st century disorders?

    1. Heh. Dude.
      I’ve enough decades on this earth to have noticed one thing: suburbia as an abominable anomaly on this earth.
      Most of your whackjob kids and dumb ideas come from there. Dumb lifestyles, ideas, everything. The rise of the “Garden City” concept in the mid 19th century (there is a town on Long Island NY, the very definition of suburb, called “Garden City”) and the rise of feminism go hand in hand.
      People get fooled into thinking the suburbs are good for raising kids. It’s not. The most sensible kids I have known were either from the big cities or the farms. Suburban kids tend to be emotionally immature.
      Notice how suburban living is touted as some kind of target lifestyle? Notice how the media pushes it? Has anybody started to wonder why city kids are always portrayed as punks or thugs (even when white) and farm kids are portrayed as cousin-humping inbreds? There’s a reason for this.

        1. I would say so. I used to live in Seattle and it seems like a different planet now when I visit.

        2. Depends on what country side and what suburbs. The defining feature of American suburbs is that theyre economically unrelated to the city. People don’t drive into the city for work, they drive from their suburban house to their suburban job. Its not that uncommon for a suburbanite that was born and raised ten miles from a major city to have only gone there a few times.

        3. Yeah suburbs are typically more liberal and the country people are in general more conservative.

        4. Come to nyc then. 8.3 mil miserable SOBs crammed into a tiny area. 1600 bucks a mo for a shitty one bedroom in former middle class neighborhoods (300 bucks twenty yrs ago). You cant really bike or walk to work, because all the jobs are on an island…you sure seattle is that bad?

        5. In the country town sizes cap at about 10k most being a lot smaller. Prior to the internet the primary form of entertainment in these places was knowing everything about everybody else’s life.
          The suburbs is such an overloaded word. I live in the suburbs but my kids run around the neighborhood with the other kids their age. I know my neighbors well enough that we would have impromptu BBQ’s. There is a movie theater with in biking distance, and a bunch of non-chain restaurants whose owners live locally. Of course we have our stabucks and Mcdonald’s too.
          Then there are things called exurbs which are basically just neighborhoods full of nothing but houses with 1-mile strips of shopping centers every 20 or so miles that consists entirely of Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, Chain Grocery store, Supercuts, Costco, Fast Food Chains, etc. And your fine dining options are TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, Outback. Those places neighbors tend not to know who even lives next to them.
          Where I grew up split the difference. So we knew our neighbors, played with their kids. But never broke bread with any of them. Substantially less commercial stuff than now, but you could bike the library, blockbuster, and a comic book shop. And the owner of the pizza pub didn’t mind the kids playing the 3-4 arcade/pinball games so long as we cleared out by 4:30.

        6. Thanks for the ride down memory lane.
          Seriously, just hearing you mention Blockbuster brings back memories of me and my brother hoofing it a few miles during summer break in order to discover the likes of a Stanley Kubrick or a Kurosawa and occasionally having the cashier call our dad at work to verify that we were allowed to rent R-rated movies.
          At “Mountain Mikes” and other pizza joints we’d hustle for quarters from the patrons so that we could continue a game where we lost the race or died too soon to wipe that smirk off the victorious boss’ face and see the next level (you could often tap a button to restart the countdown to continue your game–we’d inevitably have someone stay with the game and tap buttons until we scrounged up another quarter off the floor, from some childless couple eating out, or even from change-returns in public telephones.
          One of those summers was so influential for us that me, my brother and our best friend refer to it fondly and cheekily as the “summer of love.”
          We discovered art through the movies we watched at night and ideas from the books we read together while chain-smoking and guzzling coffee at the local cafe.
          Competitive bowling at Countryside Lanes taught us to respect our opponents–not to gloat in victory and not to whine in defeat but to strive for some progress each day and to be happy for the success of our companions rather than bitter at our own failures (we generally competed amongst ourselves at that time…eventually we turned to hustling others once we got good and that’s another matter).
          We were even provided the opportunity to pull all-nighters at our own home doing most of these things and debating our thoughts while sitting out back smoking cigars and cigarettes since pops was trying to reconcile with his then-separated wife at her new place.
          Here’s to any and all Summers Of Love.

        7. Yeah, huge culture clashes too, since every 2nd person speaks anything but English. There’s undeniable potential for what’s being described as becoming a better/bigger person through all that inner-city hardship. But the stressful conditions can be oppressive, and isolating, since everyone’s ‘on the clock’ and in a rush for the train, etc. Maybe good for night life though, as people want to let loose. Generally the places where people feel the best are the parks, or waterfronts – some approximation of the natural world.

        8. I remember riding my bike with a couple of friends to the comic book store to buy the latest Amazing Spider-Man comic.
          Good times

        9. And 1/4 of the city has no streetlights at night or garbage pickup(not enough money, not enough people live in those pockets of the city anyway). The new trend is to “build” home out of used cargo containers. But yeah, that city will turn around soon 🙂

        10. It wasnt easy in the 80s/90s, but it was much better than now. People still went to church (Im talking parents dragging their kids, now all that left are older people, not many families). This is where you met your neighbors(or at the numerous Catholic schools, which are shutting down, they get no subsidies from the state, and cannot pay their teacher well, much easier when brothers and nuns taught, that vow of poverty and all).
          Peeps in their late 20s/early 30s are NOT starting families, two incomes, alot of debt of all sorts puts the kibosh on that. But dont worry, your neighbor, who you dont really interact with, could be on section 8. The couple pays market rate, while they pay a small percentage of the price. This is great bc they have a kid or two. And the landlords game the system too- the couple could pay 1600 a mo for the 1 bedroom, Section 8 could pay 400 per AND the landlord is charging overmarket rate to the section 8 program, say $2000 a month. How is that allowed? Gotta be some kickbacks to city officials going on.
          And someone explained to me how foreigners, both legal and illegal can game the system: They claim they arent married (technically, they arent, since they got married in their country of origin, no marriage license stateside).
          Woman will children in tow cries poverty, qualifies for some goodies, man works off the books, pays no taxes….

        11. now you can just sit on your fat ass and download it to your ipad. We’d make a mad dash to the comic store on new comic day to make sure the latest XMen wasnt sold out…

        12. You also have to add the (no bullshit man – this is legitimately true) fucking packs of dogs that people left behind who have formed feral packs and roam the god damn ruins of the city attacking people.
          It’s like out of a god damn nightmare. Detroit began going to shit around the same time that Japan had two fucking nuclear bombs dropped on two cities. Now those two cities in Japan are spotless and Detroit is a fucking scene from “The Last of Us”.
          That does not bode well for American cities.

        13. Yeah, I see that there’s a tax trap for those who work. They basically prop up the scroungers on welfare, who can be a little less careful where they blow their loads (or who blows their loads up their snatches) as they know that mo babies mo dollas. Communism/socialisism at large in all Western countries.

      1. I grew up in the inner city and I always thought the suburbs were the “nice” place to live…but jesus christ did that evaporate the first time I went to levittown PA. Levittown is one of the first planned mass suburbs, its right betweenTrenton and Philly. Its HUGE and was built to allow the working class in Philly have the “American Dream”…but fuck has it gone to shit hard. Its just like the nastiest parts of Philly except instead of heroin everyone does pills and instead of abandoned factories there’s abandoned strip malls.
        Being from the city it hit me really hard…it was like “SHIT nowhere is nice in this fucked up country.”
        The irony is that everyone in Levittown got there because that’s where their grand parents moved to escape kennsington and frankford (formerly working class white areas of Philly that have become Taxi Driver shitholes since the 60s). If they had just stayed in the old neighborhood their grandkids could save themselves the hassle of getting oxys and just buy dope under the El. Same shit, might as well save a buck.

        1. Why are you so terrified to say that your Grandparents HAD to run because kennsington and frankford became savage n!99er areas almost overnight…If they didn’t leave your Grandmother, Mother, Aunt’s would probably have been raped and murdered by the savage gruesome n!99ers….Imagine what the public schools became overnight?
          What is the racial status of present day Levittown PA?

        2. my point was that Levittown PA, the landing point for white flight, is now full of dug addicts too…*white drug addicts*. Also I live in a black neighborhood. I have yet to be murdered and raped.

        3. It sounds like you have a lot of n!99er “friends” …..
          Ha Ha!!! I’ll be reading about you in the news….
          They could “chimp out” ANYTIME!!!!

        4. I’ve been to levitown. My sister’s husband grew up there and insisted on taking her back there to live. They were living in Tucson AZ.
          It took her famuky 20 years to get him to move back West. Las Vegas! They were living in pendel in a cockroach infested apartment building and could qualify for welfare but wouldn’t take it. They weren’t white trash. Now in Vegas they own their own condo that’s almost paid off, own two cars and take “staycations” to the strip at least twice a year. Plus, he’s a music maniac and can afford to see all the classic rock bands that come to Vegas like clockwork.
          I lived in Trenton for a year. Worked mostly in Princeton out in Hopewell Township. Not as bad as the city. Lived TWO STREETS from the STATE PRISON which is IN a residential neighborhood!
          What a hole the northeast is! Give me the Great American Southwest any day! Where you are free to carry a sidearm in public without “permission” from the nanny state.
          Got to get rid of John McCain, though!

      2. Agreed. In suburbia one is alienated, but never left with solitude. I subscribe to the theory that America’s architecture is both a symptom and cause of The Malaise.

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      3. Growing up in the suburbs is one of the most damaging things you can do for a young man. Ultimately there’s nothing to do in suburbs and most men either end up as nice guys or they go to the complete opposite end and rebel, drink, do drugs, and do everything to escape the terrible reality of it. Feminism is rampant in these suburbs, especially the wealthier you get. I was always a misfit in the suburbs and for the longest time(up until my senior year of high school) I though it was me, nope, it was them.
        I would always be-friend the weird kids but honestly a lot of them are at least good people, these modern days “crunchy granola dudes”(taken from 21 jump street) are some of the most irritating, selfish, vain, superficial, and idiotic people I have ever met. I have noticed how city life is still portrayed as dirty, as if it were the 1930’s.
        Ultimately the suburbs are bad for a young man because there’s a very limited room to explore yourself. A man might find their true calling in nature in a more rural area, or in a city surrounded by hundreds of places to go and thousands if not millions of people to talk to. Also you need two cars just to do anything, usually some gas-guzzling SUV and a smaller thing.
        Reminds me of this Rush(Subdivisions) song that puts it eloquently:
        “Nowhere is the misfit or the dreamer so alone”

        1. I can relate to being the “weird” kid in my suburban neighbourhood. I found it incredibly isolating and pointless.
          I think part of dressing “weird” in those kinds of places is to attract the company of anyone else who sees the environment for what it is… a place to escape.
          It got so frustrating that I’d load my pockets with a walkman and Pearl Jam CDs, eat a bag of magic mushrooms and walk around for hours hoping to stumble upon something interesting.
          Oddly enough, it worked. Thank god I got out of that place.

        2. Suburbs!
          In the high school halls.
          In the shopping malls
          Be cool or be cast out!
          (hated the suburban portion of my childhood — rural was much more conducive to indiviuality and developing real world skills)

        3. I went into my teens around during the New Jack City era (yeah it was really bad). Carjacking starting during this time, 89-93 was the WORST homicide tally in the city’s history…burbs woulda been a godsend to me.
          The grass is always greener on the other side.

        4. You have some strange fantasies about what life is like in the city/country vs. what it is actually like.

        5. Great mind-shifting there! I was raised on the island of Okinawa in the 60s-70s and as a preteen had the run of that entire tropical island. We built numerous jungle forts or found coral caves to build campfires in and cook food we stole from our pantries. Looking back, I can see how how really blessed we were to live there during that turbulent time in America. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t face all the same challenges a boy must always face to become a man. I’m just glad I didnt have to do it now.

        6. Agreed. I suspect many of these “suburbs are sick” types are loosers and social misfits who for some reason or another were unable to fit in or had frustrated childhoods because of a unstable family life.
          Then there’s the usual teen-aged angst – EVERY teenager aches to rebel against the norms of their upbringing/environment.

        7. “Growing up in the suburbs is one of the most damaging things you can do for a young man. Ultimately there’s nothing to do in suburbs and most men either end up as nice guys or they go to the complete opposite end and rebel, drink, do drugs, and do everything to escape the terrible reality of it. Feminism is rampant in these suburbs, especially the wealthier you get.”
          From most of the American cities I’ve seen the suburbs are where everything worth doing is located. Nothing in the urban areas except pro sports teams (“yeah, sports team!”) and maybe a cultural landmark or two like a Children’s Museum or Music Hall. Otherwise, everything else you could want or need is in the suburbs: amusement parks, indoor and outdoor waterparks, ski and snowboard slopes, indoor rock climbing, indoor tennis clubs, ice skating rinks, marital arts, any other type of sport or activity you could want to do (ballet, gymnastics, music, etc), safe and clean parks, shopping, organic food.
          “Also you need two cars just to do anything, usually some gas-guzzling SUV and a smaller thing.”
          Yes, that’s the whole point. The best functioning and designed suburbs were the ones with no public transportation (no bus routes, trains, etc.) of any type (no car means no job means trouble).

      4. I think this is absolutely true.
        When I was a little kid it was alright, we knew 4 or 5 different families in our street, played with their kids, etc.
        Since then, ALL of them have gotten divorced and moved away. My parents are pretty much the only couple still together.
        Nowadays, I literally have no idea who our neighbors are. Ted Bundy could be living next door for all I know.

      5. That may be true…Being in a crammed city as a kid makes you observe what is REALLY going on….As a result I (and all other Whites) were NEVER susceptible to any j ew media programming/brainwashing….On TV the n!99ers were poor, peaceful, oppressed victims of White “racism” and when walking around the city unable to escape observing them it was easy to determine what gruesome savages they all were….These White Columbia deutshbags holding the “black lives matter” signs are likely from all White suburbs…I actually ENJOY when they meet their bloody gooey demise at the hands of the “poor oppressed” they are “saving”….

      6. Suburbia is as impractical and unsustainable as building a space station not for scientists but for say housing a bunch of party college knuckleheads. Too many resources expended for nothing but wasteful luxury.
        The cost of fuel to power the suburbs and commute the distance for every necessity completely tips the scales. The golf course zoysia grass and chem-lawns are untillable and it is hypothesized that suburbia will be the WORST HELLPIT DISASTER EVER in times of upheaval or calamity whether manmade or natural. Suburbia will be a death trap and many will wish they spent their money on guns instead of a speed boat and had opted instead to dwell in a cohesive small town with ‘specialists’ within walking distance.
        And the place is a massive mortgage ‘trap’ as well. Cardboard mcmansions kept immaculate for easy drive by appraisals. The seven cookie cutter styles in the development can be quickly eyeballed when they are kept clean and looking like they aren’t even lived in. This makes them EASIER FOR THE BANKS TO POLICE.
        The poor betas are domesticated and the women become entitled queens. It was all clearly done by design to entrap the post war middle class. No one can rationalize the MASSIVE EFFORT that was undertaken to construct this monstrous and surreal residential ‘disneyland’. What a godforsaken money sink and WHAT A TRAP.
        The rural farm steads will be survivable on or off the grid though and are also more linked to small town connections than they are to the sprawling suburbs.

      7. @doktorjeep:disqus “Nothing happens in the burbs”.
        What?? How about turning into a meth head, knocking up a girl while underage (or who is underage while you aren’t! Lots of Daddy issues in them ‘burbs!), turning into a whigger, espousing hostility towards Mexikins and Ay-rabs and Chanks (yet Blacks are revered since they provide “cool” music and are funny and good at sports, of course)… Come on, man! 😉

      8. I grew up in the country and never once encountered incest or even heard of it happening so I can imagine the city guys are probably no worse in spite of what the suburbia people claim.

      9. Hey, guys! Both the nostalgia and the hate on suburbia are great. But never forget:
        Life IS what it IS.
        Make of it what YOU will.

    2. That’s the irony. This kid was isolated by his obsession with tumblr and internet validation. His parents did well by taking all that away, forcing him to live in the real world where he had real people to talk to and lean on for support. He mentions how depressed he became after going back online. Had he stayed offline, he might’ve met another freak like himself or at maybe one of those closeted homos.

    3. Amen, bro! As a person that used to struggle with depression I can testify to that. Moving out to the country saved my life! Running every morning , chopping wood, planting trees, working in the field; that kind of stuff. I even did Yoga for a while. I guess, You simply don’t have as much distractions in the country so you actually start doing stuff that actually relieves you off stress instead of stuff that simply masks it. plus, the air here is just different. Seeing those motherfuckers locking themselves into their houses and coping through social networks makes me kind of sad.

        1. Every place has it’s share of dumb motherfuckers. I think what really annoys you how pretentious those dumb fucks tend to be in those urban areas. In the country you just have less flavors of stupid. while in the urban areas it’s almost like there competing with each other for the title of the dumbest motherfucker.

    4. True. I often think we have too much time on our hands. You see starving Africans or any other 3rd world country worried about this crap? I want a starving African food commercial with a boy dressed as Tina Turner or Diana Warwick!!!

    5. There is no doubt in my mind that getting off the internet, living with other people (a good community), having a good partner and staying active (with hobbies and interests, no idleness) will remove all forms of mental illness.
      The Wikipedia article on Psychotherapy implies this:
      “Critics of psychotherapy are skeptical of the healing power of a psychotherapeutic relationship.[72]
      Because any intervention takes time, critics note that the passage of
      time alone, without therapeutic intervention, often results in
      psycho-social healing.[73][74]
      Social contact with others is universally seen as beneficial for all
      humans and regularly scheduled visits with anyone would be likely to
      diminish both mild and severe emotional difficulty. Yet a large part of
      effectiveness studies include waiting-list control groups. This type of
      study design proves psychotherapy to be significantly more effective
      than passage of time alone.[75]”
      In other words, the passage of time alone, along with being socially
      engaged, heals most forms of mental illness. The same could be applied
      to transgenders, were they given a chance at a relationship or at least
      assigned a partner, these various forms of bizarre sexuality would die
      out instantaneously.
      There is no doubt in my mind that sex is a need, a very basic one, and that this current society’s way of divying it out or its strange, overly complex and sublimated rituals used to obtain sex and partnership are detrimental to the mental health of all people involved.
      We have made such a hype of sex, and made it more than it should be, and at the same time lied to each other about it.
      Sex is sex, the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich was certain that if all people were able to obtain regular orgasm, satisfyingly, with a good sex life, that all neuroses would be cured.
      Unfortunately we have made such an error in sublimating our drives that this seems no longer possible in this day and age.
      It really is unfortunate.

    6. I’ll guarantee that reading victim bullshit on tumblr contributed to this young man’s suicide

    7. I think at the heart of the matter Leelah was looking for somewhere to fit in. The people closest to him didn’t accept it this new chosen identity to Leelah sought validation from a group that didn’t care about him as an individual but as a foot soldier for their cause.
      His parents have been malaligned in the media for their strong beliefs, but they had been more supportive by telling him what he needed to hear and not what he wanted.

    8. This is a really good comment. I think we really DO need to focus on the internet though and what has happened since it has become widespread. I hate doing that, I really do, because most of us have used it to excel and help us through our education and occupation. However, when I was a kid my ass would be grass if I wasn’t out and about and, on top of that (and most importantly), I wanted to be out and about, playing sports my entire life, chasing skirt/trying to bang whoever I was into, etc.
      Now? These young kids, quite literally (the majority), sit and read the internet all fucking day and night and in doing so come across these fucking depressed nimrods on the internet who have been life failures and who only have a desire to spread their misery to others to feel better so they don’t feel useless alone. I REALLY hate that I have to say this but I think the internet needs much better oversight, I really do. We can’t let our future generations fall into the same trap as the past few. Shit guys, I’m 35 and I am saying that which is unfathomable…. 35 and saying that…. that is just how quickly the page has turned. In 17 years things have gone to PC fucking hell and, let’s face facts, the internet is a large cause of it. I just don’t see how it can be done without silencing legitimate sources where well educated people can report on issues. That said though, with the rise in shitty parents/single parents and heightening of the internet, shit has gone from good to fucked up in a very small amount of time.

    9. Kids need a stern Dad and stable mom. Most don’t have that anymore, there’s parents rewarding their stupid behaviour nowadays. Sad.

  21. What responsible parent would allow a 16 year old to undergo sex change surgery .. a permanent solution to what may be a very temporary issue.

  22. Bravo Matt! This was brilliantly written. It hit the nail on the head and I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Finding a mentally and emotionally stable transgender is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; my sister is one I know.
    The truth that SJW’s won’t accept is that these people need help, but are instead, as Matt points out only enabled further to “be themselves”. Bullshit.

  23. Here comes another attempt by the state to undermine parenting choice and Christianity by banning legit psychological treatments that don’t involve expensive dick lopping or hormone pills

  24. I see more and more trannys at the bars on the weekends trying to pick up straight men; and many want a “serious relationship”. I can play with my own penis if I want, no thank you…

  25. Alcorn might have had a female brain actually. Think of it:
    – attention whoring
    – validation seeking
    – no sense of justice (to oneself and to the truck driver who had no choice in being a part of this sordid tale)
    – world revolving around himself: solipsism
    I’d wonder that maybe we should just cut to the chase and screen for these traits and all of the little male millennial brats with them should be given sex changes so they can think they are happy but we’ll be glad when they cannot reproduce.
    But then, once they find that out, that they cannot further self-validate by having a baby, it’ll be “die cis scum” hashtags all day every day as they have nothing better to do. So scratch that.

    1. “- attention whoring
      – validation seeking
      – no sense of justice (to oneself and to the truck driver who had no choice in being a part of this sordid tale)
      – world revolving around himself: solipsism”
      Yes, but can’t those traits be attributed to most millennials?

      1. No actually. While bashing “the most precious generation” ( har har ) can be fun, they have a wide spread in parenting, almost like Generation X.
        In Gen X, you could have had parents who were young enough to have been at Woodstock. OR were old enough to have fought in WWII or the Korean War. The offspring of these two different groups were extremely different.
        Girls raised by the WWII generation coming of age in the 1970s through early 1980s were in fact the last of the NAWALT unicorns. There have been none since.
        With millenials, there are still a good number of them who had parents from this wide spread of age group. So while some may have been raised by hippie spawn, others are raised by people who had some semblance of a clue or may have even had a NAWALT mother. In my own family tree for example, my one NAWALT sister (out of three – my parents were born in the 1930s) has raised 4 sons as a homemaker and all 4 of them are very healthy, happy, and “alpha” young lads, one of which is already travelling the world at 19.

      2. True but also nowadays, men are being feminized by the media. Ever noticed the drop of male testosterone levels over the years?

    2. Except if he was a woman he would have swallowed a bunch of Tylenol and called a friend and had his stomach pumped 25 minutes later in the ER. This dude walked in front of a truck. The only way you get more manly in your suicide attempt is if you eat a bullet.

      1. Good point. The goal then would have been to attention whore and be even more of a special snowflake after the suicide “attempt”.

        1. Alcorn indeed does act like a woman and that is being irrational and being an attention whore like women are these days. Even Justin Bieber isn’t that irrational and could at least sing.

  26. So tired of the queer victim bullshit. Anti-bully laws were originally started to protect handicap kids in school. The movement got hijacked by faggots. Faggots have a choice. Handicap don’t. Time to end the faggot as victim meme.

    1. I say, it’s time to end the “being a female = victim = affirmative action and quotas necessary” meme.

  27. “And unless society recognizes that transsexuals need mental treatment, not sex change surgeries, the number of confused teenagers committing suicide will only grow.”

  28. Gender re-assignment surgery should be outlawed, and physicians who do the procedure should lose their license to practice medicine. Its like telling a person they can be Napoleon with the right doctor.

    1. They should just be executed, nevermind losing their license. These trans people are mentally ill and lack agency. This doctors are committing battery.

  29. How do they explain a child meaningfully consenting to “transitioning”? They can’t. It’s abuse.

    1. A 7 year old child can now decide their sex. A 17 year old teenager cannot consent to sex. This is america.

  30. my pronouns are xie, xir, xis, and xiself [ . . . ]
    This all just too complicated. I’ll just go with “Hey, dumbass”, mmkay?

    1. For them to insist that you call them something, especially that they’re biologically not violates your rights.

  31. I don’t think SJWs would defend trannies and homos as much if they truly knew how degenerately these people live. They will fuck and suck anything. Their lifestyle is so vile and disgusting.

    1. Not really. The SJ Dubs are just against heterosexual, normal men, especially those with standards. They’ll defend the most degenerate of trannies and homos, but call a straight guy wrong because he has vanilla sex with a chick that he met at a party, especially if she is slim and decent-looking.

    2. 1 The two angels came to Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom. When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them and bowed himself with his face to the earth 2 and said, “My lords, please turn aside to your servant’s house and spend the night and wash your feet. Then you may rise up early and go on your way.” They said,“No; we will spend the night in the town square.” 3 But he pressed them strongly; so they turned aside to him and entered his house. And he made them a feast and baked unleavened bread, and they ate.
      4 But before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both young and old, all the people to the last man, surrounded the house. 5 And they called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, that we may know them.” 6 Lot went out to the men at the entrance, shut the door after him, 7 and said, “I beg you, my brothers, do not act so wickedly…do nothing to these men, for they have come under the shelter of my roof.” 9 But they said, “Stand back!” And they said, “This fellow came to sojourn, and he has become the judge! Now we will deal worse with you than with them.” Then they pressed hard against the man Lot, and drew near to break the door down. 10 But the men reached out their hands and brought Lot into the house with them and shut the door. 11 And they struck withblindness the men who were at the entrance of the house, both small and great, so that they wore themselves out groping for the door.
      12 Then the men said to Lot, “Have you anyone else here? Sons-in-law, sons, daughters, or anyone you have in the city, bring them out of the place. 13 For we are about to destroy this place, because the outcry against its people has become great before theLord, and the Lord has sent us to destroy it.” 14 So Lot went out and said to his sons-in-law, who were to marry his daughters, “Up! Get out of this place, for the Lord is about to destroy the city.” But he seemed to his sons-in-law to be jesting.
      Genesis 19

      1. Oh, come on, man. I’m all for Christianity and all, but it’s a bit rich to skip over verse 8, where Lot offers to hand over his daughters to the priapic horde outside in preference to the two strangers who had just come through his door.

        1. I noticed that too. A great many of my Christian friends do this selective editing of the Bible in their daily lives, rather than acknowledging the text in all its complexity.
          If you are a believer, then own it all. But don’t try to weasel your way out of stuff that makes you uncomfortable.

        2. I ellided that verse because it has nothing to do with the topic of the post. I knew some fedora neck beard would asperger’s out on me and ignore the entire passage because of that one verse that speaks to an entirely different topic. I wanted to highlight the sins of the Sodomites, not the sins of Lot or his wife or kids.

      2. Lot offered his virgin daughters to be Sodomite’s whores for the night. idk but Lot’s bat shit cray cray too. lol
        but i do agree, this tranny shit is fucked up stupid

    3. The real trannies you’d never notice.
      The ones you do notice, like what I saw a few months ago (a 20 y/o man basically dressed like he was a 14 y/o girl with hairy legs), there are some serious heavy duty “crazy vibes” coming off of them. I would like to think some poor fellow lost a bet but no, there was more than just a scene, like a 6th sense to detect loonies.
      I was not at Walmart either.

      1. I used to live in Long Beach, CA… I’d see trannies all the time everywhere I went. They were usually Mexican, and very noticeable…. man’s face, long hair, breast implants. Anyone that says these people are not mentally-ill are in serious denial

  32. This whole episode was bad. When dude said he did this because he wanted to be a martyr that should have been the first sign that this story should have just been ignored. 2nd, the attacks against his parents were dumbfounding. These people lost their son permanently and now they have had to deal with being blamed for it. It’s sad that these people have fell into Nietzsche’s philosophy of He who fights monsters. They declare themselves righteous for fighting monsters, yet ignore the one they see in the mirror everyday. Society’s problems are not to blame for his death. If it was then other groups (black people for instance) would have high suicide rates as well. A look at psychological disorders like Schizophrenia & Depression you see increased suicide risk. Tumblr SJWs believe they are helping society while they are making things worse by trivializing these real problems. Schizophrenia, Gender confusion, and Depression aren’t badges of honor. They are debilitating and feed delusions. Your mind and your body are telling you different things. Your mind says you are a woman and that society has outdated definitions of gender (standards you are trying to conform to anyway) and your body says it doesn’t have the reproductive parts to truly be a woman.

    1. Exactly. This young man (woman, whatever) was born in probably the best time/place in history for people with this mental illness. I mean, men who suck dick are being put on the cover of magazines because they suck dick. What else is there?

  33. This disgusting, totally disgusting I almost threw up a little bit. I talked to my wife and she said she would she would give him the name just to let him have his final wish. I almost exploded this is war let no man be confused. This is totally warfare on the American people the family, they want people to send their kid to school with all these pedophile women teachers the coming wave of transsexual teachers to endoctrinate your child all day then the state wants you to sit them in front of a tv and worship celebrity’s who also preach the same thing. And your child young and impressionable will finally think the parent his only friend is the bad guy and it’s a mission success for them when your child does something like this. Oh they will use it to those full advantage like the palestenians do When their child is killed by a missile. We are in a sick society of hidden agendas the enemy yes the celebrity’s are your enemy they are in my view the same as a suicide bomber go out In a blaze of glory they care not who they affect , just show perverse things as normal for entertainment and laugh as your kid copies it thinking it’s cool. But they don’t let their kids watch tv and they go to a private school. I feel as if there’s people who as soon as a child expresses interst they will pounce like wolves and devour your child molest physically and mentally then give your kid a dress or dome basketball shorts. Like in these peoples sick minds they are good people. In revalation there’s a story of a women about to have a child and the dragon is waiting to devour it as soon as it’s born perfect example of our society. What’s funny is they will villianize his parents as the bad guys I hope and pray they don’t budge not one inch keep the name josh don’t give these sick people a victory. We struggle against principalities of darkness. Like really who would do that to their child give them the option of wearing dresses or pants at a young age what type of push over are you, you’ve scared your child from birth and there’s an applaus there’s no applaus for doing what’s right, there’s boos and trash thrown , you crappy closed minded bigot they spew it at people. But you’ve got to listen close and have faith that there’s a thunderouse applaus in heaven, this won’t continue for ever the corrupting forces won’t get away with this they will not maybe in this life but I have faith that when vengeance is served they will know it deep inside they’ll sit there and say this is because I did all those years ago to so and so and this is why I won’t escape this punisment and it’ll cut them deep and they will know that there is a God at the last .

    1. Yup, its warfare on the family.
      In the 80s-early 90s, you have shows like Cosby Show,Growing Pains, and Family Ties.
      Now its KArdashian Family. All of the women are whores- both in the physical and financial sense. Daughters? Whores. Matriarch? Whore. Patriarch-Bruce Jenner? A transsexual.

  34. It’s perfectly legal to take hormones to become a tranny, but hormones to become more muscular (steroids) are illegal.
    This makes sense

    1. Yea, because if you are trans you can just go to the gym and became more feminine. I mean maybe you should move your ass from the computer and put some work into getting “more muscular”.

  35. I don’t mind trannies killing themselves. If they want to give the middle finger to the “white cis christian conservative supremacy for trying to push that outdated gender shit” while wearing girly clothes making them look like degenerate clowns to years late put a bullet on their mentally ill brains, be my guest.
    But blaming innocent people for killing themselves, no fucking way.
    Fucking faggots.

    1. Gay used to mean happy or having a good time. We want our word back and the rainbow too.

  36. Seems to me these are just boring omegas with no personality to speak of; when they realize just how lame, unspecial and *gasp* common they really are, they must turn to pop culture for identity.
    Thus we end up with idiots like the kid in the 2nd pic, who describes himself as ‘trigender’, along with ten other mostly meaningless qualifiers. The more descriptors an SJW needs to define themselves, the less of a personality they are bound to have.
    I live near Massachusetts, so there’s no shortage of this type of bullshit over here. Recently, taxpayer dollars went to fund a prisoner’s sex change. I swear, goggle it….the world has gone mad

  37. The best part of this article “Alcorn’s parents reacted to their fruity son’s proclamations in the only sane way”

  38. Another solid SJW baiting polemic from Matt Forney, but because its framed as a rant I imagine the actual arguments made therein will be widely missed or dismissed. There’s no doubt this kid was created in the Frankenstein’s laboratory of modern social justice identity politics. There have always been people who’ve had difficulties fitting in as typically male or female etc, but the whole trans phenomenona, its fracturing, fissiparous character is taking shape within a society that has redirected its creative and productive energies towards a new kind of transhuman reproductivity. Its almost as though its not enough to be born once in sex, the SJW manufacturing industry want you to be born again, the second time in and through gender, through a process that will rip your body parts to shreds with a view to putting you together again like a gender dodgy humpty dumpty. The trans movement harks back to the gender bending theory of cyborg sexuality. The SJW propaganda says that it is liberating people, setting their true selves free, when in fact they are producing a new (diversity) clone army ready to fight their battles in creating a post-human race of beings – yep this is literally the SJWs attempting to ‘evolve’ human beings to the next (pretty gay) level. It would no doubt make Leelah eternally happy, if he/she were one day to become identified as the missing link in our evolution to their utopian brave new gender neutral world.
    I don’t agree the parent’s are completely blame free though, they handled an impossible child very badly, and in doing so ensured that an already confused – and clearly pretty gay kid – would rebel against them. But because they fucked up by trying to force the issue, the SJWs were able to claim him as their own, provide him with the bizarre template for his ultimate self-immolation. What they did was give him a political cause to die for. In his imagination he antitipcated all the fake love and acceptance he is now getting from the likes of Dan Savage & the liberal media. This is analogous to, if more subtle than the martyrdom that radical Islam encourages. Ultimately SJW jihadis poisoned him with the belief that he would be rewarded in progressive heaven with the equivalent of 77 (boy?) virgins as soon as he blew himself up. This tragic kid’s suicide is a reminder then of how SJW’s win arguments: don’t talk things through, just self-detonate and win the battle as a victim-martyr.

    1. As a parent, I don’t think we know enough to claim they handled him “badly”. As a father of half a dozen kids myself, I can tell you that there is, as bad as it sounds, a certain “hands thrown up in the air” aspect to parenting these days, because everyone, every where you turn is saying “let your kid go through the candy line, have whatever candy he wants”…NO ONE supports any kind of parenting any longer, and you will find yourself the target of innumerable groups if you challenge the prevailing progressive philosophy (cops, teachers, CPS, family court, etc).

      1. what they did would have worked a generation ago, but parents don’t have much authority any more, because of the state and as you point out because of those same innumerable groups that are directly or indirectly sanctioned by the state. When I said they handled him badly that’s not really a comment on their parenting skills but on their parenting skills in relation to a very changed reality. I read somewhere that they tried some kind of conversion therapy of some sort – I can’t remember the details. Stuff like that rarely works as far as I’m award and is likely to be a recipe for disaster. Don’t get me wrong this kid was asking for gender re-assignment at the age of 16 – it would be a dereliction of duty for any parent to grant that, but otherwise there’s not much point in trying to force compliance on an issue like this in an age like this. If he hadn’t committed suicide he would have found some other way to win the argument. Not saying there was any easy way and what the kid did was beyond spiteful

  39. This is an excellent article, one that really tells the truth about the vile scourge of so-called “transsexuality,” and the demented ideology of the SJWers (and their innate moral culpability in the death of Mr. Alcorn, along with so many other mentally ill people). This madness needs to end. These SJWers are insane themselves, or evil, and either way, they need to be prevented from continuing to engage in the psychcic equivalent of child molestation. They are no better than pedophiles, in the way they intentionally go about seeking opportunities to corrupt and derange the minds of vulnerable, young people.

  40. This selfish pig was his own worst enemy…a gullible tool that has ruined the lives of several people besides his own family.
    Good riddance.

  41. Okay, so if trans is really an issue and “gender” is a social construct, and nothing more, than how come assuming both the moniker and likeness of the opposite “gender” isn’t just playing into or even affirming conventional “gender’ constructs? femininsts…wheres’ the outcry?
    On one hand we have feminism that whines about having to endure, as they say, arbitrary social constructs according to their sex, which has led them to, intrinsically, work to deconstruct such constructs because they’re “oppressive”. Okay, so you say that society’s preset expectations that create the women’s section in the department store is oppressive. But then you have “trans” people vehemently claiming that they need to dress as a man or woman because deep down they were born this way and if you disagree you’re disagreeing with their deep rooted and innate programming.
    So, it seems that “trans” affirms conventional “gender” standards, yet, feminism stands side by side with “trans” people? From one vantage point there is a some symmetry here, in that, “trans” supports “gender” “equality” because its shows how a person can move between “genders” thus supporting the construct theory. Perhaps, but consider that in order for “trans” people to obtain self actualization they insist on adopting all the objectionable characteristics associated with either the conventional male or female.
    Its not that we (ROK) are confused its that this simply makes no sense, but, then again “gender” does not exist and from every concrete factual scientific and biological measure a person is a man or woman even after surgery.
    Just another terminal contradiction.

  42. I would like to see some non bias science around these freaks and whether mental illness contributes to their “condition”.

    1. Without looking at it, five bucks said the condition is “associated with” mental illness, and that if it doesn’t cause the condition, it probably reinforces it in a vicious cycle.

  43. You know, this might be a way for our side to hit the ground running in 2015. One major theme I think we need to explore is dominating space.
    Let’s take the SJW-created space for this incident and turn it on its head. Find the hashtags and flood the SJW’s out of them with our own message. Raid their hubs on this incident.

  44. I once knew a slut with an eating disorder: about 6′ and 125lbs. (I did my best to feed her some cock a few times. Whats the calorie content of a steaming load of jizz?)
    Since she clearly “Identified” as an obese person, the doctors should have prescribed diet pills and liposuction. Right Trannies?

  45. Once the Obama regime leaves office hopefully this LGBT, strong woman, and other manufactured social injustices will stop, and this country can start discussing matters of real importance.

      1. I hope to God she doesn’t. If she doesn’t win and a strong conservative wins, things will change, conservatives already have the senate and the house.

    1. “Once the Obama regime leaves office hopefully this LGBT, strong woman, and other manufactured social injustices will stop”
      No, they won’t. The cultural degeneracy is firmly entrenched.

      1. The country was in complete turmoil after president Carter, then Reagen came along and changed everything, it can always change, good or bad is up to us.

        1. Okay, but that was economic turmoil that Reagan cleared up. The internet is changing people’s brain by the click. The world has never seen this kind of tool that allows people to be politically/socially engraged all day, everyday. It used to be only on election day. Now it’s every minute. You also think Obama leaving will end all of this? I just can’t disagree with that thought more strongly, with due respect. This is waaay deeper than who is or isn’t President. The click-head millenials are a joke and who knows how zombified the next generation will be. It’s over. You can’t have 95% of the people as completely stupid a-holes and expect the country to be okay.

  46. On a more serious note, most of these social outcasts just want attention. I’m a ‘live and let live’ type of guy. I think had this reject found another weirdo like himself to play with, he’d still be alive. Same with the Elliot Rogers guy. Had Rogers found some average Becky to blow his load off in every fees days, he’d still be happily driving his bmw around so cal.

    1. Yep, thought the same thing with Elliott, and a lot of other similar social justice “cases”. The fact that Rogers couldn’t find that Becky, but yet was driving a $50k around or whatever, tells me his father did a shitty job of raising him. Plenty of guys like myself (not the best looking) got laid, running around in a Chevette back in the day.

  47. The mental illness aspect of transsexualism is quite interesting, as there happens to be research with evidence to support the claim that transsexualism is an identity disorder, seemingly associated with brain structure abnormalities that have occurred prenatally. D. F. Swaab has some interesting papers on the subject. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15724806

    1. Excellent, thank you for posting things like this, we will NEVER hear about this in the normal media.

    1. OMG, I didn’t even think of that, but you are so correct! Leelah is the girl with one eye and purple hair (whom Frye rejects I think?)
      What a bad choice for a name… eek.

      1. Fry fauns over the Leela in the cartoon. And of course she’s strong and “don’t take shit from no one”.

  48. Are any of the various red pill sites doing anything to show support for, or solidarity with, the parents?

  49. Good article. It is very unfortunate that our psychology industry does not give these people the help they need.

    1. That’s hardly a surprise given the field of psychology is dominated by women.

  50. One thing about SJWs I’ve noticed is that they are utterly terrified of being a person who says no.
    They don’t like being the person who says “no.” They don’t like being the one who punishes a person for drinking in public or violating a rule or dressing inappropriately or any other social transgression. In short, they don’t like enforcing social codes on others.
    In short, the SJWs are terrified of doing anything that has immediate negative feedback. It’s complete short-term thinking and socially-destructive. Civilization does not need to be policed just by the police, but by everyone; it is a fragile thing.
    To tell this freak he’s a freak would make an SJW feel immediate negative feedback. This is despite the fact that such an action would help him to see his problem as a problem and not society’s fault.
    All SJW social orders collapse because of this lack of backbone amongst its members. Once a transgressor realizes that his transgression will not be punished, he pushes for more transgression, either as in a bid for power or to further satisfy his mental disease. The SJWs continually fall back on “not judging” until the society lies either in chaos or absolute power by the transgressor.
    Hippie communes of the 1960s followed this pattern; either they collapsed into chaos or else they became authoritarian states (for the latter, see Jim Jones, a leftist leader and the Jonestown Massacre).
    For those too cowardly to say no, they are ultimately saying yes to their own deaths.

    1. I’m not too sure about SJW having an inability to say no. If it were true I’d be out locating them and asking for their possessions. If they were unable to say no I would make a ton of money out of them. In fact we should all go out and make a ton of money from them. When they’re ran out of resources they can no longer preach their rodent minds.

      1. Technically speaking that’s exactly what Anita Sarkeesian is doing, given her history prior to becoming a feminist icon.

    2. Agree…but they’ll never it see it that way. They’ll always see it (in their minds) as the one who are the “freedom fighters” by allowing everyone to be “just who they are”.
      Unless, it’s someone who they don’t agree with (i.e. the typical average white male who is conservative). Now, that person (man) will be cast down as the evil and vile person that he is in society. They can’t let this guy “just live and let live”..no way. It’s their “duty” to let society know that this guy is bad and that they’ll do everything in their power to put that man down.
      See how that works? Fucking crazy.

      1. Exactly SJWs an their followers claim to fight against oppression yet they oppress anyone with a different viewpoint from themselves. An they have picked straight white males who have any conservative views as their main object of oppression.

    3. Reaffirms my position that SJWs are perpetual children who refuse (or were never taught) to grow up.

    4. A lot of this, particularly with gay men, is similar to what our society is facing with straight women (particularly white), it’s unbridled, non-stop narcissism. Part of me actually thinks this guy killed himself for attention, in the ultimate caricature of himself…going so extreme to make a statement, doing something irreversible, and of course, hurting his parents and others along the way (including the truck driver). Any word from the SJCreeps about the poor truck driver? Who is probably a blue collar white or black guy caught up in this…the kind of people SJCs hate anyhow.

      1. “Part of me actually thinks this guy killed himself for attention”
        That’s actually not far off the mark. Much like with school shooters, loons like this who kill themselves in such a manner do it for the attention and for sympathy/recognition.

      2. You are on to something ..
        He was gay BECAUSE he lacked attention from his male peers. The rejection/isolation from his peers is the very reason he was fixated on his male peers once he hit puberty, when then his sexual hormones raged turning his fixation to sexual areas.
        Thats why the APA does not consider homosexuality to be a mental disease, but instead a symptom of underlining developmental issues.

    5. Most of left wing thought revolves around emotions like compassion, and therefore they base everything they believe on those emotions
      Anything that sounds even mildly hurtful is therefore wrong, and anything that sounds positive is right. Their entire movement is founded on creating justification for those beliefs

  51. Excellent article, I basically posted the same thing on another site, the fact that he was “transgender” to begin with shows that he suffered from mental disease from the onset. Encouraging mentally ill people in their delusions may be easier but as we can see it’s definitely not the best route, his parents actually took the correct route in finding him professional mental help.
    And the author is right, by including an innocent truck driver in all of this who will now have to live with this shows just shows how fucked up mentally he was to begin with.

  52. Side note: Imagine of the parents had been Muslim…Social Justice Creeps would have been silent.

    1. Islam will be the force that defeats this SJW/feminist nonsense in the West. Christianity has long since abdicated its role as a vanguard of traditional values in favor of political correctness. And a case can be made that Judaism is the basis for much of SJW ideology in itself (at least, it seems to be the faith of this movement’s most prominent activists).
      There is a great book called “Religion is Not About God” by Loyal Rue that suggest that the purpose of religion is simply to facilitate reproduction. If any religion turns away from this purpose, it dies. Religion is thus an arm of Nature, and is subject to its laws. As of now, the only one of the Abrahamic religions that is likely to survive the coming collapse of Western civilization is Islam.
      And thus Nature will have passed its judgment on the People of the Book.

      1. SJWs love Islam and hate Christianity, which suggests that Islam is part of the problem, not the solution.
        The fact that Islamic cultures turn into degenerate low-IQ inbreds over hundreds of years is another clue.

    2. Agree. It all depends on their “rule book” for who and which groups get attacked by that pack. Certain groups are off limits and the sky is the limit on what they are “allowed” to say without a backlash.
      Meanwhile, other groups and individuals (according to their rules) are not allowed to have any say (or opinions) at all.
      Fuck that…I tolerate enough bullshit so I’ll say whatever I feel like saying…it’s my opinion.

  53. I thought I was a dinosaur when I was a little boy. Where is my cross-species awareness foundation and EEOC rights? I DEMAND special privieges and rights! I want a F’N parade with guys dressed in dinosaurs grinding on other dinsour cross-species!!!

        1. hermaphrodites are born with both male and female genitals i.e. its a biological condition. By transexuals I’m assuming we’re talking about someone choosing to transition from one gender type to another.

  54. ‘Leelah’ Alcorn was killed by Tumblr culture. The profusion of ‘trans identities’ lately is due to memes, not HBD. It is no more real a phenomenon than the so-called ‘otherkin’.

  55. There is a lot to chew on in this article. A good article at that.
    “in fact, the suicide rate of post-op transsexuals is far higher than that of pre-ops.”
    To my understanding its because of the guilt they have for ridding themselves of something they truly didnt want to rid in the first place or was pressured to do by the SJW folk. They cannot come out as someone who has had regret because those very SJW folk will rip them apart for going “against the cause”…an “Uncle Tom” for trannies. So at the point they should have gotten some mental help (pre-operational) they are thrown out into the garbage post-operational when they “come to out of the fog”.
    “In other words, Josh Alcorn had no friends, and people only tolerated him because they had no choice.”
    They tolerated him because it is acceptable and “supertotallyawesomedude” to know a trans wanna-be.

  56. I wish one of these losers would come up to me and say have 40% of trannies attempt suicide, just so I can see the look on their face when I reply that it should be 100% attempts that are completed and successful. Always bully trannies and gays until they kill themselves. The world will be so much better.

  57. Why would you even want to save it? What is worth saving? The Alcorn thing cleansed itself from the gene pool and thats good.

  58. I’m I the only one wondering wtf is otherkin(tabby cat)? What the fuck is up with the last picture? Is that a really thing or Photoshop? Does social Justice have a word for that to?

    1. That last picture is Thomas Neuwirth, aka Conchita Wurst, a drag queen who won last year’s Eurovision. It was considered a victory for LGBTABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ people.

    2. Otherkin is for people who think they’re other animals. On my comment I joked about thinking I was a dinosaur as a kid. This truly is a mental disease. So sad for these people.

  59. I’ve made thousands of aquiantances in the last 15 years I’ve been frequenting the internet, and about a dozen of these people were transgender. All of them are mental; they’re all section 8’s. Just off the top of my head, some of them I remember –
    1. Some kid who used to be cool who I played WoW with all the time back when I was a teenager.., then he came out as gay and gradually became a hypersexual degenerate, than switched to being a tranny and got worse, then that MLP bullshit happened and that freak became a ponyfag tranny.
    2. Some random person who added me on steam, then reveals he thinks hes a chick and he gets extremely offended if he’s refered to as ‘he’ LOL. fucker is obsessed with gore and torture and cutting off dicks, then wonders why I blocked and removed him.
    3. Some creepy neckbeard who jacks off to cartoon rule 34 porn and is obsessed with that one green haired pokemon character.
    Then these fuckers wonder why I cut my ‘friend list’ from 560 to 140 on steam.

  60. Additionally, SJCreeps want to view anyone (like the parents here), who disagrees with them as being basically Sarah Palin/Mitt Romney…hey HATE that..the white, conservative, old school “American” (esp when they are relatively attractive). So these parents may have been regular middle road Christians, who saw their child for what he was, a confused teenager, with arguably serious issues…but instead, through the lens of SJCreepery, the parents will be made out to be Fire and Brimstone “Radical” Christian “haters” with spittle hanging off their lips as they proclaim the gospel, like the mother in Carrie. There is no reasoned middle ground with SJCs, everyone is an enemy who must be publically splayed and shamed.

  61. One stop at your Facebook news feed will explain what this boy was going through. People of all ages are taking these mindless buzzfeed style quizzes and posting “I’m —–!”. So many people are constantly trying to figure out who they are so they can find people to fit in with. They are making life harder than it is. Stop trying to be an “individual” and start trying to be a decent person. Too many people want to be “unique” even though everyone wants to be around similar people. Are you attracted to dicks and dude butts? Cool, but I don’t want to hear about it. Let’s talk football.

    1. I don’t have a degree but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, last night.
      Had to lighten the mood a little (lol).

  62. Wanting to be someone of the opposite gender and mutilating yourself to do it means your mentally disturbed far as I’m concerned. Yet SJWs an millenial PC followers want to make it out to be normal but for some reason yet they want to label eating disorders an girls and who self mutilate as having mental disorders. Once again they show their hypocrisy in picking an choosing what they accept an what they don’t.

    1. In psychiatry, the belief in something unreal despite all evidence to the contrary is called ‘delusion’. Funny how if someone is convinced that he’s the reincarnation of Napoleon or Jesus Christ, we say “Poor chap, he needs help”, while if someone is convinced he’s of the opposite sex or some other invented sexuality (pangendered asexual demiplatonic .. WTF is that even supposed to be?), then according to the SJWs it’s all good and we must reinforce their delusions.

      1. there used to be a rare condition called folie a deux, where a delusional beliefs were shared. Not we are dealing with something akin to mass psychosis with shared delusions transmitted through memes etc

    2. “Once again they show their hypocrisy in picking an choosing what they accept an what they don’t.”
      Agree. The thought pattern is “believe what we believe” ….or else. Don’t say anything that doesn’t agree with us ….or else.
      The threat by these people is real. They’ll make life hell for you if you even speak out or have a different opinion. I really don’t give a fuck and I’m tired of having to “bend” for everything little ridiculous thing. I’ll give my opinion and I guess I’ll take my chances with these threats.
      Please stop by and see me anytime.

  63. People who trust in God never feel they are the “wrong” sex — they accept what they are. If I woke up one morning as a teenage girl, I would — after a few hours staring at my naked body in the mirror — try to act the part as best I could. As a teenage girl *should* act, not dressing like a hooker and sending naked selfies to all the cute guys.
    I’d probably make a lot of mistakes along the way and offend a lot of people as my personality, and my concepts of teenage girlhood (and later, marriage and motherhood) clash with reality. But I would NOT go shouting from the rooftops, “my real name is Dave and I’m a 45-year-old man!”

  64. Thanks for writing this article. I was seeing references to this incident but couldn’t figure out who was who or what because the media refused to identify her as really a him.
    And the is for shark g the suicide note. How could anyone read that and NOT recognize malignant narcissism as well as possible psychopathy? Probably people didn’t like him because he was an attention whore who used his manufactured drama to dominate any conversation. The kid was in full-scale rebellion against everything good he’d been given in life.
    Ayn Rand had a word for people like this kid. A great word. She called them, “Whim Worshippers”. They believe that their every feeling is God’s Word delivered into them and it must be Obeyed! Can you imagine a darker Hell than that? Believing your every impulse conveyed to you absolute truth about the world? Solipsism is too kind a word for such a pathology.
    Again, thanks for the information and insight.
    P.S. I think we should stop dignifying them with the term Social Justice Warriors and should instead call them what they are:
    Social Justice Bullies.

    1. Right. I get tired of hearing about how I’m supposed to be so accepting of everything and that I can’t have a fucking opinion on it. If I don’t agree with it, then I have to keep my mouth closed (or else) – basically a threat.
      Fuck that. I’ll say what needs to be said (that others won’t dare say). Some of this shit is just fucked up, period. Anyone who wants to threaten me with violence (because of my opinion)…well, I do carry (concealed) and I have plenty of protection.

  65. A good dose of bullying “the faggot” in school early possibly could have cured him or forced him to lead a normal life on the surface and keep his perversions (if he actually even ever had them) in the closet…
    In this case he was probably a psychopath craving attention much like Cher’s fat daughter hanging around Cher’s homo fans, then deciding she’s a radical lezbo to fit in and then becomming a “man” for further attention…Watch…Fat attention craving Chastity will find “jesus” and switch back to being a woman when it needs attention and no one is putting it on TV as freak…
    These extremely rare gender confusion maladies do exist but it could be due to a male being born with female chromosomes or even from faulty reincarnation into the wrong gender….Doctors performing these mutilation surgeries should be ERADICATED…

  66. I’m disturbed and disgusted to read this article. I have personal experience of these kind of people throwing around talk of suicide, and long drawn out sob stories about suicide attempts complete with sad face and tears at choice moments. I had sympathy, once. No more. If this fucked up individual had done away with themselves in private I wouldn’t give a damn. But no, they had to drag an innocent person into it and ruin their fucking day, probably career, and with a hideous memory of unintentionally killing someone that will most likely stay with them forever. I’m almost at a loss to find words for just how horrible and selfish that is, on top of the act of suicide which is disgusting and weak in itself. Malignant narcissism indeed. I could fucking strangle Dan Savage to within an inch of death for that first Twatter screenshot. Sickening.

  67. This entire media circus is symptomatic of the west’s decline. What we need is a violent revolution with the end-goal of overthrowing the media, the politically correct establishment and all western liberal-leftist politicians. This revolution must be violent! There cannot be any compromise on these matters! The pernicious, cancerous elements that are destroying the west, along with my children, need to be wiped out completely. Only then can we build a society based on sane, moral principles. Unfortunately one needs at times to incorporate violence in order to achieve the desired goal. Dictatorships (and we are currently living in a dictatorship of the politically-correct left) do not understand reason, they are unwilling to compromise and consequently only understand the rule of FORCE!

    1. I don’t think it needs to be violent…our side, which is more than just the Manosphere, needs to embrace technology and culturally secede from society. An in situ secession if you will. Don’t want to see “trans” people…in the near future all you’ll have to do is not select it in your customized media/culture application(s).
      In terms of policy and its infiltration into institutions. Well…culture first then institutions. There aren’t many homosexuals and even fewer “trans”, plus, as noted there are so many false positives among these groups due to narcissism and the old media’s promotion of it. That said, once the real people are liberated from this filth, the attention will be gone (which is all these sad people really wanted in the first place) and so will there influence. In time, the institutions will de-emphasize “trans” or homosexualism. And kids will go back to being kids, which means, boys being boys and girls being girls.

  68. Homosexuality has always been somewhat understandable to me in the sense that we humans have always had a varied taste for different things. But transsexuals, have always been crazy to me. IF you heard a person deadset on believing they are an animal, alien, or inanimate object you would think they are crazy. But a man fully thinking they are a woman is supposed to be considered normal. This new normal is disturbing

  69. I do, understanding that the bio-chemicals and neural pathways that make up human sexual attraction are very complex, believe that sexuality, much as physical forms, can be born deformed or malfunctioning. Why is this hard to accept? Of all the diseases and defects that affect mankind, why are diseases and defects that affect human sexuality seen as something easily fixable by some people? Maybe we shouldn’t hold these people up as shining examples of human freedom and choice. I’d rather treat them as someone with a disability, so I don’t think we should take their pain so lightly. To this day many people mock the idea of depression as a disease, a disease that if I don’t take my meds, leads to suicidal thoughts, because they see sadness as being controllable, which for them it is, but like a man born with deformed legs who will never be able to train himself to run fast, depression will keep me from being able to “just get over it” without the help of medicine.
    Anyways, I have sympathy for people who kill themselves. You will never be able to shame me to think otherwise.

  70. What this is is a form of entitlement taught to children from an early age.
    If you can claim some sort of victimhood, you are entitled to accommodation. Those who deny it to you are bigots, and you are in turn entitled to take any kind of action, no matter how hysterical or unreasonable.

    1. Agree. It’s funny to see how this group reacts when others don’t simply agree (they usually act out in violence). How is it that my opinion is “not right” or is wrong but this fucked up way of thinking if just fine?
      The “oppressed” are now the oppressors? You must think like us or else? What bullshit.

  71. And also, daily reminder that transgenderism is 10% natural aberration, 90% mental pathology.

  72. Jesus H. Christ, just what the FUCK is that creature Jun/June saying in that image? How many bizarre gibberish pseudo-intellectual internet jockey words is he trying to spuriously invent on the fly? Look at all of those nonsensical and ridiculous-sounding terms just tossed out like candy! Fucking weird-ass living Frankenstein bozo!

  73. Excellent article. I always tell people trannies are sick in the head and that it’s a mental illness when the topic comes up.
    And suicide is the ultimate act of cowardice.
    What I want to know is who came up with this idea that it’s normal, hell medically necessary (at taxpayer expense), for a dude to chop off his dick.

  74. This is an expertly written article with primary source material, examples en masse, and reasonable comparative points. I have utterly no doubt in my mind that the author is going to be flambeed by the goobers who will play victim and pretend they are offended but articles such as this need to take place and I have been doing the same thing for several years now in terms of not paying attention to the ridiculous desires of the ignorant or non intelligent and simply writing articles based on fact, deduction, comparative association and primary source material. The unfortunate truth is that articles such as this one here are where an individual will be able to see an unadulterated version of the news instead of the mainstream media and their desire (or lack thereof) to attack these subjects (based fully on this PC movement that has decimated society).
    However, to you (author), I am not sure if you will read these comments but, if you do, you may be interested to find a considerably covered up research done by: “Bailey, Dunne and Martin” over a ten year study which, in a biological sense, disproved the theory that this is a genetic issue and more so that these individuals suffer from mental conditioning issues in the stead. The irony of the entire thing is that Bailey, Dunne and Martin were hired and once celebrated by the LGBT community as “pioneers” on the cutting edge of showing a correlation of evidence to “finally” prove that they “have no choice” only to shun them once the results came out after a ten… yes ten (10) year study based on twins and various other genetic and biological factors.
    Point being and long story short, good article, you are going to get a bunch of unwarranted bologna for it but this is a conversation that needs to take place because we (society) are being duped in a major way here for special privileges and that needs to cease immediately.

  75. “Josh Alcorn was a selfish coward. In killing himself because of his parents’ unwillingness to let him wear dresses, he’s proven that transsexuals are mentally ill narcissists.” Ok, let me stop you right there. First, you are a terrible, irredeemably ignorant person. Secondly, you are a very sloppy thinker. You saying that he merely ‘wanted to wear dresses’, is a glib and stupid dismissal of the fact that Josh wanted to live as a woman, because that’s who he was inside. No reputable medical or psychological organisation regards transgenderism as a mental illness. Transgenderism is a recognised, real phenomenon, where people are born with the wrong body-type. It has absolutely nothing to do with narcissism. Your arrogant refusal to accept the science on this matter is just a case of you thinking you know better than professionals who’ve studied this stuff, when really, you don’t have a clue. You ignore facts when you don’t like their implications, rather than letting facts inform your opinion. Had he actually been given support by his family, and been allowed to have gender-reassignment surgery, the odds are overwhelmingly better that he would have been happy and sane. His stupid, prejudiced parents obviously didn’t give two shits about his happiness. Like so many religious right-wingers, they cared more about maintaining their simplistic and hateful world-view than they did about their own family. The suppression and rejection by his family is what did the damage, not the transgenderism. And credible expert would tell you the same. You read into this situation what you like, to make yourself feel better about your toxic attitude. This quote was memorably bad, “Alcorn’s parents reacted by taking away his phone and banning him from using social media: again, a perfectly reasonable response to get him away from influences that were corrupting his mind.” So… what? Tumblr made him transgender? You fucking idiot!! And the fact that friends and family are alienated by these people is down to the prejudice, hate, and ignorance of others, not the LGBT status of the person. And there is no evidence that people ‘got over’ their transexuality decades ago. More people may have hidden it, but it would have eaten away at their insides, ruining their lives, and any chance at happiness- how can you be happy if you aren’t even free to be yourself? And is reparation therapy what you were referring to when you alluded to ‘professional help’ earlier in the article? That practice is not professional, it has been completely debunked. It is ineffective and does long-lasting damage to an already vulnerable person (after all, the fact that they would even consider this therapy indicates they are under a lot of pressure from their families). His parents were terrible people, and they ruined his life.

    1. The tranny whackjob was a piece of garbage who victimized a poor trucker in his attempt at attention whoring and pursuit of recognition/sympathy in death, much like school shooters in fact.
      Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      1. Ok, obviously you’re quite prejudiced and hateful towards transgender people. Why do you empathise with the trucker, who only had one brief, terrible moment that will affect him for a while, and not with the kid who was subjected to terrible treatment for years on end? As for the comparison to school shooters, that was disgusting and irrational. He never sought to kill anybody else, but because of your mindless, hateful mentality, you think that traumatising the truck driver is on par with mass murder. Idiot. And he wasn’t ‘attention whoring’. He knew he wouldn’t be around for it, and while he was just trying to escape the torment that he and other transgender people suffer all too often at the hands of people like you, he actually tried to turn it into a sacrifice that would spare others the same fate. That’s a pretty noble thing to do, even if I obviously would have preferred that he wasn’t tormented to the point where he killed himself. This will shed light on the abuses suffered by LGBT people, and will hopefully make others more compassionate.

        1. Why do you empathise with the trucker, who only had one brief, terrible moment that will affect him for a while, and not with the kid who was subjected to terrible treatment for years on end?
          The trucker was just a normal human being who was doing his job and could have been killed.
          Joshua was a selfish bastard who attention whored and could have killed someone doing it.

        2. Funny how you call out Joshua for being selfish, but not his parents who drove him to that act with their own persistent selfishness and cruelty. Seems like you’ve got one standard for LGBT people and one for yourself and people like you.

        3. You only need to look at one’s Facebook profile, selfies or any social media outlet to see (especially this person) an attention whore in action.
          Yes, we side with the truck driver (or any innocent person) when people like this are involved. They have no regard for anyone else outside of their “self” and the person could easily commit suicide another way (without harming anyone else).
          It was plain and fucking selfish.

        4. Pretty feeble to say that by jumping in front of a truck, he was ‘trying to murder’ a trucker. That was obviously not his intent, and not very likely. You’ve really got it in for this poor kid, don’t you? You’ll twist anything to make him look like a villain, when really he deserves sympathy.

        5. It’s pretty callous and puerile to reduce this event to selfishness on his part. I wonder if you would really be able to consider the feelings of others if you were in so much pain that you would decide to end your own life. It’s a very smug thing to suggest, that somebody in that situation ‘should have the decency not to make a mess while killing themselves.’ And as I said earlier… callous. Very very callous. Maybe if you thought a little more from the kids perspective, you wouldn’t be launching these horrible attacks on him.

        6. OMG such hateful words from a miserable hateful faggot! Wow I’m just……wow I mean…….I can’t……..wow……..I’m speechless………wow

        7. -Maybe if you thought a little more from the kids perspective, you wouldn’t be launching these horrible attacks on him.-
          That’s precisely the problem, red pillers are grown men and even when they were younger, in the worst case they were only beta men so please be considerate and don’t be callous if none of them share or even know or even care what perspective from a faggot is.

        8. Then lemme question you, why you feel the need to have empathy for that faggot? Because he was a faggot?

        9. Because he was a human being. Not that a creature as vile and despicable as you could really appreciate what that means.

        10. Again, you only see the one side of it. It’s always about the “poor victim” and it’s never about other people involved. Plus, this bullshit only applies to certain groups of people….while the rest of us have to shut up, see it your way and “play by the rules”.
          Fuck that bullshit. I’m tired of having to bend to certain groups of people…all of the “victims”. Everyone has had their fair share of bullshit in life but you go on. Some don’t make it because of choices (let’s place a little personal responsibility on these “victims”….for once).

        11. You don’t have to ‘bend’ to certain groups of people, just stop being an arsehole to them!! And I do feel for the driver, but to try to make the kid a villain on that basis is nuts. And what ‘choices’ are you saying were his fault? Hell, it seems like it was the poor choices of those around him that crushed him. What he went through is likely far worse than anything you’ve been through. And while conservatives love to talk about ‘personal responsibility’, they almost always get it wrong when trying to decide who’s responsible, and often blame victims for things that other people did to them, that the victim couldn’t have controlled.

        12. Fuck…please. I’m always having to bend to anyone except my own group (white men or men in general). We’re not allowed to say a fucking thing (about anything) because of our “privilege” – which is bullshit.
          Personal responsibility is not just a conservative issue. At what point do we stop giving people a free pass for being held accountable? Do we just let everyone run around and do whatever….then we can blame it on everything except personal responsibility?
          You’re living in a Walgreens world….it doesn’t fucking exist.

        13. I’m a vile and despicable creature? LOL Why? Because I refused to play along with your faggotry? I must really have struck some nerves to make you dropped all pretense of civility and referred to me as a vile and despicable creature. Oh yeah, you sure really hurt my delicate feewings…..OMG how could I not run myself into a truck like some faggot did with all hateful people like you in this world?? LMFAO
          Seriously, chump, that’s why normal people disdain fucked-up faggots like you & your ilk, it’s not enough that normal people tolerates you buggering each other behind closed door but you also want to impose your faggotry on normal people and then go ballistic if normal people like myself refused to jump onto your gaywagon err I mean bandwagon.
          And here all long we red pillers thought that a time-honored respectable military order dating back to the age of Crusades such as your Grand Order of Noble White-knights will vehemently be against their members involved in sodomite but time had changed I guess. LOL

        14. I had to laugh at you accusing me of dropping the pre-tense of civility, given the appalling rants you’ve aimed at me. And as for all this, “Seriously, chump, that’s why normal people disdain fucked-up faggots like you & your ilk, it’s not enough that normal people tolerates you buggering each other behind closed door but you also want to impose your faggotry on normal people and then go ballistic if normal people like myself refused to jump onto your gaywagon err I mean bandwagon. And here all long we red pillers thought that a time-honored respectable military order dating back to the age of Crusades such as your Grand Order of Noble White-knights will vehemently be against their members involved in sodomite but time had changed I guess. LOL”. What the fuck are you even talking about? Again, not even gay or transgender (not that it matters- except to prejudiced, hate-filled, ignorant low-lives like you). It’s really not asking much that you don’t attack people for what they do behind closed doors, or how they live their lives. Just mind your fucking business, you megalomaniac. And how have I, or anybody else imposed “faggotry” on you? That explanation should be interestingly crazed. And from “red pillers” onwards I had zero idea what you were even trying to say. It just made you come off like a retarded psychopath. Just for clarity’s sake try to calm down before you write. Your words read like you’re in the middle of some kind of psychotic break-down. Maybe take a writing class to get this elusive English subject down-pat, and then read what reputable psychologists and doctors have to say about the LGBT community, rather than just parroting the ignorant shit you read on sites like this. Obviously you’re quite obsessed with the topic, so you might as well become well-informed. Clearly you aren’t.

        15. Way to miss my point about assigning personal responsibility. Maybe read things twice, to make sure you’ve understood, before you comment? It’s pretty clear from your reply that you didn’t grasp what I had said. I notice a lot of that on here. The MRA brain seems pretty scattered and dysfunctional.

        16. -Again, not even gay or transgender (not that it matters- except to prejudiced, hate-filled, ignorant low-lives like you).-
          Now you’re being dishonest, of course it matters the world to you, chump. Why else would you chose to invade the manosphere and pick-up a fight? Chill out and leave already now will ya, please grow up and realize that not everyone is into faggotry so please go elsewhere to flock with your own kind. LOL
          -I had zero idea what you were even trying to say. It just made you come off like a retarded psychopath.-
          That’s because you took too much female hormones and/or hang around too often with femcunts hence you contracted solipsism or possibly even HIV.
          -Maybe take a writing class to get this elusive English subject down-pat, and then read what reputable psychologists and doctors have to say about the LGBT community, rather than just parroting the ignorant shit you read on sites like this. Obviously you’re quite obsessed with the
          topic, so you might as well become well-informed.-
          Sorry bro, I had endured being exposed to white-knight faggots like you enough already so you’ve gotta excuse me for not desiring to spend more time reading psycho-babble bulshit from pseudo “scientists” who were most likely faggots themselves. LMFAO

        17. you’ve never heard of jack knifing a truck on full airbrake then. unlike a car, i takes a full 5 seconds to hit full brake for a truck. cdl dictates you try to avoid accidents or lose your license. btw, jack knifing is insta kill for the driver & the tandem. jesus, go get educated young un

        18. Yes, I’m quite aware that this could have ended in death for the trucker, but it wasn’t all that likely, and it’s not something to attack somebody for really, if they were so mentally damaged (in the kid’s case, because of the rejection of his bigoted family and peers) that they were trying to kill themselves. The trucker was fine, and I doubt the kid had any intention to hurt him. To accuse him of trying to hurt the trucker is ridiculous, and reflects more that somebody isn’t empathising with the kid at all (in this case, probably because of prejudice). I also empathise with the trucker, who will most likely be scarred by this event, but that doesn’t mean it’s rational to attack the poor kid.

        19. You only call it pseudo science on the basis that you don’t like it. The hallmark of an ignorant redneck.

        20. Whatever dude and please do call me ignorant redneck again as many times as you like, better endure that than endure your gay literature and faggot science! ROTFLMFAO

        21. There’s no discipline called ‘faggot science’, I’m afraid. What you refer to would be physical science, or perhaps psychological science. I do hope that this series of interactions between us has made you feel validated, even if only for a short while.

        22. and way to come back with a personal attack (typical SJW 101 debate tactic).
          I guess my point should be clear this time.
          We don’t give a fuck what you think….you’re on the wrong site for that shit. You need to get back to WaPo, HuffPo, the NY Times, etc…to your echo chamber with the rest of the SJWs.

        23. Haha, butthurt much? And I forgot who exactly had been saying what on here, so I checked to see if I could find a more vitriolic comment by you… took me about ten seconds!! MRA’s are much more prone to nasty, thoughtless attacks than feminists. Hell, my criticism was pretty-much spot-on, and only mildly pointed. And it’s pretty funny that you accuse those organisations of being ‘echo chambers’, in the midst of a rant telling somebody with an opposing view to go away, because this isn’t a site for that. HuffPo (the one of those I actually read) cares a lot more about facts than MRA sites, and their comment threads have a lot of disagreement, as opposed to the comments here, which are overwhelmingly an MRA circle jerk.

      2. Leelah didn’t victimize a trucker you piece of shit. She killed herself because after years of emotional abuse, she couldn’t take it anymore. Get your nasty ass off the internet, you anime fucker.

        1. Joshua almost killed a trucker by hopping into the middle of the road. People die in Northern states all the time from deer walking into the middle of the road, don’t you think this jackass knew what he was doing when he did what he did?

        2. Agree. There are plenty of ways to kill yourself without putting others in harms way (and make your point).
          This asshole was nothing more than an attention whore.

        3. That faggot perhaps hallucinating that the truck was a giant smooth hairless cock on wheels! OMG cock…..oh hairless cock……hmm…..yummy……..

        4. Yeah, the tranny freak worked out a deal beforehand with the trucker to kill his worthless ass with his rig.
          Thanks for informing us how out of touch with reality you leftist nutjobs are.

        5. You hate the M2F transgendered for one reason and one reason alone…they have escaped lifetime membership in the Slave Gender and are now free of the horrors of masculinity and all that that implies.

    2. -Josh wanted to live as a woman, because that’s who he was inside.-
      Yeah and I want to pay absolutely no tax too but then the gubmint thugs will come to bust my ass, we don’t get all what we want in life, grow up already boy.
      -Your arrogant refusal to accept the science on this matter is just a case of you thinking you know better than professionals who’ve studied this stuff, when really, you don’t have a clue.-
      Yeah and science also has a clue about why turd come into being, doesn’t mean we have to like it.
      -His stupid, prejudiced parents obviously didn’t give two shits about his happiness.-
      Not just his parents, most non faggots give 2 shits about faggots, heck, non faggots even give 2 shits about each other! LOL
      -Like so many religious right-wingers, they cared more about maintaining their simplistic and hateful world-view than they did about their own family.-
      Speaking of religion, I’ll shake-hand with the parents and tell them that their faggot son is now with Satan so they did the right thing, he was a lost cause after all.

      1. “Yeah and I want to pay absolutely no tax too but then the gubmint thugs will come to bust my ass, we don’t get all what we want in life, grow up already boy.” Learn the difference between your piddly little wants, and other people’s deep physiological needs. I think it’s pretty laughable that you’d suggest I need to “grow up” because I think that it’s selfish and unjustifiable to repress transgenderism. On this issue, my worldview is a lot more grown up than yours. Just because we all have to do things we don’t like, doesn’t give us licence to ostracise and discriminate those who are different- or deny them the right to do what they like with their own bodies, as long as they aren’t hurting others. That was a pitiful attempt at trying to justify your attitude. Ok, your next paragraph about turds… holy hell, obviously this needs to be the last time I respond to you, because there’s no way I’m spending more than the minimal amount of time arguing with somebody who doesn’t even talk like a normal human being. And with the next paragraph, I think you were meaning people DON’T give two shits about each other. That is how somebody says that they don’t care about something. Is english your first language? It’s a little hard to tell, to be honest. And the syntax of this, “Yeah and science also has a clue about why turd come into being”… what even? How can a person be this demented in the way they argue and write? Is there some medication you’ve neglected to take? Also, believing in satan in this day and age is almost as embarrassingly stupid and ignorant as still using the word ‘faggot’ as an insult. Such a small word, from someone who is clearly a very small-minded individual.

        1. -Learn the difference between your piddly little wants, and other people’s deep physiological needs.-
          And what makes you the arbiter of deep physiological needs and what not? Do you even know the Alcorn faggot personally? You have nothing but conjectures, chump.
          -On this issue, my worldview is a lot more grown up than yours.-
          Ah yes, you mean on faggot issue, no doubt you’re much more knowledgeable about faggotry than I can ever care to aspire to. LOL
          -Just because we all have to do things we don’t like, doesn’t give us licence to ostracise and discriminate those who are different- or deny them the right to do what they like with their own bodies, as long as they aren’t hurting others.-
          We red pillers believe in the concept of Freedom of Association. You talk about all this license bulshit as if we need your approval to do anything and then you talk about the rights of faggot, WTF? For a change, how about just because you don’t like being ostracized and discriminated doesn’t give you license to tell people what to do?
          -And with the next paragraph, I think you were meaning people DON’T give two shits about each other. That is how somebody says that they don’t care about something. Is english your first language?-
          Yes it is and congratulation you managed to nail me there for failing to insert DON’T. Be immensely proud of that feat and be sure to tell all your faggot & white knight friends all about it at Facebok and Twitter about how you managed to make the world a better place by being a grammar police on a “hateful bigoted” site. LOL
          -How can a person be this demented in the way they argue and write? Is there some medication you’ve neglected to take?-
          I’m in perfect health but it’d seem that you took too many female hormones, perhaps that’s why you argued like you don’t own a functioning dick?
          -Also, believing in satan in this day and age is almost as embarrassingly stupid and ignorant as
          still using the word ‘faggot’ as an insult.-
          Where did I say I believe in Satan? Man, those estrogen pills you’ve been taking do induce hallucination, some moderation would be nice. And btw I don’t use ‘faggot’ as an insult, I used it to fittingly describe your antics.
          -Such a small word, from someone who is clearly a very small-minded individual.-
          LOL and why it bothers you if if such a small word? Man, all these white-knight and faggottry stuffs really took a toll on your mental health now didn’t it? Please seek help before you too hurl yourself to a speeding truck! LOL

        2. I think if any mental health professional looked at both our comments, they would say that you were the one in need of some serious help, not me. You spew hate and idiocy like an insane person. And no, just because I talk about LGBT people like a sane, thoughtful human being doesn’t mean that I’m a member of that community (not that I’d consider that degrading, I just thought I’d point out that you’re being juvenile and irrational), though doubtless you’ll feel the need to have another one of your ‘faggot’ laden psychotic outbursts.

        3. So, let me see if I understand your stance on how a mental health care professional (someone who must rely on factual information to form a medically sound diagnosis or differential diagnosis) would see this.
          1) Spewing hate and “idiocy” like an “insane person” would cause them to pinpoint that individual as someone who needs mental care.
          2) Discarding a biological fact to create a non existent narrative to meet an individuals desire to be something that is not possible under the genetic makeup of the species would cause them to not believe that individual needs mental care.
          Is that truly what you are suggesting?

        4. And what biological fact am I discarding? I can only assume you’re suggesting that transgenderism isn’t real, when science says that it is. So you’re an ideologue as well.

        5. Not a simple question, because it is loaded with lies that make it unanswerable. As for mine, you accused me of disregarding a biological fact. What would that be?

        6. Okay, fair enough, let’s break this down step by step in a logical manner then. I won’t say a single facetious or anything you could perceive as offensive comment while doing so.
          In a biological sense, is it your stance that via a primary source (not some fake blog, article, or hope fest) a man/woman that is born with specific genetic makeup and specific reproductive organs can, in fact, have them by biological error?
          Again, I will not be offensive in this as long as you stay on topic and do not go off on a tangent while not responding to my simple question(s). I am going to break down, piece by piece, in a primary source and scientific manner, why you couldn’t be further from correct and why this small minority is considered as they are.

        7. It wasn’t loaded at all and it most certainly did not contain any lie let alone “lies”. I am actually being very courteous here. If you do not see that or do not want to see that then that is on you and not me.

        8. You’re wasting your time bro, he is a dyed-in-the-wool white-knight and possibly even a tranny wannabe. Watch how he simply throwing empty accusation “loaded question” , so typical of his kind, without even care to elaborate why and so it would appear that you the one who are being underhanded.

        9. I agree, you are 100% correct. I just like always giving people a chance to express themselves even though, especially in this case, it is typically very obvious when a person realizes they are outmatched and grasping for straws.
          I am currently in the process of some research for my own article on something that may appear incredibly off the wall but after reading these comments and doing a good amount of primary source research on these people here and also the spike in autism I am beginning to see some very troubling patterns arise.
          Because I am one of those people who has always been against conspiracy theories and, frankly, cannot stand them, I find myself at a cross road but there is a good amount of fairly easily researched primary source material that paints a very troubling picture about recent societal changes. I just hope my current theories are wrong.

        10. Well, here’s the American Psychological Association acknowledging the phenomenon of transgenderism: http://www.apa.org/topics/lgbt/transgender.aspx It’s real, get over it. And biological mistakes do happen, that you could seemingly deny that with a straight-face is absurd. Albinism (albino people), folks born without limbs, people born without a sense of smell, sight, or sound. These things all happen. And sometimes people are born with the body of a given gender, but the brain of the opposite gender. That doesn’t make them lesser people, as so many scumbags on this page seem to think.

        11. PERFECT! Thank you for answering my question. Okay, now here is the next, and final question. If you believe the issue is a biological error and if the APA has confirmed it to be so, then, why then would you consider the issue to NOT be a mental deficiency and NOT an issue that has anything to do with a mental handicap? In other words, if a person is physically one way but their brain tells them they are something else, does that not, by very definition, create a scenario is mental handicap?
          Please Note: I already knew of the research, doctrine, etc. I am simply making a point so the fact is, in fact, faced. I can care less about anything else outside of factual scientific and reasonable/logical fact. I do not base my life on religious or any fundamental belief and simply stick to facts and no excuses for facts.

        12. A mental handicap is impaired cognitive function, which can affect one’s ability to move (motor skills), to reason, to remember things etc. I’m not aware of any reputable body that considers transgenderism a handicap. Beyond being subjected to harsh scrutiny and prejudice, and the inconvenience of needing an operation and treatment, transgender people don’t really have any trouble performing day-to-day tasks- no more so than anybody else. That you consider transgenderism an impairment is more to do with prejudice than anything else. But feel free to provide me with a credible primary source that says otherwise. (It’s your turn, after all. You’ll have a much easier time finding literature backing up my assertion than literature that backs up yours. It isn’t really my responsibility to baby-sit you, to walk you through this stuff. Just google it. You can find numerous scholarly articles on the subject).

        13. It’s apparent you don’t know who I am so I give you my word I will tell you, in a medical sense, and primary source laden sense, everything you wish and answer any and every question you wish once we handle this base level so I can preface for the mental issue from a medical standard and why you are either not fully understanding what you posted (in terms of link) or are purposely trying to add primary source medically relevant data to shift eyes (which I don’t believe you are doing by the way). I say this because the link you provided was for a base Q/A and, for future reference, if you plan to link someone make sure your link leads directly to cover the statement you just made. I already knew you were right on the recent changes anyhow so I didn’t need to confirm it but you will likely run into people who do not keep up to date on APA and/or other medical journal primary source information so that is simply a suggestion.
          That said, you are 100% correct in terms of transgender individuals no longer being classified as a “gender identity disorder” and have since (by the APA) been classified as “Gender dysphoria” (which still constitutes exactly what I referred to in a medical sense by the way). Let us break down that phrase before this becomes a primary source fest as I don’t want to lose you to aggravation about what you may read from the medical field. What is dysphoria? In essence (right from the APA – link will be added if you require/request): “Gender dysphoria occurs when a person experiences a mismatch between their biological sex and their internal experience of gender identity to the degree that it causes uneasiness, anxiety, frustration, or sadness.”
          Let us break that down. What does “internal experience”, “identity to the degree” and the following (above) conditions constitute in terms from a mental aspect and handicap?

        14. Absolutely nothing. If you think that what you have written backs up your suggestion that transgenderism is some kind of handicap, you are mistaken.

        15. So the current diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” is not a classification of mental handicap in your opinion?

        16. Nope, and I’d challenge you to find credible literature that says it’s a handicap. Or uses an equivalent word or words that equate to ‘mental handicap’. What you’re doing is some very specious reading between the lines, nothing more. It’s not classified as a handicap or mental illness. It’s not a fantasy, either. It’s a real phenomenon where people are born with a body that doesn’t match their innate gender identity. You’ve got nothing.

        17. I prefaced with each and every one of those to simply stamp you into your argument which I have photo’d and will be using on my widely viewed site. I already knew, before hand, that I had the material to discredit you but I wanted to lock you into your statements. That said, here you go, buddy. From one of the most respected Psychologists in the world and Chief of John Hopkins (and, by the way, most recent of any scholarly primary source):
          (in the case you do not own a subscription of WSJ – here is an abridged version)
          Both of which are primary sources. However, let’s go a step further, shall we?
          The current APA defintion the condition is “gender dysphoria” Allow me to sum this up for you since you, clearly, are not educated on much in terms of mental handicaps and how to apply them:
          Basically, dysphoria is a mental illness, transgender is not, but you need dysphoria to be transgender. Being transgender in itself is not a mental illness but you need a specific mental illness to be transgender. Get it? So, in other words, it thus must be classified as a mental handicap and is thus so by the APA.
          Here is the primary source of your mental issue:
          The entire F64 section of the ICD-10 relates to this. The ICD diagnoses are universally accepted, and the sections that pertain to this is F64.0 (which continues to 64.9) if you are interested in looking it up.
          Do you not understand that no matter how crazy you get, angry you get, whatever you do, it won’t change the current globally accepted criteria for the disorder. In fact, the only reason it was changed recently (as is clearly stated in the ICD-10) was due to “changes based on stigma associated with condition”. In other words, the change of words did not change the classification, it STILL remains in the same material.
          Stop the bologna. You’re embarrassing yourself. Every single I presented here to you is the most recent primary sources and absolutely incontrovertible no matter how much you believe it to be wrong.

    3. Irrelevant. Prejudice is not important when directed at such a minority. Society should privilege the dominant identity groups in order to maintain stability, and promote supremacy. The very fact that you even care about whether something is “hateful” or not reveals you as a childish equalist.
      Your compassion is unchecked. Correct that.

      1. Regarding groups who are different as one’s equals is the opposite of childish. And your words would work exactly the same if a racist was using them to diminish an ethnic minority. Make no mistake, you are on the same low moral footing as a racist. Hating people for being different is one of the most toxic forces known to humankind. It’s you who should be checking your complete lack of compassion.

  76. fuck you. you don’t say this shit when straight white kids kill themselves so put your words back in your ass.

        1. Yes, but the rate is almost negligent for heteros as to be non-existent (as well as for lesbians, so I guess you’re safe too).
          You have more chance of dying by murder or car crash than dying of HIV/AIDS as a white man or woman in the United States.

        2. BTW, if this article upsets you, I might as well say: Get used to it kid, whole legions of us exist who oppose this lifestyle and we’re going to get our way eventually, since we have action on our side and actions speak louder than words, you hear?

        3. You’re literally acting like a spoiled child. Grow the fuck up. And yeah, if you oppose my “lifestyle” get the fuck over it. It’s my life, and not yours.

        4. Your argument is getting you no where. I was born a boy and I identify as a boy. End of discussion.

        5. Well fucking news flash I have XY chromosomes. And identification makes up everything, you even said you’d like to identify as Emir the Seljuk of Rum.

        6. Don’t even get me started on this shit. You’re trash and I’m not talking about this.

        7. Ty – der’mo. Poshel na khui. U nas net vremya dlya tebya. My – muzhe. Ty – feministka-shlyukha.

        8. That’s because the Joints Chiefs of Staff be raycisss, they know that you are no black dude.

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