The Hidden Agenda Behind Interracial Pornography

With so much winning for the anti-globalists and patriots lately, it is easy to observe delicious amounts of salt on social media. Add to that the riots in Charlotte, Baltimore, Ferguson or Milwaukee and you have the ideal recipe for impotent anti-white rage.

The left and their zombies observed that following their defeats, calling “racist” anyone who disagrees with them stopped working. So they decided that it was time to change targets. The evil white won’t bow in mind so they will attack his flesh.

They sent more hate than usual on social media focusing on graphic images of black-on-white gang rapes (not depicted in the present article) that was extracted from pornographic films with lines along the “Your girls all dream about the black cock. They will fuck us instead and we will breed you out of history.”

It is a rhetoric that is used quite extensively by other radical anti-white groups such as Muslim fundamentalists, constantly repeating that white girls will be their weapon in the war against us and their seed will triumph, Allah willing.

Who creates this type of imagery?

Who’s that Pokémon?

As I detailed in a previous article, “every man has the sacred right to prefer one woman over another based on what attracts him.” But the fact that the media fuels the anti-white sentiment is where I draw the line.

Any man hates the idea that his right to breed will be stolen by another. There is a very primal dimension in this hate. But the over-representation of black men on white girls in the media is fairly recent, especially in porn. Jews have a disproportionate role in the production of pornography in general.

Here’s a list of Jews who own the main pornographic networks :

  • VIVID, the largest porn site in the world, ran by Steve Hirsch and Bill Asher
  • AVN Media – Paul Fishbein, Irv Slifkin, Barry Rosenblatt
  • PMG Inc/ Private – Charles Prast
  • Spiegler Girls, owned by Mark Spiegler (also owner of the paedophile website NAMBLA.ORG)

But it is interesting to observe that almost ALL the distributors and creators of interracial porn are Jewish:

  • Dogfart, owned by Cable Rosenberg – site that proposes scenes of “cuckold sessions”, “watching my daughter go black” and “interracial blowbang”
  • Skweezme, the “Netflix of porn” owned by Mike Kulich (Kulich offers “racist” celebs the chance to star in his interracial porn)
  • Blacked, owned by Greg Lansky, from France

How does it work? The Lansky case

The list goes on but the case of Lansky (second from the left) is revealing.

He made a fortune through his three websites :

  • Blacked: Focuses on black-on-white cuckolding, cheating and calling white men lame and inferior. An emphasis is also made on humiliating “Aryan stereotype” girls, by choosing them especially young, with small frames and breasts while dressing them in school uniforms so they look as underage as possible.
  • Tushy: Focuses on anal sex. Normalises marginal non-reproductive sex, depicts it as arty and trendy. The audience is incited to reproduce it, leading to a decrease of fertility and ultimately, control of the target population.
  • Vixen: Focuses on visually adult men having sex with girls that are legal but look underage, by picking them especially skinny, petite or with small breasts. They dress them like little girls and pick the ones that are the smallest or children-like and make them fuck men twice their size. This is a legal way to indirectly suggest that it’s OK for grown men to fuck little girls.

Lansky is unsurprisingly in cahoots with leftist Fake News outlet The Daily Beast, who celebrates his work through “writer” Aurora Snow (a pornstar who apparently built her career on interracial porn as her sub-par looks made her do the scenes that the other girls could decline). It tells you the care The Daily Hambeast takes into choosing who writes their articles.

Lansky explains how he will infiltrate every electronic device to reach even the youngest viewers

Adult companies need to learn to have a digestible social media presence—one that is safe for work, safe for the audience that wants to enjoy the brand. If they want to cross that border for graphic 18+ content they can click a link

Lansky brands people that diss his “elegant art”, “haters” or “racist”. The profile would not be complete without the overweight “Dan Bilzerian of the Poor” Instagram and “U mad, witebro?” message.

What do the Jews have to say about these accusations?

More than a long hypothesis, let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

Creating this imagery, the shills pretend there is “racism” from girls that don’t want to fuck black men. The most vocal about this supposed racism in porn are always Jews.

Case in point, James Deen.

In an interview to Vice-owned Broadly, Deen declares:

Female performers frequently agree to do a scene and then back away when they discover that he plans to have them on camera with a person of colour.

“It’s irritating and disgusting and annoying. And It creates a huge problem with casting,” he says. “I end up in these situations with agents where I’m trying to plan a scene and I have to say, ‘Okay, one girl will be having sex with all the men and one girl will only have sex with the white men,’ because there are women who have never had sex with a black man on camera and want to be paid $500 extra for it, as if it’s a chore. It’s racist and it’s belittling and it’s keeping me from making a good product and it’s hurting good performers like Mickey Mod.

In an interview with Israeli newspaper Haaretz, James Deen said about Jews in porn:

Haaretz: Do you happen to have any Jewish role models or figures in the industry?

Deen: I don’t go into a place and think, “I’m Jewish. Who else is Jewish? I need to work with them.”

Respect goes universally across all races, creeds, colours, religions, everything. The Jews know we’re better than everyone else. That’s all that matters.

Haaretz: That’s going to be the blow-up quote in the article.

Deen: (Laughs) It’s true. We’re the Chosen People. (Laughs) It’s a fact.

Nathan Abrams

Nathan Abrams, Jewish professor at the university of Aberdeen in Scotland narrows down the rule of the Jews in pornography (emphasis mine) :

Jews are the driving force behind the modern pornographic industry and their motivation is, in part, to destroy gentile morals.


Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged. … Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers (Middle finger for American readers) to the entire WASP establishment in America.


Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.”

The “industry” has already taken a side

If it was the other way around, they would call the National guard. Found on Twitter. Note the New World Order nod

Complains have been filed about videos that appear on popular porn sites that depict “the black master race”, attacking “whiteboyz”, “little crackers” and throwing around racial slurs directed at whites. The content revolves around fucking white “daughters, mothers” and insisting on the fact that it will cleanse our race through interracial breeding.

These videos are anonymously uploaded, vetted by host websites and remain online despite their illegal nature.

One might argue that a large majority of girls doing porn are damaged and that is why they do it. Coming from single mother or abusive households, they often got molested as children, collect mental issues and substance abuse or are in it for the money or just want to slut it up and feed their need for self-destruction. So interracial pornography is just one more tool in their (rancid) box. But is that what the people want?

IR porn is not profitable, it is political

“Black” is at the bottom and interracial does not even appear. It simply does not sell

This pretend racism can’t escape the reality of things, even with their masters telling them to comply. Many white girls in the business ask for extra money to perform with black men, mixed Latinas or otherwise are registered as whites in many of the productions they star in or can flat out refuse to have sex with black people on camera. When they state their preferences or choose what seems the best for their (short and sore) career, they are automatically branded as racist.

One of the unfortunate things for porn producers trying to push the (((weak white cuckold agenda))) is that apart from low T balding white Men (it would be interesting to search the browser history of male democrats that voted Hillary), (((interracial porn))) is not popular among a majority of young men and women, white or not.

The large part of these interracial movies have no interest in the act of black man fucking a white woman per se. The psyop only consists at getting back at Whitey for being so evil in the past, His daughter, sister… his future must pay.

Typical double standards, Schlomo!

Evil Whites! Serves them right!

Funny how if tomorrow someone creates a “Whitened” website, with all the elements of Blacked with video such as “White Master Impregnates Girl With His Big White Cock In Front Of Her Sissy Black Boyfriend,” SJWs would have epileptic fits and the surviving ones would try to torch the studios.

Mainstream media controlled by the elite work together as we know and even try to peddle their pornography on Youtube “because it is art.” Take the example of a cuckold pornographic video that was accessible by children (initiated by a Norwegian who studied photography with Jewish Richard Avedon) called “Interracial Naked Art Photography,” that remained uncensored by Youtube even if vaginas and a penis were exposed (I added the black squares, it was full frontal nudity). Why?

Following the Youtube law of Double Standard, if it was a White couple depicted, it would be instantly banned. Because it is interracial, it is “artsy and progressive” breaking the vile taboos of the White-hetero patriarchy. The video was only removed by Youtube after the thousands of dislikes and messages of outrage all over the Internet. Meanwhile, states such as Israel lead heavy campaigns to denounce miscegenation between Jews and the Goyim.

This propaganda hurts regular black men too

Does that seem appropriate?

Whereas white porn actors can work with average penises, it is simply not an option for blacks. Recruiters will go through hundreds of thousands of applicants, narrowing down their selection like cattle before parading a handful of “performers” like circus animals. All of that to create profit and force the debunked bigger black dick myth.

“Studies” that show a longer average length among blacks are always self-reported. So do “maps of penis sizes”, created on websites where anyone can upload anything and no one gives sources. Here are two scientific, reliable measurement studies:

If I were a black man, this scenario used to sell garbage would not make me happy either. If those films suggested that the only way I can fuck a blonde skank is by being a rapist, a poolboy, a convict or sneaking in the house of my white prey while her parents are gone and that the act is defiling in nature, I’d be pissed.

Imagine your girlfriend leaving you because your dick is not as big as what she saw in porn or only owing your success to the porn fable of “muh dick” and not to your game or how smooth or attractive you are.

But it comes back to bite them in the ass

What has history told us about a brand or an industry pushing a political agenda, ignoring the basic laws of money making or promoting a product that customers do not buy?

It fails and has a limited lifespan, as we saw with various regular brands such as Starbucks or Kellogs that endorsed anti-white policies, just for the feelz. Customers flee and the firm’s worth plummets.

These pernicious ideas remind us of some usual liberal mercenaries in the media such as National Geographic with its globalist piece “The Changing Faces Of America“. Its authors Lisa Funderburgh and Martin Schoeller showing, through digitally modified mugshots, that America will eventually blend into brown-skinned people with curly hair and light eyes. And that there is nothing you can do or say about it, raycis’!

What they want to you to believe versus what that child really looks like

Public television channels get in there too. With the taxpayer’s money. Look at CBC’s Beige power gang, evil goy. And quake with fear witnessing their might.

La pornographie comme arme psychologique

Some communities already took steps to tackle the problem. Russia recently banned access to a wide array of pornographic sites due to its harmful effect on the youth and told the Russian to “go meet someone in real life instead.” And to the great rage of masturbating liberals, Trump has promised to crack down on that type of porn.

Compulsive masturbation fucks with your brain. It is a verified fact. It incites our young men to engage in endless wanking sessions, satisfying their urges and preventing them to pursue real girls. It digitally neuters our youth who does not need more enemies with the terrorist third wave feminism and the anti-masculinity media.

Porn is the ideal tool as it is, in a way, non-violent and tempting. It is understandable: If you needed to release your sexual urges, what seems the easiest?

Spending hours learning game, working out, approaching tens, hundreds of girls and getting rejected in many instances before finally managing to bed a 6? Or access to endless supplies of 9s in all the scenarios imaginable at the click of a button, get unlimited orgasms and get on with your day?

These elements just confirm us that porn is a waste of time and an additional medium to promote degeneracy and globalist poison. Game and masculinity are the counter-measures that will short circuit the elite’s plans. Stop watching porn. Approach girls. Live a happier life.

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1,011 thoughts on “The Hidden Agenda Behind Interracial Pornography”

  1. Porn is a paradise for jews: they make tons of shekels while spreading subversion, racemixing and decadence.

    1. Personally I find it more disturbing that in the graph in the top five of search categories:
      #1 is Lesbian
      #2 is step-mom
      #3 is MILF (Mom I ‘d Like to Fuck) it refers to women close to their forties or beyond
      #5 is step-sister
      and that it follows by mom…. That is incest de jure, the last is incest de facto…
      In other words it is the SKype’s wet dream!

      1. You need to have psychological issues to look at porn. I read a study somewhere that the brain gets ‘rewired’ by looking porn, and every time you are going to need more extreme and perverted ‘genres’ to obtain sexual arousal.

        1. NoFap exists for reason: it’s a result of watching too much porn.
          Porn induced erectile dysfunction is a thing. Guys jerk off to these mega hot porn stars and their brains become conditioned overtime by correlating the porn actress with their own sexual climax. As a result, you get a case of “whiskey dick” even though you hadn’t been drinking the whole night. The worst thing you want is to finally have a girl in your bed, and SURPRISE, you get cockblocked by your jerk brain.
          Time magazine did a very effective piece on the NoFap movement, which is probably the only time I have ever recommended Time. Unfortunately, the majority of it is hidden behind their paywall.

        2. 100%.
          When I was young (13 or so) I was taken on a fishing trip and while out on the boat my uncles showed me a play boy. I think that is a perfectly healthy thing. Also, I used to work in auto body, auto electric and tow truck joints and everyone always had snap-on calendars with boobs. When some celeb has nudes out (either they did it on purpose because playboy or someone paid them serious bank or had a “leaked” sex tape or what not” sure I will check that out. These are habits of natural curiosity. But the porn that a huge number of young men, probably the vast majority, are beating off to is literally a drug which destroys the mind.

        3. One thing is to appreciate a beautiful woman naked, and another is to watch compulsively the shit that porn is. I know a case (old friend of mine, hopeless beta) who has to cut porn because he was watching genre after genre, and when he ended in midgetinterracialgoldenshowerBDSM porn he said enough. Now he has rehabilitated a little: has a girlrfriend (barely a 6, but better that than nothing) and he’s not watching hardcore porn.
          I also check the celebsluts leaked pictures and videos, but only the ones I like, i.e. Jennifer Lawrence.

        4. Same happened with me. I stopped watching porn about 1 1/2 years ago.
          As a teenager I started with the usual shit. Then it became worse and worse. At the End I couldn’t mit on usual porn, even with the hottest pornstars etc. I needed to have hardcore deepthroating until they puked, golden shower, and even very rough / forced anal. (Close to rape fantasy)
          That was the moment I realized something is damn wrong with me and that I had to stop.
          Since then, no porn. Here and there some pictures , no problem . But no porn videos anymore.
          I think NoFap doesn’t make sense in the longterm, masturbation is totally ok , just cut the porn.
          We all have our dry spells and we don’t need to punish ourselves with blue balls.

        5. I’m totally in the NoFap camp. Think about this: if you break a dry spell fapping, your need is satiated (at least biochemically speaking) but you are not using your skills hunting and going for the kill. It is a comfort zone. In fact, the dry spell helps you (at least at the beginning of learning game) to be effective: you are forced to go for the kill, otherwise the spell will be longer.
          Dry spells is like being in the middle of the ocean: you swim or you die.

      2. The Lesbian thing I can get, if the viewer’s mentality is something like “I want to see a woman having sex without her being some other guy’s catch.”
        The incest thing is just gross. I don’t even want to have sex in the same state as my brother or one of my cousins. Note too how it’s being normalized by mainstream books and films.

        1. “I want to see a woman having sex without her being some other guy’s catch.”
          Its perfectly logical. You want to see a girl having sex (what’s sexier?) and if you can do it without seeing cock an balls, all the better!

        1. the fact that it is being intentionally sought out makes me glad I am not a psychologist who is keeping current in the field.

        2. Its the race to the bottom. As you grow more and more tolerance for porn your brain seeks more and more extreme stimuli.

        3. Pissed me off the other day while perusing a site. I want the young ladies not the ladies my age or older. Their time is gone. But I think the labeling is just to keep paychecks. Shame that there is geriatric lady porn and fat, ugly, heifer porn. Gets me outside into the world so no complaints.

        4. I guess it could be Freudian considering its appeal and increasing popularity but when I was growing up none of that crap was there on the pornweb

        5. Having had no sisters, I was always fascinated by the mechanics that kept a young man’s brain from wanting to fuk his sister, since after all she was a girl in his house (my only criteria as a teenager). All my female relatives were old, so I attributed my lack of attraction to that.
          So I asked a friend once, “what keeps you from wanting to bang your sister ?”(like I planned on doing)
          After the outrage, anger and disgust passed he thought long and hard and said: “we were kids together…she was a baby once, I’ve seen everything; I saw her shoot cheeriosout her nose…”
          So I chalked it up to familiarity.

        6. I have a kid sister and yeah, the mechanics are so fucking odd. I mean, for all intents and purposes she is exactly who I should like…she looks and acts just like me, I am a narcissist so she should be perfect. But whatever it is in the brain, she is just like a dude to me. There is simply nothing there. I would look at her boyfriends confused as to what the fuck they wanted with her lol

        7. Seems like the abundance of broken families/absent fathers must have something to do with it. That, and the number of women raising male children by themselves. In one case I was exposed to, the woman had a male child using a sperm donor. The kid is now about 15, and it’s obvious he was bred as a surrogate “husband” by this sick bitch. Their relationship is, at best, creepy, and I have a strong stomach.

        8. I mean that makes a lot of rational sense, but I grew up in a rough situation and I know plenty of guys who grew up without a pop…yeah, sure, there are effects to it, but none of them seem to be like “oooh I want to jack off to sister porn”

        9. I was speaking specifically about the proliferations of mother/son stuff. But the “combined family” phenomenon must contribute to it, too. The Brady Bunch was likely a fuckfest.

        10. Having no close female relatives my age, I’ve often wondered the same thing. Is it familiarity? I wonder how guys with sisters would answer this hypothetical: if you had to choose one, would you rather have sex with a step sister (no biological relation) whom you had grown up with sine infancy? Or a biological sister that you’d never met before? I would guess (I really have no idea) that most guys would choose the step sister. Which, if true, would mean that its not familiarity. Cultural conditioning maybe? Or just something in our genetic makeup?

        11. It’s genetic. Siblings and 1st and 2nd degree cousins open the door for mutations and a host of other problems and this affects your attraction to them.
          It’s like that experiment where women smelled sweaty shirts that guys used and ranked them by how much they liked the smell, the better the small, the more genetically advantageous. So whether or not a family member is objectively attractive, they wont engender sexual attraction (at least not even close to the same degree that a non-relative would).
          There was a case of two orphaned twins who randomly met later in life and tried to get married not knowing they were related.
          FunFact: My European History teacher said that the Medici family was so inbred the women were absolutely hideous and no one wanted to marry them, effectively ending their bloodline.
          Charles II of Spain was so inbred he couldn’t speak or walk until he was 8.

        1. They watch it because they consider normal porn too visual and aggressive (which I can perfectly understand)

    2. Let’s not forget the most important one of the “covenants” – circumcision.
      Jews were instrumental in convincing American men – via porn – that a prepuce doesn’t exist. If there is one thing that symbolizes the gullibility of American men, it was their decision to remove the foreskins of their sons at the behest of Dr. Goldstein.

  2. I’d rather have a wank than fuck a 6 ….. especially a chubby 6.
    Who in their right mind wouldn’t?
    If you go out and bang fat chicks, you’re just teaching them being fat is acceptable.
    NO IT ISN’T! (My only interest is in under 50Kg, and under 40 years old)
    PS. I only watch lesbian porn, mainly cos I don’t wanna see other guys tackle.

    1. If they are chubby them
      They are not a 6
      In my opinion most women of the world are a 3 or lower

    2. Neither one should hunt and drool over 5s and 6s, or else called mediocre girls, it raises their understandng of their value and no woman accepts a male that does not look like Brad Pitt… This has happened in Greece due to our early development of Day Game, here called Greek Kamaki (=a spear for catching fish). Men fell too much over any girl they saw and spoiled them.

      1. I always wonder about men who fall too much over any girl and spoil them. Is this mens weakness leading to women’s brashness or is it women’s brashness making men weak? You talk about 5’s or 6’s but I see women who are literally a 1 who will find someone to fawn over them. So what came first, the ἓν or the egg?

        1. Agreed. And it is horrifying. Stopped talking to a guy over his taste in ladies and overall beta attitude. The thirst levels are so high, some guys will sell their soul for the next one who comes along.

        2. it is both true and it is crazy, but the real question here is whether @varonosminxaouzen will catch my ἓν pun

      1. And they keep describing every act they do at every step. Something about the fact that sex is a mental thing for women. It’s annoying af.

  3. The other night I picked up this gorgeous light-skinned black girl, right off the street. Told her there was no way that I was letting her slip past me without having a drink or two with her. A couple of tequilas later and I had my tongue down her throat on the patio of this nearby bar.
    Oh man, the brothers didn’t like that, not one little bit. A couple of them were glaring at us openly, and making comments about her being a “race traitor”. She didn’t give a shit – she wanted the top dog in the show, and it sure as fuck wasn’t them.
    Whenever I watch IR porn (which is rare), I always think to myself, “Why are their dicks so thin?” Heh.
    Fuck porn and the perverted purveyors who peddle it. Bang a smoking hot black chick now and again, my fellow white brothers, and strike a blow for the manosphere…

      1. Hahaha. I hear ya. I have to be drunk, and they have to be light-skinned enough to make it work for me. I love watching the black dudes’ heads explode (and the white dudes’ heads, and the white women’s heads), when I’m getting attacked by the best-looking black girl in the room. It’s empowering. “Who’s your Plantation Daddy, baby?” – “You are, massa…” But seriously, it fucks up the perceptual dynamic – and that’s a good thing. You can’t put everybody into a slot. Well, you can – but they all won’t fit the mold.

    1. i agree bob. Porn is just overall bad for people. There are plenty of studies like Jean mentioned that shows the harmful effects of porn. As men we should strive to live in reality not the virtual instant gratification that is porn. And yea awalt bob. Women dont care about the race of the person as long as he is the top dog.

      1. Porn makes white men AND black men feel like lesser men. Whites, because they mistakenly think blacks are all Mandingos, and blacks because most black men have average-sized penises. It’s a mindfuck for everyone who watches it. Women, too. They get an average-sized guy, and they think they’re being short-changed.
        Work on yourself and be a better man all the way around, and you can’t lose. I like to bang an occasional black girl (lighter-skinned only, because, that’s what I like, and I was just born this way) – or at least get them on the hook and make out with them in public, preferably with a few black men around to witness it – just to watch people’s heads explode.
        Does wonders for your self-esteem. Get out there. Get busy.

    2. I would say something against that but I mix in the pool too. Do what you need to do brother!

      1. I think it’s good for white, black, brown, green and purple dudes. Level’s the playing field. Busts stereotypes. Grazie, my friend!

    3. Don’t let the black simps throw you off your game, I’ve had similar reactions from white dudes when I’m with a cute white girl. Too many simps and white knights in this generation

      1. I’ve noticed that. It cuts across all demographics. It is pretty amazing how things have changed though. Go back 50 years. A black dude making out with a white girl in public – “Oh, the horror,” said the white men of the day. But now it’s acceptable. But a white man making out with a black girl in public, today?…”Oh, the horror,” say the black men. Not all of them, most of them. It’s like the stigma has been reversed. Whatever it is, it fucks men up of all colors. Stick to your game – no doubt about it. A red-pill guy doesn’t give a fuck who fucks who…

    4. I remember having a drink with that sexy Cape Colored girl I was banging in an English pub. It’s true. The only evil looks I had were from the black lads.

      1. They go apeshit. A couple months back I had the same thing happen; this hot, light-skinned black girl laser-beamed in on me at the same patio bar where I scored the other black girl. Asked if she could sit next to me. Got aggressive right out of the gate. A couple of black dudes were out on the patio, and they were squirming as she blatantly tried to hook up with me. Finally, one of them got up and started cussing her out. Called her a race traitor – “Why are you with a white man, sister!” She said black men were bottom-feeders and she had no use for them. Man, the black dude went off on her. Heh. I just sat there, as she yelled at the guy with her right hand squeezing my nuts underneath the table.
        It’s like the white crackers who used to wear KKK hoods who carry nooses and chase black men are now long gone, and the roles have been reversed. Now it’s the black guys who think they should have all the pussy – white, black, Asian, whatever. (Not ALL black guys, but a lot of them, and they especially think white men should stay away from “their” women, while they plunder the white women’s assess, too.) It’s all been deliberately social-engineered that way, I truly do believe, and porn has a lot to do with it. Set black men against white men. Etc. Divide and conquer.
        But no matter how the porn-scripters and movie-makers try to sell it, the reality is, a white man with frame, game and financial success, still gets the picks of the litter, no matter what the girl’s race might be – at least in most cases. So it goes…

        1. Yeah, mine felt like she was doing something forbidden and it really turned her on. She was mad. I remember her stradling me in the taxi and starting fucking me while the cabby was giving me a big OK sign.
          Then I banged her in my drive way at 5am and my muslim neighbour, robes quran and all, who gave me lamb and rice the day before from the mosque, surprised us and starting calling us animals. Fucking fun night
          The ones that go mad are usually without game. Once someone has banged a lot and really starts to understand the rules of the sexual market place, he sees women choices and reasons.
          “Divide and conquer” Amen.

        2. In Atlanta that shit can get you killed like this guy — beaten and thrown into traffic, then killed, by some black guys because he was walking with a black woman and they noticed.
          Colin Flahety has a few videos about this very phenomenon.
          Burn the coal, pay the toll.
          I don’t find them all that attractive. Most are masculine, and many are enormous.
          I sometimes feel sorry for black guys because there are so few attractive black women, relative to other races.

        3. I wouldn’t take it to that extreme myself, because I know it can get you killed. But, if I’m in a mostly white bar, and a few black guys are around, and I see a super-pretty, light-skinned black chick, I tend to go for the reel-in job with her. Mostly to see the black guys’ heads explode.
          They can’t get the best women. They just can’t. But despite that, their hypocrisy needs to be toned down. I don’t care if they fuck every woman they see – so long as they don’t care if I do it.
          If they care, they’re no smarter than women, and no more logical. Women are notorious for ditching a man, and then getting pissed off because the man is now fucking somebody else. Meaning, they don’t want the man, but they don’t want anybody else having him. Same kinda thing. Black men and women are pretty much equally logical, in my opinion. (Not all of them – most of them.)
          May the best man win. Live and let live. (And yeah, burn the coal, pay the toll, unfortunately. Especially when it comes to white girls; that shit will fuck a girl up for life, or get her killed.)

      1. I mean it’s just the reality, I’m sure Red Pill Black Guys like Donovan will agree.
        And the reason why there is little to none of interracial porn the other way around, is that (most, not all) black girls aren’t attractive. Plus their anti-feminine behavior etc.
        Donovan made 2 articles about that, why he don’t date black girls anymore.

        1. I don’t go for really dark-skinned black women. I just don’t get off on purple-black pussies. I was just born this way. But occasionally I’ll nail a really pretty, lighter-skinned one.
          In my experience, black girls are HUNGRY for attractive white men with game. Because they can’t stand dating the average gangsta. I’ve heard many black women bemoan the fact that their pool of potential suitors is weak. They don’t want to get knocked up by some thug – be he black, white or green.
          And I don’t see any really attractive white women with black men – zero. I think it depends on where a guy lives – in NYC, or LA, okay, maybe it’s more prevalent. But in the Desert Southwest, it’s an anomaly – and the chicks who do it stand out like a whore in church…

        2. actually there are plenty of interracial porn the other way around. i pointed out ghetto gaggers and thats just one venue. Hell white guy and black girl is pretty popular.

        3. The article mentioned Dogfart. They actually have a spin-off site called “We F*ck Black Girls.” It’s usually a bunch of white guys with confederate-flag T-shirts gangbanging some black chick. That’s just one example. In fact, you don’t hardly see black women doing black porn anymore. The majority of them, especially those who are skinny, have long hair, or otherwise have many European features, perform almost exclusively with white guys.

        4. Hot non-hoodrat black girls may not be attracted to thugs, but they aren’t attracted to the Ben Carson or Carlton Banks types, either. They go for either light-skinned alpha black dudes with money and game, or they go for white guys (who don’t need quite as much money and game to get their feet in the door, as evinced by the geeky dude Serena Williams hooked up with). The well-rounded “good” black guys who speak well and keep their pants above their ass tend to end up with Candy Carson or Gabby Sidibe. And on a side note, you’ll notice that there ARE a few hot black girls in porn, but they’re all doing white guys. The only ones you see onscreen with black guys are the ghetto hoochies with big weaves and ginormous cottage-cheese asses. Yech. When the hell did THAT even become a trend?

    1. i wont lie as a black men i see most of my brothas with those type of women. The black guys that tend to have families with the good looking white girls tend to have their life together

      1. Exactly, that’s what I mean. Those who actually have hot white girls on their side are cool alpha guys.
        These porns imply that if you want to have a hot white girl as a black guy, you have to have a 15 inch Monsterdick. Which is absolutely bullshit of course.

        1. yea thats another bad side affect of porn.. guys are overly concerned with their penis size while most women dont care

        2. man atleast u can admit that some black guys are not inferior monkeys. Some are just cool normal alpha guys. Why are many of the posters of ROK angry that normal cool black guys date white girls. I dont get mad when normal cool white guys date hot black women…..oh wait that is because i am secure. This racist shit is just insecurity.

        3. Some are just simply racist and insecure. Probably scared that their wifey could get jungle fever haha.

    2. Despite this being 98% of the interracial couples, I do believe that many white girls will jump a black pole at some point and then lie about it in the future. I don’t think that this has to do with modern culture, with porn, with media or anything else. It is different and has been forbidden. I am guessing it is a one time hit or maybe getting dicked out for a short period of time and then pretending it didn’t happen — remember, women decide whether a sexual encounter happened after the fact.

      1. Good points! I wouldn’t be surprised if more white men have been cucked in this fashion. In the main cities, I see a lot of fairly attractive white women with black guys. Only the guys who clearly look like they have no game have the fat women by their sides. Might be easier to just not be so insecure about what the lady does if you aren’t dating her, or ensure she isn’t cheating on you if you are dating her. Simple really.

        1. I don’t know about the cucking, I am sure it happens. But even outside of main cities, all across the country, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the 6 guys that some girl who is relatively innocent leaves out when she says she had 2 partners to her future husband was a black guy….especially if she went to college.

        2. Agreed. College is the mixing ground and all save maybe 2% of women are mixing in there. Knowing how women under report about their sex lives it is ludicrous to assume any woman didn’t mix. Especially if she said she went to college. My biggest market right now is college.

        3. Bingo, dudes that cry about this shit are wasting their time. My incel detection radar is growing through the roof with this article and comment section

        4. that is exactly right. For me, I don’t care about a woman’s former partners. They never lie about their sexual history to me because I don’t ask and if the start to broach the subject I cut them off and let them know I don’t care. I do believe that the percentage of girls who go to any college in America and leave having had some mixed dick to be over 90% though.

        5. I went to a very religious college, and approx 30-40% of the women remained virgins throughout. This group was incredibly pious and worshipful of Jesus. I’m sure they’ve made really good wives except for the fact that they were homely at best, and downright ugly at worst.
          Another 50% of the women got so wasted Fri-Sun that I didn’t really want most of them either. That basically left the 10-20% for me to hunt.

      2. “It is different and has been forbidden.”
        Yup. Also with “how much will this piss off my father”. In my area, we have a few specialized nursing colleges and would get young women from all over the country. Years ago I was dating one who told me her roommate was only dating black guys because her father (in Georgia) would kill her if she did it back home.

        1. I am sure the “piss off my father” crowd is there. But I am also just as sure that plenty of girls with good home lives have their face Jackson Pollacked by a few black guys before graduating and drink away the shame at Christmas dinner after daddy kisses little princess hello on the same face. Further, I think that the girls with good fathers who get piped out by black guys and wind up feeling guilty about it will be more likely to marry “nice” “boring” men afterwards in some convoluted way to make themselves “innocent again”
          After 5 years of marriage they are out looking for covert dick

        2. Banged a Swedish slut (SNL) once in Eastern Europe. Lying down and a bit drunk, I asked (regretted it immediately) “What’s the craziest thing you have done in bed?”
          She thought a second and smiled “Once I got double penetrated by a Somali and a Moroccan”.
          After a lull, I just added “Your dad must be proud…”. “Oh I did it overseas. He would cut my throat if he knew.” To piss off dad, every time.

        3. its best not to ask.
          I use willing suspension of disbelief like the movies.
          And I’m the main character…

        4. I think it is good to look at every woman, every bang, every girlfriend, every wife, daughter, aunt and grandmother and just assume that a couple of thugs just fucking had their way with her without knowing or caring what her name was.

        5. good lord i couldn’t imagine myself doing double penetration. That just sounds nasty why would i want my dick touch another dude’s dick during sex. IT seems kinda of gay to me

        6. Remember that sentence from Roosh: ‘My default opinion of any girl I meet is “worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise.” A go to mindset that saves you a lot of trouble

        7. Just the same as two guys rubbing their dicks together, with a thin steak in between. That is indeed gay as.

      3. I had a black friend in college who used to CLEAN UP with the “this would KILL my parents!” crowd…

        1. yeah, I doubt he got a lot of repeats. Probably just blow some girls back out for a week or a nice and then she would go back to whatever she did before…..she would tell her friends….etc. etc. etc.

      4. Yeah that’s for sure. They want to try every type of dick. Call it Jungle Fever.
        Nearly all girls also want to fuck with a old guy (+55) just to try it.

        1. tell a girl that it is something she shouldn’t do and she will want it. She will eventually meet a friend who tried and tell her it is great. She won’t be able to shake the thought until she tries. This is the nature of women. The good girls who are kept under tight lock and key, kept home, kept out of college and married off at a young age will still fantasize about it.

        2. I knew a chick who told me once she fanticized about fucking a guy she would find repulsive (ugly). Why I asked? She couldn’t explain it.

        3. Common association of sex and filthy. That whole push pull of angry and happy, gets most women off.

        4. Women’s depravity knows no bounds. I could share some stories here that would make heads explode. Last year, I met a 23 year old girl on OkCupid who in her bio said she was into “older guys” She went to a religious high school, lived out of state with her folks and was in college. She sold her panties on Craigslist (amongst other things) in order to raise enough money for a plane ticket to come stay at my place and get defiled for 2 weeks. Now I don’t claim to be a saint, either… I’m just enjoying my time on this accursed, floating rock.

      5. I think you only see black guys with hot white girls in places like LA and New York. For one thing, in bigger cities, you have a greater chance of finding black guys with money and finding a large population of young, attractive white girls who like to go clubbing. But even then, it’s rare, because I have yet to find a club where the crowd was diverse. It’s either 99% white or 99% black. In the majority of cities, you have black guys who don’t earn much and tons of white girls who look like the land whale pictured above. Think most southern cities in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. The only reason people tend to think interracial is even a thing is because the MSM shows black celebrities with white women on a regular basis. In reality (and even media is changing to reflect this), you’re starting to see a lot more black women with white men. The universal constant is that white men, by and large, are desired all over the world, while even black women (like Kristelyn Karazin, the rapper Eve, and Serena Williams) are leaving black men behind. No manner of propaganda or brainwashing is going to change that trend. The only way a black guy who isn’t wealthy gets to bang a hot white girl is if he’s a club owner, rapper, or athlete. Mostly the latter. That “one time hit” you’re talking about largely consists of 5’s and 6’s knocking around with the top athletes at their high school and college, but it almost never turns into anything serious.

        1. you are right, I think, with the ones you see with them and I think that interracial couples, even in big cities are over represented. I live in the heart of nyc and very, very, very rarely see a mixed couple that isn’t either white/Asian, jewish/Asian or white/Latina. I literally almost never see it. The phenomena I am talking about is not white girls dating black guys. It is white girls at college taking a ride or three on a black pole which, north, south, east, west or center I would guess is an incredibly high and almost ubiquitous percentage.

        2. I see what you mean, and you have a point. But if we’re going to be honest here, nowadays colleges are nothing more than slut training camps, anyway. Back in the day, you had finishing schools to teach women how to cook, clean, and set a table. Now you’ve got schools teaching them how to do keg stands and the reverse cowgirl. And I think just like with the world outside of college, you have only a few bottom-tier outliers who are taking a ride on Deondre’s shaft in college. A few top-tier chicks may be doing it, too, but only with the top athletes. Even then it’s usually with white athletes, like that Duke chick who came up with that list of all the athletes she banged. It was a veritable laundry list of dudes, but not a single soul brother made the list.

        3. probably right. the “olden day” chicks were still being piped out but not at such a high rate and not with such impunity and they still fantasized about it, but yes….the situation does seem to exacerbate itself as time goes on.

        4. here is the thing. Black guys dont care about black girls leaving to find white men. I encourage it. Its great. Opposite phenotypes naturally attract. Black men are not insecure about this topic. But let a white girl date a black guy and all the deragotory terms come out like nigger lover, mudshark etc. Its lame man. Its also biased.
          Black guys are not inferior to white men. So whats the big deal with a black guy banging a white girl. People are people. Now i can understand if you dont like ghetto trash banging ur girl ( i hate thugs with a passion too). But if a respectable black dude is respectfully dating a white girl, you should have no problem with that.

      6. Suburban white girls want a big dick and parties for a few years until they realize black guys aren’t gonna help them in the slightest and will likely abuse them as well (if not outright kill them). Something like 90% of white women who had a mulatto child get NOTHING from the father.

        1. exactly. I don’t even think it lasts for a few years. I think the vast majority of them will get it out of their system in a few months and many after one or two good dick downs. They aren’t going to date, let alone marry some thugs…but while they are in college or working at a restaurant they will let two of them skewer her while their buddy stands by waiting for nexties at that one party and then never mention it to anyone

      7. The forbidden aspect is the one that attracts them the most. Nothing turns them on more. The medieval pimp hand must be reinstated

        1. the medieval pimp hand will keep women in line, but they will still fantasize. The truth is, you can’t tell a woman not to do something without her wanting it and, if given the ability, she will do it just because she was told no. This is not new. Back when I was a 4 legged snake I knew a bish name eve who was just like this and that was a long, long, long time ago.

      1. “Screw you daaad! Why can’t you be more tolerant? It’s 2017! Schumer told me it’s OK”

        1. Then she’ll end up moving back in with him and her mud child while leaving the kid at there while she parties with more negroes.

  4. I dunno man. I agree about your overall view of porn being an attack on morals and values but i have trouble believing that interracial porn is an attack on the white man. Bro there is porn where a white guy dogs the hell out of black women its called ghetto-gaggers and thats just one. Also the whole america is going to blend completely into one race is dumb as well. It wont happen. Minorities mainly live in only certain areas of the country then there are pockets of them elsewhere. For example, black people mainly live in the south but there are pockets of them in other places (i.e Cleveland for ohio). Also most people still prefer to breed with their own race so that’s not going away.

    1. “..most people still prefer to breed with their own race so that’s not going away.”
      True. Young (correction: most) men will bang women of different race and ethnic back grounds, but in the end most will settle down with someone more like themselves. That is pretty universal.

    2. There’s also more than just blacks and whites. I’m white and I prefer Indian girls and when I watch porn it has to involve Indian girls or I dislike it.

      1. There are some fine Indian women, mainly Britain and Caribbean descent, who are stunning. I like them and tanned Asians for very similar reasons.

  5. You can tell by the body language in the images that the women who pose with Greg Lansky can’t stand him at all. One of them even looks repulsed.

  6. we pay usury fees on our own money, which isnt tied to any real tangible value, while we finance foreign wars to make the world hate us, and our forced to watch our sisters and daughters pimped out to the lowest lifeform that has a measurable erection. The jew is behind all of these things. They hate us for what is inside our genetic code. a predisposition towards peace, civilization, and advancement. I wish blacks could see they were used as a genetic dirty bomb, but they are happy to be slaves, in practice other than name. We are not so simple, brothers.

  7. The Pick Up Artist industry and the Game theory were all founded by Jews too. They teach young white men not to engage with white western women and instead pursue interracial relationship with Asian women in particular.
    Neil Strauss, reporter of the Rolling Stone Magazine. With his book The Game he marked the beginning of the enormous growth of the PUA community.
    Robert Greene, author of The Art of Seduction, is also well-known for his 48 Laws of Power book, where he instructs people as to how to manipulate others to gain influence.
    Ross Jeffries, once “the father of the PUA-movement,” now a filthy old man. He mainly speaks about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an over-hyped method that he claims will help you seduce women in no-time, simply by your choice of words.
    David deAngelo is NOT a romantic Italian who speaks from his own experience with Mediterranean beauties. No, it is the nomme de plum of Eben Pagan, a Jew with a marketing background. He is the author of the e-book Double Your Dating, a thin booklet that promises much and delivers little. He also offers lots of seminars, records them and sells the recordings on DVD and CD.

      1. They were the first ones so therefore they started it. Neil Strauss coined the term The Game. Robert Green is held in high esteem by everyone in PUA community and the manosphere.
        I know it would be difficult for the people here to come to terms with this but it’s part of growing up.

        1. And the reason is because you’re a loser who can only pull an oriental girls because they want your passport.

        2. You know white girls are shit, when white men prefer asian chicks from 3rd world shit holes …
          Your batshit crazy white whores are the problem, control your whores, till then we’ll use your white whores as the cum dumpsters you failed to stop them from becoming …

      1. He came with the second wave of gurus. The movement was already set in motion. Plus, if you follow his development you would notice, he himself now realizes how absurd the whole thing is.

  8. Go to some porn site, click in IR porn, incest porn, especially ‘mom son’ scenes and you will notice something. All the fucking comments are in German! a completely cucked and fallen society. All the good german genes are either in the United States, or dead from allied bombing in WW2

    1. I’ve found that incest seems to be mainly an Indian male thing. They also have a fascination for “bhabis” (aunties).

  9. The flip side of IR porn is the white guy banging some Asian or Hispanic girl, usually with some weird power scenario(rich guys and their maids) going on. That’s going to breed resentment at YT, too.
    I’m 34 so I remember when it was a big deal to have a porn magazine or slowly download a single image on a 56K modem. Video quality was shit and you’d have to pay if you wanted more than a preview set. So guys still wanted real sex since the whole experience was pretty unsatisfying.
    A lot of the sicker modern fetishes(cuckolding, the MILF thing, etc) weren’t even on my radar. And a girl was considered sufficiently “with it” if she gave blowjobs and swallowed. I agree that there’s a depopulation agenda since porn is resulting in men imprinting on some obscure fetish before even arriving at partnered sex. I’m sure there are young women “opting out” rather than taking it up the ass or having a guy jerk off in their eyes, too.

  10. So if porn is a globalist agenda how come there are countries who limit or ban its use such as the UK?
    It’s usually feminazis who hate porn and label it female objectification.

  11. I want to thank all of you at ROK for putting out there the dangers of porn. It has been a habit that I struggled with since my teens. I knew it was a bad habit, but, like the druggie, it is hard to see the damage it does to yourself when you are the one caught up in it. Although there have been times I have gone without because of circumstance, this is the first time I have been able to cope with the temptation and not get sucked into it. I have been visiting this website since about April, been clean since August.

    1. Excellent. It’s a wicked venue. I still watch it occasionally. (Just being honest here.) Guys’ brains are hardwired to seek out the attractive feminine form. The trick is to seek it out in public. It’s a war, and the elitists are battering us from all sides. But we can take it. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. And things change.

      1. I am amazed at how easy it is to get. In a rational society, it would have a separate domain like .xxx or something so it could be easily filtered out. The average age of internet porn exposure is between 8 and 9. You know that messes horribly with pre-teens.

        1. Which is just further proof that it’s all part of an agenda. It’s free. It’s everywhere. The elite don’t give anything away for free unless it’s bad for you…

        2. I read once that the average kid these days SEES images of thousands of sex acts before even getting near a real woman. The effects this has on a person’s sexual maturity are profound.

        3. I think it is a huge reason the gay population is increasing. Got to keep pushing the envelope to get your jolt of oxytocin.

        4. Fun fact, after the Japanese raped Neijing (Nanking)they distributed opiates and highly addictive drugs to pacify the poppulation

        5. I think that is the most debilitating part of watching porn. The body needs communication of varying kinds to get turned on during the act. Porn images get dull so you have to keeping raising the stakes to get off. That would likely be why women with strap ons became a porn theme, and the natural next steps came soon after.
          With actual sex, if you get bored just get yourself a new attractive woman and your problem is solved.

        6. Or, for the married among us, you find satisfaction through kids, your accomplishments, and hobbies….. right after you have sex with the wife.

        7. Nanking wanted it. Probably said it was rape afterwards because of regret.

        8. this makes sense, but I don’t think the gay population actually is increasing…just the coverage and representation of it. It is still in that 1-2% of the population that it is in Saudi arabia as well.

        9. That’s the thing. When you have chidren now, how do you shield them from that. Even if they have no smartphone and no laptop at home, their schoolmates will show them in the playground. It’s an uphill battle

        10. You are thinking in the past sadly. I knew of a girl watching porn at the age of 5-6 and of the graphic nature. With a cell phone and wifi anything is reachable.

        11. The more you fuck up your brain watching 4 9s with perfect bodies getting banged at the same, the more difficult it is for you to get aroused when you bang a very real good girl 7

        12. Very true. Had this issue with porn for a bit. The thing that helped was listening to it and not watching porn. Then leaving it alone for a bit. Usually things work themselves out but removing the visual stimulus is key.

        13. What was left you mean. IIRC they spent almost 6 weeks slaughtering 200-300k people by bullet, sword and bayonet.

        14. I have no doubt my oldest boy (12) has been shown it by his peers that is about as old as I was when I first came across a Penthouse magazine along the road. We home school, no smartphone, computer is in the front room and locked, but there is nothing you can do about what they see when you are not around, except teach principles and pray for them.

        15. actually i believe in saudi arabia its higher than the rest of the world, these fuckers are gay as fuck. they even have two different words for gays and only the one who takes it is considered gay

        16. I don’t know, I will believe you. I used Saudi arabia just as an example of a restrictive society.

        17. It depends on the level or child abuse, that’s why there are more black homosexuals than white ones (proportionally).

        18. hm. He’s going to have to find it the old-fashioned way like we did – in an old wet box in an abandoned lot.

        19. “It is still in that 1-2% of the population that it is in Saudi arabia as well”
          I stopped at a gas station in SA about an hour out of Hafar al Batin. Only building in a desert along a two lane road. The clerk was actually a Filapino guy who spoke great English (on a work contract natch). I asked him if he ever had any problems out here on his own and he said once a Saudi tried to molest him. Chased him around the store until he locked himself in the back room. “Other than that, it’s been pretty quiet.” LOL.

        20. Yes. I read the studies they did on the effect on porn. We act exactly like rats. Frome the stimuli given to the multiplication of female rats, it was mindblowing. We behave like rodents with two legs

        21. It’s weird indeed. They target the younger, smaller looking guys.
          Talked with some buddies who got deployed in Afghanistan. Both russians in the 80s’ and French in the 2000s’. Afghans were always smiling or winking at the youngest looking male soldiers, trying to touch their shoulders.
          And the fact that it still happens and goes through time shows its ingrained in the culture

        22. Absolutely. Before giving up porn, I found that my tastes kept getting more and more…esoteric, shall we say. Human sexuality is incredibly plastic. Now? Bog standard P in V with the missus is where it’s at.

        23. My brother in law did two tours in Iraq and he said the men there are pussies. He fought two of them by himself in a house and said it was easy. Says most of them are bi or just straight out fags

        24. A French guy sang a while back ” now they need pills to get hard when they should buy a pickaxe ans smash their screens with it”. No smartphone, no matter how loud they cry.

        25. Have you heard about the Universe 25 (Mouse Utopia) study done in the 50s? Take a step back and compare that to society at large in the west.

        26. Child buggering is ingrained in the islamic culture along with “my foot-on-your-neck” power structures. Keep in mind that in KSA, most men have little means and little access to women (even to marry, you have to prove you have savings to support a wife).
          This leaves the royal family and top tier Saudi men to build harems and have multiple wives.

        27. and seeing if they could split people in two with a single swing of the sword. I look at young japanese men today and can’t imagine most of them saying boo to a goose let alone doing what their ancestors did

        28. I read the book “The Raping of Nanking,” grim reading, and I know there are some pics on the web if people want to have a look. Personally my grandfather got bayoneted by a jap (lost a testicle — God’s honest truth) and hated them to the grave.
          I actually see the same as you regarding current Japan and have actually enjoyed banging a Japanese girl or two in the past.
          Completely different times.

        29. I meant to read that book, but know that it would just depress me. If indeed it’s the book I’m thinking of, the author a young western woman became so overwhelmed by the facts and testimony that she ended up taking her life. As I remember getting split down the middle by a wannabe samurai practising his technique was one of the gentler ways to go. Today’s Japanese do seem an incredibly different culture

        30. If you can afford to have your wife not work, I strongly recommend it. Keeps her busy, instead of blowing the pool boy. All my kids are well ahead of the curve in their education.

        31. Yup, that and you are disappointed when your real girl doesn’t do all that the whores on drugs do.

        32. Have you ever heard of “Bacha Bazi”? It’s the middle eastern tradition of wealthy old men taking on poor boys and training them to be androgynous sex slaves.

        33. Irish Chang. She was on anti-depressants and perhaps she was suffering a psychological illness herself, but reading and listening to accounts of extreme cruelty can really weigh heavy on you. I tend to read some macabre history books, but only a book or two at a time. Last one I read was “Bloodlands” and before that a german book relating to what happened to people in Prussia in 45′. Hard stuff to read. Especially what they did to the kids.

        34. I think maybe that perfectly sums up why marriage doesn’t work. May I share it? Anonymously, of course.

        35. I would bet there is a strong correlation between porn and divorce. Of course there could be a cause/effect thing going on, but it would make sense. Sure, go ahead.

        36. They kind of do need pr, they want to get the next gig so are more willing to do things they don’t like. For them, it’s a job.

        37. yes, that was her name. She was half chinese or something. I don’t know the nature of her illness, but if it was depression related then she might well have sought out such material just as much as she was affected by it.
          Unlike say holocaust studies I don’t think what happened in Nanking was that well known or studied in the west prior to her book and that’s probably not the kind of research you want to bear entirely on your own shoulders so to speak. There is a thriller/novel by Mo Hayder called Tokyo that actually treats of what happened during that period as well, and it handles it pretty well. I believe it may have been based quite heavily on Chang’s book
          I haven’t read / heard of ‘bloodlands’. Generally I can only take stuff like that in small doses. As they say and as Ms Chang appears to have discovered if you look too hard into the abyss sometimes it looks back.

        38. Oh, no …. I see what youre saying and I agree but I meant to say men will want whores whether theyre watching a lot of porn or not. Im thinking marriage doesn’t work because while a good submissive girl is the safer option for raising children and keeping a home, the bad rebellious girl, as you said, is the better sexual partner. Its cruel maybe to insist a man sacrifice the latter because he also wants the former. You could marry the good girl and keep the bad girls on the side but then the wife is miserable. In other words someone is always miserable no matter how it plays out.

      2. it is pretty clear that they want us to live in sedated virtual reality instead of the real world. Im pretty sure they are clapping their hands at vr porn and sex bots. The way to fight it is to just go and live your life in the real world and interact with real people. Also pursue real women.

        1. Its about commodification: They want to SELL you ‘sedated virtual reality’ and keep you coming back.

        2. Reminds me of that movie “The Matrix”, instead of being converted into energy, they are converted into votes for the globalists.

    2. way to go jim, not just for ridding yourself of the poison that is porn, but for being so open and candid about it.

      1. You know, when I joined the church, I was supposed to give up smoking, drinking, porn….all these habits. Drinking was cake, never looked back. Smoking was tougher, I had to talk to the bishop several times about that. Porn was by far the hardest for me. You never shake the desire for the opposite sex. This fake substitute is poison.

        1. That is rough. I, for whatever reason, never had a thing for porn. I don’t know why, I just never got it. Like I mentioned in my comic below, looking a drew Barrymore’s playboy issue in the 90’s or the playboy my uncles showed me when I was a kid was one thing, but I never hit it off with porn and I am so glad. I am a man of vices for sure and have an addictive personality in general which I have focused into diet and exercise to avoid more, lets call them, troublesome desires…but I can def see where porn would be harder than smokes or alcohol. When nicotine or alcohol is out of your system for long enough you won’t feel the withdrawal, but life itself is kind of a temptation for masturbation and in turn pornography. There are beautiful women everywhere. Imagine trying to quit smoking if every 4 hours you had one puff of a cigarette or quit drinking but still had a drink every night.

        2. Nudie mags are one thing, watching other people go at it just reminded me “Um, I am not having sex right now.”

        3. there was a line from some show or other, who knows, can’t even begin to guess but in it someone was going to a bachelor party and a woman (wife, girlfriend, something) said “are you going to a strip club” and he said “no, people really aren’t into that anymore” and the woman said “men aren’t into naked women anymore” and the guy said “no, we still like naked women, we just don’t like sitting with all our friends while they dance on us” something like that.

        4. It is always toughest when the wife is on her period or during the 9th month and the following 2 months after the baby.

        5. The novelty wore off quickly, especially with the rise of high speed internet…its a bottomless sea of smut, and you know organized crime has a hand in it, I bet a good chunk of the girls are forced to engage in it…those girls and women who disappear have to be sold to someone…

        6. That’s about right. The itch never subsides….
          I figure if you’re getting steady sex with a variety of real people all your life, porn will never have much of an appeal.

        7. I am guessing that accounts for it. I have never in my life had a serious dry spell — I mean a few weeks here and there like anyone, but even those weeks I had access to old pussy I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I suppose that is why porn never appealed. That said, I would love to go to the AVN awards in vegas. That shit would be a hoot.

        8. “I mean a few weeks here and there like anyone, but even those weeks I had access to old pussy I just wasn’t in the mood for it”
          Damn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        9. The “strip club”….where I can give all my money to a girl I cant have and wind up jerking off at home anyway…..

        10. lol. yeah, it’s disgusting. I had this reputation since probably my sophomore year in high school which was back when GOJ was only like 75

        11. I’ve said for years that guys who go to strip clubs are just too pussy to actually buy it from a whore.
          If you’re so desperate that you’re going to open your wallet for sexual titillation, then be a real man and **commit**. See the act all the way through. Buy a whore and bang her with a bottle of whiskey in one hand.

        12. Not too long ago I called a girl who I have been fucking and told her to come over. She said she had her period and I replied “are you bleeding out of your mouth” she said “fuck you” to which I replied “come over, I will make you a drink” She was there in a half an hour. She blew me. I am not 100 percent sure how I would feel about throat fucking a woman that I was married to and who had my kids, I totally understand if that is odd, I mean I just don’t have access to that mind set…but if you are fine with it, the mouth is a lovely hole and if you aren’t make sure she at least gives you a massage and drains the evil.

        13. I went to a strip club with a girl I was banging last weekend. Barely paid for a thing and had a very, very, very good time in the vip room.

        14. “Are you bleeding of your mouth?” Preach. I am pretty brutal in all my interactions. But I want to try a week with having absolutely NO filter. Just speak my mind and explaining exactly what I want from them, up front. Lines along the “Hi, You have a nice tan. Wanna fuck?” with a smirk. Or “Sorry honey I can’t tonight” “No probs. Let me call one of my side whores”…

        15. Lol you should go through my text messages. the other day a girl texted me and said she was thinking about my cock. I told her all women should do that. She said something about me being a jerk on women’s day (she used the word subjugate” I responded “shut the fuck up. The next time you say something stupid like that I’ll subjugate the teeth out of you your fucking head and rape you bloody” she went on with about 20 texts how she wanted me. I forwarded screen shots to some of the boys here. It never, ever fails

        16. when the girl you are dating takes you to a strip club and into a vip room with 2 strippers to make a point about how great she is compared to her sister who SHE set you up with? Yeah, I’d have to say I am doing ok.

        17. I am in no way an exception to the rule. I am the rule. I just put the work in on the front end. I engineered this life. Saying I am the exception to the rule is like when the idiot CM at work tells me I am lucky to be in such good shape. I spent 3 hours a day in a gym 7 days a week for it. I personify an understanding, utilization and fearless working of the rule.

        18. I really am not. I am 6 foot so I am not short, but not tall in a noticeable way. I am of average looks. I am not ugly, but I don’t turn heads. I am of mediocre athletic abilities by any standard. The only thing I am exceptional at is looking at the world, assessing what I need to do to get what I want and stopping at absolutely nothing to get it despite how much time, how much effort or how many people get trodden under foot. Exceptional? I have a cousin who is a big time MLB pitcher. HE is exceptional. I just work hard.

        19. “The only thing I am exceptional at is looking at the world, assessing
          what I need to do to get what I want and stopping at absolutely nothing
          to get it despite how much time, how much effort or how many people get
          trodden under foot”
          THAT is unusual, therefore the EXCEPTION. No one’s saying you’re riding on some natural gift or good fortune.

        20. The rule is that most guys are lazy and don’t want to put in that amount of work to improve their lives.
          So yes, you’re an exception to the rule. I am too.

        21. I hate to think that laziness is a rule, but I guess you are right. I feel like laziness is the same as any other vice….it can be over come. I have it in my to be wonderfully lazy. I could totally lay around and eat take out and drink whisky all day while watching tv. I just don’t. I wonder why it is some people do.

        22. it’s funny, I have all of the 7 deadlies in spades and I indulge them to one degree or another. My lust goes pretty much unchained, I am incredibly gluttonous but am able to avoid it because of my pride which is also unrestrained and will not allow for me to be fat. I am envious, wrathful and incredibly, incredibly greedy. The only one of the seven I clamp down on in a serious way is sloth. (I am also vainglorious but I think that the church took that off the list)

        23. Its funny, depending on which one you use to keep the others in check you can actually function and even thrive.
          Sloth was always my bugaboo. I have to fight that shit down daily.

        24. there is a Confucius quote which I am going to totally fucking butcher here. It is from the analects. Someone asks him how to be a super awesome great guy and he says something to the effect of “when I was 20 I had to hold back all of my natural instincts, when I was 40 I had to hold back some of them, now at 60 I can do whatever I want” I think a lot of people take this as some kind of slowing down which happens, but I feel the reality of what he is saying is that so long as you keep the right path long enough it sooner or later simply become natural.

        25. Was he the same guy that said – “he who go to bed with itchy hiney wake up with smelly finger”?
          But yes I see the point as harnessing natural instincts to work towards your chosen goals. Sometimes it takes wrath, pride, etc.

        26. it really is. Like I said I have a cousin (by marriage) who is an MLB pitcher who pitched in a World Series. He has every freaking natural gift man can have in 100 different ways. He works his ass off for what he has too, but he did hit the genetic lottery as well….or look at Arnold. Yes, Arnold hit the genetic lottery, but he also worked himself in a way that would kill most people.
          My level of success seems big compared to some and small compared to others. What I am proud of is that often the people is seems big compared to aren’t much worse off than me physically, they just don’t work or haven’t worked as hard at it while the people I seem small compared to seem to have started life on 3rd base genetically.

        27. Lel. Had this one being insolent. I reached in my closet and took out the horse whip from the farm “Quiet or you’ll taste some of this”. She fell silent, turned around starting giggling while lowering her jeans. After the crazy bang, she talked about it for days and loved it now she writes me how she misses it. Fucking women

        28. I agree. I would never pay for just watching them. Once, a friend of mine invited me and I could successfully game one. 24 years old , blonde, fake tits. Great body.
          But I imagined the sex would be better.
          Also she, and all her stripper friends were coke-sluts.
          I was at a bar with her once, a friend of her joined us later. The first thing she thought about me, was that I was a dealer.
          Final notes: It’s not worth it. Yes she was pretty hot, but she also gave me a shit ton of shittests, you have to be careful that the “manager” does not cockblock you and they are damn cokesluts.

        29. Laziness is real but it’s blamed a little too often
          Sometimes laziness is real laziness, indifference. Sometimes it’s your brain sending you a message,
          “This isn’t working, this is harmful, etc.”
          The “what are you a pussy” method of motivation needs to stop around 20. Hyper unnatural “motivation” gets you exercise injuries, makes you weird as hell around women, causes you to push when you should be thinking inside.

        30. I don’t know. I think the “what are you a pussy” method of motivation should stop exactly at the moment you stop being a pussy. I agree that if you try to fake it then it will come off awkward as you suggest, but not to call out laziness and faggotry and weakness in men and to say it is just their indifference is a really bad idea imo.

        31. Sure, as long as it’s grounded in reality.
          On indifference, indifference is the worst thing there is just about. There isn’t a problem it can’t make worse. That’s what I understand as laziness.
          The only thing I’m picking on, is that frequently a lack of motivation has a basis in common sense. Usually when someone is telling you to “be a man, stop being a pussy”, it’s usually as a prelude to getting you to do something really fucking stupid.
          I think we’re fundamentally on the same page. I’m just surprised no one has told me to stop being a pussy after I posted that.

        32. I grew up with a friend who went on to become a MLB pitcher and pitched in the World Series for the Yanks. It was pretty obvious at a young age that he had the nature and nurture to end up where he did.

        33. Yup. The guys who wind up at the top are clearly gifted from day one. I was in pop warner football with a Guy who wound up playing pro baseball. He played a few mediocre seasons and then was injured but even when we were young we could tell the difference between the best kid on the field and the best kid on the field who had a pro career ahead of him.

        34. Rmax, I can see having a harem. But marrying more than one at a time? Men that are wiser than we are passed laws against that to protect us from ourselves…

        35. Actually lolknee if you are exceptional, as you say at, getting what you want without regard to time, effort or the people you have to step on doesn’t that make you a psychopath? Why don’t you run for public office? We could use more politicians from the manosphere.

        36. Fun quote of the day……”I’ve seen cliffhanger three times, I can do this!”
          We had a bonfire at the bottom of this quarry back in my drinking days. A buddy of mine got up about 15-20 feet before tumbling down. He was underaged, so we put him in a sleeping bag and kept an eye on him until we sobered up enough to take him home to his parents.

        37. I actually said I am NOT exceptional. I don’t think I am a psychopath. I don’t run for office because I don’t care about pLOLotics. Trust me, I am not the person to trust in this situation. All I would do is milk and embezzle as much money as humanly possible while using my position to score with interns.

        38. nah…..that is another story. We were nice that time.
          However, my high school sophomore prom (first time I drank), my brother set up this huge wall tent in a field we ran cattle on. Had a bonfire and 50-60 people showed up. One kid was being an ass and sucker punched me. My brother (6’2 and carried multiple weightlifting records in our high school) tore into him and messed him up pretty good. We threw him in the back of a pickup and dumped him out on his parents lawn and went on back to have another beer.

        39. You gotta know going in that you’re dealing with coke slutz, this isn’t “sex work” any more than gender is a construct. They’re all broken attention whore dick magnets who have been training for this like the Olympics. Training consists of miles upon miles of emotionally uninvested (and probably incestuous) dick and lines. Theres a good reason that Charlie has the germ.

        40. In pure jest lolknee, I assure you. I know you’re a political atheist and I appreciate the candor. You’d never make it being that honest in the District of Criminals. 😉

        41. this usually comes just before a headline that reads “Florida Man…..”

        42. Very intresting. I also count myself as naturally average in everything except intelligence and work ethic.
          But those 2 things are the only 2 things I need to become very good at everything.
          Example, I can bench 140-150kg. If I never walked into a gym I’d probably be in the bottom 30% of men re: natural strength. But I’ve spent 16 years putting myself in probably the top 3%.
          This kind of occurrence echoes throughout my whole life

        43. Yeah, we have always been close. Just this winter, I took a trip down to southern Arizona (900 miles) just to help him out. He is going through a divorce and needed someone to talk to.

        44. Saudi arabia is literally built on alpha males married to 3 or 4 women minimum …

          Yes…and it’s a fucked up place.

        45. Not only their fucked up religion. The problem is extreme sexual competition and forced Incest/bestiality/celibacy for you. Hence you get a bunch of dudes ready to blow themselves to smithereens hoping to get 72 virgins in afterlife, since all the desirable women have been hoarded by the fat cats. Only the cousins and dregs are left in the sexual market for average guys if that. Last time I heard, bride importation business is booming in Saudi Arabia as well…

        46. It’s because of lower average IQ actually. They mixed with those negroes during the Arab slave trade. Islamic societies with higher average IQ does not have the same problems.

        47. I have seen the look on a man’s face when he gets laid the first time after a LTR ends. That look right there is enough to inform me that staying single was a wonderful decision

        48. id becareful texting shit about hitting them man, u never know if that shit will come back to haunt you.

        49. Yeah I’ve thought of that. I don’t do it across the board for that very reason. I’ve been at it a long time, I know who I am talking to. But generally good advice

        50. Jason Bourne may not get caught, but you and I would.
          Besides, you wish to DOUBLE what you spend on two women?
          Ive been there and Ill tell you now its not worth it
          In the end, you lose both or worse. What comes up, must come down.

        51. Average guys shouldnt procreate anyway … only the best should get to procreate
          Average guys screw up the gene pool with their average sperm …
          Where are you getting this extreme sexual competition shit from? Arranged marriage ensures everyone gets to bang their 12 yr old cousin …
          The inbreeding & their shitty religion is the problem, not alpha male harems …

        52. No. We usually say, “Hey y’all, watch this!” just before the headlines.
          Never hand your beer over to someone. We go down in flames with the can in our hand.

        53. Their inbreeding and other dysfunctions (widespread homosexuality and bestiality) are a direct result of the dearth of women due to polygamy (fat cats hoarding the women) combined with generational inbreeding (most people is descended from people who married their cousins for generations…). Those factors form a vicious circle. The only ways you can have your harems and a somewhat stable society are: have more girls than boys born or have the men busy or killed off pronto in a never-ending cycle of wars so there will always be a balance of sorts ( where the rest of the non-elite men can have their war-brides as booty of war). Plus there will always be hot widows.
          Otherwise you will get the middle East and your tech will be no more. By the way in such societies, alpha is not the handsomest, slickest guy, or the non-plus ultra gamer; is the lucky guy born from merchants or the royal family. Everyone else is “average…” or omega.

        54. I have no idea how a loudmouth cynic like you could possibly be giving too much credit to the joe shmoes.
          Also, three fucking hours a day in the gym is ridiculous.
          Goto, find weight lifting tab and click, then find workout templates and click it.
          A Push/Pull split, mon, tues, thurs, and friday.
          Fifty minutes for Push, 70 minutes for Pull.
          Thats less than five hours a week and I used that to get close to benching 400 lbs.
          Once. But long ago.

        55. Fact. When some of my mates come back from a bang after a dryspell I always joke around. I lift them in the air then put them down and conclude “Yes. Definitely lighter and less tense”.

        56. The danger is that they fall in love with the first new pussy. You have to talk them down from the ledge lol

        57. Lol
          Ok stranger on the internet. I’ll keep you in mind if I ever want any advice — especially if it is the beginner advice for noobs that hands out.
          You can take you push / pull split and your 400 pounds that I would bet 100 bucks you couldn’t bench and shove it right up your faggot ass bruh.
          Thanks though. I’ll keep you in mind if I ever want to be a pussy and need some help.
          Thanks for the laugh kid

        58. Haha again: if I had a dime for every hundred pounds faghots “used to lift” I’d be a rich guy. Seriously dude….

        59. All of those factors are the cause of islam which is based on the talmud & allows for incest etc, not polygamy
          Polygamy has been the default for civilisation for thousands of years
          Also most civilisations & countries have plenty of women, preventing alphas & elites from hoarding women

        60. I know one like that. He is like a barnacle. First girl gone, he just sticks to the first next one and does not let go.

        61. Polygamy has been the default for civilisation for thousands of years

          Yes and Western Christian Europe (and Rome before them) being the first to break the cycle was the first to come up with Science, order and a lot of other good things more “civilized” peoples for far longer periods (Arabs, Jews, Chinese…) never created or achieved.

          Also most civilisations & countries have plenty of women, preventing alphas & elites from hoarding women

          That’s false, the situation was tenable in those times because most men died before 30 due to wars, sickness or simple fights (in the West duelling was common until the late 1800s) and in the wars the common man had the chance to have his war-bride. But in a society like ours unless you advocate going to war to kidnap women (a lot more logical than the reasons our elites use to go to war) polygamy is one of the worst initiatives one can come up with…

        62. Sure, but having a child with a person from a population with much lower average IQ gives a quicker punch than some generations of cousin marriage.

        63. We had science before christianity, in fact polygamous countries were far more advanced then rome AND europe combined ie sumeria, egypt etc
          Also youre sidestepping the basic fact, women were in short supply when polygamy was practised, & still created far more advanced civilisations then we have today in terms of philosophy & religion
          Also again, today we have NO shortage of women, even in saudi arabia thus disproving your theory a shortage of women is somehow responsible for inbreeding
          Inbreeding is also a massive problem with jews, & is also a direct result of their barbaric religion which encourages jews to inbreed
          Inbreeding is a direct result of barbaric religions like islam & jews & culture, not polygamy
          History has shown polygamy repeatedly creates superior civilisations, while monogamy creates degenerate retarded cultures like Rome.
          To hit the point home, monogamy also massively reduces the i.q of a population through the effects of dysgenics
          Monogamy has ZERO selection for intelligence, as it allows all men to reproduce, creating massive drops in i.q as the dysgenic effects of allowing low i.q men to reproduce outcompetes high i.q men
          PLUS monogamy massively reduces the pool of high i.q women available to high i.q men, as low i.q men monopolise the vast majority of women
          Monogamy just like democracy, creates backward retarded cultures PRECISELY BECAUSE OF THE BUILT IN EFFECTS OF DYSGENICS

        64. Yeah, but in Saudi they don’t have to worry too much about divorce rape. I’ve had acquaintances here in the states that were paying three or four women child support along with alimony and maintenance on the ones they’d married. I get the point you’re trying to make, but this ain’t Saudi and I’m not to keen on living under Sharia law. You’ve got some Mormon splinter groups that do the plural wives thing too. Middle aged men set young girls up in house trailers and produce crotch fruit hand over fist. But who do you think pays for that? Those girls collect a government check that comes out of our tax money. That’s the ultimate way of getting cucked, because we haven’t even been getting any of the poon we end up paying for .

        65. And anyhow, I already know you are wrong so, black women were servants and concubines, and their children from these unions were not killed, I’ve been to Arabia, and many arabs who you would not consider black or even “brown” have negroid features.

        66. “Are you bleeding out of your mouth?” is definitely more considerate than “Give yourself an enema and come over”. Then again, if you are a great mixologist it might work too.

        67. Dont be triggered, faggot.
          If you tell people you soend three hours a day in the gym, they will always make fun of you.

        68. We had science before christianity, in fact polygamous countries were far more advanced then rome AND europe combined ie sumeria, egypt etc

          Sorry but you just embarrass yourself. It’s unlikely you are European, even western or even American, but you might be…your ignorance of our history is astounding.
          BTW the last time I checked, Europeans (descendants of 2000 plus years of continuous monogamy) in average surpass Arabs and other Muslim non-westerners (heirs to your alphas or should I say lesser sons of greater sires) by at least 15 IQ points…let alone the tons of achievements in all fields…

        69. Ok bruh
          Tell me again how much you used to lift again?
          Lol. Weak ass wanna be no ones always got words on the internet for me. I bet all the money in my pocket versus all the money I’m yours that in person you wouldn’t be able to piss yourself fast enough.
          It’s not triggered. Just annoying with cheap ass tricks trying to pretend they know shit when quite clearly being a sissy is the only real skill they have.

        70. Lol.
          Ok beast. Sorry. Didn’t meant to mess with you. I know you used to be tough.

        71. I can actually smell your jealousy
          I’m done with you son.
          My patience for weaklings and liars has been spent

        72. That’s our loljew. 3 hours a day at the gym. 10 hours a day shilling discussion boards and internet forums for the tribe.
          Somewhere in there he finds time as a corporate officer and NewYork playboy bedazzling us with all kinds of fanciful tales.

        73. Sorry but Jews, though inbred are not to the same degree as Arabs and Muslims. Europeans are not inbred, except for a few royal houses hundred years ago. Fail.

        74. He talks so much retarded shit with 100% seriousness. Sawed off little shit, likely.
          Not only is he Fortune 500 material, he is also a secret nija assassin and a porn star in his ‘free’ time.
          We should all aspire to be just like him😩

        75. Such a faggot.
          Being called a weakling doesnt trigger any of the rest of us and I dont over sompensate by spending 3 hours a day in the gym.
          Fucking twat.

        76. I spent less than five hours a week to completely surpass your peak.
          Enjoy three hours a day wanking it in the gym, weirdo.

        77. You are out of your league as usual.
          Whens the last time you even fought anyone, pussy?
          Its only been a couple years for me and he was 25ish year old dominican convict and got his ass whooped. You wouldnt do any better.
          I told you to stop spinning your wheels doing it WRONG in the gym and you wanna talk tough?
          Fucking snatch face bitch boy.

        78. lol. you are a liar and a bitch. I am finished. I have no doubt you did something with a Dominican convicts ass, but I am guessing you paid for it. I have seen weak and pathetic little boys like you all my life. Thanks for the smile there chuckles.

        79. justified annoyance against lying weaklings and keyboard warriors. you call it triggering. If you were more of a man I would offer to teach you some things, but you are way too far gone.

        80. There is no evidence that the original Arabs were black. Just like there is no evidence the original Egyptians were black. (And everything speaks against it).

        81. Europeans are one of the least inbred people on the planet earth, you negro failure. You Africans are more inbred, and there are statistics from peer-reviewed studies to prove this, peanut brain.

          “It is estimated that one billion of the current global population live in communities with a preference for consanguineous marriage (Bittles and Black 2010a; Modell and Darr 2002). Consanguineous marriage is traditional and respected in most communities of North Africa, Middle East and West Asia, where intra-familial unions collectively account for 20–50+% of all marriages (Bittles 2011; Hamamy et al. 2011; Tadmouri et al. 2009) [Fig. 1].”

        82. I dont need a FAGGOT to teach me about being on his knees for three hours in the gym bathroom, thats YOUR problem.
          Also, you are doing it wrong, for sure, and that is also YOUR problem.
          You are the biggest doucher on this site.

        83. Yeah, I paid for it. I got fired, even though he started it.
          Thats ok, I had already given my two weeks to goto the Bakken and shame your pitiful income, so that punk miate, or whatever the Mexicans called him should have known better.
          You should too, but you are always to busy being a fucking cunt to think.

        84. Yeah, he is a sawed of runt and goes off at the slightest anything at all.
          Very Aspy of him.
          He bellows all day long on comments but still has time to fight crime when he isnt living the high life.
          Jews are such weak cunts, no wonder they have to lie and manipulate others into fighting for them.

        85. Arabs are mongrelized mestizos. The very word arab means mixed. This is why they often could pass for Mexican and vice versa.
          With miscegenation, this is what you get.

        86. Yeah its well out there if you use WhatsApp… And you can’t trust any woman anywhere at any time.

        87. Lolknee is awesome.
          There you go, another lie.
          Since you are a grimy kike, I thought you might be amused by this.
          That Dominican doucher was temping for my company because he was a felon from Brooklyn.
          He was on parole for robbing a jewelry store with his “friend” who ended up not getting caught.
          His “friend” who easnt caught?
          I found it hilarious a fucking jewbie convinced the Dominican dummy to rob a jewelry store on his behalf and got away scott free.
          Too weak to do your own work, so con a dumb animal into doing it for you. Brings a smile to your stupid face, doesnt it?

        88. Boxing has too many rules for an undisciplined street fighter.
          Just because YOU cant donot doesnt.mean its impossible. Dont blame being a jew for you being a pussy, Goldberg managed to get huge.
          Pull your head out of your ass and quit trolling over dumb shit and you might do good enough to not get nad when someone else mentions lifting weights.

        89. The second had been the standard for many a year. I am now shifting to what’s app. I think it will take about a year before I am 90% there

        90. Awww you boys are having a faghot gonventiln. You and frodo and kill thenbank who likes to blow Dominican men. It’s adorable

        91. I’m not worried so much about trusting an app. I like WhatsApp because most of them have it and it tends to keep things organized. If anyone is spying on me all they will find out is that I am slaying pussy

        92. I am none of those things. That is your insecurities projecting. I am just a lot better than you in every conceivable way and it makes you butt hurt.

        93. “I dont need a FAGGOT to teach me about being on his knees for three hours in the gym bathroom”
          Here at least you are correct. No one needs to teach you anything on this score. You have it in spades here.

        94. Do you people have to practice being this stupid, or does it come naturally to you?
          The word “Arab” translates to “passerby” or “nomad.”
          And do you know anything about population genetics? All extent groups of people are mixtures of different population groups. In Razib Khan’s words, “we are all Mestizos.”

        95. Yeah, but we are talking about something that happened 1400-1200 years ago that changed a Caucasian civilization forever. There were no Brazil and United States until much later.

        96. I get your point but here we are talking about a whole SD in IQ terms in one generation, let alone the higher probabilities of begetting retarded descendants…race mixing might have deleterious effects but unless we are talking about Australian Aborigines or Pygmies the effects are not as severe (depending on the genetic lottery…)
          Moreover marrying your cousin once in a few hundred years is not the same as having cousin marriage in your bloodline for the last 4 hundred years…

        97. Can someone clarify the Islam/incest connection for me? First I’m hearing. I only knew about 6yo wives and sticking to intercrural til they turn 9 like Mohammed did with Aisha.

        98. Oh my gods, the level of retardedness on RoK has crept to a new level! You are actually debating the origins of races as if it matters to present day!

        99. Whatever you say. Your comment made it seem otherwise. Maybe you were talking about your wishes or maybe you are lying now. Hard to tell. Doesn’t matter to me how you get your kicks. If you desire (have enjoyed) African men tearing up your asshole then go for it. I won’t judge

        100. Islam is the problem, not beta male anger turned to violence.
          In the West we have millions of beta males that never get girlfriends. 99.999% never become violent.
          It is Islam that is the problem.

        101. Yes, and today the biggest DYSGENICS effect is the welfare state.
          We pay the low IQ to breed while penalizing the intelliegent by stealing their money restricting their family size.
          Socialism is pure evil and genetic suicide.

        102. Yeah, except the phenomenon in the west in completely new and its consequences are just starting to play out. In the Middle East besides the sexual competition, there is the widespread stupidity and madness thanks to massive inbreeding, itself a product of women scarcity thanks to female hoarding….
          Islam is the problem, yes, so is polygamy without a surplus of women…

        103. That kind of thinking is borderline sexual dysfunction lolknee. You are associating healthy/normative (hetero)sexual behavior with degradation of women. Do you plan on giving up blоwjobs if you get married? Or do you not plan on ever getting married because it would mean no more blоwjobs? I have read a few of your posts and you appear to be a normal, intelligent guy. Maybe you are just hoping to meet an uber-virtuous woman but I would counter that virtue is not at all tainted in that scenario. And that woman doesn’t exist anyway. I’m not married but I think most married men would agree with me.

        104. The idea of married is odious to me. I would never get married. I would suggest, however, that for men who do want to–that they should take a very traditional route involving very traditional women.
          I will never marry or do a family thing. I really, really hate it. But if I did Want that I would leave the city go to a small town get active in the church and find a good woman

        105. No I don’t. I think it’s normal behavior, par for the course. You mentioned that you didn’t know if you would fail comfortable if that was your wife or someone you had kids with and then you said that you had a different kind of mindset and you knew it was a bit different /odd. Basically I was just curious. Curious what angle you were coming from. But I think I understand where you’re coming from. I’m not married either. I’m not against it but I understand why it’s a turn off to a lot of guys: there’s not much upside.

        106. I see.
          My angle was more that I was talking to a married guy so wanted to tread lightly where this topic was concerned in case he felt strongly about the issue

        107. My woman knows I wouldn’t even be with her if she didn’t blow me whenever I wanted. Men simply need to start setting the guidelines again. We need to tell them how we want to fuck, and where we blow our loads. If they don’t go along they get the door. It is that simple.

        108. It is not BS, it is historical fact and well documented. Obviously, only the males were castrated. In a patriarchal system the offspring of female slaves have a poor chance of survival. If the offspring are male (~50%) then they will eventually be castrated too. This prevents serious dilution of the gene pool. This explains why there are no large communities of blacks in Arab countries even though the Arab trade in black slaves greatly exceeded the cross Atlantic slave trade both in numbers and in duration.

        109. You do realize that a huge number of Europeans were taken as slaves by the Muslim countries. Cervantes is only one example. The trade in “white gold” with the Arab world was long standing. Some believe it is still going on.

        110. Yes? So? Does this change the fact that Arabs got a much lower average IQ due to mixing with blacks? And we all know it’s going on, Eastern European women are at least heavily trafficked to Israel (though that’s the Jews). We do know there is prostitution etc, and about grooming etc.

        111. There actually are large black communities in places like Saudi Arabia etc…..(and not being recent immigrants), you are talking out of your ass man.

        112. Lol,
          Been married close to 20 years with kids. I don’t mind giving her a throat baby. Nor does she.
          That tight back door is quite a nice change, too.
          Took over a decade of pandering but beef chuck-eye is on the menu;)
          I call it the “holy trifecta.”
          What it boils down to, is when you’re in a good relationship (even with kids) you won’t care.

        113. More guys need that take action mind set.Take that first step into action and we all surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish.

        114. You better think again.Many nice girls are kidnapped and forced into addictive drugs by Black rapists/pimps.The Jews are well aware of the damaged and owned girls they often used in porn.Sure now that generations of girls have been brainwashed some do willingly do porn but if you think about it what rational person who is not brainwashed or coerced or drugged or traumatized would choose that life.Many girls do these horrible acts because they hate themselves or they have been taught to hate themselves.

        115. Only the Christ hating Jews have worked hard to make porn a”legit business”.They have done it to destroy White culture and God’s creation.

        116. Porn has radically changed in last two decades – the level of aggression and deviance is sky high and that is very dangerous. Not for reasons argued in past – but because science has shown repeated exposure will alter male brain – literally. The synapses in your brain develop and build up from repeated use – use a lot of violent or deviant porn and those are the receptor areas you are effectively doing weights training on to build up inside your brain. The companies that make porn know this and they simply don’t care about any social consequences, they keep pushing the envelope to create new markets. Not telling anyone how to live their life, but simply, that repeated exposure to modern aggressive and deviant porn will screw your natural libido and alter your brain functionality in extremely negative manner.

        117. agreed, since I quit, I have had sex with the wife much more regularly (and with more passion) It seems that non-violent, non-deviant wife isn’t so boring after all.

        118. In mid east the population is literally dumbed down from a thousand
          years of muslim based cultural inbreeding – with low IQ and birth
          defects rampant in places like Saudi Arabia, they try to hide it but it
          is an open medical secret.

        119. Their numerical contribution to the gene pool is strong – but not their qualitative contribution, on account of all the first cousin marriages and inbreeding. Saudi Arabia has lot of birth defects, some horror show stuff, and low IQ’s as results of 1000 years of first cousin intra-marriages. Even Saudi government starting to discuss it.

    3. Well done. I had a colleage who was big into those 900 numbers from the 90s and he went into deep credit card debt over it. Messed up his life (his wife wasn’t to thrilled either).

      1. It is everywhere, it is nearly impossible to not come across from time to time on accident. Some image on a blog, or some nefarious link, or a bone-headed search (I looked up butt-weld at work one time, bad idea)

        1. Needed specifications for welding two pieces of steel together, butted end to end. It is actual welding jargon. Instead, I got gay porn.

        2. I looked up butt-weld at work one time, bad idea

          I have a theory that as our culture degenerates, each and every word in the English lexicon will acquire an obscene second definition. One has only to look at the site Urban Dictionary. All manner of innocuous phrases now have an evil twin.

    4. Good for you. Porn is like crack cocaine in a lot of ways…it causes serious damage, you look like and idiot and it is highly….HIGHLY…addictive.

    5. Well played mate. I had a spell of hitting it on my phone around 2010/2011 … often. Even wanking off at work in the toilets.
      It really is a drug addiction. It was a bit of a dark time for me and seriously fucked me up

    6. It becomes easier to go without porn when you get red pills like this article, and realize that it is weaponized by demonic frankists against you.
      By watching porn you are making your enemies rich, and helping them succeed in their goals of destroying western culture.

      1. No kidding. Over the years, I have read various church literature about repentance, or “he who looks at a woman to lust after her is committing adultery” and other stuff. It is useful, but not enough. It really wasn’t until some ROK comment, like “Watching porn is not even beta activity, it is omega…..when you are watching porn, you are watching some other alpha screw a girl and wishing that was you”
        From that point, it turned my stomach every time I went back to the habit. Eventually I lost the desire.

      2. Exactly. It makes me think of this sentence I heard “Nothing is free. If it is, you are not the client, but the product.”

    7. Congrats to you man. Porn can be pretty hurtful to our brains, and it’s our duty to combat it and alert our fellow men about how dangerous it really is.

        1. Porn is poison to the brain, and may I say also to the soul. It destroys a man in ways one cannot easily tell till you are deep in the hole. It takes plenty of self-control to defeat such a monster.

    8. The issue I am having with porn is that I don’t exactly enjoy the fucking aspect or the blowjob. That stuff is boring. The problem I am having is that I enjoy watching the really nasty stuff – spitting, rimjobs, and total degradation of beautiful young women. For me, black on white porn isn’t political (perhaps it’s political for the creator of these porn genres), but it just seems appealing to see a beautiful young white girl being degraded by a ghetto black looking thug. That’s what I get out of it. Even better, I like watching ugly old foreign Asian men fucking some of the most beautiful young white pornstars. So in essence, total degradation is a turn on. I do contemplate that if I were to marry a woman who would be the mother to my kids, would I want to carry out all the perverse acts that turn me on with her? Maybe porn has destroyed me mentally.

      1. I really think that kind of stuff is another angle of this article. Breaking up the family is another tactic to degrade the white male. You have the normal “boring” wife who doesn’t want to stick her tongue into your bunghole and you are dissatisfied with her. The stuff is poison.

    9. Here we go again with the handwringing about porn. If you don’t want to look at it fine but honestly, don’t whip yourself into a guilty frenzy just because you looked at some ass. It is an old canard from self flagellating Catholics that enjoying yourself is a sin. It isn’t and it won’t hurt you.
      The article repeats another myth. That somehow masturbation is harmful. This is an old wives tail. Probably the wife is afraid you will find a girly mag more appealing than her.
      The fact is, frequent orgasm is good for general health, your prostate and your athletic performance. There are plenty of studies supporting this. So if you have a woman prepared to take care of this for you, great. Otherwise, fire up the porn!
      As for porn being poison? To whom? The actresses? Maybe but I’m pretty sure logging is more dangerous.

      1. The real problem comes with the relationship with your spouse. Her brain perceives it as cheating. Our brain compares our wife to the porn, and we end up bored with her.

      1. They say that something like 90% of men look at it at least on a monthly basis. Not an excuse, but if you are hard on the guy, cut him some slack. Guys brains are wired different than yours.

        1. When you would rather beat yourself off then fuck your young 20 something normal BMI at least 6/7 out of 10 wife (by others’ opinion not my own) it’s an addiction. I agree every now and then makes sense, men are men, but there were other men saying he had an issue.

        2. It has nothing to do with how attractive you are. You could be a 20 something Christie Brinkley and he would probably do it from time to time. Sex takes 10 times the effort as wanking it. Sometimes, a guy is just tired and wants the poison out with little effort. Yes, it’s an addiction and harmful, but it is not cheating.

    10. when i see that #1 is lesbian porn and (leading to woman pedestalization and fantasizing about men’s exclusion of sexual intercourse wtf) #3 is milf (fantasizing on used women/single mothers/cheating wives with 1000 cock stare), i reckon that porn is very damaging and fuck up brains.

    11. Great Jim,you are in my prayers.Never give up on yourself and know we are all behind you.The power is within you and only you can reach and take control.Sounds like you have done just that.Best to you.

    12. if your an idiot with a self control problem that doesn’t mean porn is a particular problem or causes damage. your just a weak idiot with self control problems

  12. Ever wondered why gays are made so popular? Because
    Homosexuality Is Part of Jewish Tradition
    read more:
    Israeli President Ezer Weizmann, as is well-remembered, also said that there was homosexuality in the British army but not in the Palmach pre-state militia. Many European nations identified gays as “Turks,” while the Turks themselves call gays “Persians.”
    In general, there is a perception that homosexuality is a vice originating in the East. Thus the Nazis charged sexologist and gay rights activist Magnus Hirschfeld that as a Jew he “brought the oriental vice to Germany.”
    In his book “The Erotics of Kabbala” published in 1923, Langer argued that “brotherly love,” i.e. love of a man for a man, is in fact the deepest basic urge in Judaism, at the basis of the commandment of “love thy fellow man as thyself.”

  13. Atleast be intellectually honest and mention the other porn tags that include white guys and black girls .There’s a saying that you can find porn on literally anything, there are a thousands of fetishes. This strikes me as a typical stormcuck whining article, go apply for a gig at stormfront instead of forcing this garbarge of an article on us
    When are you gonna hold the girls accountable for participating in the porn industry? Jews may be the progenitors but nobody is forced to participate in the porn industry. Typical stormfront bitch made white knighting and hypocrisy, you act like there isn’t a porn niche of ‘ghetto gaggers’ among many others. In which its interracial porn between white dudes and black girls. The fact that you don’t mention this tells me your whole story.
    As for miscegenation? that forecast is total horseshit. Most people will always look to pair bond and reproduce with their own race, that doesn’t mean that people will won’t experiment and test out different flavours, its only natural to be curious about other races. I’m pretty sure that some of the white girls I’ve hooked up with would probably go back to their own dudes…Interracial marriages are in the single digit percentages. But of course you won’t denigrate white dudes that pair bond or reproduce with black girls, because believe it or not, the white dudes who do this add to the miscegenation you cry about.
    Anyone who didn’t believe me about WN’s being mired in voyeurism and masochism should read this article
    S tell me ‘Jean – Batave ‘, how many times have you jerked off to interracial porn? its ok, I won’t spill the beans to the other channels you frequent.

      1. “Theres always one black guy who doesnt read the article, & starts screaming racism, for no reason”
        Read my comment again
        “White nationalists are superior to africans”
        People that are superior to other people don’t have to talk about it.

    1. I think the notion that Jews are purposely adding depravity to porn to destroy christian ideals is a very valid point.
      I’m sure every “porn style” you mentioned is similar.
      In real life, I tend to see white guys with asian women far far far more common than white dudes with black chicks.
      I’m not even sure that’s a preference of the man. I think black women in general have a much bigger chip on their shoulders than white or asian women do. It’s very hard to try to have a relationship with most women like that. I don’t think white guys would care if they found a black woman who was sweet and feminine.

    2. dont forget all the porn of white guys and thai girls. I have never seen porn with a thai man and a white girl.

    3. Nobody “forced” naggers to be worthless ghetto rats either, did they? But you sure want the White man to solve that problem for you with his hard-earned money, right?

    4. So what is the Negro version of Stormfront? Werrrl Starr? Because blacks absolutely hate it when their women sleep with White men, and they call them all kinds of names for it. Why can’t you acknowledge that it’s normal to be disgusted and angered when your women step out? Simple. Because YOUR women are dogshit – fat, ugly, angry, loudmouthed, and disgusting. So you want to poach OUR women, and use your idiotic shaming language to try and get away with it. FUCK YOU. That shit ain’t going to fly any more, boy.

      1. I see you’re overjoyed with this article but lets not get nasty with the comments!

        1. I AM cool with Roosh being with White women, his skin tone is nearly the same as theirs, and he’s intelligent and has a good value system. We can definitely tolerate some people like that on the fringes. What we can’t stand is social engineering and propaganda that persuades women they are racist unless they have sex with negroes. After a woman has done that, she’s absolutely worthless to any self-respecting White man – she’s sleeping with the enemy that wants to kill us. She’s a traitor. The same historical baggage does not exist with Persians.

        2. JEWS are the historic enemies of civilization. They’ve been forcefully expelled from more than 100 countries – every one they ever tried to parasite off of. That number will go much higher before 2020. Pack your bags. You have to go back. We can’t have subversive traitors like you running around trying to sabotage our countries anymore.

        3. Yeah, sure. And who’s going to spearhead that? Donald Trump, the man with Jewish in-laws and grandchildren?
          Muh “Trump is a step in the right direction.” If anything, Trump is a step in the opposite direction.

        4. Trumps in on it with his shekel connections, it is up to the white people themselves to produce a colorless future.

    5. I agree with most of that; there are lots of different “fetish” videos.
      I think the general idea, at least from my take, is that many Jews promote something in Christian cultures that they themselves don’t adhere to. I have Jewish people in my family, and they are very inclusive – “find yourself a nice, Jewish girl” is the stereotypical comment from mother to son.
      So there’s a bit of hypocrisy on their end.

    6. Not an argument.
      IR porn does not sell: fact. Black man on white woman is pushed in the media and promoted: fact.
      Girls are like water and men the vessel. Water is not contained, it creates a mess.
      Animals that make and do porn are all equally worthless. Psquare: Times I wanked on IR ? Less than you.
      I like my girls real and able to cook after we bang.

  14. It’s the whole black thing supposedly because of the stereotype that they have huge penises?
    And I have yet to find any believable evidence that women don’t care about size. It seems to me that they do, but that’s probably going to depend on her own size to begin with (a tiny girl is probably going to think a 6″ dick is large, while a large built woman is probably going to think 6″ is small).
    So if the black size thing is untrue, where did that stereotype begin?

        1. Yeah but money does not = sexual attraction.
          If a woman is fucking you because you’re rich, then she’s not really into you is she?

        2. True. But if all you want is the pussy, you don’t care. You can get 100 more like her, just by flashing a bankroll.

        3. Which is also true, but there are men who want a woman to actually be attracted to them (like me for example).
          If I just wanted pussy, then yeah I wouldn’t even give a fuck about staying fit and well groomed, I would just devote all my energy to making tons of money at all costs and just looking like baller.
          I’m sure I’d get my share of poon, but I’d know in my head they’re fucking me for my cash.

        4. Thus, all the fat millionaires…I couldn’t live with myself if I were a fat blob who only had money. But apparently some guys have no problem with it.

        5. “..then she’s not really into you is she?”
          Her fascination with you is fleeting. Even if you are married. You got to accept that and realize the exchange of “sex for resources” taking place. AWALT

    1. Women prefer large equipment. But if they openly admit it, their pool of potential suitors will shrink – because most men aren’t well-hung, and most average-sized men don’t want to be with a woman who craves larger cocks. I don’t know where the Big Black Dick myth started. But probably in some think-tank, in some elitist mindfucker’s basement.

      1. That’s one of the mysteries I’d like solved. I “imagine” that women like big dicks the same way that guys like large breasts, in that, if you have 2 identical women, and they are both hot, but one has average breast size and the other one has larger breast size (let’s say from B to D size).
        I think most dudes would find the larger woman slightly more attractive, BUT it’s not like they’d kick the smaller woman out of bed. So, attractiveness might go up one point? (the small breasted girl a 7, let’s say, and the larger girl an 8?)
        I’m just “guessing” and I’ve asked a ton of women, but they all come back with variations of “size doesn’t matter, it’s personality” which I am getting sick of hearing.
        I suppose I understand why though. I used to date a girl that was small (A size) and holy shit was she self-conscious. I had to lie to her and say it didn’t matter to me (it only mattered a little bit, not enough to dwell on it).
        maybe they all do the same shit to us for the same reason.

        1. They do. For the same reason. The only guys who know for sure that women prefer large equipment, are guys with large equipment. Not EVERY girl prefers large equipment, but the vast majority does. Especially when it comes to thickness. It’s more satisfying to them; it makes them feel filled up. Think of it this way – a guy prefers a tighter vagina, or at least one that can grip him effectively. It works in reverse, too, for the girl. They just can’t go around screaming about how they want it because it will scare off most men (average-sized men).

        2. Nope women like to talk about liking big dicks, but dont enjoy having their guts fisted by gigantic poles …
          Women liking big dicks is a myth, most guys with big dicks will tell you its an affliction, not a bonus

        3. Guffaw. “Most guys with big dicks will tell you it’s an affliction, not a bonus.” If you say so…

        4. Women are women and men are men. Men are attracted to women’s physical features, but women find physical features secondary on men. Women find confidence in men more attractive.
          Men check out women on their tits, ass, and hair. Women glance at your abdomin or chest/arms. Your junk doesn’t even come into the picture. They look for primal traits that suggest a man could be a good provider/defender for her and offspring. Those are hardwired in her head. The abs will show you aren’t starving and chest/arms show strength to fend off attackers.
          In modern day, they look at the car you drive, clothes, and where you live because of economic status. Again though, they are still hardwired with that primal attraction.

        5. Big dick Ok, Monster Dick is no no, They love to be filled, but few love that you push her uterus up to the tonsil.

        6. Yes, some guy put a towel between so the penis does not go up all the way. it´s painful and only the uber crazy bitch masochist love to be impaled, But yeah girls love dick above average but too much above the average would be painful. It´s true real dudes with a mandingo penis struggles. You hear stories even of prostitutes rejecting them. Regardless in a study (who made those kind of studies), Women prefer larger penis for hookups and one night stand, but prefer to settle down with average penises sizes for a committed relationship proving the “alpha fucks, Beta Bucks”

      2. But why should we care? I never understood the penis-size panic of my peers. I always thought it is the woman’s problem if she finds it not big enough to her liking, not mine.

      3. Women like big thing because it denotes abundance. Women also like:
        -4x4s because they’re bigget than your average car
        -big houses
        -big men
        -drinking from oversized mugs
        -big dogs
        Aaaaaaaaaaand a big bank account also!

        1. Just passing by, I quote some Evola
          “Another obvious aspect of American primitivism concerns the concept of “bigness.” Werner Sombart has successfully put his finger on it in saying that “they mistake bigness for greatness.” Now, this trait is not found in all non-European peoples or peoples of color. For example, an authentic Arab of the old race, a redskin, an East Asian are not overly impressed by merely material, quantitative, ostentatious size, including that related to machinery, technology and the economy (apart, of course, from already Europeanized individuals). It is a trait found only in truly primitive and childish races like the Negro. It is no exaggeration to assert that the foolish pride of Americans in spectacular “bigness,” in the “achievements” of their civilization, reek of the Negro psyche”
          Negrified America essay.

    2. “So if the black size thing is untrue, where did that stereotype begin?”
      (((no freaking idea))) kekekekeke

    3. Both black and white men with big dicks have one less hang up about approaching women.
      Women in general probably deal with an average size bigger than the true average.
      Because there are generally less black men around, it’s easy to see where girls will form the association – whether true or untrue

  15. I’m not really thinking about a hidden agenda in porn considering there’s categories on everything you can think of.
    I think you’re looking in the wrong place if you want to make a point, honestly….

    1. You might have noticed the porn industry was set up by Jews and is in Jewish hands ever since.
      The corruption porn does surely ties in with the cultural marxist corruption the Jews are unleashing on society on every other level, too?
      Do you suggest it is just a coincidence?

    2. Look at any porn site in the world and you will see n!ggers fucking White women splashed across the front page, even though less than 1% of the population finds that appealing.

    3. A few short elements make me think there is an agenda:
      – the example of the interracial art video on Youtube
      – Anti-white hate, rape threat, call for murder that is not taken down when conservatives are
      – IR porn not being lucrative but pushed nonetheless
      – the case of this Lansky guy, with his “reach the mainstream” objective. the money he makes for a niche
      – the witchhunt, doxxing and shit thrown on white girls when they don’t want to shoot porn with black men.
      other than that, porn is worthless. Offers virtually nothing positive, IR or otherwise

  16. OT- three more cases against Bill Cosby have been tossed out of court- anyone hearing word one about this in the MSM?

    1. My moneys on Bill Cosbys a virgin & prefers coke to chicks …
      Bill Cosbys a great black conservative, hence the jews paid hordes of hit the wall gold digging women
      Who pays for the legal fees for the broke gold diggers making the accusations?

        1. No black dick is clean … bill cosby is an honorary white person, hence his dick doesnt count …
          If bill cosby was a regular african & banged any of the chicks the trail of aids & hiv wouldve locked his ass up.
          Bill cosby has white values, hence no aids infected dick …

    2. It’s pretty natural for them to be tossed out. How is it possible to prove that someone drugged you in 1988, anyways?
      MSM is in a nosedive. They just tried to character assassinate this YouTuber with 50 million(not hyperbole) subscribers. I hope they enjoyed the temporary boost because Gen Z will remember one of their heroes being treated unfairly by the lugenpresse. The complete avoidance of Vault 7 is pretty conspicuous too.

    3. he did something wrong.
      Perhaps reneged on a contract for a crappy tv show???
      who knows?
      But, you will pay.
      Collect the groupie whores who voluntarily blew the roadie, to get to the drummer, to get to the lead singer…
      or an actor, and partied with drugs and sex…
      And offer them cash to lie about a former lover…

      1. yeahhe did something wrong- he tried to buy a big chunk of nbc in the 90s, and a big chunk of cbs just a few years ago

  17. Miscegenation — The Final Solution to the White Problem.
    The product of miscegenation is generally ugly children, destroyed racial characteristics and a dead society.
    It is immoral to destroy what you appreciate. The SJW would say if
    Tiger wants blonds you should learn to appreciate whatever results.
    Where does that kind of Morality end? It doesn’t. You have to build more and more on other lies to cover that one.
    This spoiled virtue signalling child is beneath contempt. This is not ‘racism’. This is race, and race is real.

    1. One need only look to Rio and Sao Paulo to see the society that results from widespread miscegenation.

      1. And who is responsible for that?
        The Spanish.
        But– But– I thought all white men were innocent! JOOZ JOOZ JOOOOZ!!!!!

        1. What a retard you are, first it was the Portuguese who created Brazil, not the Spanish, second, Brazil became the miscigenated mess you see nowadays after the Portuguese left.

  18. Would have never thought of porn as thoroughly before, but, before it gets too race bait leaning, let me say this. People are watching cartoon porn over black and Asian porn. More people are fapping to Jessica Rabbit copies than Mika Tan or Ebony. There is no way a cartoon should be doing better than a human of any kind. Time to go into the comments for the monkey comments and Asian Persuasion defenders.

    1. Absolutely. Now hordes of people wanking on anime or my little pony. We live in the age of the man-child

      1. Truly horrifying. Just got a new book on the topic, Man Interrupted by Philip Zimbardo, which is addressing this age of overly stimulated, passive men. Curious if the book is any good since this topic is going to be devastating for America going forward once the Boomers pass on.

        1. We went from explorers that sailed into uncharted waters to obese guys wanking in a sock over a japanese drawing. Just like that,
          This ad saddened me when I saw it

  19. The movie “Don Jon” gets into the porn-addiction thing. It’s a pretty good film, and it’s playing on Showtime