5 Myths About Thai Girls

When it comes to Thai girls I think it’s fair to acknowledge that there are one or two negative associations that we westerners like to make about their characteristics, intentions and values, but I would advise anyone to reserve judgement on this. I’ve found that a lot of what you hear is a pile of tired old nonsense that only applies to certain men who fall in love with the much younger women that they meet in bars whilst on their annual vacations…

Let’s not scoff at these guys though, if you’ve never been to Thailand then you really can’t know just how convincing these lovely bar-girl temptresses can be. At the same time, I believe that it is the poor choices that have been made by these men, in selecting their Thai partners, that have led to a lot of bad press about Thai girls in general – and five big myths in particular:

Myth 1: They are all about the money


This is the most common myth of all and there are a number of reasons for its existence; most of them are based on simple misunderstandings. However, the illicit activities that go on in the bar-scene are fairly well understood and I doubt that there’s any need to clarify them here. There is no shortage of men that have been scammed by the girls they met in Thailand bars and clubs, but it’s totally unfair to equate that with the behavior of regular Thai ladies.

The vast majority of ladies do not get involved with a man for financial reasons; that’s not to say that money isn’t important to the success of a relationship, it has to be important in a poor country where the necessities of life are not immediately available to all, but money is not often the primary incentive for regular Thai girls when looking for a romantic partner.

It also makes no difference whether the girl in question is considering romance with a westerner or a Thai man, genuine emotions come first, but practical financial realities cannot be ignored and men in Thailand are expected to be providers.

Myth 2: They are subservient housekeepers

Hehe.. let me rephrase that… hehehehe! Anyone who thinks that Thai girls are subservient, quiet little home-keepers, who will dote on their man’s every whim, had better have a serious reality check.

Thailand does have a very hierarchical society and at first glance it may appear that husbands rule the roost, with wives taking a backseat when decisions need to be made. It may appear that sons are favored over daughters, and that the way of life in general might seem a bit male orientated, but the truth is that things are much more complicated than this.

There’s no doubt that Thai girls often have a very soft, quiet and feminine exterior, but that doesn’t imply subservience in any way. Inside their tiny frames are minds of steel that can’t be bargained with, can’t be reasoned with, and absolutely will not stop… ever, until you admit that you were wrong and they were right. This one actually falls in line with a largely unknown fact i.e. that after 5,000 years of civilization, no Thai girl has ever been wrong… about anything… ever!

Myth 3: They prefer older men

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Whilst there is actually some truth in this one, I’m afraid that it probably isn’t the truth that you might be hoping for if you are over a certain age i.e. that older guys are considered physically more attractive. Sorry, but the preference is based more on the extra perceived financial stability that older men are thought to offer, as well as the notion that older guys are a bit more settled and less likely to play around with other women once they are in a serious relationship.

Older men are seen as being more mature, more reliable, and a good choice for a long-term romantic partner. Your mission, if you want to find a successful long-term love interest, is to make sure that you choose wisely and avoid getting too involved with a lady that might have her eyes a little too transfixed on the financial benefits of romance with a westerner. This isn’t a difficult thing to do, but you’ll need to avoid the pitfalls that a lot of western men have fallen into before.

From a physical point of view, Thai girls prefer a man that is of a similar age to themselves. Some may prefer a man that is a little older, some are not ashamed to admit that they would prefer a man who is a little younger, but there’s no great difference with the preferences that women from other countries have with regard to physical attraction.

Myth 4: They just want to get a visa


This one might be surprising to you but I can assure you that the majority of Thai girls have no interest in living overseas, and most would prefer to live in their home-towns. A lot of ladies from the provinces do work in Bangkok, where wage levels are much better, but given the chance many would move out of the big-city in a heartbeat if they could afford a decent standard of living back home. By that I mean a high enough income that they can take care of their family’s (the needs of the family are usually the driving force that leads them to Bangkok in the first place).

The horror stories that you may have heard of, whereby a girl does a runner as soon as she is permitted entry into a western country, are actually very rare. In the cases that I’m aware of this sort of thing only happens with crazy set-ups like mail order bride schemes. Guys that steer clear of this sort of madness, and opt for a more regular sort of approach to dating, do not get themselves into these sorts of situations.

Myth 5: They are dishonest

This is another myth that has an element of truth in it. The best way to think about it is in terms of the Western concept of telling little white lies in order to serve the greater good e.g. to protect someone’s feelings and so on. In Thailand, and all South East Asian countries, the need to “save face” goes way beyond anything in Western culture and it leads to a lot of white lies. It’s not just about saving your own face either, Thais are extremely careful to make sure that they don’t cause anyone else to lose face.

To be honest with you, this is one custom that I find a little irritating, because you really do need to be constantly second-guessing a lot of what you hear in order to try and figure out if it is truth or some sort of face-saving lie. Even other Thais sometimes struggle with this one and find it a bit over the top in situations when you need the truth but can’t be absolutely sure that you are hearing it—lies are told in the most innocuous of situations. The purpose though is almost never to be dishonest, it’s just to save-face and avoid causing any sort of confrontation.

How to meet Thai girls

Thai dating certainly won’t suit every Western man, but if you’re tired of western culture and want to step into something completely different, then Thailand has a lot to offer. If it’s a regular trustworthy lady that you are intending to meet, then there are some very important things to understand right from the very beginning of your search.


Firstly, Bangkok is the best place to start looking as it isn’t just a tourist area, which means that it has lots of regular ladies living there. However, there are some tourist hot-spots in the big city and you’ll need to make sure that you are staying in accommodation that is nowhere near to them—in particular, avoid locating yourself anywhere near to Lower Sukhumvit as it is home to the biggest red-light areas.

As a Westerner in Thailand, the local ladies will suspect you of being a sex tourist, so pitching your tent near to a red-light area will immediately scupper your plans of meeting a good girl. Upper Sukhumvit, on the other hand, is home to a lot of Westerners who are in Thailand for professional or business purposes, so that’s a good place to locate yourself (a Google search will quickly find these places).

Second, meeting friends of friends is one of the best ways to meet the best Thai girls, as is the workplace if you are working in Bangkok. Girls in shopping malls are another good option, but I’m guessing you’ll want to start searching right away and in that case the online dating sites are useful. Be careful though, these sites do attract some unsavory characters and you’ll definitely need some advice about Thai dating culture. My website has lots of FREE info about these things and it will help to steer you in the right direction: www.thaigirlsguru.com

Here’s a few final words of advice about Thai girls; forget about trying to impress them in the way that you would approach a Western girl. The way to impress a Thai lady is to be calm, reserved, and happy. You’ll get nowhere with the loud extroverted approach; the quiet, gentle and considerate guys tend to do a lot better in Thailand. The only real obstacle to long-term success with Thai dating is the culture gap and I won’t lie to you, it’s a big gap, but with a little patience you can bridge it (see my previous post, linked to below, for details on that).

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  1. As someone that has spent a lot of time in Thailand I can tell you for certain that Thai girls, along with all other girls, are indeed “all about the money.”

    1. But what do you get for your money? The average American woman is so divorced from her own femininity, not only does she not know how to be pleasing to a man, she is probably disgusted by the idea of being pleasing at all. Hypergamy ain’t going anywhere, but guys should expect some effort on a woman’s part in exchange for our pains. Old school ladies are the only real value in town.

      1. I see obese 60 year olds with twenty something 90 lb flips on base on the reg. All I can say is, stay up playa.

    1. I almost choked laughing. I’m going to rely that to my Singapore friends, they’ll get a kick out of that. (Singaporeans don’t think highly of mainland Asia).

      1. Singapore females are most hypergamous sloots in SE Asia, but once you adjust your game for that they are attractive alternative to slums of jakarta or the xxx show of bangkok.

    2. Also, they have no defence against earth-borne microbial infections, at least if H G Wells was correct

    3. aaaaaaaaahhhhhh hahahahahahahah
      I literally spit out my espresso, now I have to clean up my fuckin mess. Do Mars ladies do windows?

  2. You’re obviously a betafag white knight for defending the reputation of women
    My advice is to not trust any 3rd world girl with anything unless you’re really sure about her, and even then, be careful. Wait, that sounds like what I’d do with an American girl.

  3. AWALT. Chinese Japanese dirty knees. Makes no never mind. All women are the same

    1. Only a fool thinks women are different if they’re from another country. You could take a woman from some jungle tribe, teach her about the current world she’ll start acting like your typical modern chick.

        1. Amazing from a tranny chaser – ironic how they made him do kiddy movies after his arrests (no more action movies for eddie)

      1. They are different because geographical location affects personality. You think that a person who lives in a harsh environment where life is easily lost is going to have the same mindset as one who leads a cushy life in the USA? Of course not. Life is about survival, personality traits that help a particular group of people survive in THEIR environment are going to be passed on from mother to child.
        I am not saying that the fundamentals of AWALT aren’t inherent in every woman. But you might be surprised to discover that a woman who hails from an environment where life is harsh is less likely to throw away a half-decent man on a whim; because the fear of starvation is deeply rooted in her brain. People for whom starvation is not just some vague concept aren’t going to throw away a good provider on a whim. Pragmatism and fear may win over lust. Lust is important but not as important as a full belly.

    2. Whats up with the pedastalization of Asian girls on this site? And where are the stormfront guys denouncing this? Oh wait..

      1. East asia is alternative to the obesity and toxic feminism of western females in the anlgosphere. They enjoy american pop culture where europeans condescend to it. You can still live like a prince outside the big capitol cities. But if you’re socially handicapped you’ll end up in a whore house and miss out.

        1. It doesn’t matter how you are socially dude. In a whore house you get what you pay for instead of wasting time with westernized european/americunt bitches who will give nothing in return.

  4. “You can take a girl out of the bar but you can’t take the bar out of the girl” is what a nice Thai woman cautioned me about when I first went to Thailand. When I met my Thai wife 20 years ago she was working at the jewelry counter at a department store. If you are a reasonably good man you can still find a good woman there, but if you marry a pole dancer then don’t bore me with your sad story how she broke your heart.

  5. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38066b0fdf4805abbcb7bbef58663391c398dfbb5f9d02dfc5a33ac027f4cc26.jpg
    Yes, hello Thailand; is it true that the girls over there that look effeminate have cocks and the real women are so fucking ugly they can’t even get work as extras in a Troma movie
    Well fuck you Thailand; you think I can’t find another country to smuggle 30 kilos of coke up my ass from

  6. Only myth is that they are ten times better than western girls..and that’s no myth. I know from experience.

      1. I remember Thai (mostly bargirls) laughing their asses of hearing how western girls fuck for free. Thai guys (taxi drivers etc) saying about european countries, land of free sex, no hap to pay! This amazed me cause westerners look at Thailand as cheap sex.

        1. A western wife costs more on a daily basis (and that’s even pre-divorce rape) than to hire a 3rd world slut every day.

  7. One of the beautiful things about Thai culture is the customer service. You don’t have to ask for anything because they already know what you want and do it without asking. If it might be possible to read minds, in thailand if they would use that skill to make you feel better. Contrast to singapore, where if they had the ability to read minds they would put you in prison, or the next plane out. lol

  8. “As a Westerner in Thailand, the local ladies will suspect you of being a sex tourist,”
    happened to me every time I bought a pole dancer back to my loom…

    1. Thai pole dancers are a lot better than so called strippers in united states who believe you should pay them just for being beautiful.

      1. actually there is much more to a Thai pole-dancer/gogo-dancer/bar-girl
        they are more like a Geisha…or a combination of Geisha/Dancer/Hooker

  9. Sorry. Unless the love train runs you down without warning in a chance encounter (I can hear God laughing) do not go out of your way to marry and procreate outside of your own race.
    With Asians, you have a 50/50 chance of a son or daughter.
    The daughter will be a half-Asian hottie who will be sought after by high-value men. You need only worry about not letting female cockaholism wreck her judgement. Not much chance of that if her mother is Asian and has some conservative values anyway.
    But if you have a son, then you have dragged a poor soul into this world and plunked it into a meatsuit that will never be Asian enough for Asian women and never white enough for white women. His math may never be as good as that of an Asian man All stereotypes apply. Then you have to worry that he does not go full Elliot Rodgers or even something half as rash out of incel rage.
    Forget it. Call me a racist if you want.

      1. No, it means you do track and field as a occupation. Also, half white half asians do well in the phillipines, apparently. Also, more Elliot Rodgers would open more eyes to the problems of incels and beta rage. But there’s a lot out already; I wonder how many such attacks there will be this year…

      2. Or at least have a good take on how a person’s genetic heritage affects their personality. Liberals love to talk about holistic but the environment affecting personality one passes them by.

    1. I’d forgotten about Elliot Rodgers, maybe I just wanted to believe that hybrid Asian males weren’t as perpetually, and notorious, malcontent as the male “halfricans”.

    2. Trouble is nowadays the word racist is always seen as a negative slur when really it is just reality. I believe a person’s racial group affects them greatly and that people’s personalities are formed by their geographical environment. Character traits that help that race survive are passed on genetically. It’s liberal heresy to state this, but babies are NOT born with the same mindset. They appear to, of course, as they are just babies and do much the same things, but when adult these traits appear. Perhaps this is why people of similar coloring like each other. A blue-eyed blond man of Irish extraction who lives in USA having positive regard for a similar man and so forth.
      How many times have people reacted positively on being told that so-and-sos family hail from the same area? Happens all the time.
      Bottom line: Thai people have harsher lives than us Westerners. Even if one is born in the USA, the traits that helped her ‘people’ survive will be instilled in her at birth. That’s my take on it, anyway.

    3. Everybody has a 50% chance to have a son but because of the Pareto Principle only 20% of men get a woman so imo there shouldn’t be 50% sons but a lot less, maybe 10% or so but in that case women shouldn’t have voting rights or we’d be fucked.

    4. Tall half-Asian guys clean up with Asian girls, but the guys usually prefer white girls, who, ever since the Matrix and Keanu Reeves, have no problem with half-Asian guys. Unless they look weird and are short, which is often the case.

  10. “Myth 3: They prefer older men
    Sorry, but the preference is based more on the extra perceived financial stability that older men are thought to offer”
    Just like women in the West – and I’m glad the author has stated this. Seriously. Older guys have to be more realistic. Unless a young hot asian female has a fetish for ear hair or something bizarre from an old guy, she will most likely see an older dude more as a meal ticket rather than a “stud”.
    Roosh has even written about this and states that he will be “stacking paper” when the day comes as he gets older that he can no longer use game and wits to bag young hotties.
    I was never really into asian chicks, but now I’ll not even bother with travelling 25 hours to meet some slit-eyed trollop pretending to like me all the while chasing after my bank account. I can much easier go to Russia or Ukraine for that – and at least the east euro gold diggers will be prettier.

      1. The Age That Men Peak

        Roosh has taken the anti-prostitution stance so far, and tends to be somewhat critical of men eho do use hookers, but I would wager that when Roosh hits that age where he becomes absolutely invisible to young women he’ll re-think his position and rationalize pay-for-play.

    1. As an older guy married to a much younger Asian woman, never forget the daddy issues. There are many women everywhere searching for a daddy to heal them of their daddy issues. When you get older you will not reject this just because its not all about you. My wife’s father died just as she was entering puberty. She rejected all the guys that her family tried to get her with (all much younger than me) and ended up with me (her family was very far from over joyed about that). She has intense abandonment issues and is very solicitous to my health and well being. At my age you get what you can, and are grateful you are getting anything .

      1. “. At my age you get what you can, and are grateful you are getting anything”
        Good point – but one has to go out of their way to find a young chick with daddy issues – especially if he doesn’t have the moneyrary resources.

  11. Final paragraph of Myth #2 — I wouldn’t put that in the “plus” column. A “win-at-all-costs” bickering woman, which this article seems to pedestalize if she’s Thai, sounds pretty awful.
    Been with an overall mix of Asian (30%) / white (70%) women lifetime (closer to 50/50 over the past 10-12 years)…I never saw any golden halos over the Asian girls, no need to bug out or pedestalize…they have just as many flaws and self-entitled, dim-witted, meaningless moments as Caucasians. Beyond that the one unique thing they *do* have is a very sensitive pedestalizing detector that tends to neutralize any “asian fever” BS with a quickness. You’ll end up with the dregs, at least among the Asian-American women. Asian girls are also just as guilty about fetishizing + chasing after white dudes (at least here in the western United States) and that looks just as shallow, and is usually indicates low SMV among other Asian females. Asian girls definitely battle with each other over intelligence in a way that white girls do not, and I find that to be hot. It’s kinda paradoxical — Once they realize the “exotic” charm isn’t really a thing you’re after (even though it *might* be in a normal and naturally sexual way), they’ll start wanting you back more.

    1. American Asian women is an oxymoron. they are just American women with distinctive features. I found exactly what you did, they have an Asian sniffer radar that puts up their bitch shields at force 10. So, being of the yellow fever category, I went to Asia, where things improved greatly. Yes, most Asian women want Asian men, but I only needed to find the one that didn’t. When you are in a place where 99% of the women are Asian, their behavior changes. About 3 to 5% of them will be interested in dating outside their race. But, when you are on of the very few men outside their race around, you reap the benefits of their fetish.

  12. I hate to break it to you guys, but most of you will get old some day. You might be tied up with a wrinkled old lady or you may be single and mixing it up with a frisky Thai girl 1/3 your age. You should be so lucky.

  13. After 15 years and over 50 travels to Thailand I’ll second most of what’s stated in the article. When Thailand first came in fashion the only girls that came out of there was dark, poor farmgirls turned bargirls from northeast Thailand, a then extremely poor region. They often had a stereotypical look and manners. These girls no 1 priority was to support their poor and often large family back in the village. Today the average Thai is far better of. There are many middle class unmarried girls with education. Especially in Bangkok. As readers of the forum are well aware of, to meet a good girl, meet one with few or no previous partners. Preferably with an intact family. If you do not want to support her and her family’s need chose one with education and stabil income. Many of these also have parents that support themselves with no need for your money. I have found these types of girls easier to find in Thailand than in Europe. One gf has her own business and doesn’t basically let me pay anything. She’s extremely loyal and caring. Another has a regular low pay work, works double full time by western standards. Sends most of her money home. Also extremely loyal and contributes when she can. But for natural reasons she just can’t get all she could need but settles with a humble lifestyle and has never made money or luxuries an issue for our relationship. I’m happy to buy her small things now and then that are useful to her. These are the unexpected gifts and not a driver for the relationship.

  14. By that I mean a high enough income that they can take care of their family’s (the needs of the family are usually the driving force that leads them to Bangkok in the first place).

    I live in Bangkok, and this is the most unattractive thing about Thai girls. Unless they’re Hi-So, they’re all so abused by their mothers during childhood, they literally imagine they owe their entire family financial support for life. You can’t reason with them either, they’re brainwashed to believe it’s their job to carry their extended family.
    They are cute, though.

  15. The downsides to dating native Asian women for me include, but are not limited to, the following: the food generally sucks; the parents can’t speak English which makes family gatherings awkward; the cultural differences eventually get in the way, and last but not least, they are boring.
    Asian women that do have ‘spunk’ and ‘personality’ usually have other hidden traits that you don’t find out about until you have been seeing them for a while. They are more likely to be sluts and/or mental cases.
    I’ve only dated Vietnamese, Chinese and Malaysian women though.

    1. Try Filipinas. The down side there is that all there family will speak very good English. Think about it. Which would you rather have, a bunch of in laws you can’t communicate with, and can therefore ignore, or a bunch in laws that can communicate anything they want to with you?

  16. Having a few Thai gfs when a younger man fueled my growing disappointment with western women. I actually consider dating Thai women in days gone by as the final nail in my blue pill coffin, and remember returning home several times with a sinking heart, as I knew it was back to dating girls with high body fat, overly stretched vaginas, a tomboy fashion sense and a self-entitled bitchy attitude.

  17. Before you go to Thailand, make use of the ‘Skout’ app. It’s a dating app that’s used by many in Southeast Asia. I used this app before going to Thailand and Vietnam.
    In both countries, I set my location to the city i was going to and chatted up some local ladies before I boarded the plane to fly to those cities. After getting a few warm responses, I’d play the innocent tourist and ask if they’d be willing to show me around, and the results were positive. Most of them are quite friendly and helpful.
    These ladies took me around to the tourist sites on their motorcycles, so transportation was no longer an issue. After engaging in a bit of playful banter throughout the day, I got shown more than just the town (wink wink) while I was in Nha Trang and Bangkok.
    Of course, there is always the chance that some of them are looking for men with fat pockets; but with the use of a dating app and a bit of homework done before going, it will be an easier and more fun experience.

  18. Interesting article…there’s a Sheraton hotel very near my home base in the Phoenix area. I pop in their sometimes, in order to warm up with a couple of beers, prior to a night on the town. I met this executive for Greyhound Bus Lines there one evening. He starts telling me about his various vacation journeys, and mentions Thailand. Asks if I’ve ever been there. After telling him that I had never visited, he starts telling me about how it’s his favorite place to score hot women in the entire world. This seemed odd, because the dude was basically nondescript, other than being about 75 pounds overweight. I was dubious about his assertions, at which point he pulls out his phone, and starts showing me photos of at least 10 hot Thai women whom he’d had in his hotel room in Bangkok the last time he was there.
    I asked him what his secret was, and he said, “Cash. Thai girls love to fuck western guys for money.” He then explained that the amount of money he paid them was ridiculously cheap. He quoted a figure, and I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was ridiculous in terms of American dollars to the point where I was stunned. So I am passing this info along, in case any guys who read this, occasionally like to keep things simple, and fuck hot girls in exchange for very little cash.
    This notion dovetails with what I already know about hot women – if you are from out of town, or if they are from out of town, and they know there’s very little chance anybody they know will every find out about it, you can get them to do all kinds of weird shit (with or without an exchange of cash). In this guy’s case, even though he was decidedly unattractive, simply by throwing a very small amount of money around, he got a whole slew of hot Thai girls to give it up. He claimed that only a couple of them were hookers who worked the nicer hotels, but most of them weren’t. I don’t know if I buy that one, but I was mightily impressed by the photos – they weren’t fake. You pay for it one way or another, and that’s a fact. Just a little bit of secondhand info there, for anybody who plans on heading to Thailand at some point.

  19. Haha I vividly remember that guy from my apprenticeship company. He was butt ugly and socially awkward, basically looking like a gorilla following a bus collision, i kid you not. He was always bragging about his Thai girlfriend he was going to marry. And whilst she indeed was smoking hot, he was surprised in a bitter way.
    That bitch made him pick up a second job that forced him to do 70+ hours per week in shitty jobs just to keep her from running away. And as far as i know she left him with lots of alimony divorce r*pe money after some sexless marriage years. It was gloroius.

  20. I’ve only been to Thailand once and I was so scared to accidentally bang a ladyboy that is so similar to a real girl you can’t tell that I totally abstained from sex tourism there. lol

        1. Not at all. Its pretty easy to tell. They are larger, deeper voices, adams apple, larger hands, wider shoulders…lots of indications. Once you get a little closer, its not hard to tell.
          Like I said, if you went all the way to Thailand and all you saw were Temples and Elephants, you totally missed Thailand. Thai ladies are some of the cutest, most fun and easiest to meet on the planet. You were timid. What a waste.

        2. I have this advice from a plastic surgeon that does gender reassignment surgery. Things have improved much in the past 20 years or so. The pitch of the voice is altered by tightening the vocal cords to produce a higher register. They also “trim” the Adams apple so it is completely feminine. The wider shoulders and bigger hands can be a give away, but many Asian men are built very slender by western standards. The hands can be small of some men.
          What he did say is a tell is to look at the fingers. If the ring finger is longer than the index finger the person was exposed to more testosterone as a fetus (i.e. born male). Lay the hand flat with the fingers together when you are making this judgment. Of course, you have to have become fairly close to make this observation.

        3. I’d definitely be outraged if I discovered that my “girl” was in fact a dude. I’d puke all over him.

      1. It is very hard to tell the lady boys from the ladies. However , I have found one simple rule that works nearly 100% of the time; If she is tall, supermodel gorgeous, and she is talking to you, she is a lady boy.

  21. Thailand or Philippines.
    Unless you’re a playboy/rock-star/athlete/bottle-service-millionaire
    There is just no substitute for these places.
    I live in the West for many reasons, but SE Asia is my retirement backstop, and occasional spring-break venue.
    No matter how successful I’ve been with women:
    I have not had 10 women at a time sucking my dick like in a Makati gogo bar.
    I have not had 5 women per day such as every day in Pattaya/Phuket/BKK…(when I want to)…
    keep doing the improvement, but shit man live a little…
    they are beautiful, fun, entertaining…and plenty of em…
    however, it is all a show…don’t fall in love!
    I realize this post is about finding “non-ho” women – -but not flying all the way over there for pick up work…

  22. If your philosophy is strong and she believes in your system and who you are as a person, these myths will go out the window
    No woman at the age of 10 JUST decided she wanted to suck dick, sell ass, and give up her pussy “power” on the street corner while a PIMP handles her money
    She had to be talked into that.
    Granted other reasons are involved as to what lead her there but, none the less at times, a Pimp’s mouthpiece talked her into the lifestyle of drama and danger she seeks
    If your belief and belief of one’s self is strong, no myth can interrupt the path you set her and yourself on

  23. Women are same everywhere. The only minimal difference is your “relative net worth” and their cultural behaviors.
    If you make $70 K in Thailand, that is like making $300 K in New York. So it depends on your relative worth in places and also put the cultural factor. Strip away all that, and the language barrier, Thai girls are no different than American girls.
    Give Thai girl iPhone and all the social media and their behaviors will mirror with that of American girls.
    Females are all same everywhere.

    1. they are the same everywhere. the only difference is the value of a dollar in their country

  24. People need to understand Eastern women are brought up to look after their family and husband first. Western women are brought up to be selfish, rude, muscular, money hungry, sluts and to treat men like shit! Thai women (eastern women), aren’t brainwashed by morals created by corporations (west). A good example would be a religious woman in the west, that’s basically what you get out of a Thai woman (Eastern). Just stay away from big cities cause I’ve found by my experience, these women become more westernise. Roosh said cities with population above 500,000 to stay away from if you want to find a good woman!

  25. Definitely some good points here. I know of too many men who meet bargirls (i.e. freelance prostitutes) and end up emotionally (and sometimes financially) devastated because she “cheated” on them. Dude, she’s a pussy for hire, and relies on what we’ll call an “expanded customer base.” Why would she fall in love with you over a Thai man who knows her language, culture, mannerisms and nature so much more intimately and intuitively?
    Still, if you want to meet a “good” Thai girl, dress respectable and clean, keep in shape, learn some Thai language and culture, and avoid the bar scene and night life areas altogether. Don’t make assumptions about Thai women based on your (bad) experience with Western women, but also be aware hypergamy, narcissism, manipulation etc. are common traits among women, no matter what the culture.
    PS If she has wide shoulders, narrow waist and excessive makeup, don’t walk, RUN away.

  26. Having gone there and got the Thai wife, and actually still in Bangkok, I can tell you that making the effort to learn Thai goes a long way helping you get the hos and chancers out of your life.
    If you ever meet any Thais who either don’t want you to learn Thai, and are discouraging, or are indifferent to your efforts, its a significant clue that they have an agenda.
    You meet anyone who loves that you are learning and encourages you, then you have likely found, at the very least, a decent friend.

  27. I’m not sure I fully agree with Myth 1: They are all about the money…
    Sure they are not ALL about money – but from my VAST experience in Thailand and with Thai girls – they are certainly obsessed with thoughts about money. It seems like money occupies a very large space in their thought process.
    This is not making them greedy or bad and they are sweet and caring girls – but it’s just a fact they are extremely money obsessed.
    Another note: their money expectations are much lower than western ones, so it’s this endless life of living from hand to mouth that causes them to be obsessed with money.

    1. Money is definitely a big factor, I don’t want to gloss over that fact. I just mean that it isn’t their first and only concern.
      Money is a huge factor in terms of gaining status and respect amongst friends and family in Thailand, and Thais take the whole ‘face’ thing very seriously, so money is very important for more than one reason…

  28. This article rings true. I would naively suggest something else, too. Even though I have never been to Thailand.
    Showing some interest in culture. Like taking a 6 month language class. Universities can be good places to meet smarter girls and not the red light district.
    I lived in other countries like France/Japan. Travelled a lot. I’ll bet that would work in Thailand, too.

  29. Thanks for the informative article. I commend you for both content and fluid writing style.
    Would you please elaborate on where upper Sukumvit vs lower Sukumvit is? After which BTS station do you start calling it upper Sukumvit?

    1. Hi, thanks for that.
      The best of upper Sukhumvit would be somewhere near to Ekamai.
      The red light areas of lower Sukhumvit are further west. The furthest from Ekamai is Sukhumvit Soi 4 (home to Nana Plaza) and after that there’s the Asoke intersection (which is close to Soi Cowboy).

  30. Good article, I’ve known western guys who’ve never had a girlfriend marrying an asian girl, and thinking the issues they have are to do with race.
    A little consideration goes a long way, You want to send some money to your family? great, get a part time job, and I’ll throw some in too, of course you should help family, …

  31. I don’t agree with 90% of this article.
    Everything that applies to western women applies to Thai women.
    1. You must have a strong identity and not deviate from it.
    2. You must never compromise your integrity.
    3. Never give any of these women any of your money unless you are married and you are conducting your duties as head of the household.
    4. Strong masculine frame
    5. Have a good temperament.
    6. Good Hygiene.
    Thai women are masters of the shit tests. If you are a chump, she will treat you as a chump. If you are clever, she will respect you.
    It is the same game anywhere in the world.
    The bit I agree with the most is going abroad. Thais generally love their own country and don’t wish to go abroad permanently.
    It may change with the new king.

    1. Having spent some time in Thailand years ago, and having been married to an Asian woman for quite some time, I have to agree with most of what you say. However, this is no different than what you have to do with a western woman and instead of having to put up with an ugly entitled bitch, you get a feminine beautiful bitch, AWALT. I chose the latter,

      1. I don’t necessarily think all women are bitches. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever met a Thai woman who I would consider an outright bitch except for the bulldykes, whereas in the US, my country, bitches are easier to come across.
        The rule with all women is basically the same: don’t be a chump.
        If a man has his wits about him, it really is difficult to have problems with women.

  32. If myth 2 really is just a myth, why would you want a Thai girl? Also shouldn’t it be a positive one?
    I’m confused.

  33. I live in Thailand, in an entirely middle class Thai community. The girls all cheat and fuck around, if they get the chance (so do the men, it’s no big deal). In fact they are exactly the same as western women, but quite a lot cheaper and with no legal access to a partners assets. Why do they have sex a lot more than western women and far less choosey about their partners? Because their government and legal system doesn’t give them free money.

  34. Wtf did I just read? Points 1 & 2 sound like the beta bitch boy’s guide to pedastalizing Asian poon. *donald trump voice* “WRONG!!”

  35. For white men nothing says beta like dating an asian girl (or any nonwhite for that matter).

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