Pregnancy Is No Excuse To Be Fat And Gross

There’s an epidemic of land whales in first world countries bitching about post pregnancy bellies, blaming even their own children for being fat. I’m going to go over the math and the facts of pregnancy weight gain. Next time you see a woman with pudge, blaming her children for it, you can use logic to counter her excuses.

“You can eat for two!”

Whoever started this myth has affected more women worldwide than any form of the “patriarchy.”  According to leading doctors, women should be eating an extra 300-500 calories a day to accommodate the baby during pregnancy. This amounts to maybe a pound week at most of weight again. The Institute of Medicine recommends a weight gain of 25-35lbs during the whole pregnancy.  That means a chick who is 120lb before pregnancy will be at most 155lb before the baby comes out. So when you hear a lady gain upwards of 50 lbs, she’s not just harming herself but the child as well. Obesity increases the risk of infection, c-section probability, thrombosis, gestational diabetes for the mother, and can even impact the child. It’s not just a female aesthetic issue but one of child endangerment.

Women who gain too much during their pregnancies are similar to women who smoke during theirs. At least society is willing to socially shame the smokers—we need to start fat shaming pregnant women who gain too much for the protection of their fetus. It’s the right thing to do.

Once the baby comes out

This is when the bogus math comes in for new mothers. Yes, you won’t have a flat stomach in a week, but it can happen realistically in a year with a good plan. Let’s presume we are using the example of the chick who is 155 in the delivery room. According to data from Webmd, only a third of the weight will stay post-pregnancy as body fat. So when that woman leaves the hospital, she’s at least 15-20 lbs lighter. That takes her down to 135-140 lbs. If the new mother breastfeeds, performs mild exercise, and eats carefully, even a 155 lb whale can slim back down to 120 within a year.

Shame fat mothers

After a year of pregnancy, a woman has absolutely no excuse to be overweight. They’re just fat chicks who happen to be mothers. Every time you see a woman who’s been pregnant a year ago or more and she’s still big, call her out with subtle remarks. A good subtle shaming comment is to ask the fat mother her due date. It will be awkward for you to do so, but we have an obligation as a society to help fat mothers be more aesthetically pleasing. It’s not just for our dicks but for the betterment of all women.

Thalomid (thalidomide) capsules, 1999.

Gaining too much weight during a pregnancy can harm children and their mothers. Ladies, please put down that cheeseburger like it’s thalidomide. Even if the side effects aren’t as highly publicized as thalidomide, being fat and pregnant is child endangerment, and being a fat mother is just plain gross.

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  1. You can lose pregnancy weight, with moderate working out and self restraint, but you will have loose skin belly pouch unless you work hard to get rid of it. The only women I know (and my sample size is around 80-90 at this point) that have manged to get the flat stomach back spend 8-10+ hours a week doing heavy exercise

    1. The key to not having a belly pouch is to not bloat up like a balloon in the first place.

  2. In the upper-class part of my city – Stockholm, you see recent moms with their babies in jogging-prams. ( )
    The result = the ‘MILF’ is the norm in these parts, not the exception.
    Whereas in the working class and immigrant neighborhoods, once beautiful women seem to implode upon pregnancy. The only time you will see them running is when they want to get to the front of the queue in McDonalds.

    1. implode ? You mean explode. Maybe the re-direction of time resources to children means less recreational time for exercise and fitness activity, as well as less time for cooking from scratch. The re-direction of financial resources to children means giving up or cutting back on organic, healthy, life sustaining – read expensive food.

      1. No. Having a children in todays western world means having a “card blanche”.
        She CAN get fat and endulge because she has already won.
        Her beta herb will pay and allow her a nice life, if he doesnt the goverment will make him pay.
        Thats why she got off the pill in the first place. To secure her future.
        Those men who feel enslaved by their women and the laws, first enslaved themselfs to their goverment. Think about it.

        1. I don’t see how spelling errors invalidate the logic of an argument. The people that call people out are simply sperg grammar Nazis. This isn’t some scientific journal and it’s simply an internet comment and there are many commenters from Europe and learned English as a second language.
          Being a grammar Nazi is simply faggy behavior.

        2. I eat about 75% local/organic. It would be more, but olives, avocados, almonds, quinoa and soy beans aren’t local to the New England climate. My grocery bill (I am an active single woman in her 20s, and if you must know, 5’9, 130lbs) tends to be about $30-35/week paid to local small scale farmers at a weekly farmers market. I grow herbs in my kitchen. I sprout legumes and grains for extra nutrients. I can my own blueberry and strawberry jam, tomato sauce, and apple pumpkin butter every year. Eating healthy is NOT expensive. It can be labor intensive, and I am somewhat limited by the seasons, but it’s not expensive.

        3. Single = marital status, not relationship status. I buy groceries for me.
          This sort of local/organic plant based clean food (non-dairy, scant meat) diet cleared my skin, reduced symptoms of asthma and took a minute off my mile.

        4. It invalidates your argument by making you appear uneducated. On the Internet, your words are all you have. Do them the honor of proofreading or don’t do them at all.

        5. Actually, time and time again there have been studies proving that there are no health benefits to eating organic food. The whole organic thing is more labor intensive and wastes resources.
          I do not doubt your health benefits were from your food. I’m just pointing out that you could eat vegetables that are not organic and gotten the same result.

        6. So that would include Stanford, Harvard, Wikipedia, and most of the scientific community, including those in meat production.

      2. No, implode was intentional, referring to the resultant loose, fatty pouch which prole women develop after the baby falls out.

    2. I have no idea why more American women don’t invest in jogging strollers to actually jog with. It’s like the BEST exercise post baby. Not only do you have the weight of pushing the baby around in the stroller but you also don’t have to leave baby anywhere! You can do it whenever and baby normally will fall asleep. It’s so simple a cavewoman can do it!

  3. My wife found it pretty easy to lose the pregnancy weight without much effort at all. She didn’t exercise much, I can understand that women are busy and have gained some weight after having a baby, but she wore a corset (a real one made of metal, not a novelty lingerie one) to get her figure back, dieted extensively, and was back to her pre-pregnancy weight by the time the baby was 3 months old. Breastfeeding helps women lose the weight, and they only need to eat about an extra 300 calories during pregnancy. Most women stuff their faces during pregnancy and use the child as an excuse. It’s worse for them because it leads to their baby being too big, and therefore harder to push out.
    My wife and I don’t use contraceptives and hope to have a large family (she is expecting #2 right now), and our social circle is made up of similar families. None of the mothers are fat, even the women with 8+ children. It isn’t even a matter of working out, most of them don’t have much time to work out, it’s just a matter of character. A woman who is not lazy or gluttonous is not likely to get fat.

    1. The root of the matter is that obesity is a symbol of vice. The west is currently collapsing and the only way to save what once a collection of glorious civilizations is to raise up the next generation of European-descended boys and girls to be healthy of mind, body, and spirit.
      An overweight man or woman has shown that they don’t respect themselves. They pursue gluttony at the expense of their own health, and if they don’t respect themselves why should they demand respect from others?
      Nor do they respect others, who have to look at and be around them. It’s a blatant waste of resources. I have known beautiful families with noble intentions who have suffered and struggled to obtain enough food. A person with enough resources to gorge themselves to obesity could be a respected member of the community by instead using those resources to help a struggling member of their folk, or to at least put the resources into doing something to improve their own family. Trimming the grocery budget is one of the biggest ways a woman can contribute to the financial well-being of her family, and perhaps save enough money so that she can stay home to homeschool her children instead of sending them to be indoctrinated in government schools. There are a million ways that the money Western fatties spend on processed crap could be put to better use for the sake of communities and families.
      A woman who could gorge herself to become a whale has shown that she does not respect herself, doesn’t respect the husband who has to sleep with her and pay her grocery bills, doesn’t care to be a good role model for her children, is not a good steward of the family’s resources, does not care about her community, and ignores the fact that there are people who go to sleep at night with empty stomachs.
      In my experience I have seen that women who base their life around serving others will stay thin and relatively attractive. Not sitting in front of the television but being up on one’s feet, playing with the children, doing projects, cooking good meals, keeping the home clean – they are all things that keep a busy woman active. All women age and wrinkle, but there is a huge difference in the face of a beloved grandmother whose face is tired and wrinkled from worrying over children and working for the good of her family, and of a bitter careerist spinster who got tired and wrinkled from partying hard and being pumped and dumped by man after man.

      1. You are a wise man James.
        Take a closer look at “Zeitgeist” and you will understand them better. It is not the purpose of the masses to be wise like you, they are consumers. Nothing more.

    2. Do you realize how disgusting it is to have a “big family”? There should be laws against people like you, your wife, and your disgusting community. I am sick of people who think it is a great idea to have litters of children as if they are some sort of farm animal. That is sick. I hope your wife miscarries every child she was conceives. It is assholes like you giving in to some bitch’s fantasy of being the next Michelle Duggar.
      You are doing a great disservice to the entire male gender by being pro life. Please don’t ever count yourself among us real men.
      You are a wet nurse at best.

      1. I’m not sure what would make a self-proclaimed ‘real man’ so bitter and full of vitriol. Having many children was always the norm for white families before jews invented condoms and birth control pills. I certainly don’t like fucking girls with a piece of plastic over my dick. Or dealing with unfeminine women on the pill. LDS societies are far healthier than your modern alternative.

        1. Children are disgusting, needy, brats and the world would be better off with far less of them and people like you.
          All I see is you making poor excuses that deny the fact that you clearly wish you had a pussy. Any man who claims to love children and wants more than one is in denial of the fact that he wishes to be a woman.
          So make all of the idiot excuses you want, you aren’t fooling anyone.

        2. A child is just a younger version of an adult human.
          The anti-white demographic campaign discouraging us from breeding is the main thing destroying western civilization.
          But I think you’re likely a feminist troll who wants to make ROK look bad.

        3. Oh can it with your pro-life nonsense. Babies are vile creatures best left to be tended to by the vaginas that bore them.
          I can assure you I am no feminist troll. I am all that is man and at 19 I have more sense then your pussy whipped ass ever will.
          Did you know the earth is o er crowded? Every country should take a page out of China’s book and limit families to no more than two children. Any more than that is a drain on the planet both environmentally and economically. You and people like you are ruining society for everyone else. Nobody gives a fuck about you or thinks that your children are special little snow flakes. If you truly love your children you are either queer, wish you were a woman, or a pedophile.
          If you truly believe that abortion wasn’t the best thing to ever happen to men, you are an idiot. Abortion is the greatest birth control method ever invented. Ask any man stuck paying child support for some piece of shit baby or the whore that bore it.

        4. Watch out everyone. He’s 19, so that means he knows everything.
          If you’re not trolling…never mind, there is no if. Troll is troll.

        5. aww a cute little 19 year old troll….that’s so sweet…go back to sleep under your bridge you little cutie pie troll….let us know when you turn into a real man…or, um, an adult troll? hmmm, not sure what baby trolls turn into actually…

    3. She suffered: a corset? (what is this, the 1800s?) and extensive dieting? (that has been proven to be less effective and healthy than losing weight slowly). It’s great that worked out for you guys, but people have different metabolic rates. Not everyone can “just lose weight”. Once again, invalid opinion.

    1. Care to be specific about the particular parts of the post you disagreed with, and why? Or are you just calling it retarded because it caused you feelbad?

  4. This post’ll go over well with the Shrieking Harpy Corps™. Time to pop some popcorn.

      1. They are probably too busy getting the larger percentage of law and medical degrees. Don’t worry though they’re reeeally threatened by the “manosphere.”

        1. I hear it’s a great time to look for a job as a freshly minted J.D., and that Obamacare is going to raise wages for doctors.

        2. It won’t be as lucrative as it was before, you’re right. But you’ll still be making my coffee.

        3. Part of my job duties is analysing healthcare expenditures to see where doctors can be replaced with nurse practitioners or nurses.
          Hint: it ain’t gonna be pretty for people with $200k in medical-school debt.

  5. Breast feeding burns up over a thousand calories a day. Not Breastfeeding is asking to get fat.
    Also, sometimes the woman’s hormonal composition following birth differs from what it was pre pregnancy, and this can make it very easy to gain weight, especially if the woman, pre pregnancy, had a sedentary lifestyle.
    As always, live a healthy lifestyle, don’t indulge during or after the pregnancy, and Breastfeed and the Oman shouldn’t get fat from pregnancy.

    1. Breastfeeding has the additional advantage of reducing risk of breast cancer and helping to flatten the pooch faster. Unless you are young (under 30) you can get away with bad post baby habits. If you are over 35, you really really need to breastfeed, exercise and eat healthily.

  6. That recommended weight gain reference seems off I believe it’s closer to 20-25 lbs.

    1. This. I know how much Roosh (rightfully) hates facebook, but the power of a facebook like and share buton can’t be denied.

    2. Its 2 lbs for every 1lb of baby. So roughly 24lb for a 8 lb baby. Of course that assumes you are starting from a normal or “underweight” BMI. If you are starting from an overweight+ BMI it should be about 1.5 times baby weight. So an 8lb baby should accompany 12lbs. Its why obese women sometimes don’t even realize they are pregnant until month 6+

      1. yup right… I didn’t realize one of my neighbor had a kid until she came home back with a baby… lol

  7. I lost weight when pregnant (had it to lose, sadly) and managed to mostly keep it off – unless I eat too much crap. There’s no surprise there, the formula is pretty simple.
    I think part of the psychological shift post-baby is that 1) everybody’s doing it (being fat, that is), and 2) you find yourself looking in the mirror less and less. Those are problematic on several levels and tie into more of the Mommy Mythology, like eating for two.
    Heavy Moms would not only be doing the folks who gaze upon them a favor
    by trimming down, but they would feel so much better. I’m selfish
    enough to be motivated by not feeling like hell all the time. Most of the physical complaints I’ve had in my life can be tied to hauling around too much extra me – the tiredness, the hormonal imbalance, skin stuff – the “medication” given for those never worked, but the weight loss? Every time.

    1. Some mother of two recently remarked how she “forgot” to put on her mascara that moring. “Ah, motherhood.” I predict she’ll be an ugly fat cow in a few years (hint: she used to have an ‘eating disorder’).
      I have zero sympathy, having taken care of multiple infants, and still managing to get dressed in the morning and look decent for work.

  8. Every time I visit Poland I am totally AMAZED by many new mothers who are pushing their babies around in strollers. Many of these new mothers are thin, wear heels, dress classy and/or in form-fitting European-cut jeans… And a lot of them look like they could pose for a Playboy photo shoot. Amazing…

      1. This is the only selfie I wholeheartedly approve of. Moms who look like that after having kids should show themselves off.

        1. The problem with this example is that a) she’s a fitness blogger, and was one for quite some time before becoming pregnant. So when you lead an active, healthy lifestyle for years before gaining all that weight, it’s going to be easier to shed that weight and maintain your pre-baby body. B) Not only does she have a naturally small frame, but she gained very little weight throughout her pregnancy. If you look at her photos during her last few weeks prior to the birth, she has a small little bump, which is about the size of a normal woman’s 6 month bump.
          This is a terrible example to use, and is awful to expect all women to look the exact same after giving birth.

    1. Well this is awesome, but this should be the hope, not the expectation. Someone commented below “9 months on, 9 months off” and I think that is reasonable. Your woman is breast feeding your seed, that’s not the time to drastically cut calories or nutrients.

        1. I think that to make this the expectation would be unhealthy. As has been mentioned, a higher caloric intake is needed when breastfeeding (though caloric does not equate to fatty content).
          When I got pregnant, I was significantly underweight (I’m 5’8″ and I weighed 96 pounds). I was asked to gain AT LEAST 65 pounds by my doctor. I did him one better and gained 80. It’s not always in the mother’s/baby’s best interests for the mother to put her appearance ahead of health.
          Add to that, women are instructed not to exercise for approximately four weeks after giving birth (I wasn’t even allowed to sweep or vacuum the floor, which would risk straining my already-strained abdominal muscles).
          That said, I lost all of my baby weight in five months, and now, I look like the picture above. But it shouldn’t be the expectation for women to look like that four days after giving birth.

        2. Fat, yes. But not a really high fat diet. And yes, fat does make you fat. If you eat it to excess.

        3. On a biochemical level, fat triggers the hormones that tell you when to stop eating. Never eat bread before a meal. Eat a tablespoon of sunflower seeds.

        4. What’s unhealthy is becoming obese and ending up with Type 2 diabetes, worn-out knees, and heart disease.
          5’8″ and 96 lbs is eating-disorder territory–you need to be in an insane asylum, not fucking up another generation of kids.

        5. i dropped 20 lbs in a month eating a high fat diet to excess.
          you’re misinformed.

    2. I”m impressed that she’s wearing such tiny panties. You bleed lochia blood for almost a month after giving birth. Also she must not have needed any IV fluids at the hospital because those make you retain water like no other for a good 10 days after giving birth.

    3. Nice to see anorexic mothers, let’s Hope she feeds her baby. And ps. where’s the baby? With the nanny?

  9. Roosh incorporate a Like button for articles. Honestly this is incredibly written and 100% fact.

  10. Assuming a society that tells women they can kill their babies at any time for any reason will actually help-while that same society tells men to “man up and take responsibility”

    1. Assuming a society that tells women they can abandon (or kill) their babies (or fetuses) at any time for any reason
      Corrected that for you

  11. fat feminsts in 3…2..1
    they should copy the asian diet. those girls look slim like they never gave birth. the ones i noticed that gain alot of weight from child birth seems to be the pacific islanders,middle easterners and indian girls. probably the high calorie foods and evolving in an enviroment thats scarce if food.
    white latin and asian girls no excuses,if its “geneitc”.

    1. Too right!
      Modern day pacific islanders live on a diet of pork and as a result, their women have developed a porcine aesthetic.

        1. how so? from what ive heard you can get sick from since the pig has a bd habit of eating feces thus getting you sick an why muslims n jews dont eat.
          id like to hear your take and if you can bribg links that be great.

      1. Many Pacific Islander men are pretty tubby, too. Hawaii has the highest per capita consumption of Spam in the world.

  12. I personally didn’t have issues losing the weight and I blew up quite a bit with both pregnancies (bed rest will do that to ya). Just set back to work post birth, “wore” my babies around all the time ’cause there’s nothing like a 10 pound weight while you’re doing what needs to be done. Invested in a good jogging stroller so I could exercise with them. Of course breastfeeding and watching what I ate helped a lot. I’ve always used the mantra that if I didn’t want my children to eat it, it shouldn’t be going into my body either.

  13. Moms of any age gross me out. There is no such thing as a MILF. I do not want to fuck any mothers. And seriously, hearing comments with the word “pooch” in them and dudes with wives with 8 kids…am I on the right site. Fucking.Gay.

    1. This article has flushed out some trapped betas who come here for mental masturbation. They exist in a hellish state of denial. They are too far gone-just ignore them and hope they do not commit familicide.

  14. Agree with the general sentiment here, but keep in mind that American women are increasingly choosing to become first-time mothers at a much later age (35+, post-cock carousel in many cases) when it is in fact far more difficult to recover physically from a pregnancy. Chicks who become mothers at an appropriately young age (20-25, say) should see their bodies bounce right back in short order with proper nutrition and exercise.

  15. I was expecting this article to be rather harsh and close to the point where some readers are confused as to whether the author has written a satirical piece or is merely trolling. I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the wording isn’t kind in places, but barring the fact that some women can’t breastfeed, it is actually pretty accurate. I’m not convinced that the shaming part works to make someone commit to making long-term health/lifestyle changes because most people seem to actively avoid discomfort, but I would be happy to be proven wrong as I don’t have a better answer.

  16. I have long wondered at the relatively sudden rise of “post-baby weight syndrome”. My mother only gained 20 lbs total while pregnant, and back then that was normal. Women might have a slight pudge of 10-15lbs for a few months, but it was nothing that didn’t melt off within the course of a year naturally. Now women seem to use pregnancy as an excuse to be an entitled princess and eat everything in sight. It’s all the fun of being a bride, but with the ability to become a human vacuum!

  17. Thank you for this article! Truth!!! After a year (which is very reasonable) the weight should be off or almost off. Women want well off husbands and men want attractive wives. None of this “he should still love and be attracted to me because I gave him a child”. You know how you got the kid, you were hot and your husband wanted to bang you…..hint hint. A kid or kids are no excuse to be fat. Take some pride in your appearances….it took you looking good to catch your man’s eye, it will take the same to keep his eyes on you.

    1. A year? That’s very generous. A month maybe two should be very reasonable for any woman who cares about herself and her husband. If someone is consistent about staying in good shape all the time a month or two is more than enough time after giving birth to get back to normal.

      1. I was being reasonable…but…okay?! definitely not going to argue with that. Still reaches the goal for everyone involved. lol

    2. Why do women care?!!!! My god if this is all men can think about after their wives have given life and doing their best to handle new found motherhood and recovering from giving birth and all the complications it might have brought.. Why should they care about your selfish demand for attractiveness?! Not to mention your fucking time-limit attached to it?!?! My god… women … why do we put up with this shit … WHY?! What the fuck are men doing for us? What the fuck are they giving us in return? Their dicks?!!! Women are not even interested in those most of the time anyway! Women…we must unite! We need to stop this shit from happening.. Because I am fucking fed up with the entitled, shit spewing, fucking egotistical men of this generation.. I just can’t deal with it anymore.. Let them masturbate to porn for eternity and feel entitled to all those women that they can never have.. Because I am done..I hope you women are also finally realizing that men don’t give a flying fuck about us, so why should we give even the littlest amount of fucks about what they think about us?

  18. Not necessarily as gross as American and Western women in general choosing to procreate around 28-40 (On the reproductive decline and genetic downhill). Numerous scientists have said this is terrible for the gene pool to have so many women choosing to delay birth and thereby inflicting innumerable genetic deficiencies to their children (which could explain why there are so many weak beta bitch males today). This shows you how selfish the Western woman is, she’d risk giving her progeny diseases from an aged uterus just for the chance to whore around in her 20s. Science has repeatedly proved that a woman’s prime years of giving birth to healthy babies are from the ages of 15-28. Basically at 30 or beyond, you stand a chance of weakening your gene pool, if you are a woman. I am a huge believer in eugenics, I am mixed as you can tell by picture, but both my father and mother had me when they were relatively young. I excelled at athletics, history, math and music (not just from breeding but from decent parentage, but I didn’t have any inherited genetic deficiencies that I could have had, had my parents chose to wait). You don’t have to necessarily believe in racial eugenics, but eugenics as a general rule for breeding the best and brightest should be something the state should seriously consider, and not throwing money away on “Laquesha” and her future criminal children.
    Feminism not only destroyed our ancient patriarchy, but it destroyed women’s chances at producing prime offspring. Consider this, when women on average gave birth from the ages of 13-26 from time immemorial till about the 1960s, men’s testosterone rates were much higher (even with the tobacco craze back then). Post-1969, when women delayed child birth for the chance at getting back at us men and being “equal,” we get the beta manginas we do today. Even if you pay attention to the depths of modern men’s voices, they are invariably higher pitched than their predecessors. How many men today sound like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood? Hell they probably don’t even know who these men are. Simply put a race or community of people are best served when the men work, marry much younger women who are fertile, populate that community, and summarily invest in their offspring . “Gender” roles (I hate using the word gender, but sex roles sounds too opaque) weren’t just something that sprung about, they were to our homes what the division of labor is to economics (a necessity). There was a reason why the management of the home before Cultural Marxism in America, was called “home economics.” Sadly, this is all gone with the wind, a vanished civilization. Go back to playing with the game consoles you got for Christmas and vicariously live out your manhoods through imaginary soldiers on Modern Warfare, but for you men who considerably established and want to breed, pay attention to the age and genetics of your mate. Ideally she should be 10 years younger than you and NOT an American or in general not a woman from the Anglosphere.

    1. Perhaps if men hadn’t ruined it by exploiting their marital privilege:, they wouldn’t have to suffer the “indignity” of being the longest-lived men in history, least likely to be killed by violent warfare than any men previous.
      High testosterone levels are not necessarily a good thing. Usually that just results in a higher male criminal element.
      And yes, if you’re going to be buying wives 10 years younger than you’ll definitely need to either be rich or go overseas. Women’s preference for same-age (2-5 years older) men is well-documented so you’ll need to pay a woman to feign attraction since it is unlikely to be genuine.

      1. “Perhaps if men hadn’t ruined it by exploiting their marital privilege”
        How is keeping your woman in place a marital privilege? It’s a marital obligation and responsibility. It’s a burden, not an advantage.

        1. Men’s marital privilege was the imbalance of power. A woman could not even make a major purchase without her husband’s permission. Being a wife meant having no rights and rather than treat their wives fairly, men exploited their natural instincts towards violence. Battered Wife Syndrome was pervasive.
          Husbands today spend more time with their children and domestic violence has declined. It’s why marriage for women is only somewhat logical with police enforcement and threat of divorce; men simply could not be trusted with dependent and powerless wives. Traditional marriage is like corporate monopoly with no regulation or auditing; it corrupts.

        2. I disagree. The imbalance of power you speak of is not an imbalance of power: you’re judging a woman’s power based on men’s criterias, ie dominance, rights, owning property, etc. For instance, you don’t take into account the power of a woman’s beauty and femininity, and the ensuing capacity of attracting and keeping a successful man to provide for her and the kids. The power to gather help from other men, the power to manipulate, the privilege to not be held accountable for one’s actions and words, etc.
          As for domestic violence, yeah sure it’s in decline. But the sex between married couples sucks now, there is over 50% of divorce and rising, more bastard kids than ever, more single moms taxing their child’s future by stupidly thinking they can raise them on their own…
          Police threat and threat of divorce you say. I say hating on men and treating them like the enemy isn’t a successful long term strategy.

        3. No, I am judging a man’s power on the power of self-determination, which is the only kind that matters. What good is the female “power” of “beauty” and “ability to attract a successful man to provide for her and her kids” if the man dies, if she is not straight, if she is not beautiful, or does not remain so? Power is the ability to decide one’s own fate. Would you say that women who are enslaved in harems are “powerful” if they also happen to be young and beautiful? Use your brain please, or if you are capable of objectivity, use that instead.
          “the sex between married couples sucks now” subjective. You might think so because you can’t force a woman to have sex with you vis-a-vis legalized rape.
          “there is over 50% of divorce and rising” False. The divorce rate has been declining since a highwater mark in 1981 and is now roughly 20% for college-educated women who marry from 25 and up. Immediately after coverature was repealed and no-fault divorce was introduced women could not run fast enough from their control freak men but they are more content to stay with the new fairer and gentler breed of husband.
          “Police threat and threat of divorce you say. I say hating on men and treating them like the enemy isn’t a successful long term strategy.” I say being wary of men is a very successful long-term strategy. Not rushing into marriage and being more selective about prospective mates – lower divorce rate. Not getting drunk around men – lower chance of being raped. Becoming educated and developing a career to ensure that if anything DOES happen that you can provide for yourself – if the man leaves you, your offspring don’t plunge into poverty. If the man dies and leaves you with no assets, you and your offspring don’t plunge into poverty. If the man beats you within an inch of your life and you have to divorce him, you and your offspring don’t plunge into poverty.
          Actually, dependence on MEN isn’t a successful long-term strategy. And that is why it is being dismantled in every society on this particular planet.

        4. Youthful beauty fades. Manipulation is dishonest and weak. My mum couldn’t open her own bank account in the early 1960s without my dad co-signing for her. There’s got to be a golden mean somewhere.

        5. Yeah. Divorce should be illegal except in extreme cases, that way when you take away a girl from her family, you’re responsible for her for the rest of your life, faded beauty or not.

    2. You are a “huge believer in eugenics”? Obviously then you have a pretty weak grasp on the way genetics and natural selection actually works. Man the people on this site are so stupid it pains me. I am a doctor, by the way.

      1. You’re a doctor right? Eugenics developed out of the study of natural selection and the survival of the fittest. I am sure you also graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Medical School and you are also a step away from inventing the cure for cancer.

        1. It did develop out of that…. Historically. There is essentially no evidence supporting the scientific benefits of eugenics for a population, generally because it doesn’t provide for enough variation and humans are unable to predict the genes that may become adaptive if the environment changes (I.e. Being a carrier for sickle cell in a malarial environment). All critically thinking, non racist people let it go with the nazis.

        2. I am just not talking about the merits of eugenics as an evolutionary biological strategy but also as a check against degeneracy. Ever take a stroll down one of America’s ghettos?

        3. Oh you’re a woman (or gay male). This explains so much. Nevermind, refraining from using spent energy and logic with a woman. Good day, madame.

        4. This explains exactly why you persist in being wrong. If you don’t believe me, go do some research yourself. Because you sound like you just wandered out of the early 20th century.

        5. Overwhelmingly, they’ve seen that “nurture” rather than “nature” results in the kind of outcomes you’re discussing. Which would be wholly unrelated to eugenics. But of course you knew that.

        6. To a point. But after a while it is reasonable to believe that poor people, on the whole, are genetically inferior when it comes to intelligence. Poors only breed with other poors, so chances are the child will not surpass the (low) intelligence of either parent.

        7. your argument is begging the question. you say that it is reasonable to believe that poor people are less intelligent, because they only breed with other poor people who are less intelligent. rather circular, right? you argument presumes that poor people are poor because they are stupid, rather than because of their ill luck. so unless you can prove that poor people are poor because they are stupid..

      2. You’re a dermatology resident. If I have a pimple issue, I may call you. Get of your high horse “doc”.

        1. Dermatology is one of the list coveted residencies. You have to be at the top of your class. I think it qualifies me to explain why eugenics is logically unsound.

    3. Maybe the testosterone rates were higher because all the men weren’t overweight or obese? But who cares right? It’s a free for all in assigning causality when you make an argument.

    4. Yeah this is a good point.
      Women aren’t biologically capable of producing healthy children with an aged womb and this is the worst lie of feminism THAT HURTS WOMEN and not even so much men.

    5. I think going to school and getting a job are the main reasons women are delaying motherhood, not ‘whoring it up’. Back when most women were having kids at the age of 18 they just kept on having them and had many, many more kids. So they still had kids popping out of their ‘tired old uterus’ in their 30’s and 40’s, it’s just that it was their 8th kid instead of their first or second….

  19. This is the dumbest shit I have ever read. The only thing more disgusting than a preggo bitch is the disgusting creature that will inevitably pop out of her vagina.
    No true alpha would give a damn about some ugly fat bitch. And he would care even less about something as disgusting as a baby. All you men with children are betas. Babies make betas out of the most alpha of men.
    If you disagree you may as well call yourself a woman. Only women are meant to care about babies and children. It is the most female quality there is.

    1. On the contrary, men whose ancestors evolved in the harsh northern regions of the world have a definite genetic-based urge to care about and invest resources into their children. Evolutionary psychology is real, and man’s urge to fuck women does in fact stem from the instinct to procreate.

        1. That was not sarcasm. Fathering children is seriously the most beta action you can take as a man. Any real man would understand that right off the bat.
          I hate babies and I hate pussymen who let women put their balls in a vice grip just to have them. Instead of encouraging all of these gross harpies to pop out leech after blood and money sucking leech, we should be celebrating people like Adam Lanza. What he did in that classroom to those disgusting little pricks was truly one of the greates moments in American history. More people should have the balls to exterminate children and stop treating them like they are some precious commodity meant to be nurtured and cared for. The only reason people used to have large families was it meant free slave labor!

        2. The free labor part is true, which is why having kids was hisotrically alpha. If you had 100 kids you were basically a guaranteed millionaire. Even if you didn’t have the land you could sell them as slaves or rent them as serfs or free labour.

        3. Men who can’t have babies (erectile dysfunction, impotence) are still men, it’s okay. Just because you can’t do the deed doesn’t make you a beta, man. We’re on your side.

    2. Not all women care about babies. Don’t assume it’s a “woman thing.”
      The prevalence of manchildren and sociopaths like yourself has done a very good job of killing any once-existent instincts towards procreation that many women may have had centuries ago.
      Many women can identify with and celebrate Margaret Cho’s famous quote, “I do not want children. When I see children, I feel nothing. I have no maternal instinct. I am barren. I ovulate sand.”

    3. This is what gets me about the manosphere. There’s too much posing here. There’s nothing beta about loving your children and wanting to be a good father. With that said, I don’t want to wear a baby strap carrier or push a stroller, that is not my role as a man in life. I think the manosphere should start getting separate categories for different guys, mainly, the traditionalists vs. the modernists. I am 100% a traditionalist, I subscribe to the natural order between the sexes and oppose any society that doesn’t. All too often do I hear men bloviate on “game,” and keeping “score.” This is a vapid and fruitless existence and actually caters to the goals of feminism. I don’t want to go to bars to pick up women, nor do I want women vitiated by having tons of partners.

      1. Children are vile pieces of money and life sucking shit. Loving babies, adoring children, thinking procreation is a good idea is what feminists want you to think. It is the epitome of being beta. Children exist only for women to entrap men in relationships and if you “want children” you are buying in to the feminist/female agenda hook line and sinker. A true Alpha has no use for children and wouldn’t be caught dead submitting to the whims of one.
        The only reason a man should want a baby is to get women to shut their mouths and keep them busy.

        1. “Desire for intimate relationships, and concern about the status of one’s relationships, is a normative human process. Because of the importance of social connection to survival and reproduction in our evolutionary past (Caporeal, 2001; Foley, 1995), humans require meaningful and persisting associations with others for both physical and psychological well-being (Baumeister & Leary, 1995).
          A lack of social connection is associated with negative emotional states (Blackhart, Nelson, Knowles, & Baumeister, 2009), impairments in self-regulation (Baumeister, DeWall, Ciarocco, & Twenge, 2005),
          hostility and aggression (Chow, Tiedens, & Govan, 2008; Leary, Twenge, & Quinlivan, 2006), and negative health outcomes such as increased risk of contracting illnesses and greater risk of mortality (Cohen, Doyle, Skoner, Rabin, & Gwaltney, 1997; House, Landis, & Umberson, 1988).
          “It is this normative need that has led me to conclude that those avoiding relationships or exhibiting typical “Dark Triad” behaviors such as low empathy and narcissism are steeped in sociopathy. Previously this blog has attracted males opposed to relationships in general, characterizing them as “sex on women’s terms.” It remains important to
          identify such non-normative males, both in debate and more importantly, for your own purposes in filtering.”

          Have you been diagnosed yet or are there bodies in your closet?

        2. “Desire for intimate relationships, and concern about the status of one’s relationships, is a normative human process. Because of the importance of social connection to survival and reproduction in our evolutionary past (Caporeal, 2001; Foley, 1995), humans require meaningful and persisting associations with others for both physical and psychological well-being (Baumeister & Leary, 1995).
          A lack of social connection is associated with negative emotional states (Blackhart, Nelson, Knowles, & Baumeister, 2009), impairments in self-regulation (Baumeister, DeWall, Ciarocco, & Twenge, 2005),
          hostility and aggression (Chow, Tiedens, & Govan, 2008; Leary, Twenge, & Quinlivan, 2006), and negative health outcomes such as increased risk of contracting illnesses and greater risk of mortality (Cohen, Doyle, Skoner, Rabin, & Gwaltney, 1997; House, Landis, & Umberson, 1988).
          “It is this normative need that has led me to conclude that those avoiding relationships or exhibiting typical “Dark Triad” behaviors such as low empathy and narcissism are steeped in sociopathy. Previously this blog has attracted males opposed to relationships in general, characterizing them as “sex on women’s terms.” It remains important to
          identify such non-normative males, both in debate and more importantly, for your own purposes in filtering.”

          Have you been diagnosed yet or are there bodies in your closet?

        3. So the reason life exists on earth is because a bunch of animals have for billions of years given into the feminist agenda? Got it. Those feminists sure have a lot of power.

      2. Having a children under current circumstances has become beta, because the laws are so biased that you never really have them, the woman does.

        1. This is a misappropriation of blame. Of course, the beta manginas who knowingly take up marriage with coarsened American/Western women are beta to the core. However the naturalness for the male desire of the ancient patriarchal family unit and fatherhood is not. Mostly, blame the laws, the Cultural Marxists who subverted the laws and the numerous beta manginas who uphold them in our courts. I don’t necessarily blame men for wanting to bequeath their legacies by procreating, especially to their sons, the only caveat should be “proceed at your own risk in America and the West in general.” With that said, I cannot accuse all of these men for being “beta” (although many of them are). The people who inverted our system, chiefly the subversives from the “Frankfurt School of Philosophy” and other Marxist front organizations, knew that no nation could survive without a patriarchy. We are living in the aftermath of the permeation of Cultural Marxism in our cities and total Cultural Marxism reflected in our media and laws. There may be some rare rural outposts of conservatism, but their way of living is but a shell, for if push came to shove, a woman scorned can always fall back on these misandric laws. Welcome to America, 2014 AD.

        2. I do blame the jews, lets face it, jews control the media, there is an infograph here showing almost all the top feminist like noeme klein are jews; the jews are a matriarchal culture where lineage and descendant on the mother’s side is more important; whereas white cultures tended to be patriarchal. Karl Marx the inventor of communism was a jew, and the communist and jews are so tightly linked that bolsheiviks became a synonym for jew or bolshieveik jew.
          Having kids has become beta because you put yourself in an inferior position to women. The most alpha thing a man can do is to simply walk away and not give a shit. Having kids makes that impossible, at best you can walk away and she takes your money as the divorce court bends you over the scrotoum stretcher and gives it to you where it hurts… up the ass.
          In countries where men are allowed to keep the kids divorce is very rare, not that divorces don’t exist, women just have no incentive to divorce when they will not be getting alimony and child support or are reduced to just alimony. for a few months.
          Any alpha male who had kids would have done what michael jackson did, rent a vagina to pop out his kids and have her sign away all her rights before they are born and take it at birth and raise it. The serogate mother like most american women predictably got fat, while jackson was still a thin 50 year old with a 20 something year old hot thin white blonde girlfriend. Why would any man subject himself to the lunancy of “having a wife” who can throw him on the scrotum stretcher for the no reason at all and rob himblind and divorce rape him after running up all the bills just to “ahev kids” that the woman can run off with any time?
          Michael Jackson was probably the biggest alpha in Hollywood, thats why he got so much hate and groupies.

        3. The role played by Jews in authoring and proliferating Cultural Marxism and feminism in America and Europe is undeniable. In a purely objective sense, modern culture is Jewish as denoted by Jewish author Yuri Slezkine’s book “The Jewish Century.” Modern culture in his words is about everyone becoming Jewish, everyone becoming rootless, cosmopolitan, liberal and even a little neurotic. It’s hard not to affix blame on the “tribe.” Jewish culture is unique in the sense that matrilineage is more important than patrilineage. I can’t think of any other culture in history or the world, where a society has concerned themselves more on the heritage and bloodlines of the mother than of the father. I don’t know if this has been reflected by the maternal principle in the influence of Western, chiefly Anglo laws but clearly, the mother over father paradigm is not only the standard but law.
          Simply put, 98% of all cultures will be destroyed upon the elimination of patriarchy, especially European, Persian, Indian and Arab cultures which were/are so heavily dependent upon their stability on patriarchy. For European societies, America included, there’s no coming back from this. Women, especially white women do not understand the detriment they’ve placed the West under with their complete liberation or rather total license. They will never relinquish this “freedom,” or more appropriately power. I said and I’ll said it again, the West will have to burn under the falsehoods of its current foundations before it completely understands the error of its ways.

        4. A worldview based on the extinction of one’s own species makes no sense.
          Birth control and abortion are rooted in feminism. To free women from the authority of men, it was essential that women be able to control their own fertility. And never forget that these technologies were invented by the ultimate enemy, the international Jew.

      3. There is nothing wrong with wearing a baby strap carrier or pushing a stroller! You would be helping your wife with your kid, and that means spending more time with them as their dad, especially if you have son. Then that would mean more dad and son time!

    4. Alphas are the ones whose genes get passed down. Betas are the ones who get no sex, no breeding, and whose genes die out in the next generation. No baby = beta male. No baby = dead end for you.

      1. Impregnating some dumb girl might be the action of an alpha. Yet any man who proclaims love for his child is a beta moron. Any man who gives in to a girl and shares the responsibility of caring for/nurturing his child is beta.
        Any man who can say with any amount of sincerity that he loves a child, even his own is disgusting and weak willed.

  20. Thank you. Thank You. THANK YOU for pointing out that there is a difference between being fat and being pregnant.

      1. Because it bothers me when people call pregnant women fat, as though they are not carrying a tiny human inside of them.

        1. But isn’t this article between pregnant women of different sizes as opposed to pregnant women and non-pregnant overweight women?

  21. No, it’s really just for the dicks. I mean, unless all you men feel like carrying aroud a child for nine months straight while it kicks you. Oh! Then give birth, which is oh, i don’t know comparable in pain to being burned alive. Then nurse for a few months. So until you deal with that for a year? Just shut up. Your opinion is invalid.

    1. You are an evil and vile excuse for a human being. Not only can you find no place in your heart to be good to a man with whom, presumably, you may someday chose to share your life but you talk about pregnancy and birth as though you will have a baby predator inside you, that will cling to you and suck the life from you for months after it emerges? Disgusting. Please have your uterus removed and while they are in there, take the ovaries too as it is obvious you’d never choose to use them to any good purpose. Do us all a favor and do not procreate! Although with an attitude like yours I am hopeful that no man would be dumb enough to donate any sperm in any case.

  22. God. I don’t even know what to say to you. A whale at 155? I hope you get the anorexic gf you’ve been hoping for. Its more of a joy ride than you can imagine.

  23. I’ll keep the weight off if he keeps the weight off. Last thing I need is a greasy beer belly with a face, you know?

  24. Another thing to consider is that many like things talked about on ROK, the birthing process has been so bastarized by our culture/health system that it ends up contributing to women not being able to recover after having a baby in the hospital. Rejecting the OB/GYN and going with a midwife, rejecting all drugs, medications, anaesthesia, and interventions like forceps, episiotomy, c-section, etc greatly assist a woman to bounce back after birth (bonus: baby too.) If you are brave, having the baby at home using a jacuzzi tub with an experienced person is really the best way to go. I don’t usually share personal info here but I had three kids, all natural no interventions no drugs and with #2 and #3 I was home showered dressed having a pizza and champaign and carrying my new baby before the hospital even finished my admitting paperwork. With all three I was riding my horse after 3 days and back to my regular workout routine after a week or so. I attribute the recovery almost 100% to rejection of the “standard” American hospital birthing process of which everyone should have a very healthy suspicion. Let’s not even start talking about the disgusting routine practice of cutting on baby boy’s penises the day after they are born. Yes, it is best to stay out of the hospital if you can but if you go allow them to touch you (and the baby) as little as you can get away with and leave as soon as humanly possible.

    1. Tits or GTFO, whore
      (there are tens of thousands of WOMEN sites for women. why do you parasite women have to come infect one of the very very few sites for MEN? go hang out at jezebel or something, leave us men the fuck alone and let us have our own space)

      1. I have invested time and energy into learning the rules here over the past two years – enough that my more recent contributions are generally well-accepted and received. I understand your anger but I have my reasons for being here and work to contribute well thought points and comment infrequently only on articles where my viewpoint may be welcomed. In short, I follow the rules and I understand, mostly, where my boundaries are. I am not your enemy.

    2. I would have loved a home birth! Alas, I have mitrol valve prolapse, diagnosed at age 9. Because of this, the moment I go into labor, I have to be hooked to an IV for antibiotics. Even dental work requires a round of antibiotics.

    3. You realise that before the advent of modern obstetrics, “Died in childbirth” used to be a common phrase? That churchyards were filled with the tiny graves of infants who didn’t survive the birth? That’s what you get when you leave women (i.e. midwives) in charge of providing medical care. Now that us men have handed women the opportunity to give birth almost risk-free, you can’t be grateful. No, you value the ‘experience’ of giving birth ‘naturally’ (whilst using natural smartphones to naturally videotape your birth so that you can attention whore over the natural internet you status as a ‘birth warrior’) so much that you willingly put the lives of your baby and yourself at risk.

  25. Wow. What a load of shrimp-dick bollocks! Men: please please do not turn to the internet when reading about post pregnancy. If you care more about your wife’s weight than you do about the amazing fact that you have just had a child, then do some soul searching.

  26. “we have an obligation as a society to help fat mothers be more aesthetically pleasing.”
    or you could just chill the fuck out and mind your own business. Seriously, why is it necessary to be so ridiculously judgmental about everything? So a mom is fat, that’s her own personal failing. Don’t act like you don’t have any.

  27. “It will be awkward for you to do so, but we have an obligation as a society to help fat mothers be more aesthetically pleasing.”
    I’m noticing a theme on this website, that women apparently owe it to men to be “aesthetically pleasing” more than to be healthy, and that’s just fucking over your wife and your child.

  28. Maybe it’s where you’re from, I don’t know any fat , before or after, pregnant women, or any lazy pregnant women, they all work, work out, have beautiful bodies, babies and healthy lifestyles, maybe it’s your generation, are you a baby boomer, because they were all horribly disfigured by pregnancy, lol. And almost all the women I know did it naturally, no pills, no drips, no eating for two, no stretch marks, cellulite or sagging breasts to blame on their kids. I think the circle you’re exposed to might just have archaic values or “cheeseburger” lifestyles. The healthy, bright, beautiful, competent pregnant woman is making a comeback, gone are the days of sitting on your arse because you had a baby, women are up and about and back to it.
    Or maybe, you’re referring to white, western women?

  29. This is sad.
    I was slim before I had my son and gained 80 lbs do to a chemical imbalance. My ex husband became a real jerk and I divorced his shallow ass. I exercises and could not drop the weight until I found a Dr. outside of the US who diagnosed me w/ PCOS. He gave me a guideline on what not to eat because certain food accelerate your weight gain w/ a chemical imbalance. I remarried kind of fat and lost the rest after marriage no sagging either.
    He remarried a slim lady who got fat and didn’t even have a baby HAHA he’s mad!!
    But I found true love and life definitely goes on!

  30. I completely agree! Pregnancy is no excuse to gorge on unhealthy foods and motherhood is no excuse to remain fat. I had my fourth child four months ago, and am down to 115 lbs. It takes WILLPOWER. I eat small portions of wholesome foods off of salad-sized plates. I completely cut out bread/pasta, packaged snack foods and baked treats, because I had a tendency to eat too much of those. I drink lots of water, tea, and organic whole milk instead of snacking, and to keep a healthy breastmilk supply. I am using the workout video series “Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom.”
    It isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding. And what motivates me the most is to do it for my husband. He has always stayed fit, and I want to look my best for him.

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