The 6 Levels Of Game

When thinking about game with women, one should see it in terms of ranks or positions in the corporate world. Each position has a level of education and field experience to be qualified, which grants them a certain level of income and benefits. Welcome to “Game, Incorporated” and here are the positions that are available for consideration.

Hand out to Shake

Greetings, sir. I’m here for the interview.

1. The Janitor

This would be the lowest level in the corporate world. No educational or field experience in game, therefore this position picks up the scraps from the floor. He grabs the dirtiest jobs, getting chicks from the physical attractiveness ranges of 1 to 3 out of 10. His wage is pretty low, so he only gets a few of these dumpster chicks every year.

He has little to no benefits (meaning, he does not have a harem, booty calls or LTRs) and his position is pretty expendable (meaning, chicks friend zone and keep him as a beta orbiter and white knight). The attrition rate for this position is very high (meaning, he will feel like a loser and drop out of the game community very quickly).

The Office - Season 8

Low income (meaning, low pussy earnings) leads to a very disadvantaged life for janitors.

2. Temp Worker

This is the second level up in the corporate world. Maybe a little educational or field experience in game, but he still gets the shit work. He can pick up chicks from the physical attractiveness ranges of 1 to 4 out of 10. His wage is pretty low, and he receives no benefits, since he sees his chances in game as a temporary thing to “try out.”

He is expendable, having those more superior to him (meaning: alphas) moving up on the ladder. The attrition rate for this position is very high. He finds himself having another job on the side (meaning, masturbation) to make ends meet.

Temp Worker 1

3. Floor Staff

This is the third level in the corporate world. He has some educational and field experience with game. This man is inundated with the steady stream of females he attracts. However, these chicks are your average customers, on the physical attractiveness ranges of 4 to 6 out of 10. He works off commission, so even though his income fluctuates, he manages to have a pretty good weekly or monthly cash flow (meaning, high amounts of ONS and LTRs).

He is a very busy man, picking up the fat, ugly, young, and old The attrition rate for this position is medium, for 50% of this position gets burned out. Billy on the other hand has been showing management that he is a leader. He has been racking up an all-time high in sales (meaning, approaching and closing with chicks above the physical attractiveness of 6 out of 10), and these customers (meaning, the women) have been referring him to other customers. Billy has been considered for a promotion.

4. Lower Management

This is the fourth level in the corporate world. This position must have a good level of educational and field experience with game. To be considered for this position, one must possess these qualities:

  • Strong frame
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and text)
  • Can manage a harem of women (minimum of 3 is sufficient)
  • In good physical shape to lift 95+ pounds (of woman)
  • Flexible – willingness to travel and approach late on nights and weekends

This position gets a steady stream of 7s on the physical attractiveness scale. The job can be very demanding, since he is requested to travel often to make sales (meaning, escalating and getting sex). Granted he has acquired a pretty good client base from the floor staff position, he notices he is not very impressed with salary pay.

This means he has to work from morning to late night and weekends picking up chicks, and he will make the same income (which could be two chicks rated as 7/10s a week). However, this position receives great benefits – 401k retirement plan (meaning, he has many chicks whom he’s banging that want an LTR with him), full medical (sex) and dental (they give him on the spot oral when he needs it).

5. Upper Management

Lower Management

This is second highest position in the corporate world. It demands a high level of educational and field experience in game. He exceeds the requirements of the lower management position. At this position, he can occasional sit back and watch the steady stream of 8 out of 10s come his way.

Excellent pay and benefits, high job satisfaction, he is the guy (read: alpha) who is terminating any janitor or temp worker that comes his way. When he walks into the corporate business building (meaning, the bar, club or any social event), all positions beneath him stand at attention and make sure they greet him.

6. C.E.O.

Archive Manager 0207 157 3052

This is the highest level in the corporate world. Being a master of his craft, he possesses many years of educational and field work experience to be considered the highest ranking officer in gaming women. His income is so high that he can do whatever he wants with it. Money (meaning, women) attract to him everywhere he goes.

He has a big job, but knows how to handle a harem of five women or more. He has excellent benefits, such as his severance pay (meaning, if one chick cuts him off, he will always have an endless supply of women still coming at him). Like most CEOs he likes to donate (meaning, his cock) towards other organizations and charities (meaning girls below 8s).

He may not like this but knows that donations are good, for at the end of the year his business (meaning, his cock) gets tax exemptions and receives a nice refund (meaning, more chicks pile up in his line of steady vagina). As stated in the laws of attraction, high level executives understand this rule that if you give you will receive, and so his business gets rewarded handsomely through his donations.



Where do you fit into this corporate ladder of gaming women? Do you feel there is a glass ceiling, where you may see chances to move up, but somehow are not moving anywhere? Do you hate where you are in your position? Are you satisfied?

Upper management and CEOs are where they are due to their belief systems and work ethic. Way back when they first got the job at “Game, Inc.” they, too, were once janitors. It took hard work and persistence to move up the ranks, approaching day in and day out, working nights and evenings.

So, are you ready for a position at “Game, inc.”? Then go to school, get out in the field, and perfect your craft! The client base is seeking potential leaders like you.

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84 thoughts on “The 6 Levels Of Game”

  1. Game turned simple concepts into a method to get rich quick by a lot of unscrupulous men, which has led to our current social decline, along with dodgy banking. PUAs and feminists complain about shit they both caused, then reinforce each others’ delusions. It would be better for a long-term strategy came about, as MGTOW and PUA just seem to be about ‘make the most of the 5 years of decline we have left before we’re all fucked’. I’m not saying that both don’t have their good points, its just that they’re clearly not sustainable, especially when the top PUAs keep going off to Russia as we are fucked over in the west. I think Traditional Conservative is the way to go historically, but many women and men won’t like that as they have gotten too ‘experienced’ to change their behaviour. But promoting a ‘Rome is burning, so let’s just go full hedonistic’ strategy is not responsible. Not to mention that the hedonism era has passed for most who are somewhat ‘aware’ and even for many who are not. Wage/tax/slavery is the norm for the future – priorities should be (1) freedom/education, (2) money/job (3) women.
    In that order. If we don’t want to end up worse than Zimbabwe in 10-20 years.
    I like this site, but there are I feel too many conflicting non-workable ideas and government trolls. Pretty soon, the internet will have no freedom and any real info and education will be that which is local/word-of-mouth. People are not stupid, and whilst frustrated, they will eventually come to the same conclusion as I did – and many may abandon the net altogether. Internet freedom of speech is important and is controlled by banking and moneyed interests who desire articles like this to be propagated for their greater control over a fractured and atomised society. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to protect internet rights, but at the same time start to avoid using the web as it is full of propaganda and no real info – its just mass brainwashing devoid of real thought designed to make you a perfect slave.

    1. Maybe
      1. Practical education tailored realistically to a persons abilities which incorporates both reasoning skills and Skepticism. ( Education is the foundation for a better life and an informed productive populace. )
      2. Personal freedom balanced with civic responsibility. ( sensible laws and healthy value system. )
      3. Limits on personal wealth say around 200 million per person maximum. (Excessive wealth concentrates too much power in the hands of too few. )
      I try to read facts and opinions from 3 different sources if possible.
      I agree the internet has it’s biases but that is an aspect of human nature being rational does come not natural for us, less so for women.
      You are free to publish on various websites or create your own…

  2. Gentlemen, a warning: just as in corporate life, the higher up this ladder you climb, the more all consuming it becomes, squeezing out all other life pursuits and self improvement. Nothing wrong with it if that’s your thing – the world needs CEOs – but make sure you understand what you’re getting into.

    1. Put my thoughts into words better than I could have. If I have to be beholden to the corporation, I want to work my 7.5 and bail to pursue other hobbies. I have no love for the game, but I do want to get decent lays. Just have to work hard enough for that.

    2. The kind of men at the CEO level of banging women are usually the kind of men causing further rampant social degeneracy, as their country/race/the world turns to shit. And they often are the ones offshoring jobs, etc as well, further fucking over others. In previous eras such degenerate men and masculinised western women would not exist – they’d be lynched. And in future, the history books will reflect the west as becoming so degenerate in idolising such behaviours that caused their nations/cultures/race to fall. According to this article, seeing as Justin Bieber could achieve the top level according to his fame, I should want to be like him.

      1. Uh, no. Most aristocrats and elite men have been promiscuous throughout history. Women were restrained through strong patriarchial control but, that doesn’t mean their natures were any different. And the last sentence is a flaw of logic.

        1. I wouldn’t call it hedonism so much as powerful masculine men have never had “Tru love” and all that other gay crap betas eat up

      2. Agreed, Someone at this level so hedonistically focused, Sex is probably their drug of choice.

      3. This article is bollocks. A harem is merely a portion of the Sultan’s house where the women stay. No one in the West is getting a harem. Chicks you can call for some sex, well that is something else.

    3. I thought the goal of PUA was to help less attractive, status, wealthy men level the playing field sadly I have learned this isn’t true PUA is not going to turn the average Joe into a PUA CEO.
      Game helps if a woman is already attracted to you whether it’s your looks, status, or wealth or a combination of the above.
      If game is so effective then why are 2 of core tenants of PUA is DHV Demonstration of Higher Value and Actual Self Improvement.
      The first is deception the and second makes game a minor role in seduction…

      1. If you have no game, you get no sex. Women are not men. Their desire cannot be negotiated. Game is just a new word for what was once called flirtation/seduction. Self improvement builds your frame, and teaches you to find true happiness outside of Pussy where betas try to find it. DHV is a tactic of seduction. As to game not turning the average man into a god, neither life nor sex is egalitarian.

        1. DHV is lying plain and simple, Any man with a strong sense of self knows his true value wouldn’t need to put on a façade to impress women. I never said game was unnecessary just that you cannot have seduction without attraction.

        2. It doesn’t matter if DHV is lying or not. Women will not submit to a man unless they feel he is higher status than him. DHV is a way to get them to think that. I know some guys who do nothing with their lives and have shit jobs yet, are dynamite with girls

        3. Men usually lie to impress others, while women usually lie to make others feel better about themselves. Now I understand everyone lies a little but any philosophy that utilizes deception as a core tenant isn’t for me.
          DHV can mean different things to different women. If you desire a certain type of woman develop a real skill set that attracts those type of women. True this require honest work, but this creates a true masculine vibe.
          As for losers with attractive women I would love to meet this “guys” in this case the term fools mate my apply because a few men do get lucky.
          However Men with little going for them but with attractive GF’s here in the USA fall into the following categories:
          1. Naturally attractive. Some women value looks and will date a good looking loser..
          2. High school/college sweetheart, He got her early before she realized her true value. but this getting rare thanks to smart phones and the internet.
          3. An abusive dependent / codependent relationship.
          4. She is from abroad.
          I doubt if your a poor and unattractive game is not going to help much. So instead of spending thousands on that PUA Boot Camp, fly to the Philippines or learn a trade instead…

        4. 5. Dealers (self explanatory).
          6. Musicians (not in a band, just play an instrument).
          7. Sportsmen (not athletes, just sportsmen).
          8. Genuinely easy-going guys.
          You’re trying to find excuses for you being a chump rather than trying to find the real reasons so that you can work on them.

        5. From personal experience, all four of those are wrong. One guy is ugly, fat, uses tinder, isn’t abusive and fucks both American and foreign girls. He is just relatively easy going, and very confident. That confidence comes from success. Nothing that cares for the feelings of some clumps of flesh, whose only use is sex, is masculine. A neg is a DHV yet, it is not a lie. Women are all alike in the way they can be seduced. There is no need for “skill sets” specialized for individual women. Think like a machine gunner, not a sniper

        6. How is this tub of lard having sex, a fist full of money would be my guess, Sorry I have seen it done to many times Game is not much help without prior attraction, whether to the men’s Looks, Wealth or Status. Game can close the deal however.
          A neg is a well place insult with to purpose of knocking a woman down to earth. DHV would be acting like something your not.

        7. Dealers (drugs or cards?) Drugs that one is easy addicts will give them anything for a hit.
          Musicians: when they play instruments many musicians have a drive to master it first then get laid second. With mastery comes status aka true value and no DHV nonsense needed.
          Sportsmen ( weekend warriors) I guess then the sport is not there primary drive. maybe Skill focused “work” or Hedonistic focused “sex” is there primary drive.
          Easy going guys, I know a few that are not to good with women but they usually focus on something else.
          I stick my original statement an about normal men with hot women.

      2. You’re a pussy. You can have killer asshole game, or joker game and kill it with the ladies. Looks are secondary. Confidence is king.

        1. For the average looking Asshole or Joker nope I seen it to many times if an average guy acts like an A$$hole he is labeled a creep and the average looking Joker will be viewed like the Clown he is.
          These types only work for attractive and maybe wealthy men. Please do studies on attraction or hang out in a night club.

        2. Keep making excuses. That will definitely help you in the long run. I’m only a tad above average looking and I fucking kill it with the ladies (in comparison to way better looking men who can’t dance, joke around or just generally interact with women).

        3. Ok Ace I would love to see you put your balls where your mouth is. Show me, at least I will get a good laugh when you crash and burn.

        4. What the flying fuck are you even on about you fucking loser cunt. How the fuck could I show you shit? It’s the fucking internet you fucking moron.

        5. Wow I just got 5 fucks out of you probably more then you had all year. My point exactly Floyd, why would you even mention that your a “Killer with the ladies.” you can’t prove it.
          Just by your immature reaction, I know now your not what your claim. Think about it, If I can get under your skin this easily I doubt you have the stomach for day game rejection.
          . I am far from being good with women but I have seen many men who are, one trait they all share in common is: it’s very difficult to get under their skin. Your new nickname is 5FF for 5 Fuck Floyd…

        6. Nah man, you’re just a looser cunt who’s trying to entertain himself on the internet by sprouting beta bullshit. You don’t belong here. Fuck off and go marry a fat cunt.

        7. Floyd much too easy in your case to be entertaining if beta BS is best you can do, pathetic, truly pathetic… Lay off the video games for a while.

  3. This was written to make all men feel bad. I doubt any guy would consider himself average banging two different 7s per week.

    1. Seeing as that level of sex applies to 1 in 1000 men, don’t feel bad. I’d be more thinking that it was an article that had very little use for most men – its not even a dick measuring contest for who bangs the most women. It literally is spamming men, just like in the game era, to buy into a lifestyle that makes men more easier to control.

      1. I appreciate your noticing and asking! Very busy with work, so less time to spend browsing the web.
        How the devil are you?

        1. Good to hear from you. I am good. All around here about the same. Cant believe mid-Feb already. Same old sock puppets over on the branded broad thread.

        2. Of Course, same old junk, comes and goes in waves, still mostly the same SJWs swinging from screen name to screen name

        3. Yeah, I got bored in the end. There were several others giving impressively well considered replies to the idiots.
          Brought a tear to my eye, it did.

        4. Tens of thousands of trolled comments over there.
          Too bad Roosh hasn’t monetized that damned thread. He really needs to embed ads in it, and post gifs of the airline tickets it buys.

        5. I just saw the comment count. It is somewhere near 40k. A nickel a comment would have earned 8 thousand already. Only a few people still argue with the people who stop in. Since it is no longer fresh none of what is said there matters to me now. Although, it does bring a smile seeing some of the ways the feminist, sluts, manginas, and female trolls got spanked. Priceless really.

        6. Yes. You would think they would look at the thread a bit before posting the same old junk, and getting smacked, but you are dealing with people defending branding so no brains whatsoever.

        7. That is a very funny but solid way of looking at it! Cows get their grading based on the brand given them. Much like cows no matter the grade they are on the assembly line all the same, to be processed as meat.

  4. This is a thought provoking idea Tony, beyond just the ranking question. I often find business to be a good metaphor for explaining Game and dating. In general, moving up the ladder in both requires not only experience, but also a greater understanding of the larger principles and dynamics at play.
    For example, the janitor (AFC) is initially focused on getting and keeping a single job (or woman). They see every job or task as unique, separate, and vital for survival (e.g. oneitis). The CEO, however, knows that making a million bucks (or meeting a million women) follows the same basic pattern and principles (e.g. AWALT). Thus, by seeing the bigger picture, they go from struggling to make a buck or get a woman on other people’s terms, to making money and getting women to fit their own desire and leadership.
    Furthermore, the general process of mating and dating can be conceptualized as a “hiring process” of sorts too. See my thoughts here:

  5. I think this a hyper-generalized view of the situation which does not effectively cater to people’s individual situations and standings. For example, I am not an alpha, but I am not a beta pushover either. I do not see myself “picking up the scraps” as the janitor or the temp worker. To say the least, individuals do not fall cleanly into these catagories.

  6. It is meant to be a light and funny read. Good for a couple of chukles. Still better writing than 50 Shades

  7. There are very noticeable flaws in this article and it would seem that this accepts as common knowledge that all men are practicing some sort of pickup routine on such a continual basis that it could be likened to a profession. If that be the case, I’m somewhere between a janitor and a temp worker.
    The main flaw in this article is that if you are pursuing women with this sort of tenacity, regardless of how smooth or suave you are appearing, pussy is your CEO.
    Who would really want that?
    Don’t get me wrong, all the guys on this board would trade up to get more attractive and high quality tail. But would you if it meant gaming 24/7?
    I would imagine and other readers and participators would agree that accumulating and getting with more attractive women should be a side effect of being a successful masculine man and not a reason for becoming successful and masculine.

  8. what box do you neatly fit in that our ingenious social engineering slave masters made? Oh goody gumdrops, you mean one day I can be CEO and bang females who only see life as $$ and social status and would stab me in the throat the first chance they get to steal it from me?Oh my that’s neat,I can’t wait to put in those extra hours being a pompous corporate ninnyhead. oh sweet mamma tits and a half I love being a slave!!

  9. Calling a Janitor ‘beta’ just because of his job title is fucking lame, not to mention lazy “journalism.”

    1. Exactly. My friend who’s poised to take over his dad’s law firm is still single and most likely a virgin still

    2. Every man should spend a few years as a janitor. A man who’s never seen life from behind a broom or mop (especially at the later hours in a club, for example) is missing valuable perspective.

  10. Alpha males rise to the upper echelons of the corporate World.
    Sigma males own multiple businesses and income streams they have near total control of.
    Who’s shoes would you rather be in?

    1. If you crave validation from your minions, Alpha.
      If you only want to validate yourself, Sigma.

  11. Sadly, I am at the stage below janitor. My stage is “unemployed”.
    -Gets no date and no action whatsoever
    -Never in relationships
    -Women never seem to show any interest
    -Only way to have sex is to pay prostitute

  12. I also find this very bizzarre, because you are pedestrilizing pussy, men who fuck more women are more manly and macho and are better. What does that mean? Ultimately a woman determines who a real man is? Whose side are you really on?
    When will you see the feminist site talk about how men determine who a real women is?
    LOL, CEO’s are the furthest thing on the planet from banging a ton of women. Most of them tend to have no balls, that is why they are CEO’s in the first place, they got promoted for so many years by having no balls and being yes men and kissing ass. They tend to have no game. The janitor who shoots the shit all day, is probably getting more pussy and is likely more social. If CEOs were drowning in pussy, escorts wouldn’t charge $500-$2500 an hour and so many of them wouldn’t be caught in sex scandals.

    1. – All heterosexual men have an extremely powerful biological urge for sex with hot women.
      – This is not about ‘pedestalizing’ pussy. It is simply fact.
      – Moreover, the sex men truly desire must come from arousal created in the woman. Paid for sex, no matter how realistic, is NEVER as good.
      – Reciprocal sex with hot women is a commodity marked by low supply and high demand.
      – Therefore, only the highest-calibre men are able to access it.
      – This isn’t about men determining their worth in relation to women. It’s about only the very best men being able to avail themselves of a particular experience strongly desired by all – or learning the skills to do so through game.

      1. 1. true
        2. untrue. When you are saying pussy determines how much of a man you are you are saying pussy is very very important. Because all men find their manliness important. In psychology they’d call this an unhealthy co-dependent relationship. You tie your value to the actions and behaviours of other and it is rooted in low self esteem.
        3. If paying for sex is not good enough, you simply confirm my previous points. This is not merely about a biological urge to have sex. No you see, in your mind set, its not enough to get sex. This is about wanting female acceptance. And hookers don’t “Accept” you they just fuck you for money so that won’t do.
        4. Untrue, female acceptance from hot women marks what you claim, if you are willing to pay for it, most men could afford sex with hot hookers at least 2 times a week. Paying $400 a week or so.
        5. Again untrue, the highst calibre men by what standards? Even a justin biebler type figure who has many women throwing themselves at him, is being approached mainly by average to ugly girls, most of whom he can’t have sex with. Why is he paying for sex in brazil despite seemingly having huge access to women in usa and canada?
        6. This has nothing to do with high valued men, because rich and high valued men over and over end up banging prostitutes or doing girls who are so so on average. Many celebs end up banging the celeb chasers, not the hottest girls. It becomes harder to justify chasing a 9 when a 7 is bending over backwards to fuck you 7 ways from sunday. This is the dilemma rich men face and invariably fuck the 7.
        7. This is simply about men with low self esteem wanting female acceptance but who cannot say it openly. So they frame in ways of, the more women you get, the better you are as a man. But it doesn’t count if you pay for it. So its not about obtaining women like obtaining widgets. No one cares if you paid for your widgets, found them for free or got them off the roadside. Usually this stems from female rejection. My advice is to divorce the concept of your man hood from females. The two are not related. Sleeping with alot of women doesn’t make or break you as a man. But no man who makes female’s decisions determine his value can be a real man. Because his value ultimately depends on females choice to have sex with him.

        1. But I’m not saying pussy determines how much of a man someone is. This is where your argument is flawed – you’re too absolutist.
          I have no issue with guys going to hookers if they choose, either to supplement ordinary women they meet or as their sole outlet. My point is that the physical experience itself is qualitatively different.
          Women are not widgets. The differences between each one, and the experiences a man can have with them vary enormously. In a large part, this depends on how aroused the girl is by the man she’s about to bang.
          Think about this — would most guys rather go with a 7 who is beside themselves with lust and willing to go all out in bed, or an icy, disinterested hooker who’s a 9.5?
          I’d take the 7. I reckon most other guys would too.
          You’ll note that this is NOT because I derive ALL of my personal validation from the opinion of some chick. It’s because the act of having hot sex with a girl who is genuinely aroused is — in most cases at least — better than that acquired through pay 4 play.
          (And yes, I know about GFE and high-class escorts and all the rest of it. But as a general rule my point stands)
          When i talk about the highest-calibre men, I refer to those possessing a wide range of attributes that may or may not include wealth and fame. I think we all have an idea of your archetypal alpha dude by now. God knows it gets discussed enough, both on ROK and other sites. But your argument concerning Bieber is — and I mean this in the nicest possible way — garbage. Unless you actually hang out with him personally, you have no real idea of the quality of pussy he’s getting. Most likely you’ve simply pieced some stuff together from women’s gossip websites.
          Take it from me, the famous / loaded men that I have met are literally dripping in 9s and 10s. No argument to be had about it. I very much doubt Bieber is different.
          I get what you’re saying in point 7 but you are unduly weighting your argument for effect. You state —
          ‘This is simply about men with low self esteem wanting female acceptance but who cannot say it openly.’
          I disagree. I am friend with many rich, high value, handsome-as-fuck alpha dudes who get a buzz out of banging chicks who are into them. Is this because they crave female acceptance for validation? Hell no! They’d laugh at the notion. It’s because in most cases the sex is better, and anyway, why pay when it’s offered to you on a plate?

        2. The article is saying that pussy determines it.
          The comparison is faulty here. The hooker who is the 9.5 will likely fuck you in ways you only wish the average girl could give, she will give you a blowjob you’ll never forget. This is why married men often end up using hookers anyways.
          And lets not be silly here its not like hookers are not genuinely aroused by the clients when fucking them. They are, depending on how you treat them can also make a difference.
          Let me ask you 2 question, how many of the girls you fuck just become dead fish? Don’t do nothing and just lie there. We all know that this is the majority of women. Most aren’t jumping on your cock like some porno, they just watch the man does his thing.
          Why do you care if the women is aroused?
          You are simply wrong, famous men aren’t drowning in 9s and 10s, it is more myth, because females who are 9’s and 10’s aren’t chasing guys. If they were, you can’t explain why they are still paying for hookers.
          These men crave female acceptance and validation. The fact they have lots of money and choose to go after a HARDER, lower quality option needs to be explained. The problem is having money and power doesn’t fix the desire to get female acceptance for men, often it makes it worse. You see to these men, its not about sex. If they wanted sex they could have 5 10’s escorts in their room having an orgy. But they don’t because the escorts won’t really love them and don’t really accept them or approve of them. What you are doing and have been trained to do is seek female approval of sex. No one cares about a females arousal. When I had sex with girls I really liked, the last thought in my head was I want to make her very aroused. It was only about ym cock and getting what I wanted. And not even rich alpha men are offered sex on a plate. They still have to charm and impress the girl as well.

        3. Very good points, Paying for sex from escorts is actually more alpha then playing silly games, after all children play games.

  13. The author of this article spends too much time thinking about women. Just do your thing, the women will come when it’s time.

  14. Where are you if you refuse to bang anything less than a 7…. you approach several a week…. but are only getting laid 2 or 3 times a year (that is by only 2 or 3 7s and up)? And also…I have no harem. In fact a dry spell now with no booty call opportunities. Because thats me now but it is not on that list

  15. “So, are you ready for a position at Game, inc.”
    Some one is a good corporate slave and assimilated the memes perfectly.

  16. Retired, a.k.a married. But I still keep the knives sharp just in case I have to hunt again.

  17. Women, like the corporate world is one big lie. A sess pit of desperate status hungry cunts looking to tread over each other for the top position, only to be granted the same rewards as someone who can see through the smoke and mirrors. Or in game speak. Getting 6’s disguised as 10’s with carefully crafted makeup and dress. It’s all fake and puts you worse off. You’re getting 6’s, but with even bigger inflated egos.
    The truth is, there is no class. We’re all equals. The numbering system and pecking order is all an illusion. Follow your own rules and guidelines. Not someone else’s. Do that, and you’ll realise there is no pecking order. But a pecking order built in your own head.
    No girl is out of bounds. The minute you put her higher than you as someone to work hard for and attain, then you’ve already lost.

  18. Floor Staff is bliss. We show up late, work the least (but get the most done), go home early, and put in just enough face time to keep that direct deposit happening…with almost exactly the same fringe benefits as those above us, for all practical purposes. Everyone above us is way too busy trying to impress the next higher-up, putting in a lot more hours and sacrificing more and more of themselves. The higher-ups progressively MUST accept all failures as there is no excuse once the ego gets to this stage. When they fall EVERYONE sees it and there is a lot of public commentary.

  19. This strikes me as a stupid article. So, successful men are successful? Grand news, fuck nut!
    Lift, make money and run game: you get your cock in so many holes that it becomes boring after a while.
    BFD chumps. You still die alone and lonely.

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