Trump Derangement Syndrome Hits The Oscars

I try to watch the Oscars every year because it is a good bellwether of what the globalist elites want Americans to think. In past years the Oscars have pushed global warming, gayness, and diversity. This year, the irrational hatred of Donald Trump caused the entire Hollywood establishment to lose all connection to reality. But Trump, and all the Americans who supported him, got the last laugh.

The Ceremony

The Oscars got off to an inoffensive start with a performance by Justin Timberlake. I’ve always found Timberlake’s voice annoying so I turned the sound down for this. Next, Jimmy Kimmel, the host of this year’s Oscars, delivered a bland monologue. While I expected a few Trump jokes, Kimmel kept lobbing jokes at Trump the entire night. It is almost as if SJWs are not able to laugh at anything but politics.

Predictably, some of the award winners used their acceptance speech as a time to criticize Trump and the “evil, mouth-breathing hicks” who supported him and who pay to watch Hollywood’s lousy movies.

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal had this self-righteous quote:

I wonder if Bernal has ever criticized Israel’s wall? Or Mexico’s policy on illegal immigrants, which is more harshly enforced that the US’s?

Asghar Farhadi, director of the Best Foreign Language film delivered the harshest rebuke of Trump’s travel ban via a woman who read a statement on his behalf. I wonder if Iran lets just anyone waltz into their country?

Corporations are part of the globalist elite and they hate you

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post attended the Oscars.

I’ve met fans of Ayn Rand who attribute nearly god-like status to corporate CEOs. In her books, CEOs are strong, independent men who drive innovation. They are the few who carry all of civilization on their shoulders. There may be a tiny handful of CEOs who are genuinely like this, but most of them fall far short of the Randian ideal. The average CEO is a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) who believes it is his duty to promote leftwing causes. This is nowhere more evident than in the SJW political ads at this year’s Oscars.

Cadillac had an ad called “Carry” that starts off with the line that “We are a nation divided.” This is obviously a reference to Trump, who leftists view as a divider. To combat this dividedness, Cadillac’s ad posits that “we carry each other forward.” It seems innocuous, but the ad is really promoting diversity—the very thing that voters rejected when they voted for Trump.

This is an odd ad for the Cadillac because its customer base is the very group of people who voted for Trump. Nothing like insulting your customers. This ad made me want to (1) Never buy a Cadillac, and (2) Shut down all immigration. By the way, was that the music from The Mission in the ad? How lame.

Hyatt had a similar ad set to the Burt Bacharach tune, “What the world needs now is love.” There is a scene where a attractive woman in a hijab picks up something for a white woman sitting across from her. Of course, this is a response to Trump’s temporary travel ban. Let me just say that there is no other country on earth that determines its immigration policy on “love, sweet love.”

Audible, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, sponsored an ad that featured gay actor Zachary Quinto reading a quote from George Orwell’s 1984:

If he were allowed contact with foreigners he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself and that most of what he has been told about them is lies. The sealed world in which he lives would be broken, and the fear, hatred, and self-righteousness on which his morale depends might evaporate.

The implication is that Trump, and the 63 million people who voted for him, are stupid, hateful xenophobes because they don’t want open borders. It also plays to leftist fantasies that Trump is a totalitarian.

The New York Times ran an ad trying to defend itself against Trump’s charge that they are fake news. My thought on the Times and the rest of the anti-Trump media is that they would be a more believable if they gave Trump credit for the good things he is doing while criticizing the bad. By attacking Trump non-stop, they are actually undermining their own credibility because it makes their bias plain to everyone.

It ended in disaster

While the Oscar ceremony, some actors, and the corporate sponsors all tried to attack Trump, it backfired when the Oscars closed with the worst disaster of Oscar history. Apparently the wrong envelope for Best Picture was given to Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. Instead of announcing Moonlight as the Best Picture, Dunaway read La La Land to be the winner.

The cast of La La Land streamed the stage and began reading their acceptance speeches when it was announced that there had been a mistake. It was enormously embarrassing for all involved, but it was good to see the sanctimonious Hollywood types looking like fools. It is almost as if some divine force is battling on behalf of Trump and his supporters.


Most men avoid watching the Oscars because it is always liberal SJW drivel. This year was no exception but the extra dash of Trump derangement was worth the watch. I look forward to eight more years of Hollywood meltdowns.

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383 thoughts on “Trump Derangement Syndrome Hits The Oscars”

  1. But I was told Hollywood celebrities are just like us and have our best interests at heart. Surely you don’t think they’re in this for themselves do you? 😉

  2. Stopped watching the Oscars a decade ago…The Oscars are just a pretentious form of circle jerking with a bunch of whores, pederasts, pedophiles and whore mongers. Such a detestable and despicable crowd. How the hell did Moonlight win Best Picture, I don’t even have to watch it to know that its just the glorified 21st Century version of Boyz n the Hood..Depicting every black negative stereotype under the sun, it probably only won thanks to the #OscarsSoWhite “movement” last year which actually should have been #OscarsSoYKW, so instead of “black movies” being judged for their competence they are awarded token slots to silence the Al Sharptons of the world. Thanks Obama
    For the love of God, since when did we start caring about an actors political commentery. They are nothing more than echo chambers who think they are special just because they latch on to the next SJW narrative. Riddle me this, how many actors/actresses have supported one middle Eastern refugee? How many black actors/actresses have done an honest days work in helping to improve the black communities, these scumbags think they can preach about morality and decency after being sodomized by Bryan Singer and the rest of his ilk in mansion parties.
    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. There’s a reason the Romans perceived actors to be on the same level as prostitutes

    1. Truly, they are and always will be nothing more than whores and sellouts. Were it not for the advent of television they would have no ground to stand on, they would be whittling away in unknown backstage theatricals, forever a jester to the poor people. Take away the television, and their power and influence wanes. It’s only a matter of time. Hollywood will come crashing down.

      1. “Hollywood will come crashing down.”
        That could be done over night by having them comply with US GAAP reporting standards like any other business. Boom.
        Most people don’t realize Hollywood is “priveledged and protected” industry financially speaking.

        1. If we started unraveling Jewish financial crimes in this country we’d need a million special prosecutors and ten years to go through it all. Way cheaper to just kick the sleazy fucks out.

        2. Way easier to build death camps. Chucking them out doesn’t solve the problem, it just moves the problem overseas.

        3. There are so many of us who have nearly the exact same politics as you and can’t stand what’s come of this country.

        4. What if they really are God’s chosen people & in fact we are the bad guys, how funny would that be. What if God loves jewish propaganda & multiculturalism?
          Maybe that’s why we can’t get rid of them.

        5. Oh, so you are into the “italians aren’t the true descendants of the ancient romans argument”, just like the ancient egyptians were blacks argument.
          So you’re saying that we can’t get rid of the jews cause they are just crazy white people that see themselves as God’s chosen people.

        6. I believe that Italians are descended from the Romans , with a little dilution of the blood obviously. Ancient Egyptians were not black.
          What I’m saying about the Jews is that I don’t believe they should have any sort of claim to “The Chosen” because God rejected them.
          The true Church is the modern Israel

        7. Some are, some aren’t. The white ones are probably the crazy people, what about the brown ones, are they crazy as well, or are they the more purer version of the ancient jews?

        8. “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “STRICTLY SPEAKING IT IS INCORRECT TO CALL AN ANCIENT ISRAELITE A ‘ JEW’ OR TO CALL A CONTEMPORARY JEW AN ISRAELITE OR A HEBREW.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

        9. They are not long gone. They are the followers of Yeshua and who have washed in his precious blood. For example: I am an Israelite

    2. They make their living in the land of make believe. It shouldn’t be surprising that their naive politics reflect that.

    3. How the hell did Moonlight win Best Picture… probably only won thanks to the #OscarsSoWhite “movement” last year

      It won precisely because of the #oscarssowhite whining from last year. That’s how Hollywood works.

    4. Moonlight at least looks like a real film that I’d consider going to see.
      This new movie “Get Out” looks like straight up race-baiting propaganda. Instead of getting deep into the sensitive theme of inter-racial relationships, they go the easy route and portray white people as a cult of psychotic murderers.
      They gave “Get Out” 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I haven’t seen it so can anyone confirm that this Hollywood flick is actually better than The Godfather, Boyhood, or Citizen Kane???
      I agree with you that Hollywood is making us all look bad, and it’s only getting more ridiculous.

      1. The horror genre’s been a joke since the late 70’s with the exception of a few good directors. I have yet to see a horror film that was in any way as disturbing or entertaining as Hellraiser. Reason being, it didn’t preach to you or try to out gross you like most of the films today.

      2. Their main goal is to promote negroes getting with White women. Everything they produce has that goal as one of the foundations.

      3. Actually saw Get Out this past weekend. It is more of a comedy masked as a horror movie. It does more to address quiet horrors of the black experience in America than it does to address any real argument for or against racism. Believe it or not, the majority of folks I saw attending it were interracial couples, who mostly found it hilarious. Granted it could introduce a very interesting public fear conversation, but since most will gloss over it, as I intended to, it will likely just be perceived as race baiting.

        1. I can’t even believe my eyes.
          A guy who reads this web site, claims to have taken the red pill, goes out to a fucking movie theater, PAYS to see the latest miscegenation propaganda piece. ENJOYS sitting surrounded by a bunch of disgusting mudsharks and their pet monkeys, and defends this piece of (((Hollywood Dogshit))).
          Fuck, that’s why I don’t come here often. You guys are too much.

        2. As a writer, you have to watch what the public deems worthy every once in a while. This wasn’t Moonlight, which the commercials revealed more than enough to make me avoid. This was a horror film which, I was expecting to fully hate. You honestly can’t sit back and decide everything warrants hatred just on onset.
          I saw it. It has a bunch of race baiting elements to it. And doesn’t deserve the 100 given to it by Rotten Tomatoes, but they give everything leftist a high grade. It was funny and I could relate. Tons of dead space and it is not a horror movie by any stretch. Even the reasoning behind the main villains was trite. But humor it did right.

        3. I’m a writer too and I would never get near it. Justify all you want, the fact is you put a wad of cash in a Jew’s pocket and “voted” with your dollar that you approve of far-left miscegenation propaganda and anti-White racism. Good job.

        4. You don’t sound like the type who writes nor cares about the public in any regard though. So who are you writing to? Just an angry audience who will do more to agree than they will to fund your work?
          EDIT: I do agree on your choice to not go near the movie. It is by no means a good horror movie.

        5. Heh, just stating what I see. You hate the movie since it has an interracial couple, and no white male leads worth noting. That’s cool. If you read ROK for any length of time, you would know I’m neither.

        6. Know my enemy? I already know them better then they know themselves. What could this piece of garbage movie teach you? It really sounds like you just wanted to see the movie because you enjoy being titillated by mainstream entertainment – but you don’t have the sack to admit it. You went out on one of the first weekends of its release and added to its numbers. You couldn’t even wait for a download. Mind numbing.

        7. Those are only added bonus reasons to hate it. I hate it because it is Hollywood trash and I don’t enjoy paying to fill my mind with garbage.
          During the time you were killing in the theater, I wrote a really good article.

        8. “It really sounds like you just wanted to see the movie because you enjoy being titillated by mainstream entertainment”
          sounds like? based on what?

        9. I was thinking the same. You wrote one sentence and he some how seemed to have gotten triggered. In no comment did you even say the movie’s name so where he got that you saw the movie or had an opinion on it, I don’t know.

        10. Then the ONLY explanation is that you and I are the SAME PERSON!!!!
          Existing only to push a Gay Jewish agenda by trolling the Last Free-Thinker….

        11. I’m not really against mixed-race couples but I’m sick of having anti-white pro-miscegenation propaganda shoved down my throat. It’s gotten to the point where even comedy like this is getting on my nerves.
          Do me and favour and type “white man white woman” into Google Images. What possible explanation is there for these results?

        12. Google is leftist as hell. Same dumb shit goes for black couples. They want families destroyed period and that’s the fucked up shame of it.

        13. It’s bad in the sense that it is no Citizen Kane and takes too much time trying to convince the crowd while holding dead space. If you are black or a minority, there are points in the movie you can relate to more, or even if you are in an interracial couple. The main play on horror is relatable mainly for one group of people, which is why I don’t see many getting the horror in the movie.

        14. If you want to watch a movie about leftist-nihilistic-hedonistic propaganda that has human centipede lvls of disgusting imagery then Salo is the movie for you.

        15. Its not just that. Alot of mixed kids have identity problems, more likely to revere the almighty state

        16. It is interesting but completely agree. Higher to ride the carousel, be gay, or just be anti one of the groups that birthed them. Only group that some how escapes this are the Hispanics and that might due to having a unilateral heritage. Even they have a lighter vs darker issue.

        17. I used to think Latinos would hold onto Catholicism better than other groups, but have you heard of the cult of Santa Muerte? Its growing in Mexico and central america, they worship a skeleton in a bridal gown wielding a sickle…disturbing…the church is worried about this trend

        18. Haven’t seen anything about that but I’all ask around. Sounds like something the Cartel would promote and they control everything in Mexico.

        19. I just did that image search, “white man white woman”, on Google. I got plenty of images of black & white mixed race couples, celebrity mixed race couples, but not one image of solely white couples or groups.
          I am not a racist person, but things are becoming clear for me.
          Thanks for the heads-up, Clark Kent.

        20. Almost the second year into Obama’s second term, the attack on white males in America reached a tipping. The rise of third wave feminism grew at about the same time. As did race baiting trends. Dig into it further and you’ll find some scary facts.

        21. A lot of it boils down to who looks like Indians vs those descended from Spanish colonials. Speaking from experience there were a couple of Mexican girls in my neighborhood who hated anyone of Mexican ancestry that didn’t look like they were descended from Spanish blood.

        22. Red took the time to put himself through the experience for research. Adds a lot more credibility than you screeching your assumptions here.

        23. Try “white couple” if you dare.
          Also, notice one of the available “tags” at the top is “hideous?” And another is “fighting,” no potential subliminal messaging there.

        24. It’s what I use as well.
          I was merely noting that the search results Clark Kent pointed out (and then Bourbanman about Bing) come back nearly identical to those other two with the phrase “white man white woman”. Of course my comment is arranged under bem’s rather than Bourbanman’s right now.

        25. I’ve had to put myself through a lot of experiences for research to find out the truth about the sodomite culture. It was painful, but now I KNOW. I have much more credibility than you, now that I’ve “taken one for the team”.
          I did it all for research.

        26. Not one picture has two whites in it, hell not even one picture of a google search for “white couple” has two whites, even the ones that do have them with some mud-colored baby or asian adoplets. Fucking disgusting. Fuck google!

        27. The church is doing everything in their considerable power to promote all of this nonsense and it isn’t a new thing for them.

      4. “Moonlight” is a gay movie, so you should probably not waste your time and money. I do mean literally gay, not figuratively.

    5. Great comment. Watching award shows, modern movies, television, and sportsball is for beta cucks, period. Nobody should even need to ask why.

      1. I agree. I haven’t watched television in over 5 years. Haven’t watched the news in nearly 20 years. I feel the difference in my perception of reality. What is that? Man, this society is in a delusional world of shit, “and they’re not taking me down with them.”

      2. Agree. I havent had cable in years and I’ll never be that guy wearing a jersey with another mans name on my back, screaming we won, like i did something myself.
        Maybe once a year i go watch a movie. Its hard to find good movies these days. I did recently see the new mel gibson film, hacksaw ridge. Great film! Unfortunately, the previews were nothing but comic book films and pro globalist bs…so it may be some time before i watch another movie.

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    6. These self-righteous actors have multiple homes- why not offer to put up some refugees? Cant be in two places at one time, ya know?

    7. moonlight ? simple as :
      – gay promoting card : checked
      – gay victimization card : checked
      – black male card : checked
      this triple combo is unbeatable and pure gold to hollywood leftist

      1. I never heard of either of these ‘best picture’ candidates.
        Turning off the TV does wonders for mental health and clear thinking.

    8. The sad thing is that for a time in American culture, actors were respected and deservedly so. John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, etc., those guys mostly kept their mouths shut and made their movies. Stewart even put his film career on hold to go fly combat missions as a bomber captain in WW2.
      Can you even imagine Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, or some other snowflake douche signing up for the Rangers to fight Isis? Lol.

        1. Not to defend him as I don’t know the real story, but it seems a little more complex than, say, the case of Bill Clinton:

          but then there is the line from sites such as the Daily Mail:

          Personally, I don’t put any stock in leftist rags (especially with their treatment of masculinity et al and patriotic folks in general), but each man here can decide.

        2. it’s so easy to be the all american tough guy, when you just have to step out of your luxury trailer, after a quick line of coke and a BJ from your co-star whore – while an army of stylists, make-up and wardrobe people mill about and make you look perfect, then recite 5 seconds of lines that were prerehersed dozens of times beforehand and have plenty of chances to get the perfect take – and go back into the trailer for a five star lunch.

      1. Clark Gable (another sturdy son of Ohio) was gunner on a B17. He did a few combat runs, but it was put to stop after some of his crew got dusted by flak. His discharge papers in 44′ were signed by a captain Ronald Reagan. Funny that.

        1. Sorry I forgot to put a trigger warning. Eeeh . . If anyone’s faint of heart, just be sure to jerk off BEFORE you go to bed tonight so you don’t end up having a ‘WET NIGHTMARE’ . . aeeeeeeh!

    9. “There’s a reason the Romans perceived actors to be on the same level as prostitutes.”
      I remind myself of this this every time I see one of these arrogant know-nothings spout off. Today, we equate simple fame with glory. Classically, they are not one-and-the-same. It takes the piss out of guys like Clooney to think that ~1800 years ago you could pay a few denari and his manager would pimp him out with bows on.

    10. I am a black man living in the uk, and I did not watch the oscars and never have done. And I haven’t watched moonshit and neither has anyone else that I know, because as you say its a token gesture. Why do they actually give a shit about those stupid trinkets. They mean absolutely fuck all. I totally agree with your musings on this subject! And I am absolutely sick of celebrities and their self rightousness always banging on about some flimsy crusade. Like that new water aid/stella artois advert with Matt damon.
      Give me strength!

    11. Psquare…The Oscars are just a pretentious form of circle jerking with a bunch of whores, pederasts, pedophiles and whore mongers….
      You are an optimist ?

    12. I try to avoid looking for artist politics. Sometimes it jumps out at you though. Melissa Benoist at the women march nearly ruined Supergirl for me. Luckily it has a decent supporting cast and Kara isn’t written as that kinda cunt.

    13. Actors are just imperious toddlers who are paid too much to play pretend.
      Like small children, they are needy and desperate for attention.
      I watched the Oscars when I was a teenager and looking at the fashion.
      Now I don’t have any interest in it.
      I find it interesting that it’s okay to take shots at a president just because it is the new fad. If there was an Oscars ceremony which focused on putting down Obama, SJWs would have a field day with that kind of blatant disrespect.

  3. It takes a special kind of arrogant asshole to think that putting on makeup, memorizing sentences or phrases that you neither wrote nor coined, and then getting in front of a camera and pretending to be someone who isn’t you, somehow gives you authority on politics, immigration, or anything of any significance going on in the world.
    I like to be entertained just as much as the next person, but acting as a profession is, by and large, a fucking joke. It’s a juvenile profession for juvenile individuals. If every garbage man said, “Fuck it, I’m not working anymore,” it would be a much greater tragedy than if every actor said the same.
    Apply this to athletes as well. Just because someone can throw a ball through a basket or hit a ball with a stick with greater proficiency than the average human being doesn’t mean I want to hear their fucking opinions about, well, anything other than driving the paint or hitting a curveball. Same goes for the faggots who dress up and play make believe in front of a camera.
    Think back to high school — remember the drama club? Remember the “thespians”? The were a bunch of fucking dorks then, and they’re still a bunch a fucking dorks now; they just have tuxedos, money, fame, and self serving events (like the Oscars) where they all congregate and suck on each others dicks now. They’re still the insecure dipshit weirdos they’ve always been.
    I didn’t give a rat’s ass what they said then, and I certainly don’t now — fuck ’em.

    1. When you dig deeper in all of these actor’s and actresses its the same old song…Drug/alcohol dependency, sexual depravity, history of being fiddled if not outright sodomized by Executives etc etc.

      1. It’s not a pretty picture, is it? I imagine we would all be mortified if we could see what really goes on, and what the real price of becoming famous truly is.

        1. Yep, I think it was Milo that said that what happens in some of these Hollywood parties would stagger most people, he said the boys that went there were “very, very young”.

        2. “[Gosselaar] started getting called to [Engel]’s office for long meetings… and closed the door behind him. Which was weird… because typically Peter kept his office door open.
          “[Thiessen] also began to be summoned upstairs for long, cloosed-door meetings… then, both [Gosselaar] and [Thiessen] (!) were called together into [Engel]’s inner sanctuary for another mystery marathon behind closed doors.
          “[Gosselaar] and I were selected to go on a Paris [publicity] trip together… lo and behond, [Thiessen] pitched a bitch. She went up to [Engel]’s office for another hours-long, closed-door meeting, and when she re-energed it was suddenly her and [Gosselaar] now making the trip.
          “[Thiessen] wasn’t even supposed to be around for ‘The College Years’… all of a sudden, [Thiessen]’s locked again in those troubling closed-door meetings in [Engel]’s office and, voila, she’s off to college with the guys. From then on the show’s writing became all about Zack and Kelly.”

    2. Don’t forget, it’s also a profession that is completely disconnected from merit. Somewhere out there is a woman who makes Scarlett Johansson look like a spergy retard by comparison. The reason she’s not on the big screen? Scarlett is a little hotter, and was willing to suck more cock and throw more leg.
      I actually know a girl who went out to Hollywood to be an actress. She was one of the hottest girls I knew. She never made it big. Why? She wasn’t willing to lay down on the casting couch. She actually managed to land a couple of bit parts eventually, but by then she was past her prime, and it never went anywhere. There is nothing Jennifer Lawrence has that this girl didn’t, except for cum splashed across her face.

      1. I recall reading about how Steven Seagal became famous. Apparently, a studio executive made a bet with another studio executive that he could make anyone a star, and he chose his Akido instructor — Seagal — as the guinea pig for his little bet.
        Just goes to show the barrier to entry is pretty low, so long as someone in the industry will go to bat for you. I imagine, like you said, that every female star we see on the red carpet looking “glamorous” has washed many a Jews dick sauce off her pretty face in order to get there.

        1. (((Steven Seagal)))
          There are so much jews in Hollywood that even the ‘martial artists’ are chosen ones.

        2. If Seagal is part of the elites, he’s not doing it well considering he’s one of the biggest Putin-Russia supporters you’d ever see in public.

        3. I didn’t say he was part of the ‘Elite’, I said he’s a Jew. Most of the ‘Elites’ are Jewish, but not all Jews are part of the ‘Elites’. Now, all Jews share common mental and ideological traits, but not all have meetings with Soros about the extermination of the white race in Europe through the planned invasion of Muslims.

        4. Remember when Marilyn Monroe won her Oscar and her acceptance speech included, “Can I stop blowing producers now?”

      2. People need to show more guts. Get a camera, get some friends, write a small script, play it out, and put it online for friends and family. HAVE FUN.
        Same thing with professional sports, it’s retarded. Men should be spending that same time PLAYING sports, not watching someone else play. At most, people should be watching local games with people you know.
        What we have now is unnatural.

    3. “If every garbage man said, “Fuck it, I’m not working anymore,” it would be a much greater tragedy than if every actor said the same.”
      Great point. Truth is the garbage man is the most important job in civilization. Without him civilization would quickly become inhospitable.
      Even if there was an awards ceremony for garbage man of the year, I doubt any of them would want it.
      Actors….Juveniles and whores who love the spotlight and they have nothing valid to offer for it.

    4. Real role models…you rarely see.
      I like the Expendables and Reds, aging alphas flipping the bird to Hwood and making cool $mils still

  4. The more they conspire to construct the “narrative” the more events seem to almost divinely backfire against them.

  5. When did Kimmel become such a sellout? He was at his best when he was just a regular guy on Win Ben Stein’s Money, and The Man Show where he was practically a parody of himself. Heck, is Carolla just as bad?
    Also, that abortion that was the conclusion, ironically, could not have gone any better. Hollywood is a joke. Now the world is laughing at these narcissistic clowns. I know one person who is still laughing and he goes by the name President Trump.

      1. he refused to play the game, thats why he was never as big as he shoulda been…how is kevin hart so big????

  6. I should not revel in the Hollywood’s big night failure………..but it feels so good.
    Rarely do you get to see justice dealt so quickly.

    1. I never understood why anyone watches the oscars. Who cares? Its boring. I actually thought this was cool and entertaining. Then it got boring again.

      1. Even worse for us. I’d go so far as to say that any US citizen that pulls a stunt like this should be prosecuted here upon their return.

        1. Just revoke their passports and citizenship in absentia and forget them. Certain forms of stupidity need to be terminal for the good of the gene pool.

  7. La La Land – grossed over $140 million
    Moonlight – grossed $21 million.
    Moonlight is also about a gay black teen coming if age. It’s so “progressive”.

    1. The black community should have rioted over that. That movie does them far more damage than any of the stupid shit they riot over.

      1. I was curious, how would you find a picture like this? I am quite positive if I googled “gay negroes” it would show things I wouldn’t want to see.

      1. Haha! No. It’s real. Even a year after we saw it my wife and I hum “fame” whenever we see a white escalade driven by an African American. I also fondly remember huggie bear.

        1. If I ever see a white person driving an Escalade, I’ll let you know.
          I prefer Rooster. Keep your eye on the sparrow.

      2. They’re obviously aiming for the huge and lucrative demographic of wealthy married black couples with White servants. Should send sales through the roof.

  8. Boxer’s child don’t become boxers. Actor’s child become actors.
    It’s not about merit. it’s not about talent. It’s about…

  9. I didn’t watch the Oscars. I watched some clips from Sinatra at the 55 and 57 Oscars thought. That was fun.

        1. good thing the rat pack drank straight whisky. If they had a rum and coke you know there would have been pee pee in it.

        2. Me too my friend. Turn your back for one fucking second and those treacherous yellow bastards WILL make pee pee in it. They think it is hilarious those sick fuckers.

        3. Like, “A White man, a n****r and a g**k walk into a bar.
          The bartender says, “Get the fuck out of here”

        4. i vaguely remember one of them ending with the chinese saying “Me Chinese. Me play joke. Me go pee pee in your Coke” and I wondered if that’s where your obsession came from.

        5. Nah. Kneeman is from a different neck of the woods from my family.
          EDIT: I wonder if we’ll ever see someone meet a son they didn’t know about here…….

        6. We would get along fine until you said that to my face. Then, i suppose, after your jaw heeled we could give it another go 😉

        7. My drinking joke goes like this:
          A guy walks up to the bar and says, ” I want some 12 year old scotch.”
          The bartender fiddles around under the bar and hands him a drink.
          The guy sips then spits it out. This isn’t 12 years old it is 5 year old.”
          The bartender fiddles around under the bar and hands him another drink.
          The guy sips then spits it out. This isn’t 12 years old it is 8 year old.”
          The bartender fiddles around under the bar and hands him another drink.
          The guy sips then spits it out. This isn’t 12 years old it is 10 year old.”
          The bartender fiddles around under the bar and hands him another drink.
          The guy sips it, says, “Ahhhh now that is 12 years old.”
          A drunk at the end of the bar has been watching this with whatever awareness he can manage and hands the guy a drink saying, “That’s amazing. Here, try this.”
          The guy sips then spits it out. and says, “This isn’t scotch its piss.”
          The drunk replies, “Yah, but how old am I?

        1. Like Johnney Cash’s “Boy Named Sue”
          I picked John Wayne in the end because of the Westerns. I am a small town guy, grew up on a farm, ride horses. His persona fits me closer than Sinatra.

  10. You should have seen the german carnival shows during the last days…it was just a populist bashing contest (AntiTrump, AntiBrexit, AntiOrban, AntiPutin, AntiWilders, AntiLePen). I have seen huge acts of propaganda during the last years.
    But this was a whole new level.
    This was north korea style propaganda. And just like north koreans every citizen in this country believes the BS. North Koreans don’t have another option than swallowing the lies of the government – germans on the other hand could inform themselves but they are too busy working (they have to pay taxes for the poor gibs-me-dat-migrants!) and watching TV.

    1. is there a difference between city, and country folk as in USA?
      And is there a German lapenn/wilders/trump…
      we are all tired off that merkel harpy

      1. Yes there is a difference.
        In the City: nationalists under 5 %.
        On the country side: Nationalists around 25 %.
        Still not enough. We are doomed over here. Smdh.

        1. that is not enough. way greater disparity in USA.
          But???? hopefully in the anonymity of the voting booth maybe more…

  11. As a young lad I used to go to the movies every week. Now I’ll see maybe 4 a year. (I endorse John Wick 2, btw).Movies now largely suck. They’re either whiny and pretentious or on special effects overload with no real story. And the Oscars? One giant circle jerk with the public standing in the middle. Thanks, I’ll pass.

    1. I see exactly one movie every year. the only reason for that one is we have a family tradition of my sons and I going to see a movie on Christmas day. It was always a super hero Marvel movie, a Star Wars movie, or a LOTR movie. I let them know that I would not support going to any more Star Wars movies after The Farce Awakens.

  12. I watch movies from the sixties and the seventies. No SJW crap, no LGBT propaganda, best actors ever, solid directors. Hollywood morons can go fuck themselves. Once Pacino, DeNiro, Walken and that generation is gone we’ll be left with talentless shitheads.

    1. I watch 40+ year old reruns of “Family Feud” and enjoy them. The stuff (forget the kissing) that Richard Dawson said back then would get him killed today.
      As far as movies go, I’m with you.

    1. GM has been garbage since the great Harley Earl was forced to retire in 1960. His space age designs were superior to all that followed.

      1. Despite his talents, the late Mr/ Earl was symptomatic of what made GM fail. Too much emphasis on style, fashion, superficial commercial design while engineering development languished. A 1970 Chevy had basically the same engineering as a 1950 model.
        And I’m saying this as someone who owns one his designs!

  13. Scorsese’ movie about the Jesuits in feudal Japan didnt even get nominated! Only time a movie about Christianity get made is when its negative (I think a movie about child molestation in the Boston diocese won best picture a few years ago).
    I think we all know where most of the kiddie diddlers reside, and it aint inside the church…

    1. It makes perfect sense that I have no idea what movie you’re talking about….Highly suppressed.
      Have you heard of “Bitter Harvest” – or as I call it “The Holocaust with a weaker PR department?”

      1. It got great reviews, yet it didnt even get a nom; and these days, I think there are 9 or 10 (used to be 5) nominees for best picture. Were there really 10 movies superior to this?

  14. A movie about a gay black kid coming of age (gay porn/pedophilia) wins Best Picture – even though virtually nobody saw it. If that doesn’t tell you Hollywood is a branch of intelligence, and is engaged in mindfuckery while working for the elite, I don’t know what does…

    1. Agreed. All the commercials made the actor and movie seem too gay and I didn’t even read up to know the male lead wasn’t supposed to be gay. Didn’t watch it before the awards and won’t be watching it now.

    2. If the little people liked it (you know, all of us paying customers) then they have to hate it, because we the public have no taste. The Hollywood set has infinitely finer sensibilities than the public. So, they have to tell us what is good.

  15. “I try to watch the Oscars every year because it is a good bellwether of what the globalist elites want Americans to think”
    I never considered this before – but you are correct. From the movies that are given awards, to the constant political jokes made – it’s all there telling the world what they are pushing.
    And ever since Roosh published that article about the satanic rituals in Hollywood, that for every actor given an award, I couldn’t help but wonder, as I was watching, if the actor sucked off a producer, ate a plate of feces, or blew a goat in order to receive said award.

      1. “Yes, they ALL did, and way more than you can imagine.”
        Assuming that everyone gets videotaped whole degrading themselves, I’m hoping eventually it gets leaked to the public.

  16. Cadillac commercial video: “…that while we are not the same, we can be one.”
    They forgot to factor in that muslims want all non muslims dead.

  17. “Audible, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, sponsored an ad that featured gay actor Zachary Quinto reading a quote from George Orwell’s 1984:”
    Which of course is ironic because that is exactly what Bezos and the rest of the elites are pushing for : an Orwellian dystopian shit hole World.
    I’m surprised the elites did make a reference to Orwell considering that all manosphere and red pilled people reference 1984 to describe the activities of those in charge.
    Ps – in that video clip (the Hyatt ad) of the muzzie female on the train that hands an article of clothing presumably that belongs to the non muslim woman sitting across from her – I have yet to see a muzzie chick do an act of kindness to a non muzzie in real life. All muzxie chicks I see keep their heads down and pretend the infidels don’t exist. Maybe I don’t get out enough.

  18. When Gael Garcia Bernal whined about Trump’s wall, and how he thought there shouldn’t be walls between people, I thought, “So knock the walls of your Hollywood mansion down and invite Muslim immigrants to stay on your property, you puke.” These hypocrites have all kinds of walls that separate them from the Great Unwashed. I noticed there wasn’t a section in the Oscar audience reserved for homeless people and/or illegal immigrants…go figure.

  19. It cracks me up how fools call Trump a divider after 8 years of the divider-in-chief. Seriously, people think all this racial animosity and class-based tension started during Trump’s first month in office? Or even during the year that he campaigned?

    1. SJWism went into overdrive during Obama’s presidency. I’m in my 40’s, and before Obama became president I had never even heard of the term “white privilege.”

      1. Yeah I’m 41 and I don’t ever remember sustained and unhinged leftism prior to 2010 or so. Maybe it was there and I was too busy to notice, but it seems like since his election the nutjobs have become emboldened and civilized discourse has ceased to exist.
        Which is fine with me. I’m tired of conservatives playing nice and am ready for leftism to be wiped off the face of the earth.

        1. Violence is exactly what the left wants, they are just waiting for conservatives to snap so the final victim card can be played.

        2. If and when Conservatives snap it’ll be an absolute massacre wherein that ‘Victim card’ will be revoked in a major way.

        3. I’m not sure they’ve considered the ramifications of poking an armed bear whilst being firmly against gun ownership themselves, lol.

      2. I’d also never heard the word “patriarchy”. At least not in the sense that the SJWs mean. The Obama years were shit.

        1. Well, from Obama’s perspective.. he accomplished exactly what he set out to do, “fundamentally” change America. He done fucked up the culture real good, right out of the Alinsky playbook.

    1. Do they give awards for ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ look? ‘Cuz, Warren Beatty deserved an Oscar for that one alone.

  20. “The cast of La La Land streamed the stage and began reading their acceptance speeches when it was announced that there had been a mistake. ”
    Laughed my ass off when I saw that… fuckin’ a …. the director of the lala movie went off on his speech “…i wanna thank my wife and so and do..”
    then we hear: ” … oh by the way, we lost”

    1. What are the odds that it was a mistake…that incident was as scripted as Hollywood’s gay/pedo/feminist/SJW films.

      1. What purpose would be served by scripting it? I didn’t see it, don’t intend to, I’m just curious what “message” would be communicated by such a scripting?

        1. I don’t know for sure what the message might be, but if a person thinks it’s a mistake, when the Oscars are rehearsed, scripted, and meticulously planned, right down to the last detail…well…god bless you. But here’s an idea: A film about a gay black dude “wins” over a film about white dancers/actors/musicians, which was the heavy favorite. And the white film is announced as the winner initially – but then, it’s a mistake. Victory! Victory for the SJWs and the blacks and diversity! Hahahaha. Those white privileged bastards got theirs! Yes!
          The entire theme of the Oscars this year was diversity and love and open borders and anti-Trumpery. Progressivism. And then…the “mistake” resulting in SJW/gay/pedo/diversity victory. Two of the top four acting awards went to blacks. Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress. And Best Picture goes to a gay/black/pedo film. All of this is a coincidence, of course…

        2. I wasn’t contesting that it could be scripted, we are talking about an industry that by definition writes scripts and acts so…
          That sounds like a reason that they’d do it actually, especially given how we hear all of this minority whining every time there’s even a whiff of a white person who might get an award instead of the Poor Put Upon Brown Folks.

        3. Last year the leftists screamed about how there weren’t enough blacks getting nominated. Poof. Magically, they take down 60% of the top awards. It’s a freakin’ illusion, my man. They prey on people’s emotions. I’ll bet millions of black people jumped off the couch after “the mistake”, and started dancing and hugging…

        4. It’s always a cohencidence. It’s like giving a kid candy and then grabbing it away from him and giving it to the dog. That’s just how (((they))) roll.

      2. I believe it was staged. Whoever that bald guy was that announced the real winner, he seemed oddly prepared for the debacle.

        1. Yeah, very oddly prepared. Hollywood is the land of illusion. Its name comes from the type of wood that magicians used to make magic wands. All they do is lie and fucking deceive.

        2. How many shekels does it cost to see a movie in the theater these days anyway? I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in the theater the last ten years. I have no idea who these actors and actresses are.

        3. I haven’t been to a movie in…hmm…lemme think…14 years. I don’t know what it costs but it’s gotta be outrageous. I don’t watch modern films hardly. I watched one on Showtime several months ago and it was so over-the-top SJW I couldn’t believe it. I look at modern cinema like this – people pay a lot of money to get their minds fucked with. And they like it.

      3. No mistake. PWC have been doing this shit for nearly a century and there has never been this colossal of a fuck up; not even close. All pantomime to kowtow to ‘minorities’ in light of the whole Oscars so White idiocy where they went apoplectic.

      4. women love drama. cause fights to feel alive? yes/no…i think…
        and then so do all gay, pedo, etc…
        and they are drama majors…
        and so all you/me that do not watch it – know about it…

  21. The average CEO is a [SJW] who believes it is his duty to promote leftwing causes.
    I think this is a bit overstated. A few are like this, sure. But I’d bet most are simply adverse to negative publicity. They toe the SJW line, since those shrieking harpies have sunk more than one company/career due to perceived transgressions. Even those catering to SJW causes don’t necessarily believe it to be a duty, rather are intentionally courting that market or erroneously believe the majority of people agree with those causes.

    1. Depends on the business. Those companies still trying to make money and pay dividends to their shareholders do not have time for the PC bullshit. The objectives are pretty striaght forward and requires a lot of focus and work.
      If the organization is a NGO or a top tier company with deep pockets (Microsoft), they make the time to virtue signal SJW themes, hire unqualified people into slots and have big HR departments.

  22. I stopped watching the Oscars the year Dances with Wolves was awarded best picture over Goodfellas. Near 3 decades now and what movie do you remember better, can still watch, and is embedded in American culture?
    Scorsese was robbed.
    Ultimately….fuck celebrities and fuck Hollywood.

    1. And then there was 1980 – “Ordinary People” wins over “Raging Bull”. Scorsese got robbed more than once.

        1. Unfortunate, because I thought The Departed sukked.
          Goodfellas was his masterpiece, but shit Dances with Wolves was pretty damend good.

        2. I love that film – “Raging Bull” is my favorite Scorsese film, a cunt-hair ahead of “Goodfellas”…
          “Hit me in the face…”

    2. What? You object to the movie that tried to erase 100 years of anti Native American prejudice. Their culture finally got a chance to show its superiority. White people just suck (even Italians and Irishmen) so Dances with Wolves had to win.

  23. Way to dance around the 800 lb gorilla in the room. What do all these people and all these happenings have in common? Pattern recognition, people.
    It’s becoming more and more obvious to everyone.

    1. Yeah, nobody here has ever caught the Jew connection before. You’re really opened our eyes to the truth. Thanks brah.

    2. Yup… #PewDiePie is a Nazi. Note the absolute zealotry in going after him because he IS the next generation, the one they have completely lost since anyone under 25 has NEVER turned on a TV to become brainwashed. I think I am safe in saying PDP has been doing some of his own pattern recognition on his own time… and slipping it into his “don’t go there” humour. I don’t think he is alone.

  24. O.k Hollywood, thanks for the memories. This is one mouth breather that will not be going to see any of your films again.

    1. BTW I watched that wretchedly gay show ‘Big Bang’ one time on recommendation of a science colleague, and I shit you not, it is the worst TV show I ever experienced – THE WORST. I felt brain-raped and wanted that 25 min of my life back, full refund.

        1. I am so glad I threw away the TV before the whole gay thing really took off on TV. “Will and Grace” was on the air.

        2. It is as stupid as modern cartoons. I think it’s written for the Millennials who go to the grocery store in their pajamas, know jack shit about science, and think this is stereo-typically how science nerds act.

        3. My kids will watch “Studio C” off Youtube. It is sort of like Saturday Night Live, but clean comedy. Some of it is pretty good.

        4. I think at least two of the actors are faggots, but I couldn’t tell you their names to save my life, I just heard it from somewhere else on the interwebs.

        5. Yes they are gay IRL, but not on the show. However, there is a big subtext that two of the male characters have a thing for each other. They both were eternally rejected by women until one day one of them hit it lucky with a really busty beauty (which we know would never happen in real life), and got married. they still have a little bit of a gay side line going.

        1. In the beginning it had one redeeming feature, Penny. Back when they started 10 years ago she was a smoking hot babe, playing a smoking hot babe, so not much of a stretch for her. She has hit the wall at warp speed. All the male characters look pretty much exactly like they did 10 years ago, and they were older than Kaley Cuoco then. Now, ten years later the men have aged like wine, and the women like milk.

  25. A couple of extremely curious moments at the Oscars the other night – Jennifer Aniston gets on stage to introduce the “In Memoriam” segment, honoring the actors and Hollywood types who passed away during the previous year. She gets all choked up when mentioning Bill Paxton. But she only gets choked up for about three seconds and there are no visible tears and then she’s right back on point – no problem. Huh? It even looked like she was suppressing a smirk shortly after her horrendous attempt at acting like she was sad…
    And then, Damien Chazelle wins for Best Director. I took one look at him, and listened to him speak, and thought, “Gay boy.” But no! He has a wife! (Or is she a beard?) He professes his love for her, and how he couldn’t have done it without her, and it’s terrible acting, you can tell it’s contrived, and then they cut to a shot of his “wife” in the front row, and once again, she is all choked up for about three seconds, no tears, it looks fake as hell, and then she’s right on point again, no emotion.
    I think if we knew the actual truth about what was really going on in Hollywood, we’d collectively puke until our foreheads caved in…

        1. It’s always ‘they’ saying something on that infernal contraption. I loathe this telebooble gadget.

        2. Ummm, yeah, suit slacks are NOT supposed to hug your thighs and calves like Saran Wrap! Who the fuck created that look?

    1. When it comes to the level of sickness and depravity coming out of that festering haemorrhoid absolutely nothing shocks me-I’m immune to the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

  26. I never watch the “ceremony” nor I care about it. It’s nothing but self entitled whiners patting each other on the back while telling us how smarter than the rest of us they think they are.
    From your article I see this year was even more stupid than usual.

  27. Haven’t watched Oscars since I was a kid. Been decades. It’s boring for hetero males. Who wants to watch a bunch of fakers congratulate themselves? And now it’s just a bunch of SJWs, stumbling over themselves, desperately handing out awards to prove how antiraciss they are.

  28. I’m still trying to figure out what the end game for all of this is. Why are they doing this? I know the low ranking shitlib leftists are just too stupid to see their own bullshit double standards and only care about their social status points, but why are the high level ones orchestrating this? What can they possibly gain from all of this propaganda?
    Muslim immigration for more tax payers and consumers? Sure. Then once all western nations are voted as sharia republics, good luck enjoying your totalitarian theocracy where marketplaces are getting bombed, hookers and booze are illegal, and the religious aristocracy runs the banks. Mass destruction and political upheaval tends to put a dent in profit margins.
    Is it a Jew conspiracy? Again they have nothing to gain. Political instability doesn’t generate profit, period. And why give control of the nation to a culture that hates you and wants another holocaust? It’s far more likely to be a Muslim conspiracy than anything else.
    Create reliance on the state? The state will be no more when the constitution is voted out and replaced.
    Does anyone have a working theory that makes sense on what exactly is going on?

    1. I’ve been wondering this same thing for years now.
      I simply believe they are so devoted to change things to what they want, that they fail to see the outcome of the changes they wish to force on people.

      1. Really, I have given up trying to see their reasoning and just chalk it up as inspired by the Devil, and leave it at that. How else do you explain their favoritism towards Muslims, if they are all for women’s rights?

        1. I got that but I’m not sure where you’re coming from. Judging by your other comments you probably think the Bible is a hoax to get us to fall in line with (((them)))

      2. Oh they can see the outcome of what they are forcing on people. This shit is not happening by accident.

      3. This is what I’m leaning towards as well. I think it’s just a series of extremely unfortunate events combined with uninformed, weak willed, and insanely misguided rich people.

      1. This is a fact. It finally clicked when I saw a PBS doc featuring Brazil and how utterly “awesome” it is.
        They profiled an aircraft worker for Embraer. The dude waxed on how he could now BUY XBOX, and A NEW CAR, blah blah.
        Globalists don’t GAF where manufacturing takes place or where the drone consumer units live. Microsoft doesn’t GAF about America, only where it can sell Xbox’s. They love the protections afforded, but only care about Americans as far as their consumer unit value. They don’t GAF where their workers come from, only as long as they become good consumer units.
        The cheaper they can get their widgets built, the wider their consumer net.

        1. Brazil is a giant hellslum of mixed race garbage ruled over by a tiny cabal. This is the endgame. (((They))) want to rule over a world of SHIT.

    2. Here is my two cents. Yes, they did have a plan to enslave the whole world, but now they are too old to realize the world moved on and no one wants wars or usurious debt anymore. Their physical control lies in usury, which anyone can escape by staying out of debt. Their power USED to lie in control of the media and thus the culture. Enter the internet. These old dinosaurs with dreams of fresh gentile babies delivered to their doors in the morning like the milk man… were not watching as the culture shifted from tuning out, to logging on. The Oscars fiasco is what you get when a power group who THINKS they still control a culture… act like they do. 2017 is truly a watershed year. The reaction to Trump by the media and hollywood has proven what many of us dreamed to be true, but dared not hope. They… have lost control of the minds of the masses. A new conservative culture has been breeding and growing online completely under their radar and even if noticed, arrogance assumed our little ROK playground was nothing to worry about because… WaPo, CNN, Oscar… etc. The times… they are a changin.

      1. There is a film clip on YouTube that is from a MSNBC “news” show discussing Trump. Towards the end the blonde (what else) babe “serious newsperson” said, “Trump is acting like he wants to control what people think, and that is our job.” Ooops!
        I once heard a political misstatement defined as when a politician accidentally tells the truth. So, this si a big time misstatement.

      2. Interesting points. So you feel that these are the death throws of the multi-headed monster? I sincerely hope that to be true. The question is how do we take back Hollywood, the MSM, and academia?

  29. Dude….stop watching. Just stop. We already understand the basic idea behind the stupid Oscars. Please stop giving them your time and attention.
    Keep on leaving the movie industry in the dust by not paying for their propaganda.
    I know you think you are reporting to us what happened at the Oscars…..stop it! Those who watched it don’t need your report; those of us who do not watch it don’t care. By watching, you are playing into their hands. Just stop. Make the Oscars as irrelevant as….I don’t know, …NASCAR. Let the Oscars fade away.
    Leave pop culture where it belongs; out of sight, out of mind. We don’t need to dip into it to understand how poisonous it is.

  30. I wonder how long our society feels we have to cater to blacks, and how much is enough. Are we to continue to be guilt tripped and shamed into subservience and intimidated until we are a minority? How far does this need to go on until all the cucked whites are satisfied?
    I saw a debate with Douglas Murray the other day. The man is brilliant. He was explaining that only white countries are the ones who feel the need to constantly apologize and make concessions for slavery, colonialism, etc. He explained how odd this was when you consider that the largest colonial empire was the Turkish Empire, yet no one feels the need to lay all this guilt toTurkey. Why aren’t there any groups saying that Turkey needs to have its identity erased for past wrongs? Every society throughout history has done something that they could be punished for, but why is it only white countries that get this treatment? And when will all the other groups be satisfied, is this to go on until we are just a discriminated minority, or will they not stop until we are totally eradicated?

  31. Hollywood cretins are now inbreeding to create an uber species of condscending botoxed self absorbed shitlords. Wall off LA and nuke it.

  32. If the 63 million just took just year off from going to the movies, paying for cable, just disengaged from Horrywood it would be gone in no time. They are suffering as the next generation are more involved in virtual reality gaming. They have no interest for the most part in most of the dross Horrywood spews onto the world. Fuck these dancing monkeys, for that is what they are, and their virtue signalling. If they are so concerned by immigrants why have any security and a guest list at the awards show? Why live in gated communities where they drive from their homes to the latest restaurant with 0 calorie ice cream? Why have an armed security team? Why have houses all over the world with multiple bedrooms with nobody in them? They are the problem, Trump is the cure…….

  33. Surprise surprise the Oscars was nothing more than a two hour anti-Trump fest just like I predicted it was going to be but I shouldn’t be too shocked since the Oscars is full of liberal left wing jackasses spewing their garbage as fucking usual. Plus I wish these assholes would make a coherent argument and show cause and reason to why they are right and why I should believe the insanity they spew instead of relying on giggly schoolgirl jokes,bitch sarcasm,self righteous indignation, and playing the race card but I forgot they are too goddamn stupid to do that so I’m asking for too much from them.
    The author of this article hit the nail on the head when he stated that the nonstop attacks on Trump will kill their credibility even further because it will reveal their biases towards the commander in chief as clear as day which they have demonstrated time and time again. Also these relentless “Trump Is Bad M’Kay” rants from the media,celebrities,and libtards will really get old after a while hell I’m at that point right now. Everytime I hear and see people like Bill Maher,Samantha Bee,John Oliver,those dumb cunts from The View,and those crybaby bitches waving their protest signs around marching going on and on about how “evil” is I say to myself “OKAY I GET IT EVERYTHING THE MAN DOES MAKES YOUR VAGINA HURT.” But despite that they keep coming back for more. It’s like a woman complaining about how much of a asshole her boyfriend is but then fucks him the next day.
    That’s why I don’t take these fucktards seriously because all I see are a bunch of babies in adult bodies throwing a tantrum because we finally have a President who is not going to pander to their bullshit quest for a utopian society that is impossible to make a reality and the mess this country and the rest of Western civilization is in right now is living fucking proof.

    1. I am never walking into a theater again, and I don’t think I am alone. I will look for my favorite old school movies at yard sales are wherever I can so that if I buy a movie, the money is going to another person, not Hollywood.

      1. I feel the same way, and have so for the last 10 years. Their isn’t shit worth seeing in theaters, notwithstanding the exorbitant ticket prices as of late.

  34. I think hollyweird is an actual mental institution. These people are the patients and they need medication. Lots of it.

  35. It amazes me how the left can read dystopian novels like 1984 or Brave New World and not make any connections to themselves.

  36. If any ROK reader is still on the fence about God or not, this fiasco should wake him up. This was not chance. It was divine retribution for flagrant hypocrisy and arrogance.
    Note… Warren is one of us. Looked at the card, NEW IT WAS FUCKING WRONG… and handed it to Dunaway to look stupid announcing the wrong winner to the whole world. “WTF? We just announced this. Uh… here Faye… You do the announcement. No no… I insist!” ~ Da man!

  37. Sorry guys I’m not in the US or a US citizen but we were led to believe more people voted for the morally corrupt Clinton, was this more MSM lies?

    1. A very small number of votes more for Clinton than Trump. Now in our system that doesn’t matter as the state by state winners is what counts. Each state has so many electors and if you win 270 you are elected. Trump won just over 300 electoral college votes so he won, by a good margin. Then the third party candidate (who go less than 2% of the vote) demanded a recount in three states where Trump narrowly won, and none where Clinton narrowly won. When they started counting they found “irregularities” where Clinton votes had been counted 3 or more times for each vote submitted. They hurriedly decided they didn’t need a recount after all, and the cheating detection was stopped. So, did she get more votes or just more votes were recorded for her. I think the latter.
      The Democrat Party machine is crooked, and always has been. This time they just underestimated how much cheating they would have to do, and where they needed to do it. Three states they recounted were ones that reliably vote (or successfully rig) Democrat. So they didn’t put there cheating resources in the right places.

    2. Hillary had more popular votes but that was because of one state, California. There was also probably at least 500,000 illegal alien/dead people votes. the majority of those go to the Democrat. This is why our founders put the Electoral College in place

        1. Cook County (Chicago) is totally rigged by the Democrat Party, and has been for decades. It is the county that elected JFK in 1960. I lived in the outskirts of Chicago during an election year. They were dredging ballot boxes out of various rivers for months afterwards. The grave yard vote has always been significant there. As they say in Chicago, “Vote early, vote often, and being dead is no excuse not to vote.”

      1. And what wise men they were in creating a representative republic as opposed to a democracy where the 51% could tyrannise the 49% at the ballot box.

  38. In psychology they’ve learned that we regularly associate one thing with another unconsciously. For example if you are looking for wine, and hear German music, you are more likely to buy German wine. If you are listening to French music you are more likely to buy French wine. So when you see the Very blond La La Land win…but then it turns out they totally didnt win(and it took an inexplicably long time to figure out), it is done to make you subconsciously think hey..Trump totally didnt win! And how many times will we have to listen to this stupid news story repeated again and again? Welcome to the weaponized media world we now live in.

  39. It’s a bullshit three ring circus sideshow of freaks. Followed by millions of dumbfounded dip shits. One great big festering neon distraction.

  40. I thought the blue ribbon was for prostate cancer or child abuse in foster care. I just could not figure out the blue ribbon.

  41. “It is almost as if some divine force is battling on behalf of Trump and his supporters.”
    Indeed. That’s what I am saying since the beginning of Elections. Divine FORCE is all around President Trump. People in other blogs called me “fool” whenever I talked about the Divine intervention.
    I pray my Lord Siva to bestow Good Health and Strength to the President Trump.

  42. I avoid watch the Oscars because it’s 2 AM here. Now I know I didn’t miss a thing by sleeping.

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