Feminist Leader Implies That Women Make Poorer Decisions Than Men

Well-respected Wall Street Journalist James Taranto recently wrote a piece entitled: “Drunkenness and Double Standards, A balanced look at college sex offenses.” The article acknowledges both the realities of violent rape and, on the other side of the coin, the cases where two drunken people end up pushing genitalia together. Anyone who’s spent time in college knows it’s a common occurrence. Newly independent young people’s first encounters with alcohol and freedom from parental rules are often wild.

The day after this article was published, National Organization of Women (NOW) president Terry O’Neill called for Taranto’s dismissal in a press release. Her stated reason for the demand was her claim that his arguments amounted to victim blaming. However, at no point does she acknowledge that women are just as capable of making poor decisions as men.

The article makes the point that men are blamed for these mutual encounters in the vast majority of cases. His point is; “What is called the problem of ‘sexual assault’ on campus is in large part a problem of reckless alcohol consumption, by men and women alike.”

Taranto uses an apt analogy in making his point:

If two drunk drivers are in a collision, one doesn’t determine fault on the basis of demographic details such as each driver’s sex. But when two drunken college students “collide,” the male one is almost always presumed to be at fault. His diminished capacity owing to alcohol is not a mitigating factor, but her diminished capacity is an aggravating factor for him.

NOW President offers no arguments, only demands dismissal

Terry O’Neill never argued the point in her call for WSJ to fire Taranto. At no point did Taranto condone rape or cast aspersions against women in general. However, Terry O’Neill states:

James Taranto doesn’t need a national platform for demeaning women and condoning rape.

Ignoring the possibly libelous nature of this statement doesn’t change that equality is a two-way street. Unfortunately, it appears that Terry O’Neill would prefer feminists, on behalf of women everywhere, have their cake and eat it too. In calling for Taranto’s dismissal, has she implied that all women need protection from their own decision-making? If this is the case, does that mean she believes women are not the equals of men? Is a women not to hold herself responsible for the choices that led to her “walk of shame?”

Whether the man was drunk and barely remembers it, or that he wouldn’t normally do such things seems to not matter. It follows that it wouldn’t matter that a combination of bad decision on both their parts is what got them into their mess. Does Terry O’Neill’s press release show that she believes all culpability for a woman’s decisions rest squarely on a man’s head? If so, that implies she believes women, in general, lack agency. A belief like this is not in keeping with true equality.

Equality allows for women to make good and bad decisions, suffering the consequences and gaining the rewards of either, just as men do. True equals do not seek punishment against another who is mutually responsible for drunken sex. But, it seems in the opinion of the president of NOW, only a man can be held responsible for the choices of both men and women.

Terry O’Neill’s emotional appeal to deflect from factual argument

In the same press release Terry O’Neill trots out the tired statistic:

Approximately one in four young women will be sexually assaulted during their college career – an alarming statistic…

This stat would be devastating, were it true. Mark Twain stated, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” It is well-known that statistics are often skewed to win arguments. This 25% nonsense is a well-known example that persists in today’s misinformed culture, much like the false pay gap between men and women. These statistics are used to evoke an emotional response intended to shut down further debate.

Here is what Phil in Utah had to say about rape statistics:

So, what do statistics collected from non-feminist sources say? Well, let’s try the FBI statistics. According to an FBI report, which did not account for differing definitions of rape, whether or not the rapes were convicted, or whether or not female-on-male rape was included, the United States had a rate of 29 reported rapes per 100,000 people in 2009. That’s not going to get us to 25%, but I’m feeling generous, so let’s look at the country with the highest rate of rape in the past decade–South Africa, with a rate of 116 rapes per 100,000 people in one year. Percentage wise, this is .1% of the population. Now, I’ll admit that I’m worse at math than anything else in the world, but even I know this isn’t even close to “1 in 4″

I recognize the irony of using one set of statistics to combat another in this case. However, it’s a useful exercise. Both set of stats can’t be 100% correct, because of massive inflation on the feminist’s side and very real problem of unreported rape on the other. The severe difference between the two stats points to a reality that lies somewhere in the middle. The FBI report is solid crime stats though, and I have yet to see the research behind the 1 in 4 claim. Each time a rape happens it’s a potentially life-destroying tragedy, so is every false rape accusation. It is time to acknowledge that politics creates bullshit where these stats are concerned.

Regardless of her motivations, trotting out inflated statistics doesn’t make for an effective argument against Taranto’s point; women are responsible for all of their choices. Terry O’Neill at no point offered logical counterpoint to his article or even presented a single argument. She, instead, weakly used labels like “misogynist” which are meant to silence honest debate as I have pointed out before. She didn’t even acknowledge the false rape anecdote in Taranto’s article or the possibility that such things happen at all. On top of all of that she claimed the article amounted to “victim-blaming” without acknowledging the possibility that men can be just as ashamed as women in these circumstances.

Cowardly attempt to ruin a man’s livelihood

Terry O’Neill has a national voice, and because she does, few question her opinions or her motivations. I submit that intelligent, well-informed people don’t resort to name calling to end a debate. Until factual arguments are made against Taranto’s article he remains the victor in this particular debate. Since it is unlikely any feminist rhetoric will ever remove actual consequences from personal choices, it’s likely he’ll remain the winner.

Trying to ruin someone’s livelihood is a common tactic of feminists and left leaning activists. However, that doesn’t make the attempt correct. It is a fundamentally immoral act motivated by fear brought about by lack of confidence in one’s own argument.  It’s my hope the leadership at the Wall Street Journal will recognize her cries for what they are and ignore Terry O’Neill’s bleating.

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147 thoughts on “Feminist Leader Implies That Women Make Poorer Decisions Than Men”

  1. Do you recognize that there is an enormous difference in comparing the entire population of South Africa and the “population” of “young women”?

    1. J, I’m not sure what you are trying to say here. The whole point of that section of the post is that the stats have been manipulated.
      If you are arguing in favor of the 1 in 4 statistic, you have entirely missed the point.

      1. What I’m saying is that his rebuttal of that statistic is based on a statistic that isn’t even measuring the demographic (young women). Apples and oranges.

        1. He was comparing the 1 in 4 nonsense with actual rape statistics from the rape capital of the world in order to show the ridiculousness of the 1 in 4 stat.

        2. Whose rebuttal, mine or Phil’s?
          Here is what Phil wrote: the United States had a rate of 29 reported rapes per 100,000 people in 2009.
          Which is based on FBI crime stats.
          I made the point that all stats can be manipulated. However applying a little logic to the crime stats could end up with the following:
          100,000/2 (for reduction to just females) = 50,000
          29/50,000 (to get percentage) = 0.00058% of reported rapes during that year (2011).
          That number doesn’t take into account unreported rapes, so the reality lies between the stat I just math’d up and the hyper-inflated 25% bullshit touted by feminists.
          In this case if we assumed that there were 100 rapes for every 1 reported in 2011 (highly unlikely) that still only gets us to five tenths of one percent.
          The 25% number is only touted by feminists and lefties because if advances their agenda, not because it has any basis in fact.

        3. While you have corrected for gender, you have not corrected for the age group being discussed.

        4. So you are saying that we should just buy the 25% statistic based on zero math?
          Are you missing the point intentionally?

        5. I’m not saying we should buy it (I’d assume it’s inflated), but your math doesn’t refute it, either.

        6. Here is a quote from the article…
          I recognize the irony of using one set of statistics to combat another in this case. However, it’s a useful exercise. Both set of stats can’t be 100% correct, because of massive inflation on the feminist’s side and very real problem of unreported rape on the other. The severe difference between the two stats points to a reality that lies somewhere in the middle.
          That is the point I made… I do however believe that the reality is closer to the FBI stats by a large margin. That belief is based on the fact that the crime stats are facts, where the feminist “study” is rhetoric.
          You said you would assume it is inflated, and while I agree with you, the real point is that the feminist stat is bullshit.

        7. The 25% statistic is clearly bullshit. To make the other statistic match up though, you would have to convert it to college age women since more rapes will be committed against sexy 20-somethings than against women hitting the wall past 30. Even if all the rapes happened to be committed against college age girls, then that would be 29 rapes to maybe 3000 women which would still be under one percent. Then, if only 1 in 5 rapes were actually reported, that wouldn’t even hit 5%.
          I would believe a stat like 1 in 20 women go through some form of sexual assault while in college, keeping in mind that sexual assault would include acts like unwanted groping and forced make out sessions in semi-public party areas. This “rape culture” nonsense is spreading because it is so controversial. As an example, I am constantly seeing “end rape” written in sharpie or spray paint across the UW campus. I think it’s a movement or something now?

        8. Actually his article debunked the bullshit 25% stat, as have others.
          Rather than ask him to calculate the percentage of rapes annually amongst college aged women (which don’t appear available), why don’t you suggest what the real number is and back it up.
          Honestly, I think most if us find it offense that this 25% stat seeks to defame our brothers, friends, coworkers, etc.
          Go post on that NOW bitches site and ask her to give you some evidence.

        9. Sure it does, relativity of the real stat shows gives you a clear perspective of how retarded the false 1 in 4 statistic is for the less astute.
          Any person that’s not a complete idiot would get it at a glance.

        10. J – the simple answer is that noone really knows what the actual stat on rape is… what we do KNOW is that the 25% stat is overstating the problem.
          Either way… focussing on the stat is a deflection from the true point of the article. There is a HUGE difference between waking up with a hangover realizing that you have done something you probably wouldn’t have done had you been a little more sober the night before and having been raped. Realizing that the guy you chose to screw was a jerk that was never going to talk to you in the light of day is also NOT rape. It is called embarrassment. Own it.. and move on. What Terry O’Neil seems to be saying is that when I am drunk I am not responsible for my decisions where a man is. As a woman.. it is infuriating disrespectful to me. I am capable of making decisions AND accepting the consequences of those decisions… all of them… good and bad.
          Focussing on the rape stats.. is a distraction from the point. If you have an argument against the POINT, by all means make it. If not… go home.

        11. Even if theoretically, the reported + unreported rape rate was double, say 50 in 1000, whilst that is way high, its still only 5 in 100 women. And it is likely that a lower percentage of men, say the same 1% of men, are committing ALL of the rapes. Therefore, the vast majority of men DO NOT RAPE.
          Of course, this defies feminist logic, and they will parade around in front of convicted rapists if they could, with no clothes on, then blame society for the consequences. I mean, I’ve seen women go alone to dangerous parts of foreign countries to ‘test themselves’. Talk about a lack of common sense. Truly, western women (especially white, no racist) are western men’s downfall. Western women are indoctrinated to be unthinking sluts and slaves to the state, which enforces the downfall of men. Whilst women from other cultures may hold back more often due to cultural upbringing, Western Caucasian women only have their own subverted culture to fall back on and therefore go full retard in destroying their men and hence themselves.

        12. Seth, this is actually a really good point. Feminists are blaming all men for rape culture and that’s another side that we aren’t really focused on as much. What if 5% of women do get raped in college? Or even 25%? That doesn’t tell us how many men are actually rapists, which is the real root of the problem.
          I think it’s fair to say that all men aren’t responsible for what a tiny faction do. I realize that this could be a NAWALT type argument, but when it is such a small portion, it is a valid consideration.
          Not that this would ever get a stronghold with the feminist viewpoint or the main-stream media though. It seems like they want us to believe that all guys are either rapists or rapists in waiting.

  2. The FBI report is solid crime stats though, and I have yet to see the research behind the 1 in 4 claim.

    I do know the has been at least one survey of students where one of the questions was ‘have you ever had sex after having drunk alcohol’, and any female respondents answering that question in the affirmative were added to the tally of ‘rape victims’.
    The shocking result of this information is that apparently 3 in 4 women at college only have sex while sober.

    1. That question is just as loaded as the standard street cop question…
      “Have you been drinking tonight?”
      There are too many methods by which the honest answer to that question is yes, wherein no actual intoxication exists at the time the question is asked.
      A better question is:
      “Have you ever had sexual intercourse with a person who was not your significant other (i.e., not in any way automatically permitted to have sex with you) while at having a blood-alcohol content of 0.06 or higher?”
      The majority would have no answer to such a question because people don’t walk around with google-glasses hooked up to a blood tester that’s constantly telling them their BAC. However, such a question is the only way to honestly answer whether or not someone was judgement-impaired during a sex act.

    2. Gotta guilt trip the men and find a bigger stick with which to beat them with. They often say that the worst form of repression is when you self-censor, due to fear of what others’ think, etc..
      I knew a player who was passed out drunk, and didn’t to sleep with a girl, and she would’ve raped him, as he kept on passing out and saying “no, no…” and rejecting her physical advances. He was saved by his brother walking in on them and telling her to f*ck off. This is what western women are reduced to.
      What made me laugh today was looking at the female radiologist and nurses in the hospital making blowjob eyes at the foreign doctor there. They can’t do their jobs properly, so keep making porno poses with their mouths and sticking their hands into the corners of them or sucking on pens as they talked to him. Great professional environment in the hospital we got – if you can’t do the job properly, then just use sex appeal to try to compensate…
      And if we notice this blatant manipulation and call them out on it, it must be because we’re imagining it because we’re filthy [email protected]

  3. Does anyone know where we can show our support of Taranto? Has he responded to the NOW hit piece anywhere? Red pill guys need to stick together. If they manage to silence Taranto, they’ve effectively silenced one of the few red pill voices we have in the MSM.

    1. a little over 4200 people signed a petition to have him fired, with 700 or so votes left before this petition becomes active??
      I think just discussing it on this site helps, but I don’t see any petitions to help him, nor do i think there are enough redpill men out there to overcome the feminist onslaught. I think having upvotes in this site in his favor are enough – this site is one of the main ones for representing men’s rights etc..
      I had repeatedly stated that feminism is weaker now that there is less money for it. This is still true. However, on their way down, women will take down a lot of good men. This is unacceptable, but I guess making reasonable statements like he has can still get you punished. The best way to handle this is to keep things covert until the feminist juggernaut has lost more power over the next 5-10 years. Its not worth losing current and future employment over for most. Even male-friendly companies may struggle to hire him out of fear of alienating 50% of the population (ie the women).
      The return of men as kings to their women is sorely needed. Patriarchal societies are geared towards survival. Feminist-friendly ones (ie the West) are the ones that don’t, which is why ALL western countries are seeing massive social and economic declines.

      1. Can we start a petition to get the man hater that leads now fired? I am serious.

        1. Atlanta man,
          While I agree with your sentiment whole heartedly, I have a hard time with that method.
          That method is the main reason for my post. As much as I despise O’Neill’s desire to inflict real harm on men for speaking the truth, I still can’t support “returning the favor.”
          Our arguments should stand alone based on their logic and merit. They don’t need support from “Chicago Politics” types of abuses.
          However I can get behind supporting Taranto. I am working on how to do that…

  4. Inglix the Mad at Fark.com points this out regularly. He loves using this exact example (two equally drunk people) to highlight the double-standard that feminists hold, because as we all know, men can’t be raped by women just because the man is drunk.
    Men just realize that regret isn’t rape. Women are taught that regret is rape. Accountability on this: Men 1, Women 0

  5. So every four years the entire female student body on every campus gets raped,every single one of them. You don’t need to be an actuary to call bull shit on that.

    1. No, the statistic they trot out is 1 out of every 4 women will be sexually assaulted at some point during college, not 1 out of 4 every year. It’s still bullshit though.

      1. Thanks for the correction.
        Of course “at some point” clouds the stats as well. How long is a “college career”?

        1. Good point. I would assume roughly 4 years. But, given the fact that most people never graduate, the average could be 1.5-2 years. Of course, this is all irrelevant given that the “statistic” was completely pulled out of someone’s ass.

        2. Could be 8 or more if doing grad studies or you know, screwing around as a Professional student

        3. An article was published in the Belgian press the other. It’s 43% of women now. A few more years and it will be 1 out of 2.

        4. If I thought that an epidemic of such violence was afoot… I would never allow my wife to leave my side.
          These numbers are retarded… and people know they are. Most are just terrified of being labeled by the feminidiots.

      2. Yeah. Most women like to fantasize that men want to rape them, even the ugly ones. Like they’ll actually back up onto you and rub on your cock in social situations when they think other people aren’t watching, and its YOUR FAULT and you’re assaulting them.

      3. Sometimes the stat is changed to 1 in 3.
        They just randomly change it for the hell of it! It is insane!

        1. when the definition of sexual assault basically means giving her a flirty glance she doesn’t like
          then you might as well just up it to 100% of fit women are raped every day they are at college….
          then you’ll have it covered.

        2. An article was published in the Belgian press the other day. It’s 43% of women now. A few more years and it will be 1 out of 2.

    2. They do though, if by rape you mean “taught bullshit by the liberal arts teachers while accruing ridiculous debt”… and by every four years you mean, “every term.”

      1. Sociology is garbage and women studies as well, but I don’t dump on the arts as a whole. The Romans and Greeks made conquerors out of men by teaching them letters and arms, poetry analysis and sports specifically. A fierce samurai could also appreciate the subtle beauty of a flower arrangement and understand its meaning. I train my body and both sides and brain

        1. I’m not dumping on the arts. I’m dumping on the exorbitant fees to be taught the arts. You don’t need an instructor to tell you how to make good poetry, or write a story. You only need to read the works of those better than you.
          Most Liberal Arts degrees are wasted money because you can simply teach it to yourself with some late fees at the local library.
          Math, and any major with significantly difficult math, is a different animal.

        2. A good instructor will save you years of personal discovery and from many mistakes. But, I agree with you on costs vs rewards as it is with college education these days.

        3. Yes, a good instructor will, and a superb instructor will also not let his thinking influence yours, but those kinds of instructors are actually more rare than ivy-league schools.

        4. Sociology is not garbage. It is in fact science. Not all of it, not every theory, but big chunks of it explain society and its norms, believe it or not.

        5. I’m biased on the subject of instructors, I’ve had the very good fortune of having several excellent ones. The problem may be that students don’t spend enough time with their instructor. In japanese martial arts there is an expression shu-ha-ri, meaning follow-question-break. These is the stages through which a student progresses. At first they do nothing but follow what their teacher does, like a mimic. Then they begin to question what they are being taught. Finally, they break away from their teacher and form their own schools, with their own experiences. This is good, because the art not only survives but grows and flourishes, the student must go beyond the teacher, or there is stagnation.
          This is just discussion, just something to consider I not saying you are wrong or disagreeing.

        6. I am more of a fan of philosophy than Sociology, but Max Weber is a real inspiration to me. I find his understanding of alienation to be more relevant than Marx.

        7. There is value in any field of study, but Sociology is a field of study that is easily corrupted by liberal influences and good “feels.”
          Also, there are a plethora of young, well meaning fools who major in it without ever intending to do any real science.
          Unfortunately, all of the sciences are heading in this direction.

  6. Feminist Leader Implies That Women Make Poorer Decisions Than Men
    Its us mens fault yo

  7. Give it a break already!
    Most women ARE WHORES…let’s stop sugar coating this FACT.

      1. Most chicks in medical school are not attractive and are more aggressive sexually due to their lack of good looks, most are overweight, sexually unappealing, or nerdy ( not sexy nerdy , awkward nerdy).

      2. I’m a female med student… I just want to be a doctor… A pediatrician. What’s your problem dude?

        1. And lets see how long you practice, before you throw in the towel to punch out a few brats (probably with misdiagnosed ADHD).
          Wheras a man, would stay in the workplace for 30+ years, providing benefits to the community far in excess of the benefits you treat to your ego.

        2. Let’s not forget the opportunity cost of all the resources diverted to educating and training a female doctor that could’ve gone to a committed man

  8. I still hit college bars and I watch women do 3 dollar shooters, drink pitchers of Long Island iced tea, make out with each other , and have sex in the bathrooms. At closing time the ratio of of women often 3 women for every man and they are completely blasted ready to go home with any thing with a dick ( overt drug abuse is also common) and their girlfriends tell them to do it. The men are just as wasted, and are basically drunk erections looking for somewhere to stick it. That is equality if I ever saw it, two wasted people looking to fuck. The problem is NOW operates in a man hating vacuum, they need to kill the rhetoric and bullshit statistics and go into the field. When you are wasted at 2 am and a drunk, tight, 18 year old will literally say ” take me home and fuck me” that is not rape, that is two drunk people about have a good time.

    1. It’s rape cause they say it’s rape, duh!
      Sometimes I wish men would just stop giving all women attention for a week, the damage alone from that would be “extinction-level” apocalyptic.

      1. I’ve commented before that if men went on general strike most women would be on their knees begging for mercy in no more than a week (that’s not just attention, but doing anything that benefits a woman. Police, firemen, mechanics, the lot).
        I’d guesstimate that 10% would last about a month.
        About 5% would not only last a year, but be doing reasonably well for themselves. It might almost be worth it to find out just who those women are, and I’ll bet you that at that point they would want fuck all to do with women either.

        1. i tried this in LTRs – living with a girl…. hard to do but it does work in time….
          she’d get in a pissy mood and shutdown on me…. go sleep in the other room or etc…. so I’d just shutdown permanently – no affection, no conversation… just ignore her and carry on living like it’s my house…
          i’ve lived on my own a lot and i can be quite the recluse if i want to be….
          so after a week, she’s literally lost it and comes and climbs into bed and starts sucking my dick… not a word spoken….
          don’t chase the horse… let it come home when it needs feeding…

  9. Being drunk doesn’t remove free will, if you’re getting raped you will know about even if you’re drunk. And when i say rape i mean forceful sex completely against your will. I don’t mean you woke up and realised you are a slut and slept with a black man (I’m not black but a lot of false rape claims are against black men but it could be anyone). We need to take back control the definition of rape from feminists to stop the craziness they promote, like calling it rape if a woman says no but you can see and feel she is wet. So if two college kids collide drunk, its not rape unless the girl is screaming no no no and obviously in distress, isn’t that obvious? Not to feminists.

    1. Some women like to scream “no no no” in pleasure… defining this stuff gets hard when women’s sexual preferences lie all over the board. Some even want to resist and say no but have you plow into them anyway, it’s a little thing called rape fantasy that is extremely common. As long as rape remains a political controversy and feminists are effectively twisting it to fit their needs, I think that us men are pretty much just going get repeatedly fucked by the system.

      1. “Some even want to resist and say no but have you plow into them anyway”. Yeah that’s true, but as well as being part of a genuine desire to be dominated it’s also their anti slut defense, so they can claim they resisted and not feel slutty. Feminists want to take it further and allow the feeling of being a slut to be equal to rape. It seems to be a response by feminists to the uncomfortable fact that some woman like to be taken forcefully. After all, that contradicts the notion that woman are equal to men if they willfully want to be dominated. It’s an acknowledgment that men control and woman submit, they can’t handle it so they invent phrases like “no means no”. Of course, being women they are devious and will say that rape fantasy etc.. should be controlled and agreed upon beforehand, all the while knowing deep down that you can’t negotiate the kind of passion they secretly desire. Which is where the strong man, overcomes her resistance, takes her and makes her his.

  10. “I am a strong, independent woman. I can do anything a man can do, up to and including combat against men.”
    “Hey, why aren’t you protecting me? Man the fuck up!”
    Different day, same dissociative identity bullshit.

  11. The “1/4” statistic came from Mary Koss, who was hired by radfem Gloria Steinem to conduct the study. Koss now works for the CDC. In her study, 72% of the women she counted as “raped” explicitly told her they were not raped.
    As another commenter pointed out, it included questions like “Have you ever had sex after consuming alcohol,” which she counted as just as bad as being violently fucked against your will.
    According to Koss, any time a man and his girlfriend or wife have a glass of wine before sex, the woman is a rape victim.
    The study has been debunked almost since the day it came out, and has never stood up to peer review. Further studies have completely failed to verify it.
    But it is still the most often-quoted statistic on “campus rape” because Koss was hired to manufacture rape victims and that’s exactly what she’s going to do. Evidence by citation is not evidence, no matter how many millions of retards parrot the debunked statistic.

    1. “Koss now works for the CDC”
      Facepalm. What ever happened to scientific integrity?

      1. The politicization of science has destroyed the last vestiges of it.
        Many branches have become infested with cultural marxists who make their living off government grants. They produce shit that preaches to the choir and advances “social justice” causes in order to obtain government money. Accuracy and honesty be damned.

        1. Woman publicizes bogus study after bogus study…get’s rewarded for it with a high-paying job at the CDC. Man discovers a cure to some devastating disease…gets canned by the scientific establishment because there is ‘no money’.

        2. This is an interesting view. Allegedly, Darwinism was a political movement, for it was used by the upper class to justify their dominance. Which is more like survival of the richest (they sure ain’t smarter or better than us, they just have better systems built over generations to remain in power and enslave the rest of us).

        3. I saw an article yesterday that showed you should eat less protein and that only in old age is protein a better food source… it sounded so serious, until i got to the last part where the researchers did their entire study on mice…. i mean who pays for this shit… mice do not eat meat – i don’t need a PhD and a $500k research grant to tell you, that mice eating meat will die faster.
          fucking stupid.

        4. “Social Darwinism” has nothing to do with Darwin and was invented before Darwin´s theories (Spencer).

        5. “i mean who pays for this shit…”
          The grain industry is the most profitable in America. Their costs of production are low, their profit margins high and their products are ubiquitous – and they’d like to keep it that way.
          “mice do not eat meat….”
          This is not correct. They are true omnivores and eat meat whenever and however they can get it. There is even a subspecies of mouse now that is specialized for living in meat lockers.
          Your point still stands, however. They are mice, not men. Studies on mice can give us insights into the general biology of mammals, but those insights may not apply to other species.
          I’ll also point out that meat is not protein. It contains protein, but what it is is . . . meat. Go figure.
          Whenever you see a study that feeds a complex food to subjects and blames the result on one component of the food, or, conversely, the subjects are feed a diet of purified nutrients and the result is applied to a complex food . . . you are being lied to.

        6. Yes. It was Spencer who coined the expression ‘survival of the fittest’, which i believe was later quoted by Darwin.
          Darwin’s theories were simply used as a justification for a belief system that was already in place.

        7. Actually this is exactly wrong. Social Darwinism was invented by Leftists like Richard Hofstadter to distance their own support for anti-Christian Darwinism from the Nazis’ anti-Christian Darwinism. They cannot mock both the Nazis for endorsing Darwin and Creationists for rejecting him, so they pretend there is something else which is a distortion of Darwin’s views.
          There isn’t. There is only Darwinism.

    2. She was looking for any possible way to skew those stats. Asking the question ” Have you ever regretted having sex the day after ? ” And counting a “yes” answer as another rape victim.
      By those standards, I’ve been raped dozens of times.

  12. 100000/116=862 Therefore 1 in 862 women get raped South Africa. This is a country with the HIGHEST rape stats.
    “1 in 4” is total bullshit, bordering on fear mongering.

        1. No, because it is not evenly distributed throughout the population. False assumption.

        2. That’s based on total population including old men/women. Men can get raped in SA as well.

        3. these count as SA rapes as well this is the culture they have. If this happens to 52yo men just think about the women.
          14yo, with skinny arms and short, spiky-crowned, brown hair. He tries to fight, and so they hit him. His resistance stops abruptly when one grabs the back of his head and smashes his face into the steel bars …The 20 men take it in turns to rape him. It goes on for more than eight hours, almost the whole night. The boy does everything he can, in his pathetic, limited range of action, to try to deter them, but he is ignored. He screams, he cries, he begs, he tries to bargain, he prays.”
          “It is in the morning, though, that I am forced to see what life has coughed up before me. What’s left of Wimpie is lying in a corridor between the bunks, just in front of my bed. He is still naked, shivering in a pool of his own blood where they have discarded him. I will literally have to step over the small body to go and eat my breakfast.” http://upetd.up.ac.za/thesis/available/etd-11042008-164328/unrestricted/00front.pdf
          diabetic man aged 52 from Primrose, Germiston is suing the minister of security for 4.3 million after being illegally arrested twice and being raped in police custody the second time. He was put into a detention cell with 30 black inmates at the Witbank police station. He described how four men carried him around naked in the cell while the rest sang and danced. The man became so emotional, the court had to wait for him to continue with his testimony. The inmates forced him to kneel over a rolled up mattress, then they proceeded to sodomise him until he later lost consciousness. The ‘case’ against him for which he had been arrested in the first place, was withdrawn
          In March 2008 in Polokwane (Pietersburg) a young local man named Nico Bouwer , left with his bride, was sodomised repeatedly while in police custody just a few weeks before he was due to get married. He’s since lost his job due to the emotional trauma, and delivers pizzas to stay alive and keep food on the table for his family. A fundraising effort was launched by Rapport newspaper to help pay his medical bills. Bouwers life is totally in ruins after the attack. Mr Bouwer was on his way home from a friend’s house when his left tyre burst and he hit a light pole and a stoplight. He was taken by ambulance to the Polokwane hospital where he was arrested, and despite being injured in the accident taken to holding cells. He demanded his rights to a phone call but was turned down. In the cell were 25 black inmates. Eight of these black men attacked Bouwer and repeatedly raped him. Some held his arms and forced his face into a pillow while they were sodomising him. He was only allowed to call his lawyer the next day when he was finally released on bail

        4. Do you have any idea what kind distribution is needed for anything to resemble that 1 in 4 stat with a population of 100k?
          Only a retard would fail to see the perspective provided in the examples. Way to miss the point of the article completely.

      1. If there is anything we’ve learned today, it’s that feminists conduct bullshit studies and peddle their false results when they can’t win an argument.

      2. I just googled it to see if it could be taken seriously. Here is one of the first comments I read, the majority of which I verified in five minutes.
        “I just decided to spend 5 minutes trying to find out who funded this research, as it is just such outrageous nonsense. It turns out that the South African Medical Research Council who came up with these stats coordinates the South African Microbicide Research Initiative. Microbide is the latest in so-called HIV prevention. It is a Gel, which women should smear on their private parts to prevent infection. Now that this research council has put out some extremely dubious statistics which claim that 1 in 3 men have raped, there is the more reason to get funding to convince South African women to use microbide gel, especially as due to the economic crisis funding for ordinary HIV/Aids treatment has dropped by 10%. This took me about 5 minutes to find out. It is just a money making scheme for the pharma industry.
        Disregard the statistics, I just read the thin two page report. It is actually an embarassment that Huffpo reported this without checking who is benefitting from these type of news. Even more embarassing is the preparedness of people to believe any made-up nonsense about Africa.”
        Not to mention most of us live in the USA not South Africa

        1. Another great find.
          Feminists peddle bullshit, exaggerate real studies and lie through their teeth to consolidate their power.
          Is it any wonder men are checking out?

      3. Sweetie,
        it is called propaganda…and the fact women will believe anything that starts with “a recent study found” shows us men how stupid and gullible you are.
        Example. A study in Australia found that 75% of the women interviewed had experienced domestic violence. Some men questioned this and demanded the details of the study which were eventually handed over. I think it even went to court.
        Guess what? One of the questions was “Has your husband ever bought a toy gun for your son?”
        If the woman answered “yes” this was counted as domestic violence. Why? Because the man MIGHT one day threaten the woman with the toy gun and the woman MIGHT forget that it is a toy and feel threatened. I am not kidding you. A hypothetical situation that had never happened was counted as ACTUAL domestic violence.
        Another question in the survey was “Has your husband ever denied you the use of the family car when you wanted to us it?”
        So if a man took the family car to work and the wife wished that she had access to it during the day that was called ACTUAL domestic violence.
        None of these surveys are legitimate. And the fact women do not denounce them shows women to be liars and hypocrites in the 99.9% majority.
        Indeed? In NSW Australia hospitals were caught altering the sex of lesbians on DV reports. The lesbians who wound up in hospital after a DV incident would have the aggressor lesbian documented as MALE.
        These “surveys” are a JOKE and you women are a JOKE for trotting them out.

        1. How many of these stories have to happen before the world wakes up?
          Great point Peter!

        2. VM,
          “the world” is not going to wake up. Those few men who want to walk the path to live in freedom can start that journey today.
          I started it in 2008 and I am 5 years down the track of living in freedom, outside the jurisdiction of any guvmint. I have proposed to other men they do the same. And I have proposed to men they assist me for being willing to be a pioneer. How many men do you know who have denied the jurisdiction of courts in three different countries?
          Sadly. Men do not want to wake up. They do not want to help us few who are pioneers. And so they will remain in their slavery state, their zombie state of mind. They have no one to blame but themselves now. It’s not like I have been hiding under a rock, right?

  13. The stats come from opinion polling, and they are fairly reliable. Most of this comes from women who voluntarily date the men who rape them, the majority continue to date them, after they were raped. Few of the men would do it if they didn’t think they would get away with it. There are very few cases where women are walking down the street and are randomly attacked. When it does happen, it tends to be concentrated in certain population sectors, sectors the left would rather not talk about.

    1. “Most of this comes from women who voluntarily date the men who rape
      them, the majority continue to date them, after they were raped. Few of
      the men would do it if they didn’t think they would get away with it.”
      [TRIGGER WARNING: frightening insanity] There are many people with political clout and substantial funding who actually think like this. They get laws passed that affect you, your brothers, your sons. Don’t dismiss the danger of feminism.

  14. Remember that sexual assault is defined as any circumstance where a woman perceives she is uncomfortable. So if she is walking across the quad at dusk and a “creepy” guy smiles at her and says hi, she was just assaulted sexually.

    1. What’s ironic is, the more women push for such ridiculous non-agency/victimhood, the more incentive they give men to actually assault them.
      Look at it this way:
      If I’m going to be accused of sexual assault for something as simple as a comment, glance, or stare; and my own innate behavior is going to make me do these things, I might as well get a session of sex out of it.

      1. cause and effect….
        government is the disease it pretends to cure…
        this same thing has happened in the UK with the gun laws… they banned all hand guns so even the UK Olympic team has to go to France to use their handguns…. crazy….
        So now the UK has more illegal handguns than anywhere else, the criminals have a massive upper hand, and generally carry hand guns now… whereas before they didn’t… AND the mandatory 12 year jail sentence means, if you have a gun on you, you might as well kill a person if it means not getting caught…. because the difference in the jail sentence is not much…
        So where before you had criminals that might have a gun and might use it….
        Now you have criminals that want a gun because 100% sure no one else has one AND if they have to use it, they certainly will, because the jail term is the same. DUMB

    2. Yep, and at the same time we hear women crying out on the media.. “Where have all the good men gone”.
      There is only so many times you can give a dog in the balls, before it stops coming back.
      The good men have either gone to Asia/Eastern Europe to enjoy the feminine, yet non-feminist-brainwashed women……. or they are still here, they just don’t want any part of you.

  15. Victims should be blamed because, often times, the crime committed against them is a result of their own stupidity.
    If I leave the car running as I run into the store and return to find it missing, I am the victim of theft.
    If I go into an alley with the intent of buying drugs but am instead beaten and robbed by my would-be drug dealer, I am the victim of assault and robbery.

    Do you think anyone would blame me, the victim, for these hypothetical crimes? Your god damn right they would. Do I blame some dumb cunt who drinks a dozen Yager-bombs and wakes up to find a half dozen used condoms in her fuck holes? You’re god damn right I do.

      1. And it would not absolve the car thief or the robber in my examples but the “Victim” of those crimes would still be blamed.

      2. Because someone else was culpable of the crime does not imply that you did not have responsibility for the car.
        This why breaking and entering is a different and more serious offense than simple trespass.

      3. Sweetie,
        I have worked all over the world, some times in very dangerous places like Manila and Riyadh, Bucharest and Moscow. In these places you might be killed by any man who simply takes a disliking to you.
        A person has the responsibility to make sure they do not put themselves in dangerous positions and if they do then they have the responsibility for defending themselves.
        Sure. The criminal is still committing a crime but that is not to say that the person does not have any obligations and responsibilities to him and herself to minimise the possibility of crime happening to him.
        Example. When I was in Bucharest three men tried to steal my laptop. I told them that if they attempted this I would chase one of them down and beat him to death. Since I was bigger than any of the three men they knew that I COULD run one of them down and beat him to death. They quickly looked at each other and decided a 33% chance of being dead in the next 10 minutes was not worth a laptop.
        Another example. When I was in Bucharest I was cornered by a pack of 6 wild dogs.They had quite a problem with these dogs on 2004. There was not even a rock or stick to hand. So I had to convince these dogs that the first dog or two to attack me would die. After a tense 60 second or so stand off the leader of the pack turned and ran and the others followed. There was not even an attempt from one dog to bite me….and I will mention rabies is quite common in dogs in Romania.
        Those are two situations where I could have been robbed or dead. I managed to get myself in to those situations and then I managed to get myself out of those situations. This is one reason why I never go on with that garbage of “I am non-violent” or “I will never use violence” like so many pathetic manginas go on with to try and sweet talk women.
        I say flat out “I reserve the right to defend my life, liberty and property with force, up to and including deadly force, as well as the life, liberty and property of those my maker places in my care and guardianship.”
        “Non-violence” is for fools and idiots which is why women claim “no violence against women ever”. Fools and idiots.

      4. True, plus the police will take the matter seriously, or at least as seriously as they take any car theft case anyway, though insurance companies will be less cooperative should they get wind of your own negligence playing a part in the crime.

      1. There is no “date rape drug epidemic,” it’s just more Feminist fear mongering. A study of people in the ER for “getting drugged” found that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of them were just really drunk. Don’t believe the lies. Rape culture is just the ugly woman’s rape fantasy.

      2. Which date rape drug is that? Alcohol?
        A recent study from London hospitals proved that use of date rape drugs was nonexistent. All the women in the study women who claimed to be under drug influence had merely drunk a lot of alcohol only. Ive even met female rape clinic doctors who sigh and say women drink too much and then come to their clinics. That’s not to say that rape doesn’t happen, but blaming men for barely existent causes is not a solution.

    1. How much rape would be eliminated if the female population was composed of responsible, self-aware people with the capacity for what is commonly viewed as adult levels of decision-making? I clutch my pearls at the thought.

      1. 99% would be my guess. There would still be the true victims – the woman at home whe n a rapist kicks in the door etc – but those are few and far between.

        1. One of the most popular pick up lines in the UK used to revolve around the girl being so hot that she better watch out or else she’d get raped. And the girls used to laugh and often go for it.
          I thought I’d share this valentine’s poem:
          Roses are red
          My balls are blue
          You’d better watch out
          ‘Cause I’m gonna **** you

    2. “If I leave the car running as I run into the store and return to find it missing, I am the victim of theft. ”
      But if I have my house stolen and my children stolen in divorce and claim I am a victim of theft then I am just a “whinger who should shut up”, right?

    1. ” 28 percent of men in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces said they had raped a woman or girl.”
      I find this hard to believe. And, conveniently, no link to the study. Probably because the questions are worded in a way that makes many men guilty of rape.

      1. yeah, it probably came down to the shocking admission that the inconsiderate male pig knew his girlfriend/wife wasn’t really in the mood

    2. According to the womens definition of rape I was raped many times in my marriage.
      So what are my chances of Jennifer spending 10-15 behind bars? NONE.
      Until women get the same sentences for men for the crime of rape us men should treat the rape of women the same way women treat the rape of men.
      A JOKE.

  16. Its wierd because when I was in high school women comitted Sexual and physical assault at a comparable rate. Grabbing a man’s ass or balls and laughing about it, slapping a man in his head and laughing. Punching or grabbing his chest. Using a man’s head as a seat (Literally) And when these men complained they are seen as pussies or gay. Some women usually exaggerate sexual assualt surveys because it makes their slut hood ‘acceptable’ (they forced me rationalization) ROK Men don’t sleep with drunk women because not only does chances of sexual assault goes high but also a feminine women are naturally sexual so they don’t need alcholol as inhibitior. The other 85% of women who do have low self worth.
    But whats is even stranger is that women are the master of the ‘male version’ of slut shaming. Calling certain men as losers, nerds or awkard. All of this is done to exclude paticular men (Betas) from the sexual market similar to slut and fat shaming. But sadly nobody advocates for nerd or loser acceptance. That why when a women tells you a certain man is a loser (Dont laugh) TELL HER DONT EVER CALL A MAN THAT

  17. 1 in 4 will be sexually assaulted. Those are Haiti numbers, Rwanda ( during civil war ) numbers, current Central African Republic numbers. Why would any man send his daughter to higher education knowing these stats? Because they are bullshit and everyone knows it, just no one confronts it. You have a bigger risk of your daughter taking Women Studies and empowering herself through porn at throat fuckers.com. Seriously, NOW would have you believing that college is akin to civil war in a third world country for coeds, and notice they always blame men like women are being held down and liquor is forced down their throats by the patriarchal insurgency at frat houses .

  18. Kick ass article…. it’s great to use maths to expose the flaws in the feminist lie.
    A drunk man should know better and protect a woman’s honor….
    Fair enough
    But if you uphold that side of the equation it automatically follows, that women (especially drunk ones – and it is well known that women get intoxicated more easily) are less able to make decisions than men are.
    Tell us something we didn’t already know.
    Now rewind the whole feminist BS. and simply impose real standards, and stop demanding equality.

      1. That bitch is particularly insane.
        Her hatred for men is remarkable.
        I pity her… she will never find happiness in this life unless she wakes the hell up.

  19. ‘Drunk sex is rape’ is coded language which means ‘men can consent when drunk and women cannot’ conveniently, just like antiquated statutory rape laws with lower ages of consent for me reducing men to rapists and women to rape victims.
    If this law was for equality, fairness, or justice it would mean two drunk people having sex were taping each other and this both culpable. We all know this is not the case. I am also not aware of any instance in which a woman has been placed on the sex offenders’ register for taking advantage of a drunk man. This means that ‘drunk sex is tape’ is a legal technicality which protects women at the expense of disenfranchising men. It cannot mean anything since it’s only application has been to name, shame, and criminalise men.

  20. VM,
    “James Taranto doesn’t need a national platform for demeaning women and condoning rape.”
    Well, women condone rape. So why shouldn’t men condone rape?
    Example? Woumen would argue that if ONLY the woman was drunk beyond being able to give meaningful consent and the man was stone cold sober then this is rape or close to rape. So what level of alcohol consumption would be a reasonable mark for that to be “rape”? I would suggest the same level at which it is said to be a crime to drive a car. If we say a person is incapable of the decision making process to drive a car due to alcohol that seems to me to make a very good point to say the person is not capable of making a decision about sex.
    Sure, you can still drive the car, sure you can still have sex. But at some point, perhaps the same point in BAC, it can be said that you are not competent to make the decision to do so.
    So…how many MEN have had sex with a sober woman while at the BAC level that would be deemed criminal to get into a car and drive it? Well I have. MANY times. And I am sure many readers here have too. So I have been rapes many times in my marriage.
    There is also the example of men “coercing” a women in to sex. If a man was to ask his wife for sex and she said no and she had to go to work in the morning and he decided that what he was going to do was poke her and irritate her in the bed so that she could not get her much needed sleep until she “consented” to sex we would ALL call that AT LEAST sexual harassment if not “rape”.
    We ALL AGREE that depriving someone of their much needed sleep until they consent to do what you want is a form of torture. Sleep deprivation is a very standard form of torture used in military situations.
    But, that is what Jennifer used to do to me. Even when I was ill and very tired she would not allow me to sleep until she “got what she wanted”. Is this called “sexual harassment”? Is this called “rape”. No, this is called “you got lucky”, “you enjoyed it” etc. But I would bet many a married man here who has been ill and/or exhausted who has been coerced into sex like this will tell you that it is very distressing to have your wife, the woman you love, not take no for an answer when you have to get up and go to work in the morning and she doesn’t.
    The area of rape is one of the most blatantly hypocritical areas of opinion for western women exceeded only by the area of “equality before the law”.
    After all, we all know women are above the law in the west. They can commit perjury, murder, theft and assault without the slightest fear of being held accountable. We all know it.

  21. Even when drunken behaviour is taken out of the equation, the “traditional” definition of rape is skewed so strongly in favour of male perpetrators / female victims that it truly is impossible to have a reasonable, logical discussion about the matter with most people.
    This video illustrates part of the problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ncjGFIFPJI
    Feminism makes me tired.

  22. Woah there, rape is rape, but the criteria is for sexual assault. Don’t you know about male gaze? Actually all men are rapists and should be castrated.

    1. feminism gazed back at the male gaze, and now having politely averted our eyes it is time to stare back once again. Gaze in the right place and it will wither

  23. Feminism was literally created so that women wouldn’t have to responsibility for their decisions.

    1. I actually think that’s one very good reason why it can be argued women should reject feminism. Men (patriarchy) were accused of infantalizing women (not without some reason) and feminism does exactly the same. Persuading women that they are and should act like responsible adults would break the back of this movement, at least as it currently stands, in its incarnation as a parasitic manipulation of the instinct to protect (particularly as institutionalised in the state, but also in individual men). There is a very self-destructive logic to feminism which can be exposed

  24. I’m a guy in college. I had an acquaintance who got falsely accused of rape (by a feminist) in the manner described in the article. Though the court unanimously found him innocent of rape (evidence is a bitch to feminists), he was found guilty for “harassment,” and lost a year of school. The court case got famous and was featured in Jizzabel and USA today. The guy developed a drinking problem. He used to be driven and have a bright future. Now, he’s not doing so well.
    Another acquaintance got falsely accused of stalking for NO REASON at all. The bitch who accused him was just paranoid. He lost a semester of school; 15k dollars down the drain.
    I don’t even know that many people, and I know two people who got fucked by modern feminism like this.
    There are obscene rape-awareness posters all over our campus. They serve no purpose but to make the girls so paranoid that they will falsely accuse anyone they think is “creepy.”

    1. I think there’s also the “my victimhood trumps your victimhood” dynamic at play here. You know: “women-of-colour” are more oppressed than white women, victims of something-or-other are more oppressed than non-victims, regardless of skin colour. So…unhappy girls look for a reason to climb aboard the victim bandwagon. Everything from the loose definition of sexual assault (which can include anything from an accidental grope on the bus to dragged-into-an-alley-and-raped), to harassment being defined by the so-called offended party, to…you name it…caters to the victim wannabes.
      I want better than this for my sons. And my daughters.

      1. You are absolutely correct.
        Our society is incentivizing the victim mentality.
        It is a shame, but I have no idea how to turn it around without trying to change the government.
        We know that will never happen.

  25. Only way to end this is for men to start accusing women of rape (true or not) in college. That way, college’s are then put in a shit storm position: they can either suspend and punish the accused females off these claims or disregard the complaints and get their ass sued for discrimination (“so you won’t protect males in your higher educated domicile, only females?”). Pick your poison and use their idiotic definition of rape and get it thrown back at their faces.

    1. While fighting fire with fire is sometimes the answer. Actively seeking to ruin people’s lives is the thing we are fighting against. Women will blindly fuck their own lives up, they don’t need help from those of us who see what the problems are.
      Creating awareness, and casting doubt on the stupidity of feminist “facts and studies” is totally acceptable.
      Ruining lives to make a point is for cowards and whores.
      That is the whole point of what I wrote.

    2. feminists will argue against any kind of symmetrical consent in the sense I think you mean as gender for them is a relationship of oppressed to oppressor, and trying to get the law to reflect that. These men could also be accused of wasting police time and potentially themselves of false rape allegations. Sexual assault might be a different story as women tend not to see themselves as capable of sexual aggression or inappropriate behaviour and it would do everyone a favour if they were taken to task where they are guilty of those things. Feminists are intent on widening definitions to make them all-encompassing and I don’t see why that can’t be attacked in like manner i.e. by all means hoist them with their own petard, but it has to have some basis in truth

      1. If we carry feminist logic to its inevitable conclusion, anything that isn’t complete supplication on the part of men is rape.
        Any type of sexual aggression, including having the temerity to ask a girl out on a date, will be considered rape.
        Considering women just fall all over themselves for weak-kneed betas who strive to please women with every breath… This situation bodes well for the continuation of our species.

  26. Few things make me angrier than this topic…the manipulation of statistics is blatantly dishonest but feminists are willfully blind to that. Here’s an example: http://www.thewire.com/politics/2014/02/james-taranto-will-tell-you-when-youve-been-raped-ladies/357953/.
    What’s most worrisome is the prospect of this sort of thinking spreading from the campus to the wider world. The biggest believers in this nonsense are young women who are graduating and going into the real world…how much do you want to bet we see an epidemic of “rape” in the next few years, based on disingenuous polling?
    I wonder what kinds of “solutions” legislators will come up with in response to calls for action.

  27. The link to the NOW press release is incorrect, use the following instead:
    To have to look at that sour skank over the otherwise excellent article was definitely a turn-off. I find her looks so repulsive that I doubt that nary a dog would deign to mount her, so is even more astonishing that she finds people who listen to her whining and whinging and bellyaching over trifles and imagined slights.

    1. Ha!
      I agree about the pic, but it was necessary for the article I think…
      As far as her looks, why do you think she is a man hating feminist?
      Her hatred of men is really just a deep seated resentment for her inability to appeal to them.

  28. Maybe all rape reports should be THROUGHLY investigated by three separate panels with no knowledge or contact with the other’s investigations or inquiries. If the consensus of a 2/3’s or more vote finds that a rape ( in the traditional meaning), did occur, then the accused can be prosecuted. If the findings point to a false rape accusation, a full prosecution should also take place. A false accusation IS an assault on the man, his livelihood, his reputation, and maybe his very life should he end up in prison. Time for the LIE to DIE.

  29. Maybe all rape reports should be THROUGHLY investigated by three separate panels with no knowledge or contact with the other’s investigations or inquiries. If the consensus of a 2/3’s or more vote finds that a rape ( in the traditional meaning), did occur, then the accused can be prosecuted. If the findings point to a false rape accusation, a full prosecution should also take place. A false accusation IS an assault on the man, his livelihood, his reputation, and maybe his very life should he end up in prison. Time for the LIE to DIE.

  30. “…Terry O’Neill called for Taranto’s dismissal…”
    A debating technique also referred to as ” ‘Shut up’, she argued…”

  31. Good shit. Im in the Marine Corps, and I see this feminist “equal opportunity” bullshit manifest itself in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. It truly is a double standard.

  32. 15 signs for a perfect husband material by a feminist leader like this:
    “1. He indulges your guilty pleasures. A guy who’s husband material comes home from a long day at work, bypasses his man cave, ambles on over to you instead and up-ends his backpack to drop five bags of Cadbury mini eggs onto the table — and he doesn’t even like chocolate. Then he says, “Muffin top? What muffin top? I love your curves.” Swoon.”
    But keep reading to the 3. one, no wonders.
    Also check the replies from the red pill men in the comment section.

  33. “If two drunk drivers are in a collision, one doesn’t determine fault on
    the basis of demographic details such as each driver’s sex. But when two
    drunken college students “collide,” the male one is almost always
    presumed to be at fault. His diminished capacity owing to alcohol is not
    a mitigating factor, but her diminished capacity is an aggravating factor for him.”
    – The reason for this is that rape takes penetration of some sort and its usually the man who does that because has a penis.

    1. Kee,
      Does your statement mean that woman aren’t capable of taking responsibility for their bad decision making?
      Are men responsible for the bad decisions of both parties where sex is involved?

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