Can A Man Ever Have Too Much Game?

You’re out a with sexy girl you’ve gamed into meeting up with you and so far everything is going according to plan. You’ve masterfully side-stepped her shit tests, gotten her comfortable with being touched by you, and your tongue has been in her mouth on more than one occasion. All signs are pointing to adding another trophy to your mantle.

But suddenly she goes completely cold on you. Even though she agreed to come back to your place earlier in the night, she starts back tracking. She’s become less touchy feely, she’s now playing with her phone, and before you know it she’s managed to weasel her way out of your clutches leaving you with nothing but blue balls and disappointment.

“What the fuck just happened?” You ask yourself. “Did I fail a covert shit test? Did she have a boyfriend and just needed me for validation?” Or worse…“Did my game fall off???”

…the fuck you mean you gotta go console your friend after a breakup?

The raw truth is that when a woman goes from being hot for you one minute, and cold the next, it’s because she’s lost the urge to fuck you for some reason or another. She’ll tell you, her friends, and herself “I just didn’t feel a connection” but men who possess a working knowledge of the true nature of women know better.

Her hamster, which is designed to absolve her from any and all slutty behavior with elaborate explanations and far-fetched rationalizations, will never allow her to say “I don’t want to fuck you anymore so I want to leave now.”

There is, however, a possible explanation you may not be aware of: You over gamed her.

Now you may be thinking: “There’s no such thing, Donovan. You can never have too much game.”

And you would be dead wrong.

Over gaming happens more than you think and I’ve been through it enough to know it can be a serious issue. Hell, sometimes it even happens before the meet up (more on that later).

A personal anecdote of over gaming: A girl a few weeks ago straight up told me “Okay, you’re hella fine but you are way too smooth” just a few minutes into the conversation after I opened her. I ended up fucking her a few days later but I should have been able to close the deal that night because I could see her arousal coming out of her pores.

But the fact that my game was razor sharp during that set actually prolonged the time it took me to get her between the sheets. Below are the most prevalent circumstances of over gaming, how they could cost you the poonani, and how to avoid them.

Overusing Asshole Game

Those in the know are well aware of the many benefits of asshole game. This is a go to strategy of many-a-pussy plunderer the world over because of its well documented effectiveness and overall success rate.

However, there are a few instances where ball busting, teasing, or negging too much can and will cost you the lay and it’s happened to me several times—especially in the fledgling stages of my slut slayer training.

Case in point: A few years back I was out with a pretty good looking 32-year-old mother of 2 (I know, I know…but we all gotta start somewhere, right?). It was obvious she was physically attracted to me (she actually approached me) but I teased and negged her so much during our date that by the end of the night she told me she didn’t want to see me again because I was “being a complete douche bag the whole time.”

She’d called me an asshole several times during the night but because I hadn’t quite mastered the art of reading context, verbal tone, and non verbal cues within the context of game I thought she was digging me so I kept pouring it on.

Sometimes less is more

My current level of game awareness makes me chuckle aloud at how clueless I was when I replay that night in my head. I had no idea that she wasn’t calling me an asshole in the way girls do when their vaginas are buzzing.

What that experience (and a few others) taught me was that asshole game is to be deployed under certain circumstances, at varying degrees, at certain times, with certain girls. A general rule of thumb is that the younger and hotter your target, the more asshole game is required to fuck her.

It’s also very important to know when to turn it off and on. Don’t get me wrong, a 21-year-old hottie will punish you if you don’t tease the shit out of her and put her in her place consistently throughout the set. But knowing when to transition from asshole to charmer and back again is paramount to closing the deal.

Hot girls want to know you’re not intimidated by their beauty, which is why asshole game is necessary in the first place. But they also need to be shown that you can charm their collective panties off and more importantly, that you’re adult enough to know when to turn the jerkboy faucet off. Hot young fillies are more attracted to older and more mature men than frat boys more often than not.

Learn when to turn on the charm

Knowing when, where, how, and to what degree to use asshole game is essential if you want to pull young, hot ass on the regular. Reading up on PUA manuals and sites like this will help to some extent. But no two girls are alike, which means they will all require different doses at different times.

The bottom line is that only real way to perfect your instincts in terms of asshole game application is trial and error. Always remember that too much of anything can yield bad results…especially this approach.

Taking Too Much

One night stands notwithstanding, another pillar of game that isn’t oft discussed is the concept of give and take. That is, how much you give your woman in the way of your time and attention, (and in very rare instances, your monetary resources), relative to what she gives to you.

Neomasculine men understand that in today’s sexual relationships, we must give markedly less to our women than they give to us lest we come off as looking needy:

V. Adhere to the golden ratio

Give your woman 2/3 of everything she gives you. For every three calls or texts, give her two back. Three declarations of love earn two in return. Three gifts; two nights out. Give her two displays of affection and stop until she has answered with three more. When she speaks, you reply with fewer words. When she emotes, you emote less. The idea behind the golden ratio is twofold — it establishes your greater value by making her chase you, and it demonstrates that you have the self-restraint to avoid getting swept up in her personal dramas. Refraining from reciprocating everything she does for you in equal measure instills in her the proper attitude of belief in your higher status. In her deepest loins it is what she truly wants.

-Chateau Heartiste’s 16 Commandments Of Poon

Similar to asshole game, taking too much with little to no reciprocation at all can backfire. This isn’t to say you should run out and start buying shit for your main chick. Shit, I don’t adhere to the “golden ratio” myself as I probably skew closer to a 3:1 and sometimes even a 4:1 ratio depending on the girl.

But women with options need a little more than just great sex to keep them around for a while. Hot girls need three things to keep them in line and interested: a) a carrot to chase, b) sparse rewards, and c) to not feel like a slut.

If your girl comes over and cleans up your place and cooks you a meal, show her a little more affection. If later on she gives you a toe-curling blowjob before you bang her brains out, cuddle with her for a little bit when you’re done.

Then after that, let her stick around for a while and maybe even allow her to spend the night and give her a little more of your time and attention.

Most high value girls won’t keep this up for long without anything in return

All of these small rewards motivate her to continue the behavior and, more importantly, reduces her chances of feeling like a slut. And because you’re not buying her flowers, jewelry, or spending every waking hour with her, she’ll be over the moon when you actually throw her a cookie every once in a while.

Wannabe PUAs who buy into the “all these bitches get is my dick” notion are kidding themselves and everyone around them. They think scoring one night stands with 5s and 6s is the pinnacle of playerdom and like to brag about “this bitch I fucked then I just got up and left” or  “I don’t give a fuck what she does I kick her the fuck out right after I nut.”

Don’t take advice from clowns like him

Any man who regularly sleeps with beautiful women knows that unless she’s a hooker, it doesn’t work this way—especially if you want to keep fucking her.

Girls in the upper aesthetic echelon are keenly aware of their value. They know they can get more for their looks so they rarely engage in one night stands or random hookups, at least not knowingly.

The occasional hottie may get duped into fucking a loser who happened to be in the right place at the right time with the stars aligned in his favor that night. But keeping pretty girls coming back for more is what separates the keyboard casanovas from the true players.

Neomasculine men know that all take and no give is as much a recipe for disaster as the opposite. I’ll reiterate that I am in no way suggesting you start doing more shit for your girl for no reason at all. She’s got to earn it first.

What I am saying is that your time and attention are your two most valuable currencies within the context of a sexual relationship. Withholding them from good looking girls who treat you well is over gaming and isn’t a realistic approach regardless of how many times you make her squirt.

You’re Unattainable

Believe it or not, there will be times when your sexual market value is actually ::gasp:: too high for some women…even good looking ones.

10 times out of 10 after you number close a girl, she’s going to jump on Facebook or Instagram to vet you. She’s checking your social media pages to make sure you are who you presented yourself to be (read: congruent). When she sees pictures of you with pretty girls, in various travel destinations, and your tricked out Jeep, she’ll know she’s dealing with a man in demand.

Now before you tell me I’m off my rocker, understand that your game must be rock solid, you must be in above average physical condition, and have a substantial amount female social proof for this to occur. High value women do not chase men who do not check off at least two of those three boxes.

That said, the last 5+ years have shown me that some women won’t respond to game because they think you’re too good for them—even if they’re interested in you. The past year alone girls I set up dates with are saying things like “I was afraid you were going to flake on me” or “I was surprised that you asked for my number” at an increasing rate.

Despite what they say, girls are intimidated by men like this…even 10s

Most of the time this is awesome. When a sexy chick places your value well above hers, getting her naked is like taking candy from a baby. There are a few times, however, this could slow or even impede your progress with her.

The fact of the matter is that 95% (maybe more) of females know they don’t bring much value to a man’s life outside of sex and arm candy—this includes 8s ,9s, and 10s.

Sure, they’ll go on and on about how they’re a “great catch,” post memes on their Facebook and Instagram feeds about how strong and multi-faceted they are, but deep down, they know the score. They know full well they don’t have much raison d’etre other than their sexual allure.

So when a high-value male shows interest in her and isn’t the least bit fazed by her looks, she is the one who is intimidated because her trump card has been trumped. This obviously works in your favor most of the time but every so often it can work against you.

“How the hell can having too much value work against you?”

Simple. When a girl has it in her mind that you’re out of her league she’ll think long and hard about flaking on you. Not because she doesn’t want to sleep with you, but because she doesn’t expect you to stick around after a few rolls in the hay, which makes her look and feel like a slut.

One girl I was fucking made sure she woke up before me to fix her makeup and hair so “I can be pretty for you all the time.” She knew that as long as I allowed her to stick around she had a puncher’s chance at getting a commitment from me. Regardless of SMV this is the way most women are when sleeping with a highvalue male.

“OMG I can’t believe he actually likes ME!!!”

Every so often you’ll find yourself confused as to why a pretty girl who makes herself available to you all time, makes you a priority, flirts with you hard, and rattles off rapid fire IOIs isn’t sleeping with you. She knows that while you’d fuck her in a New York minute, she also knows that you’re just too good for her and doesn’t want her her fragile ego ruptured.

The way to get around this is not to DLV. The solution is to make her feel comfortable around you. Isolate her and make personal conversation with her to loosen her up. Make her feel like you’re genuinely interested in her while giving her the impression that you won’t stop calling her after you discover her true vapidity and lack of domestic agency.

Of course, if she’s as useless as most American women you’ll end up kicking her to the curb after a few bangs anyway but your game never tips your hand until you break the news to her that she’s been benched or taken out of the starting lineup.

Take Away

Most women in this part of the world will reward you with sex for being a taker without giving much in return, being a complete dick most of the time, and being an extraordinarily high value male. I’d even go as far as to say that most of them prefer it that way.

There are also girls who won’t give you the time of day unless you’re an asshole through and through, don’t give them anything but your dick and kick them out after the dirty deed is done, and will throw themselves at you knowing full well you’d never entertain thoughts of committing to her. These women are out there but they are the exceptions.

To sum things up, use asshole game accordingly but don’t be a frat boy, take more than you give but maintain a ratio that keeps her motivated, and dial back your power level every so often when you sense a hottie knows she’s in over her skis with you.

Until next time, gents.

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149 thoughts on “Can A Man Ever Have Too Much Game?”

  1. I’ve had asshole game blow up on me in spectacular fashion a few times. But I thought about it and realized it wasn’t asshole game that was the problem, it’s that I’m an asshole, particularly to worthless people. Then I thought about it some more and realized I just don’t give a fuck. I don’t overthink it. I’m happy. And there has always been some masochistic woman, of high quality, who eats it up.

    1. it’s that I’m an asshole,
      Truer words were never spoken. No one likes an asshole especially high quality women but then you don’t know any.And the rare high quality female who does like assholes likes rich ones so that leaves you out too.Time to go your own way incel.

      1. Nice try, sweatheart. I’ve banged my share of top shelf chicks. Something tells me I also have far more money than you. How does it feel to know that your flabby ass will never get within 100 feet of my cock?

  2. Game is over-rated; and is becoming rapidly useless.. Most women will cheat even on so-called ‘alphas’, and the alphas often don’t even suspect. The solution to this is not tighter game, as game promotes a degenerate social environment. Worse still, in many western countries, the women have become so degenerate that they will keep one guy out of insecurity, where the guy is literally useless and may or may not provide cash to provide for the woman’s lifestyle. Many women pick low SMV men just so the guy will stick around. You don’t need game to get cute women. You really don’t. Its the myth of a ‘secret power’ that doesn’t truly exist. Gurus get rich off obvious advice and men have a lighter wallet from all of the B.S. – worse, some of them believe in ‘game’ beyond the obvious. If game did exist in the past, it certainly does not any more. The only game a man needs is a masculine frame, and he often doesn’t need that either. All this BS is designed to make men waste their time as their resources get stolen by other men’s scams and the state – making men the slaves of other people. ‘Game’ has literally made western men weak and braindead faggots who are waiting to be killed off by higher taxation, women’s scams, their rulers or a foreign power.
    Game is literally promoting a ‘sexual communism’, where each woman is enjoyed by many men (so becomes shared property), yet without offering commitment to any one man (or having anything of worth to offer beyond a loose poosey). It’s not mysoginist, it’s just the truth. Women divorce en-masse, creating single parenthood and its consequences. Marriage is not the end to the cock-carousel, it is merely a temporary respite to provide extra resources to the woman from the man, before she hops back on the carousel. Game is just feeding women’s over-inflated egos’ s they become worse. As such, game is good only of bedding women and making society worse in terms of lasting relationships. Gaming your wife is not a good long-term strategy; it’s just stupid and tiring.
    Game is only useful for short-term bangs and has limited application in future. Just because it worked in the past does not mean it will in future. I accept even Casanova had some game, but in a society with smartphones and much ‘social media whoring’, women get what they want (hint:it’s almost always not your cock), without doing much. In the past, much spoken about in game was just common sense, such as ‘approach more’ etc., and the ‘gurus’ made a killing off selling obvious advice. In any case, the opportunities to game will not be present for many men in future; with changing demographics and economics, where most young men are broke and with fewer opportunities compared to older, blinded and selfish generations. Younger women are oftentimes becoming undateable (obese, attitude etc..) and demographics are also favoring different attitudes (e.g. male-heavy immigration, more Muslim women, etc.., who have slightly different attitudes to dating in general/the men may not want these women). Sure, the occasional man may find a ‘niche’, but it is more due to this that he would get tail, than due to any real application of game principles.
    Consider that even many who are skilled in game are migrating further abroad and even reporting those places are slowly becoming worse and more difficult to meet women in. The success rates for the top gurus were 2-3% of ‘lays’; and even then, we are not seeing the quality of women they shack up with regularly, only what they claim on the interwebz, and we don’t have time to chase poosey all day (not that you need game anyways, as SOME cute girl is going to go for even a troll, you just have to live in the right area). In addition, some of the guys in both PUA and the real world, who have a lot of “game”, are the ones who become the biggest blue-pill chumps when they find the ‘one’ they like.
    Just because ‘game’ works some of the time, it short-circuits the man’s reward mechanisms just like gambling at the casino. It’s mostly an illusion, and worse still, it leads to a weaker society, before those countries inevitably collapse. That’s why Bruce Jenner gets so much airplay, along with a lot of faggots, as male-female relations and polarity is so weak, due to feminism and its counter-institution of ‘game’, that the society is soon to collapse. God and marriage holds a society together; not rampant indiscriminate sexual encounters, with the attendent consequences and lack of personal responsibility fragmenting the society.
    Sorry, but chasing ‘game’ is like chasing tail for too long – it will be unsatisfying and pointless, only leading to an internal depression, and eventually getting that society dead; when the time could have been better spent elsewhere.

        1. At least you figured that out. There are many smart and worthwhile black men – but you ain’t one of them and make them look bad.
          One day even your own will hate you and hunt you down – because quite frankly, you’re blinded to reality and your ‘charm’ and fiat valueess money isn’t worth shit. You can’t run away from it either – anywhere you go you’ll be discovered for the fraud that you are. If you are not some sort of troll, then you are just a parasite meant to live a Godless soul-less hedonistic lifestyle at others’ expense, with a serious case of psychiatric illness.
          Seek help.

        2. There are too many delusional liars, as well as corporate trolls on this and other sites. It is not this one person per se, as there are countless other useful delusional idiots/morons like him.
          At this rate, before the end of the year, the entire internet will be full of government-approved sites. Meaning idiots selling fantasy tales full of snake-oil and sneaky trolls will be the only ones posting. Promoting false ideologies is what kills a society. They already enslave other abroad through staged wars as well as deconstructing society locally, for example, via God-lessness, social engineering; eg Bruce Jenner etc.. and banning flags and the like. How do you think that is going to end? I agree with their assessment when I have heard them say things that will result in the oppression and death of many domestically. We’re just all slaves to evil and our own demise. Too many blinded folk are going to learn this the hard way and it is because they cannot separate reality from self-delusion.
          The end result being, that the main dish being served for dinner is soon going to be: you.

        3. how prophetic.
          i am sure there are, but what makes you believe this is the case with bob? if your conviction is so strong, you can surely back it up with evidence.

        4. Look up the DSM V. I will not go individually through posts, as I cannot be bothered. But his every other post is “I did this/ Girls want me/blah blah”.
          As many sources state, including psychiatric manuals having a variant on the following state that:
          “Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and others”.
          I would undoubtedly find other things on psychiatric interview, as well as his behaviours being damaging to society.
          We could argue about this all day. Like I said, he is one of MANY in society who have this problem, it is just that he and a few others are regular posters on this forum.
          I was kinda concerned you wanted to discuss this only, but brushed aside the myriad of other things I talked about. Those other things are far more important than anything else! It is not prophetic, IT IS OBVIOUS. A God-less and rudderless society enslaved to fiat cannot last. And if you cannot see it, as many cannot, that shows a weak society that is about to collapse. Most people work for fake money and then complain to a government that cares not for them. And that system is about to devour them whole. I often quit on trying to help others, as they will go down with the ship/for the ‘elite’, that is what they’ve chosen.

        5. i wanted to discuss it because it got me curious. i don’t have anything to add to the other things you wrote.
          what’s wrong about being concerned with power?

        6. You’re going to have to ask various establishment psychiatrists about the answer to that. I still think you should heed the other things I wrote about.

        7. because you don’t care to elaborate or because you don’t know? how’s that for rational thinking to let an elite decide what rational thinking consists of?
          i know you as little as i know englishbob. are you the man i want to be? who knows. i would be naive to take anything i read at face value if i don’t know the person. that answer should actually satisfy you, because this skepticism of mine extends to pua artists as well.
          i will draw my own conclusions as soon as i start chasing poon myself.

        8. I already tried, and there is a price to be paid for that. You cannot counter a lie that most people believe in and are tied into. If fiat currency disappeared, most western folk would disappear too, including feminists. They, plus other groups could not exist in a new society. So there will be bloodshed either way, but the bankers will stage it in such a way that it is maximised.
          To fix the system you have to change the mindset of all the people involved (the entire population), and that won’t be happening.

        9. I don’t care to elaborate Tom because I don’t care about him much; and you want to waste time discussing things on a forum. I talked about narcissism and psychosis, then all out of nowhere you came up with ‘power’. don’t understand what you meant by that. He is just a deluded psychotic narcissist. With all your questions, you come across as insincere/feminist/trolling – I don’t know you and the interwebz are not the place to see the truth of people.
          If you are genuine, you’d look things up yourself. I don’t care to be respected or idolised – I don’t care what most folk think, because they will live out their lives until they can no longer live their lifestyle any longer. They do not wish to see anything else. It is a God-hating age, sadly. I saw you were too far away from where you needed to be and are going down with the society.
          Are you asking because you’re curious? Because you’re trolling? Do you have an agenda? Are you who you say you are/claim to be? Is there any point wasting time trying to help someone when they are coming across as insincere/when they are too far away from the mark? I don’t know the answer to all these questions. But I do know the western mindset as I lived all over these parts and seen what goes on behind closed doors where real decisions are made. And so I already know the western man is finished in under the next 5 years. Financially he’s done; and he has no control over his society because he has been thoroughly weakened beyond most folks’ comprehension. So all I can do is wish you the best to find your own answers as I had hinted at in my previous posts, and if you are not listening you will suffer what you had deserved for yourself. I am not whom you want to be; and neither is Bob. False idol worship is what is killing this society in the first place.

        10. i am curious. my agenda is simply to live a good life. who did i claim to be but a man with a question? why do i care about bob? i like his conversational style. if he is not who he claims to be, that is his loss.
          worshipping idols is indeed unhealthy, but i will readily admit that one of the hardest problems for me to overcome is to find out whom in this world i can trust. my reason points me to: nobody.
          your speech is at times a bit dramatic for my taste, with the occasional “you will go down” sprayed in. i assume this is intentional and i can appreciate your subtle use of manipulative language.
          i didn’t say that i want you to be someone. i said i don’t know if you are the kind of man that i myself want to be, therefore i do not know whether to trust your words. you come across as reasonable and if you are being truthful, consider this an apology for my inquisitiveness; obviously, you do not owe me explanations nor help. if you do not care to discuss this further, consider this the end of the discussion.
          if you were to give me a hint at which direction to look and go, what would it be?

        11. Over the webz, it is hard to make out people. No one holds the truth. If you want to succeed in society, it helps almost always these days to sell you soul quite literally the bankers and their brethren. They have too many on their payroll, and don’t need most of them. But if you believe, this is a dick move to God, who is one day going to judge us all.
          Everyone is manipulative.
          The problem in the era we live in now is that the good life is available to fewer and fewer, due to our increasingly totalitarian society with lower wages. And even if you suck up, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the help you want. People could even one day see their savings vanish via a banking collapse, which could easily happen.
          Unfortunately the web has increasingly been taken over by the insane ‘tribe’ (insert your villain here, but it is them) who will one day put into motion their plans in finality. And in destroying many others, they will also be destroyed though they are unwise/unwilling to perceive this. They have eliminated much of the web, as many previously accessible pages of good info have now been censored. Truth and even good info is hard to find, and I had often thought of leaving the UK, and may do so. I will also soon post on the web no longer as it is a waste of time – these guys are going to achieve their goal soon and voices are being silenced by censorship. Having said that, all the classical works out there that have largely been left unaltered (respectively speaking) are more useful, including the King James Bible, many thinkers such as Plato etc… If you’re talking about women and dating, it’s better to hang out with a ladies man and buy him a beer than reading tons of shit on the web. I obviously cannot decide for you – you have to be the one to choose; but know that actions do have consequences.

        12. selling my soul to the bankers. what do you mean?
          yes, everyone is. that was not an accusation. i am certain you would not care if it was.
          i find your observations somewhat abstract – that is, abstract enough to easily agree with without really knowing what i am agreeing about. but as you said, i must inform myself.
          thanks for the recommendations. king james bible is on my reading list.

          If you’re talking about women and dating, it’s better to hang out with a ladies man and buy him a beer than reading tons of shit on the web.

          yes, i am coming to the same conclusion. is that an offer?

        13. That comment is not meant to be an accusation. The problem of the webz versus face-to-face. But we are all faced with this choice.
          I do believe God-hating is high on the agenda for the ‘rulers’ who know he exists but wish to drag everyone else down with them.
          I can’t offer you a skillset which others have in greater abundance than me. I’m okay. Plus, I have other plans. But there are tons of men out there who are decent with women, and who are NOT PUAs. If you see one out on the street or at a bar, just go up and ask him/buy him a beer. All the best.

        14. i can only speak for myself, but i have grown up completely without religious background and believing in god is all but intuitive for me. i can imagine that a “born” believer must consider all atheists god-haters, but i never hated god. i merely found the concept amusing.
          that said, there naturally is something divine and inexplicable about life and the universe. i wouldn’t care to try and put a finger to it, but maybe that just makes me a lazy ass.
          thanks, jared, to you too.

        15. How did you get “not being a smart and worthwhile black man” and “fiat valueless money” into one whole criticism?

        16. Yeah why is everyone so cross at old English bob? He mostly seems an amusing mild mannered fellow who enjoys talking about his cock. Who doesn’t?

        17. Mate I wasted so much time worrying about this. Now I get on with my life and see it as a show. As George carlin said, if you’re an American you get a front row seat.
          If you do believe in God, have some faith and free yourself from worrying about things you can’t change and change what you can.
          Starting with yourself.

        18. There are many smart and worthwhile black men
          Not many. Some.But what can you expect when there are no fathers around and most are brought up by unstable self indulgent mamas in a pussy dominated world who are never self sufficient and would die without benefits. This is all they see from birth and lead a subservient life under the females. It’s worse than living on a plantation where even the slave men had some authority over the females.Most negro boys are insecure pussies just from being around neurotic violent females all of their lives who beat their butts as kids.(that’s a generalisation and of course doesn’t apply to all but a significant number) We’re not living in the type of world where the boys by a certain age went to live with the men but where they stay with mama to an older age or perhaps never really leave her.Negro females without men around to discipline them and keep them under control, like all females, turn into a complete mess and that’s all the boy sees.They in turn grow up to be the same way and most of them are afraid of women despite their silly bragging. They have mamas who don’t even respect black men(you ain’t shit) while they treat white men like gods.Now some of this is true with white females too especially about respecting men but it’s nowhere to the same degree.Black boys are so pussy whipped and brainwashed that they’ll act like mama was the best even though she likely abused and ruined them.Now I know some good blacks kids but in every case they had a mother and father not a mama with 5 kids who all have different names from the various baby daddies, and judging from the parents ages they weren’t having kids at 15.But most black boys would have had a better upbringing if they were sent to Boy’s Town as kids rather than being around mama.

        19. Jenner isn’t even a transsexual. Like most of them he’s really a transvestite who is someone who wears females clothes and puts on makeup and tries to act feminine and who gets a thrill or some sort of sexual satisfaction from pretending he’s a female.The extreme ones will even take hormones to complete the act and make the illusion seem more real.

        20. I do believe God-hating is high on the agenda for the ‘rulers’
          No, religion hating is high specifically any Euro based religion and tradition. These are their enemies because they are the strongest and most powerful. They want to wipe them and the past out so they can better dominate things under a new order. Theirs.
          I’m an atheist with a small a but have no desire to convert people or even talk about it.
          And btw, before the Net people still were able to get ideas out and interacted in person and had a better sense of reality than some cellar pyjama boy who leads a fantasy life based on the crap and propaganda he sees and reads on the controlled Web. And yes, there are plenty of normal men and women in real life and it’s not all doom and gloom that these inexperienced loser boys believe about females.The Net gives a skewered picture of reality and inept boys start believing this pua cult crap. You always had these losers around but the net makes it seem like they’re more common than they really are.Aside from the usual and ancient ‘war between the sexes’ which always existed mainly because men and females are quite different from each other nothing has really changed.The inept lower 10% which the net attracts and who believe this pua cult nonsense were always at the bottom and like to believe to comfort themselves that the world is going to hell or will collapse. They fantasise about being big men with money and # 10 pussy if there’s a collapse but what would really happen is that they would be eradicated or enslaved by the competent men and be in an even worse position.The world is always changing and what you see today is nothing new and people have always been trying to dominate each other by using various tactics.A good one is like what was in 1984 where they would alter people’s memories about what the past was like and substitute their own version of history with the purpose of controlling and dominating people so that they would believe that currant life was better than the past but they just didn’t know anything outside of what they had been brainwashed to believe from childhood.Winston Smith suspected that something was not right but through complete control, torture and mind manipulation he eventually believed that he was crazy and was just having delusions.
          The people using this tactic today(like the Bolshevics of the past) also want control(of the media and net) and dominance but they will ultimately fail no matter how grim it looks now. And as I said you don’t need the Net to spread ideas and there’s something natural in people that will make them reject all of this currant insanity. You may look back in 10 years and wonder what was happening like some plague that struck and then eventually burned itself out.The manipulators(and we know who they are) always overplay their hand and become arrogant and drunk with power and forget that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time and this leads to their downfall and demise. Most people have no sense of history and live in the present unaware of the cycle that repeats itself.

      1. Truth speaks many truisms, but I often do wonder if many people here, including him, are zio-corporate trolls. It doesn’t matter for shit though, as the endgame is here.

        1. Ad hominem attack with no real substance- I could just as easily accuse you of being a racist. What is the truth.

        2. All people are racist so you accept that I’m racist not accuse. Implicit bias is an evolutionary tool for in-group cohesion and protection from outsiders.
          My so called attack was simply an observation of your god-complex, religious fervor and paranoia leaking through into your writing.

        3. Isn’t that just you projecting?
          You make a snide comment and accuse me of racism, I simply say the same back, then you show your own true colors by launching into a hate-filled tirade showing your own paranoia and sickness.
          Are you jewish? If you had killed 100 million Soviets, 16 million in the Holodomor, started black slavery, and got many other races killed – is it racist to state the truth? You are either brainwashed, shill or a beneficiary.
          Ha! Look at your reply to my measured response. You are actually everything you accused me of being – take your meds.

        4. Isn’t that you who has schizophrenia?
          You merely stole ideas from my earlier posts.
          I will not waste time with you.
          You exploded in response to my previous comment.
          Get assessed for schizophrenia with homicidal tendencies.
          And get on those meds quick – before you kill someone in rage.

        5. virtus: “I only kill things I’m going to eat.” No more posts.
          Only insane psychotic mentally ill people say things like this.

    1. I too am getting the impression that “game” in its traditional origins (1990’s) has become obsolete. As we ‘progress’ to rush into the high-tech medieval twilight that Western culture (and soon the World) has undertaken, the landscape has changed dramatically since then and continues to change..
      One of the most notable, the guy name mystery who even had a brief TV for a while never got with the super models, or if he did he paid them to be with him, a stunt done for media purposes.
      And the cocksmiths of the past ? Whereas there are many things that transcend time and generations that remain a constant, the art of “romance” is not one of them. Would Casanova be equally successful today if he only used his strategies back in his day? I can say confidently he most likely would not.
      Game is becoming obsolete and being replaced by hookup culture.

      1. We never had technology en masse before and such a socially engineered society with militant feminism and mass immigration. This is done on purpose, as it makes for a divided and yet more controlled society. I used to think they would just ‘brown-out’ Europe and North America, but whilst Europe is more resilient in places, I do wonder about the rest. I don’t feel they are going to be around in a meaningful way for more than 5 years tops. The recent clampdowns people haven’t noticed due to a biased media and manipulations means that they want to create a God-hating society where masculinity and the western man is deconstructed, a la Bruce Jenner.
        Regardless of my personal political/economic beliefs, even hookup culture will have its limits. I regularly see hot men dating women much less attractive than them and the quality of looks of women has gone down too. The younger generations are fewer in number, poorer, and more ethnic. At some point, collapse or no, the non-elite society will splinter into two, with one group being more conservative in values and dating less promiscuously; the other larger group will be most people who may or may not still fuck a lot, but the women won’t look good as they’ll have next to no resources. Plus the men will be broke as fuck and ill due to lack of adequate healthcare coverage.

        1. “t, but the women won’t look good as they’ll have next to no resources. Plus the men will be broke as fuck and ill due to lack of adequate healthcare coverage.”
          Makes me glad that I never had kids.

        2. God-hating society
          Erm, the Victorians had pretty much given up on religions.
          The biggest change compared to 30 years ago which I’ll call a generation is that of obesity.I don’t know the exact cause of it but perhaps it was cheaper food that people weren’t used to and super size everything.Nothing else has really changed and people did not do as much exercise in the 80’s as today with jogging and going to the gym etc. No one went to gyms in the 60’s unless they were some sort of athlete and if you saw someone running you would wonder why because people would always drive even back then. The only other thing aside from big sizes in food was fat. People ate a lot of fat compared to today and this low fat nonsense began around the 80’s. Perhaps fat is good and what it was replaced with is bad and helps cause weight gain but I guess it’s mostly just over eating although people tended to eat a lot of junk back then too.In the past if you for example bought some sliced ham there was always 1/4″ of fat around the edges while today you never see it.So as i said, i don’t know the reason for all of this weigh gain and what’s so bad about it is that it has effected young people to a large extent while in the past females may have been in their 40’s after menopause when they began to get that matronly look.The degree of fatness is also appalling. When I look at old films and remember the people who I remembered as being fat they look like normal people of today! In my graduating class at HS of 500 I’d guess that only a handful were overweight at the time and even they would be like normal today.The very biggest guy on the football team was just close to 200 lbs. Back in the early 60’s when JFK was president he began a stay fit program and you’d see films of kids exercising but the funny thing was that few of them were even overweight lol Many boys were worried about being too thin and wanting to gain weight which is something you never hear today.They would try to eat diets to gain weight and get Charles Atlas books on exercising to build muscle who would advertise them with a cartoon of some 98 lb weakling getting bullied by some beach thug after after getting some muscles would kick the beach bully’s butt.
          I can remember the 80’s very well and although it may be my imagination or just remembering things better than they really were as many people do but it seems as if females were just more female sized.Yes, there were some fat girls and some very tall girls but a lot more seemed to be sized more like say Lindsay Lohan as an ordinary girl of say 5’5″ and about 120 lb or less.A Lohan may have been a little better looking than average but at HS she would not be like the only one and she’d have plenty of competition for men. Ordinary guys, unless they were complete geeks or freaks could get a decent looking girl to shag and this idea that 20% of the top guys were getting all the best pussy was not as prevalent.I’m sure that females always wanted tall guys but plenty of shorties would get short females and in the female this is not a defect and some of the best looking females are short and it was considered feminine. Females didn’t try to compete with men very much.If boys played football the girls would play tennis,swimming, volleyball or gymnastics if they liked sports.The idea of them doing weight lifting or extreme fighting was out of the question and people would think you were a dyke if you wanted to do some tough contact sport.Normal females would worry about getting hurt or a scar on their face.Now, I’m sure that there were always standards about what was good looking in a male and it may just be my imagination but it seems that there was a wider range of acceptance of what was a good man.

        3. What makes you believe that men will be ill or that it has anything to do with health care? People begin deteriorating when older (look at the actuary tables) and a man whether he sees a doctor or not is not going to be in any worse health when younger. Diseases in general are the result of ageing and there is still little or nothing doctors can do for degenerative diseases.
          And don’t think that the problems of today will be the future because conditions are always changing.If the US becomes the world’s energy producers places like China with a massive population will be in bad shape.And incidentally if you can’t make it in the US then you’d really have a problem surviving in most other countries.

      2. Casanova? I think you need to do some reading.
        Hookup culture as you put it has always been around.People just didn’t waste their time talking about it and it was just something men and women did naturally.And I can tell you that even as recently as the 80’s things were a lot looser than today.
        When I was at Uni only 10% of females were virgins at graduation, today it’s 20%.And before you start telling me that today girls are doing different things and are just technically virgins the same was true 30 years ago.No new forms of sex have been invented lol

        1. Its a response to the claim made in the comment I was responding to. Context, brother, context.

      1. you’re so insecure, you need to tell me how much they want your cock?
        go back to banging the uglies before you get hanged.

      1. Keyboard warrior – you’re a faggot, so why should i listen to you?
        Yeh – because I really fear any western-indoctrinated man like yourself.
        Sadly, the west was not always like this- it used to be a better moral God-fearing and upright society. I was born here in the UK, seen first-hand what the ‘upper class’ think of the population; and lived elsewhere. The ‘masses’ are fucked and will be scalped long before they touch a hair of the heads of their ‘leaders’. The ‘rulers’ will be hanged, but only after they accomplished much of what they set out for themselves to do.
        It is the weakness of people like you that makes this possible. I am only trying to help you. You are in actuality the pussy.

        1. “Sadly, the west was not always like this- it used to be a better moral God-fearing and upright society”
          Not sure if I agree about your conspiracy theories eg. Bankers organising feminsm, but I do agree with your assertions how things are playing out though. And your thoughts on game are valid. If I may ask you, how do you get with women? What age bracket? Oe do you go to the philipines, I’m not trying to put you on the spot, but I’m just curious.

    2. “In addition, some of the guys in both PUA and the real world, who have a lot of “game”, are the ones who become the biggest blue-pill chumps when they find the ‘one’ they like.”
      isnt this what happened to mystery? i remember him singing for his (step)daughter on tape with some used up gf

      1. Mystery, Style, Paul Janka etc.. You name it, they all go there. I think Mystery was recently seen with a mid 30s woman and people were fawning about how good he is. I’ve seen the local betting shop owner who is in his mid-40s with sarcoidosis date hot 18 y/o’s locally and get 26 year old women as a SNL in Hungary etc.. He is not incredibly looking ect.. He does have some game, but he is mostly a child’s mind in an adult body and a degenerate. You don’t need game to get women. It does help to be slightly irresponsible and lack a conscience though (mirroring many women). Until the society dies out because such folk aborted the next generation etc… which is real soon.
        God-hating society + mass abortion = end of that society.
        The old contract of marriage was not so bad; although economics of that time made it necessary. We have a new and broken social contract between the sexes, but this contract is not viable over a longer period of time.

        1. “You don’t need game to get women.”
          at the moment, we have quite some heat here in germany, you see many couples. you see indeed a fair amount of betas walking around with fairly hot chicks. my game isnt tight either: i just hold a masculine frame, dont take shit and wont do too much for her, in addition to being tall and handsome. thats enough for me. game helped me to gain a sense of what behaviour is desirable when dealing with woman (dominance and independence towards them especially) and rough idea what you can say, or what to avoid (lazyness for example). thats it. as for society, i dont care. personally i dont mind leaving this boring planet anyway.
          but im just curious: why you hate on game so much?

        2. Don’t count on it.Things have a way of swinging back and forth.Also, people have a way of thinking that the past was idyllic.Most people today think of the past as some sort of 1950’s Leave it To Beaver life when in fact that was far from reality. And what you see today may be very different 5-10 from now. Women may learn from experience that you can’t be a career girl and a mother at the same time, at least not a full time career girl.And let’s remember that in the past many women did work, full or part time, and old grandma or some neighbour who was at home with her kid watched the kids.

      2. No. He was always a chump and simp but was able to sell his bullshit to even bigger chumps.I recall seeing him on some video a few years ago at a party and he looked like a complete loser.Here he is in ‘action’ with some common ordinary girls and he sounds like a real bore and looks like a clown in that dumb dollar store hat.

        1. well, in the video hes not looking that bad. when i was active in the german PU-scene there were frequent forum meetings. the pictures of those were… meh. no wonder they need pickup to get woman. horrible styling choices, small, effimate bodies, and so on. what i dont like about PUA is the sole fixation on woman, and their talk about alphaness. getting woman is just ONE aspect of being (or becoming) alpha. even if the chumps have some pickup lines, i still didnt feel any respect for them, even if they got laid frequently. and thats a big if there.

    3. Game is about maximizing social options. It doesn’t corrupt women or “society”, it helps males identify which women are worth resources and emotional energy, and get sex experience in the process. Most women are aggressively pursing their own selfish interests no matter how they disguise it. Trying to play the prince in feminist culture will get a male marginalized fast.

    4. I have to disagree on a few points. You, and many others, seem to associate clown, PUA tricks with game. Game is knowing how women think and react to certain cues and situations. Its not only useful, its necessary. It will keep you from being falsely accused of crimes, catching oneitis, and a number of other disasters that follow gameless men around. Also, relationship game is real and should be used. The issue is that game takes alot of energy and if you dont feel like expending time and resources on women, you should just stay out of the game. I dont have any problem with MGTOW but its just not my thing.
      Game is no illusion, its real life, its biology, its social anthropology. It could be taught in college classrooms.

      1. Game in the modern era exists because society is structured in a certain way – for example, to benefit women and weaken men via burden of taxation etc… It is an anomaly of our time and economic system that will be destroyed whenever those circumstances are not in place. Those ‘cues’/situations you mentioned – I do accept that game has limited value in society, but it is not a cure – rather it is a disease, poisoning male-female relations; leading to greater problems and female hypergamy. It’s never good enough for some. They’ll always want more. How could it not be mostly an illusion – if the west had a 50% stock market crash tomorrow, then game will not be useful at all! I don’t know about MGTOW – non-attractive men can get women WITHOUT GAME! I see it all the time in the UK. I know the US and Canada is the most competitive place, still, I will hold what I said to be the truth, as I had lived there and whilst game is required, what is most important is the girl’s basal insecurity and if she is looking for a fuck or a bf. Or both. It’s all about her, not about your wants.
        Game really is just another kind of pandering to females which does not benefit men. Plus, not many men can run game these days – the women are useless and the men have gotten nihilistic, partly due to shittier wages etc.. The game movement is a counter-movement to feminism and mirrors it. Both are one day slated to destroy each other. Feminism is another artifical movement which cannot exist without forcible support from men via taxation etc.. Feminism is slavery for people in third world countries who make the products the feminists consume, as well as for western men, then THEY complain they are oppressed.
        Feminism was always a movement organised by bankers to destroy the western man. Destroy his belief in God’s existence and marriage to destroy the society. They have almost done that. Do they need the feminists any more? They will soon be gone as there is no need to pay western men any wages from a banker point of view, as western men mostly cannot defend their rights (TRUE) and are divided and conquered (TRUE).

        1. You say game is only useful in the modern era but that cant be true because hypergamy is timeless. Game is portraying yourself as a powerful, confident, dominant man. Males have to do this everywhere in nature. Rams butt heads, gorillas and lions fight, birds send out mating calls, peacocks strut their feathers, etc. Its not going to change. Ever. Its the way things are and they should be this way because thats how humanity survives. In recent times, the rules have been abolished and humans are left to our most basic, carnal instincts and behaviors instead of making decisions based on cultural and societal influences. Its like if traveling and goaltending were made legal in basketball. You still have to put the ball in the basket to win, its just more chaotic and unrestricted than the game with rules. Men can adapt or play another game, neither are bad choices.

  3. Game is snake oil. Asking another man about game is pointless. If your not a complete simpleton you can get what you want. And game is sold not told but the joke is they are gaming you into buying something useless. you could be out right now developing yourself right this minute. It’s like reading about bill gates it’s common sense, build a product lease it control it become billionaire. Napoleon,everyone else has a private mercenary army build a huge gigantic national army and swarm them. Don’t listen to simpletons will tell you cannot work and keep chugging.

    1. Its like teaching yourself to play guitar. If you really enjoy it you can teach yourself. Many musicians are self-taught.

      1. Maybe if you’re Jimi Hendrix but 99% still need to take lessons in music whether they go to school for it or someone teaches them.

      1. Every man who applies what he knows and prospers is like a bill gates, just because you don’t have a billion dollars doesn’t mean you didn’t prosper. And on that note just because he has a billion dollars doesn’t mean he is the most savvy either, but time and chance happens to everyone.

        1. I actually agree with you.
          If you make $30k a year and it provides you a lifestyle of freedom, and one you enjoy, God bless ya. Go buy a lobster boat in Maine and live off the land. If you make $60k a year and manage to save half of it, same thing. You’re better off than the guy who makes $120k a year but it all goes into a mortgage, car payment, internet payment, kid’s school, etc.
          Profit = expenses – overhead. It’s that simple.

        2. Bullshit. He had the combination of qualities that made him rich and it would have happened even if he went into another business.He developed an OS that 4 out of 5 people use and he was also a good businessman and saw his opportunities. Whether he would have become a billionaire or just very rich is not even the point.

        3. Why do you losers always go to extremes? The guy earning a $150k could live cheaply and save his money too like the lobster boy who may also have kids and bills too.And btw, anyone earning $30k and living in some cheap small town is going to still have a hard time getting by so it makes more sense to just make more money.

  4. This guy had zero game and it cost him $18 million. And he didn’t even get divorce raped because he didn’t even marry this “model”. Look at the smile on her triumphant face. I’m sure she’s just glad the whole nightmarish “ordeal” is over.
    He had to pay $4.5 million per bang. That’s right fellas.

    1. That was one expensive slut! Typical example of pussy pass, she got hired and knew nothing about the job. Some men work their ass off at ivy league universities and don’t even get that kind of job, what was she expecting really? She gives him her pussy 4 times and then pretends it was rape? Dude is a stupid retard, he could have used his money with much better quality escort than this stupid party girl.

    2. First, most of the damages are punitive. That will be lowered on appeal, if not outright dismissed.
      Second, and especially humiliating to the guy who lost, has to be the “model’s” boyfriend, whom she chose over him. This guy looks like he barely works, while the defendant has built or at least contributed to a $1b hedge fund

      1. “This guy looks like he barely works, while the defendant has built or at least contributed to a $1b hedge fund”
        That’s the modern western female for you… When given freedom and when social controls are relaxed to allow the woman to be her true self, this is what she chooses. Accept it. Understand it. And use it to your advantage. Or at least, try not to end up as the schmuck in the story who is going to end up paying her millions for cheating on him. The modern Western female is a degenerate whore who gets cash and prizes for being a whore. The feminist culture and court system and the modern Western State, with their white-knight manginas and females in power are all against you.

      2. Some homeless negro she fucked is her bf? lol And we don’t even know if this chink ever did anything with her. That’s just something she made up and a dopey jury eager to give other people’s money away believed it. This will be dismissed on appeal and her lawyer may be sorry he tried to mess with a rich man which is how these cases end up.

    3. Sometimes hos have lawyers. Now she’s going to ride the cock carousel with degenerate alphas as long as possible, won’t need a new wealthy beta for at least a few years until she squanders it all. First thing she does is go out and buy an overpriced condo she can’t pay the taxes on, then she fills up her walk-in closest with shoes she never wears. Then she’ll be sucking cock of degenerate alphas with no money who have clown game or asshole game. Because she’s a strong independent empowered woman, just like feminists celebrate.

      1. She was doing some of that in the apt. that the guy’s co. was paying for.He caught her with some degenerate negro in bed together.He called her father in Sweden and told him about it so it wasn’t even public where she could claim defamation.Besides, it’s not defamation if it’s true.Calling a Madoff a crook in some publication is not libel because he really is a crook.

    4. 1. this is part of some scheme that the two of them devised – in which case they’re both smart.
      2. he had normal sex with her and she is abusing the situation – makes her smart and him amused, probably.
      3. he actually forced her to have sex and is even more amused, because it doesn’t hurt him and he was in her and had his way.

      1. He could have hired a professional hit man for, what, a million dollars? I mean if the hit man knew his net worth, that would probably be the starting point for negotiation. If I was him and knew I could get away with it, I would have had that cunt killed.

        1. sure. but what if it is a plot between him and her? what if that money will be used to pay for drugs? isn’t her boyfriend a cocaine dealer? hey, what’s cleaner than a transaction in the public eye?

        2. That’s dumb for a crappy million that he won’t even be paying. Let the bitch live and suffer for her conduct.

    5. Taken from the comments section:
      “She should have been paid more for having to endure that 2 minute man creep. He makes my skin crawl. Yuck!”

      1. Comments section on some stupid tabloid? Her lawyer put that 2 minute nonsense in to try to embarrass him and force him into a settlement since in itself has no relevance to the case assuming that there is any merit to it to begin with. Even if the chink shagged her why would it matter if it was 2 min or 2 hours. And btw, you could put just about anything in a complaint as an allegation.
        And just for you inexperienced incels who get all of your ideas about sex from spliced together porn films, the average time it takes for an EXPERIENCED man to come from actively fucking is 2 minutes.We know this from sex studies eg. Masters and Johnson etc and it’s the same worldwide.INEXPERIENCED incels probably come in 10 seconds of getting some pussy lol Only 30% of females can even come from fucking and they do it fast and any female who takes more than 5 minutes won’t come if you fucked her for 5 hrs so you would just be wasting your time with the 70% frigid ones.10% of females will never have an orgasm in their lives by any method even if you used an industrial strength vibrator and stuck it in and left it on for an hr.

    6. Stop believing everything you read in tabloids. These cases always get thrown out on appeal and she’ll get 0. Even in the real legitimate cases where the guy really did defame her, which was her claim, a judgement like $2m always gets reduced on appeal and after her lawyer takes his 1/2 cut and all expenses she ends up with a few dollars. It’s not just about proving whether the guy did defame her but what her reputation is really worth (in most cases, nothing) and proving damages.She would have to prove that she actually lost money as a result of something he did first and then perhaps after that get some punitive damages in addition to the compensatory damages but she’d have to prove a loss first.
      You get a lot of morons and nogs on juries where jury duty is like a holiday for them and where they get a few dollars and a free lunch and who like to give rich guy’s money away so their judgement is almost always thrown out on appeal.In reality it’s not easy to win these cases and actually collect any money but tabloids like printing them because the dumb poor proles like reading this stuff. In the real world you don’t get $2m so easily for defamation so stop reading this tabloid crap and in fact lawyers and courts actually have guidelines concerning what a case is worth and pretty much know to the dollar.This lawyer, like that Allred cunt, assume that the guy will just settle the case to be rid of them and avoid any bad publicity but his liability insurance co. who have to pay the claim will sometimes fight it to deter other female congirls and shysters from doing it again.

    7. And then she lets that African sleep in the apartment the other guy paid for …. “slutz are us”.

  5. Here is the thing… I think there is a natural progression, which is tailored to each individual’s goal.
    It starts with the newly minted red piller. He probably just got burned by a woman for being too beta, or has gotten shot down on one too many OkCupid dates. He reads The Game, Mystery Method, and gobbles up every article on ROK. From that vantage, I see a lot of overgaming. Too many negs, too asshole, and done in a way that seems fake. If you’re out with him, you find yourself saying “Can you not be that guy? Please?” Admittedly, I was there once.
    A few months ago I was in a hotel bar in New York City, listening to a guy “open a set” using some lines from Neil Strauss on a cute blond with fake tits. Throwing in negs, fake teasing, it felt like I was watching The Game unfold before my very eyes. From there, he kept talking about himself and this marathon he had run and about how awesome it was. Awkward break in the conversation, I swooped in and used a brilliant homemade opener of my own: “Hey. I’m Hank. Your conversation sounds quite… healthy. Let’s go outside and smoke a cigarette.” Three hours later we were back in my hotel room.
    I suppose sometimes asshole game works, particularly on young women with low self esteem. But I don’t think it’s the asshole game per se – I think it’s more a matter that the guy is actually going for it. Most beta men believe you need to go on like 20 dates before getting laid. The reality is, if you’re not getting sex after about two dates, you probably never are. Actually going for sex and not putting her on a pedastal will in fact result in more sex than taking her on 50 dates. Why? Because women don’t want a girlfriend – they want a man. Their girlfriends are perfectably capable of taking them out to dinner, texting them about their day, and sending them cat pictures. If you act like one of their girlfriends, she is not going to be sexually attracted to you. Acting like an asshole is better than acting like one of her girlfriends, but also completely unnecessary.
    Actual game, in my opinion, it is more dependent on things like posture (which fixes itself when you workout a lot), eye contact, not smiling too much, not laughing at your own jokes, confidence, speaking with a deep voice, etc. Once you’ve had sex with enough hot women, they are no longer intimidating. I certainly never find myself talking to a woman and thinking “Throw in a neg!” or “Use that opener Mystery suggested!” I boil solid game down to this – you are sitting in a room. Shit hits the fan. Who is in charge? Who wold people follow? Who is the natural leader? Chances are, that is the guy that a high quality women would want to hop into bed with, or lock down for a long term relationship.
    Lower quality women relegate themselves to lower quality guys. Accordingly, generic PUA tactics are effective for laying 5s and 6s once or twice. They are certainly more effective than sappy text messages, flowers, and trips to expensive restaurants. If you get validation from fucking a lot of average looking women, more power to you. It’s your life, live it however you want to.
    However, actual game is about becoming a man who is desired by many women. That isn’t something you cannot fake by learning a few canned opening lines. But when you have options, you can be selective about who you spend your time with. It’s a matter of choosing your relationships, or letting them choose you.

    1. Well said. Personally, I don’t use any particular “game” I just open my mouth and start speaking. That’s half the battle. The other half is making yourself desirable. Part of this comes only with age. I am at the point now where most women are attracted to me so the probability is that any girl I talk to will give me her number. I don’t have to use any particular line just an icebreaker to open the conversation “do you know where such and such is?” Often as not, she’ll do the rest.

      1. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. With Psychosis.
        Every time you open your mouth, lies and turds drop out. Why feel the urge to boast about something unless your stories don’t match your huge ego, so you lie to yourself and others to maintain that ego.
        You’re clearly delusional and expert especially at lying to yourself.

        1. All the previous posts of his I read. I admit there were many I didn’t read. But if you go by psychiatric criteria, even though I admit western psychiatry is definately over-analysing people and has in recent years gotten off-track, by both western and non-western MD criteria he fits the bill.

        2. I did below. I briefly went and made my post so it does not contain all the thinking, I can’t be arsed to trawl through all his posts.

        3. He fantasises a lot about getting white blonde pussy. These delusions even have a name in the DSM called Niglusions.

        4. Most communucation is non-verbal, did you take that into consideration? There are things we dont mention here such as how we use our tones, what we wear, what we do, and whatnot especially if we just do it without stopping to jot down notes or care to write down shit.
          If you ever whipped out your dick mid arguement with a complaining woman and told us the results we’d all nod and tell you our stories, but people like you couldnt see the silver lining and would call us all sorts of stuff like you did above.
          If you aim to NOT be offended by what other men say, then maybe you would be in his position.

      2. To me game is like any philosophy for a lack of a better word, there’s good and bad being taught. There’s guys who’s advice will help you with women and guys who are just scammers trying to make money. Some people say game is bullshit but I’ve learnt first hand the fundementals aren’t. Don’t put her on a pedestal, don’t be a nice pushover, have or at least pretend to have options, improve yourself to make yourself more desirable by working out dressing and better etc, and don’t be boring. They’re the basics that anyone who is serious can’t deny you need to do to be better with women.

        1. This is true. Once you have taken care of the fundamentals and made yourself into a desirable male, you really don’t need any special lines or techniques. Your preparation will have taken care of all the hard work.

        2. Game is bullshit but if it can get even one of you capable with just talking to a girl it’s a big improvement.

        3. If you are interested in getting extra cash with average of 50-300 dollars every day for doing basic work from your house for 3-4 hours each day then try this…

      3. The other half is making yourself desirable. Part of this comes only with age.
        Yeah, the important half but you should be doing well at about the age of 80 with the old age home girls.

    2. “my own: “Hey. I’m Hank. Your conversation sounds quite… healthy. Let’s go outside and smoke a cigarette.” Three hours later we were back in my hotel room.”
      What I am also getting the impression that “game” is getting so over used and obvious that it is hitting critical mass. Chicks are getting privy to the strategies and are deciding to respond favorably to the more anti-player approach.

      1. Disagree, the trend is going in the wrong direction. Women rarely respect nice guys, and assholes and clowns with irrational self confidence get more action.

        1. You can be a nice guy with game and confidence. I have never used asshole game and I never get brutally blown out by women. Women appreciate a guy with a kind heart but you have to have some frame to go with it. I refuse to perform asshole PUA game for women and its not necessary.

        2. “Disagree, the trend is going in the wrong direction”
          I didn’t mean to imply being a nice guy either. Anti player method is different from the classic (and obvious) pua tactics.

      2. The “non-player” approach is no approach at all. I think your average blue pill guy believes “it just happens” like in your typical romantic comedy. That is what I always believed, until I found myself single and divorced in my early 30s. While staying in the house is nice, my cat doesn’t exactly introduce me to a lot of hot chicks. If you want to meet women, you have to get out there and approach them (or at the very least hop on Tinder / OKC or whatever and start setting up dates). “Hi, you’re gorgeous, can I please buy you dinner this week?” isn’t going to get you anything but laughed at. “I have to leave in a second, but did you see the fight outside?” at least initiates a conversation. Neither is ideal, but the latter is more effective.
        Single women, especially ones in their later 20s and early 30s, are somewhat familiar with The Game, Mystery, negs, etc. Apparently Mystery even had a show on VH-1. I’ve had a few female friends discuss Tinder / OKC with me, and mention that “he tried a line from The Game” or “he opened with a neg LOL.”
        That said, there is a difference between actual game and an ability to utilize rudimentary PUA tactics. Basic PUA tactics are a substitute for actual game. They serve their purpose for awhile, especially if you’re still in a developmental phase. I remember the first time I fucked a random girl from OKC using “game” (probably a 5, though she was actually an interesting girl) and felt like I was the second coming of Casanova. Confidence builder, for sure. I still find myself borrowing lines from Heartsie’s “Crib Sheet of Game” if I’m at a loss for words. “Your flirting needs work” or “Slow down, I need to be wined and dined first” work well over text and in real life.
        Real game comes from experience, trial, and error. Once you’ve both plowed through enough women and been rejected a million times, the disinterest and “I don’t give a fuck” attitude becomes real. For instance, last night I was out with a client talking business at a bar. Two girls sat down next to us, solid 5s. Nose rings, tattoos, and dyed hair. I’ll pass, thanks. I was more interested in talking business with my client than to the girls. However, the client (a bit drunk) keeps trying to chat them up as I’m trying to steer him back towards our conversation. He hits with them a neg about their tattoos and it completely flops. A guy sitting at the end of the bar overhears and even groans “Dude…” From there, my client buys them a round of drinks to make up for it. I am simply ignoring them because I’m not interested. At a point one of the girls taps me on the shoulder and asks “Why won’t you even look at us?” I turn around, look her in the eyes respond “Oh hey. My buddy has had a few drinks too many. We’re in the middle of discussing an important business matter. He was just playing around with that comment about your tattoos. Don’t take him seriously. Enjoy the beers.” As I’m turning back around, she starts asking about what I do. I tell her I’m a lawyer, inject zero follow up, and then turn back towards my client. She taps me on the shoulder again and asks for my card. Says she wants to give me a call later in the week. Woke up to a text from her this morning.

        1. “The “non-player” approach is no approach at all. ”
          Not in my book. Anti-player has a methodology but it is more suubtle then the obvious canned lines from a pua book.

    3. Great comment. To distill this to its essence, I think that you are pointing out that game is more or an art than a science. Learning about asshole game, clown game, provider game, and all the associated negs, jokes, etc… just gives you tools to use, it doesn’t tell you when to use them. Recognizing when specific tools have to be broken out and in what sequence, combination or frequency is something that cannot be reduced to a set of hard and fast rules. Ultimately, you have to have intuition, be able to think quickly on your feet, be unafraid to fail, be perceptive to what is working and not, and be creative.
      Not all women are receptive to all game methods, and individual women will be receptive to different methods at different times under different conditions. To go back to the tool analogy, a handyman may have lots of different tools, but if he’s always carrying around his hammer and saw, people who need an electrician aren’t going to talk to him to fill their needs. If he uses the same diagnostic process regardless of whether the client called about a broken door jamb, or a leaking sewer line, he will come across as formulaic, and therefore clueless. The handyman has to get face to face with his client and determine which tools and experience are the best to bring out in each potential situation to land him the job. So too for the young man in today’s dating world. The only way to understand this is through experience and by using your best judgment based on that experience. People who learn this early, and learn how to view game as an art, will have better results sooner than those who treat it like a formula to be routinely applied in every instance.
      Moreover, game is best effective when it compliments who you really are rather than some role you imagine the girl to want you to play. It’s easier to game that way because it is just a natural extension of you rather than an act that you constantly have to manage. But again, the only way you get to this point is by internalizing hard won experience.

      1. Stop all of the excuses and rationalizations. A female either likes you or not based on one look, females are all visual and with you boys girls just don’t like what they see and I don’t blame them. Keep trying that stupid game on them and you’ll end up being arrested for harassment or get your butt kicked by some white knight for your impertinence.Can you imagine how degrading it is for a 2 to be approached by one of you maggots. You incels and grass eaters have to learn to quit while you’re behind. You’re never getting pussy unless it’s with some retarded girl and even she’ll want to be wined and dined just for the opportunity to hold her sweaty hand.

        1. Try eating before typing. You type too hangry? Why so mad anyway? No hard dick? Like, ever?

    4. I must be an anomaly, for I didn’t discover the redpill as a result of being burned by women. Rather, it was I felt inadequate -even though in hindsight such wasn’t true: there were some IOIs, I merely didn’t know what they were. When I’d show emotion (other than witty cynicism or simple silence) around other people they would always be surprised. I decided to try and improve myself so I could get a girl I fancied (don’t know where she’d fall on a scale of 1-10).
      Turns out she thought I was an unattainable smooth big-city guy (she’s a kinda female mgtow-not femist-more of a demure resignation).
      When I don’t try so hard I guess I have good game. Hell, on one of my bad days a girl I just met invited me to a foursome. I declined, for college exams are an unfortunate thing. If only I didn’t have an extreme tactile sensitivity. All well.

      1. a girl I just met invited me to a foursome.
        Yeah, you take her and her 2 gf’s out to dinner and drinks.They’re gone when you get back from the toilet lol

        1. Maybe, but then again the 2 gfs were there too. It was down on one of those lakeside promenade docks, hanging out (met them through my brother) and she was rebounding after breaking up with her boyfriend.

  6. I lost one “sure thing” bang this year because I was too cocky and overgamed. I like to replay in my mind what went down.
    I was at a club dancing and getting some flirting in. Things were looking good and I had three girls that were chatting with me (met them that night). One about dancing, 1 showing mild interest and one showing hard interest with lots of touching me. She was cute, about a 7. I decided to flirt back and try to move it into a ONS.
    We danced, we hugged and we laughed. The other girls ended up leaving and the girl showing hard interest and I chatted/danced together for about 2 hours. Now for some boneheaded reason, instead of just staying focused on her and trying to leave with her I decided to get and act cocky (I’m 41, her 26). I called the other girl over (the one showing mild interest) and started to amp up the flirting with her. I was trying to instill jealousy in the girl showing hard interest. In hindsight this was pointless and I don’t know why I chose to do this other than bravado. Anyway, I started dancing with both of them alternately and getting interest from both. I was sure I was getting banged that night and that my foolproof jealousy plan had worked. Well at one point, as I was coming off the dance floor to go to the sure thing girl, the girl I danced with gave me a hug and said good-bye and left. No worries, the sure thing girl was waiting at the edge off the dance floor and it was time to use that jealousy to my advantage. When I got up to her she told me she thought I was a jerk for embarrassing her and flirting with another girl when I already had her. I laughed and said “flirting, no…it was just dancing.” She looked right at me, shook her head from side to side, said “I hope you know you lost a sure thing” and walked away (she stayed in the club). I was left standing there alone and left the club alone about an hour later after getting in a few more dances.
    Overgame, bad game and stupid game.

        1. it wasn’t stupid, it was just inexperienced. in hindsight, it’s always easy to identify some mysterious gut feeling that was telling you the truth. i think it’s just the effect of a distorted memory that you try to make sense of.
          but apart from being inexperienced, it was primarily ballsy. i like it. at least you earned yourself that pain.

  7. A few random thoughts, in no particular order, except #3 is the most important one:
    1. If your SMV is too high vis-a-vis a particular girl, she may reject you b/c, subconsciously, she knows it.
    2. If a girl, particularly a more feminine one, or one closer to the Wall runs cold on you, you may have failed a ‘comfort’ test, not a ‘shit’ test. I expect some argument on this, but just think it over. It’s okay to give them a cookie once in a while.*
    3. While I am a fan of properly played ‘Asshole Game’, what guys should strive for is ‘Amused Mastery’, where one adroitly sidesteps shit tests, rather than nuking them.
    *Metaphorically speaking. Not an actual cookie. A woman’s value is primarily in her youth and beauty and you don’t want to do anything that will hasten her arrival at The Wall.

    1. Your final metaphor is interesting. As she approaches the wall, she’s been in plenty of banks and now finds the courage to rob one. A cunt only lives once, right?
      It’s also possible to play her perceptions of where she is with relation to the wall. Young co-ed’s and sorority girls not too long ago would say that they’re at said college to get their MRS (Mrs.). They bought into that they had four short years to harpoon a provider.
      Move her wall up on her with aloof frame like, ”I’m out of your league” but pulling her in with ”you haven’t even been (enter waterpark, skiing, club x, camping on roof of skyscraper . . ) and you’re turning 20 already? Growing old on me are you? All said within first meet or approach either shortly before or after first kino and qualifies as ‘old man game’. If it’s been a week then it’s friendzone talk.

      1. I feel sorry for you inept incels so I’ll give you a tip. Watch 91/2 Weeks and just copy what Mickey Rourke does.Oh, and make some money first lol Girls don’t like nerds who want to go ‘dutch’ at all you can eat places and you’re using a 2 for 1 coupon. Stealing food from their refrigerator isn’t cool either lol

    2. Have to agree with this one. In my experience with older or more feminine women, they always seemed to need comfort game in exact proportion to how insecure they were, even when my game was on point.
      That’s why they have a term for it; black knighting= pure game, as opposed to white knighting= comfort game. Obviously it’s better to lean towards the black knighting side but you’ll lose girls if you overdo it and turn into the Lizard King,

  8. Good game should be so natural that you have no idea you’re doing it. The hottest girls I’ve been with were seemingly flukes because I felt I put in no effort, things just flowed naturally.
    Here’s a recent scenario that really threw me for a loop. A friend of mine threw a party, and at the party was this fat girl who happened to be a lesbian. I didn’t wanna fuck her, but she joined my circle of conversation and I remember during that time told a story about a one-night stand she had with a girl who was way out of her league. Since she was not only a lesbian but also fat I had no interest in her and treated her like a friend since she was otherwise cool.
    The next week I was talking with the guy who threw the party and he goes “Hey, did you like [Fat lesbian]?” I said she was cool. He then goes “Would you fuck her?” I said she’s not my type, but then I said “Isn’t she gay?” My friend goes “Yeah, she is……But not for you.” Apparently she can’t shut up about how awesome and hot I am, even though she’s otherwise 100% gay. I apparently turned a lesbian through seemingly no game at all. Not that I wanna fuck her, but I have no clue what I did or said that could make her change her position on dick. I guess treating her like a friend made me seem aloof, and putting her in the friend zone, and automatic rejection, made me seem higher status.

    1. She’s bi as of now and wants to be part of your harem. Find the reason for her over eating. Her weight may be genetic or insecurity/disorder. Determine that eating issues aren’t result of being damaged goods before letting her in castle. She just discovered that she’s bi that’s all.

    2. They hate to admit it, but they all get back on solids. There’s some energy built up when they do also. I find (found) I come a lot with lesbians getting back on the cock after years of dining at the Y. It’s like there’s been an energy build up that sparks off me, even though most lesbians are like humourless angry little men.

  9. 1. Women want to have plausible deniability. (a cake/eat it thing).
    2. More attractive women tend to develop self-esteem and image issues, avoid her if part of a deeper mental disorder. If not, be a man and set the rules and the roles. Take her on a balcony (she gets to be hidden and in full view where: “anyone could see us…”) or “accidentally” get caught checking her out instead of other women. If she still runs, then what did you really lose, so long as you didn’t compromise?
    3. To be a well-rounded, self-reliant man, you have to grow into/develop it.
    4. Only you should be setting your standards for what constitutes an acceptable woman or end-goal to the encounters.
    5. I don’t know anything about “game” or whatever, but my grandfather always said:
    “If you aren’t looking to chase the little critter off; be witty, charming, and droll, boy, not shitty, alarming, and drool.” (Usually followed by a quick cuff to the back of the head). Take advice when it’s free.

  10. “Hot girls need three things to keep them in line and interested: a) a carrot to chase, b) sparse rewards, and c) to not feel like a slut.” < for these are the apex predator’s unbreakable rules. All game aside, these parameters should fall naturally into your life in extracting the true value from women. They’ll thank you for it with a wet smile.
    I had a good convo with a recent addition to my platter on where most guys fuck up. And I led the conceptual diatribe as such:”The act of sex is fairly uncivilized. I could only begin to fully indulge in a woman’s body I liked when I realized that and acted like an animal does. However, everything else, be it a facade or not, best translates in a civilized way. It’s the order of things that let’s us coexist between the genders.” She ate that shit up.

  11. I’m getting there. I feel like I’m doing a lot better. I’m talking to 3 girls atm. The most I’ve ever tried talking to once. I want the el Savadorian to com through the most. I’m not really an ass-hole game guy but I don’t think I talk a bit too much to try to keep them entertained. It seems like an easy trap to fall into. If girls don’t like who am i or what I have to offer, its cool. many more chicks out there to sweat one

  12. Right “game” is not an algorithm meaning if you do “A” then “B” will happen. Gals are getting hip to players /PUA also and they can bust you if you’re too suave or too smooth. Chicks “spider sense” will pick up on this…

    1. “Spider sense” is one of the few (only?) things women excel at. And yes, women read sites like this and books by PUAs and are quick to pick up on when you are simply “following the script” so to speak.

  13. Yes it is possible to have too much game. Every man should use it as an ace in the hole. Pull it out when you need it. Sometimes you need it several times a day. Other times you need it once a week.
    Choose your battles wisely.

  14. The overuse of asshole game has hurt me before. I’m not sure how to rectify it any time soon because it is coming from a core belief inside of me that they are fucking worthless, lacking all civility, morality, modesty, humility and femininity.
    I am better in every way shape and form.
    Because of this I have such little patience that I’ve even willingly blown myself out with girls because I tire of the fact that I always have to be the one to bring substance to the interaction. I must be a fucking dancing monkey and at this point in my life I can’t even pretend to care even for a short moment.
    If anything I see women as a potential knife in the back if I’m not constantly vigilant. I hate the fact that I have to view them this way but history confirms that women being the Jezebel archetype which they so furiously degrade themselves in a race to attain have become nothing short of a demonic mutant frothing at the mouth to suck every bit of my soul out of me.

    1. “If anything I see women as a potential knife in the back if I’m not constantly vigilant. I hate the fact that I have to view them this way but history confirms that women being the Jezebel archetype which they so furiously degrade themselves in a race to attain have become nothing short of a demonic mutant frothing at the mouth to suck every bit of my soul out of me.”
      Fuckin’ Gospel, man.

    2. Great post. I’m awful at game, to be honest, and I’m 100% okay with that. I’ve managed to pick up some very attractive women (and have been spurned by Plain Janes) with my natural “normal” behavior. I no longer worry “Am I trying too hard?” or “Am I being too aloof and nonchalant?”. If I don’t see IOI, I walk away. If she “shit tests” me I walk away, not interested in proving my worth to her. I already have a couple of FWB situations so I don’t need the pussy, although variety is nice.

  15. “Despite what they say, girls are intimidated by men like this…even 10s”
    Because that is clearly a man with countless of options, a woman likes a man with socio-economy status, but a man like the one in the picture above is way too unstable, she would be lucky to get a call back from him.
    Just imagine how imtimidate a fat neck beard pimpled face guy with a Sport Illustrate model feels.

  16. Valid points but you lost me at “when she looks up your facebook profile”. It’s not 2011 anymore. Lock that shit down. The less traceable information you have about yourself on the internet the better. Some professional stuff about your work is unavoidable, but in today’s insane PC-infested SJW environment one misstep on social media will tank future employment prospects. Even if you’re one of them (a SJW leftists), the tides can turn back to the right just as quickly and the photos of you waving rainbow homo flags may send you to the Gulags.
    And if a girl asks why you don’t do social media tell her you’re not a 14 year old girl.

    1. Agree completely. ALWAYS err on the side of too little social media presence rather than too much. You don’t “need” any. Closed my Facebook account over a year ago and never looked back. Never used it much anyway.

  17. I call it “cocky” game, not asshole! There is a fine line between being cocky and coming across as a complete asshole. It took me years to master this game where it works best for night game or anywhere a woman has her guard up.
    These days I focus on Day Game cause you can be more yourself where being “cocky” doesn’t work well with day game as Rooshv says in Day Bang. In fact, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong when I went from Night Game to Day Game.

  18. Great article – one of the best I’ve read on game recently. It’s a double-edged sword isn’t it? If you start hearing “you’re way too smooth” and the like on a regular basis then you know you’re developing skills – but as you so eloquently argue, a surfeit of skills can sometimes lead, unintuitively, to blow-outs. As with all elements of game, it comes down to calibration – which can really only be developed by approaching a lot of girls and interacting with them. Over time the player who does this will start to figure out when to amp up his inner asshole and when to pull back. It’s not a science, it’s an art, and it takes time to perfect.

  19. ““What the fuck just happened?””
    You spent money, time, and effort on a human being that you A. weren’t into, B. bullshitted, and C. intended on fking with a plastic sock. You would have been better jerking off and enjoying the rest of the night with your extra cash and time.

    1. Negro boys are all simps and mama’s boys with no game. That girl in bed with the flag has more freckles than skin lol And the $20k one would have to pay me to be seen with me. Fake tits which are obvious and everything else fake, could be a tranny.

  20. Having Too Much Game
    One thing the ‘kings’ and pyjama boy virgins on here never have to worry about haha
    ‘So Mortimer, how did you make out with that 2 last night?’
    ‘Harold, I got her number which is like a big score for me but she wouldn’t do the deed.She said I had too much game’ lol

  21. TL;DR
    I could summarize almost every post on this website so let me save all you idiot men some time… the writers of this website believe:
    1. Women are pretty much just warm holes for sex. So treat them as such. Treating them with respect or God forbid LOVE is just terrible. (Translates to you’re a huge pussy and you’re afraid of getting your heart broken again if you invest any emotion in a woman but there are no guarantees in love so get yourself a dog if you are fucking weak)
    2. “quality women” are a rare combination of perfect and beautiful (by media standards and what your brahs think because God forbid they see you with a butterface or worse! A fattie!), submissive, not in a high power job because that makes her too strong but oh she shouldn’t have the desire to find a man to support her because that’s GOLD DIGGING and that’s just plain whoring. A “quality woman” must also maintain herself beautiful but if she goes overboard she’s “fake”. She must be virginal and not have been on that sex carousel you so often mention one to many times yet she must be open to allowing you threesomes and anal sex and swallow your disgusting egg white jizz….. Yeah so many contradictions in the definition of “quality woman”. Also, she is no older than 30 because that’s just over the hill…
    3. Men are superior and therefor must be respected by inferior meathole women who are emotional, irrational and only good for 2 things: making you a sandwich and spreading her legs (oh but “quality women” really mean much than that to you? Nope she’s just a hole but she’s angelic and pure in some way hahaha whatever you have issues dude). But these strong, oh so masculine men who are the epitome of superiority don’t even want to provide and protect women so what’s even the point?
    4. A woman’s only worth is the token that is her body, her looks and her age and how submissive and viriginal she is are the only factors in her value. But God forbid she even attempts to use this token to get a wealthy or attractive dude… She’s either a gold digger or superficial!
    5. men can do no wrong so talk of “quality men” is irrelevant. All that matters is how macho you are and how much ass you can get.
    6. If a woman is a single mother, it’s her fault for picking “bad boys”. This last pointer is both laughable and sad at the same time. Lots of “quality women” get duped in the game of love by men they thought were good. This isn’t always the case but if she got pregnant under 25, chances are she was probably very naive and in love or she was a huge slut. But huge sluts usually just abort kids so go ahead and make some judgement on a woman because she has children.

    1. Lol, so you know everyone on here, do you?
      The way you write makes me think you have very little experience if any bedding actual real women, or you are one.
      But let’s look at this for a moment, what you are saying is that men should not use scientific research to their aid when choosing a mate?
      Oh and by the way, single mother “families” produce statistically likely a much worse outcome than actual families…
      And really, please explain to me how exactly a woman can be useful beyond her child making capability and sex? Sure you can get her to wash laundry or cook, but is it ever going to be as well as a man does? Unlikely.

    2. There is no equity; woman’s hypergamy trumps all. Game is man- that scares the hell out of you.

  22. I reckon, based on my own experience, over-gaming is lack of rapport. Being an almost complete stranger, even if very attractive, triggers the anti-slut mechanism.

  23. Points of truth in this article for sure but all in, you’re overthinking it. I think the key is to be yourself — when you genuinely feel like an asshole, don’t hesitate to go there but more than make up for it by being a good dude, very good, the rest of the time. Treat the people around you, other than her, immaculately and be a convivial person.
    One thing that is very illuminating is, if you’re dating multiple girls, try the exact same behavior and see how each reacts. Send them the same texts and photos and see what comes back.

    1. You beat me to the ticker tape. Well, it is a bit on topic. The man was a great athlete and a player. May you dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee in Valhalla.

      1. May his mug never be empty and his mood always jolly, for that is how we remember our fallen brothers and how we hope to end our journey.
        Valhalla is for the strong, and he certainly was one of them.

  24. Hehe good article about some harder topics.
    And true too, if you lay it on too thick even that cute 9 is going to buck at you. But usually at the grand totals you will shine because you get the impossible pussy at that point.
    Impossible pussy is the spice of life. Women know they bring nothing other than sex generally, so they know how to gauge your interactions.
    Girls are often torn between their nature saying “yes!” And their hamsters trying to find why… Many times I have ended up sleeping in the same bed with women, at their place, but they say it’s too soon to fuck or whatever.
    Women do sense when your SMV is just totally out of sync with theirs and it takes a lot of convincing to convert that into a bang.
    I find most of the time 9-10 girls often have a personality that is close to 5-6’s with rejection fear a lot. Just often emptier…
    The key is to find a way to convert girls from too high SMV barrier to a bang, and this is just personality I think, I have done it sometimes and failed sometimes.
    For me the other thing is that even when I do manage to convince them and get bang, it’s often the first and last time.
    Just to find out what goes I tried promising LTR or other things, but nope.

    1. Players are usually just born that way. Hard to pretend it with smart girls who’ve known the real deals since elementary school. It’s instinctive and can’t really be taught. I have a brother who seems to know it too well, unfortunately. It’s best to just be your authentic self, I think.

  25. Golden Ratio makes total sense, and most girls naturally fall in line with it anyway. I wonder if it’s related to the Gamblers Paradox in psychology. . .Addicted and mentally frail people always will keep giving away a reasonable-at-the moment amount in hopes of getting a big payout. But it never comes, so they invent all kinds of mind games to keep gambling and staking increasing amounts on the outcome.
    And about numbers, always promise you’ll meet her 50%. But actually only meet her 20% or 10%. And it’s OK, because women aren’t very good at math.

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