Why Is Obama Completely Ignoring The Dallas Shooter’s Motive Of Wanting To Kill White People?

America has a race problem. But it is not the typical race problem you hear about on the six o’clock news or in your social media news feed. Rather, it involves people like Barack Obama refusing to call deliberate attacks on white people racist. Despite Dallas police, including the city’s commissioner, outlining how the shooter Micah Xavier Johnson said he wanted to kill white people, especially white law enforcement personnel, Obama claims that the assailant’s motives are “hard to untangle.”

Whilst trying to play global sheriff in Warsaw, Poland during a meeting of NATO leaders, Obama even went so far as to suggest Johnson was mentally ill and therefore not criminally culpable. Return Of Kings is trying to track down, so far without success, Presidential comments in which Obama described the police shootings of black men as examples of mental illness. And, contrasting with the premeditated, indefensible Dallas tragedy, the use of lethal force by police officers is almost always proven to be justified and/or in self-defense.

Compare this lukewarm response with the gushing solidarity Obama showed towards gays, lesbians, and transgenders after the Orlando gay nightclub shootings. He called the slaughter an “act of terror” and an “act of hate,” the latter description clearly indicating he thought it was a hate crime. But in the case of Dallas, we have a dual hate crime posited on the victims’ profession and their race. So why is this not being emphasized?

Obviously, as SJWs have repeated to themselves for decades, whites cannot be victims of racism. The unemployed white guy in Michigan or the struggling white plumber in California is unable to call the race card whenever a certain percentage of other white men are in Congress or on the boards of Fortune 500 companies.

An ugly history of looking the other way

Similar to the Dallas police murders, the racial implications of attacks like the one unleashed on Carter Strange by eight black men are ignored by the mainstream media and political elites alike.

The hypocrisy evident after the Dallas police officer murders is simply the most recent example in a long-running campaign of selectively decided racism. Obama is by no means a trailblazer for glossing over the disproportionate number of violent assaults on whites. After the death of black youth Trayvon Martin, for example, a number of Caucasians reported being attacked by blacks claiming revenge for the African-American community. Most of these reports were unhelpfully dismissed by fearful and sometimes even obsequious police departments, despite incontrovertible proof of the actual attacks. Given the violence unleashed on Dallas police in recent days, it is perhaps understandable that law enforcement is unwilling to properly challenge the “only whites can be racist” thesis.

Even when black attackers admitted to unambiguously racist motivations, the stories of their victims received only the most casual treatment. Of course, the mainstream media has to sometimes pay lip service to the reality of two-way racism, but it only does so begrudgingly. Practically-speaking, major publications’ general silence surrounding minority-on-white attacks supports the perverse idea that only minorities can be victims of racial animosity expressed through physical violence.

Going back further to the Rodney King incident and the riots that followed, the blood-curdling attack on white truck driver Reginald Denny was ignored as a hate crime, notwithstanding the “racism” attached to the earlier police beating of King, a black man. In addition, unlike Denny, King was actually a convicted felon and had led LAPD officers on a dangerous high-speed chase. Not even ninety-one different skull fractures could convince the court system and political elites that maybe Denny was as much a victim of racism as liberals alleged King was. Obama’s insensitive comments about the Dallas police murders can thus be traced back to a longstanding political indifference towards wanton racial attacks against white people.

Why should justice for innocents depend on the color of their skin?

Michael Brown, pictured here robbing a convenience store, and who also tried to grab a policeman’s gun, will continue to receive the status of victim while the racist killing of five white police officers is attributed to “mental illness.”

In 2015, when America ironically had a black male Attorney-General, Eric Holder, the Department of Justice released the findings of the Michael Brown investigation. Brown, an African-American who had just finished robbing a convenience store, had been fatally shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, an incident which resulted in savage riots in multiple cities. Forensic evidence blew away the ridiculous racism allegations of SJWs and demonstrated that Brown had tried to take Wilson’s gun. Yet Brown is still treated like a victim of anti-black police racism.

Do not expect anywhere near the level of victimhood to be given to the officers killed in Dallas. After all, America’s own President has refused to give it to the five individuals doing their jobs in white skin when they were slain. Our society’s notions of victimhood have crashed to the point where a fraudulent “victim” is elevated above the massacring of real victims, whose sickening deaths were apparently confirmed as racist in nature by the killer himself.

Welcome to America: home of the SJWs, land of the morally depraved.

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476 thoughts on “Why Is Obama Completely Ignoring The Dallas Shooter’s Motive Of Wanting To Kill White People?”

  1. Just wait, SJW-queen future POTUS Hillary Clinton will out-Obama the actual Obama on all of this stuff. Someone from Black Lives Matters will be given a cabinet post in that wonderful administration and you can extrapolate from there.

  2. Maybe if Obama took Kratom he wouldn’t be an America-hating pansy mom-jeans wearing married to a man in drag POS.

    1. It’s so interesting see the reaction of those that have the privilege of not having to experience the black/brown experience in America. Is your interpretation that “injustices continue to exist in America” really that he “hates America.”
      I guess MLK hated America when he spoke out, and I guess by your logic Newt Gingrich also hates America when he said: ‘If you are a normal white American … you don’t understand being black in America.’

      1. Oh shut up you race hustler.
        I was mugged in second grade by two adult black men while walking home. I was also chased by a black man openly wielding a knife in that same year. Tell me more about my privilege.
        MLK was against race designated preferences and groups. Your little protestors and their need to burn down their neighborhoods while pretending to be victims in a way the rest of us aren’t, are really putting the kebosh on any goodwill we may have had for them out here in flyover country. But I suppose you don’t care about that either.

        1. Well MLK was silenced by a white man, similar to others who tried to promote a more equal union like Kennedy and Lincoln but I see some of us prefer to gloss over the details.
          Sorry to hear about your mugging, hopefully you don’t hate or fear ALL who are black as a result…some police officers APPEAR as if they do, and give black males, regardless of dress, a HARD time due to a belief that a young black male = criminal.

        2. MLK had hordes of whites marching with him in support of his cause. That a white man murdered him is true, but doesn’t really tell us anything useful. White men also died in giant hordes to fight against slavery as well. Guess you like to gloss too, huh chief?
          I don’t fear any man of any color at all, and would prefer that it not even be a topic of discussion. Unfortunately, groups that start out racist and keep up the race hustling shit, don’t give me much choice in how the topics being discussed are broached.

        3. One thing I will say is that there is too much conversations on race in America, it does more to divide than it does to unite…

      2. I grew up in a school that was 50% black. That white privilege, whatever that is, never existed because every day in school, 70% of class time was wasted by trying to stop blacks from dancing, rapping, chimping the f out, or just outright threatening people. I ended up getting a degree in math, but i had a good year of remedial courses to take normal college courses because I couldnt get away from blacks in high school algebra.
        The differences in white and blacks is that both groups have a talented tenth that is sucessful, but only the average black just brings down everyone. The average blacks culture is influenced by the lowest common denominator of drug dealers, rappers, and pimps. Their music has no morality or values, and promotes degeneracy.
        You can whine all you want, but blacks are treated equally in society. If you want more respect as a group you need to earn it.

        1. Many of the ghetto youths have a behavioral problem I won’t argue with you there. But they aren’t the majority of the black population so you can’t paint all blacks with the same broad brush any more than whites should be painted as racist members of the KKK.
          I’ll believe blacks are treated equally in society when blacks can hail cabs with no problem, when police officers don’t pull them over for seemingly no reason while driving, when white women stop clutching their purses and hiding their phones as black men walk by.

        2. How society treats blacks is different than how the law treats blacks.
          The law puts blacks on equal terms as white. Some would argue better terms due to affirmative action, but we’ll leave that be for now.
          The fact that so many people have an aversion to blacks speaks more towards the black culture of crime and violence than it does society itself. If 12% of the population wasn’t committing 50% of the crimes, why would people be “clutching their purses and hiding their cell phones”?

        3. Fair point in calling for teaching the ghetto youths better behavior patterns, I won’t argue with you there. But many kids these days, of all races, have behavioral problems, it isn’t just a black problem. And while we could talk about the race of the overwhelming majority of school shooters (very bad behavior), I don’t want to divide by race. One thing I will say is some communities are expending many resources into the impoverished communities to reach the youth earlier in life when they’re more malleable. But it is a large problem unfortunately, and the family unit has broken down. Much work to be done.

        4. It is unfair to say 12% of the population committing 50% of the crime because 100% of blacks = 12% of the population, but we know that a small percentage of blacks commit crime meaning that it’s more like 1 or 2% of the population committing the crime. Don’t paint all blacks with the same brush. A big part of the reason why people have an aversion to blacks lends itself to the media: many of the crimes reported on the nightly news in various American cities involve black suspects, but we know that there should also be a large amount of white suspects (given FBI stats on various crimes) being reported, but it appears that the news prefers to report on black suspects and ignore (or minimize the reporting of) white crime suspects.
          And to say that “The law puts blacks on equal terms as white?” Where? The law in theory should be applied equally to all citizens, but unfortunately, life is not theoretical. Lawyers and judges are all people and they all have their own inherent biases. Let’s say a judge is one of those people who agree with you that “If 12% of the population wasn’t committing 50% of the crimes, why would people be ‘clutching their purses and hiding their cell phones’?”
          Do we believe this person would treat blacks equally as they did whites if they already believe that blacks have a propensity to commit crime? Do you really believe Brock Turner who got 3-6 months in jail for penetrating an unconscious young woman with his finger (or whatever object he used) would have been given such a lenient sentence if he had more melanin?

        5. It is unfair to say 12% of the population committing 50% of the crime because 100% of blacks = 12% of the population, but we know that a small percentage of blacks commit crime meaning that it’s more like 1 or 2% of the population committing the crime.
          The only possible conclusion we can draw, then, is that 100% of criminals are committing 100% of the crimes.
          It appears that you are trying to render any analysis of trends meaningless. Well done.

        6. True there are children with behavioral problems in all races, but which ethnicity is is protesting and causing civil disobedience?

        7. All although there are varying degrees of how many make up the “bad boys” and “bad girls.” Also whites tend to suffer from anxiety problems and aren’t necessarily as outward with their feelings as blacks. Not better or worse but just an observation that whites tend to be more stoic so blacks speaking out/acting out might be perceived as bad behavior by whites when some blacks wouldn’t necessarily perceive the same behavior in the same way.
          That being said I know there is a behavioral problem with many of the “ghetto youths.”

        8. No I’m keeping you on point and reminding you to not paint 12% of the population that happen to be black with the same broad brush. The 70% of Americans that are white are not monolithic in their belief systems (democrat vs republican, atheist vs Christian, gay vs straight, criminal vs law abiding).
          Yes blacks are roughly 12% of the population, but the percentage of criminals who happen to be black is not 12% of the population.

      3. I work in a very diverse setting, and in my experience blacks, latinos and asians are far more racist. Get over it.

      4. And how do you feel about injustices against white people? You ramble on about how tough it is to be black while ignoring the sufferings of any other group of people. I bet you laugh yourself to sleep at our sufferings you whining self-deceiving hypocritical maggot.

        1. You’re hilarious. What are the injustices? This site ROK rarely if ever talks about the injustices of women, because this is a male centric website. Have you called ROK out for not focusing on the female injustices? I doubt it. So do enlighten me as to what the white injustices are, I never said whites don’t have problems to deal with…

        2. No you’ve never said ‘whites don’t have problems to deal with…’, but you seem to ignore and trivialize Caucasian problems over other racial groups. And this is indeed a male-centric website and rightly so. So fuckin’ what? Men need their male only spaces as much as women need their female only spaces. How come its OK for the ladies and not the gents?
          The male gender is hen pecked, degraded and interfered with by a society completed loaded in favor of women having all the rights and none of the responsibilities from having those rights. Loaded and female biased divorce laws, false rape allegations, ongoing undermining of men’s skills and intelligence, ridiculous levels of propping up skill deficiencies through affirmative action for women and minorities, and an overall general contempt for the phallus and what I believe is actually the great masculine imperative.
          I mean how much attention has really been paid to testicular cancer compared to breast cancer in the past few years? Or the physical, mental and emotional abuse inflicted on men by some women in relationships? Or male on male rape by homosexual men which is laughed at and trivialized by the majority of women, and submissive feminine men who like kissing fourth wave feminist asses?
          And wasn’t it Ian Astbury of famed band The Cult another victim of the SJW forced apology the other day? He dared suggest that all lives and not just black lives matter! Shock, horror…And reaching for the black people can’t be racist because they don’t have the institutional power baloney isn’t going to cut it with me. Even if that were true his forced apology was a humiliating and degrading form of racial prejudice against Caucasians. And you bloody know it …as much as you will try and both rationalize and trivialize it all away.

        3. I don’t just blindly agree with everything on here and my many comments on here reflect this. I’m sick of hearing about the injustices of women…since the day I was born its all I’ve ever fuckin’ heard. Going on the accounts of most modern western women life goes from one drama, problem, or issue to the next, to the point of saturation in at least the western media. Why do you think modern women love soap operas so much? Ask yourself…do you really believe everything they say?
          One of the reasons I like ROK’s is because its a male only website and masculine spaces (READ: Drama and Gynocentric free) are few and far between these days. As I’ve said before if women can have their female only spaces why can’t we have ours? And if we are truly working towards an equal society, once again, surely all lives matter? I mean imagine setting up a social justice charity called White Lives Matter? The reaction we all know would happen says it all…

      5. I’m curious to see what is in MLK’s FBI file. 11 years till it is opened.

  3. Got to love it. If he had been a white man, he would of got the guillotine! #lovewins

  4. I’m as lilly white as the fresh driven snow, and I have to say this: the more I see this kind of double standard, the more I flip the “I don’t give a fuck” switch.
    Racism? I don’t give a fuck anymore. Why should I if you don’t either?
    So where I am now is I see an issue with police brutality and criminal conduct that goes unpunished as long as you wear a badge. I’m willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone, of any color, and condemn that so long as we’re condemning it when perpetrated against anyone, of any color.
    But when you want to add racism to this discussion, sorry, I just don’t give a fuck anymore. When we start playing fair again, maybe I’ll start caring again, but I’m not going to listen to this shit for the same reason I’m not going to vote for Clinton: either the same rules apply to all of us, or we have no rules.

    1. Should we really believe you ever gave a fuck about anyone beside yourself or any race beside your own?

      1. Assume I didn’t. Three quarters of this country is like me. To get any grievance that you have addressed, you have to convince people like me to do something. Antagonizing me with ridiculous (and false) assumptions doesn’t further your goals.

        1. Therein lies the problem. While I agree that antagonizing others likely won’t result in a peaceful/constructive conversation, others that feel that their voices aren’t being heard will resort to extreme measures to get their way. It may not be your responsibility to bring about change, but wouldn’t American society be better if we collectively gave other voices at least some consideration and reduced divisive reductionist rhetoric?
          ROK routinely rails against radical feminism, but many of these feminists feel (whether rightly or wrongly) that they have to pursue equality by certain means because their voices aren’t being heard. Blacks have been complaining about police brutality from the 60s and if you look at the history, there have been countless killings, many of which were unjustified.
          The pot is boiling over and now is a time for the nation to come together, not rip itself apart based on race.

        2. antagonizing others? ripping “itself” apart EW?… voices not being heard? voices have been heard… who’s doing the ripping? Check out the Color of Crime – Race, Crime and Violence in America. It’s only 16 pages, a quick read – but to distill it down: County, State and FBI crime stats compiled into a report broken down into race: Black, Hispanic, White and Asian from 1997 to present… all sources cited and detailed.
          Here – Major Findings
          l There is more black-on-white than black-on-black violent crime.
          l Of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence involving blacks and whites, 90 percent are committed by blacks against whites.
          Blacks are therefore up to 250 times more likely to do criminal violence to whites than the reverse.
          l Blacks commit violent crimes at four to eight times the white rate.
          Hispanics commit violent crimes at approximately three times the white rate,
          and Asians at one half to three quarters the white rate.
          l Blacks are twice as likely as whites to commit hate crimes.
          l Hispanics are a hate crime victim category but not a perpetrator category.
          Hispanic offenders are classified as whites, which inflates the white offense rate and gives the impression that Hispanics commit no hate crimes.
          l Blacks are as much more dangerous than whites as men are more dangerous than women…

        3. One statistic you neglected to mention in your “research” is that over 80% of all of the 4000+ (annual numbers) murders of white people in America are at the hands of other white people…meaning that if you’re white, you’re much much more likely to be murdered by someone else who is white than someone who is not. But that stat seemingly doesn’t fit your narrative.

        4. so white people do it too… just like men do it too when a feminist tries to defend male hatred. Got it.

        5. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Is that really your takeaway? Never in a million years would I suggest that murder is OK!!
          You’re saying that black people are more dangerous and that society should be afraid of the blacks, but you’re not telling the whole story. The fact is as dangerous as you make blacks out to be, the raw numbers from your same source (i.e., the FBI) show that if you’re white you’re much more likely to be murdered by someone else who’s white. Yet you gloss over this little detail…why?

        6. l Of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence involving blacks and whites, 90 percent are committed by blacks against whites.
          Blacks are therefore up to 250 times more likely to do criminal violence to whites than the reverse.
          l Blacks commit violent crimes at four to eight times the white rate.
          source: County, State and FBI crime stats 1997 to present

        7. Almost 20 years ago? Can’t you find something from maybe the last 5 years?

        8. As a percentage our murder rate is but a fraction of blacks however. You’re playing fast and lose with your statistics. If I only make $2.00 a day, then one day I find an extra $2.00 laying on a sidewalk, why, my income for that day went up 100%.
          I still only have $4.00 though. Hardly some earth shattering statement of wealth.
          Meaning, that if I go to Switzerland (Whitetopia) and they have a murder rate of, just to make up a number, 3 people per year, you can rightly claim “Whites kill 100% of all whites in Switzerland! Whites make up the majority of murderers in Switzerland”. Yet, I’d probably want to live there instead of, say, Detroit. Ya know?
          Fact is, blacks commit 85% of interracial crime and despite making up only 6.5% of the population (talking black males here exclusively, women are negligible for both races in regard to murder, they come in at or less than 10%), seem to murder at nearly 7 times the rate of whites.
          You probably really don’t want to go further down the statistics rabbit hole I believe. You should stick with “let’s end police abuse across the board” because then you’ll have the sympathy of many here. Trying to play the statistics game is a losing proposition for you. You had me at “let’s fix the cops” but you lost me with your attempts at equalism.

        9. Because the white murder rate in proportion to its demographic size in this nation demonstrates that there is a much much lower chance of being murdered by a white no matter who you are.

        10. Breaking down statistics is always a tricky game. Do able but tricky.

        11. And it’s very easy to play the semantics word games that our friend Exotic is trying to do here. Clean up the cops and let’s stop with the race crap, is my suggestion.

        12. It’s almost like “equality” is a lie on its face. A pretty, empty ideology that is spouted for the naive and fanciful, while actually trying to harden and widen the differences between people (instead of appreciating them) to keep them distrustful of one another…nah, that’s just silly.

        13. We can play the blame game here all day and it won’t lead anywhere, excepting maybe to animosity.
          The more people feel (or are told they are) strained, oppressed, marginalized, or otherwise unjustly persecuted, the more likely there will be violence and that is by design.
          The culture (Ha!) we are seeing run rampant of loose, relative, and even absent morality, of “me”-ness gone wild, of everything is allowable no one is accountable, broken homes, and other
          depravities is the root of all our current suffering (ALL – that’s humans of all description, by the by).
          And it is being forced upon us all for one very intentional reason: once it gets beyond a certain point (where that will be is still pending), then we will beg for intervention. We will sacrifice our remaining phantom pains of liberty for absolute totalitarianism. And all who participated in this “protest” nonsense, feminism, sexual deviance, etc. will be wholly guilty for bringing it about and impotent to oppose it.

        14. Focusing only on interracial crime neglects the effects of intra-racial crime. You haven’t refuted the fact that from a murder perspective, whites are more dangerous to one another than blacks are to them. This may not fit with your belief system but the numbers show this.

        15. I’ll say it a third time so that you can grasp it.
          Whites committ murder at a statistically much, much lower rate than blacks. That whites kill whites “the most” is true, but since we have nowhere near the murder rate as a demographic percentage as blacks do, the point you’re trying desperately to lead with is silly. Again, look at my Switzerland example.
          You’re either here to try to be constructive, or you’re hear to be a race pimp.

        16. I largely agree with what you said, but I don’t think we can see eye to eye on race until we start treating it equally from both sides. If racism is bad, it’s not OK just because blacks (or other minority groups) are the ones doing it.
          You condemn divisive rhetoric, but I think that you’re missing that Obama failing to call this what it is – racism – comes off as divisive rhetoric to whites. Blacks often say that we whites have no idea what it is like to be a black man living in America. I’m willing to stipulate that this is true – I have no idea what it is like to be a black man, and although I can make observations about reality as I see it and facts that are statistically verifiable, at the end of the day, I don’t actually have the experience. But blacks also need to understand that they similarly have no idea what it is like to live in America as a white man. If we’re all going to acknowledge these things and then try to hear each other out and reach an understanding, OK, I’m willing to talk. If you expect me to sit and listen to a one-sided grievance session where you get to tell me what you imagine my experience to be, and then condemn me for things I have never done, well sorry, I’m not interested. See my original post.
          To put it another way, if you want racism to end, to live in a world where men are judged not be the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, then you need to end racism. Period. You cannot excuse racism by a sizeable portion of the population and expect me to look the other way.

        17. I am not avoiding the fact that a minority of blacks are committing the crimes, just like a minority of whites are. You only seem to be able to focus on inter-racial crime when in fact from a murder perspective, blacks are more dangerous to each other than whites are to them, and whites are more dangerous to each other than blacks are to them.

        18. Fair and this has been much of my belief during this whole race baiting fiasco. Nothing can be done until we lay out cards on the table and while I have addressed many biases in passing, it can still come off as a talking at me but not to me situation. No different from when I hear a person address what ‘you people’ need to do arguments. I am not an absolute anything and neither are you. Exactly why I like ROK and hate that in this red pill environment absolutes are used instead of logic to address the multiple heads needed to solve the problem. And no matter what side you are on, you should see the media and the police have some issues.

        19. Fair point, a big part of this divide is an emotional one, but I feel that in America it is accentuated by the media. I’ve lived in the Caribbean and Europe I feel that Americans focus far too much on race. I think for racism to end we also need to start to see each other as human beings, not as enemies, not as members of a different race and we need to find common ground where it exists, and to stop dividing ourselves. I see no reason to not be respectful to others. American society breeds distrust: whites fear black criminality, blacks fear white racism, women fear male rape, men fear gold diggers, and on and on.
          And I certainly call the massacre a hate crime, and I support fair-minded conversations. I also hate to hear black people say they can’t be racist because they’re a not a part of the majority that can subjugate others. I also hate to hear blacks use the “N” word and then get mad when whites do it.
          Moving on from semantics, I think why so many black men are upset with their American experience is because they are unjustly treated as criminals, and feel that many in the white community do not think objectively about blacks. As men we all have various struggles in life, trying to find adequate education/skills, trying to find employment, trying to find a worthy mate, and so on. But in addition to all the baseline struggles and worries males have, black males feel that they have to deal with being suspected of having a propensity for violence and/or robbery when they’re simply trying to make that paper just like you are. And it causes ANGER. Also, America is a nation of victims in my opinion, and the prevailing narrative is for people to ONLY blame a boogeyman instead of also being reflective on their contributions to their own fate.
          One thing that has been floated about recently is this notion of “white privilege.” I’d suspect that you don’t consider your experience as a “privilege” because of all of your struggles, but from external observers on the outside looking in, I could see why they call it privilege. For example blacks see that they’re treated as criminals and white males don’t appear to be; they also see white men having an easier time finding the best jobs while many blacks have degrees and are still unemployed. At the same time, I get the response saying that your experience isn’t exactly privilege because of all the struggles you’ve had along the way. Moreover, looking at the forces at play behind Brexit and Donald Trump, many whites across the world are struggling economically in light of globalization and feel that the elites don’t care about their experience. I suspect that the sentiment that many whites are now voicing regarding the Elites is very similar to how blacks feel about their experience in society: “no one gives a fuck.”
          I think its time move on from race and silos and to start to find common ground…

        20. Yes it is true that there is a difference in terms of per-capita crime rate, and that is not in dispute by me. But what I’ve been saying all along is that is embedded within the crime statistics is that murders are overwhelmingly intra-racial as opposed to inter-racial. By neglecting the intra-racial component, the message suggests that if you’re white, you’re more likely to die from a black person when in fact the FBI stats do not support this narrative.
          Why do you want to use stats to talk about black crime but only focus on one sliver of the truth without looking at the WHOLE picture, including who is doing the majority of the killings of whites? We hear statistics that 70% of all murder suspects in New York City are black, but what you don’t hear is that most of the victims of murder (from those same suspects) in New York are also black, and that the total number of black murder suspects is much much less than 1% of the millions of blacks in New York. You also don’t hear that the overwhelming majority of suspects involved in white murders in New York are white suspects. Statistics can be used to mask the truth similar to the narrative that women earn 79 cents on the dollar to every man (which neglects to analyze the higher pay disciplines like law, engineering, etc)…you have to unpack the data the get a more complete picture.

        21. Here’s my entire reason for addressing you today. Because you’re attempting to derail the actual topic of the article and have been since post one. The point is that Obama is doing his bullshit “Well..uh…we don’t know why” when it comes to “his people” like he always does, but let a white guy do wrong and he’s all over him like white on rice (pun intended).
          Whatever conclusions you’re drawing from the data are your own, I’m not claiming in any way shape or form that I’m more likely to die from a black man than a white, what you’re doing is creating a straw man and knocking it down.

        22. I certainly don’t give a fuck about anyone who isn’t in the mirror when I go there.

        23. Great posts. Why this guy is trying to find a reason to excuse any crime is beyond me. So what if whites kill whites at a higher rate than blacks kill whites? Doesn’t mean that we ignore the latter…

        24. It doesn’t matter. Murder is murder, put them in jail, white or black. No one is debating this. You are the one race baiting here.

        25. Hm:
          It looks as though (in offenses known to law enforcement in 2014, the newest available data), there were 13,897 murders (excluding so-called justifiable homicides including law enforcement occurrences).
          4367 were committed by whites.
          5173 were committed by blacks.
          4132 by “unknowns.”
          225 by “others.”
          EDIT: For a breakdown of victims/offenders by race/ethnicity/sex (took longer to find it):
          Also the Overview on this link is pretty interesting:

        26. Nope. You think that feminists are fighting for equality ? You think that the police are targeting black people ? Those are some extremely debatable “facts” you have here. If you believe that it’s not too late to talk it out then I think that ou live a in a pretty racially homogenous area.

        27. It’s also interesting to note that many times Hispanics are categorized as “whites”, for reasons I’m not entirely clear on. But even taking those numbers as straight up correct, that’s some pretty scary shit when you start parsing it out by demographic representation in the nation.

        28. Right… Blacks are generously 13% of the population. You’re getting ready to show your true colours aren’t you ?

        29. Ok, say it like this then, “blacks males are statistically more likely to murder another human being than any other race.” But that sounds like the blame game. Accountability and responsibility only sound like blame to people that aren’t familiar with them.

        30. Considering the overwhelming majority of black males don’t murder anyone, and that it is a small minority that handle their issues with a gun vs letting cooler heads prevail, black males would disagree with this assessment. Just like I’m sure white males would disagree with the statement that “white males are statistically more likely to commit mass murder.” But that sounds like the blame game. Accountability and responsibility only sound like blame to people that aren’t familiar with them.

        31. Just like I’m sure white males would disagree with the statement that
          “white males are statistically more likely to commit mass murder.”

          Which would be true since most mass murderers at least since Columbine have not been white.
          Weird right? You wouldn’t know it from the news though.

        32. I’m actually going on full bore single shooter psychopaths and mass murderers. You’d think it was all white dudes. I mean that’s what the media reports, you get that in movies and television, and yet, when you look at the actual facts, while some white dudes do that, they are not in the majority.
          To be straight up, it surprised me when I found out too. It’s amazing how heavily the media “controls the narrative” in what they do and don’t report.

        33. What’s your source ? All sources I’ve checked peg white males as the leading perpetrator of “mass murder.”
          In the end, I don’t really care about the race honestly, I care about bringing down the violence.

        34. That last bit is as actually a good point. The post-industrial white working class are treated by the elites like blacks were in the segregation era. The rhetoric from the left around brexit is that entire, non-leftist demographics should be denied the vote. And they’re now saying this openly

        35. They fear whites withdrawing welfare and social programmes if we get wind that racial minorities are disproportionately behind violent crime

        36. You should really check out GoingSane’s post on crime statistics. The welfare and social programs benefits women of all backgrounds far more than it benefits minorities alone. No one will get the chance to withdraw from welfare and social programs unless if you leave USA.

        37. Yeah I don’t doubt it, but withdraw welfare and the ghettos eat each other. This terrifies the elites, and thus taxpayer anger is “managed”

        38. This accounts for all ghettoes though and the immigrants and Jews who manipulate aspects for Section 8 housing. Hurt the Jews and the wolves of societ bare their fangs. The elites are not terrified because they had us by the balls a long time ago. This is only increased by a loss of community.

        39. Media 100% is fucked up and causing a lot of this by purposely twisting facts and only showing certain crimes to benefit people growing divisive and I have nothing against the cops but they really should do a better job of recruiting the right people because they do hire some outright shitty people and a lot of people don’t mention the bullshit war on drugs that has caused a lot of these problems.

        40. It seems heartless to post this, but with the overall number of murders being under 14000, that’s less than 0.005% of the entire population.
          So, strictly speaking, the numbers are fairly infinitesimal (and falling below projections pretty consistently).
          People aren’t numbers, of course, but as that is the case, letting ourselves be riled to the point of potential conflict and destruction over what is primarily a false narrative toward nefarious ends is beyond idiocy.
          But then the nigh constant sewing of the seeds of discontent and discord is fulfilling its purpose. People are feeling the pressure-cooker and not seeing a way to get the lid off without it exploding.

        41. Brexit may not necessarily be in the best interests of Britain. The issue is much more complicated than what was sold to the people — that they could control immigration. Retaining access to the single EU market means that Britain will likely have to follow rules regarding the free movement of people throughout the EU. A large percentage of britain’s exports/imports goes to/comes from the EU. So they will want to retain access, especially since other countries are hoping to Benefit from Britain’s loss. Also most of the immigrants into Britain didn’t come from other EU countries so leaving won’t net Brexiteers nearly as much change as they hoped. Also, the chief architects of Brexit, farage and Johnson have already headed for the exits and now Theresa May, a conservative the supported the remain campaign will now be prime minister on Wednesday.
          I get that many whites in this post industrial society feel left out but I do hope that they didn’t cut off their nose to spite their faces in the UK.

        42. “meaning that if you’re white, you’re much much more likely to be murdered by someone else who is white than someone who is not.”
          Yeah, unless you are white and are in the vicinity of blacks.

        43. I purposely “follow” Fox News and other conservative outlets on Facebook in addition to more liberal and independent media organizations. Why do I do this? To witness the diametrically opposed rhetoric and reporting to the same phenomena. It is stark how Washington post reports a story compared to how Fox News reports it.
          The media is dividing America and sometimes I wonder if they’re all secretly in cahoots with one another with the sole purpose to divide the population.

        44. They are and that’s why I stopped watching. I used to do the same thing and notice how each one leaves out certain key facts or asserts something as if it was a fact to get they’re viewers upset about something. I travel all over America for work and it’s interesting getting into conversations at bars with people who only subscribe to one network and you realize how brainwashed they are especially if they themselves have never traveled and met people with opposing ideas.

        45. Your narcissism is such LoLz to read sometimes. Hahaha. You’re so narcissist, you come across as a satirical parody of narcissism.

        46. His narrative is intact. Yours is Fox News style anecdotal yellow cake from Niger.

        47. sometimes I wonder if I’m not just like most other people just more honest about it

        48. The raw numbers show that if you’re black you’re much more likely to murder. That is Ghost of Jefferson’s point.

        49. From a murder perspective, blacks are more dangerous to whites than whites are to blacks. A lot more dangerous. And the same thing goes for rape.
          The shoe that’s about to drop in this country is violent black behavior. We’ve been hearing about white racism

        50. Are you trolling or do you really think most Whites are becoming hardened towards Blacks because of the recent situations with the police? Cause you’d be way off base if you believe that. Many Whites see the militarization of the police as bad thing and also have horrible experiences with law enforcement.
          However, the issue with Blacks are situations like the Knoxville murders, the Knockout game, Carter Strange, etc.. it’s just the overwhelming amount of needless and cowardly violence. The ‘ White girl bleeds a lot’ phenomenon. That’s the root of the issue and frankly Blacks are in for a motherphucking rude awakening if this happens to wake Whitey up to the point of no return.

        51. All due respect the media didnt fuck up as that implies a mistake. The (((media))) knew exactly what it was doing and why.

        52. The race crap will never be stopped because it serves a purpose. The only way to stop it is by changing who currently controls the levers of power. Media, law, finance, education..

        53. That’s why I said is and not did. I wasn’t implying they made a mistake but are fucked up full time.

        54. I guess I could post two links as updates for you but I don’t know if they’ll pass moderation… so just as easy – do a search for The Color of Crime 2016 revised edition and you’ll have the updated version. There’s also a 2005 2nd edition as well… The Color of Crime (Second, Expanded Edition, 2005).

        55. I think some whites have been hardened against other races for over 500 years. Or else the natives wouldn’t have been obliterated and blacks wouldn’t have been plucked from Africa and enslaved en masse in America. Hard to be pro-equality when you subjugate others in the name of imperialism.
          The fools who engage in the knockout game and other dumb shit like that are wrong. But they are also a minute percentage of the total population.
          All of that being said slavery and the holocaust and imperialism were a long time ago and we’re in 2016 and there are some whites who are awake and realize the injustices that exist and they do speak up and take action to help bring about equality. I applaud them for that. But then there are other whites who remain indifferent or just don’t give a fuck. That’s their right too.

        56. I agree with basically everything you’ve said, though I have to admit, I find privilege arguments tiresome. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what you are saying to outside observers, but often what I hear about my privilege is really what someone imagines, and not what is real. The problem with privilege is that it can cut both ways. Whites can look at the black community and find a lot of privilege if they wanted to start going tit for tat. But you would rightly call that crazy, because it is. Everyone always thinks the grass is greener. It’s not. The solution is as you say, focus on your own shit, self-improve, stop trying to find ways to hate other people for what they have and find common ground so we can all be better off. A rising tide lifts all boats.

        57. To put a finer point on it, I think the media and the police ARE the issues. I mean, I understand the black community has unique struggles and issues, and that some of those need to be dealt with internally, and some can use the participation of whites. But generally, I don’t really have bad interactions with any black people on a day to day basis. Not to sound cliche, but we have black friends, black neighbors, one of my mentors at work is a black dude, and I interact with blacks all day in a variety of ways. I occasionally encounter someone who seems to have a chip on their shoulder, but it’s never some big shouting match or something. Buying into all this divisive bullshit isn’t helpful to anyone.

        58. Natives were killed by diseases cause their immune systems couldn’t fight it.
          Blacks were enslaved by other blacks and then sold off into slavery.
          Nice talking points tho.

        59. Another poster got ahead of it and posted the FBI stats as of 2014, GoingSane. Pretty good find all things considered.

        60. The funny thing is the older I get the less I believe this is a black community problem and more an inner city community problem. How is the aspect of crime in America an issue for any new black entrant to the USA? Yet it is constantly up sold that ‘blacks’ need to man up, become responsible fathers, get jobs, and take care of their communities. The person who is foreign just magically seems to rise up more often than not and the native born to America seems to magically fail more often than not. A poster commented once how the Nigerian community tends to harbor more wealth than the average White American household. This isn’t a coincidence. They are simply dealing with someone who hadn’t bought into the limitations of American culture.
          Trust me, you do not sound cliche. Black on black crime, thug culture, are poorly named terms to mask a sad aspect of media and our population’s gullibility. Crime happens. Crime is irrespective of color of skin and based on needs. Asians and Jews have few needs that aren’t met thus they commit less crimes. Hispanics have a need for citizenship and belonging so they commit moderate crimes. Whites and Blacks have been fed opposite sides of the same hate coins to feed allegiances to the Republican and Democratic parties under the guise of right and fair so they commit the majority of crimes in America. All while both parties still do all the illegal things their hearts desire. The media collapse can’t happen soon enough.

        61. The point you make about foreigners is something I have always noticed that gets completely ignored by the media. As if “blacks” are some monolith who all think and act the same. I completely agree that this is really a problem with a subset of the black community, that gets an outsized portion of the attention.

        62. It isn’t mentioned because it isn’t convenient to tell people that an entire group of people are coming to America and not a part of the narrative because they weren’t incessantly beaten with the notion black ain’t shit, you are welfare queens, you were former slaves, your name is a cause of ridicule, and your IQ is the equivalent of a functional goldfish. Removing that suddenly you have people succeeding and failing of their own accord.

        63. You can try to disclaim responsibility all you want, but the driving force of the decimation of the Natives and the subjugation and enslavement of blacks were Europeans. Who brought and used diseases like smallpox, influenza, and others on the natives? Europeans. Europeans also slaughtered many Natives, I suggest you look into the the conquistadors. Before the Europeans came the natives were flourishing in these lands.
          And while some Blacks in Africa did sell other blacks into slavery, the predominant demand for slaves was European demand. When Britain’s demand for black slaves from Africa went to zero (i.e, when Britain abolished its slave trade in the early 1800s), many of the blacks who participated in the kidnapping and selling of other blacks became impoverished as a result. And most of those blacks in Africa had no clue about the horrors of the Middle Passage or the fate of Blacks as they arrived into the New World as property and not as human beings. Slavery in Portuguese-dominated Brazil was especially brutal. Try to water it down all you want, but Europeans really fucked alot of people over, including Jews.
          Granted society wouldn’t be what it is today without all the history that has come before us (Greek society, Declaration of Independence, Adam Smith and Capitalism, World Wars, Silicon Valley, etc…) but the path to get where we are today has included a ton of bloodshed. Do not run away from the horrors of the past.
          Was it really worth it?

        64. On this point, I have heard that the rise of the welfare state really destroyed black communities, and that prior to this, black communities were actually quite tight with strong marriages, close families and relatively prosperous. For example, Harlem was supposedly very nice. The Great Depression played a part, but of course, that is what set the stage for the modern welfare state.

        65. I believe you’re being thoughtful and genuine but, are under informed on this subject and it’s probably because you’re younger than I and out of loyalty to your tribe (not necessarily a bad thing). But, I’ll address each point.
          Yes, I suppose some Whites were hardened when they conquered north and south America. However, this shows no exclusive uniqueness to Whites behaviour. People have colonized and subjugated the locals through out history. And the ‘natives’ were never obliterated. There are millions of them.
          Regarding African slave trade, again not unique. While I certainly don’t condone slavery, it’s a common thing through out history. Are you aware that of the millions of Whites who were slaves under Muslims? And I also find it completely inappropriate to put the African slave trade on Whites when they weren’t the largest responsible for this. Jews and to a lesser degree, Arabs and fellow Africans were. Whites played a role but, they weren’t the main force
          Also, regarding your point with respect to equality. I’ll only say this equality is not given to you, it is earned by you. Believing that someone else owes you equality and waiting for them to bestow it upon you is a female mindset and Blacks should do better than fall into that way of thinking.

        66. There are no absolutes, and the solution is someplace on the spectrum of extremes. Your last point: ” equality is not given to you, it is earned by you. Believing that someone else owes you equality and waiting for them to bestow it upon you is a female mindset…”
          I know you mean well, but I don’t think you realize why it is a potentially dangerous position. If equality for citizens is not guaranteed by the society and its laws, then that will mean that some will have power and dominion over others with the ability to subjugate certain others. This is precisely what happened prior to the civil rights acts and the emancipation proclamation…whites subjugated blacks. If the society and its laws doesn’t guarantee equal opportunity and protection under the law resulting in a situation where some citizens are then subjugated, then one potential solution to “earn equality” and even the playing field is insurrection, civil war, rioting, violence, death. Do you really want such a chaotic society in which citizens are literally gunning it out to get their fair share codified?
          Now there is a difference between equal protection and application of the law/equal opportunities vs equal outcomes. The constitution cannot guarantee equal outcomes because outcomes are where hard work, ingenuity, perseverance, and luck come into play. The equality I’m talking about is the former: equal application of the law and equal opportunities (i.e., implicit bias of racist whites shouldn’t be a deterrent to the opportunities of blacks or vice versa).

        67. “Sometimes I wonder if I’m retarded and everyone is just nice to me” – my ex.
          No, you’re dumb and hot.

        68. “You can try to disclaim responsibility all you want, but the driving force of the decimation of the Natives and the subjugation and enslavement of blacks were Europeans. Who brought and used diseases like smallpox, influenza, and others on the natives? Europeans”
          That was before the era of immunization. Europeans had no “obligation” to provide medicine that did not even exist at that time.

        69. Most murders anywhere are done by people that know each other. Blacks are much more likely to kill blacks and whites are much more likely to kill whites. So what? This takes nothing away from the statistics on cross racial murders. Blacks are much more likely to kill whites than whites are to kill blacks. The importance of noting that fact in this environment is that the perception by blacks right now is that white s in general and white cops in particular are out to gun them down and they are being killed at a much higher rate than other races; none of which is true.

        70. The important difference being that one is demonstrably false, and one is not. You simply aren’t as familiar as you believe that you are. The stats aren’t on your side so leave them be and stick with the emotional rhetoric.

        71. You’re probably just more honest about it. And if your Internet persona is equivacal to real life, you’re quite aware of you’re actions and just don’t give a fuck. This is not meant to be denigrating. Most of the time in life, we just can’t give a fuck. You wake up and look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? The best muthfucka around.

        72. It’s true. Living other way seems to me dangerous at best and inauthentic at worst

        73. Much more likely ? The raw numbers are quite small. It’s like saying 3 is 3x larger than the number 1, when while that’s strictly true in absolute terms they’re not that far apart. Whites are more dangerous to one another from a murder perspective yet I don’t hear people like you saying fear the white man the same way you do the black man. Why?

        74. What we don’t hear enough is how no one knows what it’s like to live in America as a white man.
          Everyone thinks we have this “in” and it’s all privilege (bullshit). It’s like being a father who pays for every god damn thing, helping out to see that everyone grows and gets a fair shake (god knows I’ve paid enough in taxes over the decades) and then people shitting on you, spitting in your eye and calling you a racist at every turn.
          We all know how other communities work..they look out for each other. But when a white community does it, it’s racist. Asians, blacks and others will look out for friends and family (say for a job with a company) but whites do it and it’s wrong.
          Yeah, I’m pretty fucking tired of giving every other group a pass for being proud to be (pick a group) but I’m racist for doing it because I’m white. Fuck that.

        75. Americans don’t focus too much on race….black Americans do. I’ve been footing the bill for decades on helping to “lift everyone up” to be on equal footing yet I’m still a racist (at every turn).
          Yeah, I’m not buying that any longer that “Americans” are too focused on race. We have a group in America (black people) who has been handed every opportunity and when it doesn’t work out for them the card is played: racism. Instead of owning up to the failure or taking personal responsibility for their actions…I’m at fault for being racist (because they can’t make the grades at the college they are in due to affirmative action).
          It’s getting old.

        76. I stopped watching mainstream news a long time ago. It brings no value to my life whatsoever. I saw the nonsense and the narratives (instead of facts). The news has changed and they no longer have journalists…these people are entertainers.

        77. I’ll give you that one. I do notice, in my travels, that it’s an American (cultural thing) with black Americans because some of the women that I’ve met from Africa were very pleasant (a shock after dealing with black women in America). It’s a disease that’s spreading in our country…a shame.

        78. Indeed. It’s all about facts and if people are not willing to deal in reality then I just don’t have the time for them.
          We have all of the data yet people want to ignore it and pursue their own narratives.

        79. I’d unpack the data if I wasn’t so busy (all my life) working a job (or two at times) to support people who are still being “held down” after 50 years. For decades, we’ve given the black community nothing but opportunity after opportunity to make it here…some take it but most of them stay put, fail and still blame me for being racist.
          I’m tired of giving them a pass, I’m tired of paying for it….I’m pretty much tired of it all. It’s all nonsense. People (adults) take responsibility for their actions.
          The black leaders in the past used to make the black community responsible for their actions. Today, we see nothing but opportunists giving them a free pass and blaming Trump for racism (the white guy). This President is no different and he actual divides Americans with his nonsense.

        80. Good point. Sweden is another one. They didn’t experience a jump in their crime rate until the 1970s when they open their borders to immigration (many coming from the Middle East, Africa, etc..). Yes, they still could have been murdered by a Swede (a white one) but the chances just went 7 fold or higher with these immigrants in their country.
          The numbers don’t lie.

        81. In reference to your incredibly well-thought out response to the joker trying to play at statistician I say:

        82. I’m not sure about a hug, but it could use a blowjob

        83. I have no idea who that is and I don’t get your meaning with “huma-nitty” but I freaking approve big time!

        84. I just googled her. Political person. That’s why I didn’t know her. She is very hot…especially for her age. Nice.

      2. I don’t give a fuck about most white people either… that why we don’t go burning down Walmarts every time some white trash gets himself shot for thinking that going for a cop’s weapon is the best way to avoid being arrested for meth.
        Niggers come in every color… and their lives have never mattered.

        1. Tough language. Don’t forget though that Even some tough guys aka “niggers” can be rehabilitated after sufficient time to view the world under a different lens.

        2. That’s great. Until they’re rehabilitated when they pull a gun on a cop or a civilian I’m still perfectly fine making a dead nigger.

      3. No, and no one should care about you trying to shame them for doing what every organism in the history of this planet has done to survive.

        1. In Other societies besides America, people of various races get along well without this “rugged individualist” mentality.

        2. And here come the straw men. I say people should look after their own, which implies cooperation and group survival, just not along your disneyland fairy tale’s lines (which doesn’t exist, those groups of people are very similarly genetically or their society is visibly disfunctional) and you call it individualism. Keep you mental acrobatics to yourself, it impresses no one and makes you look like a fool with the reading comprehension of a grade schooler.

    2. Commendable stance and fair basis to live how you choose to live. I am simply at a loss for how we can dually note there were four gunman, have a video released of another suspect who was not identified in videos, chide the media for their biases and then just as quickly believe the video when a suspect is revealed, of the 3 detained, who conveniently was murdered by a planted bomb leaving nothing but his ID. You don’t need to be Scooby Doo to see this smells like horseshit.

      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I share those concerns. When I went from hearing about four gunmen to hearing that it’s just one dude who happened to be killed the next morning, I thought that sounded extremely strange.

        1. It is the ultimate elephant in the room. What of the three suspects detained but there is still an armed gunman rhetoric? Me thinks they are some faces they have yet to construct to continue this race war baiting the media has going on. Almost as farcical as the Lee Harvey Oswald bending bullet argument.

        2. Indeed, that these three suspects which were reported definitively as in custody suddenly vanish without a word being said about it and suddenly it becomes one man is highly suspect, to say the least. One can claim that mistakes are made in identifying things in the heat of battle, but when the words “in custody and being uncooperative” are blared for hours and then…vanish without a trace it sent my spidey senses tingling pretty fast.

        3. Yeah It went from multiple shooters with “triangulation” of gunfire to,
          “We got the ONE shooter”
          WTF some steps misssing in there.
          Whats the full media story to date?

        4. Normies are unreliable witnesses. They report “fully automatic machine guns” too. A black man was open-carrying on the day of the shooting. His photo got out of him with a rifle slung on his back. Normies panicked and made false reports. He was at least one of those tagged as part of the multiple shooters that day.
          You can’t trust anything you hear or read for days after these events. The media Jew is also very happy to just make shit up for ratings. One shooter is boring… can’t get your adshekel if people are flipping around. Two shooters? Fuck that. We have three shooters on our (((news!)))

        5. Yeah I know how it works. I just want to know what “THEIR” side of the story is, so I can piece together from all the other facts and come to my own conclusion.
          Its also good to know what kind of agenda they are pushing.
          I was beginning to think maybe there actually was more than one shooter. They blew one up and an unknown number slipped back into the shadows.
          Cant let the public know that there are still some guys on the loose.
          “Everything is under control people”.

        6. There was a terrorist group protesting in that city. I’m sure there was far more than just one armed dindunuffin waiting to be a gudboy. We’ll never know. And how would we? There are literally thousands of godboys who dindu nuffin each year… and not a single one of them targets white people because they were white. We know this because the (((news))) told us so.
          Dindus shoot at cops all the time. Thankfully for cops, the safest place to be when a dindu is shooting is standing in front of him while he’s holding his gun sideways. It’s impossible to tell which ones are related and which ones are just niggers being niggers. They also shoot at firemen and EMTs. It’s what they do.
          BlackCrimesMatter supporters are infinitely more of a threat than ISIS, because Obama’s sons are already here. We can’t scare the normies with the truth. Not yet. They’re not ready.

        7. Imagine if there was X number of actual shooters. Then there was Y number of dudes who were exercising open carry with unloaded rifles or whatever to add some confusion. Basically Y’s job was to turn themselves in during the commotion to take up Police resources while the real shooters “X” do their thing. Once they are satisfied with the kill count, or there is a stale mate All shooters thrown their guns away and slip quietly into the crowd again. One guy got unlucky and got cornered.
          Its almost the perfect crime.
          Almost too perfect.

        8. They don’t apparently think that we have memory beyond 10 seconds.

        9. Last time I checked you needed more than one side to make a fucking triangle!

        10. I thought the same thing, though I had not been following the full details of the story too intensely, just the basic facts, but I’m glad to see I’m not the only one found the change in the number of perps weird. Has there been any news conferences with the dallas chief of police or articles in the media over there as to whats the story behind the change in story?
          I’m not going to be too convinced with ‘we got it wrong in the heat of the moment’
          Are there witnesses corroborating multiple shooters from different locations?

        11. Good questions, wish I had an answer. They literally vanished from the news with no explanations, not even “Yeah, we got the wrong guys, our bad”.

        12. The police were under fire from a man well trained with his weapon. These men are trained to deal with low level street crime not soldiers so I have to give them a shiting their pants under fire factor when the stories are told.

        13. This is similar to other shootings. Recall the other shooters seen during the cinema shooting and school shooting yet they disappeared.
          Also, consider the mystery behind how so many people were shot in that club in Orlando when apparently there were few victims prior to the final police assault.

        14. Ahh I see! Theoretical gunfire.
          That actually makes more sense than the original story.

        15. You know how it goes….one shooter, then they can paint the guy as “mentally ill”. More than one shooter and it’s terrorism, civil war, etc…
          We’ve seen this same story play out, time and time again. They don’t want the word to get out that we have terrorists in this country (not until Obama gets out of office). Then, they can report on it when Trump takes over and blame him for it (not on Obama’s watch). It’s ridiculous.
          The really ugly part of it all is how the black shooter said he was after white people, white cops and the President couldn’t even address that fact. He pivots (as usual) to gun control…cause that will fix everything.

        16. There was also alternate news reports & witness accounts with the Oklahoma City bombing back in the 90s.

      2. Too many here are blinded by their fear and envy of black people to know a snow-job when they see one. Furthermore, no one seems to be disturbed that the police are now judge, jury and executioner. The suspect was summarily executed after three hours of negotiation.
        By a bomb.
        Soon they will be using drone strikes on US citizens on US soil.
        Today its black people. Tomorrow it will be white people. But as in Boston, the white people will just bend over and take it while asking why black people have a problem with being fucked with no Vaseline.

        1. Same old song really. The abject poor are treated as the scourge, regardless of background, the public story feeds the rap of a unified enemy, the citizens do the separating and destruction for the higher ups, and sell their freedoms for a bag of shiny rocks and the best numbing ownership can buy and the next generation, if there is one, will have to face and wonder why did their parents sell them up ownership creek.
          North Carolina just set up a great ownership package by arresting citizens who film the police at work and removing the right to see the on duty cop’s body camera’s film. No more evidence citizen. You get what we tell you you get.
          Might be why cops murdering white citizens doesn’t get white America upset. It only hurts for a little while and as long as it keeps those horrific blacks from touching their white family members, they can afford a few white hands a little blood. All for the greater good.

        2. “North Carolina just set up a great ownership package by arresting citizens who film the police at work and removing the right to see the on duty cop’s body camera’s film.”
          This is crap, but as outlined in your post this bullshyte erosion of citizen rights to hold the enforcers of society accountable is now reality. This is crap legislation being foisted on the people and my bet is the politicians in NC dont even go to the public to try sell the merits of this legislation, because there is none for the citizens. It just makes cops less accountable and the icing on the turd cake is that the citizen wanting to record the truth in the public space or on his property is now also thrown into the paddy wagon & charged & had his camera ‘accidentally’ smashed up in the scuffle to grab him.
          Hope it does not gain traction with other states & countries. This inch by inch erosion of rights and quality of life goes on in the background while 6′ oclock news focuses on terrorists, the dow jones, some quirky internet video or new craze, the kardashians, etc,

    3. Agreed 100%. The word racism has no meaning to me anymore, because leftists have just beat it the fuck into the ground to where whatever it used to mean is no longer recognizable.

      1. The fuse blew on my white guilt switch years ago. I have a clean conscience. It’s behavior & attitude that I find either attractive or repellent, not racial characteristics. That being said, it does seem the Negro community displays a disproportionate amount of repellent attitudes & behaviors not to mention being responsible for the majority of the crime problem.

        1. gang bangers are responsible for 75% of gun murders, but hefty leftys want to take guns from law abiding European American citizens.

        2. Actually mate they want to take them from everyone… And make sure only the government has them.

        3. Perhaps he is a lover of the soul brethren, contributing regularly to the United Negro College Fund as well as the Nat’l Association for the Advancement of Coloured People. Don’t you?

        4. knee grow
          the “save” in which someone says when there is an african american around and happens to hear your racial slurs
          white dude– whats up, my negros?
          offended black dude– SAY WHAT?!
          white dude– i said whats up… my knee grows…

      2. Indeed. The problem is that since the 1960s, white men have been attacked on all fronts (a nonstop siege). It comes from all sides (don’t forget the feminist movement) and it’s never ending.
        You have to remember that you’re a taxpayer (meaning you’re paying for all of these benefits and programs) yet you’re still being attacked. The media has, also, joined in on the fray (to get more viewers, sell more air time, etc..) throughout this war.
        You’re best bet is to no longer care about these words (like racism or sexism). As a white man, you’re painted with that brush (anyways) so I say wear it with pride. It’s only when we start to push back (and take back) will we get any respect.
        This President has been the worse for our country. He is nothing but a divider and he always pivots (politically) whenever there is a shooting….the white man always being the lowest on his ladder of victims.

        1. That’s because Haj Amin 0bAma elBuraq Hussein is a coloured crackhead who talks white when his mouth isn’t filled with wealthy, older caucasian male gendren (ie, rich old white dude cocks), or McHale 0baMa’s not anus-raping him.

    4. No sensible and fair-minded man can follow a system based on a double standard. It is healthy and natural to reject it.

    5. I had this same problem years ago when the chimps burned down Cincinnati. I think there were exactly two cases presented as part of the “Cinci 15” that were either incredibly unfortunate, or should have been investigated. Instead of focusing on those cases and those cases alone a pack of chimps starts howling that these 13 other niggers (including murders and cop killers) were gudboys who didnu nuffin wrong, too.
      Now I can’t support their movement at all in any good faith, because their protest is defending literal cop-killing niggers, armed-robber niggers, niggers that murdered their own family members niggers… and not just some unfortunate immigrant that was shot by a scared rookie when he went for his wallet. I can’t protest that one or two wrongful shootings because some dumb niggers have positioned their argument as such that if I side with them, I’m also fighting to defend the majority of thug nigger felons.
      Why do so-called “intelligent blacks” keep defending violent nigger thugs? If they would simply disavow their niggers instead of burning down cities on their behalf (and stop lying their asses off about how they always dindu nuffin wrong) maybe the white community might actually listen? “The boy who cried ‘he wuz a gudboy who dindu nuffin wrong!’” is growing tiresome. We’ve stopped listening. They lied about Trayvon. They flat made shit up about Mike Brown. (((They))) keep spreading lies and never apologizing for being wrong. The default condition is to now to assume with every shooting a nigger is lying about it, because that’s what has happened in the overwhelming majority of these cases for DECADES. It’s nigger fatigue.
      Then they targeted and attacked white people for violence, because that’s what niggers do. It’s what niggers have always done, since the Jew created niggers. That’s why they exist; to hate upon and attack whites. To destroy their cities. To rape their women. To bleed their welfare. To vote for more Democrats! :^)

    6. I grew up in a 50/50 mixed school and community. Some of my best friends were black guys. I never considered myself racist.
      Today I’m not racist… but you bet your ass I’m more prejudiced than I’ve ever been… and there’s a logical reason for that.

    7. Being labeled a racist is so easy nowadays, it holds no value. It’s like every kid getting a participation award for field day or t-ball. If someone tells me I’m a racist, I’ll just say “yeah, and?” I owe no one and apology or an excuse. As far as the MSM sweeping black on white violence under the rug, this is nothing new, and I’m used to it. What I would like to see is the MSM covering more black on black violence. I’ll leave with this little nugget:
      “And during the 503 days between the Trayvon Martin shooting and the Zimmerman verdict, 3224 blacks were killed by other blacks. Name one.”

      1. It’s why the media is dangerous and brings no value to your life. It creates the news and the narrative.
        I would say it’s just as bad, here, as North Korea. It’s nothing but “programming” to the masses.

    8. If the media and blacks are going to call you a racist regardless of what you do, you might as well be a racist for real. It’s easier at that point.

    9. Nemesis you are the man. Its about time that the “race card” is thrown out by everybody. After all if you get your head stoved in, the fact that someone did it because they didn’t like your skin colour is no comfort. Hell, in Europe you can get beaten up or killed for wearing the wrong soccer shirt. Hate crime? Who gives a fuck really, we just need to stop the violence by allowing an unrestricted right to self-defence.

      … the use of lethal force by police officers is almost always proven to be justified and/or in self-defense.

      Yes it is proven by the government that agents of that government were justified to kill people.
      Thank you Nemsesis for making the point, that many people here are resistant to, that the police practically have carte blanche to beat and kill whoever commits the ultimate crime of “contempt of cop”.
      Are there racist cops? Undoubtedly. Is this the primary problem? No, the problem is that the police have rights that the population lacks and need to be abolished.
      A number of our white brothers on this site make the absurd argument that since white people are being brutalised by the police, black people shouldn’t complain when it happens to them. No. This shouldn’t happen to anyone. The police need to go.

      1. Your last paragraph is the key point here. When cops have more permissive rules of engagement with civilians than I had with enemy combatants in Iraq, we have serious problems.

      2. Good one. I think the point lost is where the media steps in. The media creates “the news” and the narrative. I’m telling more people to stop watching it because it’s creating news, filling in holes, the blanks, etc…to get more viewers. It’s when and where the media reports to create a narrative (and an audience to get more viewers, ratings, money, etc…).
        People should boycott the news….it brings no value into their lives.

        1. Indeed. I never watch it. I laugh when people say to me “but it said in the newspaper…”

    10. “Why should I if you don’t either?” That seems to apply to federal law too, as of late.

  5. The trends are becoming clear:
    All races are equal, but some races are more equal than others.
    All religions are equal, but some religions are more equal than others.
    All genders are equal, but some genders are more equal than others.
    All cultures are equal, but some cultures are more equal than others.
    All political opinions are equal, but some opinions are more equal than others.

  6. Obama doesn’t hate white people, y’all are spewing rhetoric meant to continue to divide the races. There are many white people that support BLM’s message to reduce police brutality. Instead of making this a racial thing, why not call for police officers to reduce brutality, particularly because the majority of dead American citizens at the hands of police are white?
    The silence on this front is defeaning, almost as if ROK supports the police slaughter of white Americans. You are the RACISTS!
    Edit: I am being facetious about the “racist” label.

    1. Come on, dude. You want to move past race, but call us all racist? That’s not constructive.
      Why should what happened in Dallas not be labeled a hate crime? Full disclosure, I am not in favor of the hate crime label at all because it criminalizes thoughts which should be constitutionally protected. But, for better or worse, we have hate crimes. Why doesn’t this qualify?

      1. I was being facetious, but your response shows the intended effect…you no more like being labeled as racist for not supporting opposition to the police killings of whites any more than Obama, BLM, and others appreciate being considered racist for condemning the unjustified killing of blacks.
        Why can’t we agree that unjustified killings of all civilians need to be minimized? These killings are also much more of male problem than they are a female problem: the overwhelming majority of police shootings/killings are of American males, so why isn’t ROK, a men’s rights website, calling it out?
        And to answer the other point about this being a hate crime, I think it was a hate crime, not of white people, but of the police. The massacre was a racially motivated massacre directed at white police officers (notice the attacker had the opportunity to but did not kill white civilians that were in the crowd supporting the anti-police-brutality movement).

        1. Women generally don’t charge cops and try to take their guns. Last check. They are simply not as aggressively violent in the way that males can be. Not defending women, I know they can be violent, but they are not overwhelming monsters that can snap a cop in half like that “gentle giant” type.
          There is police brutality, there is police wrong doing, and these kinds of incidents need investigated and remedied. Strutting around screaming it’s all about dem poow blacks is ludicrous though, they are no more targeted for shooting by the police than whites are. This entire movement has no real cause other than to stir up shit, or it would be named “Stop Police Brutality” instead of playing on racist bullshit like it’s doing right now.

        2. I don;t think anyone is saying it is racist for Obama to condemn the unjustified killing of blacks. People are saying its racist to call the unjustified killing of blacks a hate crime, but then turn around and not call the unjustified killing of whites a hate crime, even when the shooter himself said that he wanted to kill white people.
          Your comment asks us to condemn all killings by police, my initial comment that you have also replied to does so.
          I’m not sure I follow you on how even though he was only targeting white police officers this is not a hate crime against whites. I get that it is more specific perhaps, but he still wasn’t targeting black cops.

        3. Don’t know if you’re aware of him, but Youtuber Tommy Sotomayor just posted an interesting video.

        4. Well if it quacks like a duck and talks like a duck… ROK’s articles do not really support women’s perspectives, and that’s fine, but let’s be clear about who’s the intended audience of ROK.

        5. Oh you and your silly “nuances”. Heh.

        6. I think now is a time for leadership on all sides of the divide. But people don’t want to hear truth, it seemingly sends them off the rails. If you call out police brutality you get called anti-police, if you call out black-on-black violence you get labeled as a racist if you’re not black or an uncle Tom if you are, if you call out ridiculous behaviors of women and their double standards you will get labeled as a misogynist, and if you’re Obama and you speak about injustices that actually do exist you get labeled as “hating America.”
          Why can’t all groups in America be more reflective and meta-cognitive instead of “digging in” to their respective positions? Seems that many Americans simply cannot take criticism of any kind……

        7. Because we have a specific political party and ideology that foments division and plays “Divide and Conquer” as it’s only card. We call them Democrats, and their preferred ideology of Socialism only thrives when people are divided into dug in groups that they can pit one against the other. I have no love for the GOP, but they don’t seem to give a parsing crap about divide and conquer like the Democrats do. That’s why this will never end, because these “movements” are astroturf and their leadership all belong to the ideology that does NOT want us to unite and work on things together.

        8. It is turning into stop police brutality though. The play by play video of the on duty cops in Fresno who murdered a white man was just released. It isn’t looking pretty. Although the UN will likely back off, they have also condemned the actions of the police in America and are in talks of whether they should be indicted.

        9. Then that’s a good thing, because there is brutality and lawless cops, and that needs to stop.

        10. Exactly. Statistics show only two groups are safe, Asian Men and women at 15 lives lost this year. We defend cops for protecting us and excuse their killings too often. They are on pace for 1000 civilian deaths this year.

        11. Exactly. Its like those who parrot the false virtues of La Raza, i.e. it is about immigration reform and equal rights, or whatever. Or closer to home, about how Feminism is about equality.
          Unsurprisingly, male feminists are also those who march alongside La Raza and BLM as a means to demonstrate their elevated noble awareness when, in fact, none of those groups give a shit about equality or what any out-group useful idiot thinks.
          Especially when the actual intent of those groups plays out in less visible corridors, in which case they would eat his lunch in a heartbeat.

        12. You have got to be kidding. The Democrats are the most poorly organized group of bumbling idiots on the planet. The GOP congress/president combo under Bush was a disaster. And yet the Dems still don’t control congress. There is no coherent message from the Democrats. Up until Trump the GOP was a well oiled machine. Now the wheels have come off the bus but they still control congress and have a very good shot at the Presidency. It’s because their messaging (whether you agree with it or not) is always on point to their supporters and the Democrats have no set ideology.

        13. Well if it quacks like a duck and talks like a duck…
          ahhh the duck test.
          This is one of my favorite logical contradictions.
          So, as it turns out….sometimes things that walk like ducks and talk like ducks aren’t ducks.
          What’s more, sometimes when someone is ignorant as to what they are seeing and ignorant as to the true nature of the duck, when it walks like a duck and talks like a duck (to that person) it isn’t a duck.
          One last thing: often times people are just fuckin stupid, dumber than ducks, and with no actually knowledge nor any desire to learn just want to shit out platitudes that support a conclusion they want rather than learn the truth of the matter.
          In summary: go fuck yourself shit for brains.

        14. “go fuck yourself shit for brains.” LOL you wrote a novel to show your superior mastery of the english language.

        15. Yeah, all of those LGBWRWEWER and feminist and race based groups, thems all GOP, brother.

        16. actually, I wrote three paragraphs and most of it was to call you a shithead.

        17. You are special. Our latest outcropping of trolling idiots has been really weak. In comparison, you have some quality trolling. Thought I would show my appreciation for you being articulate, even if ill informed and awful and, I am guessing, having a Meyers briggs personality indication of LGBT

        18. “I am guessing, having a Meyers briggs personality indication of LGBT”
          hah I’m stealing that

        19. I enjoy how you innocuously hand them the shovel to dig deeper and then call a spade a spade right as they hit the bottom.

        20. I do the same to @disqus_q7cnnyJ7N9:disqus when we play chess.

        21. tomorrow. first day back has been annoying and I’ve learned if I don’t pay attention I actually wind up getting my butt kicked.

        22. LOL You are funny…I am not offended at all. At least you note my articulation; I needed a good laugh.

        23. Except that the vast majority are actually justified… Not interested in being BLM’s cuck.

        24. Why can’t Obama simply state that the man who murdered five innocent police officers was racially motivated ? Why make excuses for the guy ? Why come out on treyvons side before an investigation ? Etc etc.

        25. I can’t speak for Obama but what I took away from his message regarding Treyvon is he was once w young black man and knows what racial profiling feels like. It is indisputable that Treyvon was racially profiled by Zimmerman, he had every reason to be walking in that neighborhood…he lived there. I don’t reca Obama saying that Zimmerman should be found guilty without any trial whatsoever.
          Regarding this Dallas shooter, the black police chief already said it was racially motivated, has Obama gone against that position? No. Yet for some reason some see Obama as racist as the great divider in chief. But the response he’s getting fromany whites that he’s a reverse racist or hates America is precisely the reason why racism will never end. Has Obama personally condemned whites has he articulated that he hates whites ? No. But he seemingly Can’t talk about injustice without being labeled as a hater. Just like Guiliani can’t talk about black on black violence without being labeled as a racist.
          No one in America seems to want to hear any criticism of any kind.

        26. Let’s not be too harsh on shit-it once possessed nutritional content and also serves as fertiliser. How about calling them a braindead Mongoloid or a pus belching haemorrhoid? I like those myself.

        27. Treyvon wasn’t simply walking around he neighbourhood, he was going in between peoples houses and backyards. That in itself isn’t a problem, young guys kind of wander around and explore like that. Regardless, that doesn’t give him an excuse to ambush Zimmerman. If he was actually the scared little child that he was presented as he would have simply left. He foolishly chose not to. Obama actually suggested that mental illness rather than racism was the cause of the shooting so yes he actually has. I think that you have a very fair point in a general sense but, the messages coming from leadership have almost been designed to incite violence. The vast majority of these killing are objectively justified.

    2. I believe there is a problem with the police, but I also believe there is an even bigger problem with black people. As a non-black person, a white Hispanic, all I have to do is stand back and out of the way and watch the black people murder each other. Black people murdering each other is a problem only black people can solve, and part of the problem with the police is the police were used to solve a problem that they never could even make the slightest dent in.

      1. Fair point, but let’s not forget that 82% of the over 4000+ murders (annual numbers) of whites in America happen at the hands of other white people, and I don’t hear you or other whites calling for a reduction of the white-on-white violent crime.
        Perhaps now is the time for all Americans to protest against murder…whether it be at the hands of the police, or members of the same race, or from another race. We need to stop the violence!!

        1. One way to address the violence is to bring back the old right of individual self defense. People need their right to use violence to prevent violence. It’s frankly idiotic to suppose that violent people are deterred by non-violence. If black people could defend themselves in their own neighborhoods and households they wouldn’t need so many cops up in their face, would they?

        2. I think unfortunately that a percentage black people are defending themselves (or exacting revenge), and that is why we see so many dead people in the streets.

        3. Really ? Seems like crime, lack of control and simple idiocy to most people.

        4. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that you are incapable or unwilling to learn or to listen to any one else’s view point.
          I will no longer read your comments as they are just trying to deflect the logical rational conversations going on around you.

    3. 1) The problem is all of the above: police brutality, the collapse of the black family in America (and several hundred years of black crime statistics).
      BLM makes it solely a racial thing, otherwise I’d have more sympathy.
      2) I don’t care if you call me a racist; your ilk have made that insult useless because it is used to describe someone who disagrees with the narrative.

      1. I was being facetious. This should be American citizens vs police brutality because bullets are equal opportunity killers…

    4. “racists” with cap locks, i guess it’s a trendy word.
      in europe there are laws against crime ethnic statistics in many countries, because the different nation states fear/have a phobia of being labelled as “racists,”
      police in patrol cars are often told to not intervene, make arrests when pursuing a suspect of foreign descent into their respective ghettos, for fear of causing a dangerous riot, and so that again, the police force, local politicians, can avoid being called “racists.”
      I haven’t checked US crime stats, however i hear there are some crime statistics available based on race,
      and i for one am willing to bet the americans of ethnic scandinavian, white descent commit the most violent crimes proportionally to their total number.

      1. and i for one am willing to bet the americans of ethnic scandinavian,
        white descent commit the most violent crimes proportionally to their
        total number.

        Take away 8 major cities (I have the list somewhere) and U.S. violent crime stats drop to levels seen in Switzerland. It ain’t white Scandinavian types living in those cities, I’ll tell you that much for certain.

    5. “There are many white people that support BLM’s message to reduce police brutality”
      Black Lives Matter
      “Instead of making this a racial thing…”
      Black Lives Matter
      “Instead of making this a racial thing…”
      Black Lives Matter
      “Instead of making this a racial thing…”

      1. I don’t necessarily agree with the name of the organization but I will say that as I understand it BLM doesn’t mean “Only Black Lives Matter” or “Black Lives Matter More Than Others” Instead they mean it as “Black Lives Matter Too, so stop killing us”

        1. Because some blacks feel that by responding to “black lives mater” by saying “white lives matter” or “all lives mater” is a means to shut down conversation and to de-legitimize the experience of blacks. Rightly or wrongly I think some blacks feel that the white plight is implicitly considered in society: judges, lawmakers, business owners, advertisers, Hollywood, etc are mainly white so the white perspective and experience is implicitly considered in the decision making process of society. Like if you go to Africa and watch commercials, most likely what you will see is blacks on TV and in government considering the perspective and needs of blacks not whites.
          So what black Americans are saying in response to “all lives matter” is yes all lives should matter, but we don’t feel like our lives matter to American whites otherwise why so much discrimination so much police brutality against blacks so hard to find jobs as black people etc. whether or not these things are true, people feel slighted. So out of anger and frustration of feeling like they were being treated like subhuman entities, the black lives matter movement was started.
          The slogan has since been bastardized but the emotion behind the movement is: hey we matter too!!

  7. Why?
    Because he was voted in by self hating suicidal leftist whites. That’s why.
    But I think history will record that the American left committed “suicide by fellow citizens who had enough”.

  8. Sing with me with the melody of “Happy birthday”. Correction. “For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow”
    Obama is a black bastard,
    Obama is a black bastard.
    Obama is a black bastaaaaaard,
    that nobody can deny.

    1. Or we could try this rendition:
      God, fuck Barrack Obama
      God, fuck Barrack Obama
      God, fuck Barack Obama
      I hope that black cunt dies!

    1. Yeah. And he was a pedophile, registered sex offender, convicted of assault, and owned 30k in child support.
      They love to march for the biggest frauds and losers, dont they?

      1. Before you know it they will bring out the picture. You know the one. The obligatory, 10 year old, toothy smile, bow tie picture that comes along with the claim that the pedophile, sex offender (not registered, because he was charged with not registering when he was supposed to), violent felon behind on child support was an honor student.

        1. Just another 38 year old teenager, delinquent proud father, who was just minding his own business selling bootleg dvds

        2. actually got lol
          Seriously though.
          I was just minding my own business selling knock off DVD’s with a dozen outstanding warrants and a gun in my pocket. dafuq the po po up in my shit for?

        3. By selling illegal DVD’s holding a gun? I mean, holy hell, who even buys DVDs anymore. Now that my taxes are paying for free internet they can at least take the time to learn how to bit torrent.

        4. I know. I just wanted to get the bit torrent joke out 🙂

    2. And it won’t matter a bit. Portions of the black community (and their white SJW enablers) will think he’s innocent and the cops are guilty regardless of the actual facts.

      1. Oh I know. Just thought I’d share this article for those on the fence about this whole issue. I was admittedly ignorant of what precisely took place, but this new footage gave me some more insight to make a more objective conclusion on the matter.

  9. The motives of Obama and his ball-cupping media, e.g. anarcho-tyranny, ant-white/tradition/Christianity/culture racism, and divide-and-control, are far less of a concern to me than the increasingly dense, emotionally entrenched, and self-loathing population of predominantly white, middle and upper-middle class citizens.
    Anarcho-tyranny is the system. Obama is the idiot at the helm of this ship of fools doing what we should, by now, expect him to be doing. The media is doing what is best for the media, as per usual. Changing hairdos at the top matter far less than what is going on from the bottom (or middle) -up.
    IOW, It is the character – or lack of, the majority, who continue to lap up the messaging with the disturbing eagerness of the jerking cuck watching his wife getting the white privilege pounded out of her by some melanin-rich victim class drifter.
    The social-media fueled dumbing-down coupled with the elevation of emotional expression over rational introspection has all but killed the Truth. The spokesholes in media or at any level within the politico machine are there to serve the system. This should be expected.
    What really makes me question my fellow man is in just how quickly and vehemently the sheeple fall into line to toe the narrative without so much as a fleeting pause to seek some measure of the truth, let alone question their role in the brush fire of totalitarianism that they fan with equal parts ignorance and virtue-signaling.
    Their soundbite salutes to the powers that be have converged with the narrative to the point that 90% of the people I meet or know are just repeating “Its got electrolytes”.
    And this from the power structures that no longer see the need to hold back the disdain for those they supposedly represent. This should be very telling. But ‘noticing’ is in precipitous decline.
    Have ‘they’ overplayed their hand? Or are people so far into the Soma sleep that ‘they’ know that the facade of reverence, respect, and duty to the populous is no longer necessary?
    Trump’s popularity may be encouraging in some ways, but there still seems to be a glass ceiling to the awakening. In the meantime, I’ve been spending more time on the heavy bag and less time in the vibrant zip codes.

  10. If BLM wants some advice-if you want to make a martyr out of someone, at least find one who ISNT A CRIMINAL BUM!

      1. hmmm…not sure that guy in Minneapolis was a criminal bum. I think there is a case to be made for taking a broad look at Police violence. There is this concept that cops stick by cops no matter what. That needs to change. We need to systematically weed out the sociopaths in law enforcement, while simultaneously supporting the efforts of law enforcement in general. It becomes difficult when cops support the bad apples within their ranks.

        1. The problem is that BLM doesn’t make any distinctions. They’ll take an incident that seems to clearly indicate police wrong doing and group it in with a hundred cases of blacks being shot by cops because they were being violent. The two do not comport and are not analogous, but BLM refuses to make that distinction. It’s why so many of us who might be sympathetic to their “reform the cops and stop the brutality” message are put off by them.

        2. Oh, I agree. I just don’t think we can make a statement that if you just behave properly you won’t get shot. I would love to believe that, but the events on video of the last couple years have made me doubt this.

        3. I do think that in 80% of the cases where there are shootings, if the suspect were not acting violent and was complying with orders, that they’d still be alive today. I can’t, for example, be pulled over for a traffic stop and then jump out of my car and rush a cop, without the very real possibility of being shot. I’m lilly white, I’m whiter than Wonder Bread, hell I’m so white I’m nearly transparent. But I’d be shot.
          Now the other 20% (I’m just making up numbers, but they seem to be in the ballpark) I agree with you, because some days, there really are asshole cops on a power trip who won’t take “yes sir” for an answer.

        4. I’m with you. But regardless of whether we say it’s 80% or 20%, we are seeing videos now of the bad cops who are sociopaths, and there is a lot of (understandably) anger as a result. But yeah, let’s just stand together and focus on Police violence in general. But we also have to stand with the cops like those in Dallas. We have to straddle both sides of that line. And it’s hard, because a lot of people want to polarize the issue to one side or the other.

        5. I largely agree, but there was also that incident in South Carolina where the cop made a traffic stop and then chased the guy and shot him in the back. Now, this guy WAS a bum (i.e. behind on his child support) but I don’t think he was a criminal. Bottom line is I just think we need to be circumspect about blanket statements when we see this kind of shit on video.

        6. I am willing to make a gentlemans wager that a guy named Philando was up to no good.

        7. The same is true of cops too, heh. Bunch of dudes wearing colors and carrying guns going around intimidating people. Sometimes anyway.

        8. Are you implying that he was a Philando-er?

        9. Mine too, except without the uniforms. The OfJefferson family is quite fond of their firearms.

        10. This is true. In general I find that the qualifications for being a police officer tend to be having a D average, growing a mustache and being a bully.
          No doubt they are, essentially, an organized gang with badges.
          THat said, a guy who has an unregistered gun who fits the description of someone who had just committed an armed robbery in the area and at the time he was pulled over and who puts his hand on his gun instead of his wallet is a lot more likely to get shot during a pullover than, ya know, anyone with some fucking brains.

        11. Even snopes doesn’t deny it and they would love to. They say it is unproven. I mean, I don’t think they went to his gang president or anything to confirm his affiliation. But if you are thugging it out and carrying a gun…..he wasn’t just some innocent guy who was shot by some hulking evil rage monster cop.

        12. That’s pretty damning when you read deeper into the details, isn’t it?

        13. Idk the officer knrw he had a gun so he told h not to go for it, he went for it and now he is dead

        14. I only just heard of this thing now. I really don’t follow news. I had no idea Geraldo or whatever the fuck his name was was shot. And that is a conservative blog that came up when I googled his name. But the argument they put forward reads very clear and without bias in my eyes.
          I don’t know all the details, but I am willing to say, after reading that, that I will in fact believe that Pocahontas or whatever his name was, in no way an incident of just some crazy white cop who pulls over a black guy, walks up to him and shoots him in cold blood.

        15. I’m not sure how they would prove that he’s not in a gang. I mean, you really couldn’t prove that I’m not in a gang, either, though it’s highly unlikely for a married, middle-aged white guy…well you get the idea. All they can say is that the evidence put forth is unfounded. I’ll wait to see how the investigation shakes out, but I am shocked that if the officer was concerned about the suspect, that he wouldn’t have had the suspect exit the car, move to the back and pat him down. It just doesn’t make sense. Look, I have friends and neighbors who are cops, as was my father-in-law. Good people all of them. But there is a subset of cops that are sociopaths and I feel like they are causing this shitstorm in our country right now.

        16. take a look at the article I posted a little bit down to GOJ.
          I think there is a very clear case that this guy was at the very least not the innocent martyr some people seem to want us to believe. Like I said down there, I had no idea of this until just now. But I think that the article puts forth a clear and unbiased and well supported exposition.
          Cops have some tendencies I don’t like. That said, I am very happy for the NYPD and feel incredibly safe in NY thanks to them in a way that never seemed possible in any Pre Guilliani time.
          I imagine being a police is like any other job. The top 20% are really excellent people. The bottom 20% are real fucking assholes. In between, the bulk varies and, for the most part, is just a bunch of mooks.

        17. No man, If the subjects of the violence were acting properly, yes there would still be incidents, But less people dead is less people dead and unfortunately I cant think of one situation where the cop was being a crazy. Not to say one doesn’t exist, but since BLM became a thing, the shootings have been legit. Cops have legit reason to be fearful in many cases. Not only was this guy not some goodie goodie, but he did NOT have a license to carry and as far as I can tell by the statements his GF stated to the officer he had a license. He instead stated the presence of a weapon and then still proceeded to reach for his “wallet”. That’s a big no no. There is a subset of bad cops yes but there is a larger set of bad individuals who would try to harm cops to avoid arrest. Bad cops has always been a thing. unfortunately Blacks being perceived as the most criminal race also is. They do not do themselves any favors by acting the way they do.

        18. I read your article, it makes some interesting points. It certainly sounds plausible that he was stopped for the reason they put forth. I’m not sure the article really does much more than that, though. The whole gang thing seems false, and snopes goes into detail on that. And again, I’m not sure why the cop wouldn’t have had him exit the vehicle. Anyhow this is why I want to see what the results of the investigation indicate.

        19. Maybe the cop hadn’t gotten to that point yet? I really don’t know, the actual acts that led up to him sitting there dead while his apparently emotionless robot girlfriend gives a cold, impersonal account aren’t available.

        20. I do find it hard to swallow that no matter how bad the cop is, “yes sir” with my hands on the steering wheel at 10 and 2 will get me shot. wrongfully arrested maybe, beaten possibly. shot? I dunno. Like I’ve said before, if you look a certain way, whether it be style or whatever you need to be aware of how you appear and act accordingly. If they wont or cant, then that sucks..
          like the case of the Minn. man, having a gf named Diamond aka Lavish probably doesn’t help. Im just straight up being racist at this point but man, That name/ nickname is a redflag in of itself

        21. yeah, just saying there is too much to question to call this guy an innocent victim. To be honest, I will probably forget about it by tonight.

        22. There is that incident in South Carolina where the cop is now being prosecuted for murder and the case in NYC where they choked that guy to death. But I understand your point. There is a video referenced below where a black youtuber is wondering why black people didn’t organize and march in their neighborhoods against the gangs and drug dealers. It’s a fair point.

        23. Yep, which is why I want to see how the investigation shakes out. As much as you can trust these things.

        24. I don’t think it usually goes down as “pulled over car, rolled down window, dude gets shot”. Usually the whole “resisting arrest” bullshit comes into play after the cops have the dude down on the ground and wiggling like a stuck pig. Adrenaline is high and bad shit is just bound to happen.
          That said, the real incidents of police abuse of power and authority, and their abuse of their ability to use violence legally, is something that can and should be looked at on a case by case basis and fixed (if possible). What this isn’t, is some crusade by cops against black men. Black men are no more statistically likely to die at a cops hands than white men. Their entire premise is utterly bullshit.

        25. On the Choked guy, I have to say there have got to be dozens of times NYC cops had been told they “I cant breathe” and then they let up and the dude makes a run for it. So where the cops may be in the wrong there, the fact is the dud should have decided not to break the law. ya know?

        26. Yes, I’m sure cops hear that all the time. But this guy wasn’t running anywhere, did you see how fat he was? LOL. I mean, there was like 4 cops on top of him. And his criminal activity was selling cigarettes. So I take your overall point, but I really do think the two incidents I mention are legitimate brutality for no good reason. One looks like it will be punished, not so much the other.

        27. I have confidence that it is looked at in most cases and dealt with, we don’t get to see it in the media because stupid organizations like BLM pick out the most ridiculous incidents. BLM is a problem in of it self but had it been a legit organization it would make more sense to let the case develop then start talking shit and making news, they are 0-fer as far as I can see on making any legit case of police brutality. Hurts the brain watching them succeed in their pursuits and it makes black people look so damn useless to be following such nonsense.

        28. I guess my problem with it is that he was committing a crime no matter how small. He put himself in that situation. I don’t think its national news when far worse things are happening. Id been within a block of that guy being detained by 4 cops something worse was going on that was missed by the BLM all seeing eye. Point taken tho, yours of mine and mine of yours.

        29. the proper response to “i can’t breath” is “that is why this is called a choke hold you stupid fuck. now if you promise to behave I will give you your oxygen again”

        30. and in all fairness, that guy was on White Castle sack and a 99 cent fantasy cola away from death anywan.

        31. just to be clear, his criminal activity was not selling cigarettes. His criminal activity was resisting the arrest that lead to it.
          I miss the days when Bernie Kerik let the police enforce quality of life crimes.
          If someone ran for mayor saying that they are doing to bring back strict quality of life laws and allow us to put all the homeless in Madison square park and let them fight to the finish with the last bum alive getting 1 million dollars and a one way trip to new jersey I might contemplate finally registering to vote.

        32. “i told you last time, I am just minding my own business and leave me alone” is never the response to a police officer after he tells you to put your hands behind your back. I mean, they should be making instructional videos with this guys death showing what not to do and passing it out like samples of tide in the ghetto.

        33. I can’t make sense of what you’re saying. He was being arrested for resisting arrest? LOL. Obviously he was being arrested for allegedly selling something, I believe it was cigarettes. He did, as you say, resist arrest. I don’t want to disregard that. And in the kerfuffle that ensued, he was choked to death. And my opinion, in watching the video, is that it was unjustified.

        34. he was choked for resisting arrest. He was told to put his hands behind his back by the police. He said no. He was told again. He said no. He was told a third time and said no at which point he was put in the choke hold that the police department teaches officers to put on people. That the fat fuck was asthmatic doesn’t seem to play a role. When the police tell you you are under arrest you put the bracelets on after which point you can avail yourself of the very generous legal system. As a criminal recidivist he should have known this.
          He was selling loose cigarettes. That is crime. The police have made this point to him several times before telling him to just stop.
          Choke him? After the third time of resisting arrest they should have fucking shot him.
          It is people like that that make this city dangerous. I have been in this city long enough to remember when it actually looked the way Taxi Driver did.
          When these crimes, which were called quality of life crimes, the loose cigarette dealers, the 3 card monte hustlers, the whores, the day time drug dealers, the bums sleeping on the streets, the graffiti artists…when these people were all locked up and dealt with harshly the entire fucking city changed. The economy and the level of safety changed.
          Sometimes walking home, even under this cunt mayor we have now, I smile and laugh to myself.
          You think it is some small crime to sell cigarettes on the street? But I don’t want to live in a city where shit like that happens. Also, these thugs need to learn that when the police tell you you are under arrest and put your hands behind your back you do it?
          Do you know why? Because it is good for the city on the whole to have the fucking criminals have a healthy fear of the cops
          Guy doing something illegal told by police he is under arrests and several times he responds no. Fuck that. Totally justified choke out. And I am not sorry in the least it killed him.,

        35. as a side note, for all the pressure coming from the protests and the politicians and all the public outcry the grand jury still didn’t have enough to even indict.

        36. Well, your urban reality is different than mine. I don’t live in a huge city like New York. However, I have noticed the gentrification of cities and city neighborhoods across America and count that as a good thing. I can completely understand why you would want petty criminals off the street. I do. I wouldn’t want to walk down a street with a bunch of petty criminals either. So I get that. The one point I will make, however, is that you may be giving credit for reduced crime rates to the wrong institution. Statistically speaking, there is evidence to support that abortion (Roe v Wade) has more to do with dropping crime than anything else: http://pricetheory.uchicago.edu/levitt/Papers/DonohueLevittTheImpactOfLegalized2001.pdf I don’t want to get into a discussion on abortion, I’m pro-life, I just think there’s evidence that it wasn’t the tougher laws or law enforcement that caused the change we see in our streets.

        37. true, I wouldn’t want the police to have this authority in a rural or even suburban area. I have seen stats for R v W on crime and I am inclined to agree. There is never one thing. There are many. But pretty crimes that make the streets dangerous to walk down and a general atmosphere of criminals being incredulous to the cops and not having a healthy fear for their authority also counts.
          I am very much pro choice. Hell…I get to points where I think forced sterilization across the board would be a good thing. But I respect that friends and colleagues I respect have different and valid opinions on this tricky topic.
          In the end: if there is no real ramifications for telling a cop to go fuck himself and then walking away after he repeatedly tells you to put your hands behind your back then you are in a city of anarchy and anarchy is bad for people like me.

        38. The fbi hired a behavioural psychologist to analyze the people at Waco way back then in order to better understand their behaviours, motivations and possible reactions. The guy ended up saying that the agents involved exhibited many of the behaviours of a cult.

        39. They sure did. There is no doubt of that whatsoever.

        40. This was nearly the case with my 5′ 100# wife. She got out of the car at a traffic stop and the cop drew his gun. she wisely followed his orders to the letter and very promptly. Blacks are being told this is exclusively being done to them so they strike out wildly.

        41. Minnesotan here. Yes he was shot in his car. Apparently, and according to news sources here, he and his girlfriend closely fit the description of two armed robbers. The audio from the police radio has him saying just before he got out of the cop car, “This looks to be our suspects”. Now, if you pull over an armed robber that is fleeing a crime, would you be likely to err on the side of shooting first or waiting until he shot you and escaped?
          Is the cop guilty of making a mistake or was he looking to gun down random black men? And I can agree that this type of mistaken identity is more likely to affect black men because there are a lot more black men committing crimes. I am lily white, so when the APB goes out of a black man that otherwise fits my description fleeing the scene of a murder or assault, few cops will mistake me for the perp. The answer is for blacks to get their own house in order. If black crime was at the same level as white crime the chances of being mistaken for a particular criminal would be the same.

        42. I can stipulate that he was an innocent victim and it still doesn’t make the cop a crazed racist killer motivated by his hatred of black men. I can even argue the case that there are quite a few cops that are racists. Still they won’t kill black men for being black men. They may give less of a benefit of a doubt to a black man, because they deal with black men that are criminals, and violent, and likely to kill them everyday.

        43. I believe in that case the law he was breaking was selling individual cigarettes; hardly something that should have caused the cops to use deadly force to protect themselves from a violent criminal. There are cases that actually are police abuse. No one sane denies that. The issue is as GoJ says is that BLM say all cops killing black men should be just hung with no trial and all the “victims” were good men who didn’t deserve nothing.

        44. He was resisting arrest and failed to comply with multiple verbal commands to comply and he refused. He wasn’t choked out for selling cigarettes. He was being detained and did not comply.

    1. Yup.
      BLM irreparably compromised themselves by declaring Michael Brown a saint before his corpse hit the ground. If the point is to have a conversation and find constructive solutions, we have to start from a rational and (more importantly) honest analysis.
      Maybe we can try again in a few decades with a different group. But I’ll be completely and automatically dismissing anything BLM says.

    2. BLM crew lacks coordination and communications, they let just about anyone just fall in and out without signings or vetting. That may be good for protests but if an affiliate steps out of line it damages the entire group. The sniper was a member of the BLM yet he didn’t care much for the group.

  11. I don’t know where Big O is going when his time is up but, wherever it is wont be far enough away.
    Every time I hear that smug, condescending asshole speak I want to break something.

      1. It’s already bad enough that it’s Monday, then you had to go and do that!;)

      2. BTW, if this happens, you will know why Hillary wasn’t charged with her obvious crimes – Obama’s SCOTUS nomination will be the quid pro quo for not charging her.

  12. Nothing is more fucking annoying than when blacks say they cant be racist or a minority saying whites can’t experience racism.

    1. The notion that blacks are exempt from racism is nothing more than a power-play designed to guilt-trip whites into submission. This will persist so long as blacks benefit from the liberal plantation’s racism of low expectations.

    2. but it’s true though. what you and most people are thinking is ‘prejudice’, not racism. People of color can be prejudiced in America, but they can’t be racist in America because they are not the majority.

      1. Oh spare me the Leftist invented histrionics. What you’re doing is no different than what feminists do when they invent new language out of whole cloth to justify their misandry.
        From dictionary.com

        1. a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one’s own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.

        1. “rey-sist”
          GoJ I just realized. The way they pronounce these words are based on them confusing the phonetics with the spelling!

        2. Thank you GOJ. That is the second cultural accent I figured out. The other one was when I figured out that gay accent is done as a mating call to approximate the sound of multiple cocks in ones mouth and will probably go away as fags will eventually evolve bright plumage making that insufferable lisp unnecessary.

        3. i’d be more worried about them being behind you in a theater. I would rather sit in front of john wilks booth wearing a big hat

        4. @highestcommondenominator:disqus
          I’m going to leave you with something to ponder over. If blacks can’t be racist, then they also can’t be equal to whites. The only way to accept them as equals is to also accept that blacks can be just as racist as any other race.
          That being said, which group(s) are claiming that blacks can’t be racist?
          If your Disqus name holds any credence, you’ll catch on to where I’m going with this.

        5. oh, there are plenty of racist people of all colors in the world, just not in America.

        6. Then you, sir, are part of the problem. If you refuse to believe that blacks, in the USA, can be just as racist as whites, you are holding the blacks to a lower level of accountability. We’ll resume this conversation when you are done holding the blacks’ hands and are willing to allow them to upgrade from the kiddie table to the adults’. Until then, I have no further words for you.

        7. but isn’t it a major tenet of this very site that the white race is the superior race?

        8. Boy, somebody sure didn’t give you the complete briefing before telling you to go out and spread boilerplate today, did they?

        9. nah. This is in line. People who just assume they are right never actual learn anything. Never learning anything makes them fucking stupid. quad erat demonstrandum

        10. That explains why you’re making such a fool of yourself then. You have zero familiarity with the group you are trolling.
          Look man, you were called out on your bullshit re-inventing of a word that is easily looked up. You sit here and sneer and make basic assumptions that are wrong. Why not just go back to whatever SJW, white-guilt place you come from and leave men here alone so they can talk like adults without your histrionics?

        11. How? My content is both true and relevant to the points. It wouldn’t take you long to find an article on this site professing exactly that.

        12. I’m very familiar with the average reader of this site. You guys are everywhere. Fantasizing in your head, running to this site to get it all out, but fully aware that in real life, you wouldn’t squash a grape in a fruit fight. Most of you are very easy to figure out.

        13. Yes and no. The major tenement was on self improvement and being realistic about the world. This later turned into race realism which brought out the likes of Stormfront and other race baiters. Currently some articles oscillate gravely so I can see how an outsider sees this.

        14. I am an average and frequent reader on this site. Tell me something about me. I won’t lie if you are right. Go on.

        15. More boilerplate I see. You basically have nothing but want to get more attention by being a sneering little prick. Oh well, easy to ignore and block. You have yourself a zippidy do dah day, home cheese.

        16. Understood. There are some legitimately insightful articles on this site, I cruise it every now and then, mostly for the back issues. It seems lately the articles are the direct and exact opposite of the type of article I’d find on an SJW site – complaints about the media with no kind of plan of action, and a huge echo chamber of whining in the comment section. You could basically change every mention of ‘blacks’ or ‘jews’ and other related words here, to ‘cis-white male’ on a similar SJW site and the comments would be indiscernible.

        17. Indeed. Your experience in helping the ignorant makes you the authority on this subject. All of my experience here is anecdotal at best. But it does match your observation.

      2. I must say that was a beautiful display of word salad, but you don’t just get to change the definition of words to suit your agenda. You will NOT get away with it. Drop dead, you dishonest sack of subhuman rubbish.

        1. i swear it is so easy to get the lot of you to start talking out of your ass with no kind of backbone to your words. you amuse me by being the highest level of keyboard warrior.

        2. Yet you are incorrect in what you believe the definitions of prejudice and racism are, despite the ease and availability of dictionaries in hard copy and online.
          I suspect you are typing your comments by sitting on your keyboard.

        3. You’re upset because you’re starting to see that you don’t stand a chance.

        4. #blackkettlesmatter
          (can’t believe I was first to nab this one)

  13. Who thinks this is cute?…This is what has become of western woman, and they think its cute…good god!

  14. Is the manosphere at a point that we’re had our fun dabbling with game and now we’re going for the root cause of cultural decline? Do MOA have enough popularity to make a difference beyond effective pickup artistry?
    The state is down with sexual libertinism for all the usual reasons, but uppity conservative men making trouble is intolerable. I’m sure I’m not the only one who fakes being bodysnatched during the day and looks forward to better times.

  15. Divide and conquer, divide and conquer – the same old tactic and yet again everyone is buying into it.
    Don’t you people realize that all these events are fabricated? If it’s all over the news, it means it’s fabricated. Black Lives Matter are just another CIA front and so are ISIS and 99% of all the “color revolutions” in the world.
    When are you people finally going to get it?

    1. That spiel had a much higher chance of working in an age without iPhones that all contain video cameras.
      The moment an EMP goes off over the U.S. and all power vanishes, you can dust it off and use it again though, I’m certain.

      1. What spiel? If your eyes are wide shut at least keep your mouth shut too.

  16. The inherent double standard is immense. Two pieces of shit who probably had it coming anyways and fail to follow police instructions after pointing weapons at people are somehow more morally upright than 5 murdered cops in the city with the fewest police shootings ALL FUCKING YEAR. FUCK OBAMA. Black nigger hood runs deep. Talk about fucking racism.

    1. While Alton Sterling had it coming, Castile was a respectable man who was shot for doing exactly what the officer told him to do.

        1. “1 cup kosher salt” That’s where I stopped reading your jew article trying to sell your jew salt and your effin’ jew turkeys. Nice try Saltberg I’m only buying that pink stuff from the Himalayans.

      1. Actually that might not be the entirely correct story. Lolknee posts a follow up report below that is *very* worth reading, IMHO.

        1. Just read that, and I have to say I guessed a lot of that, maybe Im just a lucky racist. lol. I kept wondering why they were painting this guy with such a good Samaritan brush because he worked in a school cafeteria. But obviously to get people not to do any research on him before they backed up the “cause”.

      2. Nothing I’ve seen makes me think Castile did anything wrong. I’ve seen lots of cops barking contradictions.
        “Don’t move! Hands up! License and Registration”
        Uh… which one doesn’t get me shot?

      3. He was asked for license and reg, declared a gun and then reached for his waist… um. ( or as the story goes). Also what makes him a respectable man? People who die always get talked up by everyone, don’t get sucked into the hype. If he had a license to carry like Lavish said he did, he would know to keep him hands on the wheel when declaring a gun. Oh yea and he didn’t have a license to carry after all.

  17. Why are people even still shocked that this kind of thing is happening?
    Our “president” won’t even use the term RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM when discussing RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM! This is the same country that can overlook the infamous crooked Hitlary getting off scot-free for committing treason and lying under oath.
    And I guarantee you that if it was a white Christian male who had committed the crimes Hillary did, Obama would have seen to it that he was to get the death penalty immediately.
    A government that does not exist FOR THE PEOPLE is no government at all. That’s why right now, as far as I’m concerned, we don’t even really have a *stable and balanced* government at all. Which is OK with me, really, because this whole thing is about to collapse. And it won’t be overnight, but it WILL be over the soon-to-be Hillary presidency (which will not be merited, but rather bestowed upon her by voter fraud, which we also as a nation overlook).

  18. This is the same president who did some half-assed apology beer tasting after lashing out at a cop who rightfully arrested a black man. The same president who felt it necessary to comment on Trayvon Martin even before George Zimmerman stood trial. The same president who spoke out against police violence back when the lies of “hands up, don’t shoot” were filtering out of Ferguson. And the same president who spoke out against police violence after two videos of two black guys getting shot by cops went viral–before any of the facts were known, before we knew whether or not the shootings were justified or another example of police overreach. Nobody knew a fucking thing, yet this cocksucking imbecile of a president stood up there and, right on cue, threw the cops under the bus before we knew a damn thing. Fuck Obama. He can’t leave the White House soon enough.

    1. This is the same President who said that the thug who viciously bashed Zimmerman’s head repeatedly into the concrete “could have been his son”. Let that sink in.

    2. He is Social Medias President. what do you expect. He got Elected by using twitter or some shit. right?

      1. The celebrity president. I get a laugh when he talks about Trump making the election a reality show.

    3. Look on the bright side. A lot of cops who were formerly on the fence, despise Democrats now.

  19. I’m tired of the whole black as victims BS. If you are black person that has taken advantage of whatever opportunities to educate or start a business or just have a job and stay out of trouble, you are welcome to stay.
    I’m not happy with every asinine law police are required to enforce, there way too many, but enough already.
    The rest of you blacks who can’t seem to get your shit together and think every thing is ‘da rasis’ need to be deported or remove yourself to some other country like maybe Liberia.

  20. Hey, he’s still trying to figure out the motives of the Orlando shooter. It can’t possibly the ones he repeatedly gave the 911 dispatched in a lengthy conversation. It’s all mysterious.

  21. When are they going to shame Catile’s girlfriend for attention-whoring off her boyfriend’s death? All red pill men know exactly why that bitch used Facebook livestream instead of her phone’s camera.

    1. Because it’s not illegal to do that. As long as she wasn’t actually committing an actual crime, she has every right to freedom of speech as anybody else. Even attention whoring fucking weird freedom of speech.

    2. For her to think to do that while her man was shot a foot away from her and the kid in the car. That’s kind of insane. Insane as in mentally ill.

    1. I am for it. I want new York policed by a paramilitary force.

      1. Man, sometimes you just creep me the fuck out dude. Heh This is one topic we are on absolutely NOT the same page on.

        1. Yeah, I know that. However, I am exactly who the establishment wants to protect. I am a golden goose. They know that it is a net loss if I stop feeding the system.
          When the cops are patrolling the streets to keep them safe…I am the one they are trying to keep safe.
          I understand the anti police state argument, but in my case, in a city like New York where everything is close together and the ghettos and housing projects are 2 miles from the wealthiest areas in the world having the city kept in line by a serious police state works out very well for people like me.

        2. I disagree all the while nodding my head, because you are right. I don’t want it to happen but fuck it you make a point in your own case.

        3. It’s how I feel. It isn’t like I want a police state on its own merits. But when I walk home at night half in the bag on the upper east side only 2 miles from a housing project I feel zero danger. Girls are out dressed cute with their biggest worry being getting felt up. Businesses are prospering. I wish things were different, but they aren’t and the way things are now are generally suited towards my benefit.

        4. I can totally understand how you feel. I would just suggest that we all remain diligent so that we can keep an equilibrium between the great freedom that being safe gives us, and giving too much power to authorities who, really, are flawed human beings like we are. There’s a balance that needs to be kept, imo, and right now I think we’re close to a sweet spot. I don’t trust my government or the authorities, because I recognize that they are flawed institutions with flawed people. But I am also incredibly grateful that a lot of people work very hard to give me sewers, clean water, electricity. I am also grateful that people risk their lives to keep me and my family safe. I just think we need to be careful how much we trust people. Remember that phrase ‘trust, but verify’…

        5. I do understand the need to keep a balance. It is just that for me that balance will be skewed to a government. I know they are flawed but I have to imagine that they will work in their best interests–at least financially.
          I have no progeny and frankly don’t care if the whole world burns 30 seconds after I take my last breath.
          Also, I am a professional who does well enough for the government to realize that I need to be in a protected class where I am kept safe so I can keep feeding the machine.

        6. I lived in a police state once. It had its merits. Of course, I can say that because I was on the privileged end. I wasn’t who they were against, I was their protectee, if you will.

        7. Right. I get that it probably sucks for people who aren’t me but they don’t matter 🙂

      2. If this does happen, New York, will not only greatly increase taxes, prostitution will go up, and a lot of the variety you enjoy in regards to women will start to become as sterile as Japan. Can’t get any more nihilistic than that.

        1. actually, new York city (well certain parts…the parts I stay around in) already is pretty much a police state. If I go out on a Friday night and walk to any of my favorite places I will more likely than not see at least 2 police officers on every block going there and coming back as well as pass at least 2 or 3 cruisers.
          You don’t even notice it after a while. Most of the time they blend in or flirt witht he girls.
          Taxes are incredible right now, this is true. Prostitution will always exist, but the idea that a whore can walk the street in NYC right now is insanity. And the huge level of safety as made women quite lose with concern for their virtue…to put it mildly.
          I can get a buzz and stumble home and never feel in danger.
          I know I am trading A LOT of civil liberties that GOJ will call me crazy for, but I like life.
          When they talk about giving cops more power and authority on the news, I feel they are basically saying that the poor neighborhoods will have the same amount of policing as the rich ones.

        2. You aren’t seeing it completely. Most young ladies now are prostitutes. They sell their vaginas for lower rent costs, school tuitions, clothing, and trips to name a few things. Gone are the days of strolling the streets in red dresses asking if someone is looking for a good time. These girls are all over Tinder as well. As long as they keep being sold the dream of college, they will keep running to New York for places like NYU and Columbia all while living off of the dime of others.
          The increased taxes will make many more mom and pop shops leave, leaving many hipster knockoffs to serve all mimosas all the time. Gone will be the drastically fluid international communities of immigrants enticed by the Statue of Liberty to come to NY for freedom and happiness. And that is not even addressing the police with guns.
          It will make the days of Amadou Diallo, “I can’t breathe”, seem like a dream. And once the urban communities get shut down, you think the multiple prisons built near them will suddenly shut down? The cops will still be there as with their ticket quotas.
          I get how you live. Living in NY myself for a few decades I know how they operate.

        3. Oh no, I see how the prostitution has just been changed.
          I am not so deluded as to think that the current state of the city is ultimately unsustainable. However, I think that I am old enough and affluent enough that I will be able to coast through the rest of my life enjoying the fruit from the tree before it rots.
          Of course I could be wrong, but every man has to chose and I have thought about this long and hard and think I am hedging my bet pretty well.
          In 20 years I would like to move to a little vacation town on the east coast neat the Carolinas or maybe a little further south, have a nice little skiff and a house with a pool and a garden.
          I think I can enjoy the fruits of new York, allow the protection of a military style police force and the destruction of western values, prostitution in guise of dating and collapse for 20 years and then get out without ever seeing the bad side. After that…burn it for all I care.

    1. you you are going to prove this with what? a wordpress blog and some dumb cunt who happens to agree with you? That is how you are going to prove that the way a word has been defined forever is now suddenly wrong so that it fits your narrative?
      Go fuck yourself. Be careful it isn’t rape…

      1. Just the type of thoughtful and well reasoned response that was expected.
        Well done.

        1. Then set me straight. I’m just a stupid commiepinkolibtard. It should be effortless for a person of your superior caliber.

        2. Reinventing racism to suit your ideological preference puts the burden of proof on you, not me

        3. The kind of people who think all taxation is good, conservatives are all evil, government debt doesn’t matter, criminals are the real victims, immigration from 3rd world nations is always wonderful – when/if you grow up you’ll get real and see through all their postmodern, fanciful bullshit

        4. I contribute to the world by raising a family, not committing crime, upholding traditional values.
          I’m the people that you people depend on when the shits gets real. That’s my contribution, kid

        5. Pfffttt! Says the dunce who did nothing but link to the opinions of others as a substitute for making his own case. You are hypocrisy incarnate. By the way, when concerning the definition of words, the only valid source to refer to would be the dictionary. The subjective opinions of others on objective matters are of no consequence. You’re dismissed.

        6. The vertical trajectory of the punch is irrelevant. There are more important things to be considered, such as who punched first.

        7. What point? The only point you’ve made thus far was that which you debunked yourself when you posted the dictionary definitions that flied in the face of your initial obfuscation.

        8. I’ll take that as an admission of defeat. Run along now, retreat back to your safe space with fatuous tales of your pigeon-chess victory.

        9. 15 replies so far and not one manages to refute me or prove me wrong. Only ad hominems and straw men.
          This site really should rename itself to Return of Straw Men, or Return of Logical Fallacies.
          Or Return of Dimwits.

        10. No, you simply provided “proof by assertion”
          You’re out of your league here, junior. We’re not just google link types, we actually are by and large, studied men.

        11. Maybe you can explain why I’m wrong. No one else has been able.
          Study me up, yo!

        12. Dictionary.com – look up the word “racist”.
          You’re welcome.

        13. And that word applies to the Dallas shooter how?
          That is what seems beyond the intellectual scope of the commenters here. Possibly because that word does not apply.

    2. I like how your folk tried to invent a new meaning for a commonly understood word. Fail.

    3. rac·ism
      the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
      prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
      It’s racism. You can go now

      1. The question is how does that apply to the shooter? Did he think only black people were capable of shooting a gun? What makes him murdering cops a racist act that fits within that definition?

  22. More bullshit. “Do not expect anywhere near the level of victimhood to be given to the officers killed in Dallas” written at a time when they are being buried as heroes. We raise these officers to near sainthood because they died while doing their jobs. But you don’t hear about the “heroes” being buried by the black community because they weren’t wearing a badge when they went down.
    What more can be done to elevate people’s awareness about these five officers? Drape their images around Dallas City Hall for the next 40 years? Would that make you feel like they are getting their proper victim recognition?
    Utter bullshit. The only victimhood is the one constantly wheezing from this website. Grow a pair ya pansies.

    1. Simply acknowledge that they were murdered solely because of the colour of their skin. Simply don’t lie about their murders. And maybe stop lying about a rapist hustler with an illegal gun buying his own ticket if it’s not too much to ask.

  23. Family get emotional and say stupid things when under stress, and no parent wants to admit that their child was a failure, or that they failed as a parent.
    Obama just lost another of his sons. He was a good boy, turnin’ his life around, too.

    1. Johnson was a psychotic waiting for a place to happen. I’m not giving him a walk because if the tables were turned you know the howling would be different

  24. Were the cops that got shot even white? Every American cop I ever see on the news is Hispanic or Asian or African American.
    There seems to be equal numbers of all races in the services.

      1. The media is now christening them “white latinoes’”. LOl. Can’t make it up.

  25. White Guilt is absurd and irrational. How many blacks feel guilty over the clerk robbed and killed by their cousin last year?
    But they expect Whites to agonize over something done 100 years ago by people totally unrelated to us?
    You are either responsible for the sins of your fathers, or you are not. If you ARE, then blacks have even more to answer for than Whites do.
    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

  26. There is a paranoid behavior towards race in the USA, and this is promoted by the marxist party of america aka the democratic party, that being the party that defended slavery, not pleased with its destruction, does everything it can to keep alive the plantation mentality, the eternal victim syndrome in order to get votes.
    They have done with the african-americans, they are going to do it with hispanics.
    But hey, its not a surprise because this how marxism works, inciting division, chaos, tensions in the community in order to destroy its foundations, its cohesion and in the end, destroy its self confidence and energy. Obama is just the face of this mentality: the american republic is a racist republic and if you are not white, you are never going to be someone. To my american brothers i say this: you should have pick your own cotton!

  27. The answer to this question is simple: Obama and other political elites/globalists share BLM’s views, but need to keep it quiet in order to enact Cloward-Piven.
    Yet we’re called “racist” if we don’t allow the left to completely disenfranchise white people in the name of a whitewashed telling of history/ their own guilt complex (read Vaginal bleeding and aching)?

  28. During the LA riots, I still remember the black family who hid a white person under a blanket in their car so he wouldn’t be beaten and killed by rioters. Decency still exists in this world.. unfortunately, the “kill whitey” and white-guilt minority are by far the most vocal. The vicious rate bating and divisiveness it causes also suits the power elites.

  29. He wanted to kill white people because he was pissed that black men that look like him were being murdered at the hands of incompetent police with no recourse. Anybody that can’t make that correlation is just being willfully ignorant and intellectually dishonest.
    Many white people feign ignorance when it comes to inequitable racial dynamics in this country. Micah Xavier Johnson had frankly had it “up to here” with the bullshit and took out his frustration on what he felt the enemy was: white cops.
    You can be cynical, sarcastic, nonchalant, dismissive or whatever other insensitive adjective you’d like to be, but I’m sure that Micah Johnson got his point across to at least some and got their attention.
    Hypothetically speaking, if 4 or 5 cops can expect to randomly get their brains blown out everytime a black man is randomly murdered by police on camera, at some point police will take notice and potentially stop callously and casually killing black men.
    Revolutions and rebellions throughout history have always been violent and bloody. And folks have always cynically remarked that, “marching for justice obviously doesn’t work. So what are you going to do now, huh?”
    Well, Micah Xavier Johnson did it.

    1. Ok, what’s your solution? Got one? Or is it the same old “Whitey won’t let me chimp” bullshit?

      1. “Whitey won’t let me chimp” smh
        It’s shit like that makes folks like me lowkey admire him and want to paint murals of Micah Xavier Johnson.
        My solution is stay in the gym, continue building up my 6’3, 230 lb frame and slap the shit out of one of you punk ass white boy’s that get bold enough to say some shit like that in person.

        1. Blacks are seven times more likely to commit murder and eight times more likely to commit robbery than people of other races.
          More whites are killed by cops each year than blacks.
          Nearly every black male who has been killed by cops and held up by BLM types as a victim was, in fact, a thug with a long record.
          Your “solution” is just another classic black male response to nothing more than mere words. WORDS, Fourth. Way to confirm the belief by many whites that black males are all just a bunch of violent, low-impulse control thugs.

        2. Like I tell my kids TheIVth.. never bring a knife to a gun fight. What I find amusing about the left- blacks in general ; is that they vote 95% left ..and you know what the left does? Build gigantic police forces. 50-60 FTE per 10k residents when it was below 10 FTE back in the 1980’s. Every single black killing for the most part was in a big liberal town. You vote for these folks- you own it. Of course , you will never vote Trump.. he is the big racist.. so wallow in the misery buddy and keep growing. Those leftis cops are likely to pop you one. When you got 20-30 cops driving around all day with nothing to do- you look like a big piece of steak. My little town has 17 cops per 10k residents… I see 3-5 cops per day.. and If I had a taillight out; they would squash me like a bug.. in fact, I got pulled over 3 times in 1 day for it. So, a cop gets a little trigger happy – get used to it. There is more coming. A lot more.

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