A Modern American Dinner

I met her last week, an internet girl in a city where the girls on the internet are actually attractive. Cute, thin and nice she put on a good front at first. I slept with her within three hours of meeting, but I don’t judge a girl based solely on how fast I sleep with her. Be it irrational confidence or a blinded hamster rationalization on my part, I consider it more my skills than her level of promiscuity.

For our second meet I was lured over with the fact that her roommates were cooking dinner for her birthday weekend. Home cooked meal, I’m in. When I arrive she answers in sweats and a t-shirt. Sigh. It used to be that girls would wait until marriage to be “comfortable.” Then it became when you were seriously dating. These days it apparently sets in on date two.

Upon entering the apartment, I meet her two roommates. The first is fat, second is obese. Neither are girls you would have sex with, even after digesting a barrel of moonshine.

One more person is present, a pretty decent looking guy (no homo). There’s no way he’s with either of them that would be ridic…he is dating the obese one. Shocked I sit down to dinner. I can’t even concentrate on the conversations because I want to grab this guy, slap him in the face and direct him to the Roosh forum or ROK. My girl puts on a trucker hat that says “birthday bitch” on it and proceeds to tell everyone how fucked up she got this weekend. My attraction towards her continues to plummet fast.

Obese one starts talking about a guy at the bar who “wouldn’t leave her alone,” kept telling her how beautiful she was and wanted to buy her drinks. Fat one regales us with the story of the guy she went out with four times and then sent flowers to her work, and now she’s cutting him off because that’s “creepy.” They tell me dinner is from a recipe in a book called 50 Shades of Chicken. Seriously. I am at a loss for words.

Finish dinner and the girls tell me to go relax as they put away the dishes. At least one sane occurrence so far. However obese girl’s bitch man without solicitation cleans up and then starts making dessert. I give up trying to figure this guy out.

Of course they want to watch some reality TV. But not just any reality show, one about male gigolos who have sex with disgustingly fat or old women for money. These girls are loving the show, as is homeboy who apparently has zero self-worth by dating/banging this land whale. I want to gouge my eyes out and it shows, as the girls outwardly say how they’re making a bad impression on me. Yet they just laugh and continue with another episode.

My girl sends a text and puts her phone face down. But she doesn’t even really care that much to be sly. She starts texting another dude about when they are meeting again…right in front of me as my hand is rubbing her vagina. Girls have zero shame these days, it’s remarkable.

I considered just leaving, but I was quite horny, needed my release since I don’t masturbate, and physically I was attracted to the girl I came to see so I’ll let her serve her purpose. I looked at her and felt sorry, the potential of such a cute girl wasted because of her misguided belief and consequent embracing of how modern women are happier being slutty and independent. Or whatever guides her and most other Western girls’ actions these days.

The girls start going to their separate rooms but not before fat one tells obese one and her guy to keep it down during sex. That visual gets burned in my mind, sometimes I wish I stayed plugged in to the matrix. My girl checks her phone a few more times, we bang it out and when we’re done she makes sure to casually mention it’s time for me to get going. I had no desire of staying but it’s good to know the masculinization of women has no boundaries.

Before I go to sleep I replay the night in my head. My first thought was what a bizarro world we live in where obese women have guys fighting for them and girls just use men for sex. My second thought was much worse. I realized this is no longer bizarre, it just is.

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  1. The key question all of us should be asking ourselves is: at what point do I simply refuse to participate in these charades? They’re debasing, humiliating, and upsetting to any man with social awareness and self-respect. It just isn’t worth it.
    Every man has a point at which he decides to draw the inescapable conclusions about American women. There are some things more important than just getting your dick wet.
    You have two options. Option one is you tolerate the abuse and the humiliation just to “get laid” for the sake of getting laid. After a certain point you just become a slave to their fucked-up bullshit.
    Option two is you focus on foreign women only, and accept the fact that the culture here is irredeemably broken. Period.
    The choice is yours.

    1. Or, you could just start masturbating again. It’s the safest form sex that you can have, and you make love to the only person in this world that truly loves you back…..

      1. Yes, but rub one out w/out porn because it seriously damages the mind over time (I’m referring to physiologically measurable damage). Or, engage in Pay4Play activity on a semi-regular basis either in Mexico or overseas. Don’t waste money on dating or on your local strip club.

        1. Ha, maybe I’m somewhat of an opportunist but I engage in both of those activities on a regular basis. I go to strip bars because I have a connection at one and get a good ride and do the ‘hanging out’ thing from time to time but the last one is getting more tiresome as I get older and richer and sadly the women, though younger than me, are also getting older.

    2. I’d advise setting standards and sticking to them. Be the Leader in Charge, and don’t compromise in your demands. You’ll go through a few bad apples but a lot of girls respond gushingly positive when you set standards from a position of strength and don’t back down from their initial shit tests.
      Seriously guys, all you have to do is take charge.
      In this situation I would have nipped the act in the bud when she answered the door.
      “You’re wearing…that?” (raised eyebrow a la Sean Connery)
      “Um, yeah, it’s my birthday! Why don’t you like it?”
      “It’s our second date, I’m not very impressed” (calm voice, slow speech as if she were an errant 4 year old).
      At that point, she either excuses herself to change, or gets indignant bitch face and you turn and leave. She’ll call you back, more likely than not, and she’ll be dressed nicely the next time you meet.
      Set the standards from the beginning and none of this kind of thing would ever happen again.

      1. Golden.
        Here you go men. Start asserting yourself. So many “alphas” are just pussy worshippers. No alpha would allow himself to be treated like a beta fag for a simple piece of pussy.

        1. Exactly. They don’t understand that it’s actually us that control the actual sexual marketplace. They’re cowed and beaten and servile. No state for any self respecting man to endure just for a bit of pussy.

        2. Jefferson, you’re missing a point. A lot of these guys lack good social skills, fitness, looks, financial value, style….or several of the above.
          In that case these men do NOT control the sexual marketplace. The woman can easily get a higher value man and in that situation there’s very little power they can exert over the situation.
          The only cure is to raise yourself to the point where women know that you’re a catch. Once you do the script flips and they are the ones who have to try to stay in your good graces.

      2. perhaps the solution would have been to take a ‘fear and loathing’ approach to the situation and go to dinner with a briefcase full of acid, mescaline and coke… throw in a little DMT for good measure…. fry their brains … get them all so high….. knock them out with ketamine…. and they’re left trying to figure out how they woke up two days later with really sore assholes….
        am i going insane ?

        1. Holy shit man you are making me laugh my fucking ass off.
          I would get them all high as fuck on weed, and then start behaving VERY eccentrically, and basically fuck with their minds hard core.
          And no you are not going insane. You are finally becoming a God on earth. Welcome to the real world. THe world of GODS!

        1. It’s odd that so many guys do not understand this. “Oh noes, she has a billion thirsty guys that will fuck her if I cop an attitude, I better go ahead and be dissed and let her treat me with disrespect and text her alpha on the side in front of me while I’m trying desperately to rub her pussy. Maybe she’ll let me go all the way when she’s done talking to her alpha!”
          Women respond to authority delivered in a firm, masculine frame. Period. End of sentence. She’ll fire off other shit tests, but if she’s doing that then you’re still there and she’s seeing if you’re really the strong alpha male she’s already getting wet thinking about. You’ll be different, you won’t be one of those begging thirsty guys she can call on a dime. You’ll win. And if she gets all uppity and bitchy, you walk, no loss anyway because you should already have three other girls on speed dial.
          How do guys not see this?

        2. Agreed. Most men are pathetic little simps. Shit guys grow a fucking pair! She doesn’t like it? Fine, go fuck a different bitch.

        3. She starts texting another dude about when they are meeting again…right
          in front of me as my hand is rubbing her vagina. Girls have zero shame
          these days, it’s remarkable.

          Men have zero shame these days, it’s remarkable.

        4. Agree wholeheartedly. This would have been the last straw for me. You’d already fucked her, and she had more than proved her worthlessness by this point. Excuse yourself with the same transparent lie girls make all the time, something like “Hey, I’m going to get going, have an early morning and it’s getting late” and watch the shock on her face. You’d probably be one of the first men that’s ever done this to her. Best case, she realizes her behavior is unacceptable and begins to change; worse case, you never see or hear from her again. At least you leave with your dignity.

      3. I think Law Dogger made a mistake when he agreed to go to her lame excuse for a birthday party in the first place.

        1. Bday parties are all about her. In general, don’t go places where you will be one down, right from the get-go. Her b-day party, events full of her friends/family, and her church.

      4. but what kind of world is it where i have to play the parent role when hitting on them? I don’t want to waste my resources on one who’s personality needs 1000 fixes, I just pick the next one.
        if a girl is arrogant, bitchy, I don’t have the feeling to “connect” with her, or don’t have the feeling she is really into me – next. there are enough other cute blondes around.
        but maybe i’ll think differently when I’m in the states this summer, too. I’ll probably really miss Finland. for sure 🙂

      5. Rep’d As usual, GhostOfJefferson gets it.
        You all ever see that South Park Episode where Cartman get’s “trained” by the dog whisper? They got it right. It’s all about your ability to “simply BE dominant!”

    3. I came to the conclusion last night that I haven’t met a single American girl in my 10 years of dating that I would want to marry even if the marriage, divorce, and custody laws weren’t FUBAR in this country.
      They are all way too full of themselves because they’ve lived pampered lives and morons have put them on pedestals since the day they hit puberty. Add in fathers that were either absent, bad, little bitches themselves, or unable to keep the culture’s shitty influence from ruining their daughters and you’ve got a smörgåsbord of entitled crazy.
      Sex is the only thing they are good for.
      If you want more than that, then yes, foreign women are a must. Even the ultra-religious conservative American girls, those few attractive ones that still exist, are nuts in their own ways.

      1. Problem is everyone is doing foreign..European males are doing it, so whats foreign now?? I mention Churchanity rather than Christianity, being ultra religious is not enough…everyone has freewill, you know them by their actions…churches need to go back to real teaching iff they are to keep up new generational numbers…

        1. True, in many ways were all engaged in a race to get the good women before they ALL become Westernized.
          On the other hand, we can’t rule out the possibility that all of the female excesses and abuses will eventually pompt a serious counter-reaction in the other direction.
          Is it possible that the future will look more puritanical and traditional? I’m not holding my breath, but history does have something to say for the argument that the pendulum eventually swings in the opposite direction.
          But unfortunately, none of that is going to help us this minute. Even if things change when we’re 75 years old, it’s not going to do us any good.

        2. That’s why we should always strive to improve things not just for ourselves, but for our sons and grandsons.

        3. in which case, the prima strategy is still to go foreign, but what we can do is train up the next cohort so they are enough Red Pill numbers to ensure stability….in which case we become the next founding fathers…

        4. “On the other hand, we can’t rule out the possibility that all of the female excesses and abuses will eventually prompt a serious counter-reaction in the other direction.”
          I suppose a man can dream. Good luck on riding that pony, bro.

        5. At this point the only thing that could really reverse the current towards a Bonobo Masturbation Society would be a completely antibiotic resistant strain of syphilis.

        6. At this point the only thing that could really reverse the current towards a Bonobo Masturbation Society would be a completely antibiotic resistant strain of syphilis.

        7. Lol yeah, even Chinese guys are looking at American women and being like, these women are less money grubbing.
          There’s not a man on this planet that hasn’t at one point complained about women.

        8. There have been a lot of mass shootings recently…. just saying. Violence is wrong but these dudes probably are lonely guys.

        9. It seems the only sure way for things to revert to a more stable form is for some form of social upheaval- not a behavioral couter-revolution, but an actual social upheaval, a very Bad Thing. Nothing, but nothing makes traditional roles make more sense than need.
          Personally, I like living in a time of plenty, even if it’s inherently fragile and messy.

        10. Traditional roles as in middle-ages western europe, Vikings or Roman Empire?
          Pretty simple, omegas no longer breeding or when they do, their spawn becomes too dysfunctional.
          Alphas and higher betas on the other hand can still do that and increase their numbers, technology later allows in-vitro reproduction and upgradings, they likely will be able to bring the whole rotten system crashing down.
          When that is done, you are right, no behavioral counter-revolution but another revolution, that is stronger than the previous one.
          No more protection of the feeble and retarded, only of the best and brightest, only series of kicks and punches to prevent the omegas from attacking like the rabbide animals they are. Kind of what Ender did in the Ender´s Game movie (don´t want to spoil the book) against a bigger boy he brought down, ready to hit him square in the face.
          Better be the boot and better keep stomping, better enjoy it.

        11. I think if change occurs at some point it won’t be before masses of men suffer some kind of serious loss/death.
          There are way too many supplicating men who will do anything for a wiff of snatch. I stopped hanging around some good friends from childhood due to jealousy issues and others actively avoided hanging out once they were locked down by provider seeking women.
          The only guys who seem level headed are those with at least some modest success with women.

        12. Quintus, i tried to post this yesterday on the venturebeat article about the mozilla CEO getting fired, but the asshats there deleted it. It’s relevant here, so here goes:
          One of the LBGT posters used the “right side of history” argument. I responded that it’s a bit early to be claiming that award since our civilization is still actively running the experiment:
          1. US has $16 trillion debt
          2. 30% of taxes go to paying ONLY the interest on that debt
          3. Approaching a cliff of Weimarer Republik style hyperinflation
          4. LGBT peeps prolly are not stocking up bunkers with beans and ammo
          Pendulum definitely will swing, but for now just live it up Caligula stype or expat somewhere if you want to raise a family. All the good little white male worker bees should just leave. Let the LGBTs, fems, bankers, and thuglets turn every city into Detroit.
          If you ever visit Uruguay please come by for some excellent steak. Cheers!

      2. I believe I am a success story in this regard.
        I travel overseas a lot. For several years now, I’ve kept an apartment in Latin America with a little hottie that puts the best of women here to shame. Feminine, cooks, cleans – treats me like a king. The sweetest gal you can imagine. We couldn’t be happier.
        I have NO intention of bringing her back. Too many hassles, too much work, and too many feminist vipers on the attack.
        I come back to the USA to make some money, take care of paperwork, etc. I love this country – I really do. There is an abundance of natural beauty here that outshines anywhere on earth: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, etc. So it’s sad for me to watch this country suffer. Because of this, I do my best when I’m here to push for the changes I’d like to see.
        But I’m also a realist. I could grow old and die before these changes ever manifest themselves. Hell, for all I know, shit could get worse!
        So Plan B is in effect.

        1. “I have NO intention of bringing her back.”
          You are very much right to do so.

      3. “Even the ultra-religious conservative American girls, those few attractive ones that still exist, are nuts in their own ways.”
        At least that makes them less boring.

      4. Errr….which foreign women were you thinking about ? Haven’t you heard of the numerous stories where the women ditched their American/Australian/Canadian/whatever husbands as soon as they got their residency and/or after they squeezed as much money as they could from these men ? My father and his friends were personally affected so I know. Particularly the younger, better looking ones. Maybe the definer is not nationality but their SMV. LIke I say, there is no good or bad women (or men) – just women (or men) who are or who are not aware of their SMV/MMV.

        1. Eastern European. Ukranians in particular. Preferably one that’s religious and traditional.

        2. It’s becoming ever more common in Australia, particularly with divorced men with in their 50’s and 60’s marrying women from the Philippines and Thailand. After the marriage, there is a waiting period of a few years before the wife gets citizenship.
          After they get citizenship, they can safely file for divorce if that was there intention. There is a guy at the local pub who it happened to, an overly-trusting type. He got screwed over majorly.
          The week after his wife got citizenship, she filed a restraining-order against him, which meant he had to move out at a few hours notice and wasn’t allowed within 1 kilometer of the house. She then filed for divorce, and by the time he got the restraining-order overturned, he got to the house to find that several members of her extended family had flown in and were living there.
          He ended up having to move into a small flat while she got the house, he is stuck paying monthly maintenance to her – and she is now taking him to court for half his superannuation.
          I’m not sure what ratio of these relationships end this way, but anyone taking that path should exercise due caution.

    4. a role of gaff tape and a machete would have been more honorable….
      sweet breads for dinner …… their my favorite, Clarisse…

    5. I’m of the decision that the fear of “not being able to get laid” was part of the mass marketing of feminism as a preemptive strike on any street level argument against feminism. Such that the first fallback position of a feminist is the “what’s the matter, you’re bitter because you can’t get laid” barb. By itself it would look just like what it is, an attack from someone with no argument. But backed up by countless commercials, stories, and movie plots, it becomes a weapon.
      I can tell you long stories of how I watched fellows I grew up with change all of their stripes “just to get laid”. I have seen heavy metal dudes become total guidos “just to get laid”. I found this so demeaning and disgusting I started turning my back on them. “Are you gay or something” I was asked.
      The “you are gay and don’t know if and if you don’t like it it’s because of pressure” thing also started in the 80s to control people. It’s the second line of weaponized thought. If the “what’s the matter, can’t get laid” thing does not stop you, and it’s clear you don’t care, then it’s the “You must be gay” salvo that follows. And being raised on being told that “you might be gay and don’t know it” as if it was some kind of dormant virus lurking in our brain stems that would cause us to start sucking cock, and the only anti-virus was to do anything to get laid (read: put up with womens’ crap).
      I see the “go overseas” thing – and I did – and I gotta say that the zombie vir…. uh… feminism as spread far and wide. But before any man does this, he MUST (I implore this) he MUST decontaminate himself first! If you go to any country with real women and act like an American man, they will eat you alive. You will unlock an inner monster, the sort that is ostracized there, but elected to office here. Trust me on this I made all of the mistakes one could make.

      1. Be careful of foreign women from developing countries though. Not going to name any countries but I have read and heard of real life incidences where a westerner thinks he’s found true love with a women from a foreign developing country only to be horribly used and discarded financially by her

        1. On average, foreign women are superior. However, you cannot think that just because she is foreign, she is good. Never rush into anything.Sooner or later a person’s real character comes to the surface. Only when you have seen that character, via the test of time, will you know how to proceed.

    6. I want to qualify my comment above by an additional caveat. I am not advocating that we should just turn our backs on the physical pleasures of life (i.e., sex, women) and retreat into monasticism.
      I recognize that my point above can be taken too far, and I want to make that clear. I do not believe in pussy-beggaring, but neither do I believe a man should opt out of the mating and dating game.
      Don’t use the fact that women are broken as an excuse for not getting laid.
      What I am saying is that things all come down to balance. You should engage in the game enough to learn how to game, to learn about women, and to become a healthy, well-rounded man. But when this worthy goal turns into an obsession or a compulsion, then you need to re-evaluate.

    7. I remember women trying to interrogate me as to the reason why I don’t have a Facebook page. Finally after they ran out of breath I asked them “why does it matter?” And I was told, “so we can spy on you”. Fuck…that. It’s funny how you’ve got to put your info out there otherwise you’re deemed as “suspicious” because you don’t want people to know your personal life and business.
      These are my experiences anyway. I can’t say that this is universal, but either way it’s just plain fucked up.

      1. If this ever happens again you should tell them you don’t have one because you’re still feuding with your enemies in the Medellín drug cartel.
        Or, you know, because you just don’t want one.
        Or because Facebook is for women and fags.
        Depends on what kind of mood you’re in.

        1. Fuck Facebook. Sure I’d love to give all of my personal information to the spooks where it will be saved in redundant databases and be used against me someday.

    8. I laugh at the guys who think they can just go to a girl’s place – any girl – and get food cooked for them and relax and have a good time without being put off. If you think that that’s even possible, you’re living in a delusion and you’re out of touch with reality. Reality stinks, but the first part of taking the red pill is to come to terms with it. I also laugh at guys who think it’s actually _worth_ putting up with all this bullshit just to get your dick wet. How is that any different from the simp in OP’s story who cleans up and prepares food just to get laid? It’s only a matter of perspective, and I’m sure the guy in OP’s story is probably justifying it to himself as sure as anyone here. “Hey, at least I’m getting laid!”

    9. Exactly, should have went to b-day bitch’s house, ate her food, said thanks for the home cooked meal, left and banged some other bitch.

    10. It sounds like you are well on the road to introspection on this front but as a very high income earning professional, I am at a loss for words as to why you would spend your time like this. If I were a lawyer I would do exactly what my buddy who is a lawyer does. He routinely has young, high end escorts come to his home office and bangs them when he needs a break from work. High quality ass, cheap, convenient and allows him to maximize work and more get more time in doing all the activities he wants to do with his buddies. Like boating or skiing with me for instance. No reality tv or dinners with tubby for him.

    11. I’ll be going on my 3rd trip to S.America in 2 weeks. This place (USA) is wasteland

    12. Choice 3. Be the alpha male and have sex with American and foreign-born women, and totally ignore a Christian McQueen inspired (meaning fake) “story”.

      1. Thing with Christian is that he has looks, height,, fame and networking, so best is to ignore his stories. Guy like him doesn’t need much game talking/physical game. I only have the looks and height and have to do full blown caveman game in clubs . I’m not saying his tips are not good, his style tips are good, but his level of what he already has is far too high to try and learn from him.

    13. I quit dating by the time I was 30. Which was a few months short of 40 years ago. Better to hire professionals.

    14. The thing is, if these foreign women doesn´t like the feminist “culture” that much, they will either never go to the US (or England) in the first place or move back home in a big hurry.
      If they immigrate to such a place out of desperation, are they going to say no to what feminism have to offer?
      If you don´t plan on going full viking at some point, leave while that is legal. You will not be allowed to when the situation becomes really bad.
      You can sign up to be on the side of the winners of course but they will want to show you who is the boss by making you do some really degrading things, all in the same team if you get what i mean…

  2. I had to look up 50 Shades of Chicken and I believe it must be an accurate depiction of what obese girl looks like.
    I think land whales make up these stories about guys pursuing them. I hear the stories but I have never witnessed them happening.

  3. So, you’re saying the fat one is single? Do you mind if I get her number? But, I kid. Seriously, I live in a city where even the good looking internet women are obese with handles like “Sexyhippo777.”
    I think they’re no ways out of this future unless you are a man willing to move to better grounds. Unfortunately, the Western World’s Way of Womanhood is on the march throughout all the lands now.

  4. Those fat girls arrogance is completely fake. We could crush their egos in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry though – their self-imposed fat will light the flames of hell for eternity

    1. I especially loved the comment about the fat one dumping the dude because he sent her flowers at work.
      Creepy probably means, “now barrel chested Bill in accounting will never ask me out if he thinks I’m taken.”
      Guarantee she’s emulating her slutty friend, who’s constantly assuring her how pretty she is. That fucker gleefully fucking the obese one doesn’t help either.
      Me, I fuck overweight chicks, love it. It’s easy and I really don’t care, but I treat them like shit. They hate betas just as much as any girl, and as flowers guy will soon learn, don’t have the perspective to realize that dudes like me that will fuck them aren’t the same as dudes who can tolerate being seen in public with them.

      1. Why do you go for the tubbies? Is it a fetish thing or purely because it is easier? Definitely awesome for dudes who like them because they are everywhere and seen as lower value by most. Honestly interested to know.

        1. They’re easier, mostly, especially if you’re reasonably good looking. But I guess it’s also a fetish thing, big tits>everything else. It’s pretty cool also, when you know you’re probably the best looking, fittest guy she’s been with in a while.

      2. Girls hate betas and yet if they ever have a son down the line chances are they will raise him to be a beta. I never understood this. Might as well have gotten an abortion and saved her the disappointment of a son who will turn out to be a failure and him a life of misery and suffering.

    2. How do you crush their egos. I normally just insult the shit out of them with shit like “America is home to a new species of whale…the beachball whale”, but they get their white knights and I’m screwed .

  5. Dude, if not masturbating has led you to dealing with this sorta horseshit, maybe ya better plug back into sextube or whatever the fuck.

  6. My only contest with this piece is the idea that the author somehow thinks there could be any redeemable value in ameriskank who sleeps with a guy within 3 hours of meeting him, let alone on the first date. You wanted your cake and the ability to eat it. You can’t have both. Few, if any, can. And let’s be even more frank. Do you think she thinks you have any standards by meetinga girl on the internet and sleeping with her in 3 hours? Pigs to the right of you, pigs to the left and your stuck in the middle hoping to meet a unicorn who has lost her way. The first paragraph of your piece should have made you blink twice.
    It’s time to up our own standards, which QC’s comment touches on so pointedly. I feel that with myself turning 25, foreign women might be my only option left.

    1. Women do respond to training you know. Pick up a dog or horse training book sometime, the methods and psychology are identical, although generally you don’t want to reward her with dog biscuits or apple slices.
      If you’ve snagged one with game, chances are she wants a dominant male. Provider her that desire and she will respond swimmingly to your alpha male commands and demands. Back down for one second and she’s back to entitled bitch mode. This isn’t hard men, they respond on cue to basic psychology the likes of which we promote here. Use that to your advantage and never accept a shit test like her showing up at the door in sweats on a second date (and that’s what it was, a shit test, which is why he failed and she started texting bad boy #2 right in front of him).

      1. “Use that to your advantage and never accept a shit test like her showing up at the door in sweats on a second date (and that’s what it was, a shit test, which is why he failed and she started texting bad boy #2 right in front of him)”
        Sounds good in theory, but this is a fantasy IMO. Had he called her out on her poor attire, there’s a slim chance that she would have responded positively, as you describe, but in all likelihood she would have told him to fuck off (she wouldn’t accept to lose face in front of her fat friends, for one) and that would have been the end of that. Who the fuck is he, afterall? As far as she’s concerned, he’s just another dick in a mile long line of dicks, utterly and immediately replaceable.
        Girls hold all the cards in the sexual marketplace, and they know it all too well. It’s naive to pretend that they don’t know this.

        1. You can play the “I’m a slave to my dick” game if you choose, but that just makes you a slave to women and a willing beta supplicant in very short order. Also of note is that she knows he knows she has a long line of thirsty guys, but he’s the man who is different and turned her little precious pop tart ass down because she didn’t meet up to his standards.
          This kind of thing works, I’ve used it many times. If you go in as a thirsty dog begging for her pussy because “she holds all the cards” you’re as good as defeated.
          If that’s your bag, that’s fine, I’m advising men how to re-train women and put them in line. We all already know how to become a beta, thank you.

        2. The point isn’t that he shouldn’t have called her out for it, or that you should be a slave to your dick. The point is that it’s misguided to assume that doing so will fix her crappy behavior.

        3. Well, so what if it doesn’t? You walk away. You should have abundance mentality anyway from not having her as your only plate.
          You suggest what, letting her treat him like a chump, just like she did, just so he can get his dick wet?

        4. I did not “suggest” anything. Simply describing, for better or worse, the probable outcome of your proposed course of action. For the rest, you’re putting your own spin on what I wrote.

        5. I’ve stated what I’ve stated and there’s nothing more to say. I’ve done this kind of thing many times and more often than not it not only works, but it attracts her to you in ways you can not dream of. If you wish to act in another weaker manner, that’s your call and frankly none of my business.

        6. “If you wish to act in another weaker manner, that’s your call and frankly none of my business.”
          There you go again, fucking up an otherwise fine comment with emotive projection, like a silly female.
          There’s nothing alpha about therapeutic bravado or shithouse psychology.

        7. “Had he called her out on her poor attire, there’s a slim chance that she
          would have responded positively, as you describe, but in all likelihood
          she would have told him to fuck off”
          100% she would have told him to fuck off. And that’s when the real fun would have started (for me, at least).
          If you’re afraid of a girl telling you to fuck off you should definitely check to make sure your testicles are still in place.
          Of course it’s also possible to be suave and say something like “Oh, I’m sorry, it looks like I came early. You don’t seem to be dressed yet. I’ll come back later.” And then immediately leave. If she texts you saying sorry and that she’ll change (unlikely, but maybe possible), then go back. Otherwise if she starts acting bitchy don’t even reply. The benefit of this is that it reveals her true self to her and she can’t claim that you left over something silly and unimportant.
          And “Girls control the marketplace”? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. That’s feminist and beta bitch talk.

        8. Yup. The only control girls have is any we’ve given them. Being a beta simp does that.

        9. Ah the bravado… What is it with anonymous dudes around here trying to prove their alpha mettle to other anonymous dudes on the Internet?
          You know how I know you’re a huge faggot?

        10. My comment is just to illustrate what the normal, rational male attitude should be to the situation. Nothing macho about it.
          If you think that that’s ‘bravado’ or ‘trying to be alpha’, then that says something about you, not me.

        11. “If you’re afraid of a girl telling you to fuck off you should definitely check to make sure your testicles are still in place.”
          Why do you infer anything personal about an anonymous internet commenter based on a dispassionate description of a scenario? Do you not realize that you are the one arguing like some of the females who periodically show up around here?
          Nah, of course you don’t. But it’s ok, you mean well. You just aren’t that bright.

        12. Oh the irony of being called stupid by someone who doesn’t recognize the use of the impersonal ‘you’ (and the word ‘if’).

        13. Yawn. “feminist beta bitch talk” – blahblahblah. Keep spinning, little hamster.

        14. No more than I would be if my dog crapped all over the carpet. It’s not your fault.

        15. I think he just wants you to qualify your statement that “Men control the sexual marketplace.” You didn’t do so, so he said you argue like a feminist (without premises that logically follow and lead to reasonable conclusions). From that angle, yeah he was actually right (until you do so). This is really popular on RoK. State a random theory 3 or 4 times, qualify it in no way, and call someone else a feminist. There’s something called a burden of proof.

        16. I didn’t even make that statement at all.
          Saying either men or women ‘control the marketplace’ is stupid. It’s not my job to prove that it’s wrong. It’s the job of whoever is making that assertion in the first place.

        17. Agreed. Most of the time they boomerang back after they are done doing whatever stupid shit they were doing. Then the tables are turned but whatevevs SEND MOAR SLOOOTS LOLZLZZOZOZLLOLOL

        18. He’s simply saying the idea is to maintain your “standards” in the face of adversity. So what if it doesn’t change her behavior in the immediate. That’s the whole point. You can and will move on instead of compromising to get a pity fuck.

    2. Her texting another guy in front of me while I was rubbing her puss-puss would have been a breaking point — either out the door immediately, or to her bedroom directly for a hard 10 minute pounding. On my way out I would have communicated my disgust to the roommate trolls.

  7. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the only permanent, scalable way out of this morass is via technological replacement of the female. It is what it is.
    Until then, shit like this will only get worse.

    1. Yes if we ever have a “Holodeck” like they had in Star Trek TNG women are doomed.

    1. C might be viable to some.
      I have a Jewish woman interested in me who is a solid 7-8. I say Jewish because this is not an area of the country where there are many Jewish people thereby kneecapping her hypergamous tendencies. The problem is she is 26 and I have been put on warning that she is on a timeline for marriage and kids, so I know I basically am just part of her agenda. The second of course, is that as far as american women go, I have seen enough to know I have seen too much
      edit:I am turning 35, not 25

      1. We need a viable solution. Option a) Your dna doesn’t continue but you enjoy the ride Option b) Your DNA tree stops (but this is your own choice) Option c) Find a girl who adheres to some value teaching at least you have at least some “foundation” to start a family – in your case unless you can really believe that she does ”believe” then forget it d) Tech, again like nouveau porn.

  8. “Birthday weekend?”
    Why not birthday month? After all, the month she was born in is 30 days long.
    Nuremburg or not, the red flags are everywhere

    1. I’ve noticed this as well. At a minimum, most women these days have a “birthweek”.

      1. For real? How obnoxious. So we’re supposed to celebrate the miracle of her immaculate birth for a full week? Will villages be putting out roast beast in the town square for them too? Damn, that’s some entitlement complex showing right there. My daughter wouldn’t dare demand something like that in my home.

        1. Birthday afterhour with colleagues on Wednesday, birthday supper #1 with friends on Thursday, birthday drinks/fuck with secret fuckbuddy on Friday, birthday clubbing night with friends on Saturday, birthday supper #2 with other friends on Sunday… Did I miss anything?

        2. This is wonderful to see. A father who doesn’t let her daughter be “daddy’s little girl”. I’m sick of these sycophantic fathers who almost act like they’re some beta simp married to their daughter. It’s pathetic and disturbing.

        3. a shower of gifts and gushes of emotion…. messages from 300 people on facebook she hasn’t seen in over a year… a heart felt call to momma, which results in an exchange of insults and a sobbing emotional breakdown….

      2. This. The first time I ran into it I thought “What a selfish princess!” But it seems to be pretty much normal now.

    2. Even Jesus Christ doesn’t get a ‘birthday week’. The entitlement mentality is building.
      Whole n’other level.

  9. Bring the phantom drive online…we are now all slaves to the WORLD ENGINE. FT1X

  10. even if all three of them were skinny bitches and the guy offered to lube them for you one by one… it wasn’t worth spending even 1 minute of your time in the company of these people…. your average crack whore has more intelligence…. she at least has to live on her wits….
    if you ask me the concept of ‘flat mates’ for women is a terrible idea… they are all bitches so the uglier ones take great pleasure in misguiding and ruining the prettier ones…. even sex and the city sluts lived alone….

  11. Putting up with that nonsense just to get masturbated with her pussy is why we are in this mess. You should have been a man and called her out on her behavior. I would have thrown some insults to the roommates and even tried to present the man with the red pill option.
    While the other guy there was a fucking pussy you did not fare much better in my eyes but don’t complain about female behavior when your own behavior allows it to happen.

    1. Spot on accurate. He failed the first shit test she gave him (her unkempt appearance, which is a big sign of disrespect) so she felt no qualms about texting her alpha male on the side directly in front of him, threw him a pity fuck and will likely never bother seeing him again.
      But hey “girls control the marketplace”. Balderdash. Grow some balls guys, it’s no wonder women treat men like this nowadays.

      1. It’s… interesting how the manosphere has now become blue-pill. I think it’s partly due to the influx of so many new and uninitiated guys we’ve had recently. Case in point: I saw on a ‘manosphere’ blog some advice on tinder: “Swipe right. Girls control the marketplace, if you don’t like them you can always not reply later.” Bull. Shit. I swipe left if I have even the slightest compunctions about whether I would sleep with a girl or not.

    2. yeah… start off by lighting a huge cuban in their living room….. and then educating them one by one…. in that situation it would be more amusing to do almost anything other than have any real social interaction with them…..
      get them high and make them all fuck each other…. degenerate the situation into a drug fueled orgy… drug them and rob the apartment…. texas chainsaw massacre… anything is better than socializing with these people….

      1. What in the fuck man? You drunk or something? Your posts are really weird today.

        1. drunk on the lack of culture …..
          Dr. F. nailed it.. this was the apartment for a top dump…..
          It’s when you take the lid off the cistern and shit in it….. the turd floats around in there until someone figures out where the stench is coming from…. in the mean time blame the fattie.
          applying liberal doses of super glue to fixtures, fittings and furniture can also be fun… i once super glued the kettle to the kitchen counter top in a situation not dissimilar to this one…..
          or perhaps leave a large slice of smoked salmon hidden under her bed….

      2. LOL, Ray, you da MAN! Degenerate them, drug them and rape them, rob their apartment, then chainsaw their ass.
        Thanks for the laugh, bro.

    3. Exactly right. Leave your stink in the apartment somehow (cigar, unflushed toilet, etc) as a reminder, call another girl on your cell in front of them all, and walk out the front door while spewing some choice comments. Them smile as driving away.

      1. Hahahah Dr. F strikes again! I second the motion to take huge shit, no flush, then utter a ‘do not go in there’ and leave immediately without further adieu. That is way better than a lay, I don’t care what anyone says. If you don’t think so, my sister wants to know where you get your vagina waxed!

        1. Even better, I would have upper decked it and walked out the door without another word.

  12. One fat the other obese and the one who is not a Fatty McFatfat is a slut.
    Personally I have not been in the situation of the author. I avoided them. Feelings of disgust and the way women would let me down (it’s a drawback of being raised by a mother who went to an all girls school, got married young and actually had self respect and loved her children) would overwhelm me and I would either get sick or spend a week wishing I had control of the world’s nukes (so I could launch them).
    A “I don’t masturbate” rule – I have to disagree with that. Masturbation is kind of like suicide but certainly not with that kind of result (work with me here). When you are in a “you have no choice” situation you might kill yourself as the last means of taking control of your life. In that aspect, wanking is basically the same thing. Though if a fellow manages to wank himself to death I want to see the report so I know not to do what he did.
    I must admit though, because I saw such a rigged game in the 90s, and AFTER being the guy with the fat girl and putting up with that crap, I spent, I think, around 6 years without any dates and I wanked EVERY DAY even if not in the mood just so I would not be led anywhere by my hormones or urges. Women became invisible to me (and considering where I lived, where they were extra fat and extra shameless, this was a break for my senses, trust me).
    It was later on when I got stupid and decided not to wank that I started doing dumb things and ended up married. I can write novels over that horror.

  13. This is one of my major problems with the no-fap rule. Women like this deserve to be walked out on, and fapped away into memory. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough women worthy enough around to make the sacrifice.

    1. Fuckin’ A right, thank you. Nice to see there are a few actual alphas on this thread today. A woman disrespects me gets put in line or she gets left by the curb. Back before I was married I fuckin’ left a girl stranded in Mexico because she was pulling shit, saw her crying at the hotel door in my rear view and never looked back. Week later she was fucking me like I was the second coming of George Motherfucking Clooney.
      Guys need to be less thirsty and more manly. It’s the only way we’re going to break through these little princesses bubble.

      1. “Back before I was married I fuckin’ left a girl stranded in Mexico because she was pulling shit, saw her crying at the hotel door in my rear view and never looked back.”
        That’s called being psychotic, not an alpha male.

        1. Assassin21 to SteelRain. Request incoming banhammer for grid mike-charlie-golf. Over.

        1. You can still contract diseases when using condoms.
          The point is, by giving that woman *ANY* attention, even sex, you’re validating her behavior. THAT is what needs to stop. These women need to start realizing that their BS isn’t worth putting up with, even for access to between their legs.

  14. in Japan practically no woman is obese and girls dress to please men… what has happened to america?

    1. In Japan, few of the men have sex with the women there.
      So what’s your point?

        1. I dunno, man. Japan’s shut-ins and social outcasts take it to a whole ‘nother level.

      1. Most of their shut-in men are too busy jerking off to drawings. xD
        They have the social skills of snails.

      2. Not true. People gotta stop spouting off about Japan based on the constant stupid media reports. FWIW: Yes, there are few obese women in Japan. No, they don’t dress sexy primarily to appeal to men, but who cares, they still dress sexy. And while some men might be celibate grass-eaters, others are players, what the hell would you expect otherwise?

    2. “in Japan [ ] girls dress to please men”
      That doesn’t reflect what I’ve read about Japan lately.

    3. Japan also has an unusually large number of women willing to get bukkaked or broadcasted by BBC on on the internet. Unusually. Good looking women too. Sup with that?

    1. The US government has been making it more difficult to do so. If you visit overseas that is one thing, but if you want to live and work overseas that is another. American citizenship used to be luxury, but now it is a huge financial/tax liability. Simply by being an American you have to file taxes on your worldwide income and file paperwork about your foreign bank accounts as well. The only other country that has citizenship based taxation is Eritrea, which is an African dictatorship. Ironically, the US government criticized Eritrea for its citizenship based taxation and yet the US continues their citizenship based taxation practices. And if you thought filing taxes and being audited was bad in America doing it from overseas is 25x worse.

  15. Fucking sickening. It must have took every ounce of your will not to deliver a powerful axe kick to all of their heads

  16. Just a short rant: This is typical bullshit from today’s worthless (a carefully selected, utterly sincere word choice) females. I know a lot of guys here are real, REAL down on marriage. I happen to be happily married. I consider my wife to be a red-pill women (or pretty darn close, most days). However, I feel so bad for younger guys trying to meet a decent girl nowadays.
    My brother-in-law is a young guy on the prowl, and he has so little to choose from. For example, just today I was out for a walk on one of my city’s greenways. There is a clearly marked trail; very well worn and unmistakable. Well, I round this bend and come up on a group of three college girls. One is cute, one is not, another is just f_cking fat. Fatty has taken the liberty of stringing a hammock across the greenway trail, between 2 trees.
    Now, I look at these bitches, sitting there in there hammocks, talking nonsense, and wearing those stupid ass, huge sunglasses, and I can’t even comprehend the selfishness and sense of entitlement required to block a public greenway and thus divert every other person (out for a walk, a jog, a pleasant stroll, whatever) off into the weeds and the mud. I feel I can’t say anything lest I get accused of assault or some such shit. Remember, 3 to 1 he-said-she-said ratio. In a just world I should be able to walk up, pull out my pocket knife, cut her loose, and drop that cow on her fat ass.
    Just saying. Thanks. Thoughts?

    1. In such a setting I am almost always on my bike which, on a level trail, I’d probably be rounding the corner at 15 – 16 MPH. I’d probably have gone over my handlebars because of that cunting hammock, and cut the thing down for my trouble.

  17. I’m from the UK, and unfortunately this same article could very easily apply here as well.

  18. The solution is, go Mormon, Muslim or villager African.
    No, not you. The girl. You need to fish for one from a Supermax-locked-down, anti-Western upbringing. Get one that has an overbearing father and uncles. And get her young (I’m talking puritanical, like fourteen or something). She’s more likely to be malleable, i.e., trainable a la Jefferson’s slave girl.

  19. “an internet girl in a city where the girls on the internet are actually attractive”
    I fell out of my chair laughing at this

  20. How to be an attractive girl:
    – be slim
    – be attractive (fake with makeup if you have to)
    – be nice
    seriously, it’s so easy yet many girls still don’t get it.

  21. Before I heard of this site or even the men’s movement. I walked out on a girl mid bang. I know what this guy’s on about. The girl was a fucking mental case. Every entitled western stereotype a girl could have. But I still wanted to bust a nut, and like this it was the second time we were fucking. At some point while it’s happening she did something, said something I can’t remember and I just realized that I didn’t even want to nut, I just wanted out of the clutches of this foul cunt. I told her to get out. The look on her face was one of rage and of being unable to process what was happening. It was hard to do but at some point every man should go through the process if only to see that face.

  22. This gives me pause. Looking back, I have been in similar situations. They made me cringe also.
    I begin to think that it would be better to get a prostitute than to deal with any part of that crap. Leave the shit for the betas to torture themselves with.

    1. It’s not torture for the betas. They don’t have the same mindset as you. They don’t know any better.

      1. Betas love that shit. That’s why they do it.
        The golden rule about human nature is that people do what they want to do. If they didn’t want to do it, they wouldn’t. Period. It doesn’t matter how dysfunctional the behavior is. They are doing it because they want to.
        Junkies do drugs because they WANT to. They love drugs.
        Sluts fuck hella dudes because they love strange cock.
        Betas hang out with fat broads because that is what they want.
        Any questions?

  23. I refuse to believe that there are guys that go gaga over fatties???…. I have never met anyone like that. As for girls that have no shame, my nephew is seeing (using) a slut that has a credit card and personal loan debt of over 14K, and is bragging about the trip to the USA she’ll be taking in 10 days time, and the medical grade cocaine she got at a good price to anyone that’ll listen. Wow, what happened to being discreet about things like that????… My nephews apartment sold, and once he receives his settlement, he’ll be moving states. He’s not going to tell slut anything about where he’ll be living and he’ll also be changing his mobile phone number.. He’s just going to leave..Slut thinks they are in a permanent partnership. She’s hoping for an engagement ring and has hinted a few times, that he clear her debt by using some money from the sale of his property..Shes’s in for some fun in a couple of weeks time.

  24. A highly accurate description of something that I have seen.
    Did anyone else find himself getting really sad while reading this?

  25. We must start a walk out campaign on obese, fat and short-haired chicks and their enablers (as in slightly hotter chicks who hang around sloppy lazy entitled friends to look good by comparison).
    Step 1. Get a date with them,
    Step 2. Escalate to the point of foreplay leading to sex,
    Step 3. Once they are naked, stare at them, gasp, say “ew, gross” and leave. Or kick her out,
    Step 4. Tweet your story at hashtag #nofatchicks and share.
    This will deliver a mortal blow to her second-wave “love me as i am” laziness promotion propaganda. If this becomes a trend it will force women to realize men will not fuck lazy chicks no matter what crazy feminist women-studies professors say.

    1. Won’t work, they will just retaliate by doing that to short men or fat men or long haired men or men of a certain race.

    2. Horseshit. The only trend men need is to start respecting themselves again, taking care of their business and not basing their self-worth on the opinions of women. A hashtag? Get fucked.

  26. Not all women like alphas, even Roosh admits to this. Good girls with traditional parents are scared off by braggadocio and negs, and know when someone is interested in only sex. A different kind of game is required for them. Red pill game brings out a girl’s inner slut, and the worst in her personality because on some level she knows the “passion” is just manufactured drama. She hates you, you hate her, the sex is awesome but that’s all. Good girls long for security rather than passion. I am not talking financial security- I’m talking about emotional security and stability. The “betas” I know in LTR’s have women that worship them, and cook and clean for them all the time. Their girlfriends are very feminine and devoted because they feel secure.

    1. They’re rare but they exist. Of course they have high standards for their men nonetheless. Height / looks, etc, but they would prefer a decent human being that doesn’t fuck around.
      They’re DEFINITELY in the minority. I went to an Ivy League school which obv would have a higher quality of women in general and I can name only a dozen or so chicks like that.

      1. They are in the minority for certain. In college, you probably won’t even see them. Either they are already in a LTR or they are spending their weekends studying and babysitting. Good girls can be tricked into sex with a PUA because they want to please, and they see everybody else doing it. They might have just gone through a bad breakup. Then they feel ashamed and resentful after because they know it won’t lead anywhere, and they disgraced themselves. They are the ones that disappear after, to be seen later- 20 pounds lighter and walking arm in arm with a “beta” and smiling from ear to ear.

      2. brah, all girls want height and looks. Look at me, I’m tall and good looking. I have de-virginised good traditional girls and bangs club sluts. I have even ben approached by club sluts.
        all girls are the same deep down. One thing that won’t change is a woman’s primal urge to want a good looking tall guy for his genetic material.
        If they wanted alphas, they would just raise their son to become alpha…but really alpha is strong genetic material.being short or average looking is weak material and such guys cannot get laid unless they became famous.

        1. Yeah you’re right which explains the huge jaws on women on TV recently, from my generation, post 1985. I just see a lot of short undesirable dudes walking around on the street – I mean they got mothers, right? Where did they come from?
          Usually women prefer the most alpha dudes, but I don’t get why men are still for the most part perfectly average 90% of the time.

        2. what height is short to you ? I consider 6’0+ to be tall, 5’6-5’10 to be average and 5’5 and below to be short.

    2. The the fundamental problem of the alpha male I had thought about but I don’t know if I said it here. Thanks. Gamey alpha males contribute to the problem as much as clueless betas do by feeding bad feminine behavior in exchange for sex.
      The article ends on a high note in that at some point, men are becoming like women of old in terms of holding sex to a higher standard because someone has to. The above night sounds worse than just staying home, playing video games, and masturbating. Perhaps it’s better only in the sense that having game and going through with getting laid prepared the author for a better relationship later as an exercise. But that’s about it.
      It’s sad that he couldn’t have told these women, and especially the trashy slut, what he thought. Maybe she could have taken away something as a lesson.

      1. What men should do if they want to make a change is intentionally withhold sex until at least date three. Masturbate without porn. Modern women expect men to be thirsty for sex, and when it doesn’t happen right away the woman is not instantly validated. It puts the power dynamic in a man’s favor and forces a woman (if she was wanting sex) to question her habit of giving it away so quickly.

  27. “It used to be that girls would wait until marriage to be “comfortable.”” You can say that again. If she’s willing to “open up” after just three hours, what did you expect? A quality lady with class? None of this is surprising really. Men need to start starving these hobags of any attention, sexual or otherwise.

  28. Author is right though about not wondering why things are the way they are. There’s no point. You can’t afford to be judgmental these days. Either you’ll get shamed by women and ostracized, be crucified, or have men criticize you as either a misogynist or someone who doesn’t get laid (shaming all the way around). Like it or leave it whether I get laid is my own business and as I’m older now I don’t really prioritize it like I used to.
    Life pretty much is up in the air right now for most men. No use it trying to figure it out. If Jebus Christ was up in the sky he’d probably have wanted to come down 50 years ago during the hippie orgy movement – so I doubt being religious is any good. Just be lucky you were born (if that) and enjoy life the best you can. Sex (if you can), food, fun, travel, nice weather.

  29. If you fuck girls without standars, you are without standards too.
    It will poison your soul sooner than later.

    1. I agree, but not for the first few since for me it was a learning experience of, “What the fuck goes through these chicks’ minds.” After I decided I had learned enough, it was time to quickly write off any girls like this one in the article, even if she was very beautiful.

      1. Of curse, we all fucked up for several times, thinking “this time it is different”. But after a sufficienty large sample size you realize it is never different. At that moment you can choose to rationalize doing it anyway, or just go and do something else.

  30. Holy shit dude,
    One of the main rules of having a fuck buddies. AVOID THE FRIENDS OR ANY EVENTS THAT INCLUDE HER FRIENDS.
    this is like game 101.
    Why would you, as a strong independent self respecting man put yourself in a position where you would be judged and ridiculed by her friends or being exposed to cringe that disgusts a red pill man.
    In this sort of shitty matriarchal anti-men society where women have so much power that only tall +good looking guys or famous guys or porn stars get any action, You gotta bang a slut on the down low, especially if you are a red pill guy.
    if a bitch starts acting up, tell her “you dress like shit” and turn your back to her and walk off and go hit up some other slut.

  31. “Game” is good and all that and growing up I was pretty tuned in to how
    women are. The point is, at some point, you just get tired. Like really
    fucking tired, to your core. You stop caring about everything. I mean,
    you are an alpha because of the way you look or you’re a pretend alpha.
    At the end of the day the women are still the same fucking trash that
    chase alpha cock and give betas (re: normal, good men who want nothing
    more than to enjoy life and be themselves. What can you do besides improve yourself and love yourself? I mean, after that, then what? Pussy? And then what? Grow old in a world with Kim Kardashian plastered on the walls, women staggering drunk through the streets with scowls on their faces, where women practically want to kill beta males because they hate them so much, cities crumbling and overrun by thugs…. and then what?
    The way I look at it, I got mine, in this time on earth. I’ve had a happy life, I live in a foreign country where I don’t get discriminated against because I’m whatever race and I’m a man, I work for a living and enjoy good food and my lovely wife.
    But my kids, man, my kids…

  32. Lol, I’d rather have dinner in a dingy restaurant in Mombasa surrounded by Kenyan militants than sit through a dinner like that. At least I could be myself there.
    It speaks mountains that the fact that a woman from a third world country like Senegal or Tibet is a better human being all around when compared to your average American woman. Mountains.

  33. And what’s funny is that there is not ONE single group of women other than Amish that get together and say “the world is awful, on the verge of collapse, the end is night;” instead they all relish in the world degenerating into a sheer hellhole.
    What’s even funnier is that the dudes who are getting laid more than anyone like Lance Christopher are the ones who wish it would all stop and be RIGHTED.

  34. And I thought this was gonna be an article about junk food…
    It still turned out to be about junk though .. LOLZ!

  35. That is what happens when they are led by the fem-media to indulge in all their whims and lower impulses, while the number of men surpass them in the US via immigration and high incarcaration rates. You giving it to her is basically the bare minimum victory that men can have in general.

  36. ‘I slept with her within three hours of meeting, but I don’t judge a girl based solely on how fast I sleep with her. Be it irrational confidence or a blinded hamster rationalization on my part, I consider it more my skills than her level of promiscuity.’
    There are guys out there with better game than you.
    If she’s fucking you within 3 hours, then she’s doing it with other guys.
    Don’t kid yourself.

  37. A girl you sleep with on the first night is not “quality” no matter how you rationalize it in your head
    A girl who has fat friends is not “quality”, shes typically a user
    That masturbating rule you have created for yourself only does you harm… I’d rather jerk off then put my penis in a dumpster. The funny part of this article is she kicked you out after having sex with you… I use to do this to girls I dont care about. You got used

  38. before you went to sleep your first thought should have been…holy crap she is texting and screwing another guy as well as with you. that’s 2 in the period of a few weeks. times that by the whole year pal. let’s say 20-30 guys a year. times that by how long she’s been this way. let’s say 5 years. 100+ guys in that vagina that you stuck your thing in and condoms don’t protect all areas and you have no idea the kind of men she slept with before you but given her behavior it could be that tattooed former felon she picked up at the bar one night that has everything from aids to herpes. that alone should give you nightmares.

  39. Girls like that are in todays terminology considered “ratchets”. You need to adjust your frame to pimp mode. Get mad at the bitch before you walk in the door, imagine every word she says is get over on you. Call her out on saying dumb shit. Piss her friends off a bit. Have fun with it… just keep frame. Not only will you feel great doing it, you’ll feel top of the world when you see the results. Only a pimp hand can handle the ratchet correctly. I like getting into crazy shit so young crazy bitches are right down my alley.

  40. I probably would have split when they turned on the TV. I fucking hate reality shows.

  41. After reading through this scene of American customs I could only wonder why anybody would want to go to a country so badly fucked up and on basis of what the chants of “America the great” are still being shouted from every TV set around the world.
    Man, am I sorry for you people who have to live like that, humoring spoilt cunts kicking you out to make room for the next penis to appear on scene.

  42. Your first mistake was in seeing her a second time. Your second mistake was not walking away when she answered the door in fucking sweatpants. Third was in staying after seeing the fat chicks. Fourth: reality tv. Fifth was in putting up with all that just to get your dick wet. She used you and tossed your ass out. You’re a beta wearing an alpha suit. You would have been better off using that wasted time doing something productive, home cooked meal or not. Wise up and jerk off next time.

    1. Yeah, this whole evening was a huge shit test. I think he failed in the long run, even if he fucked the girl.

    2. I think I’d have to disagree. He knew the score, and while revolted by what he saw he accepted it was not worth anything more than a lay. So he got what he could; otherwise I’m sure he would have moved on.

  43. My solution is not to give them attention… It is so sad to see how they crave for it, and it just funny to do the opposite of what they wish, it turns them mad! Honestly I think obese women don’t even deserve to be talked to, they would maybe lower their standards or try to look better instead of going on eating because they know some guys will hit on them nonetheless…

  44. One question about the fatty fucker. Law Dog seems to assert that FF making dessert was beta behavior. Otoh there have been articles on ROK about how alpha it is to have a woman over and prepare dinner for/with her. So is making dessert beta, but making dinner is not?

    1. It’s all in the intent. If you’re having a woman over and making dinner, it serves the purpose of telling her to do things during preparation, establishing the dominant/submissive dichotomy, among other things (pretty sure thats from a McQueen article). Making dessert for your fat gf on any given night doesn’t really show clear the clear intent of sleeping with her, because they’re already in a relationship. In that context it’s almost a night and day difference IMO

  45. Not sure i see what the big problem is here.
    You went to a chick’s apartment, ate dinner, watched a little tube while she and her fat cow friends did the dishes, fucked her, and immediately split.
    And you never have to talk to her again.
    All the other details are just noise.
    You inject so much artificial drama and meaning into this booty call.
    Like….a girl might do.
    A player wouldn’t be outraged or disturbed by this situation.
    A player wouldn’t remember the details of this evening five minutes after leaving.
    Grow up.

  46. Am I the only one who was laughing hysterically at this? I had to stop, wipe the tears from my eyes and catch my breath. Wow, I really needed that. Thanks.

  47. I think it’s weird that you think it’s weird that a guy would want to make dessert.

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