Is It Easier To Get Laid In Poor Countries?

If you’re a guy without life experience, you think money is the end-all-be-all for getting laid, that you don’t need to work on your appearance, social skills, logistics, and so on. You think that any American man can go to a poor country like Ecuador and score with only models. 

If you’re a guy who has been around, on the other hand, you know that it gets more complicated. Poor girls don’t primarily want sex from rich guys, they want his resources. To lock up those resources, she will dangle the prospect of sex until he gets whipped for her. This is easy to see in places like Colombia or Ukraine, where certain types of girls string along foreigners while maintaining sexual relations with local men (here’s an example).

The best way for a guy with game to get laid is to meet a lot of women who want sex. But women who are poor don’t go to the nightclubs (without men). Women who are worried about survival are less horny. Women who don’t have a job lack reliable internet access to use dating sites. In other words, poor countries and poor women mean less notches.

When the economy is good and job prospects solid, girls don’t seek comfort and stability in men, they seek fun and casual sex. They avoid monogamy  This is why there is no shortage of one-night stands in the United States, England, and Scandinavia even though the countries are rich (problem is they lack quality). Love tourists need to find a sweet spot where the economy is good but the quality is high. I think right now that place is Central Europe, specifically Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and the Balkans. By the time Western culture destroys Central Europe, prosperity will have moved eastward to Lithuania, Romania, and Ukraine, making them economically sound enough to sustain love touristy.

The crisis that is enveloping Europe is bad news for love tourists. While the world adoption of Facebook and smartphones is a worrying trend, what concerns me most is poverty. You simply can’t pick up girls who don’t go out. You need a strong economy for them to visit places that you also spend time in. This means that every time you hear news that Europe is doing poorly, your job just got a bit harder.

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  1. Roosh-can you say more about why daygame, with invites to a “party” you’re hosting at your apartment doesn’t work better in poor countries? Sort of a riff on your “after-party” success in Iceland. . . .

    1. I went to Spain where the economy is the worst of Western Europe, over 25 percent unemployment. I thought Spanish girls were easy compared to most American women. I thought they were definitely more approachable than Hispanic women in America. I do not know if the economic crisis has made these women more “humble” but I think its more their culture where they seem to be geared towards men.
      I did notice that I was considerably taller and more muscular than most local guys, I was tanned about the same as most local men, so I think I stood out to most women because of my size.
      I do think its easier to get laid in more “poor” countries than in richer ones where women have more resources. The thing that most richer countries have in common is that they have more women’s liberation and feminism, so women do not feel their role in life is to pleasure a man. If you go to more traditional societies, then women tend to be more feminine. Compared to most Western European countries I thought Spanish girls were a bit on the traditional side, definitely very feminine. They seem to take meticulous care of their looks which to me says they are not as feminist as women in Britain or Germany.

      1. Spanish women look less hot than Italian women..spanish polish women are least attractive whitish white women.ever am I mistaken ?

  2. The central European countries are still poor by western standards. The average American/West European makes 2x more than the average central European, and the number is even higher in eastern Europe.
    You still receive a substantial status boost if you’re American/W. European because not only are you likely to be far better off than the local men, but there is certainly a stereotype in those areas where people from the author’s part of the world are seen as wealthy.
    The fact of the matter is: women crave power. Money = power in its most raw form. The fact that the author is playing down his relative wealth/status in poor countries (like I said, central Europe is poor by Western standards) demonstrates that he’s:
    1. Trying to sell you on some abstract idea of “game,” being some sort of magic bullet for getting girls to fuck you
    2. Rationalizing his own failures in the West

    1. Jason, you don’t get it. Women crave power, but power they notice and realize, and it is specific of culture and class. I am Hungarian. For the typical working class Hungarian girl the powerful guy would be a huge body builder gangster, actual criminal, with shaven head, t-shirt with large designer logo and a large SUV with every extra to make it look dangerous. For example a large network would greatly add to the status – the real cook guy being someone whose phone is always ringing, and can organize things, like be friends with a club owner and his friends call him to get VIP passes. This is the kind of power she would recognize. You come over with an entirely different kind of power, it doesn’t get noticed as power. Bank accounts at home don’t mean a thing when on a night club floor they do not materialize as something they are familiar with.
      Again for an office class it would be entirely different, for a scientist class etc. etc.

  3. Yes – it is easier to get laid in poorer countries. I’m in Spain right now and if you’ve got your act together girls will literally jump you. At least my experience – your mileage may differ 😉

  4. I like Roosh’s writing, but Jason’s comment made me realize something — Roosh could be down on Southeast Asia because the girls here are so racist against non-whites that he will have to play his great Game with a severe handicap. Maybe in Indonesia he could play the Arab card (I know he isn’t), but even they usually have to pay. Read an upcoming Thailand trip report with a grain of salt.
    Or, in Roosh’s defense, poorer countries are more religious, so instant free pussy (his promise/racket) might indeed be near impossible. No more ONS with virgins.

    1. Very funny. Religiosity does not necessarily correlate with virginity. Look at any Catholic country, or sub-Saharan Africa where the people are very Christian or Muslim.

    2. Yes, people in the U.S. are very religious too, and yet Christians have the majority of the abortions. There will always be girls willing to sleep with you, because they know if they don’t, another girl will. You just might have to meet her whole family first.

  5. I am skeptical of all of the travel reports I see online from supposed international pussy slayers because it’s more likely that they’re fucking mostly prostitutes. I say this because I see a lot of subtextual language that implies whore mongering and because prostitutes in poor countries are cheap, available, and relatively high quality compared to what one can get in more competitive dating markets like the Western ones.

  6. @monster Quoc
    you are right poor countries are more religous espically the old world culture (continents of africa and asia)
    if you are getting laid in those countries chances are youll catch something…plus kinda sleazing goin to a developin country for 3rd world booty
    chasing broke girls in developed countrys seem to be ideal……eastern europe isnt really poor just lower standard of living compared to western europe and north america….but its fast comin up
    same story with latin america cuba mexico uruguay will have a very high standard of living in 5 -10 yrs theri HDI is coming up fast….Argentina and chile are already there

  7. Good point, Jason. Prostitutes in the 3rd world aren’t just hanging out on some track in the seedy part of town. In Brazil, for example, your local garota de programa can be your waitress, an office girl in the hotel you’re staying at or a random girl at the beach. I bet that a ninety nine percent of the stories of guys slaying pussy abroad involve a discrete prozzy like this. Not that there’s anything wrong with fucking one of these chicks, mind. Just don’t try to pass off your paid girlfriend experience as you being a pro at getting pussy, cause ya ain’t.

  8. All the guys who can’t imagine success abroad probably have never had success abroad or been abroad. Therefore, you can’t know any different except for what you hear.

  9. “while maintaining sexual relations with local men”
    Heck, that isn’t only done in other countries – when I was in grad-school, I was banging a young lady who had a “sucker” on the line, and he actually believed that she was “saving herself for marriage”. So after going out with him and getting hot, she’d come over and jump my bones.
    The week before her wedding it was non-stop unprotected sex, when she knew she was most fertile. He was in residency and had finished his last year, so they got married after he was done with, and getting offers from hospitals. My wedding gift to them was doing everything I could to knock her sweet little snatch up.
    So, US women have been doing the same thing as well… Heck, all women do. They just do it on the down-low…. The wise man assumes he’s being played, and if you are ever with a women who turns up preggo’s get a DNA test immediately, since these days, I’m betting it’s not yours at least 50% of the time…
    Trust – but verify…

    1. In some States and all over the UK you cannot get a DNA test to challenge paternity without the Mother’s along with the child’s consent as well. If you manage to get a DNA test without consent it is not admissible in a court of law come child-support time.

  10. Roosh, I think you´re overlooking a factor that boosts American men´s status. And that´s being a native English speaker. Many foreign girls will aproach you just to gain English language skills. They might hang on to improve their English which is a very valuable asset in poor and rich countries alike.
    So my question is: do you factor this in when abroad?
    You might not be as alpha as you think. I mean, just speaking English might add a point or two to your status (or usefulness to local girls).

  11. Women crave men’s power. Not the potential power as seen in our base genetics or money, but the actual use of. Masculine energy is only realized when it is applied, and must be focused to be effective. Unless they’re fucked up, women aren’t looking for violence for violence sake, they want it applied as a tool to an end. Same with money. Just spending doesn’t do anything, it’s when it’s spent to some well reasoned end that it becomes fucking sexy.
    That doesn’t change based on location. It works everywhere.

  12. It is easy to fool around with women in poor countries for the simple fact that men in poor countries almost universally treat women badly and are horrible in bed. Believe it or not there are actually countries where guys hate to have bisexual girlfriends because a guy will feel threatened by it (try to act like you are doing her a huge favor accepting her faults when a girl confesses her true fantasies to you 😉 ).Usually its better to focus on middle to upper class girls because poor girls sometimes are too focused on $$ or don’t have any free time. Think about a rich girls options in a poor country..who is she going to date-1)the rich guy sleeping with 4 girls or 2)the poor guy that is below her class who might still cheat on her/ mooch from her? Or option 3) A well off exotic foreigner who treats women well. No contest.

    1. No, poor girls in poor countries are not focused on $$$. Girls who grew up classy but are low on money do. But real working class ones stay inside their own class, because they don’t understand the world outside it. They won’t even notice you rich because they have different definitions of it.

  13. best to go to rich countrys with broke girls
    take advantage of spain portugal italy an greece right now

  14. So true. It’s far easier to get sex in the West than pretty much all developing countries. I will start to point out this more.

  15. you are 100% true it is easier to get women in rich places than in poor as general i am from ukraine and it is very hard to get a girl freind here and i ask why everybody says because its a poor country.

  16. A bit messy article from geo-economic side.Poland and Slovakia are as rich as Lithuania (average income around 500-1000 euros/month).Most of the Balkan states are dirt poor (except of Croatia and Slovenia).Ukraine is very heterogeneous,mainly due to the large grey market economy (average income is about 400-500 euros/month).Pretty much like Russia.
    Romania is the worst of all of them.A shit hole and women are ugly.(But might be good for american dudes,since you are ready to f*k anything indiscriminately what is skinny and wears a skirt)).Just kidding).
    Than lets take Portugal,it falls out of these rules at all.Women are not slutty,yet not provider seekers.Still the country is poorer than Czech republic or Slovenia.What about Spain?Massive unemployment,small salaries-but the chicks are more slutty and liberal than any Scandinavian woman.
    Roosh do not make so quick judgements.This is your weak spot.You are loosing credibility

    1. There are many decent looking Rumanian women only those after 40 44 get ugly fast
      I am greekarumun in Rumania..rumanian men are.ugly many of them young and old..and Rumanian women are rude like their men and kids to anybody rumun.or not speaking decent Rumanian.can’t wait to leave that place when a revolution comes in 2017 2018.

  17. As a Hungarian I can attest to that it does not work.
    First of all class consciousness. Plain simply a working class girl has entirely different ideas of what cool or wealthy guy is than what you have. Your ideal target is not the working class girl, but the girl who grew up classy but is still low on money. She will be reeking of cigarettes and cheap wine etc. and won’t notice you are wealthy because you are not wearing huge gold chains etc.
    And as economic problems grow, women won’t go out in droves wearing makeup and not much else to attach themselves to a wealthy foreigner or local, they stay at home and be depressed. Most of them will be too depressed to do anything, some will look for a rich mate but only through connections, like brother’s boss, and very few will go hunting for the nightclubs.

  18. you are contradicting yourself.
    In the which countries have the easiest to get laid, you said we should avoid high class clubs, like in Brazil, because women over there have money , so act snobby .
    Now, you are saying the opposite. More financial secure women equals more sex.
    Also, there is actually a lack of one-night-stand in the US. Havent you heard of the 20/80 rule ?

  19. I never made this observation and I’ve lived overseas since 2008. I say it’s easier and always has been to meet women in less affluent countries. You can punch above your weight and get women you couldn’t get back home. It’s much easier. Don’t follow Roosh at all on this one.

  20. I disagree here. I have very poor game, am short and not very handsome and my only successes at pick up were in third world countries and I’m not even rich but there they believe just because you’re white you are.

  21. I guess poor is relative, because most of the world is poor, but still has internet access.. I don’t think anyone is trying to date girls in abject poverty . I had no problem in Vietnam getting laid, but found is much more challenging in Costa Rica.

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