4 False Rape Accusations That Were Made Up Out Of Thin Air

In a classic “he said / she said” case, who should be believed? Often the absolute truth isn’t discernible to third parties. There should be standards for arriving at the next best thing to certainty, especially in today’s climate.

The problem

Harvey, we love your personality!

This greatly accelerated when Harvey Weinstein got caught with his pants down. For decades, he had his pick of starlets young enough to be his daughters, or even granddaughters. On their part, many compromised themselves willingly—though unenthusiastically—as their ticket to stardom. However, when the well dried up, the “shiksas” (let’s be honest here) turned on him with a vengeance about his Portnoy’s Complaint act. When the dam finally burst, the pent-up inward disgust about being used—with or without their compliance—flooded outward.

However, things didn’t stop with him. The avalanche of allegations continues against many others for a variety of misdeeds. Some are truly abominable. Others are more like badly-botched douchebag game. At the low end are several items like “Someone patted my butt a few years ago, and I didn’t promptly correct it by saying ‘knock it off’, but boy howdy I’m telling the world now.” Some stories are plausible and backed by evidence, and others are baloney. The vast middle ground involves classic “he said / she said” incidents.

This began as the righteous comeuppance of a first rate male feminist hypocrite. Now, it’s just one more way of demonizing male sexuality, the whole spectrum from clearly reprehensible to normal but subjectively perceived as impolite. Meanwhile “slut shaming” remains a feminist cause-du-jour, quite naturally.

How do we sort out the elusive matter of what really happened, or didn’t? Is the accuser right, or the accused? Sometimes the truth is somewhere between, though this shouldn’t be a default assumption. With only the word of the people involved, and no other witnesses or evidence, then it’s very difficult to establish anything with certainty. Often the public only has criteria that might point at the truth, but not enough to stick in court.

A single scandal might be groundless, but a long string of charges may be different. On the other side, credence in an accuser wears thin after several fishy claims. Also, when political motivation, financial reward, or attention-seeking come into the picture, then this tends to cast doubt. Finally, the story’s internal logic is a huge clue. Here are a few (of several) actual stories covered here, illustrating how the “sniff test” works.

Souad Faress

The narrative: While in a crowded London tube (subway) station, Mark Pearson shoves his fingers into the cookie of an over-the-hill actress. She screams but nobody helps.

The reality: He merely walked past her. No clothes came off. He didn’t even touch her, and his hands were holding his backpack and newspaper.

The tip-off: Security camera videotape confirmed the truth. Although mass surveillance is very worrisome, in this case the 1984-style monitoring exonerated the innocent. JPEGs or it’s not real! Also, if something like this happens at a crowded subway station, neither the perp nor the surrounding crowd would be real British people.

Further, the prosecutor had a Captain Ahab complex. This is madness; the British government did nothing while Pakistani child grooming gangs were allowed to operate year after year, because protecting their citizens would be “racist”. That’s anarcho-tyranny at its foulest.

Lorena Bobbitt

The narrative: Battered wife snaps after he rapes her. Enraged, she cuts off his penis with a kitchen knife.

The reality: As Lorena herself put it:

He always have orgasm, I never have orgasm. He’s selfish. I don’t think it’s fair, so I pulled back the sheets and did it.

I recommend making sure your woman is always satisfied; it’s great for repeat business. Still, “bobbing it” is a rather extreme penalty for not curling her toes. I also recommend not sticking your dick in crazy.

The tip-off: Well, it was more than a tip off here. The clue is that while talking to the police a little too openly, she suddenly realized that she could go to prison for severely mutilating her husband. That’s when she changed her story.

However, most people in TV-land didn’t hear what really happened. We were told that she wasn’t a bunny boiler, but instead a victim finally lashing out against horrendous abuse. The state erred by letting her switch from the real story to a self-serving lie, and the media didn’t do their job either.


The narrative: College student rapes coed, and in so doing spat on her, bit her, and called her filthy names.

The reality: Crazy chick on campus has very enthusiastic sex, then changes her mind after the fact.

The tip-off: She reported this several months later to a campus tribunal, with the power merely to expel him. She didn’t report it immediately to the city police, with the power to file criminal charges. If it happened as she told it, there would’ve been DNA evidence (from both semen and saliva). Further, the biting would’ve left dentition patterns matching his teeth. That would’ve been a pretty easy case to prosecute, if any of that really happened. Further:

This point hit me very hard one day when I was at the university gym. I saw her over in the corner with some other girl, whispering in her ear and pointing at me. “Great,” I thought.

Based off of her behavior, it’s very obvious that she “got off,” so to speak, on being a victim. She liked the attention that she got from other women and probably manginas. She liked the emotional validation that it gave her. “I was raped,” is synonymous with “I’m attractive enough to be raped,” and she couldn’t get enough.

At first, she merely wanted sex; later, she wanted attention and drama.

Bathroom chick

The narrative: Lust-crazed student tries to rape coed in the bathroom, and she barely escapes.

The reality: College chick invites guy to the bathroom (ugh) for fun, changes her mind before much happens, then creates drama.

The tip-off: She clearly embellished the story. That always should set off the bullshit detectors. She claimed he hid her clothes in the bathroom. (It’s impossible to hide things from someone who’s watching.) She claimed he locked her in the stall. (They lock from the inside, obviously.) His thoughts were that bad game on his part caused this. I conclude that his only real problem was target selection.


But Zuleikha, you’re married to Potiphar, and he’s my boss! I banish you to the Friend Zone for this!

Most of the charges flying around lately are much less serious than the above, but the principles apply. Some say false accusations almost never happen. However, people lie about all sorts of things to destroy reputations, or to make themselves look better. Why should sexual misdeeds be an exception? Especially lately, that’s very effective at getting revenge, while gaining sympathy.

When this soon reaches the point of absurdity, the public will abandon the current “believe all allegations” position and start applying the “sniff test”. Unfortunately, this will make it more difficult for those who’ve actually been victimized to be believed. However, those to blame won’t be skeptics, but rather all the false accusers.

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27 thoughts on “4 False Rape Accusations That Were Made Up Out Of Thin Air”

    1. In many countries these accusations would be impossible because being alone with a man is considered irrevocable consent. Laws need to be made with a bit of common sense.

    2. To be honest, the Bobbits look like a rather normal couple by 2017 standards. I think this happened in 1993, so they appear a little less drugged, fluoridated, chemtrailed, Smart Metered, and GMO’d!

  1. What about that butt ugly “mattress girl” from Columbia U.?
    I figured she would have made this list as well.

  2. If our society accepts that some men are trapped in women’s bodies, we should accept that most men are born into men’s bodies which as a whole are genetically wired to procreate. The sexual liberation of women has brought society to the point that women, attempting to act like men, have found that they can get laid very easily and often. Face it women don’t need game to get dick, but faced with too much of a easy thing, women are redefining their indiscretions as victimhood. We need to stop persecuted men for Harvey Weinstein’s unorthodox way of fertilizing potted plants.

    1. The problem I have with transgenders/lesbians is that there are females attempting to become what they hate and what they want wiped from the surface of the earth, men.
      Men become women/lesbians to try to get, what they cannot get as men, women.

    2. Get out of jail card: say you’re a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. It’s perfect, you can still go for chicks and play the victim at the same time. Win-win.

  3. Bloody hell!!!
    Mark Pearson’s story new to Me but gave Me the RAGE instantly!
    What an awful fucking CUNT the accuser was!
    Just gave Me a ‘dejavu’ feeling when some thinks that “no, this ain’t gonna happen to me”!
    Like 10 years ago roughly, I was making My way to queue up to the bus, touched a handrail halfway up when touching the oyster card to the reader. . .
    Lot of people, bla bla.
    So I got that handrail thing in My hand when suddenly some middle aged sad unfuckable looking English hag turned around and started yelling like a freaking police siren: GET YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM THERE! ! ! ! ! !
    Was a foot off holding the handrail minding My business and this disgusting CUNT drawn a lot of unwanted attention immediately!
    Gave her a nasty look, I thought she was accusing Me for stealing or whatnot.
    Lucky to her I was worry about day by day struggling but I felt close to kick her fucking bag all over the bus, let the witch collect all her fucking tesco cans after that!
    Today would be a different story… Just tell her: I will take this to your doorstep! You fucking cunt! ( which I did to a stupid hr agency girl when she was threaten Me not to get paid after I did some crawler crane job in the storm under life threatening circumstances! Her email response: You going to get paid immediately and please don’t contact our agency anymore! <<<— She pissed herself while typing that! So I got paid. )
    And I can recount quite a few frighteningly similar stories HAPPENED with innocent guys just here at London!
    ( Stupid underground worker Brasilian bitch was harassing some other college worker boy at some underground station but he refused her. She got the boy arrested for sexual harassment or whatnot! ALL GOT RECORDED on cctv cameras! I think she only got fired but not convicted. This was around 2004-5 way before these cases were blown up like these. )
    Anyways, cut it short: probably MOST OF US can tell similar stories that follow the same pattern! Usually the “unfucked ones” are the ones!

    1. Why is it that the ones least likely to be raped or harassed are the ones that cry rape or harassment the most? Are they THAT desperate for attention?

  4. I actually friended poor Mark on Facebook after what happened. I’m still seeing red over that one.
    Liam Allan is the latest victim. He’s thankfully been exonerated by the TENS OF THOUSANDS of text messages his “victim” sent him after the “assault.” Apparently the authorities purposefully withheld such evidence in instances like his, so if there’s something good that can come out of all this, it’s that it may be that Alison Saunders and the rest of the misandrist sows at the CPS have overplayed their hands.

    1. The CPS runs roughshod over the Brits. Western women flock to the legal colleges and this creates a glut of career cougar women who crowd out the judiciary seats in western countries. This also creates a never ending psychotic gynoptic blood fest in the court system that spirals and feeds off itself. One single menstruating woman on the rag in a black robe can send ten good men to their deaths during her ‘hell week’. Women make the bench stink in more ways than one. They discredit and erode confidence in the entire system to the point of total recall. Majority sentiment is for complete tear down of the system now. Whoooh those benches reek. Remove those vile creatures from the benches at once.

      1. The Brit police are even worse, they will attempt to ‘punish’ the accused men in cases the CPS won’t even look at.

  5. I had several FALSE SEXUAL HARASSMENT BS thrown at me from several jobs I had from 1997-2002 when I was 17-22 years old. I think the reason behind it was that I was very good looking during this time period and appeared to have a more proper upbringing. At that time I looked almost exactly like Christian Bale from American Psycho.
    1. While working at a mall in 1997, several girls (that I did not know) at a shoe store accused me of stalking them to their cars. They did not file a police report and only went to mall management to place their complaint. Soon, angry tall (6’3 and up) and stocky (heavy set) boyfriends or friends intimidated me at my job. I quit in Nov 1997 and went to work at Home Depot for about 2 years while attending college.
    2. While working at a bank in the year 2000, management was very happy about my performance. Only a couple weeks in and they offered me a position in mortgage lending. While I was getting trained in my new position, one of the bank tellers accused me of touching her ass on the job. I was asked to report to Human Resources on Monday morning. When I was accused of doing this I asked “was a police report made??? you have cameras in the building, is there any camera that shows me doing this because I know that I didn’t do this at all? The Human Resources head was an old lady and she said “no, we’re just going to let you go!” I replied “You’re fucking joking with me, aren’t you?” “No, she said, you’re terminated”!
    3. The next one was at a retail store where I worked in Pet and Garden as a retail associate. I was fired after a few months on the job after I was told that I LOOKED AT A FEMALE EMPLOYEE THE WRONG WAY!!
    I guess I feel lucky that this happened to me back then instead of today because now the women own the justice system in 2017 and not just the employer…No women today look at me. I’m balding, 38 years old, feel tired most of the time and don’t have a good looking face anymore. I feel lucky that no woman even looks at me or would even consider asking me to touch her junk in the bathroom.
    Women and the world itself has made me into what I’am today. Just another balding, forgetful, 40 year old white guy. So a word of wisdom to cocky, good looking guys from 18-29: Don’t show you have brains and good looks! A little Anglicized Western Vagina will always have the upper fucking HAND!! MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!!!!

    1. $0 ain’t the end of your life, lift, cycle, run, hike, shave your head. You can be as ripped as you like at 40 and beat the pants off most guys in their 20s. At 62, I’m the fittest and hardest that I’ve ever been in my life!

    2. @40YearOldWhiteMale
      Hey guy, listen to Mr. Dodd.
      I’ll be 52 next month, and am bald as well. I shave my head every week. And no more beard so the gray doesn’t show. Do my pushups and dips and other stuff to stay fit & trim. And I usually get laid 3 times a week (two pops each time). One of my regulars is a 19 yo hottie with a great attitude. Costs me WAY more than $40 (I am in NY, not SE Asia), but what else am I going to do with my $$$? I won’t lie. I would much rather be living a “George Clooney life”, with hot young girls throwing themselves at me, but that’s not in the cards for me. So I figure paying to bang hot young girls is better than being stuck with some cranky old bag in her 40s. Not saying you have to go my route, but there ar still things to look forward to. Merry Xmas & try to stay positive for 2018. Good Luck sir!

    3. I have been through similar situations exactly like this too, 40 Year-Old White Male. The classical come back from liberal feministas is that men like us are the problem, and we bring this upon ourselves. Yeah right! I am a 60 year-old white male, so unfortunately, I have had 20 more years of these shenanigans to contend with than you. I have lost 3 jobs in my life due to women. 2 were no big lose, but one was the best job I ever had which I held down from 2004-2010. Loved the work, great salary, year end discretionary bonuses that averaged $8,000-$12,000, great boss, strong benefit package, and almost total autonomy. Life was good. After strings of dead end chump change jobs, my ship had finally come in. I was building a savings, drove a 5 series BMW, and was beefing up a 401K plan. This place loved to hire women, lesbians, and minorities. A lot of the women were mudsharks. Broods of trophy bastards by multiple black baby daddies, psychotic, endless drama, combative, mouthy, disrespectful, slothful and lazy, promiscuous as alley cats, habitually tardy or absent, constantly screwing up, obese, bad skin and hygiene, health issues, druggies, cursed like dock workers, slept on the job, dumpy dress, chain smokers, habitually angry, endless bad life decisions, and dumber than bags of hammers. One day, I called one of these mudsharks who was an Admin. She was especially inept, combative, and had a chip on her shoulder like a telephone pole. She was also notorious for being incredibly lazy, would never answer her phone or emails, and would never return calls. I had a top account that I was in jeopardy of losing, and it was imperative I needed something done. I left a message, and thought I had disconnected, but evidently I had not (foolish mistake on my part). Out of anger and extreme frustration, I made some disparaging remark about mudsharks and blacks. She ran it into the HR lady to play back. The HR lady was an old leftover hippie, and it got her undies in a bunch. There were 3 HR women, and the male employees adoringly referred to them as the “coven”. I was called in, and unceremoniously let go, but was not told why. I live in an At Will Employment state, so the cards are stacked in the employers favor. I later found out the reason through 2 trusted managers I was tight with. I found a part-time job, and spent 14 months job hunting in the worse recession since the Great Depression. Employers take a dim view of white males, especially older white males who are long term unemployed. My savings went away, I was in jepordy of losing my house and my ride, and had few prospects. I finally found a job at 45% less salary with a woman owned company. I tolerated that for 1 year, then got out! Word to the wise, stay away from women owned companies!!! Here is what I hope is sage wisdom from an old man. Young men, look at the trades as a career path. The trades still offer respite from women, and the trades are still male dominated. Also, any work that is nasty, dirty, or dangerous is predominantly women free. Do not share any of your personal life, religious views, or political views with women at the workplace. Be pithy and businesslike when interacting with women on the job. Watch your back with mudsharks, single mommies, and obese women. For that matter, watch your back with the married stable appearing women, especially professing Christian women (and I am a Christian by the way). Avoid women drama like the plague. Give pithy answers like ok, duly noted, yes, or no when women bait you for combative altercations (know they will too!!). Throw curve balls and diffuse such situations with off the wall statements as you can throw off the majority of these hellish harpies this way. Stand down and concede as much as you can as to avoid being terminated. This may seem weak, but picking your battles with these psychotic wenches is imperative. As white males you are SCREWED! As white males you can be terminated immediately with no reason, for vague reasons, or for willey-nilly BS reasons. White makes are not a protected class, and can be flushed down the toilet like a morning turd. When falsely accused of anything be calm, give pithy responses, and play dumb. Watch your emails, web use, water cooler talk with the guys, and make sure your cell phone disconnects when done talking!! When ready to quit, do not give notice, nor share where you are going. Make sure you have a bug out bag at hand, and get all your personal effects, and for tradesmen, make sure you get all your tools! Wrap it up on Friday, walk out the door, and do not look back. Watch your back with BLACKS! Same rules apply. Harsh words learned the harsh way. Do not trust women at the workplace, my young compatriots!

    4. You should’ve told them you were gay and it was not possible you sexually harassed those girls. You would’ve automatically put you into a protected class and your employers terminating you would be a major EOE violation.

  6. I think if I saw a female drowning in water, like Ray Kroc said “I’d put a hose in their mouth and turn on the water.”

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we need a database for false rape accusers. There’s already a sex offender registry so why not one for false accusers?
    If there ever was a worthwhile project out there for the manosphere, then this is it.

    1. Call your Republican or Libertarian senator or congressman if they aren’t completely invaded by the body snatchers (globalists)…Call your local city council! Start a petition…Like Manny in the 1985 movie Runaway Train jumping from the old diesel locomotive w/ no walkway to the newer engine. You have to do something about it.
      Speaking of Runaway Train…There should be an entire article on ROK dedicated to that awesome film!! Its rarely shown and I think I know why…Easily, the most Red Pilled film ever made by Andrei Konchalovsky!

  8. Women always fuck up technical details when they are fabricating a story, like being locked in a bathroom stall..
    One that really annoyed me recently that was never properly addressed was the Roy Moore accusers claim that he ‘pressed a button’ and locked all the car doors and she couldnt escape..in 1979..
    All Moore had to do was identify the type of car he was driving at that time to clearly show it was a lie.
    I cant think of one 70’s car that had this function. Even modern cars with this function still allow doors to be open from inside unless rear child locks are activated. This claim was so easy to destroy but they never seized on it at all.

  9. http://archive.li/Ns35n
    https://imgur.com/a/MQjlg (top of 3rd page)
    Linda Fairstein: America’s top sex crimes expert still lies that she ever said any such thing. Until last year I think she was unaware anyone had found the source of the quote ascribed to her. I have inside info. she found out it was discovered after she had denied it for decades. She often does public appearances for her books. If anyone should encounter her, question her about it.

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