Thoughts From A Siberian Girl

Siberia is an interesting place.  My first impression — why the hell did I choose to come here?  But it grows on you, ever so slowly, until you finally actually start appreciating the place.  This week I met with a 24 year old Siberian girl on a platonic basis, for her to tell me about her city and her culture.  Here are some of her thoughts on various topics, paraphrased:


I really want husband and children by now.  I’m old at 24, and need to find someone.  Several years ago, it was normal for girls to be married by 21 and start having kids.  Now people are doing it later and I don’t like it.  Even still, some of my friends are already with second child.

Gender Roles

I am not fan of this ‘career woman’ thing that is happening.  What do you call it? Emancipation in America? I think it is horrible.  Women should take care of families and the man should work.


I don’t like how America pushes itself and its ideas everywhere.  It is spreading here and I don’t like it.  For example, the emancipation of women.  Now sometimes women here think it’s okay not to be married until later, and guys don’t want to marry either.  We don’t even consider Moscow real Russia anymore, as it tries to be so American.  I much prefer the USSR times even if that sounds crazy.  At least then people got married when they should.

Also we have stereotypes here that Americans are stupid, and sorry but I believe it.  Are they really like that?


You should order this, it’s real good Russian food.  [I ask her what she wants.]  Me? Nothing, it is past 7pm and I don’t eat at night.  I have to stay in good fitness.


I don’t think I can live in America.  I am — how you say? — homophobe?  I don’t like gays or lesbians.  You guys like them too much, I don’t understand it.

My thoughts…

This is one of the more interesting and real conversations I have had with a girl.  I wish I had more to share.  About 15 minutes into our meeting I was tempted to break out my phone or pen/paper and start taking notes, but that would have been awkward.  Especially given what started as platonic was morphing into sexual interest, as there was some thigh pushback.*

We went into discussing the dating culture here and she expressed her disinterest with Russian men.  They were lazy and noncommittal. Upon pressing more, the men act this way because they have so many options.  Later that night I went out to a club, and the ratio was blatantly more girls than guys.  The girls there were telling me there were never any good looking guys at the club.  On my way there, I saw a guy in shorts and flip flops with a model type in heels and a dress.

As Winston Churchill so famously exclaimed, Russia “is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”  I agree.  It is still to early to make any conclusive statements about the culture as I’ve only been here a week.  But I am intrigued and look forward to increasing my understanding as I spend some more time here in the depths of Mother Russia.

* Thigh pushback is my rather reliable way to gauge a girl’s sexual interest in me.  While sitting next to each other, I let my thigh or knee fall onto her thigh while continuing my conversation in a non-sexual manner.  If she retracts her thigh, she is not interested.  If she keeps her thigh there, she is interested.  If she pushes back with her thigh, she is very interested.

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84 thoughts on “Thoughts From A Siberian Girl”

  1. Sounds like I need to add Siberia to my travel itinerary. This article is further evidence of how rotten to the core modern America is. Just think – most women thought like this before the Long March Through the Institutions began. Nowadays finding a woman like this is a rare treasure indeed.

    1. The state of modern US is a testament to the tremendous power of fundamental (philosophical) ideas. In this case, of evil ideas.

    2. i fully agree,,live in sweden and here far worse than u.s.a,,,the women like men and men like women,,,russian girls generally speaking are much better than western’s girls,i ,,have had chinese gf and they the same also very nice and feminine as a women should be,,,,let all trash feminism doing all they want done and then is left only nerd and jerk in western countries for them to choose,,,

  2. Even after this great story I don’t know if I want to go to Siberia. It’s one of the places that come to mind when I think of somewhere I don’t ever want to be haha. I love how she flat out says she doesn’t like gays, too bad she calls herself a homophobe as its such a leftist term. She’s gaming you buddy make sure she’s for real. These foreign girls actually use game but they too can all to easy turn on you once they get what they want marriage and children haha.

    1. Even if she is gaming him, what a wonderful place where you openly can proclaim your homofobia. I love it !.

  3. This seems contrived to the point of fake. She uses the cliched Russian phrase “how you say?” but also goes on to use the words emancipation and homophobe. I don’t buy it. Would put money on this post being wishful thinking.

    1. Most eastern European women won’t participate in gay, feminism..debates. But they are feminine in nature, so they’d call it common sense. Women here hate when man doesn’t lead and are happy to fullfill female role. Overall people hate political corectness of any kind, they smell BS. Communism taught them…

    2. He said he was paraphrasing. Its hard to recreate conversations word for word, especially when one of the speakers doesn’t have a firm grasp of English. He captured the sentiment of what she was trying to say.

    3. I can attest to that type of thinking. English is my second language and expanding vocabulary and pronunciation is always a challenge

    4. Yup, the Hollywood “how you say?” Combined with the more complex words had my bullshit detector beeping too.

  4. Just keep an eye on the popularity progression of social media, and when the local cell phone providers flood the region with smart phones. There is no accounting for what the future holds. If one relocates there one big challenge is to adjust to the different way of life.

    1. I’m sure that social media will have an impact, but we also have to remember that America’s social woes have been building over generations. Facebook and the like, capitalized on the narcissism that began in the 50’s and 60’s. While hippies were tripping on acid in SF, people were waiting in bread lines in the Soviet Union. I’d like to believe that Eastern Europe and Russia can resist some of the consequences we’ve seen in America through a stronger culture of family and tradition. Maybe it’s wishful thinking.

      1. I’d have to agree. Technology is neutral. The values behind using the technology aren’t.

        1. That’s like saying alcohol or meth are neutral. In theory, if humans are perfectly rational and moral. Except they aren’t.
          ‘Technology is neutral’ is something that nerdy technophiles like to repeat to themselves to justify their unswerving worship of technology.

    2. What you’ve mentioned scares the hell out of me. If the one-worlders and socialists have their way, they’ll turn the whole world into a semblance of modern America. Hopefully, revolution would break out before that happened, but the powers that be are very good at narcotizing the sheeple out there.

      1. Don´t worry, we don´t want to be like you (US). Negative points for using the word “sheeple”.

  5. Russian Men tend to be either drunks or bad boy criminals because Russia is only recovering from the endgame of feminism — Eliminating the beta male.
    With all the equality everywhere, where wages & hours and compensation were all equal there was no need or ability for a man to improve his SMP by working hard and playing by the rules. A man had 3 choices (1) join the party [limited to only a few] (2) drop out and drink vodka or (3) become a criminal bad boy.
    This is why there were so few men at the Club Law dogger went to. Society is so bad that a lot of men just dropped out. The remaining men all (in addition to quasi criminal tendencies) have an abundance mentality, which is frustrating to Russian women.
    This is why Russia was/is so appealing to us Americans. If women want their alpha fuxx and beta buxx lozzollozz, and can’t get this from Russian men, then foreign men look more appealing by comparison.
    It would be a mistake to stop at “Russian women are better,” but instead realize that the truth is closer to “Russian feminism is so bad that Russian women prefer foreign betas to Russian men.”

    1. My take is that in Russia, while feminism took hold on the surface, it was a veneer, at least for the women, and most Russian women kept their traditional views. In the West, especially English-speaking countries, feminism has taken far deeper hold.

      1. The Russian women had to fight at the front in WW2, that’s how great russian feminism was.

  6. Add to this a conversation I had just recently with a Ukrainian girl:
    “I don’t care for American women. They are like men with skirts.”

    1. Amen! All they’re missing is a ball sack and penis. Maybe then they’ll finally feel “liberated.”

  7. Russia will be the next superpower when America is smoldering ashes.
    If there is a place I’d expat…it would be there. A lot has changed in 20 years.

    1. Unless China simply overwhelms them and takes over with their population, you could be right.

  8. This is the part of the mansphere I don’t get. I don’t want a girl that thinks she should be married at 24. Been there, done that, not interested in supporting a no working woman.

    1. The best a beta can hope for is to get married to a good woman. He’s never going to be a successful PUA. What he doesn’t want is to get a cocked-over 30 year old bride.

      1. You are correct, it makes a lot of sense for betas. I think I assumed most guys around here were getting laid with not much trouble. I am not a PUA, but I am happy right now with a small rotation of sevens.

        1. your outlook is irretrievably american and post-feminist – you might as well be jerking off as endlessly bagging whores. And women are a scurge on the work force.

        2. I am not american and I live in Brazil. Both world are here: post and pre feminism. I can assure you neither world is perfect.
          Maybe women were better outside the job market, but that is irreversible now. Wages are too low to support a family nowdays. Red pill is about accepting reality, they are all whores, there is no promissed land.

    2. If she’s not married at 24, she’s a whore at 18.
      There are exceptions here and there, but for society as a rule, in our liberated times, it’s either early marriage or lifetime whoredom. We can’t stave off sex that long.

    3. That’s the culture at work. “Over the hill” is 26 or a bit earlier for them.

      1. The girl in the article is smart, if that is what she wants. What I don’t get is why guys on this site glorify this state of things. I mean, if the author liked the girl so much, why he is not getting married?

        1. I’d say they glorify it because this type of thinking is rare, especially if you’re used to the typical Americhick with her unrealistic demands and social ineptitude.
          Getting married is another kettle of fish entirely. I remember when I was in East Asia, falling head over heels for the girls there. (Again, something quite different than what I was used to here in the US.) Would I have married them? Hell, no . . . I wasn’t interested in that and I certainly wasn’t interested in marrying into the girl’s family or culture. Too much work.
          Fine for fun, not necessarily for marriage.

    4. so you would rather support a twice divorced 37 year old singlemother whos gonna leave with half ?

      1. I dont have a plan right now, just banging some girls 18 to 32 yo here an there. When I separated from my wife I was glad she had a good job and now we only need to share our daughter expenses.
        I understand that maybe if she was a full time housewife, dependent on me, maybe things would have gone better, but we can never know.

    5. so you would prefer a career girl in her 30’s?
      makes me shiver just thinking about it.

      1. What makes me shiver is thinking about starting it all over: expensive wedding party, house, kids, bigger house.
        I am done with that, and when I feel its time to settle I will look for a woman that is done with that as well. Maybe it will take more than ten years for that, than a 30yo is fine for a forty something.

        1. yes. i’m american, divorced, 42, and probably going to marry my 30-year-old central american girlfriend. i couldn’t be happier. she was a virgin before she met me, so bonus.
          anyway, point is that if 40 is still far off for you, you have no need to be in a hurry to settle down again.

  9. “She’s gaming you buddy make sure she’s for real. These foreign girls
    actually use game but they too can all to easy turn on you once they get
    what they want marriage and children haha.”
    Yeah, its not possible she’s simply telling you what she already thinks you want to hear right? You’ve just lucked onto the motherlode of traditional hot blondes in das motherland.
    I’ll never get this aspect of the ‘sphere. I thought the idea was to realize that women all operate on the same predictable cues and triggers due to biology. That tight game should work on any woman, not just western ones. Yet there’s this prevailing belief that foreign girls are somehow above hypergamy and shit testing. Doesn’t it seem more obvious that when you are a foreigner in their lands they will suppress all that in order to score you, the prize?
    Now, going there with your practiced game for the sole reason of notch count like Roosh is another matter. But it seems far more common that guys are looking for some incorruptable wife stock.
    Seems to me that once you get them back to the States all bets are off. I’ve seen enough of the guys who bring home their foreign brides, have a kid, pay for their college and then watch them skip off to upgrade husbands. Maybe relationship game could keep them in line, but sadly many men that do this lack in value and thus get sidelined once she’s got her foothold in the States. Or maybe you decline to buy her all this crap and keep her at home in a traditional role. And you pray that the other harpies in the neighborhood don’t become her frenemies while you work and start putting ideas in her head….
    But of course many of you express desire to expat and avoid the corrupting influence of evil USA. To which I say, why? So you can marry a woman and not risk her leaving you due to social pressures? At some point every reasonably worthwhile place to live on this planet will be modernized, this article points to it with Moscow and clearly we see how its happened or happening in most of Asia. So what length do you go to for a “quality wife”?
    You’re telling me you have to go to fucking Siberia to get a woman who is suitable wife stock? At what point is the realistic conclusion that marriage is a broken and irretrievable concept for men and we should fucking abandon that shit? Before long you won’t be able to find a marriage quality woman on the moon, so either PUA or MGTOW seems to be the more logical step than finding wives in bum fuck Egypt.
    For those of you hell bent on raising progeny, well that’s a pretty shitty situation, but I’d still say that if you need to move to Siberia to accomplish it, maybe marriage has too long jumped the shark. This modern world leaves nothing on the man’s end of the marriage contract, why sign it?

    1. nice response but you forget the main point, Western women delays marriage till they are too old..which is the main problem.
      You can talk all you want but something is defo wrong here. And it STILL better “there”.

    2. dude, you missed the point. you dont HAVE TO bring her home with you so she can be subjected to the shitty influences of feminazis. stay there with her for as long as she serves your purposes, then trade her in for a younger model. duh.
      me personally, i will be definitely moving east in the coming years. cheers!

    3. The loosers from “manosphere” by some misterious reason assume that russian women are dumb and don’t know what men want to hear).
      LOL I am russian and I laugh at you,morons.
      Bloody hell,they game even men from their own country by telling them what they want to hear.
      And bte how come homophobia makes a woman more attractice to a man?it’s just her opinion,man

  10. Biggest problem with foreign girls: language! I’m in China and I could clean up if I took the miserably long time and effort it takes to master mandarin while working full time. Ugh… saying that is hard is like saying Navy Seal training is challenging for a 40 year old (I am 42)

  11. Typical game talk from a Russian girl. There is one point that is relevant though: Russian girls act like this because of the context and society that they live in. Traditional rules are the same for everyone and they are extremely competitive by nature. Bring her to America and her behavior may not be the same and her deeds may not match their words anymore.
    On the other hand, all her conversation leads to a commonly known bottom line: man works to pay for everything; girl obligation is to stay pretty (not necessarily
    taking care of the family). Remember: the concept of a housewife in America is
    different from the one in Russia. A Russian housewife can be bloody expensive… everyday.
    In the end, their additional value stands only on their great bodies and performance capabilities in bed. The rest is just the same crap with a different wrap!

  12. Law Dogger what are you doing in Russia? Never been to Siberia, but I’ve spent a lot of time there before.

  13. by the gods – is there hope? maybe we should all move to russia and eastern europe and abandon north america as a charred out husk of depravity

    1. Kind of like how the Romans abandoned the Western Empire and thrived in the East for another 1300 years?

  14. “Me? Nothing, it is past 7pm and I don’t eat at night. I have to stay in good fitness.”

  15. Whatever happened to “Pay no attention to what girls say, only to what they do?”
    Law Dogger seems to think that every syllable out of this desperate Siberian babe’s mouth is blessed by the empirical scientific spirit of Einstein.

    1. please read her conversation more depth,,she share her inner thoughts and feeling and how she see to the world,,,im not russian but u judge her unfairly,,,she say she care her body that she not get fat like most of american women,she said she don’t like lesbian and she is a conservative young lady with traditional behavior,,,in fact she is the typical of the ideal lady for marriage though all she say may not make her like a angle in a common life in future,,but who is perfect???

  16. Whatever happened to “Pay no attention to what girls say, only to what they do?”
    Law Dogger seems to think that every syllable out of this desperate Siberian babe’s mouth is blessed by the empirical scientific spirit of Einstein.

  17. I dated a Siberian girl in the past. She even laughs if we talked about the security here and there. Here in Germany she can go on np the street at night. There she could not do and stay at home. She laughed about the girls they fear here to go out at night. She laughed also about the girls who dress so ugly and don’t understand it why they are how they are here.

  18. This article is terrible. It’s pandering to manosphere readers; telling them exactly what they want to hear and has been said a thousand times.
    It also sounds almost made up in how it’s written to sound like a Russian girl speaking – “how you say?”
    The point about America being an unwelcome imperialist power and Americans being stupid has been hackneyed for over a decade.

  19. If Russia weren’t such an intolerant place, I would be happy to go there. The violence towards racial and sexual minorities is a turnoff for me (more the former obviously).

  20. To all questioning this – this is true thoughts of a Russian woman, this is not a joke. She speaks the truth even in a broken language. Just some comments from my Russian point of view:
    Russian food is excellent and usually required lots of effort to cook. You cannot make a tasty dish in 5 min. Americans are so used to quick junk meals they don’t have time to appreciate true cooking. A hamburger (a disgusting frozen piece of meat between 2 pieces of bread) is not a meal, it’s only a snack – from a Russian point of view.
    There is a saying in Russian language: “Eat breakfast yourself, share your lunch with a friend, give your dinner to your enemy” – this is what all Russian women abide by. You have to stop eating several hours before you go to bed to remain thin and healthy. Hunger is your natural remedy against fat.
    All gays and lesbians – this is just not natural. Men should love women, and women should love and be with men – this is how Mother-nature created us, and people should follow this traditional route. If, for whatever reason, a person doesn’t follow this, then there is definitely something wrong with him/her. In Russia they just don’t like people who are different than the majority.
    A traditional guideline for a girl to get married in Russia always was in her last 1-2 years in college or uni – when she is 21-22 y.o. A girl is supposed to meet her husband in college/uni. Also, Russian education system is kind of supportive of pregnant female students. She can skip some lectures and get automatic credits from professors simply because she’s pregnant. So, hitting 25 y.o., not being married and not have kids is really “getting old” from a Russian girl point of view. And, according to Russian doctors’ guidelines, girls giving birth after 25 y.o. are “old mothers” – this is a note in their medical records.
    A woman is a woman, a man is man. You cannot choose or change your sex given by the nature. And those women who think they can ignore what is given by nature are just fools. It is a man’s world out there, always was, always will be. Russian women, maybe, the smartest women in the world because they understand this.
    Sometimes Americans are just naive, probably, because they never had to live through the shit which some Russians have to live through. So, Russians have very strong survival skills, and in that respect they view Americans inferior to them in many life situations. However, Russians still enjoy American mass media and technologies. So, basically, they pick and choose what to love and what not to love about America.

  21. Seriously, I should consider marrying a Siberian woman. Seriously I should consider learning Siberian or Russian. Seriously I should just shake Mr. Putin’s hand for standing up to Western Socialist Liberal Imperialism.

  22. Prefer the USSR?
    That’s the other side of the coin, where they sent women to the front lines to fight and forced them into brothels to service the men on the front lines.
    The USSR, that routinely executed 10% of their own soldiers to “motivate” the other 90%?
    Why not get married in the USSR. What else was there POSSIBLY to look forward to?

  23. Wake up, :-)guy. You are just disvovering Russia now???? 🙂 it has been done by your cohntry men pioneers in 1991-93, the girls you meet now know all too well what to say, when to smile, when to blush and retract/push back their thighs…. i am lmao at 24 year old dreaming of Soviet family times….what does she know???? Idealized stories? 🙂 i should tweet or blog in response to your praises of Russian women – I am one, living in the west since 1994! And may I say that nobody changes their ”song” faster that a Russian woman when she finds herself in US – I know plenty wh
    Who did

  24. RE: Thigh pushback . I am from Siberia and I can tell you about that. If she retructed her thigh, it does not mean that there is no sexual interest. It means that she is a very well behaved girl who has certain standards about when men can start touching her.

  25. I think Siberian women looks a lot like a Korean women. Looks like they’ve got single eyelids like Koreans. Maybe this was what happened after Russians took over Sakhalin Island.

  26. you witnessed something very rare for siberia: a man wearing shorts. think i’m joking? unless you are at a lake, you never see siberian guys wearing shorts, even when it’s 90 degress. i’m not sure why that is…

  27. Though I enjoy reading Law Dogger’s articles on RoK, his articles on RoK pertaining to Russian women are beginning to get predictable and lame.
    Most of the time he writes about how Russian girls are so feminine, blah blah, etc. It gets really annoying. Every one knows about the whorish true nature of Russian women.
    One of the reasons I enjoy reading articles on RoK, is because it teaches men on how not to pedestalize women (even the “good” ones). Unfortunately, what Russian women can offer is a beautiful body and good sex, but no personality. That’s why they are whorish. And it does not make them a “good” option – LTR wise.
    So it’s ironic to note the pedestalization of Russian women in articles such as these. American men have already suffered from pedestalizing American women in the past. Do they need to suffer more by pedestalizing and harping about Russian women too?
    I understand every man has his own fetishes, but men do not need to justify or harp about them all the time.
    Russian women are Whores, period. In Russia, game does not exist. Only Money talks there. “No money, no honey” is the rule with Russian women.

  28. I just got back from Ukraine in mid July. This was my 2nd trip to the country in 7 months. This time I got engaged to the most beautiful and interesting woman I have ever met. Its True the women in Ukraine have many traditional values that really appeal to me. They like to look pretty for their man, and they know how to take care of a man. There’s no bullshit feminist crap to deal with. And to top it off the men there don’t seem to realize just how desirable these women really are. I was in Kherson where my lady lives and observed a group of
    4-5 beautiful girls all wearing dresses and short skirts and high heels walking across a large open plaza….when they crossed the road one slipped and fell hurting her knee. There was a group of men standing less than 15 feet from where she fell. Not one of them tried to help her in fact I think they were laughing at her. It was the weirdest thing. In the states girls like this would be poured over and made a fuss over. I never saw so many model quality women in one place in my life..But i did see many lower class looking (Ukrainian) men with some of the hottest girls on the planet. My advise get on a plane and visit Odessa, Nichiliaev and Kherson ASAP!

  29. I still think Latina girls (born in their contries) living in North America is the best pick. I’m Russia born and raised, during my life in N. America out of all the genuin relationships I have had – all were Latin girls. And they always stayed loyal to me. I was the one breaking up.
    No offence but when I see your average “Jessica” hopping along – all I see is a mental trash vessel.
    Whereas Latinas usually elicit hope

  30. Russian women are incredibly hot and smart.
    I’ve been to Siberia/Far east twice. To say I had a good time would be an understatement.
    I literally stood on a street in December at -20 below zero and saw more smokin’ hot women walk by in 15 minutes than I’ve seen here in 20 years. I’m not just talking hot. I’m talking strikingly hot, naturally. No make up required. Half of them walking by themselves. And not one dyke, activist, bad attitude or femi-nazi. They are friendly and eager to please. )
    Guys in the U.S. are screwed and most of them don’t even know it. You like women? Save your money and buy a plane ticket. You’re only beating your head against a rock on this side of the world.

  31. As a girl, I can tell she is gaming you! If she meant all that she wouldnt be talking to you like that, she just says what you want to her because this concersation sounds a bit over the top hhhhhhh.

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